The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 69 · 9 months ago

Twitter Smells Musk-y


Elon Musk is getting REALLY into Twitter. Plus, Amber Heard's lawyers seem to forget who asked what question during the trial. Also, Illuminati the MCU.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Elon Musk buys Twitter.
  • Depp v. Heard continues.
  • MCU confirms their Illuminati.


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...burb you want to they wanted advice on Goleman sax like no, he's offering too low. And then you look at what gold and sacks has twitter at, like thirty dollars a share, and they're like making any fucking sense, like he's offering fifty forty bucks a share for twitter. That's what that's Goldman Sachs prediction, pro prediction of twitter, like our part projection. But yet they said fifty four dollars was too that is a big it wasn't enough. Much exactly do there is like every when I came out, he was like none of that make none of those numbers make sense to me. Even fifty four a share seems low for twitter. Well, yeah, I got think. I don't know if it's been split or not. I've idea. Okay, because you got to look at from how many stock how many like fucking shares are in twitter and all that. I like it's about building or trillion. I think it's a trillion dollar. That's true valuation. But it's like, when you read that, you're like it's like, how can you say one thing and then mean the like what were they true? Were they were they looking to gain? I don't like that. Doesn't make any fucking sense. that. Or someone just sucks at their job. Yeah, but it's very it's very odd. I mean because I'll make a private so, yeah, this goal is to make it private. More power to them, and it's ultimately privately owned. WHO gives a shit? I can't trade it on the stock market. Yeah, so it's just kind of like antie. I think he does on until it's like how are you think he wants to see done? I realize. Just think he just wants anybody do whatever. Not Whatever, but it just doesn't like how it's handled, I guess. But twitter itself, like I I said, if you look at twitter, ad anything and everything is on there. Yeah, so it's there. It's always been there. Twitter, twitter is just remove Donald trump in and she's like literally, I key's I feel like he's one of the very few people of the band. I'm sure. Yeah, I'm sure, honestly, I could see Elon. Still they still banning some people, but everything's like, oh my God, it's going to be the fucking wild wild west, like it kind of already is. A little bit like like the much porn is on twitter's a lot of porn on twitter. Don't even have to go to pornside. Like like girls with only fans and Porn Stars fucking love twitter because they can't post, they can't promote their shit on instagram. Yeah, or Tick Tock, Tick Tock. If you even something that sounds little, sounds like mention only fans as a joke, they will pull your fucking video. So they love twitter. It's fucking like if people don't realize, I know you hate speeches on twitter to Oh my God, it's insane. Yeah, it's just like it just you're not digging far enough, because it's all they're you just never really it's not the big name saying it. Yeah, it's little fringe types and and Edge Lords and idiots and yeah, we will see in their tweets that people who follow them because they want to see their tweet exactly, and it's all says, well, his hit, my his thing to he wants get rid of bots. Oh, I mean everybody wants to get rid of bots. Yeah, that's yeah, it's like thank God, like he said that one thing is he wants get rid of box. You wants people to do there ified. So there is no bots, because that's he's like Ye's heart, because he said the hardest thing is like you got a counter or create for day, retweet Shit or whatever, and it's it's meaning because they're they're not there for anything. Yeah, they're just there. And also bots are a big thing also with stock market to who what like like, if you look at like stock twits and like twitter, they literally create profiles just to push stocks through twitter and stock twits and see what's trending with. It's so weird, Dude. Like my one of my favorite things is, are remember when of the CAIREN thing came out? The word Karen's like the end word for a white woman. Yeah, that trended on twitter because that account was created that day shared that post. Oh really, that was it. And a bunch of Bots, yeah, retweeted that Shit. Really, that's fucked. Is that crazy? That's weird. You know exactly what I'm talking about. I know a hundred percent. We're talking about as where this fucking come from? Yeah, sure, it was created that day, no followers at all, just not falling anybody, and it also retreat like crazy. It was thess weird, crazy as fucking thing. That's really crazy.

