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Season 1, Episode 13 · 1 year ago

"You're Not Not Normal" with Kyle Steele - EP #13


Kyle Steele, host of "The Movie Review Hour" podcast, stops by to talk about movies, real estate sales, and opens up about how military service helped him confront his own demons.

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...doesn't count even getting red of allof that yeah. I think it was ninety MSO many. I think it was ninety movies andhe's stone. He has six more coming out. T's Sowe've already done one this year. Wedid one a couple of weeks ago score to Settlekoh, really which actually not abad fucking moven. I and I I've not a bad movie at all. I've heard some ofhis more recent stuff has been mandy. Wat andhe was fan. I heard Mandy Istill haven't Seeni I heard Mandy was manny was was I don't think I was hismagnamopis by any means now that's how like that'sover reacting to things? Stop it's not as magnamopius bi anymeans, although I understand where people are coming from because it is a Oh, I was going to get really nurny butyeah. It's yeah go fori, no N, you' trust me well, LL, keep it at that w eal they have two movie. So I know Iknow you do ntrust me. I know I'm like ut. I don't know if the listeners wantto hear me just like get real nerty with 'cause, I'm also a big reader,something I do so I was. I was going to compare it to like Bloomarinian, whichand the reasonon I'm thinking yeah, as the Guy Thought you had it on yourbookshop because it looked Simia that okay, I'm a big cormackecarthe Fan,he's only written like, unlike Nicholas Cage, she's writtenlike thirteen buts, but all thirteen he's like ninety years old and allthirteen of them are incredible. Right he's one of those kind of guys n one ofhis books is called Blmrinan, which is is his magnamopis. It's incrediblyviolent, H, t I mean it's just it's hard to even describe you have to justread it, and that is how Mandy is Mandy. Is this wildly violent wildly visual H, I mean it s, there's points. It feelslike you're on a bad acid trip. There's points that H, you feel it. You know, you feel it andyour gut there's a moment where, where nickcage does he does his cage rage?Yes and it couldn't be anymore, longless INAPASO I get it. I get whypeople clamor toward it and I get the the magnamopastop, but it wasn't Ipromised to I promised hi. It was just a really good. It was just a very goodmovie that was very unique and did what and- and this is one of my favoritethings- I love when a medium does, but that medium is good at I love when youcan r like read a book, invisible monsters. So when Chuck Paunick, whorote in vis me fight, clob, FI, eenfucktruck, polen yeah, but just incase peole, don't know he wrote, fucking fight clubs, a you know who heis, but he wrote a book called Invisible Monster. This actually washis first book was thit his first one. I got releasedthe later: Okay, Okaya Hastory, O it so its first book, technicly ANYEA. What happened withharperly was invisible, mosters, yeah right, that was in invisible monstersand he brought it to them and they're like this will never sell like we wouldlove to sell it. This won't sell. So I don't remember what book he did. Thenhe s figt club in the rest of his history, so he gets really famous. Sothey go. Okay, we'll trythey release invisinen monsters in a differentformat where it reads more like a book, they go back to hem and then say: Hey:Let's do a book called invisible monsters, remix and we'll do it the waythat you originally gave it to us so the way the heat originally done,invisible monsters which, if you've read of vinsimalmonsters the themes,are all about beauty. It's a really, really really amazingbook. You actually check it out if you haven't, but anyway the remixed versionthe way that he initially intended. It was to read like a magazine, so you getto the end of the section and it says jump two page whatever and you go notlike it to choose our anadventure to set up like a magazine, that's kind oHomagoa people flip through the magazind met the articles they want toread and discard the rest. That's how the book was. So you actually can readthe entire book and then miss these giant sections, which is how he wantedit to be. He wanted there to be wes, were you missol sections and thenthere's other parts of the book that are like written backwards, because thebook is all about image. Shou have to flip it into a mirror. To read thepages she have to look in a mirror to read the book. So U confess what I loveabout that right is that that is an example of a book doing what only abook can do. Yeah same thing with movies. What's cool about Mandy is thatMandy is doing something that only a movie can do. No other medium can dowhat this is doing and to me, that's what makes it really good art right,'cause anybody can point a camera and shoot, but to do something, that's bothvisually stunning and has this wild estetic mixed with the music mixed withthe acting right it can't be. You can't replicate thatin a book you can't r. If Mandy was a book, I wouldn't read it, but I'll watch the movie again. Youknow what I mean. Well, it's, like wit, Steven King you now his stuff doesn'talways translate as well to film Sre as... does when it's in it en's in a bookform. He also did a bad job at saying. No, he he did the Nicholas Cage thing,but he was selling movie 'cause. It hedid the thing where you could get therights to his film for a dollar as he and it just didn't, pay off no, andthen he tried do in thin it himself when we got maximum over drive Oo, aman one of the best terrible yestha movie is that movieisit's got a truckwith the green goblines face on it. I love it's definition of machine 'cause,theyebecause, they're, very loose there're, something that the movieposits isn't a machine because it's not alive for then, like a sprinkler system,we'll have a mind of it's Ou. Well, even like, like guns like at one point.There's a military vehicle like. Is that a machine? That's shooting the gunon its own, but then later we see them using guns and I'm like Wo. How comethose guns gay? I don't. I don't unders yeah, how come s the electric night isa machine, but the jukebox is fine, eahtthe definition of a machine forthat one was pretty loosy goozy. I sort of love the conversation that Melio haswith a truck or he's like. I got the best ca as the best gas to side ofMISSISSIPP hundred percent uncut. I'm like it's gas. Nobody talks Afaii, youknow not even not even the marauders riht talked about gas that deeply right.Like oh Jesus, you know, I think the lastniccage movie I saw I cant, be we re s talking about nckage was it was Raine?I watched ninety fucking movie, though I could talk about him as much as youwant. I askd the last one I saw, though, was raige actawent on all that n. Thatreally wasn't I I wem terrible. It was yeah like it wasn't his worst by a longshot, but it definitely wasn't I liked the twist at the end, I was like. Ohthat's kind of don't tell me was the twist that ite was something about his someonekilled us. It was like the boyfriend killed, the daughter it was it wasinstead of somebody broke in. It was accidental. It was that NXTT AE foundhis gun and were playing with it, and it just went of he thought thatsomebody Bok AAn and he was tnto talking about e e basial started like alike a threeway gang war yeah all because aover an accident. So the Morot story is just tell the fucking truth and that don't have gameworks exactlyguys. If you lie you'll cause the Russians and the Italians and theJapaneseu Sto go to war with EAC other the truth can set you free and save theworld. So I lek it so now that you've gone through all of Nicagis Pimography,which is, which is a feat in a of itselfyou. Have now you CH. One of myproudest accomplish is that that is Churley to bcom and I'm the only one onthe podcests that did it because yeah there were people that missed weeks,and I was the whossom I did it every week. That's I don't even think thenostalgia critic has done every nick cade overmy and he's done a lot of 'em, but now y you change. The name of theshow to the movie review hour, give it a bit more of a a broader spectigrom.This season too, and now you're doing all sandrabulic films. Yes, Holy Shitthat almost done and you're almost done an and that's an endeavor in it ofitself because, like like Nick Cage is, is I mean, he's a human men for cryingat last, and so people have such a weirdfascination with him to do a podcast Winh, all his movies kind of kind ofdefines itself. Yes, sandrabulic is America's sweetheart, Sir and Um.That's that's Balsy! We wanted to do someone W, we ha. We actually had thisconversation and we wanted to do someone we wanted to kind of Flip Nicholas Cageon is heand a little bit and Gok, not what's the opposite of Nicholas Cage.But what are the attributes that Nicholas Cage doesn't have? And let'sdo that? But as an actress, let's, let's Kinda, let's do a female, thenwe'll go mail and wl that way we can kindaf play plate fair. You know what Imean and sure and and mix it up next season. You can do till to Swia ecause.Who knows what she is: LR, Listen O. We, I think you know who I really want todo for the ex female and nobody. I can't get money to agree with me, somaybe theyan get the listeners of this pot cast mad ou, whoever I want to dowhoopie Golburk, because I think it'd be fucking. Oshe's been in so manymovies, N, there's, there's weird ones, there's good one. I mean she an some ofthe greatest movies ever made. I don't think you understand how much I loveSister Act, one and two. Oh listen, ther, fentatles or two of the bestcomedies of the nine. U Color, paradings the color purple defineddegeneration. Oh my Godby, Alice Walker is Oly Sh, one of the greatest booksever written, and I don't even like that kind of poople still talk aboutthat move like it's. One of those movies that has been in theconversation of great film was an Opran that shopra was in that. So I just wantto like I I really I want to do. Wi'll begoberd for the next for the NEX woman and I can't get anybody on board. Iendorse I fully enduren the host of the basement. Loud Airit is that's all. Ineed it fully. Indoor S I'll get to talk to dawn, we'll get his pod.CASTINDOOR say hell, yes, who els as a podcast, Terry I'll, I'll, get J,saeybody and OK! Everybody has a...

