The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 55 · 10 months ago

RIP Bob Saget


Legendary comedian & America's TV dad Bob Saget passed away this week at the age of 65. He was a tremendous talent that made our generation laugh and feel, whether it was hosting 'America's Funniest Home Videos' or as Danny Tanner on 'Full House'. He is gone far too soon, and he will be missed dearly.


This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The loss of Bob Saget
  • Struggling with weight loss
  • Dr. Fauci brought receipts for Rand Paul


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...a month and a half just because of like I'm still working out, but I'm not going out as much. Yeah, but I wasn't also eating out as much either, which is weird, but it's because I was just at home a lot. Yeah, but yeah, and now I'm like down two hundred and forty seven. Yeah, I don't especially was since Covie, like I don't eat out very often. The most is like by have a day where I'm just completely swamped and just now aren't home, like you know, I'll hit McDonald's going into work or something like that, because it's there. But I try to do that too terribly often, because you know, that's better. I don't drink a lot of pop anymore. I say that with a cocaine and a root beer acount of my desk, but I mostly drink these like sparkling water things, because it's just water and the essence of some fruit, was it. I Diet Cokes like my advice. WHAT'S WEIRD? Because, like right now, my breakfast right now is like as when I go hardcore. But today was bad this. Usually my off weeks are bad. But usually my breakfast is like a spoonful of Greek yogurt and a spoonful of peanut butter and some mixed nuts. Really, yeah, really, yeah, I'll see. Breakfast for me is like two eggs, toast, fucking a couple of sausages. That's that's my breakfast. And then, like sometimes, if I'm on the way to work, I'll get like a chicken biscuit from like Wendy's, because it's like it, because what I'm eating is not a lot of carbs. That the only carbs are in the biscuit. Realistically, it's not that bad. So I'm like okay, I'm like at like forty carbs for today already. Then lunch is like double chicken bowl from Chipola, right, but it's just chicken and rice and beans. Yeah, so it's not really bad for you, right. So that's a lot. That puts me out like ninety carbs for the day. Yeah, and and launch is kind of will dinner's kind of like whatever I have for dinner. Yeah, I've been making a lot of hamburger from lunch was always my biggest Achilles heel because, like I did, I rarely, I didn't always eat breakfast because of the schedule I worked, and dinner for me was usually just like a container of like leftovers. Nothing like huge or crazy, but lunch for me is usually like my biggest and unhealthiest meal. Well, we we're thinking. My unhealthy was my fourth meal. Oh yeah, I have those days. That was like me every day. Yeah, I would like specially Travis, I'd have dinner and then, like I do like a comedy, share whatever afterwards and then eat something on the way home. Yeah, that was that was me a lot. Living on hold my mom because the route I would take from my office to my mom's house, I was passing to twenty four hour McDonald's, a rallies, to Taco bells, a waffle house, like all the shit that's open late. Now, driving home the way I do, I don't pass anything that's open really. So that's kind of been a help where I'm not getting feel like, if I have to give I'm going to get food after work, because you got off work at midnight. I have to go way out of my way to do it and a lot of times I just want to go home. Yeah, so now I fucking my biggest thing. I haven't eating as much late night as I used to. Yeah, so that's that's been solid. Well, special because you're not. I Gu said you're. You said you're not going out as much now. So there's less leaving one up till even one like leaving here. I would be like if I did podcast or whatever. Yeah, I go get something right afterwards. I mean I guess I would literally eat. This is wild. I would eat something on the way here, two hours later our play to go get something. Now I do that. I get a man like ass. Foods a big vice for me, and and get it. Cutting it out has been hard, but it's been a game change or not doing I'm not eating it as much too, but I mean it's hard. I get it because because it's right there and it's fucking delicious. Yeah, look, McDonald's good, fuck you. It tastes good. It's salt and fat and that's what I love. Yeah, yeah, rallies puts has a cheeseburger where they put Nacho cheese spread on it. It's fucking fantastic. Now I fucking long one, like literally, it's like like tomorrow, like I'll just do my prototypical what I yeah, what what'll have is the fucking peanut butter and great yogurt they went. I was like really into it. I...

