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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 75 · 7 months ago

The Hearings


The January 6th Hearings are well underway. Plus, Amber Heard continues to show her true colors.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Revelations from the January 6th Hearings
  • Amber Heard's first interview since the verdict


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For Bill Barr said regarding trump's desire to put out a message at the election was stolen. I told the president it was bullshit. Oh, Bill Bar straight up told the president that's bullshit. If vanka trump said that she had, that she accepted bars assessment of the situation. Jared Kushner claimed that he had deemed White House counsel Pat Sip alone to be whining when sip alone and other members of his team threatened to resign on principle. Kushner also said my interests at the time was on trying to get as many presidential pardons finished as possible. Jesus Christ, welcome to the Basement Lounge. Grab a share, grab a drink and settle in. Let's have some fun. I watched this interview today that nbcated with amber heard. Oh is the first part of this is the first interview since the trial and this, I guess, is only part one. They say she's Shit her pants. Verbally. Yes, I mean it is. It is just I was watching it with some friends and we were just dying. Why would she go on television? I don't. Well, you can tell she had some preprepared shit, but what she was not counting on, and you can see that here. She was not counting on the fact that the interviewer brought receipts, because she's asking her about stuff like. Well, you know, so, like did you know x happened? No, no, it didn't happen at all. Okay. Well, I've got the transcript from the video right here where you literally say that. That are you literally do that thing. Well, you know, it's it's taken out of context. Well, it's funny you say that, because I've also got like it is. It is just ambarrassing. Removed for character, officially from OK I'm not officially yet. There were there's the rumor going around that. Okay, but they had already said during the trial that she was because the rumor was that her part was being cut down because of the shit with Johnny Depp. And then so when they had two different people from one of brother things who said no, we cut her part down because she was doing a terrible job, like she has no chemist, they're like we brought we brought her onto this role. We had to edit the first film heavily because she and Jason had no chemistry on screen. We had to make it look believable. She's barely in this one because we just could not make it work for her character. And now, yeah, so that as and then as your Miller thing going on, Holy Shit. Yeah, I pant his grooming somebody. He was, I guess he had been. They found these parents of this girl found out that, I guess allegedly, he'd been texting this like girl from the time she was twelve and like giving her drugs and stuff, like fucking like LSD and shit. And they found out about because she's eighteen now, but she's a native Hawaiian and whatever tribal regulations Shit works in Hawaii. Don't know the fine print of it, she still they're still consider her legal guardian even though she's eighteen, just the way it works with the tribal stuff, with with the native Hawaiians. So he got served with papers because they were going to take in the court over this shit. He was not. He's nowhere to be found and now they can't find their daughter and they don't know that she's with him, but they think she's probably with him and it's just kind of I'm just kind of looking at it like how about now to warner brothers. Did they even release if it's that bad? Do they even release the flash? I don't know because they've put so much money into it. I Know A and time. I think at this point their best bet is to just wonder woman eighty four this shit and drop it on Hbo Max and be done with it. Just be done with it. Just drop it on HBO Max and call it a loss. They've got insurance for that kind of Shit. Yeah, like, that's why they get that's like. That's part of the reason why I like when they hired Robert Downey Jr to be iron man, the studio was wary because they couldn't get insurance form and this is the kind of thing they have that insurance for. So Warner Brothers has insurance for this kind of Shit. So a couple people have brought up if they could like digitally replace them. But the only reason I say that's hard because I know they did it for Kevin Spacey. Ezra Miller's...