...podcast right is just johns potcastogoing thet on thatone kayall right, it's a littleintermittent, but it's still going allright I'll give that in a couple ofweeks, but I'll try to get theing doors, ome, l, stoe, can', that's great! GoGet ar in Lo Pezzer tosign, all there it as get all that I would. I wouldlove that yeah, the next man I would like to do, and I think we might all bein agreeance on this one, I'm going to do bread pit. Oh, that's, that's a hell of a 'causethat 'cause. That means at some point you gotto talk about cool world welland there's he has been in some pinkers he's been in a Lo recently that youguys might think. Oh God, yea he's getting to a point where he's startingto accept a lot of things, but he's also been in a bunch of Tarratino'sworks. So we get to see that and here's the big thing there's no cross overbetween Nicholas Case an sandy bee, there's no cross over between PageSandy Bee and Brad Pitt. Even though there is a weird tie in because sangrabullock did oceans, thirteen l, yeah, oceans, GT oceans, she ad oceans, eight,which is technically a an universe where exactly so, but he's not in thatone. So it's kind of cool there's a connection there. I was uctuallysurprised there were no cameos yeah. I you thought for shore GeorgeCloney Riy about somebody, because that that's his sister Ria. She plays hissister yeah, so somebody I mean obviously not burning back, but I wasso so sure that some that was not a dig. Why not burn him? ACTER go, he did, but I was so sure somebody was going toshow up. In that thing. Carl Ryner, Um Madamon Tha's been poutng me. Jesus Hen,Matdamon Ranom, ly popped up an intersteller. I was like really Ilitert. I cannot hear Madamon's name without hearing it in the South Parkdvoice, because manmayieally can't hear his name without hearing that Oh man M YeahSandra Bull, I 'cause, I I fucking love Sandra Bullock and H. My my dad. Iremember him telling me one time that he w sandrew bullick is his celebrityhall pass my mom's just calling. First, I got apick too boy. I don't even know who mine would be yeah I'll, try to think it's Har it's hardto pick 'cause, there's there's so many gorgeous women. There are lot moregorgeous women than are gorgeous men. Yeah. Let me look look. Ladies. We allknow every single one y wants t ASEMAMA, THAT'S F! I I get it listen. I get I biBang Hem too or look. I would if you walked in and said Bend over I'd belike yeah right. What is it in it's? An episode of the office where, like Andy's talking about is like if, ifBradpitt was really pushing himself on me and Oscar's, like in what universethat PAT be trying to force himself on, I know like why would asemo on Ow Nae n we'rlike fuck me when he's got hen he's got access to Lisa Bene an all times, buthe wants a Micoshae in a Mike Shave, ere Ye, Oh man, Um yeah. I I love Sndra Bol. IUm Ito this day will watch miscongeniality any time it's on TV,it's good it didn't it wasn't as good as I remember, but itwas still pretty good and have u ever seen the second one, not a good movie,th. Second, one's terrible, the second ones snow s not speed too bad, but it'spretty Bao. We don't got to. We don't have to talk about speeds. Ye we eat.Two is one of the morst movies I have ever seen was maing a Segel to speedwhere the love interest is the main character. Okay, sure 'cause, that'sthat's the character. We all wanted to follow and let's have her character andthey did what sequens I figured this out. So I love doing this movie Ponyest 'cause. I I just learned so much I feel like if I would to make a movienoecause I've written scripts and stuff like I would tave make a movie now, I'dbe a lot better at it from watching so many movies. It's just like you know. Iwrite right. I Rie I'VE SRA BO I've also written two novels. I've done sostories. I do a lot of writing and the best teacher for writing wasreading, no matter who it was. You know I I'de been on a big cormacrocarthy.Kick I own off Stephen Kings's books. You know, like I went on a big roiningkick and that's how you learn how to fuck and write ISN mye reading books.So I TWA same thing with the movies right. You learn to write movies. Ithink by watching a lot of them. I on' know if you look at Henri Kuto who's,the local Guy G. Look at the shit that he's posting Bo. He watches movieseveryday all day and that's. Why he's a good director right all this works? Idon't know where my train, an thought was there, but spee too they did whatsequels are the reason why sequel suck for the most part there's been good,sequels obviou sure, but the reason why sequels tend to suck is 'cause. Here'swhat they do, and maybe everybody knows this- and this isn't some big opiphonyI came to- but I came to this on my own. I guess it's Kindo, like you, might thecrack of the code right here. It's Ie joke stealing right like a lot of joke.steagling isn't stealing yeah it's you're. Just I heard you nd Miketalking about this rigts you just you...

...think alike. You know, and there's onlyso many thoughts in the world exactly and and you kind of pick up on stuff.So you know maybe a bunch ofpeople thought about this, so o Ha. The reasonwhy sequels tend to suck is because they take what made the first moviepopular right, which was the not the hedden Shit, butit was the stuff that got downplayed right. That's what really made themovies good is that the movie was about A and B. But then there was thisunderlying s and that's what everyone loved about the movie was thatunderlying sea, in addition to a and B, so when they make a sequel, they go. Oheverybody loves C. So let's make the whole movie about C and then put a ND Bunderneath it and whe they don't realize. Is it was the neuwants of Cthat made everybody love it? Well, it's like you. Look they Hamfis what mademiscagin out his character, so fun in miscongeniality was the Ditzi but passionate and whatever elseso they took it and they made her wayit Zer. Then, when she does return she'sway more, you know not sinister, but she's way,more kind of evil like whatever it is. They just took everything and they playit all the way. What what made the first one so good was that juxtposition was was her resisting the the pageantry wherein two she's allabout it. Only embraces it. Even before there's a you have to listen to O thatUS go listen to missing Georas, we have really broke into it and we made by theend of it. We go here's what the plot should have been and we lay it out andit's like holy fuck that would have been ssti. I'M NOT SAYING WE'REBRILLING IT 'CAUSE we're not no the fuck. This would have been a muchbetter movie. So sometimes it's just right there in front of you so simple,not not the reference them again, but nostalgia cridic did that withghostbusters too, he was like they could have made gostbosters to so muchbetter if they had started the movie with the court case of them gettingsued, INS Tei the city and starting there as opposed to starting it. Youknow, five years later, O e've already been sued and been out of business ye'got to watch them, become the ghost busters again. Listen, one of the bestpieces of advice for writing that I've ever been given is start as close tothe end as possible. Now that's usually with short stories, but that works foreverything start as close to the end of the story as possible and and one ofKurvanigi's's vice was to heck with suspense. You know give your reader somuch information that they can finish the story themselves if cockroaches,where to eat the last few pages, really good piece of advice, that's and youcan make a suspenseful novel or movie, while still keeping your viewersinvolved. What made premonition santra bullock movie Wat made that moviereally not work as well as it could of, is that they tried to keep you in thedark too much you n whant, every single time she woke up. There should havebeen a TITL card. That said what day of the week it was instead of instead of trying to do thiswhole thing where you have to guess, and then she does a timeline likethat's part of the twist, we all got it. We knew what was happening, put afucking tile car. This is what day of the week it is keep your viewersinvolved in what's happening in front of them, so that way they can, insteadof thinking that something else the whole time they can focus on the moviewhen you, when you, when you're that suspenseful your viewer or your reader,is taken out of the story which is defeats the whole purpose of having themedium, you want your people to be entertained. You want them to forgetabout their shitty. fucking lies for a few minutes, not have them removed backinto their shitty life as they're. Watching your movie right so fuckusspens give you people information. What what's been your favorite standarbulk moyve so far so far a lot of good ones. I had never seen demolition man, man and that's fantastic ery, speakinhenriqe he's he one that did that one that movie is is an underrated job. Onewas really really good. Why dos'm? I think, W T, I think it wastwo weeks notice. Oh it you grant was a movie I'd never seen before. I know Ienjoyed that one, quite as had a bad movie, I'm trying to think you asked metoo quick. I I shouldn't have expected it. There's been a couple. I could tay youNicholas Cage Eah. I had never seen adaptation before I've, never seen itone of my favorite movies. I've ever seen in my entire life. Really thatmovie was profound like that was one of those movies where first of allNicholas Cage is incredible in it real I mean that might be his best acting.He placed two characters that are twins and it's the guy and the person heplays is the writer of the movie. So if you've never seen adaptation, noit's about the it's really really strange. So it's theguy who wrote being John Malkovitch Oka. I can'tremember the writer's name of the top...

