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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 61 · 10 months ago

Russia vs. Ukraine


This week's episode is all about the Russia/Ukraine situation.

*This episode was recorded on Monday, 2/28. Some of our information may be out-of-date at the time of release.


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...the crazy part. It's like everyway's like. Well, like I tweeted, I was like even FIFA. Yeah, sanctions and like, I don't know if you know anything about they're one of the most corrolizations the entire work. FIFA like makes the mob look like Barney and friends's like how much money they take for like Oh, we'll do the work up here, and like I'm like, they put sanctions again us. Oh Yeah, dude, John Alvers like three episodes about FIFA. Oh really, because he fuck, he's like a big socker when he fucking rails FIFA constantly. They're there them the Olympics, Commission. Oh God, Olympics is bad. Yeah, like all those made, like even they don't even the NFL's got nothing on these fucking guys. Yeah, like it's just I don't know, it's not. Obviously, what war three, until other countries step in and do something, because Belarus is obviously joining the attack with Russia, because they use Belarus to get yeah, but other countries have to step in. But then Potin had that nuclear thing this morning. What was that? Say? Something about he debate, not debating him. Of the words, I want to put the right word, basically like hinting towards using nukes at some capacity. Oh, you got to be fucking kidding me. But you know it's the when that's a bluff or whatever. All the you with the uns already, like be BP is pulling their shit out. Everybody, everyone, and everyone's stay're just gonna starve Russia for money. At this point, I feel bad, like the promise. I feel bad for every civilian. Yeah, I actually feel bad for the army because, like, if you like, will get on twitter and all that's I don't know how much, if it's real on twitter, but a lot of I don't think realized they were like, if you start reading, there really like there was a story about this. This mother of a Russian soldier. He was like eighteen, nineteen years old, was like in training. Yeah, she was texting him or whatever, asking because their dad wanted to send him like a care package or something. He's like, I'm not at the base. He's like, we're in the Ukraine's like, what are you talking about? He she's like, they mope. This is like remasters. They mobilized US and sent us here, like we have no idea why we're here. They just told us we're going to the Ukraine. Yeah, and he died the next day. She thought he died the next day like that. They know this. The people who were there, like the soldiers, they don't want to fucking be there now. They know, they know what's wrong. They're there. You can see videos of them, like any other war, if the civilians were given them the kind of Shit they're getting, they'd be fucking shooting these people. They're just trying to calm down, like the please, like please don't Askal like this. We don't want this to get yeah, like they're begging people, like please, let's just we don't want to be here either. Yeah, like it just you can kind of like all the videos, like they're like why are we? And it's a lot of what that said. They like they just mobili we thought this was they mobilized. It's like we're like what? Why? Why? John Oliver talked to like the whole first half of the show last and I was talking about the Ukraine thing. Obviously lie and like the footagee they had...

...of like people in Russia. They just people in Russia who were like this is fucked up. Like this one LA, one lady to talk to. She's like my boyfriend lives in the Ukraine. Yeah, he's like he's like my a long diasant relationship. I don't know if I'll ever see him again. And it's it's a complete and what was really telling was right before, like a couple days before the strike happened, there's this there's this footage of like Putin meeting with like the whatever, whatever their version of parliament, or the senators over the fuck you call it, and one of his advisors was just be really trying to talk him down. He's like no, we shouldn't be even considering this. We should be negotiating. We should be, you know, meeting with them. And you could see Pootin just starts fucking cutting him down in front of everybody and turns his kid into a fucking five year old getting out that by his mom like it was. It was hard to watch because you could tell at you could tell in that moment the guy realized there's nothing he could say or hey, something can stay here do and be. This is the part where Pootin decides whether or not to have me killed. Yeah, like, I wouldn't. He's like, if I push this further, I'm going to disappear. Yeah, it's sad, like all the videos are sad. Yeah, like, but then he here like people for like people coming from different countries because, like, I guess the the