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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 62 · 10 months ago

'The Batman' Review


Have you seen 'The Batman' yet? Go see it. Now. Cuz we're about to spoil the hell out of it.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The motherf**king Batman 


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...gonna start, like because from what you see in the trailers, you're like how does they how do they start a movie? Like, how did they start that movie? I can't even like, oh, it's Halloween. What he's walking around? It's a fake out, because at first you think, okay, kidding, Ninja Kashu been, I managine, okay, this is Bruce Wayne, like you. First you think this is fucking well ness, not even this be very beginning I'm top when he's walking through the crowd, and bottom, oh that part. Oh that's Oh the that's after. That is that after? The very first thing you see is, yeah, you're right, from riddler spoilers. Everybody of them, of him what? But you think like Oh, this is Bruce Wayne's family. Yeah, but then you find out it's the mayor and you're like, Oh, oh, we're not doing popcorn and pearls. Okay, cool, which was happy about. I think everybody was. Well, I think it's been done so much that's like it's kind of like the whole Spiderman thing, like we know what happens, we know Uncle Ben died. It's fine, just get past it. Yeah, everybody knows it. It's not something that needs explained anymore. You can, and I do like what they did with his parents, and we'll get into that a sec but yeah, that whole thing where he's just walking through the city with his hoodie up, just like hunting. Yeah, Oh, yeah, so cool, because that's Gott of how it has to be. Like is like how do I do this? He's not at a point right now where you can drive around in the loudest batmobile ever invented. which I loved looking for Shit going on and it doesn't have like all the communications stuff and all that type of stuff. You know what I mean? Yeah, not like in the dark knight rises and so for he's just spying on every ye is as it is. You're like to or some shit. Yeah, what I was really cool was, you know, when they show the signal and this guy, they showed all these people doing shit who immediately looked to like shadows, like fuck, is he there? That was so cool. That was awesome because they're like an even like the petty crime, like straight painting. Yeah, the graffiti guy or that guy who robbed about Daga's, like, Oh shit is Oh God, there's so good and I love I loved how that, like the gang fight, goes, because we saw most of it in the trailer, but it was nice kind of seeing the whole thing all at once and also so fucking early to I thought that was something that was coming later in the movie. I know those two. That was late and the first pictures of ever leaked of that. They're not league, but was on the side was the very end of the movie. Yeah, motorcy or they were riding through the cemetery yeah, I was like, because I remember thinking of myself like so, what the fuck? We're those like the lind that's ago. That's the end of the fucking movie. Spider am using. Spider man too, did that because at the end of every trailer you saw spider man swinging a manhole cover at the rhinos suit and that's literally the last shot of the fucking movie. But anyway, yeah, I loved I mean this is like I've seen a lot of folks say this and I thought about it's right. This is the most we've actually seen like Batman on screen. Yeah, it was. It wasn't. It was. Had nothing to about Bruce Wayne. No, he's made it not really. You know, it's for strain, some stuff about Bruce Wayne. Yeah, it's not him. It's him literally just wanting to be back. He doesn't want to be Bruce Wayne. The whole thing with Alfred Riz's we need the accounts. Are Coming here. Will you won't go to them, so they're coming here. Yeah, I love that. They loved the how there did something different with him and Alfred. They're not buddies, like they're so well, they're not like. They're not like this like father son thing. Like it's been in been the past. It's like Bruce still doesn't quite know, I think, how he feels about like he's just no, I don't it's it's a different kind of relationship than we've seen. Yeah, it's not the whole like that's tough low. It's not Michael Caine crying about a fantasy he had about him being a a in a cafe in Italy. But like, but, like the scene you get later where he's on what he's in the hospital and you start to see that, yeah, coming. I loved I loved his suit, Alfred's no Batman. I was like now, yeah, sue was like this is very like, okay, it was like a it was just like a tactical suit, like it wasn't like a costume. It was just straight up, like it's almost like he put it together, like it's very put the well, could you see that? And when he decided he's gonna go after the gang, you see he's in the bathroom in the subway car putting on the eye makeup and putting the shit together. He's just carrying it around in his backpack. Was God, they took so much time with this. Most so many fucking details, like holy sh should it's really fucking good. A lot of people bitching about the fact that it's three hours. Those those people are pussies. I'm sorry. Only thing I mean, like it did have like sending seven you could endit it seven different ways, sure, but it's like I didn't have any complaints about how it ended either. So it's like okay, like all right. Somebody was bitching that. Like he's like, Oh, his final fight wasn't against the riddler. I'm like, yeah, it was. It was against the idea of the riddler.

The riddler, you know, it's a quote V for Vendetta. He the whole ideas are bulletproof thing and like he created the riddler is now bigger than one person. Yeah, Paul Danna scared the shit out of me, dude, dude, when they're in that interrogation room and he just started losing his losing his shit behind the glass. I was genuinely uncomfortable. It was so gay, so good. Well, I like how like the fact that, like, also, and the way Batman helped create the riddler. MMM, and those people, because I like when he says vengeance. Yeah, and the bat and then he was like, Oh, I've been doing it wrong. Yeah, I think he's been these real heats. Good, that this is the days. Like I'm trying to do it right, but some people are going to take me the wrong way. This is one of the few times where you've seem like like Batman actually has like like an arc. Yeah, like he has developed, he's lead changes from the beginning of the movie to the end of the yeah, we usually don't see it's usually just Batman. Yeah, the kind of a lot. I mean he lost. Oh, I mean he he failed. Yeah, he technically failed. Yeah, which I like, because I like that we're not, because even even like in Batman begins at the end of the movie, as much as I like the movie, he still just the infallible Batman at the end of it. Like this Batman is not infallible. He fucks up a lot. Oh, yeah, fucks up a whole. Yeah, and he literally he's not save the city. No, save some people. Yeah, not city, not SA. That was like that was the cool thing too, is just like he's not bigger than himself, like he's not. It's to the point where he's like he's literally not a superhero. Yeah, it's not like he's a detective. Well, I liked how, like where his Cape came up, it almost looked like like a detective's trench coat. Yeah, kind of like a caller. I thought that was really like when you look at his mass you can see that it's just stitched leather and what my fint. Well, that night even that. But like back to the IT with him, it was like, yeah, people are afraid of him, but it's like he's only one person. Only one person can do so much, and you can kind of see it to where it was just like