The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 59 · 11 months ago

The People v. Joe Rogan & Spotify


The people of the world are out for the blood of Joe Rogan & Spotify. Also, the "big game" is this weekend! Plus, did you know that "Green Eggs & Ham" has a deeper meaning?


This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The controversy surrounding Joe Rogan & Spotify.
  • The "big game" is almost here!
  • The deeper themese of Dr. Seuss   


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Once again, go to www dot load boostcom and use the Promo Code Basement ten to get ten percent off your order at check out. Thanks for listening and have a happy ending. So I'm reading green eggs and hand to my kid. Not how I thought this was gonna go. The Guy had all right, am I, I'm ranting green eggs and my son and I realized I was like, Holy Shit, it's entire looks about no means, no, think of walk me through this. You don't. You don't get it here. Don't see, I haven't regular Akam Pie's on asking him to eat green eggs in hand, because one's going to know. I wouldn't eat him in the with the box. Would it eat him in the house? Would it eat him with a mouse? Oh Shit, Holy Shit, welcome to the Basement Lounge. Grab a chair, grab a drink and settling. Let's have some fun. I guess. Kind of a hot topic right now is the whole Joe Rogan spotify thing. Well, the end word, like, and the old that too. Like whence that came up? I was like, yeah, he's a comic from Boston, of course he has like that, like that's not surprising. Like is this even surprising to anybody? I know? And no, but I was talking about you mind yesterday, because, okay, so, so for like everyone, for those who don't know, like the whole thing going on is that if you don't know at this point. I don't know the fuck you're doing. People are calling for Joe Rogany take on off spotify because he does a lot of his covid and vaccination stuff. And who was the who was it that pulled his music? Yeah, Neil Young pulled his music off and protest. A bunch of others have done the same. It's kind of also drigging a drugging up a bunch of old wounds. Who have with spotify as a business to begin with? A lot of bands, or like fuck everybody, they find mean all the remains one of the biggest metal bands in the fucking country, like they're like we make like point in zero seven cents per play, and the only it only counts after thirty seconds of play. So I shared an article today. Some band released an album of a thousand thirty second songs. That's so funny. And then dusty was telling me there was one back like two fifteen some band released an album of utter silence and it made like millions. That's so funny because people fucking hate spotify. But yeah, so all the shit with him going on and then the n word thing came came up. We're I don't know, I forget what little stories on that, but it was like on an episode of a show or something and he was dropping the n word and it's just but I told a buddy of mine I was like, I don't think people are actually really people are calling a cancel culture. I don't think this is so much cancel culture as it is people are hate Joe Rogan and are seeing as an opportunity to well, we can get him, we can fuck Joe Rogan. Okay, yeah, there's just people, I think. As I post a joke about it, I was like, like, it's pronounced Joe Rogan hard are so like kind of went on me something like that. I was like, I'm not condoning what he said. Right, I was like, I'm not condoning what he said. He's a comic from Boston that said the n word. Yeah, makes sense. It sounds about really as like, I think I know you don't... if I think it's a great interviewer. Yeah, I like how he interviews people, but doesn't mean like I've never liked any of a stand up. Yeah, never found an even stand up funny, but like when he interview somebody, like I'm interested in, like I'll listen to it because it's actually a good interview. Yeah, but like I'm not condoning what he's done. Yeah, you know what I mean. Like I've listened to like his stay something like the vaccines and stuff like that, and from my Mrs Fuck. It's stupid shit. where I think part of where people are also getting pissed off at spotify is because so he's exclusive to spotify. Yeah, they paid him like six figures to play his show, like because like full disclosure our shows on spotify. Yeah, now, it's not hard to get a podcast on spotify. You create your podcast, you send them the RSS feed and they it's on spotify. It's not hard. Joe Rogan's cases is unique because his shows only on spotify. It's essentially sponsored or distributed, e. exclusively by spotify, and for a while he didn't want to be. He actually talked about a show before. Like a lot of people have reached out to him about buying his show, but I think they just came out with like a number. He never thought it was like five Hundredzero. Wasn't. It was six figures million. But million is five hundred thousand for a show for his show. Yeah, no, he makes a book. Am Out of I know not what