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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 12 · 3 years ago

"I'm Finally Unbanned On Facebook" with Mike Wells - EP #12


Mike Wells is a brash one-liner comedian from Dayton who's enjoyed some viral fame this year thanks to his Twitter-based joke writing method. But how does he balance a comedy career, a regular job, and a successful relationship with his fiance? You'll have to listen to find out!

Fair warning: This episode is probably NSFW. Just sayin'.

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...chunks with material my first time, everyone on stage, and I tried to bring them back a year ago see if they would still work. Not Not even fucking close, not at all. Almond. That's why it's old material. It's first materials, the worst material. HMM, so I don't even know what the Hell I have a son like Dr Seus show. My first good joke was like a doctor seush joke. Yeah, like rhyming, like doing like Dr Seuss, like I can't fuck. I can't remember what the hell was, but it was like all right, green eggs and ham and like all sexual references. I remember. That was the first good joke I wrote, I thought. And so I went out of town and shout told it like three times our own it bombed every single time. I was maybe work twice so and from there I was just like okay, well, getting rid of that. Yeah, that sucks you when you when you when you've tried it before and it's worked and you try to keep it going and just it just dies on a rouble. That's like ninety nine percent of my jokes, though. I've always had a problem. I'm not and you're you're a on liner, comic. You do stuff short, sweetened to the point. I've tried doing the stories every once in a while. My biggest problem with with any story we've ever told on stage is like I get laughs throughout, but then when it comes to the final crux of the story, it just it just dies, dies. I can't I don't know how to. I can't write long jokes. I'm at if you like. I've written maybe three jokes at last, a minute tops, right, and eat your total each thing at my home. My God, that a joke a minute. And before I just wrote like two jokes at last, like I think, total of like two and a half minutes. Yeah, that was like, Oh man, this is so much easier than through my two and a half minutes. Use these like think what almost like twelve jokes and one liners like you. Yeah, because because you've got it, you've got a cool way of approaching it. You're very active on on twitter, yeah, and facebook post, basically just using that as your kind of sounding board. Yeah, yeah, the weird thing is I'll put stuff on twitter, really doesn't do that great, but I'll screen shot it and put it on my facebook page and then I get shared like crazy. So I'm my whole shit. Yeah, you had a little bit of little bit of viral successorillier this year with a scrub that I'm wearing on my shirt right. Yeah, yeah, a tweet about, you know, telling your boss to shut the fuck up. Yeah, which is easily one of the funniest things I've seen. You tweet. How was how was that feeling, man, when it just suddenly it was everywhere? Oh God. So if anyways listened to it. So the tweet is. It says, boss, you have time toly and you have time and clean. And me I say, you got time to rhyme, you got time to shut the fuck up. And now I didn't think anything of it. Right, right, at all. And then I tweeted it. Didn't get anything on fun fun twitter at all, but then I screenshot it and put it on my facebook page and they all of a sudden, like within like ten minutes, it had like a hundred chairs. I was like, okay, cool, and then within like another like thirty minutes, I had three hundred shairs and I just kind of like all suns sharing stopped. I was like whatever's three hundred shares? It's a lot. I was like, holy craps, a lot. And I got band off facebook for something I said like months prior to people went through and read basically called a Du to cock thirty seven times in a row. But that's here nor there. He was being a luck it was being a straight out. He was trolling people on CNN threads, and so I was following his thread and calling him a cock every single time and I got banned for three days. But and that three days like all the sudden, out of the blue. The next day, out of the blue, I get a message from somebody's like tax me because, like when you're band on Facebook, you get still see stuff because can't post anything. Like I was able to post from my business page, well, my comedy page, but not my personal page. Okay, and I still didn't know how everything worked that much, how everything work together and everything like that. But this guy tax my personal page in something.

He's like Hey, I think it's going viral, and I looked at it. Have they like, I think, like eight thousand shares. Holy I was like Oh, like it was on some meme page right. I was like fucking Ay, I know they're okay, cool. And then my fiance comes home. My fonse is like, yeah, my fiance is like one of my friends and youngstown shared your stuff and I was like Huh, and she's like yeah, she shouts that's weird. So then I go like to the page itself and then like it was like eight thousand. Now it's like twenty five thousand, like under like three hours I was like this is bizarre, and so like I'm like I'm trying to get ahold of this guy, like I can't figure out how to get Ahold of this guy. And then eventually, like I finally figured it out, like it would let me message people and I message the guy as a k like it's just probably like day two or three of them. I'm like hey, like this is coming from my comedy page, like is there any way you can just tag? I'm not unlike. I'm like, I'm not saying you stole it because, like, I know people share stuff all the time. It's just come from my common page. Anyway, can tag my post in it. And he was like Oh, absolutely. So he tags it, he attacks my facebook page in it. I'm like okay, cool. And then like the third day, like I'm still on a band, I'm still banned from facebook's all I can do is like message people and like I'm literally going through and, like anybody, it's like liking the post. I'm like trying to get them like my past. Okay, this is my facebook page, blah, blah, this and that, and then like that night, no, this is still second day. That night it took like Fiftyzero shares, Jesus, and like I'm like just, like I'm updating it constantly to see how many it's like Fiftyzero, like Fiftyzero, five hundred, like every like thirty seconds. It was like bizarre, and so eventually stopped at like Seventyzero on that page. I was like, okay, that's like a lot of shares. That's crazy. So then, like all a sudden, like I get messages from other people like hey, it's been shared over here, like you're not tagged and it's been shared over here. It's been shared over here. Like I message like these these pages. I'm like hey, it's there any way, you can just tag me, like my I know you guys most likely didn't take this. I get it. Just tag my my thing, my page in it. Oh yeah, absolutely every a lot of people are really cool with it. Couple people never responded. One Guy told me the basically fuck off, and I was like what, okay, I was like whatever do, like, I don't give a shit. It's flee puble city, I guess. In a way, like my twitter handles out there and then by day like I'm finally unbanned off facebook. So I'm like now I'm on my now I'm able to do more stuff on my business page and my actual page itself, and so this like vet veterans page shared it, messaged him. They have, like I think, I like Thirtyzero shares and some restaurant memes. paide shared it and like I try to get in that group. I could see how many times I got shared its. My friend is and they never let me in that group for whatever reason. I don't know why, because it's one of those like secret groups. You got to be accepted and you got to fill out and I never but it'd been like shared, like, I think, like thirtyzero times on that page. So when I lost count, it's been shared over twenty two hundred and Twenty Tho times on facebook and that's only from people that knew new pages that shared it. Yeah, they're like, Oh, I saw this, and a lot of them tag me in it. But the issue, the sucky thing about it was I got tagged in so late the initial boom didn't really oh yeah, I only gained like it's got shared over twenty two, two hundred, twenty Thousan Times. I may be getting seven hundred followers, which is still like a lot. That's gonna say. Like, but like these these meme pages, like the one page literally, like it took their meme page from like five thousand to Sixtyzero. And he was like and he felt so bad, bad. Yeah, and that was the first guy contacted. He felt poor. He's he tried to every like they start sharing myself every day just to try to get like some because he was like, I don't, I don't know what he's like. You, your tweet made our page. No Shit. Yeah,...