president of Yukrain, I can't pronounce his name, nor am I going to try it announce his name, said that he's they're basically lifting visas, HMM A, for foreigners to come in. If they want to fight, they can fight. At that point and you have a lot of people from a lot of different countries like okay, because like every country pretty much hates Russia. said that, everybody's like, all right, let's do this. They're like like major like Russian metal bands, who are like throwing shade at Russia, like fuck of the fuck our country man. They're like they're not. No, no one is on his he has nobody on his side. Well, I was watching Inter of you except trump and tucker cross. Tell Him I get the tough that that fucking viney. These a video. It was like they see you the next day, try to backtrack. Oh yeah, I was like they, but what's he done? As he called me a ray. He hasn't called me a racist. He doesn't eat dogs. Why is that? The Bar I was watching? I was watching interview, their interviews some British people and they were actually going there and they're like, the guys like him and his friends, like we're young, we got nothing else to do. We're young and we're able bodies. Since why we're going there? Yeah, like just something like, I don't know, like to have the entire world against what you're doing and, like you said, even your own people, because they've arrested like thousands of people for protesting, and clearly your soldiers are like like why are you doing what you're doing? The best quote I heard about everything I held the quote is but as reading stories was a soldiers don't start war. Old politicians start warms like that's so accurate, because...'s whole theory is like he's got dementia of Parkinson's or something and it doesn't matter to him. No. Well, it's like he cues, he cannot get over like the fall of the Soviet Union, the follow a kg he wants to go back to the days of the KGB in the USS are. I'M gonna happen there? It's he this. I was not a guy at work. I was like, I don't think this is gonna last very long, but it's going to be ugly. Well, we're realistically like Russia's military compared to Ukraine's. It should have liked should have been over with already. Yeah, it's really weird that Yukran lasted so long, but I think it's partially because the fact of soldiers like I think they're I think they're halfassing it on purpose. I could be, because they're like what like you see? Yeah, me, like videos. I've seen it. Like obviously kill civilians, get some Geneva Convention or whatever, data diet, but like videos, are civilians? Like no, you can't come down and they just block the way and like they're fructure, like okay, and just turn around, like because they know. It's like, why are the fuck are we here? They're they're following their orders to the bare minimum, like if they are not putting in a lot of effort to to do any harm, it's just well, well, now, I that, I think one reason is I think Putin also one after the whole USS. Our thing so we can is he never thought their president, Ukrane's president, not going to try to pronounce name once again. Yeah, would be as like have a big of as a backbone one. Yeah, at he would just want to folded because that's what he's used to. He's used to people just folding and giving him what he wants. And I didn't know that our present used to be a fucking actor. Oh did he? He's be an actor. This is the wildest thing. He's seen. A actor and a comedian's and I really heap and one of his things, he'd like one of the movies he did or movies or TV show. He ends up becoming president of Ukraine because of a tirade he did that went viral. Somebody was recording it's our independence day, and then it was just like some comedy and then he ends up getting elected as fucking president. Really Love Ukraine. That's fuck. So nobody really toiled seriously. And then when he came out with the leg I don't need a ride, I need ammunition, and you're like, oh, he's was a lot that. A lot of those, a lot of their political leaders have just been straight up arming up there, like you're seeing, like yeah, you seen all the video, like go fuck yourself. Yeah, we're gonna let you fuck him. One of the there was a great video the Russian Ambassador in Ireland was getting interviewed on the on this new show, and they can the anchor basically was like why should our country let you stay here at this point, because they got because the ambassador was trying to talk down everything, trying to save as much face as he could for potent, and so the ancrow was like why, like why should our country even let you stay here anymore? And I swort of God. The guy goes that's a really good question. It's look really good. You say to that, uh, like what... do yours? There's no good response that because you can tell, because you can tell that this ambassadors not on board. Yeah, he's just doing what he's supposed to do because, again, he doesn't want to disappear, and he's just like, you know, what