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Season 2, Episode 53 · 1 year ago

Spoiler Review of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'


The Mike's are back with a SPOILER HEAVY review of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' so make sure you've seen the movie before listening!

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Spider-Man
  • No Way Home

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...the spider man that was doing it. So and so you just see the lizard going leap. Uh. Yeah, it was I don't know. I just like I was like who the fuck is my uncle sent me to. He's like, I think all three of them in it, and I was like yeah, but get that was like international trailer's actual trailer, trailer, yeah, how the fuck did that get out? And he's like, well, marvel likes to you that random shit where like they and I was like that's true. Well, not only that, like there were you can tell they used different takes for the trailers for some of the lines, because in the trailers, like you can tell, long was like really pissed, like don't do that spell, and in the movie he's like that's I don't want to know about it. It's just because he was like he's like you're in the hum of the big New Year's Party. No, exactly. He's my favorite meme I've seen so far as the meme of, like it said, mean, of another guy cracking a dudes back. It's like spoiler, but not spoil I've you seen that? Yeah, I was like, Oh, yeah, it's pretty good. What I've been loving is going on twitter and seeing people talking about spider man, but they're like, but who was the kid? Yeah, because everyone forgets you. Peter Parker is yeah, it's like yeah, you know, spider it took his mask off. Who The hell was that guy? It's my favorite, my paper, my favorite Avenger is Peter Quill. Obviously he's the only Peter there that it was a really it was a great movie. They stuck the landing like like hard with this one, like like you know, it's the end. It just saw it last night and so it's I kind of that recency bias of like okay, like did I love it, or is it just so fresh in my mind? But it was really fucking good. It was. It was from the very from the very beginning where it cuts us straight back into like him revealing it's Peter Parker, like immediately he's like what what it's like? Yeah, and then all of a sudden the first, the first fucking spoil at this first fucking big thing. We got to put a thing at the beginning of this time. It's I'll do all that later. It's not. The first thing is just Matt Murdock and you're like yeah, I was like get the fire. Was Thinking again, like I st up a bit. I knew it was coming because again I'd had it spoil for me. But the scene itself was great. or He's just like now he's like that you're going to be fine, you're charged going to go away. Mr Hogan. You're going to need to get a really good lawyer or why? What's going on? Get a really good lawyer. That the break. The numbreak just grabs it. How'd you do that? I'm a really good lawyer. Did you know? I said. Also, like he grabbed it. Also, like Peter. Also, they both want to go grabbed. Yeah, it's so fucking good. Area was right. My Stereo is right. Well, plus, I loved the loved him just going around. It's just webbing all the fucking curtains down. So good. What's cool is how many callbacks there were to some of the previous movies. So, like, first of all, that kid cannot catch a break changing out of his costume and his bedroom, because you remember in the first it was the first one, he was in there changing while Ned was in there, and may walks in. He stand there naked in front of in front of Ned, and they again. This one's okay, you remembers to be safe, like no, no, that's not and then and it yeah, and then a know was a far from home. He was changing in front of them. Yeah, what the the agent or whatever, and and the dude walked in. Yes, and yeah, so he can't catch your break with changing his clothes, man. Yeah, but yeah, I loved I was watching some stuff today and like, like, obviously they didn't start shooting this thing right after the last one. There was some time between them. But like the opening scene where he's you know, everyone's finding out that he's Peter Parker. You know, it's different actors standing around and die same fucking clothes. Yeah, I saw that. That's so fucking good man. That's what I got. The same ares. I've been insane. I don't know how it because those are always ly all extras. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure they probably just gave everybody there their sag card and sent them home and then they probably didn't know who the hell played who got that Ben Crazy? Yeah, and I saw that and I was... what fuck? Well, I love I love this whole fucking movie. Jesus Christ, don't even know where we're to go. Well, love that. You know, they brought back damage control because they were in the first beginning of the first spider man, because remember, Michael Keaton's guys are grabbing all the wreckage and then those fucking yeah, they were so the same guys as them. Have you watched Hawkeye yet? I am on episode four. Okay, we'll come back to. I'll cycle back to that later, but no. So I love the head that, you know, they had the ill know how she still had the necklace on, the the busted ass necklace from the from the last one, like they let I also just loved that starts off with Jamison's just in his fucking apartment with a goddamn green screen behind. It's weird because he's played jamison in two different spider man. You know she is. Yeah, they kind of shafted with with with Garfields, because it was he was just there. Jamison was just that email. I was in the second when the second