The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 66 · 9 months ago

Where Are Our Nukes?


So, apparently, the US is still missing 6 nukes that vanished over 20 years ago. That's...not great. Also, there are some weird conspiracy theories out there. Plus, the Grammys can suck it.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Missing nukes
  • Conspiracy theories
  • The Grammys 


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...fucking nap or something, and they're just like these are nukes, motherfuckers, and it's they're just there, but it's one of those like they are so afraid. The reason like they run those old computers is they're so afraid that if they disconnect anything, he'll breaks. Yeah, because in order to upgrade that saw, all that equipment, you'd have to take it offline and put new shit in, because they're not big spaces. They're very small, like those control rooms like the size of this room, if not smaller, and there's only so much you can do without just taking the shit offline. And they're like, well, what if we do that? Like what's going to happen? These are these are nukes. That's actually a good point and never thought about it. Like Huh, I got fuck yeah, but also, yeah, it's a say is that kind of's like like like imagine that, like like the button to blow up the world was being run off one of the like a room full of those refrigerator size fucking hard drives from the s like that. That's fucking scary, although like, at the same time, maybe like be super hard to hack system that's that old. That's probably another reason why they do it, because it's basically analog. Yeah, it's not exactly. Now, all the other shit like at the Pentagon and all that. That sends them their orders. Different story. But like hacking the silos themselves is damn near impossible. Near, not not completely impossible, but near impossible, because, you know, war games was made in the fucking S. so, yeah, true, it's a second movie. Yeah, but yeah, I remember. So I was like us, I remember was seeing that has like that kind of scares the shit happening. Like we read that. Read some of them. It's like, yeah, it's like fucking and like I don't know why I just got on it because I was like, well, you know, hold on, missing nukes. That's fucking US lost, seeing US nukes. I'm trying to put up the six. I want to pull up the one that. Let's see, thirty two on documented. Thirty two document a nuclear weapon accidents. Yeah, where was this one? It was okay, so here's one. It's just seventy one years ago it was lost from the crew of a United States air force convey or be conveyor be thirty six bomber was conducting a mock nuclear strike. It wasn't route from Ellison Air Force Space Alaska to Carlisle air for space. Sex of war developed engine trouble. Not wanting to crash the nuclear warhead, the crew was ordered to drop its thirty kiloton mark for fat man bomb into the specific Pacific Ocean, specific ocean. Jesus. Yeah, like, I mean, like, and that's like kind of like the right thing to do, like you can't crap, you know, you don't want to crash with it. On the positive side, from like what I'm looking up here, because when was that one? That was seven. That was the last one. So I don't know. I mean it's been the last one was like, well, those were eighty six. Yet loss of two nuclear reactors and either thirty two or forty eight warheads. So either thirty two or forty eight, sixteen difference. Wild. I'm trying to find the Georgia one. So Georgia. Yeah, I think that's the most interesting. I Um. You said Georgia, the country right now. No, George of the state, that state a daring a simulated combat mission. Near Savannah, Georgia, another air force B forty, forty seven bomber carrying at MK Fifteen weapon collided with the F eighty six. After multiple attempts to land, the bomber crew was Kevin the green light to jettison the bombs to reduce weight also to ensure it wouldn't explode. Durtymer and sea landing. The botto, which was dropped over the walshaw sound near the mouth of the Savannah River, wasn't wasn't recovered. Hmm Oh, that's...

