The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 65 · 9 months ago

The Slap to End All Slaps


Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, and we're all still recovering. Plus, our budy Kyle calls in to tell us about how his Will Smith joke lost him a customer Also, we bid farewell to Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the legendary band Foo Fighters.


This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars
    • Kyle Steel calls in to give his thoughts
  • RIP Taylor Hawkins


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...a hard condition or because also he'd been like he wasn't just a drummer for food fighter. He drunk. He was the drummer for Atlantis Morisset for a number of years. He worked with coheat and Cambria. I know it work with them. Want for you. He did one of their albums. For him, he did. He did the drums for one album. Do they tour? I don't think. Oh No, I might do this food even tour. They were on tour now, but I'm saying. But like do they now? I don't know what they're going to do. Yeah, like I think they were so because they were supposed to. They were doing a festival circuit right now. So they're doing all these festivals because the last show they did with him was a festival and like Brazil or something like that, and then they were supposed to do another one in like a week. Yeah, but they just they they were had they had photos the other day of like all them landing at the airport, because I think they're just going home at this point and just like not going to yeah, obviously. So we like I listen to few fighters like like I feel fine, like that stuff is on my workout, is it? Yeah, so I'ms like work out mix. I'm like what. Yeah, the fuck. They're one of those bands. It's like they've always been like in my life. I'm not going to say I'm a fan, like a yeah, I'm not like a huge Chand, but I'm just like what. But like from working in radio and and just growing up in the you know, s and two thousands, I know who the fucking food fighters are. I've kind of always said I'm a bigger day of Girl Fan Than I. I'm a food fighters fan, but Taylor Hawkins is an amazing musician. He has work with so many, so many bands of musicians over the years and he's done so many side projects of his own. He just loves fucking music. That video of him doing somebody to love is so fucking good. I know. Oh my God, I could watch that all day it's so good as it's like really kind of like I was like what. I'm still kind of shocked by it, because it's kind of it's like one of those things is like wow, like fifty dies. Yeah, do they tour anymore? I mean, especially at this Wi that this happened to dave girl again, I know. Well, do you see the thing I posted? Were like it was a picture of him and Kurt and a picture him, and it's like Taylor looked a lot like Kurt, like it was almost creepy. Yeah, and Howard Stern was talking about it on his show yesterday because he was a huge foo fighters fan and he'd had him on the show million times and he was then he showed all these clips. It was like Dave and Taylor were like the best of fucking friends. It's got Taram me it's got Taylor, the entire Bando. Well, the picture of them at the airport, I mean Dave was hugging somebody and his face was just read. You could tell he was just fucking sobbing, like I I fucking sucks. I mean that that that's the one. That's just it's just, it's fucking blows so hard and I'm getting a little tired...

...of doing these ur Ip we got. We got shouted out on twitter today by someone who was going through and listening to podcast and they were tagging. She's she's like this big podcast fan on twitter. She's just just some some per, almostly just some person, but like she's not like a critic or anything. She's just a podcast fan. As on our twitter, on our twitter, and she tagged our twitter and like four or five other shows. She's like here's all the episodes, all the things I listened to. Only pull the tweet up here as I can quoted exactly where she said today's because on u saw on the good pods APP, which is what we keep getting ranked on, you can rate, you can five star rate episodes as well as shows, and so she said today's five star listens so far on good pods are. She names munch of podcast and one of them is ours, our betty white episode the end of the year, which is super cool. Kelly Madden. Yeah, at Kelly Madden Eighty on twitter. So thank you for the for the shout out and and the five star. That was a that was a rough episode to do because fucking Betty, who is just and then next week it was Bob's second and then next we were like all excited. Yeah, nobody died, and then I think meat love died like the week after that. Yes, that was weird. So it's yeah, Taylor the Tailorhawk is things fucking sad, but this will Smith, Chris Rocks Day. Okay, so I'M NOT gonna lie. I was sitting in my bed, laying my bed, trying to go to bed. Right, okay, ice, like saw that on Facebook, I know on twitter, and I was like what? I'm like, no, Chris Rock. Will Smith slapped Chris. What the F look like? I'm sitting here in my U. Hmm. I even turned my wife. I'm like watch the video. Yeah, I might watch the uncensored one. Yeah, and I't like I might Melissa, and she she knows who both are. Right. She really doesn't care about any of that type of stuff. But she's like wait, what just what? And she's like at the Oscars. I was like yeah, and like we watched the video. She's like what what just happened? I was like in here's the unedited version, because she was like that's got to be fake. I was like no, here's the unedited hers like Oh, I I didn't know about it till the next day. Oh, really, because I got because this was the year. I was like, I'm done with the fucking Oscars. I'm not, I don't care. I'm not. Why I wasn't? I wasn't following any of it on twitter. I didn't care. I got home from while he's and went the fuck to bed because I had to work the next morning. So it wasn't until I was at work the next morning. It was in a break and I was just kind of going through, at like six am, going through my shit, I was like wait, what happened? What is everyone tweeting? A out will...