one he had a job, you know, taking pictures for and you would just see him email, you know, jjj At daily, at daily Buglecom and Tina rexuly got to see him. But no, it was what's interesting is venom is not in that that universe. That was something my brother and I were scratching our head a back as member my little brother with me last night. It was we were scratching our head about. Okay, make this makes sense, because the whole thing with this. Okay, so the post the post credit scene of venom to yeah, is him leaping through universes and winding up in p t m. see you, because he sees the news thing. I see Peters, as if that matters. Cut To cut to the post credit scene for this one and he's there and he's taking all these notes. Well, then he's gone again. Now he leaves behind the little bit of the Symbiot, obviously, but he's gone again and I'm like okay, so what does this mean? Yeah, I don't it's really weird. I wonder if Loaki has anything to play with it too. Well, that's that's been the thing that they've been showing a lot of. Is How like at the end of low key, where you can see all the timelines fracturing in the background. As I finish that, by the way, you did find you finished that. Yeah, so, because you see how that kind of lines up with what's going on with Wanda and what's going on with the stuff at the end of spider man. So and obviously doctor strange will to picks up right after spider man, no way home so, which I didn't stay for the I stayed for the one post credes Syne. I didn't stay in because it's just the trailer for Doctor Strange. Toy watched it. It was already online. Okay, so yeah, that would make yeah for it. Had it when I want to see had him in online yet. Yeah, that's why I want what? Because I was looking online like okay, how many doctor, how many post credit scenes are there? and said it literally said the top one, like the second one is just the doctor. Strange trailer. So we've already seen it and I was like, Oh, well, okay, that's fine. Yeah, kind of weird that they were released that that early when the movie was still in theaters, but yeah, but by stagraph for the for the Venom one. But yeah, so I'm I'm really curious how that's going to work. But also the more bious movie that's coming out next month, the jared let us ex I don't know who's who's you never see he in. I don't know, because they reference everything. Yeah, they reference Venom twice and they reference spider man twice in the trailer. So so I have no idea venom is ultimately in one a spider man's universe, is one of the spider well, or heas in his own, because the way he was talking at the in the bar in that post credit scene, he was like he'd never heard of spider man before. I guess I'm going to go in New York talk to this spider man. It's also true. But yeah, the more beious trailer, they reference, you know, San Francisco, which is where venom takes place, and also the morphe his trail, don't they reference? What's his face is vulture? Yeah, you see him, you say he's a right there. So that's and then also you see jared little walking down an alleyway and there's like a graffiti art of spider man in the background, and then he also in the end that last shot fuck up. They never realize.

Maybe, I don't know, maybe they'll make it makes sense. But also got to remember more be's was supposed to come out last October. That's also true. Yeah, this is this movie or this path was supposed to come out in October of this year or last year. So I don't know, I I don't know. They're got to make it makes sense. That's the one. That's the one thing that has been kind of going like okay, everything else is cool, I don't get this part. This part you got to make makes sense. But I also know it's like we got time. Yeah, like they'll make it make sense eventually or they'll just forget about it and we'll just move all of our lives. Yeah, a basement lash fans is Mike Shay. For those of you who don't know, December thirty of marks for years since my father passed away after battling leukemia. So every year I like to dedicate my birthday month of January to raising money for the leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The lls does amazing work for both leukemia patients and their families. So please, if you have the means to do so, consider donating to this wonderful organization in memory of my father. You can do this real easily by going to TVLPOD DOTNET L L S, or go to the website and click the donate to the llls button at the top of the page. Every little bit you can contribute helps, even if all you do is tell other people about it. Help spread the word and help us raise money for a wonderful organization that doesn't amazing work for people all over the world. Thank you very much, and happy new year. I thought was like the perfect movie. I'm might even trying to like this. No, I get what you mean I was because I was really worried because when it comes to third spider man movies, we don't have a great history. That one never one of them never hid. That's my plays, like one of them, one of them never got made because it's predecessor was so hated because, and that was kind of their fault, because they they put the horse, the buggy before the horse. But yeah, they, like I said, to get like they stuck the landing so hard with this, like they I because everybody went in with all kinds of expectations and they were setting themselves up for something big and it's like you got to go big, you gotta really got a swing for the fences, and they landed at Man. Yeah, they really did. I I haven't heard enough people talking about this. Some but not enough, but toby McGuire and hindrew Karfield were so good. Now I think Andrew Garfield