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Season 2, Episode 64 · 10 months ago

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The guys just saw Steart Huff at Wiley's Comedy Club and loved it! Also, they have some favorite videos they want to watch.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:


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Once again, go to www dot load boostcom and use the Promo Code Basement ten to get ten percent off your order at check out. Thanks for listening and have a happy ending. I'm no longer embarrassed of where I happen to be born. You know, I've done comedy in all fifty states and here's what I've learned. Red Next are everywhere. There every last I've ever been in my life. It's so depressing. They're in every city, every state. They're in Canada, holy Canadian rednecks. I was not expecting that. It's not a regional issue, it's a human disease. There's Mexican rednecks and Australian rednecks and Belgian rednecks and fifteen century French rednecks and North Korea's ran by damn red neck. They're all over the Middle East. You guys know what the definition of Geeht is? A GEHAD is a fight or struggle against anybody who does not believe in the Islamic God. Redneck is to me, you don't believe in what I believe, so therefore I'm going to kill you. I don't think it's just a coincidence that Geehad and yeehall sound real son. Welcome to the Basement Lounge. Grab a chair, grab a drink and settling. Let's have some fun. They hate me. Friday night the fucking really steious. Like I loved it. She's like. He's like, he's so good. He's like. He's like, no, your material, because the average ages the person and that show is like Pi, like fifty five on Friday, an older crowd, and they weren't. They weren't as into your kind of thing. Fuck, no, no, he's like, and I love at he's like, I saw the crowd as like, I knew you're gonna say. I knew what was going to happen. He's like, I love it. He didn't even fucking back down. He's did your thing. I was like, Goddamn, reread it. I..., Mike fucking right. It's funny because then I watched I watched that show. His he has on Youtube and God, Hey, saying yeah, and so seeing him at while he's first where he's got the facial long hair in this big ass beard, and then I see him on Youtube where he looks all neat and Clean Shaven, him like, I can't believe that's the same fucking guy. Yeah, he grew it out because he it literally is because of Covid yeah, it just never got a haircutter shave because that thing was open down where he honestly, I think the look suits him. It does really well. It plays into the end of the old hippie. Yeah, think he's got going on. Dude. I thought I laughed a lot. I thought I was going to throw up at one point. I mean, Jesus Christ, it is so funny. Like I had people turn around and looking back at me own point because I was fucking dying. It's he only did, like I said, a couple jokes from previous years that I've seen him, that I have hosted for me's only that. He only did a couple jokes. It was the idiot, like I said, didn't even finish the right brothers joke or the flight joke. Yeah, you're saying, I fight Joe. So got the ending. So good. Well, the one, the one he does on in that God hates anything where the guys on the plane leg I don't believe in science. Science Bunch of Bullshit when you're on a plane. Yeah, high focus, you can't. You can't hate science but love mask are I yeah, II showed my mom that that YouTube clipp and sheep fucking dying. You. Yeah, it's that's the last album he put out was Gott a's and was only a few years ago. Yeah, it was like two thousand and eighteen or something like that. Mut Your little bit earlier. Yeah, so it's like really kind of weird. Like he isn't like and then then I've seen him do like four different other hours. Oh Really? Yeah, and he hasn't put any of them out. Wow, I don't know. I don't know. I mean you know, you know I'm better than I do. So he's he just probably doesn't like it. Yeah, we can all be Chris Titi's, who puts out a special year. I mean that they're all good. That was thing, the one I could see how he couldn't do it because, like it was about his life, about his uncle. MMM. His uncle wasn't up being like a pedophile, who fuck, but uncle was like high up and like the police departments that and they had it together, like talke to FBI and shit like that was wild, but holy Shit. Yeah, but like by the time he they weren't going to do anything about it, m the police or whatever, because like that's how it kind of an. He's like, I don't even have it end to this anymore. MMM, because it just gives I mean had to get it. It's tough one to to wrap up. Yeah, he's like, I don't. He's like I he'd literally eat found that info out, like and then things like I don't even have an ending to this now. I don't even know what that he's like my fucking whole hours ruin. Damn, it was such a good show. I'm so good. I was bummed that, I mean a that he didn't sell any for the light show. Yeah, well, so here's where there are so...

