The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 72 · 8 months ago

The Buffalo Shooting


There was a horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, NY on May 14th that we take a closer look at. Then, to lighten the mood, we take a look at Christian Smalls' testimony before congress. Plus, we try to work out some new jokes.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The mass shooting in Buffalo
  • Amazon Union President testifies before Congress
  • Mike Wells is having trouble writing relatable jokes 


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...minutes long and I was like, well, or minute and a half long. I was like, what the this is a video. So he was live streaming from himself while he was in the store shooting. Uh, Huh, fucking, what the fuck? So fucked up. It's really kind of weird and I don't know if it says a lot about like it really didn't. Not that it's really fucked up, mind you. Yeah, but like I wasn't like one of this. I was like, oh my coun try, I fegeret how I want to wear the well, you weren't. It didn't shock you. No, I wasn't shocked because, like I knew what happened. Yeah, completely fucked up, but I was just like Jesus. Well, I mean like when I was working at the new station, when we would hear about one of these, it would get to the point where I would just be like I was just kind of roll my eyes, like another one, because they were happening so often. Or when somebody would say, like you remember, Oh yeah, yeah, that one shooting, I have to say, like which one? Yeah, I don't know. I mean here's so the guy gets out immediately, fucking I'm shoot, shoots. Huh, I'm not looking it up, I'm just trying to get some out the no good hold up. Like shoots. The first person shoots at one person, like right in front of him, pretty much, probably ten feet away. She drops. Oh my God, I cheat. And then he ends up shooting a like on the side of the car, like and I don't know what happened to that guy. But they also fires like in front. There's two people in front by the door and like drop heat hits both of them was in the store, outside of the stores, said, outside of the store, right outside of the still shooting in the window. Okay, and then as he's walking up to the people he just shot, he just shoots another one. It's already on the ground, not moving. Shoots shoots that person in the head. Like you like Jesus, Oh my God, walks in two people like on the ground, like covered, like not not hit right, but hiding. Yeah, because he shot to the window, comes in there, shoots them both. I was just like, so he was just doubled. Happen? He was just any if he saw a body, he was shooting. Here's are gets. Really, it's so fucked UH. That's this is actually the part it bug me. Okay, parts above me. So, like he hits the two people and then like there's basically a Gondola, you know again, dolt. Yes, yeah, so then he goes up to the Gondola and reloads and then there's this lady. She's literally laying there, the one person she shot laying there. Yeah, and she's not moving. He shoots her in the head. She's already down and shot shot in their head again. I was like, what the fuck? That's the part that really freaked like bug, I guess. At that part bug makes I was like what are you trying to Pruit? Like, what are you doing right, like your pet, like you're a piece of shit. Human before. What, like, what more do you have to do for that? Like what more, like you've already like why he like, like he he wanted to make sure they were dead. This we're get see more fucked up. Also, like, Um, he goes down and...

...the twit stream kind of freezes for a second, so you don't really see what happens initially. But he shoots somebody. I think it's because he shot off dude cop, our retired police officer at work in security there. God, I'm pretty sure that because he I think that security officer exchange fire with him and I think that's what it froze on for a second and then goes back to the like non freezing. I was like okay, and he turns a corner where the registers are right, turns because he knows somebody's there to sees it's a white guy. It says, Oh, and the guy's like, oh my God, and guys like and the shooters like, I'm sorry, turns around, walks away a couple. Shut the fuck up. He just killed black people. Is So it's so fucked up. Oh my God, does him shooting her in the head? Yeah, I feel bad for saying that. That was completely fucked up that. That did bug me. So I was like what, because it wasn't like the first person walking. You really see him aim, but don't really see like the yeah, but this one is like she was already down, she's already done with those two people front were already down. But it's like he's kind of gradually was just like as walking. He literally the second I was like, you guys be shitting me. And this apologize to the one guy because he's white. That's why you didn't kill him, because he's white. She's smoking cries. Apparently, on the gun it said, I don't know if a the I saw the pictures of the gun and the end word on it. Yeah, I don't like I don't know if that was photoshop. You're not. I'm pretty sure it's not. I don't know. It's hard. I saw the picture and it was hard to tell because I couldn't like I try to read it in the video. That's part you. I watched the video like three times. Yeah, I wanted to read what he had on the gun because you could kind of like but I could not like get a clear thing on it. I'm trying to see if I can find does. I saw that, I was like yeah, that sounds like I'm still fucking blown away at that. Just go three hours. So along the Wikipedia it says on his rifle who reportedly had written the word, the n word and referenced reparations on the Gun. So I got that one word, but that makes sense. That what this kind of like. That now eighteen, eighteen years old. He's reported to have written a one hundred and eighty page manifesto released prior to the shooting, primarily concerning the topic of mass immigration. I know they people talk about the whole the great replacement theory. Yeah, got got brought up a lot with this. The manifesto was originally posted on Google Docs in the evening of May twelve, two days before the attack, and according to the file day it had not been modified since federal law enforcement sources told see end that they were reviewing the document, because Google docs you can like go back to previous versions of all that, so you can see when it's been edited the manifest to promote the white nationalist far right great replacement conspiracy theory. Over now Camus, which, like Tucker cawl, some kind of push this. So...