was way better. Oh, he was amazing. He was amazing. Yeah, he wasn't amazing, he was the amazing spider man he was. I love how they get that moment in in the movie because, like everyone, because like both of his movies are like two of like the lowest rank spider man movies hit amazing. Spider man, too, is the only one with a rotten rating. On rotten to man was all the other the certified fresh, and I love how he has that kind of mom where he's like yeah, I'm lamb and they're like no, no, no, no, no, No, you're not lame, you're amazing. Wink, wink, you're amazing, because he you can tell he loves being spider man. He was having so much fucking run I was. I was la was watching videos of how he had to lie when people are interviewing and I'm like, God, Dam you really good at what he's somebody was saying today, like you can. No one will ever be able to believe him in an interview ever again. I can't trust him. Ever. I wonder how much he paid them. So much fucking money, are you kidding me? Holy Shit, I know Toby Poie got big. Oh sure, well, all of them, man, I mean fucking Malfred Molina and ye will and the foe, Jamie Fox. Man, they brought back Thomas Hayden Church, for Fuck's sake, like chandry and REESA fans, like they brought back everyone they didn't have to, like recast or digitally replace anybody. They did Dage Malfred Molina a little bit. I think that was it. Yeah, but even even all of them, like Jamie Fox, was way better in this one than he wasn't an amazing spider man too. Yeah, Thomas Hayden Church was really good, doc cock was great will and the foe was so fucking...

...good, so good that scene where like he peters just punching him in the face and no way beating the day shit out of him. Yeah, Oh my God, and he's laughing the whole fucking l like he went full joker in the yeah, it was. It was the right way. I feel like it was the perfect way to play that. Well, I also look how they because, like a lot of people I know, especially me, never really loved his Green Goblin look, that Weird Power Ranger look you had going on. So I like how they kind of like had them covered in like the the the homeless clothes and all that, and he kind of looked scarier. I actually thought it looked like a villain. Yeah, not like a not, not a color. Yeah, I'm not a halloween cost yeah, it looked like a villain. It was good, especially because like it actually kind of made him look more like the comics then, because he had like the Purple Hood up and all that Shit. And don't know how I feel about it. May Dian had to happen because they all had somebody die important in their past, because you never hear about Uncle Ben now, you don't. You never hear about uncle bead. That's how about uncle bad died. He'd never died at made died this. That's true. And she got the line and she got the line right, because so the whole great power girls, that's gonna line. The way she said it is the way it was originally written in the comics. I got you, the way they've done it was before was always kind of which, I mean it means the same fucking thing a case. But but so that was kind of cool, like they brought it back, but they brought it back accurately. Yeah, but so I I get why it had to happen, but part of me is also just I really like Marissa Tilbay. Yeah, so how do you feel about about Peter? Look, nobody knows that Peter as anymore, I think kind of. So here's the thing. It was the right move in the sense that like Peter was, like he's always given every like as a he was given everything at his fingertips, as that makes sense. Yeah, I mean he was Tony Stark junior kind of. Yeah, wait, that's been the joke since civil war. So it's kind of like he didn't have any like he never had to deal with any as a superhero and adversity. Yeah, in a way, because he's always had everything. It was always had shield or like Tony or happy or just whoever, always have somebody holding his hand, Oh hold, and then he just needed like yeah, but I mean more in terms of like just everybody forgetting who he has. I'm saying, yes, it's like now it's like has no choice. He has no choice. I guess my only thing with it is just, okay, how does this work, though, like is it literally just nobody remembers him, or is it like all record of his existence has been wiped, because then how does he get an apartment? That's true also. Well, she's wearing the necklace at the end. Still got the necklace on. Yeah, yeah, I don't know, I'm cure. I love that, you know, but I also like that it's going back to being more grounded he's making his own suit, living in that Shitty one room apartment. I kind of wish it was the same Russian guy from Spiderman see wide her. I feel I have a feeling like when, if they do a next one, which I think they said they are. I don't think think it's been confirmed yet. As far as as far as Tom Holland goes, that now he can look at work at the day will bugle, yeah, it's true, and take pictures of spider man make his living at that point in time because they were tick tock with, because tick tock had like a big obviously wrote Sony a check for this movie, because not only DCE tick tock a lot in the movie, but there was a daily Bugle tick tock account created and the blonde girl from his high school, the one is always doing the news, she was like doing videos for that as like an intern for the daily Bugle, and Shit, it was was kind of cool. Yeah, I'm and I love like I said, I love that you saw him kind of making a new suit. It's brighter, it's not all techy, it's just a suit. And what's cool about how the movie ends is I pretty sure this takes place right before Hawkeye. You think so, so, and you haven't gotten the other Hawkeye yet, but, like, I'll let me. This is...

