The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 76 · 7 months ago

Mike Wells' First Father's Day


Mike Wells got to have his first Father's Day. Plus, he reminices about his days in martial arts. Also, this weekend is the Fireworks Comedy Competition at Wiley's Comedy Club.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Mike Wells' first ever Father's Day
  • ...and his martial arts background
  • Upcoming comedy competition


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As I run statistics in my head and do the math. I don't like. If a guy gets on Basse like he's supposed to score this amount of times, if from first, if he's if it's no outs and if he's walked, or if it gets a second with like no outs of the reds don't score, I'm like fucking, like, how the fuck did you miss a nine percent fucking or fucking run? And then with that, you guys haven't done it the past seven times. That welcome to the Basement Lounge. Grab a chair, grab a drink and settling. Let's have some fun. This weekend's fireworks. Yeah, which day are you on? Friday night, are you? They're that you're the night go bananas. Wednesday. Oh Really? Yeah, I still know what the fuck I'm going to do. I like, I don't even like. The thing is like, since hound conceded, the last like five shows I've done, I haven't given a fucking. I've kind of crushed every show. Yeah, and I haven't been like going up on stage, but I'man like, let's just fuck up. Yeah, you'll go up once in a while. Let's just loosen it up and do whatever. So I'm bound to have a bad set. But yeah, but I'd let that's literally what it's been like him. Like I feel like I'm rusty. Yeah, because I haven't been going up. But like, I mean I did fucking really. I mean I've had some great fucking I'm pretty much crushed almost every fucking the past five sets I done and I really haven't been going ups. It's been very odd. I think I got so like analytical with my shit that, yeah, come off like robot ask on stage. Maybe kind of. I am trying not to get too ahead of myself, but like as far as because I'm on the seven fifth to the the early show Friday for for fireworks. But like I didn't have a single bad set over this weekend. Yeah, like, like I had some that were better than others, but it was like the Furt the fair, the very first show on Friday. Like I've fucking crushed. So like I crushed murdered...

...somebody. Somebody I'm murdered. A chicken sandwich is what I did. So fucking good. So I'm feeling I'm feeling confident, but I'm trying to tow that line between confident and cocky. I'm not even trying to be confident or cocky. I just I don't care, as that makes it. I just don't care. You're not bothered? Yeah, I'm not bugged. I'm I like I've always been like, and I always going to take like the this month, like really, like I five minutes I want to do on a perfect these five minutes, and I'm like yeah, no, I got three jokes I want to tell and the rest of it see how it goes. It's literally it like fuck it, like how I view I get the other day I literally opened up with what I did Glen Show and I opened up with, okay, something about your watch, the point with the baby snapshot filter on. Yeah, it's a different porn anyways, way, different any that's what I opened up with. I that's funny. Id that, because like I thought of that right before I went on stage and I was like, you know, I'm just gonna open with that, and he lends like that's fucked up funny. Let's see what happens. I had a every show this over the weekend. I had a great chances because I don't I don't usually do a lot of crowd work or I haven't had a lot of chance to do a lot of crowd work. I got to do a lot of crowd worker of the weekend. So it was good. It was good practice. It's fun. It's fun to do crowd work. It is because, especially, especially when they're into it, because there was a couple times I was is, it was like they because I told I, you know, Astley, who hears ever tried the online dating thing? And like this guy raises his hand and then his wife just looks at him weird and I was just like, Oh, I want her. I was like, you know what, I'm I going to be here for the late show. I want to go ride home with them. I want to see how this ends. Come back tomorrow. I'll tell you guys what happen. But then there was another one where, like somebody, they were like nudging each other about the joke and I was like I guys. Like then they suddenly looked at me like why are you talking to us? What I was fun I did my going Ham joke. Yeah, and then some do was I ah, fuck,...