...smoke. Oh, the one time I don't watch the fucking house like one of the crazynes ever. Oh my God, it was. It fucking just spiraled, like at first it was just like, okay, crappy joke, a Jada's expense. He gives a fuck. Ohja, that looks pissed. It's what's we'll doing. It's smack heard around in the world and you're like, okay, that's going to be the end of it. Oh, this is clearly a bit and then you get then, even though the audios cut out, you can see will, what will is saying. He's like he's dropping fbombs. This is fucking real. He's pissed. Oh God, like, was it a bad joke? Yeah, but it's like he had the same time as like he was laughing. Now, Oh, I know what itcause when you when it first cuts wills laughing. Jade is pissed. Yeah, and and so I don't know if it was it hadn't quite hit him yet what exactly Chris has said, or if he saw that Jada was passed, and I think he saw Jada was upset and was kind of like, oh, she's not happy and with everything that's transpired in publicly with their relationship in the last two years, I don't know. It kind of makes you wonder. It's a toxic relationship. It's a horrible relationship. They say that's an open relationship, like they've always that. That's the most backtracky bullshit I've ever heard. That it's open because she cheated. Yeah, it's open because y'all want to get a divorce. Yeah, because when you see will smith crying in that video, like we've all cried those tears. We know what he's feeling right now. Yeah, they're saying now they're polly and they're open, because it was that or they were going to get a divorce. Yeah, it but regardless, regardless. It was the dumb joke, though, because even Chris Rock says, dude, it was a Gij joke. Yeah, it's like so even Chris Rock is like this is a stupid joke, and it was. It's a stupid joke. It's an off the cuff rows real fast, like whatever. Yeah, it's it was. It was a dumb joke, and I like that. Like people brought up to the fact if she's had short hair her entire life. Yeah, so, like not, I mean parts of her life. So it's not like they bring up the alipicia thing or whatever, which I didn't know about. No, I don't what why, Chris Rock, why didn't know about either. It's a lot of people I've heard talking about. As I said, they didn't know, and people who were coming to her defense were like, she's been public about it. I'm like, I've I've not heard a word of this. Yeah, and I'm a gossipy bitch, like I'm usually plugged into this well, and the thing is, do like nobody listens to everything about everybody. Right, you like it? Yeah, and I like that. But she's also like had short hair like a lot. Like. Yeah, I'm so right, she has, not the first time. Yeah, and actresses shaved their heads all the fucking time. We hope you're all loving the show so far. If you'd like to get more involved with us, chat with us one on one and even become a card carrying member of the basement lounge community, and that's not a joke, there's an actual membership card, then please consider becoming a VIP over on our patreon. We've got three awesome tears with...