...the trailers. A lot of the final episode takes place at Rockefeller Center around the tree, and that's the last thing you see him swinging by, as it's like the right before Christmas. That's Hawkeye takes place the week of Christmas. Yeah, meant to the point where they just found you Natasha's sisters, Epi. It's a full they just had to fight when the TASHA's sister and like on the rooftop. Yeah, and she just blip back, like, I'm like ten minutes and then the new episode. Okay, Gotcha. Yeah, you're I think it's my favorite of the Disney plus Marvel series so far. A Guy. Yeah, like, the more I've sat on it, like I love all the other ones, like, and that's like that's like saying, like it's my favorite. Also different. So, yeah, they're all very different. I think Loki's kind of my least favorite, just because it's only setting up for itself, that's true, whereas everything else kind of had but the builds into the yeah, like so far one division builds into the mcu. Yeah, like that movie side will same with Falcon winter soldier, because they said they're going to do another captain America with him. Hawk eyes just so much fucking fun. Yeah, I love Hailey Steinfeld as Kate. She's awesome. I like how they make Jeremy Renner like I literally don't have a superpower. I literally my life's I don't want to be seeing. I have to wear ice passed and I don't have good hearing. Not On ice pass is putting those murderita packs like Gus, like like like of all the things. Like I love I love where she where she's like, wow, how'd you go deaf? In want hearing. It just shows this montage of him getting fucked up and he's like it's hard to pinpoint exactly what did it like? You never really thought about it. You would never think about that. Like overtime. That would completely this troy somebody's hearing. Oh, yeah, to took a pounding. Yeah, but that's why I think. So, that's why I think, especially when you finished watching Hawk eye. So that's where I think spiderman kind of is end. Like right, why know what's Wilson? They show Wilson Fisk. I know that. Yeah, you'll enjoy that. Yeah, I know that, which then turns it makes me want about daredevil and all this stuff. Well, and since we're since now we know that he's there in Matt Murdoch it, Tarlie Cox is back as Matt Murdock, it's like, okay, so they're at least time in this stuff to say that it exists. And Yeah, because the rumor has been for the longest time that that's going to be the one they try to bring back, is going to be a daredevil. What's the best ones? The well, beside punishers great, but that's a harder cell. Well, after I finished watching hawk, I went back and rewatched all three seasons a daredevil because I had nothing else to do. and Jesus, it's still such a good show. I think season too is probably my least favorite, but season two's the that's the one with where they introduced punisher and elector and all that. Really, yeah, just because like what season three? I can every season three is the one where, like, it's after defenders and he's like hauled up in the church. Everyone thinks he's down. Yeah, Fisk drives to make a comeback. Yeah, on recent season two is my least favorite, and I'm not saying it's a bad season. It's everything with punisher, like the first four episodes is amazing. Once it becomes about the trial and Electra, I think it goes completely off the rails. Yeah, it's kind of like from it's almost like Luke Cage, like once you kill. Well, because because after that it becomes about it's a lot of just bad, convenient writing and it's Matt Murdock Making really stupid decisions that you're like, okay, he's smarter than this, although one of my favorite scenes right now. It's been, I like the Hawkeye Chase when they're driving in the car. I was all one taketick. Yeah, I don't know. Well, some of a lot of it's in one take. Theah's a whole chunk. That's one take. The cameras were taken inside the car. That was a great scene. So fucking cool. It all the trick arrows. Then like they he's like I gotta get those trick arrows, like I don't, don't make those in and then that was it. The what when he fired the Arrow? What was a oh, the Pim Arrow and damn, I can't wait for you to finish the whole show because, Holy Shit, like like...

