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Season 1, Episode 27 · 2 years ago

"Most Anticipated Films of 2020" with Don Owens - EP #27


We're back from a nice long break with a brand new episode! And we're also welcoming back a guest from the old show, Don Owens of Red Dragon Radio and host of "Am I On The Air?", to talk about the movies we can't wait to see this year! We also toss in some last minute predictions for the Oscars!


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It was that was kind of shocking. I mean it was something I really never thought I'd see the day of because I you know, for myself, I've been watching those shows since they a MC days with John Campia and kind of followed it over into collider and then adding the Schmos and just everything and see where it went. And, to be honest, though, overall I can see why he had to do what he had to do, just because I understand business. And for myself, I could tell you I hadn't watched a single episode of any of them in the last couple months before they shut down, which was crazy because, like I said, I went from watching everything daily, movie talk every single day, heroes every single week, anything they dropped, I was like I felt like my week wasn't complete if I hadn't caught up on all those shows and those last couple months I just fell out of it, man, like movie talk wasn't fun any more and heroes was too rushed because they squash the time down to like a half hour and you know, Koi's like I'm just trying to get things out and it just it became nerve racking and just that just wasn't fun anymore. And then Christian left and it was just like okay, well, you know, I started a phase out myself. So I could see why they ended up in the boat that they did. And it was it was funny watching it unravel, you know, watching Mark Fernandez on John Campius show actually and try that. That was anything thing, you know. Yeah, and here in can't be a talk about it and just it was. It was nuts, man. But yeah, that was a that was a big, big thing, because that's been a big chunk of the last several years. Like, I'm not I'm not a sports guy. You know, I'm not a sports guy. I don't watch a lot of football anything. I mean like yeah, I watched super bowl because it's a super bowl. So this was this was my this was my this was my regular like don't you know, I work in TV, so I don't watch a lot of TV there, but this was this was my like I would turn on Youtube first thing in the morning on my TV, you know pirate PSFOUR, who go to youtube, and I would. Those were my channels that I would watch. I didn't watch TVS OR ESPN, like I watched the collider and schmos stuff. I will say that in with Collider shutting down, after everything went down, man, that's the most I've watched John campion his channel, and all because, I mean, I just, I mean I'm known for I'm just I'm not a fan of John Campy and if you are, that that's fine. It's just whatever things the hit miss thing, man. Yeah, he's it's a better hate it. He you know, he built up a lot of good will with the shutting down a collider and then he lost it all real quick when he's talking about star wars the other day. But anyone. Yeah, wow, wow, I've never heard the word masturbatory that much. Like hop go look it up and if you know we're talking about go look it up and yeah, it's that was nuts, especially did you see Joe Carnahan's response? That was great. I know I saw. I know, I saw star wars twitter's response and man, they have viscerated that dude. But it's just like, yeah, go look up Joe Carnahan's response. To mean the's coming from very big director and writer in Hollywood. And and yeah, he didn't. He didn't have very kind words for Mr Camp He. Well, that's that's fine. I'm kind of in the same boat. But yeah, you know, so it's trying to stay you know. Yeah, I'm like you, like I've understood. You know, even tied entertainment was my baby for a very long time, seven years, and it eventually just got to the point where, you know, we decided that after seven years we hadn't turned a single profit. Everything was just kind of hovering and we decided to make the decision of just, you know, we shut things down and you know, yeah, we had a lot of podcasts on our podcast network that we were really big fans of and a lot of them have gone on and are still going on now. Some of them aren't, but it was just it was just that time. So I understand. We're Mark Fer Nianaz was coming from as far as just, you know, what they weren't getting the viewers and plus, with the way that Youtube pays out, like you got to do gang busters level numbers to make a dime off of Youtube. So they're not getting the return that I cant returned. So that's what happens. But we are here today because we got the Oscars coming up this Sunday and also because it is the start of a new year. You know, the films are starting to come out now for the year we've been looking forward to. We saw a lot of trailers at the Super Bowl this past Sunday. That's right, I said the name of the game. I'm not calling it the big game. It's a football game. It's the Super Bowl. We all know what it's called. Strike my channel, I don't care. We're gonna but we saw trailers for a lot of stuff that's coming out this year and some stuff coming out next year. So we're going to talk about our predictions for the Oscars. But before we get into the Oscars, because I think it's going to be the bigger conversation, I do want to talk about first up, what some of your most anticipated films for this year are done. Yeah, yeah, you know. So, lucky for you, I had a list because we just did this podcast a couple weeks ago. You know that it was. We actually every year in January we do an am I still in the air and we do our top ten countdown of, you know, two thousand and nineteen and then leading into the most anticipated of two thousand and twenty. This year there's some good stuff coming out, but I got to... honest, man, I'm not very impressed by twenty twenty when it comes out films late. I mean, there's really nothing big. There's no real of vent picture right this year. I feel like every year there's always that one or two, maybe even three, that I'm just dying to see. I'm just like, Oh, I cannot wait, Ma, can't get here quick and of and this year it's just kind of like, yeah, I got some stuff I'm interested in, but it was slim pickins I felt when I was putting my list together. I was just like, yeah, I guess this is in there and no one. I think that is I think it's I think it's because in the same year, in two thousand and nineteen, we saw the end, ascent relatively, of the marvel cinematic universe came to a massive climax with avengers end game. And then we also wrapped up star wars, the two of the biggest, two of the N DC's doing whatever they're doing. But too of the biggest blockbuster franchises essentially closed to chapter in the same here, and it does kind of leave you with that feeling of like, okay, well then, shit now what? Yeah, yeah, exactly. I mean there's just there's not. There's not anything big like that to look forward to. I mean end game was my number one movie of last year. You know, Star Wars was it in the top you know as well. To like you said, I mean just these final chapters going into this year. I mean it's a lot of just titles. I mean I am looking forward. If you kind of crack into my top ten, my number ten was Godzilla versus King Kong. Yes, that comes out later in the year. was supposed to come out actually, I think next month, but then they pushed it back all the way to hold the right. I'm still sit. You're expecting it to come out like this summer. I forgot they pushed it back to send it was a November, November, I believe. Yeah, was supposed to be out in March. I believe it was right. Yeah, and November. November twenty now is when it's coming out. Cheese. Yeah, so we got a long ways to wait, but I'm looking very forward to this. I mean the franchise is kind of hit and miss with me. I've been so so in the Godzilla movies, but I loved Cong Skull Island, so I'm looking forward to just them going to battle. So I got high hopes there. Yeah, everybody likes to take shots at the to Godzilla movies, which which I get. There are things to take I enjoy them, but there are definitely things that take shot at, but a lot of people forget, like we're also got to include Cong Skull Island. The mix and cons call island was awesome, Badass. I actually like the first, the two thousand and fourteen Godzilla. It just I just needed more Godzilla. With Godzilla King of the monsters, I definitely got a lot more monster stuff, but the difference was all the stuff with the humans. I couldn't give a crap. Yeah, Oh man, and and spoiler alert. When it gets to the part where we're Ken Watson Abe dies, I remember thinking of myself, why wasn't he the main character from the beginning? Like why wasn't he the main lead, like in the first Godzilla, and we followed his story throughout these two movies because he went from being a knew that he that for the most audiences, he wouldn't be able to carry it. Yeah, but but then, but for then to have him have like this like grand the knowledgeable send off in the second one, I was like that doesn't feel earned. This doesn't fail. At least he came back from the first of one's true, he's any repeat him in the nameless Admiral from the first movie. Was the only two. Yeah, but yeah, I know. So there's a guy in the lab and in that sequel that supposedly is one of the characters from Skull Island. Like grown up now. Why? I've ever the lab? Yeah, ever saw us. I saw that and I was like, well, that's a stretch because nobody would ever know that unless you had read the articles. That's like when somebody, that's like when somebody like a Lucas film, like confirmed that the guy with the beard and return of the Jedi is actually rex, like just as an old man that don't like, oh whatever, who cares? Be Cares. Well, that was like with marvel too. And they tried to go back and say that the Little Kid, and iron man too, it was young Peter Parker. Oh, you want to do it after a gall waters? Come on, come on, okay, it's fine. He's look back now he's like, well, that the age kind of matches up, so we're gonna go with that. I really did the somebody did the same Partex Bo. Somebody did the same thing with Captain America, the First Avenger. They tried to say that the kid in the one sequence he's running through the street with the Captain America Shield painted on the trash canlet as young Phil Colson on my yeah, that would make you feel Colson like eighty years old and doesn't make any sense. And I know my math is bad on that one, but it's fine, it's whatever. Yeah, yeah, so, but congs call a conlicate guy's all versus Kong. I don't give a damn. I cannot wait for that movie. Yes, so excited. But my number nine was a movie that I actually originally did not even have on my list and then the trailer came out and I was like, all right, I must slide it in there, and that's more bious. I thought the...

