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Season 1, Episode 11 · 2 years ago

"It's Just You and a Bag" with Catherine Duncan - EP #11


Up-and-coming actress Catherine Duncan is the lead in a serialized zombie podcast, took a master class with Enver Gjokaj, and has quite a unique hobby that helps keep the haters at bay.

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...know that answer. I don't get it science behind it, but yeah everyoneout here as soon as I say, Arkansas they sa Oh or Kenvas, and I'm like mmyeah. It's I'm a former English teacher.That's why that's why it bugs me so how? How how the Hell do you get fromArkansas to Los Angeles? Well, I wanted to drop out of schooland moved to Los Angeles won. I was like in middle school. A sogible foolwas Nevera Game Um, so I always wanted to get out andkind of h figure out my life outside of Thurfy, my Mo traveled for work, so Ialways got to trouble with her, which is wonderful. So whenever I went tocollege, I went o Harston South Carolina, which is where I met ourfriend Travis Um, and then I went home for a few months. A tey go money andbartend and moved out here last January, so you've only been living there forfor about a year yeah. So why why? I understand the ONTto get out to l, A and and and to make your dreams come true. I'm trying to dothat myself right now, but why the Urg is straight up to drop out of school. Oh M, I felt like I could learn so much morefrom like acperences outside of school Um. I'm glad now that I didn't do that,because I got to kind of have a childhood and Um. I was shielded from alot of things that now you know en they're out in the real world. Do youfigure out, but at the time I didn't really getthat M. you're talking to a guy who you knowlike Travis, was a creative type living in in the south living in in not not anartistic part of the country m. Did you find that you had a similar kind ofexperience in Arkansas? Where t just you felt a little out of place a bit not as much O. I think others do just because I wassurrounded by so much more art and intellectual conversations through myparents because they travelled so much for work and I got to accompany themand got to know people from all over the country in the World Um. So I didn't quite feel out of plit. Ijust more felt like I was ready to get going and ready to get started on mycareer, and I felt like I wasd wasting crime. You know paying my Jews and th butnow. Looking back the bestthing for me: Oh yeah, absolutely a, and you said that your mom travelledfor work. What did she do? She worked with a company calledSpecial Quet. They designed programs to help kids with a special need, as shewas a teacher for Special Ed for a long...

...time, and then she started working forthis company and they would travel the country they were based out ofCalifornia, Um and developed programs for other teachers to use and help thekid and so, and so you said you got to go on the road with her yeah every. Since I was three monthsold, she was buying me all over when they were doing their conferences, soyou know h getting to go on all those trips with her and and seeing these newplaces and meeting all these new people was there. Any part of that that led to you know, part of being an actor means.You're you're part of you're, always part of telling a story were thereepeople that you met along the way who maybe Um you know, inspired you to getinto that storytelling kind of lifestyle. For sure there were so many interestingpeople that I met Um from China and Brazil and all these different cultures.But then, on the other side of it, I spent a lot of time in hotel, roof,watchg movies, or when I was home when my mom was away, I would be with mygrandmother and we would watch old movies Um, and so I grew up a lot of mylife being through a film and through the stories that they told and then,when you get to high school and you fall in love with those silly cw TVshows and love of drangles and all that it felt like. It taught me a lot in asafe space, and I would love to be part of that story for someone else. So youmention you mentioned CW series I was Goingto, bring us up later, we'rebringing it up. Now I do my fair share of Internet stocking of everybody thatI bring on the show. I ask people questions I scrolle through facebook atinstagram. You like me, are a big fan of CW television, oh Y. I I'm a big CW fan and, and wouldit be fair to say that one of your great ambitions in life is to be anactress on a CW program? Yeah yeah, that's kind of the dream. Iknow the ofcerss, what you should choot for, but I think it would be so muchmore fun to be on. One of those shows that have gone on for know eight tofifteen seasons. I mean supernatoral is on it fifteeth right now and UH. Theyjust Ou, know everyone on the cat and the crew and just act and do thesestories without the restrictions and the pressure of the next job and allthat stuff. I don't know if I ever want to get to the level where I'm soconcerned about where my career is going, that I stop thinking about thestories that I'm telling well and I think people people notworking in television. But that's you know if the show takes off that's crazyjob security. That's that's that as work for eight years exactly- and I now I'm an actressliving in L, a living, the wishy washy life, but I would love John Kid care.

