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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 58 · 11 months ago

Road to a Bengals Super Bowl


It finally happened...the Cincinnati Bengals are going to the Super Bowl!


This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The Bengals are going to the Super Bowl!


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...this. Yeah, that's closed at five. Yeah, and I was just like I wand we're gonna see, but like I like we're going to show. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, like like, like I was so I was so hype for it just because it's, you know, the idea of the Bangles go on the Super Bowl. Soon as I got to work, turned our channel or TV in the room over to channel seven. Write it right when the game started, because I know it was the early game, and I mean the whole the whole office, everybody who was there was just that there was a TV on. It was on seven because we were all just watching it and I know our news team was super pissed because they weren't counting on the game going into overtime, which then pushed it past six o'clock. So they had to go start doing the news and they're so they're all sitting there between takes just in you're gonna have we got score, Hey, I got score. Mr So, the minute they kicked that field goal, me and my co worker and then one of our engineers, we're all just going shit, Holy Shit. I don't know if it made it to the air or not because we're pretty close to wear the new student. So I kind of wonder if during, if during the meteorologist doing her doing her weather thing, I wonder from the middle of telling us where to get snow you here just some Rando bag going, oh my shit, but if you stick it up, perfect five. But then of course the rest of the news they're all right throughout the rest of the show. All we're talking about the rest of the shows the bangles. This our sports guy was so fucking excited. Hesport sky again, Andre, I'll Andre Johnson. Well, this was like a year about a year and a half now. I started during the pandemic. So I like I told my wife, like last time I was your bowl, I was I don't count that. Yeah, as I was just a baby. Yeah, I always say, like I was my old in my adult life. I never thought I'd ever see them go to a super bowl. Yeah, like I never thought you are Andreaur sports. I kept saying, like this hasn't happened to he because all young people on the weekend it was that happened. It hasn't happened to any of our lifetimes, whereas I work with a lady WHO's my mom's age and she's in there going shut up. It's the weirdest like Dang. Yeah, like it makes me almost want to cry, if just tears the joys, because I'm like, I'm sitting I'm like, I've never yeah, I never thought we'd go there. I never thought the pingle. I never as being as I just remember all the bad seasons, all the getting to the playoffs and losing, because just fucking shit happens. I remember it all. And like I'm like and we're counted twenty, one, two three, yeah, and like I sit there, I'm like, all right, like I you were bound last time too when he played them all right, and then fucking it was twenty one to ten. I was like, okay, like, I know, I knew going in the half last time we played him. We're down by eleven. Yeah, and then fucking can city drives and they don't and the bangles stop them at the goal line. No timeouts left. Dumb play about aunt, dumb calling by Annie...