...lots to offer, including live hangouts, unedited episodes and, yes, an official membership card. Head on over to Patreoncom TBL pod to join. Today the best meme ever, I'm not gonna lie, the best move ever. I thought was I lost. I wish I saved that. It was like as a Jada looking at well and well, I was like all right, and then Jay is like, if you don't go up there and slap him right now, I'm going to get gang bang when I get home, and I was like, Goddamn. Well, and you know, and I guess I'm not a I'm not a I'm not a violent persony this. So obviously I still have that reaction of like well, you didn't need to slap him. Well, like, you could have dealt with this privately just a billion different ways. You can walk up there, whispered something, just just just said Hey, not and and I bet Chris Walker, Chris, would have been just as because even after that, when will was shotting, you could hear crisp really starting to backtrack, like, okay, dude, I won't fine, like okay, they trying to de escalated as much as he could in the moment. And I saw, did you see that they both apology. Is both publicists that wrote those a hundred percent, first of all, but also you can tell that will's publicists talk to him before he want his Oscar ten minutes later. Yeah, because that speech was very like trying to save a little bit of face, because it's like, okay, that's not the speech you came in with today. Now, and so Kudos to his bubblesys for being on the phone, like calling them on the phone. What the fuck did you just do? That was on TV. That was on TV. This wasn't one of the non televised awards, Dude, this one actually went to air. Yeah, like, what the hell are you thinking right now? Yeah, now, I like as you if you watch the video, like I give Chris Rock a lot of credit to you, because you watch the video, like almost look like he wanted to swing back for like a second. Yeah, because he clear clamped up his hand. Yeah, and he was like and then, like I think he was like, wait a second, let's take this through. This Guy Played Muhammad Ali. Wow, I think it is. That just like I got to worry about he's gonna can't make this go worse. Oh, yeah, it's already pretty bad. Yeah, it can only get worse. It can't get any better. Yeah, and and yeah, and I again I haven't watched the whole I have no intention of watch this and I from my understand the whole show was kind of a shit show to begin with. Anyway, I never really watched the Oscars, so that's I was like, well, yeah, it's good, but it's just it's but yeah, that from what and for what I've read from just who won, and I a lot of stuff that want I haven't seen, but it is kind of a bumper that, like there's a lot of really good, like a stuff that came out of the Oscars is kind of getting overshadowed by this. But this was such a because, I mean literally my entire twitter and facebook feed for twenty four hours was just this. I what I feel about too, is like I will Smith should have been nominated at least a couple times for Oscars. He shouldn't nominate it...

...and should have been won a couple times. Yeah, this should not have been his first Oscar. Yeah, and then like it's his first Oscar, and then that that happens before his first asking you're like, yeah, Oh my God, yeah, there's I can think of so many of the Times that he should have been nominated, let alone one a fucking Oscar this and for this to be the first one he gets. Yeah, because you look at movies like pursued a happiness. Concussion, concussion, fucking seven pounds. Yeah, like, like there's design. Yeah, seriously, like will Smith and a ladd and I'm kidding. It's I felt bad for him happing to do that. I felt bad for anybody. There's no one that could have gotten into had to play the the only person who might have been okay was Frank Aleendo because he's an impressionist character actor, comedian. Yeah, but anybody else it's like, yeah, there's it's a no win fucking scenario. You're going to be compared to Robin Williams no matter what. Let's see here. Bad Boys, now that's not although I mean I do like him in bad boys. Him and Martin, Martin Lawrence have great, great banther back of Great Chemistry on screen. Absolutely he's when they're when they're shaking down the guy taking Martin Lawrence's daughter out in the doorway is one of the funniest scenes like that. Will Smith's ever fucking die, am Letty, he's going an I am legend. He's very good at I am legend, the movie that Te's Batman Be Superman before it realized it, Dud Ali, it was fantastic. Oh, he's the fact. I actually had to remind us. I was like, wait, he didn't win for Ali. Yeah, it's weird, man. I remember him playing Ali being a big fucking deal, legend, a bag of Vance. That movie is so fucking Guy, I know. and Oh, but nobody talks about that movie. That movie is so fucking good, like I'Le Really like enemy of the state, even though he should have been nominated for I think I'm at any states. Yea, the one gene happened. Yeah, okay, yeah, it's good to I just like yeah, there's like independence dare. Now I can't. Not Me for the Pansy men in black. Cannot supporting actor. I think he's really good in men and black. Is really good at men in black. It's not gonna get in. No, no, it's not. Well, I'll tell you what else. It's not going to get a nomination any fucking sci fi movie going forward, now that they have these bullshit twitter fan awards. The Oscars are doing that now. Yeah, so now it's like fans vote on twitter for like, you know, favorite blockbuster, bullshit whatever, and I'm like, Oh, so this is your new like now we'll never nominate another one of these movies again, because now they've got their own fucking yeah, same with the animated movies. Like beauty and the beast. Got Nominated for best picture because there was no animated category at the time. The next year they introduced the best animated category. Since then, only two other movies of Benmin animated movies have been up and toy story. Three, toy story. So you Gott nominee for best picture? Yes, it's gonna be, but like since one thousand nine hundred and ninety four? Yeah, that's the last time in Anna and they've never happened again because now they have the animated category.

