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Season 2, Episode 52 · 11 months ago

Belief vs. Faith (Backlog Episode)


Mike Shea is battling covid. In the meantime, enjoy this backlog episode!

In this episode, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Follwing God vs. Following religion
  • Women losing weight after childbirth
  • Baby poops

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...time with they're they're stealing money or there, you know, John all over to the whole thing about where people will did they just just send them like, you know, five bucks at a time, but like every fucking week, and that shit adds up, man. Oh, absolutely, absolutely. You gotta go buy themselves a private jumbo jet so they can fly as close to the Lord as possible. So that means I got a crash it. It's at least well fucking you know, because it because Ernest Angele died the last year or early this year. Can't finally, but we're still showing his they still show his show on TV. Really. Yeah, Jack Fanip died a couple years ago, thank fuck, but it's gonna be give it like fifty more years of shows want to exist anymore now. I think religion wise is kind of like religious at religious Hurtin Yeah, especially Christianity. Yeah, well, you know, if they'd quit hating everybody and raping everybody. Yeah, I think people are like, Ohsig, like I'm an atheist. Obviously I don't care if you believe in religion or not, although the one religion is very interesting to me is Muslim religion. Hmmm, I can't hear what it's called. That Islam. Islam. Yeah, just because it's so like there's so about like we got to pray at this time, got pray this time. It's it's beautiful see somebody's dedication to something. Christianity is a lot of blind faith. It's a lot of like just believe. I mean that's I think that's all in and that's most religious to begin with, is it? But like Islam like encourage you to like be active again, like stopping to pray and and kind of like living by certain idea living, you know, living your life in a certain way that shows your devotion rather than just living with the giving, having everyone expect to give you the benefit of the doubt that you believe. Yeah, which is a little like Christianity is, and I say that's somebody grew up in a Catholic family. You know, Hey, I'm cath family. I feel like most of us are now? The older ones are now atheist. Oh, I will say like most of my family. I mean, like they're not atheists for sure, but they've definitely like, like most of them don't go to church anymore. Yeah, because my mom especially, like she's like she just she can't get past like the things the Catholic Church has done that if it's been in recent years especially, and you know me growing up in Catholic school and the way that our family was treated all time I was in Catholic school, just love the bad ace in her mouth. So, like even when my dad died, you know, they were like do you want to have like a priest or somebody come and she was like no, m so a lot of my family like they believe in God, but it's they might as well be there. They're more non denominational anything else to just kind of a they believe in God, but not in a religion. Yeah, seeing, that's saying you can believe in something you don't think. The thing is, like some people are like all like you got to go every Sunday or like yeah, you know,... it's like it's like being a Yankees Fan. You have to go to every fucking home game, right, you know, you can bring it home. Yeah, the churches an antennae booster signal. Well, Billy Billy Gardell said that. He was like, I believe in God. He's like, I don't know. Is like the problem isn't belief, the problem is religion. Yeah, he said, believing in God's not the problem. Believing in the religion is where things get messy. Yeah, which I think was actually that I wasn't listening to his album driving back from my grandma's for every Thanksgiving and I only heard that. I was like, you know what, that I'm an atheist. That makes a lot of fuck. It's any like and it's not being a good person. Right, old it's. Yeah, I've always said like if, if, if, I, when I die, HM, if I end up meeting God, I am confident that. Who Look at the life I've let and be like yeah, you can come in, it's fine. Sorry, you weren't you. You weren't a total piece of shit. Isn't like at mean you mare that fourteen year old boy joke. That's the fourtee old boy right. Seem like you know that fourteen year old boy joke. That shit was fire. Get in your tell there. They're going to love that in here is that club opens, that there's gonna love it. I always I always liked when when Robin Williams was on the inside the act your studio and he's like what do you want to hear God saying? He's like, I just want to I just want God to let me know that they're still comedy in heaven. You know that I can be in heaven and still say in here and here God say to Jews walk into a bar. We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you, at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. Religion itself gave me moral values, yes, to live by, but it wasn't like but in these our values, like anybody should have, morals, people should have, but honestly, the values that I even retain aren't even the ones that were taught to me and capital ones my parents. Tommy. Yeah, it's because I never want the church. So as Kylin right, yeah, we went, but you know, most of most of church was just got it. God is awesome and if you don't believe it, he's going to strike, strike you the fuck down. My parents were like like here's the stuff you need to know about being a good person. Yeah, because even even when I told my parents I didn't believe in more, they're like it's just they're like be a good person. So I need to be yea. Yeah, yeah, we went to you because I was in Catholic school till my mom got married in fourth grade and went to public school. We moved in and but we went to Sunday school. We went to church every Sunday and we went the Sunday school afterwards. So, like I, you know, was baptized, first communion, confessional, that all that Shit, like yeah, that's that's all. You know, been there, done that. But yeah, most of my family, even a...