Reid. Yeah, but I'm like, and I turned to my co worker and I was like, the entire game, the entire momentum of the game, just swung right then in there. Yeah, and then from then on they were just like Joe Burrow didn't Joe Joe, Joe Sisty, didn't give a they just play. They just played amazing it. I remember, because I remember I was I was feeling a little nervous, especially in the fourth quarter. And then when it got to be where, you know, the chiefs were was second and goal. They were scary about that, though. Yeah, and I think my theory was right. My theory they didn't want to give him any time to score. Yeah, so I think, well, what they're trying to do, because I mean, Joe Burt was picking them apart in the second half yeah, so, I mean and when the bangles are a second half team. Yeah, all year they miss second team, I mean burrow. They were picking them apart the second half. So I was like a minute something left and it was when I got down to the first single. Yeah, and I like, I'm sitting there and then it ran at the first time. They didn't get in. Okay, so there'm like, Huh. I was like, do you really? I turned, I turned drama cowork and I was like, I don't. I don't think they want to score. Touch because we're debating. Did the bangles just let them score and so the bangles can go and fucking and just fuck off. Yeah, go and try to score. Yeah, touchown whatever I think, as I think they want to take this over time, because the next couple, the next places are all past plays and they got sex with La, which was dumb because, like, when you're that close, what my theory was if they score, yeah, they haven't been able to stop the bangles in the second half. So you think that? You think they were they want they didn't want to give borrow a chance to get a last a last second touchdown. Yeah, okay. That's why I was like that's why that makes sense. It makes sense. And the way mahomes played it. Like there's a weird thing about I've watched mahomes a lot this year and the last year. Yeah, Mahomes, he can't run. It's weird what he does. So, like if you run at his side, he's fine, he can figure out his way out. If you run straight at him, he kind of flips out and he's like, I don't know what to do. Well, especially on this those those last two pass plays he did, a bengals defense made it's where he had no one to throw to because they dropped everybody. Yeah, and then, but then also you see him run to the back and he's like I you could just tell he had no idea what the fuck to do, and they lost a lot of yards then too, because he gets sexed so far, but away from like being the fucking like a twenty our field goals, like a forty five yard field goal. And then he fumbled it and I was like in my head I was think, out my God, he fumbled it. Obviously we didn't recover, but like yeah, I was like, well, if we were to cover a game in a been over, then I realize you think they weren't going to play to score touchdown because I did not want to give borrow the chance. And well, yeah, it would have been a slim chance, but it did want to give him any chance at all. Yeah, that's that was... thought process on that, and that make that makes more sense, because because if that's not what happened, then that's just bad play calling. Yeah, well, I mean I maybe the first the first play. Yeah, I could see maybe the first play, knocking yourself back some. Yeah, taking the sack, running out the time to be like to give yourself more time to throw the ball in the sense that you have more, yeah, wiggle warrant, like more area to work with. But the second the the second sack in or Oh, you're just like, well, Jesus, yeah, because they're big sex. Oh yeah, and then overtime, fucking can see it. Chi's get the balls, like you got it. I was like you got me, Shit me, but I was like they haven't scored in the second half. They scored a field goal at the end of the game. It's all good, we can do that. And then picked. Yep, I was like, I I'm screaming, I'm literally yelling, like so my Dick. I think. I don't even know what I said. I'm like, Oh my God, like we just picked off the ball. Like yeah, first play from that fucking past te Higgins for nine yards. Second play run by mixing for like six. Third play, another pass, catch by Hagan's. Fourth play, fucking mix and just takes it down to like the fifteen. Yeah, like this is really happening. This is really happening right now. I'm just like, I don't I can't believe this is happening. It's my coworker. She was looking at because she's like, oh, she's not a big bangles fan, which like, but all roof for the bangles because, you know, fuck the rams. So she was looking to see if maybe she could get like a like a Cincinnati hoodie or shirt or something online. She found on Amazon for like thirty bucks and I was like better get it now, because tomorrow it ain't going to be thirty bucks now. We hope you're all loving the show so far. If you'd like to get more involved with us, chat with us one on one and even become a card carrying member of the basement lounge community. And that's not a joke. There's an actual membership card, then please consider becoming a VIP over on our patreon. We've got three awesome tears with lots to offer, including live hangouts, unedited episodes and, yes, an official membership card. Head on over to Patreoncom TBL pod to join. Today. The craziest thing one more game, one more and then playing against the rams, and rams of had a strong postseason. They've, they've shown up to fucking play hard every game in the postseason. Yeah, I mean, so they're going to make him work for it. I mean bangles work for it all here. Yeah, so, I mean you got to realize the mental not to sound like...

...a Dick, but they they've they've feel gold, they feel field gold. There their way to the Super Bowl, which is fine, points or points, but but if you go on an airhead stadium are has like the hardest place to play. Yeah, can see consider the best team in the league and you beat them at their their stadium. Yeah, it was. That was because I don't like get. I think the Bangles won by ten. Yeah, I don't think it's even close really. Yeah, I just I just got this feeling. I think they won by ten. Yeah, I think they can can't stop borrow and Jamar Chase. He's the guy, the guy doesn't take notes, he just wreck he just remembers and recognizes things. When it comes to the rams, I mean they're got a good line at the defensive line. I mean they got good wide receivers, but we have more more playmakers than they do. Yeah, we have more play we have way more playmakers than they do when it comes on offense. So I'm glad I'll be able to actually like watch it, watch it. I'm off all day, luckily. Well, that's that's the weekend after I finish at the current job, so I literally won't have anything going on that weekend. So I'm going to be my uncle away. Was a big to do for the Super Bowl. I feel kind of so it was. The one of the guys that works for me is like one of the biggest bangles fans, I really he took Sunday offs because they only watch the game. So he's trying to get super bowl Sunday off so we can watch it at home. The problem is my last day is the Friday before the Super Bowl and now we're strapped on staffing. So he's not sure he can because anybody he would get the cover who's normally off that day is like coming in this. They don't want the fucking super bowl. So he said city for him it is on Monday. They were you. My boss was like, I love too, man. Then he points me and goes, but you know, staffing, and I just went sorry, not sorry, like sorry buddy, but my uncle cried. He my aunt film that. No, really have the last thing. He was crying. I've been loving. You know, Terry Martin Right, is you rock? Yeah, he's been posting videos. Him and his family been getting together for all these playoff games and he's been posting all these videos every time the bangles of one and they are just like knocking furniture over. And I we're supposed to be the raiders. First off, we weren't supposed to be in the playoffs this year every yes, that's true, this last our division. Yeah. Secondly, like when we made it, they like, okay, we're supposed to be the raiders. Find whatever, but we weren't supposed to in our division. We're just being playoffs. We weren't supposed to be Tennessee and we weren't supposed to be fucking Kansas City, and we did and nobody's taking us to beat the rams. It doesn't matter. Like Joe Burrow is the most confident, cocky, swag tastic. Yeah, just he he's a that entire team does not. It does not matter. Well, not only that, but you know, everyone's betting against the...

