The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 54 · 1 year ago

RIP Betty White


We bid farewell to a legend in Betty White. A monumental talent that was beloved by all. A career spanning decades, never failing to make us laugh. She will be missed. 


This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The loss of Betty White & John Madden.
  • The anniversary of the January 6th Insurrection
  • Antonio Brown & the effects of CTE on athletes.   


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...that they would break. And it's like this, like the gag reels for those shows are hysterically long because they couldn't keep a straight face around. They want some of them and she plays like the perfect straight person to Oh, oh yeah, because she's always she's always so like the dead Pan Yeah, when she said and it's they like they I saw the clip of her shattner's roast. I don't remember that one and she everything she said was so old lady sweet and and and kind of monotone and just like like it was nothing. And then as soon as she's done, you realize she just made a joke about about George de Kay sucking Schattner's balls and you know, and it's gotta hits you like, Oh shit, yes, for Real, yeah, man, that one. That was a I like. I love the clip of her on set with like Ryan Reynolds, thinking to key's, her assistant, was so every watching like three times, because so funny. Betty white wants a coffee, you get betty white. F fucking like, I saw there was a clip Jeff Ross. Was it like if it was carolines or something and doing a show or not? was Z NI's and like the like the day after or something like that, and so he liked kind of like roasted her post Morte monstage' like it's what she want to, wanted drop. It's a hundred percent true. It's absolutely underd percent if she would have wanted that and she would have laughed her ass off the entire fucking time and and fucking dealt it right back. Oh, I know, that's that. I think that's what's kind of a it's like I love it, but also I'm kind of bummed I don't get to see her rebuttal Yeah, her buddles, like you go on the hell, Jeff, because here you're a Jew. That's a her buddle. She would, she a hundred percent would like. She didn't go low often, but when she did it was fucking brutal. That's so good. I know, I know SNL reaired the episode that she hosted from almost like two thousand and ten or something like that, and that was I mean, that was a good up like, well, it wasn't a cat but she was funny in it. The scared straight was so funny. Yeah, I actually, like I didn't real watch it, like I just remember that, that entire bid, the scared straight. This so fucking funny. The hair, all crazy hair and shit like that. One of my favorite roles she ever had was in the proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandrulza one and she played his grandma and she was like faking her own heart attack and just shit suits there in the plane. They're like what, you're not having a heart attack and she's like she's like, Daniel, if you don't finish flying this plane, I am talking to your grandmother. So good. Yeah, I'm gonna Miss Betty White. They said that one kind of was my shatty is like fucking was US magazine. That hold like Betty's turning a hundred thing. No, and then like, and then when the thing was too you can go to the theaters. Theaters they sound tickets for like her hunters birthday. The celebrate with her. Yeah, and then like you're like wow, they're still gonna do something great. fucking timing, I know God, but I have a feeling like like right, like it loo because like nobody, and I say this, I say it's completely independently, like ABC Two thousand and twenty. Those guys are pros at turning around quick fire tributes. When prince died, because he died on like a Friday, they scrapped two thousand and twenty four that night and within by the time two thousand and twenty air at nine o'clock, they had this amazing two hour like whole thing. But that's any with Chadwick Boseman, like that night, is it a whole thing? I mean they call it everybody. So those like we've got so much time now till because her birthday is anything the eighteen or something like that, and yet it's yeah, because it was eighteen days away from yeah. So they'll, I guarantee, something something's going to go on the air on her birthday? Oh for sure, there should be some big thing when I'll get huge ratings. Yeah, there's IT. Whether it's ABC or some who, someone's doing something. It's gonna Happen. I did. Somebody posted...