I don't know. Up So good, though? Oh, UPS, amazing. Yeah, the first ten minutes alone. That's love story all time. Oh my God, no fucking dialog all just, Ah, just guts you. Yeah, AH, that's one of those things you see like on like fine brothers like trying to try to try a the car challenges and they you're watching as be as they get to the up and you're just like use HMM. It's like that the last scene in Marley and me. You know, Ever Watch that movie? Don't do it, man, I'm not. No, don't. I went into that movie, having never read the book, not knowing what I was about to expect. See that movie. Fuck me up. Fuck you, man, fuck me up man now. But Will Smith, yes, Roight, fucked up Chris Rock, like they're friends too. Yeah, that's I think that's why everyone's so kind of weird add about all this. It's like you guys fucking like each other, man, because I know like they were like these like behind the scenes photos whatever, of late, like between during commercial breaks whatever, like Denzel and Tyler Perry trying to like talk will down and because I guess he was still fucking pissed, and basically telling him like, dude, well, then he out. They also dies. Also talked to Chris did it, yeah, too, and I was just like like then's as a great actor, I mean a great person just in general. But yeah, I love done though, but it's just kind of like I still like can't believe that happened. I could I start ear with Harambee. Here we are. I think that slap ended Covid, like realistically, like I don't think there's covid anymore. It's just the Will Smith smacks cured Covid, like I really like gone and removed it from the earth, like I just I don't know. It ended the pandemic and ended the recession. There's now peace in the Ukraine. I just it's stick. That's when he's to happen, as they need to send will Smith there a smack pootin did. I tried so hard to come up like a good joke about that. Like my favorite one was like Steve Hasser Planet Will Smith in the audience. That's fucking funny. That one's fucking funny. I like mine. Which one was yours? Will Smith Breaking News. Will Smith has joint five finger death Possi so fucking funny. I did want was like obviously you could tell. You could tell will roasted Jada so bad one time that she end up fucking somebody else. Was it was it Greg Gray who said, like, you know, Jada Smith's a nice person. Ask Her son's friends. Yeah, no, I think that was that break our luke. I think it was Luke, Greg post of something else. I grey. He was like he was just like he was just trying to make sure if it was Gif Christmas Kate Right. I like fucking thought that was so funny.