...bangles. So that kind of gives them nothing to lose because if they do lose the game, whatever, everyone thought they were going to anyway. So it's not like that. You know it's but it's that way. That them they're supposed to win. Well then there's supposed to win. I Boim staying is like to nfl a large everyone. No one's counting on them to win, even even in their game against the chiefs. Every all the guys in the free show all picked the chiefs. Picked the chiefs to win. It depend what pre show. But yeah, a lot of a lot of the pre shows make the cheese. The one that was on, yeah, the actual pregame when thank you. My person was boomer. Well, yeah, yeah, because he's a Bangal, he's a bangle. So, but I mean teddy, Teddy, I want Bridge Watch. I Carry Bradshaw. No, Teddy, I can't think his name. He's a he was a sort of the be used to play, use a tight end for the Patriots. He's on ESPN. And then Randy, Randy Moss picked the bangles. I was thought I was. I only saw the one that was. Well, yeah, I know what you're talking about, but I mean I'm good morning football, like two people pick the bangles. Yeah, Brittany, I don't know even know who Brittany Matthews is. Yeah, Jackson Mahomes Fiance, I mean Patrick mahomes fiance, and the middle of her fucking like they were up at the half they have there's this fitty the other she post she's like here right, pay us again to lose. Yeah, this gang. Guess what, we'RE NOT gonna lose. I know. And they lost and then the Internet is kind of over her and his brother. Yeah, it's pretty fucking hilariously. I post, I get tweet as I got. Looks like, since I can't, city's chief season, those like Patrick, I mean Jackson my homes, Tick Tock season as now, no shit, I fucking hate those guys. Well, because if they're the ones who were like, you know, spray and water and champagne on people and freezing cold weathers, bug me as much what it's liquid and it's yeah, it's like one of those things. It's like out there doing tick tocks on the sidelines and Shit. That just stupid. And he get the more they were where they were standing on the dudes number, like the day that he was supposed to fucking retire. It like fucking assholes. Wasn't? Wasn't Jackson the one who like tried to drop NAM, drop his brother at a bar or some shit still and let him in? Yeah, let's fucking like, we don't care he did. They basically like you didn't do anything. You did. Patrick Holmes is my brother, okay, and if he was here we'd let him in. You, on the other hand, fuck off of Judas ever. Try to drop name, drop Jesus. That's why you did it. Yeah, Jos's like you know, I know Jesus. WHO's Jesus? Well, and if you millennial, you'll find out some guy. It's some dude, son of God. You know whatever. I I yeah, I don't think I've been in this excited for a super bowl in a while. I've never been this and I'm sure, I'm fucking sure you haven't. Yeah, ever been in this excited I'm still on cloud nine. Somebody posted like lifelike, really long,... old school bangle fans, like we're going to like every ten minutes we're gone to the Super Bowl tear and that's that's it. Literally, like I still's like it's still like I'm like we're gonna super well, what the fuck? We're going to the Super Bowl, like what? Like my so because the station I work at we hub for a buffalo station. So obviously, with the bills being out there, you know, a lot of bummed, but we've been getting so many emails from the Buffalo Office because they the bills. Bills fans know how we feel because they were feeling the same way when it was looking good for the bills. Yeah, so they've been a lot of them have been like yeah, we're going to just go ahead root for the bangles for you guys, because we get it. And honestly, part of me was rooting for the bills. Yeah, because I was like because I was like you know what, I love it if one of these guys made it. Oh and then well, another thing to Tom Brady announce his retirement. But it can't like yeah, that, but I likes it, like snuck out there. It's like somebody like somebody. Somebody said something someone they weren't supposed to do. I think. Well, what happened? I was I don't think he was going to say he was retiring until after the Super Bowl. Yeah, because I don't think he wanted, because we had anything to take away from you. You touched on it last week. You brought it up last with that you thought he was going to and then a couple days later this comes out. But yeah, like you said, I don't think we were used to know yet. I think somebody overheard something or send a text message or some shit, and because he confirmed it today. Yeah, I finally confirmed it bose. It's like, I don't reas. I think that he didn't want to say anything yet. Yeah, it's because he didn't want to take anything away from football last weekend. Yeah, anyone take anything away from super because that's what because they were talking about that altar in the pregame for the for the NFC was they were like, why would he say this now? They were confused. They were like something about this doesn't feel right because like Tom wouldn't try to make this about him now. He would never would like yeah, because because if he was, then it would look really fucking Shitty for him. So why? At least I just h it leaked and I think he finally had to say something. Oh, sure, today, just because no one will shut the fuck up about yeah. So if he just goes out and confirms that, we can just move the fuck on and I'm sure they'll give him I'm sure he'll get the super bowl and wait for the camera. And now he might not go. I don't know. He said he's just I think he's just he's not his hearts on hundred percent and it anymore. It's well, an Oddsar. He was planning to retire no matter what. I think. I think there's kind of that steak in the heart of like I was planning on this being my last season and I'm not going to the Super Bowl. Yeah, you know when Danny Ka Patrick retired, she wrecked like like ten minutes into the fucking race and and it's like, well shit, she was kind of hoping probably to make it a little bit further than as a newer last race. But I think as like as Brady always says, he'd retire when he start, when he started like slipping like stat wise, okay, he never started slipping, so I put out, like I think he just got sick and tired of waiting because, like he could still play. Yeah, I mean he had a great season this year and you're like, you could still easily play.

