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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 73 · 6 months ago

Tragedy in Uvalde


A mass shooting in Uvalde, TX has resulted in the deaths of over 20 children and their teachers. On this week's show, Mike & Mike work through their thoughts and feelings on the matter.

*This episode was recorded on Tuesday, 5/31.


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Hey everybody, it's Mike Shay here. Just wanted to let you know we recorded this episode Tuesday evening and a lot is changed since then. Verdict has come down in the amber, heard Johnny Depp situation and there was another shooting, this time in Tulsa Oklahoma. So please forgive us if we sound ignorant or behind the Times or like our information is bad. Again, a lot of things have changed since then, in just a couple of days, but we think the message of the show still stands pretty clear about where we stand and how we feel about things going on right now. So please sit back and enjoy our conversation in this episode, despite the fact that it might be a little bit out of date. Thank you. Well, my one friend, he's a police season next police officer. He's like you, flaut said, it's like after Columbine. He was like, we are told differently how to deal with active shooters. We were told that it's your job to protect the kids, to put your life on the line, and they did not do that. Welcome to the Basement Lounge. Grab a share, grab a drink and settling. Let's have some fun. Last time we talked the buffalo inside out. He happened again, and then the shit in Texas just happened. Was that you've all Valdi. Yeah, that's that kind of glad. I wasn't. We had to take yeah, I know reason why I wasn't here. Last weeks I had a call on oscopy. He had a camera's ball and I was still on anaesthesia and now was so fucking yeah, before we getting that subject though, that call out. Well, I want to say so. I woke up and the nurses like you want anything? I was like, yeah, I really like some hair. One that's like, well, your mom's driving house. I could drive a could drive straight into a cliffics. That's exactly she like looked at me like you fucking crazy now that you're vlady. Thing is fucking it's the most and I knew we're going to talk about, said how we're going to talk about but it's like, I'm still livid. Oh, I'm so fucking angry. I'm so fucking angry, dude, I'm so pissed. I'm angry at the NA. Still had that convention and and as far as I know the only one who didn't go speak was abbot. I think, I think I know trump still spoke there and I think cruis did too. Yeah, like, I don't. But they banned guns from the from the thing. I was like, Oh, so soaked. So guns aren't safe. Yeah, so, and you're your father. So, like it's not even that. It's just like, HMM. It irritates the fuck out of me. It's like how more people having more like people have it island here, but like kids, he's kids and the whole like the cops are there already type thing. Like they got it. They waited. They didn't just wait, they went in and got their own kids out and like I might sit there. I'm like hat like. And their whole argument was like we they say. I guess I'mn't. I'm not read that much into because I've been so pissed off. How the COPS responded. Yeah, that apparently, like they said, they thought he was barricaded in there alone by himself, type thing. But yet they're having kids call in to one one and then the one kid did you serve out, the one kid that covered herself and blood. I'm like, first off, props, that's so fucked up, but like that is one of these smartest things. A ten year old should never have to do that? Yeah, no, at a war zone in elementary school child should not me do at war? No, no, or have the train of thought to think to do that. That's yeah, that's that's soldiers survival skills. It's and just, yeah, like the whole they were out there for over an hour and...