...that's funny and that's deep. Yeah, I guess it's kind of deep. And then he laughed at another one, like because any like like later, like I was in the middle of a punch line and he laughed at and when I was like, well, you laugh to he's I got. I just got the last joke you said. I was like, I took out the baby snapchat filter joke. That was a long time ago. I did the the one show I had. Did my white Crayon bit at the beginning. Getting in this lady right there goes Oh, and I was like, Oh, saddle up, motherfucker gets it's just getting started. Yeah, so fucking I love it. I just out. It's been a wild yeah, there's, like I said, I'm excited for since I haven't Gobin Anson forever, just be on that stage. I said, I can't remember this. I think the three jokes I want to do or five second rule, married Jehovah's Witness. Hm, what was the other one? Fuck, I have it written. Now I got a new one I want to try, but I'm gonna go to carmichaels tomorrow night and Barrel House on Thursday. Try It. It's about joke about a girl and Powe. It's basically going to background post from Boston. Oh Yeah, you write the funny. Only wrote that shit with an accent like what once upon a midnight. Dreary quote the Raven. Never more. Family Funeral. That's one. It is the Fou. Yeah, Gay, Gotcha, family funeral. I know the joke. Yeah, yeah, it's gonna be a good weekends because it's a lot of a lot of this packed. It's a pack a lot of people. It's going on through like old pictures past couple days. So, like Jiu Jitsu. Put me doing jiujits. Yeah, what the fuck was that? That's all. I don't know. I try. I didn't know. You did that year. I did that for like two years. Yeah, I did. I never with beltics. I didn't know GIE. So Games where you have this a thing on and yeah, I talk about yeah, that's how... get a belt. I okay, I did know Gie. I did karate for like two years. So yeah, so I did that fight and I never did it. So I want to like fight. I literally did it as like a workout. Oh really, it's just literally and like if I ever got back into my old job, like I have better ways defending myself and yeah, like that. So I missed that and I was like I saw this first fuck, I miss this so much. I was like cat damn. I miss this. I did it because I was eight was a big fan of power rangers. Absolutely it's my cousin my uncle were doing it and they thought would be fun. So there I was like fuck, like, I work out like two hours in the morning and I got night. I was like, let's go, fuck, take these classes. Yeah, and just see. It's fun. It was just a lot of fun. All reason, I quiz because I got like the job I I started working and cell phone industry and like I couldn't classes or at night and I couldn't. Literally, yeah, it's a hundred dollars a month. I was only going to be able to make it maybe once, twice, maybe a week, justify paying that much just to go twice a week. When I wanted to go, I was going like every day. Yeah, it's like you wanted to go more. Yes, I was just like well, I'll just stopped. And I miss it, but yeah, and one of these days. I doubt it now you really? Yeah, I mean I would. I'd be great if I retire early. Yeah, before I'd fucking because the work. Yeah, it's all work. Yeah, I fucking miss that shit so much. So I broke my ribs. Like yeah, my uncle he he broke his he broke his wrist twice because he he the teachers he was really good. The teachers kept wanted them to go try, like, you know, the whole break in the bricks and things, and he he would always break the brick, but he would break his wrist in the process too. Like I broke the dude so like me was when I broke my ribs. It was like. So I was doing also Brasian, just feels. Also do kickboxing, Moti Kickboxing, and rob and Buddy Rob, who was actually like a professional fighter at the time. He was getting ready for a fight, but he has a combo he throws and the Combo was the...

...comma were supposed to throw. Was Like it was jab hook, high kick. M He through selling I have pads. Is Like Jab Jab. Yeah, I kicked bubba Bab. He Threw Jab hook middle, like low kick in my side and I didn't have I had the pads up. HMM, kick me as hard as he could in my side. Who side literally fucking just dropped. Oh Shit, was like, and he was like, Oh my God, is so sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I didn't imagine. No, no, I'm assuming it broke my ribs. I never went to the hospital about it because it hurt for four months. Yeah, and like even Mike Who and there was a phone poking out of their Mike Pat who was like, I think you might have broke your ribs. Oh Shit, really, because I was I could not breathe, I could hardly bring oh yeah, like honestly told me. He's like obviously, he's like you're sitting out rest to practice. You're I was like, okay, I appreciate that. He's like you might want to go to hospital if it's broken ribs. They were literally just gonna tape you up and that's that's literally. It was like, I'm just trying to save you of somebody. Yes, there's nothing you can do. It broken ribs. You just gotta wait. So I had like I didn't go for like three straight weeks because I literally hurt, Oh my God, hurt to do anything. And I go back in and the first thing like files, I see a little bit like they're still sorevice don't want to like I just wanted to like practice, not go like you know what I mean, hard just to go through like the motions and that type of stuff. And then my buddy Dave, we're rolling on the ground like practice, rolling like not. We're going like maybe thirty percent, if that, and hit his knee just clock me on accident as I oh my God, he's like, Oh fuck, I'm sorry, Oh God, it's all right, I'll put that'll put you down. Fuck it. It hurt so fucking bad. But no, I'm I miss it. I Miss I miss all that Shit. Most of them don't realize.