...something. I love this, where it was like in her lifetime she was eighteen days away from her birthday, but she lived through twenty four leap years. What's Yes, yes, twenty four extra day, so she made it to a hundred. Goddamn it. Yeah, I loved that so much. Yes, I'm and I'm I've seen a lot of stuf online. People are talking about, like on Betty White's birthday, making donations like the humane society, because she did so much work with them and like with zoos and stuff like that. She's a huge animal lover. Yeah, that one. That's up there with like Robin Williams. Yeah, as just ones that really bump the me out. His, obviously, was a bit more shocking, but with her is it was just, you know, you can you can feel the loss. I mean that's all anybody is still talking about. I said I'd like I told her about wear was like betty white just died like what. I was like. Yeah, it's like as bad as I when I because it became out my twitter and I was like what the fuck as like that's exactly how I found about Kobe Bryant. I Like I was like, Oh yeah, like I told like it. I got the same look from the same people. They were like and Kobe, obviously Kobe middle of his like yeah, you know, he's in his s only. And then Betty White, ninety night, but you got the same look, like you never like thought that was going to happen. Yeah, and such a bout love people, that is you're like. They're like what I was like with Kobe because, like, he had just won the Oscar of the year before, I know, and and also because of how it happened. was just such a with all those other people to it. Yeah, yeah, I guess I'm saying is I'm going to say, of twitter, because that's how I learned her death's and it's really fucked up. No Shit. Well then, through that is how I found out. You watching practical jokers? Yeah, he well, I don't watch it my life. Yeah, first off, my wife has no sense of humor, but she loves and practice jokes. I fucking love him. Radical joker. Is it make me laugh? I don't. I don't like those type of shows. I get why people like them, but I'm just I'm never like it's kind of the ultimate background show for me because I can tune in whenever and I know what's going on. There are some of them that like make like when they're like at the girls store fucking with people. I'm like, Oh, that one makes me feel weird because you're fucking with other people. But but yeah, Joe is leaving the show. I guess his marriage just felt the fuck apart, and so they're always on tour. Yeah, they're always on tour and he like I followed him on Tick Tock and all of his tick tocks were like him with his kids. So you can tell like he was all about he's the only one in the group that's married and has a family. Oh Really? Yeah, none of that. So you can tell that like that was really important to him. So I get, I get why he's doing it. Yeah, it just fucking blows made your money. Like, yeah, you know he said why. You love doing it, most likely, but yeah, it's these are guys been friends since they were like twelve years old and so and but his whole thing was all about one to just be there for his kids. And you know, it's up there with like when Rick Moranis quit acting to go be a dad. It's like, I get it. Yeah, obviously you got to prioritize things and well, Make Rick Ormander's does Mitt Mobile. Yeah, it's true, he's bad. It's so fucking good. He's back, baby. So why did you ask me to be in this commercial? Nothings. The huge fans wanted you to be here's back, baby. Yeah, that's a guy with especially because, yeah, you got to figure his kids are grown now. I wouldn't mind if he came back, but I guess it he works. It was it because wife, his wife died and at the time he was big. Yeah, he was. He was the biggest star. Want to they get starts on the planet. And Yeah, his wife died in his kids, or his two sons, were like like five and three, and so he was like Lo, I'm gonna go be a dad. And he actually he released a bluegrass album of music he wrote like in the like the first couple of years after his he was a musician after his wife died. Look, it's all dedicated to his life. It's beautiful, it's a great album and I think he ended up like donating all the money. But he's not like some voice work here and there...