What are some of the shows on cw rightnow that you're, a big fan of I'm big, an Rogal New Mexico? They justdid their first season and it was e crizingly phenomenal. Um Supernaturalis one of my all time: favorite they're doing their final season right now andit's heart. Breaking 'cause. I've been with them till like over half my lifeUm, so those are probably my two favorites right now. I admittedly am a big fan of all thethe DC superhero shows on the CW, I'm I'm a season or two behind on most ofthem, because I work in television. So finding the time to to watch televisionis EXHAUSTI Nearyeah, it's not fun Um, but have you ever have you ever watchedany of those and thought to yourself? I C I could be a superhero. It would be so fun Um. I definitely Ithe actirs Catherine macimera, her career kind of is a guideline for whereI'd like mine to go Um. She is on Arrow right now. I haven'tseen any of her season, but it seemd like a really bad ass on character todo Um, especially 'cause. I think when she was introduced um she was a boxer. Have you seen peoon Ta, I'm like twoseasons behind, so I haven't seen her in it, but I keep seeing her namepopping up everywhere, yeah. Well, I boxd in my spare time-and I had for years so that was always like. Oh Oh, that would be so fun andso cool wait. No, no! No! No you're not going to bury the lead on me here. Okay!Wait! So you both! Yes, I started boxing when I was inCharleston Um. I wanted some selfdefent practices, so I would wake up at six,am and go to this little gym, Um out, wet acthually, and it was a bunch of military guys and the Guy Coaching wasactually a boxer and then, like me and one other girl, and it was thenominaland I loved it, and then I moved out here and now I work at a boxing gymcalled Rumbole just working the front desk, but it's still really fun. I I Idon't like to get hit. I I don't do well, I I was never good at playingfootball or anything because the other day, if I had to get hit, I didn't likeit. How? How do you, then? How do you get around that in boxing? How did youget around the idea of this person across ing me is going to punch me inthe face. Well to be fair. I never got in thering for a match. I told them. I was like I'm here to learn self dofence andif I get hit every once in a while, that's fine, but I don't actually Wantomess with my face and that's kind of the whole point of back, but I did get hit a few times inCharleston, especially when you're throlling knit you know, if you don'tdeak when you're supposed to duck.

So I had a few Um you close call, but here at the boxingegon, it's usually just you and a bag. So there's not really a chance of yougetting hit yeah boxes, a bags, don't have arms which is which is hofl. Have you ever gone to like the bowlingalley or the arcade, where they have that that arcade game, where you'rsupposed to punch the bag as hard as you can and H, I've seen them, but I've never foundone anywhere. But I want to know just how weak in comparison I have now when you, when you go training forboxing, you know 'cause, I'm a guy S, watchng a lot of rocky movies. Are yourunning up and down the statehouse steps or ya are yoc ar ou carrying logsup snowy mountains? What's Hat's, what's training like for you? Oh No, it's it's so much more whimpythan that. It's usually jusgt a lot of box jump.Squot jumps, Um Shadow boxing that kind of stuff um I'm by no means aprofessional, it's more just a really fun workout that I feel like. If Itried to get. If someone tried to Mug me, I would have a few moves. Um Yeah! So that's! Oh my God! THAT'S I I! Ilove that. I found that out about you today. Let's let's talk about, let's talkabout wwe're, not going to talk about dead series just yet, but so you'reyou're in Arkansas, and then you go to Charleston South Carolina. You meetTravis, you're, you're, working on the college thing and the acting thing andthe theater thing, and you eventually you eventually get out to Los Angeles,so wil, I'm assuming we've al we've all seen Berry. We we all know Barry on HBOUM acting classes in Los Angeles. Let's,let's let let's dish. Are they really that just awkwardly awesomely hellish? I have not had that experience Um, you kind of run, the Gambit of whichtager you're going to pick, so it can be really heroing more or less aboutthe teachers will be very find e, Svirit animal and really just feel whatyou're going to feel and it doesn't feel very contractive or you getsomeone who actually is in the Business Han knows what they're doing. I did myfirst class here. Um. Have you ever seen, Dolhau by JOP, eting, H, yeah?Yes, the one that's got meggie qe in it right, yeah n! Think a that's Mikita, I'm sorryyou're right. I have seen all house though well one of the guys in it Nver Yokai.He was also in a agent Carter. The T V show he played Daniel O yeah anyway, he's been a big idole of mine,Fo a while, and I got a chance to be in...