...not only were they not going in, they were stopping other people from from going in to get their kids, to get their kids out. They were like straight up like tackling people and threatening to tage these parents in, these teachers. I don't understand it. Every, every day, something more comes out about this shit and it just makes me more angry because it's just sounding dummer and dummer like, like at somebody came up. I know what point is, like enough enough. Some may came up. Is like you rate about how they had to swap the swab. The parents DNA identify because they have it. That's how it fuck like, not fuck, but bad like, and that's at some point it's like people aren't there's a such a disconnect of what happened and some people like, well, my fucking guns, fuck you, and I'm like, and somebody suggested release the photos of the kids and I was like, as messed ups as that is, maybe, just maybe that would get those people to be like, because I almost get emotional about this guy because because we've tried everything else. Yeah, and now I'm with you, dude. I like, that's so fucked up, but maybe at one point that's what you have to do, is like release. I'm so angry. I'm still so pissy. I know I'm still fucking it's it's well, Matthew, mcmatthew mcgeth that's the town Matthew mcconaughey is from. He was down there visiting yesterday or today. It shouldn't never happened. No, and and just like with the with the guy from Buffalo, it's obviously. It's obvious. I mean because I think it. They said that this kid like shot his grandma or something. Yeah, before he went out to the school, and it's like these were you look at you look at these two backto back. One of them was a hardcore racist who hated, hated black people and wanted black people to die to the point where, like we talked about, where he saw on the video that was put out, he saw white guy as I oh sorry, and turned away from him, but was shooting black people that were already shot laying on the floor. Then you get this guy who's just such a fucking six psychopath. He that he he murdered twenty children. Yeah, twenty, over to over, twenty children, plus a teacher. And then the part that really broke my heart was so he murder. He murders this teacher. Her and her husband have four children. Yeah, that her husband died of a heart attack like the next day from all this, and it's like these four kids have just lost both their parents because of this piece of shit. And he turned eighteen, got two guns. I like what the week prior? Yeah, and I had hurt. I don't know if this is true or not. I almost don't want to say I had heard a rumor that there was like they had had like some footage of him like casing the place. Maybe, maybe I'm thinking of the Buffalo Guy. I don't know. Yeah, I think the Buffalo. I think it was buffalo. But when you have two of these things happened within like two weeks of each other, like ten days. They happened within ten days of each other, and I'm just I'm with you. I'm so fucking angry and tired of this and, regardless of your stance on on the Second Amendment or all that could I could give a fuck. Honestly, they're kids. These are children. I mean like, and I came out thinking my head is I maybe it's right, like I happened Sandy Hook and nobody did anything. Yeah, just like Sandy Hook. I mean, is this like what irritated me if you got on twitter people like, Oh, I bet he was illegal, like immediately, that's what it was. Oh, because his name was Hispanic. Yeah, and we're like, and I was like you, I saw someone on there who was like yeah, he yeah, you're right, he crossed the border from like South Dakota, like he crossed that as he crossed the state hold a Kyla Rittenhouse. Yeah, he really did. He was. He crossed like two states to get there. And it's like that's it. But it but, like you said, like it's like that's the first place you went with this. Yeah, like that that's...