he makes. I think what spotify off paid him for the exclusive exclusiveness. o people this contracts ridiculous for that and they were like he was like, all right, the basic said he have all creative rights still to a show and stuff like that. Yeah, I think it was. It was just his shows only on spotify. So the thing is, because he's actually gone on, if you've actually listened to him, I he'll go on like and talk to like other he'll get podcasts like advice in the sense of like are just like medians, for example. Yeah, people was like, don't sell your shit, because what's happening is you could get fucked in the long run. Yeah, type thing, and like he's just kind of like he had they gave him ideal to wear, like he wasn't going to get fucked on anything. Pretty much. Yeah, it was it, because that's kind of the fear a lot of people have, like because like now facebook has as a podcast platform. But with facebook and and with a lot of podcast sites, you've got to be careful because a lot of them will say, like they have, you know, creative license of yes, of your content that's why I this show is not on the facebook podcast platform, because then facebook gets full creative use of anything we produce. And like, he's like preach that so many times, like on a show. Is like if you do anything like make sure you have every creative aspect because, like, they will fuck you. He's like, I've been in this business long enough. I've seen great comics, great podcasts get fucked for their content because they they did a stupid things. They wanted a little bit of money at the time, one hundred million dollars. So, yeah, yeah, they've Maad him a hundred million dollars. I don't know if I was on five hundred thousand. Well, that's why. So. So our show is hosted on a site called Sounder FM, which is it's just a there's there's like a thousand podcast posting sites out there. This is one of the bigger ones. We used to be on anchor, which, if you've listened to a podcast made any time in the last five years, it was probably on anchor, because anchor was a free, completely automated you upload of the show and it did everything else for you and it was great. Well, I took the show off anchor because anchors owned by spotify. HMM. And when that came out that it was owned by spotify and people took a deeper look into their do you know terms of use and all that, is, basically your shows fucking owned by anchor. And I was like, well, now it's not, because I'm taking it the fuck off and sound or doesn't pull any of that bullshit. That's I was real particular about who I moved the show over too. But I said in the difference with with Joe Rogue and it's they were like gears of check. Just be on our platform now, only ours. All created rights to it. Yeah, because they may.

They made a similar deal with like Kim Kardashian. Yeah, they did, so she could produce a true crime podcast, because when I think him Kardashian, you know, yeah, it's and it's weird and I know a lot of people like I'm kind of neutral on if spotify wants to pay him that have theirsh I could give a fuck about that. But I got where some people were coming from, where it's like, you know, there's thousands of independent podcasts out there trying to just fucking you know, make their way, and then here's spotify just throwing money at celebrities to make to just kind of dilute the waters even more. Yeah, just because I know that for the time being I'll make money out by like that's a bullshit. Thing about spotify is like they fuck over so many people. Yeah, I mean I see so many people do stuff for like do comedy albums for them or like other things that they really are comedy album I'm like, why would you do that? Yeah, what a lot of them fall down to is like because a lot of a lot of bands who are trying to get their music out there, we'll go through distribution companies like CD baby, who will just you just upload the content and they will automatically get it onto they'll get it onto apple music and spot if I guess getting your music on there's harder than getting your podcast on there. So, but it's kind of the package deal and that's kind of why I think a lot of bands do it because there's no other way to fucking get your music out there these days. But a lot of them don't look into because when you're independent enough, you know you're not gonna be making money off your music anyway. You're just trying to get it out there. Yes, so somebody catch onto it, but you've got major, I gu said huge platinum selling artists and bands out there. Who are I mean to whether or not you're a tailor swift fan. Everybody knows the the war she's had with the music industry, especially when it comes to streaming music and stuff like that. That's why you can't get Taylor swift stuff on spotify, but you can get it on apple music. That's why she she backed apple music hard because she saw how their business model and how what they were going to do as far as paying artist versus spotify, and was like, yeah, this one makes too much fucking sense. Wells