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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 12 · 2 years ago

"I'm Finally Unbanned On Facebook" with Mike Wells - EP #12


Mike Wells is a brash one-liner comedian from Dayton who's enjoyed some viral fame this year thanks to his Twitter-based joke writing method. But how does he balance a comedy career, a regular job, and a successful relationship with his fiance? You'll have to listen to find out!

Fair warning: This episode is probably NSFW. Just sayin'.

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...stage and I tried to bring hem back ayear ago to see if they would still work, not not even fucking clotes, notat all omen. That's why it's alld material, it's first material's theworst material mm. I I don't even know what the Hell I hade a Olike, Dr Susha.My first good joke was like a doctr sous joke like rhyming like doing likeDr Suse, like I can't. I can't remember what the hell it was, but it was like um I green eggs and ham and, like allsexual references. I remember that was the first good joke. I wrote I thought,and so I went out of town and R told it like three times our ownd. It bombedevery single time. I made me work twice so and from there it was just like okay.Well getting rid of that EAH that suck t when, when you, when you've tried itbefore and it's work hen you try to keep it going and just it just dies ona rivel. That's like ninety! Nine percent of my jokes, so I I've always had a problem I' and youryou'r you're you're, a one lander comic y. You do stuff shorts weeting throughthe point. I I've tried doing the stories every once in a while mybiggest problem with with any story ever told on stagees. Like I get laughthroughout t, then when it comes to the final cruck of the story, it just itjust dies dies. I can't I don't know how to H O. I can't write long jokes I' if, like I've written, maybe threejokes at last. A minute tops Total E. OH my God, jokes, a minuteaint before I just wreate like two jokes. That last, like I think, totallike two and a half minutes I was like Oh manthis is so much easier than two and a half minuteshe USUALLYJ slike I. What almost like twelve jokes in onelineerits like yeah, so'cause, 'cause, you've got a you've, got a cool way ofapproaching it. You're you're, very active on on twitter, yeah and FacebookPos, basically just using that as your kind of sounding board, Yeah Yeah Um.The weird thing is I'll put stuff on to it ir it really doesn't do that greatwele screen shot it and t put it on my facebook page and then get shared likecrazy. So in my home shit yeah, you had a little bit of little bit of vitalsuccess earlier this year with a SR that I'm wearing on my shirt right,Yoah y tweed about you know telling your boss to shut the fuck up yeah,which is easily one of the funniest things. I've seenbeutweat Um. How as how was that feeling man when it just suddenly, itwas everywhere, Oh God. So if anyway listened to so the tweet, is it AysBosh? You have timliand, you have time and clean, and me I say you got time toRhym. You got time to shut the fuck up and now I didn't think anything of itright at all, and then I tweeted it didn't get anything on frontontwinterat all. But then I I screen shot it and put on my facebook page and make all oftha sudden like within. Like ten minutes it have like.A hundred shares is okay, cool and en within like another. Like thirtyminutes, I had three hundred shairs and then it just KINDOF, like all sudden,sharing stopped. It was like whatever that's three hundred shares. It's a LO.I was a holy craps a lot and then got baned off facebook for something I saidlike months prior that people went through and read basically called it doto cuck thirty seven times in a row, but that's her, nor there he was beinga cock. O was being a straight out. He was trolling people on CNN threads, andso I was falloing his threat and calling him a cock every single timeand I got banned for three days, but in that three days, like all a sudden outof the blue, the next day out of the blue, I get amessage from somebody who's like it. taxs me 'cause, like when you'r ban onfacebook, you ut still see stuff you just can't post anything like I wasable to post from my business page. Well, my comedy page, but not mypersonal Pagei, still didn't know how everything worked, that much Um. How reworkd together and everything like that, but this ky taxed my personal page andsomething he's like hey. I think it was...

...going viral when I looked at it have e, like, I think, like eightthousand shares I was like. Oh like it was on some mean page right, OAS Ifucking Ey, okay cool and then my fiance comes home. My fance is likeyeah, my fiance's, like one of my friends in Youngstown shared your stoff Andi was like Hu. She as I guess shesho us, that's weird! So then I' go like to the page itself and then likeit was like eight thousand now it's like twenty five thousand, like underlike three hours I was like this is bizare, and so, like I'm Li, I'm tryingto get hold of this Gy, like I can't figure out how to get a hold of thisguy and then eventually lik. I finally figured out like it would let memessage. People and I messaged the guy I was like heay like this- is probablylike day two or three of it. I'm like Hay like Um. This is coming from mycomedy page. Like is there any way you can just tag? I'm Oi'like, I'm like I'm,not saying you stole it. 'cause like. I know people share stuff all the time.This jus come from my commen page, an Weye to can tag my post in it and hewas like, oh absolutely so he tags it. He attacks my facebool page and likeokay, cool and then like the third day, like I'm still on a band, I'm stillbanned from facebooks. All I can do is like message, people and like Iam,literally going through and like envybody, that's like liking the post,I'm like trying to get them like my pace Okid. This is my facebook pageBlah Blah Blah this and that and then like that night. No, this isstill second day that night it took like fifty thousand shares Jesus and,like I might just like. I'm updating it constantly to seehow mayint's, like fifty thousand like fifty thousand five hundred like everylike thirty seconds. It was like bizarre and so eventually stopped at,like seventy thousand on that page, I was like okay th T. that's like a lotof shares, that's Crazy d! So then, like all of a sudden like I getmessages from other people like hey, it's been shared over here like you're, not tagged, and it's beenshared over here. It's been shared over here and, like I message like thesethese pages and I'm like Hey, is there anyway, you can just tag like my. Iknow you guys most likely toontake this. I get it just tag. My my my thing, mypage in it like yeah absolul. Ever a lot of people are really cool with it.A couple of people never respond, Ene, one. U told me they basically fuck offand I was like whatever okay a like whatever do like. I don't give ashadeit's, fley publicity. I guess in a way like my witter handles out there and then by day, like I'm, finelyunbanned off face book, so I'm like now, I'm now I'm able to do more stuff on mybusiness page, my actual page itself and UH. So this, like ve veterans, pageshared it message Tam. They have like. I think I think thirty thousand sharesand some restaurant means pad shared it and, like I trye to get in that group,I could see how many times I got shares my friend and they never let me in thatgroup, for whatever reason I don't know why, because it's one of those likesecret groups, you Gotto, be accepted an you got, ta fill out and never b. tit'd been like shared, like I think, like thirty thousand times on that page. So when I lost cow, it's been sharedover tw two hundred and twenty thouaand times on Vase, but and that's only frompeople that knew new pages that shared it e h, they'relike Oh. I saw this and a lot of them tagged me in it the issue he the suckything about it was. I got tagged in so late. The initial boom didn't really ohyeah. I only gained like it's got shared over twenty to tw twohundred and twenty thousand times. I may be gang seven hundred followers,which is still like a lot. I was going to say I likethese mean pages, like theone page literally like it took their mean page from like five thousand tosixty thousand God and he was like and he felt so bad, and that was the firstguy h contacted he felt Hor e. He tried to ever like they start sharing mystuff every day, just to try to get like SOM 'cause. He was like I I don'tknow Hewas Like U. You'R tweat made our page no shit yet odthat's crazy. I knowand ONC like seven hundred foller, but...