...of my head, but it', the guy who wrotebeing Jon Alcavitch. If you look he's written some incredible books or someincredible movies H, so he was told to adapt a movie of a book called. I think it was theblack orchid or something again. I can't remember all thisso. Instead ofadapting that book, He writes a semi autobiographical movie about himselfwith a fictional version of him adapting that book. It's really strange. I want to watchbut booking Charle, so erly, Coffman, incredible writer, yeah, oh Nove's,amazing, Nicholas clage, placed both characters him and his twin brother,which a real life tile coan does not have a toin brother Judis, phenomenal th, the guy, whoplays the ban character opposite of Nicholas Cage, is phenomenal. I meanit's just it's one of the best vies you're ever going to watch. I promise,hopefully I'm not talking it up too much. No, I'm sorry! This is being Joh Al, so itas like wait a minute no, but he was awesome in being jom. Yes, he was Um. Suppose Ye don't know. Charlie coufmanalso wrote a turnal sunsind of the pot yeah mine he's in a crebile rider. Imean he's like yeah the man's Gold Lega he's one of my favorite. Like script,runers M. There's you know I've been I've been trying to pay more attentionto write it to to c. You know as a as a movie Guy, youknow growing up a lot of times. It was all about the actors. I'v been tryingto spend more time, paying Thanto the writers and the directors and thecomposers 'cause that's kind of the direction my my life has been taking meas far as film making goes Um. Oh you yeah. You do fomes to Itor. I do yeah TS, it's it's been fun still still doing it got couple. I'm working on right nowgo go to my go fond me and funded people and Ay go Ri Hoy shed O. I needmoney for this next one m about five grand so op on it. I listen. I got Igot. I have scripts ready whenever you want to take em Muney God take hem, yeahave em. Ah That's I had so so I actually had somebody reach out andsend me a script earlier this year. They wanted me to direct. I said it waslike some pet project of theirs and they were never able to get off theground, and I I read through it and first of all it was a hundred and fortyfour pages. She got helped me M. second of all, it was just atrocious, I'm not saying I'm fucking, Treley,Coughan R or anything like that, but when the guy is writing reactions tohis own jokes into the script, mthat was problematic. For me m. It was weird it seems like I wrote, soI e I've written a lot of mostly what I have written in the passis like darkstuff, but I've done comedy too you kno. I have a hard time. Writing Comedy'cause. It's because ore, standit's 'cause, I'm a comedian comedians peoplewould th standups have a hard time writing comedy for film and T V,because it's you have to approach it differently and I would never do sandup yeah exactly it's. It's IT'S A it's! It's not as there's, not a lot Oas much overlab as people think there is just 'cause. Somebody is a goodstand. IATD does mean he'll, be a good comed writer and vice versa. O'r justriter in generall I mean it takes. Writing is a different way of viewingthe world. You know it it's when you're yeah, I would just I would never dostandup. I have no I'V. I've got n asked a lot just 'cause, I'm in in thewar. I believe the words you used when I brought that up last time were hardpass. Yea. It doesn't sound fun to me. It doesn't sound interesting, itdoesn't sound Cathartic. You know JS, none of thatcomemind. When I think about doing standup, you know to reach their ownmen. Yeah A- and you know part of it is the way that I deal with you know. Ihave massive anxiety, you know clinical anxiety, you know I don't I'm notmedicated currently, but it'll get to points where I I'm having breakdowns and I have to get back to zero. You know what I mean.There's anything particular that t that that triggers at or it' just no it'sgeneralized, and fortunately I mean there really is nothing it. Just all of a sudden h. You know Imean it's gotten, so bad and I've never been depressed. Really. I was a drugaddict for a while. I was an opious for for years and h joined the militarycleaned myself. Out doing that, I didn't know you did milther yeah. I wasin the army for a couple of years. I was an alcoholic when I was n the AR,but you know I was alcoholic prior to that. It was just massed my drug useand then, when I got in the army and I stopped the drug use so when thealcoholism became much more prevalent in in the army, was it just a a singletour service or Oyeah in and out I was apparele. I wasn't even really any armso Y H, you weren't you weren a boots on the ground O' know. I basically use the army as adetox program. You know, but you know what you're not the first person R Doiand I works for so many PA workd. For me, 'cause a don't, have a choice: noin and T awokkins. What I found was my...

...drug addiction, and this isn't you knowprophenic. My drug addiction was a direct correlation to my self esteemand my lack of belief in myself. It was direct correlation to that. So, what'sgreat about the army is you're put into situations that there were things that I did that Igenuinely did not believe I was capable of doing, and I don't mean, like I know hat I mean like I like. If youwouldhave, if you would ave made me bet, I would have bet no moneythat I was able to do this thing that I did you know what I mean withenjoiningthe army. I was two hundred and sixty pounds. I got own to one. Eighty comingout a bas hole you shit when I got to ait when I before I before I went mytwo mile run was like twenty two minutes. By the time I get to Ait.Three months later I was sub fourteen Shyou know what I mean. I didn't thinkthat was even possible for me and I fucking now I'm a fat fucking yeah, butthat part of the reason hy, I don't do comedy by the way. I know that yourstyle like comedy, is a selfdeprecating, but the reason why I wont do comedy tooa big reason one. I don't think I'd be good at it, but even if I were able tobe good at it, I feel like I wouldn't be the voicethat I would want to be. I would want to be more observational comic, which Idon't think I possess. I would be a self deprecating comic. I just feellike I wouldn't be adding anything to that sphere. I will say: Th Selfdeprecating comedy that's the easy way out, lyit's defintly and that's why I do it alking aout in Thatsense, it's like andthe other thing is there are people who get that is crathortic for them to do theself deprecating thing. For me. You know it. Mine is an obsession with UHaccomplishment, not my cathricism right like I am never satisfied. It does notmatter what I am doing. You know no M, no amount of money, no mout of anI'm, never satisfied. I can Rey to that. That's Horto, it's fucking, terrible!It's the worst thing on earth an and Da. I don't know if you've ever read,inthin at jest or heard of De David Foster Wallace, but I I have I I think,that's one that I have a bunch of stuff saved like on my phone Wali, a jest. Is it's hard to even call a book? I meanit's like like. Do you call the Bible a book? You know, that's a fair point.You know what I mean like. Is it ab at the end of the day? It is it's something else going on n there. Aterm book is so simplistic N. that's how Yo le I yest it's like. Can youeven really even call this a book? You know and I'm not even trying to be somelike Nerd, I mean it's just like you have to just it's an experience. Manand you just have to do it and it's IT S Ana. I have a whole. I wrote a Iwroam a paper about it, so it's this whole thing, but anyway, David Fos toWallace. One of the things he talked about was for him, his peak and he committedsuicide yeah. You know quite a w years ago, Thi, two thousand and two he wasvery open about his o else. Um and one of thethings he talked about was hiscold Goen life was to Ino pullizer because he never thought he could getit. Hedidn't even threw out was even a remote possibility. He gets a pullsteroff his first fucking bookeverybody. I just wanted to take a moment tointerupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people whosupport this show. Every month on Patrion I want to shout out WhitneyLatin jodie McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shey to every single monthhelps bork his show, and if you want to be one of those Awsop people, all yougotto do is go to Patrioon Dottom, a faceet loud hot and joined the onedollar. Tear you'll get shouted out on the air, get your name with it. In thedescription you get early access to all these shows covercial fre through ourPatrioon Rssfeed, and so many other cool reward once again go to Patriondotcoms Lash Basement lounce o join the one dollar here and ell port. The showspeakn of the show, let's get back to ethat's it. He writes one book and getsthe bulletsirts so he's like, and he goes nothing changed everything Ifhelht about myself. Didn't change all my worries, all my it was it's allthere. You know it's not magnified, but it's still all there, the addictionswhatever it is, it's all there and he can to this realization that Oh yeah,because it doesn't fucking matter like we think we're all aiming towardssomething wait till you get there. I have more money now than I everdreamked. It doesn't mean anything right, H, it's and it's not that itprops up other shit 'cause. U I hear that a lot PEOPLELL SAYWHYLL! You knowmoney may solve one problem, but it'll create others. It's not that it createsothers. It's that you realize there's...

...nothing to solve. This is like the thedeep thinking I've been. Having is that the reason why my old problems didn'tget solved is ecause. There was nothing to solve, I'm not broken, and neither are you andneither is anybody else, there's nothing Tu, so you're not trying tosolve anything. So, for me, what's helped with anxiety nd, I think what'shelped a lot of people with depression and my advicor people going throughthose things lean into it fully embrace it accept this thing realize it's tothink about yourself, realizes a thing about a Lo y. u know's a thing with alot of other people realize what's happening, understand it understand thebrain chemistry understand why you feel the way that your feeling lean into itand and push through you know, and people don't want to hear that whenthey when it comes to mental health, I don't want to hear I push through pushthrough I. It really is like this isn't oversimplifying things you have to push through it's the same thing. When youhave cancer, when you have cance you're, all easy t is to sit on the couch. It'sreally fucking easy, but what do people? If cancer, do they push through? Theyget themselves out, T Y, they mingle, it go see, friends ecause. They realizewhat they're dealing with it's the same thing from mental health. You have topush yourself, you have to get through it and again just lean into it. Leaninto that darkness. Understand that this thing that you're experiencing iswho you are, there's no changing it. It's not going to go away. There's nomagical pill right. I alrdy tried that Ye there's no magical pill, there's no!I can it can help like you know my sure, so one one of my xes, you got to levelit off yeah and that's that's what I've been doing with you know this year,starting starting, thereby for the first time tbeon I at Iprenir, for thefirst time, one of my ex girlfriends she she's diagnosed by bordisorder andher biggest problem. The reason that she always has such a hard time Um dealing with it. One is becausebipoordis orders, flucking sucks and also is because for her she was alwayslooking for the magic switch. She was looking forthe magic pill or the magic switch that would make everything go away and makeher for lack of a better word normal and no matter what anyone told her inan office or at home was U' e. there's never going to be one thing that makesit all go away and you're, not not normal yeah. You are yea e you're. Fine, the trick is you're going. The trick isfinding whatever combination of therapy self motivation exercisewhatever it is, Bang to just make it manageable, like you're always going tohave symptoms of bipolor disorder, the trick is too make them more manageable and thereWassmeg that she and a lot of people out in the world don't want to hearthey're looking fixed 'cause. That's well! Imagine that right, like you areby polar and which is a chemical imbalance on the brain, where oneminute you're a certain way, and it's not literally one minute to one minuteH: it's it's there ar series of moments. You are a certain way and then forseemingly no reason switch gets flipped in your life ismiserable yeah and there's always a baseline of when you're, not feeling that way whenyou're, not in in either mania or a step above mania, you're concernedabout entering that, like with me with anxiety, when I'm not feeling anxietyand I'm not talking about. Oh I'm anxious on planes, I mean I'm sayinglike deep seeded body shaking throwing up like that type of Exite, for noreason when I'm not feeling that I live in fear of feeling. That am I sotherefore, I'm always feeling it my younger sister who who's upstairs rightnow. She she has. She has very bad clitical anxiety, a miserablemen andshe gets. She gets so worked up about she's, so afraid of having an anxietyattack that it cripples him that it causes anxiety attack, and I don'tthinkfully for me being out in public- is that's my that's atharted from melike being around as many people as humanly possible. So you know it flipsI get overwhelmed, see for me. It's opposite. I had to so earlier this year.M, I I did the thing nobody ever thought I would do, which was Icompletely took. I took stepback away from social media for about two weeks, which I'm I'm a social media guy I wato I I I do it mostly because part of it is because I don't get out much. IWork Evenings and I sleep during the day. I don't get to go out and be verysocial, so it was kind of like that big door into the world around me. Butwhat's what happened was in the current in the current sociopolitical climate?It just got to be too much and what ended up happening was. I was so concerned and enveloped and andsurrounded by everyone else's bullshit that it got to be so much that I wassitting at work. One night going off on a rant on on twitter,about something so stupid and so dumb...

