The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 68 · 9 months ago

Ezra Miller Is In Trouble...Again


Ezra Miller (The Flash, Fantastic Beasts) was arrested AGAIN in Hawaii AGAIN for a violent crime AGAIN. Also, Netflix is considering putting ads on their service. Plus, Jesse Watters admitted to stalking his wife when they first met...proudly?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Ezra Miller's arrest & future with DC/WB
  • Netflix potentially having ads to combat losses
  • Fox News' Jesse Watters is really creepy


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Once again, go to www dot load boostcom and use the Promo Code Basement ten to get ten percent off your order at check out. Thanks for listening and have a happy ending. As from Miller, please, the flash keeps getting fucking arrested Hallai. Yeah, get out of Hawaii, dude, may sweets. Like so I dated a tweet to tweet is like if you live in a why your chance of getting a salt divide Ezra Miller are never zero. Welcome to the Basement Lounge. Grab a chair, grab a drink and settle in. Let's have some fun. Netflix is talking about how that they're password sharing is hurting their business model. So now they are looking at options that involve advertisements on Netflix. Really, basically would be like a Hulu situation where you have to pay to not see ads. Yeah, I mean they kind of had to figure this is going to happen. Yeah, and like so many people will share them back. Not only that, sharing the passwords, but like, I don't even like they produce so much of their own shit. Yeah, that like I get. Like, I don't know how many users you have, so you can subscribers. Do they have subscribers? I don't know. They see they have two hundred and twenty two million paid subscribers worldwide. It is estimated that an additional one hundred million households are using the service or a password shared through them, including thirty million North America. So, like you got figure, it's fifteen bucks a month for the average person. You were Taia, two hundred million. How much they making a month? Do the math. Yeah, I'll shitload at ten. would be two billion. Yeah, so three billion dollars. So you got two hundred twenty, two million times fifteen. Yeah, that's three point three repeating billion dollars. And then you figure and they think that a month. Yeah. So, and they're but the thing, like you got kind of what kind of like what you mentioned, is like they put out so much and now they so much are quote unquote, original content that they produce, but they've also lost a lot of content as all these other platforms of developed, like Disney plus pacock. But not only that, they also have to pay for the rights, yeah, of stuff to have for like a while. So it's kind of like in so it's yeah, and they keep putting all this money out, but and they get things, like you get things that are big hits like big mouth and Ozark, which Ozark, I know, is coming to an end. Big Mouth just got renewed, human resources got redued and they're always cranking out new stuff. But... also kind of wonder, like okay, but how many of those are actually getting traction, because I look through the Netflix originals and I haven't heard of three cores of them. Oh, it's it's like any fucking thing is is like network. How many shows they release? And like the only ones that get what I mean, they'll they'll just see commercials form. But after like, yeah, half a season, you like you don't see any more. So they know it flops. Yeah, that point it's kind of like you have like your prototypical like the witcher or Oh's. I mean, realistically, your things are probably your biggest things are Ozarre larange is new black, which both are over, you know, I mean, and there's there's stuff on there that is also shared. Their stuff on there that's also available on PBS and their website and you can watch it on there for free. Yeah, so, and it's but it's just yeah, I mean now this especially now that like the marvel stuff has moved to Disney plus. Finally, it's like, well, any people who were still watching it on there like going back and were watching it. I watch it there anymore. M So, well, but they're still making the money off of it because most people don't cancel in Netflix. I'll never cancel my Netfli. I there's there's still too many things on there. Not like that. It's like I'd look at it is like I'm paying seventeen bucks a month. Okay, whatever. Yeah, I know that's like a lot at the same time, but I'm like, it's not. It's like forty bucks. Don't like way. Yeah, once you get over twenty bucks where I start going like a because we pay for right now, the only things I pay for. Or I pay for Hulu because because fuck ads. Now, fuck ads. But not only that, would paid for it too. Is because of the fact that, like, I wanted to the watch freds games of the time and I hoo, Gotcha, and now they don't even carry him, because, yeah, and then I was like, I think I was going to cancel it, and then Melissa got suck on other shows because she's never had cable. Yeah, so I like this one, like this one. So it pay for that. But before that, streaming services, I. Disney plus is built into my verizon bill. Okay, but if you say that, let's include that Disney plus, apple and Netflix. Yeah, and it see, and I'm my family kind of shares. So I pay for HBO Max and that's it. My Mom, my mom, pays for the rest of them because they they they got him because there was my dad was using them and he was like we get five profiles. Like yeah, go nuts, but yeah, but also like, like none of us a paramount plus. I've no interest in getting it. I would like Halo. I