Li thatthat's more than I have totals Yi. I was just like my God, so manypeople gained off that. But I mean I look at I it's cool of shit like if youGoogle, like you, got time in Milliond, you got timed tof clean. I guess, likethe fourth image, no Shyeah Te fourifooth image doing that right. Ma'cause, like Ray Crock on the Ray Crock, was the inventor at McDonalds. INV, theCreter McDonald's he's originally came up. Heu Got Tie en you got time toclean up there. It is right there. There we dude, ah hat's fantastic man and in Ray Crock I'm I will always belike. I will always be there. That's the weird thing, a an internet historyand it's pivon shared more than that n knows like red it and shit like that,and that and like I had people like I found out this dude. He cropped my nameoff of it. o Fun share his page alone. I think it got like fifteen thousand.It was just a normal. He cropped my name and I had everybody was commenting on t and likedo you stole this guy stuff like Ba, but it is what it is. It's you know,stealing jokes and stealing contents kind of the occupational hazard of whatwe do. Oh yeah, I mean I'm the kind of person it's like thepeople n onface book. If I, if I see something that I know is taken fromsomebody else, whether it's somebody bigg or somebody small like I, I haveto say something: Oh Yeah, I caught a guy, he was he was at, like somecollege comedy show and like Hawaii or some shit, and he did like an entirefive minutes of Pabo Francisco material and everybody was like applauding him,and I was like Dud Yo ripp this off a fucking Volv bit Francisco and he'slike I've, never even heard of PABA. Francisco D, I was like I find thatfucking hard to believe io, so his girlfriend like jumped on, like hedidn't, steal, thes joke at all, and I posted the clip from you tube andthey're like well. That clip says that it was posted three weeks ago. No, itsays the clip was uploaded to you. Two three years ago the album was from Flike fucking. Ninety five it was it was. It was the one where,where it seems like talk o having a Mexican girlfriend and she does like the cat. The cat screamand she's fighting the guy off orslike hold my baby and fights the guy like hehad like word for word down to to hold my baby bit at the end, and it's like just fucking, say y just on just ownITA have er cover comedian eah. At this point, like you stole the entire bitMakisa, it was Iwas a fucking tribute. I don't care, but you know yeah Um Shit like that. You know it pisses meoff when I see it but yeah. No, I I remember one time I wrote overbatumStephen Wright Joke Ir ovelike, I'm one line he's a one linee're like I think,on the same levels. IAD never heard the joke before it, and also my buddypulled me off to the side and he was like hey. He was listening to an Allemlike I've, been doing it for like a month right and it's been doing reallywell and I kee, like all randomly like. I just listened to Steven Right Outnfor like eighty five M and all of a sudden it was like the same joke notthe same. It was like there 's two boards that were difficult Le Well, Igotto get rid of t it right, yeah close enough that yeah that happened to me atfirework 'cause. I do that. I do that. I'm like a brother to somebody elsething is my opener and h. Some guy tapped me on the shoulder after afterfireworks was over and he had a shirt on that said that exact, oh, really,Lukan bit, which made me feel like an Asole 'cause. I had t shirts made ofthat joke a few years, ecause I've he that opener for fucking five years anit was one of those it was like. Oh I've never met this guy before and I'ma little weird about using it again. Now that's parial, I mean there'sparallel thinking there is. I mean it it's I I wrote a bit when I was incollege about about like airport security like everybody did then, and Iwas real proud of it, and then I was watching Um, oh w. WHO WAS IT s? It was Larry Larry,...

Baldirish Guy Ido'but. It's going to drive me crazynow, but he was on comid central and he told like like the same fucking bit andI was like Shit. I was proud of that too. Can't use that one any more in fucklike DM, so happy wites soike. Somebody else like you know you guys, nt hear itfrom each other like y know, there's no like he's not sitting in the crowd orlike behind you like trying to write down like it just fugainst, parallelthinking, it' Shitty, like somebody at a higher level, Wal Tey both throw thatout there before you it's kind of the unspoken rules, whoever gets it on TVfirst EAH MOS joke nd Um there was there was a lot of that. You know the joke. Writing Process is somethingthat I think is is so interesting, because no there's, no, no two comics.Do it the same way Ye um y. You do a lot of your stuff posin ontwitter and facebook. Me It's just a lot of occasionally a random. I can'tjust sit down and write. I force myself. I no like I so as get really personallLi E. I will sometime like luckily my phone's waterproof, so I I do a lot of really good thinkingin the shower and so I'll sit there and like I'm, like Oh man, I'll, havesomething pop up and like I'll, just write like ill write all the time. Asomeone just stat like I' Say, like ninety nine percent of my jokes, don'twork, but I'm getting a lot of this te crap out. There F the way to get to thegood stuff. Like last year, I road, like twenty four hundred jokes s'cause.I I write Co. You have to write constantly ah like, but that's I'vealso always been like that with stuff. Like always thinking I, this is nreally funnyis. I was having sex on my fiancee and like weere going a all sound waslike wait, a second. She was like what and I was L. I just thought ofsomething I gott write this tow. Oh Jesus, areyou kidding me right now? I'm like no, it's good. You saidsomething your Moan just reminded me O. I have to write this town. I have to and yoand she's stillmarrying Yo yeah she's yeah, I iwill always r Ay Ho hold on. I was about to come. I was like I justgot Ta rite. O I was going to say is that is that howyou let her know, you'r Bat done hold on hold on? I just hit her in the NaseM. I e Imama sthere. Keep me going, I'm just joking. I don't. I don't punchwomen if they don't want me to to obut. You know it's a sexual thing. How how had I just got canceled? How? How does your fiance deal with dowith the whole like doing stand up thing and she's amazing with it yeah m? She is absolutely she's for it. I give herlike a day to what we can do whatever Um but she's she's really reallysupportive and that's the hardest part like a lot of comics like you have tohave like you're, either single or you have a supportive fiancee girlfriendwife doesn't matter like you have to 'cause that you're going to be single.It takes a strong person to deal with that 'cause you're out allthe time like we had a discussion. The other dayit's like she's, going to pickwhere we live. If I've become like a really famous Danocomic or even makingmy living because albeas always on the go yeah like shegets pick where we live type thing: Yeah she's, the one who's going to bethere. Yep th t that that's that's a cool ecause. When you think 'cause, youknow we AD. We have a lot of comics in town who, like you, know, Dusty Harveymarried. His wife very active in in his comedy career n she's, organizing hishis birthday rose, O e Sai, which I wish I could go God that's Gointo begreat Um, but yeah, and then you got guys like me, you're just KINDOF, likeI'm, making a fucking career out of being single girl. I havebe'n seen she's. You knowshe she's an actress, so she's a little...

