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Season 1, Episode 13 · 3 years ago

"You're Not Not Normal" with Kyle Steele - EP #13


Kyle Steele, host of "The Movie Review Hour" podcast, stops by to talk about movies, real estate sales, and opens up about how military service helped him confront his own demons.

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All you got to do is record a script kind of like what I'm doing now, throw it onto your show and start making money once again. Download the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM and get your podcast career off and running right now. Just do it. Already. Hey guys, this is Mike and Before we get the show started, I wanted to let you know that you can now join the basement lounge team by supporting the show on Patreon. Right now we have a one dollar tier that is so full of cool rewards you'd be a fool to pass it up. Just go to Patreoncomlash Basement Lounge pod to sign up right away, and now on with the show. Grab a drink, a pull up a chair and settle in, because you're in the basement lounge. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Welcome to another episode of the Basement Lounge. I'm your host, Mike Shay. This is the cool, relaxed space. We talked to podcasters, actors, musicians, all kinds of rising stars in the world of entertainment, and this is a guy who we had early on when the show was Mike talks funny and Holy Shit, I haven't seen him since and that's kind of a crime, and we're thrilled to have him on her. He is the host of the movie review our podcast. He lives right around the corner from me, so there's really not a whole lot of an excuse to not ever see this guy, but I don't. It's Kyle Steel. Ladies and Gentlemen, I listen. We're all busy. I get it. You're cool. We are busy. We are busy, busy people. You on top of running a hardcore movie Po podcast. We're going to get into that in a SEC. He alsos are selling houses like like hot cakes around the doing and that's why I'm trying to do and I have another pie. I've an MMA podcast. Oh, that's right, I do, AH, and that's and what's funny is the MMA podcast, numbers wise, is far more successful of the movie one, and it's really not even close. That's surprising. That's my by far. It right. I have a network. I've an MMA network now where there's six different podcast that merged into mine. Oh Jeez. So, yeah, it's it is in there, man. That's why, old man like we have so many of so many shows on there. I only run one show a week on it, but there, I believe, six shows on the on the network right now. So it's it's pretty cool. It's kind like what you have, but I just got other doing it. So yeah, it's very cool. I look, I did the network thing for a number of years. It was. Yes, it was, it was busy, it was. It was fun until it wasn't sure, but it goes. Good for you, though. is is because there are five and a half billion movie review podcasts out there. There's not as big a mark, there's not, was not as big a pool Churem of MMA, and what I do is also very specific, right, so I mean really specifically. You either like it or you don't, you know, and there really is no in between. But I'll say that the people who listen, I get good feedback. We know we get. We get good listener involvement on that one. That's where, even though the MMA one does much bigger numbers, I don't necessarily get as much interaction, right, you know, there's probably five or six people interact with me on twitter, but for the movie one, people message me, text me. You know, friends of mine listen. My mom listens to it every single week. Well, now let's get into it, man. Yeah, sure, the last time we had you on you were the host of the Nicolas Cage Movie Review Our yes, that show has since evolved because, as tends to happen, you did all Nicolas Cage really, who's which I'd never thought was even. You don't even think it's possible no to you do it because he says yes to everything, so surely will never run out and then just gotta stop doing movies. I believe there was, and don't quote me on this, but I believe, and we were only counting movies, we didn't do any of the cartoons. We did bonus episodes of some stuff, but for the actual number count, we didn't do any cartoons. We didn't do any bit rolls. Okay, we didn't do any, you know, like early on where he's just like back when he was credited as Nicolas Kobola. You know we I mean we did like, Oh my God, was a fast times regimenthod. Yeah, that doesn't count. Yeah, he was in one scene. You know. I mean, so that kind of stuff...