Yeah, because twitter, I don't know, I feel like people are making a mountain out of a mill molehill with this shit, like it's it's twitter, is twitter, is the fucking like it's it's. If it had communities, it would be read it. Yeah, if it's just short form, read it is all. It is. Anything and everything exists on there. Yeah, and so to say that Elon Musk is going to commit and take away your he doesn't care about you. Know, it doesn't. He doesn't care about you or what anyone is. Everyone's saying he's reacting to this because somebody like made fun of him or some Shit on twitter. No, I think it's always wanted to buy it. He's it's Elon Musk. He just wants to buy shit. Now, do I think he could have put that money to better use? ABS A fucking loudly. I think what's was idiotic. I think kind of I'm not really a fan boy his I do like Tesla, but also want a tesla. I like, I want the Tesla likes. I'm not a fan boy, but I think it's interesting. He said Ram when he said like he talks to the UN. said, Hey, like give me a plan and I'll give you six months, like six billion. Yeah. Well, they gave him a plan and he am donating like almost six billion dollars and stocks to like charities. And No, we know what it went for, right, but nobody ever talks about that. Obviously people talking about it like crazy, like I know about the six billion, but not. Yeah, not almost six billion. He don't know the donated trait. Yeah, yeah, talked about that. I'm like, okay, so they gave him a plan and he donate. They don't know who he don't? I don't. Yeah, and I don't think he nextually as a billionaire, would you want to say where you donated your Shit too? Well, not only that, but like people were like why didn't he use that six billion to fix world hunger? And I'm like, I mean I get the sentiment, but like it's not like you just write a check to world hunger and say here you go. Well, they admitted they met it there. The six billion wouldn't fix world hunger now stop people from Dying for the time being. It would just be a step in the right direction. But nobody knows who did. You know might have donated the stuffs that did that, but it's like you don't want to give the public. I don't think he's necessarily when it comes to donations. Most of them don't want care about the well know, because because if you if you publicize, it looks like you're looking for attention. Yeah, and he just wanted to donate it and just be done with it. Yeah, because they caught it, called him out on his bluff. Yeah, and he lost an he donated. Donated six billion dollars with stocks. Yeah, again. Could you put that? Forty five billion dollars to better? You probably, but it's it. I'm not it not the world, it's twitter, and honestly, fine, quit twitter or twitter gets shut down. WHO gives a shit? He's gonna sell it. He's just going to fucking turn around and sell it and turn a profit on it. That's all it's going to be. You know, he doesn't own a house. He sold everything, but I heard, yeah, he doesn't, because he long time I think I was like two years ago. He sold all his shit. That meant nothing. Yeah, it's weird. He's a weird fucking guy. He's a well, I mean look what he named his kid. It's the bunch of fucking symbols. Yeah, and then, I mean all mean his wife, or girlfriend, her, whoever, whatever the fucker name is. She's weird. Do Yeah, she's just as weird as what it is. People fucking up in arms about that Shit. So I can give a fuck. It's just it's news and it's a thing if people are losing their shit and they're going to be fine. Yeah, so he's not going to be fine. Is fucking this Johnny Depp amper heard Shit, man, Holy Fuck, I really I mean it is it. I've been watching some of this stuff from this trial. I've never seen someone's lawyers object to their own question before. I didn't watch what happened, I heard about it. He asked a question, trying to use trying to ask a question. If I think I can find the clip again, but basically he was trying to ask a question that was going to make Johnny Depp look bad and or that institue with that giant Depp was exaggerated, that nothing actually happened and they I answered the question in a way that was...

