The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 57 · 1 year ago

A Great Weekend For Football


The semi-finals for the AFC and NFC made for an amazing weekend of football. Plus, we're forced to say goodbye AGAIN to some amazing talents in entertainment. Plus, the stand-up comedy business can make for some weird friend circles.


This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The upcoming AFC & NFC championships
  • RIP to Meat Loaf and Louie Anderson
  • Making friends in entertainment


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...after that was a throw and then whereas like like thirty seconds left or something like tipped. fucking Logan Wilson comes down with I'm like wait, well, we just pick the ball. Like where we at? Like and my head and MI, because the announces, Oh my God, like we just logan most with the interception, like really loud. I'm like and I'm yelling in my car. I'm like what the fuck, holy show, we can fucking win this. Like I'm like how much time we got? Like where are we at? It's like on the forty. There are forty seven with like they like twenty seven seconds looks like nothing. Yeah, fucking first play. I'm first like Joe Burrow, I'm a fucking cover to guy playings. We guy playing close cover to Jamar gets like a two yard cushion. Gets this in the field goal range immediately and I'm like and the thing I'm listening, so I'm like, I can't really you got a wait. It's how the announcers thing and he's like there and then they said he was at like the thirty five. I'm like, we're in field goal rangs. Oh my God, like this is really like I'm like, I'm like, I'm yelling. I'm still ye on make in my head I'm like, Oh my God, like we're in feel good and we can win this game. We're going to go to the AC Championshiping. Holy Fuck, Holy Fuck, Holy Fuck, holy fuck them. I'm literally saying Holy Fuck the entire time he's yelling. And next play they run it just to get a couple more yards. They call the time out. Next play they have Joe Burro go like run it, take it to the right because the kicker wanted on the right. Hash time out for seconds left. I'm like sit there. I'm like this is seriously could happen. And this kid's been money all year too, from fifty yards plus. Yeah, money and he fucking I will remember the call and the guy was like Harris is the long snapper, Kevin Huber the holder, McPherson, here's the snap, the kick and up and, Oh my God, it's good the bag. I'm a God, Holy Shit, we're going like I'm like yelling and yelling and yelling. I'm just like, Oh my God, we're going to the AC champ chair. And I was like, first off, like I an an AC Champishis game since eighty eight second bangles of never won a road playoff game in their history. m I'm like, what the fuck, like the fuck's going on? I was like, am I alive? I'm really like it. I'M A my alive. Yeah, that's what I thought, like initially, I can't be real, this isn't really like I car hit me somewhere in the ditch. Like this is what I'm thinking. You know, they make it, comes to find out, mcphearim McPherson, they call him money, macer shooter, McPherson, whatever like for it. Guys, so confident because you got to be confident as a kicker. She in big situations. And he's talking to brandon all in the...

...back of QB and he does his practice swings like well, boys, looks like we're going to go the AC championship game before he kicks it. No Shit, yeah, because you got to be confident. Yeah, I don't think you said well boys. He's like well, we're going to the AC championship game. Holy Fuck. goes out and fucking drills at dead fat center. I was like that is you find out that in the press. CONERENT is like, God damn, that's some fucking balls right there by. See it like a ton of game winners this year. Yeah, that bangles drafted him. You never draft a kicker, HMM. It's just one unwritten role and they drafted him and just been fucking gold. It was so funny because my so we were getting we were airing because because CBS has locked down contract with the AFC, they get all the AFC Games. Yeah, Fox gets the NFC. So we had the we had the Green Bay game, Green Bay Niners, niners game that night, but we had CBS u one TV, so I can hear the entire news room just like come on, come on, just losing it for this game and my engineer comes in for the night. Is because we have an engineer there when we have high dollar games. He's got like tickets that need cleared out. He is head to toe bangles gear, sits down. Watch the watch it. As soon as that they fucking kick that field goal. Anybody walking past my office would have thought were all getting murdered. Really, there was so much just scream at. Everybody was so fucking excited. It was like Shit. I mean, like I, like I said last week when we talked to I came here. If we put this in the did you? I don't know if you put the bangle stuff in that. I don't think I put it in the show. I don't think I did. I can't remember because it was like an hour long on it. So we thought the for an hour about it last week. Like it just like when you're bangles fan, as long as I've been a bangles fan, like I just remember every bad thing that's happened to the franchise and I'm like it was just like, oh wait, like and we got two more we went two more games, we win the super bike. It's the super we won the super bowls. You gotta Win. I mean like even just to win the next one, go to it, but just to be the AFC champions along. We're gonna win both of them. Yeah, I got have said this for confidence. I think I said this last week. We're getting the last pick in the NFL draft. Yeah, we're getting the last pick. Yeah, that's why I want. I want the last pick in the NFL draft because that means we fucking won the whole goddamn thing. Yeah, and it was just a it was just a good weekend for football in general. I mean like all the games this weekend were stellar, fucking football every game. And well, the three of the four ended in last second field goals, and then the other one was a fucking just probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, football games. I lay bill bills box, yeah, builder, chiefs, pills chiefs, why? One of the greatest football games ever. Oh my God, that game was a fucking nail bier. Again, again we weren't airing it. We added up on the TV and there and again. I'm not even the big football fan, I'm just like, Holy Shit, this is good football. And I was like thirteen seconds left bills up by three. I'm like...

