The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 70 · 8 months ago

Roe v Wade v The Supreme Court


The Supreme Court is on track to reverse Roe v Wade after a leaked document revealed some very telling information. Plus, we have our first look at Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al Yankovic.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The Supreme Court intends to reverse Roe v Wade
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al Yakovic


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...pissed off that Disney didn't stick that Disney denounced the don't say gay bill, because what did you would like? Well, this thing is he was sitting here because, because the Disney corps, because the don't say gay, don't say if he's had a don't say Jew Bills Right, because the reason he did that was because originally the guy who was the CEO of Disney, Bob Hunger'll know by Iger Igor igr stepped down a few years ago. The new guy, Bob something else, but he had like donated to to see this his campaign or something like that when he ran. And so when this whole bill was first coming out, people were looking at him like you supported this motherfucker, like people working at Disney were staging walkouts who were lgbtq plus whatever. So then Disney may then he made an official statement and Disney made an official statement saying like we don't support this bill. So as soon as that happened, suddenly to Santas is like, well, find I'm going to take away your fucking district sovereignty. But the problem is, if they do that, any debts that Disney currently has then become the debts of the fucking state. Who and this like there's a lot of shit that that's going to then put on the shoulders of the taxpayers. He didn't think about he didn't think about that. He was just trying to do a fuck you to Disney. Yeah, well, an idiot. Yeah, so, I don't know if that ever actually went through or not or if it's still going. But Yeah, Spring Court, this could take away the the overturned real vieway, which means that then the states would make all I wonder what the what's going on in the case that the Jack the Dobb's v Jackson. Yeah, let me look it up because I don't know. Because, yeah, that is topspeed Jackson Women's health. So let's see your wikipedia. Is a pending to US Supreme Court casing with the constitutionality of a two thousand and Eighteen Mississippi State Law. That banned abortion operations for the first fifteen weeks of pregnancy. After the first fifteen weeks of pregnancy, lower courts had ruled in preliminary in junctions to prevent enforcement of the law in the base of the Law Violet of the Holding Women's Rights and Plan Parenthood v Casey, which generally allows a woman to offer abortion within the first twenty four weeks. So basically there was a two thousand eighteen MISSISIPPI state law that banned abortion operations after the first fifteen Jackson, when I remember that? Actually vaguely remember that. Yeah, and Jackson Women's Health Organization is suing the state challenging the constitutionality of the bill. Anyway, it kept getting passed up, passed up. I'LL WAT to the Supreme Court and on May Twenty, on May sew two thousand and twenty two, politically release first draft and for opinion. Is just a Samuel Ledo who so authenticity put it in a sea of verify the draft and circulated at it was reported at least supported by Justice Thomas Gorship, cabin on Barrett, which would make it a five to form majority decision. was unclear at the time of the League have how John Roberts plan to vote. The draft opinion would overturn Rovy Wade and plan pair had versus the Casey if held by the majority and thereby finalizing in its present form. So it's all going to come down down too, how this, how this one gets voted. And then, yeah, I will be it would be left to the states at that point. Won't be a federal thing anymore, which is fucked. It's really fucked. Yeah, but like how to fuck did if it was a federal thing? How the fuck did they in alive acts? I don't know law for Shit, obviously, but how the fuck did they do it in Alabama? Well, they passed it on a state level because they didn't ban abortions. They banned abortions...