...was so like, like it was my breakfast was like that. Lunch was like grilled chicken, yeah, and like maybe some bread. I was on a big SMOOTHIE kick for a long time. Like every for breakfast we're wanting, I have a smoothie. Well, my dinner was like I would always snack it, have mixed nuts. Yeah, and then dinner was kind of like not whatever, I whoa it kind of it could be whatever I wanted. kind of loved yourself open for that. Well, here's the thing, though. I was like I was doing. I was working out so much, is working out for like an hour and a half day at the gym, and I was also just being more time, presuming to just you at night. So like you were, really I was putting a ton yeah of effort, like I'll a ton of working out my body. You almost needed the calories just to keep your body from fucking collapsing. It was wild. And then like, because that's when I was taking care of my dad, and then when I stopped doing that, like I stalled that diet, but I wasn't doing Jiujitsu anymore cause I didn't have time to Jiu jitsu anymore. So I was like fuck, but I was like it. I was out between two ten and two twenty four, like ever, and then all sin since code, it's a fuck you motherfucker. I remember when I wait two hundred and twenty pounds and I thought I was a fucking fat piece of Shit. Now I'm now I'm pushing four hundred and I'm like Esus, I need it. I'll get back down to it. I feel bad for eating the Wendyse Bous so fucking hungry. I was so fucking hungry. Now, the part of the reason I'm starting to give a shit too, is because, like now, I'm at that point now, like I just turned thirty three. And and for nowadays, whenever I have a problem, when I go to the doctor, the first thing he says as well, if you lost some weight, that would go away. It's like, okay, cool, let's explore some other options just in case it's not wait related. But you know, like to sleep. Back me a thing. If I lost a hundred pounds, like, I thought that that'd probably go the fuck away. And and I know, but I've also never been one of those people like who like gets like the runners high like this. For when I first moved here, I was going to plan a fitness and was going three, four times a week. I never got the high, trust me, it was always like I cannot wait for this to fucking be over. Like I've never been the kind of person who like has learned like exercise. It's just I love exercising. I love it. I got to figure out what I'm going to do when I get back. I also just like going alone. Oh, I loved I don't like going with people like and I say that like I go and then I put on my fucking headphones and don't talk to anybody. But going by myself, I don't know what I don't know. I feel like having someone to go with. I think I'd see. I need that accountability. Yet put you a basement. Lash fans, is Mike Shay. For those of you who don't know, December thirty marks for years since my father passed away after battling leukemia. So every year I to dedicate my birthday month of January to raising money for the leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The llls does amazing work for both leukemia patients and their families. So please, if you have the means to do so, consider donating to this wonderful organization in memory of my father. You can do this real easily by going to TBLPOD DOTNET L LS, or go to the website and click the donate to the llls button at the top of the page. Every little bit you can contribute helps, even if all you do is tell other people about it. Help spread the word and help us raise money for a wonderful organization that does amazing work for people all over the world. Thank you, very much and happy new year. Well, fuck, do we want to talk about Bob Saget? I know it's weird. I feel like, well, you just did a fucking rest in peace to betty like white last week, and pop saget, Bob say bit. I still am having a hard time processing this one. I fucking love Bob Sagett. I to it. Yeah, it's Danny Tanner. Was More of a dad to meet my dad. That's he was mighty. Was My first TV because you know my dad. Well, I didn't have a dad till I was ten. Yeah, so, like...