...doesn't count, even getting rid of all of that. Yeah, I think it was ninety moves. So many movies. I think it was ninety movies and he's still he has six more coming out. It's so we've already done one this year. We did one a couple weeks ago. Scored a subtle can oh really, which actually not a bad fucking movie. I and I'm not a bad movie at all. I heard some of his more recent stuff has been Mandy was, Ma Andy was fantastic. Heard Mandy. I still haven't seen I heard Mandy was, Mandy was was if I don't think it was his magnum opus by any means, and that's how like that's over reacting two things. Shut up, stop it. It's not as magnum opus by any means, although I understand it where people are coming from, know, because it is a I was gonna get really nerdy, but yeah, it's there. Yeah, go for it. No, no, you're trust me, you will. Just will keep it at that. We you know you really have to movie show. I know, I know you. You Trust me. I know I'm like, but I don't know if the listeners want to hear me. Just like get real nerdy with because I'm also a big reader and that's something I do. So I was I was going to compare it to like blood Meridian, which I thought and there was what I'm thinking of. Yeah, that's got. I thought you had it on your bookshelf because it looks really similar to that. Okay, I'm a big car Mack McCarthy Fan. He's only written like thirteen books, unlike Nicolas Cage. She's written like thirteen books, but all thirteen he's like ninety years old. Yeah, and all thirteen of them are incredible. Right. He's one of those kind of guys. And one of his books is called Blood Meridian, which is it is his magnum opus. It's incredibly violent. It's I mean, it's just it's hard to even describe. You have to just read it, and that is how Mandy is. Mandy is this wildly violent, wildly visual. I mean it's there's points it feels like you're on a bad acid trip. There's points that you feel it, you know, you feel it in your gut. There's a moment where nick cage does he does his cage rage. Yes, and it couldn't be any more lawless and a perfect so I get it. I get why people clamor toward it and I get the the magnum opus to talk. But it wasn't. I promised, I promise it. It was just a really good it was just a very good movie that was very unique and did what, and this is one of my favorite things. I love when a medium does but that medium is good at I love when you can really like read a book invisible monsters. So when Chuck Paul Nick, who wrote invisible monsters, also were fight club. Face, who the Fuck Truck Paul it is? Yeah, yeah, but just in case people don't know, you wrote fucking fight club. So you know who he is. But he wrote a book called invisible monsters. There's actually was his first book. Was that his first one? It got released the later. Okay, I'll okay. That's why it's a story to it. So his first book, technically he was what happened when harperly was invisible monsters. Yeah, right, was invisible monsters and he brought it to them and they're like this will never sell, like we would love to sell it. Yeah, this won't sell. So I don't remember what book he did. And then he does fight club and the rest is history. So he gets really famous. So they go okay, well, we'll try to really they release invisible monsters in a different format where it reads more like a book. Okay. So they go back to him and say, Hey, let's do a book called invisible monsters remix, and we'll do it the way that you originally gave it to us. So the way that he'd originally done invisible monsters, which, if you've read invisible monsters, the themes are all about beauty. It's a really, really, really amazing book. You should check it out if you haven't. But anyway, the remix version, the way that he had initially intended it was to read like a magazine. So you get to the end of the section and it says jump to page whatever and you go, not like it, to choose your an adventure. Set up like a magazine. That's kind of how magazines are. It'll people flip through the magazine, be the articles they want to read and discard the rest. That's how the book was. So you actually can read the entire book and then miss these giant sections, which is how he wanted it to be. He one of there to be a books where you miss whole sections and then there's other parts of the book that are like written backwards, because the book is all about image. You have to flip it into a mirror to read the pages. You have to look in a mirror to read the book so fucking fast. And what I love about that right is that that is an example of a book doing what only a book can do. Right. Yeah, yeah, same thing with movies. What's cool about Mandy is that Mandy is doing something that only a movie can do. No other medium can do what this is doing, and to me that's what makes it really good art. Right, because anybody can point a camera and shoot, but to do something that's both visually stunning and has this wild esthetic mixed with the music, mixed with the acting, right, it can't be. You can't replicate that in a book. You can't write. If Mandy was a book, I wouldn't read it right, but I'll watch the movie again. You know what I mean? Well, so if they it's like with Stephen King. You know, his stuff doesn't always translate as well to film sure as it does when it's in... when it's in a book form. He