The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 63 · 6 months ago

Tom Brady's Back?


So I guess Tom Brady got bored, cuz he's back. Also, Mike Wells finally watched The Book of Boba Fett. And we say good-bye to both William Hurt & Scott Hall.


This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Tom Brady un-retires
  • RIP Scott Hall & William Hurt
  • The Book of Boba Fett


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...did after that was no, I'm short of a miracle. I mean that's crazy. Yeah, yeah, that and what else? There's something lay her, well, even her. That one fucking bum me out. I liked him a lot. I liked him. There's a recent movie, Mr Brooks, that's a Kevin Collinger Dane cooked to me more. It's a really good movie. That's the movie that made me go wow, Dan cooks a better actor than comedian because he's really good in it. But William hurt basically plays Kevin Costner's like it or is ego, one of the two? Huh? So he's like he's in the movie but only Kevin Costner can see and talk to him. It's basically he represents his serial killer side Gus argument them throughout the whole fuck the movie is fucking amazing, like it's so good it was. It's got Oscar talent and it I'm talking on camera and like directors and writers, guys who wrote made some of the biggest movies in Hollywood and they made this thing completely independent really because they couldn't get any studio to sign off on it. was because it Dane was in it or it just didn't. Just think they were assigned off on the premise, like because I think this was around the same time that like saw was coming out, but it's more of a psychological thriller. You know, those weren't kind of selling at the time, Gosh, and it is good as the movie is kids when it didn't make a lot, like Pete. There are still some people who haven't fucking seen it, but I actually I wanted to see it because I know how everybody said it's always been really good. Yeah, and I'm like, I've never just sat down and watched it. Like well, it was one of those things where you find out Dane cooks in this thing, you're like really, here's they now saw Dan in real life and Dan Cook bit part in that movie, but he was good in it. He's a better actor than a comedian. Yeah, I have said this for years, even in the movies where that we're just comedies, like good luck chuck or employee the month. Like he was good. Yeah, his delivery was good, the writing and but he a good luck chuck is fucking funny. On care everybody says, but he's good. Yeah, and then this. So, yeah, and he doesn't play like he's in he's in the movie. Mr Brooks, I never to start talking about William hurt. We're talking about Dankok, but like he's not Dane Cook in the movie. Yeah, like his characters fucked up and it's really because, basically his thing is he witnesses Kevin Costner committing a crime, committing a murder, and it's like, I want to be in on your next one. Yeah, would you get all that from the trailer. But Yeah, William Hurt, man, William hurt. That was a that was a fucking bummer. I've always liked him in everything I've seen him in, whether it was the mcu stuff or Robin Williams, Fuck Fisher King. Oh Yeah, Mr King. or No, that wasn't. That wasn't William Hurt, that was jeff bridges. They can look alike though they now. William hurt was was really good. When I was in college taken acting classes. There were a couple of instructional like videos we watched that he produced for schools that were really well done. I lived Alim and he was also one of those guys like he had a he had a very distinguishable voice. Yeah, he he really does. You could you? You would hear him talk and you're like, Oh, that's William hurt. Yeah, Gotcha. I know there was some shit that happened with his past, with because I know him in Marley Matlin, dated like back in the S or whatever, and I know there's some shit from that, but the whole story is kind of like a kind of like an amber heard Johnny Depp situation, where it's like everybody involved was super fucked up. So no one's really sure what actually happen, because even her interpreter, who's been with her for like her whole fucking life, was like he was talking about that night interview and he was kind of like, I don't think either of them know what actually happened that night. Oh really, they were both just on like every everything other than skates, basically, drug wise, and they were both accusing the other of Shit. And it's just one of those where because, but, but when he died, she was at a press event or something and somebody...