he can't save all those people after the fucking it's the damn blew up. Like there's no fucking way W he said. He sets that up in the beginning where he's like I can't get he's like I have to fit pick which thing I'm going to deal with, which is great, and yeah, it's it that that pays off so well at the end, because he's like, yeah, I have to figure out how what am I am I going to deal with this? Am I gonna deal with that? And it takes that idea, which we get the beginning, and makes it like on a bigger scale by the end. That car chase, though, all CARSI is fantastic. Oh my God, like when that engine just starts revving and the alley. I mean because I saw it an Imax. My fan screening was an Imax, so like every I could feel my cell's shaking like, Holy Shit, loudest fucking Bato real ever. And I really like that batmobile because it looks I remember thinking like when you watch like like the Nolan ones, reason a fucking tank, or even like Ben Affle Been Avot, which is like it's like kind of tactical vehicle, like you feel like once he's in the Batmobile, oh he's safe, he's fine, like this batmobile looks like it could get him killed if yeah, I look like yeah, I put it together with like he fucking soddered it together. fucking well, today's I mean it's cool, right, just looks like something out of fucking, something you'd see out of fucking what's that one Robert Rodriguez movie? Oh, Mad Max, Not Mad Matt, not Robert Rodriguez, I think. Did he do for your road now? No, that was George Miller. Never Mine. No, out of a fucking death proof. Oh yeah, that's what good does. Yeah, order if it's the same model car, because it's just a muscle car with a fucking rocket manage on it. I really like that. Fucking College Farrell is penguin was great. Yeah, it was great and it's so good. My thin was like, are you day? Actually had you see the point where, like, man, he is the rat. Yeah, and that whole likes feel like the clues, like you like, and he's like, I'm not the fucking like so worst Spanish I everall, y'all know, I'll bless me. So good. And like they didn't really focus it on his care like that was the interesting part. It wasn't like the penguins in it, but he really like he's in it, but it's not like a huge he's not the penguin. Yeah, yeah, he's not the that's the cool thing to like. Nobody's like them. Yeah, like, he's. It means it's coming. He's all's well, yeah, he's just awes. Yeah, he's one. I know because because Matt Reeves is doing two shows for HBO Max. One is about the police department and one's about Penguin. I don't know.

It's going to be like between like this movie, the next one or a prequel or some shit, but I know that's comment. We hope you're all loving the show so far. If you'd like to get more involved with us, chat with us one on one and even become a card carrying member of the basement lounge community, and that's not a joke, there's an actual membership card, then please consider becoming a VIP over on our patreon. We've got three awesome tears with lots to offer, including live hangouts, unedited episodes and, yes, an official membership card. Head on over to Patreoncom tbl pod to join today. But, like, I wanted to know. I wanted so much more like and I love what we got, but I was every time Colin Farrell was on on screen. I was so just into it. It was so good and I didn't think we were like we got for as long as the movie is like. We got to him quick like we got to that club and met him early. Well, I like the fact it kept on going. You always. They had that always. It was like a detective and here's what I liked about so much, because it was a very detective movie. Yeah, it's is a it's a mystery it's not a superhero movie. It's a detective. It's a it's like a noir detective, like so almost like Max payin the video game now. Yeah, it is. And like literally and that they keep on going back to the iceberg, iceberg. What I love is first time he shows up, he's like, do you know who I am? Yeah, but I don't give a shit. So He fucking beats the shit out of him. Second Time He's this, Bruce Wayne, you know who I am? Holy Shit, come on, answer. The third time he's like fuck, I'm still going behind this guy, like it's just like I just like his like going back to the scene of the crime, going back to the scene a crime. He knew, he knew that's where he needed to be. He didn't know why yet. Yeah, it was so cool. I saw that all the Zoe Kravis is great. Oh they were. They were so good together. Oh my I I felt like I knew she was going to be good, but like I didn't expect her to beat like. I guess not expect, but I wasn't expecting her to be that good. I even really liked John Taturot. I know he was in the movie. I knew it in any of the previews. No, he was in one that came out like a week before the movie came out. Sounds like, what the fuck? I knew he was in it, but I didn't think he was going to play that big of a pattern. Realize, what's his face is playing a day either? Oh, stars guard. Yeah, what the fuck? I he was one. I knew he was in it, but you never saw him. And because you see that scene in the previous but you never see you can't tell him. Yeah, so that surprised me too. And then you know, there's the thing that happens at the end. That's a little that was a great scene. Did you watch the Matt Reeves talk about that where he's like it was going to be different way you see hit they outside an extra scene with him? Yeah, they he was it was going to be like something out of like he compared to like a man hunter in silence of the lambs, or he was going to go see him. Well, now they actually filmed it. Yeah, he said it's going to be on like the he said they'll probably on the Blue Ray, which I'm I can't wait up. What's news that's available. It's going to be on Hbo Max like April Nineteen, and the thing was with that is like, obviously it's the joker, but yeah, I mean, no shit, it's the joker. Yeah, but like how he described it was like he doesn't know he's the joker yet. Yeah, yeah, he's the like none of these people really have that persona. Well, the riddler did, but nobody penguin really didn't. Yeah, like they call him the penguin, but it's more of an insult. It's not like it's not what he is. So it's just like I like the I like that it essentially implies that there's a chance Batman's like already dealt with this joker once before, and that the way he was talking about it the interview. I it kind of seems to me like he because he's like I haven't he's like I've no plans for him to be like he's like this is not a tease for a sequel. It was just the scene to acknowledge that he's there. So I kind of feel like he's going to try to not pull the joker like do the obvious thing and make the joker a villain, but also gives him the ability to do whenever he wants. Yeah, there's no commitment. Yeah, he's no, because how he described was like it was like has him given the ability to talk to somebody, because he doesn't know how to deal with the riddler, because he's never dealt with somebody like the Redlin? The closest thing is literally this guy who's dealt with in the past. Yeah, sounds like that's a really good it's really fucking smart. Yeah, but I could also get why he would why he would cut it. I can get especially with as long as the movie already is. I'm like, okay, yeah, that makes sense to cut, but the one of the end, I'm glad you left it in. Yeah, that was such a cool fucking scene. And my theater was sold out and you heard people in the theater going like no fucking way. Guy Behind me was like you got to be kidding me, like in a good way. He was like that's so cool it. I could talk about this movie all fucking day. It's a great movie. I told my I told buddy of mine because he wasn't sure. He was like he was as me was.