Huh, I like even with thirteen seconds left. Yeah, I'm like, I don't think this is gone to overtime. Like that's just how this game was. To pass is to pass plays. FIELGO, ranch, kick, go, take it overtime. Yeah, there's a great meme like next time my girl says thirteen seconds is not long enough. Ha Ha ha, ha ha ha. Show where the chiefs so Shhit, no, shit, that was it again, like is the station I work at? We hub for Buffalo. So like there was. There was kind of part of me that was like fuck, I go buffalo, but even I was people on twitter who were kind of like cheering that they won, but also there, you know, but bomb that they lost. But like, Holy Shit, they about could a fucking won. Why a thing that they over the thing is about overtime and F I think it's really shitty. Both teams deserve a shot to score, because it originally used to be if you kicked, if whoever kicked the scored first field goal automatically won. Yeah, well, happens is now the rules changed when Brett five lost. Yeah, off a field goal. Rules changed to like find both teams get it, like the first team scores of touchdown. You don't get it. You don't get the chance. Right, it's both teams. Good a possession, but at the first team, but who? But at the first possession scores, it's over. Yes, course, touchdown, it's over. Yeah, period. And like, I think it's still stupid because you're not going to give because, like real list that you're not going to get both teams chance, because that game was decided on a coin flip because realistically, if Buffalo on the coin flip, I guarantee they would have quld a touchdown. Yeah, and it's like wow, we also can't have it like college football. Work just goes into fucking quadruple over time, and there was one time I read I ran a college game one time. I don't forget it was playing. I think it was Michigan and somebody else. We wanted to eight over times. Yeah, what some point there forced to do two points conversions, which is fine whatever, but like you have to give them both a shot. My just that's just my opinion. Yeah, Cuz it just I mean it's buffalo would have got that ball, they would have scored. Yeah, hands down, but they still be regardless. I mean they fucking they play. They played like fucking jams. It was such a good fucking game. I mean again, there was not a bad game of football this weekend. I mean my whole feet all weekend, which everybody watching every game and talking like just nail biting. Every game was a fucking nail biter. Every game could have gone one way or the other. That's and that's crazy. That was absolutely insane. Like, and this is the first time in years that neither the patriots, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers are going to be in that champion a championship based. My nipples the little bit hard thinking about that. Passing the torch. Well, I mean I said the other day I was like well, cool. On twitter I was like, well, now Aaron Rodd was as a lot more time to do as covid research. Yeah, yeah, fucking true. And just he's and but I mean because he's done now, right, this is this is his last season, wasn't it? Probably Green Bay. He's not retired. He's not going to retire. I heard he was retiring. Now he does want to be a green bay. Okay, let's you play one. I think Tom Bray's going to retire, you think, Oh yeah,...