...after fifteen weeks. So then now will the all, the all, the all that the federal law currently states is that you can't ban abortion, but there's not a whole lot of laws dictating how difficult you can make it for someone to get an abortion. So but they're saying that that plan parenthood be Casey had said, had allowed that a woman can opt for one within the first twenty four weeks. Is What that was. Where that one said, there's are you ain't fifteen. The fifteen was a violation of that, and so that's where they're kind of sitting on that. But if they're sitting here saying so, what this is implying is that, well, the court wants to just not have abortions be federally supported at all anymore. They can just choose to opt on the side of state of Mississippi. I guess. Well, daubs, so I guess, Dobbs, is what the fucking all this means is that every blue state will still do abortions, probably, yeah, every red state won't. Yeah, that's what's going to come down to. That's exactly what's going to come down to. And you're going to see a lot more bills in Texas and Florida and Ohio. It was like the ones we've been seeing with the with the don't say gay thing. And what's going to happen as when the state flips, be vice. That's gonna be fucking and and this is this is when you consider the fact that today was the voting for the primaries. Yeah, so that's going to be I don't know, it's going to be weird. The timing of this just feels fucked. Yeah, you know, it's very fucking odd. I was like it was. I was like what the fuck? MMM, because I got I got home from whatever I was doing the other day and I saw just my fucking twitter was just blowing the fuck up. I figured it was just another state or something and as there's like no, it's a supreme court, and I was like, Oh fuck. Yeah, it's the craziest. It's so weird. Basically, they saw the handmaids tale. We're like, let's do that. Yet to watch that show. I've seen like the first few episode. I mean it's good, it's fucked, it's good. I think I wrote on facebook. It's like I had no idea. The Supreme Court, Willy, what the the frame court leak spoilers for the new series American one thousand nine hundred and fifty. Yeah, it what what a what a fucking step backwards? This is well, I here's I try to like. This is what I wrote. This is like if you were told you aren't allowed to get hot SAUCEA TACO bells, but you're allowed to have a TACO. Like people tell you know, you the hot sauce. Their bodies can't carry a TACO because their TACO and tolerant like you have to have the TACO, even if it will kill you, or even if your dad gave it to you, she said, because it might grow up to be a CHOLUPA. It's plus, those same people that said no to hot sauce also want nothing to do with your Tacoli if you need help with it. MMM, front of Mine Post that. He said that a court. Apparently, as far as anyone's concerned, life begins at conception and ends at birth, by what he said. That as a joke. He's like, he's like basic said. According to the according to these guys, life seems to begin at conception and end at birth. Not If your politician hacks up a mistress. Yeah, well, when, when the Cavanaugh thing was going on, before he got confirmed, I remember because people were wanted the while a lot of the right worst want to support him because he was super hard, hard on a board of Cavin on super against abortion, very prolife. And we're John Oliver saying like like. As far as the rights concerned, life begins at conception, ends just before a sexual assault takes place and then begins again after the sexual assault has been completed. YEAHS fucked up. HMM. Yeah, so I'm...

I but that's all I keep on thinking in my head. If it's a state, the state thing. Blue States will have it and then flip and which is just gonna it's going to create. People are posting like this isn't going to stop. Abortion is going to stop. So also I feel like, Oh, for sure. And now I thought, I feel like some states that you think it might pass, it won't. It wouldn't pass. Yeah, I'll be like because I think it's like more people are like get it at that point, because the it's like going. A lot of the older generation or people that believe in God, someone hate this. Even God was like technically kind of aborted almost in a way, walking down this one, because I don't staying about that Shit. Yeah, I mean like abortions. Okay, well, I just think it's abortion. Adoption are spelled really similarly, mean completely different things. Somewhere I was like this is just this is one of those things where you're going to see a lot of like kind of like how it is, and this is the weird no, I just kind of how it is right now. With marijuana, people will drive across state lines. Yeah, where it's legal, get it and then go home, and you're going to be seen a lot of women traveling across state lines to where it's legal. But that's also, you know, that's expensive, potentially dangerous. You know, there's a lot of factors and this is just, I guess it, this is just reduced using the amount of times it's going to be safe. Yeah, not to mention all. There's all I wish. Here's how I want to have happened. I want somebody to put a list of every person, every Congressperson content center. What a congressman, comss woman that's cheated on their spouse and gotten pregnant, or somebody pregnant and bad, an important like if they get they are who add in the abortion? Just send it out. That's what I really want to see. I'm sure you can find me a varied I mean I'm sure if someone was one to dedicate the time and resources to it, they could find that out. Oh for sure, they could totally find that out. Looking at you, anonymous, read it, get the work. Come on, yes, you read it and fortune read it. Y'All know what that it'd be done in thirty five seconds. I mean they're fortune. Those are the motherfuckers that that figured out who the Boston marathon bombers were. In like, did they really? It was they? They the the fucking Internet did its thing, read it, and Forte and all those guys were going through all the pictures, all the pictures and Shit, and within a couple hours were able to basically like narrow down who the fuck these guys were. I didn't I know that. Yeah, that's the power of the Internet. Fuck, yeah, this exactly what it is. It's like, this is where, like this one of those times with those or like, you know, when the when the whole net neutrality thing was going on, when John Oliver turned all those made that link to take everybody. Everybody could go to the fucking comments. Yeah, they can. They just rolled the fuck out of the FCC. Yes, like, yeah, when the Internet gets all gets behind something, they fucking watch the fuck out, man. Yeah, there's no, there's nothing like. There's nothing worse to go against, to go to war against, then somebody who has a keyboard and this has has time and doesn't give a fuck. Yeah, Guike, because I got all this. Oh, yeah, I'll have in the world and like fuck you. Yeah, there's there is nothing more dangerous than someone who's bored with Internet access, because they're going to look for ways to unboard themselves and you might not like the result. So I'll be really curious to see what the Hell's going to happen here, because I don't know. I'm just I'm still trying to figure out where I was going with that. Jesus was aborted. I am too. I have no fucking idea. I just said something off top of my head that I couldn't though. I don't know. It's I really hope that this is one of those times where it's like they're going to look at they're like now, with this time they have, now that everybody knows what the fuck they were...