...mentioned it to her and she seemed, I mean she seemed genuinely like a, you know, Bumm to hear about it. But yeah, it was a bummer to kind of like remember when trump ruth battery. Yeah, truvill said, what? Oh, where? He had his fleeting moment of humanity. Yeah, you like that's he's not like he's how yeah, you kiss, he has a heart for a second, because he didn't have time to put on the facade for the fucking cameras like couple hours later. It was it live in the moment. He was just kind of like, Oh God, yeah, I will never forget that moment. It was weird, yea, because because he was in Ohio when it happened, wasn't it? I don't know where, I just I always remember that him going what, yeah, like, Oh my God, just just yeah, that that moment, which, yeah, it was a weird day. It was a weird day. And and now he's throwing all his support behind boot and so whatever. It well happened, though, he just keeps going on and on about how all he thinks Putin's is nothing wrong with what Putin's doing. But he's also bragging about the UK the the money he signed off on for support to Ukraine, even though he was impeached. One of the things he was in peach for was holding military mentally military. It's so, it is what it fucking is. It's I mean nothing beats Tucker Carlson's suck fest from a few weeks ago. But yeah, well, though, I did hear, I was it was on a BBC World News that today, I guess, a couple of Fox News reporters were actually killed over in Ukraine. Oh really, I a couple of their reporters were over there, were killed in one of the attacks. There's this video going around. It was on Reddit. Of It was this family. It was like a dad is suns and like their dog and they were trying to leave Ukraine. They came across like a Russian military cameravan and the sun was like videoing on his phone and the Russians open fire on him and kill him all the Dude litterally filmed his own fucking death. Teens Christ. Yeah, it's so fucking bad over there, man, and I know Jerm I saw thing today that said like Germany is now realizing they can march through Poland to take on Russia and this time they'll be the good guys. Jesus, why now they they bought a bunch day just bought a bunch of airplanes because of what's happened. Yeah, happening over there. All this shit's going on, but hey, at least the set it signed off on making day light savings teme permanent. What the fuck? This's AH, really, this is the one? You guys get fucked my heart over partisanship. Right, it was unanimous. Yeah, it was across the board. I'm like, this is the one. Yeah, don't get me wrong, totally in favor. This is what we're talking about right now, though. Really well, Biden. Also, he just signed like a huge I found about today because we had a meeting at work. You signed some bill that's gonna like pump a lot more money into public broadcasting. Oh Really? Yeah, good, yeah, more anti crow show, more anti Groachow motherfuckers. Yeah, more Bob Ross reruns, apparently, like they're. But they also sign a bill for aid for Ukraine. Yeah, think, and yeah, a lot of people are like big one, but Ukrane's fucking kind of holding their own still too. I know they're kind of like actually, guys, you know what, we're good, we got this, we will fight them off. We're good. So wild to me. Well, and we'll just scatter sunflower seats on their fucking fucking wild. Yeah, that dude, that lady, that lady man. Oh, I know it's like that, but the the Lenski or whatever, oh, they're there. There got some president, all I see about you. Hear about the quote about that. Why you guys, don't stop sending people trying to kill me? We've caught three of them. I didn't see that. was like it's I'm like he's like, stop setting people will try assassinate me. We've caught three of them.

You don't make me, you'll make me want to. I googling it right now. I'm going googling it right here because it's such a good quote and I'm butchering this shit out of it. Okay, as from New York Post See Ukrane, President Vladan Mirrors Lensky, survives three sins assassination attempts in the last week. I can say that we have received information from Russians, federal s curier service, who do not want to take part in this bloody war. I see if there's that. Trying to find the actual quote that's not in this article. Yeah, but he's basically, basically has stopped doing it, like will do it once, it'll get done the first time, you will send one person, will get it, will send one group over there, will get it done. The first time when I was like God damn, because if I could find this, I got nothing. It's probably not a video or some shit ill I'll go to later, but that's that's fucking fantastic. And it's like yeah, the three tries couldn't do it, we'll do it in one. Yeah much, yeah, we'll do it one. I don't, and I'm no political analyst or military streit stratus whatever. I don't know if I see any other end to this. Then that happening. One of them being killed. Then then one of them getting killed. Yeah, because the Lindsky gets killed, it's just going to make him a martyr. Oh, for sure. If the other one gets killed, it's over. Yeah. Oh, absolutely, because I'm sure I gues said I, but I'm advocating for anything. I'm just saying I don't see another way to stop rumpel. Still Skin needs to die. Yeah, because, I mean every every diplomatic attempt has failed miserably. His cus Kamala was just over in I think Berlin and said that like they were trying to have they're like there was just like a window work. He wants it back. He wants it back. He just can't get over the past. He can't like go the beast. So I him and trump love each other so fucking much. That's it. That's just going to catch up to they just they just sixty nine each other while somebody pissed. And all right, when I see that, six and nine, Oh my God, you know what Putin looks like? Shirtless. I did I tell you. My Wife told me she had it one because my wife was a special education M and she actually that picture of Putin as a trigger for one of her while, one of her old kids. Oh, is it really like? Triggers them to go? I mean, those are some big ASS nipples. And says say, and what the fuck, those are some big nipples. That's we hope you're all loving the show so far. If you'd like to get more involved with us, chat with us one on one and even become a card carrying member of the basement lounge community, and that's not a joke, there's an actual membership card, then please consider becoming a VIP over on our patreon. We've got three awesome tears with lots to offer, including live hangouts, unedited episodes and, yes, an official membership card. Head on over to Patreoncom tbl pod to join today. So, last time we talked you were if you finished Boba fat yet. Oh yeah, so I miss yes, ever since I fucking had fucking that the D Tyke. Yeah, I think's both house. So good. Oh my God, so good. Hi, am Ike, motherfuckers, like, yeah, it's so fucking great. It is like you got to watch Boba fette ride a fucking rank or that is one of the craziest...