...more on boared with it than then. Mylast girlfriend was who was ver m. You know one of the got to be out all thetime. You don't get it it's how I do it like. I don't an people O, I think, alot of when you date, somebody in Losh I'realayshop with a comet. They don't realize like it means the world comedy.Is your world like if you're, friends or family, like don't support it there,and you want to do that? They're done like it's sad, but if you really want that you I mean I'velost friendships, alreay, I don't Tal of friends nearly as much it's notbecause, like I don't want to just. I don't have time to yeah Um, I'm alwayson the go alway like I'm now, I'm able to findlly like at the beginning of theyear like doing my job, my real job, parttime, an the economy, part time now,which I'm finally got to that point where I can do that, but you have to it, takes a strong woman,strong person to follow you with that it'sit's. I love her to death, for it.She's amazing H, Um, with H, with the going part time comedyand part time job like how like what was it for you that madeyou realize you had kindo gotten to that point like I was having to turndown stuff turne down, shows yeah and he don't get me wrong. We'e not goingto make as much money as I was no, but I'm want to get to that point to whereI'll make more money and more money tand get out more and more. If I wantto make this a career like you have to do that, you can't just like sit thereand do nothing. I you have to go out and put yourself in the dangers thon.You do you I mean cause. You do a lot of stuff around in the Dayton area. Itraveling out of town, though like where you ust, wear you with that, I'mgoing to Ini, I go to Louisville a lot. Um Chell coffee's, like one of myfavorite places really and like Crelik Hocfy, is one of the best placs youcomm I've ever done like they love comedy like they fluck in love. C You'Rreal yeah it just you wouldn't think it. No, when the first time Goin there, youM, like you, Wantna, think it but Laurie Gray, she's like the QueenEconmoy she's, one of my favorite. I Love Loro. My Lori's Lorris amazingshe's, one of my favorite comics S, an Ge she's, a great person, fucking,hysterical Um, but it's just she's made com. She felt commin there so well that,like they just love it, they love it and they get it like. It's hardly forpeople to get my style. Sometimes it's really hard, because I'm very brashhatyet o work, yeah theyr very and they get it.They love it. They Fuck and love it up. There nd, but they love all types ofcomedy 'cause. They understand it. Um I haven't. I haven't made it out to I've,been wanting to go odt to Indiana. I haven't made it out there yet and he'sFin. It's been a while, since I've been out there but hoet. The last time I was out therewasn't for comedy is for Bacty Boys convefaance. I didn't I didn't want to go. Therewere so I knew so many people who were at that concert. T wasn't dusty there.I don't know, I don't think I don't think dusty was there. No, I don'tthink so. I tagged Hem in it 'cause. Maybe that's what I'm thinkin. Itagmotit because he's a huge Indian Patris fan and Sr God at their stadiumyeah. I know a bunch of people who were at who are at that show people fromwork and all that Um eevery day ever done anything up in Chicago, not yet duChicago's, so much fun. Ever a lot of people told me Ane, Tego sh, likemybody came, I white. You said you sh. I should go up there. CTN Like they'lllove me up there. Oh they fuckin. Will that is your scene, man Chicago! It'sit's like Chicago, is a Brashtown a I I know love. I do love Chicago in general, butI D I've done like two open mikes there and it's just it's so much fun. I makeit out there eventually W. I just I think the catchpoint two is. You know.Nobody knows who you are at they Mike Tere. So many comics hat like an openMike Yeu to where you got ta weight through that line for, like ever likethirty forty fifty comics, an open like yeah e waiting and waiting and Weigtthey're, they are packed and they go...