...trailer was great for more Bous. So looking forward the jared that though, as the living vampire, and I like how they're setting it pretty deep into the spider man universe, even though they're they're probably gonna have to watch the marvel references, but I like that they're leaning into that with vulture and everything like that. So yeah, yeah, like that one. I was like when that because this is a movie that has been talked about forever, like ever since homecoming came out. They've been talking about doing a Michael morbious movie and I'm like there's no, there's no freaking way, there's no freaking way this movies ever going to get made. They're going to talk about there's like yeah, we're thinking about jared letto. I'm like, who cares? This movies Never gonna get made. And I wake up one morning like the Morbus trailer dropped and I'm like wait, they actually made this movie. And then I watched the trailer and I was like this sucks freaking awesome. Are you kidding me? I just yeah, and then and then yeah, Michael, Michael Keaton dropping it at the end as Adrian Tombs. I was like wait, wait, what why exactually, I'm go more beauts. Yeah, the character that, like, of all the of all the spider man villains to get their own movie, morbious is the one like like look, let's be honest, he's not a he's not a popular fit, like, he's not a villain one that I go like, you know, who really looking forward to get in there in a movie? Will be a lot more be like no, I'd want to see like a Jeez, I'd want to see like a calendar man movie before I'd want to see a wrong universe. But whatever it. But yeah, like that horror element man, like the trailer was creepy. Yeah, so, yeah, look at and that one very, very good, and that one's coming out. Was it this summer? The summer, July ab you, like, yeah, July, thirty feet, holy cow. And the fact that they because, like we, I said, we heard rumblings about them making this movie, but the fact that they've essentially shot this thing, well, yeah, they've been touching it for a while. It's just like the fact they were able to get this thing made and like we heard nothing about it. It just suddenly there was a trailer. It's like, Oh yeah, y'all been working on this for a while, I guess. Yeah, yeah, I mean it's goody. It's crazy. has some productions you hear every little detail and then other ones it's like there's a start dating. All of a sudden there's a trailer out. You're just like, oh, wow, okay, there it is. Well's a guardians. Guardians of the galaxy did that, like they announced the movie at Comic Con. Four months later, they they whatever footage they shot, they just made it into a trailer. I was like, well, this already looked they did the same thing for wonder woman too. I was like, Oh, okay, this we're cool. Didn't know you guys are making this. So what else? And Yeah, my number eight is movie comes out next month, actually based on another comic and it's blood shot with VIN diesel. So I know nothing about blood shots. I'm not even let you take the reins on this one. Yeah, so, I mean, so blood shots one of these characters from the Valiant Comic Book Universe. Basically he's pretty much in destructible. He's got these nanown night's in his body that basically he gets cut, shot whatever, his body just reconnects itself. It's a pretty interesting character. They've been trying to make this movie for a long time and you know, Vin is an interesting choice. I remember, I can't even there was somebody else that they were going to go with for a while. There might even I might even remember maybe even jared Letto at one point. But yeah, you know, they did Vin and and this the trailers I've loved. I mean it just it looks like a fun, just action movie, with him just getting shot up and blown up and cut and all kinds of shit in his body just coming back together and so like, I don't know how you stop this guy, to be honest. So there's trailers for this out already. Oh yeah, there's a couple of them, I because it comes out next month. This is this is him completely. This is completely bypassed me. I don't know how I've missed all of this. Oh Wow, yeah, definitely check out the trailer for blood shot, because I've read some valiant comics, not a lot, I've read some, none of them. Obviously we're blood shot, but I mean this one's completely missed me. Yeah, okay, very cool. And it's VIN diesel. So you know VIN diesel. Yeah, I like Ben it's a good, good supporting cast is what? Well, so, Guy Pierces in this. So yeah, it's good. Look at this movie right now. Guy Peer say toby kept, Toby Keble? Okay, wow, okay, yeah, forget the dude's name, but the real funny black dude from new girl, he's in it as well too. I love anything a pop La more Morris. Yes, yes, yeah, he's funny. He's funny. Okay, I see. I'll see. Now, when we get done you, I'm gonna go watch them trails for the Shit, and next thing you know it's going to be like my most anticipated movie in here. Hey, O, that come of that lately? Miss this one. All right, it's a great ass shot in the trailer where he gets like shot in the face and it goes into slow motion and half his face is blown of off and then it's like...

...whoosh and then it goes right back on and connects itself again. See this, sound this, this, this sounds like some shit. That would be great on like in like season two of the boys. Yeah, yes, which also comes out later this year. Yess it does. Number seven, I'm excited about a lot. Great first trailer and I love this guy and it just looks like a hell of a lot of fun. And that's Ryan Reynolds Movie, Free Guy. Free Guy looks so damn good where he's basically just this generic video game character who just snaps out of it one day and is like, I don't want to be the guy to just kids beat up and robbed one day and I'm gonna I'm gonna break out and do something and become the hero for once. And it looks like they have created this amazing video game world and just with Ryan Reynolds silly humor and everything that goes with it, I mean it just looks fantastic. Man, and I had read an article that he said this was the most fun he's ever had making a movie and he goes and I made deadpool. That's big coming from him, and I just think this movie looks great. I remember seeing the first rind of this movie last year and about fell out of my chair laughing because because, I will say, because it looks like they're the game is like some weird semblance of like of like grand theft auto and like a fortnight and last you know, like it's like a shooter game. But yeah, it's got all kinds of crazy shits like this almost feels like wreck at Ralph for adults. Yes, and I love I also love the fact is things directed by Sean Levy because, like, his movies don't get like the the most, like critical reception. But, like, I really liked his cheaper by the dozen, his Pink Panther. I love all three of the night of museum movies. I thought real steel was really good, and this is where I leave you. Was a movie that makes me cry every time I watch it. So I think this is a good guy to handle this movie. And not to mention apparently this guy is supposed to be working on like a star man remake. With that that's front of the conversation. But Yeah, Free Guy. I remember somebody told me was describing moving like yeah, so Ryan Reynolds plays a video game character, but like he's an NPC. He become selfaware, and I'm like, okay, this just sounds like they're just trying to mack off of like like the Deadpool, breaking the fourth wall, metahumors, and then I'm amber. I saw the trailer and I was like this, this is gonna be my favorite movie of the year. genious, fantastic. Yeah, I love you. Gets punched in the face and he's got like the broken nose and then a little health briefcases like sitting there shining, you know, and he goes and grabs it and he's a whoop. He's all healed up and shit. I'm like, Oh, this is great, that's fantastic. Number six is a movie that I hope comes out later this year because it's supposed to be on the docket, but I have not even heard or seeing a single picture from production, so I'm a little curious if it's going to even drop. But that's venom to. Okay, very excited for Venom to. Andy Circus is directing this one. It might be rated. Are we got carnage in this one? I mean, I am super, superstoked. I really like the first venom movie. I know it's a socio movie for a lot of people, but I thought Tom Hardy was great. I love the way Venom was portrayed. I thought it just had some good humor, good action and I really liked it and I just feel like this sequel could be something really special, especially with Andy Serkis behind it, with the Mo cap and all the kinds of things that they could do in the sequel and carnage is just somebody I've want weighted my whole life to see on the big screen. So I'm super excited about this if it actually drops this year, but will will see on that one. But it's supposed to come out in October, so why I had to put it on the list. So it's number six right now. So I'm a hit you with two things. So one I'm a deviate from you a little bit. I'm not super stoked about this movie. I didn't love the first one that much. I kind of walked out of it. Just kind of likes me and which is which is weird, because so I bet with the first venom, like when that very, very first trailer drop, the one where you don't actually see any venom, like at I was just kind of like, well, that's a shitty trailer, that's a bit, that's a terrible trailer. Could be for any of the trailer. And then, but then as the trailers came out and he saw more, when I was like man, every time every little bit more of this, of this I see in a trailer, the more I'm stoked to see it. Man, like I loved the design of Venom and it was like okay, all right, pulling me in that I was saw. I was just kind of like man, but like you, it's like I will say they fasttrack that movie. Like that movie came out sooner than anybody thought it was going to, because it seemed like one day they announced, Hey, we're making this movie and then there's like a productions done, comes out like in two months, and I was like are you done? And so I that's the only reason I feel like this sequel might actually still drop this year, because that's exactly how venom one was shot. That I think they started filming in like January and it came out in...