...over the years. Rather than that, he said he works like advertising or some Shit, because they had asked him if he was going to like come back like the ghostbusters thing, and he was like no, he's like I'm good. Yeah. So, yeah, the Joe From and Brattal jokers. That won't bump me out, because that was like the same day too as betty white died. I was like, Oh, like he had that plan the post and she died, like fuck her. He probably posted it before it in like gain track. Yeah, it would. It kind of all happened at once. He Post that looker because his wife also posted. Basically because because people for a little bit we're thinking that it was like a punishment or from the show, like he lost and that his punishment was he had to like tell him he was leaving the show, or because they had made a at the beginning. They had made a pack like if somebody refuses to do a punishment, they have to leave the show. So people were speculating that that's what it was. But like his I guess now ex wife came out was like no, like we're having issues and you stepping away. So I don't know if he'll come back at some point. But yeah, it was kind of a shitty week. Yeah. Well, what else happened this week? Well, right before betty white died, John Madden died and all all day Sunday was all dedicated to because they because espn or they just done this big documentary about him. Well, that was the weird I never watched a comentary but the ductor and he literally just stared like what two days before. Yeah, it was really goods thought there because all day during Sunday and football Sunday football, they were showing clips of it. It was a wonderfully done documentary. Also, they they were doing John, the John Madden doodle thing all day, every game during the during the halftime show, when someone's name would pop up, they'd circle it like four times and drawn Arrow to him with the pain and so it was all about John Madden. But like yeah, like they dropped the documentary and then like two days later was him and his wife's like sixty five the anniversary, and then two days after that he died. Wow, yeah, that was a because you talked about a guy who's madden. When you think madden, you really do think football. Yeah, because it's called Madden football game. It's called Madden. So you like, Oh, by Matt, you know football. Say Madden itself is like it's the name is synonymous with the NFL. Yeah, well, he changed the game for sports broadcasting. Yeah, the true there were no like personalities with sports broadcasting. It was just color commentary and that was it. And I mean there are so many guys you listen and watched now who are obviously like went to the school of John Madden, proud to be a sports broadcaster. was was funny. I read a story about him when he was down Sincinnati and he was doing interview. They're going to do an interview, like local paper and the other guys. They all want to lunch, but he went skyline and guys like I knew he went skies, like I, where'd you guys go? And before what you guys, there's a guy I want Skylie's I could tell you he wasn't like to want skylause he still had chilie stains. I was like that sounds like John Madden and I love John Madden because, like one of my favorite like I'm not a big sports guy, but I love sports movies in sports media because it's some of the most well done shit. One of my favorite football movies is little giants. Oh yeah, because it also be cussed like on a. It takes place in Urbana Orban. They called Urbania the movie, but they shot at Interurbana, like did they really like? It's in Urbana. And the one part where John Madden shows up on the bus of the map, we're trying to get to the hall of fame there. Can't Ohio and we're over here and we're trying to get on this highway there but we can't seem to find the exit to get on the and they do the whole thing with him. And Yeah, I like the clip. They show the clip where he cut it her ducking and half of the hand. I was like the fuck does that on TV? Takes hand, just cuts it her ducking. Yeah, like I'll in a row man, because what John Madden died. I was like, man, two thousand and twenty one was getting one last big one in for the year and then the very last past day with its dying breath took betty...

...white from us. A basement lash fans, is Mike Shay. For those of you who don't know, December thirty of marks. For years since my father passed away after battling leukemia. So every year I to dedicate my birthday month of January to raising money for the leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The LS does amazing work for both leukemia patients and their families. So please, if you have the means to do so, consider donating to this wonderful organization in memory of my father. You can do this real easily by going to TBLPOD DOTNET L LS, or go to the website and click the donate to the L S button at the top of the page. Every little bit you can contribute helps, even if all you do is tell other people about it. Help spread the word and help us raise money for a wonderful organization that does amazing work for people all over the world. Thank you very much, and happy new year. The one year anniversary of the fucking capital in Serradia of funny. Oh my God, I'm not funny, but like I kind of want to like hand out ballots. Everybody got arrested jail because they can't vote anymore. That's how I like. Hey go here's for voting. Well, think they've said that the a lot of that Shit's about to go public. Yeah, yeah, for sure they're about to make a lot of that stuff public because right now it's classified. But I think they said that like this month is all gonna go public. They want to Sean Hanny to come out and talk about it. That's trying to sewn Hanny to do it something. There's something with a Vanka. She's I've been seeing her name Popaula. I'M NOT gonna DONALD STOWN Junr. It's something. It's like a court case. Has Nothing to do with knows. This was something about, like something that like they're saying. They somebody was saying. They that while they were in the tent with the trump's and everyone there watch could happen and said that they could. said that Avanka and and don junior and jared were like begging