...growing up, like full house was like my one of my favorite shows, and every Sunday when you'd hear you know, yeah, the red, white and blue, I bolt into the living room to watch AFV with with my mom, like, yeah, it was weird. Yeah, and it's weird because, like, you're such a nice guy. That's like ice, like the out I was talking to the Jeff Allen about this, like the the outpouring of people of all different generations and comedy who knew him, and they all were just like he was the nicest, sweetest guy on the face of the young. If you saw kimmels thing I did I watch it, I was fucking crying by the end of it. I mean like he ere. Everyone just kind of says like he was the fucking best dude. Yeah, ever. fucking jody sweet and the girl that played Stephanie on full House, wrote this whole big long facebook post and I was a fucking sobbing mess by the end of it. Just God, he meant a lot to a lot of people and I know like they said, they because I just saw a new thing today. Like they said, like they they there was no drugs in a system. There was no evidence of foul play or anything. He was only sixty five, so I don't know if it was like a freak heart attack or something. Everything that's too is like. So I look at from a perspective of a he he's a road I mean stand a comic for early, a long time. Yeah, he was on tour. Yeah, so it's kind of like, you know, early in your life, like being a road comic traveling a time like the Diet and the lifestyle's not great. Yeah, obviously, did he do drugs? Most likely. Oh, yeah, I mean there's yeah, I think it's been confirmed that he had a drug problem at one point, but it's like, but the food you eat and all that. I mean it's going to it takes a toll of you over time. Like you know, life on the roads not easy on the body. But it was because some people were speculating was at suicide and it's like, I really doubt that. Really again, he had just like the night before or the day of whatever, posted about the comedy the middle of a tour and he would he had just gotten to the hotel because he was doing a show. They're like that night or something. There the next night. Yeah, I just I don't I don't see that as a thing and it's also one of those like, you know, I hate that. It's the world am in. But when I heard he died in the first thing I did was went on Wikipedia. was like okay, like did this guy have fucking controversies about him that I didn't know about? Before I start like really mourning the guy, because that's it was a sean connery was a first one. John Connie died. I was like all fuck, this terrible and the guy was like, you know, he was like a notorious woman beater. Right. I was like what? I wasn't aware of the interviews he had given where he was like pro beating women and stuff like that, and I was like wow, fuck that guy. But now with some people are trying to take like the jokes from his roast and shit and try to say like, oh, that's what he's like in real life. No, it's a fucking roast, you dipshit. Now I know that's what and like the the try to take his material like Oh, he was a pedophile, and I'm like, what the fuck are you talking about? Their jokes his two thousand and seventeen and his two thousand and seventeen album, which is one of my favorites, is because he tells a joke he's making fun of because when all the cosby should have first started, like going to trial and all that, and he's like here's the thing about me. I see really fucked up shit on stage. I say a lot of messed up shit, but that's because I'm not like that in my real life, which means I'm the only TV dad you have left you can trust. And and at that's and again like between like all all the girls from from full house, because I think he walked candace camera and down the island or a wedding I know as a picture of it on instagram and the Olsen twins came out and says, I'm you know, Jim and John stamos have been the best of fucking friends ever since. and Dave Coolie, like all these people, like even Loria Laughlin, was like thought about what a great guy he was, which is really fucking ironic when you think about it. But it's like no one, everyone, I mean again, like my twitter feed, because I follow a...

...lot of Comedians, a lot of entertainment people on twitter, was just this whole long like the guy you played Ted on having that your mother did like a seven tweet thread. I serious. Yeah, just because Bob Saget was the voice of growing up, that guy on how I never knew that. So if you watch how I met your mother, when it's when it's that guy in the future telling his kids the story, that's Bob. Say Yeah, it does. Like I never put that two together. It makes no fucking sense because the guys already an adult. But but it is what it is. But like everyone, and him at your mother was saying Nice stuff about him, Ken John, because because he would, he would because a he was a one of the people on the mass singer. Yeah, and then he was on Ken Jong's game show a lot. This I can see your voice or whatever this new one is. Ken Jong was tweeting about it like all day, just all fucking day, about all these stories about him, just and I know people always look talk about like how he was squeaky clean on AFV and full House. You know, Danny Tanner, it was super dirty on stage. But the thing about him on stage it wasn't just that dirty he was. He was so fast. Yeah, he was so his timing was so incredible. I had I had I was listening to his album on the way to on the way to work yesterday, and he's just rambling and rambling and rambling and it's all funny. There's almost no time to lap before he was in the next joke and look at my phone and it says like track eight of twenty seven, and I'm just like, Jesus Christ, it's like you doing one liners, just rapid fucking fire. Yeah, know, he's crazy. They create it's crazy. It's like watching a stand up. You're like listening to standy. Like Jesus, it's like HMM, and it's great. It's like fantastics. It's so good and to see the can he was doing that. It is s as well as this clip that I found from like pre full house where he was doing it the exact like he's never lost that at I mean I'm comics. I've worked with right like that. I know personally. Last saying like yeah, like I