...many. So it's weird. What's weird is like he always just three and I was just like usually has like forty or fifty per show, right, and like first Friday night I had like fifty five, right, and everybody signed up for fucking we're Saturday, Saturay, the first show, like barely anymo said, they just moved everybody from the second show onto the first show. So I was like that makes sense, yeah, because then I know he I know because he was because they were going on giving up tabs and all that. And remember he asked Erika on stage, like I'm going to keep going. She's like yeah, he did, like an hour. And a half. Yeah, it was, but he went an hour and a half without stopping. Like it was never like a lull. I know that's wild and like I know so many other jokes you could do. There's like this penguin joke. It's like my wife's favorite joke and it's learally like twenty minutes long and it's so fucking good. It's about the truth. It's his true story about that kid who too took that penguin from the zoo. Oh, yeah, true story about that. He did a joke about it. It's fucking amazing. It's like my wife's favorite fucking bit. Well, she there. Yeah, okay, I thought I saw her and I wasn't sure. Yeah, so I didn't say anything. Yeah, that's the only comics she'll come and see. Is always a real loves him. She's like fucking loves him, like it was so cool, so so cool, like last year when she came, or not last year, maybe it wasn't no ear before she came up and I'm like, I was my wife coming. Let's like. Oh, she's like he was like she got like a favorite joke. It's's like he loves. I was like she loves the Penguin Show and she's like he's like all right. So, like he sat like for whatever reason, because she came with some friends, her friend and her husband and then her. They all sat next to the stage. I don't know. This is before Covid, uh Huh. And so like stewards stealing her stuff, he looks straight at hers. All Right, now I'm want to do your favorite joke and she's and she is losing. It's like Anytime Jesse tells his Pitt Bunch of pick mynk, pit monk. Yeah, my mom like fucking cries laughing at that one. It's so it's so good. But if you don't know, I don't know if we're talking about Stewart huff. That's where's guys. We said Stewart, but that was last episode. Stewart huff was was in town last weekend and Mike was like, Dude, you coming down to see this and I hadn't thought about it because I'm still just not used to be used to having the top. So when you messaged me, I had this moment of like Oh yeah, fuck, I could totally do that now. So went down to the got there just in time for the for the show and Stewart Huff, and that was the first time I've been in white leash. was before the pandemic really because I had the show before the pandemic and then I haven't been back since. So it was cool because I got to go back and and I hadn't seen Karen and fucking I'm gonna...

...the last time I saw Karen. So that was cool. and Stewart have fucking crushed though Dato's AF STU. If Stewart huff is coming to your town, like watch him, go see him. Mike's been telling me to see this guy for years now and Jesus Christ, I'm so glad I did. It was so fucking funny. Like when they asked me to do a show, I don't even care if I do good or bad. I'm literally there to watch him period and just learn and just like just watch and be like I can never do any of this because i Mike and I were saying, like he's so good. He made me one of quick comedy. Yeah, I told Karen I was like, I am questioning every move I've made the last seventeen years. And he's got a special on Youtube for free called God hates am becomes Stewartuf, God hates Ann, and just watch it. It's it's so fucking he's so fucking funny. He's that. That's the kind of like if you would told me that entire hour and a half was improvised, I'd believe you because that's just how natural he is at delivering that kind that those bits, and I you don't see that much anymore now. Usually know, even if it's funny, you can tell it's rehearsed. His feels so off the cuff because it's it's just it's just comes so naturally to him. A favorite part gut. You shouldn't have done that at that's my favorite party. Got It's and no better. He told he told one on Saturday that because Caleb was sitting in the back with me and it was it was the masturbation joke. Oh God it Caleb looks at me, he's kind of like that sounds like a bit you would do, and I was in here like, son of a bitch, that's so good. I've never heard of tell that. Careen. So me, Karen our Brent were like, what the fuck do that come from? We lost it. I fucking showed I was like that's fucking brilliant. I don't masturbate because I feel like I deserve better. Yet fucking good. I'm really bad at sex, in fact so bad at sex don't even masturbate because I feel like a deserved better. It's a fucking oh, that's so good, that's so clever. Oh my God, and it's again. It's one of those just like. I'm so mad. I didn't think of that. It just dad damn evidence. Okay, okay, this is a good bit. I like this bit. Okay, type and Steerr Huff, then red next are everywhere. Read next her everywhere. Yeah, okay, I'm no longer embarrassed of where I happened to be born. You know, I've done comedy in all fifty states and here's what I've learned. Read next are everywhere. They're every place I've ever been in my life. It's so depressing. They're in every city, every state. They're in Canada, holy Canadian rednecks. I was not expecting that. It's not...

