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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 60 · 11 months ago

Post-Super Bowl Feelings


Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone, let's take a minute and collect our thoughts. Also...WTF is wrong with Kanye?


This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The Super Bowl
  • The future of the Cincinnati Bengals
  • Kanye West has lost it 


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Once again, go to www dot load boostcom and use the Promo Code Basement ten to get ten percent off your order at check out. Thanks for listening and have a happy ending. He was introducing himself to to the rams players during the game. I saw that. Yeah, OK, Heyn like this the Super Bowl, the dude, I mean he's really big fans of all them. Yeah, yeah, he's a young guy and a lot of those dudes I've been playing for a long time. It's like it's sup say, it's an order to be used there, not to play a game. Like you, welcome to the Basement Lounge. Grab a chair, grab a drink and settling. Let's have some fun. So the game, yeah, shitty. Yeah, I'm I'm happy. I mean it sucks. A loss suck. Span was awesome. Very disappointed they lost, but like they were like way ahead of where they should have been. Yeah, so it's like okay, well, like it's a hell of a game. That was a great game and I want to say the the reps are fucking awful, and I have just saying that because of the the cause, the end of game, like just in generally the entire game, just like they missed the miss calls on both teams, like horrible calls on both teams. So I was like, I was talking to guy out in Cali. He was like it was there were fewer than ten flags throwing the entire game and most of those are in the fourth quarter. Most of them in the fourth quarter with three minutes La, I know. And the whole game you're just watching it like these guys are missing shit everywhere. You know, obviously every one of their mother saw the face mask. We all know about. Well, that was the thing is on that. One problem is the UMP can't see that because he's running down the sideline and his his vision can't see that. Yeah, there's no way he was gonna be able to see that there, but there was. It was a shitlift and right bad calls or missed calls and just like well, like, for example, the first play t higgins was held, blatantly held. They never called it and would have been a touchdown, but they never called it. And then, basically end in the game, Logan Wilson did not hold fucking who, I think was Cooper Cup, and I was like that's not even a whole. Like yeah, they called Pastor. I was like what the fuck? Well, and then and then nutstack running off the bench with the excess of celebration shit or taunting or whatever the fuck they call it these days, and I'm in that just stupid. Yeah, well, you know, he got his ass showed like like like this, it's your fucking ass down. As like a fan, it's really and I know as a player, it's as a players that's got suck for them as I didn't win. By as a fan it's like sucks, we didn't win. We are way ahead of schedule. When I came to like we didn't think like with this team, we'd be there yet. Yeah, and they get there. Like now you're like okay, like... all literally, I'll have to dose an offensive to offensive linemen. Were fine, like we don't need yeah, that's it. All we need is like we need literally too offensive lineman. When is the draft? I don't want a draft is mom, it's not till it's in the April. Yeah, but I free agency starts and March. Okay. So I mean I highlo. They have basically fifty seven million dollars to work with and cap space was I forgot one of their guys that not play at all this year. They can cut and save an extra eleven million dollars so that if they did that, that give them like sixty eight million dollars to play around with, and they got so many people they can go after franchise tag. Jesse Bates's like fifteen million. And Yeah, I did a whole thing in my facebook like who they should go after? It tight they they literally just need to offensive Lineman. Yeah, or they signed to offensive Lineman, or sign one really good offensive Lineman, put him at left tackle. He's the guy from fuck, can't think. Will team we plays or put? The issue with him is he usually gets franchise tag to which means you get that team signs that guy for one year, right, and he they've done it like three years in a row. On them. So, but if they don't do it, I'd love for them to get him, move him the left tackle, to move Jonah Williams the right tackle. That's basically killing two birds with one stone right there at that point, and then draft like a guard or something, or just figure something out. But let's see what happens. Just need to offensive lineman. People give in maybe a corner droughts of secondary, if that, but other than that, I mean they don't need a lot of pieces. They're literally right there. That's why I might too. They should win a super bowl next three or four years. I mean it's a they should think you