...making amber look bad and the lawyer goes objection here saying the judges goes, it's your question, Dude. You asked him, so I can find it. It's too fucking funny. But basically it just these lawyers are clearly like struggling to grasp on the straws. They're just, they're just like I think clearly it's it was a toxic relationship they're in. Yes, but she gave him the fucking run around and kind of destroyed him. Try to at that point. Yeah, it's that's that's I mean toxic feminine Feminine Feminism. FEM Sure? I mean I guess you could say that. I don't know, because it's like she did the one thing, like she treat him like Shit. She she did the the classic I'm going to treat this guy like shit and push him over the edge until he loses it. Yeah, and then say, well, he's losing it, so therefore he's the bad guy. Well, and that's the thing. I did see that part where she's like just say say you're debit. They're not going to believe your what ut? Yeah, well, like the shit where they're in the kitchen and she's like secretly videoing him in the kitchen when he's like just losing his losing his shit because she won't fucking let up, and then you see her like pick up the camera and she's like all smiling and happy and shit that she got him losing his losing his school on Camera. Well, apparently what I read also was like then they pulled like the cect video. Yeah, and then it's like a completely different that's exactly what happened. She was putting up all this edited fucking video and then they found the yeah, the SEC footage, and they're like Oh, this is totally different. Yeah, it's fucking this. This is funny as Shit. I'm speaking the thing. This is the right one. Cause damage to Mr Depp's hand while you were there on March A. It's correct. It's up to Kip told me he sustained an injury on one of his PA injection here here. Say you asked the question. Next, okay, he says, staying the fucking injury with Johnny Depp just starts laughing. You don't know what cause the injury to with one of the here up all the upple the longer there's a longer club here that. That's so funny. All right. And so so this is amber heard's lawyer. Yeah, that's Johnny Depp's lawyer. Johnny Depp sitting right next to him. That's so funny. You can't see it in this clip, but as soon as the guy, as soon as the judge says it was your question, Johnny Depp just puts his head down and just starts laughing. Action with Debbie Lloyd when you're in the house. Correct. Yes, briefly, it's loud as I can get it. And isn't it true that in the entire time you were there you were not informed as to what cause damage to Mr Depp's hand, on finger on March eight? Objection here say, asking what he wasn't told. Sustained the objection. Next question. You didn't know what could cause damage to Mr Depp's hand while you were there on March A. It's correct up to Kip, but it told me he sustained an injury on one of his PA injection here here's you asked the question. Okay, stayed injury to his finger. And then he's even the guy was like when, oh my God, just and then the did you in the makeup I think I haven't watching it. I've liked read parts of that make a company. I was like, well, that was impossible. Is Our product wasn't even ou she was trying to say that like forget. Forget what the what the accusation was, but it was something to do with this makeup company and they were like, we hadn't released those products yet at that time. It's impossible. So No, you can't, we can't. We're not going to be a part of this now. And he's a fucking cunt. She's a fucking bull. That's a fact. Show still has a job. Yeah, like fury eating people are. People are saying like, you know, reshoot her shit for Aquaman, or pull up, pull up Kevin Spacey and just CGI her, replace her with some literally anyone else. It's the most bullshit. He's basically lost any movies he's could have done. Yeah, we'll because fantastic beasts out.

Yeah, it's already replaced. Basically pulled on. Disney pulled them and they warner brothers. Yeah, and then like you're like he said that, he said that they had they were taught in talks for another pirates movie that they said they've pulled it. Yeah, and that's all because I I think he will eventually get a career rebound from this, but it's going to be a while. But's the bullshit party is like she still has a career, that she's fine. Yeah, she's about up. When Aquaman, whenever AQUAMANTU comes out, if they don't replace her or whatever, she's going to make a big fucking paycheck. And it's the most bullshit it day, because she's like, yeah, as a toxic relaster, he did stuff wrong, she did, but he, like they both did shit wrong. Yeah, I think she's kind of push him over the edge. Like you said, it's a situation where she did bad shit, he got worked up and reacted to the bad shit, and then she reacted to his reaction to her bad shit. Yeah, and she just she shit on his bed. She Shit on us. The fuck does it? But the thing is, like he loses his career pretty much and she gets absolutely nothing. Yeah, and they're both in the wrong. Yeah, it's that's most fucked up part. Like she fucking cut his finger, yeah, almost off, like he almost lost that fucking finger. Like it. It doesn't. As soon as that video footage came out, I haven't see any of the video footage. Is it's I want to see it. So I've been able to find it. As soon as that CCFITED footage came out, like that should have been it. That should have been fucking it. But now she's gotten you can tell the her lawyers are struggling so hard to put up any kind of defense for her, like they feel like they are just scrambling to be like we've got a defender somehow, even though she looked guilty as fucking here's a guilty here. Say Yeah, like there's say something that they would say in one Thousan, fourteen hundred. There's no, there is no fucking chance on hell she walks away from this. No, there's none. Career aside, I'm not. I'm sorry about this case like this, like this fucking trial. Whenever it's over, like she's gonna get she's fucked. But Warner Bros needs to get off their ass. Is Between her and Ezra Miller. Yeah, they need to get their shit together. Yeah, so I realize they're in a I realize they're in a transition period with leadership. But whoever the new fucking leadership business to do something in like right fucking now. Yeah, you know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom, put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. Was it a short trailer? Yeah, okay, I think it's thirty. Second one here sank. It's time. Ten days nothing can prepare you for the truth. Everything you've ever known that you to this moment. Steven strange, being a Luminati, will see no marvel studios. Okay, strange we did. Did you do to say final like every like. Are they talking to Illuminati? Now?...