need I bought I got my week subscription through it for free and I watched one episode of Halo. I want to get it just so I can finish watch it and see like, as a star Trek Fan, I should be I should be running to fucking get it to watch this new star Trek Shit, but I just I don't know. I've set it before. I've got issues with paramount so that's why I don't pay for it. I will find other ways to watch or borrow somebody else's saying with like HBO Mat or Apple TV plus, like I use my uncles. Yeah, and at this point I'm just waiting for Ted last. Yeah, that's the only reason I have. Is I only care about the what the the Jon Stewart shows, kind of, but I've only watched a couple episodes. I've heard it's hit or miss it can be, but like I only have apple plus first, strictly Ted Lass. Oh, and that's one of those like if that was why I had it, I would have canceled it right now, just so I can wait for the next whenever the next season gets done. It's weird. It's weird like this is that one show that you you always have, that you're like I have to have this. Yeah, like that. For a while that was game of thrones for some people. Yeah, my mom still like just re watches it on on Hbo Max all the time. Mine was what got me in that Netflix. I was just bored. Yeah, but like Netflix is the only thing that carried breaking bad for like a watch, true, because they weren't last season. How are yet, and I really want to watch breaking bad. So it's like, okay, yeah, they've also, I mean Netflix is...

...also like saved a bunch of shows that were canceled, which is awesome. Like yeah, Lucifer, Lucifer, and that I think that's where Netflix also picks up as like they listened to people. Yeah, they let they let they know that the views matter. Yeah, doesn't get a survivor. They save that one. Longmire, they save that one off right. I let people love. I never watch long wire. People loved my dad. That was like one of his favorite shows on TV. Really, he loved it. I watched couple episodes of thought was really good. I've never stuck with it. Yes, there's enough other shit for me to watch as it is, but yeah, my dad fucking love Longmeyer and it. Yeah, it is really lute. Diamond Phillips's in it. He's always good. So Hulu, we get free through through because we have well, we sprinting out t mobile, but Hulu was wrapped into our plan. It's got adds but we're not paying for it, so it is what it is. But yeah, and then we use Disney plus, because I got to use I got to have Disney plus. If they keep putting out shit like moon night and and Mandalorian, I'm like yeah, halfway through the third episode of Moonnight, okay, I just watched today's right before you got here. Actually sound like it's so good so far. The third episode I'm like, I think there's another person inside the dudes head. So in Comics, Uh Huh, there are more than two. Yeah, there are more than two. Episode Four, I will sell you as a full as a full hour long. Oh Huh, it's so. It's it gets to a point where you think it's about to end and doesn't. It's not. It's so good in it to he's so fucking good. I so fuck it good and like girls great too, my frim get on an x wing and just fly away, like let's just carry that's just that's the other guy, like that'd be so fucking funny. Well, you get you get some of that when he's fighting the guys, because it remember and force awakens. When he gets caught by Kyli rend he's I Talk First? WHO talks first? You get some of that when he's fighting the dudes on the rooftops, like okay, we'll be doing your guys. Come, yeah, you're doing yeah, which is I think that's I mean, he's the thing about Oscar Isaac and Moon night that I love so much is how it's really hard as an actor to make to you know, to do the movements like someone else is moving your arm and to sell it as well as he does where it looks he's he's the one doing that. No one's controlling him. But to sell it in such a way or like when he's being forced to walk away in the first episode. Yeah, he sells that so fucking well, does he does? and to switch back and forth with the accents like he does is in. Yeah, he's fucking I still like will watch xmen apocalypse and I'll be like there's the fucking way, that's the same guy, Moon night and OBI Wan. Yeah, I'm excited. I I will never cancel Disney pluses. I kind of like just watching star wars stuff and marvel. Yeah, like nobody has that like and that's a thing. That's what Disney fucking hit hard on. Is like, let's buy to two things that people always want, and they were thinking it and then like yeah, they spent billions of dollars, but they knew they were going to make multiple, multiple billions of dollars off of it, and there's just a lot of great nostalgia with Disney plus two, like you can go back and watch the S xmen cartoon, which, yeah, fucking awesome, or the ninety spider man cartoon, yeah, which they're doing the revival of the xmen one at some point. You're in. They're getting a lot of the original voice cast back. Yeah, and which was cool, but also like but also like the stuff that all the people that like the National Geographic shots on. There's so'school. The Gordon Ramsey shows, fucking cool where he's traveling around the world, goes places. The Jeff Golblom show. We watch that so far just to see how excited he gets about the kids on the ants have their own personality. I do too. He that man just his hands just they it's so weird watching them fucking move. Yeah, but he gets exceed gets so excited about things that you like. I I watched the show. I know no more about sneakers than I knew going into that episode, but I the For but for an hour I was in for Rawl than...