...your for you, not like those kids are killed. Yeah, you try to twitter politically to where you it's he's got to be an illegal, that's killing our right. And then when you probably found out that they were probably Hispanic children, or Pilo off. Fuck MMM, like those are probably illegal kids to like fuck you, like, fuck you. I as some dude, actually, the guy that fucking said that on twitter, one of the main guys. He's like a care if he was running for Congress or something you're talking about. Yeah, I called, I went off on him and I got banned on twitter for a day. Oh, did you? I got I fucking went off. Hmm, I'm surprised. I threw. I I sent a lot of Shit to Ted cruising sprised. I didn't get the getting. They fucking trouble. I basically told him, I basically call him a cunt and I was like, next time you see if I have a gun, put it out and pull the trigger to a close. Click, you fucking piece of Shit. That's probably why you got I know, I knew I was gonna happen. Yeah, the but fuck it. Well, you see about there. So there was this girl and I think it was her boyfriend or her brother or something like that. They were talking about how on twitter, how, like you know, these NRA groups and all that, are all about security and safety, and then they were they they got uck into the fucking rally through like the VIP entrance and were in the vipiece and the thing, we never got stopped by anybody. Now she's under investigation by the Secret Service. Yeah, yeah, that like it's just I've low key wanted you this documentary for like a while about how easy is they get a gun in America. So Steve Hofstater did that Jersey. When he did that, now, this is a few years ago. Steve Hofstad or when he was on tour, he just made these vie he was making his videos of him on tour and he just like went to just one of the city was in, like Vegas or one of the cities he was in performing in, got a gun and which is able to go get a gun? He's like, I don't even live in this state. My thing is like I've also been to the psyche wor twice. Yeah, it's like like so, like I kind of want to be like like that's my past. I don't trust myself with a gun right. I also want to bring it into places people not saying I brought it in. The yeses film the whole thing. Now, obviously not do anything to have it loading or anything like that. By then be like, but this is how easy. This is how this is how this all happens. Like, yeah, like, I I can't. Yeah, I still can't believe. I I can believe. Actually, I don't want to believe this happened. Yeah, but it's America, so I fucking can't. I cannot believe that. HMM. It's like I it's I don't want to be I don't want to believe. They're just ten, yea years old, like ten, I fourth grader, man, like they did nothing to anybody when I was in fourth grade, like, like I try to remember, like what I was like when I was that age and like the stuff that was going through my mind and no point at any it. You never, when you were that age, you never like ever worried that this was going to be like a possibility or something. And there are kids nowadays who go to school. I have a friend, I have a and I mentioned this like the day after the shooting. I have a friend of mine who she works for the school district where she lives in Canada, Canada, and the day or two and the day after this shooting happened, she was saying how parents were calling the district and wanting to know, like what security measures and things they had in place because they were afraid this kind of thing could happen there too. And it's like this shit is affecting everybody because everybody sees it happening, and parents left and right all over the country are pulling their kids out of schools and homeschooling them. Well, that was the weird thing. So, like I had literally thought my head, like I wife a teacher and like I'll always like she's like the whole idea of... Tsher guns the most absurd thing in the world. Yeah, like absolutely, she thinks it's a joke, like not a not, like not a joke in a sense that like ha, but she's like I can't believe they would actually think it's ridiculous. Yeah, it's like why I she's like, I did not become a teacher. I wanted to teach kids. Yeah, like I'm not here to like do I love my kids wife try protect me. Absolutely, but she's like I'm not here to like, I didn't sign up to have a gun. I said, I did teach children, and it's just kind of like, you know, every single time she does, like they always tell me, she always tells me when they're going to do like one of those drills active shoot rights, yeah, and stuff like that, and she's just like and we all every sometime. I always talk about it and just something you never think about and then like you, you shouldn't have to go through that. You shouldn't. There should be no such thing as hact like what, like I tweeted Columnbine, happened twenty two years ago. MMM. The only thing is that's change is the name, the names. That's it. Yeah, nothing else has changed, period it. And I don't I to to be to have children. If you have children and all about your second amendment, right, like, I'll even go with the handgun. Think. Fine, I'll give you your handguns. Yeah, even your shotguns, sure, but to be like assault rifle semi automatics or whatever like, and you're like no, no, I can't take them. Fuck, like what, like somebody. I'm trying to see if I can find the post that somebody sent me, but it was basically, if you look at like all these mass shootings, these these big Mashings we've had like the last five years, all we're done with an airy. Every single fucking one of them. was that with an air fifteen. Yeah, like it's not one was done with this when it's not like it was all different. All of them were done with the same kind of fucking gun. Yeah, and as certain point, I know ar doesn't stand for assault rifle. Okay, I'm aware of that. It's still being used to kill a shitload of people. In one setting, I ted. I did it to posting on twitter, Ted crews and said that, you know, proposing arm cops and elementary school to deter school shootings. And here's what I responded with. In two thousand and nineteen, a domestic terrorists unloaded an assault weapon into a local bar here in Dayton, killing nine people in wounding seventeen more. The police were already on site and responded within thirty seconds. Yeah, having police there isn't going to deter this, is just going to make it end sooner, but you're still going to be able to get a lot of people hurt and killed. And that amount of time that at. That the whole good guy gone with argument's completely that braceat argument what having Texas brace our like it. It doesn't work. No, the only time a good guy with the gun argument beats a bad guy at the gun argument is if I'm right here. One of us is the guy. When I was a bad guy, then I shoot you before you shoot somebody else. Yeah, like I know you're going to do it. Like it's some my basically it's a minority report. Shit, yeah, point. Yeah, that's that's all. That beats out argument. Well, and it goes back to you're talking about the beginning. It's like, okay, cool, we have good there were caught the wheat. There were arm cops there and they waited outside for an hour before they went in. Kids are dying. Yeah, they were calling the police. HMM, and the cops did absolutely nothing. Yeah, and it makes me scratch my head and go, so, why is it that the cops feel the need to shoot unarmed black bed because they fear for their safety, but then they can't go in and shoot a shooter because they fear for their safety? Which one is it? Well, my one friend, he's a police season, next police officer, easily. I flaut said it's like after Columbine.

