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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 56 · 1 year ago

Joss Whedon Sucks


Joss Whedon has finally spoken out about his version of 'Justice League' and good lord...some choices were made. Also, could the Bengals see the Super Bowl? And what were our favorite Saturday morning TV shows?


This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Joss Whedon's comments about 'Justice League'
  • The chances for the Bengals in the Super Bowl
  • The old 'Starship Troopers' animated series


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...them of Shit, and I don't of you ever heard that. Like like Michelle Trachtonburg where she was on the show, like would not be in the same room as him, like alone, and the whole thing just makes him coming out looking like a bigger piece of shit than he already did. That's hard to do. It too. No Shit. It's kind of got everybody like like somebody was I forget it was grace grandall or somebody posted on twitter. They were like as Disney and Kevin figgy and like the avengers cast need to like weigh in on this, like apply that him and they should let him go, let should get rid of him. Well, they already did. It was because, because he did the first two avengers movies, but it's like it's like they need to like wigh in, like is this why he got let go from the avengers? Like what was he like on set making those movies? Probably one after Scott Johnson, the probably, I don't know. I mean I don't know. It's just it's so I cannot imagine that his publicist read that interview and was like yeah, this is fine, oh, totally, it's get this can only end well. So publicists, so you're talking about? I know that's got to be it. There's no way any publicist worth their salt in Hollywood look at that and not fucking put a stop to it. Yeah, Damn, he's just a Biad Act. We made everything lighter. Yeah, which I mean I hate what says the n word. Like if you, if you had just left it at the we made everything look lighter. Thing I could have maybe overlooked that because his version of the movie is really bright and really over saturated, but to sit there and like call him a bad actor and the shit about galgadote comes across is really xenophobic. Yeah, and he at one point said that like the Snyder cut existing doesn't make any sense to him, and it's like really, yeah, wow. Well, obviously because his his kind of maybe it made no sense to anybody. Sir, I'm sure Zack Snyder felt the same thing about your version of the movie. There, Joss, like doesn't make any fucking sense. What the fuck? Like, I've I only watched snyder cut, like I said, I've never watched the the original now because I watched snyder cut first. Yeah, everybody said the original was so bad. It's a mess. This one interview comes across as a guy saying, like I'm not a sexist, I have a mom, I'm not a racist. I once held the door open for a black guy. It's and spit on it and sped on and said he was a bad person. He said he was a bad actor and we just made everything look lighter. That's all. See. Yeah, I like that dropped like yesterday and it blew my fucking mind. That's crazy. That's absolutely fucking crazy. Yeah, I was gonna say something that was was gonna say that. I don't know the fuck was it. God Damn, what was it was? Oh, I finished Hawkeye finally. Oh, did you all right? We think to guy. Yeah, it was great. Thanks fucking I mean, I knew who's in it. Yeah, but still like and makes everything like how they've always said that wasn't here, that that the marvel shows had nothing to do with the marvel. Yeah, you like, well, that's off the table. Took that away. They took that with I was you, but between him and Charlie Coxon, spider man spoiler? No, but I loved it when he was like that last episode. He's so fucking good in it, like it's like nothing, it's like no time has passed. Yeah, he still fucking got it. I I do think it's really worried that he's wearing Hawaiian shirt entire time. So a lot of people were giving him shit about that. There's actually a spider man daredevil, like, wait, where he dressing? Exactly? fucking mind dead, because at first I was watching it like interesting, I know exactly what you're talking about too. It's like one of those things that you don't like. So used to him in a sin the suit suits. Yeah, but he just yeah, he and what I love was like they were really good about like how they shot him, like they always shot him from like these upward and because very, for me, is tall. Yeah, so like shooting him from these upward angles to make him look really imposing.