...late. It's not like, like around here Imean around here. They always seem to either start at like eight or ten yeahand the eight o'clock ones. There's not a lot of people there, the ten eclockones, everyone's drunk eouth, paying attention y and then it's just late.Yep Um, you mentioned you're talking rearlier about about th, the losingfriendships thing yeah over like for. For for me, it's always been anissue. I I can't ever seem to get anybody to go out. Go out to thefucking shows whether it's an open, MICO wilys thing. Has that kind of beenthe issue with you, Um Yeah. I don't really get people come out much anymore um they just I mean it's not because youstill want to vitem moutal like you're working on the same material, sometimeslike, like I ont vite people out when there's like new stuff on Workin on,like Ha Li. I say, like I say people for likecontests and stuff like that Um, but like for like showwise, unless I'mopening up for somebody like I'll tell if I'm hosting I'm like listen likedon't you're, not coming out to see me like this guy's, a fucking, amazing,headminer nd, you need to see him or um like one of my favorite comics USStewart huff like I can love him and, like I don't like, I don't even care ifI'm hosting luckely like past te times he's been around like I've got the hostfor him, but I'm like I don't come see me like I'm just like I'm there likedon'teed to come to see that gir there to bring the other guy up yeah. I E Idon't. I don't Gev a sh like an opportunity, o the open form which isawesome M, but yeah just you lose there's people Ijust people, I don't talk to any more period like I I I S. I just don't havetime. I can't hang out when they want to hang out. I just can't hang out onlythat, like I'm thirty three and then you got your other friends re in ourthirties. I have kids and I'm like you, do comedy and like Yeah Right, yeah you're still doing that youhaven't you haven't you haven't, decided to grow up yet like no. Ihaven't I' reseend my twinter FEETRIG. I swear to God like if I ever get tothat point and they start pulling my tarter feed they're going to findeverything, and I don't car like I've, been honest about everything,straightforward, so yeah, I don't I I M. I made the decision early thisyear to to to clean up t's clean up facebook and KINDOF keep everythingcompartmentalized like my regular facebook. I don't really get on therevery much anymore. I don't post a whole lot Y. Ah, I keep everything prettymuch contained to twitter and face in my my comedy page and I Kinda I kindofjust let the family know because the family like likes to like the thecomedy page to be supportive and it's like okay but you're, going to see aside of me. You probably don't want to see grandma. I think my grandmaunfollowed me on Tai Think I think one of Hem ts I was like Huh, Oh yeah. I'vehad I've had my mom straight up telling me she was like I had done follin onfacebook Inin and it's like that's fine iniprobably for the best w a n think islike I semer talk to her in a while, and I normally do I'm like wait. Maybemy account got hacked and somebody sent her some porno and she thought it wasme. That's like some porn links. You knowwhat I mean a appened to me on thewer OARDY, somebody hackd my twitter. Thisis this is like a month or two ago and followed a bunch of porn accounts ontwitter and was liking an retweating Shit, and my aunt follows me on to Iand my uncle sent me a tax kindo. Like H, I was like Ah Shit. Not Again, Idon't think he totally believes me, though Um but yeah, that was taking my handand everything. I don't think I w AIT Gontolave me N. I I had I had that problem 'cause Igo down started in south Carolinaa. I go down there. A lot and I'll usuallyjust send out a mass like text like hey all my friends by their H, I'm in townfor like a day. If you want to come see me, I'm I'm headlining the Monday nightshow 'cause. Usually let me headline want to come back. Come see me andalways get like everybody who the pep who just nevershow up it's like. Well, then, you know fuck, you, I'm sorry, the one chance you had sorrynough I'vehad people ever since, like my facefo...

...pitch kind of took off They'e resouline,Oh, when you're like show Blah Blah. This O got People Tho come out to someof those yea so that that's pretty cool. But it's weird meeting people for thefirst time that you met like through fat like Oh yeah, it's very Awk N. it'sjust different, it's different de. But that's the cool thing about me is, Iknow they're coming. They get my sense of humor some. I know they'll enjoy it,but it's just like Tis what it is. Yeah Man I just wrote. I just wrote the darkestjoke. I ever A. I told you this joke. I don't. I saw you post T, no, thatwasn't. I saw you post about Roing, a darkest joke ever as IA tell it yeahand I'm ending with it. Now ecause I've ended with it like three times. Did youwin with it? Last night? No, I didn't thinkbecause. I was working on Stuf,okay, Um. So the joke is, if gotta be emboring eyou. I you're not unbore with me right you're, going to hate this jokethe jogis like so m ball's deep in this fourteen year oldboy right. He turns to me and goes what the hellare you doing. I go wholly shit, your life. That was my first. What dream? Wi Love it, but I'm I'm a fucking fan owhat you do I can see T at. I can see that dividinga room, real fucking Qui. Oh, that's why you gotto end on it. I told that at the most offensive showI opened up with that and a fucking murdered, which I knew it would right.It's he most offensive shel right. I had a feeling it would do reallyfantastic, but then the next I was headlining. The Sunday show and Iopened with it and cricket Oman Ayte not get them back from there.likeeverything, like I've, noticed o this from growing up being growing. Asa comic like, I was like if I got him on board like I get end with thatperfectly fine m I'd be fine yeah and at a show, like the most offensive show,I mnyou can get away with Fuckylok an nything Um UK ot Olivia told something last nightthat made me cringe a little bit th that Rape Joke Yeah Holy Shit, sgod, Jo,it's it's a great joke, but I did not see that coming. I rememer when shefirst tol. I was a great joke. I H I haven't seen her go up in at least ayear. Yeah, IT'S A great joke! I'm glad realy! It's one of the more well written rape, jokes yoweverlike it's like that's people are to takin this totally out ofcontext. Probably, but it is a really well written rate joke. It is yeah, itdoesn't 'cause it doesn't. I think the key to a good rape joke. That's a weirdfucking sentence for me to say, but the Kysoo could well written rape. Joke isyou're, not H. it's not so much making light of the rape. It's drawing attention tohow fucked up the rape is Um, and I can't I still that's something I willnot takle. I kno not a chance. Bull try to do that type of stuff like, and I Ithink s like I like sagbract. I do fucked up materiallic as, for example,the joke. I just told a little bit ago, but I still there's certain things likeI'm like. I won't touch it and I refuse to touch and that that will be one up.I will never touch because it's so like I've tried writing different things,ecause not to make fun of it in a sense or make light of a situation,but t like you ere saying, and I can't do it no and there's just some thingsyou just don't make fun of but like if you can do it like, I see C Amrateurcomics, do it all the time or CONA starting out I'JS like dude like noit's. It's almost like it's almost like a write of passage like if y you now,you gotta earn that yeah and it's it's not that's a hard. That's a hardmountain to climb I've seen professional touring internationalcomics. Not they just can't. They can't do it a Jeseneck one of the most brashcomics. He won't do Rad jokes anymore...