...kind of hinted at it, like he's going to take some time in the off season and then like in his like podcast or a podcast us on her or his podly, guys can't remember. He said, like there's been rumors that you sell wants him to retire. First, you know it's second tire of seeing him get hit. Yeah, just be a be a husband, like be a family, like he needs to be there. He wants to be there for the kids and everything like that. You brought up Kobe. Yeah, he robbed Kobe in a sense that, like we all don't get to live and you never know what could happen any day. And I think he's retiring. I got it on he's not. He's got anything left to prove now. Is the bucks are what his second or third team? Seconds? I can might the I think. I think it is in just you know, I think it's very like I think he's also sees the landscape of like how many he's a good quarterback this year. I think he sees lands. Get how many good quarterbacks to our right now, and only he can thinks he can win another one. There's just so many great care yet great good or quarterback at Lamar Jackson, Joe Borough, Justin, Herbert fucking Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes like those are just in the AFC. That he's an antitute. But like and you have, still have Aaron Rodgers, and I just you look at the landscape. You know, I am I really going to win another one type thing. Yeah, it's like he said, it's pasking the torch at this point and he's got. He's nothing left to prove. Yeah, yeah, how many? I hate the guy and he's a greast quarterback of all time. Yeah, no, it's nothing, nothing to do with talent. He's super talent athlete. I just can't fucking stand them. Yeah, but even I'll be because said even, I'll say he's got nothing to prove anymore. Yeah, how mean, how many fucking Super Bowl rings does he have? How many of them were just with the Patriots? You know, how many times is he fucking carried that team, for Fuck's sake? I mean, look at what look, I mean got look what happened with that, with the the one ye were against the against the cardinals. It was the falcons, Falcons, Falcons, fucking Falcons, had them up by like four touchdowns when I have the twenty, eight, three, three. Yeah, I remember that because I was like, I was we're on, but I was in a cabin. Yeah, and I turned off the Super Bowl just because I was like this is a joke, and we sat down. Yeah, got a hot me and my axe got back up and I was like what the F Ha like this game? Is this club? What? Yeah, it was the first super bowl to ever going over time. It was the longest super bowl ever. It was the first time anyone's ever come back from that, because I remember being in college when it was Broncos Seahawks, I remember, and Seahawks just fucking problem. Yeah, seahawks just fucking destroyed the broncos like embarrassingly, like I remember we were. I was at a bar with some friends and by halftime nobody the Bar was watching super bowl, or more nobody cared. Yeah, it was let me. I was watching the seahawks just get fucking kick return touchdowns. All I know is if the Bangles made seer bowl. Yeah, the city since I APPI burned to the ground. I have no doubt if they won this...

...year bowl, I they'll burn it down again. We will see. Will be able to see the flame from Dayton. Yeah, Guy I work with his already talking to his wife about paying to go down there and Tailgate for the championship. And I mean I if I had, I'd guys your bowl. I actually low key have in dropping hints some gotten to my life save this. The same guy. The same guy was looking. He's like, I want to go to the Super Bowl. They go. Tickets for nosebleeds or eight thousand dollars. Yeah, doesn't surprise I was like, yeah, that's about that's about right. This is a surprise me at all. I just like one of those things. are like it's a once a lifetime opportunity made me type thing. Yeah, so again one's the last time they were in super bowl eighty seven. Okay, before I was born. They haven't been in my lifetime. It was S I can't fight seven eighty six. I can't blow it up, I can't. All I know is I Holl my God, computers being an asshole. What's happened? Edge? Just a Oh God, they win, I'll cry that. There's only one other team I follow more closely than the bangles, and that's the reds. Yeah, Muspake Cincinnati, dude, the spangles are based in Cincinnati. I have appeared in two super bowls. Eighty two, so the the year. The last time they went was the year I was born. But heros a eighty eighty nine. That went eighty nine. I think it was for that. I think it was for the eighty eight for the season, but the super bowl was in a it's got like the Oscars. Oh God, I don't know what I'll do. Job Barros, the fucking man a basement. Lasch fans is Mike Shay. For those of you who don't know, December thirty marks four years since my father passed away after battling leukemia. So every year I like to dedicate my birthday month of January to raising money for the leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The llls does amazing work for both leukemia patients and their families. So please, if you have the means to do so, consider donating to this wonderful organization in memory of my father. You can do this real easily by going to TBLPOD DOTNET L L S, or go to the website and click the donate to the L S button at the top of the page. Every little bit you can contribute helps, even if all you do is tell other people about it, help spread the word and help us raise money for a wonderful organization that does amazing work for people all over the world. Thank you very much, and happy new years. So weird business were in. It's yeah, like so I'm I'm because, now that I got this new job, of thinking about like how, you know, when I moved up here, I didn't know anybody and all the friends I've made have been people I work with, whether it's at the TV station, were like in stand up, and you get to that age where it's like because, like,...