He was like, we are told differently how to deal with active shooters. We were told that it's your job to protect the kids, to put your life on the line. HMM, and they did not do that. No, they didn't. And now is after calm. That was after calm, and there the training was different. It's not like that never really happened. Oh, no, column mine was was a hate called a wake up call, but it was just such a like we that wasn't a thing. Yeah, and calmight have it now. There's been so many of me can't even name them all. No, I was when I was looking at that list that had all of them with the are fifteen. I didn't remember a bunch of them. I had to go back and look and be like, Oh, yeah, I do remember that one. I like think Vegas. Remember like the veguest ones. Yeah, people died in that and it's just like that one. You don't get people talk about in nearly as often. No, you don't. Not. It's like what the fuck? Like and they said, I mean, there's no reason behind that either. Like and then you have then you have great. If Greg Abbot gets re elected, I will be shocked. Shit. Oh Bet, oh, did where you showed a bit as yeah, DIS rally or whatever. Might have been political, most likely. Yeah, but like did he have like every right that? I mean, like he said what a lot of people have wanted to set him. I think are just too afraid to say it. Yeah, or if they have, they wouldn't have their camera on them, right. They weren't. They didn't have a platform. That beat work, did yeah, but then you also get Greg Abbott, who says some Shit like Oh, it could have been worse. Do you? I cannot believe I. I saw red. I saw red. I was so angry I cannot believe said. I was like, are you fucking kidding me right now, like, are you fucking you just you just told all the parents who lost their children, like hey, you know, sorry lost your kid, but at least we didn't lose more. Fuck you, dude, go fuck, go, fuck yourself. I know, go fuck yourself. And then they had just after that, there was this bill that was being pushed through the Senate. It was meant to be a like it was to combat like domestic terrorism, Neo Nazism, and it was deadlocked. Forty seven. Forty seven, not a single Republican voted in favor of it. Really. Yeah, eventually Chuck Schumer had to switch his vote to know just that way they could just end it and that way they could bring it back up again. I was was going to sit on the floor. Jesus Christ. Yeah, not a not a single Republican, voted in favor of it. Lindsay Graham said, and I'm quoting, we've got plenty of laws on the book to deal with domestic terrorism, so I won't be supporting it. That is a load of Shit, because obviously we don't, because the shit still happening about Lindsay, Lindsay Graham, Oh my God, what he posts on his too. I think I posted on my facebook. Hold on, and I was like on twitter right now. I'm looking for see if I can find it. I still I have a post law show facebook lace. I got it. Good, post on facebook. There's the door thing, Lindsay Graham. Why someone would kill elementary children in school and shoot there on grandmother, I don't know. We are all hopebroken for the families and families and friends impacted by the sense of sact of violence. Twelve minutes later, with the resounding victory by Herschel Walker. Yeah, I was just like, yeah, you devoted no time to this, you didn't even give a shit. No, you didn't even give a fuck. He probably didn't send that tweet out. He probably didn't...

...send out that. No, the first one. The first one, no, that was probably an aid and they'd probably sent that out. Like I'm just like I can't I read a fuck it, like read, like this is not the time. This isn't. You talk about not politicizing shit, but this is not the time to start touting people's said at victories when we just lost twenty children. It I I'm I guess, my God, your eat me and just I'm I'm at that. I'm also at that point in my life too. were, like so many of my friends have children, and what I've contemplay like I've I've had this conversation melissae yet. Yeah, like I actually had conversation with some matter work because they're about to have a kid. Seems like, is it? This stuff make you wonder about having homeschooling your kid, and I was like, honestly, yeah, it does. Yeah, it really does look, like I said, like there's been reports all over the country board of pulling their kids out of school in her home schooling, like then't want to send to school anywhere. I don't like I got this point, like what the fuck, like and their whole, Oh my God, the whole like well, they should only be one door in and out, like, what the fuck, go fuck yourself. Yeah, that what was the one. I was there. I'm trying to find this post that I shared the other day where it was. They had asked a bunch of like geops, like how fucking deep is that gun barrel in your throat to where you're fucking just sucking it off, like it like that's what they're just blowing. Yeah, they're literally blowing the fucking second amendment. You're like, Oh yeah, so this was on CNN and it was reasons for America's MAS shooting his crisis, according to Republican leaders Video Games, social media, quote, wokeness and Liberal Indoctrin nation, critical race theory, single mother households, too much screen time, not enough church doors, drugs, not enough discipline at schools. I sell that. I showed that. The MISSA was just like what the fuck? Yeah, she's like what as I yeah, they're blaming everything, but HMM, and notice, notice how mental hell there's always the first ones to say it's a mental health problem, not a gun problem. Mental health is it anywhere on that? fucking doors are but doors. If we we had had more doors, credical race theory. Yeah, I always just like you got single mom. I'm single mother, households. I was the child of a single mother. You Fox, like. I was just like sit there. I was just like I read that and I was like, Oh my God, they just don't even give a shit. Literally, what is anything we can think of? That isn't what the problem I have all I like I've I literally when I broke it down to why people use a gun, like I gotta find that, but I can't if I can find this post or not. I literally broke it down one time to where why people use a gun. Hold on, how are you? There's something on your profile on your phone. You see the little thing of the tops? Yeah, well, you can do that or there should be a thing where you can just search. Oh Yeah, go to your profile. You see the three dots over here. Get that and you should see where it says. I what doesn't yeah, they down the bottom says search. Yep, okay, I can't remember what November ten, two thousand and eighteen, I don't remember what happened around this time. Hmm, I you said November. Yeah, so I have it all right now.