opened form five times, like he still he called me. He would call me when I had my kid. He'd called me when I had my other kids to congratulate me and like getting all these great porners. I'm like, he said, he doesn't have to do that. Yeah, as we think it, but he did because he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. That's weas when nicest guys ever met my life. He cared, like he just cared, like Jimmy Kim Al was talking about like when in the whole thing with his son was going on and Bob was reaching out and because they both were good friends with Don rickles and when Don rickles died, you know, bob was the one who came on Jimmy Show and they just talked about on. Yeah, it this. This is again. This is one of those ones. That's just it, because I was at work and here's here's what's fucked. I work in an ABC station. We were in the middle of airing America's funniest videos, Oh, when ABC went through their special news bullet and cut in over the programming and I was coming back from the bathroom and I poked my head and talk to the guy who was run ABC. I was like everything going good and he's like no, Bob Sag, it just died and I was like what's well of the middle of Avery? Are you kids? I'm sure there's gonna be something on next week's AFV, for sure, but I remember thinking, and some makes those out Wiley's. I almost I was at Wiley's and I found out and I was like, I don't I thought like it was just to go up and like a couple of comics. Yeah, I was like should I say something? I was like I can't, I want to say something. Yeah, I don't want to bring down the room. That's how you had you drop that bomb. I know, fucking room. I know. I was just like fuck now, I'm not going to say anything. But MIC sit they're like what what the hell? Like is also to the point. Is Like my thing is like as TMC killing all these fucking celebrities because they get the news really fast. But, oh shit, like that's why I'm starting to think TMC is I kill him, like that's what they all are the ones doing, for as Hilton. I mean like they hit the news that they're the ones reporting everything. I know because they're all camped out outside all these people's fucking hotel rooms and know they're not getting with a silencer. Yeah, like always Paparazzi motherfuckers,..., but just this one is it's just, this is just sitting. Let me. I was talking to Melissa and I was like this is the one that's like of my life and her looks are same age and like I'm like our lives were like that was like our childhood. Yeah, right there, but it's not as like a like. It's like a show that you would like. Why? Like every like you said every week, you just watch it. It's still on your like what like, like I firmly believe Youtube exists, because America's funny. Oh yeahs existed. Absolutely. Cannot tell me that wasn't an influence, because at some point someone said, you know, website where we can just watch all these goofy fucking videos, because that's why they changed the name of the show from America's funniest home videos to America's funniest videos, because something they were able to get all this shit online anyway. Yeah, but that was that was our original youtube where you wanted to get your guys getting hit in the nuts with bass balls and your cats and your funny voice, you know, like Tick Tock Youtube. All that Shit doesn't exist without America's funniest don't. I'm sure the idea might have come up at some point, but it doesn't have the same I don't think like that show is so popular. It was like the biggest show will full house to. Yeah, those two shows are like two of the biggest, like most highly rated, most popular watched shows on streaming. God, morning, San Franciscan. Well, I mean think, think about this. Lori Laughlin gets gets busted with all this shit. What do people keep referring to her as former full house star? Yeah, Bob Sagoties, everyone refers to him as former full house star and and host of America's funds, like all these people even even what do people nobody calls John Stay, Moos, John Stand? I was they all call them Uncle Jesse. Yeah, like that show was so fucking because it was such a relatable slice of life show. It was like like it was it was the American famly dealing with. Yes, I'll be at some some, some ridiculous stuff, but a lot of re like the very first episode is all about them just coping with the death of Danny's wife. Yeah, it it dealt with stuff that a lot of shows weren't dealing with. It like a twelve years. I'm like that something like that, because got, we watch the olds and twins grow up on that show literally, yeah, which is that's so weird. That's so we'd yeah, not Elizabeth Olson. No, no, she had to wait a well for her, but she's got the better career right now. She's doing all right. Yeah, talking about a fucking three headed monster. No Shit, that well, yeah, we got we got the oldston twins for the first half of our lives and we're going to have Elizabeth Olson for the second half of our lives. So Weird, man. It's fucking. I remember as also, when you found out that, like I was out why they's just like they told me like like literally, like I'm like, sit's the open mic night. I'm doing the light for everybody. I'm like, wait, what? Yeah, I think it was are. I can't remember who told me. That's how shocked that was. It Goes Erica. She said Bob Sagon just died. I was like what? You see her? She see her post on facebook or so. She wanted a date with him. Erica Russell. I'm sorry, Erica Russell, not the other, not not that are yet the different are. Yeah, I was get this too confused for some reason. Now, Erica Russell, I guess, like she's that. She went on a couple of day yeah, or something by Mike's. I saw that and I was like okay, but like an Erica different, Erica CA. Yeah, I was like Huh, and it's one of those things like no, so I literally, like I stopped timing, yeah, and went out into the room, right out into the other room, checked twitter, like this can't be real, and then I was like, son of a bitch, it was. It was one of those like I found out because I found out like right when it was announced and I watched it like slowly just grow on twitter, and that's weird. It's to watch something like that.