...playing two different characters in the flash. He's playing the Barry Allen from Justice League, yea, and the Barry Allen from this other timeline. Then he goes to that's a lot. Yeah, that's a lot to get another actor learn all this and you know so I think their best bet is to either imagine this might be the best movie they came out look them for a yeah, I watch it. Be fucking amazing in like at this all legal trot like yeah, Oh my God, but it's as I was telling somebody, I was like, this almost feels like Ezra Miller just trying to sabotage his own career. It's like he can't. He wants out of his contract and can't find a way to make it happen. So he's just like fine, I'll commit every crime I can think of until you fire me. What else has he been in? The the wizarding, the fantastic beast movies? Oh yeah, and then a bunch of Indie Shit like that Perk's being a wallflower movie from fucking however long ago. But yeah, this and fantastic beast have kind of been his two big things, both of them by Warner Brothers, and they already released the the new fantastic beast earlier this year, which they already had to replace Matt Johnny Depp With Mad's Michelson and that one. So but yeah, it's just kind of like what to Take Warner brothers, because you got two big properties with two actors pulling all kinds of bad press right now. Know, like that the like May stillent background checks and he were so shit, like Dang, it's yeah, I think the worst marvels how to deal with us, the Chris Pratt stuff, and then what's your face? And Black Panther. Yeah, and that's just recently. Yeah, other than that. Yeah, I mean the most they had with that was just like, you know, terrence Howard left because he wanted more money, but that's fine, nobody really cared. It's Terence Howard. He's a prick anyway. And Hugo weaving didn't want to come back as red skull. That's not even like bad press. No, that's that. That's the worst. That's the worst they've had the word. Other than that. Yeah, it's called the Jamie gun thing, but and then they backtracked on that. They but that will. That wasn't even marvel, that was Disney. Yeah, that was Disney's you bullshit. Yeah, I know. That's that's the worst they've had to deal with. This is just kind of Crisp Pratt just being kind of shady and the teacher right being kind of an idiot. Yeah, like, and I was mostly Covid Shit, wasn't it? She was the Anti Vaxx. Yeah, she was very and she was very anti VAX and it was causing prob because they kept having a stop shooting because of a, because of injuries and be because we woke up getting covid and people, and a lot of folks, are like she's going to be super anti vaxx, but all this shit, we're not sure we really want her around. which you're already in a precarious situation because you lost Chadwick. Yeah, you know, to cancer. So it's like we're already struggling to keep this ship afloat. So fucking wild. Yeah, what a what a what a what a time, what a time to live in. For comes out next month. So there's that. LOFE comes out like month, for, they said. For. I was like for, for comes out, like yeah, another Jurassic Park now, shit already. Yeah, for comes out next month. What to says? Get the highest. I read they got the highest. The Christian balees villain get the highest. A monk test audience really villain wise. Yeah, he looks good. Yeah, he looks fucking good. It's Christian Bale. It's Christian fun in bail. I mean he can act his ass off, even in bad movies. He's good, except for Terminator Salvation. That was just bad all over. He wasn't bad. I thought he was bad and really I thought he was pretty bad in it. Yeah, not off set off say it was pretty good. The offset. He offset. Oh, you know, grandphones on. I've got, I've got the the sound effective. We're all. It's just, Oh, good for you. I have that as a sound bite. Shit, Hay dark a ribbon,...

...your fucking lights down. That that? UH, yeah, no, he I did not like termator salvation. I thought he was I thought everybody was bad in it, even Bryce dyal's Howard do I like? HMM, I don't know. It's just like one of those things, just like, yeah, I don't I'm a big Terminator Fan, but I was like, I didn't think it was he was bad. I mean I think most of them a bad anyways. But Oh, yeah, everything since the second one's been garbage. Yeah, it's. I mean even the new one was fucking terrible. Was it? Oh, soaked dumb. This get so bad at the franchise to beat? Yeah, I look at that, I look at alien and I like at Predator and I'm like be done, just be done, all three of you, although the need this, this new Predator. Think I'm gonna who looks pretty cool, but then it's gone straight to Hulu. So therefore, my it is but all. But when I look at what they're doing where they're like they're they're they're just scaling it back and it's just a Predator during like yeah, like early colonial times, I'm like fuck, yes, yeah, taking on native American fucks and the trailer look really cool, but the trailer of the last movie look really cool. To in that movie, fuck it, suck hard. Who is in the last one? I don't even. I know some of the side actors were like Sterling K Brown, he Michael Key, Guy who played punisher. Not Not John Burnthall, Thomas Jane. He's in it. Olivia Mun's in it. I don't remember the name the guy who played the lead. It