I'm not in school anymore, I'm not having classes with a bunch of different people every day to meet people. So either you make friends with who you work with or you just fucking be lonely and kind of like how you're talking about with Saggot, when you spend all that time on the road and it can takes do stuff to your health, you latch onto those people you're on the road with. Oh, absolutely, and it's crazy. It's so weird lifestyle. Like we talked about when Sau get died, how like him and John Mayer were like, I know, it's just so fucking now. That's just so bizarre to me. Just any of them. Many time you see these people talking about how good of friends they are with each other, and you never know where people are going to meet each other. I mean, Oh yeah, and then it's when you talk to comics. Comics know a bunch of other comics that you would never think what they wouldn't know, like yeah, Oh, yeah, I've been working with him forever, but vice it's bad dude, and you like, what the f like, like when I was first starting out, I did I worked with Pete Holmes. Yeah, like as again as before anybody knew the fuck he was. He was just a turn around doing college shows it. I got to open a couple of college shows with him and I always think back on because the last one we did was at the college I was going to. He's doing a couple colleges in South Carolina and after we did the one that I was at his his manager invited me to dinner with him and Pete and I was a fucking dumb ass eighteen year old. I was like, I got an adium class, I gotta go to bed. Oh God, you're an idiot. I am an idiot. Well, because the time I didn't know if it was something I really want, because I was still just doing the college thing. I was still considering going to law school and all that. I didn't know what I want to fucking do with this. So I'd been doing stand up, there's a hobby, a couple shows a year as a teenager, for like a year and a half. So I didn't know what I was sitting on. Yet in retrospect it's like, son of a bitch. Yeah, you know, I stayed in touch for a few years. I'm being talked to. We haven't talked to probably a decade, but he's a nice guy. So crazy. Yeah, that's so absolutely crazy. I really, I really talked me and I talked to some of the comics, like every once in a while I'll talk to knee Miller. Yeah, but that's just video game stuff or whatever. Yeah, like if I got to like saw like a venue that he's looking for, like big big venues and date and are just anywhere, I was like, Hey, this is a venue and Dayton, I don't know if he reached out to him or not, but we talked like a minute. But it is weird when, like, you know, like famous people and then, yeah, they talked to you and you're like what the fuck? Like I work because I do a lot of stuff with like people were like, you know, big on Youtube and stuff like that, and so whenever I get to think about the fact that, like I have some of these guys like personal cell phone numbers. Yeah, like they've got hundreds of thousands of subscribers and are son are selling show, selling out shows around the country, and if I need like a fucking, you know, bread recipe or something, I can text one. We hy like banana bre it's weird because, like I'm buddies with with Gen sturger and and she's, you know, huge, I mean she's big and sports broadcasting...