great question ask? Ask Your leaders. They want me out. I'm out. It's fine, and it's like, well, that's a toughie. I'm really good at whortle. Yeah, me too. I'm still undefeated. We hope you're all loving the show so far. If you'd like to get more involved with us, chat with us one on one and even become a card carrying member of the basement lounge community, and that's not a joke, there's an actual membership card, then please consider becoming a VIP over on our patreon. We've got three awesome tears with lots to offer, including live hangouts, unedited episodes and, yes, an official membership card. Head on over to Patreoncom tbl pod to join today. Done of the stories? You don't know if they're real or fake or whatever. Well, there's the one that people are saying, is you saying a stage, because it's like the missformer Miss Russia or something like that, and there's this picture of her like in jeans and all that, holding the gun. But couple guys I know who are big gun enthusias. One of them teaches like history of war for first dude. He's like that's a pellet gun. How was like, that is not a real gun. He's like he's like this. He's like, I appreciate the sentiment. And she might, she might be actually fighting. That's not a real gun. Of that picture. Apparently that thirteen percent of their military's female, though. Yeah, yeah, now you'll strangely progressive of them. Yeah, well, I got like there's that one video or the recording where like the Russian warship, I don't know if it's real. I think it's real, but the Russian warships on one of their islands, because there's an island outside of Ukraine, says hey, we guys need to surrender. Every seen this? Heard? Yeah, yeah, so, I tell me, we'll fuck himself. Go Fuck Yourself. There was a couple that they already disproved that they were able to put. There was about like, you know, footage of the soldiers going in and like fucking shit up, and they're like they were like, yeah, we got the video. This was filmed ten days before the attack. There's the one that ghost if Kiv, which is a funny it was about the other guys, the fighter pilot. I read that. I was like no, that I was the first out. There's no way that fighter parts shot down that many. But if that's true, yeah, that's Badass, actually true. That's your next president of the Ukraine right there. Obviously they found out was from like a flight simulator game. Like yeah, they the video, one of the videos, by means just like, but it's a kind of like I was thinking about that shit too. is like that's kind of like a different way of war also, and the sense at the winning the like the social media aspect of because you start reading that shit you like and you're Russian. Yah, yeah, and you're like on the fence of..., yeah, we're not fucking Winen, like it's the new propaganda. Yeah, it's. Then it's memes with the new propaganda. Yeah, it's we haven't had a we haven't had a war like this in the modern age. Really. We've had, you know, like the war in Iraq and all that, but that was what we're Super George Bush came out and was speaking out against what Russia did. Really, George W s like he literally quote, a little quote. was like, you know, I do not condone the actions of a political leader invading a another country, for but everyone's just kind of like not, not you, dude, know anyone else? Not You. But what did you say? Rip, George, you sit down. Sit Down, George, just just sit down. But we haven't seen this kind of like just brutality based war, you know, like this in our time. Like this is, this is old school World War Two. Shit right here. Well, they use a there barrack bomb. Today, the thermobaric barn't then they really they use the therm a baric yesterday, today, Russia in he's apparently. So I don't know how you prove that, but apparently in the the those things, president Ukin's president said that you use one, and so I was like fucked. That's like that's like the second worst new clear bomb. At that point. That's pretty fucking bad. Yeah, like that's that's one of those things you use when you're trying to prove a point. M But all all this whole thing just feels like because it is. It's Pootin Dick Swinging. That's all it is. Yeah, well, the I here's a thing. So I think what's what and put himself on such a such a weird put not put himself in a corner. If he kills you, came president. You came president entire as a martyr. MMM. And if he doesn't kill you, came president. The guy's a hero. Yeah, like you can't. When you you literally can't win. There's there's no version of this where pootin comes out looking good. No, absolutely not. Like he could. He could win tomorrow. He could. He could take over the Ukraine and make it part of Russia tomorrow. Again, no one's on his side. No, absolutely on his side. His people are on his side, his probably military m I'd say pie seven percent of military on his side. Are on a side at all. So it's like one of those things. Is like you can't, like you're