want. Were talking about this on Facebook, like they've shown everybody like they're not fucking around anymore. No, they're not. Cincinnati is here to fucking stay. It's an IT's a new era in Cincinnati. They're done being just another joke Ohio team. Yeah, and there's no day. It's like like I've never been like, okay, we lost super bowl, but I guarantee we can get back there next year. Yeah, and am like what the like in one think in my head I'm like God damn. Like well, and once again, like everybody, everybody thought throughout all the playoffs, every game, be thos are going to get fucking stomped. They're going to get that. Every single game. They kept it close as fuck, even the Super Bowl. Like yeah, they lost, but they made they made the rams. fucking earn it well that that Rama score a minute thirty five left to take the lead. Yeah, so it's just like mathematically, they odds were not in their favor to clip to clinch that. So it's like, like, I go back to that first quarter. They didn't. Nobody, neither team gained or lost a fucking yard the entire fourth quarter. Yeah, they just hung around the fifty because not none nobody wanted to give anything up. Yeah, they did. Well, it was weird. So, like I realized with St Louis did I mean not saying Louis Guy there. Well, I knows, I always don't always be Saint Louis. To me, what the rams did was exactly kind of the opposite of what the Bangles did against Kansas City both times. Yeah, so the first half of the Kansas City game the bangles blitzed a massive amount. Right. So when the second second half happened, they didn't blitz. They dropped everybody back and kind of like freaked out homes and like Whoa, this is not what I'm used to. Like it. And they basically did that the entire Seca. Well, what's what the Rams did? was they they did not blitz at all the first half. That's why they only had like, I think, like one sack or something blitz and then like, and where I sitting there was like my God, our lines holding up really fun, but they're not blitzing. I was like, okay, second half a blitz. I feel like fifty percent of the place. Yeah, and it kind of like you lolled your team into like well, they even law just like that... was so good defensively that you're like fuck, like they're going to get to the quarterback. Let's play. Sacked him like seven times. Joe Burrow. I don't find out Joe Burro sprained his MCL when he hurt himself. Is that what happened? And he's like I'm not coming out of this game. That's what he said. He's like, I'm not coming out of this game. So it was was it look bad? It looks really was limping off. I was like, Oh fuck. We screamed yeah, and I was like Fuck God damn. I was like you got everything. He's like I'm not, he said. He's like, I am not coming out of this game. Do you think that might you think that's part of what contributed to them losing? What his him? You can't we're off. He can't run around as much in the pocket, but I mean he throws your focus to no. You know thinks of that pain. Dude, he's had. He's had any issue all year. Like he had any issue for like four straight games. He had like his knee bugging him, but as when he heard already at Dad, you can tell it doesn't bug him. I mean I think I got sacked nine times a game and didn't throw him off. It's true, like he got. I mean you got sack all. He didn't have a bad game. No, he never. He didn't throw any picks. He fucking I think his pass ring was like right around, like a ninety something. It just that's is the end of the game. I was just kind of like the weakness was the offensive line and I showed so they'll draft. I think they'll sign too, offensive lineman. Do you think they? I'm kind of going over some things. And for people say, do you think they should have tried to kick that last that fourth down? What the very beginning though the end, when they were down three, right before the end, you think you should have? Did do you think you should have just tried the try? You're so far away from I know. I'm just like no, no, don't make that I'm just I'm just saying should have. For people say so now, God, now, I mean that's like a he look, I'm probably get seventy, I mean maybe sixty five yard and now that's like a record. Not a record, it's close to record, but like now you have to get closer. He's having a kids good but ever, McPherson's good, but it's not that good. I mean, what do they call him? Money? Mac, money, Mac. Maybe that's an so long fucking field gold. The thing is, if he makes that, he's a God. If he was he miss it, you can't even blame him right, like you're like, well, I mean sixty five yards. Yeah, no, but the thing was, and they pulled a video, they found out, like Jamar chase is completely wide open down the sideline. Yeah, he just need an extra second. It's all they were saying that if the guy, the guy you t ackled, Joe Job Borrow, they're like, if he had been like one second later, yeah, I've been done. He's literally needed a second. Yeah, so what I want? The Super Bowl? Yeah. Well, like I said, it was a that was