Most peoplen't believe me that I did that for a couple of years becas I never talked about it. I'm like, yeah, it was just I didn't want to fight. It was just a good fucking work out, because usually usually the guys who do that Shit and never shut the fuck up about it. Yeah, I know. I'm just like, yeah, what's fun? I think it's like when you learn how to speak French, just working it everyone side people like I want when I watch UFC. I don't I watch UF see. I don't know if you've ever watch any of the ice people. Like the people really like when they box or kickbox or don't, yeah, stand up, like I love when they're on the ground fighting, like when it's just like wrestling or it's your whatever, because, like I understand that more. Yeah, and I know because like naturally, Jiujitsu in the ground game actually came like I was a horrible kickboxeror like I I don't know why. It wasn't that great. It wasn't I didn't come. It came harder for me. M Jiujitsu, on the other hand, it was like even Mike Pat who are in the whore in a gym, was like wow, like between my first my first week there to last end of the first month, he was like whole you've gotten a lot better. Like it just it was like a natural thing that like, Oh, if I do this, like I understood like certain yeah, they like wait and all that stuff, and how to use as my advantage and all that. Yeah, I've all I've always thought about maybe going back and give another shot. My Dad always told me I should try judo. Yeah, that they great judo class there too, because he'd did judo and he toddly thought it was more more my kind of thing. My biggest thing is real part of reason I didn't like karate was stremeson. I didn't like football, I don't like get nit. So I don't like getting hit. I'm such a I'm such a fucking pussy. I just yeah, I don't getting hit. I've gotten I've never got knocked out. I got really close being knocked out during when we were sparring, but I've never been knocked out. Blacked out before being tapped. Oh really, yeah, blacked out. Oh that's happened. Well, but I think what bows down to a why I love Jujitsu res You just so much bjj match. I also hate Major D jj. Yeah, is...

I was wrestling sky name. I was going to ground sky named Seth step was actually probable belt. You've been doing it for like five or six years. Instructed some classes. Find been more or five or six years. And I was like maybe like two months in and I outweighs. At the time I was like two hundred and ten, two hundred and fifteen sess like a buck sixty. Oh Really? Yeah, right, and I know he's way better than me. Yeah, but like all right, like me in my head thinking I can maybe do better stuff, like just out muscle him or just, HMM, you know, you just use my body masks to be just to do something, maybe survive beating him whatever. Well, like I'm I have him amount, which means I'm on top of him, and like all the sudden he's on top of me, MMM, and I'm like what, what the fuck, and like and he ends up submitting me and like ten seconds later I was like what the fuck? I asked was a hey, what did I do different? What? What did you notice? That? He's a honestly, your you didn't notice what you did. Your shifted your weight, okay, and he's like you didn't even know she did it and I I was just waiting for you to do it one more time, and you did it and I flipped you and it's my guy. I was it fair, all right, because you just use a lot of holds and stuff, right, yeah, okay, holes like just you, I mean your hold tap, like transitions to certain things, like body control, in that type of stuff. He was really obviously he's laying on the ground, like I'm on top of him, like if I was like if I had him a mount, which means I'm actually passed his legs, like yeah, I'm not in between his legs, I'm like actually passed his legs, and I was like, what the fuck? I always remember him doing that. Then I'm thinking, what, what just happened? Yeah, also, and then I'll tell you one more story about it. I'm done talking about so I really don't like talking about it, but I was going through this because, like I remember these moments of my life. Yeah, one time. I've been doing it for about almost a year. HMM. Not Cocky,...