Apple, apple's been in the in that game warmer than fucking anybody except maybe a napster, but now he's fucking napster anymore. Anymore, NAF sure. I just feels like also does porn on the side. It's like they have to. That's what I fucking have to that. We remember when Nastre came back and they tried to go legit, but it was like you had to pay like twenty bucks a month for a membership and pay for the songs. Yeah, I'm like that now. There's a how they got so fucked though, like they pind needed the money. So they will. Of course they did, because they give all their money to METALLICA. So the good old days of piracy. People can metallica a lot of shit for that and I'm like, I mean, I get it. I'm in the middle of putting out music and people are getting it before it's done and we're not getting paid for it. Yeah, fucking don't do that. Are they making like think I like some type of cold right now? My kid had a cold. Shit, yeah, got the Rona. Now it's not the ro got the actually tested myself. Yeah, she's free tests now. I bought some tests. The test I just wasn't feeling good. I was like yeah, better say at the sorry, man, honestly, it could just be just congestion and Shit's that time of here and starting to warm up again. So yeah, but like the METALICA thing, like most bands make their money at their concerts. anyways. Oh yeah, no, any any musician who's like professional will tell you they don't make money through music sales because when you look at like the know especially, so you'd like like a like, I'm let's say an album is made for a hundred bucks. I know, but just just bear it's an easy number to work with. So if an album is made for a hundred bucks, they've got to pay all the producers, all the artists, all the exact everybody who had anything to do with the business behind that album getting made, and then the musicians is kind of get whatever the fuck's left over. That's why it's like tickets are so expensive. That's why we when you buy merch is so fucking expensive. Now, you know, I want to see slippot last year and the little knit hat that I bought was twenty five bucks, you know, but that's how they make their fucking money. It's...

...white bands. An artist spend so much time on the road these days too. Yeah, fucking little. Yeah, it's not great. Kind of way I got out of it. And it's just the more the more time you spend looking at the music business, the more you just kind of fucking hate it, unless you're a soulless prick. But thing is like I always thought about as a comedian, if I ever did an album, it's goal of mine. I would not charge for it. Yeah, I would just give it out for free. There's a lot of on those is cycled band camp, which is like yeah, yeah, they're and they're great. It's a good if you're looking for like good independent music, that's a great one to go through. A lot of Comedians with their albums up on there. It's like, I wouldn't like people like always throw their album like on like apple music or whenever want to give it out, want to give it up for free. I get you. That's how I am, I guess. I don't know. I see no rhyme of reason as opposed to like the there's this musician that goes to the barrel house and he's very good, like he's very talented. I get excited time he's playing, but he's always are trying to sell his vinyls at the Barrel House on Thursday. I'll for like forty bucks a piece, and I'm like nobody does. No, dude, it's not having us, it's not not the right place. No one here, no one hears the right to. I have to like you don't know who I am. I gonna charge you for my jokes, right, I mean like just stuff. Listen, like fine, I can pay to see me, but whatever, like, yeah, charge you for that. I'd rather because a lot of a lot of comics have started putting their comedy specials up on like Youtube and stuff rather than trying to especially like the lower, the lower, the lower level guys, because they're like whatever, fuck it, it's free. It's just there and it's if anybody's like how do I get it, here's a link, because, I mean, you can be a great comic but nobody's seeing you. Yeah, you know what I mean, like or like you can kind of like Martin Norman up about what Mark Norman did. was like nobody want to buy a special out the lunch. HMM. And so he's put on Youtube and fucking great special. Yeah, Sam Morrel, Sam were old. Yeah, nobody wanted to buy is like no, but Netflix. Nobody wanted to put him on fucking Youtube. It was like this is during covid. Yeah, like he felt it right before covid. Yeah, and then it came out during covid and like it's probably the best special I've seen him a long ass time. Like some so funny for this up. He's so fucking funny. It's any Dayton taylored, Tomlinson. They were for a while and if they still there, still I know they were, but that's just cracking the fuck up. Yeah, I know, his special was so fucking funny. He like I've most of what I follow on Tick Tock nowadays is cooking and stand up and his are always just left and right, just some of the funniest shits. So right he was. I