damn good. That was like that's the kind of football you like to see. If the Super Bowl, it was just a lot of people thought we were going to get blown out. That's well, that's what I was saying earlier. It's like it's like everyone thought, okay, well, they they everyone said they feel gold of their way to the fucking super bowl and they're going to get the shit kicked out of him. And they held their fucking own. They almost won. Yeah, I mean they're going to be really good, they're so good next year. Yeah, if they get if they get offensive Lineman, they're gonna be so fucking good next year. Yeah, they're already give with her. Oh my God, their force to reckon with the next ten years. As long as you keep Joe Burrow, they will be a force to be recommend for the next ten years. We hope you're all loving the show so far. 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...of the fucking, that fucking stadium, I just say, yeah, just didn't see shit. Yeah, and I really thought about that. Well, just now I noticed that because at one point I was a while they got oh those those sets have everybody sitting back there's pissed right now. I love that. That's so good. Random fit to wild fifty cent appeared. Yeah, well, first I thought somebody else. I thought it was what's his name from M D twelve were in the my van video when he fuck it hangs down outside, I thought it was him for a second. I loved it. It was great. That's ALD my. I told my cousin who was sitting there. I was like ten bucks says that slim's going to come out singing forgot about dre and he's gonna go into lose yourself. Yeah, of court, because of course you fucking it. Yeah, that's his song. Is there as a mean well one, it's he's there with Dre, so of course he fucking is. But he did the only part of that song you can do on a on a national stage, because also because the rest of the songs you can't fucking do on the Arrow. Saying with the saying would lose yourself. Is that he did the he did the part of the song that he could get away with doing. On the air and it's good. It was. I mean it was. It was really cool how they made the first at first when he like it looked like he was in studios, like, oh, that's so fake. I thought he was sitting at a board or some shit. Yeah, Bor but like I thought CGI'd Oh, and it all sounds like what Da fuck is this? I don't know, like they were using this be coming from it, from a from a producer, from a textandpoint. They were using different camera crewer, different cameras on the halftime show than they used for the rest of the game. Yeah, because the the can't that? The the resolution of the video was incredible. Yeah, it was incredible and which you don't need that kind of stuff for the actual game. I get that, but it was just cool to see that fucking I mean everybody just fucking crushed. Yeah, it was amazing. Yeah, Mary J Blige was just the fucking Queen Man Hole. My fucking wife hates her. Oh really, the reason why she's I just like her music. I'm like service. She's like, honestly, she's like I worked at FYATE sixteen years old. Oh, and they literally played that one song. I was like, she was like she worked in clearand she's like, I was a token white girl, and she's like that's all they literally played, and she's like I just I got sick and tired that song. It's why I hate fallow boy. was working at a fucking ice cream place in two thousand and five. So every hour I heard Nah, yeah, so what I would I fucking yeah, as like Oh, she's like other than that, like I love all the other stuff, this fucking Song I can't stand snoop crushed. You know, I'm not as familiar with Ken Jack, Lamdrick Mother Kens like, although it came out looking like fucking our Kelly. For a second I was like yeah, I was like that fucking arc. I don't fuck well, the way the way those dancers were dressed, I was like, it's missy Elliot, about the fucking show up it. It was crazy. It was great. They all fucking Di Great. I can't remember Princess Halftime show as much, but I mean I remember liking a lot. I was too young to have a whole lot of to remember a whole lot of that, but I've watched videos of it over the last couple of years and I mean it's an incredible. As far as which one do I think is better? Which one do I prefer? I mean that's apples and orange. Yeah, because Prince also did like a foo fighters cover. It is. That's also true. It's just like, I mean, I love this one. It was one of the better one. It's one of the best ones I've seen and a really long time. I was like, Oh yeah, this is good, and conservative America just hated it, my hand so much. She's like, I just think the all these guys can't hold their fucking what she say. She said like I got pulled up. So I was like so, like all the fucking don't tread on me motherfuckers were so pissed about this halftime show, which, as a rock and metal guy, I watched it. I was kind of like, I don't know, just kind of seems like every other fucking halftime show, but it was fucking incredible. I mean it was five fucking heavyweights. Halftime show is...