...that I had gotten myself convinced wasworthy of my with my time and energy to the point where then, finally, I thinkit was dusty, Harvey tweeded me and was like dude. You are being a fucking babyabout this and I just like dropped my phone for a second 'cause. It gave methat that that Couplmista step back and go. Why do I care so much about this and Ihad a complete fucking breakdown because suddenly just H, I I realized Iwas trying to shoulder everything in the world, and so what I did was I Icut myself off fin the world for about two weeks now on social media. If I'm not postingabout this show for a comedy show, I'm not on there yeah I had. I had to step away from it because itwas driving me Insayne. Well and that's the thing I mean my wife is is not bad about that. I don't mean thatis in a negative rice, yes, K W at I mean that's something my wife will dowhere she it's like. She takes on things fromother people, yeah introverts. Do that really bad likethey? It's like your facial expressions. Li Come into them and they didn't carrythat, which is why they need that time. THET DETOX! That does not happen to me.I can scroll through facebook and people are just the most vis I was in.I was in the fucking army. A lot of my friends are staunch Republican. I amnot you know. Now, I'm not political, really at all any more, especiallyECAUSE, I'm in real estate. So I can't be ray. Let actobe rather political.When I was. I was much further to the left them than I am now I'm much morecentered now 'cause, I'm just like, I think, eer as fucking nuts right NOWSMI.I think you ventually get to a point. We e realize wol both sides, everyone'sfucking crazy, am I gon't even know what toy even do right now. So hang outhere in the Middle B, but my wifewill do that we she just she takes ineverybody', stuffand she's, a social worker. Maybe you can't do that. You're goingtogo insane like, but but she's like, Oh okay, cool tot, stop doing it, ritjuststopp doing it cool thanks. I wish I'd have R. I wish you Youd told me thatsooner like okay, I get it bbecause. I don't do it. So it's hard me even I'mlike why Itd be like Whydo, you do mean it's like somebody came to you and saidDude Kyl, it's going to be okay! Oh O ce thanks. It's like I had a panicattack. I remember kind of a rough one. I had we were watching the lookingglass. I was Nicholas Kae re, not a very good one. It's such a good premisethough, but the MOOVI's unto he es great. Our gues was Jo young and I hadto stop the movie and Uh Al Thearguys, I'm I'm about to black out I'm havingthose fourbot pegs. I you know, N. I don't do that! ECAUS, I'm dramatic! I'mlike I want them to know hey. If this happens, I'm okay, like Koo, you know,have to call the ambulance I'll be fine. I happen to me one time on a showingwhich really sucked I was on showing showing a house and all of a sudden dud.It just hit me like fuck me, so I finally had been going on for forprobably sixty ninety seconds or something, and I pulled him off to theside. 'cause we're out in the middle of nowhere and they were looking at thepollbar or something ig pulled her aside, and I said: Hey I'm having areally bad panic attack. It's okay! I'm fine h! If I like blackout or somethingI'm cool Ike, I'm sorry like I'll, be okay and know, of course, they're. Likedon't thing. Oyue like you're. Okay, like you need to leave a'm like noit'll it'll pass like I'll, be okay, 'cause. I I understand what's happeningto my body. I know why this is happening. I know I'm not having amedical episode. I've been seen. I've gone to the hospital 'causeI thought Iwas having a heart attack. I've got a hospital ecause. I thought I was havinga stroke like I've been through all that. So now I just let it happen. Ijust lean into it. The Sh it starts going. My Heart's pounding my visions,tunnally. I realize what's happened, N my hands are numb. I'm like all right.It's happening, it's like being on a roller coaster. The ride will fuck inInd. You know if you're scared, thel ridll, end you're gon to go down abunch of hills, maybe a loop or two ou'll get to the end of it and you'llbe fine and that's dude, I'm telling you hike. That's been life changing forme, just leaning into it and just sometimes it's easier than others. Youknow. Sometimes you still go o shit. Okay, you know what I mean. Well, youthink like Okamaybe, this is the one you know. Maybe this is the one myheart's exploding you know and then sometimes you go. What if it is thefuck. Am I going to do about it? You know like I'm, not going to thehospital right now, so you know like if it is the one I'm going to die n guesswhat I won't know, I'm dead. So I guess it doesn't really matter Jeez, but it'sand it sucks and think I don't have the pression. I meanhonestly, I'm not trying to like revel in it, but depression. I would would II couldn't. I would I'd. Come Myself, I mean just the my personality itwouldn't Mesh like I. In order to deal...

...with my anxiety and to deal with thother things in my life, I have to be social. I have to be cheery. I have tobe positive, like if that stuff were to get removed. Man, like that's tough manlike people, w have depression, like I'm sorry guys, like that's, tough andand that's why it's so serious like you have to take care of it. But thenpeople with depression will kindo say the same thing about anxiety like meanI would suck to be sitting in a room and for no reason your body's fulled of electricity andyour hearts bounding out of your jest. You know it's like I, I I I finallydecided that it was time to get treatment for depression when h it. It was acombination to two things,one. It was like. It was like a year after my dad died, and I still justwasn't handling it well, but then there rasults O. I remember there was therewas a day I was at work um at the time on Saturdays S, I was working. Thesenoon to eight PM shifts like Ioul, come in help first shift and then state tilleight get get. Second Shift settle and I go home and h and en secondships,where I've lived like that's, where my friends are at work and h. But I camein and h for some and I just felt this AIT's, like being wrapped up in theworld's most comfortable blanket that you can't get off is the way I candescribe it ecause. Suddenly. I just was just zoned out from the entireworld. I went and sat in the corner of the office that I work in, and I didn't talk to anybody pe NogLivin about that, like the comfortability of when your deepdepression, it's yes and like 'cause, what 'cause everybody came in wascoming in for for at four o'clock to Tang on for second shift, I didn't sayhi to anybody. I didn't acknowledge them coming into the room, and then I found myself becoming moreupset because they weren't acknowledging me. I was giving off thevibe of. I don't want t yea and get the telk away from me, but then I wasgetting pissed that everyone was getting. Ge was getting the fuck awayone, and that was when I finally kicked in it was like okay 'cause. I got homethat night and my friend Carena, who was working, who was working with me atthe time she text me. She was Kindo like were you okay today and I saydhonestly no and at the first time that was thefirst ome I'd ever been able to acknowledge. No, I wasn't Oky yeah, andso that was kind of Weir yeah, so that was kind of where finally kicked in.For me, it was like okay, I gotto figure something out: 'cause'cause, this shit can't contend and he can't let it go on forever. Two- andyou know the big thing again, wes want o say to lean into it and toacknowledge it to accept it. As you know, this on some level is a partof you. You know, even if you there's tons of things you can learn:mental techniques and ND medicine and that kind of stuff to handle it herbalstuff. Exercising you know, there's tons of things you can do to helpalleviate the symptoms, but, ultimately again, there's nothing wrong with youtheres. It's who you are. This is who you are you? Are This person this thing?So when you lean into it and accept it, you are accepting yourself you're, notaccepting depression, you're, accepting yourcell you're, notaccepting defeat. Yes, you are accepting in fact you're doing theopposite. You know, because one of the things that the fosterwallace talkedabout- and this is a good little philosophical question, which was were the people who jumped out of thebuilding on nine eleven- were they committing suicide? Were they orwas that just the only fucking optionlike it was either beinggulfed in flames which who knows how long thatdeath is going to take or splatter to your death and enjoy the fall? You knowthey were. They were taking control. They were, they were diing thee. Werethey really commutting suicide? Not Really! You know what I mean: it justdepends how you look at and that's what he talks about, and depression andleading to you know what again, not a year after he says this. He killshimself, unfortunately, but what he was talking about was essentially likepeople who commit suicide. It's not that they're selfish. It's not thatthey're whatever it's that this has now become the only option forthem, they're on the hundred and tenth floorof the Trade Center, and it just got hit by a plane. There's nowhere else to go. You knowthis is it and they get that in their mind, and I just feel like what getsyou there is not accepting this thing and notaccepting yourself, which you just have to do. You have to and brace it embraceyourself an and lean into it understand what's happening, knowledge is powerand 'cause. If you resist it, if you know, if you resist t at you're, you'resentially trying to resist nature and when is ite everwyeah you're you're,resisting the naturally occurring order of things, and that's that's that doesn't that doesn' happenit s? Liwhen is resisting something...