...a regional issue, it's a human disease. There's Mexican rednecks and Australian rednecks and Belgian rednecks and fifteen century French redknecks and North Korea's ran by Damn redneck. They're all over the Middle East. You guys know what the definition of Geehad is. A GEEHAD is a fight or struggle against anybody who does not believe in the Islamic God. Redneck is to me. You don't believe and what I believe, so therefore I'm going to kill you. I don't think it's just a coincidence that Geehad and yeehall sound real side. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You guys would be amazed how many people hear this accent automatically judge me. People come up and they'll go, you're from the south. Do you have sex with your cousin? What's Charles Darwin married his cousin, his first cousin. Charles Darwin probably the only man alive at the time who should have known better. ha ha ha ha ha ha. How could you be working on the theory of natural selection during the day and winking at your damn cousin at dinner? Charles Darwin married his cousin. Albert Einstein married his cousin, Bach married his cousin. Thomas Jefferson married his cousin. Long Story Short, I've been emailing my cousin. Ha Ha. That's a fucking good. That's so good, Gee hot and he huh, that's so good. Oh you know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom. Put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. Do you watch that clip I sent you of the guys? No, I fuck it. started it all right, pulled up. I fucking started it and I was at work and so I walked in. I was like fuck, pulls up. So last week we were talking about because Mike, Funny Mike, Finally Watch Book Aboba that and I told him it's these guys on Youtube called previewed, who I fucking love. Their... of my favorite reactors to watch on Youtube and in the episode where it's the final episode of book a Boba Fett, basically one of the guys on the show has the best laugh and whenever he gets really fucking excited he laughs his sterically. So in the final episode of Book of Boba Fett when the rank corps shows up, there's like there's like whole pockets of the show where he's just losing his fucking mine, all right, and I mean it's me pause it there. So this is this is some funny shit. I'm gonna pull them onnitor rounds as be hilarious that those are their actual seats. I know, well, they've got two seats. Oh No, those are fake to never mind, but does look like they're actually sitting in those fucking seas. Here's what a fucking nerd I am, because I was going to bring this up. I timecoded where the moments. Are You nerd? fucking nerd. I did that. What come shots? It's a good way to do it. Yeah, pornhub's got a thing where you scroll on the timeline of the video, you'll see where there's like spice, because those are moments where most people of just liked the video. is at those moment things. Yeah, that's as a right after they finish, but as soon as he puts it in her butt, big spike. Oh, suddenly everyone likes the video. All right, so these guys were watching book a Boba Fett, and it's right when the rancor is about the show up, and so keep your eyes on the guy on the left here. Okay, he's the Guy I want to watch for the laughter. Yeah, is it? You were guessing? Hi, I really did forget about it too. I did too. Oh, me too. All right, next one is here. This is the best do it. I even want to know his reaction. Luke came...

...out. Oh my God, he was sobbing, was it? He was just straight crying. And then the RENC word goes away, like it was so white, like I literally forgot until like Oh yeah, I was like, motherfucker, this all makes sense. That completely forgot about. He's I'm gonna go get I thought he was gonna go like find more tuskins or something like that. I just's like I'm going to get back up and I'm like who, and then you just you hear the roar. You're like, what the fuck was that? Oh my God, Jesus, I wish I got that excited about fucking anything. I get that excited during sex. I want to know his sex is like yeah, she's just squealing when he comes. Speaking of scenes, ivory watched battle of the bastards. Oh, did you? Yeah, I just wanted to watch it. Everyone's fine. I go in these like things. I just really want to watch battle of bastard's of one of them because like man's so good. I'll do those. It was written by who? was written by? No, it's written by wats. If it's in the books, okay, written by arm are. Yeah, yeah, I'll do that with with shows and movies. I'll have just like a moment that I really and I've done that with me into Lorian a couple times. Yeah, I do that with in glorious bastards. I do it, and glorious bastards I go back and watch like the opening scene with dude on the farm. It's so well yeah, and and then the one in the bar. I hate, but love that scene. I hate that scenes. I feel like it's too long, but you have to have it seem so long. Yeah, it's such a long fucking scene, but it's so good. It's the only thing. I was like, but it. They have to have the scene. Then it's a good scene, but at like the only thing I don't like about sin's long, and I watch those two scenes. Mostly goes to me. Those the only scenes in the movie that are actually like fucking matter because, like, I hate the stuff with the sniper guy, the Daniel Brule, the guy who's getting the movie made about him and he's hitting. Uh. Yeah, I hate, I hate everything. It's so dumb and it just it. It's you talked about too long. I mean that's half of the movie. That's true. It is just that Shit. And I know some people Lori into it and that's a and I'm on record of not being the biggest Tarantino Fan, but I love Tarantino. But that opening sequence with Christoph Waltz on a dairy farm is just amazing.