Why people will use a gun to commit these mats us and it's simple, it's ARY Manufactur it's easy, concealed. The amount of distance between the person using the gun in the intended targets can be far. Can Be far enough for a person still get away. It only takes a pool of a finger to get the desired effect they intend to happen. It's a easy, convenient way to commit a maximum amount of damage with little amount of obstacle, all while still keeping yourself at a distance. The intent is being able to walk into a crowd of room with no one knowing what's about to happen. Yeah, and pretty surely got me put on a list. When do you say? You posted that November ten, two thousand and eighteen. So there was the thousand oaks shooting, which was November seven, which was in thousand oaks, California, which was this this college bar, and then there was also the tallahassee shooting on the second. That was the one where guy shot up at y Yoga Studio in a Tallahassee Florida. But I mean it's there was a there was a bunch memory sharing that. Yeah, it the thing I think that really scent kind of describe my feelings about it was someone somebody said, which was if I see a kid hit somebody with a stick, I'm going to blame the kid, but I'm going to take the stick away. Yeah, it's like, yeah, no one's trying to blame guns specifically for this, but blame is a shooter. But we should still do something about the access to these two because these everyone we've heard. What do? They always say they purchased a gun legally. And they say, well, we if you were strict the guns, people are still going to get I was like, yeah, but the people who were doing these shootings are the ones buying them legally. Yeah, people who buy guns illegally normally don't do stuff like that because they're doing illegal stuff to begin with. Yeah, they don't want to get caught. Yeah, it's you know, and like I think I broke it down logically and what I said, because that's, if you look at from a logical that's what kind of what you can inflict the maximount damage at least amount of effort. Yeah, you literally, and it's not that hard. And you also, when you look at it, using a gun, especially a gun with that kind of range, disconnects. It creates a disconnects. It's the same. It's the same as like we talked about like anonimity on the Internet. Yeah, people like to be shitty in like Youtube comments because you can hide who you are and when you're using a gun like that, you don't have to look your victim in the eye. You don't have to. You can just write them off as you can get. You said. Creates a disconnect. That's exactly what it is and it's just I just yeah, I can and I'm still irritated. No, I'm I'm pissed off. I'm very pissed off, and it's just when you look at how many times we've created new laws, new policies for the Little Shit. You know, one person tried to smuggle an explosive in a bottle of liquid and now we can't take balls of toothpaste on the air plan anymore. or I take my shoes off where I go through the thing, schools and and shopping centers are getting shot up constantly and we've done nothing. We've done nothing, and that it's not like we've done little things that haven't worked. We've done nothing. One of the thing was like, I mean, you look at it to like there's the assault right, the assault band up into two thousand and four, and it wasn't them in a mash eating's kicked up once. That was completely like there's an obviously their correlation between the two. Like...

...yeah, it's it just what I one thing I loved was the other day, after I think it was after Texas, the Yankees were playing. Oh yeah, and Yankees posted. Also, so do the other team. The other day, both both teams use their twitters for the entirety of the game, posting not only stats and facts about gun violence, but then immediately following up that tweet with a link to the source of that information. Fantastic on there. So Great. I it's I was such a fucking Yankees Fan that day, so I was like, I can't believe they're doing this. Yeah, I wouldn't Piss so many people off, and it just made me so happy that they were angry. Like be be pissed. Why are you pissed about this and not the fact of twenty children murder? Yeah, why is this the thing that pisses you off? It your it shows a type person you really are. Did does it a hundred percent us? Well, my thing was it also it's the same people that like covid's not real, and then they only believe it until I don't believe until it happens to them. MMM, like that's that's the same fucking people. These are the same people who I saw today that dating Ourta for the summer is going to be doing free bus rides on the weekends because gas prices are going up and all that. So on the weekends there's no charge to ride the bus, and people were bitching about it, saying that it was, you know, so home, we're look, nothing's actually free, while I was going to come back and bite the taxpayers in the ASS and or I'm not riding that bus if they're still making me wear a mask or something. BLABBA. It's like fine then, to stay at home and just say the fucking home. Yep, there was one guy who was like I'm not getting on as on one of these fucking buses that's got all these fucking homeless people shitting in the corner, and I was just like, you seemed to have seriously underestimated the root the freedom you feel shitting in the corner of a bus. Just say, yeah, you tried it, it's fun, but hit it's a bit. Those are this is a you. These are the same fucking people. These are the same fucking people who I'm so pissed. I'm just I'm so fucking pissed off about this sounds. I get you. I Like I was glad that night, like honestly, that I we didn't have VI, didn't do this because, like, yeah, I was still trying to wrap my brain. I wasn't I wasn't going to be in the mood. I wasn't going to be in the fucking mood. I honestly wasn't around that. Like you know how like fucked up something as eve when you're on anesthesia. You're like what, like that's how fun. You're like Whoa, like yeah, what the fuck does that like? Huh, I got I like because I was like I thought for Split Second I literally did think I read it wrong, because I was still like, I'm still honest, it kind of loopy, but then I was like this is hmm. Now I'm like, well, it's another day in America. Yeah, because, like I might even over the fact buffalo happened. Yeah, I'm still I'm still dealing with that one, like to where I'm like, because I went to my mom's for dinner on Tuesday because we weren't doing the show. And then like right when I got there, when I heard about it happen, that the shooting happening and and we was todd was talking with with because my aunt and uncle didn't know that the guy in buffalo live streamed his shit. When I told them that, they were both just like what the fuck? And it it's like, yeah, I'm still I'm still trying to process that one. The only only different, the only real durts wing the two is that they killed this shooter. Yeah, I want in Texas, because he I guess, well, he's Mexican. Yeah. Well, from what they said, that is that he tried to try to fight back or raise this gun like he was going to start shooting at him, which I'm like, well then, yeah, shoot him, fine, I honestly don't care. She shot the fucking they should have shot the guy in Buffalo. I still can't. Yeah, the thing is like a that he should be dead by wish you would have died slower.