...awesome. Yeah, okay, yeah, that was that was at fifty eight. Yet if the eight, okay, because I got to that happened in fifty eight. One, savanna. Okay, so Savannah, Georgia. Okay, how do you have two in one ear. Yeah, one was in Mars bluffed, South Carolina. A B forty seventy bomber was flying from Hunter Air Force Base in Savannah to England in a formation of for B forty seven's on a top secret mission called operations Snow Flurry, to perform a mock bombing exercise. The flight navigator was checking the walking harness on a massive mark g nuclear bomb. When you accidentally push the emergency release lever, the bomb fell on the Bombay doors, smash them open and going into a Fifteenzero foot free fall, the high explosive detonator went off. It hit the ground six point five miles east of Flor and South Carolina in Mars Bluff, create a seventy foot wide crater in here by house was destroyed and seventy and several people were injured. In nuclear detonation was not possible, however, because while on board a weapon's core is not in the weapon for safety reasons. But still, that's one of those like that happens the case or you're fired. You understand that right? Gonna pack up my Shit? Yeah, yeah, you gonna talk to HR. At that point you're like, you know what I'm just jumping out of the plane. I'm just jumping out of the plane. Fuck it, Bill, you to shoot fug it shit. Oh Shit, that's so fucking wild, so scary. It's crazy. And wait, there's six of them that still have not been like that's a blosom. There's six, just six bombs. There's just some fucking like like doomsday prepper. Just that is bunker, just sitting here like slapping. This motherfucker can blow up so many fucking countries. Man. It's got like a smiley facing Google on it. It's names Jim, yeah, Jim Bow I'm really good. You know, he probably humps at his wife left him and that's all his companionship he's got anymore. I was in the air. Just was in the uranium, dead now, or he's just mutated like five dicks guys. The one hat a coming, one for every day of the week, takes a break on weekends and I caught my fuck five. What? What the fuck? Yeah, got me thinking about that shit and just like wild stuff that like I don't know. I was thinking about like conspiracy theories. What conspiracy theories I believe in and what I don't believe in, and all that Shit. It was just because that's not even conspiracy theory, that's just lacks of judgment. Oh fucking that's just that's just fucked up shit that we didn't know. Don't remember learning about that in history class. By the way, kids, we lost some nukes. What did we find them? We sure didn't. Sir. It's two thousand and twenty two. Sure is. Yeah, fuck, I mean, I guess. I God, news they put a pause. Has Been there has been a one loss since like the S. Yeah, I was like what? Well, okay, the last the last time one was law. Yeah, was was eighty eight, was the but was it recovered? Some type six rather, I don't know they were recovering or not. This is the last one that was recovered, that was lost and not recovered. was like and the the S or something. Yeah, unlike and you know they haven't gone off. So yeah, yet. Yes, imagine like mowing your grass and awesome, you just look up. You're just kind of like, Oh, I'm not going to finish, or you see the going off, your dad walks up, hey, you're still finishing that fucking lawn. No, I'm not. If you'd done it yesterday, this wouldn't be a problem finished that long shit I just says got me thinking about just ran I was just saying about weird ass shit about after that, because it does blow my like, like, who killed JFK, like all this like crazy ass like stuff to what do I believe a conspiracy theory and when I don't believe it's Inspiras there. Yeah, like, I don't know. As... weird. Well, what are the ones that you found out that, like you're just like now, I don't. I totally don't think are Oswald killed JFK. I think they were something else involved. Out really puzzle was a part of it, okay, just because, like, well, everybody knows that there. What happened was that magneto tried to stop the bullet because it JFK was, it was a mutant, but he failed expend upon anyway or expend that. They speat your path anyway. Let's be real here. We're aliens, like I'm out load boost. Let's be aliens, man alien. Now I just like like the amount of bullets fired at that one time, even though they proved that it can be done. Yeah, but the accuracy in which is like, I don't it's almost dumb luck. Yeah, like, I actually don't. I think it's I think he was involved and I also because he got shot right outside and the dudas shot was part of the Mafia and Jeff K attached the Mafia type thing, and you're just like what the fuck, like it's just weird. It was Joe Magia. It was pissed off about Marilyn. Probably that entire family's cursed anyway. Kennedy's. Yeah, girl fucked. Yeah, that's why I love fucking dead Kennedy's aren't even around. They're like, you know what, guys, it's not worth it. Yeah, not worth it that one. Yeah, so you really think he was the only one that did it? I it. I just don't think about it's not one of those things I think about real because I also look at it as you know, these these tests that were done. We're done in the fucking s. You know, the Technology was Dick. You know so and and at this point in two thousand and twenty two, what are we going to