...fucking I as a when that happens. Of like they're doing this right now, damn really doing this. That's that's what I like to call it, action figure moment, because that's something you do in your kids, like I'm gonna Make Boba Fette ride the rank or I might damn. Like there's these guys on Youtube. I like to watch their channels called previewed, and they like react the shows, and so they were walt doing a watch along of that episode and the One guy, Jay, has the best laugh on the face of the whenever he gets excited and he just starts giggling. Yeah, lets Lee, and when you hear the rank or roar in the distance, he just starts going and just laughed like they're at the whole thing. It was that whole fucking and Mando be in there was so good. When they fake everybody out, he sends him out with his he will offer you nothing. MMM, MMM, messenger. By the way, didn't write this. Yeah, and they just swoop out, just fucking seeing them like backtoback, just taking everybody the fuck on. So good. I feel bad for. The one thing I feel bad for is the I can't remember what they call the ORC looking dudes that got killed. Oh, yeahcause everybody came back like hey, we're back to help you added that there the stage kicked off a ledge. Oh yeah, that one hurt. That one heard. I was like, oh no, not the Gomorans oriens. Yeah, the the two episodes, the two mando episodes, are so fucking good. I was shocked they did a whole episode of Luke, Oh that long? Yeah, because a, because what they did was because, because the the CGI or whatever from Mando, was kind of a because. And they there was that guy does those deep fakes and he did his own, and so lucas film fucking hired him. Well, I would do. So he's the one who did it for for that episode. Now was like it shows, because this is really good. Ye as, really, really good. Now I was really shocked by that. And then what's your face was in it too? Soka. Yeah, Soka. So I like, okay, cool. Now I don't know how much of the other Shit you've watched. Did you know who cad bane was? Yeah, yeah, okay, yeah, when I saw him walking up because I'm like, who the fuck is walking up here? Now? Soon as I saw that hat, I was like, know the fuck, they're not die everything again, because I watched colone wars and rebels and all that and cad ban's one of my favorite fucking characters out of that Shit. He's so that voice, he's so fucking evil. He looked good. HMM. Design on him was really good, like I know who he is. I'm there, like watched them. I was like, okay, this is cool, like I knew what, yeah, series is part of. But this Timothy Oliphant's character dead. Well, no, he's in that post credit scene. Here's a post credit. He's there the post credit scene. There was a post I was holding my baby. You I watch. That's fine. Now there's a post credit scene. The last thing you see is him and Boba's back to tack. Oh, but you also see the MoD shop guy, so they're probably got a modem up and like they did with Fennis Shand and they all those other mobs. Any know where you watch any, watch that now. It's real and honestly, I had to go back and Rewatch it like three times because it's real quick and you don't get a good look at him in there. I was like, who the fuck is that? Like I couldn't tell who it was because the way they played it off, it was like, Oh, yeah, he's fucking dead. That's the thing that was on. They ran up to him. Now I was like he he's not dead, because looks like he just gets winging. Yeah, and then the other year got really fucked up. I was like you shout seventeen times he real dead. Apparently cad bane doesn't listen to Jimi Hendricks Marley Rood, because he shot the shot and the deputy. He shot the deputy. All Ah, this is my anger in that one, like did teacher. It's like you weren't supposed to be here, so you're gonna you're really gonna die. I really enjoyed it. Yeah, I was hoping...