...the final episode is so fucking good. Pima, I was like are you did? They just fucking did. Yeah, they don't. Fucker. It's like shoot up. I'm like, why is he shooting this up in the air? Obviously he's gonna try to shoot it. This makes oh rap, don't use that one. It's too dangerous. No, not that one. No, not that one, no, not that one. She's one explodes. There's four arrows more dangerous than that one. What do you think when they introduced, like when he saw it? Obviously you got spoiled, but when we in the movie here, when they introduced Andrew Garfield, I loved how they did it. Yeah, I loved how they did it. I love that whole scene where he, you know, shows up and they're trying to figure o who the hell he is, and he's like you're not spider man, he just dangling from the ceiling and they're like that doesn't prove it. Crawls. I'm not going to crawl. This is grandma's like speaking whatever. He's like, she wasn't even go up there and get that Cobo out of the corner. PICKS UP CRAWLS OVER, gets it out and so fun so becomes in. They start attacking each other in the grandma was like can you get all the webs? You, you guys? Yeah, against the dude. One of the best fucking conversations is the webshooter conversation. Oh my God, Oh, it was so good. Right before the final battle, they're like, because I look, because they're at the school, and I'm out a Web, I'm out a Web, and he just goes slipping. They're like wait, that comes, that came out of you, and like Garfield's all grossed out and Tom Hollands just staring at his arm. The fucking caught, like so like you should it. Is that the only place you should? He ever head like a like a weblock. Yeah, I had that one. So it's the existential Christis, Dude. I was like what the fuck is this fucking crying dude? Love that. I love the end. We're like, first of all, went toby got stabbed, like don't you fucking dare? Yeah, I was glad, but he was land. He's kind like, I been stabbed before us. Yeah, he picked him up and he's holding them there and he's like he's gonna be okay, he's gonna be okay. You're in a lot of pain, aren't you? I am in so much like I loved all their Internet I love when they were all say, okay, seriously, I don't know how to be a part of a team. I've never had to work with somebody before. I was Skay, I work with the avengers. That's so cool. Who are the avengers? Are they? They bit? Are you in a band? That was that just went what they were excited for. We always want you guys, to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord serve and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you, at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. Oh Man, I love, I love the scene on top of the school where they first go see him and they're just talking to him and bring a common him down, because you Cuz it kind of helps understand like not only were they brought in from other universes, but from other times in those universes, because obviously they mentioned it, like Green Goblin dies, doc cock dies, Toby McGuire mentions, you know, the Black Goo alien thing, and so I think it's kind of inferred that time has passed for them. So because because Andrew Garfield mentions, like you know, I had a string period where I just kind of didn't pull my punches and got really so obviously time is passed for these guys as well. For the villains. They just got plucked out of wherever they got plucked out of. Yeah, because obviously, I mean otherwise, how do you how do you justify Toby McGuire being twenty years older now? So which I don't know how much of that was him, how much of that was was computer work? But dude good shape for being twenty years older. I don't know, or if he just kind of worked out, because because I know there was a whole thing where he almost was an inspider man to really because he was doing he did see. But anyway, so...

...he drops so much weight for that drop somes way and he fucked up his back doing it, so he almost wasn't even inspider man to but yeah, I know that whole old that hole. And I also love when they're in the school working in that goes hey, Peter, and they all look up. What, sorry, Peter, Peter, we're all Peter. Sorry, Peter Parker, same last name. Computer. It's like like, so, do you have a you have a best friend. I did need that in my arms after tried to kill me. And then he's just really weird around Peter for a while. Shit. Yeah, all the scenes of them just talking to each other and and working together, like everyone had such good chemistry in this movie, like everyone play it off each other really well. What I think was what although have you seen the meme of their girlfriends coming back through the portals? No, and just MJ, and it's Gwen like this. Oh God, I'm like, Oh shit, I Jesus, that was a good scene. To you and you and you, Spider Man Saves Hmm m j, like that was a good scene. Well, so I can tell it like hits him at the end. Ike's I was his redemption. Yeah, because you can see he approached because until he's had all these years to think about how he could have done it differently and in because in the movie he's just trying to savor with the web. In this one he focuses on the fall and grabbing her and then figuring it out, and so I love that he has that redemption moment. Well, even even toby gets that moment where he stops Tom Tom Allen from killing yeah, because he's like I did. This doesn't go away. And but, like you said, that that fight you were he's just beating the fuck out of him, is so well, even in the one in the apartment where God was just putting him through floors and Oh my God, that was brutal. Hm, that was some of the most brutal fighting I've seen in a spider in a superhero movie since Logan. Pretty Fuck, pretty much, yeah, pretty much, that whole fight