The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 74 · 7 months ago

Morbius Bombed...Again


Well, we hope it was worth it, Sony. Plus, the fallout from Uvalde continues. Also, 'The Boys' season premier may have broken us.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • 'Morbius' has dismal re-release weekend.
  • The situation in Uvalde isn't getting better.
  • The premier for 'The Boys' was a lot.


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Well, meanwhile they rereleased Morbous in theaters and it made like three hundred thousand dollars. Oh, is that? I thought was less than that. Again, the first day it made like eighty, but over the over the whole weekend that it was out and made three hundred thou because somebody did a fucking name. Yeah, somebody did a meme about it and it became really funny. So they were like well, fuck it, if we're still trending, let's rerelease the movie. It's like, no, you don't understand why you're trending. Yeah, you're trending because you're really suck more morbid time. Yeah, so we got really that. It made like fucking it made nothing, and I'm like cool, hope it was worth it. Welcome to the Basement Lounge. Grab a chair, grab a drink and settling. Let's have some fun. Apparently somebody stole one of your jokes. Oh Yeah, so I I'm not gonna get okay, I will tell you. I don't want any names or anything, but not going to do names. Yeah, it's I see it. They still the face, but they don't. I'm Stephen. Yeah, I'm Kay Jeersey. Youre Watch Jack Whitehall, the British comedian. Now he does this bit where he talks about how he was he got invited to host the the royal variety show, which is his big show they do every year over in England, and he's like, I brought my friend with me and we're going to say that his name is we're going to say that his name is Dave because Netflix said I can't use his actual names for his netflix special. And he's making fun of him and about all this shit that he pulled when they got to meet like the Royal Family. And then in the middle of it he slips up and says the dudes real name and he just freezes on stage. Now what, looking off the side of the stage, like do I keep going? What's gonna Happen? And they netflix left it all in. Yes, they left it off, but he's like, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call him. And was his real name? I don't I didn't mean to call him Gabe. Gabe Johnson is start saying more and more. Was a this phone number. Is like he starts saying more and more of his fucking information and Netflix just left the whole fucking it. That's so fun buy. Yeah, but yeah. So, so somebody that you once performed with? Right, yeah, they well, so I got somebody message me a tick tock and I was like Hey, no, I'm not trying to start shit, but heir, here's this. Yeah, I was like at first I watched its like Oh, that's clearly like a joke. I I like first our I was I've never met this guy. Right. I thought my head like I've never met this guy whatever, like parallel thinking, yeah, yeah, totally whatever. And then, like I started thinking about it and I was like but I'm I did travel a lot. And then, like, he did tell me that he's friends with a couple. He falls a couple comics on tick tock that he also follows, MMM, but they're dating comics. So I'm like, oh, that's weird. And I started looking at old flyers, old flyers and that type of stuff. Couldn't really find anything, and his name popped up on something that I was also on. So was like, Oh hmm, like I just have a facebook. Anymore has on a facebook and I don't know how you need to have as. I don't think he had a facebook like on the MMM. One thing Boze when I was in Michigan doing shows. I was like three or four years ago, I think, before covid got it. It's I was like well, yeah, Lisa's jokes don't like and that's all was. Lary like well, did well for him. Yeah, it is what it is. I mean it honestly, might he pie, and I'm saying it could be one of two things. One he thought he came up with it. It's been so long. Yeah, you know what I mean that it's just kind of like, if anything, I'm not like trying. I don't want to call him out either, just because of the fact that it could be just because of that, like he he heard my joke and it just got stuck in the back of his head. Yeah, and M I just came out like the videos not old. Yeah, so it's kind of like okay, yeah, I mean it's kind of an occu kind...