...everything that was going on. As a jeff gold bloom, because a jeff, but it also, you can tell, because I love where he'll like describe what he wants to see in the transition, like as avotings. Now we're going to get me like a blue screen coming over and yellow squiggles and some shapes here and there, and it's so fucking good. It's great. Yeah, I'll probably be a Disney plus, I'm never fucking canceling now that's I know for a fact. I'm never canceled. Netflix and Disney plus, yeah, just because Netflix has like the like. I don't watch a lot on either, but Netflix is like if I want to like a good documentary, I'm like, Oh, I'm just calling that. It's the place for documentary documentaries and comedy specials. MMM, they're they're they're doing for Comedians what comedy central claims to do for Comedians. But they also do some really bad comedy specials, like the fifteen minute, twenty minute ones that you can watch. I haven't watched any of those. They're really bad. Like you're like how did you get this? Yeah, and then the ones they pass up on to I'm like, fucking Mark Norman, like pitch it the Netflix and they're like no, I like Mark Norman Special, like that year that came out was like the best special I'd seen all year. Same Sam Morrel, same thing, and he pitched in Netflix. They didn't want it, and I'm like how did you fucking pass on Sam Morrell? I don't like like that dudes online presence and one that dude crushes on, Tick Tock, and yeah, Oh, I can imagine. It's insane. How well his shit does on, Tick Tock. I mean it for them to pass up on him, it just kind of makes you go okay, so like what do you yeah, what are you looking for? Yeah, it's one of those things where you see something bad and you're like, I want to know who they turned away. And like when I worked at Walmart all the you know, when I would even do interview some people that we would hire, I'd be like, okay, who do we say no to? Yeah, because this guy sucks. And I see some of these specials and I'm like, well, this is an odd choice for a special. Hohoti. Then you find out they're saying no to guys like Sam Rel. You're like, okay, who's WHO's pitching the WHO's picking this year? Yeah, it's weird. One of my favorite south park episodes where they're trying to pitch their superhero series to Netflix and the dude, everyone Netflix is just saying yes to everything. Nowadays, they call hi, thank you. Were calling Netflix your greenlet. That's fucking funny. Guess are we got? We want to pitch our superhero series. Okay, do you want to do a pilot or just go full series? Yaw, was go full series, full series, you got a man, we can else. You guys want, just whatever you want, let us know, and that does what I feel like. They just do whatever. Yeah, I mean they've had obviously they misses, but they've had like the witcher. Have not watched, nor do I want to watch. It has never been in the big in the video game, but people like that. People wanted that show for a while. My mom is never played a video game in her life. She fucking loves that show. Really. Yeah, she loves the WITCHER and it's one of them. Like I'm sure I'd love it if I watched it. I still have time to watch it. No, I'm going to watch shit that I'm like vested interest have a vested interest in already. You know, I'll watch something new when all the shit that I'm watching stops having episodes. Like I kind of want to watch fucking yellow stone Jes because because I've watched part of one episode, my Grandpa is like this is actually really good. Oh really, yeah, I'm like fuck, but it's on paramount plus. But I'm like, I don't fucking watch, like, like I don't want to buy another one and like watch all these seasons, but like it's rather that half episode I was like God, yeah, it's like like it's like unfiltered, like we can do whatever. Yeah, and that's why I was like, that's why I kind of TV. I kind of like is like we can do whatever. That's why I like so I like big mouth and and human resources so much. Is because they're just it's so unapologetic, but it never feels like edgy for the sake of being edgy. Yeah, like there's always human resources not not as much. I think that. I think it kind of goes fifty. But big mouth it really like it's like ay, everything's fucked up in edgy, but like there's a point to it all and it's mostly the point. It's point the ridiculousness of it. But like human resources had an episode about death and grief. I was sobbing really by the end of it. It was so well, I'm on like cral fucking wrote this. Jesus, like I...