It's weird when you see it at trending. Yeah, up, up, because the one and a lot of that's like like before I started working in television, a lot of times I'd find out about this shit, you know, hours or day afters it was already like a trending thing, and so now to have to sit there and get the news and watch it become viral is it's it almost makes it harder to process. Yeah, because it's almost like your you get that initial shock and grief and then it grows as it grows with the rest of the world. Yeah, just like got fucking Mark Hamill was posting about about, post about it. It was I mean, I wish it was short, but yeah, I've read so fucking many at this point that Chraddick bowsman said something Shad Post. It's yeah, I just yeah that. I mean that hit hard because it just it's still shocking. Yeah, but you know him and norm McDonald, having your time, oh my God, all right, and him, the those two and betty just yeah, because it's almost like because it's it's like you got norm who was America's awkward uncle. Yeah, and Betty White, was America's GRANDPA, and Bob Saget was America's Dad, and they're all up there just fucking arst to each other. Ever do it? I was like in the past like two weeks, we lost America's Dad and America's grandma, mm in the past two weeks. It's really weird. It is very weird, but it's like it's life, and I mean the sad heart is like he's gone, but that, I guess, the best part, is like because he's gone. You See, like all these stories you did not know. You knew he was a good guy, yeah, but you don't really know how to give a guide to the like. See, like all these great stories and it's not like it's everybody's the same type of story, because it's the same person. He was a fake or anything. So that's it's and it's people of all, like I said, it's people like John Stamos, who knew him for got thirty is about to say twenty, thirty years. You know, whenever? What if I whenever it full House came on. Yeah, thirty, you're right, thirty, thirty seven, thirty. See, yeah, I knows. These were only ten years ago. Don't here anybody says you know. And but then guy but then like, like fucking like Whitney commings and Nicky Glazer were making posts about like because like she met, obviously Whitney, like met him at his roast and I think that was like the first one she did. And how people of all these just new are an older generations in comedy and entertainment. Once you met him, like you were you were a friend. Yeah, he just he. The guy didn't know. Seemed the guy didn't from all accounts of guy didn't know a stranger. Yeah, and there's not many people. and Jesus, Sixty five. I know, God, he didn't look sexty five. He did not want that. When I heard sixty five, I was like really, yeah, and to think about it for a second. I mean the math checks out, but he did not look sixty five. His aristocrats will go down and fucking history as one of the best yeah, you ever heard is yeah, it's Jesus. It makes Gilbert Godfres of like nothing. Gilbert Godfrey's is fucking ransom. You know his cameo and half baked and that I think it's one of the greatest cameo. fucking good I'm all time because it's it's fucking Danny Tanner. That's really he mean it's just like you like, especially if you like what it is prime. Yeah, what if, like you're like introduced to like Oh, this is but if you like did not know anything about a stand up? Yeah, because like for us, like like half bake was like hind like our teenage years. Yeah, and like I'll say. You're like, wait, BOB SACK is there? Were so defress. No, I can't say right, he's on entourage. I never watched the entourage. I watch. I love on Tras. I don't remember him being on Entre H.

I mean I know he's, I just don't remember what he did. And everybody loves that episode. I never watched the full how it was it called Fuller House, like I never watched that. My wife, Melissa Stark, she's she did both the first and second season. She's kind of she's like, I'll just watch the rest of it now. I think he's in the other day. He's in the first acause of making the keys. It's mostly about the daughters, isn't it? Yeah, because he's definitely in the first episode. He was funny, as he makes fun of the show on his other his last special, the one before it where he's like yeah, we had full House and they brought it back a full house, and next we're gonna have fullest house. I'm going to be in an urn on the window. Looks like, Oh Shit, oh, that did not as well. But yeah, I guess next week. Who Do we have to pop about? Guys that's about to say. Now we're gonna get. It's gonna have all Januwhary's just going to be a string of rest in peace episodes. Jesus, I know WHO's fucking next on the chopping block. God Damn it. Robert Durst, terst Robert Durs is the second worst durst, behind friend, because you who firsted that fucking friend durst is Robert Dirt. All this fuckers. Well, Shit now, and now we have to now we have to hate Hulk Hogan and Kane. Oh, dude, looking at can, you're like obvious, yeah, I know, Hull Coogan and Hull Coogan. I was like, Cop Hogan says the end. Where are you really? I know, but it's like, damn it, you motherfuckers, it will. And that's another one. Going back to Bob Sage, is because he just got his posted the like a week ago that he got his booster