...his master class workshop like thefirst week, Thi moved here, and it was not what I expected I showed up and itwas a total of ten people. It was very intimate and everyone else there I waslike. Oh, I recognize you from this show oh the're on hallmark movies andthey were all friends and then there was me and they went around the table.INRODUCING themselves ban talking about all their accomplishment and they gotmee and I just said well. This is my first week in Los Angeles, I've neverbeen on an audition and thought I'd start at the big kids table and theywere so nice to me. They were just you know and very, like the perfect cablehere, 's some constructive criticism. Here's my number Yo, like n coaching inthe future. It was ridiculously nice and I don't know howI let into it. So you really j you just jump y. Youjust jumped into the deep end. You did you didn't take your time. You disagree,just went for it exactly what's a what's a master class Likeli.What's what are some of the things they have? You do well. This is an auditioning masterclass. So first he had o bring m a monologue from a teme that we weregoing to study and then we basically kind of went through and annitated it,which was great for me 'cause. I studied poetry partially in College Um,so you kind of go through an annotate and you make the larger the words thatyou want to put more emphasis on and you make Italics the ones you want tohave different emotions gong. It really helps you read the Tcene in your head,the way that you want it to come out Um, and then he had a stand up in front ofa recorder and just read the scene through, and then he would give us kind of an idea of how to change it. SoI think for mine he said pretend like you're carrying a bolder at the wordthat you want to be heavyest and pretend that you or stand on your tippoes on the words that you don't make matter o much, and it was weird howjust changing your body in Thos light ways made. Your entire speech come outcompletely different. So if I were to ask you to do amonologue right now on the show, would you be able to do it? Oh God, the only one I can think of isone from. Oh God. I can't believe. I actually didthis for an audition one UM. I assume you CEAN firefly yeah, Oh Yeh, okay, Ilove fireby M, so I actually went up on stage one and did the monologue of Um wash talking about judgling. I don't know if you remember that vaguely yeah it's been a while, but yea like ten seconds long. It's not amonologue. It's like two line and I got up on stage in Charleston audition forsomething with those like two lines from firebly.

That is fantastic. I love that so much I did a I did. I did a section fromvever vendetta for one of my from one of my monologue classes in college, soI was y yeah. It was. It was the one at the beginning where every word startdthe letter V that was that was helpyeah. Well, youknow I like to show off everybody. I just wanted to take amoment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the peoplewho support this show. Every month on Patrion I want to shout out WhitneyLatin Jodie mcdirmott and my mother, Melissa Shad to every single monthhelps fort his show, and if you want to be one of those awesome people all yougot who, as go to Padrioon Doctom a face mon hod enjoined the one dollarter who coeld shouted out on the air, get your name with it. In thedescription you get early access to all these shows comfercial free to ourpatrioot R SS speed, and so many other foolward once again go Tho Patrion,dotcom, SLA, Basen, loudpot joing, the one dollars here, figet, the shell. Let's get back Mi, I I happen to find s some somepictures, uh from back in August of you, quote, living out my Alison WonderlandDreams. What in the world is happening here? Okay, so I love Alice in Wonderland Um.My introgram title inpossible Catherine, is because alicin wonderland thinksnine impossible things before breakfast um and for my birthday, my wonderful,beautiful best friend of a roommate Marissa air bought me ticket to this Um,interactive, Alice and Wonderland play that was performing in Los Angeles andyou go and at the Kea Party, and so they have alcoholic shee drinks andthen like little orderbs and it's the characters walk around and talk to youand it's the madhatter and an his whole plan, and it was ridiculously fun. That is. That is just there's nothinglike that around here. So a tothat around here I know that's what thingabout Los Angeles is there's so many different opportunities. I mean in thenine months that I've been here. I've done enough for five years of UN tuffthat I could have done in Arkansas. You know it was so much fun that is justfantastic Um. So I noticed that T for your birthday. Back in September, youdid a fundraiser for b the match. Ye H can yo tell us a little bit aboutwhat bee the matches...