I know his name. Has Come up a lot in on it and I don't really want to tie them into it if he has nothing to do with it. So what what? I like what Stephen Colbert said about it, which was basically like a lot of the things this guy, that this that this kid was prom was was was we're touting is is very similar to a lot of things Tucker Carlson is said on his show. And Colbert said he's like that does not make him responsible for this. Yeah, but if I found and what Colbert said was, if I found out that, you know, Dylan roof was really into Lord of the Rings, I might stop reading those books. Yeah, and so, yeah, it's I she says, I hear the shooters. Belief in the great placement conspiracy theory has drawn increased scrutiny of Republican political and media figures who have made statements embracing or echoing the similar the conspiracy, most prominently Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson and House Republican conference chair at least Stephonic, a third ranking, the third highest ranking Republican in the US House. In response, Carlson has said those put the suspects manifesto was not recognizable your left wing or right wing. It's not really political at all. The document is crazy whatever. I'm so much yeah, as I blame them him if he doesn't like. No, like again, like Tucker Carlson didn't, didn't load the gun, didn't pull the tricker, didn't drive the guy out there stuck across on a piece of Shit. Yeah, yeah, I mean, that's that's not the question. I'm not going to sit here and blame Tucker Carlson for this. Am I going to say that maybe he should be looking at some of this like, Oh God, yeah, absolutely. Should he be taking this as a sign that he's a shut his fucking mouth once in a while? Yeah, because, as came out several years ago that I'm remember the name of the guy who was one of the Big Neo Nazi group leaders, his son, who had left of the family, was doing an interview and he said, like, my dad watches Tucker Carlson twice a day. He watches at once just to watch it and then wants to study it. Like people in White National's groups fucking love Tucker Carlson, whether or not I'm not, again not saying he is one, but he is speaking their language anyway. Back to this fuckery. I'm just reading more of his manifesto, her whatever. I'm read it. It's so fucked up. Well, it's not as manifesto's just it's just the part in wikipedia about as manifestos, kind of the Joel three hours. Yeah, why that? I remember reading that. What the fuck? I don't know what his parent I don't know anything about the parents. I don't know, like there's not a lot of information about that, like because he apparently he kind of got like radicalized by the mosque shootings in, what was it New Zealand? Remember that Guy Killed Fifty one? No, yes, named it too. Yes, I do remember that. Radicalized by that. So it's like kind...