October that same year, you know, and I was like how the hell are they gonna film this thing? Dude, facts do everything and get this out same year, and they did it. So so I definitely spells. I do think. I just feel like venom is one of those characters that just needs to be rated art, especially if this is the kind of venom, that the version of venom they're going with, the big hulking monster version of Venom, it's like it's make it right, peoples heads off. Yeah, it's. Yeah, the fact the fact that there was a scene where he bites a dudes head off and there's no blood to be seen whatsoever. I was like whatever, okay, fine. Plus, if you bring a carnage into this and it just it, it just makes too much sense not to be rated. Are But I will to I will say like you said, having Andy Cirkus helming a movie that is mo cap heavy and to me and also having just finally, late to it, watched his version of jungle book called Mowgli, I really want to see him direct more stuff, and directing something like this, I'm like, I don't know why, but he's just a quirky enough dude and he's so good with mocap this just seems like something that would be right up his wheelhouse. Yeah, and but that, you know in circus. Is the other reason why I'm not sure this movie is going to come out, because they are currently filming the Batman Right now, and right is Alfred. So He's starring in that and they're filming that right now. So how is he directing a movie? So I'm curious, man, I'm curious. I need more info, and Venom too. But I guess, and kind of I guess that would depend on how big Alfred's role is in the back. Yeah, it's probably not much and they could probably film him all in a week or whatever and they probably worked around the schedule. But because pretty much it just it's just another thing saying in the back of my mind. That's like, is this movie gonna Happen? I hadn't, I haven't. Hadn't even thought about that, unless they're already done shooting venom too, because I don't know when they I don't know when production started on this thing. Honestly, you know what, I'm gonna wear do some real time. Just started in January. I'm gonna do some real time. We're going to look this up right here. Let's see. Development that at a preproduction of filt principal photography began in November. Ill did it. So they've been filming this thing. I haven't seen a single piece of anything for this move now. That's and and and I dig into all of the Shit. So yeah, like they're gonna Pass me somehow on this one. Yeah, that's the last thing I heard, is that they start this lasting as miners, that they started filming principal photography in November. So I don't know. And I could do it. It could do it. It's it's been done. I've seen I mean, look at how quick they fastracked Black Panther after how big civil war was. Like like the weekend after I saw civil war there was a black panther trailer on TV and I was like, Oh, okay, cool, yeah, so venom you yeah, said Venom to I know you liked I don't. A lot of people liked it. People were like it is divisive. There's no doubts why I said that. I said it's very hidden. Miss like. People love it or people don't like it. So, but I do love being proven wrong when it comes to stuff like this. Like I love having low expectations for a movie and then coming out being like that was actually pretty good. So I want this to do well because I also love the character. So my number five is wonder woman. Eighty four. Yeah, looking forward to them. A BIG DC fan. First wonder woman movie was great. I think gal is fantastic as wonder woman. Now we're in the s. We got Cheetah coming into play with Kristen Wig. You got the BANDALORIAN himself up in here, is one of the bad guys. So Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Yeah, Petro, Petro Pascale. But yeah, I mean I think the first trailer looks fantastic. I can't wait to see the next one. I want to see Cheetah and full action. But I'm stoked, man. I I just think this is great and with Patty Jenkins coming back to return to direct this one, I think it's going to be a real fun ride. So they better give me a real good explanation why Chris Pines back. But other than that, right, looking forward to it. Yeah, I that that's that's the only thing about the woods got me going like, careful, DC, careful, hmm, you had a good thing. Don't mess it up, because he because they did. They did the right thing by bringing back everybody, including Patty Jenkins. It's like you bring her back, you pay her whatever about what, you give her a blank check and let her write whatever number she thinks is appropriate on there and and you make this movie. Yeah, I was at first. I was really bummed when I heard that this, because this got pushed back a year. It was. Yes, it was done, and no reason really either. The only reason they're releasing it on June fifth is because June fifth is like the anniversary of the curb, the first issue of wonder woman. That's the only reason they did it. was like we're pushing it back to so can be released on like her seventy five anniversary on like great, but the movies done and we're just going to sit here and wait for it, which gotta wait another year, like I got. I get why you're doing it, and that's awesome and romantic in nostalgic, but I want the damn movie. But they that first trailer. I was like, especially when you see like the gold armor,...

I was like, Oh, hell yes, yeah, Oh, come on. The last so she's riding the lightning and amazing shit. Here's my thing. Do you think we're gonna see actual sheet of footage in a trailer or will they just save that for the movie? Now I think we'll see it. You think they don't? Didn't know, but no, no, no company can save something like that on their trailers anymore. They want to give it all the way. It's all marketing to them and said stuff to get them out. They're going to want to start pimping the toys and all the different stuff. True, though, I was there good show it. I say they did it for the dark night because nobody knew what two face is going to look like. So they went and saw the movie. It wasn't in and even even even heat ledger's joker, like they kept it. They held giving you like a full look at the joker for like three trailers, like you didn't get a full look at his face. And like the third trailer for the dark night. Yeah, and you didn't see anything. But also dark knights, one of those movies that like it wasn't exactly a lot of merch and toys for the dark knight either, which was weird'll probably be like one of those quick scenes like at the end of the trailer, like she'll be like running in her or, you know, kind of Cheetah Mode, you know, at wonder woman running at her there from the opposite direction, and then it's boom, wwet four. That's the that's the only thing that has me a little bit worried is is the actual design of what she is going to look like because, yes, you know, that can make a break it. Yeah, because Cheetah and the comics is basically a naked woman but just covered in cheetaher and it's it's a little weird. It's just it's a bizarre character design, and so I'm hoping that they lean into it, though, and they actually make her go full Cheetah, because I I'm a little worried that they're just gonna throw some kind of Cheetah jacket on her and don't do cats. You were are up crazy, and then she's like, I'm a Cheetah, let's called me Cheetah. I don't. I don't want to. I don't want to see something as terrible and terrifying as cats, but I also don't want to see anything as like, as like weird looking as Hermione with a cat face in the second Harry Potter movie either. Let's find happy medium here, folks. Is Two thousand and twenty. Come on, we I just you just put Princess Laya back on screen after long after she had died. We can do better. Come on. Yes, number four brings us back into the mcu and into the marvel fold, and it's it's actually one that I really know nothing about, but it intrigues me and I have faith in marvel because they did this to us with guardians of the galaxy and look how well it did. So I'm going with the turtles. And number four, I think eternals is going to be this epic blockbuster that's just has this amazing cast or day, Angelina Jolie and Kabal Nan Jianni, and just I love what they're putting together with this. It's going to be this epic space movie and I love when they go galactic and even though we've seen no trailer we really see, haven't seen any footage. This is all just going on my faith in Marvel. That is gonna be a badass movie. So I made it all the way to number four for me just on that. I will tell you so about the mcu and that is that is. If you guys, if you ever have in trouble getting in shape, just become an actor in an mcu movie, because that picture of Kumann Gianni came out and he is ripped, ripped, and then that he's the same thing that happened with with like a Chris Pratt when he became star Lorcas. You we all know him from parks and racing. He was Chubby Andy and then you can tell that. You can tell which season he was gone filming guardians, because he wasn't in the show and then he comes back and he's just like jacked. It's like, Oh, okay, now I'm with you. This is this is the second time I've gone in blind to an mcu movie. I went in blind with guardians. I had no idea and knew nothing about new thing, nothing about guardians and the eternal tree, a fucking raccoon, I don't know. It's like, okay, yeah, it's whatever finds it. It's raccoon with the machine gun at sure, all right, cool. And then it became like one of the best movies the MC's put out. So this is another one that I'm going in really blind, like I've never even heard of the internals. It wasn't until I was actually watching the original, the first guardians, the other day my buddy was like, oh look, there's an eternal and I was like what it's in one of the one of the visions are one of the the little flashback things that the collector shows them with the power stone is I was like, oh, cool, doesn't help me about it. Doesn't help me at all other than se's. It's a big fucking guy. But yeah, it's this. The cast on this thing is ridiculous. It come on, on Giani. We mentioned Jim a Chan, Brian Tyree, Henry saw Mahik Antley and Joelie Kit Harrington, who comes is playing a human warrior who wields a mystic sort cool. So he's Johnson. Now, awesome, that's poor guy. Yeah, I, like you, like I don't have a whole lot of excitement for it yet because I know absolutely nothing about as. I don't know how to get excited about right. But going in blind on just my faith and marvel, it's like they have, they have hit way more than they've missed.