...was crying mess at the end of the episode. It was so good. Yeah, so that's and then also, like Mys, I love a serial killer, documentaries, till code documentaries. So, I mean, Jesus, what happened with making a murderer yeah, what a fucking gate world changer that was. Or Tiger King. That I will not watch tiger king, I will not make him murderer. Is Good, but it's also one sided. It. Yeah, any documentaries one sided, but it's like I will not watch tiger king, nope, yeah, I don't do it. No, don't do it. And making a murderer like had them open up cases again and the time of Shit. So it's like that's there's some really good, like I said, some really crazy cool documentaries on there. I watched the me and my wife, like my wife doesn't like get in. Like my wife only likes girly dramas. Okay, Sheha flicks, don't wear girls, that kind of Shit. Yeah, like straight. She literally went. She's watching switched that birth right now. I've heard that's good. Actually, she watched the super lives in the American teenager pass. She just finished that and I watch his switch at birth. Okay, whatever, right, she likes, like how do you lose a guy in ten days? At the type of stuff? She's never really gotten another like mommy anything that like, yeah, thirteen going on there. It's like, you know what I mean, chick chick flicks, yeah, I have nothing wrong. It's I don't knock chickly. There's some really fucking funny chick flicks. I love me and girls. mean girls is one of those movies. It's a little too relatable for me. So I have a but I will. It is so fucking quotable. It's my God, it's so fucking feels like rain. We're fucking I always, I'm always walking around like you go, Glenn Coco. Yeah, but the pharmacist and like we finish that and like we started it and we finished it that day. Oh, really, like seven episodes, Jesus. Yeah, whereas she was like, I don't. And it's about a guy like his son dies and it gets murdered. Yeah, he wants to know why and it's because of an opioid addiction and he's a pharmacist and he started realizing that, like it's pharmacist and like, you know, he thought everything was great and grant and all that stuff. And it was in Louisiana. Yeah, and also you started noticing that like this one doctor was like people would come in all the time. One doctors prescribed the same drug over and over and over again, and it just gets it gets crazy, like he digs into like why, and I how they openated addiction was, like what pain killers, and like how they were pushed by salesman, like the companies a lot of the type of stuff. It's so good, but check that out. It's guys. It makes you pissed off really of like how fucked up. Like they targeted areas that they knew it would pass, like people would want. Like it was like, Oh, you have a hundred percent, like a certain percent more likely to sell more here because the demographic and so forth, and like and how they, every single one of them, knew how addictive it was and they still put I can't remember the fucking what the family's name is, but they it was just pushed and pushed and pushed, Jesus, and you're like and like and like, as a salesman, they were like yeah, we're doing we're making boocoo mounts some money. Oh yeah, like here and I like at some point you find out, and this do is recording, like you find out the fucking like Louisianna police are helping this doctor. Some of them are like they're like their security for her and they know what's going on. It's like you're like what she's Christ like what's going not Louise, New Orleans police, but you like what a fuck, and you like all because his son died, because he was killed, murdered for the drugs. And like there's a there's is a Gordon Ramsey dock.