him to make a statement about stopping it and that like he like wouldn't, wouldn't do it. At least they had the I means least they had the set the say said something. Yeah, like it's kind of it's kind of he said, she said, kind of hearsay. But yeah, so I think. But I know trump is still like trying to file whatever lawsuits he can to keep him off as back, keep him away from Shit, and it all keeps getting overturned. You know that's bad if that's the case. You know it's bad when you're your kids there like hey, he please, like yeah, stop this from happening. Who have been who have been six feet up your asses entire time, or telling you likes too far? Yeah, what was it? He was supposed to have like some like get together tomorrow, but he canceled it. Yeah, so it's kind of like what? Well, I mean, let's be honest, it would look pretty fucking bad. Oh, the CORRIBL. Yeah, I think tomorrow. I mean everybody is trump flags, putting their halfmass tomorrow. Yeah, I kind of want to take the I almost want to like go down here through the through the industrial district, go to check out that one guy's house who's got like the fucking trump shrine on his front yard. See what, see what's going on with that. I got one and we got one in front of us like buy it, not front of us, but kind of by where you live. It says a trump one democrats cheated. Okay, whatever. He living in. Whatever you're smoking, dude, that it's wild. That's been a it's been a year. I cannot believe it's been a fucking year since then. It's I will remember that going like because I can't Remeb what. Why was I not home? I was at home when it happened. I don't know if it was my normal day off or something happened at work. I was I was going into work that day and hadn't heard about it yet and like, as I'm walks at that point, it was just I knew we were live at work covering the ballot Araf as I walk into work, I was like hey, how's this whole thing going? And like, I guess... the time between when I left the house and when I got to work and all went to Shit, I walk in and they're like everything's fucked and I was like what do you talk about? I look up it it's like yeah, people storm in the building and I was like, I just left the house and that was pretty much my night. The rest of the night after that, I fare is like a people catching people like they like social media, like hey, if he has, like do you know what this guy is? You know what this guy is like? Yeah, and I me league, basically all my I think they basically caught everybody just about the there was a thing a couple weeks ago. They think that said they had like a hundred people they hadn't yet identified. Oh really, and they were asking people. They're like these are the these are the last few people that like know we're they're doing. So we haven't been able to identify them may other than they have the careers Ryulin, which is great, one of whom was so there's a there's as a metal band called iceed earth. Yeah, and their singers from like Cleveland or something like that, and he was one of the ones who was there. Like was posting that he was there like running the place, and like as soon as that came out, immediately the band was like we're not with him on this, like absolutely not, because then he like disappeared and like the FBI was coming to the band like where is he? They thought they were like hiding or some shit. They're like, we have no idea where he is, we're not with him on this. Their label drop them, like like he fucked. He fucked that band's career, Goddamn. But also somebody with over at the PIE place over here. Uh Huh, pies and Pines? No, not pies and Pines, the PIE place we're here off SMITHVILLE. Yeah, I guess somebody there was up there too. Really, yeah, well, because so like nobody a lot of people don't go to that pie place anymore because the guys who own it are huge trump fans and like we're making their employees. We're like trump two thousand and twenty like masks and stuff. Had Trump flags inside the store and I guess somebody went in there with like a Biden pin on their shirt and he made him leave. And really, yeah, it's fucked. I'm locky. Think my neighbors down the street left because, like when it happened, they had he had this big like trump like they had this RV MMM had trump stuff on and stuff like that. We shit a couple days before and it last cup like the week before. Yeah, not even the week, maybe like five days before, and it didn't come back, Uh Huh, to like four days after everything, four or five days after everything happened. I'm like, I'm ninety nine percent sure you guys are there. Yeah, well, it's like, what was that? What was that? Those people who like ran that Biden Caravan off the road? And Yeah, then they finally get prosecutors think so, yeah, she's fucking Christ. Entire Time Berney just sat there pretty just set like that set. They're chilling. And, if you might, that was after the INSER. I know what's even because it's so wild to think that that was just like it was a year ago. Only a year ago feels like it was forever. And the gallows there, the Hang Mike Pence. That's look, this was not as impromptu as you think, because they didn't just stop at the hardware store on their way to the capital and get everything and build it in the span of ten minutes. Shirts made Jesus, like I just to think about the shit that was, like like make Romi. Like you had people on like the Republican side that were just like this is fucking ridiculous, like and that offer. That's say, basically like a couple people that's like, Boh, he's got to turn around. The one who was right now is leading them the wrong way and Shit, oh my God, yeah, he got like a he got like the metal, like the Medal of honors. I think he's never whatever some detail for yeah, I didn't or something like that. Now he got a huge promotion, metal and Shit because, yeah, because he fucking he got. Knows how many people he saved doing that. I know they they rushed the vice president and his family out of the catlike. Yeah, what people thought? They were putting people in bunkers, like like emergency protocols that haven't been used at the capital in decades. We're putting the place that.