But yeah, you're forty four man. You Got Nott Let. You have nothing to prove the past. Yeah, couple of years. said that last week. Like he isn't. He is nothing to show to anyone and like he he's got a hell of a career to look back on. He's got no reason to hang his head about it. It's seven rings. Yeah, he has more rings than like. So the franchise was the most rings. Super Bowens are the Patriots and steelers for six. Yeah, he has seven and he won all seven as a starry like. It's not like one of those things are like, Oh, here's a backup, or like whatever. He literally wants seven US starring. Its just it's wild think about. We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. I. So we're about to have an NFL with no Tom Brady, yeah, and and potentially a bangles super bowl. Yeah, in the same fucking year. I've I said, Joe Berm as your Tom Brady. anyways. Yeah, just the way they carry as himself, and like's the the way he seems to know how to press on the Air Valve on footballs. It just like, well, it's as leaders. It's yet that, but that's the leadership qualities. It's really weird. Like people want to play for him. Like people want to play for him. Yeah, to be cut. I don't know if we talked about last week, but to like be cut the win Mr Ohio football. Yeah, take from and then take your Athens high school team when the whole thing, yeah, state champions, when the that whole thing. Then definally be one of the very few people from Athens, Ohio to get recruited to go to Ohio state. Then then never play down because they thought you wouldn't do anything. Yeah, because every my's an idiot said they would. That's that's how you know, eremred there's no nothing about quarterbacks. Because he let Joe Borrow. He never served Joe Borrow. Yeah, and then Joe Barrow was like, I'll transfer the LSU and see what happens, and they took a chance on him and that have the greatest, the greatest college season of all time. And then fucking get drafted. The Bangles. Now I thinks you're going to it's the bangles. In a way, thinks you're going to do anything. Like it's a bangles like this round people's careers for season. Tear your leg and me second. Oh, that's right, second season. First season, like ten games and tear your knee. Yeah, I forgot about that. Second season you're in the Super Bowl. Like what? Like you went. You want a national championship. You're like and the highest when your last year and now, two years later in...