...of the occupational hazard what we do. Yes, you know, it's kind of the risk you I mean it is kind of the risk you take telling your jokes on stage. Is Anything it's gonna you know, you just whoever gets to the TV first gets it. Pretty much. I mean that's what it's like. Yeah, that's like one of those things is literally whoever gets on TV first kind of gets the type thing. It is fucking weird. But I just think tick tock is honestly killing comedy in the way a little bit. Just just I'm common. So many people take people's like jokes and like do videos about it. Oh yeah, I can't say how many videos I see online that I'm like, that was a tweet I read online like you, or that was a post on read it, or that was a yeah, it's tick tock has there's parts of Tick Tock I like. The comedy, quote, the quote unquote comedy side of Tick Tock I'm not a big fan of anymore, as long as they used to be my comic. I'm not really Frim me and I done like a show with him too, but we're friends on facebook. He has a tick tock. I gotta pull it. It's so fucked up I feel bad. Actually feel bad for him. It's even pull it up. Yeah, why can I get? What the fuck am I so? I want to? I don't want to, like, no, I'm not looking for this guy's name or anything. Just posted my shivery joke on tick tock and like clockwork, the first comments. Somebody accused me of stealing my joke from a meme, the meme that I made, which has my face on at nine separate times and as the added bonus assistant at the comic and the meme had a better delivery. That's funny. Yeah, but he's like hit me, like and he dear's another post. I came amy is on a personal ors comedy pages. Another posts. She's like he stopped doing the jokes. People thought he's stole it. Yeah, but it's literally his meme. Yeah, that went viral. Yeah, and he just stopped doing it and so he thought enough time has passed. Yeah, I'll bring it back up and people stop accusing me of it, even though it's literally his joke. Yeah, because he thought it was it might affect the way clubs looked at him and so forth. Right now, I get it, but it's not something that we should have to be worrying about. No, but then immediately post that video on tick tock in the first comment was like and he was like, Jesus Christ, it's fucking ridy. And See, there's a difference between between that and like a few years ago there was a guy posted a clip in one of the comedy groups I was. I was in of him doing a set and the whole joke that was in the video was the Pablo Francisco Mexican girlfriend bit. Yeah, only just changed to Hawaiian girlfriend, but the joke was word for word the same and I message that. I told the guy. I was like, dude, like this is a complete fucking rip off of Pablo Francisco's bit, and it's like, I've never even heard of him. That's not you're full of Shit. I wrote that. I was like this isn't parallel thinking, this is word for word the same joke, and I posted a youtube clip to the to the joke, and he's like, well, that video says that. The that that was uploaded a year after this video. Is like, okay, yeah, but the album is from one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, you twatt like. And then, like, his fucking girlfriends jumped into his defense and I'm like, I understand, you got to stand by your man with your man's a joke thief like all, like Jesus Fuck, I've never even heard of Paublo Francisco. Oh Fuck you, yes, you fucking have. Clearly, once I go see it like yeah, you barely no one well enough to memorize is fucking joke, like it's a monolog for a theater school audition. It. Yeah, word for fucking word. This one wasn't word for word as mine. It was really close, though, and I was just like yeah, but again, I'm of that mind of like we were getting on like TV first, because I had one. I used to do a better report security to date myself a little bit, because it was when everybody was doing those joke. There was one that I did that I saw Larry, Larry Miller on TV doing it and it was like...