You seen that? Is it take showing that look it's so dumb. Yeah, it's because up that looks like okay, I mean you can't tell if it is or not. Yeah, it's such a one trick show. It's like, okay, I can watch this for like ten minutes and then I don't care anymore. Yeah, the whole I just I and and ineftably then the conversations come up, is like, oh, this is the kind of thing comedians are afraid of. Now it's like now we're not. This is such a lightning in a bottle situation. Well, like, I guess the army is like somebody's going to feel like they can do something at that point. You got it. Might have something every now and then. But the thing that was like how often do you really wrote? Like I don't roast anybody, especially not like my what. Yeah, like, like we do, like crowd works one thing, but it's you're doing that kind of thing at a comedy show where that kind of thing is expected. Yeah, but yeah, like if you go to a comedy show, like like if will and Jada had just gone to carolines or something like that and sat in the front like that, you're putting they you'd have that expectation of knowing this could probably happen. You go to the fucking Oscars. Yes, is going to be comedians there, but you're not expecting to get roast out at the Oscars, unless we're get your basis hosting. Never have him host again. No, no, never, it's never gonna fucking happen. He doesn't care, though. It's fine. I although my other fate want was like this the worst way to find out. Gi Jane too, is not getting me. Ha. I was like, fuck it. It almost makes me want to watch the Oscars next year to see what the fuck's going to happen. Oh, was it? I think Greg also said like or no? The I think it was kyle steel who said. I think next year they're gonna have the fans vote on twitter who they want to see gets smacked this year. You See, he lost a cup, he did. Yeah, he lost a customer because it was will Smith. Jokes. Are You fucking kidding me? Oh my God, I almost want to get him on the phone right now and talk to him about that. Get Him doing. Come on here, Chris Rock, smooth things over with will smith by sleeping with his wife. God Damn, that's good. Oh that's fucking fantastic. Like Harry's is calling. You could treadphones on. Hey, buddy, papa, hello as a going man. Can hear us go on then? Yeah, I can't hear anything out of you out of Mike's Headphones on there. I'm bad. So I got my phone connected to the to my roadcaster. Right now we're recording the podcast today. Oh, how random. Hello. Yeah, and we had to call you about this because because Mike brought this up and I wasn't aware of this. So we're talking about the the Will Smith, Chris Rock Bullshit, for those listening, for the for those listening, this is Kyle Steel. He's he's a he's a podcast buddy of ours and a...

I'm going to I'm an authority on the subject. He's an authority on this subject. So so we were going over, like, some of our favorite jokes people have made about this and and Mike said, apparently you lost a customer over this shit. I did. Absolutely. Please, please tell me this story, because I need to hear this. Yeah, I have no problem doing that. All right. So, so girl comments. I've been in competat like in conversation and for a while. Gotten reproved all that cussed up and it's I'm actually a group chat with her and her fiance, and so she comments on the post and I've another story as well after this. A realtor, I love Realtor, who hit me his address to come fight it. So we'll get to that. Oh yes, please, these people love to fight. So the for the first person she commented, I did not say anything disrespectful back. For All client. I'm not even going to do that anyway. And if you see to my threats to if you follow me on facebook and you go through all my threads, to go crazy, I'm literally never disrespectful, like I'll, well, I'll maybe I'll wrote someone or a joke towards someone to like. I don't cust really. I don't like get all mad or whatever, because that's just not who I am as a person. So I didn't respond back in a real negative way. I basically said Hey, if that's why you feel in that school, I think that's it's odd to me the like. It is what it is. What a I'm just moving on. So then she delete the flood a hurt her her post that she made. She delete it and I get a message in our group chat and she says, quote. I'm not looking at it right now, but something along the lines up we're going to be looking for realtors that's more aligned with our values. Wow, and what I wanted to what I what I did respond with, is not a problem. I wish you guys the best of luck. If you ever need anything in the future, let me know. That's what I responded. Sure, what I was what I wanted to say was, let me clarify. You're firing over my opinion of will Smith, because I just I just want to double check, because a clear that is fucking bonkers. And and it appears to me that that is what happened. So there's that. The second thing that happened. He this, this gentleman also deleted his thread. He said something about making fun of someone's medical commissions. So with asking me if I think that that's okay, and I said, you know, again, you have to be specific. You know, am I making fun of someone with Adhd, or am I making fun of someone with a Las? You know, I mean like, it's the like. Where's the line there? Like and again, I'm not even saying that I would do this then, but do I have a...