...him grow, Grogo, Grogo, Gregory Brogo. He chose to be. I was kind of hoping to be a Jedi. But yeah, but it also is one of those like because I'm happy, I'm kind of because because when he when he jumps up into Daddy's arms, you're like, oh, he's got the shirt, he's got his own little pod in the in the fighter. I was cool only that he's the force to stop the Fucking Rain Corps. Oh, I got thinky boops it and walks up boop naptime. Yeah, like, how can they make a fifty three year old any more? Keep I know it's fucking ridiculous. Luke's POIB pissed, like so bessed, but also that means that he doesn't die when Kylo Ren takes destroys Luke's Jedi up. True, and at I saw the flashback of him being he was at clearly at. That was dark as fuck. Yeah, that was real fucking dark. Yeah, I loved watching Mando like fucking rebuild that fighter, like it felt like something I don't like, fast and furious or some shit like. Yeah, well, it was very like they threw it back to the pod racing scenes. It's yeah, it's the same. It's the same track he goes past, because in the one scene in the pod race you see were like the the barrier by that ramp gets wrecked. That wreckage is still right the yeah, there, and I was like shut the fuck up. and gets back and he's like wizard, like I'm said, Oh my God, Damn, I this turn a lot of shit there so cool. Like, I get why everybody really loved the last episodes, like the I personally love the whole Yeah Thang, because you got like a lot of like stuff will happen the Boba? Yeah, that was also my favorite. Shit. The stuff with the with the with the sad people, was my was my favor. Yeah, Shit and the whole show. Yeah, it was so interesting. I wish it. They I kind of wish that had been the whole show, but I like the way got the stuff of him crime lording it up was fine. It wasn't bad. It just didn't do much for me. Yeah, because it they the show got pitched like it was going to be Boba fet the crime lord and it really wasn't. Yeah, but now I'm just curious to see what happens with with Mando, because hey start skin hutch. Well, my thing is, how's he going to collect bounties with that ship? Dude, I was taking the same thing. His old one had storage space and the and the Cryo Freezer. This one's got room for him and the baby. Yeah, is it all that coming? Then? They're not coming alive and they're coming in like a bottle coming back cold. He all do that. That opening scene, that first episode of him where he goes it the fucking like meat plant or whatever and just fuck's that guy up? Yeah, so good. I'm curiously with but I think season three is going to be a lot more of him, like going to mandalor and probably well, hats back. Yeah, I was gonna takes out of status anymore. Yeah, now I was another great part where he pulled out the the sword. Yeah, and he's like okay, and it did it not work? Know, he was shit. Okay, I guess, like, Oh, okay, I good. Like that. He had ever had any did it? Yeah, yeah, Oh, but I love I love the idea that like he can't use it. Yeah, it's not. He doesn't know how to use it. Right. It's cool, like it's like it's an interesting idea. Yeah, like you don't like you got this Badass weapon and you have no idea what the fuck, because he he hurts himself with it. Yeah, we've and I don't think that really shows like because they talked about how people talked about how with lightsabers and you got to realize is that that blade has no weight. Yeah, because it's just light. So when you're you got to be careful with that shit because it's got no weight for you to counter with and if you're not careful you can fucking take a limb off. That's why they talked about how like Jedi are the only ones who use these things, because anybody else would lose a fucking foot. So funny. Although Luke lost the hand, so it's wasn't his fault. I mean. Well, then Anakin lost two arms of the lay...