I was like just keep in mind it's different, like Matt Reeves said, going into it it's a different kind of movie. He wasn't like it's not an action movie. It's got action sequences in it, but it's not an action movie. It's a slow mystery detective movie, speaking, which I loved him and Gordon Together. They're great. A love, especially thumb drive. Really it's so fucking dark and I love it. It's like really right now, but that's that's the kind of shit that we haven't really gotten because usually, like when we do see in the previous movies, when you would see Batman doing detective work, he was on his own and he was usually doing it in a lab as Bruce Wayne. He wasn't him really working with Gordon. Gordon was just kind of his go between and they rely on each other a lot. I love it when they're in that in the in the room with all the cops and they're like you'd like I get you out of here. He's I used to punch me in the face really hard and you could have pulled that punch. I did love that. How visually, I love how he talks to him like an annoyed brother. He's like man, like, I don't even know, like what you're doing? Yeah, trying to make sure you don't said thing. But now they it's like they both rely on each other did to get it done, and you could tell they are both only trust each other because he has that more more. Batman's like not you too. Yeah, and then he realizes that Gordon's just pulling a ruse. Yeah, get his ass out of there. It was met up when he when he glides off that fucking building and wipes out. So every one of my theater was just like, Oh God, well, I should happen. That should fucking he should like. Okay, I was like, okay, Classic Batman is gonna fly away. But it was kind of Nice to see him fuck because then the next thing you see is him get up, just going like wow, God damn it. And I like the fact he didn't use the Batman be a much excepted one time like the yeah, it was just some motorcycle that anybody could own. Yeah, and he wasn't in costume at all for it really to the very end. Yeah, that last scene. Yeah, he drives in it a little bit, but it's never like again. It's not like in again. I love the Nolan who love the Dark Knight, but it's not this, this x mochina has an answer for everything. In the Batmobile it's like, Oh, it's gonna blow up, don't worry, it converts into a motorcycle. I don't worry, you can do this, it can do that. Like it doesn't do every thing. It's a car with a rocket engine and it looks really cool. Does got a rule case? Get got it. You can see the roll cage. So I was a I get my favorite. It's pie tie of my favorite dark night. I'm going to I gotta, I gotta see it again, but right now it's sitting right there like I'm having to go back and forth, like which one do I like? Never and no, really different. They're. So they're yeah, they're completely different movies. Be Dark Knight. Dark Knight's kind of a kind of a detective story, but it's mostly an action movie with the joker. Yeah, and and it's Heath Ledger's joker. That kind of is what does? That does that? Yeah, like, like, like a lot of the reason the dark knights so good is the joker. It's really more his movie than Batman's. Yeah, Oh, and I like the Dark Knight Rises. It just it's not as good. So it kind of I think the tracks a little bit. But yeah, it's like like the old like I've been I've been racking my brain about it and I said I'm gonna see it again. But because the length doesn't bother me. I don't mind long. So I enjoy slow, long movies. I like being able like I love my short stupid shit too, but I like being able to sit down and get I love mystery. So the only thing I've been able to come up with that I had any kind of problem with was just I wanted more Alfred because he's not in the movie. He's barely in the movie. I's he's got good scenes and Andy Cirkus. I think it's great as a great pick, especially for this one. They're going. He's just not a him. I know he's really not. So if I had to pick anything, it's just I want more Alfred, but who knows what we'll get next. It wasn't considering like how their relationship is in this one. I get why there wasn't more of him because it kind of feels like Batman, like Bruce is still kind of keeping him a little bit at arm's length emotionally, but we start to see that come down in that last scene they have together. I thought they were going to kill off Alfred. For a SEC I was like no fucking way, I said to you. I was like this is ridiculous. If they did that, I'd be pissed on. I wouldn't lie. I would be pissed off if they killed him off and Lebby didn't. I even liked that they included dotty, whatever her name is, because that's like a throwback to the s Batman. Yeah, which I thought was funny. Did you catch the what? I think there's a scene where they reverted back to the dark night joker, like some... you want to see a magic shure. I can't remember. There was like a quote. Now I was like, oh, that's from the dark knight there. There were definitely likes. You can tell that they did some stuff in the movie that was like a tributor and illusion to pass. Yeah stuff. They make a really big hush reference, which was cool. I think that actually might be coming at some point. What so when he's first when when riddler is revealing that basically that Bruce Wayne's the next targetter, that he's targeting. The Wayne's is that he's talking about how there was this reporter who was going to expose Thomas Wayne and he had him killed to is you trying to hush the the the the press or whatever? So that reporters name is Edward Elliott, which in the comics is the father of Thomas Elliott, who is Bruce Wayne's best friend growing up, who becomes hush, who basically he's an expert surgeon and he basically makes his face look like Bruce Wayne's to try to sabotage his family and ends up becoming a villain of the Batman. It's a really cool story that got fucked up in an animated movie. I mean really hard to pull off, though on im any it would, but it also the story also does involve the riddler, so if they wanted to come back to that later on, it'd be it'd be a cool way to do it if they did. It was probably just a little Haha. Lincoln an odd but it was. I thought when that happened you heard some folks in the theater go is is his wife was like Arkham, is that like cannon? I that was when that happened. Most of my theater was like what the fuck? Yeah, I don't think that's came I think that was something new they did that I don't hate. Yeah, I thought it was great as like Oh, that's kind of makes sense to wealthy families. Yeah, because it was something I never thought about. I never thought about like okay, well, who was Martha before she married Thomas? And then you hear that I'm just kind of like, oh, that's clever. So I want I want to look that up to see if that's from anything, because I know they based this on long Halloween year one and there was a run called ego. So I don't know if it's from one. It's I know it's not from long Halloween or year one, but so I yeah, that and that maybe just been something really fucking clever that they came up with, in which case fucking Kudos, because that's that's genius. The music was really fucking good. I got the soundtrack on my phone. It's so far good music was really good for it. Well, the guy you did the music, Michael Giacchino. He's done the music for like like the incredibles in the new star Trek movies and the Jurassic Worlds. I mean you pick like a popular fuck if he did, he did cocoa like you pick a popular move from like last twenty years, he probably did the music for it. Some of the mission impossibles. I mean he's Dr Strange. He did the music doctor strange and rogue one, which he rogue one. The music's not good, but he came on because the first composer left and they had a month to get the music done before the okay, he's basically just like here you go, generic sci fi them done. They're like cool, we'll take it as all I got. All right, you gave me thirty days. Here's what I could do. Shout out to folks listening to us on good pods. Oh Yeah, we're still charting the top fifty on all three of those lists. That's wild. We still stayed in the top fifty. So thank you, guys. If you're not listening to us on good pod skills, it was on good pots. It's actually a really good APP. It's cool because you can like you can like rate review shows, but you can also rate and review specific episodes. Oh really, it's like a combination of like twitter and like a podcast APP, because you can like add people in groups. So, like, if you're all fans of this one show, you can like join the discussion from about that show and still listen to the shows. They're not paying me to say that. I'm just a fan, just a fan, just a fan. Did you read where till like Paul Dano recorded that one scene two hundred times? Which one, the one where he's talking on the IPHONE? The recorded iphone? Oh Really? Yeah, it just like it wasn't like the directors actually Danos like, let's do it this way, and us, I want to do it from like this, I angle that Angle Hurd he I heard he really got into this, which I you can tell. Oh, you can absolutely set it. I love how they kind of because he's such a blend of like the riddler and the Zodiac and what's his face from seven, like there's element, Dude. All My goddinger higher apartment seeing reminded me is sad, so much. Yeah, Oh my God, like there was so much. There was so much seven and Zodiac like that. He obviously Matt Reeves a David Fincher Fan. Yeah, the the that that apartment see, I was like this is seven, this is fucking seven, and I'm not mad at all. No, so fucking good. Seven has one of the best endings. Ever, it's like the best, like the villain. One, yeah, he a hundred guy,...