...'cause. He read, he read a book aboutit and made change his perspective of it and he just doesn't do it anymore. Member, the remember the dngeltoshthing from a few years ago re he told some rape, joke and t e girl in theaudience, got pissed off and walked off and he kinda mme was he was doing someshow somewhere. I don't know what the joke was. It wassomething about something about rape and H. Women in the audience didn'tlike it, and so she got up and was walking out of the room and he calledher out for leaving the room like. Oh, was it too offensive for you and sheshoted something back and he shouted back at her like somethingos, theEFFECTIV, like, I hope you get, raped, O wile walk into your car in the park.A Lot toor, something I'm like Jesus Tosh, come on man. Jesus well M. here'smy arguint with that. Those too ye H, probably shouldn't ave, said that, butin Saniel toss you kindo know what you're getting into yeah it's it's atwo sided coin like she should have known going in. If you're paying moneyto go, watch tos perform like anything on table. Yeah he's gonna he's evensend to himself he's like H. Whenever he tells a joke, he tries to carry the stretch, the joke out moreand more until it just appeals to it more narrow and narrowing tyeatills.Just one person in the room thinks it's funny, but I mean you know if you everwatch Tosh Plino or an e anything he's done. You Know Watche brickleberry forcrying out loud like he is a he' got a brash flucked up sense of humor. No, as far as telling somebody, I hopeyou get raped to the parking lot completely different, that's adifferent story altogether! Um, but H. my mentality has always been. You know.As long as the comedian is on stage- and I think we talked about this lastnight at that stage- door they're allowed to talk about whatever the fuck.They want. It's just their job to make it funny. If you don't make it funny, then you're an idiot ha like y there.Nothing! My thing is: Nothing is off the table. You say if you CA, if youcan make it funny, if you can make a Funn, that's that's the whole point y,but if you don't make it funny, then you're just being a dick they're,sayings hateful stuff tho be mean it's fucking, twitter, edge, lords and stufflike that. Yeah just sh like that pisses me of if you' re J, if you're,just if you're just being offensive to be offensive, you know that doesn'tmake you a comedian. Every everyone thinks that what made George Carlinfunny was that he was rounch, O hat Maj aring funny was he was fucking smart,yes, Ye guys like that T, it's tough to besmart and funny on stage but tha. That is the toughest part I want to get tothat point at one point in time I want to be. I ee people go like what yeahand then they're like W, never mind like what I don't know whe. I don't know my my favorite reaction toget from anybody in Tho crowd is, is the delayed reaction laugh where youtell punch lines like three two one? Oh and all my jokes are like that. Ohi, like I' Mi. I think the longest Iheld in for a joke was like five seconds. forlike people I got it on'tthink God thank you and then everybody like Somy, jokes youv got to thinkabout a lot of them. You do. Some of them are just so like what to fuck. Butlike your the thing you talk about doing the moment of silence yeah on onA. I can't do that right now, that's 'cause! They j. They just keep fuckinghappening yeah, and you know we had one here in town, but I I I did like thatnew ones of the the moment of silence bit. You know incorporated 'cause.There were people in the room who were like. Why isn't he oh an I go back toit? I do wantto go back to it yeah. I can't tell that Socani try to tell thatjoke of the offensive show din't work. They got all the Chos I was like thisis my opportunity, like Tei Hav, tell that joke still can't do it hia toosoon. I guess for for the to yeah, and I G I mean I get it like and that thatwas the only show I was going to tell that joke at was that m. It took methree years to write that joke and I I finally perfected it to I not perfectedit, but I was like Shit. This is where I wanted to go n then, and two weekslater, that happens yeah and do don, and I talked about that atone point where you know yeah. If you...

...had gone, if anybody had gone to Wileis,you know the Sunday. After what happened you would have heard comicstalking about you mean guys were already at the writing Sesh, trying tothink of ways to write about what happened, because that's how wecope Yep Yep most people think when Mostoy think Comics Bing Fun insituation is O, make fun a weird Ashshit or just fucked up shit M,because they're trying to be mean now, that's literally how we cope witheverything you make fun of everything. My my thing is like if you can make fun of cancer right, if you're able to make fun of cancer,your Basii telling cancer fuck, you Ou, don't control me like if somebody has like hancerwhatever like you're basily, saying y fuck, you you don't control me MHM andthat's one of my favorite things about comedy is like you could do a joke and if somebody's laughing they could havehem worst day in the world like they could just found out. They have cancerthey're dying of Ganse, but at that moment you make them laugh it's allgone for they ha split. Second, it's all God eer Gary Gulman. Talking aboutthat an interview he he did a show and a guy stopped him afterwards, and theguy was like a surgeon or something like that, and he had just had to spendthat day like telling parents that, like their kid, had died on theoperating table and Hewas like Bout D, you go to a show like that, and thenyou just laugh and forget about it for for five minutes and H, yeah, it's you know I go on stage and I talk about being afat fuck with with a little Dick, but I have in security S. I have selfconfidente issues, that's how I deal with my own insecurities. If I I I make fun of it before anybody elsecan, and that's kind of how my approach has always been, is what what is itabout me that bothers me that I can get out in front of Yeah efor anybody else.Getting can pointed out y cause like Ou, said ECAUSE, then you're in control ofit. It doesn't have any power and it doesn't have any power over you at all.Like honest a lot of jokes, I write about or as AAs they see or true to anextent. Yo know. A lot of Hem are a lot of hem stuff. That's gone a happened inmy life. People don't realize that. But that's the way I cope witheverything and its like write shit about it. L Ke something bad happens tome immediately right about it. I do not everybody. I just wanted to take amoment to, inter up the show and give a very special shout out to the peoplewho support this show. Every month on Patrion I want to shout out WhitneyLatin Jodie mcdirmont and my mother Melissa. Shad. Do every single monthhelps port his show, and if you want to be one of those awesome people, all yougot to do is go to Patrioon Doton SA face t loud hod andjoined, the onedollar tear Youl, get shouted out on the air, get your name with it. In thedescription you get early access to all these shows compercial free through ourpatrioot R ssped, and so many other cool rewards once again go to Patriondotcom, slash, basement lounce o join the one dollarere and e Por eshopiaking in the shelt. Let's get back toe tat'show, it is eme. I say you got todeal Yep all ight. Let's, let's pin this a little positive Um, so we sholTono positivity all right ellt's. Let's try we'll see how long I it'll last sooutside of comedy. What's Mor Shit you like to do man? Oh Jesus ADIBLS, but e Anibals, adibls edibles?No, I mean play Vito Games every now and then Itry to do work out e like I eat like shit, soI cand imagine like how much more shitter I'd look. If I didn't work out.