I didn't know. They all had gasks, mad gas masks, under the seats. Apparently every seat as a gas mask under I didn't know that. And the key this is after designated survivor went off the air. So I'm like, Jesus, Ashley Babbitt Y'RE GO Ashley Babit fucked around and found out. YEA, she fucking I'm gonna Post that on facebook. Damn it, Mike's band again, not facebook or twitter. Oh, that's fucking funny. I gotta put that my yea, save that tweet that tomorrow. That's Fu's fucked. I love that. Well, I remember after, after that, people were calling for like the the the the secret service or capital guard that shot otdor to be like prosecuted for like excessive force or some shit, and it's like she was storming at the cavernment building, dumb ass, like what the fuck else to you? That's literally why he's there, is to stop people from doing what she did. I got so fast. That's fucking fishy. fucked around. You gonna, you're going to, you're going to join the marjory Taylor Green Club of being banned on twitter. Well, she oh, that was that was fantastic. You, Betty. Betty, caused that, betty, that was that was betty white's like, Oh, I'm gonna die. All right, come here, Marjorie, taking your twitter with me, because wasn't it for like some Covid Shit? Yeah, just misinformation. Yeah, you hit, fucked around and found it. Looked around and found out. Yeah, I was just misinformation. Like, thank God she's I can't that's flocking stroll from Lord of the Rings. Shit. We because she's only it was on one of her accounts. I think it would think it was like her, she's got it was. Yeah, it was just on the one. Yeah, but I get mad that everybody calls her MPTG, because I'm like no, fuck you. That's magic, the gathering. Don't confuse it too. I've never seen MGK and her in the same realm. Yeah, I'm HMM, like I'm off tomorrow and I'm I kind of almost want to keep the news on tomorrow just to kind of see. It's very interesting. Like, I mean, I've done some tweets about everything. I can't remember. I need you more. Yeah, let see what I do. You See, I unloaded a bunch of Betty White memes. Yeah, I put up a post on instagram. It was like, and now all the reasons I'm going to hell. It was like twenty five memes I made in like fifteen minutes about betty white. They were all fucked. It was just like I gotta I gotta do, I gotta get out of them. The last one was a nice one. It was the whole like it's time to go. Was that good? No, I'm totally at yeah, but a lot of them were like the bus crossing the train tracks and it's like the bus is betty white and train is two thousand and twenty one. This January six member leave your doors and smartphones unlocks a q cause can leave you. His newest conspiracy theory, Tanna, the stormy and the cow down is storming the capital building. This jerry six I'll trump flat iron two. Twenty five we flown at half staff. This Jerry six I'm storming. Bedups are free, boundless wings and, of course, freedom. I'll do Ashley. I'll have more later tonight. That's fantastic. January six up. Oh No, we always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our aial discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. fucking Antonio Brown. Oh Gee hole, betty, what Shit, Betty, White Eyes, intendo Brown loses his mind. Yo My god, though I don't know how much of this is true. Yeah, but apparently...'s come out that he bruce Arians told him to go on them. There's been two separate stores. One is what I learned is he had incentives in his contract to where if he had fifty five more yards, he got extra money. If you got like five more passes, like extra money. Are Three more passages extra money, and if you got a not touchdown was like extra money. It added up to like over like three Hundredzero or five hundred thousand dollars, and they think he hit that at that point in that game. Now, like the theory was Bruce Arians wasn't playing him and Antonio Brown was pissed it wasn't playing someone. Yet another game to go, which is weird. So that what came out before and this came out afterwards, like apparently he's found having an ankle issues. MMM, and he saw like a an extra doctor, like a non team doctorent team doctors, like the non team doctors, like you can't play on this, like it's been like Arians went him to go in. He said no, I fucking going in. Apparently all that shit happened. But a Tony browns also kind of crazy. He said what like for huge concussions. Yeah, I think ever since a vantes perfect hit, everybody plays it out to the vantest perfect hit, whether that's true or not, I don't know, but he hasn't be in the same sense. And it's true, like the players aren't the same after can cut like multiple CTS, mood swings, like I don't know if we talked about last time, but he had that football player that killed his neighbor, like