...almost the same thing. And it's all obviously I've never performed with Larry Miller, so it's not like we've ever met in our lives. Maybe I've heard this before and didn't remember it, or maybe it was just because it was close enough that I was like, I'm not going to do this anymore because they're gonna Kum ripping off Larry Miller. I think a lot of times what happens a comics. It's just even. It's not if it's word for where you clearly kind of yeah, stole it, like no doubt my mind that you stole it. Yeah, if you change like one or two words, like just like the name, it's just if you change like the name of something, yeah, like you sample Hawaiian or met. Yeah, that's yeah, verbatim like this yeah, thing I think I'll what happens to a lot of comics is like you hear something like Oh, that's a funny joke, laugh about it, but gets stuck in the back of your head and like years later, oh I have this great idea and it's not verbatim, but it's just like but it kind of like you tell you the joke almost kind of put your kind of cadence on it. That makes any sense, it does. Yeah, so I think happens. I think that happens like a lot of comics. Happened to me the when I did fireworks the first time, the the whole already like a brother to someone else thing. There was a guy in the audience that one of our local comics introduced me to, and I think he was doing it to be a Dick, but whatever. He had a t shirt on with that same, almost the same exact fucking joke on there and I was like, I've been telling this joke since I was a fucking college, obvious Dunn and all, and that was in South Carolina. I've obviously never met this guy before and I had reaching out to the guy afterwards. I was like hey, man, so wan't you know, like I wasn't. Just to be clear, like I've never heard of you, like I've never apparently he's a gout. You just make shirts and sell them like that's cool. I've never I've been using this joke since fucking two thousand and nine and he was cool with it. But the the local comic in question, likes to bring it up every once in a while when I see him and I'm like, go fuck yourself, dude. Like I had a guy when I was downside to try tocuse me ripping off a ripping off Greig Garowldo at one point. But he was doing that more or less because there were these two girls at the show you were at that he was. He was hitting on both of them, which is sketchy to begin with. And after the show I a I had a better show than he did and be after the show they came to hang out with they came and sad at the table. I was sitting at the bar like I was sit outside my fucking business. You two girls can sit down and start talking, because I thought I was fucking funny. Will he gets all pissed off and comes over and starts trying to accuse me a stealing jokes and shit to make me look bad in front of them. Jokes on him, though, because he ended up getting arrested for some me too shit. So yeah, fuck him. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Ntella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom, put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. I watched Matthew mcconaughey. So you see you ask mcon a speech about? No, I haven't. No, is it? That's good. So I can find it here. Twenty one minutes is good. I've been having a heart very emotional. Yeah, because he's from he's from there, didn't he? Yeah, yeah, I mean he brought up some stuff. I was like fuck what saw there were like and he's not like he just wants...

...better background checks and better all that type of stuff. Yeah, like he's not like get rid of gun like type thing. Like, he's just like, and that's the way he said. Something stuck on me to he is like it's like a thirty minute speech. Yeah, I'm not going to play the whole thing. He's had something he is like. I can't remember what he he's basically is like, as a leader, do something out of humility, not because you want to get reelected. Yeah, do it because it's right. Yeah, and I was like, yeah, it was good. It was really, really, really good. Oh yeah, I'LL WATCH IT LA. It's a bunch of clips and stuff. Well, I saw there were like for eight shootings or something like that over the weekend. Yeah, that's a way see lunch in like a two day period is. It was weird. But my thing is like mass shooting. Wise I know what they constitute. I'm at shooting. By how much of it is a guy going like it's again sound really fucked up. I want to know the difference between, like it's a fight or you know, I fought, fight broke out, people got shot, or right, a guy goes into like a fucking Wal Mart and just start shooting, you know. I mean there's a there's as fucked up as there is a difference, because one was literally like pre thought out type thing, the other most like a spur of the moment. Like there was one that happened. I don't know if it was Friday. I think it was Friday. I mean, well, the hospital thing, yeah, like that. That was fucked. The hospital was fucked. There was the one where it was a funeral. They were burying this guy who had been shot and killed by the cops and somebody went and open fire on the funeral and killed like five more people. Is Insane. It's it's I didn't know. I did not hear about that one. What would happen? I think it was like I think was Friday. It was let it was like it was after we had done the show on two, because what day did the hot hosspital when it did hospital and happened Friday to maybe our Thursday. I didn't know that. I knew there's a ton of shootings, but like my thing was I remember the hospital when I was like that's fucked up, because that guy like one in the kill. HMM, and like yeah, list of mass shootings, two thousand and twenty two. That's crazy. Yeah, it's not on here. Shit, it's constant that this happened and I remember hearing something about a funeral, but there's like so much stuff going on. Yeah, yeah, it was Friday, Jesus, because Friday it was. It was constant. They figure out they having a few piece of five people did thanks. So I'm pulling it up here. No, I'm sorry, nobody died. Nobody died. That's probably why it's not on the list. But yeah, Guy was being buried who had been killed by by police and I don't know what the backstory on that isn't I don't really give a shit. But but like, yeah, people were burying a loved one and got shot at. Well, just like an Ireland. Yeah, how many like fucking bombs go off in Ireland because of fucking the I air whatever. Yeah, a funeral. I mean, come on, there's guy be some suffer. Yeah, not even the fucking mafia would do that. So, but like to put in contact. So June fourth Saturdays, past Saturday, were one, two, three, four, five six seven shootings reported, and June five there were one, two, three, four, five six reported. Now, not all of these had deaths. Some of these were small number. Some of these were kind of like you're saying. They weren't like random acts of violence. It was like somebody it was. It was personal. But the Chattanooga one is on here. Yeah, which then that what was? What was that about? That was a nightclub in Chattanooga. Two people were killed, twelve were injured. I was as end people because last time I checked, that was no way died yet from that to died. Looking for the hospital one. was that the one in I was like four or five people, wasn't it? Look, I'm trying to find it June first, so that was Wednesday's the day after we recorded. was...