And Yeah, and, like I said, it's like he hasn't missed a fucking step. And it obviously, like we know, he wasn't. He wasn't snapped. Oh absolute. So those whole five years everybody was gone, he was just building himself back up. Yeah, that's gonna be interesting to see how he plays out and everything, if he plays out in anything. I mean obviously he like he had to, because how it ends well, and why would will? Because Echo the deaf girl, she's getting her own show. Is She really? Yeah, I don't know, and I had a lot of folks are saying like, like he's not that. Like there's actually a very story in the comics where he gets shot and goes blind. So I'm wondering if they're gonna bring that in, especially if they're going to reintree if they're going to reintroduce daredevil. Yeah, be an interesting dynamic. I didn't know she was going to run spin off. Yeah, they announced that after her episode. Her where she fish for shows up. Huh, drops that she's getting around show. That's really good. It's really good idea. Yeah, I like. I liked her a lot. especially goes really good in it because she's she's actually deaf. Yeah, actress, and then like weaponizing your own fucking prosthetic leg was was really cool. Now she was. She was great. Trailer from Moonnight came out. Yeah, it was good. I don't know enough about that about midnight. These batshit crazy, is it? Like the whole premise of him in the comics is he's he's so insane that she he and you don't ever really know what's real and what's not. Gotcha. It's a lot of folks like to kind of liken him to Batman, which I kind of get, but it's like if Batman had a personality disorder and a God complex. Yeah, so jeff such basis. Yeah, but like it looks really brutal and really fucked up and I like Oscar Isaac a lot. Yeah, so I'll I love the trailer. I've been one a moonnight thing for a while. When they announced they were doing this, like I really excited. As I said, no enough about trailer. Looks Solid. So I was like, okay, a basement launch. Fans is Mike Shay. For those of you who don't know, December thirty of marks for years since my father passed away after battling leukemia. So every year I to dedicate my birthday month of January to raising money for the leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The LS doesn't amazing work for both lukemia patients and their families. So please, if you have the means to do so, consider donating to this wonderful organization in memory of my father. You can do this real easily by going to TBLPOD DOTNET L LS, or go to the website and click the donate to the LS button at the top of the page. Every little bit you can contribute helps, even if all you do is tell other people about it. Help spread the word and help us raise money for a wonderful organization that does amazing work for people all over the world. Thank you very much and happy new year. They showed it during one of the shittiest playoff games I've ever watched in my life. You don't even watch football much to see, not that much, but I was. I was running the brakes last night for the game and and the cardinals played like my trade about game, as I as I had no I I was like, what is it illegal to kill a garden in the city last ha, ha, I just said, like they know this game matters, right. I saw that. It was funny out, like, yeah, I know you don't watch off football, right, but I watch. I watched. I watched it because work, I have to, but I don't like. Yeah, if all that I do now, like I have so by all means, please like breaking it down in my head. Yeah, I was comparing to Joe Burrow and like other great quarterbacks of Kyler Merley was doing and he's very like. That's really kind of word explain. He's very like because just Tyler Murray, the quarterback of the cardinals, had a great season, fantastic...

...season. People love them, but I haven't. I'm that's honestly the first time I've actually sat down and watch an entire game with him. Row really yeah, bar because I work every Sunday true. Yeah, and and then usually if I'm off on some of them, watching the bangles game at work or right ever, and then I watch one game I'm like, okay, I don't feel like watching like an he spent on my wife. I have to go to whilere least and new stuff get ready for yeah. So, because they play on the west coast their games, so sometimes later for yeah. So I got other stuff to do. I was first time, I would like, watched him play and like five staps I was like, Holy Shit, I think this guy's overrated. And, yeah, even though I had a great season, like I was like, I like, Huh, immediately he played anxious. The whole team played anxious. Well, he specifically was like how he was playing. I was just like what the fuck, like his body. Well, I mean I watched a lot of football, I watch a lot of quarterbacks. He was Hrky Jerky, like his movements for Hurky Jerky to I was like he's playing anxious, like I don't like the Hookeey Jerkey. Yeah, it's like he's trying to Overdo it. He was. He was trying to he was trying to think. It's it's like he was overthinking every every movie made. Uh Huh. That's exactly how it was and like, my God, I see. I'm Bangles Fan and Joe Bert and I watched Joe burn the night before May, two nights before, and Sautterel two days before on Saturday, and just great quarterbacks, aren't Herky Jerky? Yeah, it was very like I was like, I immediately saws, like Whoa. Well, I literally went Whoa, I've never watched him play before like extent, like extend and play. How was it? Bangles played really well over the weekend and first playoff one since ninety one. And the bills fucking spank the Patriots, which which for us is as weird our station because we are a lot of Cincinnati sports. We also hub for Buffalo, so there's a chance we could have a bangles buffalo game here at some point, which is just got us the in dollar sign, I think. But if they both win their next games, they would play each other because se champion be a will be a semi final, wouldn't it? Yeah, the Sea Championship game, so you'd have the a s Oh, yeah, super left. Okay, yeah, that's right. They both have to win. Yeah, yeah, but I think right now the chiefs of the favorite to win, or they think so, I don't know. Here's the weird thing. Buffalo look so I'm not trying to be a homer, right, some colferry. Buffalo looks so good against the Patriots. Yeah, you're like, what the fuck? Cincinnati also beat the she eeves heads up. And Yeah, so you're like, okay, since I Tennessee haven't played, since Sonny, buffalo haven't played. Buffalo has had some weird strings of like games, MMM this seasons where you like, Huh, that's weird. And they've been hot lately. Whilso I think they did so well, buffalo and New England in the same division. Yeah, and so I think buffalo was like it was like a statement game, saying fuck you were not your bitch anymore. Yeah, because you will just beat the shit out of them, right, for like years. So I think I was like a statement game at also, like you, you never have a team that go not kick a field goal, score touchdown every single drive, right, and the only time they did it was when they kneeled at the end of the game. Right, you never never happened. So you're like, okay, that's weird. This is very odd, but I think. I think it's tough, but I honestly give I'm not trying to be a homer, but I think since I win the whole fucking thing. Really think. Do you think it's it's their year? Yeah, they're that good. They've been having a they've been having a fucking really good is that like? I'm not even trying to be a homer. Yeah, swear to God, has come off so home like...