six people and killed himself. Oh, that's right, I forgot about that. And then they finally they they opened his brain up and he had massive CTE, because he would just have random moot swings, like horrible mood swings, and it's like junior say, I'll same. Think he knew something was up. That's why he shot himself in the chest and not the head, so they could study his head like that. It's shit like that. You like there's something going on, but he's not bringing like going back to like fucking NFL. Knew how bad ct what's for a long time, because what's Will Smith did that movie about it. Yeah, and then I fel was flat out trying to cover it up. Oh, they, they were. They were like what, they were wanting people to boycott that movie. Yeah, there's a there's a hockey player. He's to be a big fan of a Pat Lafontaine, who had this, has had his career ended in in the late s by this massive hit and could kind of he was unconscious and he talks about it how he woke up in the in the ambulance and was like how much times left in the game and they were woke up in the hospital and was like okay, well, how much time was left in the game? Like the game ended like a four days ago. I oh wow. Then was going through all kinds of like cranial nerve testing and just stuff where they were like like he had to like relearn like what fucking year it was and all kinds of shit. Well, it's weird. Like a buddy of mine, he's a comedian, not going to drop his name or anything like that. His Dad was a hockey player, professional hockey player, HMM, play in the NHL, and like I remember talk time, first time talking to him and I was like, Oh, so a bubble, but he's again, my dad killed himself. Jesus, and like he's a hundred percent surewist from ct m because it just wasn't like his dad, because because hockey doesn't get talked about in that in that sense as much. Those guys take fucking head. They take hits, but I don't think as it's as brutal as well. No, because there's are more, mostly body hits, body hits, and like they don't. They have helmets, but they don't have like the full helmet and pat like like fucking NFL. They fucking there was sense as weapons. Yeah, they're wearing suits of armor and other friends are reff I mean raffied. He refs football, high school football. He's like, I would never. He's like there is no reason for kids under the age of sixteen to play tackle football. MMM, he there is no reason at all. He's like sixteen, R up, start learning tackle whatever, but underage. He's like hmm, because me and my wife had discussion, for k want to play foot balls, like it's up to him, like I don't care. Like personally, I don't want him to play... bad as it is. I know by the time, like they're bigging out better ways to protect kids, not type of stuff. But if he wants to play him not going to stop him. MMM, I'm playing and she's in the same boat. But I talked to him. I talked to my friend about it, because he reaps. He's like yeah, he's like there's no reason for kids under the age of sixteen the tackle. It's stupid. Yeah, and that's a lot. That's what a lot of people are struggling with these days. Ever since that will smid movie came out, is they beetle. Parents have been struggling with letting their kids good. My parents went play football. See, my dad encouraged it. I mean he was pissed. What I didn't want to, but I don't like getting hit. I wanted my parents want to let me. Yeah, it's just one of those things. It's like, fucking that shit is so ct like Aaron Hernandez obviously killed. He yeah, any ER, they did his body. He had the brain of an eighty five year old. Hm. Remember hearing about that one. So you're like, there's something going on. Well, I know they're trying to fix it, but it just like the trying to figure out no targeting, like different ways to tackle. And you can actually you can kind of tell if you watch football, which players are used to the new tackling which ones are still stuck in the old ways to tackling. But well, common sense would also dictate, like, look at what these guys are doing to themselves. You cannot tell me that doesn't have repercussion. People who were like it's fake, it doesn't exist. You can't tell me that doing that to your body x number of times a week isn't going to have lasting fucking effects exact. And some people like and some people like. It was a common practice. They know that, like I have to get this many years out of my body and I'm going to have issues like that's so fucked up. Now you're going to come out like not the same. You're see it with with wrestlers too. Oh God, fucking Cris Ben Law Guy was. I'm sure if they were able to, you know, knowing what we know, because that was so fucking long ago, but knowing what we know now, if they've been able to, I guarantee at CT, oh for sure. You know, or