...that's inevitable, yeah just just just do something: totake it and shride do smen? Listen, you can. You can have depressioion clinicaloppression and not feel the symptoms of depression for forty years Y, if, ifyou do the right things, if you live the right lifestyle, if you associatewith the right people, if you have the right job, if you do whatever like youcan be someone who's clinically depressed the same thing with with drugusers right, Dany Treho has been clean for fifty years. You know and he still considers himself a drugaddict, because I guess what he is yeah he's just been clean for fifty. He justhasn't actually used I'll, be a drug at it for the rest of my life, Tyou, don'tjust you don't just use opits wel you hear that you vhev from alcoholics allthe time they always say like yes, they're still an alcoholic, they justdon't drink Scot, and I talk about this. Quite you know it's like you th againwhat people don't understand when they're going through when they'regoing through Rehab and stuff 'cause I've interacted.You know in that environment and stuff, and one of the things I tell people islike you have to you- have to get it out of your mindthat you're cured because you're not and you never will be cured. This willnever go away. I have three kids and a wife Kay. It doesn't go. Trust me. Itdoesn't go away like the thought process behind using drugs, especiallythings like opiates, which are the only things to this day. That's ever reallyhelped wot my anxiety. So you know I understand you're, just replacing oneproblem with another. You and alcohol doesn't really. No. It tends to kind of make it worse.People who people who drink to alleviate depression or kitting themse,I meanreafterleingwhat it is- is you're flooding a depressive state with adepresent yeah, which the only thing that you're solving is that you arenumbing a section of your brain. That H has self awareness of all that it is.If y drunk peopwill do stupid Shid they have no self aware Inyo. So your lackof self awareness, which is for most people, that is their depression, istheyre painfully self aware in those moments, two soffwhere they're tooself you're, just numbing that part of yourbrain, you know, but then instantaneously it. It goes from Mat,Tur, dropping off a cliff. Then you know popping being able to pop back up so yeah. That's yeah! That's not a goodway to deal with it. No, it's not! I I deal with my depression the right way.I I blast heavy metal, music and eat genos. It's the way to do it, Um man, what a what a direction! This converse!EA, THAT'S A go! Se Man, it's a supposed to go! RIGH love this ship!This is e got to be. Freethis is a shit that I like. This is why I do this showand I'l. tell you what I I love having the guests over the phone that I've hadlike Havin, Bexi Cox call in it was amazing, Hav Havn having everyonecalling as great, but there's nothing that beats it's always my favoriteepisodes are always the ones where the people come in and sit in. The chairs,I'm just talk to me: I've never had a colon guest on the movie, show really yeah and I've had man. I had acouple I'd one M Gary Owen I r hold of, and he agreed to do it and kind o. Lastminute I was like you know what it's it it. It changes, the E it doesmeand. I just don't want to do it, it's not whether it's a name or not. Itdoesn't really matter. You know it's the only thing I've done phone is. Italk to the the writer of the trust. We watched the trust as on NETFLEX. It wasa Lijawood Nicholas Cage, and I was so it wasn't what I expected it was goingto be like not even close. It might have being a much better movie than Iexpectato. This really dark script. It was but half the movie was cheery, thenall of a sudden it just takes a turn and you're like it's a rezle ride like the whole. It'sw you got to just watch it, but halfway through the movie. It just takes a turnnot like a twist in that Synda like the mood, goes from light and Airie todarkest fuck, and it's in one singular moment and that to finshis up andthat's why I don't like the movie Click Ohit Aamit. This is very different Ycausecause. It goes from being and all of a sudden. It's like Jom du Eget, sodark so fast right and then it's all good at the end and I'm like no W, wehave to acknowledge those twenty minutes, ohos the darkness. We got toacknowledge that we cant. U pretend that didn't happen, yeah exactly! Butyes, I I talked to the writer of that movie: Okay overice. That was that theonly thing I've ever done. I've had some great guests over overscipe or thephone or other options. If use a really and truly great great guest. Aninterview format is a little easier to... that. Yeah, I mean n e Nimat showthat's all I do, except for atch and and usually that's what those end upbeing. Is those wind up just being like just straight interviews every once ina while? I've had a call in a guess where it's gotten a really good viveand a good conversation going, so the phone ones tend to be shorter,shows ecause. It pretty much turns into a straight interview, but man. If I hadthe budget, I would fly those people to fuck out here and have a my mom'sbasement for an hour yeah. This is this is great appreciat it. So Se had acouple of minutes left here, so we've had we've had a hell of a hell of aweird twenty nineteen. As far as movies go. Yes, it's been A, I don't want tosay it's been a great year for movies, but it's been a weird year for moviesyeah M. I would have been some of your favorites so far this year, boy, my favorite one I haven't seen yet- isjoker. She' Aa See Jokan, oven, Seen Joker, oh my God really really want tothat is that is like. That is a movie, and we talked about that on the show.That is a movie that needs to be studied in film school. It really doesyeah you eee. I want to see it, that's one of the ones that I'm like I'm supersad I haven't seen. I thought Toy Story. Four was phenomenal. I really did Iloved it. Man My kids saw in the movie theatr with my kids, which was reallycool. I just saw toy story three for the first time this year, O Lso, okay,so there's there's a string of movies hire's, probably about a five year gapin my movie. Viewing history where I was broke, didn't have a car and whereI was living there wasn't a movie theater in town, so going to thegeseeing movies was really hard. So there's there's there's a period oftime, probably from about two thousand and twelve to about maybe two thousandand ten to about Twenty fifteen or I j, didn't fuck and see anything thatwasn't like the Avenger's h see and I barely kept up with themarble univers. It just got a little too daunting. So I just kind of justwent I'll watch 'em Wale later I don't really care Il just watch 'em, alllater all TDAY welthat's W. I liked that in the last couple of yearsthere's been this there's been this development of of of movie clubs andmovie passes, and things like that. 'cause I've been able to go, see a lotmore shit than normally wouldn't have gone to sea. One of my favorite movies,no dink ome out this year. It was the last year they before t was hotel.Artemis, I haven't seen it was with Davitista and Sofia Batella Jodi Bosterthingsyeah jodie foster strarlingce Brown, Jeff Golblam Charlie Day Shit,it's just like little hour and a half, maybe just under two hour like likeit's not t, it's an action flick, but it's it's! It's a cool concept, ahonestly. It's some of the best acting I've seen at at Batista. It was reallygood he's not really known for like hard hitting act. No 'cause he's beendoing just you know: Factian film yeah, but well even N. I will say like hishis ten minutes, that he's in blad around twent Y, forty, nine or fantastout, but that's actual acting Um, but yeah this year said twenty storty four.It was before. I thought it was phenomenal and it was also just a coolexperience to like sit there with my you know, four year old daughter andtwo year old son and their eyes glued to the movie screen. You know watchingtoy story for and I'm the one that introduced them. Of course, the tostryon Tro Mi e. They still watch all the time on their tablets, and I mean theylove it and it's just cool. Like that's. You know. I got my daughter to watchOliver and company, which is my FA. It's a good every Disney movie in the car. We almost exclusivelywatched national treasure and they love it and they love it, and I just I lovethat be able to experience them with them. As long now, befor like ofiao theNicholas Cage Movie Pot guest, but before then I really was a big fan oflike national treasure. I thought that's that's one of my favorite. Justyou can sit down, shut your mind off and just watch a anenjoyable movie. Youknow that first, national treasure do the both are really good man. Second,one's okay. I looked up fot. The first AI, an o first one- has listen reallyon the podcast, I said, and I will stand by that national treasure as onetom hangs away from an IBI yea. What I mean like O Golen Yeah Academy, wehundredper it was. It was one Tom Hanks away, O Maamword. I you throw TomHankson there and ove some of the humor and make it a little bit more dramatic,yeah hat shit wis it am. You know what I keep Ting. You know what it neededthat it didn't have that it should have had was a sean bean death if they hadthrown a sean bean death in there wellbut the wait in though its kind ofWa Easi, I fucking love the first fational treasure I thought yesterdaywas really really good. That was the Beatles movie sm that a Beatles Fanhelisten, neither I but on apbeels I hear the robies really was. I was agood movie. Man Like the way there there's a couple different ways you cando when I heard about the 'CAUEII writing. So when I heard the plot line,I was like all right. There's about four ways to play this right. You knowand there's three ways where it's going to suck yeah, so they got ta nail this.He gotto do this the right way. I thought they it the right way. You knowI, the guy who the guy who lives in the...