...that deserve what he got. One, yeah, because he deserved to die, but he won by dying. Yeah, and you're like and more in Freeman, this is going off three as more. Everyman is like, don't if he does it, he wins. Yeah, I can. You like. And you can't blame Brad Pitt for killing him. No, not at all. You get it. You A hundred percent. Yeah, you like, I know who wrote the fincher right, that are was it wrote seven? Yeah, who wrote seven? That's a good question. God Damn, because that's like the always forget, like how good that like, you son of a bitch, movie is so good, you son of a bitch. You did it like you made it to wear, like to he also write it? It says directed. No, Andrew Kevin Walker wrote it, but Fitcher directed it. God, that and you Kevin Walker's to your fucking genius, Sir. Almost. Is He fucking written? Let's see here, the seven, nine and ten. What, wow, that was kind of a man. That's kind of seems like his one big hit, because he did sleepy hollow in ninety nine. The yeah, the Wolfman, which was not good. Windfall, which is coming out this year. He's only written a few and he's written like some. He was a script doctor for event horizon and Fight Club, which is basically just you go in and just proof reading revised eyes. So he's he worked on panic, panic room did some stuff or tails from the crypt back in the S. wow, that was kind of like wow. So I guess seven was like his one big fucking Joie. Everything worked. Yeah, but that entire apartment scene remind me of seven. Oh Yeah, oh, hundred percent. I was like Fuck Owen, everything they were doing with with like the the the CIPHERS and all that. I mean that's straight out of Zodiac. Oh Yeah, look, and because riddlers one of those characters, like I've said for years, like this guy can be like one of the scariest fucking bad guys if they would just stop being goofy with him, because everyone's always goofy with them. Because I get it was a bright greens. It's kind of hard not to, especially after Jim Carrey, but this was such just written. You think riddler, you think riddles, like riddles, fun, fun little things for kids. Yeah, I get it. I totally get it. But it same with the Penguin. Like how do you take a character with the Penguin and make it? You know, you don't do it the Inny de Vito did, yeah, which was just weird. Yeah, I go back and forth like body returns. I do think Zoe Kravitz is probably the best catwoman I've seen since Shellefifer, because I liked the idea of Ann Hathaway, but they like didn't do anything with her. They just made her afraid of Vane the whole time. Hm, I thought she was really good and I haven't seen so we Kravitz in a lot outside of like fantastic beast movie she just made. I loved her in it now that she had like a reason. I like how like carmine, yeah, was her father. Oh, that's straight out a long hold. It's straight out of the comics, is it really? I said say it was saying with the thing where he's talking about how Bruce's dad staid from getting shot. That is straight out of the long Halloween. Like as soon as I heard him say that, I which because when they were so when we got our two we went to the fan screen. They were given us free like single issue comic books that were just the first issue. That was the long Halloween, just with like movie concept art, because that was like Oh. So when I saw that I was like okay, because I thought from the ghetto, like this is going to be based on long Halloween. From what I was hearing that like two is going to be playing a falcone and all that. And then when he raised like yeah, I got shot right here and his dad and he watched the whole thing, I was like that is I could turn, I could go get my copy and show your where the page, where it's at. So I love that and I love that they brought that in because that's there's not been a movie that's ever touched on that. Yeah, I also love the fact at the end as like yeah, he dies, like he's killed, but yeah, it's like cutting off the head of a snake. Yeah, and seven other appears going to create a power void. It's all our power vacuum. It's all it is. And you cause you see that look on on Oswald's face. He's like, Oh, this Shit's mine. Yeah, he's going to because the iceberg lounge in the comics and all that is always been penguins you know place. It's a major point in the Arkham in in Arkham city. Got A lot of Arkham city vibes, like the video games off this thing. Even his suit kind of looks like a little bit like one. What the fuck did the eject himself with at the end of the movie? So some people have said that they're setting up to do bain again because they're implying that that's like an early form of like venom or some shit, which I can...