I think. Like. I mean, like still not cocky, but like okay, like somebody's new in the gym, like if I like, I maybe I can take them type thing. If I don't know who they like, maybe. Yeah, and so, like if we just roll, whatever rollings pretty much is you basically either you can both start standing up and both start on your knees, like on the ground type thing. Yeah, I mean by rolling. And all of a sudden this guy kind of a little bit bigger than me, I like ten fifteen pounds bigger than me, and I'll me I'm going to roll, and he grabbed me and I went off. Fuck. I remember him grabbing and went in might head. It went shit, like fucking shit you. Yeah, and he fucking man handled me for like I don't even remember how. I think we've divided it. Fifteen straight minutes. Like I just rolling me and him and stuff like that. Just man hand me the entire time. And afterwards I asked him. I was like, as soon as you grabbing went, this guy's a wrestler. Yeah, but not just like any wrestler. This guy's look at legit, wrestle, legit. Yeah, and as like as I do, you rest he's like, yeah, I'm a called Arishole College Wisconsin. I was like, Oh, one of the best, like fucking wrestling school. I was like, why are you here? UH, my family is in town. Okay, like we're in here, like I live here. I was like got you. You man handle me, Czy grabby's, I will went fuck. I will always remember that. My head, I went this is bad. That's funny, but yeah, that's why I want to talk about that. I don't know why I bought it. Cool, it's cool, excited and know that, and that's cool, but you're right, I don't like to talk about most dudes that do that shit. That's all they talk about. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've... flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Ntella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. We caught up on Obiwan. Fuck Yeah, Dude, Oh my God, how fucking good was that? I didn't I didn't want I was almost waited till watch, until the last episode came out. Yeah, before I watched, like sounds like I know, if I watch this, I want to watch the next one. Do I wait? I was like fuck it, I want to watch this, and I was just like God damn, it's so good, so fucking good. When they open with the flashbacks of them sparring and I was let finally, I was like finally, because you're going to bring Hayden back, you gotta do something. Oh Yeah, thank you, said, when this care you can't just not not have him. Yeah, especially if you're gonna have his voice dubbed over by James Royle Jones the whole time. It's like or whatever. They're doing digital shit. So that was so great. Again, I love me some angry vader. Him just fucking pulling that ship down, is ripping it apart. Yeah, fucking I's so glad the inquisitor still alive. I was Bitt did it all makes sense now, yes, now, I'm now, I'm okay, we're good. We're good. My thing was like I came here, who is complaining? They didn't like third sister, and I was like just her arc isn't done yet. Wait till it's done, just wait till it's done. Something's there. That my problem is just it has just been. I don't think she sells being evil very well because sometimes when she's when she's trying to be angry or evil, it just felt a little high school theatery yeah, but other than that, like I what they're doing with her, I'm fine with.

I just didn't think she was doing a very good job. But either way, I guess I thought the fourth that was that sucked. But those the fourth episode where they go to break lay out. He's like hiding her under the coat and Shit, and I like that, EPP, and she's like the ladies. She's talking to him on the radio surrounded by other dudes like they're not going to hear this shit, and she goes and knocks the one guy out but just kind of leaves his body there for anyone to find. When I was like it's it was. There was good stuff and there was a lot of stupid. There's a lot of stupid in that. At this they probably have a Jurassic world dominions, like you're a lot of stupid happening here. But now the last episode was really fucking good. EMA, so excited. Yeah, well, and then the boys this week. I know what's coming in this week's episode. Hair Gasma is hererogasms coming, so literally everyone's coming this weekend in this week's episode. And then Miss Marvel's good. Miss Marvel's doing real good something. The orble still fucking really good. But yeah, obiwan finally fucking knocked one. Was Right. I haven't had a problem with the show. Episode forest didn't like, but episode fine. So fucking good, hitty. How strong Vader is? Oh God, just give me more vader all the time. When not, it's just like I want he takes the shit down and he's like you like fucking? Hey, yeah, just rips the don't you like fucking and makes you wonder how much he's just really toying with people. He can do that with the ship. Oh, he is toying with people all the time. He's always thinking five steps ahead of everybody. You know he's but this is personal for him. This is this is I like how it keeps on flashing back there them sparring, and like how Obiwan knows, mm, what he's going to do, because he's like hey, they like no, he's not going to wait around for this. How do you know that? He's fucking trained the guy. Yeah, he knows exactly what he's going to do now, and I loved how a lot of that mirrored. That's sparking. I love when he's fighting the third sister and not even using a fucking Lightsaber, just dip, dodge, blocking it gives a real lightsaber like come on, come and get it, just do it. So it's so good, so, so so guy.