God, that's crazy, I know, and it fucking crazy. I got like seven hundred followered, but this is but I look, that's that's more than I have total. So no a bitch about so much as about I was just like, my God, so many people gained off that. But I mean, I'd look at it. It's cool of shit, like if you Google, like you got time to lean, you got time to clean. I guess like the fourth image. No Shit, yeah, it's like the fourth or fifth image doing that right now because like Ray Croc on the Ray CROC was the inventor of McDonald's, inventable, the Creator McDonald's. He's original came up. He got time. Only got time to clean up there. It is right there. Yeah, right, there's weird, Dude. That's fantastic, man, God. And then Ray CROC, I'm I will always be like, I will always be there. That's the weirdest saying like that's an Internet history and it's Pie and shared. More than that. Who You? Who Even knows? Yeah, like Reddit and Shit like that. Well, that and like I had people like I found out least dude, he cropped my name off of it. Oh Fuck, shared and his page alone, I think it got like Fifteenzero. It was just a normal guy. He cropped my name and I had everybody was commenting on it, like, Dude, you're stole this guy's stuff, like blah, blah, but it is what it is. It's, you know, stealing jokes and stealing contents kind of the occupational hazard of what we do. Oh yeah, I mean I'm the kind of person, and it's like the people on Facebook, if ice, if I see something that I know is taken from somebody else, whether it's somebody big or somebody small, like I just I have to say something. Oh yeah, I caught a guy. He was at he was at like some college comedy show and like Hawaii or some shit and he did like an entire five minutes of Pablo Francisco material really, and everybody was like a plotting him and I was like, Dude, you ripp this off a fucking Pablo Francisco and he's like I've never even heard of Pablo Francisco and how it was like I find that fucking hard to believe. So I put his girlfriend like jumped on like he didn't steal this joke at all, and I posted the clip from Youtube. They're like, well, that clip says that it was posted three weeks ago. Is like no, it says the clip was uploaded to youtube three years ago. The album is from F fucking ninety five. It was. It was the it was the one where where it seems like a talk of having a Mexican girlfriend and she does like the cat, the cat scream, and she's fighting the guy off. Or Yeah, because I here hold my baby and fights a guy like he had like word for word down to hold the hold my baby bit at the end, and it's like just fucking say, you just just don't just own it. Man, cover, cover comedian. Yeah, this point, like you stole the entire bit making it. You know, it's say it was for like it was a fucking tribute. I don't care. But you know, yeah, Shit like that, you know, pisses me off on I see it. But yeah, no, I I remember one time I wrote a verbatim Stephen Right joke Iro over, like like I'm a oneline, he's a oneliner. Like yeah, I think on the same levels. I'd never heard the Joe before it. And also my buddy pulled me off to the side and he was like Hey, he was listening to an album. Like I've been doing it for like a month, right, and it's been doing really well, and I key like all randomly, like I just listened to Steven right album from like eighty five mmm, and all the sudden it was like the same joke, not the same. It was like there's two boards that were different, like well, I got to get rid of this right. Yeah, close enough that. Yeah, that happened to me at the fireworks because I do that. I do that I'm like a brother to somebody else. Thing as my opener, and some guy taps me on the shoulder after, after fireworks is over, and he had a shirt on that said that exact Oh, really fucking bit, which made me feel like an asshole because I had t shirts made of that joke a few years because I've been using that opener for fucking five years. Yeah, and it was one of those was like, Oh fuck, I've never met this guy before and I'm a little weird about using it again now. That's parallel. I mean there's parallel thinking. There is. I mean it's I I wrote a bit when I was in college about about like airport security, like everybody did then, and I was real proud of it. And then I was watching. Who Was it was? It was Larry, Larry Bald Irish Guy, I don't know,...

...but it's gonna drive me crazy now, but he was on comedy central and he told like like the same fucking bit and I was like Shit, I was proud of that too. Well, can't use that one anymore. Fuck, like, damn, its so happy. What are you get? So you like somebody else, like you know, you guys in here from each other, like there's no like he's not sitting in the crowd or like behind you, like trying to write down it, like it just fuck. It's parallel thinking and Shitty. Like somebody at a higher level was it both throw that out there before you. That's kind of the unspoken rules. WHOEVER GETS IT ON TV first. Yeah, pretty much the joke Kinda there was. There was a lot of that. You know, the joke writing process is something that I think is is so interesting because, no, there's no. No, two comics do it the same way. Yep, like you do a lot of your stuff posting on twitter and facebook. Me, it's just a lot of occasionally a random I can't just sit down and write. I forced myself. I don't like. I just sounds seems to get really personal. Like I will sometime. Like luckily my phone's waterproof, right. So, like I do a lot of really good thinking in the shower and so I'm shit, I'll sit there and like I'm really I'm in I'll have something pop up and like I'll just write. Like I'll write all the time as sometimes just thought. Like I'd say like ninety nine percent my jokes don't work, but I'm getting a lot of this, the crap out now all the way to get to the good stuff. Like last year I wrote like twenty four hundred jokes, Jesus, because I write kind you have to write constantly. Yeah, like, but that's I've also always been like that with stuff, like I'm always thinking I've this is even really funny. So if I was having sex with my fiance and I we're going at it, all sounds like. Wait a second. She's like what I was like, I just thought of something. I gotta write this down. Jesus. She's are you kidding me right now? I'm like now, like it's a good you said something. Your Moan just reminded me. It's something. I have to write this down. I have to and your see. And she's still marryed. Yeah, yeah, she's a great Gul. Yeah, I will always run. I was like, hold on, I know it was about to come. I was like, I just gotta write a joke. That's gonna say. Is that? Is that how you let her know you're about done up? Hold on, hold on, no, I just hit her in the face my commos there. Keep it going. I'm just joking. I don't. I don't punch women if they don't want me to know. No, but you know, it's a sexual thing. How how did I just got canceled over even that started. I just how how did your fiance deal with do with the whole like doing stand up thing and she's amazing with it. Yeah, she is. Absolutely she's for it. I give her like what day to where we can do whatever, but she's really, really supportive, and that's the hardest part. Like a lot of comics, like you have to have like if you're either single or you have a supportive fiance, girlfriend, wife, doesn't matter, like you have to because you that you're going to be single. It's it takes a strong person to deal with that because you're out all the time. Like we had a discussion the other day. It's like she's going to pick where we live if I've ever become like a really famous stannal comic or even make it my living, because I'll be, as always, on the go. Yeah, like she gets pick where we live type thing. Yeah, she's the one is going to be there. YEA, that that's that's that's a cool because you when you think, because we, you know, we had to have a lot of comics in town who, like you know, Dusty Harvey, married, his wife very active in his comedy career and she's organizing his birthday rows for Chris Stake, which I wish I could go. God, that's going to be great. But, yeah, and then you got guys like me, wore just kind of like I'm making a fucking career out of being singles. Girl. I've been seen. She's you know, she does she's an actress, so she's little...