also did a bad job at saying no. He did the Nicolas Cage thing, but he was selling movie. Right. Yes, is because it. He did the thing where you could get the rights to his film for a dollar. Yes, because he and it just didn't pay off. No, and then he tried doing it himself and we got maximum over drive. Whoo oh man. One of the best terrible yes, no, I movie. Is that movies. It's got a truck with the green goblins face on it and I love it's definitely and of machine because they're there, because they're very loose. There's some things that the movie posits. Isn't a machine because it's not alive, but then, like a sprinkler system, will have a mind of its own. Well, even like like guns. Like at one point there's a military vehicles, like is that a machine? That shooting the gun on its own, but then later we see them using guns and I'm like, well, how come those guns? Yeah, I don't, I don't understand. Yeah, how come the electric Knipe is a machine but the jukebox is fine? Yeah, exactly. The definition of machine for that one was pretty Loosey Goosey. I also just love the conversation that Emilia has with the trucker. He's like I got the best Catt, the best gaster, said, the Mississippi hundred percent uncut. I'm like it's gas. Nobody talks like this, you know, not even not even the marauders right talked about gas that deeply, right, like oh Jesus, you know, I think the last knit cage movie I saw a cat. We were talking about Nick Cage. was was rage. I watched ninety fucking movies. I can talk about him as much as you want to ask the last one I saw. That was rage exactingly, not all that green. That really was it. I'm terrible. It was. Yeah, like it wasn't his worst by a long shot, but it definitely wasn't as I liked the twist at the end. I was like, oh, that's kind of Akay, don't tell me. Yeah, was the twist that it was something about is someone killed us? It was like the boyfriend killed the daughter. It was. It was instead, if somebody broke in, it was a CIDENTEL. It was that next to deal death. There's something found his gun and we're playing with it and it just went off. He thought that somebody broken in and he was not talking. Yeah, he basically started like a like a threeway gang war. And Yeah, all because all of our an accident. So the moral that story is just tell the fucking truth and then you won't have game more's exactly, guys. If you lie, you'll cause the Russians in the Italians and the Japanese to go to work with each other. The truth can set you free and save the world, but I like it. So now that you've gotten through all of knick cages filmography, which is a which is a feat and an itself. Yes, you have. Now you changed. One of my proudest accomplishment is that. That is truly to be command. I'm the only one on the podcast that did it because, yeah, there were people that missed weeks. Now I was the host, so I did it every week. That's like, I don't even think the nostalgia critic is done every nick cage movie, and he's done a lot of them. But now you change the name of the show to the movie review hour to give it a bit more of a broader spectrum of the season two and now you're doing all Sandra bullock films. Yes, Holy Shit, that's almost done and you're almost done and and that's an endeavor in it of itself because like, like, Nick Cage is, I mean he's a human meme for crying out last and so people have such a weird fascination with him to do a podcast with your all his movies kind of kind of defines itself. Yes, Sandra bullock is America's sweetheart, sir, and that's that's ballsy. We wanted to do someone. We had we actually had this conversation and we wanted to do someone. We wanted to kind of Flip Nicolas Cage on its head a little bit and go Kay, not what's the opposite of Nicholas Cage, but what are the attributes that Nicolas Cage doesn't have, and let's do that. But as an actress, let's let's kind of let's do a female and then we'll go mail and we'll that way we can kind of play plate fairier, I mean and sure and mix it up next season you can do till to Swinton, because who knows what she is there. It is listen, we I think you know who I really want to do for the next female and I had nobody. I can't get Moody to agree with me. So maybe if they get the listeners this podcast, maybe you whoever. I want to do whoopie Goldberg, because I think you'd be fucking hal she's been in so many movies. There's there's weird ones, there's good one. I mean she's been in some of the greatest movies ever made. I don't think you understand how much I love Sister Act One and two. Listen, they're fantastic, two of the best comedies of the nine color proties. The color purple defined a generation. Oh my God, book by Alice Walker is, Holy Shit, one of the greatest books ever written, and I don't even like that kind of people still talk about that movie like it's one of those movies that has been in the conversation of great films. WAS NOPRA and that Shit Oprah was in that. So I just want to like I I really I want to do will be Gobert for the next for the next woman, and I can't get anybody on board. I endorse, I fully endure and the host of the basement loud. There it is. That's all I need. A fully endorse. I'll get to talk to dawn. will get his podcast in doors the hell. Yes, wells has a podcast. Terry, I'LL GET JIM, say everybody and I'll kid it.