you know as bad as like Rick flair got at one point there. I feel like anybody who has as mood swings, they wait to do and then you've been in like a high contact sport and also you're having crazy mood swings. Dare you're suffering from ct like if you never had it your entire life and all this sudden like you're having these bad that gets gradual, but you could tell like these massive mood swings. It's got to be CT you're in a context sport your heads taking a below. I wonder if like because it seems like the kind of show that would that would I wandered like like season three Ted Lasso. You gotta figure these may because like especially because they use their heads a lot, but it's not. It's not as contact of a sport. But you got to figure there's there's but it's also one of the few shows on right now that could attack that could that could tackle it. But I'm but could you figure that's the kind of thing they would at some point talk about? They at least the writing is good enough that you think they could do it a good way and just find a way to make it, or at least not maybe not cte, but something similar. Yeah. Well, was it a few months ago? Who was the guy that that that step down for the season for mental health or something like that? What Sport? So was NFL? Remember Terry Bradshaw talking about it. I can't remember this whatever. I forget who it was, but he said he likes that. Says I don't. He said over the season. So he was sitting out for a while because he was having severe, like mental health issues. And and Terry Bradshaw that actually I was so impressed with how well, like does NFL Sunday football guys handled it, especially Terry Bradsh over there talking about like no, like this is actually an actual fucking issue. Yeah, usually you would eat a lot of people, I think on service would expect those guys who just fucking like write it off whatever. But like even Terry Bradshaw talked about like when he quit playing, like how like he had he had to go see Thera, go see a therapist some point, but he got really it was really bad. Well, I meant people are people and it doesn't matter you make a million dollars.

Millions dollars may people are people and you can't tell somebody what they can and can be depressed about. What can affect our mentality, their mental states. Like, it's not. It's not a certain nothing to do with money. No, it's brain chemistry. It's brain chemicals, it's, you know, lack of Serotonin, it's whatever is anything. Well, back to the CT thing. One of my favorite reds players that ever killed, shot himself and killed himself, Ryan Friel. Oh, he by far one of my favorite reds players ever because of the fact that I remember the first game they called him up. I want to get compromotional about this out on the line. The first game he called was in Colorado. Three game series. I can't remember who got hurt. They called him up, or is why they called him. He was gathering a decent year in AAA and he just hustled. Hustled his ass off every fucking play, no matter what. Ran Down the first ran out the balls like did not matter. He fucking hustled, tiny dude. And I remember the final game of that series. Like they everybody is the announce you're talking about, like well, this is the only chance she's going to get to hit a home run. He's in Colorado, like, I mean areon quality, like it's yeah, fly out, and he like missed this ball by like he missed the home run by like three feet whatever. It's like all right, but he hustled, you know. And then kind of end up they kept kept him because he just hustled. Like the guy came back. He's like you know what will keep you? Next year? He's starting because you just hustled and hustled, but he dove and dove and like in the things with his head, getting balls like head op into the stands, like twice, flat on in the chairs, trying to catch like into this like not not just not just like, oh, like, like, like, but like like sober. Mean, yeah, trying to catch this shit. MMM. And like to find out, like he just randomly killed himself. He shot. He was in a hotel room playing, I think he was like just playing, like not in the major leagues or Minor Leagues, but just I can't think of the word I wanted, baseball still, but just independent league baseball. Yeah, he shot himself in the head. And I guarantee you the amount of like I saw him take so many beatings, in the sense of his head just bouncing off shit and a fucking ball. One time the the ref try to, I mean not the REF, the Pitcher, try to pick him all second, I'll smack him right in the fucking head. She threw back in second like you could tell, like he played rough, like he had issues, like and I wouldn't surprise me. I cete, but the guy was like the reason why I use my favorite he hustled and the only reason why he played in the