I wish they would put on somewhere where he was trying to find out, like what makes shark fin soup such a hot commodity, and he don't know. I Like I've seen the whole thing as I haven't posted, but basically, like he starts finding out really quick like there's like some mafio so shit surrounding the shark fin trade. Really, because the more he goes to, because he's just trying to find out about it from a culinary standpoint, that he goes try some is like he's like the broth is good, but the shark fin doesn't add anything to it, like why is this such a and the more he starts to dig and find out about like the more dangerous it gets for him to like at one point he's trying to go talk to this guy and like the locals are telling him, like you need to get the fuck out of here, like they know you're here, they know what you're looking into, they will fucking kill you. Oh Wow, and I wish, I don't know that anybody, I wish they would post this thing on Netflix or something, because it's it's if you can find clips of it on Youtube and just the clips alone, you're like, Holy Shit, and shark fins. Yeah, well, because, like don't you can you see about like that whatever, that Shit, that show was on, like National Geographic, the guys who were going out and stop in the the shark fishers or whatever. Yeah, it's kind of like those guys. It's like we're the were they were the green piece or whoever the fuck they were. Guys being Dick's. Yeah, they were. But also like these companies that are that are farming shark fins basically are because all they're doing is catching the sharks, cutting the fins off and throwing the fuck back in the water and die, which is fucked. Yeah, and the weird and right now they're listening to US talking about it and they're like what, we got a silence. These to motherfuckers fucking it's weird. It's weird interesting, like how companies will push it and you don't think about like lexic core, yeah, owns like all glasses. They own like all of them. Yeah, except, like, I think, one point, camemart, which Camart doesn't really exist anymore, and then Walmart. That's why Walmart glasses are cheaper. Yeah, it's because, like, because they own all the manufacturers, all the brands. At the end of the day, they all go back, but they put them under subsidiaries. Yeah, subsidiaries where it's like yeah, but like he's like, well, that's a monopoly. Will Lux core owns this company and this company and this company and this Tampony. You're like that's nice and fucking there. No, it's not, because that's why the price of glasses is so fucking high. That's why I get my glasses from Zenny. And they're not a conswer, I'm just the fan, I'm just a face. was seriously, I mean the sponsor anyways, but I've asked. I said no, that'st twice, but Noo. But I'm still going to fucking use them because for fifty bucks I got glasses to fit my prescription that are blu ray or blue ray, blue light and resistant. They really a smartly ray smart glasses. Their their blue light filtered with the Anti Glare and the anti scratch and they were fifty bucks. Yeah, I've got another pair coming because he's ones a little bit too small. But that's why people are going to sites like that, because going to buy frames new glasses at an eye doctor or an Otarger, wherever your look, even after assurance you look, going to spend like two, three hundred bucks. You like saying it's fucking ridiculous, absolutely fucking ridiculous. But yeah, said pharmacist. Watch it like, Oh, we never, we've never finished something that fast. Really, that set with her because she can't sit down and watch something like hour and a half. Mostly. Yeah, that's a high as a like long as she'll go. But it's like you dig into it. At the end you're your fucking pisses. You're like, yeah, we cause this complete pent like epidemic is is. I think that's the mark of an made that's the mark of a good documentary. If it makes you question if they've done a good day. You know they've done a good job making their case if it makes you re examine your own life. Yeah, what and like it's one of those things like you get like it's like yeah, that makes sense, like drugs, like drug companies push this. Yeah, and like you kind of think that...

...they kind of had a know, but then you didn't realize how much they actually knew and you're like, you mother fuckers. It's like, Oh, I sell. You'll died because of that. So many people have lies been ruined because you wanted to make money. fucking and I think they got fined, like yeah, Bait find and, which they recouped in a month, and but it took them years to admit it. That like they were like, I mean, you can look at this stuff now that like, yeah, we knew it was addictive. Yeah, you're like now it's out there and it's that. That's one of those conspiracy theories your people talk about all the time. It's like they know they're pushing poison. Yeah, no shit, yeah, yeah, we know. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and ntella banana plus. They donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom, put together a killer a sample pack and use the code tbl five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. Let's let's start with just kind of the weird dumb one, as from Miller place. The flash keeps getting fucking arrested. Hallai. Yeah, get out of Hawaii, Dude. Away tweets like it's my day in a tweet. Tweet is like you're if you live in a why your chance of getting a salt divite Ezra Miller are never zero. They're higher than they probably should be. Honestly, how is he still have a job? I don't know what is any may so I haven't read into I just hike heard about it like what's happened. Both Times it hasn't really been super clear. Just one of them was like he was like stalking this couple. There was the one from like last year where he choked out that fan of the bar and like body slamder and shit on the ground. Well, and then there's this one where it was was this one was for assault, like I think you beat the crap out of somebody, Chokeslam to fan. Yeah, it was like a how's your self a job? I don't that's kind of everyone's big question right now because like this keeps happening, and I think a lot of us do the fact that they've been trying to get this fucking flash movie out for years and I think they're trying to just it to the other side of it because, like everyone keeps saying, like look, you're using this movie to fucking reset Shit Anyway, reset him, like have him turn into the guy from the TV show or some other actor or something. Yeah, because people are looking at this while we're also you got the Johnny Depp Amber heard thing is in court now and all the shit with JK Rowling and and you know her bullshit. It just the crap she says online, all the antitran stuff on all that. People are kind of looking at warner brothers right now like fuck are you guys doing? HMM. But also they are now, as of this past week, under new ownership ATNT, sold into discovery. HMM, and now they're own by distance. Now the companies now like Warner discovery media or something like that, which made for one of the best jokes ever from John Oliver. But yeah, everyone's kind of look at warnbrows right now like you guys going to say something, you're going to do something here, because this shit just keeps fucking happening.