So Infigi we trust. If I give, we trust my lords, which leads me right into number three. It's black widow, so I'm going to keep on with the mcu tradition. Black widow finally getting her solo movie after being a part of the mcu since iron man too obviously passed away. An end game. This is a prequel movie that takes place after civil war and right before infinity war. So interesting going back to Russia, finding out about her past, your sister family. It looks like a really cool kind of throwback movie. I mean this reminds me of like winner soldier. You know, it looks like it's just this good like espionnage, just kind of like not your typical Marvel Superhero movie. This is all ground and kind of people task master as the villain. Yeah, I mean it looks really, really good. We've only really had the one trailer, but I dig it. I like the flow, I like the vibe of it and it comes out in May and it's supposed to really tie us in with some extra stuff into the mcu. I have a feeling that her sister might become the new black widow for the future of the Avengers, you know, so they might be trying to tie in something bigger here. who was played by Florence Pugh, who I just absolutely love. She's been on a massive roll lately, last year with fighting for my fighting with my family and that she did mid Somar and then she was in little women. I mean she just she's just killing it right now. So I think she's going to be great in this. And you got David Harbor and you know, and you got Rachel Wise. I mean it's a great cast and yeah, looking real forward to black widow at number three. So, but I've mixed feelings on black widow. I liked the first trail. I didn't love it, I liked it. Black widow is one of those characters who, as the mcu has gone on, I've liked the character more and more because, especially this first few times they used her, it was like what is what is the point of this? She's she's like I'm yeah, I get that, I get that, but it's like that. Or if those first arm in to that's all that matters, especially in Romans, like in the first avengers, when she's when she's down in the ground, is to keep you peep, you people. You just shoot her little. She's not even shooting like like Desert Eagle handguns. They're like little, like Walter PPK's from like the early bond fels, Pinking Ping, while everybody else like cool, I'm going to go over here in my in my with my with my magic lightning hammer. You you sit there and shoot where? Where this movie continues to confuse me is why doesn't she have a Russian accent, because she's gone from Russia for Solaha, I know, but it's this goes back to this. Is Goes back to why I think we needed a black widow movie a lot sooner than two thousand and twenty because, a, I want to know, like is this movie take place post infinity war or is it like somewhere else between, like between like infinity war and like winter soldier? Like I want to know where this movie takes place. I've heard that takes place like between Infinity War and end game. No, it take it takes place before, after civil war and before infinity war. Okay, so that gap. What I personally would have preferred to see was either a movie about between winter soldier and age of Ultron, because there's a long period of time between those two movies and we really don't know what she's doing because at the end of winter soldier, you know she has that thing where like she testifies in front of like Congress whatever and like walks at the door and given the finger and whatever she's and then she's just back in in age of ultron. It's like cool, so what you've been up to? So I'd kind of want to know more about that. Or I was actually kind of hoping we get like a fullblown prequel and like learn about what the hell happened in Budapest. Yes, that's what I wanted. I wanted her and Hawkeye. I wanted a true shield kind of movie with them leading the team, yeah, and kicking some ass and Buddha pest Samuel Jackson. Let's just make this awesome shield movie. BRN Colson back. Let's just have this Badass like. I mean, I'm really disappointed that Jeremy Renners on this movie. To be an IT soundlike he was needed for any kind of black widow movie. I mean I when I think of her, I think of him, and especially with the scene from endgame when she would she goes off the mountain just between the two of them, I think it would have been so cool to see that in this kind of a movie. So, yeah, that's what I would have preferred. I it's kind of that they're picking just an odd kind of space to drop in and say this is in between here, unless they just they obviously must have some master plan and there's an importance there of why they chose that window, I guess, but I guess again. You know, this is an mcu movie, so it's like cool, what's the post credit scene going to be? Can't be anything she's involved in because she did like well, I said, it could be your sister getting recruited by you know, I Falcon. It very well could be. I almost I almost wish they had done like the the black widow to...

...hawk eye thing, almost like as a stre reming series like on Disney plus or something like, to like eight episodes of that original story. As far as Florence, like I said, Florence Pew is on Biya Right now fighting with my family. Was a move. It was. It was a movie never would have thought would have ever like. It was we're making a biopic about page and I was like, okay, I mean I like Paige. She's a good wrestler, but sure of all the ones depict to do a biop not? Not John Seena, not the rock. Okay, but it was one of the best movies in two thousand and nineteen. I don't care anybody says. I'm shocked as Hell that movie didn't get nominated for any kind of Oscar and I didn't see midsummer. I completely missed that one. But little women, she is so good as a me, so good as Amy March in little women and and so I'm really looking forward to her in black widow. And yeah, maybe we couldn't see her come back. You know, I think it's really just going to depend on my ability to believe her as a black widow. Is really going to depend on how much ass kicking she really gets to do in this movie. But mostly I just I just can't wait to see freaking David harbor as the Red Guardian. I so especially because, like, I was so let down by hell boy. Yeah, and so it's I just want to see him. Yet it's like the fact that he's basically just Russian captain America. It's like I can't get to see where this goes. And the fact that it's in the fact that we've got taskmaster in this thing. Yeah, perfect villain for a black widow. Oh, I know. And I never would have thought of that either, like I wasn't sure. I thought maybe just going to be like, you know, it's just her taking on the Kremlin or something like that's like, no, the villains task master. I was like that makes so much sense that I never thought of that. My God. And and allegedly we're getting a Tony Stark a cameo in this as well. Yeah, we'll see, but allegedly. I don't I'm not putting allegedly. Yeah, there's a big rumor. Yeah, but yeah, and you got Rachel Weiss to WHO's just a wonderful actress, and there's a lot of power in this movie. A lot of power in this movie, and it's directed by tremor. who directed it. Is it Kate shortland directing? Yeah, Kate Shorton's directing this. So I'm I'm really like again like blind, blind faith in in the mcu, like I'm really want this to be good. I don't have super high expectations, but this is because I have a lot of questions going into it. Right. Well, it's got all right. Number two is actually a movie that's in theaters right now. It's been number one for three weeks in a row, and that's bad boys for life. I see massive bad boys fan. I love this series. I think it's the ultimate, you know, buddy cop kind of movie. I love number one in number two, I mean number two is actually in my top ten of all time. I love bad boys too, and so I've been waiting for this movie for what seventeen years, since the second one, and so it had to be on my anticipated list. I mean, you know, so it's crazy that it's already January and I've already seen it twice, but it was number two for me, man. I just seen will Smith and Martin Lawrence again and this movie's fantastic. It is so funny, it's relevant. I mean it just it hits on all cylinders. You're so happy to see the crew back together again. And Yeah, I've seen it twice and I love this movie and Man, we're very much deserves it's number two spot. I'm just glad that it's back. I'm glad it's making money. I'm glad that they're looking to do a fourth. I'm like, let's bring it on, man, that you know, even though they're wasted, the title bad pays before. I was just gonna say that one like way my guys wait to Roote, way to blow it, ray, to blow it. So, you know, we'll see what happens with the next one. But yeah, that was my number two. Man, love bad boys. I I still haven't made it out to the theater to see it. It's been it's been a busy, busy, start to the year, man, you know, and I work at a Fox station, so you're never the super bowl was was big part of my life for the last month. But yeah, I you're talking about like you talked about a project again, the one I thought was never going to happen. I was like, no way this gets made and if it does, it's gonna suck, like there's no way this is going to be any good. Now that first trailer dropped on I was like, son of a bitch, this looks fantastic and I've heard nothing short of everybody declaring it as like like the new best a, the new best bad boys and just or as good as one and two. And I'm just like, I just I can't wait to see this thing. I'm soon, one day, in the next week or so, I'm going to find time to go see it. But I got to hurry up and figure that out too, because it's a lot of stuff coming out here soon that I'm ready to go see. Right what else you got at and number one, man, and you know, this was kind of a blind shot when I made it number one, but we just got the first trailer a couple days ago, and it's because I'm a sucker for family and that's right, because it's fast. Nine, Oh... nine, I boo you, Sir die. I am a massive, fast and furious fan and when it came down to it, man, looking across the whole year. I could I not be excited for the ninth entry in this film franchise? I mean, I'm just a sucker for these films. I love the series, Dude. I love every single movie. I own them all in K and you know, I just I've been waiting to see what they were going to do next. Justin Lynn's back directing this one and man, I am even more stoked to have it at number one after that trailer dropped a couple days ago, because I absolutely love that trailer. John Cena's in here is the villain, playing VIN diesel's brother. Craziness right here, Jacob Toretto, and he's playing, he's playing, he's playing vince brother. Yeah, I'm really I'm really out. I'm really out. Now, Jacob Toretto. We got the return of Han. Well, how, I don't fucking know. Oh, but Hans back and we got even crazier actions. So this thing just looks batshit crazy, as all the fast movies do. And Yeah, I'm super stoked. So you know what I'm just you know, they're cheesy, good fun and I'm always ready for the next one. F Nine, to each their own, man, I'm not I'm not gonna hate on yeah, it's I've never been a fan. I've tried numerous times, like none of them. I can't get into it, man, I'm not. I don't know what it is, because I like the first triple x movie, I like Vinde's I like the people who were in these movies. I didn't. It's I'm going to equate it to this. So I love eggs, okay, and I love mayonnaise and I love mustard and I love Paprika and I love onions, but when you put all of those things together and turn them into a deviled egg, I'm out. I don't like deviled eggs, even though incorporates all it's just something about that combination of things, in the flavor that it creates doesn't do anything for me. And fastness fears. Movies are kind of the same thing. It's like take the car aspect out of it. It's like I love Vin diesel, I like Michelle Rodriguez, I like these directors. Cinematography is great, there's great action, great stunts. I just it's just something about it doesn't nothing for me. Does nothing for me. Did You Watch Hobbs and Shaw? I didn't actually did not make it to see Hobbs and Shaw. That one actually I thought. I was like, okay, this looks different and I love the Rock and I love Jason Statham and I love it Dris Elba, I just I just that one. I just somebody just did a curious as she thought of that one. Yeah, that's one. Like I didn't. I didn't like avoided, I just did not. At that point, there was so much other shit coming out and I was just like I did not have time to go see it. I actually threw through through. We're going to get into the Oscars here at some point, I promise folks, but that was that was one of those points where it's like I when the Oscar nominations came out, where I realized it's just how many movies I didn't see last year. I was like, Holy Crap, I missed a lot last year because instead of going to see, you know, Jojo Rabbit when it first came out in theaters, I was going to see fucking Rambo, which, whatever Braindo, wasn't. Rambot was awesome. Was it the greatest movie of the year? Hell No, but I love the free moment of it. So so I don't have mine any particular kind of order. A lot of the ones you had I already had as well. I'm going to name a few. Believe it or not. I'm actually really looking forward to in practical jokers, the movie, which is so dumb to say, but I loved show so much, a show so good one that I actually just found out about like the other day. It didn't know it was still cappeting and now that I know it, as I can't see it and see the trailer of the invisible man, looks so creepy and so good, and I rewatched upgrade the other day. I love that movie so much and I remember much reminded me like man. Blum House has been kind of not going out of the park lately with their horror stuff, so I'm looking forward to the invisible man. I from what I understand, it's no longer like they've completely jumped ship on the universal monsters thing. This is just kind of its own thing, which I'm fine with, because the mummy was terrible. But so the invisible man's up there really good. Yeah, quiet place too. I just saw the first trailer for I loved a quiet place and the fact that it didn't win all of the Oscars for sound, editing and design was criminal. And it's nice to see that the sequel is going to be both a sequel and a Prequel, because it looks like we're getting a lot of like flashbacks, flashbacks, you know, we see a lot of Krasinski. We see like the aunt, the aliens first attacking and then we get to see the continuation the story from the first one. I can't Krasinski, you know, his like second or third for ran and directing, and I'm into it, man. Also coming out next month we've got Mulan, which, Lord, I can't wait to see that. I this like just historical period piece, awesome Chinese war. Yeah, man, I have zero interest. Really. Yeah, I could not care less. I'm actually amazed that I excited as I am because of how much you're not alone, which did our podcast of the...