find out? Oh, there's nothing that can like exactly. So it's one of it's one of those I've just kind of resigned to, like we're never gonna now no, I don't think. Well, right now it's just like one of those sayings. It's like I just don't think he was the only one. I know Oswald wasn't vised something. He was only one, like just because the accuracy in the timing. I've everything. Have I looked into hot no, but like I just think it like the accuracy and like how fast it happened and you're like yeah, all right, but that big foot's totally real. A big foot super fucking real. Just lock his monsters real. I mean, I still I don't. I still think there's a megalodon on a giant squid out there all there. You see, they found a giant squid. Well, they found some colossal squids, which are fucking but I mean likeded, I mean like the giant squid. Yeah, look after a fact of a too, like how big is the ocean? Yeah, how far do we even go down? I think I think they've estimated like we like ninety five percent of the ocean and still on just unstudied. There is a huge chance those exist. Yeah, you know, I I know people are. There's no fuck, there's there's like there's definitely a fucking way that thing is still alive. I'm telling you that they're still that there. I do I refusably for a second. Don't want to come up anywhere, but like, fuck you guy, would it. It's all the fucking Jason State. The movie was like no, fuck you guys. Like finally sign to get portrayals. I'm a nicer this way, nicer. I make fudge and make fuck it. saw that on Netflix now. As far as like well, but also like it with the with the nuclear thing, like you talked about, just fucked up things from history that it's almost hard to believe, even though it's like the shit with like with sea world or the blackfish documentary. That's crazy. That was I'mber that was like one of the first things I watched on Netflix when I first gotten that floting on that Flix. Yeah, that and that fucking that's scarred my childhood, man, because like go into sea world like every in the summer, is my mom and I at the time we didn't live far from Aurora. We'd go like once a month when it was open and because we could see, we just joined the membership club and you could just go. Yeah, and I look back on how many weeks out of my childhood were spent at Sea Whelms, kind of like fuck, blackfish was that? That was a...

...that was fun crazy. Well, what made it? Because they they reached out, they tried to get sea world to give their two cents and they wouldn't be a part of it. So it just kind of turned into this okay, well then we're gonna just it's going to make you look like shit, but it is what I mean. There's not really I don't know how they would have been able to paint any of that in a better light. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give Yoursel all some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Ntella Banana. Plus. They donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom. Dou ghpcom put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. Do you believe in any conspiracy theories? That Um, none that like jump to my head. If you started rattling some some off, I can probably thought about. That's top like like top conspiracy theories. Yeah, because that's good, because I've been trying to think of one off top my head. And other than like the megalodon thing. And talk conspiracy theories. Okay, the thirteen biggest conspiracy theories from life science, so like the N and eleven conspiracies. I don't buy into those for a second. I don't buy into that at all. Princess Diane is murder that people believe that. Like what how are missing these? Oh, I think science, Princess Diana's but I don't know. So little advertising I totally buy into. Oh, that's a hundred percent buy and it's absolutely vertising, like there's no way that's not like that's a huge thing. I don't I don't buy the moon landing hoax. Here's the thing. I don't buy either. But I could see why we would do it. MMM, all because of the race the moon and like to make yourself look like a superpower. Like if it was to come out that like, yeah, it actually is true, would be like, okay, I get it, but I don't. I don't buy for a second that it's that it's actually real. All my Partney's dead. I don't that's what I'm trying to figure out. He's not dead. Yeah, Oh, people think that he died in the s and that it's a that it's a look alike. Jeff Ko cany the Roswell crash over. Totally believe it. Oh, a hundred percent. Like like to sit here and be I I am not arrogant enough to think we're the only sentient species in the known in the universe. Yeah, there's no way that. There's got it there. It just mathematically there has to be one other planet out there at least with sentient life on it. Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It sounds like a video game satanic panic. Never heard of that. Chemtrail. Oh, chemtrails Um, I haven't looked enough into like it's one of those words I heard getting thrown around and like the last few years, but it just it just sounds more. It sounds like more, you know, they're putting shit in the water to turn the frogs gay kind of Shit. Yeah, you know, can child's like one of those things. I think it's just science. Some people don't want to understand science. It's like yeah, well, I mean right now the big thing is, you know, covid g.