...and well, I mean, okay, they didn't do it to themselves. True. Yeah, that's true. Well, Anakin did it to himself. It was just his own flocking vault die. Why I was so good? Yeah, I was shocked that Luke was in it for so much. Yeah, do you read the story behind how they kept that as secret and the first one and the no. So they had a pitch in order to keep it a secret, because I leaks come out. Always come out. Yeah, his one of the one of the directors favorite Jedi is I can't think the guy's name. He's like a squid face. I can't get FIDOUGH KID FI. Yeah, favorite Jedi, and everybody knew that, like people that film the episode. Everybody knew the Drey here knew that my brother's favorite. So they actually like like did the storyline with his face. This is face. They recorded the scene with CGI face on it just to keep it so, like Luke what is never going like and storyboards had it and the hope it was just so would never leak. What's what they kind? When Empire strikes back first came out, they the I'm your father line. Only people who knew that were James Rol Jones and George Lucas, because the guy who was playing the body of Darth vader had a different line of dialog use. His line was like Obiwan killed your father. HMM. So even Mark Hamill didn't know. So then when he went to the premiere and saw it, he was like that's not what we recorded. M that's why it was yeah, they kept that a huge fucking secret. I know with one of the Star Wars movies, the way they prevented the script from leaking was that the pages were read in the print was black so that if you tried to copy it it wouldn't show. Yeah, terrusting. Yeah, now, yeah, I remember watching that. That Mando episode when Luke first shows up brought a tear to my I was like he what? What? Because the whole episode I'm like, I was like if it's a Jedi, because I thought maybe it was going to end up being a soaker or some shit. And then the excelling shows up and I was like no, no the fuck they're not, because I was content with just waiting till the next morning to watch it. Everyone's blowing up my phone like dude, like on the West Coast, like dude, watch it. I was like, it's three o'clock in the morning, not getting up to watch this fucking show, like dude, right the fuck now. So my sleepy ass comes downstairs. I'm like, okay, fine. By time it was over, I was like, I am so glad I stayed up to watch this. What? What? What did I just see? What did I just could not like it because to me it was the equivalent of like vaders hallway scene in rogue one. Right, it's that's exactly what it feels like. It's just like, Huh, did you see the Obiwan trailer? So good, oh, so good, that music. When that music comes in, that bull faces, dull. The face comes in. I my nipples were so far I was like what, I actually got goose pounds of that happened. I think I came, I because I definitely did. I was as like work. I was like, wait a second, I was at work and there was nobody in the building, which is great, because the squealing noises I was making watching that were on. You could tell they try to film it as a movie M too. It was supposed to be. Yeah, it was supposed to be one of those, one of their little side ones, and they've been trying to make this for fucking years. I'm super pumped for it. Did your did you hear why? They drop the first writer? No, they drop the first writer because his original draft of the script had him fighting Darth Maul. Yeah, and it was basically like, okay, cool, yeah, we already did that and rebels, so you can't do that. Now it's like cool, tell me, you had tell me you don't know Star Wars. Without telling me, you don't know Star Wars, and you're right. So that's why they that he quit or they fired and whatever and brought a new writer in. That's funny. That's real, fucking girl. That's really funny. Yeah, so I I'm so fucking slight. He looks so good. It looks so good. Yeah, it looks like though. Here's that meme...

...gun around. Seventeen leeters later. This is what tattooing does the people, and it's fucking it's yeah, it's like the guy who plays a bend and Uncle Owen, and I know and like you, like that's fucking funny. Like seventeen years. That plan is what hats so good. I know it's that's fucking funny, but also that. Yeah, I got it, but I did, like somebody put all the pictures of you and mcgregan's Obiwan, you and mcgregan's you and McGregor's Obian and like again, it's amazing how well that guy can play the same character of all these different ages and it never looks weird. Yeah, it looks. He just kind he's kind of just aged right. Well, that's now, especially you really hit who as long as it's been he really has aged right. People are pissed off about I think wasitor or whatever, about the look at the inquisitor. Yeah, I get it, but it doesn't bug me. I'm not mad about it. Do I look at him. I go okay, but like, yeah, you could have done better, but it's an I'm not going to get pissed about, especially when you look at like how some of these characters looked in real live action and then animated like in those shows, like his countin Duke, who's face looks fucking ridiculous. Yeah, if you watch the clone war show, it's yeah, that does, that's not a looks nothing like him. No Way has a chin that long exactly. So it's one of those I like, get the fuck over it, guys. I don't care. And other people are pissed because it's not Jason Isaacs, because Jason Isaac's voiced him in the cartoon. But I'm like, Jason Isais is sixty years old, guys, let him go. He's Fay'll be fine, it would be fine. Ahsoka wasn't Rosario Dawson. It'll be okay. Yeah, that is okay, great, it is over, really good. The one that's got everybody scratching their head the most is Bocatan because because she's in the clone wars and is voiced by Katie sack off, yeah, who plays Bocatan in the MANDALORIAN which is after return of the yet I, and I'm like, and you still look that good? What is your skincare routine. I wonder if they'll ever do anything. was there to talk about? Having heard them having their own shit. Well, there was talk. There was they were going to do that show, Rangers of the New Republic. That was that, that thought that was animated. That was was gonna be live action. I was but that what's her? What's her face? Gina Kurana was going to lead, but she can't shut the fuck up. So that show got acted. Gotch so maybe I don't know. I think they're still going to play a bigger part in season three and Mandalarian, because that whole power struggle thing is gonna come back her. And saw her and him and Sasha banks. So I'm Super C I'm fucking so stow for a fucking OBI wan, though, so stoked. Oh, me too, I especially because look, right at the end you hear, because it's been confirmed, hating Christianson's going to be there as vader. You hear the vader breathing right of the end of it. Yeah, and they say they fight the rumor, the current rumors, that they fight and I'm like, okay, I got the high ground. Don't do it like, not this time. Just write me off. Kick that kick somebody. Somebody posted a thing online about how the reason vader was able to finally kill Ben is because he's now as vader like ex in, just taller. So now, tetically he has the high ground. That's dumbest Shit I've ever fucking heard of my entire life. I love it, though, shut out to folks listening to us on good pods. Oh Yeah, we're still charting the top fifty on all three of those lists. That's wild. We still stay in the top fift s. So thank you, guys. If you're not listening to us on good pods, goes. It was on good pots. It's actually a really good APP. It's cool because you can like, you can like rate review shows, but you can also rate and review specific episodes. Oh really, it's like a combination of like twitter and like a podcast out because you can like add people in groups.