Oh yeah, much slower painful. I've also seen this, this this thing getting shared around face. What people are saying that a cop didn't that the cops didn't shoot the guy in Texas, that it was like some parent with his own shotgun, that he's that's not fucking true. Stop sharing. If I see somebody sharing that, I'm fucking calling you out, like. That's not it's not true at all. Please stop sharing that. That's it's a hundred percent false. There was that. I think it was actually a real the lady that got eventually got aver cops, is still wanted and got our kids. That parts real because that there's video of that Shit. Good for her, good for her. The fact that they, these cops, went in and got their own kids out and nobody else makes me so fucking angry. Why? I get the I get the idea of like, you want to save your kids. I get that. So did everybody else that you were telling to go fuck themselves while you were sitting outside waiting. I how is it going to go with this? Was it going to go with us? So I just the idea of saving your kids is fine, like, I get it. Like you care about your kids, and I get that, but you waited the idea that that a child had to cover herself and blood. MMM, so the shooter thoughts she died her friends blood, mind you. Yeah, I'm sure they're all friends, because what someone she knew the blood of one of her classmates, knowing that she was dead. Yeah, when I when I read that, I think I started crying, like right there on the spot that that hit me so fucking hard. I was just like what the fuck that and the whole husband dying. I was as yeah, I can't believe that. Right now, I can't believe like, what more can you take away from a fan like family at that point? Yeah, like, yeah, no, there's something really fucking wrong and they won't do anything about it. I think this is the best opportunity to do something. If I feel like I say this every time we have one of these, but like, if this isn't the one to get people's ass and gear, the onion doesn't even post that article anymore. I don't think. No, that's how bad it is. Yeah, the articles is like the onions just like we're out. Yeah, like so bad the onion. This is like what the fuck? M I just they only the only good thing I could come out of this. Two the good things can come out as one. They do something immediately. M Or, to those kids. These kids have had to deal with this. are going to become politicians. Oh, yeah, road like that age group, and I'm saying those kids drone with that age group. Yeah, is having to deal with this shit. Yeah, will become politicians and I guarantee you they're going to change it. We're going one point in time, we're going to get to a point in twenty, thirty years where everyone running for office was a victim of a mass shooting at a school. Yeah, it's an Evit. It's going to happen. It's inevitable. Like, I kin't aocus group is kind of like the beginning of that whole. Like this is the group of people that, like, is what happens when you don't fucking fix shit. So we're kind of coming up and yeah, yeah, Yep, it's happening. Huh.