...talking about there, because there's just be kind of like fuck, well, we can't release this for fifty five years. Yeah, it's where you can take the abortion pill. Yeah, I mean it's you here, horror stories about I just want to see tile on all cold flu and abortion. Let Gold better take my talent on cold flu and AIDS Bill. Yeah, all right, all gone. That's all I want to see. Yeah, do you hear the stories all the time about like there was a I remember seeing a thing where a woman like was talking to a clinic or something like that and they were telling her like well, you know, here's what you would have to do because of all the hoops they had to jump through. She's like, well, I can't do that. How about it? It's sort of got. This is in the video. She's like, how about I tell you what I have in my medicine cabinet. You tell me what I can take. No, Jesus, yeah, because it was it was a sitution. She had been like raped or something like that, and but she was in a state where she just man possible made it fucking damn near impossible to do it. Like I said, they can't outlaw it, but they can make it almost almost impossible for you to do so. That's why they have those crisis pregnancy centers. They basically just they basically disguise themselves as abortion clinics and try to talk women out of getting abortions. I want on a date with a woman who worked on one of those. Oh really, we found out. When I found out she did, that was pretty much the end of the fucking date. That's fucking why she was she was talking to me like she worked at n at a fucking like abortion clinic, and then she was like, yea, that's a crisis pregnancy center. I was like, Oh yeah, they were done. We're fucking done crisis pregnancy center. Oh Yeah, do you look those up there? fucking they're fucked. They're totally illegal, but they're crazy because they'll they'll like open themselves like near Pret near like abortion clinics and stuff like that, and all they really do is basically use scare tactics to talk women out of getting abortions. It's like scared straight. They basically yeah, it's like scared straight for pregnant women. That's so fucking Shit. Boly scared the pregnant and enough she could have the ABL fucking Christ stress. Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck. That be hilarious, though, if, like they scared them so much but they lost the bet they like, and they're like fuck, yeah, any well, but just knock one off the list actually, because that because that, because they're a day. It's without an ex because then the lad that then the women could take to take the crisis brightning center to fucking court and and when lots of fucking money from them. Not that would that would that would make it any better, but it would. It would help with the healing, I think, to take them for every fucking time they got another things exists. Oh yeah, that's fucking wild. And but you won't. You never know they are one until like you're in there. In there, because they named themselves like abortion clinics. They advertise themselves like abortion clinics, like corporate, non corporate. Yeah, pretty much. That's so weird. It's it's all fucked, but it's all totally illegal. It's amazing the things that you can get away with their totally illegal. In the things that you can't, that's fuck it. I know I'd that's so wild. Yeah, so, happy go lucky show today, everybody. I just I can't believe that Shit. Yeah, like I'm selling off. HMM. Mike is just sitting here stunned with this look on his face like yeah, baby kidding. And now I did not know as existed. Yeah, I'm you know, I'm just going to flick a fucking Google it here ice, like, Huh, crisis pregnancy center. So, and there are several here. You know, they're they're all over the fucking country. Yeah, but like, yeah, because because they'll name themselves things like women's centers of Ohio or, you know, women's health facility. They'll give us those weird names like that that sound like a place you would go to get information on an abortion or things like that.