I do also for what everything, like the part where he eats the pie or the always eating the stroodle in the restaurant, like, I don't know, it's Christoph Waltz, it's just how was like Ya, this is really fucking good. Yeah, it's any I mean any seen. He's in that movie. I'll rewatch. Yeah, I mean did you? We see him on Comedians and cars getting coffee. No, Sinfield an episode with him and he is like, I know you're international guy and your big. Your big like food. He's we take some to the International House of pancakes. Yeah, and he hates everything. Really, he's like, he's like this is good, and Jerry's like, no, it's terrible. I hop in a national house of pancakes. Yeah, now other things I pull every now and then. I don't know, do you? You know? Paul Potts has no pull up. Paul pots audition. Paul pots audition I want to see. I pull this up whenever I want to feel happy about life. Paul Potts Audition on Britain's got talent. Yeah, okay, you've never seen this video? No, Oh my God, Oh my God, no, and I usually watch this shift. The world of Showba seems a million miles away. It's cool. I'm mobile phone salesman from south wind but they might tell mobile phones. My dream is to spend my life doing what I feel that I was pulling today. Oh what are you here for today? Pull to some opper. I've always wanted to sing as a career. Confidence Iss always been sort of like a difficult thing for me. I've always find it a little bit difficult to be completely confident to myself. Okay, ready, when you are back with Simon spy, we're blowing up and makes in the... So you work at car phone warehouse and you did that. I wasn't expected that it was. This was a complete breath of fresh air. I thought you were absolutely fantastic. You have an incredible voice, but I think if you keep singing like that, you are going to be one of the favorites to win this whole competition. I think that we've got a case of a little lump of coal here that's going to turn into a diamond. Okay, moment the truth, young man. He is absolutely yes, Arrowski playing in the background. That was to do. Was the seven. That song was huge there. That was our first game winning the whole thing. I would, did he really a great career? Holy should never seen that video. That like Bisby hope about life, because like that's like the little guy. Yeah, you know, finally getting what they did, like what they like deserve. You ever see the one from America's got talent? Was the golf kids singing opera? Yeah, it's just fantastic. Yeah, Oh my God, that one. That one't hit when I was like in college. That one blew my fucking mind because kid walks up looking like fucking Marilyn Manson and just blows the fucking roof off the place. Yeah, I watched whenever I feeled down or whatever. I just not that good one. It's like, uh, yeah, that's it's stuff like that. This kind of like okay, anybody can fucking do it. Anybody can keep you hope and humanity. Little Bit, yeah, little bit. That's a great I think a realistically, honestly, I feel like that's what kind of like turned Simon into like not being much as a Dick. Yeah, doing, doing this and like America's got talent all that. Yeah, because he was, because he want American idle, like like after a while he eventually kind of got over himself. Yeah, because it Gaus. For the longest time it was just known that he was just a complete Dick on that show and I think at the time it was more like the producers encouraging it because it was drama and some people wanted in reality TV, so then they had like fucking that. America's got talent x factor the void, like how many fuck in?...