...anticipated I think both my cohost actually had it on their list and I'm like wow, really is I just died. I don't know, man, coming about Mulan just I actually never cared for the cartoons. So like, just as looks man, that might be might Bey, if you didn't like the original, is probably going on board and for me I'm more shocked because, like, I really didn't like the lion king at all. I love I thought it was a waste of time. I thought was a complete waste of time, like the and the from a technological standpoint in the the the CGI, oh, it's just fantastic. But I was like, I could have just watched the original one had a better time. I could give a crap about the new mutants. That newest trailer they put out a couple months ago was a really good trailer. I have no faith in the movie whatsoever. I think was going to be a pilot crap if I still don't see it even coming out. Yeah, it's gonna on April, but at this point, who the hell knows anymore, at least not theatrically. Yeah, I put it on a you know, put on a streaming service and called to day. You you play those two open. There's two. There's a theme song that the moment I hear it, I don't care what's about to happen. I'm on board. Dan It, Dann it down then and down Dan, Dan, Dan down that. You put the James Bond theme song on anything and I am a hundred percent on board. So no time to die is so high on my list, especially because you've got on a day armist, who is one of my favorite actresses working right now, as as the bond girl, and I'm saying they're bringing back Christoph Waltz, and you've got flipping robby malick playing the villain. So on board, so on board. I Love I've seen every James Bond film multiple times, massive bond film, even the bad ones. I will watch them, I don't care. I will watch die another day, anytime it's on TV. Don't care, I'm a watch it. I love it. Black widow, we mentioned. I just the other day found out about this scooby Doo animated movie they're doing called Scoop, scoop. Yeah, sure, I'll see what. Talk about. One, one, enter four. I'm really I don't know if I'm excited or anticipated, but I'm curious, as is the the Jordan Peel Nea to Costa Candy man movie that's coming out. Katy Man's one of my favorite horror films because it's freaking terrifying. Be's just new the bees. I'm good. Why is it Bas why is it base? And it's Jordan Peel. You put Jordan Peel in a horror movie now and I, which is a sentence I never thought I'd ever say in my life. Man Jordan Peel and horror. Man Like. Yeah, I'm into it. I heard rumors of another purge movie and I just don't care. I don't care. Stop, stop. But ghostbusters afterlife coming out in July. GHOSTBUSTERS afterlife I'm so excited for they played the trailer for it in front of Jojo. I saw Jojo Rabbit the other day. Finally loved it. By the way, a movie is wonderful. I've had a chance to see that. It's so good, man like. It's so funny, but you will feel things. You will feel things ghostbusters afterlife. You know, Jason Rightman coming on taking over for his dad. I know there's been like some kind of shade getting thrown back and forth, like Oh no, they're just, you know now they're just undoing what the two thousand and sixteen ghostbusters did, and I'm kind of like, yeah, but that movie wasn't very good, so maybe it's okay if we do that. I keep hearing rumors there's going to be a Bob's burgers movie. Cool, whatever. I mean, I like the show that's fine. You know, we mentioned Godzilla versus Kong. I'm looking forward to that one number my number two is Dune. Yeah, did EVILLAINE, because I love the NY Villeneuve lay or in two thousand and forty nine. I saw it five times in theaters. You talk about a cast, you've got Timothy Shallowm a Oscar Isaac Josh Brolin, Scars Guard Batistas and Dia. It's just a huge you know, Mamoas in this thing, Javier Bardem Love Dune. But honestly, the number one that I'm really looking forward to this year, and everyone can feel free to throw things at me, I don't care to death on the Nile, really death on the Nile, Kenneth Rauna. What number one? Man, let me tell you something. Behind me, behind me, on my shelf is a is a compiled completed works of Agatha Christie's Hercule PLA row stories. Behind me. I love those stories so much I've seen every version of them ever told, whether it's miniseries or film. I absolutely adored murder on the Orient Express. I loved that movie. I thought the cinematography on that film, the downward shots while they're in the train, was...

...fantastic. I thought that Kenneth Brown's portrayal of the character was the book come to life. And the fact that it was just just it was just such a because normally when you watch these murder mystery movies you expected to be random bows of action and and it was like no, it was just it was just a slow, easygoing thinker mystery, you know, murder mystery, and I really, really enjoyed as. I cannot way. I'm so happy. You what, I hated that movie so much. You're not alone. I know my mother is a huge Egge of the Christy fan and so I took her, I took her to see it. She hated it too. I loved it and but I but I know a lot of people didn't. So I was so sure there was never going to be another one. But then when they said they were dropping death on the nil on October, Kenth Browna coming back and with the cast of people like, yeah, Galga Dot, army hammer and that benning. I think Tom Bateman's in it. Let's teacher right. I forget everybody else, Sophio Canto, whole budgets. It's another stack cast and I'm just I love these stories I love this character and I think that's why it's my number one is because of how much love I had for the source material. I'm just I'm a hundred percent on board, and plus it's a it's a it's a mystery crime thriller. I mean that I've directed three short, three short murder mystery films, so it's the kind of my thing. So yeah, man, number one, deafthite the Nile. Shoot me, don't care. Hit me up. Hit Me up on twitter, folks at my shack comedy, bring it on, go with it, all right. So we that took an hour. I cannot believe how much time that took. So, while I his wife, yeah, I know I still got you here, we're not going to delve into like the entire roster of the Oscars because, look, anybody got time for that? It's sorry, it's after midnight here, okay, but I do want to hit just kind of the big ones, that the acting awards and best director and Best Picture and, you know, best animated feature film, because I think that one doesn't get enough love. So let's start. We start there, though, best animated feature film, because I have some thoughts on these nominees. The nominees for best animated feature film are how to Train Your Dragon, the hidden world, I lost my body, Klaus, missing link and Toy Story. For where are you sitting at, Don? Out of those, I would go toy story, for I couldn't believe that missing link won the Golden Globes. I was a little get one of the Golden Globe. Are you kidding me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, one best animated film with the Golden Globes. I don't watch to go in right now. I really so. I already watch those now. I'm really not going to watch those anymore. Jee's shocked that frozen two is not on it. I am to actually, you know, I don't think the first one was nominated for an Oscar, though I think it was. Was it? Pretty sure the first one was, because that that was a big gear for that, because I know it had song and everything, because I know the Song is nominated but the movie is not. Yeah, but yeah, out of those, my pick would be toy story. Four out of those. Okay, so I actually completely. I actually haven't seen any of these. Is the thing. Oh, do not do that. I saw how to train dragon hidd in the world, because that, as a flawless trilogy. But there's another great one. Yeah, it is Klaus and Miss I didn't I had no interest in seeing missing, like I thought missingly looked dumb, horrible. Klaus and I lost my body, I guess are two. I guess they're too foreign films. I know I lost my body is because there's always that one way. That one is. Klaus wasn't class wasn't okay, boy, I missed Klaus completely. I didn't see any previous or anything for it was spread into the radar. As why, I'm not even sure. Yeah, many. And then toy story for was one of those like I wanted to wait and hear what other people thought because I was like a fourth toy story, this is gonna suck, and so I kind of wanted to wait and see whether people thought. And then I heard it was really good, and then there's never made it out the theater. I think toy story for is probably the safe choice and probably the logical choice. I've anything has a chance to upset it. I would say how to train your dragon, the hidden the world, because the animation on that movie was ridiculous. But if missing link on the Golden Globe man that's that can be telling. Well, looks, because they liked that stop motion. So they love that concert room. You know, it's like that. That does wonders. Yeah, so, plus, you could get it just for that. When I saw the nominee list, I was like it was that really the five best of last year? Then I kind of went back and looked at last year's animated films. Not a lot to choose from. Not a lot to choose from as far as like quality ones or even just any you're really wrong. Where a lot of animated...