...of likes this. It brings down like is the are as, parents, racist type things, because clear he's white supremacist. Obviously that's yeah, because that's what you know what I mean, like or did they even see this cut, like I was also read. I read, and what I read about him like they tried to give him to a cause he threatened the ship of school. So what it says here is I'm not going to say his name, but eighteen year old white man said he's not from Buffalo. He had traveled three and a half hours the supermarket from his hometown of Conklin, where he graduated high school previously enrolled in Sunny Broom Community College. Classmates interviewed by The New York Times said he was quiet and rarely attended offline classes and he exhibited a range of idiosyncret behavior, including wearing a hazmat suit to class. In June of two thousand and twenty one, he'd been investigated by police for threatening other students at his high school was referred to a hospital for mental health evaluation and counseling. He was released after being held for a day and a half. The and the New York state police did not seek an order from a state court to remove guns from his possession. Police said he had been in buffalo a day before the shooting at a carried out reconnaissance at the top supermarket. The counties Da said he had evidence that, again, the guy was was motivated by, quote, racial animosity. Unquote. He had an account on the chat platform discord on which she posted to do list items in preparation for the attack. According to the discord chat logs indicated the attack was really playing from March fifteen on his rifle he had reported, written the n word and referenced reparations. Law Enforcement source said that he had also written on the rifle names of one or more victims of the Wolkashsha Christmas parade attack. That's the one from Wisconsin last year. Before the shooting, he wrote that he had perched a rifle and allegedly modified to accept magazine capable of holding up with thirty rounds, which are illegal in New York state, where the limit is ten. According to police, he had research previous hate motivated attacks and shooting. So he was researching all these and seeing what they had done and trying to top it, I guess, or see what it worked. Yeah, probably what had worked. Yeah, his Manifesto Express support for far right mass shooters Dylan Rouve, Anders, BREVOC and Breton tarrant. Twenty eight percent of the documents played her eves from other sources, especially terrence manifesto. So he was just like coppying and pasting from everyone's manifestos and shit. Any writing him in fes has not even your own manifesto, right, what a what can like Jesus? What if they charge he gets the death penalty for copyright and French me. No Shit. Yeah, that's all this shit. I wrote that he started US planning the attack in January. Targeted Buffalo because... was the city with the most black residence that was closest to his home. Manifesto includes biographical information, including a birthday which is identical to that of the shooter and custody. It was also extensive details about preparations made for the shooting, along with a plan to travel to a majority black neighborhood and buffalo after the super so he was going to so, had he not gotten caught at tops, he was going to go to other places. Yeah, Jesus, Chris any survived the COPS and kill him. Yeah, trying to figure that one out too. Just you know, don't make a lot of sense. I don't get it. I don't get it, not I mean, I mean I do get it, but I don't get it. The only thing that makes sense is if on any of them, is if they see him and he literally doesn't shoot at them and he drops the gun. Sure that is the only argument you have, because you can't be like well, hold a gun, that's that's the correct way to do. Yeah, that's what they're supposed to do correct getting into the conversation of previous shootings that have occurred in involving police, it's more of a reflection on just how fucked those ones were. Yes, read, as long as he wasn't pointed the gun directly at the officers and surrendered, then yes, technically they were supposed to take him into custody. It's fucking blow his brains out. It's yeah, I mean, you know, one of them wanted to. I'm sure the thought cross their mind. I am sure the thought crossed their minds. So, Melissa, I was like, if that happened and like you would have killed you or our son. Like if and I was survived and I was there just in any match, like and I was able to get a hold of the cops gun, I would blow his fucking brain the person. Like, if they had him in custody, I wouldn't even let it go to trial. I guarantee this. This guy's not going to be allowed out in public's like, but to think about that as this like, and I'm not having a gun, but I hate guns. But like, at that point I was just like, Oh, you did, it's that would you'd snap and but not only that, like nobody would like. I don't think they even charge you with murder. Don't know any any lawyer worth their salt would claim a screen extry emotional distress and they just be like going that, I remember that. Want that guy. Remember the video of the Dude and Alabama. The Guy was a karate instructor that kidnapped the kid and was sexually molesting his child. Can Nap the feared. I wanted in. The FBI found him, they got the child back and they were bringing him through the airport and the guy was sitting at the telephone. Turn around and blew his brains out. Yeah, and they never charged him because now everybody in right mine was like, yeah, if that happened to my kid, I would have done the same thing. I think I'd be like one of those things, just kind of like. Well, it's also one of those were the DA probably knew. He's like, I could take this to trial. No, dry would convict. Well, yeah, like no, dry would convict.