...problem? No, I don't have a problem with anything. I don't care if you make fun of dead babies. I don't have a line. So, yeah, it's like if you're asking my personal line. So I don't give to shit what someone says. But you know, like if you're asking, like what's work someone getting backlass, like making fun of someone, proving you aid your cancer or something like, you know, like that's like a backlash that would be warranted. I guess I tried to answer the question for the best of my built. Is evenler was a trap question. So he respond. So I guess he has a thumb, who has a WHO has a very serious medical condition and I like as a tricheotomy and all sorts of stuff. So he respond. So what you're saying is now, I'm going to stop right there. Whenever someone says so, what you're saying is they're they're about to say some shit that you did not say one hundred percent of the of course it is always true. They're about to say something that you absolutely did not say, and in this case was no different. He said so what you're saying is it's okay to make fun of my child with whatever the disorder was. I don't remember what the disorder of and I said I responded back. I said, did you break your shoulder reaching that hard? That is and he he deleted the thread. I then get a message. Had said, if you're if you think it's okay it to make fun of my kid with whatever, here's my address. He drops his address and said come say it to his face. If I didn't respond to because I'm right, that's just a Sur why would I respond to that? That's the same, same for someone to do right and again. Wasn't what I said. So, dude, that those two are some of the wildest things that ever had. And I'm the person who I sponsored Dan Seabreeze one of his first oh my gosh, what's the showcase every year? Why? This gave me super dope. Yeah, don't. Yeah, I spought to his super dope one year at Wiley's and some lady sends my broker this gazing message about the perverse and whatever things are heard name is being connected to and what Clux is. My broker at the time was like, Hey, you can't, your name needs to be removed up of all of this stuff, which really sucks because I was like man like, I left the broker's not long after, and I'm not saying it's because of this, but like I was like, I don't want to be aligned with someone who's that big of a pussy, like that's great here, you know. Yeah, so I was like whatever, the broker I'm at now. He, when he solved the original thread with a guy that with the other realtor, was accusing me of being okay, making fun of his child. I don't want to say what he's said. He texted me something hilarious and I'm not going to say it out loud,...