...films that came out last year period really so then I kind of thought, I guess, Movi, these are the five best. But yeah, it definitely wasn't Adams family. They man, do you know how much that? That bummed me out, that that was so not good. Like, yeah, I love the Academy Award or love the Adams family. Love the Adam hate the academy with I love the Adams family. And I was like, if you got this cast and the animation was so was the classic. I was like, I thought the trailers were really funny and I watched the movie and I was like this is not good, this is is not good. Yeah, I took my daughter to see it and I was just like Oh no, no, no, I apologize for wasting some hours of your childhood, honey, like, Geez, this is she dug it. Yeah, but yeah, it didn't didn't do anything for me. Yeah. So, yeah, it's probably going to be toy story for I mean you look at the love that bell or toy story in general, which I get. I mean it's one of the best animated franchises ever. Then we get into let's see here, let's look look at these these acting awards. So best supporting actor, we've got Tom Hanks for a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Anthony Hopkins is the two popes, Alpaccino and Joe Peshi for the Irishman, and Brad Pitt for once upon a time in Hollywood. Where are you sitting? I would go Brad Pitt on this one. I Love Brad Pitt and once upon a time in Hollywood. It's the Best I've seen Brad Pitt in a long, long time. I just thought he was so too what you say, I movie was so good. Yes, all good, and I mean and I just I prefer Brad Pitt in the movie over Leo and just everything. Man. I just thought he was so tuned in and just so great in that movie and I'm just glad he's getting love for it because it's a hell of a lot better than ad Astra was. Look at a couple one I skip that on purpose. It's horrible. So the trailers, I was just kind of like, man, little waste. The Tommy Lee Jones. Nobody knows how to use Tommy Lee Jones right. No more in the movie it's in a for like two seconds. Yeah, the two points. I would go with that. I never heard of the two popes and I saw that it got nominated a couple times this year and I was like, what the fuck is this movie? Ye, I don't know anything about it. I know he plays Pope Benedict, but I don't know. I'm kind of leading Tom Hanks, man hey wouldn't be a bad one, it wouldn't it busses Tom Hanks and it's and it's yeah, and it's Mr Rodgers. And when you think about the fact that like people were, like myself included, were genuinely outraged that won't you be my neighbor wasn't nominated for best documentary last year, right, and I feel like this might be a year or everybody's just kind of like a fuck that we got to get something from with Mr Rodgers and award here, like right, I still have not made it through the Irishman. I just it's me, but I can't. Man, I tried to damn long and everyone's like we used to have through anything, like yeah, but endgame had stuff going on. The Irishman doesn't have anything going on. Game does not feel like three hours. Irishman feels like six. Yeah, Oh man, it's so and I like Martin Scorsese a lot. Holy Crap, the departed is like one of my top five favorite films of all time. The Irishman is boring, bore. So yes, you're going Brad P and you know what, if it was, I wouldn't be shocked and we're disappointed if it was a Brad Pitt because he was so good once upon a time in Hollywood. I'm a guy who genuinely, genuine generally doesn't like Tarantino films and I loved once upon a time on Hollywood. Yeah, so best supporting actress. We've got Kathy Bates and Richard Jewel, Laura dern and marriage story, Scarlett Johanson and Jojo Rabbit, Florence Pew for a little women, and Margot Robbie for bombshell. You know, I didn't get to see a handful of these, so it's going to be hard to really go legit. I mean I think out of that list you just said, the only one I saw was Richard Jewels. So it gets I gotta go with Cathy Bates. How was Ron Jewel? I loved it. I thought it was great. And here's, you know, really good things about that movie. It's it. Yeah, everybody's great in it. The guy that I'm space in his name now, but the guy that plays Richard Jewel was fantastic. Rockwell was so good in it, and Cathy Bates, I mean she just always shine. She's his mom in the movie and yeah, I she was. She was great in it. So I mean from a supporting actress standpoint, you know, I would go with her. I wouldn't count out, you know, Scarlett Johansson, and shout out the scarlet Johanson, who's never been nominated for an Oscar before and she got two nominations right here for two different movies on top of that. So marriage story and Jojo Rabbit. So marriage story I can't even bring myself to watch just because I feel like it's gonna hit home too hard. So yeah, that's another one those.

It's like, man, if I'm going to watch movie, I gotta like have the day off. It's got it like I have, and I got to have lots to do afterwards because I don't want that to be the thing I do to end my day. But I've heard it's very good. I've heard it is very, very good, but I'm going to see I'm I'm afraid I mentioned Sam Rockwell for Richard Jewels, speaking of which, and I know you haven't seen it yet, but the fact that Sam Roca was not nominated for a best supporting actor for Jojo Rabbit is criminal to me. I think you'd they missed out for him and Joel. You should have been. I for sure. When I walked out of that movie, I said, all he's going to get some love and he didn't. Sucks. I hope you get I hope you get to see Jojo Rabbit soon, because I because I will say I think I feel like Sam Rockwell steals every scene he's in and that movie and you mentioned the Scarlett Joe Hanson being nominated for both best actress for marriage story and best supporting actress for for Jojo Rabbit. I know a lot of people are saying that Laura dern has this in the bag for marriage story, but man, I got to tell you something. As Am as a glorified Mama's boy, watching Scarlett Johnson play that young boy's mother in Jojo Rabbit, I felt like I was being loved and cared for by my own mother, like it just came off the screen. How much love you there was between that boy and his mother in that movie. And if, like, I'm sure I heard her married story. Performance is fantastic, but I really do kind of feel like the supporting actress award is Scarlett Joe Hanson Still Lose? I mean she is just to die for in that movie in a role that like you think, okay, scarlet your hands and playing a World War Two era German mother, like this is going to be Hokey, this is going to be like a caricature, and you just you just bought it. You bought it, you bought the love she had for the little boy. Bombshell, I haven't made it out to see. Yet it's one of those like I honestly kind of forgot that was coming out. Yeah, and then it was. It came and went too quick. I mean I wanted to see bomb show, but it came out right before Christmas and then that was like right when I think him out the same week as star wars and it just kind of got shuffled and then it was like okay. Then the next week I ended up seeing something else, and then the next week I saw Richard Jewel and then it was like, by the time I could get around to it, it wasn't even playing anymore. So I was like, Damn, I think it looks fantastic and and I wouldn't doubt that Margot Robbie was great in it. But yeah, I really want to see that one. I'm hoping to be able to hear so, especially when you look at the when you look at the force of talent that movie has. You know, I'm not just Margot Robbie, but you've also got, you know, on a culturally stare, early stare Okid. John Lithgow is in this thing, Connie brighten's in this thing, alice and Janey's in this thing, Malcolm McDowell, Kate McKinnon. I mean the movie Alice even one point. And what's funny too is if you if you go to the biolist on Wikipedia, every character in the movie has their own wikipedia page because they're based on such big people. The fact that the fact that John Less Guy was playing Roger Ales is just fantastic. But yeah, it was one of those if it felt like they released it just so. They wasn't so just to Wi could be in theaters long enough to qualify for a NAM and that was it. It's size, it's yeah, I just never met to see it. But I like I said earlier, though, Florence Pew in little women is is just to die for, as Amy March. But, like I said, a lot of people are saying this is Laura Durn's ear for marriage story. My Mom, my mom, watched marriage story. She said she couldn't stand Laura Durning, but mom and I disagree a lot when it comes to movies and she didn't let herd on the or in express best actress we talked about. Scarlett Johnson is in for marriage story, as well as Cynthia Arivo for Harriet sorcier Ronans in for little women, Charlie stron's in for bombshell and Reneel wigger is in for Judy. I almost start this one off just so I have not yet seen Harriet, and the reason for that is somebody who I know who went and saw it said that it was like almost like insultingly historically inaccurate, like it's so historically inaccurate that it's just it's almost like it's doing more harm than good. So I haven't really rushed out to see it yet and I feel bad because that was what I was all looking forward to. But reneezel wigger as Judy Garland in Judy is akin to Gary Oldman, is Winston Churchill, are rammy malick as Freddie Mercury? I've just like just bringing this real life person back to life on screen. Is it's just it's insane to me that Renez and this is renee wigg or, someone who we all know is a talented actress but, you know, isn't like a like a superstar, you know, like a Margot Robbie is who's got the talent and also has this star power, and Rene's wager just owns judy man like. It's kind of insane, as was Judy Garland. How good renee L...