Eys are something. I would have fucking killed him. Well, we'll see. Who knows? May See if it's a hate crime. It's on macy. I mean he's fucked. He, he, he's so fucked it's not even funny. I mean like, I mean, unless it gets the same you know, fucking judge that Dylan roof got, but or not even how to that? Don't not. Then roof isn't doing right. That he's is he definitely know the one, not dylan roof, the one that from, the one that shot at the black lives matter. Then the judge let him off House, Written House. Yeah, that guy now, Dylan Roos, the one of you shot up the church South Carolina. He's fucked. He yeah, there's no, I mean that was so. He was a reign in Buffalo City Court, which is a New York State Court, represented by a public defender, and it a not guilty plead of multiple charges of first degree murder. A felony hearing is scheduled to begin may nineteen in front of a grand jury. He is currently being held without bail under suicide watch. On the same day, the Attorney General the United States, Americ garling, confirmed the United States Department of Justice is investigating the shooting as a hate crime and an act of racially motivated violent extremism. So the feds are already looking at looking at him for a federal hate crime. Is it that automat like that? I don't I think so. Let me, let me look deserves. It's like one of those things is like, would you want to rape him every day for the rest of his life or kill him? Let's see here, I don't turn and they charge so lagiarism. What the fuck? Yeah, I'm trying to find out here. I can't believe still some of the manifestos. That's just pathetic. Uh Yeah, like you're already a loser, piece of Shit. So person's violating this law face of finer imprisonment of up to one year or both if bodily injury occurs or such acts and intimidation involved. These of fire arms closed or fire interviews conners your prison from with the ten years. Cross crimes involving kidnapping, sexual assault or murder can be punishable by life in prison or the death knee. So you gets. It's not an automatic should be death penalty. fucking should be, but you can't get the death penalty for it should be the worst type of death penalty to what's the worst way death penalty kill somebody? Yeah, probably the chair should be worse than that. And make something up. I see if slowly peel the skin off. Yeah, like. So I'm like Super Piss about this. No, it's fucking infuriating, like at the butt. They just to see that video. Yeah, and him shoot that lady. That's the only part and apologize to the White Guy Ear. Takes the fuck out of me. Yeah, pisses me off. So I was like, that's that? That any pled not guilty. Yeah, that sends a shiver up my spine. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery,...

...while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom. Dou ghpcom put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. I was gonna thought I was going to bring this up. So you know the one I'm trying to get to off. Not Trying to gof top here, but the Amazon Warehouse, the Union that you unized. So the guy that that made the union happen went and testified in front of Congress and he fucking ripped into Lindsay Graham and I'm trying to find the fucking video because it's fantastic. It was so good and now I can't find it. Unions are good and bad. Good for a lot of things, bad for certain Amazon needed one. Amazon absolutely needs one. Like if they were trying to union at my job, I think it'd be stupid, it wouldn't make sense. Yeah, it, but for some jobs it's very much appropriate. It. Like, I don't. I have to look at like the starbucks thing. How bad their starbucks employers are being treated. Yeah, type Think, Oh yeah, to understand that, I'm kind know all the stories about Amazon. Everybody knows about Amazon, so it's likely that makes sense. But like, if, if they weren't want to union, my job would be like why? When I got hired at Walmart the Fort Your first day at Walmart is just eight hours of training videos. Yeah, and one full hour of that was all anti union videos, like straight up, like there were and it was in a painted unions in a very bad light. And then when I got made a manager, I had to go through training. And what part of my training was how to deal with whispers of unionizing? It was basically the video instructures are basically just take it straight to them, take it to management so we can eliminate it. Yeah, like they because Walmart knows they're fucked. If people unionize, they should unionize. It's absolutely fucking Shit. Here, I got the video, your film. Put your headphones on. So this is Christian small's is the guy who is leading that that union at that Amazon warehouse and he puts the videos called Lamazon labor union leader, puts Lindsay Graham in his place at sent in here. And what I love, what I fucking love is, and I'm going to I'm going to lost overse you can see it. This dude is sitting there in a fucking Yankees hat and like a red and black jacket. Just just fuck you. That's the best part. He's totally like. I'm like, I'm I'm a person. Yeah, you guys are you guys are so out of loop on Shit.