So, like, if you're all fans of this one show, you can like join the discussion from about that show and still listen to the shows. They're not paying me to say that. I'm just a fan, just a fan, just a fan. fucking Tom Brady. Yeah, yeah, I'm surprised he came back. I am to fight I am and I'm not. Like it's the weird thing about this is so so I brought up. He's like so, like Russell Wilson, like they he's in the ass. See, like there's no great quarterbacks in n FFC right now besides Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, yeah, it's true. That's like Russell Wilson got traded to the broncos. There's like literally no other great quarterbacks. Ye See, because Dak Press Gott for the fucking cowboys. Just so they're like, okay, he saw a power vacuum. I just think he's not. I think he couldn't feel. I think he couldn't deal with being retired. Probably can't. I think he just I think he's he's such he's such a footballer that he cannot. It's like, look, a lot of guys do when they retire, like in their cities and shit. They get bored. Yeah, and they canace do one thing. You're so used to working. So he probably probably just. He probably just couldn't deal. Take what do I do? What do I do? What do I do? Yeah, like, like, am I make am I got a joke about the situation. Yes, because I fucking hate Dom Brady. But like realistically, like you go from being the the the goat to not playing anymore, and especially to have your final season end the way it did. It I'm sure par part of him was having, you know, the the the pains of like really, this is how I'm gonna go out? Well, they he had a great season. Yeah, a good see, lost every single one in his wide receivers. The hurt, basically, and like he had that, had a bunch of injuries and then getting knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. Second Round, second round, I got really yeah, second round, I was okay, you're right, but still it was. It was also because, like Matt Stafford through like a fucking Hail Mary passed like seconds to go and they put him field to arrange the way game. So you're like Whoa. Yeah, so I can get why someone who's coming from that level to go out the way he did. And then you sit at home for a few months you're just kind of like, I can't, I gotta go one more time. Yeah, do you think that this will be his last season? Fuck, I don't know, then I know who the fucking say. I want to love is how he announced he was coming back like right after his final game, ball went to auction for like five hundred thousand and it's like cool, at ball's worth Dick now. You hit like I don't know, like because like the thing I would say did I'd be completely be completely different if he had a bad season last year. HMM. But it's statistically you're like, God damn, you can still do whatever. So I don't because a lot of people we're thinking that his wife tried to talk him into retiring. I think she's just tried to talk to the retire for a really long time. Yeah, his dad's been on record saying like the I feel like the only way Tom's going to quit is if he dies on the football field. I mean, I kind of a the dudes. I mean, dude still could. So it's kind of like he just wants to play football. I mean, I get it. I get it again. I'm I got nothing. Dudes, the DUDES, the go. I'm not saying anything, I just I just fucking hate him. I just can't stand the guy. He's always said. It's weird. He always said that he'd retire one thing, you retire, when he felt like he wasn't, when everybody else is kind of passing him up. That's one thing he's always said. Yeah, but I feel like we're getting there. Not Really. If you put them back in the league, he's a top five, the eight quarterback. I just I would I would hate to see him come back for this last season and just and just choke. I would too. I know I don't see it happening, though. Yeah, I would. I would hate to see that. I guess. The reason I worry about that mainly just because I wonder where he's at mentally. You know, like where is he? Is he going to be able to depending on where he's at mentally, is he going to be able to maintain? Now they kill me, I guarantee.