...and doing stand up and stuff, and like she'll just still messes me RM Bach coming that's rosy doing, and I'm like you're just asking me get about my day. This is kind of fucking weird. It's kind of like my buddy open up for Bert Kreischer and like burt, I don't know why he did so, but it was like hey, like he needed ride the airport and so he gave him his phone on his personal phone number and I was your my friend took it and after we're after he took it, he liked deleted it after he dropped them off because he was like really cools, like, I don't know if I should have this right. No, I think he gave it to you. It's like, yeah, I just felt weird though. have it. I'm like, it doesn't matter, right, you just have it. You just have it. You just fucking have it. I mean. And then you look at people like that, you know, starting off, and then you see them get big, it's weird too. Yeah, like like you know, we talked about, like seeing Michelle training of stuff with divorced divers really starting to take off, and Doug Basses, his podcast is getting pretty big. And then you men getting the watch like people I did stand up with. I remember because I was living at down South Carolina. I remember meeting as he's aunts. Sorry, just add a fucking like nothing bringer show whatever. Let me. Weren't friends or at like like God, you's like we met one time, but I remember when I met him I was like this gus annoying us far because this, because that energy that he has, and I was a shitty teenager and now you see him on like parks and reckons kind of like wow, I blew that guy off at a bar. Yeah, it's weird. It's very like I have the any ability not to not in that work at all a people because it's just my personality. It's like I don't like to talk like. It's not that I actually had to apologize. People thought I was a Dick. I was like I just I don't talk like if I don't know you, like I'm not going to talk to you like at like because I don't know. It's just who I am as an in visual if you're try if I don't know you. But like, so a barrel house last week Olivia met some date. They're right, Olivia Burns, and so he was like trying to be nice and be friendly and she was introducing him and I do this thing where when someone's like first introduced to me, especially if it's in a group setting like that, I intentionally call him by a different, wrong name every time I talk to him. That's so funny and fucked up, because you like I might never you'd be great a gang bangs. I actually don't remember what his name is. I think it was Zach, but I was like he's like hi, I'm saying, Hey, let's each pete, you know every time, but hey, let's see what Tom Thinks. You think, Pedro? When he just the whole one, he's you could tell he was so fucking uncomfortable. But he started to catch on that I was fucking with him, which was good because he was surrounded by a bunch of fucking comics. So it's get on board or go home. But it's one of those things, just like when it comes like network him, just like I just don't want to talk to anybody. I just want to do my own thing. Like not that I want to do my own thing, it just I don't go on my way to talk to people. It's because I've never done...

...that. Like, if you want to see a meal, talk to me type like the elevator pitch thing. Yeah, see, I'd rather. My idea of networking is is like hey, I just got offstage, let's go have a drink and just talk to shit and see what the fuck comes up. Yeah, might have that work. He is going later. Just don't talk to him at all. Yeah, it's really weird, like it's really like a lot of comics and since he thought I was a Dick. But they realize that was just my personality. It's like, I don't know you, am I going to talk to you? Like is just who I am. The one time I was at go bananas for a for a feedback Mike. Everybody, everybody, for whatever reason, was just roasting this one guy that night. I don't know if it was just everybody, I don't know if if it was just something they always do, whatever, but I'm saying there kind of awkward, like do I get in on this? And then he said something. This four years ago row was. He said something was really stupid and I just jumped on it because it was right there. And I get done and everyone else is laught. He's looks me and each goes, who the fuck are you? That's funny. Who Are you? We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you, at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. Not Try to think what else happened this week. We guilty people till we killed me, love and Louis, and when I happened, I was like, are you fine? We got a week, but then we got two of them. We were making that we missed one. I was the first. And this is how Shitty it is. Is because we've been joking about this. Is soon as I heard that, my first thought was fuck, we got to talk about this on the Shanna like seven fucking Oh my God, I feel like every week's a new person dying. I know what I heard. I heard about meat loaf first, and then my buddy at work text me. He was like, well, if you're mad about that, you're going to be really madness sick. Are about meat loof and like literally five minutes later I was like, Louis Anderson, I was a God damn on twitter. Jesus. Well with Louis to because the week before last week we talked about like TV shows we watched growing up. We talked about life with Louis. Yeah, I was like fuck man, yeah, we brought it up that we we brought up and the universe was like, Oh, you know what, take that one, let's take this away from you. And I mean meat loave, I mean Jesus bad at the hell is one of the best rock albums, like just fucking ever. Yeah, I've never been a big meat and loaf guy, though I like me love, I just the food or or the singers, just like when you do see both. I love my mom's meat loaf and dude, rides good music. It just I mean like it's good, but I've never gotten, you know what I mean. I get why it's goods and I were like yeah, yeah, you know, music of the food. I hate meat loaf. Oh...