was laying in bed last night love playing one. I fucking laughed out loud in my house just by myself. But he's like he only does like, he only does like funny bones and stuff like that. It's not like he's so fucking good, but like Netflix, wouldn't even give myself. Yeah, like what the fuck? I seen Netflix give really bad comic specials. Uh Huh. Yeah, me too. I think what happened, like here's the fuck up thing. I think what happened was too is like Norman did his. Yeah, and so then Netflix was like, okay, we'll give you that half hour like thing. Yeah, after that, because I they realized they kind of fucked up. Yeah, well, it's like Mark Ellis. I went to his special taping in twenty nineteen in Chicago. was with it to that weekend in Chicago and he was had. He had had like some deal with. It was either it was either Netflix or Amazon prime, and it completely felt the fuck apart. So we just had fuck it and put it up on youtube and it crushed numbers. Wise it was you can see me in it, by the way, folks, but it's a see a fact. I had a blazer and a Batman tshirts me. Yeah, because that's what I want you to take away from somebody else's comedy special. I'm in the audience. Yeah, Jud Jay, Jay Washington just put one up. It's like it was like he headlined for like forty minutes somewhere and...

...just had the whole thing, you know, taped and recorded professionally and put it up and such got to do nowadays. Yep, we hope you're all loving the show so far. If you'd like to get more involved with us, chat with us one on one and even become a card carrying member of the basement lounge community, and that's not a joke, there's an actual membership card, then please consider becoming a VIP over on our patreon. We've got three awesome tears with lots to offer, including live hangouts, unedited episodes and, yes, an official membership card. Head on over to Patreoncom TBL pod to join. Today the new the Batman trailer, Final Batman trailer drops. They drop a new trailer. Yeah, I think it dropped. Okay, I was too busy getting I guess. So I'm getting. I got early screening tickets. Fuck you, I know. I go. Well, you can, you can, you can try to get them right now. If you go to send a marks website, they might be all out. At this point, though. It's basically it's it's two days before comes out. It was an imax screening, like Qa and shit like that. So cool, we're at the green so awt. Yeah, fuck, yeah, I'm so ready to go. Let's go to Youtube here. I'm so fucking psych for this fucking movie. Me Too. Oh my God, seven layer salad. That's not Batman, right, Gotcha. Boom. Were you supposed to be about brigs to match lass than a month came. Now this continues. You won't be long before you nothing left, and I don't care what happens. To Make Shit, I'll tell your life way by it. Oh, you really not as smart as I thought you. You're fute on her truth about the dish us. He just looks like he's broken. That Batman, Li's Bratman looks broken. Oh my God, I can't wait for this fucking movie. Dude. I'll what I likes about that trailer because, like you, if you worry almost that like, okay, it's this close to when... comes out, are we going to put too much in the trailer? It's just kind of a recut of everything we've seen already with like little things, yeah, added in maybe, like maybe, like scenes we've seen from a different angle or something like. It's not like that shot of the riddler was the most we've seen of him in any trailer. Yeah, one shot, but it's such as quick shot that and it there's no other context to it. So, yeah, that's I was getting nervous. When it's this close to release date we're still getting trailers. It's like don't because wonder woman. Eighty four did that. Oh, really, like, don't show me too much in the trailer, because I'm just not going to see the movie. Also, eighty four sucked, but I'm so fucking sikes for this man, because that's strange. What comes out like a couple months after that, couple weeks after that, and then moon nightthrops next month. I still got watch book, a BUBBA Fett. Yeah, you fucking do the finalees tomorrow. Well, tomorrow when we're recording this. Last week's episode, because we didn't talk about it was some of the Best Star Wars I've ever seen in my life. That's what I heard. The last two episodes, like the last two episodes tied together the OT trilogy, the prequels, the sequels, all the side and all the side movies, the two animated series and Jedifall in order, like everything was in some way touched on. So he knows what he's doing. So yeah, yeah, they know well, especially because the last two episodes, the first one was directed by Brycetallice Howard, who's done she's done an episode of every season of the Mandalorian and she's directed other stuff too, and this was easily that was easily the best episode she's done. And then the second one was done by Dave Feloney, who's been who co produces all the shows with with Favro, because he kind of runs the TV stuff for Lucas Film and he did all the animated shows. So like the episode of the