...get. I'm also willing to just write it off. There's just like an adrenaline shot. Yeah, so I think. But like was like it wasn't a needle either, because he had like this, it was like a thing. It just like it like a thing in his suit that opened up for him to like inject it straight so I don't know, because he started fucking beating the shit out of that guy, which is why I get why people were like, is that? IS THAT VENOM? Like, is he gonna like accidentally create pain? Because Daddy fucking cool. Yeah, can't imagine they want to go ahead and do Bain already, but fuck it, I'm hard. He's being. Wasn't bad though, either. No, I thought Tom Hardy's Bein was just fine. I guess I get it, but I think ban's a hard character to do and fucking make it work and I thought Tom hard it's like Tom Hardy kind of did the right because Bang Yourself, you don't think of him being like a mastermind of anything. Well, you do, when you don't it it depends on who wrote the Comic Book That Day. Certain comics, yes, other comics know. He's an idiot. Yeah, he's a muscle. He's what you got, because what you got in Batman and Robin was not unheard of. Yeah, but what you got in dark knight rises was kind of what more people were more kind of accustomed to. But because Batman Robin, because some weeks somebody brought this up the other day, and the comic like that, the even the animated series that people also like. He's a dumb idiot, which is a bummer because the first time you see him in that's in that show, he's really smart. Every episode he's in after that he's a fucking moron. I can't remember the smart one. I've rewatched it like like so many fucking times, but it's just yeah, so I guess if they want to do it. I mean great, I'm never fucking any but I also kind of want to see somebody either haven't done before or haven't done in a while. You know. Yeah, like, like I love to see a really good take on Mr Freeze. That's gonna be so hard to do, though. It would. You'd have to let go of the realism a little bit. Yeah, but like do, like I'd love to see a mad hatter. Like, if you want to go fucking like mystery horror movie, Go Matt Hatter. Yeah, get round me. Mall at the plan. Yeah, that's my I put the I put. I swear to God, I tweet this like once a fucking month or something. I picked who I wanted for like for the villains. So one of the ones I want is mad hatter. I went round me malick. We look look at his other especially between. I liked him as the bad guy in the new bond, but I honestly pulled it mostly from how he played in Mr Robot. I need fish Mr Robot. It's good. I finish. I watched the first like two seasons. I loved it. Yeah, it's so good. I'm okay, every Batman Villain. So I for I also thought if they wanted to do hugh because originally dark knight rises was going to be about Hugo strange. Yeah, and it was going to be Robin Williams is Hugo strange. That was because Heath Ledger and Chris Nolan it started writing the third movie before he died. You dead shot you could. Yeah. I think they're kind of going to want to stay away from that, though, considering yes, right and everything. I was if you out, who would be eiverake, really like it's to be real, real well, so that's why I'm saying as you could do hugo strange, and I think you get Peter Danklige for that. Yeah, for Mr Freeze, I said Javier Bardem. Yeah. And then the one I really want, that I think is flawless and they should do it right now, is I want Michael Shannon is to face. I think too fast to be the easiest, most realistic one to do. I think Michael Shannon could because I gain I base that solely off that video of him reading the sorority email. Oh really, you see that video, but pull this up in a it there was this videous is. This was like like I think like ten years ago. This email got leaked today the head of a sorority sent out to the other sisters or whatever, and it was like one of the most abusive fucking things you ever heard in your life. So funnier, die got a got a copy of it and set up this set with Michael Shannon and gave him like a glass of Scotch and had him do a dramatic reading of it, and it is I'm going to pull the shit up. It is amazing, but this video was what makes me go he should be to face. If you just open this, like I told you to, tie yourself down and whatever chair you're sitting in, because this email is going to be a rough fucking ride for those of you that have your heads under rocks, which apparently is a majority of this chapter. We have been fucking up in terms of the nighttime events in general, social interactions with signal out. If you're reading this right now saying yourself, oh MG, back up, I've been having so much fun in my sisters this week and punch yourself in the face right now so that I don''t have to fucking find you on campus and do... myself, you have three hundred sixty one days out of the fucking year to talk to sisters, and this week is not, I fucking repeat, not fucking one of them. This week is about fostering relationships in the Greek community, and that's not fucking possible if you're going to stand around talk to each other and not our mansion. News Flash, YOU'RE STUPID, fucking cocks rats don't like boring sororities. Oh wait, double fucking news flash. Sigma new is not going to want to hang out with this and we fucking suck, which, by the way, in case you're an idiot and need it spelled out for you, we fucking sucks so far. This also applies to you little shits that have talked openly about post gaming at a different fract in front of sigma new brothers. Are you people fucking retarded? That's not a rhetorical question. I literally want you to email me back telling me if you're mentally slow, so I can make sure you don't go to any more nighttime days. If Sigma New said, yeah, WE'RE gonna invite say too. Oh, would you be happy? Would you know? You? Why? So, why the fuck do you done? Dare? First of all, you shouldn't be post gaming a friend. I don't give a fuck if your boyfriends in it. You don't go, you don't girl you especially do fucking not convince other girls to leave with you. You say in your whining a little bitch voice to your computer screen. I'm in cheering on our sports team, did all the sports. Doesn't that count for something? Now, you're stubborn fucking ass hats. It fucking doesn't. Do you want a fucking why? Doesn't count because you've been fucking up a sober fucking events too, for example, of being stupid shits and saying stuff like your word, kirkball. Well, it's time someone told you. No, I'm fucking lives that. I don't fucking Cun punt the next person out here doing something like that and I don't give a fuck. I you so army, I will fucking assaul you if this email applies to you in anyway, meaning if you are a little asswipe that stands in corners and night, or if you're weird shit that does weird shit during the day. This following message is for you, dude. I do turn to nights on edge. I'm not fucking cannon don't go. If you're one of the people that have told me, Oh no, Boohoo, I can't talk too boys, I'm too sober, then I pity you because I don't know how you got this foreign life. And with that in mind, don't fucking show up unless you're going to stop being a Goddamn Cock lock for our chapter. Seriously, I swear fucking God, if I see anyone being a goddamn bonner at tonight's event, I will tell you what we given. If you're sober. And for those of you were offinitted at this email, I apologize, but I really don't give a fuck. Go Fuck Yourself. You never seen that before? Make that man to face. I'm just saying it the get to face, because Michael Channon's basshit crazy. Is He really? Really? I know, but he just gives you GIS he's so intense. Yeah, family guy did that as a bit where he is like yeah, I had that. I had a job as the onset. My onset job was just keep an eye on Michael Shannon and the whole thing is he's sitting next to him, he's just like yeah, it's okay, Buddy, see, it's all right. You don't gotta hurt anybody. He turns way for two seconds, turns back, the whole crewis dead. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. 