They make them say, make themselves sound like the family, like family planning centers, kind of thing. Jesus. And Yeah, so they are nonprofit. It's a type of nonprofit organization established persuade women, pregnant women, against having an abortion. They generally provide peer counseling related to pregnancy and childbirth, offer non medical service such as financial basically, they try to offer you money. They try to offer you assistance to get you through the pregnancy. So they offer like so they they pay your codepays that, I don't know. Like that, like did they not really like so once you have the kids? That they say, because I'd be great if they still fucking out. Ah, no, no, clearly know that they cut you off as soon as you have the kids. One of their one of their big big leaders in one of these nonprofit organizations that that makes them was at like some kind of a piss on one of their buildings. You're right. Yeah, see, they're having a meeting and she was talking about, like, you know, how the like they'll give out like, you know, free diapers or whatever. She's like. But we also want to make sure that we don't give them too many free too many benefits. You know, we use at the end of the day, we're not here to give out handouts. We're just here to, you know, give them enough to not abort the child. At the end of the day, it's all that's all they're there for, is they're just trying to basically say, oh, are you are you worried about? Oh, you're gonna have a baby? You want to have an abortion because you think, you think you can't do this will help you out with that. But if I just came on their building's let's let's let's just go to jerk off on their building, like Ah, see these yeah, is getting free diapers. Now, baby, wipe off this, come on your building. It's not baby, but it's close. It's close part of a baby. Like I see a twinkles. Wow, that's a crack rocks, it's one of yeah, these places are fucking real, man, and that's that's what they do, is they try to offer enough to to persuade a woman that, oh, maybe I can make it, you're having this baby, but then what you have the baby, you're on your fucking own. That's crazy. That's so fucked up. We tell women that. They tell women that they have to have these babies, but then when they have these babies and there can't take care of them, they were looking at them like well, why did you have a kid? If you can't have if you couldn't take care of it, why'd you get pregnant? And I will always say this, like, can imagine, like if you think school shootings are bad? Now, I get no, I might. This is not even like a joke. It's like a thought process I've always had. If you ban abortion, how many kids are going to be had that don't want to be had, that are treated like shit? Oh, they're going to grow up in like fucking just shit circumstances. Yeah, they're going to get put up for adoption or raised by a horrible people, horrible people, whatever the yeah, they're going to be in some fucking fucked up situation and that's going to lead to them being yeah, now I get you saying yeah, I mean it, like, does it going to lead up there? Every single time. No, no, but is it very feasible? Yes, they're going to. And then, well, then you start looking at people becoming more dependent on government benefits because a woman was raped or molested or a victim of incest or whatever the fucking situation might be, where now she has a kid that she is in no way will able to take care of, because that's why she want to have the abortion in the first place. Well, now she's got this kid and now she's struggling. Now she's having to drop out of school and go on government benefits and you know, maybe she has them, you know, live with her parents. Will Not. Our parents are having to take care of it. It's like it just if someone's in a position where they can't take care of a kid, shouldn't be forcing them to. Exactly that's what we're doing, is we're not. You try to give up for adoption, but then nobody's going to fucking adopt. You know I mean, like, yeah, like the whole point, the whole st there's already a serious overcrowding problem exactly in the orphanage that you...

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Is there another line? Yeah, I think I'm in the wrong line. I just I just said Fuck. So good. I was listened to that driving home from work. Pep Guy Drive it in the lane next we probably thought I was insane. I'm sitting my car just going I didn't know that was an album yet, but the fuck because, like, honestly, he's like these past three years have been such a blur. Because, yeah, I think I'm like Oh, White, why did he do this Autum two thousand and twenty one? Let's listen to it, because I knew he wasn't touring either. Yeah, that was the thing. Like so I fall them on like facebook and stuff like that, and like he hasn't really toured anywhere. So I was like released an album. I was like the fuck book and shows, to do the special I got or do to do the do the setup. It was like so rare that he did anything this was kind of like shocked. He didn't. We can even tell in the recording. It's not a full room. Oh yeah, and he could tell. He and the one part he stumbles on one of his jokes and he just goes with it. I think, yeah, like, I can't remember what the joke it happened twice, like one time he's like, he's like, I just stared and like he said something about like I just stared at you guys for a second or something. But he's right. I mean like at that time when you record, like Nalas, shit was open. So Randy felt face the one he'd dropped an album the end of last year when you could tell that was recorded in a venue that wasn't full. Yeah, because because of the because of covid and it was also not for super long either. HMM. It's been a I think we're going to see a bunch of those, honestly, in over the next year or two. That was honestly his first album because he didn't talk a lot about his kids, oh really, and because a lot of his other albums like footprints on the moon. So it's about bad chandels. It's a lot about his kids, lobos kids, stuff. Okay, yeah, it was. It was so fucking funny and I'm so glad you sent me that. I the basement lounge and the VIP table are proud to be powered by pod decks. Pod decks of the hottest new tool for podcasters looking to have more meaningful conversations or game afi their podcast. Simply Shuffle Up, ask a question and let the content roll. Get Yours today at pod dexcom and use the codetbl Ten for ten percent off your order. All right. So, yeah, so, Daniel Ratt, they're doing a weird albiopick. I think Roku's the one producing it because they're trying to get in the game. I guess got and Dan raglift got cast a little while back. I saw a picture of him from the set. Got Leaked a few months ago. It was a crappy greeny cell phone pick. Well, look literally like just before you got here I saw that they drop the first trailer for it. So let's watch this shit. Yeah, I mean though it is, this is a pleasant surprise, Cherkoff Matier, and so let's see what is. I yeah, I've I don't know, I have no expectation. So real couch Roku Cha roku channel apparently is doing it. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Is like have Roku? I don't, but I may have to get it now. It's so funny. Thing Random, uh Huh. We lost our ROWCU remote. We have no idea where it is overaly. It's been like, I feel like two months now, m but luckily we have the APP on our phone. So we're just that lazy and it's use the APPS on our phone that control the TV. That's funny. I'm not but it's like way easier, though too. Oh, really, it's it's like the coolest thing ever. Like I can actually use the like as long as I'm like connected to my Wifei at home. Yeah, I can use the volume up and down button turn the volume, but when it really yeah, just have to have the APP open. I'm like that's interesting and like there's like a search feature and stuff. It's really kind of like. I was like this is interesting and cool and because I'm thinking about getting the that or a firestick, because the the playstation, like I have everything on my playstation, but just the APPs suck on the playstation.