My me m I workout and then yeah adibles and I play VideoGames um pretty much S. I used to play a lot of like sports, but I don't. Idon't do that much anymore. Just 'cause! I like to gamble with my life now aa Um yeah. I H this is a very provfor.Twenty show Miss Weed what you don't have any well,so I I don't smoke anymore for for a lot of reasons. One when I moved uphere, I started teaching a went away: Real, quick Um. I don't know anybody up here, h from which to get it. Also. I live withmy mom as just e Con. This is the conversation I'm not ready to have so Ihope to go. She doesn't listen to this episode, but fuckit whatever I'm thirty, IT'S IT'S! Basically legal yeah, butyeah like one of my favorite past times when I was living when I was livingdown South Y. U Know I was working at Walmart and UH. I had Sundays off andI'd bring my buddy nick over and we would just Geti g baked off of ourgoard and like Listeng to Ryon Adams or watch like watch like episodes ofHannibal or fucking house or whatever, and just I fi my favorite thing to dois eat it edible and then have sex right havetowards. I feel like it'slike every cravice of my Dick just every sentimelike I culd feel it. You know what I mean. Oh riht, and- andI don't even know how long I'm fucking I could be thirty seconds. It could befive hours, but my God as if feel good, every crevicof I'm like oi've. NeverI've never had Highsex, oh my God, it's the bad! Is it really? I can't believeit said that mom, I hope you' Listenhope, I hope you're listening yeah no 'cause. Like I remember. Iremember the first time I did a gravity bong um it was the fucking weirdestnight o he ever done a gravidy. Bon Now, H. Knowwhagrabidbong is honest. No, II' Sure I've seen one before I HSD. Never you get like like a fucking bowlof water and you take like the top part of it. Oh yeah, Ihad never done hembefore, like the most, I would do, was like a quick puff off a bowl and passit around, and so my buddies were like hey llet's. Try Get my trethe GravinyBong. So I hit this fucking thing and I was longing with a cane at the timeecause I had fucked at my knee and I was sitting on the couch, Jus, leaningagainst my cane scrolling through my phone, like not actually readinganything just scrolling and getting like conal vision and Shit, and then Ibust out laughing and the guys like what are you laughing about that waslike that story. You were telling about like the fucking penguins and they likethat was twenty minutes ago for Somei did heroin, and let me tell you that was a greatnap. Nis Join, never I've, never the weed's,the strongest thing I've ever Ie. I mean I've done some other drugs, butnever done heroin. I mean I up to Harinrd. I I trid to I tried aderol once I'venever done that it was it was. I was a productive mother fucker that weekend Idid cocaine one time long time ago done ectacy a couple of times, but yeah hook her a couple of times,I'm just joking Um, but no now I just a weedn. That's all it isthat's all I really. I don't eat anything else, right, REL, no fucking!I never tried metable go. I love adables. I prefer it yeah one of these days. Oh I used to like Idon't teach you anymore fuck it I'm going to say this. I still every nowand then have a little bit of anedable Shrigo to work. No Shit Y alittle bit I've never been hired drunkwhen I've gone to work. Ie I've wished LAK. There have been days, wherea re,like I've, beegetng ready to go to work. NowI was going into a shshowd st kind of like I should just loik. I ucang take aflask with me, O Gon, to need it yeah,...

Yeah N, I'm in I've done the AL, neverthe ER, the Booe, never the booze, I'm not a big drinker anymore. I mean I gota Dy, so oh shit, yeah, it was stupid. I mean happens to everybody. Thatsthappen to me, but it happens to a lot of PEO yeah. I mean I deserved it thatIG I wasn't drunk. Nor was I tipsy or anything but there'd been times in thepast, where I deserved it, but I just finally happened to me. So it is whatit is ner in my time. It's all you could do. It could be worse. You couldbe still sitting around with no license like John Morris Yeah John Mor. I got agood roash Chov about 'cause he's on the Rost for dusties. Oh, is he ye H, um? Well Shit Man? Well, what you got'cause t shwe record this on on a Tuesday. It drops on Friday what yougot coming up anytime soon Saturday am down in Cinsy yo M, I'm hosting theygot laugh it up. It's a laughiup, its competition, Oh yeah, laugh it! It'sreally cool. I love laughit up, it's run by Maria. I can never pronounce herlast Nann Call. ITTL heyware tops Thomson Um, it's an urban like it's an urban show, but it's he first contest. Everyone, noshit. I went down there thinking my head, like I'm, going to lose thiswhatever I don't give hi a shit. I didn't bring anybody 'cause, it'saudience vot and I won. I was like what fuck don't get me wrong. It wasn't thatMa. It wasn't like it ws like hundreds of comics or anything like that. But atthat moment like 'cause Urbin, hanests Willtell you if they fuck and hate you,Oh yeah, Oh yeah, I didn't bring anybody in. It was aaudience vote and Iwas like I won. I was like Holy Shit. I think Imight actually be funny. I remember that the first time I was like I couldactually may be funny, Oh and I'm hosting it. I think I do two two showsa month now, so I'm gongto host both of 'em Huckye em is this? Is this a? Isthis a Gobanana? No, I don't know, I can't honestly. I don't know if they'rehaving in the same place it was at Springdale was in springdale somewhere.I can't remember they'Redo int the sant spot but m coming up a wily, Zo m super dope, Ohyeah, sereaas going Tao, be se fucking great superdop has become just afucking monster. Ah, and the Danevy runs a fantastics God. I love you, dance fe and your hair. It's fantastic like this is a thirtyyear in a row that hi've done the festival or second, no second, I canteither way I was on it last year, no thiris Os thirty year last year. I didit this year, um n it this year again and that's, I think, like the seventhroug, the eleventh or something like that in November. I think you're right,but it's going to be blasten. White Simmons is hedlining one of Hem KeliColet. I can't remember the other two at minters off e Top, my head ut Deitand calle. So fucking maning. Do I what's on my favorite, just comics, tosee in general soyit's great yeah, I love it. Man Yeah Super Dope is uh.Like I said it's Jus. It is taken on t it's it's. One of those shows thats gotstarted by somebody here in town, just taking on I life of its own Marknormanright mark normal s, Ike one of the biggest names in comedy like how theTou I ssmart Gorman and a house show righ. It was out a Houseshel just BEC,like bute he's doing he's doing this thing in in into the little back cornerof fucking bars and and Jesus Yeah, like you, ie how tofuck. How O like it's a fantastic fucking thing, he'sdone like every single that 'cause. I don't think they do it as much as theyused to parks because he moved to Columbus now, but I know they're doinga festival every single year now, but it he was doing it like monthly. It wasa monthly thing until they moved he might be doing up in Columbus. I don'tknow, but now tha the specific the festival's always going to be Indaytonthat I know of I w just fii loved it like last year at Calebsaney and now he's got like a comny specialcoming out like his well. His cone Secal just came out on conme sensral,Oh did it, I think so. Oh Shit, it's...