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Do you think to face makes the most sense, because you know they need a new day. Now there's so many different ways, like God, even think about that. Yeah, I think that's entire and I honestly think that might be why they because that's also that need da dies, commissioner dies. Yeah, well, because that's long Halloween is all about. Dent become a two face. That's how that's that's how that all is. He's the Dow da trying to do like what we kind of like in the Dark Knight to the Dark Knight had a lot of long Halloween in it too, where he's trying to solve all this shit and it's ruining his relationship, ruining his marriage, and then he fucking to face. Happens? M Jesus, it's the Mo. I've not been able to stop talking about this fuck kind of thing. Is like he killed Robert Pattinson killed it as Batman. Oh my gosh, by my face actually IMPI my favorite Batman. I'm trying so hard not to say that because I'm I don't want to, because there's some of the people who were like it's the new ones, so they love it. So I'm trying about to have this reasons. He's like Christian meal. My favorite Batman is always been Christian Baley, okay, and Michael Keaton. I don't really like the camp you stuff. Okay, I'm never like the camp you stuff, so I'd appreciation for it. All that stuff wasn't really my thing. Even as a kid. I was like this is like really kind of Gotcha, fake whatever. Well, specially when you get into kill kilmur including. Yeah, yeah, Oh my God, just a game more campier than that bad credit card. It's just like okay, but like he looked broken, like broken, and like bail looked bales. Batman was really pretty. Not Now am pretty, but like he's just like I'm back, yeah, type thing, like I'm back, I just want to goes full playboy. fucking Pattinson's was like I'm broken down. I do not give a fuck if I die, because you can actually see with a guy as a shot on to his face is like yeah, I'm going to die. HMM, there's literally nothing I can do about this. I'm going to die. But he said died doing something, that he's gonna die. It was the die is the Batman. Yeah, like did you? Did you get that feeling right? A hundred percent, like he hit that point. He had no energy, nothing left. Well, saying with when he when he cuts the yeah, when he cuts the court, he you could tell this when he's like, I don't care if I die. Yeah, I'm just trying to fucking fix this as much as I can, because part of him also probably feels kind of responsible for not figuring it out sooner, because because riddler says, he's like, Oh, you're not as smart, you don't you don't know everything yet. Oh, you're not as smart as I thought you were. Because in he realizes what the fuck am I missing? Because, a, he can't believe it took him that long to figure out who the rat was. Yeah, he was so sure it was penguin. Yeah, plus finding out all this shit to do with his parents and all that. So, yeah, he is at that point. He's like, I don't give a fuck if I die, I die, just want this shit done. m. But then I love I love that they have the him keeping the journal and kind of narrating a little bit. I love the narration. I usually don't like like the narration in this shit, like with blade runner. That's why I love that they cut it out. But his I really enjoyed m because he he doesn't have a lot of dialog HMM. He doesn't say very much, but kind of like with Ryan Gosling, he does a lot with just like his expression was just just his eyes alone, like when he's in that apartment and that the cop with the mustache has been kind of fucking with him a whole up the whole movies. Hey can't be in here, and he just looks at him. Yeah, like Oh, Hey, well, I mean you can't tear up the carpet. Looks at him again. I was I'm not gonna lie, I was so afraid that cop was going to die. Really I was like don't let this I like this guy. Don't, don't let him fuck, because he was the one the funeral who was like it's Bruce Wayne and yeah, now it's like one of those things, just like he. That's why I loved about it. Is Like, you know, Bruce Strains have beaten down, like Batman's like beaten down in the visual yeah, like he's got issues. When he when he anny, looks and acts like he has issue. Oh, yeah, like he'd. He doesn't. He is not. He is barely holding it together. Well, the thing was like I have funny I actually watch a video that goes to actually today, like a short Clipp it about how Batman doesn't date as an animation. Siti made it serious, as I like, I'm a rich playboy with issues. Oh, I know the one you're talking about. Like Mike, he's talking to wonder woman is he's trying to ask him about he's like you're a you're an am mortal warrior Princess, and I'm a rich kid with issues. Yeah, which is true. Like and like Pattentson's Batman, you could tell he has like baals Batman then seem like he had issues. Yeah, like like you knew he did because he kept saying he did, he...

...didn't act like it. Yeah, he's it's Batman just felt like a job for him. Yeah, like Pattinson's just like this is hit, like this is like he does not give a fuck. Yeah, like the only thing he cares about is doing this job, getting it right, and he does not care if he dies doing it. Because in that when he goes up to meet Alfred that morning, he's got to put his sunglasses on because he's so just not used to being out in the daytime. He's so used to either being out at night or being down in that, which I love. That the quote unquote, Bat Cave. Is that a abandoned subway station? Yeah, because, because it's like he's got access to everything. Yeah, no more of this like having to drive out to the fucking suburbs where the mansion is is. He's there where everything I'd like. I'd like that a lot. I did too. I would thought that was really, really s because when I saw, like when you got a glimpse of in the trailers, I thought he was just in just an abandoned part of the mansion. I didn't realize it was going to be like yeah, in a subway hovers. I thought that was really smart. I really like that and how his shit wasn't pristine, like his computers were just kind of put together when he's sending catwoman in with the contact when it wasn't working right. It wasn't working right, he couldn't get the good thing. When he's trying to call the mansion from the Batcave, like all his consoles look old as shit. He's like he has been dumpster diving and just putting shit together to make it work, and I fucking loved it. That's great. Yeah, it was not, and it was. It was kind of like because it wasn't really like an origins. I mean he's already Batman, but it's almost like cassine Royale and away, like when I cause James Bond, like you, starting to realize, like they're seeing to be certain things, but do more movies. Why? He does way some things he does. Yeah, yeah, he's not like yes, it is. Is Not how he become. This is not him deciding to become Batman. This is him figuring out what what Batman's going to be. Yeah, what Batman is. Because again that goes to that thing at the end where he's like he says in his mom he's like, I've been doing it wrong, you know, because we have that moment finally, because I love where when he goes to save the people, he holds his hand out and everyone backs away except the kid that's seen him the whole time, or even it, because that goes against that first scene. He beats those stugs and then the guy he saved is like please, don't hurt me, because they don't know who the fuck it they still don't know. Like right, because he's been because he's been doing it wrong. But then he has that filement where he puts the The lady, whoever it is, on that stretcher and she grabs his arm and doesn't want him to leave and he just takes a moment and just sits with her and then like reassures and he's realizing, like, okay, this is what they need. Yeah, they don't need me going around beating up street dogs. They need me. I need to focus on the bigger picture here. Yes, I haven't been focusing on the bigger picture. Yeah, it's yeah, I can't wait to see it again. I'm so fucking busy this week's on, I don't know what I'm going to get to, but I can't wait to see it again. When it's on Hbo Max, I'm going to watch it like all the fucking time. I can't wait for the BLU ray and whenever they do another one. Yeah, I know they said like this, like it's coming. He's like, but, you know, within five years, and I'm like I need it like now. I want to, I want to live in this world some more. Like that's well, that's that's all I'll talk about. Talk about like the city, like it didn't look at this isn't like we had in the past. We're like, oh, that's Chicago. Oh, that's New York. Like this really felt like its own HMM city, city. And not only that, but like in the past, when they've said, when they've talked about how Gotham is such a Shithole, it never felt like it. It's like this, this is a shit hole. Yeah, this, and which actually a guy on twitter was like, okay, like, yeah, I get it to show, but then why does everyone live there? I'm like, because the rents probably like two hundred bucks a month for a three bed apartment. They yeah, the property values are so fucking low they can get places for cheap. That's why. But yeah, like this really felt like Gotham is absolutely at I'll tell you what. And I hated the show, but Gotham, the show got that part of Gotham right. Really. I never watched it. It's a godawful show. It is terrible. Starts off fine but it derails really fast in the first season. But you felt like Gotham was like a city beyond repair, like they got that part real. Also their penguin and really, really good. But yeah, they got the fact that Gotham was was a Shithole really well, and I noticed that watches. I was kind of like it's kind of feels like the Gotham from the show, and I actually kind of like it. And it seemed too big either. No, no, it because, again, like when you when you take because because like the dark knight movies were made in Chicagomy and you can take a you can get an APP and take a dark night tour of Chicago, which is kind of cool. But yeah, it felt like this huge like I've ember seen that. I'm like,...