Bloh, too many singers whose own individual bodies of work, when it be enough by themselves to headline. Oh, what the FUCKS I ask for? She also knows nothing about wrap. Oh sure, yeah, so she's also like a big grandma. My grandma went to see Hamilton and was like she's like I just I don't know, it wasn't for me. I'm like no, Shit, grandma, like it's well, she's like really big and like you two and just bands in general it. So I was like, yeah, you don't get rap, yeah, get the lyrics at all. Trevor Root, look so so last year was I couldn't fucking tell you it was last year, Timber Lake. I don't know. I remember in timber like did it. It wasn't that good, but they did half of his like down like in the locker rooms and in the in the inner inside of the stadium and Shit, and I'm like, well, if I was in that stadium I'd be fucking livid right now. I mean guy, guys, was really oh no, last year was Jlo and Shakira. Oh, yeah, it was good. It was a good one. What was it? I was gonna go somewhere with that fucking about their God damn it, like they like dre and not fucking mm kneeling and shit like that. What Y'll think? I don't know if that was that big of a deal. I don't know medium made it out that big of a deal. I'm still trying to wrap my head around like I'm like, I'm not sure that was what everyone thought, and it was. I think he was just kneeling. Yeah, and then drea dropped his like anti police line, which that that's the NFL didn't want to do. But he's like Eve, I can basically paid for the performance. Oh yeah, so he's like, fuck you, I'm doing this my cell like how many of people they're using? Are Using beats by DRE headphone? Shut the fuck up and let him do anywere yeah, no shit. Yeah, well, I love all the I forget who I forgot. I forgive it was like New York Post or someone who was like snoop, smoke weed before the half. That's a go. Shit. Like what? No, fucking Shit. The guys from the my viewser my own podcast, tweeted there like imagine writing snoop, dogs smokes weed and then walking around the office thinking you're a journalist. Yeah, it's looking great, like I'd be shocked if he didn't. Well, I ham. I sit there in my head I'm thinking, like, I don't think like the only person shocked about this. MMM, it's the person that wrote it, because nobody else is like evers a cat sounds about right. Yeah, no, water is wet, the weather is cold and snoop dog smoke. Smoke pot before and were it's legal. Yeah, gryt. Yeah, like so, I'm sorry. Are you worried that his it was a performance and he wasn't playing on the field. Asshole, he was rapping. I'm like sit there. I'm like are you can meet half two people in that stadium were stoned. First Up, I was like hell, yeah, HMM. I was like first, well, most weed smokers try to hide that Shit anyways. They don't just do it to do it. Like you, if you're about to perform, you don't go out real fast and its fucking just like well, I g yeah it. So it's at that. That's how I say. Like. But I I also loved snoop and Martha Stewart's commercial with the big lighters. Did you see that one? Did? I was so in trenched and like Oh yeah, Guy, well, you only remembered a couple commercials. Like I was like they were, they were fine this year. Yeah, I went and watched like a highlight reel yesterday and one of them was it was him and Martha Stewart promoting those big lighters that have the extended nozzle. Do you know? Keep keep you waving your fingers over. He's like hey, Hey, mark the pass me that passant later and pass me that bowl and she goes, you mean this bowl of strawberries? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about and looks at the camera. The whole commercial was just all these fucking anyone. He's like. He's like hey, you lighten up. Do I smell you lighten up, von Do? Yes, I am sprising one of those has been in jail. That's my favorite thing. Anybody says it literally, literally the land of it says it's she's like it's perfect. It's perfect for, you know, perfect for lighting candles. And it cuts over to snoop or anything else. Shit, trying to think of any of...

...the doctor strange trailer was like that. They dropped and drop the whole thing. Drop a little bit at the beginning to yeah, did you watch the whole thing? The full one? HMM, Jesus, yeah, I don't watch it twice so because I missed the is that he's supposed to be professor access. Yeah, Profession X. Yeah, so what they're doing is what it looks like they're doing, and this is what blew my fucking mind, is there's a thing in the comics called the Luminati, which we're on the with the joke about the illumiti marvel actually has an Illuminati, which is six big wigs that kind of just keep an eye on things, and one of them is it's professor x, Doctor Strange, iron man, nay more black bolt and Mr Fantastic, and each of them represents a different sect of whatever. So it looks like what they're doing with this is it's this is the body, like an interdimensional body that's kind of oversees all the multiverse bullshit. So I wonder if it's Tom Chris's iron man, then that's what I'm that's what had me Osic. So that's probably why we've got Tom Cruise is iron man showing up in here. They said they were going to be introducing name, or at some point they said we're going to. We know we're getting fantastic for at some point, and Black Bolt technically already exists in the mcu because of that shitty and humans show that got one season. Yeah, so they could bring him back or they could do the original plan and have bevin diesel. Why it? Watch it beat, but NVIDIA correct group. Well, well, here's the thing with well, the