...that's on there. Yeah, it's I. Yeah, no, Fuck you, birds aren't real. Is Whatever. It's a fuck. Can't believe that's on this fucking list. So I think something this bliss is a joke. Thank some good ones. Global warming. Global warming is totally fucking real. You can't fucking I you can't deny that the earth has gotten global like as warming globally. Yeah, you literally can't. Have you looked this polar caps? Like when I was when I was a kid, we'd start getting like inches of snow in November. I'd be building snow men at Thanksgiving the last few years. This past year when I was at my grandparents were Thanksgiving and it's the same house I built those snow men and it was like sixty and raining. It's way to like think about that Shit. It's very like I remember in high school, not high school, but elementary school, like we'd get big snowstorms, like in Noveer. MMM, like we get them like we actually got had a huge snowstorm. I think I was in fourth grade or fifth grade. Huge snowstorm. HMM. Snowed, then ice and snowed again, then iced. We were out literally for like a week. Oh yeah, and then, because it was it was the week before and that week. So the next week we're supposed to have like Thanksgiving break. So and then that we came back on Monday, but then like all Wednesday there's just be an ice storm again. So they we're there for like no, we were on on Monday. There's to be an ice storm in the afternoon. So they sent us home early and we had like Oh really, it's off yet we had to make up a bunch of time an in the year. But see, that's thing. Like grown up in like a north canton we had like x number of snow days that were free bees and then it when we got past that we started losing our time off. Now I don't know if they still do that or not for schools and live. I do and live it when I was living down south. They didn't do it because the South Carolinia're not getting as much snow. Yeah, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were like hey, look, it just doesn't snow as much anymore. So we're not doing like the free be snow days, but it doesn't snow as much as it used to. They still get like most. As a teachers, I think they still like seven days or something like that here. One of these is so you remember the tsunami happened in the Indian Ocean and I know for some people think that it was caused by an Indian nuclear experiment that went a Rye. What that is fucking I've never heard that in my life. Now it's the first I've ever heard of this fluoride in the drinking water. That's proven. Yeah, Oh, panting on flight one of three. Yeah, nobody knows real way. Yeah, well, that happened because that one was in the s. What was the one? Happened a few years back? I'm not what I was talking about. Is this is this is in the S. I don't know. About that one, but the one you're talking about it from. That was your La, Malaysia. Yeah, that one, because they eventually found some wreckage of that, though, didn't they? I don't know, or they think they did. Let's see, look at I'm trying to look at the other one. Pearl, Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen. You've never heard that one. It's I've heard that one before. They think that they create patriotism or something. Well, yeah, that the White House. They'll the White House was looking for a reason to get involved in World War II, and so they believe that they got word that Pearl Harbor was going to happen and they let it happen so they could use it as a reason to join World War Two, which I hey, they could have just done it. There was plenty of other reasons to join World War II, like just what was happening. You didn't need a reason. So I I don't I don't believe they that they would do that. I want to join it. They could have just fucking done it. The fucking sandy hope thing. Sandy, Oh, Sandy Hook, yeah, Hook, yeah, oh, the the ones aulet Joe...