...where we had the hospital in Tulsa. Five people were killed and there was one yesterday in Salt Lake City. I don't know about that. I was it was a this was a this was a fight at an apartment complex. See, I mean this is the list of just reported shooting. Because like the yeah, because a mashy. I think it's like three more people. Hey, it depends on where you are, but typically, they typically most places the average is for more people are shot, not even necessarily killed, just shot, but I mean it's it's ridiculous. As of right now've Aldi is revolved. However you pronounce that? I'm from probably pronouncing it wrong. I Apologize. It's the highest of the year. It's almost like so much has happened you forget about Buffalo. I'm not forgotten about Buffal I know something. I know it's hard to keep track sometimes. Yeah, yes, like as I think what's making buffalo sit with me the way it is is is the fact that he live streamed it and the the whole it just seems called so much civil happened between now and then that I have almost seems like I happened two years ago. That makes sense? Yeah, no, it does. It's hard to I mean well, I mean I forget who I was talking to about this, but when I remember in two thousand and twenty on the pandemic hit, I was I was trying to think back to like when I had done a Valentine's Day special live stream, and that was in like February of that year. Yeah, and I felt like it was years beforehand because over the course of two thousand and twenty, with the pandemic going into full gear, so much happened that it warped my sense of time and it still has. There are so many things I try to think back on that I'm like that seems like it was so fucking along ago. Was Really One. I know it is weird to think about. I was actually having that at work the other day, Somebody's I came here, somebody said something that happened. I was a cat. That was so loo. Not Really, it just happened during the pandemic. I was like, you're fucking all right, MMM, it's exactly what it is. Meanwhile, gas is up to over five dollars a gallon in some places in Dayton five hundred and nine. Yeah, right now. I think it's it's hilarious in a way, because it's not hilarious about but it's just like what's fun what I find funny was I thought I was going to hit five dollar, five hundred and twenty five by the end of the month. Like I thought I was going to hit between five high twenty five by the end of the month, not now, seven days in. So then I'm like wow, so we're probably up six to six, six twenty five by July. Fourth. Yeah, there was a bill that went before Congress that was going to super was going to it was going to make this shit stop, and every every single Republican voted against it. But then a day later Ted cruises on twitter saying Biden ruin the economy because of how get expensive gases, and I was like, you literally voted down the bill that would have stopped this, you stupid fucking cock. Yeah, I kind of went off on Ted Cruis a good bit on twitter last week because he was posting some stupid shit, like the shit of him playing poker after the Valdi shooting and he was at like some like charity poker game or some shit like that. And he was tweet tweet about how much he loves poker and how fun poker isn't it's like they haven't buried the children from the shooting yet, you asshole. You know, the the fucking the the NRA thing still took place it. Yeah, and the more we find out about the Valdi shooting, the angrier I get, because we just keep learning more guid it about it. Like I'm it, I've gotten pretty...