thing with that is black bolt doesn't speak. Oh yeah, he can't speak. His voice is too powerful because a rich because even even when guardens the galaxy was coming out, originally the end of that story was going to be an inhumans movie and then that got s and Vin diesel was already going to be black bowl. He was just going to do both, because one of them you don't see him in one of them you don't hear him. So fucking care. That got scrapped and then eventually turned into that show that was dead on around. I never watched it's. It's it was canceled before it debuted. They're basically like, this is terrible, no one's liked it, we're just dropping the season, calling it a once, a one shot, and just being done with it. It was a spin off at agents a shield M. Yeah, so that's cool. The moonnight trailer was dope. Yet mean night trailers dope. I saw. The one that pissed me off was the e trade that made fun of the memes. This meme stock. Oh Yeah, sons of bitches, man fuck. I got like Fu was like for crypto commercials during this show, although the Bitcoin, when was the Qr Code One? That one pissed me off. But it was also clever as it was super and the best part was when hits the corner, it completely like yeah, and that's like that's clever. Yeah, but once I finally got it, the fucking work and I was like, son of a bitch at but that's a thing. That's the same time, like that would make anybody be like, okay, I got everyone had their fucking cameras on their TV. I promise whoever came up with ideas a fucking gene. Oh that's that's that's marketing, that's brilliant marketing, and just take the turn to the fucking bitcoin or whatever. But it was that way with that one. The the one with fucking Larry David, was funny. Yeah, I did see that. Ar Dave was fucking funny. There were some good none of them were as good as the smart park one from last year. It's it's John Krasinski, Chris Evans and Rachel dratch and they're all fullblown Bostonian and the whole thing is a car has smart park. It'll park it on park itself, like hey, you can't pack, you ca there now I got my cass got smack packs, map pact. Yeah, my CAS wicked smack watching the pack itself. Well, it unpocketed on pocket stuff down by the dock. Yeah, but to men like a minute a half of that. It's the funniest fucking things ever. I love that one. We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dot tvlpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. Kanye's lost his fucking mind. Oh Yeah,...

...let's talk about sorry, about Kanye. Kanye has turned into a fucking Batman Villain at this point. Oh my gosh, shit, I don't know anything. That's kind of although apparently he went after like fucking like Pete Davidson like really bad the past couple days or yeah, I don't know, hard like he has been like online and in person, apparently just like trying to fuck with Beete Davidson. tweet and shit about him hanging out outside there, how the hat, the House that I guess he's standing with Cam or whatever. Oh, really, he's hanging out there? Yeah, well, because member be bought a house. Kanye bought a house. Look across the street from Cam, from from Pete, from Kim. That's so weird. Yeah, and and Kanye's just been hanging around and lurking and as completely lost as fucking mind. I do not know that. Oh Yeah, Oh, yeah, yeah, I take you back to two years ago when Pete Davidson was on, was on snl making fun of Kanye, and he's like Kanye, saying, you know, you know, this is me off the meds, and be just goes take them, dude, yeah, take the meds please. And that's kind of how everyone's looking at a Kanye right now, like gives, you supposed to be on something. fucking take it, because he's trying to blame that he has bi polar disorder and that's what's making to do all this shit. HMM, I know people with bipolar disorder. They don't do this shit. Unless he's like. Well, yeah, I've seen a level one by Paul. I had to take lithium. I worked with one. Yeah, and he was fucking crazy, but I've now. I don't know how he would react to that, though. One day he be like Ray, cool, next day be a walk. I'm one of my one of my exes at my boards one, and I mean she would get when she got manic like she would get like obsessive, but not like got to buy a house across the street from my ex to see what they're up to. Upsets it for here's also the thing. Now, yeah, if you had that amount of money, that's true, but also this is Kanye we're talking about, so they're something wrong with him. Oh, absolutely. I mean I think people joking, a joking aside. I think everyone's known that for years. Everyone's known there's something wrong with Kanye. The Dude is not all there in some some way or another, and it's Kanye's everyone's just kind of let him. I mean, going all the way back to the shit with Taylor swift at the VMA's. That one. Yeah, I know that's so weird, which which was one of the first times in my life I ever watched something live when I was like fuck is going on right now? That was just any like went after Billy Eilish. Yes, so somebody, somebody had like a spill at her, cause fell down at one of her concerts and she basically said, everybody step back at we're going not going to start again till they're okay. I'm making sure my, you know, my fans are taken care of. That's all she said. And if he was like that's a shot at fucking Travis Scott, she should what she should apologize to Travis Scott and everyone was like she never said his name, Dude. Yeah, if you're if that's your first reaction and that means you know Travis got fucked up.

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