I'm a homer, but he's I've never seen a quarterback play that good at like his second year. Is it's it's Cocky, but it's not like overcaught. It's competence. That point. It's like he's just cool, it's level headed, like I've never seen somebody like never get too high, never get too low. He's just like right here and he's so and he knows he can beat you because that's how confident is himself, and he'll never get too high and never get too low and you're like, I've never seen that before at as a bangles I've never seen that before in a bangles quarterback. Ever, it's like what everyone thought they were going to get with Baker Mayfield on the browns um like Baker may feel, though, if you watch his college he's very like Paul. He gets pumped. Okay, right, yeah, actually like Baker Mayfield, cause I think he was, I think he's actually good quarterback. He was also battling dry's all year this year, and people and get yeah, people give him ship and and then he started running his mouth towards the end of the season and he needed to not do that. Yeah, because he's him and his wife were like going on twitter talk and shit about the rest of the team every time they would lose it. It's like that as more his wife. Yeah, it's not a good look, guys, but you watched Joe Borrow play like he like when I was walking, like this is the man's first. It's not his first, IT'S HIS FIRST NFL playoff game. Keep in mind he won the he won a championship and college. Yeah, he had the best college season ever for a quarterback in history of the college really. Yeah, you know that? No, I didn't know that. I don't fallow. I don't fallow. I follow NFL way more than college football. Best quarterback season and the history of college football really, and that's why I didn't and that's why I like I almost didn't want the bangles of draft him because, like the last time they drafted was David Klingler. Okay, it's Houston from he played in Houston and he was awful. Oh Really? Oh Yeah, bus for the bank. He was not great. Yeah, but like you sit there and you watch and you're like, Huh, I saw all year at the first playf can, he played like he'd been there like a thousand times. He I mean he's played beat I mean as couse care. He had big, huge games and this is nothing. It's not cockiness, is just confidence. Yeah, he plays like his dad. His Dad's a football coach. Yeah, he plays like his dad's football coach. He understands the game right more than anybody I've ever seen. You're honestly like I hate see. He reminds me of Tom Brady, like a young Tom Brady. I don't know, hiring people with Tom Brady, tombrey's goodest quarterback of all time. Yeah, I hate the guy. I literally hate Tom Brady. Everyone, anyone who says they don't hate Tom Brady is lying to themselves. You can risk you can. It's like we're talking about Brock Leismer, the one time so you can respect him as an athlete. Think he's a piece of shit. Yeah, I was watching Shit. I was watching stuff about Brock lessner today, about how they found him in college. Yeah, but like Joe is just, like he's just himself, cool, cool, collective, confident, got a little this swagger and is a leader, and that's the hardest thing. Like, yeah, he's got leadership beyond his years. Like he's a leader and that's hard. There's a guy named Justin Herbert who plays the San Diego chargers. fucking a better arm, and borrow a mazing arm. Can throw the IVE. Seen that guy throw across his body and again throw across his body like sixty yards and hit somebody. That's amazing arm strength, right, but he doesn't have the leadership ability. And he I mean he probably is a good leader, but nothing like borrow. And that's why I mean seeing San Diego di didn't make the playoffs. Yeah, Bangles didn't. People just gather around burrow... that's why they the off this offseason. They signed last offseason. They sign a lot of people because they wanted to play at Joey. They thought he was the real deal. Like a couple of the players are on record as saying Joe would actually go to the like meetings with like the coaches when they're trying to sign somebody. Yeah, and they go and have dinner and like everybody was like yeah, like I talked to him and like I want to play for him. HMM. He's just a leader and that's the hardest thing. Um, it kind of like it's it has me curious because, like I remember when I remember when Lebron came back to the came back to the cab was and took him all the way of the championship and got that win, and it kind of feels like a similar thing is happening in terms of people's attitudes changing when it comes to Joe and the Bangles. Yeah, those from Athens. Yeah, it's always you fucking really? Yeah, okay, towns, two and a half hound. He has a stadium named after him. His his high school stadium is named after him. Oh, no, Shit, because they he won the Heisman, one national chance to like that's just named this. Oh Yeah, why not? Like he cares more about like the public and he's just a very giving dude when it comes like he's rolling to the community. Yeah, community social injustice issues, all that stuff, like he's about that. He's about it and he'll show you he's about it. Like they gave a he wore shades the other day, right, and the interview and he was just like and when the guy was guys like after the game, he's just wearing ver is, like I was even like why were these glasses? Like it is weird. And then the guys, I guess there like a significance why you were any lasts. I just thought they look kind of cool with him getting to look cool. And people gave him shit. They