...pissed. I I don't watch a lot of it recently because I know the cost really didn't do shit. But then I saw the one guy part of it where he was like he would. They kids are like yelling for the cops to come back, and they weren't, like you're like Jesus Christ, like yeah, and the one guy told us told his kids to pretend they were asleep. Yeah, and I was just like what the fuck? Well, you hear about the one mom who says she's been getting threats from the cops round, but she's been speaking out. Oh really, she's been doing the one who was handcuffed, she's been doing a lot of speak, public speaking about and the cops would basically saying, well, like you're you're embarrassing as you're making us look bad. Well, it's like, well then, you shouldn't have done what you fucking did. You're making you look bad. She's just calling attention to it. You Dick Whole exactly I got. Yeah, I know, it makes me look. Like I said, the more time that passes from vality, the more pissed off I get, because they yeah, you know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean shifting gears, because I want to be angry the rest of the night. You caught up on a Biwan yet gay. Oh Shit, Dick, Bush, Shit, I've never seen what you saw. I pusts on facebook. Yeah, I am realize it in ties, like until the next Ay. And somebody, like a guy I work with, Drake. He was just like, I mean he snapped the kids necks just like, just just just just, you know, it's like, and now I that you completely forget. He also just dragged a woman, yeah, behind him because, yeah, because he was like fuck it, he's so pissed. He's so pissed. He knows Obi Wan's there and he's like, Oh, I'm just gonna fucking I'm just gonna put the food fear God and everybody. Dude, that was like and that's I think that's why I like because like about star wars now is like the comics or whatever, the stories before. Yeah, the original trilogy. He's is, he's brutal, people are terrified of him and he's very like it's always be like brutal, he does even give a shit. He gets what, like you know. Yeah, and then and like the the originals, like you don't really see that. No, you never. You never really get. They don't. Then there's never the opportunity to see because, like at the very end, like he's he meets his son and like all that type of stuff too, and you don't see how brutal really is. Only time, the first time you ever see how brutal he really is is in rogue one. You'll yeah, there's because that was that. And I will say there's the one part in a new hope where he's got the one soldier and he's not even force choking him, he's holding him by the throat with his hand, like but fuck fucking talk to me right, like he's so put but also because of what happens at the end of rogue one, you now get why he's so pissed off. Yeah, I'd...

...never you know, I remember put those two together. Ye's like, but he's pissed and you're like why is he so mad? Now I know why. But like what he does to get the OBI and like you like what what the he just you really snap that kid's neck for like saying let go of my dad. Turns Out, first time he kills some kids he gets very addictive. I was I was like, Oh yeah, I was. Disney went dark that. The whole last like twenty minutes of that episode are straight fucking horror movie. It's so and it's so good. At when he the just the shit that he is saying to Obiwan, just that like I am which you made me, you should have killed and then when he drags him through that fucking fire man, I was just like Holy Shit. Yeah, I was like I can't lose happening. Oh my God, it's so good. I can't wait for you know, Tomorrow's episode is recording is on Tuesday. No, you, I'd say, I cannot. The more I think about that, the more, Mike, I can't. He he choked that day. He Force choked that Dad, snap that kid's neck, drag that lady. He would obi wan the suffer tremendously. Just dragged him through fire and I don't know what the fuck does. Were they set on fire? But just, Oh, oh my God, some I love it, I really do. And now apparently the rumor is that they I don't know how much of rumor this is true, but they maybe green lit it for a season two. I've heard that. I've heard rumors. I don't know how much water those hold. I really don't pay like a couple like places that are very like are also reporting. I very like. I can't reliable. Reliable also reporting the same thing. Yeah, I mean it's because, I mean, when you find out that this show has the number one most watch premiere of any Disney plus show, obviously the conversations going to be had. Yeah, but you've also got to be careful because there's only so much time between this show and rogue one. Yeah, and a new hope that it's like, okay, there's only so many stories we can tell. Yeah, the ideas that he is, he is an essentially supposed to be a hermit and be he can never form a bond with luke if he's never on tattooed to form a bond with him. Yeah, so, I don't know. I will see that. I guess it did like twenty four. Every episode's like every season's one