was that. Did it take place like current time? It was modern time. So the the premise is basically a Predator ship crashes on earth. Inside of it is like some fucking Super Predator or some bullshit that comes looking for this other Predator that's been living here as a as like a refugee or something like that, and has been hiding. And there's the one main dude. His son has autism and it's one of those things and one of those it's one of those scripts where autism is a superpower because, like he finds a piece of Predator tech and just knows how to use it. That's why. And the Super Predator, who's like taking fucking tank shots and Shit, they're just bouncing off of him, is like, well, this kid is clearly the next step in evolution, so I'm going to kidnap him and take him with me, and I bring up the fact that he can like take tank shots and Shit, because how he dies as he falls three feet and then gets shot in the face of like a nine millimeter, and I'm like no, no, no, no, that's not how this way. So how this fucking works? It's a it's a dumb fucking movie and it was. It was directed by Shane Black, who did iron man three, which I do not like, and in every promo was like from the director of iron man three, and I'm like that's not a brag. I'm in threes that I like diaman three to the end. Yeah, but the thing was shane black, as he was in the original Predator. He was one of the guys who landed with Schwartz and okay, and he's the'se Ra. He's a good director. He's directed other Shit Jersey, the Nice guys, Ryan Gosling, and she so bad, so fucking good, but you could you could tell he hadn't gotten over iron man yet, because it ends with them, with like, you know, they win whatever. So they're going through some of the Predator tech and they find out that the reason that this original Predator came to earth was to bring the humans away to fight the predators that were coming to invade. And what it is basically is like Predator iron man armor, and I was like that is the because he's like the rough translation is the Predator killer. And I thought the POD was going to open and it was going to be either an alien from aliens or like fucking Schwarzenegger and cryostasis or some Shit like that, and it's just this thing that goes over to a dude and covers him in like like auto fitting iron man looking Predator armor, and I was like shut the fuck nning at meatly got sued. Yeah, and then credits rolled and I was like fuck you, fuck you so hard. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making...

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...actually shared on like yeah, some kind of pack or like legal defense fun, something like that, and it raised over two hundred and fifty million dollars. Well, in through the investigations of all this shit, especially in recently, they talked to a bunch of people that were investing. They said, we have looked into everything we could find. There is no trace of either of these organizations existing. Like, as far as we can tell, this whatever whatever election fund does not exist and this whatever whatever pack does not exist. Jee Us. So it almost looks like he used this as a way to just to just raise money for himself and just pocket which at the end, since it was before that, whenever that cut off, think it's like December fifteen, he's still allowed to do that. So about still out of fund raise like that. So that's that's kind of the big one. That's one of the big ones. Are so much of it. It's basically been confirmed that they I think I think they said it was like six different Republican politicians were asking for pardons around the time of the of the January sick. They were asking for like preemptive pardons. Well, from the white hat. They don't know who. They haven't said WHO. They haven't released anybody's names. They're going to. They're going to had it's going to come out. It's going to come out. It's no way it doesn't. But they said. But because Kushner said that he was one of the hands that changed the paperwork for this stuff getting like for these four for these formal request for pardons. He's like, he's like. I he basically said he was one of people that handled those documents. So Kushner is all is given stuff up. A Vanka gave some stuff up. Yeah, about you know, like bar bar was telling him, like you need is like you have lost. was telling him you have lost the election. These I think it was bar or, on of the guys who who he's quote easily. He's like. I told the president the next the only two words I wanted to hear out of his mouth. Going forward where peace, full transition. Oh Wow. Everyone was telling him it was done and he refused to accept that, including Avanca, like she would. They were all telling him it's done, let it go, and he refused. fucking Narsis, yeah, everyone around it was telling me lost and he refused to accept that he had lost, and so they said that. Yeah, so six, six, it was. I think it was six politicians. They made men more were preemptively asking for pardons, and they think it's because they were involved with this January. Six Shit and a I just saw a thing on twitter before you got here that AOC has already put a motion to the to before Congress that anyone involved, anyone found to have been involved in it, needs to be expelled from