That confirmed. That's a Luminatis. Yeah, okay, cool. That's basicly going to bring everything in. Yeah, I mean, be the fantastic for and then I would be the way for the Xmen, if that's who they have. Just bringing fucking everything at this point. Do I just do? Do, do what DC did when they did flash point, which is what created the new fifty two, which is basically fucking multiverse Shit, and then everything just kind of converted and now here's that a universe that we're in. That's why what they're going to do the get, because they gotta. That's that's the only way you can do it. Maybe this is how they bring more it. Now I'm shook. It more it is how they may read of fucking what's his face? Is Career? No, Jared Letos? Yeah, Shit, and and I'm a guy us. I'm a fan of Jared Letto, but woof. Yeah, if I watched somebody did a tweet, like a tweet thread of just seems he dies and it gets really hurt, really funny, and I don't realize he wasn't fucking American psycho. Yeah, he's the guy who could acts and the bend the in the best scene in that movie. Yeah, I don't even like that movie, but that's like the best scene fucking ever. And Yeah, he's the guy who gets which we wi you think about how long ago that movie was and how old that means him and Christian Bale both are. Yeah, because if he was from like like what, like ninety five or something like that, I feel like it's any like like ninety mid S or S. it's like eighty seven. What Duffin? That was one of those, because that was back when, like he was an actor but he just wasn't getting big rolls and Shit and then he fucked off. When was a musician there, for which I like thirty seconds to Mars. They're fine, but and then he is like what is he better at acting or musician? It's hard to say because like like thirty seconds to Mars, music was good up to a point and then it just got fucking weird. Honestly, about the time that he was first announced as jokers when their music took nose dive that much. So there one album was like fucking huge when I was in high school because they had like the one song where the video was them doing the shining. Yeah, it was good that. That album is really good. Everything ever after that was a lot of crap. But but the BAFTER, that was not long iough. That was we're like he was cast as joker. Then they had I don't know if they still do Mus I don't know they still play or not. He was a Dallas buyers club was name dials. That was where people were first starting to take him seriously as an actor ago, because he got the Oscar for that. I think I got not. I know you got nominated at least. Yeah, that's where people started taking him seriously as an actor again, and since then it's been you know, he did joker and then he was in this House of Gucci Movie, which I still haven't seen. I've heard it's very good, and just other stuff here and there. I realize how long he'd been acting. Until I saw that threat I was like, wait a second, he was a kid. Yeah, he's one of the first movies I saw him in was I think it's just called urban legend, and it's a it's a horror slasher movie on a college campus and someone's going around killing people in the style of like old urban legends and Shit Nice. It's pretty fucking cool, actually it's it's got Robert England in it, but the really yeah, what's the worst way to die from a nert? What urban legend me the worst way to die from the ones. I remember seeing that movie. I mean that one point he, you know, stuffs a funnel on a guy's mouth and pours like pop rocks and shit down his throat, then a two leader of coke and then a bottle of Draino. That's just good time. Sounds like talk. That's literally what Taco Bell Is. It's I don't know, because, yeah, you hear the ones about, because it was doing they were doing stuff like like you know, the old like the couple goes in the car and the hook in the hand or the hooks hang out on the fucking door and shit like that, and I don't know, I'd love the love the I like, I gotta go back and watch that movie again now that I'm thinking about it. Fuck never been big in the horror movies. Every once in a while I find one. Usually for me it's got to be something like like upgrade, which is just ball completely fucking bondurs or it or is also the venom movie we should...