fuck dude. Yeah, not only that, this and if you do take over Ukraine, if you do, those sanctions aren't going anywhere. No, you know, you think you got it bad now. Yeah, Holy Shit, like you guys are fought and I feel bad for every single civilian. I would not be shocked if other countries start like basically saying you're from Russia on him. Yeah, no, fuck it, go on and yeah, get out, you know, because that was going on a lot and you know,... the s and s and Russians were defecting left and right. It was your see a Moscow on the Hudson rub ways. Movie plays a Russian like trumpet player and like a Circus Orchestra and they come to America for tour of circus shows and he defects while he's there and it's a whole. It's great fucking movie. He speaks nothing Abou Russian the first like forty five minutes of that movie. Oh Really? Yeah, but it's kind of the same thing. It's like we're going to start seeing a lot of defectors. Yeah, if that happens, anyway, if we get that far. I hope I don't get that far. I I'm never going to say never, but I don't know. My gut feeling is just because of the way the world is right now. M Like I said, I don't think this lasts very long, but it's it's going to be ugly. I my thing is, if it's health issues are true, he's to get the menshare, Parkinson's or whatever. That's what I feel. I fear the most is I killed but he doesn't get fuck about using nukes. You use the fucking bomb earlier today, like you know, and give a shit at that point. You know, it's just psych problem is, if it's new, diff a new goes off, oh my God, Oh, I know, everything in the world will change a hundred percent, like hundred percent. Everything there will be. Well, Hey, these aren't the nukes, these aren't the World War Two nukes. Now these are. This is going to MC Nagasaki look like nothing. Yeah, I like, I just I keep on thinking about that and it bugs it bothers me. Yeah, well, right Pat's been on standby for days now. Well, yeah, I actually had to Google how far I am away from right pat because of yeah, because of a new clear tie. I like, what, what's the radius? I did do that. Like do we you got dating was on like standing alert during the Cold War? Yeah, because that because of that. Yeah, so I get it. I didn't tell my wife about that, though, because like the blast radius of things, like it's far, yeah, and then like it's after, like I'm like thirteen miles away after, like, which is kind of like far, far enough, away, but still really close. Yeah, like just like fuck, like, I don't know. They'll be fall out from it. Yeah, I don't know, it's IT'S A it's a fucked up time we live in right now. I only see one real way this ends, and I don't think I can legally say it on a podcast, so I won't. But yeah, yeah, it's that, or someone else does it. Well, it's somebody said the Ukrainian bassador on something, Saddy is like he needs to they suicide's an option. HMM, he needs to do exactly what that guy did in her lynn, and I was like...

God damn, like you're right. Or I think even Kim Jong ound's like, you know what, Dude, dude, not worth it, not worth the dude, like I just I've never seen one. The thing is, I've you've really never seen a country like the entire worlds like united against pretty much one cause, which is really kind of weird. Even Hitler had allies. Yeah, and like even like like liberals and conservatives like yeah, we kind of have to like this isn't okay, guys. Yeah, like it's just like yeah, like they're everybody's on the same side on this. Yeah, so fucking funny. It's so like, well, you just fucking picked on the wrong motherfuckers, I guess, except for Jina Corano. Let's she say she made some fucking statement. How about she thinks this is all fucking hoaxed to she's like now that, now that the fear from the pandemics dying down, it's time for a new fear camp. I know she's a count she's a fucking kind of dude. Well, she can't get it. She can't get work now. So you know, she's fucking time. Yes, is a I cannot wait. Obviously they're always going to be people that are saying, oh, sure, hoax, but it's just like you watch his videos and shit like that. Some of them are fakes and we're are older, but like some are real and you're like, Goddamn, like feel bad, like for all the people involved. Yeah, like there's no real winners here. HMM, it's just the friends you made along the way. That's so stupid. It's so funny. There's one thing you got to take away from this. Kids, you see that man of like Mala's hop cocktails they've made. Oh my God, it's it's it's fun. It's making me feel weird because I'm watching this show on Hulu called the great, okay, and it's about Catherine the great, okay, taken over season control of Russia from from Peter the Terrible. Yeah, and it's first of all, amazing show. If you haven't seen it two seasons, ten out of ten. Can't recommend it up, because Lud of the show is great. It's called the Great Asterisk, a sometimes true story, like it's kind of satire on the