Thanksgiving like it was. This is the first time at Thanksgiving I didn't feel weird being in a room with my whole family, because usually it was one of those it was like it's going to keep my little fucking atheist mouth shut and not talk to anybody. And this, this is first time I really got an eye of just how much of my family is just kind of like, like I said, like God, yes, religion. Now, yeah, which, you know what I can I can get a lot more, a lot more on board with that. You know, if, at the end of the day they just care about being good people thought shome matter. Yeah, well, because, you know, because a lot of that real world has caught up with them too. You know, my my uncle, who was always a very devout Catholic, well, his one of his daughters is openly gay now and she was real nervous about coming out, but he responded very well and she was Thanksgiving with us. She's also of Vegetarian, which I had a bigger problem with. But I'm met married a Vegan. Oh, you know, that's right, she's not anymore, but like that's okay. So here's a weird thing about that. So, like, I know't like when we got the other she told me she was like a vegetarian. She wasn't Vegan, but a vegetarian. I was like, you know what you mean. I thought I would be a big train our relationship. Yeah, like I thought it would like. It wouldn't never bug me that she was best. Like what we're gonna do if we move in? Like what? Yeah, never really affected us at all. She just ate her stuff and I yea, my stuff. My experience was a vegetarian, and I mean yeah, we you know, we were just we had a limited number of places we would go out to eat, especially living in the south. We weren't going to the wing place usually, but you know, we would go to like the Chinese places or whatever. Somebody said, that seafood. But thanksgiving my mom would make a toe furky. Oh really, yeah, yeah, hard pass. She kept trying, she kept trying to get me to try some of her vegetarian subsue stuff, and I would put on a put on a grin while she was there, and then when she turned it back just now, and well then, like my wife became it's show me. She was a vegetarian for eighteen years. Oh Wow, a long time, and then she she literally the owners when she started eating fish. It's kind of pastarian. She wanted a different way to get protein. She was that fair. She was sick and tip. She's like, I just peas and come on and get you. So far, so much. And then she started eating fish. Yeah, every now a lie. And then when she's away star wanting to have a kid or time I having kids, she's started eating chicken. Yeah, because she knew that when she's pregnant, that's the best route. Yeah, to get protein, protein shakes. She doesn't like you, protein shake, but the best route beats meets. Yeah, and the irony was like she started liking chicken again, eating it, and it's got pregnant. She didn't want to chicken because the yeah, because the pregnancy thinks. She's like, I just don't want chicken. And then immately, soon as she's done, just this one, chickens once chicken. So Weird. It's weird what pregnancy will do to a woman's food craving, because my mom when she was pregnant with my with my sister, she wanted...

...chicken all the fucking time. In my little sister's favorite food is chicken. When she was pregnant with my little brother, who wanted pizza all the fucking time. You know how knowing it is to be ten years old in bed at nine o'clock and you hear and knock the door. You look at the window and your parents ordered to fucking pizza after you went to bed. You know, fucking infuriating that is. I had to eat Broccoli and you guys are eating fucking pizza. Are you kidding me? That's funny. But when she was pregnant with me, I'll shiver wondered was fucking Taco Bell. I fucking love Taco Bell. So I'm starting to wonder if, like there's a direct connection between like what we like and dislike as as adults and his children, versus what our MOM's cray when they're pregnant with us. Well, I is where thing is like when my mom was praying, she really a lot chicken, and I think that's why I do heroin correlation. Now, Melissa, she wanted, like she loves ice cream. She's not the ice cream for nine months. Really, you know, one ice cream at that was weird. Dude. Was was actually lost weight during pregnancy. That's scary, but like doctors name give us partically healthy, give birth to a void. It was really she like lost weight, like she's actually lost more weight. Yeah, since getting pregnant, well, I mean since giving birth, like she's lost for more pounds. That's it's not that unheard of because, especially nowadays, with the way people treat pregnancy, for the longest time, especially the eight s and s, pregnancy was treat as one of those things is like, you know, as a woman, you know whatever, you just eat crap and you that was that was a stereotype. Well, either people found out eventually, like you know, the better, basically, because then they would always wonder how you lose the baby weight. You know, it's like, well, what they found was the better care you took it yourself during the pregnancy, the easier it was to bounce back afterwards. And a lot of women that you know, just that I've talked to her, that I've known in my life, have been like they had an easier time getting in shape after having a kid. That's a surprise me. It's my wife is like lost like more weight since, like she's weighed less. She's ways less than what she was before she was pregnant. You won't need viager soon. Hey, like, I'm kidding, Melissa, you don't listen to the show. Who, what the fuck is weird? The Basement Lounge and the VIP table are proud to be powered by pod decks. Pod decks of the hottest new tool for podcasters looking to have more meaningful conversations or game of five their podcast. Simply Shuffle Up, ask a question and let the content roll. Get Yours today at pod dexcom and use the codetbl Ten for ten percent off your order. Caramel apples the only two things she liked. Had like a craving for caramel apples. Yeah, like the apple dipped in really, that's it. That was like literally it. She didn't like one anything in...