Everybody has a podcast. Right, it's just John's podcast still going. They haven't. They would quit on that one. Yet. The criminati still going. Okay, all right, it's a little intermitting, but it's still going. All right, I'll give that in a couple weeks but I'll try to get the ENDORSEM Relisto Cam that's that's great. I get will get Aaron Lopezar design of there. It is. Get all that. I would I would love that. Yeah, the next man I would like to do, and I think we might all be an agreeance on this one, I want to do Brad Pitt. Oh that's that's a hell of a because that because that means at some point you got to talk about cool world. Well, and there's he has been in some stinkers. He's been in a lot more recently than you guys might think. Oh God, yeah, he's getting to a point where he's starting to accept a lot of things. But he's also been in a bunch of Tarantino's works. We get to see that. And here's the big thing. There's no crossover between Nicolas Cage and sandy be. There's no crossover between Cage, sandy be and Brad Pitt, even though there's a weird tie in because Sandra bullock did ocean's thirteen. Where the fucking old yeah, oceans eight, Oceans Eight. She did Oceans Eight, which is technically in the universe where. Exactly so, but he's not in that one. So it's kind of cool there's a connection there. I was actually surprised there were no cameos. Yeah, I guess you thought for sure. George Clooney. Right, I thought somebody, because that's that's his sister, right, she plays his sister. Yeah, so somebody. I mean obviously not Bernie Mac, but I was show so sure that some that was not a dig. Why Not Bernie Mac? Goodie did, but I was so sure somebody was going to show up in that thing. Carl Reiner, Matt Damon Has Been Popp me. Jesus one, Matt Damon Ranally popped up an interstellar. I was like really, I literally I cannot hear Matt Damon's name without hearing it in the South Park Voice, because, man man, I can't, I literally can't hear his name without hearing that. Oh Man, yeah, Sandra bullet, I because I fucking love Sandra Bullock. And My my dad, I remember him telling me one time that he would see Andrew Bullick. Is His celebrity hall pass. You got. My Mom's is calling firth. I'M gonna pick too. Boy, I don't even know who mine would be. Yeah, I'll try to think of it's a heart. It's hard to pick because there's there's so many gorgeous women. There are mob more gorgeous women in our gorgeous men. Yeah, let me look. Look, ladies, we all know every single one. You wants Jason Momoa. That's fine, I get it. Lesten, I get it. I'd Buy Bang them too, for b look, I would. If you walked in and said Bend over, I'd be like yeah, all right, that's what's it? What is it in that? It's an episode of the office, where like and he's talking about is like if Brad Pitt was really pushing himself on me and Oscars, like, in what Universe d be trying to force himself on? I know what the fuck would like. Why would Jason Moment's coming to basically like fuck me, when he's got when he's got access to Lisa Benet at all times, but he wants a Mike. Shame, wants a mic. Shit, it's areas. Oh Man, Um. Yeah, I love seeing drew bullick. I I to this day, will watch MS congeniality anytime it's on TV. It's good. It didn't it wasn't as good as I remember, but it was still pretty good and I've you ever seen the second one? Not a good movie. Second one was terrible. Second once now it's not speed too bad, but it's pretty bad. Oh, we don't got to talk. We don't have to talk about speeds. Yeah, we need too. Is One of the worst movies I've ever seen. was make a sequel to speed where the love interest is the main character. Okay, sure, because that's that's the character we all wanted to follow, and let's have her character. And they did. What sequences? I figured this out. So I love doing this movie podcast because I just learned so much. I feel like if I would to make a movie, because I've written scripts and stuff, like I would to make a movie now, I'd be a lot better at it from watching this mini movies. It's just like, you know, I write right, I write. I've written scripts. I've also written two novels. I've done short stories. I do a lot of writing, and the best teacher for writing was reading. It didn't matter who it was. You know, I've been on a BIG CORMAC McCarthy kick. I own all of Stephen King's books, you know, like I went on a big reading kick, and that's how you learn how to fucking write as by reading books, so the same thing with the movies, right. You learned to write movies, I think, by watching a lot of them. I know if you look at Henry Kuto, who's the local guy, look at the shit that he's posting about. He watches movies every day, all day, and that's why he's a good director. Right, that's how this works. I don't know where my train of thought was there, but speed to they did. What sequels are? The reason why sequel suck? For the most part, there's been good sequels, obviously, sure, but the reason why sequels tend to suck is because here's what they do. And maybe everybody knows this, and this isn't some big epiphany I came to, but I came to this on my own, I B I guess it's kind of like you have the crack of the code right here. Alls, it's like joke stealing, right, like a lot of joke stealing isn't stealing. Yeah, it's your just and I heard you and Mike talking about this. Right, it's you just. You think alike, you know, and there's only so many...