...more on board with it then my last girlfriend was, who was very much, you know, one of the thing, like I got to be at all the time. You don't get it. It's how I do it. Yeah, like I only people understan. I think a lot of when you date somebody, earn lost relationship with the count that they don't realize like it means. It's the world. Comedy is your world. Like if your friends or family like don't support it, there and you want to do that, they're done. Like it's sad, but if you really want that, you I mean, I've lost friendships already. I don't talk to friends nearly as much. It's not because like I don't want to, I just I don't have time to. Yeah, I'm always on the go, always, like I'm now I'm able to find like at the beginning of the year, like doing my job, my real job parttime, and you comedy parttime now, which I'm com finally got to that point where I can do that. But you have to. It takes a little strong woman, strong person to follow you with that. TAITS. It's I love her to death for it. She's amazing. Yeah, with with the going part time comedy and part time job, like how, like, what was it for you that made you realize you had kind of gotten to that point? Like I was having to turn down stuff, turn down shows. Yeah, and the PAGY. Don't get it wrong. When I going to make as much money as I was? No, but I'm going to get to that point to where I'll make more money and more money and get out more and more if I want to make this a career. Like you have to do that. Yeah, you can't just like sit there and do nothing, like you have to go out and put yourself in the danger zone. Yeah, do you? I mean, I know you do a lot of stuff around in the Dayton area, traveling out of town, though, like where you just worry with that. I'm going to end the NL. I go to Louisville a lot. She'll coth. He's like one of my favorite places really and, like Chili, Cothy is one of the best places do comy I've ever done. Like they love comedy like they fucking love come out here. Really, yeah, it's just you wouldn't think it. Yeah, when the first time you go on there you've done my like you wouldn't think it. But Lori Gray, she's like the way in a comedy. She's one of my favorite I love Lord Soloy's lawyer's amazing. She's one of my favorite comics, just in genial. She's a great person, fucking hysterical, but it's just she's made comp she's built calm in there so well that like, they just love it. They love it, they get it. Like it's hard like for people to get my style. Sometimes it's really hard because I'm very brash. Yeah, that yet I could work. Yeah, very and they get it. They love it. They fucking love it up there. And but they love all types of comic because they understand it. I haven't. I haven't made it out to I've been wanting to go out to Indiana. I haven't made it out there yet. And he's fine. It's been a while since I've been out there, but honestly, last time I was out there wasn't for comedy. It's for a backstreet boys concert. Yeahn say, I didn't I want to go. There were so I knew so many people who were at that concert, though. It was all because, what. Wasn't dusty there? I don't know. No, I don't think I don't think dusty was there. No, I don't think. So I tagged him in it because the maybe that's what I'm thinking. Tag Him in it because he's a huge Indian patios fan and the concert was at Gotcha, at their stadium. Yeah, I know a bunch of people who are at, who are at that show. If people from working all that, you were, David. DONE ANY STAND UP IN CHICAGO? Not yet. Dude. Chicago so much fun every a lot of people told me any to go. She's like my Buddy Kevin White. He said he's I should go up there. BECAU still under like they'll love me up there. Oh, they fucking will. That is your scene, man. Chicago is it's like it's Chicago was a brash town that I know I loves. I do love Chicago in general, but did I've done like to open mics there and it's just it's so much fun. I make it out there eventually. Yeah, it's just I think the catch twenty two is you know, nobody knows you. You are hit. They mics're so many comics. I like an open mic. Yeah, to worry. Had to wait through that line for like every like thirty, forty, fifty comics and open mic. Yeah, like waiting and waiting and wait. There they are packed and they go late. It's not like like around here. I...