...but he texted me something that was very, very funny. When I'm not recording I'll tell you what. But called called something hilarious and I was like, this is why I'm at the brokers on that. They get from its bread that he would have said, go fuck yourself, and then that would have been the interoduce that that is, you know, for a guy who's not a comedian, you sure go through a lot of the same bullshit that we have to. So I ever asked you, like, can you make an you make fun of that? Yeah, if it's good. Yeah, absolutely, yeah, at the end of the day, you know, again, you know and this is what people kept arguing about. The Will Smith thing was that the whole frame of repercussions argument right, which I'm a hundred percent on board for that right. If I make a joke about abortion or I make a joke about whatever, which I have a little twitter feed dedicated to those things just I can get them out of my brain, or I send them to Mike and have them post them for me anonymously and their fantastic. Thank you, but I have a whole speed for that. So I can not do that under my own name. But like if I would have make those kind of jokes and I work, to lose clients because I've made an abortion joke. Yeah, I got that, like yeah, no Shit, you lost the client. You made an abortion joke. Bro, like, what did you think was going to happen? So I'm cool with that. But this narrative that somehow the freedom of repercussions wasn't applied to Chris Rock because of what he said is completely assal. Mean that's there's nothing that he said that was even remotely really Provoca I don't even think it was a projective. And then this idea that that he made fun of her he didn't make fun of her Allapcia. He made fun of her first, even really make fun of her, but he said something almot lads of her, her looking like Gijan. He didn't make fun of her ALLAPICIA. Who's to say even knew that she had Allapicia? Okay, what ninety five percent of the people going your daughter. Okay, with tone of people's medical conditions. We had no fucking clue that JADF pin could snip wherever the fucker name is, had alapaisha. The only condition she has. His the other Dick Syndrome. Yeah, it's like all these people getting on this weird virtue signaling thing and how you get he was wrong to make fun of her medical condition. I literally wanted to go through these friends and go, did you know she had it? And beyond, beyond. Well, she announced. I didn't know, but she announced on her instagram. Who the fuck is following her on Instagram? Why? Why? All of her son's friends are following her aut instagram. Boys. So that's good. Yeah, I'll keep doing whatever I'm doing. You keep you, keep doing whatever the fuck you want to do, man, because, yeah, now I'm I love my life. I get to just basically do what I want within reason. Again, I have another outlet. Well, I can get off my real bad shit. Alec, come in my Puss. That's what it is. That's okay, I'll come in my puss. That's not will Smith, what the fuck? Well,... live in a day in Ohio area and you want to hire someone to help you buy a house who has a sense of humor. I make sure you guys look up Kyle Steel and because he's The guy helped me buy my house and Mike. Now, wow, are any used kyle? But I didn't use me. Yeah, it was a never forgive them. Yeah, there's where, because fucking relators are crazy, like we literally Oh yeah, that's just one prst about it, about a fucking property, and they were like hey, come on it, and like well, we were looking at houses and I was like, I really want to use kyle. Then she was really nice and yeah, you know, and here's the thing. The only issue is on very petty and I also, you know again, I do have a fit of humor and it usually takes me, I would say, seven to ten years before before I get my revenge. So we'll just kind of we'll just kind of see what happened to you. My House is gonna be out fire. What I think? You just come home and your house is on fire. How last and he went. You'RE gonna you're gonna come home. He's gonna walk up with smack you and and and and say it's because you, because you made fun of his a Ladisha, and that's what it is. Yeah, you have a folding for a long time and people, people talk about it frequently. You know, and I don't. I haven't had any issues. You know, like you're talking, you, you're talking to do it over. Call me a lepper. I've been. I've been overweight and losing my hair since I was like fucking twenty two years old. So I get it, man. It's sad, but pete the end of the day, I just if I don't, if I don't find a way to laugh about it, I'll just kill myself. So that's yeah, you know, that's how you get through life, kids just laughing at people. Don't want that. No, now, most, there there are some would be like but most, most would probably cool with me sticking around Mike's mice, like fuck it. The podcast will be my he's playing the long game. He feels that if he just sticks round long enough, he'll take over the empire, the empire. Well, Kyle appreciates you, Colin Man, and and taking the time to let us know about this. This was this was the best, the best thing ever. I'm so glad. I'm I hate that you lost a client, but I'm so glad that it made for a funny moment on my fucking podcast. So at the end of the day, I win, and there's all that matters. What we've learned is will smith ruins relationships with less, and when I tell you that, I could care less. I hope you because by let hitimanly. Oh, I a hundred percent believe I believe you. You're like, yeah, oh no, I lost one of God knows how many clients I have. Okay, yeah, I'd literally just got back. I was in the cars, you could until coming back from showing it, you know, thirty at night. So yeah, I'm doing all right. Yeah, you're fine. Yeah, you've made it. You're your show houses a D thirty at nine. Man, you've made it. You're that, you're right, you're the new filled done feeding. All right, man, we're gonna let you go.

All right, I take care like shout out to folks listening to us on good pods. Oh Yeah, we're still charting the top fifty on all three of those lists. That's wild. We still stay in the top fift so so thank you, guys. If you're not listening to us on good pot skill as it was on good pots. It's actually a really good APP. It's cool because you can like, you can like rate review shows, but you can also rate and review specific episodes. Oh really, it's like a combination of like twitter and like a podcast, apt because you can like add people in groups. So, like, if you're all fans of this one show, you can like join the discussion from about that show and still listen to the shows. They're not paying me to say that. I'm just a fan, just a fan, just a fan. Ha, Kyle, Kyle, just message me what his what is broker said to him? I'll tell you off the MIC. It's fucking funny. That's good. I wouldn't say that. Can Your Kid Talk? He beat the fucking microphone and we're bad. We're I might leave in the silence. Leave. Everyone needs hey, everybody, go on twitter. Tell us what you think is broker said. Yeah, tell us what you think. It's broke ourselves. You think it's broker said. Seriously, tell us what you think kyles. Broker said, Yep, let's get kyle fires. Now it's not. Let's not. Let's not do that. A.

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