and people were like hope so that he got his booster and now he's fucking dead. Go Fuck Yourself, Dude. Yeah, because they were speak were saying the same shit about Betty White do oh really, yeah, with her cause of death. Finally got released, though, wasn't. It's basically just all day she well, I guess she had had a stroke like a week before she died, which nobody knew about, and just her blood flow was just really low. And anybody that that she knows she had a stroke. Now. See. Yeah, no, her family confirmed. Her family confirmed that she had had a stroke the week before, okay, and then just her blood flow was really low and just there she wasn't getting enough bloodflow or brain and heart. So it was natural causes. She was ninety nine fucking years old, met a stroke. So they haven't released any from Bob that I said. They put a thing out today's saying they ruled out there were no drugs in his system. So that's the one thing I was afraid of. Yeah, drugs, my I know. We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. So Jenna Jamison can't walk anymore. Who What? Jenna Jamison, the Porn Star? I saw this. She can't really walk. This popped up on my feet like just before you got here. So she was diagnosed with not walking. This one Julian Barrow Syndrome, okay, which is so much so. My Dad had my Stenia graves, which is where your your immune system attacked your muscle tissue. Yeah, this is basically the same thing as that. Must have attacking your muscles that attack your nervous system, and there's no cure for it. Like it's treatable, but there's no here for it. And I guess her husband thinking from like she's can no longer walk now. Shit. Yeah, so she literally got, you know, fuck to the point where she can't walk. Anyways, a joke about that in there somewhere. Somebody else figure it out this smarter than me. But so maybe her. So maybe she's next. Maybe next week we be doing a rest in peace Jenna Jamison talking about our favorite free sum on her things. Just well, we can, if we use load boost. Well, do that fucking picture from over here. Yeah,...

...that's not a hold the wall from my fists hole off my come blew a hole right through the dry wall. Now one thing I did. I for I was talking about Rand Paul and doctor and fousy going at it. I haven't seen this yet, so what was but did he just fucking I'm gonna they just fucking hate each other. and Ran Paul is such a Dick. Oh, Rand Paul, Paul's I literally to as R and Paul looks like he sells high scale method trailer parts, because that I mean, it's like grandpaul like he's and at Fouci kind of called him on some Shit. He's like, if you go to your website, it really says fire Anthony Fouchy, you can donate five dollars, ten dollars. He's like. He's like you're just trying to put you're making this up. I can't remember how he worded. I was like, good for you. Then he got caught on a house. You got caught on a hot mic. Oh Really? About some other other person tries like what if? What a moral? Say, got the video usually here. What a moral like the hot mic? I have the video from C span here. If you'll put your headphones on, I'll put I I haven't seen this yet, but just look. Every couple of months we have a new video of Rand Paul saying some Shit and fouchy proving to him just how wrong he is. Just ramp you're not a doctor. My Buddy, my buddy John to this, he said, loving Dr Fouchy bringing the receipts. Yes, the last time we had a committee of the time before, he was accusing me of being responsible for the death of five, four to five million people, which is really irresponsible. And I say why is he doing that? There were two reasons why that's really bad. The first is it distracts from what we're all trying to do here today, is get our arms around the epidemic and the pandemic that we're dealing with, not something imaginary. Number two, what happens when he gets out and accuses me of things that are completely untrue. Is that all of a sudden that kindles the crazy? He's out there and I have life that threats upon my life, harassments of my family and my children, with up seeing phone calls because people are lying about me. Now you know. I guess you could say, well, that's the way it goes, I can take the hit. Well, it makes a difference because, as some of you may know, just about three or four weeks ago, in December twenty one, a person was arrested who was on their way from Sacramento to Washington DC at a speed stop in Iowa and they asked the police asked him where he was going, and he was going to Washington DC to kill Dr Fouchi. And they found in his car and a R fifteen and multiple magazines of ammunition. Jesus, because he thinks that maybe I'm killing people. So I ask myself, what, why would senator want to do this? So go to ran pole website and you see fire Dr Vouchy with a little box that says contribute here. You can do five dollars, ten, twenty dollars, a hundred dollars. So you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political game. So they only have politically attack her colleagues and in a politically reprehensible things. I correcting. Okay, won't defend it. No, not you it. I'm just simply weren't around the attack and you this hearing. We have a number of questions after another's one one more minute, catchy, I really