Comig out, or it just came out yeah. Soyou're like s like how the fuck do you get these? Like Ken Kenneth, He FrostIfro. I can't think of his fucking name as one closing out. I think I can't Fuckan remember Emerdaian Kelly Um. What have you ever thought aboutlike trying to start 'causbetween Dan and Kevin Rupert and ow Joni McGermitts, startind Shit like me, Yeah Um? Maybe if I'm going parttime now atwork Um, it's I'm not the best when it comes likedoing that type of stuff, and I know that I've thought about it a lot. I havethought about it, a lot but like to that level. What those people do ispretty impressive yeah about running my own ope Mike, but ever sent like Tho work. Forty hours aweek, which I know some people do that all the time, but to try to goout on the road to oance like even going in gym in the morning and Baancehaving a a fiancee. It's very difficult, it'sdifficult to do all that! So that's kind of one thing I didn't want to doyet I mean now that I'm going part time n my actual job job. I might havethought about it thought about like doing stuff, Ot local bars or J, StStarti off, like a random showcase, o Li more or something like that. LikeI've thought about it 'cause you know, it'd be fun, it'ud definitely be fun,and I wish I could give more to the datin comedy community than like doyeah, but I'm always on Tho go like trying to like get further andthat's.The tough thing about comedy is like you want to give back to your comedycommunity, but you also want to spread your wings and and go other places youcan't it's so hard to juggle both at once. I think I think a lot of I thinka lot of comics in in the area. I mean a feel the same way we WANTA. We wantto contribute as much as we h take. I guess M, but also, I think,just being a clike also 'cause. There are so many comics who are such flakes being consistent and and reliable. Imean you know. C I mean Karen lets. You kind take the rains on Sunday comicsonce in a while whnshe', when she's out of town yea yeah stuff, like that, likeyou've shown that you're someone that coal be depended on, and I think in away, that's kind of that. That's a way of giving back. I think because I ethought: Aboutit, yeah, yeah, Guess Yeah Graftoas Greenrma really thinkabout like that. Now wilys will sho I' maken a shout Wili. I Love Wiley'sdeath. I love Carn Carens Lkng, my mentor Karen Caran Japhe's fucking, amazingshe's, taught me so much stuff but yeah. She lets me run the the UN,the comics every now and then, when she's out of town soincomoms like thebest like Anyboybel Teles, like the best open Mike no in the state of Ohiowhen it comes to like crowd and just like it's fucking, fantastic hun EERSO.What week it's great sheuns, a fantastic show like thet entire stafflike she runs sontiy comics great, like wily's, is a great futtan comedy clubthat just needs more people to go there. Yeahh like there are days I've been tothe Sunday comics an. I forget that it's an open Mike, exactly and wellfucking Ove Mie has ike sixty seventy comics hi. What comedy has I? What Ovenmy Casslik Sixty to seventy collicgues? No, they I mean not comics but audiencenooneyen Spen, nobody yeah at a c like on a Sunday night for Fuck Sa. Ah Shedoes a fucking amazing job and and to have you know, yeah, there's going to be a person orTho that goes up and maybe is isn't on point or is new Um, but to have twelvecomics go up and have ten of Em fucking Killit Isis insane is absolutely insaneUm in in a club that has the reputation like wile's has m an IT. Is the oldestclub in Ohio Yep, it's oldest oldes, the first comedy club in I, whatever,whatever the the Slono, I think yeah. I...