...mean around here they always seem to either start it like eight or ten. Yep, and the eight o'clock ones there's not a lot of people there. The ten o'clock ones everyone's drunk enough paying attention, Yep, and then it's just late. Yep. You mentioned your you're talking earlier about about the the losing friendships thing. Yeah, over instead, like for for me, it's always been an issue of just I have. I can't ever seem to get anybody to go out there, go out to the fucking shows. Yeah, whether it's an open mic or a while. He's thing as that kind of been the issue with you or Um. Yeah, I don't really get people come out much anymore. They just I mean, it's not because you still want to fight him out all like you're working on the same material. Sometimes, like, like I don't bite people out one there's like new stuff I'm working on. Like Hey, yeah, like I say, like I say people for like contest and stuff like that, but like for like show wise, unless I'm opening up for somebody, like I'll tell if I'm hosting, I'm like listen, like don't. You're not coming out to see me. Like this guy's a fucking amazing headliner. You need to see him right. Like one of my favorite comics is Stewart Huff, like I can love him and like I don't even like I don't even care if I'm hosting out. Likely, like past few times it's been around, like I've got the host for him, but I'm like, I don't, don't come see me, like I'm just like I'm there, like you need to come to see that. Scared there to bring the other guy up. Yeah, like, I don't. I don't give a shit, like I just I has been opportunity though open form, which is awesome, but yeah, just you lose. There's people I just people I don't talk to any more period, like I've I think I said I just don't have time. I can't hang out when they want to hang out, I just can't hang out. Yeah, only that, like I'm thirty three, and then you got your other friends, earner S. I have kids, and I'm like you do comedy and like yeah, yeah, right, yeah, you're still doing that. You haven't, you haven't, you haven't decided to grow up yet. It's like no, I'd haven't. I'm seeing my twitter feed, right, he's I swear to God, like if I ever get to that point and they start pulling my twitter feed, that they're going to find everything. Hey, and I don't care. Like right, I've been honest about everything, straightforward. So, yeah, I don't. I I made the decision earlier this year to to clean up, it's clean up facebook and kind of keep everything compartmentalized. Like my regular facebook, I don't really get on there very much anymore. I don't post a whole lot. Yeah, I keep everything pretty much contained to twitter and face in my comedy page and I kind of I kind of just let the family know, because the family like to likes to like the comedy page to be supportive, and it's like okay, but you're going to see a side of me you probably don't want to see. Grandma, I think my grandma unfollowed me on facebook. I think I think one of them theakes. I was like, Huh Oh, yeah, I've had I've had my mom straight up tell me. She's like I had done fall you on facebook, honey, and it's like that's fine, it's probably for the best. Wow, I'll come on thing as like a semon talks to her in a while, and I normally do. I'm like, wait, maybe my account got hacked and some I center some porn now and she thought it was me and that's it. In like some porn links. You know what I mean. You said happened to me on twitter. Somebody Hack my twitter. This is this is like a month or two ago. And followed a bunch of porn accounts on twitter and was liking and retweeting shit and my aunt follows me on twitter and my uncle sent me a text kind of like I was like Ah, Shit, not again. I don't think he totally believes me, though, but yeah, that was dicking my hand and everything. I don't think you can believes me now. I had a I had that problem because I go down I started in South Carolina. I go down there a lot and I'll usually just send out a mass like text like hey, every all my friends but there. Hey, I'm in town for like a day. If you want to come see me. I'm headlining the Monday night show because he usually let me headline when I come back come see me and always get like everybody who the people who just never show up. It's like well then, you know, yeah, fuck you, I'm sorry, M it's the one chance you had. Sorry enough. I've had people of ever since... my facebook page kind of took off. They've reached out like Oh, when you're next shows, bubble this, and now I got people come out some of those. Yeah, so that's pretty cool, but it's weird meeting people for the first time. They met like through fate, like Oh, yeah, it's very awk. Not, it's just different. It's different definitely. But that's a cool thing about me as I know they're coming. They get my sense of humor, so I know they'll enjoy it, but it's just like it is what it is. Yeah, man, I just wrote. I just wrote the darkest joke I ever I've I told you this joke. I don't know. I saw you post it. No, that wasn't there. No, I saw you post about running darks joke. Eber, as I tell it, yeah, and I'm ending with it now because I've ended with it like three times. Did you been with it last night? No, I didn't think I was working on stuff. Okay, so the joke is if you got to be on board me. So if you're not on board with me, right, you're going to hate this joke. All right, jokes like. So I'm balls deep in this fourteen ye old boy right, it turns me and goes, what the Hell you're doing? I go, Holy Shit, your life. That was my first play dream. What the fuck? I love it, but I'm I'm a fucking fan of what you do. I can see that. I can see that dividing a room real fucking quilt. Oh, that's why you got to end on it. I I told that at the most offensive show, I opened up with that and I fucking murdered, which I knew it would. Right, it's the most offensive show. Right, I had a feeling it would do. Really, we're fantastic. But then the next show I was headlining the Sunday show, and I opened with it and crickets, Oh man, and I did not get them back from there. But then, like everything like I've noticed to this from growing up being a growing as a comic. Like I was like, if I got them on board, like I can end with that perfectly fine. MM, be fine. Yeah, but and at a show like the most offensive show. I mean, you can get away with fuck you, fucking anything. fucking fucking Olivia told something last night that makes me cringe a little bit. The that rape joke. Yeah, Holy Shit, it's a good joke. It's good. It's a great joke, but I did not see that coming on your first till. I was a great joke. Yeah, I am. I haven't seen her go up in at least a year. Yeah, it's a great joke. I'm glad it's. It's one of the more well written rape jokes you'll ever like. It sounds like that's people are to take this totally out of context, probably, but it is a really well written rape joke. It is. Yeah, it doesn't, because it doesn't. I think the key to a good rape joke. That's a weird fucking sentence for me to say, but the key who could well written rape joke is you're not. It's not so much making light of the rape, it's drawing attention to how fucked up the rape is. Yep, and I can't. I've still that's something I will not tackle. I know, not a chance bill try to do that type of stuff like and N and thing as I like, I said, you brash. I'd do fucked up my tear like as, for example, the joke I just told a little bit ago. But I still when there's certain things like I'm like I won't touch it, and refuse to touch and that that will be one out I will never touch because it's so like I've tried writing different things just because it not to make fun of it and a sense or make light of a situation. But then, like you were saying, and I can't do it. No, non, just some things just don't make fun of. But like if you can do it, like I see amager comics do it all the time or common starting now. I'm just like, dude, like, no, it's almost like it's almost like a write of passage, like if you you know you got to earn that. Yeah, and it's not. It's that's a hard that's a hard mountain to climb. I've seen professional touring international comics. Not. They just can't. They can't do it. Just the neck. One of the most brash comics. He won't do rape jokes anymore. Yeah, because he read about he read a book about..., made change his perspective of it and he just doesn't do it anymore. Do you remember the remember the Daniel Tosh thing from a few years ago where he told some rape joke and a girl in the audience got pissed off and walked off and he kind of it was he was doing some show somewhere and he I don't know what the joke was. It was something about something about rape and woman the audience didn't like it and so she got up and was walking out the room and he called her out for leaving the room, like Oh, was it to offensive for you, and she shout us something back and he shouted back at her like something the effect of like I hope you get raped whall walk into your car in the parking a lot to her, or something like cheese as Tosh, come on, man, Jesus. Well, my here's my arguing with that though too. Yeah, I probably shouldn't said that, but it's staying on Tosh. You kind of know what you're getting into. Yeah, it's a two sided coin. Yeah, like she should have known going in. If you're paying money to go watch tash perform, like anything's on the table. Yeah, he's gonna he's even send to himself. He's like his whenever he tells a joke, he tries to carry the stretch, the joke out more and more until it just appeals to a more narrow and narrow and narratill's just one person in the room thinks it's funny. Yeah, but I mean, you know, if you're watch toash po or any seen anything he's done all you know, watch brickleberry, for crying out loud, like he is a got a brash, fucked up sense of humor as he does now. As far as telling somebody, I hope you get rapped to the parking lot. Completely different. That's a different story all together. But my mentality has always been, you know, as long as the comedian is on stage, and I think we talked about this last night, at that stage door they're a lot of talk about whatever the fuck they want. It's just their job to make it funny. If you don't make it funny, then you're an idiot. That like you. They're nothing. My thing is nothing is off the table. I said, if you can't if you can make it funny, you can make a funny. That's that's the whole point. Yeah, but if you don't make it funny, then you're just being a dick. You're saying hateful stuff to be mean. It's fucking twitter, edge lords and stuff like that. Yeah, it just that Shit like that pisses me off. If you're just, if you're just, if you're just being a offensive to be offensive, you know, that doesn't make you a comedian. Everyone, everyone thinks that what made George Carlin funny was that he was runch you know what made you worge Carlin funny was he was fucking smart. Yes, you know guys like that. Yeah, it's tough to be smart and funny on stage, but that is its toughest part. I want to get to that point at one point in time. I want to be from people. Got What? Yeah, and then they're like what, never mind, like what, I don't know. I'm going. I don't know. My favorite reaction to get from anybody to crowd is is the delayed reaction laugh, where you tell punch lines like three, two, one hundred and all my jokes. You're like that all I like. I'm like, I think the long as I held him for a joke was like five secont y. for like people, I got it. I was thank God, thank you. And then everybody like something. My jokes you got to think about. A lot of you do. Some of them are just so like what the fuck. But like you're the thing where you talked about doing the moment of silence. Yeah, on a I can't do that right now. He can't, and that's it, because they just they just keep fucking happening. Yeah, and you know, we had one here in town. But I did like that nuance of the moment of silence bit, you know, incorporated and to get because there were people in the room. We were like, why isn't he? Oh, and I go back to it. I do want to go back to it. Yeah, I can't tell that. So can't. says. I try to tell that joke at the offensive show. Didn't work. They got all the shows. I was like this is my opportunity, like this, only on tune. I haven't tell that joke. Still can't do it. I guess too soon. I guess for for the town. And then yeah, and I get, I mean I get it like and I that that was the only show I was going to tell that joke at was that. It took me three years to write that joke and I finally perfected it to I'm not perfected, but I was like Shit, this is where I wanted to go with it, and two weeks later that happens. Yeah, and Donald, I talked about that at one point where, you know, yeah, if you would gone,...