...there's body. It could never find anything in this fucking city. It's first of all been to Chicago. There's no fucking way he's finding anything in this city. This one feels like. And again, I think that's part of the reason why it's smart to have him based out of this tower in the center of the city, because he doesn't have to go very far. Yeah, and it's seems like a small enough city, like you could have told me, like it's pretty you can tell me it's the size of Dayton and I believe you. HMM, and it's be pretty in it seems like it's small enough that, yeah, one guy could probably having a good difference here in a city like chicat like that's actually Chicago. I don't know, have a hard time believe it. Yeah, she's I love this fucking movie. It's so fucking good. I even feel bad saying the thing about Alfred. It's like, but it's like I wish there was more, but it was good, like it wasn't bad. I just wanted more, but I feel bad saying that. That's a by the thing is just not out of him just being Bruce Wayne though, either. So therefore that's true. Yeah, because, well, Alfred and Batman really don't have like his relationship is with Bruce, where it's not badman. That makes a lot of that. I should I han't thought about that. That makes a lot of sense because he better because very rarely in the comics, like even in the comics or in the cartoons, he only visits him the cave real fast and yeah, leaves type thing, like because you cut, because you see, you see, you see more of Alfred like just being a butler. He's just he's just answering the mail. Yeah, deal with the male deal with the food telling. He's doing Butler Shit, which is honestly kind of different that we haven't seen that, I think, really since the the one like from Michael Keaton through Georgy when, what was his name? Michael Gough, who played Alfred and all four of those movies. Like he believed he was a butler. Yeah, but you also believed in his relationship with Batman and Robin. This one was like yeah, like he was like he said, he was just answering the mail. Yeah, he was just trying. He was trying, he was that was the single shred of normalcy. One of the cool thing is to Alfred has such a big like background and sense of what he did in his past, to that his his Alpha, his own one. You can yeah, okay, that makes sense. That's another thing I'll say is his Alfred reminded me a lot of the Alfred from the Gotham show, and I like that. I like that about that Alfred because in that show, like he was a he was hard, he was harsher on Bruce. It was a tough love thing. Todd them how to fight. Still tried to be a mentor, but like, it reminded me a lot of that relationship as opposed to again, like Michael Goff and Michael Caine, who were both more of just surrogate father type. Yeah, nothing wrong with either one. I just I really liked, I loved what Andy Serkis got to do. I just wish you got to do more of it. But if that's the only negative thing I have to say him out fucking movie. And I know, Pete, I know there's people out there who didn't like it as much as I did or wanted something but they thought would be more action. Yeah, a lot of a lot of the people I've seen who didn't like it as much don't like long movies and wanted more action. I get it. That's a personal taste thing. I can live with that. Ben Shapiro Hating it just makes me laugh. White privilege, white if the white one, which lie one, one, two words, two words. And I was because it's because suddenly all these and I love one guy who tweeted like this, movies fuck racist because all the bad people are white. Somebody said that. Oh yeah, I read it on twitter. I'll show you these fucking tweets. I read man like they are because you can tell they go to like the Ben Shapiro School of thought. But so, let's see, in the Batman there is one line of racist dialog and there was no need for that at all. It was pathetic and woke, all caps and they use the word white men running Gotham city. WTF was the point of that? And I actually saw the couple to my front left clearly show they were not happy. Next guy woke politics affecting the Batman. All the bad characters are white men, Falcon, Penguin, riddler, commissioner, Chief Dia, ignorant, rich white boy, Bruce Wayne, morally corrupt politician, Thomas Wayne, but all the good guys are black. Gordon, catwoman, that the mayor. Nice Work Hollywood. He said Batman White. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's sure fucking is. He's sure fucking is. Also, you eventually find out that Thomas Wayne not a corrupt politician. That's the big fucking revealed at the end of the movie. Yeah, she's also that gang he beats up at the beginning, all minorities. Let's see the Batman. I give us seven, point nine out of ten. Do not support it, which is also a a pretty good fucking score. Honestly, do not support it if you want race swapping to continue. It's too long and it's boring at times. Car Chases, terr horrible bullshit s agree. Not Enough.

Alfred, okay, not enough riddler. He's in the whole fucking movie. riddler only gives a performance at the end and wasn't epic and it was full of woke politics. And the last one just saw the badly at the movies. Of course they had to woke it up by having a scene talking about white privilege. Other than that it's pretty decent. I previously I can't remember what even like. I was like it was it was because he stopped catwoman from killing the dude. Her old thing was like who? We're just going to let these guys live and then, Blah Blah Blah, white privilege will get away with it again. And I was like that makes fucking sense. That lines get to Piss a lot of people off, but it makes fucking sense. Not I gotta take it from her perspective to she's not white, like we've established it. Like she lives in a shit bad apartment. Is passed through on her bills. I Love Somebody pointed out the address as Gotham city. Comma us, like they don't put the state in. Oh, yeah, I never knows that, but you're right, somebody. I was like that's that's fucking funny. And Yeah, like she goes to her you know, she her father's carmine fel cone, and she's barely getting by and all this time he could have fucking helped her out and he didn't. So she's gonna fucking kill him, which I gues. He's a fucking Dick. It's just Jesus fucking Christ, I hate people, but to be fair, it is a white thing to do, to commit suicide and murder like fucking Martha's parents did. She's Fucking r white thing that to love. My fucking God, it's just, Oh my God, and I love the I love that griddler had a fucking twitch following, which was so fucking fun. Is that what that was? To what it looks like? It looks like twitch. Okay, I'm not on twitch side. Don't it kind of looks like twitch? It could probably. It's probably just generic live streaming, like he's falling nobody, though he had five hundred some od followers, but it was following nobody as well, and it was I love that. It was kind of a take on like fucking Internet rolls and Shit, because when Batman says he's like, at the end of the day, no one's gonna give a fuck who you are. Yeah, especially if we stop you, because I'll because all again. That's why riddler's pissed at the end, because he did all this shit, but on the news they're just talking about how Batman's helping people and he's fucking pissed that no one's talking about him doing this shit. And it's such a fuck you to like those Shit Bag Internet trolls and want to be an on fucking feet people. And I was like that's that's fantastic. He's fucking so it's so fucking good, so fucking and that whole the very beginning and the whole scene where he's obviously watching them. Yeah, and