...was doing. Where is like that? It was all actors. Yeah, yeah, that one. He's still facing legal shit over that. Yeah, he made his legal team offered a settlement to the families and they rejected it. They would, they were. Yeah, there's he's fucked. It's being an Alagy on top Democrats behind the child sex ring. Yeah, actually kind of had this kind of right. kind of it was politicians. He said he could talk about high people going to an island to have sex, yeah, with kids, and the Jeffrey Epstein thing, and that's exactly what he was referring to. But it was like a little did he know? Like fucking everybody was involved, say, kind of like the dudes fucking crazy. Yeah, also, I don't. I partially think he's not. I partially think he's just doing it as must of us an act. But he did get that sort of right, which is also kind of scary. Yeah, well, I'm mean, broken clocks right twice a day. It's also true. It's supposed speak of something in that same vein. I can't lieve him going down this road. She sure about the shit that that Guy Cowthorne, what's his first name, Madison Cowforn, was talking about recently? The but the orgies of the coke and all that. Yeah, okay, so I saw something on twitter about it and I I saw it came from him. I was like, I don't want to read this right because that guy is a fucking pooch canoe. Did you see? Have you seen his his I'm not a SIMP at a political ads. Now, he was his wholefully the guy he was running against. His whole ad was literally like this guy's a simp for Nancy Pelosi and he says the words Simp like six times in this fucking ad. But I I'm not a Sim I'm not going to Sim for anyone like your. You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it me it's look like and I that the people are trying to refer to that say that word probably don't vote. Yeah, but yeah, he was talking about how he got invited to he's like, we want you to come to a sexual gathering and he's like I got there and it was just it was a huge orgy going on. Guys, you're doing key bumps a cocaine, and I was like, wait, that's the part you you still went to the party, though. Yeah, like you still went, but the key bumps is where you drew the line. Key bumps. No, thank you, but I'll fuck five dudes, but I am not snorting coke. Wheel me over here, with me over there. Let's see whose parties were like. Did they just say? He just he didn't. He just said yeah, other constituents or whatever, people who here. He was trying to Schmooz what, I guess, like a couple more of these. Elvis Presley faked his own death. Toupas not really dead. The ILLUMINATI. I can believe that's real and so weird as way, just because because I wanted to believe it's real. I know I really do. Just be like well, Mo one, yeah, but yeah, I guess so. I guess there's really not too many that. Like. I'm super into. I got my out, like in the conspiracy. They it's thing about the new thing got me thinking. I was like, I don't think JFK, I there's more to that and that and I definitely believe. I definitely believe that there was a you know, are if the ones got a spaceship or some kind? Oh well, they say, like a lot of it's some of it's at Yeah, all right, Pat Oh really? Yeah, Oh sure. Well, yeah, you don't want to keep it on one place like it is. Always been the rumor that there's like some secret und around tunnels, because they have tunnels there. Yeah, I store some the air. If it do one stuff. Maybe that's what happened. Remember last year when they had the they thought they have the active shoot or whatever right pat that one night. I wonder if it was like so, we can't find the alien shit. The alien got free. Fuck, no, no, aliens do fat I don't know. Yeah, that's the one thing that's just...