Mandalorian, where Asoka shows up, like he did that episode because He created a Soka for the clone wars. And after these last two episodes it's just like just give these guys everything that, anything they want, because I am people have been shitting on it and, like I then allison, everybodys like, what the Fuck's going off? Is Amazing Uppen to the last two. It just it just felt like the show had, they can dead, no idea what it was doing and it's I still don't think the show is a whole is very cohesive, but the last two episodes have been fucking incredible. So I'm really on a tight rope. But how tomorrow is going to go? It's like, as is the finale going to be good when everything's put together, and are we going to? Are we going to kind of get to the fucking point and enough time, or is it all going to feel rushed and thrown together? And I don't know, we'll see, but after the last two they've got a high bar to live up to. Now I'm on vacation at the end of the month, so I will watch that. Yeah, Shang Chi and the internals. I have seen Shang Chi yet. Yeah, and it meaning to just having a kid. Oh, I got it. Man, Cock blocks, you're fucking movie. I'll tell you about cock block and watching a movie. Fuck the Huber Heights cinemark theater. I don't care if anybody I fuck the Huber Heights cinem mark. Okay, so Friday my but I had to take his to go see Jack Ass forever with the guys from work for weeks. I got them weeks ago and Friday like the snow had stopped, all the emergencies have gone away, all the streets of the most part I've been plowed. Everything was fine. We show up to the theater at nine o'clock. The movies for fifteen. Is a bunch people standing outside waiting to get in and the doors are locked. And do you can see the fucking staff sitting in there behind the concession stand just like staring at it's like no one's coming out and telling us why we can't get in. It's fucking, you know, nine degrees outside. We're all want to know what the fuck's up. My APP still says like your movie starts in fifteen minutes. We're like, what the fuck? My Buddy has to go to the cinemark website punch in. He's the Huber Heights theater for it to say, Oh, this theaters close due to inclement weather. They canceled all the shows after an o'clock and closed early. I was like, what fucking inclement weather? You've been open all fucking day. That's very bizarre. Yeah, and I I'm fighting with cinemark right now to get my own because they refunded me because I bought six tickets, to of which I had to pay for the other four were on my freebees that I had saved. They are fun of me the money. They were fun to me my freebees yet and I'm like, Gu fuck you, guys. I...

...couldn't go. I even got a little serviant thing. How was your movie? I didn't get the fucking see it. Yeah, I'm dying to see this movies. There's a lot of male Genitalian it's that's what I've heard, Terry, Terry, from Jim's podcast. That's a lot of dicks, a lot of days, lot of decks, which is I expect nothing less. Yeah, he said the same thing about the that Pam and Tommy Series on Hulu. Oh seriously, he's like. He's like, you get to me, he said, you get to see Sebastian stands, winter soldiers. That serious. Our movie series. It's on Hulu. I'm gonna Watch it at some point. It looks pretty good. I've heard it's really well made because he him and Lily James, I mean like the shit they did to make them look like Pam and Tommy is scary. Yeah, Holy Shit, look like I'm they look fucking like them. And you got seth Rogans in it, fucking Nick Offerman's in it. That was like the dice dices in it. Oh yeah, that was like the first big sex video that I was it was because that was like when the advent of the Internet was that's like part of the series. Is like the Internet, like Google, like search engines, like you can just find shit, and that was one of the first things people found by a sex tapes. I know of that one. Kem Kardashian, Paras Elton. Those are like the big like those of the Big Three. China had one. Yeah, wrestler, but that wasn't on like online types. It was was the same guys. It was the same guys that leaked Paris has. Oh Really? Yeah, because it was called one night in China shimcause she because she was on that clever girl. I know because she was on that that vh won the surreal life show, talking about it, because it was look around that same time and she was. She was pissed. He was. She was. I mean it was it late, dude, that she lets it was late. It was because it was with her, with like her exboyfriend on like a vacation. She thinks he's the one. You leaked that. I mean that's that's the fucked up thing, though, too, is like all those videos were laked at that point and that's the Shitty party. It's like it wasn't like made. No, like what's her face from team mom released like her own. Oh that one that she that she played off as it was leaked, but it totally fucking was at leaked when you find out that the guy in the video was a professional fucking porn star. Yeah, yeah, because because, like with Paris, is the