...if anybody had gone to while he's you know, the Sunday after what happened, you would have heard comics talking about you mean, guys were already at the writing sesh talk trying to think of ways to write about what happened, because that's how we cope. Yep, Yep, most people think, when most of you think, comics make fun and situations to make fun a weird as shit or just fucked up shit, because they're trying to be me. Now, that's literally how we cope with everything. Yeah, you make fun of everything. My my thing is like, if you can make fun of cancer, right, if you're able to make fun of cancer, you're basically telling cancer fuck you. Don't control me. Yeah, like, if somebody has like cancer whatever, like you're basic saying it. They you it, fuck you, you, don't control me. MMM. And that's one of my favorite things about comedies, like you could do a joke and if somebody's laughing, they could have him worst day in the world, like they could just found out they have cancer, they're dying of gains, but as that moment you make them laugh, it's all gone. For that has split second, it's all gone over. Gary Gulman talking about that an interview. He's he did a show and a guy stopped him afterwards and the guy was like a surgeon or something like that, and he had just had to spend that day like telling parents that like their kid had died on the operating table. And he's like, but you go to a show like that and then you just laugh and forget about it for for five minutes. YEA, and yeah, it's you know, I go on stage and I talked about being a fat fuck with with a little Dick, but I have insecurity issue, I have selfconfidence issues. That's how I deal with my own insecurities, as I make fun of it before anybody else can, and that's kind of how my approach was always been. As what what is it about me that bothers me that I can get out in front of yeah, before anybody else can can point it out. Yeah, because, like I said, said, because then you're in control of it. Doesn't have any power and it doesn't have any power over you at all. I honestly out of jokes. I write about our as fighters. They seem are true to an extent. Yeah, a lot of them are. A lot of stuff that's gone happened in my life. Of people don't realize that, but that's the way I cope with everything. is like I writ shit about it. Something bad having to me immediately write about it. I do not hey everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people who support this show every month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin, Jody McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shay, do every single month help support this show and if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and join the one dollar tier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name listed in the description. You get early access to all these shows commercial free through our Patreont ur SS feed and so many other cool rewards. Once again, go to Patreoncom Basement Lounge, pod, join the onesollar tier and help support the show. Speaking of the show, let's get back to them. That's how it is, yeah, man, that's how you got a deal, Yo. All right, let's let's spin this a little positive. So we showed to out. Now positivity. All right, let's let's try. We'll see how I'm going to last. So, outside of comedy, well, some Shit you like to do? Man, Oh, Jesus, edibles. Fuck, yeah, animals, edibles at a bulls no, I mean play video games. Every now and then. I try to do work out, even though I like I eat like shit. So I can imagine, like how much more Shittier I'd look if I didn't work out right. But look at me. I work out and then, yeah,...