Yeah, fuck it. They need to do something. You guys need to do something. On the second man, well, and we're getting fucking election time right now, so y'all really better figure something out, because otherwise a lot of people are about to lose their fucking seats. Yeah, because we've got we've got elections this year and I, Oh, I don't, I don't understand, Greg at. It could win. I have no idea. I have no fucking idea. People are so mad at him right now, especially after the whole it could have been worse bullshit. Like, if you still voting for Greg Abbot at this point, you are in human soul, this piece of shit. They I might even see if you get, if you can look at that ballot and say, yeah, I still feel comfortable voting for this guy after he's the one that like signed, like got rid of all those gun restrictions they did have in Texas. Remember that a few years ago? Well, no, I knew. Yeah, like like after he so, Hoo Kay, cool, so he did all that. Cool, so everybody got their guns now. But after all this, you still look at this and think this is a good fucking idea? If you're if you are looking at your ballot in November and you were still yeah, I'm still going to vote for this guy. You're a piece of shit. You are a soulless excuse for human being. Yeah, I can't. Oh my God, it just it blows my fucking mind. D thing is like years waiting for the next one. Oh Yeah, at this point it's learly like it's summer. It's going to happen again. Yeah, like it's going there were there was already one in like Chattanooga or something like that a couple days ago. I don't think anybody died, but there was a shooting. Yeah, I do remember that. I don't know if that was a like a club or something. I can't so I'm trying to find it. Nobody. Don't think I mighty died on that one. Now it was a Chattanooga. This was on Sunday. This was Sunday. There was a shooting a Chattanooga. Six people were shot. Two of them suffered life threatening injuries. Hasn't been confronted. They died or not in or yet, following an altercation between two groups of people. It's a downtown Chattanooga, so this was downtown outside. So not sure how doors would have helped this one. ASSHOLES, but yeah, so that happened. That happens a couple days later. They're still happening. And and then I bring up back date and we had ours new Oregon district. Thirty seconds. Yeah, thirty seconds. It doesn't when you're when you're using a weapon like an AAR fifteen, it doesn't take long. Those kinds of firearms are designed to deal am as much damage as possible in as short a time as possible. That's why they're there. The cops were right there. They had that guy, doubt, in thirty seconds. He still killed nine people in injured almost anymore. But yet got to have our guns because the second amendment in not to bring up Jim Jakris, but it's amendment. Yeah, amendment note, and well, it's law. That one that was fucking created. It was muskets. Yeah, yeah, that's all it was. That's actually one of my favorite commercials ever. I ever see that commercial. Ball gun like it popped up for a little bitout gun control. It was a guy, like, guess what the secondment was really for? A guy comes in the office with a musket. MMM, I was you fires for shot and miss. Everybody like freaking out, writing and stuff like that. He's like loading it and yeah, like this is what the secondmendment was designed. M He's guns in mind. Yeah, as as we're allowed. I mean I think it even said you weren't even allowed to own a cannon. Yeah, like, no, you weren't. And it's like...

I've always said, the laws have to evolve with the times and and a lot of them, haven't? We see that all the time with, you know, laws surrounding like Internet and stuff like that, but the laws surrounding firearms need to do evolve with the times and they haven't. And people cling to it like it's this infallible piece of legal doctrine that can never be changed and never be challenged. Like we. We you've challenged the bill of rights constantly. That's why there's like over twenty, I think it's over thirty, amendments to the Constitution. It's not infallible. We Change Shit all the time. That's why we don't have slavery anymore, because we change shit all the fucking time. One of my favorite family guy scenes at four ring comment in this is where like Oh, the everybody has the right to bear arms. You know, has a thing of the they can have hang a pair of bear arms in there. Yeah, they won't get they won't mess this up at all. Well, no, no, not at all. There's not going to be any way they could US interpret that. By the way, let's just take all that stuff about about abortion out of there, because we should, we should need to put that in there right. That's not trying to be in commy of something light hearder, but like that's one of my favorite. The bear arms. Just, yeah, right to bear will even even Larry the cable guy, had a bit about one of his albums was called the right to bear arms and and he said it's like people always ask me why I always wear these sleeveless shirts. I said because concue says I have the right to bear arms. So, so fucking stupid. But it's again, it's like, you know, get interpret however the fuck you want, but the laws have to change. They can't. They can't stay the same. Nope, otherwise more people are in a die. Were to have more things like happen in text has more things that happen in Buffalo, Sandy Hook. Yeah, column, Bye, Virginia, Tech, Las Vegas. I know, Oregon, district, Orlando, Orlando, I don't like us, club, pulse, Night Club. Try think everyone I could think of. Well, here all do, because I had this. Those are the ones I can think off the top of my head. So so, for a friend of mine sent me this and it's from from the New York Times and it was one of their big I think it. I think it was their front page, and it's just and I can show you right here. It's from the Sunday review. Oh, that is so said. It literally just. It's literally just says UV Aldy, Texas Authority said the gunman was able to attend the way obtain the weapon legally. Buffalo obtained the weapon legally. Boulder, Colorado, Tad the weapon legally. Goes all the way back to Oak Creek, Wisconsin, to a two thousand and twelve authority said the gun was able to obtain the weapon legally. All of these, you know, Roseberg, organ Orlando, Florida, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, Texas, Parkland, Pittsburgh, thousand oaks, Virginia Beach, L Passo, Dayton, Ohio, Atlanta, both all of them, they got the you obtained the weapon legally. So don't tell me that, if we that having gun control laws means that guns will still be sold around illegally. Yeah, but the ones who were buying legally are the ones doing the shootings. Yeah, things, most people, and this is the way thing like laws like that will keep an honest person honest. Yeah, and most people that commit mass shootings, they're fuck that, don't get me wrong, but they're not career criminals. No, CREO criminals know how to get around that Shit. Yeah, career criminals, the ones who were doing a lot of the the buying of guns illegally, the guys who were buying like six shooters illegally for a gang hit and run. They're not going out and buying and they are fifteen s illegal. They're not trying to be on the fucking radar. No, they're it. That's that's just fucking common sense people. Yeah, like illegal people don't want you to know they're doing illegal shit. Yeah, these legal people want you to think they're getting there doing it the right way so they...