I like my Vocou Roka whatever. Yeah, I mean it's built it's built into like a ton of TV, like you can get the thing you put in your TV or yeah, get the TV, like we had a TV. It just I have no complaints with it. I wonder if you can get the roku channel on things other than a roku device. No idea, because that would be my never watched anything on the roku channel. Didn't know the roku channel was the thing. And ill that was like. Honestly, I thought it was like PBS, like I don't think there's anything but watch like it's like to be. Every once in a while I pulled like yeah, like Bub yeah, Pluto TV, because there there is some stuff on there. I will watch, just I'm not usually in the mood to watch it. Feel like it's Andy Griffin show, like but like the outtakes right from another country. That's what I feel like to be and all that shit as like, because like to to be's got like Master Chef Canada. Yeah, like great British Non Baker. Doesn't make any said the great Scandinavian fry off for such some weird shitlace you guys like, Hey, you like fries, yeah, you like the jerk off. Yeah, welcome the great scan naked fry off. What now? What? You thought? Just rhythmic jerking. Yeah, just jerking off to the beach. anyways, it's what's right. So we're not all it's a day of Radcliffe in the Weirdo Hankovic store. Weird. It's called Weird, the Al Yankovic Story. Hope you guys are ready for this. Lack of anyone got an accordion? What can I say? I'm full of surprises. Huh, that's interesting. It almost looks like it's almost almost looks like it's spoofing. Yeah, on biopics. lookally be the weird OL thing to do. would be the most would be the most fucking weird out thing you could possibly do. I'm kind of a hundred percent fucking ready, because where I want to see us more than doctors. I'm just choking. This is what happens on the multiverse. Like right, Daniracle becomes weird out instead of instead of a Bohemian rhapsody, we get yeah, this is this is the multiverse of multiverse version of the in Rhapsody, because it does look like it's spoofing on like that or like rocket man. Yeah, all right, yeah, I'm in do it. Although, I gotta say it, the rackles a little too good looking, into good a shape almost to be yeah, because he's on stage that shirt off and he's like, fucking we share so fucking weird out. He might be jacked. It's true, he might be. He might's underneath all this Hawaiian shirts. He's YEA, presents himself. Why are you? But he's probably just got like a fucking eight pack. Yeah, like, well, remember when when JK Simmons was going to be Playing Commissioner Gordon, all those pictures came out of him at the gym and he was fucking like yeah, it's like he's Christ. You're playing the mustached cop who doesn't do anything. You need to work out, Dude. It just likes to work out. He does. Well, he's intense fucking dude. Yeah, after fucking whiplash. And never seen that movie. I've always I've always wanted to watch it, but like the like his like that one where he's like will you dragging? Oh,...