apprey brought receipts that we haven't brought receipts. That fuck does. That's so fucked. I didn't know about that, about them, and I mean that's that's fall. Look. There's the look on Rand Paul's face, is like, Oh yeah, you could tell like there was no there was not a single look of like fucking like, Oh shit, I'm caught, or he knows damn fucking well what he's doing. Yeah, he's a fucking hate rand Paul so much. He's one of those guys like McCallum, who I'm just like,... did he get fucking elected Kentucky? Yeah, it's fun. I mean there both from Kentucky. It's that's that's actually fucking true that they are. But from conduct said, I everything about that Ryan Paul such a like he says there with this smug fucking look on his face, almost almost like yeah, I'm damn it, the guy got caught, like he always refers to himself as a doctor. Mean, technically is a doctor? Yeah, but so was my high school English teacher who had her doctorate in education. We had to call her DR B Cutis, but she's not a you know, when someone has a heart attack on the planet, is there a doctor on board? Technically me, technically speaking, I'm a glory hold doc, stick your Dick in my mouth and I'll come and you'll come. Thanks the load, bost thanks it. Now I don't have teeth or consoles. A I can't think the thing thing funny to say. I just I fucking Hate Ryan Paul, Ran Paul, he's he brings out the angry. As even marry, because I feel bad for his wife. Actually, as Rand Paul married, it says that that that process of divorce, it was rand Paul Married, married to Kelly Paul since one thousand nine hundred and ninety man Paul. But you know what? She looks like? The kind of woman that would marry Ran Paul. Oh Really? I mean yeah, she looks like the kind of woman that we marry Rand Paul. You know, they look like the kind of people that would show up to a to a picnic with, you know, their famous potato salad. Yeah, she's really white. That's what she's incredibly like, like, picture in your mind ran Paul's wife, a cunt. Yeah, just picture in your mind a cunt. Have you seen the movie starship? Yeah, and the alien that looks like giant fucking but what whole vagina? Yeah, that's what he's married though. Yeah, it's very intriguing. It's weird, but the you know, they right and I'd still stick my Dick in. But they're high school sweethearts and you know, when he was a kid they were. He was into that kind of thing and that, but hole play, but hold pleasures. Now I saw that and I was like, I just ran Paul's ridiculous. It's but also again, like I love Dr Fouch you so much, because he just doesn't give a fuck. Now he's just he's was a getting them facts well, especially because, like, he spent four years working for an asshole where he couldn't where he had to, where he had to try to play both sides of the coin, and doesn't have to anymore. Now he can be fucking Tony Fouchy, yeah, like it's no one. He's like he's going full Sopranos, like this guy might as well be a fucking MOFIA doctor, like I got shit for you, motherfucker. Just all the like the fucking conferences he was at what trump and trump suggested bleach, Oh god, or monthouse. You was like I remember him going, and then the lady was like Fuck Oh, at the look on everyone behind trump, and simultaneously all their eyes just went, Oh shit. And then like his like supporters with defend and it's not what he meant. That's exactly. That's not what he said. And like that's exactly what he said, because even the doctors are like what their doctors did? They have POL go bias? Probably. I mean, yeah, what he hears something like that, like as like you're like what the what the fuck? Like, yeah, my doctor might be a raging conservative, but he still but he's still a doctor. So if he's telling me I got to go take fucking, you know, blood pressure pills if I'm gonna go fucking do it. Well, the irony of that was, did you know that New Jersey and New York and a couple states had it. Uptick and calls. Yes, you know, I'm trying to stop because people were fucking doing it. Yeah, and you're like what? And and it the whole. He didn't really mean what he said. Like well then, why did he fucking say it? He's the was the fucking president. It's his job to say what he means and mean what he says.

Yeah, that's this then, and I'm also saying that about the current motherfucker. Do something about these student loans. But still, again, I voted for you, but it was bullshit that I had to. I nobody wanted them. I did not want to vote for you, Joe, the one election that was one off. We hated the other guy too much. Jesus Christ, this is you. Were you, you were. It's like like voting for Joe Biden was the equivalent of, like when you're saving up for something really expensive to buy, like when I bought this fucking mixers, make sure six hundred dollars. Yeah, and I saved up for months. I had the money and I had the money, but when I hit check out on the Amazon, when I swiped the by, I still went ow. Yeah, because I just dropped six hundred bucks out of my account. Same thing with when I picked Joe Biden's name on that fucking ballots is like a damn it, I didn't check. With a Frownie face it does there an EMOJI option? Do I have? Okay, it's just a pipe. It's.

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