WIGGERS A for trayal is? I don't know, man, what are you thinking? Yeah, I'M gonna have to agree with you there. It's going to be Renezo wigger for sure. I think that one's pretty much as slam dunk. Did you ever make it out to see Harriet? I did not. I had no interest now none. But I will say Cynthia Revo is great. I like her and pretty much everything she does. She was awesome and l Oh my God, I felt that times at the L Royale, bad times at the l royale. Yeah, she was so good in that is she was really good at widows as well. So I really liked her. I am sure she did a great job. So I missed widows and we talked good we talked Oscar announcements when the nominees first came out. Last a couple weeks ago on another show, and we my buddy had mentioned that, oh, she's really good and bad. And I hadn't seen L Royale at to that point because it came out the same time as Hotel Artemis and I saw hotel Artemis first and I didn't see L Royale I like Hotel Artemis, by the way. That's good. But I did finally watch bad times the El Royale and she is so freaking good and that she's great. She is so good. Hum I. Yeah, so, I guessaid. I'm sure she knocked out of the park. I really wish I actually found this out because I was looking up some information about her. But from two thousand and eleven to two thousand and twelve there was a UK tour of the of the sister act, the live musical, and she played whoop goldbergst character sister Mary Clarence, and I wish to God I could have seen that. Yeah, yeah, that would have been so great. Yeah, so, yeah, I like. Like I said, I think this is this is going to be Renaezzo whiggers award to win. If she if she doesn't, I call Shenanigan's best actor. We've got Jonathan price for the two popes, Joaquin Phoenix for joker, Adam driver for marriage story, Leonardo DiCaprio for once upon a time in Hollywood and Antonio Bendaris for pain and glory. I think I know what you're going to say, but what do you got? It's going to be walking baby Joaquin Phoenix Joker. From the second I watched that movie and walked out, I said that guy's got an Oscar coming friend. I just did. There was no doubt in my mind leaving that movie and I saw it a couple times in the theater. Watched it again recently, a couple weeks ago, and I was just like there's just no doubt, man, and I'm not even a Joaquin Phoenix Guy. I haven't really liked him in anything since. You know signs. I mean it's just wow song. You know that. I've really cared for much with him, and so I wasn't even thrilled when he got cast in the role and I was just like really, he's going to be joker. That sucks. And I ended up loving the movie and I just thought he was phenomenal just watching. I could throw that a movie on and just watch the ten minutes of him on the Robert Deniro show at the end of that movie. And you know when when everything goes to hell, that's scene right there is Oscar worthy just for that one scene, let alone the whole movie. He's just so, so good in this and he's won the award already for best actor and like every other award show up to this point. So I think he's pretty much slam dug for the Oscar as well, but we'll see. So I I almost say this to bounce off what you just said. Hey, yeah, this is going to be Joaquin's award, like. But that being said, like what you says is he is he's won and every other contest there has been he has one the best actor award. And since this is this is of going to be a very telling year, I think, because what's been the one thing we keep saying you after year is that the Oscars have no love for comic book property, basically any kind of fantasy, sci fi genre type properties. They just did just don't. Nothing is more evident of that than the Games. Should have been nominated for best film, just saying all. Even going back to like Logan, like the fact that the low culture logan received. Not only logans should have been renominated, but you Jackman should have been nominated, Patrick Stewart should have been nominated, like. Yeah, the fact the fact that the only thing that they got was a best add a best adapted screenplay. I didn't even win. That was was just an it was just insulting. And so, you know, the the fact joker a has like what like twelve nominations this year, I think really does speak to the fact that that, like the Academy at large, is finally starting to really pay attention to like there is quality films, there are quality you know, to paraphrase Mars Scorsese, there is cinema being produced that is derivative of Comic Book Properties. You know, just because it's a comb of property doesn't mean it's not of, you know, a higher level of film, and I think joker is one of those films that has really transcended its own genre,...

...its own source material. That being said, I do feel like if, if Joaquin doesn't win best actor this year, I think that that is going to like put the nail in the coffin once and for all that like comic book movies don't stand a chance at the Oscars. You know it. I think that's one of those like it's going to be very telling if Joaquin doesn't win. It just yeah, what's crazy those if he does win, it's two Oscars for two different jokers, which I just think is is crazy to think disim all of all the Comic Book Characters Said Two Times the joker's Bo betrayed. Have One Oscars. Well, that's and that's also. That also goes to prove you two of dos all something else. Like it's just how criminally underappreciated the dark knight is. Like we all talked about the dark knight like it's the greatest comic book film ever, because it pretty much is. But like the fact that it took Heath Ledger Dying for that movie to get shown. Any kind of Oscar love. Yeah, is is ridiculous to me. But yeah, I think, I think Joaquin's got this one in the bag. You know, I want Adam driver to take home Oscar gold, but when you're putting him up against Joaquin Phoenix, sorry, Adam, you'll do. You'll get Adam drivers an amazing actor. He will get a chance. And Leo, you got your Oscar, so come fuck down. Okay, best director, we've got Martin Scorsese for the Irishman, Todd Philips for the Joker, Sam Mendoes for one thousand nine hundred and seventeen, Quentin Tarantino for once upon a time on Hollywood and bomb apologize from butchering the name Bong June Ho for parasite. My heart wants to go with joker, with Todd Phillips, but I'm going to actually say Quinton reward. Once upon a time I just I thought that movie was just shot beautifully and the what he did to downtown Hollywood to make it look like it was out of the s and s and stuff like it was just mind blowing. I mean, everything looks so good and that was not CGI. I mean it's just it's crazy. So, you know, as much as I love joker and I would love you know, I think top Phillips is a great director, I just I think Quinton just did a phenomenal job with that movie. It's a bigger movie, it's a bigger scale, bigger you know. Look. So will he win? Probably not, but that's my that's right. You know, if I had to pick somebody out of that bunch, I'd probably go quinton on that one. So I feel like again, like like you, my heart is with Todd Phillips and joker. I really want that one to win. Yes, of not just because of how much I enjoyed the film or how because of how good it is, but also just because of what it means. Again, the whole, the fact that a comic book movie would hold this much clout at the Oscars, you know, the snootiest of the snoot fest. But I the one thing I'm terrified of. I am terrified because, if you think jokers nominated for a lot of awards, so is the Irishman. The Irishman is nominated in pretty much every category, just like joker, and I just I have this this feeling in my gut, this feeling in my gut that the Irishman is going to upset joker in a few categories. And I feel like the best director might be one because it's Martin Scorsese. However, the things I'm hearing people say about, I haven't seen this yet, the things I'm hearing people say about on thousand nine hundred and seventeen. Yeah, and just what a freaking masterpieces movie apparently is. We think about the back is coming from the guy that directed skyfall and which is the Best James Bond movie ever made. I kind of feel like, especially also because we know the Oscars love their period piece of war pieces, I feel like it's going to go to one thousand nine hundred and seventeen. You exactly I'm with you. I think that that's probably what's going to win. Do you remember last year who won best director, because I'm trying to remember. I do remember it was. It was Alfonso Coron. He wanted for Rome. I remember everybody was was so certain Roma was going to be the big winner last year. Do you think that Bong June Ho from because I'm here, I guess. I still don't seen parasite. Hasn't been show anywhere near me. Do you think parasite? Have you seen it? I have not seen parasite. Yeah, okay, I was going to say because I wonder if they're going to do one of those like give it to the give the best director to the international feature film again, because it was the last year, because they didn't give Roma the bet, because I feel like I feel like the academy just wasn't ready to vote for a Netflix film for best picture. But right, but they gave it best director. Yeah, I think it's possible. Yeah, but I do feel strongly it's going to be Sam Mendes for one thousand nine hundred and seventeen. Yeah, and then we get the best picture where we've got Ford v Ferrari, the Irishman, Jojo, rabbit, joker, little women, marriage story, one thoousand, nine hundred and seventeen, once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite joker. My heart... with joke her. I want it to be joker for the same reasons that I want Todd Philips to win best director. I was going to say maybe one nineteen seventeen, if he's nineteen seventeen. Isn't nominated for a lot of awards? Well, I guess not. Man For ten, it's not men I for a lot of technical awards. It's going to win best in metography for sure. I don't know. It's there's a lot of good movies last year, man, other than the IRA, I haven't seen Ford v Ferrari. I just I'm not a car guy and so I have for for to be Ferrari's very, very good, but I'm surprised I got nominated for best picture. I don't think it was that great to be yeah, and in that field, you know, that's one that like. If there was the best picture in a musical or comedy, that would be, for to be Ferra, right right up there with the Martian. But it's slarious movies like like having just seen Jojo Rabbit, was in the last couple of weeks. It's and it's being fresh in my mind and just thinking about like people, I people ask all the time, like what's the diffence between satire and common and parody? And it's hard to really explain the difference. But I think, I think Jojo Rabbit is the first film to do sat tire so perfectly, like like to a tea, like you know the old expression, like I can't, I can't define up sanity, but I know it when I see it. Jojo Rabbit is that way with with with with that tires like. I can't describe Sattire, but Jojo Rabbit is sat tire, because you would think a movie that's essentially a dark comedy in which the director is playing a ten year olds imaginary best friend representation of Hitler, you'd think they could go off the rails so fast and it's really, honestly, kind of beautiful and it feels so weird saying that about something involving a and off Hitler, but we're just going to roll with it, honestly, like with the exception of the Irishman, because again, it's not it's boring. I think it really could go to any of these. Yeah, little one, joker. Yeah, we want joker for a lot of reasons and honestly, I feel like, honestly, it needs to be joker, you know, because especially, you think. But the fact that Black Panther was nominated for best picture last year and it dips, well, it should have been infinity war absolutely fucking should have been way better of A. Yeah, that's out the story. Hum. But but Black Panther did really well the Oscars. L actually look at one, I think one best original score and it one production design which, what's funny enough, the lady who won best production design for that movie from right here in Dayton Ohio. Haha, suck it. Actually the the the current favorite for best documentary is American factory, was made here in Dayton Ohio as well. Um, it's but yeah, you know, Black Panther was nominated for best picture and it did it didn't win it, but it did really well at the Oscars and I just I feel like we're we're I think we're there. I think we finally reached that point where people finally are having to pay attention to the fact that these quote unquote, Comic Book Movies Aren't just comic book movies anymore, like there they can play with the big boys, and I think, I think this is finally the year where people are because, you know, Geek Culture has been a thing for a while, you know, when the advent of like Big Bang theory and like how Big Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration and stuff have gotten, and so we like two things like Oh yeah, but it's cool to be a geek now. But I think this is the first time where the GEEKS are finally getting to set at the cool table, like legitimately somewhat. You know, if endgame was nominated, I'd say yes, right. You know, Joker's great, but joker's also a spinoff comic book movie that's done in a very realistic way and it's got very heavy tones and it's, you know, rated are and it's gritty, and I mean it's not, you know, it's not like Batman was swinging around here fighting him. Try Now. I mean so so it's like, yes, it is still a win for us in the Comic Book Worlds, but it's a very little win as far as I'm concerned. Until we get like a an mcu type of film or a real true DC you kind of movie or something like that nominated DC DC. He's guts are putting a better films first and, as somebody who's like most of them saying in general, I know it change. You know, like like that's a that's a win for me. I mean you know, so you know, and that it. That is something that is something to take note. It was the fact that it took a comic book film to go this far away from its own like archetype, like it had to do. It had to be this different of a comic book movie to get to play...