Congress. Absolutely no fucking Shit. Maybe tried, they are reason that's gonna come eventually to but they were saying the last thing I read was that that the Dooj does believe they have enough evidence to to indict trump. I didn't read thats. Like, I haven't man with a find a lot of shit. I've watched a live part of like forty minutes of it the other night and that's it. It's there's a little, there's. The problem is there's so much to dig through, because he seems go on for hours, that there's so much to dig you that it's hard to find like like a full thing. If it wasn't for that that I was watching some of it at work and the rest of it I've had to look up on because there's a wikipedia article dedicated to it. So you can go through that and then, I guess, maybe go through some of like the worksited down at the bottom to find other shit from there. The one party did watch was of that filmmaker that was doing that. The filmmaker, though, yeah, I watched that and have basically like I don't know if it was his interview, somebody else's interview or it was for depositions. I'd like the proudably say like as soon as like trump said stam stand down, but stand by. Was that what he said? That was that was during the debates proudaboly stand down, but stand B he was. He's a proudaboy, stands. It wasn't even stand down,... was stand back and stand by. Like all of a sudden, like their number shot up and like recruitments and all that type of stuff. Yeah, and like basically in one deposition, the one proud voice, yeah, he borderlines. Let's he said that trump wanted them there. It's yeah, that basically everyone's like. That just sounds like a it just sounds like a call to action. Yeah, I'm trying to find the thing. I found. So revelations. We've had some of the revelations they have listed on here. The day after the election, former Texas governor and former Secretary of Energy Rick Perry sent Mark Meadows a proposed strategy for a Republican controlled state legislators to choose electors and send them directly to the Supreme Court before their states had determined voting results. Fox News Host Sean Hannity Exchange text messages with Mark Meadows, suggesting that Hannity was aware in advance of trump's plans. January sixth, the committee wrote to Hannity asking him to voluntarily answer questions. Representative Jim Jordan asked meadows if vice president Mike Pence could identify all the electoral vote that he believes are unconstitutional. The day after the riot, one text stated that we tried everything we could and are in our objections to the six states. I'm sorry nothing worked. Meadows participated in a call with a Freedom Caucus group including Rudy Giuliani, representative, Jim Jordan Scott Perry, during which they plan to encourage trump supporters to march to the capital on January sixth. Meadows also exchanged post election text messages with Genie Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, justice to Clarence Thomas, in which they express support of trump's claims of election. Frau Genie Thomas Emailed Arizona lawmakers on November ninth to encourage them to choose different electors, and she attended the rally on January six some of the communication revealed trump allies who privately expressed disagreement with the events of January six while defending trump in public. Donald trump junior pleaded with mark meadows during that's during the riot, to convince his father that it had gone too far and gotten out of hand. Similarly, Fox News hosts Brian Kilmeade, Sean Hannity and Lauren Ingram asked meadows to persuade trump to appear on TV and quell a riot. The committee has obtained first hand testimony from multiple people and trump's inner circle who say he has repeatedly advised. He was repeatedly advised during the riot to address the nation and stop the violence. His delay in doing so is being characterized as a possible dereliction of duty. In mid two thousand and twenty two, CNN spoke to over a dozen people who had texted meadows that day and all them said that they believe that trump should have tried to stop the attack. And then it goes on and it goes on and it goes on. I remember his fake ass like remember that. They guess Twe he put out? Yeah, it's pretty bad, all right. So testimonies. A senior adviser the trump campaign, Jason Miller, testified that trump was internally advised he had lost the election. According to Miller, the campaign's top day to aid, Matt Ox Cowski, told trump very shortly after the election in pretty blunt terms, that he was going to lose. Trump campaign lawyer Alex cannon testified he'd never spoken to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in November, two thousand and twenty soon at the election, and told or sorry, that he had spoken to him and told meadows there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. According to cannon, meadows replied, so there's no they're there. Bill Bar said, regarding trump's desired to put out a message at the election, was stolen. I told the president it was bullshit. Oh, Bill Bar straight up told the president that's bullshit. If vanka trump said that she had that she accepted bars assessment of the situation. Jared Kushner claimed that he had deemed White House cancel pat sip alone to be whining when sipalone and other members...