even shit for wearing him because they were not. They were they weren't what they thought they were. He never said what they're they were from right. So I brought it up, like all these are thousand dollars glass. He's like, no, I got these from this chick because you want to support local business. Yeah, you want to support a local black business, and he bought them from her. So it's this kind of like the dude just like he gets it. He just wants to play football and wants to be yeah one again. That to like get it back to the little Bron thing. You talked about being a being a good leader, not just being a good player, being a good leader. What got the calves to that win? Was it Lebron was, you know, leading on the court as well, as much as easy as playing. Now a lot of that start to go away after a while, but that that particular year, the reason the cavs won is because Lebron had that that middle ground of being a good leader being a good player. I'm a huge cavs fan to yeah, and I will always remember that series because they're down one. Yeah, and I was, I was, I was running that series. I remember what game it was. I think it was the it was the game I was game five. No, it was actually it was the third. It was the fourth game. When watching McCall it went up three games. The one because it's gold state, one because the cavs won the first game of that series, and then Golden State won the next three. So steph curry just goes up for this lay up, m no biggie at the end of the game and Le Bronze like fuck that. Yeah, I remember that shot and then from there I was like, oh, he's me, he means I got it, but he means business, especially because they lost a golden state the year before, because the year before it was golden state in the cab. We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www... tblpod dotnet. I hear Arena football, I think about that scene from starship troopers, funny the shower scene. Everyone forgets about that football game at the beginning of that movie and it's the weirdest fucking I've never seen people doing backflips to play football in my life, but such a weird but good, but bad movie. It's a movie I love to hate to love, but I also like because my dad had the book that it was based on from like the fucking s or whatever, and I read the book. Nah thing like the movie, not not even a little bit. But the book covers like his entire military career. The thing with the bugs is like two chapters. Serious. Yeah, that's funny. Yeah, it's really fun. But like and in the book they've got like armor and flamethrowers and all this other shit. In the movie it's just a lot of tits and a lot of fucking dudes getting limbs dropped off. Yeah, pretty much. What do you think? Is why I like it, because it's just fucking brutal. I love remember the cartoon. They computer I mane a cartoon. No, that was a thing. Starts. Look it up right now. Starship troopers. Okay, roughnecks. ROUGHNECKT is what it's called. Yeah, okay, Yep, rough next, starship troopers chronicles. Yeah, I got this is actually before high school. I Made in ninety nine. This looks like it was made ninety nine because this came out and, like beast wars, also as a big thing. Yes, it is the the animation reminds me a lot of a lot of stuff I was watching around that time, almost like a halo movie. Yeah, it was Paul Verhoeven, of course. Interesting. I wonder if it's available anywhere to like wash the like watch. It's a good question. I don't watch, though. We got it's on Fubo. Okay, it's on crackle. All right, there is ten. What how many epises? It's, Oh my God, thirty six episodes. Forty thirty six episodes on four clip shows. Okay, okay, now, wonder see might get lasted forever. It's a lot of fucking episode. One sees one season. Yeah, interesting. I had loved it. For whatever reason. It's about the same fucking characters to two different people, but different actors, but still about John Rico and Diz and okay, all right, I'm a fucking look this up later a see if I can find it to watch, and maybe I can find out somewhere, cough, cough, online to it's I enjoy. I therely enjoy. That's bonkers. That's fucking okay, I can't wait to watch that. You're well, fucking starship troopers animated, Jesus, because those that then, like you, can watch that. What happened?...

As you watch that, I'm well, every morning I watch that. Then right after that was beast force. Then I got to school. Okay, got you fucking beasts. I had to wake up, but it was only at thirty in the morning. Yeah, I came out like you couldn't watch it any other time. Yeah, a lot that. A lot of stuff kind of tucked away in like the really early morning hours, which, if you're like like when I was in elementary school, I was getting up that fucking early because that's when school started, but that's usually when power rangers was on for me. Yeah, but, yeah, dude, that's great because, yeah, least that animation reminds me a lot of like the beast. There was a lot of those shows in the late s that were that weird kind of halfass. CGI. WAS THAT ONE? Fuck, Max Steel was one. Yeah, they made a movie of that a couple of years ago. It did it. They pulled it from theaters after opening weekend. That's hell. It made less than a million dollars in its opening weekend. That's funny. It's fucking it looked like fucking trash, but it's Max Steel. The show wasn't exactly popular when it was on. Nobody was begging for a Max steel movie. Fuck there with gem in the holograms. That got pulled from theaters after a week.

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