...fucking fastinates me still to this day's aliens. Do you all the UFOS and Shit? Yeah, but the ones you and I were looking at like a few months ago whatever, back to attack the US? The yeah, that, the tick tack got fucking Damn It. Yeah, the tick tacks and the how just how fucking fast they said the thing was moving, and it's insane. Yeah, yeah, did you ever watch that, Joe Rogan? Yeah, Dang, yeah, I did. Did you watch? Did you wudge captain favor or did you watch? Which one did you watch? I gotta Watch both with and the other guy that worked at the place. Yeah, the the hat with the haunted place, or whatever haunted I was, or who was there when we were talking about really, that was the place. Was I haunted? or Oh yeah, you're talking about skinwalker ranch. Yeah, I watched that one and then I watched the guy talking about the UFO. What was it? The military guy? Yeah, you gotta Watch the other one. Two, other one. Okay, there's the one he talks about. I can't think it was. Dudes name the guy? Actually, they hired to like think they think hired for reverse engineer. Okay, shit, because he did investigator reporter. That talked about skinwalker ranch and he originally tried to debunk the other dude. Shit, okay, anything. He's finally rather VAT. He's not lying. Really, yeah, it was. It was great. And then day he did investigator Reyport. I can't think it, because nap is the investigator reporter. Hmm, what the fuck's the other Dud's name? Now this is OK. Yeah, I haven't see. Okay, that one I didn't watch. I watched the one. I watch the military dude talking about it and I watched the one about skinwalker rang. Skinwalker ranch is fucking crazy. That one's weird. A Shit, that one. That one. I think I went up spending like two hours on wikipedia and Google, like just reading as much about it as I could. It was so interesting. It's just like Joe Rogan, aliens home on. What the fuck? I'm pregnant? What? What? What is that guy's Joe Rogan? What is that Dude Greg and that Joe Rogan? Know, what's the pregnant thing? Go back to that. I don't know. I just literally said a Jeremy Corpril. Okay, it's not Jeremy and Gregor the Shit Joe Rogan. Dude worked on spaceship. This is I can't find him. Done. Bob Lazar? Okay, Bablaz are yes, that's such a that's actually the one that got me into I I don't not really in the Rogan per se, but I like, if it's stuff that I'm interested in, Oh sure it's. The guest is good. Yeah, yeah, because even my boss is like he's in that type of stuff, Kinda yeah, you have to listen to this, and he doesn't listen to podcast at all, but he's like. I was like fuck wild and I was like, Baba, this is fucking say. Yeah, the skinwalker ranch one took up like a whole my whole evening after I watched like I watched. I watched it, after Google and Shit and reading on wikipede all that, and I was just like I wanted to know as much about it as I fuck. Well then, like do you see like the same thing happened on their ranch and the other places and you're like what the fuck? Like, yeah, and then you get the Skywalker ranch and everyone just walking around dress like fucking Luke Skywalker and fucking weird George Lucas is jerking off to a jar jar bank, stuffed animals, bullshit, cheap. You know. The Guy who played him like try to kill himself. Oh Yeah, I'm his people came after him because they hated jarge. Are So fucking much. But now, well, it's not going on more, but for long? So Star Wars has a star wars kids YouTube channel and they basically member legends of the Hidden Temple. Yeah, so they have a show on their youtube kids channel kind of like that, where it's these kids who are like supposed to be like in training to be Jedi or whatever, and the guy who played jar jar plays a Jedi, met the Jedi master on that and kind of hosts the show.

So part of it is like they do this one thing to go build their lightsaber, and another thing is them like on a ship, and it's like it's almost like a memory game. They have to remember what was in the story and the other ones kind of like an obstacle course and all that. It's pretty fucking cool actually, as really cool and all, I also just love it because they gave this guy another shot to have some fun in Star Wars. That isn't going to make him one to kill himself. Yeah, yeah, I don't know why I thought of that. All of a sudden, aliens, Jar j, are Joe, George Lucas dark and jerking off. The jars are okay, great training thought they're so weird, but I get it. I fucking yet you could. He was so fucking proud of jar jar and everyone just fucking hate it. It's like having a son that's a shit, that's a peasy yet that kills everybody they see on accident. Like it's like I attribute it to like like jar jar is Cartman and George Lucas is his mom, who just can't see why. I understand why nobody likes that's fun. The precious child the basement lounge and the VIP table are proud to be powered by pod decks. Pod decks of the hottest new tool for podcasters looking to have more meaningful conversations or game afi their podcast. Simply Shuffle Up, ask a question and let the content roll. Get Yours today at pod dexcom and use the codetbl Ten for ten percent off your order. So fuck the grammys, like so hard man. I didn't watch. So they bumped. So none of the rock awards were televised. Really, none of the rock or metal awards were televised, but they were still apparently planning on having the foo fighters perform. Obviously that was before Taylor Hawkins