major's because he hustled. He got a contract because he hustled. He played for lights, like three years, Chicago, Baltimore, eventually out of the League. He made his money, but he hustled and it was just kind of like one of those things where it's just like I think they maybe ct was involved in that because, like I every play I felt like he ran into the fucking guard rail with his head one time, like where the fucking the right, where the dugouts is, just I remember that play. He's like caught the ball in his head. was just like like kind got up and I was like, all right, let's do this. Ran into the because he played every position. The guy was so good defensively. Made some cry crazy plays. Like baseball tonight has this thing called web gems. MMM, yearly web gems, because he played like six different positions. He was the yearly Web Justis this takes every team, every player, every he was three of them, three different positions, Jesus, because he's made some crazy ass plays. But yeah, the CT thing. I'd maybe wonder if he had ct and especially because they have no protection, that they have the helmet when they're badget that. So they weren't bolved. There weren't ball caps and baseball son a contact sport. No, but that amount of like hits, I mean your head bouncing off. It doesn't matter if you're hit like... hit your head watching and get yourself a concussion. Yeah, and CT is basically from concussions. The brain can only take so much. Well, it's a it's a soft, squishy organ. Two or three Thursday nights to go, Thursday night game. San Diego tight end on him. saw that. No, he caught the ball in the end zone, but when he caught he fell, like when he dove. He fell and his head hit and he dropped the ball and he just sat there like this, like ice open or closed, completely knocked out. HMM. Nobody touched him, but because he hit his head so hard on the ground that you're just like and that was like, wow, ground is knots off. No, I had a kid I play. I play football and in elementary school and but it was it was full contact. I mean it was. I was I was ten, twelve, ten eleven years old. It was full contact. We had a kid who was a he was a hell of a running back. We always dreaded. So I we played for for we we're green town elementary school, yeah, which is part of the North Canton school system. Well, Peiole, we had have to play kids from Canton, Ohio. Can't Ohio. Those kids were like it was it was like David versus Goliath. I mean like we'd go play these guys, we'd be scared of Shit because they were all like fucking three feet taller than as. They want the one team. They're fucking defensive center. I swear to God, was as big guy as I am now. As he wasn't, he was like fucking twelve years old, a mustache. Every every time we'd play these guys, one of our guys would get injured like without fail. And there was one time we were playing. We always lost by like a shitload. It was just we dreaded those games. But there was this one time that are and I remember the guy's name and I can't. It's killing me. I think his name was Joel Killer, running back and he gets the ball and he there's a guy coming right at him and he knows he's about to go down, so he like stops and just kind of braces himself to take it and their helmets, fucking just Kalli, like like I was sitting on I was back on the other end of the field and heard that and heard the contact of the helmets. He was out the rest of the season as had like crazy nerves of damage. And I remember, and I remember thin because I, you know, obviously I was in school with him till I till I moved, and I remember like by the time I left Middle School, I mean the kid was a asshole really and like again, this is in the late S, early like two thousand and one. It's like I can only imagine what that kind of hit at that young of any young of an age. Again again, like like we're we were eleven years old. One of the thing is the brand hasn't fully developed at twenty five. Yeah, so like you're having kids in high school take its like that. It's not good for your head. No, no, it's not. And so, like I like I they're again. I wish I could remember the cast name. I'd almost kind of want to look him up and like to see how he's doing, you know, because I remember by a tame because he was a cool guy. But I remember like because this was fift is fifth grade. We were all playing together and I remember, like all going through middle school. He kind of you know, you write it off as puberty, which sure probably could have helped, but I'm really kid being a total prick by the time I left. I left and now, thinking back on it as rabbits conversation, I'm like, this is the first time I've ever actually thought about it as like I wonder if that's what happened at.

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