As what happened. He was still doing his offseason regiment stuff. MMM, because his like his workout ethic and like Diet and like what he does every day is like so like it's insane to like what time he goes to bed, like what he eats, as you're like what, HMM, that's a hard routine to get out of when you spend when you spend that much of your adult life in the NFL, your entire life is one strict regiment after another and to suddenly I'm all of that. Just stop. I don't think I'm n nine percent sure he didn't stop. He was like, I don't want to find well, I'm saying, he guess. That's why that goes back to my like I don't think he knew how to live outside model trains, but it's going to get a loom start making serapes. Yeah. Well, I mean Shit, seven years at one job, I was so used to doing things a certain way. Now I'm at a new place doing it a different way, and I it's still I still can't get over how different things are. So when you take only knowing one way to live like he has and suddenly it's all changed that, it'll throw you the fuck off. Yeah, it will. There really will throw the fuck off. Yeah, try think good, better quarterbacks to him right now. Better. I don't think as anybody better. I just think that there's people on the rise and the League, Oh what, just right now he's the greatest of all time and I don't like that guy. League right now you play have Aaron Rodgers who nobody likes. It's not. It's not Baker. Yeah, Joe Burrows, they're burrows in the conversation for sure. But Patrick my homes, Josh Allen, he go Aaron Rodgers, patrick my homes, Josh Allen, Joe Borrow. Why? Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson. I mean, yeah, the top five. Yeah, I know, right. And like I would throw a Brady almost in front Joe Borrow. But borrow went to super bowl because, because, because, Cam Newton. He isn't even he's not gonna be in the League anymore. You don't think so? No, that's frobb me. I hate him, Newton to begin with. But yeah, I'm just trying to think. It's like Herbert's not there yet. He doesn't want to playoff. He's a great fucking quarterback, but he hasn't done it. He hasn't made the playoffs yet. Right, just at Herbert. Yeah, I can't think anybody. I'd literally Aaron Rodgers, Patrick my homes, Josh Joe Burrow, real lestie. I always want to put borrow in front, second behind Aaron Rodgers. I'm I even trying to be homer. But he fucking beat Patrick my homes. That's I mean, that's true. He did. He beat him twice. Josh Allen, maybe even they've never played and Allen lost a fucking mahomes. MMM, so I don't it's weird. It's going to be. It's going to be a weird NFL season. Well, that's weird NFL season because the bangle spend a much money for agency already. That's true, because they like, they like. Our Line Sucks. Sara was like, yeah, we made the playoff, we made see your bowl last your bowl by three, and then the first thing to do is like signed to offensive line and I'll like cheat. Oh my God. I was like, Oh my God, it's happening. Yeah, I came there. They're ready. Speed of football. I got talked about Marshall Lynch for a second. Oh Yeah, because I watched will our nets Murderville on Netflix the other day. Is He in it? He's in one of the episodes. He's one of the celebrity guess that has to improve his way through the episode. Huh. Okay, first of all, Murderville, ten out of ten. No notes. Cannot recommend enough of you haven't watched it on Netflix. Six episodes, like like thirty minutes each fucking watch. It's the greatest thing ever. You don't, if you don't know what it is. Will Ournett,...

...who is amazing. It's basically a murder mystery, like clue or whatever, and every episode he's got a new partner that's a celebrity guest. They don't get a script, just Kyeah, they don't get a script. They have to just improv their way through the whole thing. And marshawn Lynch is like in the second episode. Huh, and the whole the way the episode works is here's the murder, you're going to go talk to like three witnesses. Through the investigation, you're going to gather whatever evidence you can and then the end you have to pick which of the three that have the the celebrity guest has to pick which of the three suspects they think did it and they get told whether they were right or wrong. And Marshall went to the second episode. He commits a hundred and ten fucking percent. It is some of the funniest shit I have ever seen in my life because, like they go to like investigate this like Doomsday prepper guy who comes out and he's got a baseball bat as hand and marshawnt Lynch fucking takes him down. The point where will our nets like hey, get off and get off and get off.

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