...particularly. I wasn't like she went overboard on the caramel apples. At the end she was like getting a lot of Carmel Apples. Just find whatever, I don't care. But like I was like those your weird cravings. CARAMEL apples and cereal. Really, a lot of women is pickles and milkshakes. Yeah, she's like that's what I wanted. Okay, did she have one of those? I heard a friend of mine when she was pregnant, when she would try to eat something that she liked, maybe wasn't craving whatever, it would just make her sick. Now I just say hit at the beginning of she like she was just hungry, but I just couldn't find anything to eat. That taste of get she just cry the Taste Kunda tell you, I wish I could help, but she just cry because, like she's hungry. Yeah, but she has no craving for anything. You know what? I can relate to that. I'M NOT gonna lie that I've had some days we're like I'm at work scrolling through doors and just nothing sounds good. It's so I feel the pregnant woman's pain because I too have had trouble deciding what I want to eat on door. Well, you know, Al Clarn lies, like breastfeeding, like burns, calories like crazy. Really. Yeah, that's why she's like lost so much and not love. She's lost four pounds and like the past monster she's had. Miles is like like how you've lost more? She's like yeah, there you go, ladies, the secrets of losing weight is to have a baby. Yeah, it's been weird, like almost like like how and then he just shits out everything that goes in. It's like a funny life fucking. It's a fucking that's so weird. What is in your wife's titties that he is just shitting constantly. Kids poop. For a while, for like a week it was just like one huge poop poop a day, like yeah, huge one. Now it's like past couple days it's been like one or two, many ones and then like a semi big one got but like it's normal for kids to not poop for a couple days, special if their breastfed. Really, because it's just yeah, that makes sense, which we didn't know, because he almost want to entire you on over twenty four hours about pooping. One time we're like freaking out, really out. By stomach wasn't hard or anything. It's right, can kind and he just did a fucking mass. I was like God damn, Dude, I heard that one of the other room. True, I don't know. I've taken some shits are afterwards I'm like wow, I feel better. My credit score whenever shit knocked off some bills on that or pooped out a doll hand, I pooped in my hairline came back. Yeah, weird, it's it is. It's weird being a dad too, because like I can't tell if my dad and my dad. I can't tell my dad loves me. Now I'm sure he doesn't. I can't tell. Like well, I'm holding my son, I'm holding miles. He's like looking at me as Mike, are you looking at me? Because you're like like actually looking at me. Are He just literally can't see me, because I know you're yeah, we looks cute, but like are you just like what is this fucking Blob? I don't know. He's a joke about that because my my uncle Sean,...

...who's my mom's brother, kind of looked a little bit like my dad, just same kind of build. You know, have you set guys with beard? So brother was like one years old. My uncle was holding them and he kept looking at him and looking over at my dad like fuck. I said, have you seen babies introduced? been introduced, like the twin? I twin? No, like, like I've seen a video where, like, obviously the dad was a twin and like they introduced the other twin for the first time and the baby's like what? It was really weird. I put the I put the little kitten in front of a mirror the other day and he did not know what the fuck to do. Really just like fuck my looking at the fuck it's moving on with the fuck he son of a bitch. Well, because, also, because him, and is him and his brother, the one that my mom has, are like fucking identical. It's what. The biggest difference we've been able to notice is that one says the n word once. See, yeah, one's a huge racist and the other has four dicks. No, he yeah, as a really weird that regular the one my mom has. His coats a slightly lighter. But we went and got our supplies separately, but we both just happened to pick the same name tag from the pet store. But and we both got black collars, but hit. But my cat has colors little skulls on it because I'm a douchebag. So that's our big way of telling which ones which, because when I was at her place the other day and I had them both there, I was like hello, little wait, I don't know which one this is. Fuck, why are you all right? Guys? That's going to do it for this week's special bonus backlog deleted scene episode of the Basement Lounge. Want to thank our sponsors, pod decks, dope and our newest sponsor, load boost me. You guys can get links to all that stuff down in the description of this episode. We back again next week with an awesome a another cool deleted scene backlog episode, and hopefully I'm going to kick this covid crap real quick and me and Michael get back to doing that real episodes again for you first thing in the new year. And until then, as always, guys, live well and rock on, and we'll see you with new episodes in two thousand and twenty two. Until then, we'll see you next week with another episode. Take care of yourselves, everybody, get vaccinated, and we'll see you later. We hope you enjoy this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you, guys, want to know more about the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form, head on over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and click a little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you, guys again and next week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday, eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rock on. Take care and bu bye,.

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