I'm dressed as like a person. Yeah, this is I've seen the short version of this. There was a congressionally hearing where they were talking about Amazon workers and Christian smalls, the brother who led the effort to unionize and Amazon location in New York. Member they were they were saying, O the it's openly, we welcome him doing it. Well, they actually want well, that was an exchange on capital he between him and certain Lindsay Graham. So here's what some of what Syendor Graham see it. They're going to show you what what is response was. So play this. This committee is taking a very dangerous turn under your leadership, to be honest with you. You're singling out a single company because of your political agenda socialize this country. Every time I turn around you're having a hearing about anybody makes money is bad. The government needs to grow beyond our ability to pay for it, and we're going to have an election on your ideas here soon and I can't wait. As to the process, there's a process in this country. If you feel like the law has been violated in your efforts to unionize the workforce, you can follow complaint people have a hearing. There's a process to the bar companies who engage in illegal behavior. There is a process. This is a political process here. This is an effort to get an outcome you want, using the United States Senate as your vehicle. This is very dangerous. You can have oversight hearings all you like, but you have determined Amazon is a piece of crap company. That's sure political bias. Their subject to the laws of the United States. They should be subject to this. If we get the committee back, we're not going to do this. We're going to talk about how to save social security, keep Medicare from becoming and solvent, how to change the structural problems of our debt. I'll talk to you about climate change. What happens if you electrify all the vehicles in the country? What does that mean for power producers? I'd like to work with the unions. got a uncle who was a vice president of a union paper Mill Union to bring jobs back into America. Like to work with companies, unions and the private sector to become energy and dependent again. All right, y'all. So that's Lendsay, that's sent and Lindsay Graham, well, he is how the brother responded to Lindsay. First of all, I'm going to address Mr Graham. First of all, you know you're in sound like you was talking about more of the companies, in the businesses and your speech, but you forgot that the people are the ones who make this these companies operate, and then we're not protected in the the process, for when we hold these companies accountable,...'s not working for us and that's not what that's the reason why we're here today. That's the reason why I'm here to represent the workers who make these companies go and I think that it's in your best interest to realize that it's not a left or right thing, it's not a Democrat or Republican thing. So workers thing to work as issue and we are the ones that are suffering and the corporations that you're talking about, in the businesses that you're talking about, in the warehouses that you're talking about. So that's the reason why I think I was invited today to speak on that, to have and you should listen, because we do represent your constituents as well, who. So just take that into consideration, that the people are the ones that make these corporations go. It's not tos, not the other way around. So as the current intern president of the dude, why is that important? Just, I'm trusting they have any more of his speech or vicious more commentary? It's just the rest is just commentary, I think. Goddamn, like that's from Roland Martin unfiltered, on on on the Black Star network. Just actually like, like, you have your you, your you because of us. Yeah, yeah, like, shut the fuck up. Yeah, yeah, the reason these companies exists because we make them exist. Yeah, like. And what I love is he is in there dressed a hundred percent like what people like Lindsay Grammar fucking afraid of. He's got this like like windbreaker type jacket on, big ass chain, he's got his grill in, he's got big ass study earrings, he's got this Yankees cap on with the with the do rag hanging out the bag. He went in there like I'm going to show this guy that who the fuck I am and then he I am just going to talk fucking circles around him. I'm just just big Fan, big fan of that, such a big fan of that. fucking love that shit is such a so fucking good. You forgot why the jobs are what and why the companies they are the way they are. Exactly exactly. Of course he has, because, because Lindsay crams full of Shit. Now when he smiles, I wanted to kick him in his Dick just for what's got a Pupa he's I have. The Basement Lounge and the VIP table are proud to be powered by pod decks. Pod decks of the hottest new tool for podcasters looking to have more meaningful conversations or game of five their podcast. Simply Shuffle Up, ask a question and let the content roll. Get Yours today at pod dexcom and use the codetbl Ten for ten percent off your order. I want this one to work. A chocolates so rich. That's Seve at seven hundred and fifty credit score. Okay, I made a joke about my friend's wedding the...

...other day because the supposed the pictures from her wedding. It was the WHITEST fucking wedding. I didn't see a single. I said that. I said that in the group chat. I was like, your wedding was so white. It at your wedding had a seven hundred and fifty credit score. O Gay for pay is nod phrase like all you're saying is fuck rainbows, but also has. Hopefully they make me money. I'm cool with it. Some home my photo, but for the right place I'll sell you. Don't try to meet bumper sticker and it's rainbowed colored. That was just the thing I had really, I I'm going. I told you there. This year I went to your funeral. It was great seeing my family not having talked. That's great. That's I think I have three jokes in here. I think it'll work. It's going to be five second rule. Yeah, it's definitely be five second rule. Uncle funeral and probably were. The other one the Trans Joke. I there a pie about Trans People. Wait, my hair pie about trans people. They taught me how to use pronouns correctly. If I had a transferenda middle school, I would have never failed six gratings class. Ha, ha ha. That's not make a fun of Trans People. No, that's good though. If I overdo something that one. Those are the four. If I were D pay bills and it hurts, the pantills In't work. My good at writing really dark. I don't know why am I? I'm I am so tired of like telling like dating and relationships jokes, but I'm just fucking good at it. And it's like every time I write a new one of those, they do well. Anything else I write is hit or miss, like a lot of my stuff's not relatable. They're just like I just figure out who's really fucked up. Like it's like like why, but why is it come so natural? You see a therapist? No, because, thank you. Won't ever be able to write a joke every it's a good thing. That's like to be a good thing. I wrote that dead kid joke in thirty seconds. It didn't even like yeah, Mark Shallow feople would like. I don't know if you know who mark. Yes, he was like he loves my jokes, like he always wants to watch me. He's like even he's like, even if they don't like him to come, he's like I love them because they're written well. Blah, blah, blah, and like we're started talking and like he's talking about his like really dark jokes. Is like, well, I do a dead kid joke, like he doesn't dark jokes as like a yeah, I think he's like, well, that's a fucking really good dead kid joke. That's the different one and it's a really Falcon real will fucking real written. I was like, it took me like thirty seconds to write it. Why the fuck they take me thirty seconds to write about fucking a dead kid, but I can't write anything about my own child? Right, like I can. I can ride about fucking a kid I thought was dead, right. I can't write about being a father. ha ha ha. That makes no fucking sense.