...have gotten, or was another one that I liked. Yeah, I like Holloween. I like the Halloween a couple of years ago. It's pretty good. I like the scent. That's like literally like fucking movie. It's good. You see that post I shared the other day now where somebody was talking about how, like my kid thinks he's all cool because he thinks he likes horror movies. So I was like, all right, finally won't watch a horror movie. I showed him the descent. It was a bad idea and a friend of mine and I were going back and forth, like that movie so fucked up. Yeah, it's so. It's well, even like horror movies. I was like this is a good movie. It's so scary. That movie scares the fucking ass out of me. Man Like no, that's the kind of Shit that you show to like terrorists in prison to get them to talk. Just we're going to spend use for lunking if you don't. fucking you fucking a fucking movie. Yeah, that one. I mean I like monster movies, like, you know, Godzilla's and stuff like that. I don't him, my Kai Jews. Not into him. Not really been in anything like that. I did like that. Really been in the halloweens even, like I try to get into when. What's his face? Did them? Oh, Rob Zombie, yeah, I do. You like house a thousand, course I don't think that's horror. That's just Gore. Yeah, it's just it's just good see and see those. I wasn't into Devil's rejects. I like. That's cool. I don't view that as horror. It is Gore. It is, yeah, just Gore Porn. It's all it is, and that that kind of stuff does, does nothing for me. You know, I like, I like hereditary until the ending, the last five minutes that movie or so weird. I have no idea what's going on, but the movie itselfs fucked up and cool. Said there. Watched that it's speaking on the last five minutes, last five minutes of the last episode of Moonnight are fucking like, fucking weird. I saw you post that hippopotamus. They had the fuck you talking. Then you watch it and I'm like we're's this hippopot is coming to play, and I was like what the fuck did I just want hopotamus my ass. I don't know enough about Egyptian mythology to know what the fuck's going on with the hippoh no, I don't know enough about anything that is going on. But it was a good fucking episode because especially because, like again, it's somebody who's read the comics and this they've been pulling a lot from. And I'm blanking on the writer's name, but the guy who did the one that started in like two thousand and sixteen, like all that asylum stuff straight out of that seriously likes like the first issue of that is him in an asylum and he doesn't know if the moon night shit was real or not. Oh Wow. So I'm so fucking on board. I love that they had the the third sarcophagus in there. You don't know who it is. So Moon night's known for having like three altars, Steven Mark and a guy named Jake. Okay, and they kind of alluded to Jake in episode because there's one point where both of them didn't know what Hap Yeah, that's why I was like there's going to be a third Peron Jade. Jake's nuts. Jake's a psycho. Okay. So that's why I think jake poked out a little bit there, because and and and killed, killed that guy. Gotcha. So, but that's that third sarcophagus is is. That's I think that's Jake got and I think he's going to make an appearance here before I'll probably come out and kill Ethan Hawk, which I'm fine with. So I'a how many more? There's only like what? It's only two more episodes. It's only six episodes season. But they've been like we know, because it's only in three episodes before. This was for. That was for. That was for. I know, but they're long episode. They're longer than the other shows or other shows were always like thirty, forty minutes. He's been like an hour. Yeah, and I kind of want there to be another season. I really hope there is. Is He's so good in it. He's Oscar Isaac's fucking fantastic on this show. Yeah, like it's just like because, like you may like you've told me to the point, like you said, like the whole point of it is like to not know what's real and what's not. And like that episode's like wait, is everything real or not? Like, what the fuck? Like an it had to make you a made you think that. Yeah, like there's there's just enough weird going on in that a silent you're like this is probably fake. Yeah, like why would there be a cupcake cart? Yeah,...