...of his team threatened to resign on principle. Kushner also said my interests at the time was on trying to get as many presidential pardons finished as possible. Jesus Christ. Representative Liz Cheney, who has kind of been the breakout star from all of this, yeah, Said said that representative Scott Perry and other Republican members of Congress had sought presidential pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the two thousand and twenty election. Jared Kushner, in his video tape testimony, admitted the fast tracking pardon request during the administration's final weeks. Jesus, yeah, there's more. I mean there's so much more. It's and there's another hearing tomorrow, Wednesday. Would to hear those names. We're taping this on Tuesday. There's two more hearing scheduled. I'm sorry. It was originally scheduled for a Wednesday. Due to technical which has been bit's been post pushed to Thursday. I can't wait to hear those names. I'm going to say I want them all one, all their names and I want them all out. I'm going to say Bob it not bobby. What's her face? MG? Oh, Margie Taylor Green, yeah, yeah, Oh, so for sure. Let's see other chicks. I don't think she's was that involved. Maybe she would have been. She's stupid as Shit, the boat stupid. But Lauren Oh, black hair chick I'm talking about right, Bobert, bob or and Bobert oh, she was like involved, but she's also eighty. She's does she's the she's just a gun. But yeah, Marjorie for sure. Margie for sure, because Lauren Boeber, she's the one who liked, was that some church thing or something the other day, and so she was praying that Joe Biden's days remaining days were few or something like that, and I was like what a can we can we label that as a threat? I'm going to say holly, Holly, Holly. I can't think of the guy's name, White Dude, obviously right, holly, representative. Holly H A W Elle, Y, Oh, Josh Holly, Oh, him, yeah, Josh Holly. I'm going to say Matt Gates. Yeah, I believe. I would believe gates, Holly, Holly Gates. Do you think mcconnal or Graham had anything to do with it? Now? No, I really don't. They're not stat stupid. Now I think if either of them had anything to do with anything, I'd say Graham over McConnell. But like what they said at like after what happened, because holly and them were like didn't really say a lot. So it's gonna like I think Marjorie's planet that bomb, but that's all. I believe that because there's already been. She is. I mean it's a stretch to compare those videos. Yeah, how the walking by? I'm like, I think. I think out of anybody we've named, she's crazy enough. She's totally crazy. I think out of anybody we've named, she's the one that I will a hundred percent guarantee is going to be on that list. HMM, hands down. I hope we get that list. I hope I wake up Thursday morning and that list is just ready to go. Well, maybe that when I wake up, because I wake up really fucking early on Thursday. But just trying to think who mean now, Lindsay, Graham, mccanno wouldn't do that, they wouldn't they? Not crus now crews doesn't like trump. Yeah, no, it dies. It's just like one of those things. It's like, but mcconal and Graham, it's just like there, they know he lost. Yeah, they're just appeasing him for the time being. They're just did the long game, guys. Yeah, I had to play the long game, trying to pull some of his base. Yeah, it's it. Yeah, try to think of like who else? Well, I would not be shocked, because Hannity's name is come up a lot and all this. He's not a rep, though. He's not a Rep. Ah, he's at about the vie, the ones who has to be pardoned. Yeah, well, I mean you can guess for a pardon, even if you're not a I thought they're parted.