died. So they used their tribute to Taylor Hawkins then kick off the memorium segment and they didn't mention Joey Jordison, who was the drummer for Slipknot, who had he had been in the band in a bit, but he died last year. Yeah, and people were really pissed about that because they were like he had a grammy. Yeah, and somebody ever thought that one or yeah, and it's just it was just this huge it's like, okay, so you were going to have the food fighters perform. Now you're doing his big tribute to their drummer. But you weren't going to Televis because they won like, I think, three or four grammy's. Mean they are the most. They have there, the the most the most space band. Wouldn't you have to win of rock band winning twin Grammy's, which it's the fucking food fighters? But but you weren't going to televise this shit, but you still wanted them to perform on your fucking show. And then, Oh, and then when? And I guess so when they there was you could you could live stream, I guess the daytime, which is where they put all the Rock and metal awards and Shit, and I guess Dream Theater, one for best metal album and there for best metal song. And when dude was going to collect his award, they were playing a song by one of the other and fucking nominees as he was walking up. That's so it's earlier. Are You fucking kidding me? That's funny. It's put this together. It's Will Smith. Jesus a small to the face to everybody. Leavar Burton took a shot at will smith at the Grammy's say. He went up and he was like now our next presenter, I want to warn everybody is a comedian. It's going to tell some jokes. If you don't like it, please stay in your seats. We don't want to want to get in smack tonight. Okay, Levis. Yeah, well, what the the girl that played the the youngest sister in fresh prince and when he played Ashley? I guess she finally said something today and she basically said like yeah, will, was fucking wrong. Yeah, a lot of them have started finally like saying look, every pretty much everyone agrees like yeah, well's fucking wrong. Let's just move the fuck...

...on, though, like I feel. But I still feel bad for Chris rock because he's like, I mean they're friends. So it's like yeah, like have you seen the videos of him like just not kind of not talking about it, but talking about it, none of that, but like after it happened, he's like on stage still, like and there was being presented. He's like he's still like completely like, I don't think, what the fuck is that? Yeah, what the Fuck's that? SNL just went not nuts. There's that. I'm pulling this the fuck up, like it's so good. They had just back and forth at some of the bet even ones that weren't directly about the slap itself, but like, Colin jumps can play it, but it's Shay and Michael, Michael Jane and Colin Jose. Yeah, I meant to watch that, but then I was at the customer came in like I was at work. It's great, let me think. This is it. Yeah, yeah, Weekend College jokes. Michael Jay, thank you anything. Everyone. Welcome. We can do that. I'm Michael Jay, I'm Colin Jose. Intelligence officials are saying that Vladimir Putin is being misinformed by his advisor. is about how badly the Russian military is performing in Ukraine, which is kind of like will smith agent telling him you crushed it at the Oscars. Will Smith, for those of you who don't know, walked on stage during the academy wards and Slap Chris Rock after he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, which I think was a disgraceful act. That sets a terrible precedent for having to defend your wife at award shows. Remember who is wife and screech. Will Smith said love will make you do crazy things. You know, it also makes you do crazy things crazy, but I understand where will is coming from. I mean, you can't expect them to sit there and watch another man jump all over his wife without signing an NDA. Yesterday, will Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences. He wasn't going to, but then Jada gave him that look. Shit. If Will Smith had been expelled, he would have joined a small group of people kicked out of the academy, including Bill Cosby, Roman Polansky and Harvey Weinstein, or, as they're also known, bad boys for life. It's a good riding. Can we stop pretending everybody knew Jada had alapatia. I mean as much of we heard about Jaden will's personal lives, you can't expect us to retain everything. It's like Kanye saying Oh, not like guy. You know, I had Sir Rocousus just selfishly. As a comedian. I'm tired of people putting it own insecurities or not joke intentions. I mean I can't make a joke about it being cold outside without somebody yelling back stop making one of my small penis, my small I'm sorry stiles are really love that. The reason they let will smith stay in the audience was that they asked Chris Rock and he said it was okay. So now we just asked the victim right after they get hit in the head and cool the guy who just attacked you hangs around for a while. You don't want to make a man again. I can't believe the academy has a worse concussion protocol than the NFL. John Say, I can't even blame the Academy for not knowing what to do. Nobody knew what to do. Even people at the Oscars were googling. Did Will Smith just last I think we should just acknowledge that that was one of the craziest things we will ever see in our lives. It's truly like the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, but if Janet's nipple slapped Timberla,...