I mean he's also in the new fantastic beast movie that just came out. How does he still I don't know. I didn't know about any. I just heard about these twos. I don't know it. And the fan and slam and I do. What I do want to point out I apparently I just found this out today and I've already fucked it up. Apparently, as we're Miller prefers they then pronouns. So sorry, didn't know that. ASSHOLE. I like asshole. I think that's also good. A good wants more of a now, and but I think it works good label for as Ramel. My bad. No pronouns, Pronoun Asshole. Yeah, just you're just an asshole. Trans Jroke is, like they try. Thought was really good at Trans Drugs, like I really appreciate my trans friends. Without them I wouldn't know how to use a pronoun. It's like, I wish that. What the Fuck's did? I thought was good, like I'm trying to come out a good trans joke. That's not like transphobic or and yeah, what is it? As R Miller was a pussy. That's that's what it is. Let's see, Ezra Miller was was born male, but is a giant pussy. Yet. That's a good one. I don't know. That's true. Now it's fucking true. I'm here all fucking wait. Yeah, so article here. He was arrested for the second time in a month. parmind he just got arrested the last month. It was taken into custody around thirty am on Tuesday following an incident at a home in Panoa police of the actor became irate and threw a chair at a woman when asked to leave an acquaintances home. The twenty six year old woman reportedly experienced a half inch cut on her forehead following the incident, and police determined that Miller, who said to you to be visiting from Vermont at the time of the previous incident, was agitated while other patrons sang karaoke at a bar. He was reported to have yelled of sinities and grabbed a microphone from a twenty three year old woman who was singing at the time, leading to a disorderly conduct charge. That's the one from a little bit ago. He also reportedly lunge the thirty two year old man who was playing darts at the time, leading to the harassment charge. He just is racking this shit up left and right. Drunk, I guess these keep happening that drunk, and it just it just seems like Ezra Miller's got some shit that he needs to fucking deal with and war but at the same time like okay, but Warner Brothers needs to make a decision here, because he's about, as were Miller. He's doing this shit and then is about to get rewarded with a big fucking warner brothers paycheck. Yeah, so probably his last one after this. Yeah, well, and to speak to that, I mean discovery, Warner Discovery. Their new bosses have said they're already like looking at the current state of Warner Brothers, specifically with DC, and appear to be very pro sack Snyder. Good. Yeah, they said that they are there. Really they want to focus when it comes to DC and things like that. They want to focus on more of like they're, I think they called them, like the ones that have like the most potential in them, and they cited like the Snyder verse and Batman, Be Superman and snyders. Some one's the good ones. Yeah, which is interesting. I'll be really interested to see what had because there they said that they want to get back to the original plan, which was to have somebody in place, like a Kevin Figgy, who's there to oversee everything and let them just kind of handle it, as opposed to this whole movie by committee bullshit that Warner Brothers does. They start all over again? I don't know. I mean this new flash point one would makes would make it. Yeah sense, but it's like what do you yeah, the St Start all over well, and then you've got the Batman, which is crossed. Seven hundred and fifty million is still showing in select theaters and is now crushing on Hbo Max. Is it really crushing on that? You? That's what I'm hearing. Yeah, it has only been out on the few days, but I've been watching at a shitload. Watched you, I will, because it dropped on Monday and I had a surprisingly busy as slow Monday, so I just had... playing on my laptop like all day. So I got like three times through at work