Six Reps for part Oh, you know what, I think you're right. I think. I think that's what I said. How you read it? Yeah, that Republican members of Congress. Yeah, okay, so I guess. So, yeah, I'll Hannity for shares, piass for a Parton and that rob, but I'm sure handy was probably involved in some way. Perry, obviously, because his name was brought up so many times. Well, she even said, she chaney said, that representative Scott Perry and other Republican members of Congress sought presidential partners. Jesus, what a what a time to be alive. No, fuck, a while. Yeah, it's so. HMM. Oh, here's the thing about the fund. The fund. Okay, so zoe lofgren and seeing committee members, Zoe laffgren, senior investigative cancel Amanda Wick describe our trump used false claims for Alec of election fraud. By a quote left wing mob unquote, to solicit donations for end, quote unquote, official Election Defense Fund, beginning days after the election. The solicitation raised some two hundred and fifty million dollars, nearly a hundred million in the first week after the election. Laftgren noted most election related litigation ended within weeks of the election, yet the solicitations continued. Reuter's analysis of the legal language of the email solicitations days after they began show the donors were asked to register for reoccur for recurring donations, and the donations under eightzero dollars would not go into the Defense Fund, but rather to trump's save America pack and to the Republican National Committee, which would have broad discretion with the funds. Lofgren asserted not only was there the big lie, there was the big ripoff. Lofgren later stated on C N that the committee had evidence numbers of number of members of trump's family and arester like personally benefited from the post election fundraising, specifically asserting Kimberly Gil foil had been paid sixtyzero some dollars for receiving at for delivering a two and a half minute introduction at the Stop the steel rally. Trump literally stole he stole money. He's he's he's still his how I pose this on facebook because it is irritating. Yeah, trump stole his as fans money. I mean yeah, fans pretty much. He that's how it. Nobody can bitch about Biden and the economy ever again. Yeah, and the fact that trump literally stole your money. Yeah, he's. He lied to you and told you to donate to his legal fund and then pocket of the Money Lo Hell. Well, Jake, guys are fucking stupid enough to donate, yeah, to trump's legal fund. Dumb fucks. I no shit'll see during the during the second hearing, trump advisor Jason Miller said Rudy Giuliani was definitely intoxicated on election night when he advised trump to lie that he had won. That's awesome. Trump campaign staff or bill Stephen, said he disagreed Giuliani's advice in the matter. Ballots were still being counted. It was far too early to be making any proclamation like that. Stephen said that trump's advisors fill into two camps on this matter, and Stephen considered himself to be on team, quote, team normal. More video of bars testimony was presented. At times, he could not control his laughter at the absurdity of some of the fraud allegations, such as the Italy Gate theory that satellites controlled from Italy had flipped votes from trump to bit them, my God, and that former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had orchestrated an election fraud scream, despite having died seven years earlier. Bar testified trump never gave an indication of interest in what the actual facts were, adding the president had become detached from reality if he really believes this stuff. Bar also laughed to the mention of Danish DISUSA's recent film two thousand...

...mules, dismissing its assertions that there had been widespread election fraud. Chris stirewald testified how, as the vote count wrapped up, he saw trump, since what chances of winning, shrink to essentially zero. Good fucking God, I just did a lot of talking, so I'm Larry, but hello trump, still from his bass laughing. I fuck you, guys, dumb as hell, ha ha ha. So that's the current state of things. Obviously, by the time this episode drops, the next hearing will be happening that day. So we're recording this on Tuesday, so Lord only knows what we're going to learn by then. Yeah, just, I'm not gonna lie, kind of I'm I'm kind of getting a stiffy over all this. What a think, like I, like I said, like I watched the one part. I was like, Oh yeah, the meet, the guy recording the the the rack, only matory. He had the documentary, and then the only thing I've been able to find as legit been like the hot like somebody mentioned the money today and I was like what the fuck's I remember that specifically going I think it was might have been on CNN. I cant remember which one it was, but sharing that email and I the recurring payment. I remember people saying that. I most almost totally missed that because I remember, I mean that thinking like who's ever done that? Like I've I didn't know that grace period was a thing. I thought was just why didn't know that grace spiers thing? Yeah, I just I was like, what the you want to do a recurring payment to try to win an election that's not going to get overturned? Yeah, yeah, blatantly obvious, because I mean, like when you also said that that shit was going out way after everything been like. I remember that and I was like what do you guys even donating for at this point? Weeks. I don't know if they thought maybe it was like his you know, because it because people were already talking like okay, fine, Ho'll just run again in for years. It's like he doesn't stand a fucking chance. No, your luck, you'll be lucky if he's not in jail. Jesus, yeah, they have. Every thing's enough. I don't sink. There was a picture of I saw it on twitter as a picture or somebody photoshop that, but it was two FBI guys dragging away like trump and crying, and I was like, is this porn? It's kind of feels like for how come? I came really fast and I just man, I am full at just full mask right now thinking about this. But Wow, it's obviously horrible that all this shit has happened and is continuing to come out, like in the grand scheme of things, like this is a level of corruption I don't think we've seen since Watergate. No, it's fucking read like the premeditated I mean it's premeditated pardons at that point. Yeah, it really is, but like it just it still almost doesn't feel real, like how it's like the how fucked up this is, like this is, this is, this is the one universe. I know you strands, like, never mind, you know what thumb, Letano snap this shit. Yeah, I'm done. I just, I'm just. It blows my foot. That blows my fucking mind. Yeah, I and, but much like the Donnie Johnny, Johnny Depp Amber heard try, I can't get a fuck. I can't fucking get enough of this. I'm eating it up with a spoon. Man. What if amber heard was involved? No Shit, yeah, here is. Here's the picture of you know, and I said it's porn. It feels like porn. What your taste? What are tastes me the most. People like been bitching about how like Biden give out stimulus checks. Yeah, and I'm like, I've literally commented. Trump signed two of those. Yeah, two of those were from Yep, check your calendar, folks, go ask break even. I bet he's got one. And I'm like sit there. I'm like, this is the world we live in. This is stupidity at its finest. Like yeah, yeah, that says here. From Associate Associated Press. For me stray the January six select committee says they...