I hope this week's I hope this week's the finale. I hope it. I hope it lands. I'm sure will, because they've obiwance, had some of the shortest episodes of any of these Disney plus shows. So I'm kind of looking at it like okay, but you still got a lot to fucking do here. And the show Luke at the end. Yeah, I like, how much can you fit in this last episode type of thing. Yeah, so either. I don't think they're doing a second season, but I don't know, we'll see. It's good so far. It's yeah, it's so good. It's seeing vader like yeah, just brtal and that powerful. You're like thank well, even in the fourth episode, which I said I didn't like, but when he comes in just fucking angry, he's just ready to fucking just start murdering people, I was genuinely terrified, like I felt my buttole just fucking are tight. You were worn. I was like, oh, he big mad because usually, like we've seen vader, usually when he's like, quote unquote, angry. He's still like collected. He's just mad, but he's not going to let you know he's mad. That's he kills you. This one he was just straight yelling and he won. He's ripping apart of the ship. You can hear him like snarling as he's doing it, and I'm like, this is great. He hates OBI won that much. He does. I well, I mean I love when they were fighting, when he was just like you should have, you should have killed me when you had the chance, like I am what you made me. Oh God, yes, so good, dragging him through the fire, like fuck you. Like, HMM, somebodyways complaining. I was reading some complaint on Facebook, which what's Hey, yeah, I his book. I can't remember what they said about vader and how like Dan like him because like basically choke that kid or snap that kids in neck, and they felt like that wasn't vader, like not really. I was I how he worded. I was like, but he just said he's supposed to be the ruthless guy in them galaxy. Yeah, are the most fearless, most feared man in the...

...galaxy. Ruthless. Yeah, but he just dragged that woman choked, that guy snap that kid like what more do you you might mean? This is still the same, because I he shouldn't have done it to a kid or the woman. I was like that. That's why he's the most feared man in the gallery. What what part of he murdered young lings do you not remember exactly? Everybody always forgets put you know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom, put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. It's like it's like all the fucking idiots right now who are, and I know, I know you're not anywhere close to as far in the boys as I am, but like, who are getting all pissed off that Home Lander is this fucking evil bag. I don't like. You didn't see that coming. Really, really, the people, people are because he has gone almost like full blown villain at this point on season three. He's taken over the company and all this shit, and I mean he's they're doing a lot of trump parallels with him as well, and people are bitching about it online. They're like here, I believe they're doing...

...this the Home Lander, and I'm like, you didn't see this coming. You see it from the very beginning, like the very first, one of the very first episodes, where he like basically tells them they can't get off the planet. Threatens like yeah, like that's that should be clue. One such terrible, awful human human being. It's fucking only just looks to the fucking because the episodes I have seen where he just looks to the fucking yeah, fucking room this, watch her lactating. Yeah, I'm like, the guy's a piece of shit. Oh, yeah, it gets worse. I mean season two he's dating fucking a literal Nazie, not a neo Nazie, someone who's been alive since the S and was married to gebles or during or one of them, like an actual fucking not sie. And he was like, all right, like this is not a how did how does okay? First off, like and they're still like surprised by that. Yeah, there's still like can't believe they're it's like how what? What did you miss? What episode did You Not Watch? That is confusing you. It's it makes no sense. I did you just watch the avengers and till you watch right. That's why I love I love the the meme where it's like how American visions itself. Yeah, Superman, and how it really isn't. It's Home Lander. I also heard he wears heels on set. Yeah, he's not a tall guy. Yeah, that's what I know, because I was like he's not big in general. No, he's not, like he's not really musculate like they he's a very I mean to steal from Superman. He's a mild manner looking guy. He like he really is, just looks like a dude. It's which, again, is a testament to what they do with him in the show. Yeah, he wears like crazy tall heels because he has to look bigger and more intimidating to everybody. Yeah, I almost feel like it would be even more fucked up if he was shorter than everybody, because he could still fucking wipe out millions of people, like with no effort. I didn't, I didn't catch a bun show so bad and Jetson ecles is and is in this season. He's fucking great. He's like this weird...