...the Super Bowl, like I don't have a fucking clue. I actually am curious, like it's never happened. Well, like on the record on that, like, like how early into someone's career before their team got to the Super Bowl. Nobody. He is the fourth quarterback ever to do it in their second season. Really, he's the first. It's the first time the first overall pick has gotten there that fast. Really. Yeah, because if your first overall pick like first seasons, using that great second season like an improvement. Yeah, but you're not in this super bowl your second season because your team was just that bad two years ago. becausally takes a couple of like you're saying, it takes a few years before you finally get there because you gotta learn the tea. Yeah, that makes sense. That's it's it's one of the it's just so hard to wrap my mind around because I remember just a couple of years ago where bangles were being rated, you know, worst defense in the NFL. They were two and forty. Yeah, two years ago they were. They were like like people were talking about them in the same conversation as the browns and the jets. Is just like worst teams. In the end they were four and twelve last year, like four and twelve last year. Keep in mind that. Here's the interesting fired about the bangles. Last year, though, people are really they lost a lot of games between like seven points, are fewer, like a lot of their games are seven parts, a few or so, like they were just like so they write they lost, but they weren't losing big. They weren't losing like getting crush. Yeah, they weren't getting they weren't getting their asses kick. They just weren't scored enough points or whatever. And then you're like, and this year's like you two and fourteen, four and twelve, Super Bowl? What? Well, it's usually like we'll playing. What's their record this year? Because it's a seventeen game season. Now, oh, that's right. So is going into the playoffs. Was Ten and seven, but they didn't even start anybody the last game, right, because they said they were already in the playoffs. They couldn't write. So they said everybody their last because they because like they remember. I remember they because we had the we have the brands bangles game, and there's like talking about how much money it was worth and I was like why it's not? Doesn't matter. I mean I get why it's the two Ohio teams, but it's like this game means nothing. Well, at at one point it would have been like two weeks prior it was like it could have decided. It was very yeah, will decide who wants. But by the time that game came around, bangles were already in and browns were already out, so I was just the more. I'm never it's just the craziest turnaround ever. Yeah, well, and turn around just for the season, but also like every fucking game to like we were saying earlier, it's they have come back so hard in the second half. Yeah, it's all all season, especially in this postseason. I mean this past week coming back from two, two, three to half with an injured player out, and that was it the first quarter. CG A CJ. Yeah, the first though, I thought he'd tore it, but and being just a sprains, oh, really like playing the okay, yeah, he's got two weeks to recover up to the kind of stay off of it and...

...get yeah, you could probably. And he's like their heart and soul to that's it's their hype guy, because you know what I like. I know, I know they really came back hard in the second half, but even during the second quarter you could start they had already kind of gotten that. Like, okay, like, because it kind of seemed like in that first quarter. It's almost like they stay themselves. Still couldn't believe they were there. It's kind of how they were playing. Well, I hate I have this theory to I think they kind of lulled. Yeah, I think they played the way to did in the first quarter. I mean you don't want to give up twenty one points and there's half, but I think to kind of be like give mahomes a sense of like safety. Sure, like say, I'm see, yeah, but again it's also give up twenty one point. Yeah, but then like they change it up in the second half to where he was like wait, that's not there, that's not there anymore. That's not there. Like what do I? What the FUCK DO I do? Use mahomes was definitely scrambling quite a bit because he I think, I think he got too comfortable. All right, he like completed eight passes in the second half and we completely like fifty three yards. Yeah, and you're like what the fuck? Yeah, wasn't great, nothing. The chiefs didn't play well, but just it. Same thing happened the first time they played though. Yeah, exact same thing. It was like they went up really fast and like they change at the half. Yeah, and I he didn't know what to do and I was like so just got to be something there they figured out on him. Yeah, and they also play the bangles. Also play the ravens like twice a year, which is Lamar Jackson. Well, Lamar Jackson runs more right. Right. They're kind of used to like a running quarterback. So they're able, they're used to being able to kind of contain that and like, because mahomes like scrambles a lot, right. It doesn't necessarily run for a lot anymore, but he scrambles. Yeah, and so if you kind of able to, if you can make a running quarterback not able to do a lot, then you can make them homes like not scramble and kind of get him uncomfortable type of thing. So, yeah, it's I'm so looking forward the Super Bowl. It's going to be. I think this is going to be. I'm just predicting it just from what I've seen in past years. This is probably going to be one of the most watch super bowls. Yeah, like, I guarantee this cracks the top, I'd say, top ten super bowls. Well, I think it's got you gonna have a lot of people tune in just because the bangles and Joe Burr and it will the bangles. It's Joe Borough. No, no, Brady, no rogers, no manning, no manning, like is weird. So No, in the past nineteen years, here's this is the first time in nineteen years there's no manning. Were Rogers, Brady or Big Ben? Yeah, and them in the fucking super bowl. M and you're like, Holy Fuck, it's so weird. That's that. That's insane. I mean, that isn't insane? Stat and so, but also again, just just because it's the bangles and it's Joe Burrow and people are really curious to see what the fuck happens, because talk, because talk about a fucking underdog story. Oh the band. Oh yeah, people, I saw. I think...