...the drum scene. Yeah, like it's such a great fucking like and I ever seen the movement that's scene itself as like so tense. It's a great fucking movie. The whole movie is kind of like that, like he it's just a very intense movie and he's kind of like that throughout the whole thing. I think it's also a great actor. So Jake is so as you get. This is fucking amazing. I Love Jak Simmons. Yeah, so that's going to be a thing. So I'll have to I'm yeah, I think I look at to see what I can do to get the roku channel. I have to get a Roku because I really want to fucking well find a remote. Will give it to you. Okay, are our thing. Yeah, that's really fucking cool, though. That looks really good. Something see on Disney channel or amber heard's bedroom. It's you. Did you see? Have you watch some of that? Yeah, so did you see where the fucking hit her? Lawyers asked Johnny. So you didn't want her to act anymore? I cracky. Yeah, he's like, I got her aquaman. Yeah, and I was like, God damn. Yeah, he's the only reason she got aquaman was because he's like, I wasn't telling her she couldn't take meetings. I was telling her that we had agreed to have that day to not do work and just be together. So I was pissed off that she was just going back on her word. He's like, if you read the whole thing and not just that one message, it's like a supers. You did every prosers. I got her aquaman. That was so sad. I got her aquaman. Yeah, which now, I guess people. I guess there were. Current report. Is that like the current edit of Aquaman to is that she has less than ten minutes that time, which is fine. Just edit her face out. Yeah, they people are saying they want Amelia Clark. I do. I'm like, you get anybody. Yeah, realists. Mean Amilia Clark's about a foot shorter, but maybe it did a deep fake. It doesn't matter. That's fine, like super easy to do at that point. But apparently also part of the reason that they reduced her roles because they were like they just one of the big complaints from the first one, and I agree, was a her Mamo had no chemistry. No, they don't, none whatsoever. I don't and when I live in a world now where I've got Robert Pattinsons and Zoe Kravitz Chemistry on screen a movie, it's like you got to give me that. Yeah, they have absolutely no chemistry. No, and well, also not to mention that, like, if you watch her scene and Justice League, she's got a British accent. In aquaman she doesn't. Yeah, in Justice League she says that she's going to help Arthur because his mother helped raise her like one of her own after her parents were killed in the second move in Aquaman. They've never met and her father is very much alive. Man, DC, really fuckingli really fuck a lot of shit may seem to go fucking back in time for that. Yeah, the little logs just going to reset some shit with the flash. Let's reset it. He's fucking God damn. I know, like what a what a fuck up? What a fuck? Yeah, they like like they need to do what exactly? What? Like a marvel did, like how one person kind of oversee everything, because clearly you can tell like there's like twelvezero different people trying to do something. Oh my God, it's bad, it's so fucking bad. But they're trying to think of what. There's something, some news it just came out recently about that. I forget what it was now, but yet I've been watching this amber heard Johnny Depp thing is. Well, then you hear about the shit where, like I guess she was cheating on him with fucking Elon Musk. Well, what I heard, how I heard, I don't. Well be okay, there's something separator or something like that. There's but they're video of the two of them. will eat. Will Musk was still with what's her with? What's her face at the time this took place. So funny. And but there's videosm like Megan out an elevator or whatever. It's just like she's fucking Christ. That's so funny. Here it's that's so funny. I didn't Elon must...

...these aren't. I don't think they're going to talk to him, though I wonder. I wonder if he's gonna get pulled. It obvious. Yeah, I fucking he's gonna buy the court room and fucking listen. She's a cunt, like even her cunt sucks a county count worst blowjob ever, like think. And then she wanted to take a dump on me and it was like two pieces Bologne. He wrapped the sand tape for sucking my Dick. It was weird. The end of it, I don't even come. I just cried. I think, I think I've vanish? I don't know. They used my tears as lubricant. Yeah, exactly. And you've ever seen spaghetti go out of a mouth? That's what it felt like, like somebody every verse Sucking Spaghetti. That's what I felt like. Jesus. So I can't wait. It's how fuck is it right now? Like the two of the most entertaining things, entertaining things, interesting things going on right now are both court cases. Yeah, and on one of them, one of them, you're really you're really rooting for women. The other one you're really hot rooting for the man. I don't think. I don't underste how you can take her side. Old's who her lawyers are doing such a shit job, because even they're like, we have nothing after doing everything, like I still don't understand how people can take her side, because, I mean, she's just a piece of shit. It's a toxic relationship. You had that he do stuff wrong, but she did stuff way fucking beyond any what any humans should do to somebody. Yeah, like he was. He was just kind of a Dick. She was a fucking juister whooping on she fucking sheets. He had to she shit no on sat and she's saying I.

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