and then when I came home and made dinner, I watched it while I had dinner and I've watted. Today's the first day I haven't watched it, just because I was at a friends getting baked all day. No hashtag twenty four. Oh Yeah, says more twenty. I forgot about that Shit. But yeah, so you've got that, you've got like joker, which was, you know, made over a billion, I think, or came close to it billion, and Got Oscar Pole, I mean fucking Phoenix one, the fucking Oscar for it. That thing is funny. The but the to like DC movies that have nothing to do with the DC universe. They connected. Wise, yeah, have crushed. I see. Yeah, so I don't know if they're going to just say fuck it, let's just do these want these one off character pieces and just let because that's where they're doing well right now. I don't know, it's hard to say what it's like. When they did Snyder's that was their whole like their whole thing to get back at marvel was like have their own universe. Is just wasn't like done correctly at all. No, because they didn't have a Kevin figing. Yeah, They Warner Brothers who had their their committee controlling everything and they didn't have a plan. They brought in Scott Snyder at one point, who's a comic book writer. Yeah, he's an amazing car or not. His sticks got slider. Jeff John's to who? Jeff John's like came with up with the whole like new fifty two reboot thing and all that. Like he's a fucking comic book Deity. Yeah, the guy doesn't know how to guy doesn't work in movies, though. Yeah, and he didn't stick around very long. Pretty much once the Ben Affleck Shit went south is when he pieced out. So, but yeah, I got there's been so only that. Like I just think is, like do they put these people under contracts to like all the actors under contracts? I don't think so that's where you fuck up. Yeah, because you don't have them under a contract. Yeah, like I mean like everybody was signed under a contract with fucking marvel. HMM, everybody. Like, I think will evans is like what, seven movies, so vies, I can't remember. And they let some of them out. They put that in there in a clock because like Hugo weaving, when he signed on to the Red Red Skull, he signed on for like extra review. He hated it, didn't want to come out. They just said, okay, fine. All the contract really does is let him say like Hey, look, if we want to use you, we're going to fucking use you. But yeah, but like everyone, like his people were saying all the time about Tom Holland, like is he going to come back as spider man after I think it was after whatever, like end, and came out or something or no way home, because they weren't sure. Like what county? If he signed on for x number of movies, what counts as one of those movies? Does supporting role in endgame count? Yeah, you know. So. Yeah, DC, as far as I know, is never signed anyone to their under contracts. But also you got to remember is like Marvel has its own movie studio. That's true. DC doesn't. Everything's done on Warner Brothers back on back lot. So I don't know. I've been suggesting for a while that DC just needs to get over they that, like somebody needs to just buy DC off of Warner brothers, because they still see to be handling it very well. Like let somebody else handle it. But also like Warner Bros in Disney or the two big ones, like who the fuck else is gonna be able to buy that off Warner Brothers again? Let that shit go now. Makes them too much fucking money. No, I don't. It's a very interesting there's so much potentially because you have like like Batman, such like a big character, superman, such a big character, and then not be able to put them and I like that. But like, if you look at I feel like Justice League, if you look at it from like perspective of WHO's a better comic. Wise I like Justice League more than like the Avengers, right. Does that makes sense? No, yeah, I think it's written better. Like I think the overall just chemistry is better in the sense like you have that more of like Batman really hates as always, really hated superman. Yeah, in the sense that he...