day. Yeah, it's shows fucking ridiculous. Well, also, Miss Marvel starts tomorrow, yeah, which is going to be weird and then I started watching the boys. The first three episodes dropped on on Friday. I know you're not even close to caught up. Did some makes. Let's somebody asshole Um did. They literally take what they but they took the ant me and Thanos idea, yeah, and took it to another level. It's okay at this point. By the time this comes out, the show been out for about a week now. Do you care if I tell you what happens? So, I mean it opens with them tracking down a guy by the name of termite who's basically an at man rip off. He can grow small and all that, and the whole thing is that they're working for the feds now and drying to track down these soups who were doing dirty shit. Will they go to a party where he's like Snorton coke, shrinking down and fucking Barbie dolls while everybody, like you know, does shots and cheers him on? He's like, Oh, I made would make this better as if she had an actual vagina, because they they many his voice and everything. Yeah, so, so he's gay. So he goes into the other room with his boyfriend. There's Storton coke and his boyfriend goes, I want you inside me. So Oh now he like you know, drops trout. And then and then dude shrinks down on the table and he's walking our first I love that he has to like like lift his leg and let climb over the mountains of coke, which are only just lines, but their stets out smally is and then something, there's something behind him and you can't see what it is because it's blurred and out of focus. And then, and then then it sharpens at it's the dudes Dick and he goes inside his fucking Dick. So we spend a couple of minutes inside this guy's Dick, watching him climb into his dick hole and while he's in there climbing around and...

...tickling shitty sneezes, grows normal and explodes inside of his fucking boyfriend. Is that where you want? That's what you posted. What the fuck did I just watch? Fifteen minutes into the first episode, I paused it and left the room. I was like, I need a minute, I need a fucking minutes. After that, it's it is one of the because then at one point they catch him and he trying to escape. As we shrinks down and starts fighting every by you. When he's meeting, goes inside the one guy's pants leg and here I'm screaming. He's trying to go in my ass. That's funny. It I as soon as as soon as the image cleared, and I was like what the fuck the Oh, no, it's not. No, as soon as you figure out that's a Dick, you're just like, oh my God, they're gonna oh my fucking God. And when he when he has the sneeze, I was like why you, why do you know? No, it just it's and I was just like, oh, it's like the first time you see the dolphin seen in season one, or the wail and season two, which, on the you've seen yet, but it's just it's just like and now it's kind of got me going like this is fifteen minutes into the first episode. The Fuck is gonna Happen? Cheese, and it doesn't slow down even for I mean like they it's it the first really gets powers the season right Kinda. Yeah, there's it's basically it's a it's a serium that gives em powers like twenty four hours. Yeah, but it's the phray. They drop the first three episodes on Friday. They were so fucking good exces. I saw the one part where he beat the shit out of the one guy that actually shot. Is Basically lasered is lizards head in half and it's car yeah, yeah, I know, it's good. It's it's so good. Got Home Lander is completely just snapped in this in this season, is it? He has snapped and it is like give this guy every fucking award imaginable. He's so good. He's so fucking good, which is weird because in real life he's like this nerdy looking, soft spoken, like New Zealander. is He really yeah, like like they had like the cast sitting down for like a panel discussion. I was like, who's the fucking nerd in the glasses of it, because he got like Brown hair and show, who's the fucking shut the fuck up now. It's really good. And then I watched if you watch the Orville HMM, they put the first the first episode of the new season up on Hulu. It's really good. You can tell whulu throw a lot of money as Someth McFarland. It's got a huge budget. The CGI looks really good. Everything looks really just meater and you can tell that this is the show Seth McFarland has been wanting to make, because it's not as there's almost no comedy in it. It's almost like a straight SCI FI drama. Really. Yeah, this is his love letter to Star Trek and I think Fox wanted it to be more family guy, family guy asks, which is why they market it's as badly as they did on Fox, because it's but this is all. There's a couple times where there's definitely some jokes, but it's an at the episodes like an hour in ten minutes and it's like almost totally like all drama shit. And they do attribute to Mor McDonald the beginning to because they said he recorded all his dialog before he died. HMM. So, yeah, I know it's it was really good. So I'm loving that shit