...universe where the Beatles disappear methe Henengy of Goris, and he he wasn't. He didn't know the beadles sox. He hadto kind of try to remember them all and like they're, not all exact. You know osome of the words change Um. You know, and I liked that concept- It wasn't aguy in a beadles cover band, Ri wakes up in a world where the Beatles don'texist. You know it was different than that which I I liked that concept andjust that th. The love story. That's in at thaht was really good. He sings allthe songs for real and that's really cool, which was awesome. It's it wasvery reminiscent of like walk the line. You know. Have you had a chance to seethe peanut Butter Falcon? Yet No, I adto the warn with what is Nashia SyeahShilabo on it holes thatthig. That thing came and went at the neon so fast.I didn't get a chance to go, see it. I haven't watched again, but I've totallywant I've heard it is absolutely fanto yeah. I don't doubt it so I like thosekind of films. Those are my my favorite film of all time and it's it's cheating,because it's a book, it's my favorite book of all time and I thought themovie did it justice. So I jusn't loved it. It's a book, a movie called T Emother, Knight Oka. If Yo ever get a chance to watch mother NIHT IT on behard to dig up watch mother night. It's I love it. If you ever have a a. If you want to read the book, I wouldsuggest doing it first because the and I won't say the main character duest incase you read the book. But if you read the book after You Watch the movie, youwill never get the main character from the movie's voice out of your head. Soyou need to read the book first then Look Up Mother Knight Cause once yousee who the actor is. You're fucked always will never leave your mind andyou'll read the book with his voice, which I don't think is good 'cause. Ittaints the book you got to read the book before findingout who it is. I was, was so determined this year 'cause as much as I loved thevendors en game wheocame out this year, evething bls that Ting has been such ablter like I was so I was so determined to not let my favorite movie of theyear be a comppent movie only because only because the last couple of yearsit just kind of fucking happened that it was, and there were some good onesthis year, but I was like, but there's so much other good shit coming Haf thisyear, but unfortunately, right now jokers still sit at the top of my list.I WAN to watch it. It's really good Um. There's a movie coming out called thelighthouse that I really want to see with rubber pens, an a Wilbefo, that'snot any, showing anywhere near Hereis. What can when it's in black and Whit? Iwant to see it so bad and only fucking sucks about Robert Pads and is thatpeople don't realize how good of an act. He is a amazing and how good of aBadman he's going to be. I am so and like just in the last two weeks, you'vegotten so much news about this new BA and who else was it at everyone? WH waspissing about and it was a really good choice. Ben ATHLEC everybody took ashit on Ben Afflik when he got an ous, I bout. It was yeah somebody else. Itwas Michael Keaton. Everybody was convinced. MICEL Ketin was going to eata Dick, because the only thing he' done at that point s the new Batman, O one ht they announced recently Zobe Crav is as cat womank and Poldiana was going tobe the Rie Ol Dano. That was the other one that Paler Sao was going odins.Funing phenomenal guys, like trust me, just give Hem a chance hall. Theaterwas going to be amazing and I thoh Jon Hil w have been a good P. I thought sotoo, but I also think that the fact they got Michael Jacuino to do thescore for this movie and Michael Jaquino was one of the best workingcomposers in Hollywood today and if you don't believe me out, there go listento his score for both incredibles movies. Listen to his score for DoctorStrange, listen to his score for not the an diferoge one that that doesn'tcount the one bad one doesn't count now. Thereason his score for Rogan doesn't count us because he had three weeks tomake it the original composer for Roge on dropped out three weks before themovie came out and they had to get somebody else to come in and makesomething on the fly yeah. So Jaquina was like I got time. I just looked up movies. T E came out t twent, NinteeGreta, I thought Graa was Really Ota. It wasn't like life change, but thatwas an enjoyable wayto ive been a couple hours yeah. I thought that was agood movie, the movie, the COUNTEF netflakes American factory. I have itsaved Ave, a wate on with fantastic. You definitely an to watch that one I'mtrying to theihs something I alsoa chapter. Two I thought was was a Gudret. I I have a pathological fear of clowns, so I haven't seen the first oneand I will not see that do soone. I can't do it. I can't do it. I the firstone doesn't play up in the clown as much. You could probably watch itbeforethe first, the second one really plays up the cloud. I remember whenthey went. Entertainment weekly released the first images of scarsguard as as as Pennywise, and I was just like. Well, that's the movie. Iwon't be seeing it was so funny her listening to the actors, talk about himand basiily, saying like theywer, a like people would be like. Did he likestay in character and like no he's not like he's not that kind? Ofact he's notserd lettof yeah he's not thathe's, not that kind of actor an like, but whenthe scenes would start D, I was fucking...

...terrifying like he was scary. You knowlike, and I just imagine being there like I've seen I'll tell you somethingthat threw me for a loop. This year was the fact that if you had told me at thebeginning of twent and nineteen, that I would love Aladdin and hate the LionGang, oh, the iking was terrible y would have toil Ye. I watched a bableof ee O my Wifela was pretty fun. It was 'caus e. The problem is thetrailers for a Latin, were God awful, the marketing for a Latin was ABYSMLand the marketing for the lion can fattask nd. It was terrible. I I wantedto leave the theater during the lion Kang. I I have so many big problemswith the lying gang, namely the fact that be prepared as thirty seconds long are you going to watch? Are you going to watch lady in the tramp when it comes on God,Tous God? No, I'm interested, I don't care, I don't care see. I can't WaiferDisney plus to come out. 'CAUSE demandalorian looks incredible. I meannot only that, but just the catalogue of o having of that o phenomenal. Oh, Ican't Wai I'll, be skipping I'll, be skipe me ladyn in the trap. You Know Dumbo bumbed me out this yearI was really hoping. Dunbot was going to be good. I never watched it. It was.It was just and I didn't hear anything about it, so it must not be acgin. Ithought the trailers looked really good and then I found out that Tim Burtondid to it what he did to Allisan Wonderland. It's called Dumbo, but it'sactually it's equal to Dumbo, whatever it wasn't. Good um saw lot more movies. This syear thatpissed me off more than I did see one that I liked Um. But it's it's been aweird year for movies Um. I did. I did leg once upon a time in Hollywood, Havseen that one yet 'cause we were talking about doing. We were talkingabout doing actor, actress writer, director Ohoky,so and if we were going to do director what were going to do, th, Tarintinoand then hatalog together, it is something and then Ero Shane Black. Forthe writer shame black is h. He did the Nice guys long, Kiss Goo, nigh fucking, Kiss Kisspang, Bang Yeah, andthen he did the Predator last year, hey one of the worst mov. I get. You can'taw that cant all be winners. No, but but if there was one that should havebeen a winner, the guy who he was in the first Predator has a writing credit on the firstPredator and after doing the nice guys, a s is Sang Bang. He should have beenable to knock the Predator at of the park, but I should ave know going intoit. There was going to be a problem when all the marketing said from thedirector of ired man, three and I'm like, but ironman three wasn't good.Why is that that John Fovery? No, no, no, he ain't Shean'd black did ironmanthree. He directed it. Sh John Fabra did one in two two sucks but Jane BlackDirected Iron Man. Three and Ironman three is not a good movie. I reallydon't like that. He directed that I don't either 'cause 'cause. He He madesome trotes portend like that. Never Y es it was great yeah. You can takepeople's cataloges and then just pretend like stuff. Isn't there? Oh,absolutely I' just going to pretend like it didn't happen, there' stuff,wes, only written three movies right s, stuff ridly Scott? Is My favoritedirector, there's plenty of stuff by him that I pretend did not happen.MMLIKE every episode of the good wife do not like that. Show right. Ji'St,like I've tried so hard again into that show 'cause. I love Reley Scott. Eventhe last alien movie, Elien Covenant, H, Yep Yeah epradius was good who's. Your favorite DREG RP is up herea little bit n En Goo Listenthis is I live for thisShi be go as long as you want that's great. I got to get up really interivedto Columbus in the morning Um, but h for for directors and and working right now,like like modern directors like I'm, a falking like is yes peelberks stillworking today, but if you had to Bec like a modern working director, Ias oneof your favorites right now I mean I still think Tarratin's the Tolph ofthis game n in that he's. Still writing movies that appeal to this nicheaudience and that Nich audience follows from from movie to movies to movie. Youknow and that's tough, to do when, when you're that niche over time thataudience gets older, so you lose them, you know, and then you can't really getthem back and those types of people tend to fizzle and he hasn't he hasn'tfizzled. I I'm not the biggest Tarantoo Faniston Gym. You got to be a bigTerantino fan to really yeah want that, and and for me what I've what I'vefound is with his movies. I either love them or I hate them and the I hate morethan I love. I love once upon a time in Hollywood, Ye H, I love Jangl unchained.I Love Inglorious Bastards, even though I probably shouldn't Um, but I foundwhat what the best I l haven't seen eit late Um, but so someone, someone toldme something bouttether there take on Terentyo, know and IAD never thoughtabout this and then, when he, when he described to me, it made a lot of sense.It Tarantino makes movies for film...