...and like Jelly beans and shit, but it's in a silent who fucking knows? Like who? You don't know what's Real, and that's yeah, one once they because when he saw on, I saw him shoot him, I was like fuck, they're going to end it right here, really, and then I looked and I saw I was like, Oh, I still like thirty minutes left in this episode's how I was like this is weird. It's yeah, I love that. They're just they're really leaning into the just bat shit crazy side of it and I'm so fucking here for it. Yeah, plus, this is the first one they've this is the first series they've done without an already established character, because like one divisions about wand and vision. Look about yeah, this thing about that. This is the first time they've dealt with like an origin story, and so that's why I'm I really hope this get the season two, because the other ones could just be set ups for movies. WHO gives a shit? Yeah, this one, I want to see them kin down, all set up for movies. Pretty much. It was spy, know, Falcon Winter Soldier did, I think, as they confirmed it when it was over, like yeah, we're doing a movie. Yeah, and then one division, obviously, was setting up for doctor strange in the multiverse, and that's where are you think about like how far everything is coming, because it starts Wan Division. Yeah, and now look, we think about to want to, visions about want to going crazy. Uh Huh. And now we're at moon night and he's just fucking crazy. He's crazy crazy. Yeah, did you see the thor trailer? Yeah, you know, that's what's his face is sun running in the beginning, homes worth? Yeah, Oh really, yeah, it's fun. Yeah, did we watch the trailer? Yeah, okay, I couldn't remember and if we did that or not. Yeah, and it says son. I'm curious. I think. I think the I think this might be the last storm movie. Really. Yeah, I don't know, I'm curious, but just the I think maybe after we get out of dot after doctor strain comes out, I might feel different, I don't know. But marvels starting to take that, you know, because when you get after end game, it was like, okay, well, now you got start over again, and I think they're starting to get some of that momentum back again. Finally, well, I mean guardians is done after the third, yes, one. So there goes all those people, and that's why I think they're also putting them in thor is, I think. I think that's going to set up a little bit for guardians three at least, where they're going to be. Xu, I don't think they're going to. I think they're going to be like in the first twenty minutes and that's it. Gotcha. I don't think they're going to be in the whole movie. Gotcha. It's be very interesting. I'm seeing how it's how he got that be so where you get rid of thor yeah, I know he loves doing it, though, does he? He loves plan thor, especially now that like he gets to just be funny. Yeah, it's true, and he's good at it. Yeah, and him and take I'm a great team. Yeah, so, because what he's the only him and he's him and what's his face? The only ones left from the original? Who Banner? Oh, yeah, yeah, that's true. Yeah, Ruffalo and Ruffles, but yeah, Becago gas because black widows dead, Tony's dead, capsuled. Yeah, and see. Yeah, so I don't know. I think my mom was asked me. She's like think we'll get another revengers movie? I don't like. Maybe it's gonna be a whole new squad at that point. Yeah, it's probably going to be butt or strange leading it, I would assume. But again, I don't well, I'll know in two weeks. Yeah, it's been it's too fuck. I know. I gotta my mom muts to go see it from other's Day. So it's probably we're going to do got you. The Basement Lounge and the VIP table are proud to be powered by pod decks. Pod decks of the hottest new tool for podcasters looking to have more meaningful conversations or game of five their podcast. Simply Shuffle Up, ask a question and let the content roll. Get Yours today at pod dexcom and use the codetbl Ten for ten percent off your order. What's this? I hear about people protesting Glenn Taylor.

Fuck Gun Taylor. He's the coach for who the fuck what fucking team? I want to see the timber wolf they have the fucking are you talking about what they're doing? Like, apparently, like a couple people try to like lock themselves on the court or something. Yeah, I have no idea what that is. Okay, because I saw some video today of it. was at a basketball game, I think was at a timberwolves game, and there were these women there who were protesting him and one of them got up to like run Adam or something and got fucking tackled on the floor by the see, that is the cop was just like waiting, waiting, like he knew someone was a chick. That tackle. Was it? I was it a female cow? I got chick. Okay, I couldn't tell. She was fucking like she was ready. He went the training yeah, she fucking ass. I'm trying to I I don't. I just don't. I don't know. I don't know. I said. I'm like what the fuck, like I watch that videos. I got that lady goat half a step on the court, like I think it like the the cop reacted immediately. Oh, We'al yeah, it wasn't even like a hesitation? No, like you. You Watch me, she's just staring at her just just like this bitch. Yeah, like. Well, then her friend, the friend of the girl, they went after her next to cauld she was sitting there. She already had like her camera. When you you watch the clip, the friend already has her your camera out, videoing, waiting, and as soon as she runs out she's just on it. And then you can see the people sitting in front of them turning around and pointing her out to the other cops who were there, and then they didn't even look at that part. Yeah, here all pull my buddy buddy been posted this up on me. It's how I was like what I saw that videos. Like yeah, so you can see right there that's the girl friend, right there, she's got a fucking and there's the there's yeah, you're the COP. Just stared at her just like bitch. MM and eally, she's just she was ready, boo boom, before she hits the paint. Wow, somebody's run out of the floor. And then you can see here, I'll back it up a side. You can see the friends are pointing back. I saw that. Yeah, is this during the playoffs? Man, yeah, yeah, with those people, and then see they're pointing back and they're going after the friend right there, still trying to film and Shit you, cause she's still holding her phone up. So going after playing type in. Why are people protesting at them? And said, that's what I'm trying to figure out. I'm typing in like Glenn Taylor or protests. Okay, so it's from ESPN. Animal Welfare Activists Want Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glenn Taylor to relinquish role as governor. Huh, we'll see the governor of Oh, he's the owner, the targeting for his ownership of Rembrandt farms, a large scale factory farm that produces tens of millions of eggs each year. She's one of those. He's one of those douchebag chicken farm magnates. Basic, yeah, which is not great, but no, like, but what did you think was going to happen there? Girls, like, come on, it's an NBA game, like you're going to get fucking there's stir your cops everywhere. Funny the watch that video, because that lady was like she was like ready, she's like, I'm all that takes that one. That was such a fucking like foxy brown moment, like just fucking just, Oh my God, it was like watching, you know, she's stressed her bitch in her ear. Got You, bitch, Bitch. So Fun. I love that video. It's so good. Oh God. Yeah, I watch that because I don't know what they're some lady like cook themselves up to, like the fucking court on the basket the other night or some shit. Oh, no, shit, yeah, like before, it was like two days before that, a couple games before that, okay, and I was like what the fuck is going on? Like then...