exploding dicks. Well, dude, I and there's some shit with hole like in that the first episode. There's some shit with home lander later on. We're just like it. Saw The one part where you let the girl jump. Yeah, it's an episode two. Yeah, that's fucked. Episode one he basically gets his like girlfriend who's missing limbs and is burned on ninety percent of her body jerk him off to make him feel better. It's weird you have to watch these in two. He's because it's basically he's just mad because he's not the because he's not as popular as he used to be. Yeah, so she's all she's laying there in bed and she's loo, come here and make you feel better and like mid conversations, like I just understand people don't here. Here you go to people don't love me anymore. Like, who's this girlfriend... it? You know, mutiful season two? Okay, I gotcha. Yeah, me, it'll season two. It seems he's really fucking good. We met Jensen chols character in a flashback right now. He's fucking great. He's basically a Cathain America knockoff. Oh Yeah, soldier boy, it's really good. My favorite parts is just a knockoff of every Yoh yeah, if you go on like wickled on, like the Wikipedia for the show, the Wiki for the Fani Wiki for the show at list, like what what each character is a ripoff of? Like there's one in this season that's a ripoff of Scarlett, which there's one that's a rip off of like dead shot. There's one that's a ripoff of, like I said, Captain America Season Two. There's one that's a rip off of daredevil. I do know that one, yeah, because I think I think that scene got shown online. But I've watched, like I haven't a watch. I've watched part of season one. It's really good. Just I had it's like one of those things I've so many shows I watch and I have a kid, but it's like I've seen the one where homeland her like the daredevil one. We're just like hit's the guy in the ear, and they's like now he has no power. Yeah, now he's just a fucking blind guy. Yeah, that's fuck. I found some of the comics online. I've been reading them. They're even more fucked up in the show is, Oh yeah, and the most of the time they are. I mean it's crazy how fucked up there. Like the whole open the first episode where the deep makes starlight blow them to get into the seven and all that. Yeah, in the comics she has to basically let all the dudes in the seven. Fucker, she's Christ like. It's fucked. Isn't surpriary? Fuck, and then at one point they fake an alien invasion so all the soups can actually say they're going to space to fight these aliens. They go to a remote island and have a superhero orgy, like homelander lands, with no pants, as like let's all fuck, and supposedly that's coming this season and I'm just like, okay, Huh, not sure how we're going to pull that off, but fuck it. I watched a dude climbing side another dudes Dick and then exploding side of him. So it sky's a limit at this point. Sky Is the limit. It's fucking fun. I said, I did watch the final fiest storm front and all of them in season two. Oh, we're yeah, seen that. So the chick they're fighting with the electric powers, she's the one who's homelanders girlfriend. Okay, I got you. The like hate each other at one point, though, Kinda. Yeah, basically she's a Nazi, yeah, who's lived for like fucking ever. And Yeah, it's a whole thing because she's not dead. At the end of the she looks it's implied that she is, but when you see her show up in the beginning of episode season three, you're like, oh, she's alive. Yeah, okay, then, yeah, that's good. Shit I've especially I haven't laves, watched so many clips of it on Youtube. Oh yeah, because they don't. Doesn't say seekers stay secret for very long. Try think what else is fucking gonna be on sooner coming out of season four of prober cries out in October as a teen bur and I'm like super excited. Okay, yeah, I've heard you've never watched. I still haven't watched Cobra cry. Once I get done with all this other shit. It's one, because I I still don't watch season for Mrs Mazel. I still haven't watched Black Mirror. I still will never watch black mirror. No, yeah, it's no, yeah, it's just higher. Two, Gotcha. I still watching umbrella. Look out of me. I stove and watched stranger things. Yes, I won't. I'm so far behind a stranger things. It's like, yeah, I've seen the first episode. That's it. Every season was great. It's just like I just like, I don't I came here. How far got in second season, but it's society. I only have so much time, even with all the free time I have at work now, I only have so much time of the day. So many shits, so many shows. I got a fucking watch. Have my parodies and right now it's just Obi Wan Hmm, and that's, yeah, literally my own priority right now. I'm literally waiting to Dr Train, just coming out on Disney plus, and of the monmenting. Yeah, twenty second so, Yep, and the month. Like I said, I'm as Marvel starts tomorrow and then thor comes out in July. I supposedly they're going to start shooting me Hershel has all it re Hershal all...