...think it Seba first odoanfirst but yeah like yousaid it's just more. People just need to need to go so you're. Ever in thearea. You should go o Wy, thes, Comedy Club, yeah and yeah, like just justfucking, go like and reserve online people yeah, it's cheaper and it's Getingi staff ready yeah, don't if, ifyou didn't reserve online, you don't get to bitch that t th understaf Li e,for example, like o Riny Miller, he was on Americascott talent. He plays Thitid place overall over all this year. He was at Wiley's this year alreadylike right. After t e, it was like the week after the the finaly yea, no likeno, it was two day. I got a host form, no shit. It was two days he was Liy.The FINOIE was Wednesday on Friday, wewere doing she wa se, Oh shit. It wasme Karen and En Ryan it was great, but like so we did last year. He saw aboutevery show because of the year before that you know e show of the entireweekend. Sixty got the FU. I didem 't dead a week, but that's the type oftalent they bring. They bring in talent before before. It's before anybody knows withhe pazag like dwite Simmons antastic comic. His last time was number one onitunes. Mark Shallowfu was just there this fast week. I don't know how manypeople they had. I think his album got to number two on itone's comedy albumKsany same thing like he. He was there like last year and he was up SUPID ITLcontat super do festival. He had also anline a weeken there and he's nowhaving a conmecsental special comeout like they have talengest people. Don'tthey don't go down there? It's ECAUSE, they don't have 'cause the Y. Don't Hey,don' have a corporate backing like other Ota funny, but I know Ias. Justjoking funny, B, I' I've said it several times on the show. I just youknow as a guy who's gotten who's been lucky ehough to perform their numeroustimes. Hive also been flucked over by that place and numerous time. So I'veonly done it. I did. I guess about one time in that one show mean you were onThegt, that's a what time. I'd been there a the last time I was there and tt they didn't fucking, promote that show do know. Um Dog Dugan, Michellewere so pessed and I can imagine, and they were like they're like I don't wewant to keep doing this. I was like next time we come through Bookin itwhileys yeah, they'll they'll promote it, they will Um. I don't know what it is about funny buanytime, they got locals involved. They just decided to phone en on e thing,funy on isn't about like, for example, I did. I was at Bruaha this year, s INEANSO CO,fesivolts s fucking fantastic first time year. I have to do it and, forexample, they had preacher lost in who, I think was on Americas. Gottown Whilo.I can't remember he was on something, but he was like the qoe on a corporatetype. Yeah lieand. Then you had chat Daniels and like you're sitting there, like Ifuck. I know who I was a comic like. I knew who I like 'cause they're, bothperforming at the same time there's a Wa stage underneath tha bridge, which Iwas at and preacher was at like a big assman stage and as a comic you like,like, I know who I'd rather watch like nothing, ro preachers funny,but I rather watch chat. DANL'S S 'cause, like he's so fucking sof he'snot the corporate guy. You O hes did KINDOF like his own way type thing:Yeah he's not he's not commercial Hetou, but commercial yebut he's Lhat of funny.Bon runs off F yeah. I I've been to some Fli. I saw tight a fucking ChrisTitus. There t was one of the best shows of ever fucking tend to, butthere's, but I, but even that I will say like there's just somethingdifferent about sitting in the funny bone and sitting in wileys.The atmosphere in general is just different. Yeah C comedy fans like, forexample, go to like wilys or Gobananis down in Cincinnati or like m. You havea UM. I can't remember the HILARITYIS UP INCLEVELAND, like Yoomini fanswill go to those places. People go like funny bones forspecifically like Oh, we got free... or it's a date night yp ofthing and the like is like going to the theater more theas going to a comedy,show yeah, but OBUC UM I'll never get work there. Now you knowwhat not that I do any. I was going to say, T s yeah in in the five years I'velived here. I've performed there twice and once wasn't even doing my ownmaterial, it asfor one of those dead, Commo shows which was fun. You know,but still it's like what do do do Um. So before we go one thing I want I'd,be remisse. If I didn't bring this up at least once H, you know rap the Craig's List Book Club-Oh God, I know, since they got rid of the personals and all that, so you everthought about trying to do something like that again: Yeah you're, a busyguy, but I miss doing that. Um, that's one of the people on the guy I used todel 'em with Greg Um. We don't really talk that much on, because we're notfriends or anything like we're just Bo so busy. He went back to college andPybb doing the right thing, whereas I'm trying to become a comic Yde, both an O that that got red offucking. The personal page e I wish like. I haveall the articles saved yea. All the articles say I I miss it so much it'dbe something great to bring back like if you could just find like, likethere's like a personals page on redin or some shit. If you scawldthrough my screen chots onmy phone, you like this guy's, a sick mother, just like pictures, ove, Igak, andcomand boobs and atholes and balls 'cause, like you, have to take the pick. Thescreen shot, the article you have to take like the fucky right, like te rig,so I told me: FWEN FIRST GOT THE ASLIKE! Listen! If you go through my phone andyou se all these argl. This is why just ocaus you ever bring it up. I mean it's:It's some Nasty Shit. Oh Yeah 'cause! They do not just around E it's. So it's it'sdark dark, Gey Man N. I missed thatShitt was that was funnier to no, I misdoing it. I miss doing it so much.You just start your own personal's website and get people to fucking poston it post on here, L T, let hem know likeyou'll get out you'll get on a bodcast fucking. I thought about so many timesbringing it back, but it's still, I still wan to do it. Istill really do wantto. Do it you're a busy guy, though yeah lot going onplayin ING, a wedding planning, a career touring dish, O writing yeahriding touring, I guess touring. Would I guess if you include to Goin tosomeopen Miwell, I mean loo T. I do shows F if, if you DRIV, if you're driving onthe road t to go to a show, TAT's Torin in th in the loosest definition of theword, yeah ell shit man, it's been fun fock and you got NextoWor, I'm my shirt by the way O yeahmgo came in the mail, and I was like Ohywhere. This one migt comes by Aweso Yeah, O e get one. I T in Po, that'sCoffeeman Thi thin. Actually I got a bigger size 'cause. Usually thesewebsites, the there their shirts, are slimfit. It's actually pretty big on me,I'm a big fucker. So, where con the folks get the shirts man, I can't tea spring a a teasers, teabea mines, tpublic, so I thi K you'r. So on I mea. I gotto go back to the website realfast. If I might receipt in my email, it's uh fucking hold on t spring dot com Um.The website is Mike what the fuck wells uckmy WTFS. Excuse me: Um Yeah. I gotother things on there like. I have one shirt that says and honestly like ascomics like grown e like starting out like this is what makes you your money.This is what gets you from Gig to Gig Um, but I got hoodies on there. I gotone shirt that says: Uh Moss are just white trash butterflies, a Ha Aand. Ifyou Zomin on it, you can't see it, but if you zoom it on th, I put a littlething that says on the butterfly I says: Don't Tread Onso. I fucking it cracksme up it clacks me. I love it...

...yeah so make sure you guys go on a tspring. Look up Mike WTF Wells pick up one of his one of his shirts. He got TA shirt witha tweat on it. Moths I'd be more stuff sure Mydick Imean it is Wa, go see Mike at the superdop comedyfestival in November, and then this weekend he is going to be at what wasit again? Laughd at laugh laugh laughit up yeah, laugh it up. Um Sin Cincaniti!Let me pull it on me. POLET UP B, m hold on do to Elevator Myeah Elevi. Thething is I like about music: It's no matter what it was as playing like. I wonder if anElbe were to fall down if the music speeds up. Do that make any sense. I just thought about that right. NowI'm a sick fuck, let's see here so it's called lapidup yeah, it's out ofout the way bar and grill four eighty unions center pavilion drive LasChester, Ohio, so the out the wast e out of the way barn grew Yep out theway barn grow. It's at seven. Thirty, ten dollar, a mission there you go andL J ite is Hilarious, he's headlining the thing oh he's great yeah he's sofucking funny see Mike Jacquline met calf, Joey Pie, Nick Taylor, RayJackson, a it's fucking get the contest with like ie as tax line up. That is alot of talent in that on that line up and then ye LJ white headlining, theout Theway Barn, grill fory. Forty Eight Eighty Union Center pivilliondrive Westchester Ohio Um. You can find the event page on face book just totype in laugh at up comedy competition. You'll see mike's picture right. Therehe's hosting Um. I Gon T be a lot of fun man. Oh it'sit's going, Ta be fun, it's hopefully a make. Sure you cl Beyeah make sure youfollow Mike on twinder n Instragram, Mike wtfwells was making one of histweets go fucking viral P. We can do that all all twelve en and Mike WTFLSonfacebook too, on face because well follow this comedy page 'cause. If youdon't follow one to iter, you'll see a shit on there anyway, Yeh so well, Miethey sae coming on man. Thank Yo. No thanks for having it's awesome. Doingthis appreciate you doing. He thanks our guys, we'll be back again next weekwith a brand new show and a ran new guest until Timuntil, then F, you wantto see, what's going on with me, go to my website and make shake comedy dotcom.Follow me on Twinternis Gramat Mike shake comedy, and if you want to getthis show with day early and commercial free, you can join our patrioot Patriondot com, slash basement, manage pod for a dollar a month or more. You get allkinds of cool stuff there. Until next time, I've been Mike Che Telling you,as always, to live well rock on take care.

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