Dude, the really bad experience what ever, eating like a food that were you like never again, like it just ruins the rest of Oh, yeah, I have a food. Yeah, I got really sick one time off some meat loaf. You know what that that actually I remember that my mom and my dad first started dating. We wanted to dinner at his house and he made a meat loaf and I ended up getting the flu like the next day, like throwing up and I thought it was the meat love because when I threw up, the first thing came up was fucking meat loaves. I didn't eat me look again for like a year, but I was eight. Yeah, I didn't eat not. This is kind of off topic. I didn't eat eggs for like a really long time because you have the chicken and Garfield that. Yeah, and I walked around with the legs popped out of the egg. Yeah, I did not eat gigs. Oh really, yeah, a, I'm weird. I'm gonna Right. My uncle touch me now. I'm sure that's why he touches. You. Didn't do it because he touched you. If I'm you know what, I want to touch this kid because he's just he doesn't need eggs. Makes you seems touchable. He seems he's like he could hide a secret. I was like that with with like Turkey from the Delhi because like the one like like Deli Turkey you get like for a sandwich, because the one time I got it, it was like when I was a kid and I went to put in a sandwich, was like slimy and gross. Oh yeah, I just kind of ruined sort like Turkey Sandwich is for me and just get like it's just yeah, Turkey's just kind of a weird thing with me and they all lady Belogney. I just don't like Belo honey, I don't know what like blowny is for the same thing. I'm like, first of what the fuck is Belogney? I have no fucking idea, sack of all. Like belogney. Yeah, like I just feel first of all, its name sounds the gust name sounds weird. It's spelled different than how it sounds. It's sounds belogney sounds like something you would call somebody. Then tensle hey, blowney, and it's a synonym for bullshit, is it? The people say that's Bologney. That's true here. You're right, that's Bologney, but you say it's funny, as we say, like we don't know what's in Bologney, but only what's in a hot dog either. But I'll eat a fucking hot dog all that long. I'll shove it Faus looking dick down my eye. Hit will just Gobble Weiner, still blue in the face, eat the balls on it. That's it. Fuck it comes. I feel like a Hannibal. Lector was gays or a part of the body would be the penis, probably, but if he what, if it wasn't like just too Chewy Bany, you will has a warm, creamy center. Yeah, he's seen this thing where you can have stuff your own bananas. It's a machine. You can get the cores out of banana and you can put like Na Tella or whatever in the reservoir and fill the banana. That's so weird. I don't know why, but it's like stuff crust pizza for banana. That'd be great. I fuck, it's stuff hers pizza, but it'd said it's fucking banana and the crust. I'll fucking we were, that being something like put like banana putting in there. So cut it. He looks like for men I can't et an answer walks.

One time I had a banana and like I just gagged at the end. Oh, I mean I was shoving it all down my broad practicing with it. So that was weird. Like I was just eating and I got to the very end and I just made me gag and I was like really fuck, I might have been the texture. I might have I might be autistic a little bit. There's some textures I can't stand. People like that with food poisoning. To I mean I won't eat it. Perkins Tap Perkins is so bad, though. I mean to poisoning from Perkins. What I was when we were on vacation when I was a kid. We went to Perkins. My brother and I both got food poisoning from the eggs. Like the whole day we were just because we had we had two hotel where was my parents room and me and my brother's had a room, and so a whole day and my brother had the room to ourselves, we were taken turns just shitting and fucking throwing up. Any hurt and Perkins. I feel like a perk fucking food poisoning from Perkins. So anythink worse than that is nothing, because Perkins isn't great on its own. Now, like you spent money. Yeah, it's almost like bedsm for food. You spent money to get this fucked. Could have just gone to waffle house. Knocked waffle house away better than that's his waffle house. You don't walk and be like, Oh, they have nice seats. Yeah, I know what it is on, but I'm getting myself into waffle house, like fucking waffle Hous Shit. Waffle House is the fucking best. All that's say, as I were seeing in my life. I literally saw I was at a waffle house. Dude comes in drunk shit hmm, literally middle of ordering the Booth Right, oh my God, waitress doesn't even like freak. He goes all right and I would like it and they are and I was like, I just saw all of this and this is waffle house. That is a hundred percent the vibe of waffle houses. Yeah, you will see a guy come in drunk as fuck, BARF into a booth, orders food and everyone just goes about their day. The A waffle house. I feel like the waffle house is like the wall in between a glory hole. That's what WAFA say. Is like. It's like it's all like you don't know what you're going to get on the other side, good, bad, but it's like it's it just feels right. It's that it's that last little barrier of mystery. Yeah, MMM, it's a cook jail. We don't know the guarantee. You at least one person working tonight's the next con yeah, yeah, at least one person here did time. Oh, yeah, well, you know the old thing you always hear is like unless you. If Your Cook's not sitting out on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette, you're gonna have a bad time. Yeah, yeah, which is fucking true. I'll tell you what. The one up here on air way across from a wo rights, the old bald black guy who work. They're covered in prison tats. That man is like a fucking one man machine, because people are calling out orders, he's like all right, I got you for he's just sitting here just like it's like he's on the spectrum or something, like he's will hunting, mad damn a good will hunting,...