...not to mention Chris Rock, has been very public about his nonverbal learning disorder, which means it's hard for him to understand nonverbal signals, sort of like hot when he saw an angry will smith charging towards them and instead of moving out of the way, he'd put both his hands behind his back. Smile as it. Oh, that's the will smell. I'm not going to do the whole clip, but that's right. That's great fucking writing. That's that's some amazing fucking writing. God See if get back the Oscar that they decided that now he hasn't. No, but he resigned from the academy. Okay, so, which means they'll probably just let everything go now. So, like if you resign, wasn't resigning from the acadel. Resigning from the academy means, as they like, he doesn't get to vote in the Oscars. It's basically it. Wow, I don't know if it is because as far as being nominated or winning, I don't know. But he's not included in the voting body that votes in the IT takes part in the super complicated and ridiculous voting process of for the Academy Awards. So I what to do? Huh? Interesting. Yeah, but because people for the long because for like the last week, they kept getting conflicting reports from the Academy about yes, we asked them to leave, no, we did, and well, we asked Kret like. We kept getting different reports from different people. It was clear that nobody knew what the fuck was going on. They were throwing around like are they going to ask him to get back as Oscar? They're going to ask it. What are they going to do? And then so finally he just said fucking I'm out. And then, I think, and then we haven't heard anything from anyone since. I think that was kind of just them going like you know what, but sleeve it go, I think, as I was like, you find you could take the Oscar back, but he's still won the still want it. Yeah, it's you know, it just means that he'll probably Dev an asterisk next to his name. But that Oscar going forward, which is a bummer, should have been it should have been his fucking night. You know. Oh, it was his night. I mean it was his night, but like, well, and then, and then it was funny. Was I saw a thing on twitter that was like because quest love want to fucking want a grammy on Sunday night, and they're like he wons a grammy a week after having his Oscar. That completely forgotten about because of will smith. Yeah, but so what. You know, good for quest love, but yeah, Damn, what a week it's been. That's that's so weird, man. Yeah, but you know, it would have been different if fucking JFK was hunt. That I see, like seeing Will Smith, smatt Chris Rock, is more shocking than probably when you saw JFK get sure shot and Dallas. He's like president gets assassinated, like happens. Right, attempted. At least it happens. But like every Paul, every president, has someone talk about mean Jesus, people were mailing more mail or going to male pipe bombs to fucking Biden and Pelosi and everything. Never remember that Shit. Yeah, like Biden opens up his mail right, like he knows what the mail box yeah, which I guess he's going to be hosting his granddaughter's wedding or something at the White House. No, really, people are pissed about it. I'm like, gifts a fuck, she'SYS God. Yeah. Well, was it trump like started that whole social media thing called truth or something? Was that what I got here and he was starting one. I don't know. He hasn't posted on it yet, but it's active. Who did it? It looks exactly like twitter. Of course it does. Yeah, because that's his favorite thing in the fucking world. Now we can't use it anymore. That's so funny. They kicked him off that. I just just yeah, it's because at that point that he was on his way out and they were like, you know what you know, Hart is go get tricked off to like I could say the n word on Xbox, slide there at times, row and just get suspended for...

...her and start a new account. Like yeah, I told a guy that WHO said that the can't that the the covid vaccine killed his uncle. I told him, no, it's. You just died to get away from you and I just got a twenty four hour suspension. That was it. died to get away from you. It's funny. Also got like fifty laugh reacts worth it. FUCKING WORK.

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