same shit that I think her, I think it was her fucking boyfriend that lead. Yeah, Pahm and Tommy, I don't think they ever found out who leave that one, because that was a different age to were. Like it wasn't like it was a digital video. was on like a fucking cam quarter from the s shaky can shaky can shaky closeups of the Dick. This is before Pov glasses. Uhhhuh my God born. Yeah, it was. Those are the four that I know of. So here's the weird thing about porn. Yeah, it used to be like, oh my God, like the qualities be bad. The quality has gotten so good that you like this is too fake. Yeah, I mean some of that raw, fucking real amateur. Yeah, Ring Doorbell filmed it like that's that's just become so fucking popular now, like that's like the top watch stuff on all the fucking it with the exception of so you know who Maitland Ward, is no idea. So she's she was an actress on like it was like saved by the bell or something like that, like back in the day, and she had a couple of small parts here and there on like soap operas and she was in white chicks and stuff. It's just a fucking actress. Well, I guess in like her like late s or something's she had no fucking career to speak of anymore. She starts like making amateur porn videos and putting them up on fucking online and shit and they fucking are just because she's fucking hot. So now she works for like one of the biggest porn production companies in the fucking country as a director, producer and stars in these fucking movies. Huh? And it's like she had like she's had a she's had...

...ach and she's been appearing on like like talk show after talk show, F daytime fucking talk shows, talking about this shit at this complete career fucking resurgence she's had making porn. And I'm like, you know, usually you got to go the opposite direction, for usually you start off doing porn and then become a serious actress. Yeah, she went the other way. Jesus, that's interesting. It's well, you've got these fucking you know, e thoughts on twitch and all that, who are just eight. Oh Yeah, you were just the fucking they're the girls with the only fans who go on twitch and for two hours sitting a pool to Bikini and make out with their microphone. Yeah, it's like, how's that even legal? I mean, I get why it's about. Like well, like a lot of them get their channel like suspended like four months at a time, but they come back and make like a million fucking dollars in a week and I got to get put a hamster up my ass. And is that what I'm doing wrong? Like I just need to start just fucking jerking off on camera to get followers. I mean, I don't, don't fucking know. It's probably an audience for it out there somewhere, big fat guys jerking off. I'll neither, I think think of it. There's lots of fetish and it's there's an audience rule thirty four. If there's porn of it there, if it exists, there's pointing and think of it. Horn Yep, I want to see to midget's fuck. I'm side of a rainbow. I guarantee that's a thing, I promise you. Was Some Guy Slurs, has racial slurs at a buddy. incology was like. He's like, you know, I want to see porn of a Walrus fucking a tree, Huh? And he was like and so, and he was like, okay, fine, well, we'll find some. So he went and found a picture of a Walrus a picture of a tree and put a picture of a Dick between them as it there. I made you some Walrus Tree Porn. Now it exists. Oh my God, that's what I'd watch the video. Tick Tock, where is like this Ladyo was like? Whenever I feel down on myself, I always like remember the one time where I dressed up as homer simpson for Halloween and somebody had sex me. Ha like literally showed like her what she looked like as that's fun. That's fantastic. Did people will fuck dude dress like spongebob on Halloween? So Weird, man. We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you, at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. Hey, really funny. If like anal, like if you to have annelie's had a fart really hard beforehand. I hold on, let me warm out my asshole. We're gonna let me just let me go spend a few minutes on the toilet, you know, clear the pipes. Yeah, as weekend. It's the weekend super bowl. Do you the weekends like he's a stiked. I was gonna say stoked. It's like the same time. Yeah, came about stike. I was like, are you have that sounds like a stiked. That sounds like a lesbian as hate speech. Super fucking pumped, like I don't know if I want to go to a party or not. Yeah, I just one kind of want to stay at home and watch it with my son. I get. Yeah, I'm I haven't went in by ten bangles, one by time. I remember you saying that sticking. So it's they stick with hi man, Joe Burrows. The Bangles are the truth. All right, Guy, it works. All pissed off because he because, because I'm leaving, he can't take they off to go watch, to go stawn watch super bowl, but you're just a fucking day. I am. I will guess he was. He was getting so salty because nobody will cover for I mean, I I can't blame nobody. Fellow I was like, Dude, they want to say it all...