...there's going to be all I am and also, I mean the halftime shows going to be dope. So I can't wait to see what the viewership numbers are for the Super Bowl. It's gonna be wild. It's going to be Joe Scheisty guy's a cool Asom. Some guys, some lady asked ours a deal. I can't remember during the done a post the press conference after. Where those because he had a JB nine Nike. Hahhah class. I don't know if you saw a picture of it, so I got a. let me see, let me pull it up. Oh God, I love Joe Borrow so much. Burrow jokes that he makes too much money to have fake diamonds and his Jamie heart exactly. Look at the fucking you could pe pull of the image. I'm trying to do it. This is the one here. Yeah, and I got damn. That is I will say that is some taggy Shit right there. It makes it look Cretty. He pulls it off, but that's that's a taggy fucking neck. You know what I think makes it? I think I think what it is is it's the turn turtle neck. Yeah, turtle neck is what really just he's an unapologetically himself. He is, he is, he is basic as fuck, but he doesn't care and I kind of appreciate it's just funny. As before, ler is like those real down he's like, I make way all that. I think want a to it. I'll tell you that I've seen some of those when I was growing up in North Canton. You know, I mean at least once a year you were making a field trip to the fucking hall of fame and I've seen those fucking rings. They've got diver the ever been in the hall of fame, not football. Now. I tell you what it's. It's a it's a cool day trip. It's a good especially if you can do that, do the full tour and like go into the archive. He's going into the archives is the coolest shit and seeing like all the old gear and stuff they've got preserved. And they said the Ring Room they've gotten the rings all on displaying. You can literally see these things like up close and personal, like Holy Hey Shit. They get more intricate over the years. They have to, because you can see some of the old ones. Are Like Oh, that's nice, and you see like the more recent ones, like okay, yeah, I see what especially when you've gotten, you know, like backto back to back to back years of the Patriots. It's like, okay, well, we've got to make him different somehow. Yeah, I'm thank I was going to win. Things are going to win. Thing is gonna win. I'm gonna win there and then I want to come happiness. Well, if you take some load boost, I don't know what the fuck. If they my God, I'm gonna come. So hard. Super Rowland probably feels like pre come. You know what I mean, that this is gonna feel like like the first time you had a blowjob. The completion. Oh my God, that's a like changing experience. Yeah, I is. I. I. I looked at tickets. I'm not gonna last owe.

Everyone at work was like looking more go and we all ever and everybody was just like, nope, not hell, but it's I'll be sold out. It'll be completely sold out because, yeah, because I want war. Engineer was looking at it. He was kind of like he's talking to his wife, like him. He's like, he's like, he's like, I actually think we can maybe pull it off. The cheapest ones you could get. The other day I saw were like forty, five hundred. Yeah, those are nosebleeds. Yeah, but he's like you used, he was saying. He's like just the flights out there right now. Ohor I got s staying there. The staying there's ridiculous. He's like, just to get onto the onto the property, he's like, even if which want to go tailgate, he's like, just to get there is going to cause us like five grand, like to get there, to find a place to stay and to get in on the parking lot. How much you want to take out your for one. That's what the boy was that's how it does. Yeah, and then for some people. I get why some people do. It's a once lifetime opportunity, for sure, especially if you're if you're a dedicated bengles fan. If you can make it happen, you make it happy, fucking make it hell, I get it. I totally fucking get it. I've had a couple of those in my life where it's like I can't not go to this, I can't miss this, there's no I'll never get a chance like this again. You know, when Judas priest came through Youngstown, I was like I don't know if I'll ever get a fucking chance to see Judas priest ever again. I have to go and it was only fifty bucks. So I lokey looked at tickets and like, Oh, yeah, I planned the scene with my wife. Just just does a thought. You're like how feasible? Or Yeah, just and then whenever I go I can't for like I might know that's you do it so that way you know you can't. Yeah, you do it as a way to tell yourself a case so I definitely can't. Now I can just forget about I could technically do it and then I would be divorced. I literally fly out there at that day. I can't. It's crash my mind so fucking much. Yeah, I get it, man. It's yeah, I've seen people start go fund me's for their parents. Oh yeah, people are putting up, you know, go fundme's and kickstarters and Shit, and I'm sure a lot of ladies started, a lot only fans in the last week to try and start making a fucking money to get out there. I don't blame I don't see my bothole. I HEAR.

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