...nerds, like he's a film n saying it's Real Nia,real Nich, real tropy, but he's c all his movies at the end that they arealmost like a love letter to film making sure Um and I don't know F- maybe I don't knowif it's just like like I don't like Pul Fiction Um, I hate the gabill movies. Ilove pump fiction. I never seen the kilbill movies hate the kilbill moviesUm. I've, never there's two movies of his I've, never seen I've never seen.Avlate I've never seen Jackie Brown um, but yeah rown yeah. I just SOM. I don'tknow what I think. Maybe it's more Tarentyou know as a person that I havea problem with and that and that tains my movie going experience and he's I mean what I like about them.Those is that he's unabashedly supportive of the arts in what the artsare Ya. One of the things that I can't stand is is Um guys. I'M GOINGTO bereal political here, pc culture and I'mstepping on Ha Ledge thand. I don'tlike it oh Shi. I I really I mean I. I truly believe, and I again I'm nota comic and I understand that M, but I still have an opinion on it. I mean Ifeel like I'm in the world enough to where I can have an opinion on. I woulhave an opinion about anything SD to be what I always telh. Everybody is, asyou can have an opinion about. Whatever the hell you want, you just have to beprepared for the fact that people might not Lee your opat whis is fine yeah. II think there are literally no lines you know N. I comedy I I don't. Igenuinely don't believe theire lines and I typically get behind that and andreally the only rule of comedy is that you have to be at least attempting to be funny w. Wetalked about that last week with Mike well yeah. You did, you guys, went intoit and- and I always say I you can say whatever you want on that stage or inthat film or on that show as long as it's good and ' en thinkthat it even has to be good even has to be fun. I think it's supposed to befunny. I think you need to at least betry. You have to be at least tryingto be funny. What's what I it'funny, then it's not funny, but you have to atleast be attempting to be I'm not afair of being shocking for the siof beingshocking, which o bes good at it. SOMEPEOP shouldn't be doing thesethings. Oh, ultimately, there's nothing wrong with them doing it. You know- and I just there to me- there are nothere's, no not lies off limits. There are no rules, there is no, but butbeing able to do something is not the same thing as being immune from consequences. Yeah Imean there are still if anthony just when it goes up on stage, and I does a joke about making the light ofthe Holocaust just because that audience laughs that doesn't mean he'snot going to lose his show yeah, you know or whoeve, whoever that guy wasrecently got fired for Ssanel you're, not you coan. Do It ot the fuck? Youwant again s somebody who heard the things that he was doing laughednobably more than one someone rig oably. A lot of people listened about andlaughed that's comedy right. If you're beingfunny, that's comedy so and we you can write as many fucking upED pieces. You want about the point of comedy, you know it's it's to bringpeople up, not tear them down. Is it's you're supposed to be objective andyou're suppod you're not supposed to rely on the shock? WHATEVR, you writeall the OPTBAD pieces you want. The point of comedy is to be funny and evenif to be funny is a select audience you're still their favorite yeah,because you're speaking directly to them. I I I think that big mouth is oneof the funniest shows on Netflix right now. It is not for everybody sure mymom is you Lyan raphills on that show? Oh, yes, she is json an Ducasis love,Jason Banzu, an everything he does. John Millanei Nic Crol is kind of thean Andrew Golberger, the showrunners. On that thing, Um Maya Rudolph, thatwas part of that show one is Danel. TASHA's won. It was a bow dripoberry, abrickleberry brickleburry at three seasons on comedy central and it was todie for that. Show it's on Houlu. Now that show is. I wish had Danel Toshit's funny now, as I did back in the day. I do too don't find it as funny,but he did release an album. I think it was two albums ago which I wasn't athatlong ago, and it was really really good. Yeah I was likeiten cook did that forDane Cook after he hid his huge big like Magiin Square Garden, succevicious circle. He did. He did another. He did one a few years later calledisolated incident and it was him at the comedy store. It was just him doing old,school, classic style, regular stand. He wasn't screaming the whole time.Yelling wasn't jumping on Shit, and you know what it was some of the funniestmost real relatable stuff. I'd ever seen in my life, and I was like that's all anybody ever wanted. Man SeeI'm a big, I'm probably more as far as ONF, the top of my head, I'm probablybetter with comics than I am movies books and comics, I'm probably muchbetter at even though host a fuckig... B, I'm much better like like. Ijust went to see Nebargazi and a taft which was incredible, his dad who's, amagician. If you ever listene to an NBARGOTZI, you haven't listened to itMike. I don't know if you've listend to Na Oh, my God, his aaern Gr, Oh yeah,he's Fucking Ama. That's got to be like one of the best working like comicsOhioh, easily he's fucking incredible but anyway, so his dad is a magician.He makes fun of that. A lot he's a dad opened up for him and did a comedymagic set shut. The Anto it was. He stold the show Proheis for t Fulki larious, like straight up stole theshow like I wish there was a recording of it somewhere. It was amazing. It wasso funny all of a sudden Ho he's at the very endof it and he all of a sudden H, my heart will go on, starts playing and hestarts mining it out and going he ke crawls into the audience. His Dad's,like in his seventies, rosecrowd serfs into the audience, pulls a woman outand starts dancing with ther on stage and then in the process, takes herwedding ring and puts into a gumbole machine without her knowing it did itsfight tilarious. It was such a good. It was such an amazing sent yeahNAPARGOCI's like one of my favorite comeshs right now, and the thing is, Idon't even understand why he's sto funny he's not Raunchy Atd. All hehasn't cost lately he's completely clean, there's no shock TA, which stend to be the comics. I'm attracted to you know. I love like one of myfavorite comics. All Time is Pattan alls. Well, ve, Pat n aswal Um, youknow, Anthony Jetenick is probably like. I'm amazed out there,I'm mixed on Antony Jentlean. I've never heard a joke of his. I didn'tlaugh, my I. I think I think with him it was 'cause they. I first got intohim when they were bringing him into the roasts on a comedy central and Ifeel like he was trying a little too hard to be Greg. Geraldo andconsidering Geroldo had just passed. It was Kinda like Wen, he's even shorter forhim thanGeroldo hea more offensive, but but I kget whatyou're saying yeah for me, it was one of those was like. I really needed himto carve out his own nch a little bit. First W I thinke. I mean, I think he atthis point he has. He has now yeah like nnow like, if I think it was because they started himon the roasts. Like O know what I mean like. If, if I had got introduced tohim, I see the comparison there. T yeah, if, if I had got introduced him becauseliterally the first roast he was on, was the first one they did with outGeraldo, which do you remember who it was trump? Oh my gosh or he says oonlydid the world lose Grat Geraldo, but even worst it kept Jro. There was thatone a'cause. I remember that one even had jeff rossgoing. Oh Jesus, 'cause'cause him in Jeraldo work. Oh yeah, bodextremely yeah when he uh. He saysit Dow trump. He says you're exactly like Michael Douglas and was 't all thepresdents man or something except no one's going to care when youdie of cancer yea. Something like that good one. Like do. Do you hear the Jimmy Car Oneand the roast of Rob Low with a rob Le Scen, roblows roasts roblow? I don'tremember who it was Alec Balbwan. Just had one didn't he, he did and Anthoyjus X, fucking, no Jeffrey Ross, a larious amount, Jeverosways the only time, the only time Jeff Ross wasn't. That funny was the firstone he was on, which was the Pamm Anderson Robs, which you know it's gotTa Beou here a lwell. He I think part of it was S. is he pissed off PamAnderson in Courton? He loved like right off tat. I think everybody waskind of pulling away from Hem because he comes out where, in a fur, coatwhich paymantersis a huge like Peter Supporter and he's making joke s I'funny Funnar and then he looks at Circorny love and he says, like man, Ican't believe it's ever thought. It was possible. Looking worse than KirkCobaine and everybody was, everybody was just kindo like that's fucking funy Gon O is ship and everybody was dusconal. Oh my gosh dude, so JimmyJimmy Carr, and I can I wish I couldremember the hose I I wish I couldremember the WHO it was but Jimycaran the roast of whoever it was. He says toPete Davidson Whoas Dad died on nine eleven yeah. He says to p Davidson. Hegoes h. He goes. I think, it's appalling that everybody keeps bregingup, P, Davidon's father who do heroically sacrificed his life on nineeleven. You know this is not the roast of p Davidson's father that was in twothousand and one which is flawless right, faws and then you know thecollective grown from the audio and th. And then you hear p David son go dudethat was dope like Li. In that background I mean that was like one ofthe best ones. I I love Jivy, O Davis, an that same one I think p Davisn itMUSTV. It Must Have Been Rob Lod, 'cause, aint Colter was there we go gosof ant colders here than WHO's, scaring...