...with the big kids. It's our one hand, you're kind of like, you know, it shouldn't have taken this much, but at the same time, a win is a win, you know. Yeah, like like well, like you said, I mean Black Panther was a win. I mean whether you know it should have been a different mcu felt, but but it was. It was still, you know, it would. That was a true comic book movie that was nominated. So, yeah, it will take. And it was a comic book movie like that movie was. It wasn't like a joker, which is a com right, which is like a super serious film with Comic Book Sprinkles on it, like Black Panther was a comic book movie in every sense of the word, and it's still got a best picture nomination, whether or not you know it should have. And I was and I love that moving. I Love I do too there. But Infinity War was way any more better movie. Sorry, it just was. Like end game was phenomenal as the biggest movie of all time and would have been nominated for best picture. But yeah, or at least gotten like, like the fact that Karen Gillen like wasn't even in the conversation for like a best supporting actress nomination, like, are you kidding me? Karen Gillan was so good in that movie. Also, Robert Denny Jr. What the fuck? Yes, come on, people. Yeah, but I also feel like, just because it's such a big blockbuster, I think that people just, you know, like same thing with great movie. Man will struck all the emotions. It had, tears it had last it did, I believe. I mean that movie covers all basis. I've never, I've never seen a standing ovation happen in a movie before, all except for one with the opening night and revenge of the seth but like to be in the middle of the film and and be just because spider man swings onto screen that it triggered a standing ovation. The fact that Captain America picked up a hammer triggered a standing ovation, or just said the word assemble triggered a standing ovation like like. That is something that deserves some kind of recognition and the fact that it hasn't gotten it it's just it's just criminal. But it did win best picture, I think, at the critics choice awards. So it won. I think it one was it was like best picture, best action best actually be because they because they they get genre specific with their yes, it was best action picture, which I can live with that. If I was like hey, at least somebody gave them an award. Yes, like if the if the Oscars, were more genre specific, I think I might be making a bigger stink about and game not getting nominated. But since I know what kind of films are going to get nominated at the Oscars, it's not surprising to me that end game wasn't nominated. Not Be so snobby, I know, I know they do, but if you know what, it's younger voters out there. Well, I keep saying that we're going to incorporate more diversity into our voting pool. Okay, well, there's six thousand EA and the same crap keeps wedding all the time. So figured out, although shape of water did when. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one. The lady fucks a fish, people, that one, that one best picture. Whatever, it happened, it happened, it happened and we let it happen. Well, Shit, that's yeah, that's this coming Sunday, the ninety two Academy Awards are happening on ABC broady. It's like, I think it's like eight o'clock as when it's on. No host. This year. I think they're still going to be doing the same thing they did last year, where they kind of condensed the show down to make it like exactly three hours. Sure, cool, I'm still having an Oscar party, doesn't matter, he can't stop me. But yeah, those are that's what me and don think about the Oscars, as what we think about the movies coming out this year. I made him audibly gasp with my number one pick for those dissipate to two thousand and twenty, and he made me the go outibly gas that my number one. Yes, so I booed him. He shook his head at me, but that's the beaut that's the beauty of a people is you can have conversations about things and not hate each other just because you have different opinions. Gasp, what a concept. And the Internet. So Dawn, tell the people at home where they can find you and what you got going on. Man. Oh, thanks so much, man, gladly so. I host a weekly podcast myself called am I on the air. Am I on the air is a obviously movie based kind of podcast. It's entertainment based, TV movies reviews. It's a weekly podcast that drops usually every Monday. If I don't do it on a Monday, you might see a drop on a Tuesday or Wednesday as well, but typically on Mondays, and it's about, you know, forty five minutes or so each week, just kind of getting you caught up and everything's going down the world of movie and News and TV news there, with a movie review each week. We'll be talking on this week's episode about the Rhythm Section which came out last weekend which, spoiler alert,...

...was not very good. So that's what I heard why it dropped. In January. But yes, that's what we're reviewing this week. And but yeah, check it out. Am I on the AIRCOM available, of course, on all your normal platforms, like I will podcast, spotify, speaker, stitcher, tune in and all the good stuff. They're every once in a while we do some spinoff episode, so it's called am I still on the air, which are usually focus base things like our top ten countdown, spoiler reviews, things like that. You can also find on the same website, same podcast feed and everything there. Follow on twitter at am I on the air and you can follow me on twitter directly at d x Don Mega and yeah, and follow along. And you can also follow me on star dust. Have you done start ever keeping up a star dust? You fall off, fell off again, man. If you know, what I found is that it doesn't work very well on the IPHONE. Really. It glitches out all the time every time I woent, whenever you would see me post a star dust review, you have to realize that that video, that post, it was probably my ninth attempt at Posting Huh, it just for whatever reason, that APP and I and Ios just do not get along. Interesting because I record it. I record some reviews off my IPAD and I have no trouble. So that's weird. I don't know. But yeah, but star dust is a really cool APP that's out there where you can do little mini thirty tewcond video reviews of TV movie trailers, and so I'm always posting on there as well to just kind of get a quick bite on if something's good or not. Can follow me on star dust to don mega deal and and EGA. But yeah, man, it's been awesome to be down here on the basement, basement lad. Yeah, it was that glad talks some movies, which is always as thanks for having real quick which was worse? The rhythm section or do little? Probably Rhythm section. What? Yeah, what? Yeah, maybe they were both two stars on my scale, but I'd probably rather sit through do little again then rhythm section. Man, them section was boring as hell. At least I got a couple chuckles out of do little. But Oh yeah, dude, dude, and do little head Robert Downy, iron man giving a dragon a prostate exam. So, Oh my God, yes, I can't play. That's an emotion and to walk on an adventure. Yeah, yeah, January man's been very hit and miss. We've had a couple decent ones and then we've had a couple stinkers. So you get bad ways for a life, which is like Oh yeah, and then you get everything else that reminds you how, yeah, this is January exactly exactly. We had a we had a ramp up and here we are. But this week we'll be checking out birds of prey and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn I. Next week show got Tay something, man Roca. I was talking to John Roka the other day and he was and he had tweet tweeted this out too, but he was talking about how, like DC fans are really going to dig birds of prey and I'm saying yeah, like, I don't know, man, because those trailers, a this trailers just look like leftover vomit residue from suicide squad. I just I don't know. I hate the title. I think the title is stupid. Titles Hella Dumb. Don't get me wrong. And Hey, you know, normally a DC movie would have been in my top ten, and you did not hear it in my top ten because I haven't been really taken by the trailers. I was actually looking very, very forward to the movie. In the first trailer dropped and I was like yeah, and then the second trailer dropped and I thought was worse than the first trailer. So I was just kind of like at but you know what, the social media reviews of all been pretty positive. I mean everybody seems to love this movie. Actions Great, it is rated are and I'm hearing it's a great ensemble pictures. So I'm looking forward to a band. It definitely hype my expectations here and how much everybody seems to like it. Well, good stuff, man. You guys make sure you go check out am I on the air and am I still on the air, followed on everywhere. You know, get his you know, check out his thoughts and feelings on birds of prey. I'm going to go. So, I mean I'm going to go see it and we'll we'll talk about it. Will Review on Mike talks movies. But in the meantime, make sure you check out all don stuff online. Listen to a show of FAM on social media. As always. You can follow this show online. Go to go to our website, Basement Lounge podcom. Follow got the thing up and run and so go check out the website, follow us on twitter at tbl underscore pod or on instagram at Basement Lounge pod and, as always, you guys can find me online at Mike Shay comedy on all the social media's. And until next time, Ladies and gentlemen, that is going to do it for the Basement Lounge. We're back. We got more episodes coming for you guys next week and the week after in the week after. We ain't stopped yet and we ain't going to stop anytime soon. In the meantime, guys, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bye bye.

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