...yeah. I love Tou. Um though I actually,I don't have any connection to them, except that I found out aboutthem about a year and a half ago. I was watching a video and it was this kidand his best friend talking about he had a disease that was going to killhim in the next year unless he found a donor for bone marrow. But if he foundthe donor with t a Bon Mar match, he would live out the rest of his life andbe completely happy and healthy and so be. The match is an organization thattake a flab from your cheek and then matches you to other people who needbhone, Maro transplant and h it just seemes like such an incredibleorganization that you know you go through a week of discomfort of themtaking o Bimarrol, and then you can literally Sav the life, and that justseemed so incredible to me. So I joined the registery and for my birthday thisyear I just wanted to donate some money and see what I can help rik. The reason I brought that up is is, Iwas I was very. I was very touch to see that you didthat my m, my dad passed away a couple of years ago from from leukemia and sogetting to see, people working with organizations in small or big ways forsomething like that is is fantastic, so so cudos to you for Particua, atioive,Um wellsorry, to hear that Nou. I appreciate it. You've got a quote onyour facebook page that I, actually s really enjoyed h, seeing it it wasfrom Saint Augustine. It's the measure of love is a love without measure. What what is it about that quote thatthat connected with you? If I ockd with you, I put that on Fathbook when I was maybe fourteen like ten years ago, iest wo Goan th. I was stillthere yeah. I I think it was in one of myfavorite book, theorys Um. The mortal instrument always has close atthe beginning of each chapter, and I think that was for one of the chapters,and I just thought that that was a really beautiful thing. Um, becauseit's really not about the time Youe bend with someone or how dyour connection looks to otherpeople about you know you cand meet them on for five minutes and love themwithout measure and then not be the greatest Loov of your life, and I justthink that's a really beautiful way to live. Would you say that you would yousay that you're a romantic type person? Yes, I am hopelessly ridiculouslyromantic. It's obnoxious Um my parents met when they were inelementary school and Iwer High School Peet Hark so part of that come fromthem, um, that's fe Dein. We Mar I...

M, but yeah I you know. Life is tooshort, not to believe in silly things like romance. Would you say that you know in in re inrelationships passed or I don't know if you're in one right now, if you are Umthat you you know like for you in a relationship? What like? What's? What'sthat like for you are you? Are you the person who's like constantly wanting to to be in contactor be around the other person like wh wh wh? What is a relationship like forKatherine Dongan, I would say I love being very, veryindependent Um and I, the longest relationship I've had islasted like three months Um, so I don't have a lot to read offof but I'd.Imagine once I get into a longer term relationship. It'll probably be likehow I am with my roommate, which sounds so silly but H. I love making sure thatthe people that I love are happy and no content and like cooking dinner forsomeone when they'd had a bad day or breaking them tea when they're sick.You know that kind of stuff um any of the small things that matter more. YouRe, you are just a bottle of adorable sweetness, cafterine, that being sad, you're welcome, TNATbeing said: Let's talk about something in your life. That is theexact opposite of that. Let's talk about your roll of Naomi and the dead,serious PARECASS. So as as as producer for dead Syrias, II can attest to something which is that m. You came into dead serious, with novoice acting experience. This was your first time doing something like this yeah. Exactly I was really nervousabout at what was what was kind of the main thing that made you decide thatyou wanted to give something like this a shot. Well, I loved the character. I feellike it's always easiest to play the characters that are least like yourself,even though you should find bits and pieces of them that you can tie intoyourself to really sell it Um. So I love the opportunity to play. You knowkind of a bitchy witch with like vindictivetendencis and a very, very traumatic path, Um plus trave, ies and friendsfor a while and everything he writes. I just really enjoy me so I'm lightly,you know trying to ride on his cotails. If I'm not acalleditum Soyou came in,you know, y. You came in in a little bit of an emergencysituation we had had. We had had a different actress originally lined atthe Planaomi and then scheduling things like that fell through, and so it was.It was great that we were able to find somebody to come in ECAUSE. You knowinitially, when Travis came to me and...

...said we I found, I found a replacement.She's got no voice acting experience. My response at first was o Shit andthen he showed me and described to me thecopious amounts of research and and character work you fornaomi going intoit te tell me about some of that. Oh well Um. I love being underestimatedit. It r genuinely because it's so much fun to show up and be more prepared Um.It was really important to me to do with a job. You know I mean it doesn'tmatter if it something that no one ever sees or something you don't get paidfor. It's still something that has my name on it and BAC carry wait. So Iwanted to put as much effort into it, as I could m travic detected me andasked for me to kind of make ut things that I imagine about hercharacter and Um. I mean as an English professor, I'm sure you love characteranalyzing, so I just Kinda did that Um. I found what Ong on my playlist. Ithought tod listened to what atrlogical sign. He probably would be a couple ofstories from her pash that would kind of died where he wanted her to go inthe fuiture M 'cause, it's so much easier to embody a character onceyou've done all that research and so what e? What were some of thethings about Naomi that that you discovered and developed on your own? Well, she loves lightly PINK ROCK MUSIC UM. I think I said she was a Tora Deepog, yeah, real, deep, diving end and I tone she's she's a lot more broken than he kind of seems than herdialogue sit out there, which is kind of necessary Um, especially in that kind of world, butshe had just kind of been through the ringer with her family and her past,and you know wh he ointe script you'll see where that goes to the future. Idon't want to soil anything Um, but I like Ninea bit more complex than justthe Um killing kind of flounty wich. Now Travis has been hard at work withhimself with other act. Other artists, developing artwork for the show we recently posted an image of of anartist rendering of what Naomi Kinda looks like Um. My question for you is: Can you seeyourself case playing as NAOMIA COMICON UM? Maybe I mean I love the combat foods they'regreat Wa, Um Yeah. I thought that was T um and honestly, like anything to youto a COMICON. I am dying to Goo, but...