was was insane. Jamie Fox, like I said, he was really good in this day. Fox is great in it. I love his exchanger. He's like he from Queens Yeah, poor people, was really hoping you were black man. It's gotta be a black spider, which which we know miles exists in the mcu, but had you feel so bad for not being like I'm sorry, I'm sorry, man, it's like your fault and hot black and it's I think Andrew is like my favorite spireman. The whole thing's feel like he like he just really it's felt like like Tom was great, toby was great, but like and you just loved putting on the suit again. He loves being spider man so much and it it bums me out that he never got a full shot at it. You know, you're never he never got the three movie shot because that second one just bombed so hard. But that wasn't his fault either. I mean that was just bad writing. You know, they went back and reshot like half that movie. Did that so original originally, because original really like Mary Jane was going to be in spider man to like they had a whole like second there's like a whole half a movie that never got released because like halfway through what the writers can't this. The writers in the studio were like, let's set up for something bigger, because, you know, the mce was taken off and went back in like reshot half the movie. So the actress that was signed on to play Mj was like, okay, well, I'm not sticking around waiting for you guys to maybe or maybe not ever make a movie with me, and it's so she left. And Yeah, so that's why. That's part of the reason why his stuff died on arrival, but also just because too was not good. They're talking about I mean and not talking about it. It's all Internet thing. Yeah, like a should give him the his own third one, but I don't see that happening at this point. Just bring them back to fiends. Well, you know, you've got across the spider verse coming out let it, because originally they had said that like they had considered...

...putting Andrew Garfield and took McGuire in the first spider verse movie. I had not seen that yet. You haven't seen this, the first spiders being well, they're making the second one and I know it's great. It's fantastic. Yeah, they they but yeah, they had said that they didn't want to put them in there because they were worried about like being too much or too confusing and all that. With the whole mcu stuff. I think it was more or lescious them saying like don't do it, we're working on our own live action one. But now this I'm like okay, well, now you can have them come in and the animated ones and just voice them. Yeah, I could see it being in the well, listen, listen, all right, you can't, don't, you don't know we said this, but he's in. He's going to be in our one. Yeah, just hand, like as soon as the pour up, and I was like, motherfucker, MMM, this is where they're going to induce it. I haven't seen any spoilers, I haven't seen anything. I was like it's where I'm going to induce him, and I was like you son up of me. I love where they're at the school and he's like okay, but like, are you just going to show up to this fight dress as the world's coolest youth master? And he's goes under the shirt. Okay. I liked how, like their suits looked great, like they like they really held on the like what was consistent from from their movies, and I mean it was like going back and like I could go back and watch either of those right now, and I mean it was like they still had it like they did. He didn't feel like trying to be this character again, like he was like it felt like they were both like back where they belong. It was so good. I just felt I don't think we've had a bad spider man, is the thing. We've had bad spider man movies. Now I'd the all good. Yeah, they're all good. Spiderman. Spiderman sounds like a lawyer and John Spiderman. They are all good. I mean, I'm not complying, I mean Ye, but my thing in the third and this third one no way home. I think Andrew was like the best one of them all. I just I you could tell he just fucking loved it. It was he was he was having the time of his fucking life and the fact that he had did so many interviews. It's like, no, I'm not in it, donks. He was like that's photo shopped, fake news, my damn. Yeah, well, like keeping that's like said. That's one thing them. We got spoilt for me the fact they were able to keep a lid on the fact that they at may was going to die. Yeah, like that's something that you think would have gotten Lee because I remember when Dark Knight Rises was coming out, he got leaked the Batman was going to die so early on, but nobody believed that because you're like why would they kill Batman? Now, obviously they don't actually kill Batman, but I'm breaking man and I didn't realize more because was coming out in January, which I'm like, okay, they're just trying to fucking dump this thing and get on. Yeah, so my uncle is like a big uncle. Always worked at movies, and I mean you've done move, mean, you know, no movies. So May and he's really concerned about it, them dropping it in January, because usually January as when you drop like your stuff that you don't think. Yeah, and you know, with the with the climate being what is, like, I said that movie was supposed to come out. That was supposed to be a halloween movie. So I think at this point they're just trying to get with now that spider man's come out, venom too is come out, I think they're just trying to just get it out and get it over with. What they need to Molinas at Molina. Yeah, Molina fucking saves spider dock. Oh, I know, and you're like, what the fuck? I Love I was so glad they brought him back as a spider man to is is damn good movie and he's such a good actor. I Love Alfred Molina had that. You see why he did it, though. He's