...thoughts in the world, exactly, and you kind of pick up on stuff. So, you know, maybe a bunch of people thought about this order. Have the reason why sequels tend to sucks because they take what made the first movie popular right, which was the not the head and Shit, but it was the stuff that got down played. Right. That's what really made the movies good is that the movie was about a and B, but there was this underlying ce, and that's what everyone loved about the movie was that underlying C in addition to a and B. So when they make a sequel they go, oh, everybody loved see, so let's make the whole movie about C and then put a and B underneath it. And when they don't realize is it was the nuance of Ce that made everybody love it. Well, it's like you look at so they ham fist. What made miscy genie out of his character so fun and MIS congeniality was the ditzy but passionate and whatever else. So they took it and they made her wait itsier. Then when she does her turn she's way more, you know, not sinister, but she's way more kind of evil, like whatever it is. They just took everything and they play it all the way. What made the first one so good was that juxtaposition? was was her resisting the the pageantry, where into she's all about it, fully embraces it even before there's a you have to listen to that episode, listen to Mission Jowner, because we've really broke into it and we made by the end of it we go here's what the plot should have been. Yeah, and we lay it out and it's like, Holy Fuck, that would have been a substant I'm not saying we're brilliant, because we're not. Know what the fuck. This would have been a much better movie. Some sometimes it's just right there in front of you, so simple. Not not the reference them again, but NOSTALGICA critic did that with ghostbusters to HMM. He's like they could have made ghostbusters to so much better if they had started the movie with the court case of them getting sued and stead by the city and starting there, as opposed to starting it you know, five years later they're already been sued, been atabuses. We got to watch them become the ghostbusters again. Listen, one of the best pieces of advice for writing that I've ever been given is start as close to the end as possible. Now, that's usually with short stories, but that works for everything. Start as close to the end of the story as possible and and want to Kirtvannigat's advice was to heck with suspense, you know, give your readers so much information that they can finish the story themselves. Of cockroaches were to eat the last few pages. Really good piece of advice. That's that's and you can make a suspenseful novel or movie while still keeping your viewers involved. What made premonition as central bullock movie, what made that movie really not work as well as it could have, is that they tried to keep you in the dark too much. You want, every single time she woke up, there should been a title card that said what day of the week it was, instead of right, instead of trying to do this whole thing where you have to guess and then she does a timeline like that's part of the twist. We all got it. We knew what was happening. Put a fucking tile card that says what day of the week it is. Keep your viewers involved in what's happening in front of them, so that way they can, instead of thinking about something else the whole time, they could focus on the movie. When you when you, when you're that suspenseful, your viewer or your reader is taken out of the story, which is defeats the whole purpose of having the medium. You want your people to be entertained, you want them to forget about their Shitty fucking lives for a few minutes, not have them removed back into their shitty life as they're watching your movie. Yeah Right, so fuck suspense, give your people information. What the what's been your favorite sandred bullock movie so far? So far, a lot of good ones. I had never seen demolition man, a ha ha man, and that's fantastic. Every expecting Henry Key's the one that did that one. That movie is is an underrated that one was really, really good. What does I think? What I think? It was two weeks notice. Oh with you, grant. Was a movie I'd never seen before. I know what. I enjoyed that one quite as not a bad movie. I'm trying to think. You asked me to quit either if I shouldn't have expected that question. There's been a couple. I could take Nicholas Cage. Yeah, I had never seen adaptation before. I've never seen it. One of my favorite movies I've ever seen in my entire life. Really, that movie was profound, like that was one of those movies where, first of all, Nicolas Cage is incredible in it really, I mean that might be his best acting. He plays two characters that are twins, and it's the guy that in the person he plays is the writer of the movie. So, if you've never seen adaptation, no, it's about the it's really, really strange. So it's the guy who wrote being John Malkovich. Okay, I can't...