...fears every like. It just it made more sense. But how can you not? It was great in the comment. How can I put it together on screen? Yeah, it. You've got decades of groundwork laid exactly. And it and I again, I know that movie had like everything working against it, but it's just like, how do you fuck up that bad? It's I don't understand how that's even possible. Fuck it up bad and he kicked a directors made anything good. Yeah. Well, I was talking with with my with my buddy today about like the watchman movie. It's like that's another one that like, you watch the right the original one, it's fine, but then you watched Snyder's version and it's immensely better. It's just keeps fucking happening. Just let the Guy Go, just let him go. That I'm Stephen King it. Just do what do you exactly? Yeah, well, know, because then you get what is it? Maximum overdrive? Do Your see that one? Yeah, that was the one Stephen King movie that Stephen King directed and it's called maximum over drive. That saying is Stephen King. They just like at some point they just stopped editing him. Yeah, just right, like that's what I meant on that is, like just let fucking Snyder do whatever. Yeah, he knows how to make a fucking movie. Knows what the fuck he's doing. Yeah, again, like look at how, like people rallied around the Snyder cuts so hard that when the pandemic hit and Warner Rose was looking for shit to do, they're like fine, fuck it, here, go get it over with. And I and they were think they were counting on it to not work and it fucking cry and they're like God, Damn it, with it me. And it didn't seem long. It didn't it. It was again just like with like BBS, like it's paste differently. The scenes are just more interesting. It's it's just it was just a breaking it up in the chunks to it. I heard everybody did not like the Justice League period movie, so I never watched the like I said, Iver Watch the original. So like I'll never watch it. And I gotta say one thing. There was a dude walking like down there to have like a sword. Yeah, no, I see him around. Okay, yeah, okay, he's just the I don't know if he lives somewhere around here. I don't know if he's a homeless guy that made his way up here. I see him everyone for a while sword. I don't bother him because he has a sword. Like I'm like what the fuck? Part of me wants to stop and say hi and ask what's up. Part of me is like MMM, I got it's like Larpe is if thin the larping or is it literally just a sword, like he's the fan of swords. Yeah, like I was like, what the fuck? Some guys walk around with Yoyo, some guys walk around a cigarettes. This guy walks around with a little sword. Sorry, I had to bring up and to second thing I want to bring up. It's like, I still think one of the coolest like clips have ever seen, and it was on tick tock or whatever. Is the comedian going after the director. Have you seen that? No, means like like goes after not goes after him. He's like, he's like all, your name is that? Like what do you do? You've never seen this video? Oh, we're the guy finds out it's sneck Snyder. Yeah, is like what what famous? What famous tractor? Do you know? That same Zach and he's like Zack snyner he's like, yeah, that's that's me. He's like, I mean, are you looking for a robin? I do remember that. Yeah, it's kind of cool. Gives you like an idea of like he didn't take him like Zack Snyder doesn't take himself seriously either in that situation. He seems like the kind of guy like he knows what kind of movies he makes. Yeah, that's why he keeps smoking. And he's his wife's is producer. Yeah, and she knows. She's like, yeah, that's the Shit we make. You like it? Cool, you know what's still going to make money. So we're still gonna go make another one ice. I always love that clips. I saw that clip the other day. I was like that's so far the great fucking clip. He mean me and that like that comic and being like I just fucked up, I just really fucked up. I think you like selfied with him after the show. Yeah, because, again, like Zack Snyder, he's he knows what the fuck's up. Yeah, he has the Internet it. Yeah. Yeah, so I'll be curious to see what they decide... do, because the flash is supposed to come out like the summer and I don't know, I don't know. I just pray to God it's not really I just a flash in a pan. That's the movie. It's like thirty seconds like that was weird, but whatever. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. Do you hear about this shit from about Jesse waters. Fox News is Jesse water. He's a guy in Fox and he's one of the he's a he's the host of the five, which is basically Fox News version of the view. But he talked about how he met his wife on the air and it's one of the creepiest fucking stories I've ever heard in my life. How do you mean his way? But you fucking iphone on. So it's follower kind of at the insurrections, a little bit longer ago than that. But so this, this is, and I want to be clear, this happened on the five. Ought like this went to air. Okay, Um, when I was trying to get Emma to date me, first thing I did let the air out of her tires. She couldn't go anywhere. She needed a lift. I said, hey, you need a lift. She got right in the show. Noticed store. No, she doesn't know the story. She watched the Jeff, basically the Zodiac killer, as a happy ending. Really do that the first time? I did it? Or did you use that before? It works like a charm. Oh, okay, cap what? She's done it multiple times. I would also look to point out his wife is fourteen years his junior. Oh my God, so he saw he saw a woman that was fourteen years younger than it was. Like, I'm going to slash her fucking tire when he let the Arab tires because, sence, she'll have nowhere to go and she'll have to ride in the car with me. And it works like a charm. Means he carries one of those things on him that lets out the air. Huh, that's fucking Weir Holf and and this it's just only and he I don't know what's worse, the fact that he thought that was an endearing fucking story to tell live on the air, or that everyone else is just kind of like you silly bitch. Yeah, like, what the fuck? It works like a charm. That's means he's done it multiple times. Yeah, it's at this point I'm gonna start getting Google alerts for his name, like this motherfuck is about to give me too. Oh my God, Holy Shit. That's wow. He's just really likes letting the airbs out of tires. I guess it's it's my fed a shit. What turns me on? No, wait, and Gum of light air from a tired hits my nose just right. It's a Dick Card.

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