...the crows away from or crop Le Ouckgood one. I love. I love Jimmy Car Yeah I'mgint before I leave we're goingtowatch, one of those. If you ever get a chance to watch, he doesn't he thereis.There's this show on on BBC called countdown, and it's a letters andnumbers game show TAT's on. Like daytime like around teatime or whatever,and who ows this somie got em bridge, I won you to meJimmy Glaard E. I was a butt and what Jimmy Carr in his comedy group, eightat o ten cats hosts the late night version, Wel comedians playing this Godand he's the host of it, and it is his I don out it Itoll fucking funny,'cause 'cause the way the game works is like they get like nine letters, andthe teams have to try to put together as big a word as possible, using theletters and while they're trying to do that. He'll him and the smoking hot nBlonde who's like the e, The van o white or whatever theyjust do shit to try to distract them, while they're playing yeah like at onepoint he just fuckg and takes his pants off and is just standing. There fallsout and row, can I say my favorite, I said myfavorite horrible, Jestlimook, joke sure andthen I'll say my favorite non orbmy favorite horrible jestoi joke as hesays, uh. He said H, my I think it was hisgrandmother. He always his grandmother's always like super. Hesaid I think it was his grandma. He says my grandmother was aHolecaustenier and h. You know, and we were reallyembarrassed about, is we made her wash Shimler's list and when she fitsfinishe Shindler's list, you know, thankfully she she blieaved in the Holocaust. She jusGouldn't, believe it didn't happen twice: sheormy favorite, Raunchy, Jes,Jo, but then I asso e has a it's just a quick one, liner and one of his in hisearly special, and he goes because I think my friend Jeff is gay. I don'tknow, though, I'm really bad with names. Andi was like. I just think, that's sofunny like that's. He perfect joke. That's clever, love that I like that.That's funny 'cause! It's like that is not where you think. That's gonna, that's comedy to me, but you know whatand- and you know what that's that's kind of the same thing that that draldawould always do. was those Kinda Yeah Sti. Remember, I think Louis Black hadsaid he's Kindof like he, he was said. He was like a comedy minor he'd find anidea and he' just started, hitting it. Ohe Hit it again and again and againuntil he had gotten everything as hosibly, good and shealsonic has had ineach of his specials a joke about baby dropping which he didn't intentionally.Do he said he didn't. I listened to a boasone. Okay, it's really good. They.He sits down with a comic and they go through one joke and that's it so etalk about a joke and then they go through the whole premise how it cameto be the writing process. The alusha lever, it's a really cool pie. Nate wason the first episode with the joke about the dead horse and the AK SpecialItas, a good fucking, Joe jsnnic. They did the baby one fo fromthe new Special Ka, Um and uh he's on a baby, dropping joke on all threespecials and then Thi s latest special. He did a baby drop joke. That was fiveminutes. Oh my God. It's a five minute joke about dropping babies, and it is you just like and that's why I think Ilove Jesamik. So much 'cause, I'm a cool e fuckelse could do this. Who elsecould do a five minute? Baby? Dropping joke? That's insane and it's fightsflarious, it's not not funny, it doesn't feel sale or weird or it'sholarous. It's incredible shit. Man, you're making me want to go back andrevisit Anthony Jezzle H. His newspouse was pretty good man. I I I don't watchcomedy specials as much anymore, just because it kind of stifles. For me at least itstifles the the writing process O it, which I get, I'm not a comic, so I canwatch whatever I want. You know what I mean and see it's weird 'cause likewhen I'm writing. When I'm writing films, I'm watching movies, constantlyI see and Whn I'm, but when I'm writing jokes, I cannot have like. I can'tlisten to. I can't watch anybody. I can't be on a fucking twitter. Likeit's. It's bizarre. I wrote a short story called onaging years ago: IV,rode a shore story called onaging and recently I was in a band and we took abunch of my short stories and we turned him to songs and it it was a reallycool little project we did and and the music a o an the music's never beenreleased, but I still have it, but it's it's a. It was a cool project O and mythe singer, who I've been in a ban with him. Since we were in high school Um edid I thought he just did a phenomenal job, taking the spirit of what I was writing aboutan inturn. It was just. It was a weird experience. N W T I mean and h the the basic story. Premise is a guy getsdiagnosed with a rare blood disorder and sides to he gets approached by someone from acro, jennics lap and says hey. You know we have to freeze you while you'realive. If you want to be rebord again,...

...if you die first, you can't get broughtback. You know they didn't understand this early crowgenic. They thought youcould die, freeze your body and come back, but you have to be alie, youcan't ever die, so he doesn't want to tell his wife is wh.What he's going to do? Is he doesn't anyway wakes up, but only like thirtyyears later, so he, like his son, is the same age ashim. Essentially you hat, I mean he just goes back at hi. The world hasn'tchanged o. You know when he comes back, so it's it's an interesting take onwhat would happen if you were if crowdgenex was real and instead oflaking up four hundred years later, where it's just a whole new world thatyou're getting used to you're still in the same fucking world, your friendsare still alive, they're just thirty years older than you. It's just a weirdconcept right. That's all that it is there's more truth, an that, but that'sessentially what the story is. I like that so Kevin WHO's. MY SINGER GOES! So.Did you base this off of that Mil gifson movie? I was like no Gifson movie. I couldn'teven Saye what it's called and I was like. No, like I told H, I was like Igot the idea. I watchedthe documentary one time about the aging process and Ithought it was fascinating this, what it did and Hewas like no and they saidthe movie Tinel. I look up the movie title Dud, its Fucking, pretty closeguy gets on frozit's like within thirty forty years. I was like fuck, U MeltGibson, and that was like twenty years before I came up with this idea.Rigtnow it's it's different enough to where it's not a big deal, but likethat shits mean I guess it's Po Howcomics feel right. Like Oh yeah, youhave a joke, premiss and you're like O. I love this and then you're like Ohdude. It's some of its word for word almost wit,Ich other CISTRA. I wrote a joke in in college. I forget what it was evenabout and H. I I turned on the TV one day and I was watching there's the showcalled Short He'as watching shortis. Oh yeah, there was little one bits: N,theanimate Hem and I'm watching it and uh they. I forget the name of thecomedian, Irish mother, Fucker, Um, ball, Irish guy he's Ini, Fuckig andeverything anyway Um he does. He does they show one of hisclips and it is like almost exactly like an C JS. I S with a note book inmy hands and I'm just like buck at Frosenov gone done and since it was, and since it wasthis guy had been around so long. I Li he probably did that Joke Lik fuckingten years ago Igt. I know this movie existed one o yearsbefore I wrote my short story: I've never heard of the movie. I've neverwatched it. D, no one', never told me about it. Lik. You know I just I. I watched a documentary about aging andthey had this whole big section about like crilgennic, and I was like that'sfa like what, if these people, what are they going to do when they wake up,which I thought was a cool concept, and I was like what Dif these people wakeup, but it's like in their lifetime still and like they look the same butthey're five years, but their son is technically five years older. You knowlike what a weird world to live in. You know, as opposed to you're threehundred years in the future, and everybody you know, is dead and you'rejust getting accustomed to flying cars. You know which isn't, as you know, deep. As I would say, theother concept is well shit. Man. This has been fun yeahman, I appreciate to have me: Tere's, been a lot of fun. You canot. It cannotbe two years before I see you yeah yeah, let's, let's not do that again. Well,I'll, see you next Wednesday. Hopefully we're up yeah, it's JUS's the plan. Youknow how it is, something always seems to fi come up, but but the movie we planted on talkingabout on the Movie Review Hour. It's I fucking, love UN. I go AEND OT, wait!The fuckand thought. Yes, I this is a movie thatis like like I watch thismovie. Quite often, I wonder if 'causesometimes what I don't like arethe tweener movies. I don't like it where uh, I love it when a movie's really bad orreally good, and not just because it gives you a lot to talk about with asor men 'cause. That's what's hard. I don't do a pod cast where we get topick and choose movies, I'm going through an Atar catalogue with SengaBullock, I'm going through an entire catalogue in order Eah of or gysographyso or Phidography. So we can't pick and choos ont. We can't even mounce around'cause. Sometimes you get Ayou Lean Eer, just Li you give miscongeniality too.Sometimes you get the blindside and other times you get the net. We Ere,like L, to at least the NE as something to talk about. There's e been a couplelike twoif by C yeah wrestling earnest himingway like the fuck. We can do lalkabout for anhow. I do Lov thevine secrets of the I that was a much bettermovie than I anticipated like them. I discover the song sailaw by Lauren Hill,which is awesome, yea Ril from that movie m yeah man, so guys so yea. Sothe movie review hour yea every week...

...every week, every Friday hey they drop.If you like, ememaids, I I own a Li Ot. I the May potcast network so check thatout. I have a show every Sunday that gets postd on on there called the notsafe for work inamashoonk. It's the only show it's a bloody and eye, and-and we just talk, however, we want to talk and everybody's conts and bitches,and we just that's just how that's how we talk normally, so we wanted a showthat was dedicated to that kind of thing. The rest of the shows ar arclean. We have a game show on that network. That's pretty cool Um, it'skind of dressed up like around the horn on ESPN, so yeah. I mean check it outyeah and if you're looking to buy a house somewhere in the Daytong area,Yeh edup cail steel sold with steel on Instegran I'll help. You Out, I M, I'msponsoring Stupor Dope, that's gray, so I'll be I'll, be at Welland, Youvewiles. For that one you you've helped out dusty harvey and his wife. They got ahouse through Yo m, any other comics in town, trying to think. I think that'sit as that. The only one I have to look at my last heart o keep track ofeverybody, but I think that's, I think, that's the only comics I host all theDISKOLF events. N. I've had a couple through that, but hopeo the discolnevents, I'm going to be hosted, I'm going to be sponsoring super dope everyyear and that's great and I'm probably going to try to sponsor some other. Iwant to start. I wish that if I had more, if I, if Iwas in more control of my career uh, I would sponsor the most offensive showyeah. I really can't have my Shit Attac. That's fine, even though se that showas doing oh, I would listen. That was your answerion be that show was doingso well. I would spontor a heartbeat if I was in control of my own gas sponsorthis show eall right man well, guys make sure you got a holly she talkingfor an hour and a half man, Al Right, guys make sure you go check out. Themooge review hour check out loudmouth MMA check out sold was steel, Cil,steal reelder by a house here in Dayton and he'll hhook you up and until thenyou know you guys can catch me on the movie review hour. Hopefully next weeklife you know being what it is we'll see, but other than that make sure youguys to Fallo me on my website and Mike Shak comedy dotcom for show dates.There are some more show dates coming up, believe it or not. So we got thatcoming H. Follow me on all the social media, a like sh comedy support theshow by going to Patrion, dotcoms, slash, basement, lounge, pod and, ofcourse, check out all the other shows. We got here on the basement. Lange Potgasspeed until next time, thisismi Sha Tellin, you guys has always to livewell rock on Tay Care.

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