...have enough evidence for the Justice Department to pursue a criminal indictment against Donald Trump for seeking to steal the two thousand and twenty election. WHO IS IT gonna BE? Good? Well, did you see about the this is kind of on topic, the you haul full of Neo Nazis? Dude, there or whatever the fuck they were the was it proud boys, or whoever the fuck it we want to I can what they were called. Oh, I can't reme what they are called. They were. They were on their way too, to a pride, pride parade, a riot or some they were. I guess they. I guess. No, none of them have been talking, but they released all their all their Mus shot today. Yeah, saw that and their first and last names and where they're from. Yep, so she's coming, coming, coming, White Male, UH, Huh, beard, most of them I saw. I'm not involved, none, but that was somebody was like, you know, I haven't seen any caravans of illegals, but I just saw you haul a Nazis. Yeah, said there's a picture called the Nazi bunch. I love that was so good. I was like, guys, yeah, no, I saw that. She was like what the fuck but I'm also like I can't even put into words how happy I am they caught them. Oh, I don't want to know how bad it would have got. I was everything that's happened in the last few weeks. I did they have guns? I don't know, I don't, I don't know. I don't that. I don't have a lot of information on. But it's one of those like I'm so glad they caught them because I have a I have two friends of mine who they're there lesbians. They got married that that weekend because it was pride and there. It's what we're going to get married. Big, beautiful. There was nowhere near this, but it was just kind of like Goo to overshadowed. You would have completely overshadow there any but also, like imagine having that reminder on your anniversary every year, like just especially. It's like something that hits that close like already, even if you're having a straight wedding, like it's still would have been like may have, but the memberable we all was also the same day. That happened, like, but imagine having a lesbian wedding. Yeah, and that happening on on a massive, you know, attack on on LGBT. So, yeah, it's one of those. It's like I am. So I'm not just happy they call them because their Dick Heads. I'm happy they caught them because it just how fucking bad that could I don't like said, don't not that any weapons and not, but like that mean obviously they meant to flick pain. Yeah, they were. They were. They just don't fucking get any and first saw you haul. And they're cheap. It's true. They're cheap and there everywhere. That's also a good point. They're probably did have the man rds nearby. Sorry, I love Manards, Um, I love you haul, but they probably didn't have a fucking because there were such pickup truck big enough. There was a shit because there was a shitload of them. Now it's thirty, very thirty one. That's a lot of it's sounds big. fucking you haul a lot of mountain dew cans. It's a lot of stall. Yeah, I was about to say open it up and just just a bunch of skull cans falls, a lot of new balances and a lot of domestic violence charges in one fucking all their underwear has their names on late with their names on labels, their mom's put on their form, trying to fight. You find the thing of yeah, that's kind of remind me of the scene from Djeanga, one chained at the top because they all had those masks. How you do it's Chris, says, Chris, ASS Chrissie. I know it's a scene about the clan. I love that fucking scene. That's so, so much. That's so fucking good, because how else do you depict the clan in this movie? You make them a bunch of idiot fucking rednet. I was te you know, did it perfectly, Jonah Hill. I was just asking a question. Fine, next time you'll cut your own eye hole. I'm just saying my wife worked really hard making all these for everybody. Y'All could show a little appreciation. Press Ass Chriss as.

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