...the fucking watch it too. I told him I was like get all your shit done, turn on the TV and the fucking room and just watch it at work and get paid to watch it. Yeah, I'm sorry, you can't get drunk, but you can tell people you got paid to watch the Super Bowl. Yeah, well, they paid five granted ticket. Jesus. Well, was it a gonna go with that? Oh yeah, so like day in public's closing all their schools the day. Yeah, my wife's my eyes, while I my floors and Miamis are at their closed. The next day, apparently somebody hacked the superintendence email, cattering it sound an email saying they're all closed. Oh No, shit, but they're not. I'll saw the wine. Declared Sunday to be sincinn any bangles day. Yeah, who day, who day it's? It means a lot to a lot of people. Yeah, it means a lot. I mean, I mean it's lots of me. You mean? I know a bunch of people means a lot to it. Just every team means a lot to somebody. It's why they were a team. I think it means more the bangles fans, partially because of the facts. The first time in thirty something year. Sure. So it's just like what the fuck. Yeah, like, I don't. It's still like I'm about a bangles fan and I get it. I got it still blows my mind that were there. Yeah, like, what the fuck? All right, we were talking about that yesterday with work. Just like it's just it just feels weird to say, like the bank goals are in the Super Bowl and might win. They won them, gunsh Matt Mad and had them winning, it's true, and had a winning I saw penguin pick the angles over when, yeah, literally pick the angles. I don't. It's very odd. I don't. It's just it's so surreal. Yeah, oh goddess, can't wait for Sunday. I'm so glad I'm off that day. I'll be yeah, because my last day at work is at the job is Friday and I'm off for a week before the new one. And like my uncle, like, no matter who's playing, always is a huge shop will party. Like I'm so fucking stoked. It's like I can go to a party. Obviously my family is invited, but things are we can't stay their entire time because of our kid. Yeah, so it's like I just want to stay on my watch and hold him. Yeah, it's be really kind of. That's one thing. I meant. That's one thing is sucked about the AC championship. When they want is like I was at work, yeah, watching it and I couldn't hold my kid and one watching it. It's why I really wanted to do that's the little God damn. Why am I becoming a human being? The side of Mike Wells we never thought we'd ever get to see. Well, it's weird. is like so, like, I don't if you discuss this last week now, we probably did it. You might have light. Like all we talked about was the angles last week. So, so, like on last Tuesday, I think it was Tuesday, my son that had just congestion. Yeah, Oh my God, like he's got the Spanish flu. That's what I thought in my head. I was like Oh my God, like, and I took the day off to take care of him. Like, yeah, I'm like, What Person Am I? I was just the sniffles. Yeah, but that's who. I don't know. Well, you and your dad had a strained relationship. I hate my father. Yeah, so I'm sure there's probably something to do with it. Yeah, yeah, probably a party. You See, I mean I have seen a therapist. It's weird that when people is like how you can't make fun of your dad or like why would you say that about handcupt? Well, my dad was in a wheelchair, nothing prick and he's a piece of shit. Yeah, I've always said, like if my Dad God, like I don't really believe in God, but he was putting a wheelchair because if he wasn't, he'd be Hitler, you know what I mean, like take away his abilities. Yeah, it's the way to how to keep that kind of a shit bag down. Yeah, fucking bounce the force. Yeah, I never did a lot of jokes about my dad. I...