...edibles, and I play video games pretty much. So I used to play a lot of like sports, but I don't. I don't do that much anymore, just because I like the gamble with my life. Now it's just, yeah, I this is a very pro twenty show. Miss, we'd really what you don't have any well, so I don't spoke anymore, for for a lot of reasons. One, when I moved up here I started teaching. That went away real quick. I don't know anybody up here from which to get it. Also, I live with my mom. That's just a compass, just a conversation I'm not ready to have. So I hope the guy who doesn't listen to this episode. But fuck it whatever. I'm thirty, it's IT'S gonna be. It's basically legal. It is. Yeah, but yeah, like some one of my favorite pastimes when I was living when I was living down south, you know, I was working at Walmart and had Sundays off and I bring my buddy nick over and we would just Gett baked off of our gored, like listen to Ryan Adams or watched like watch like episodes of hand I'm bowl or fucking house or whatever, and just I fight. My favorite thing to do is eat edible and then have sex. Right have to words. I feel like it's like every crevice of my Dick, just every cent of me, like I can feel it, you know what I mean. And I even know how long I'm fucking. I could be thirty seconds, it could be five hours, but by my God, this is it feel good every crevice of I'm like a yeah, I've never, I've never had high sex. Oh my God, it's the best. It really yeah, I can't believe it said that. Mom, I hope you're listening. I hope, I hope you're listening. Yeah, now because, like I remember, remember the first time I did a gravity bong was the fucking weirdest night of my ever done a gravity bad. Yeah, you know, Gravity Bong is honest. Now, I mean I'm I'm sure I've seen one before. It's never you get like like a fucking bowl of water and you take it like the top part of it. Oh, yeah, I had never done them before. Like the most I would do was like a quick puff off of bowl and pass it around, and so get my buddies were like hey, let's let's try to get my try the gravity ball. So I hit this fucking thing and I was Wong with a cane at the time because I had fucked up my knee and I was sitting on the couch just leaning against my cane, scrolling through my phone, like not actually reading anything, just scrolling and getting like tunnel vision and Shit, and then I bust that laughing and the guys like, what are you laughing about? It that was like that story you were telling about like the fucking penguins and they like. That was twenty minutes ago, all right. Firstime I did heroine and let me tell you, that was a great nap on his show. Never I've never the weeds the strongest thing I've ever. I've I mean I've done other drugs, but never done heroin. I mean I fucked a heroin or's. I tried to. I try to add all once. I've never done that. It was, it was. I was a productive motherfucker that weekend. I did cocaine one time, who long time ago. Then actually see a couple times. But yeah, hooker a couple times. I'm just choking, but now I that. Now I just edible, I mean weed, and it's all it is. It's all I really I don't eat anything else. All right, they don't. Fucking I've never tried a notable guy. I love edibles. I prefer it. Yeah, one of these days, I used to like, I don't teach you anymore, so fuck it. I'm going to say this. I still every now and then have a little bit of an edible Frego to work. No Shit. Yeah, it's a little bit. I've never been higher drunk when I've gone to work. I have. I've wished that. There have been days were like, I've get ready to go to work. None, I was going into a shit show. Just kind of like I should just like fucking take a flask with me. No, gonna need it. Yeah, yeah, now...

I'm done the I've done the avile. Never the never, the booze. Never the booze. I'm not a big drinker anymore. I mean I got a Duy. So, Oh shit. Yeah, I was stupid me. Happens to everybody. Hasn't ha been to me, but happens to a lot of people. Yeah, I mean I deserved it that night. I wasn't drunk, nor was I tipsy or anything, but there'd been times in the past where I deserved it. Right, I just finally happened to me. So it is what it is. There in my time. That's all you could do. Could be worse. You could be still sitting around with no license like John Morris. Yeah, John Morris, I got a good roast joke about because he's on the roast for dusty, so is he? Yeah, well, Shit, man. Well, what do you got, because you know this should we're recording this on a Tuesday, it drops on Friday. What do you got coming up anytime soon? Saturday? I'm down and since, yeah, I'm hosting, they got the laugh it up. It's a laughing up. It's a competition. Oh yeah, laughing. I was really cool. I love laugh it up. It's run by Maria. I can never pronounce her last thing called a little hey. We're to Thompson. It's an urban like it's an urban show. Okay, but it's first contest everyone. No Shit. I went down there thinking my head like I'm going to lose this whatever, I don't give a shit. I didn't bring anybody because it's audience vote and I want. I was like, what the fuck? Don't get me wrong, wasn't that me. It wasn't like it was like hundreds of comics or anything like that, right, but at that moment, like, because urban audience will tell you if they fucking hate you. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, I didn't bring anybody. was audience vote and I was like I want. I was like, Holy Shit, I think I might actually be funny. I remember that was first time. I was like I could actually maybe be funny and I'm hosting it. I think they do to two shows a month now, so I'm going to host both of them. Fuck Yeah, man, is this? Is this that? Is this a go bananas or no? I don't know, I can't honestly, I don't know if they're have it in the same place. It was at Springdale. Was In springdale somewhere. I can't remember doing the same spot, but coming up a while he zoh super dope. Oh yeah, super ups gonna be so fucking great. Super Dope has become just a fucking monster. Yeah, and this band, sebre runs a fantastic God, I love you, dance bee and your hair. Yeah, it's fantastic. Like this is the thirty year in a row that that done the festival. Or Second? No, second, I can't either way. I was on it last year, but no, there it's a thirty year. I was on last year, I did this year during it, this year again, and that's I think, like the seventh, rough the eleventh or something like that, in November. I think you're right, but it's going to be a blast and Dwight Simmons is headlining one of them. Kelly Colette, I can't remember the other two headliners off the top of my head, but Dwight and Kelly are so fucking funny. Dwight, dwights one my favorite just comics to see in general. Well, it's great. Yeah, I love the man. Yeah, Super Dope is, like I said, it's just it is taken on. It's one of those shows that's got started by somebody here in town that's taken on a life of its own. fucking he had mark Norman, right, Mark Norman is one of the biggest names in comedy. Like, how the fuck's Mark Norman at a house show? Right, it was at a house show just because like he's doing. He's doing this thing into the little back corner of fucking bars and and she's as yeah, like you like sit and how the fuck? How the fuck like he it's a fantastic fucking thing. He's done like every single that, because I don't think they do it as much as I use two parts, because he moved to Columbus now. Yeah, but I know they're doing a festival every single year now, but he was doing it like monthly. It was a monthly thing util they moved. Yeah, he might be doing up in Columbus? I don't know, but now that the specific the festival is always going to be in dating that a noah, I just fucking I love it. Like last year had Caleb Sany yeah, and now he's got like a comedy special coming out, like his his comic special just came out on a conversential. Oh did it? I think so. H Oh shit, it's coming out. Our just came...