story. It's it's very fucking funny. It's really fucking funny. L fanning is amazing in it, but the whole premise of the show is like for the good of Russia, for the better men of Russia, to make Russia better place, and I'm like so weird time for me to watch these. Oh God, this is horrible. We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kind to other listeners just like..., at any time you want once again. Head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. This see what pornhub did. Dude, PORNHUB, fuck it. You know it's bad too. Poor hub was like, you know what, fuck you, fuck you. If you're in run, like, if you're in Russia, you can't view porn hub and it's just the picture of the Ukraine flag. And I'm like fuck yes, porn hub and an anonymous set up attacking there. And you know what, I usually don't root for anonymous, but when I saw the anonymous videos, like you know what, guys have fun. I still thinking to my head I was like before anonymous, like it was literally the day before. I was like, I feel like anonymous is probably gonna do something like hack their system or something. Sure, Shit, they've been hacking like fucking everything. And, like I said, nor normally I'm not a big Fan, but I'm like, you know what, anonymous, you've versus this one. Go nuts fun at porn hub and not. It's like the it's like somebody, what fucking year is this? Jesus Christ, it's like the avengers end game thing, Harry, he's like fucking coming out on your left. You got you got low key teaming up with thor in the hulk to take down fucking Russian Fan Os. It's just, it is fucking it's insane. It I forgot about the fucking or thing. Showed my wife. That's just like what's porn now, said. She's like that's really funny. I like way second you look at porn hub, she's I was like, uh, that's just wonder why it was bookmarked and our fucking baby monitor now, WHO's Gary? Yeah, it was so wild, like so very wild and fucking porned up to that, anonymous to that, and you buy like all the we've seen the video of like the Jordan, the Georgian, I don't even how I pronounce it, Hmm, fuel tanker and then Russian tanks trying to Russian war. I don't know of Russian, just like boats trying to refuel and the guys like you from Russia like yeah, he's like, go fuck yourself. Well, you see the thing with the Ukrainian lady with the sunflower seat's, Dude, hold some savage like put these sunflower seeds in your pockets so when you die you can fertilize some new sunflowers. But I'm like Jesus, that's the most savage fucking burns. Every night dad says to his kid really sound for the rest of their life. That's something that a dad from the fifty says to his kids baseball coach when he won't put them in like it's true, your kids from the Milkman. What the fuckly, Jill Biden was wearing I don't know how accurate like, if this is anything, I was just Coincidentali Body Jill Biden was wearing a jill was wearing a face mask with a sunflower on it. Oh, really, I don't know if that was like because of that video. Seems Aloof enough that that could have been an accident. Yeah, like s she just she just seems like the kind of Nice Old...

...lady that would wear a sunflower face mask. Yeah, by me. I saw the scepting my vials like God Day. But she is also savage enough that I could totally see her doing that. Like, either way, I'm just going to roll with everyone makes me. It puts me in a better mood. It just got I saw that video viral and I was like, yeah, that's soldier killed himself. Yeah, because the guys. You know what I'm now can't come back from this. Now, what I even do? What do I do? Like if I've been like, okay, so I can't put this in my report, I can't put this in my right. I've been literally checking it constantly, because it's like an hour type our base. If like checking what's going on every hour, there's something new coming up because they tried, they're trying to join, then all the shit we're talking about right now is going to be outdated as fuck by the time this episode comes yeah, like breaking Finland's announcing it's sending fifty thou five thousand lethal anti tank weapons to Ukrane. Oh, are you serious? Holy Shit. Disney becomes the first major Hollywood studio this spend all theatrical releases in Russia because the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Also, they pulled all their movies. Yeah, Holy Shit. It's already got its own wikipedia page. Tell you know something's a big fucking deal when it gets its own wikipedia page. Crazy do huh? Holy Shit. Yeah, Ukrainian president is a Lenski. Z alanski signs the cree moving all these acquirements for any foreigner that wants to go to your crane to help fight the Russian invasion by joining its international legion. Me, it just JS this, but, to quote several friends of mine, I'm getting a little tired of living through like historical events. Dude, it's so fucking well, I'm so I'm tired of all these ones in a lifetime, out of things happening every fucking