gonna gave me the money. was like, they paid me. Yeah, it's like why wouldn't I? That's like God by him, and I'm willing to folded his own all his own stuff, as many as they would let him do. Yeah, because they mean he's seventy something like that. Yeah, but he's not a he's not a young guy, but he he like he like in Garfi. He was having the time his fucking life making this fucking movie. Absolutely, he was having so much fun. He's so good... being a bad guy and, like I said, he just that laugh, that fucking laugh is so good. The one thing that did disappointment the movie, it's not really disappointed, is like when he's about to get when you see the bomb throne and then all sudden Peter Disappears into the MMM doctor strange is yeah, yeah, okay, well, yeah, but that's what I liked. I liked that they limited doctor strange, oh for sure, because it wasn't like the first spider man where he's just around every fucking corner. He was like he's like, I'm going to do my own shit, and then Peter I love when Peter Traps him in the mirror dimension. He's like, Oh, it's geometry. Yeah, I just got to do math better than him, that's all. But that was Goo. Is Cool because because if you've got Dr Strange, this is a no fucking brainer. This is done and over within ten minutes. Yeah, so limiting him and having him be on the sideline the way he was it was was great. But even the parts he was in, I loved that. Like since the first doctor strange, every time we get to see him he's kind of changed a little bit more because like first doctor strange movie, that that that Stephen Strange would not have done what he did to help Peter. Part absolutely not, but you know, they he's grown kind of warmer and also I think that there's a part of him who kind of sees it as like, you know, he hit, basically had to sack, you know, strange basically had to sacrifice Tony Stark. Yeah, when, and now all of this is kind of Oh the one yeah, the one moment. But also one thing I like is I like his doctor strange is like one of my top five favorite MCA movies. When Peter said that it says they name. He's like, I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing this for the people around me. If you remember the in the first doctor strange movie when the ancient one dies and he's talking to her in the astral form, she's like it's not about you, it's about everything around you, and I think that kind of hit him a little bit because he has you know, especially he's telling him. He's like it's been nice knowing. He is like, what do you mean? He's like, I'm going to forget your spider man. Yeah, like and then they have that moment of the end where, because if it because in the beginning, it's kind of this cool evolution. In the beginning of the movie he's like, yeah, I'm going to forget who you are, but tough shit, we gotta you know we're doing this, is how we're going to do it. I'm not trying to I'm not trying to make this too messy. And in the end he's like just tell this, make everyone forget about me. He's like no, I don't want to do that. Yeah, you can tell he really doesn't want to do it. And Yeah, I love seeing that evolution of how far he's come and that makes me like a million times more excited for the destarer strange movie. Oh Yeah, and I'd say what, Here's how here's how good this movie is. I started to get my sense of smell back during the movie because in the middle of the because in the middle of the movie, I started heard it. I started being able to smell popcorn again. I was like, I see, you got yours back really fast. It's not back completely, it's any taste, like little ton a bit like this whole time I've been able to not not smell anything. Like I woke up the one morning, I went downstair, I couldn't smell anything. I literally go in the other room, grabbed the bag of cat food, just stick my face in and go nothing. So wild dude. But then the sense of taste was like ninety nine percent and gone. I got almost taste like if something was like especially salty or sour or something, it was really strong. It almost taste it as a back it's starting to come back a little bit more as the smell is starting to come back a little bit. And then because I've been hacking up along, like I haven't smoked at all. So it's like, man, I'm stuck at home for two weeks and I can't get high. Mother motherfucker. I definitely eat an edible one day, Christmas Day actually, because it's Christmas. Is Christmas and I'm here and I'm feeling better, not doing anything, so hating edible and had a good night. But but also that made eat in the edible better because I couldn't taste the fucking thing. He's got high. I'M gonna high. It was great as like eating nothing and getting high right, eating without tastes the weirdest fucking thing in the world.

As you're high, eat really healthy to and not care. You probably could. Yeah, I mean, I mean I did. I was eating because I was like, well, fuck out, I've got like these bags of Broccoli and corn that I haven't opened and God knows how much. What's fucking eating. My mom like kept dropping like food off for me and she was like did you get the how is the beef Stewart? I was like, well, I'm full. I'm sure it was good, but I couldn't taste it. I can eat pussy now, not tasting. I'll do that. We hope you enjoy this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you guys want to know more about the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form, head them over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and click the little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you guys again and next week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday. Eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bu Buy.

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