...out. Yeah, so you're like I saying, like, how the fuck do you get these like Ken Kenneth, the frost if ro, I can't think it was fucking name as one closing out. I think I can't fucking remember its ember Dwight and Kelly what. So have you ever thought about why trying to start? Because between Dan and Kevin Rupert and now Joey McDermott's starting, Shit like me? Yeah, maybe if I'm going part time now at work. Yeah, it's I'm not the best when it comes like doing that type of stuff and I know that I've thought about it a lot. I have thought about a lot, but like to that level, what those people do is pretty impressive. Yeah, that about running my own open mic, but ever sent like the work forty hours a week which I know some people do that all the time, but to try to go out on the road to and balance like even going in gym in the morning and bounce having a fiance, it's very difficult. It's difficult to do all that. So that's kind of one thing I didn't want to do yet. I mean now that I'm going part time my actual job job, I might have thought about it. Thought about like doing stuff a local bars are starting off like a random showcase a local bar or something like that. Like I've thought about it because I'm you know, it'd be fun. It definitely be fun. I wish I could give more to the Dayton comedy community than like do. Yeah, but I'm always on the go like trying to like get further and flay. That's the tough thing about comedy is like you want to give back to your comedy community, but you also want to spread your wings and and go other places. So you can't. It's so hard to juggle both at once. I think I think a lot of the I think a lot of comics in the area, I mean a feel the same way. We want to we want to contribute as much as we take, I guess, but also I think just being a can like also, because there are so many comics who were such flakes. Yeah, being consistent and and reliable. I mean, you know, it's I mean, Karen lets you kind of take the reins on Sunday comics once in a while. Yeah, when she's on, when she's out of town. Yeah, stuff like that. Like you shown that you're someone that could be depended on, and I think in a way that's kind of that. That's a way of giving back, I think, because every thought about it. Yeah, yes, yeah, Grasslo was greener, man, I really think about like that. Now, while he's I will shout. I make a shots. While I was why. I love why Lei's death. I Love Karen. Karen's like my mentor, Karen, Karen Jeff. He's fucking amazing. She's taught me so much stuff. But yeah, she that's me around the Sunday comics every now and then when she's outtown. Sunny comics like the best, like anybody will tell is like the best open mic. Yeah, and the state of Ohio when it comes to like crowd and just like it's fucking fantastic. Hung every single week. It's great. She runs our fantastic show, like that entire staff, like she runs Sunday comics great, like, while he's is a great fucking comedy club that just needs more people to go there. Yeah, the like. There are days I've been to the Sunday comics and like I forget that it's an open mic exactly, and that well, fucking over Mike has like sixty seventy comics, I think my phone. Yeah, well, comedy has like what over my hasts, like sixty two, seventy comics. Yeah, no, I'm not comics, but audience, my audience, mem yeah, like nobody. Yeah, at a like at on a Sunday night, for Fuck's say. Yeah, she does a fucking amazing job. And and to have, you know, yeah, there's going to be a person or two that goes up and maybe isn't on point or is new, but to have twelve comics go up and have ten of them fucking kill it, yeah, is insane. Is absolutely insane. And in a club that has the reputation like while he's has. Mean, it is the oldest club in Ohio. Yep, it's oldest, oldest, the first comedy club in Ohio or whatever. Whatever. The the slogan. I think. Yeah, I think it's subs and first.