year in my lifetime like that. Is it to go from a pandemic to this? Well, I did have talks about cease cease fire to did they? Yeah, I honestly, what's thought was going to be like it? I had a feeling. All right, so, US Swiss impose new sanctions. This is from as of eight hundred eight five tonight, USA. Today, US Swiss imposed new sanctions on Russia. US expels Russians from the UN. Ukraine wants to join the EU. Holy Shit, Holy Shit, they get you backing. Yeah, that they'd filed it like immediately. Yeah, the trying to do it like a sap, and I'm sure this point the euse like, okay, but why not? If it'll piss off Pootin, we're finally the thing is, it's like, yeah, where about these bluff about nukes? It's one thing I got to worry about. We saw a thing where they've already were. Ukraine's already talked about their anti nuke whatever, the Global Shit Star Wars program whatever, I don't know, the GRUB GUP program now, this all starry because,... NATO reached out there thing about joinning NATO, and like really see that all was the way before they this goes back to like two thousand fourteen or some shit. It's been played vote Crimea than ever. Is like blaming like Biden, like or which is the dumbest thing ever. Like this has been planned for really long time. This dates back to like, like I said, probably like the Obama era, like I said, like two thousand and fourteen, two thousand and fifteen. Yeah, but whenever, whenever the CREMEA thing, yeah, happened, I think is when this pretty much goes back to. Now. It's like, well, rating reports. Was the reports? Forty Mile Long Russian convoy headed towards Caviv. It's on fattle. I don't know. That's all not there. If I'd account saying that. See New York Times last updated ten minutes ago. UN is looking for aid to help half a million people who have left the country. As attacks intensify. Delegations from Kiev in Moscow failed to make progress in Belarus, but more talks are planned. It's great radio right here. So let's sitting here reading. I mean it just it is like an hourly type thing. You kind of have to yeah, I mean there's updates every hour, every fifteen minutes, some of these sources, because, I mean if you just Google Russia, Ukraine right now, all the all the live update stuff, USA Today, CNN, Washington host, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, it's all up here. It's fucking wild. We go from pandemic to it's not why. I mean it won't be. I just I do worry about the new thing. Yeah, to it can only comes to world war if everybody steps in on two other sides. How many in China has not really said anything either, like there's so they're staying the fuck out of this. But now that China is always kind of back to rush on Shit and China, I was like, well, whatever, the guys really were with you. But also, what do they have to benefit? No, that, no, they have nothing to benefit from any it's very they it's all very odd. It's very, very odd. The fact that he has so many civilians willing to fight, though. HMM, I know they basically or not ordered by over told like if you're able body to fight, but you've had a lot of people come back to fight to where it's like he declared martial on you, curd. Did He? I have no idea. I wouldn't be surprised. It just I don't know. He dies, he's a martyr, he survives. He's the greatest. I don't know if their term limits are, but it'll can take it. He'll continue if they yeah, he'll continue to be president until he goes fullblown Rudy Giuliani and just goes crazy, dies, dieses hair, holds press convert us at a hardware store. Oh my God, it's the best fucking day of my life. Don't live, live along, see yourself become a villain. Really Gan A to a T. MMM God, remember when he ran try to run for president and like two thousand...

...and four, I think it was, and he didn't get a single delegate on Super Tuesday. Yeah, because you're running off fucking nine hundred and eleven. Well, those are literally Joe Because Joe Biden was. It was in that race too, and he's like he only knows. He's like he's like drew do little June. He only knows. You know every sentence he speaks. You can expect three words, yes, and nine, hundred and eleven. It's true, that was all he did. This is your minds. You of that Episode Family Guy and eleven nine. But what are you gonna do about this? Eleven? Like, we've learned that Darth vader is working with the with Hitler and the Legion of doom to assassinate Jesus, and so we need to raise taxes and start throwing money at her. Fuck that. Have you wild to right? That's what we're we like, God damn, what our vader's real what I love, too, is then it cuts away to meanwhile, at the Legion of doom. Who spilled the beans on this? Solomon Grunde may have dropped the ball on this. Well, I fare at things is and as I as I undo Meg's bras strap, remember, meanwhile, Underneath Meg Griffins Bra yeah, yeah, that's it right there. God Damn, God damn,.

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