then like the lights flicker off, then on and he's like Oh, just standing right behind him, I live, like I was like, Oh shit, but now I that when he was at our scarred hmm, the day, yeah, when he likes screams after hitting so our scart, like stars are turn around and I can know. So I was like, yeah, that's exactly how how here know the mayor, that Stars Guard was the dia. Yeah, forget who played the mayor, but no, but like he hits ours guard in the car. Oh right, yeah, screamed? Yeah, like he screamed because he did it. He didn't when he hit the mayor too, did he? Yeah, when he tackles the Mall Ramon. Yeah, and just like one of those things you like. I yeah, that guys unhinged. He's nuts. Yeah. Well, I love when he's when he's when he's on the phone with with with Stars Guard in the at the funeral. I love how Giddy he's getting. Oh, it's so creepy again. I don't mind a little goofiness with my riddler, but I want creepy goofiness. I don't want silliness. And he was so excited because he thought he was. He thought he was gonna get it. He was so close, but also he was kind of want to blow the guy's out off. Yeah, me ask you this. If he gave him, if he gave him the answer, do you think he would have given him the combination to get it off? He was still killed. An you gonna gave him combination get off? Yeah, because I think he it's all a big game. Do at the same time and get play bad. I think he's playing by some rules. Well, he had a bigger plan. Yeah, the plan wasn't all hinging on whether or not you're still going to blow that. Damn my second blow them. And now I that like he gets the rat comes out and he wins. Still gets chaos. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, so he he wins that no matter what. Yeah, I liked the little through line they had with with Bruce and Batman the kid, because he sees him at the very beginning as Batman at the crime scene. Yeah, and then he sees him again at the funeral and you know, and then he gets that lad that last one when he went, because he's the first one to take Batman's hand when he saves them. And they hadn't like about the movie one thing. Once she got shot. M Like then act like she got shot that bad. Yeah, that's fair as I she's walking right after getting shot like that. How they am like yeah, but he's a gun like I think there's a line where there real she was like it...

...was just through the shoulder or something like that. I see, I might have missed that. I could be right, I could be remembering wrong, but but I she grabbed her shoulder when she got shot. So I did think was kind of fucked up that Gordon was just tracking her by the arm as dude, she's just got shot. Yeah, I know you're trying to save her life, but just come here. Bitch's great. As Gordon, she's Jeff. You're right, was suck when they when I heard he got cast, I was like fuck, yes, so good is Gordon? Well, JK Simmons, and and I know he's going to that. That's the thing. It's got me like because they're filming the Batman or back girl movie right now, but that's said in the Justice League universe, he's JK Simmons playing. He's Commissioner Gordon, because he was Gordon in Justice League. God Damn. Yeah, yeah, he stopped doing super hears because, like is it? Because he's in no way home, Dude. It's just like he's fucking. What's his face? And Spider Man, well, all the spire man. Well, you know the bad guy is in bad girl right now. Brendan Fraser. Who? WHO's he playing? Firefly? Oh, yeah, I didn't know about that. Yeah, but I just I love that. Right, frasier's getting this fucking comeback. It's so good. But yeah, so it's going to be in because because right before the movie they showed that, like the world needs heroes. Preview thing, because it was like Black Adams coming out in the flash is coming out and and Aquaman. To at all that. I was like, yeah, but all of those are connected, this one's not. Yeah, an they get to. That's why I actually turn a dusty and I was like their best movie of all them is the one not part of this universe. So say with joker. Yeah, like the two best DC movies that have not connected to the Justice League at all, all, even, all, even, throw this all, even, throw Zack Snyder's justice league in there. Yeah, because they're not, because they're not rolling with any of that. Yeah, that's right. You're right. The three best DC movies that come out in a long time are the three that aren't connected to what's going on right now. Yeah, which is fucking answest am. I do like Shazam, but but the three best are jokers, actnyed, the Snyder cut and the Batman. Yeah, watch joker. Why? Gonna Watch joker again? Watched that in a bit. It's a hard movie to be in the mood for. Joe Joker. Yeah, Joker's a hard movie to it's good, but it's like I gotta, I gotta be in the mood to feat to feel some heavy shit, because that movie gets fucking dark, but it's guys get dark. Yeah, but so does the Batman. I mean the Batman does not people saying like it's so dark. It's a Batman movie, you bucks. It's I can't dude. I hate the can't be shit. The can't be shit has a very niche audience, like like like if you want the can't be shit, it's out there, go fucking watch it. But you know what they did the can't be shit. Nobody what the fucking watch. That's it was. I don't want tell you. It remind me of Logan. That's a reminded me. They told me on the phone. Yeah, it reminds me of like Batman's very numblogan. Yeah, Oh, yeah, totally, just just and they pushed that pg thirteen like when you when you hear pg thirteen, your first reaction is like what they do with a lot of PG thirty, which is basically family friendly. Yeah, they used the PG thirteen. ME. They got enough bomb in. Yeah, they really right fucking away. Yeah, now they use the PG thirteen in this. They were like what can we get a like we're going to push as far as we can. I wonder if there is, I know this is kind of the question of every PG. Thirteen S is. I wonder if there's an r rated cut out there. But because people were speculating for a bit that it was, that there was a chance it could be rated our especially after joker crush as hard as it and Justice League did. Somebody was asking me to somebody they they're talking about, about the length of the movie and they were like it's he we else find that weird, that like the movies that they just let belong and it being like once I was like I guarantee you the Batman is three hours because of how much everyone liked justice league, the three hour cut of BBS and joker, like this is a direct reaction to them just saying fuck it, we're not we're not editing shit anymore. Just just keep it under three hours. Its closer to keep it. Don't go over three hours, basically, because this is like two hours in like fifty five minutes. Yeah, just barely under five hours. But I feel like that. I think we're getting away from the idea that people won't watch long movies. Yeah, they fucking will. They're good. Yeah, they got me entertaining. Yeah, people watched end game because it was entertaining. People watched this because it was entertaining. People didn't watch the Irish men because it wasn't that entertaining. But you know, the godfathers three hours long. It's like consider one of the best movies ever fucking made. I can't watch it all in one setting, but it's a really good fucking movie. It's just it's just a little, little dry for me, but it's really good. It's not about the length, it's about what you do with it. That's a sex thing, just like we talking about. It's called the base. My sex labs. Sponsored by load boost, sponsored by coming, sponsored by coming,.

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