Oh, see in first. But yeah, like you said, it's just more people just need to need to go. So if you're ever in the area, she got out. Why? The Comedy Club? Yeah, and yeah, like just just fucking go, like and Reserve Online. People. Yeah, it's cheaper and it's staff ready. Yeah, don't. If you didn't reserve online, you don't get to bitch that the it's understaff. Like, for example, like ill, Ryann Miller. He was on America's got talent. He plays third, third place overall over all this year. He was at Wiley's this year already, like right after age. It was like the week after the finalely. Yet no, like, no, it's today. I got a host for him. No, Shit, it was two days. He was literally the finale was Wednesday. On Friday we're doing s see it. Oh Shit, it was me Karen and then Ryan was great. But like, so he did last year. Sought out every show because of the year before that. You know he will show up the entire weekend. Sixty get the fuck did them and he did a week. But that's a type of talent. They bring it. They bring in talent before, before it's before anybody knows who the fun exactly, like Dwight Simmons, fantastic comic. His last sound was number one on itunes. Mark Shallafeu was just there this past week. I don't know how many people they had. I think his album got the number two on itunes comedy album. She can't say any same thing. Like he was there like last year and he was at the supero contact super dough festival. He had like but you also have lined a week in there and he's now having a conversational special. Come out like they have talent. Just people don't, yeah, go down there because they don't have acause they don't. They don't have a corporate backing like other play the funny, but the fine. I know, I'm just joking. No, the funny Bo I've said it several times on this show. I just you know, as a guy who's gotten who's been lucky enough to perform their numerous times, I've also been fucked over by that plays a numerous times. So I've only done it. I did, I guess, about one time and that one show me and you're on together some one time. I've been there. Yeah, it's also the last time I was there and that they didn't fucking promote that show. I don't know. Doug dug and Michelle were so pissed and I can imagine and they were like they're like, I don't know, we want to keep doing this. I was like next time we come through booking it while he's yeah, they'll promote it. They will. I don't know what it is about funny boy. Anytime they got locals involved, they just decide to phone them in when the thing is funny done. Isn't about like, for example, I did it. I was at Breu Hall this year, since it a's or Comi festival. It's it's fucking fantastic for time here to do it. And, for example, they had preacher lass in, who I think was on America's got talent while ago. I can't remember, he was on something, but he was like the court, the corporate type. Yeah, like and then you had Chad Daniels to a different ends spectrum, and like you're sitting there like I fucking know who I ac comic like I knew who I like because they're both performing at the same time. There's a yeah, last stage underneath the bridge Chad was at and preacher was at like a big ass main stage. And as a comic, you like, like I know who I'd Rather Watch, like not rob preachers funny. Yeah, but I'd rather watch Chad Daniels because, like he's so fucking so far. He's not the corporate guy. Yeah, he's did it. I kind of like his own way type thing. Yeah, he's not. He's not commercial. I hate to use it, but commercial. Yeah, but he's well, has a funny bone runs off of. Yeah, I mean I've been to some Fu. I saw tight a fucking Christitis. There was one of the best shows of ever. fucking game too. But there's but I but even that, I will say, like there's just something different about sitting in the funny bone and sitting in while he's the atmosphere in general is just different. Yeah, Cuz I comedy fans like, for example, go to like Wiley's or Go Bananas Down Cincinnati Wopen or like you have, I can't remember that hilarity is up on Cleveland, like Gow. Many fans will go to those places. People go like funny bones for specifically,... Oh, we got free tickets, or it's a date night type thing and I like it's like going to the theater more than is going to a comedy show. Yeah, but fuck, funny man, I'll never get work there now now you know what not that I do. Anyway, I was gonna say I had. Yeah, in the five years I've lived here I've performed there twice, and once wasn't even doing my own materials for one of those dead common shows, which was fun, you know, but still it's like look to do so before we go, one thing I wanted to I'd be remiser if I didn't bring us up at least once. You know our IP, the Craigslist Book Club. Oh God, I know, since they got rid of the personals and all that, and so you were thought about trying to do something like that again? Yeah, and I know you're a busy guy, but I miss doing that. That's one of people, don't the guy I used to do with Greg we don't really talk that much, not because we're not friends or anything like. We just well, I so busy. He went back to college and applied doing the right thing where else. I'm trying to become a comic. You can do both. I did it and now I that that got read a fucking the personal page, like I wish. I have all the article saved. Yeah, all the articles save, like I miss it so much. I'd be something great to bring back, like if you could just find, like there's like a personal's page on redd it or some shit I had. If you scolled through my screenshots on my phone, you'd like this guy's a sick motherfucker, because I just like picture, just have like dicks and life common boobs and assholes and balls, because, like, you have to take the picture, the screenshot, the article, you have to take like the fucking right like the pictures right there. So I told my feeling I first got the as like. Listen, if you got there my phone and you see all these article, this is why, just in case you ever bring it up. I mean it's some nasty shit. Yeah, Oh yeah, man, because they don't get any not just brown eye. It's so, it's it's dark, dark guy. Yeah, man, yeah, I miss that Shit. Shit was that was funnier. No, I missed doing it. I missed doing it so much. She just start your own personal's website and get people to fucking post. One Post on here left. Let him know, like you'll get on you'll get on a podcast. Fucking I've thought about so many times bringing it back, but it's still I still want to do it. I still really do want to do it. You're busy guy, though. Yeah, going on plan at a wedding, plan in a career. Touring, issh writing. Yeah, writing, touring, I guess. Touring would I guess if the include to going to some open mics and well, I mean look at I do shows. If if you drive it, if you drive it on the road, to go to a shotts, touring. Yeah, been in the loosest definition of the word. Yeah, well, Shit, man, it's been fun. Fuck, and you got. Thanks for wearing my share, by the way. Fuck. Yeah, man, got came in the mail and I was like, Oh, well, you know, I'll weear this one. Mike comes by. Awesome, yeah, something that get one nicety, haven't popling. Yeah, it's coffee, man, this think is actually I got a bigger size because usually these websites their shirts are slim fit. Yeah, it is actually pretty big on me, but I'm a big fucker, so work in the folks get the shirts. Man, I care. Tea Spring is a teachers tease me. I mind's tea public. So I think you're just teeld on. Let me, I gotta go back to the website real fast. I might receipt in my email. It's a fucking hold on t springcom. The website is Mike what the fuck wells. Fuck Yeah, Mike WTFLVES. Excuse me. Yeah, I got other things on there, like I have one shirt that says and honestly, like as comics like growing, like starting out, like this is what makes you your money. Yeah, this is what gets you from Gig the GIG. But I got hoodies on there. I got one shirt that says moss or just white trash butterflies, ha ha ha. I love and if you zoom in on it he can't see it, but if you zoom in on the I put a little thing I says on the butterfly. Says don't tread on me. ha ha ha ha. So if I can, it cracks me up.

It clacks me. I love it. Yeah, so make sure you guys go on a t spring look up Mike WTF Wells, pick up one of his one of his shirts. You got a shirt with a tweet on it. Moths, I mean more stuff. Sure, my Dick. I mean it is right to go see Mike at the Super Dope Comedy Festival in November and then this weekend he's going to be at what was it again? Laugh it up, laugh, laugh, laugh it up. Yeah, laugh it up since the Sadi. Let me pull it on me, pulled up, but bomb, hold on, dud. Elevator music. Yeah, but elevate thing, as I like about out of your music is, no matter what, its playing right like. I wonder if an elevator to fall down, if the the music speeds up. Does that make any sense? I just thought about that right now. I'm a sick fuck. Let's see here. So it's called laugh it up with. Yeah, it's out of out the way bar and Grillo, hundred and Eighty Unions Center pavilion drive, West Chester, Ohio. So the out the waist, the out the way bar and grill. YEP, out the way bar and grow it's that thirty ten dollar a mission. There you go. and Lj white is hilarious. He's headlining the thing. Oh, he's great. Yeah, he's so fucking funny. You see Mike, Jacqueline Metcalf, Joey Pie, Nick Taylor, Ray Jackson. It's a fucking staff gets a contest with the actually got a tax lineup. had. Is a lot of talent in that on that lineup. And then, yeah, LG white headlining the out the way bar and grill forty, forty hundred and Eighty Union Center pavilion drive, Westchester, Ohio. You can find the event page on facebook. Just teck, type in laugh at up comedy competition. You'll see mike's picture right there. He's hosting. It could be a lot of fun, man. Oh, that's it's going to be fun. It's hopefully, and make sure you've fun. Yeah, and make sure you follow the Mike on Twitter, Instagram, Mike WTF. Wells, let's make it to one of his tweets. Go fucking viral, people, we can do that all, all twelve of them in Mike W Tflos if on facebook too. On facebook as well, follow this comedy page, because if you don't follow on twitter, you'll see a shit on there anyway. Yeah, so well, Mike, Thanks for coming on man. Thank you. No, thanks for having it. Sawesome doing this. Appreciate your doing a mountain. Thanks. All right, guys, we'll be back again next week with a brand new show and a brand new guest until time. Until then, if you want to see what's going on with me, go to my website, Mike Shay Comedycom, follow me on twitter in Instagram at Mike Shay comedy. And if you want to get this show a day early and commercial free, you can join our Patreon, patreoncom slash basement lounge pod, for a dollar a month or more. You get all kinds of cool stuff there. Until next time, I've been Mike Shay, telling you, as always, to live well. Rock on, Take Care,.

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