I then I read that that wasn't the first time that's happens. I was like that's weird. Oh Shit, and I saw that video. I was like this is all Bastar. But because I hadn't heard anything about this, I was I thought maybe I didn't know if they were, if it was a player or Elon about twitter. So he could fucking just he owns. He owns the timberwolves. So he wanted to throw everything off. That's the whole point of it. They were all they were all their crisis actors. They were hired to go and and started to quote Alex Jones Crisis Actors. He's fucked. Alex Jones he's talking about. I mean he keeps talking about how he's like, Oh, this is going to bankrupt my show and it's going to make me lose one way, which first well, you've ever watched his show? Every episode he talks about the show like it's on the pink of being shut down financially any way to push his fucking sales and shit. But like everyone of their mother who's ever worked there is like no, he's like a fucking millionaire by that. It's almost like, you know, watching those like live. WHAT'S MCCALL? It does evangelicals. Yeah, Jabel, like, we don't get this children, we can't fly our children. Yeah, and our million dollar playing. I get fucked. What. Yeah, it's they want you to you know, they want you to donate. You know, was the one, the guy who was like, listen, you got a thousand dollars and you're saying this account. Well, that thousand dollars isn't going to be enough to buy the house, so you might as well just send it here and plant that heed and give it to God. Oh God, what? Oh, yeah, Oh, dude, you if you were just, if you're get a chance to watch like the the John Oliver special about it, like some of these fucking guys man say there was one guy who he had bought like a fucking, like sixty five billion dollar private plane or something like that, and he's like, I bought myself one of those planes cash. I could feel a lot of jealousy in this room. I could feel a lot of the jealousy in the room right now and I felt a lot of jealousy the day I bought the planes. You know what I did? I bought a second one, twice as big cash. And he turns people and goes, turns people in the room and goes act at before me, clap for me, act hat before me right now, and they start just like fucking awkward clap and I'm like this is fucking real. Then your rises, Robert Tilton. Then yeah, it's a hundred percent fucking real. I have a shocked face. Fucking Christianity, Uh Huh, because what? Because what John Oliver did was he was like, so we fucking played along with these guys. So I, you know, wrote, wrote a letter saying I wanted to be part of his mailing list or whatever. He sent me back a letter asking for like you know, with like a donation. So he did, and he sent me back another envelope with like that had like like some blessed prayer cloths and he told me to put these in my Bible for like a day send them back with another donation. Then he sent me another envelope with like a packet of oil and said to sprinkle this oil like around my house and then send and then send an envelope with more money, and it was like four months. They did it for like like seven months and he's like we received twenty six letters and donated about five hundred and fifteen dollars, and it was just he would just keep writing back saying like you're you're getting there, you keep donating money, you're going to God's going to help you. God's going to help you. Yeah, but everything to do is a hundred percent legal. It's all legal. Yeah, it's all completely fucking legal. Sur Minds. That's TOR huff bit snake hand in Jur Yeah, funds of the fight are the fucking did he did the night you're there? The coin? Yeah, we saw that one of those at the aquarium. Go to take a picture of it. It was five dollars. Oh, my God. I was like it would mean Melissa just laughed. We're like, it's still here. Somebody's buying it. I'm like, how is this still it's still here. I don't get it. I used to get one of those Flatt and penny things all grown a scene. Rold and shit grown up. He used to get one of those all the fucking time. And Yeah, we should. You put in a quarter in a penny. Sook dumbest shit. That's how Doub we are. But it...

...came out pretty with Shamoo on it might.

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