Captain America, Winter Soldier AMALGA and noldiermily. Yeah, it's this guy's I was watching the while. We're calling him winter soldier boy, which was funny as fuck. I did see that one where he killed Crimson Countess. Yeah, I mean the look isn't correct. mean the design of him is incredible. Paul Riser was in this episode. What Paul Riser shows up is one of this this old retired guy in this episode of the boys, and I'm like me, we're dragging everybody out of here, Seth Rogan out of came Ya. That was fantastic. That's funny. Sean Patrick Flannery was in an episode this season. That's been good. It's been real good. Huh, it's the best show. It's the best streaming show right now, like hands down. As a Oh yeah, it's just so good. They know what the fuck they're doing. That's the same dude who at been one of the show runners from the first five seasons supernatural. Yeah, one of the main show run that's why you picked Jenson eachles group for the season is read that. Yeah, Eric crippy think is his name, but again, he's gets great. It's the best streaming series right now because it's not just and I mean and they're tackling like the black lives matter thing. They're I mean they're tackling all this shit. It's it's so good. It's really good. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one. Spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Ntella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom, put together a killer sample pack and use the Codetblo five to get five...

...dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean really good. Actually, yeah, it's weird. No, it's not weird in a bad way. I just like, well, it started out what we had to take an urgent care so that's why here's this complake. He think it was really weird. He's never thrown up. Yeah, so the night before he just threw up. Oh really, like that's like they're not like spit, like throw up a little bit, like spell up like a baby. Yeah, this is like full on my yeah, the point where like we I heard him like I was playing video games or run the living living and watching TV or whatever. Yeah, she was watching some show on her phone, I was playing video games and all sudden I hear that's that, that's not noise. He makes m a sign of here. Well, and I'm very faintless. I run in there and then all sounds like I was like he's like now crying and yeah, because he's got throwball overs and I he's never done that before. So it's very odd and my wife know. I I never my wife knows. He'd been playing around with his one ear M and I'm having an ear infection. I was gonna say yeah, that's especially at that age. That's real, real common. So even asked for like hey, because he gave man a back. Like we're going to the reds game today. I'm is he allowed to go? She he's like now, you should be fine. Skim on the NIBOX. He's like it's really not that bad. Yeah, guys, looks like you guys caught it really early. I think both my brother and my sister had that like about his age. It's just they're just really putting normal. Well, it's normal for like went to their ads game. Was Great. We got there late, like waiting get their get into the SAM's like the end of the first ending just because, like traffic was so backed up. We are, said an Eddie...

Red's game. It's get it's a nightmare. Got There first. It was great. It was weird, though. I've never been I was not mad and we were losing and I wasn't even mad. You're just having a day out with the kid. I think it's it's like I told my wife. I was like, I'm never like I know, I'm a die hard reds fan, like where my wife's like yeah, what the fuck, like because I remember, as I run statistics in my head and do the math, I don't like if a guy gets on Basse, like he's supposed to score this amount of times, if from first, if he's if it's no outs and if he's walked, or if it gets a second with like no Otso and the reds don't score, I'm like fucking, like, how the fuck that? You miss a nine percent fucking fucking run and then with that you guys haven't done it the past seven times. That I's like, why are you counting? Because I remember all this shit. It's irritating and I hate math and she's like, well, you're okay. The point she likes to watch reds Gamer, but sometimes she's like, I'm not watching this with you. I punched the wall, like you know what I mean, but I don't like I just get really fucking irritated. Yeah, so if I know they're I could great team and I know they're underperforming. Yeah, anyways, reason why I say that? It's I know that he is bad this year. It sounds like okay, is it because I'm it's bad, or I took my son? Why I'm not upset. It's because I took my son to his first reds game. You were there on Father's Day with your son. Yeah, I think that's what it was. I honestly think that's what it was. There's too much good. Yeah, it's good to get me. I might be super pissed tomorrow. I probably.

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