...the reason I've been holding back fromgoing it s a little bit silly, but I almost don't want to go until I'm on apanel as a cash member and like say that I'm not GOINGTO judge who amongus doesn't want to be on acomicon panel mean come on. What kind of do would you want to go tobe on a panel for a show, your hown, or would you want to go to maybe like beon one of the discussion panels about a certain topic? Oh Shol on would be e goal, but anypanl honestly under think about you know the one hundred cw sow I'm atetwith it and they're going into their final Seson, and I would love to seethem at comicon. Just the discussions that they'll have about the finalseason with be amazing, that', that's fantastic! I I I've beento here in Dayton, we called Dayton the gem city, I've been to gem city Camican,which is big. Well, it's it's the basement of the Convention Center and a bunch of local comic book shops setup vendor tables and that's about it. I'm kidding it's fun. It's totally fun!Please invite me back, but that's the IMENT, seeing seeing the workyou've developed and put into Wi h, Naomi h from from myside of the table has been fantastic. I remember when Travis first sent me someof your audio and it really was like. Like Naomi had had just come to life, Imean she felt like a living breathing character, Um, we've Gotot, ou NT. Ofcourse, we we've got a fanhastic team of voice actors on the show myselfnotwithstanding and to have b but yeah for for that, for they ow me to be like the secondcharacter they get. Inte gets introduced on the show and to have herso fully realized. Um was just fantastic and it mad. It madedeveloping things around her that much easier, especially for Travis on thestory side of things before before I let you go here,Catherine, a couple more things. As far as Naomi and dead serious goes, do youhave any ideas or thoughts on where you'd like the character to go? Next, oh M, I'm not sure. I know we have alot more of the story to tell and I honestly think, she's probably goingto go much darker before we see the end of the show Um, so I'm really excitedto see kind of had it goes. You know her herdive into the darkness and then hopefully, predeumpt in Um will bereally fun and be a D and finally last question:Catherine: I ask of everybody whenever they come on the show H, no matter whatH, what realm of entertainment it is they're working in. I think we allinitially have some kind of goal up on a pedestal.Maybe it's to win an Oscar. Maybe it's... hos Saturday, Nigt live but nomatter what it is we do. We always have that one thing that we know once we hitthat milestone: We've we've we've frigking made it for you, KatherineDuncan. What is that milestone? What is the thing you're looking towards at theend of the tracks? It's going to, let you know you've made it get to second season of a CW t, v Jokeand then I can close off my acting career and go open a book shop ind, theBoonies. That is I I love. I love that you hadthe answer right away, so many people are like and you you know you know whatit is. You want to do and traveling from Arkansas to Charleston SouthCarolina in the wrong direction. Finally, making it out to Los Angeles,California, doing master classes on auditioning with with Real Hollywoodactors and now you're the voice of Naomi Sky in that dead, serious ser,serealized pot cast, which is in its second season right now. Catherine Duncan you, you are very mucha rising star and entertainment and you have got a hell of a career ahead of you, Um thank of course, Catherine and andfinally, let the people at home. Now this is your chance to to push whateveryou got. Let the folks at home know where they can find you online if youwould like them to and what they can expect from you next Oky, you can find me impossible,Catherine, on Intagram, and you can hear me as Naomi on dead Seria even tois out now on Potifi and elsewhere. Tha pog had orfound, then Tasti guys onceagain, Catherine Duncan. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. Ireally appreciate it Yahthank for Havingand guys thatisgoing to do it for us on the show. Today, as always, you can check me outonline twitter, an instgram at Mikeshaye comedy, follow this show oninstangram on using at Basement Lounge pod. You can always check out mywebsite and Mike shake comedy dot com for information on Wen I'll, be onstage 'cause. I'm doing that again and get more information about this showand everything else going on dead. Serious season, too, is available onApple pod cast stitcher spotify anywhere podcasts are available and, ofcourse, you guys can alway support this show on Patrioon by going to Patriondotcom, slash, basement laungh pod. This has been a new episode of theBasement Lounge, as always on your host Mike Shay and until next time guys livewell rock on take care and Babo.

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