...these blade movie this year and it's like, I also like it's almost like a chore now to Keep Up with them a little bit. Yeah, it's a lot. That's why I'm kind of not rushing to watch things anymore, because I'm like, I won't watch stuff when I'm ready to watch it. I'm not unless it's a movie that I really want to see. Like I really want to see doctor strange. I ran out and saw that as soon as I could. I really want to see Jurassic World Dominion. I'm going to go see it Saturday, probably, maybe Friday, but probably Saturday. But everything else it's like, if I'm not in a big rush to see it, it's gonna wait until I finish something else. Yeah, I got a bike room in the queue. No mins. Like I wanted to go see doctor strange and theater really bad, but I was just like it became a point twice. I don't even know how I'm going to have timing. Yeah, between everything. So I'm as I wanted to come out. This isn't Disney. In like like two days later I found out this name was really so on toy. I was like I could just fuck yeah, fun way. Well, meanwhile they rereleased more obious and in theaters and it made like three hundred thousand dollars. Oh, is that? I thought was less than that. Again, the first day it made like eighty, but over the over the whole weekend that it was out and made three hundrederocause somebody did a fucking meme. Yeah, somebody did a meme about it and it became really funny. So they were like, well, fuck it, if we're still trending, let's rerelease the movie. It's like, no, you don't understand why you're trending. Yeah, you're trending because you're really morbid time. Yeah, so we got really that. It made like fucking it made nothing, and I'm like cool, hope it was worth it. Jesus, you're not trending because people like you're trending because your movie sucks. Yeah, that's fucking fun. It's made me laugh so fucking are. That's fucking funny, like rereleasing as film the theaters or some Shit you do for like endgame or Avatar, like the people really fucking want to see, not whatever the fuck. This is like the Old Dallas buyers club. That's what more Bodius is Dallas buyers club to yeah, you could. You could release the room in theaters right now. It would make more money than then. Oh, got more. I Bet that room would make twenty million. Would make it would make so much fucking money. Yeah, because it's it's it's such an experience of a bad movie that people love, just how bad that movie is. That movie is a meme, like the room is a meme. You know, they should fucking I wonder if they thought about doing it. Well, I mean that's why. That's how, that's how the disaster project got made. That's true. And that movie, for what it did and for what it wasn't, movie, crushed like it made so much money because people love that fucking story and they love to hate that movie. HMM, interesting me. Tommy was so still the ghost to fucking cons and should a buddy of mine was that in La he went to comma, one of the comic cons or something, and he was there, had a booth and you know, he went and like God is he had a copy of the script of the room and got it autographic and there was a line like people, that is so. Why is he so cus because Tommy, watch so is so fucking weird and people just can't get enough of how weird he is. It's like when he writes like George Lucas, right, George Lucas made star wars. Yeah, I did not hit a I did not. Oh, hi, mock. Yeah, that does my camel. Think about it. Think about some. Think about some Anakin's dialog. I don't like sand. It's course and it's gets everywhere, and that's a time. He was so fucking life. I want someone to go and Redo all of anagan's dialog. Doing a Tommy was so impression and let's see if it see if see how we get. And also, darth vaders also do not know the power of the dock side. Mock love a guide I'm luke. Stop using my real name. Oh Shit, that's so good. Leiah, why are you saying her name as a character mock? I will fucking murder you. I am your I... your father. I am here, Father, I am why is he fucking her belly button? I don't se.

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