...can do everything, so you'll leave them the fuck alone so that way they can accomplish their goal. Yeah, they want you to see them. They want you to know they're buying their guy, look at me, everyone, I am buying this gun at this gun store. Nothing illegal going on here. Yeah, I'll remember one time when I worked at it was a crossbow though, but it was kind of like whatever reason I worked at Walmart site. When I first start working at Walmart, some guy brought in a crossboats trying to return it and, yeah, it was stuck and like the latch position to we're like nothing was in it. Okay, but like my buddy brought it to the back, worked er, spit it, bring it from the front of the back. He walked around an entire store with it with a crossbowt what the crossboat let me with the thing pulled back and nobody kind of said anything. It was really all you had to do is load of Bolt in there. Yeah, that's what it's. I mean, go, it's a crossbow whatever, but it's kind of like, Huh. We joked about out that for while. I was like, nobody said Shit, and he was like I could easily put a boat, I mean anything, in there and killed somebody. Like yeah, he's like the Walmart I worked ad didn't sell guns, but it's sold ammo. But then the one like then on the other side of towns old guns. Oh ill, you know your something fucked up. And my kidding, I mean none of them do anymore. But so I remember this. These two shady mother when I work lost prevensions, shady guys like these are pieces of Shit dudes. HMM, and I know whatever came about this. HMM. The guy was like try to buy again and then they got the counterst like well, I need your ID bubble. He's about how m I D's like that kiss agains. I will kind of buy a knife then, M and we were like what the fuck? Yeah, and I'm kind of like told the costs for like they and some knife either, because he was like this is fucking weird shit. Yeah, and which I to call the cops. I was like, Dude, so this is what going on. Like that guy was like about try by a gun. I want to buy an have a hate, but then like wanted to buy a knife. Just kind of keeps your eye out on him. They didn't drive, they walked in. Yeah, but we are like what the fuck? And then I don't know if whatever happened with it or not, but it told the cops about us. So I was working lost prevenion, but I always remember that thinking like okay, no, Gun, can I buy a knife, like, who the fuck you? Just, yeah, fuck you trying to do right now? I was working one morning and a guy so like one more sold, Amma, but you can only buy because he they had scanning your Id. Yeah, and you could only buy like so much within like and there's there's all kinds of restrictions on how much you can buy. And so the guy had bought however many boxes of Amma. WHO's allowed to buy? And I was. I worked over in grocery. I was a supervisor there, so that was like cleaning supplies and shit. He calls me over. I didn't know this guy had bought Amma and he's he had like six bottles of bleach and as fucking cart. He's like you guys, he's like, you got any more of this in the back and I was like, I can go look and I come back out and I said I don't have any more back there. He's like, all right, I guess this should be enough. And as he turns to walk away, I see that the the two boxes ammo in his cart and I was like what the fuck? So we what the fuck? What the fuck? Yeah, some Dexter Shit. Yeah, that made me really fucking uncomfortable, went over to the guy in sporting goods and I told him. I was like hey, so, whoever this guy was, you just sold ammo to. Yeah, he just came and bought six bottles of bleach and try to get me to go get more. We had more in the back. I didn't want to give them to him because I needed to put him out on the shelf. But I was like he just came and bought like all the bleach I had and bought Ammo for you so and bought came. He was kind of like, all right, I'll I'll make a note of that a.

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