I'm a father. I have never fucked a death. I have no reference to that. Please let that be open up the show right then and there are you. That's going to be the instagram player. Like I can write like it just blows out. I I literally have experienced the one. Yeah, and the other I would never do. But that's the one that you're can write about. Yes, you are. You are Jack Nicholson in as good as it gets. Oh God, that's the most abstract reference I could ever fucking make, because he's a romance novel writer who's Never Been in love. Yeah, Damns Your Jack Nicholson's. Well, you're the Jack Nicholson a comedy, is what I'm saying. Yeah, well, not getting paid, like, but, but is. I just thought about that as like the one I'm literally am yeah, and the other one I would never do in a million years. I wonder if it's because I think someone talked about to dusty about when his when they had when him and his wife had their daughter. Is I wonder if it's because you've separated because, like you mentioned, like after you having a kid, you were stepping back a little bit from doing comedy. I wonder if it's because you're not looking at being a father as a comedian. You're just looking at it as being a father. Could be. Never thought maybe as how your look. Maybe it's how you're approaching being a dad. And I mean the only joke I've written about being a dad is literally about like it's the whole like I talked to my kid exactly like I talked to my dog. Yeah, you know, and then it's a good bit. Yeah, but it's just like that's the only thing I've written. Yeah, and the other thing I've written that I've liked. Now I don't even like. It's stupid's the Bingo one, like sometimes, every once in awhile, like the old Bengos, and my wife knows you married a winter. It's cute, but whatever. And it leads unto like I married Jehovah's Witness, I wouldn't have to remember her birthday. That's that's funny. But yeah, I don't know, maybe it's I was talking the mark about how I find it very hard to write about being a dad. Some people find super easy and I cannot find it easy. My kid this piss on himself though, twice today, so if anything, he's hopefully has a doesn't have a weird fetish. Damn, I'm into this. I was so pissed. We we we like now we open in ten like I was like really, you pete on yourself to we never know if he has a dirty diaper because it doesn't make him angry and cry like other babies. Turned out he's just into it. He doesn't cry, he shits on himself and it's like yeah, what we're talking about? This spell my kid, but that's fucking funny because he doesn't. There you go, there you go. Turn that into a bit. Not My kid likes scat porn. Yeah, what you joke about fucking dead kids like that, but not my dead kid. have any dead kids? Jesus, Oh my God, like I don't.

I would love the right about being. I just I think, I think you're right. I just separate it. Well, it's also it's also, I think, how you approach comedy. Also, I think May this is a therapy session. I think it really is. What the fuck am I the one to give it advice about this shit? I'm strolling any twenty minutes, like I think. Also, just the way you approach your comedy doesn't necessarily lend itself to doing those like it doesn't the real world real jokes about your life, because so many of the jokes you tell about your life are exaggerated and, you know, parodies and stuff like. Yeah, if you were, if you were doing more like long form bits and stuff like like dusty does, for example, you'd probably could, but that's just not your style. That's why you would never hear like my kids fucking a dead kid, right. So there you go. Somebody, I swear I caught my baby fasting assesting a corpse. I've caught my baby fucking a fucking another dead basy while reading dead baby jokes. If that's not a triple entendre,.

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