So many. My mother is obsessed with the voice. Always can be good. It's of the of the singing shows. It's the one I hate the least really, because they I like how they don't look at the person's parents before they that's that's part of it. Yeah, they're picking these people solely on what they think of their talent. Yeah, and also, as they go through the season, they work with them to help them get better. It's not just come in as good as you are and hope that it's good enough to get you to the end, which is how American idol is a lot of time. It's you better already come in the top of your game because it's got to carry you the whole thing, whereas with this it's like, okay, I'm going to pick you and I'm going to coach you and help you get better, so you win. As watched the auditions and they're really watching anything after that. I used to watch with my mom, so and also with with with the voice. It's a lot of varied styles. Yeah, it's not just pop, which is like what all fucking American idol is is. It's just it's just popping indie folk rocket. The voice is so many, so many very players. When you only listen to the audition, I mean there's guys are go on there in audition with metal, with metal songs, and get picked. Yeah, I mean it's crazy all that. I did see one video and it was in the jet like the Korean one. A guy went up doing like spit it out by slipknot and did not get picked, and rightfully so. But it was also got like, you know what, props to you for trying. Man. I love that Shit Jersey when they had puddles, the clown on America's got town out. I know he was on it. Yeah, and Arrow watched it or anything. He had three amazing performances and and everybody pretty much agrees that like he should not have gotten eliminated because really, Simon, it was his third performance. It was the semi finals, I think quarterfinle semi finals, and he was doing royals by because that was the one that made him famous on Youtube. was doing royals by Lord and right as he's about to finish, Simon buzzes him right and he was the only one that night that got a buzzer. So he got eliminated by default. And as soon as he did, because he because it's in the middle of this amazing sweeping camera shot, because they're like this guy's crushing it, and right in the middle of his this amazing camera shot, the lights flashing, he hear this Earth go out over all the sound and you could just hear the audience turn on Simon Anyway. Did he say why? He gave kind of he tried to walk it back as like I just didn't think it was as good, but you could tell and his you could tell from his body language he knew he fucked up and because again, like every the judges in the entire audience turned on him. And you could tell puddles was upset because as soon as he finished, he grabbed the shit and started to walk off stage and they had to go like bring him back out on stage. He was so pissed because he knew he crushed it. He knew we shouldn't. He he and he knew. You we've had those moments where you're like I should be getting the best reaction of... life right now. Yeah, and it was just one of those like he knew, he was just yeah, it was a Bummer, hmm. But he's gone on to, you know, amazing Internet stardom. So, yeah, he made he's doing just fine. Yeah, Shit. Now I remember when Ryan hmmn Miller, he said when he was shocky placed third. He told me he's like when you watched the video when he plays third, he's like, I just know why I'm making three L and somebody got eliminated right before him. He's like he looked down on what the fuck? I should not be here right now. He literally said. He's like, if you watch a video you lot, you see me go and I say, oh, what, eat El see him mouth at me goes, yeah the fuck that happened when Chris daughtry got booted on American idol. Really, because he was I mean he was just crushing every single fucking week and the week that he got eliminated, if you can watch the video every like when Ryan seacrest reading out the results and going home tonight. Is Chris Dawtry, like there's and then the girl who made it, like her face is like what care? Even daughtry's face is like, I'm sorry, what now you hear the audience go like Oh, Oh, Huh, what it was. So everyone was because he was the first guy to gone American, I'll do in rock music. Yeah, and everyone was so sure he was at least going to make it to like the final episode because he was doing that well. It was just it was such a weird and I remember when they were doing like some special and vh want about it was it was it? Monique, I think, was on there. She was like I was voting for him every week and then the one week ever forgot the vote for him, he got kicked off. Jesus. Yeah, you see that every once in a while. You get you get people on there who just crushed and for whatever fucking reason, just do not make it and kind of has me going like okay, what did you want then? I feel like producers, though. Oh sure, yeah, well, there's there's been several, like going back to marry I was, been several rock singers since Chris Daddery. None of them ever make it really. Yeah, and they're always the fan favorites. They're always the fan frames like though they're not, because I remember there was the one guy, James Durban, who was doing like old school like s Judas priest, Sammy Hagar type stuff, and Steven Tyler and Jlo were both judges that point and they were just kind of like, I can't be I'm going to say this. We might have a heavy metal American idol this year because you are just that and good. And he got a limited the next week and it really was like they put that out in the universe and the producers were like fuck now, because the left because it doesn't sell, or I well, not in terms of, you know, fucking the music industry, yeah, but I'm saying and it because, like when he did his performance where they said that Zach Wilde was on stage with him, playing guitar with him, and then they brought him back at the finale and he performed with Judas priest. Seriously, it was just one of those it was like...

...yeah, no, yeah, you guys, let this guy go. Yeah, good, good for you. Way The fuck up. Yeah. So, yeah, he's a cool dude. He's he's singing for I think velvet revolver. Now, yeah, Velvet Revolver, whatever they do to us. He was torn with somebody big as their singer. Well, mean, that's where Adam Lambert came from. Terry singing for Queen because he didn't win either. or No, he did. No, he didn't win. I remember that. He might I think he wants. No, he did win his ear. He did win his ear. Yeah, it's right. Performed with kiss, which was weird. That was a band I hadn't heard of in a while and he was on any of the queen any days with Queen. And then my favorite Joe Robinette joke is like the only way Adam Lambert could been worse if he is the one that gave Freddy as Jesus. He's old enough. They could have technically happened. That's what he says. I'm like, fuck man,.

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