...mean he and I had a weird relationship for a while. He was he basically was saying up, he's like he's like I don't want to be in your routine ever, like he like he was. So I just never really did I had some that I wanted to do, but just kind of never did them because after a while I just moved just one of the ones I used to have written in the back of my head was like I wish my dad was like an alcoholic or a drug addict, because then least you'd have a reason for being such an asshole. Like I used to write jokes and I was like twelve, yeah, am my dad like found them and made me throw them away. Oh really, yeah, I never forgave him for that. He was like this is bullshit and was like im I got jokes on. My Dad is, like they say, follow your father's footsteps. My Dad's in a wheelchair, roll around entire tracks. People like why you make fun of people? Like that's my dad, like, Dad's in a wheelchair, like my mom told me. My Dad's a devil. So whenever I want to get to get as advice, I play records back where I like that one. It's not great advice. Just says the vote trump two thousand and twenty four. Like I never tell that joke on stage ever, because nobody, like, I don't think, gets that joke the right playing the records back with yeah, yeah, it's such a thing of the past. Yeah, get an older crowd maybe. Yeah. And the stuff about my whenever I introduce myself to my father in law for the first time, I said Hey, I'm Mike, I'm an alcoholic. I wanted us to have something in common like that. Her Dad died of Alcoholis Oh sh I mean it's a lot of my jokes are partially true. That's what makes that lots. What makes them so fucking like funny, though, is because there's an authenticity to it. You can hear. You can always tell what a comics got doing a joke. It's not based in reality. Yeah, when it's just something that's not that is not funny, but you can always tell. Well, I tell you what happened. I said I'm reading green eggs and hand to my kid. Not how I thought this was good. Got With that all right. I'm like, I'm reading green eggs and my son, and I realized. I was like, Holy Shit, it's entire books about no means no. Think of walk me through this. You don't. You don't get it here. Don't see, I haven't read Adam Pie's on asking him to eat green eggs in handy. One's going to know. I wouldn't eat him in the with the box when to eat them in the house. Would it? Eat Him with a mouse? Oh Shit, Holy Shit. I literally turned to my wife as I'm reading this to my kid. I'm like this books about the phrase no means no, and she's like, Oh my God, you're right. So try to do like a joke about it, like it's like the whole thing. The very beginning is like yeah, the books about no means no, and like fifty percent of it will have you right now going, Oh my God, you're right. The other she's going, I have no idea what you're talking about, and those are the people you want to stay away from exactly. They don't get it. I'm not saying like Dr seuss is a sexual Predator. What I'm saying is he kind of writes like one, like green eggs and ham. Of all the things you chose from me, chose something else, a cock and balls with that is td. That book is forty five pages. The Sam I am going, hey, eat my green eggs and my green eggs and Hannah, eat my green eggs and ham, until finally the person just gives up and eat some so like any frat party, and finally really likes them. Yeah, if you just try it, you'll like it. Just try it, you just let me touch put it in your butt hole. I was gonna say that on stage Friday. Oh yeah, that entire joke, but like they were so like it was so new. That was like I didn't want to do like I had to. I need to get the fucking not Friday but on Sunday. I was going to tell that joke on Sunday by like I wanted to like not try a new joke because everybody was just so... not doing well. I I gotta get the crowd going. I was literally reading I'm my God damn, this book is literally about now. The phrase no means though, you sick son of a bitch. See, we, now, we now. We should be our new every week. I want you to come back with the new children's book and tell us what the with the deeper meaning of it is. It don't cat has about kids. It talk to crackhead, bad parenting skills. One fish to fish, red Fleish fish, blue fish, about fish. I don't fucking no.

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