...just fucking cranking this shit out. It's insane goad. It's mother colored chop choked fucking waffle. Wow, I love well, I don't know. I've never really been disappointed at wafful house because, like, like you going there like yeah, it's got all the house is like a hole in the wall. Bar It's all hut. Yeah, it's a hundred percent a hole in the wall, just no alcohol. Yeah, but definitely it's that. You know what your gets. It's the definition of a greasy spoon. Yeah, so good, and it's the best. I feel like I feel like sex at waffle house. To be why? Like a Waff I feel like they film sex scenes at at they're like whenever, whenever the porn studios need to rent out a restaurant, they know they can go to a waffle house. They know they'll sign off on it. I feel like the sperm that's killed in a spermacide condom ends up at a waffle house. You know what I mean? I feel like that's the that's where the toothless bj was invented. Yeah, waffle house got a toothless bj. Yeah, not sure why. It's where my mind went to blow job. I've never had one, but toothless blow job. Yeah, I've be weird. I fucked the flesh light when try any what else happened this week? Biden cust the guy out that lead. That was so funny and he called an apologize. Yeah, as hot mics I was like just so a Bish, a stupid question, like. But the question was something about inflation. Yeah, it was asking about like inflation or some shit, and he was just stupid question, like like it's like back to the fouchy thing. Looks kinds of more. Yeah, so fun hot mics are legit the best. See what happens to you when, when the left gets caught on a con on a hot mic, we're just telling people they're full of Shit. When the right gets caught on a hot MIC, they lose their job working for the reds. Oh God, God, I remember a Tom Brennaman said that. Oh Man, okay, disclaimer. I'm going to say the F word, the the the bad gay F word, get gay F work, because it's what was said work. We're quoting here. Kansas City. That's the the the FAG capital the world. So I like, okay, first off, like I'm watching the game rights a doubleheader. Yeah, and in the middle of like the first game ends and the middle of the second game, I want to say, all sudden, like Tom Brenhaman's like fucking running on twitter. I'm like what? So I look at it, like I watch the video, like keep on and watch. I watch both games, like yeah, but I didn't see that happen, because if you were, if you're not paying attention for half a second, it's really easy to miss it. Well, no, so I happened. It was like a live it was a live feed that was supposed to be live. Read what I'm saying, like if you're if you're...

...just not if you're not paying a hundred percent attention to what he's saying. It's he says. It's so quick it's easy to miss. Well, I say I watch the videos. Like maybe said flag, capital of the world. Like I was thinking my head. I was like why would he say that? Maybe said flag, and I listen to it again. I was like no, he definitely said that. Yeah, and then I turned Melissima. Why I might listen this. She's a cool I was like, I know. And like two endings later he does that fucking bullshit apology with Nick cast on US D. that's one of the best moments. Like I'm sitting there when the cashions hits at home run. MMM, I'm Mike Hits that ball. Mike. As soon as he hitty I was like that's a home run and he's in his middle F as pology. IS HE gonna say anything? Host and makes the call. I was like, Oh my God, it's just happened. That was a that was a weird fucking week. Just every day the will they won't they get rid of him. What's gonna Happen? It was a bound. The half it was it was like you don't you don't bounce back from that. Well, the irony two for Nick Castianus again. It was at I came here. Thing as in St Louis. They are the people are reading off somebody who just died, like the other shit, and as are reading it off Nick Cass you know, hey, it's another bomb. Oh my God, in the middle of it they announced the home run. It was just so funny. I just being because guess you gotta those nuts going on. Then gets home and he's like, wait a minute, didn't talk about anything. I did. Yeah, fucking really. It's like being a it's like like being Jamie Tart on Ted last so it's like you're not gonna mention the one goal I scored. Oh and some some who cares goal, you know, some way, goal Scorre Jamie tart thank you.

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