...remember the writer's name of top of my head. It's the guy who wrote being John Malkovich. If you look, he's written some incredible books or some incredible movies. So he was told to adapt a movie of a book called, I think it was the black orchid or something. Again, I can't remember all this. Okay, so instead of adapting that book, He writes a semi autobiographical movie about himself, with a fictional version of him adapting that book. It's really strange. I want to watch the but it's bad. fucking Charlie asume, Charlie Kaufman. Yeah, incredible writer. Yeah, movies amazing. Nicholas cleage plays both characters him and his twin brother, which in real life, Charlie Kaufman does not have a twin brother. Okay, dude, is phenomenal that the guy who plays the main character opposite of Nicholas Cage is phenomenal. I mean it's just it's one of the those movies you're ever going to watch. I promise, hopefully I'm not talking you up too much, but it's drunk. You sack. No, I'm sorry, this is being John Malcolma. Sorry, yeah, it's like, wait a minute, no, but he was awesome. Being John Mo completely. Yes, he was. For those of who don't know, Charlie Kaufman also wrote eternal sunshine of the spot. Yeah, mine, he's an incredible writer. I'm he's like, yeah, the man's gold, like he's one of my favorite like script writers. There's you know, I've been I've been trying to pay more attention to write it to you know, as a movie Guy, you know growing up a lot of times it was all about the actors. Yeah, I've been trying to spend more time paying than into the writers and the directors and the composers, because that's kind of the direction my my life has been taking me as far as filmmaking goes. Oh you, yeah, you do films to it for I do. Yeah, it's been fun. Still still doing it. I got a couple of working on right now. Go Go to my gofund me and funded people. I need to go right. Holy Shit, do I need money for this next one. About five grand. So hop on it. I listen, I got, I got, I have scripts ready. Whenever you want to take a buddy, God, take them and yet them. That's I had something. So I actually had somebody reach out and send me a script earlier this year. They wanted me to direct the said it was like some pet project of their's and they were never able to get it off the ground. And I read through it and first of all was a hundred forty four pages. Chase, God help me. Second of all, it was just atrocious. Um and I'm not saying I'm fucking Charlie Kaufman or anything like that, but when the guy is writing reactions to his own jokes into the script, that was problematic for me. It just it was weird. It seems like I wrote so I've written a lot of morstly. What I've written the past is like dark stuff, but I've done comedy to you know, I I have a hard time writing comedy because he is because our stand up. It's because I'm a comedian. Comedians people would think stand ups have a hard time writing comedy for film and TV because it's a you have to approach it differently. And I would never do stand up. Yeah, exactly. It's IT'S A it's not as there's not a lot of as much overlap as people think there is. Yep, just because somebody is a good standard doesn't mean they'll be a good comedy writer and vice versa. We're just writer and Genleman. It takes writing. is a different way of viewing the world. You know, it's when you're yeah, I would just I would never do stand up. I have no I've gotten asked a lot just because I'm in the war. I believe the words you used when I brought that up last time. We're hard passed. Yeah, hard pass Nice. It doesn't sound fun to me. It doesn't sound interesting, it doesn't sound Cathartic. You know, doesn't none of that come from mind when I think about doing stand up. You know, to reach their own man. Yeah, and and you know, part of it is the way that I deal with. You know, I have massive anxiety. You know, clinical anxiety. You know. I don't. I'm not medicated currently, but it'll get too points where I I'm having breakdowns and I have to get back to zero. You know what I mean. So anything in particular that the triggers that, or is it just it? Just know, it's generalized, unfortunately. I mean, there really is nothing. It will just all of a sudden it'll mean it's gotten so bad and I've never been depressed really. I was a drug addict for a while. I was an opiates for four years and join the military. Clean Myself Out doing that. I didn't know you didn't militar. Yeah, I was in the army for a couple of years. I was an alcoholic when I was in the army, but you know, I was alcoholic prior to that. It was just massed by drug use and then when I got in the army and I stopped the drug use. So when alcoholism became much more prevalent in the army? Was it just a single tour of service or yeah, yeah, in and out. Okay, I was. Apparently I wasn't even really in the army. So so you weren't you weren't a boots on the ground. Now I basically use the armies a detox program, you know. But you know what, you're not the first person Everard to do it and I've see it works for so many people. It were worked for me because you had it. Don't have a choice. NOPE, and in it and it awoke inside and what I...

...found was my drug addiction. And this isn't, you know, prophetic. My drug addiction was a direct correlation to my self esteem and my lack of belief in myself. It was a direct correlation to that. So what's great about the army is you're put into situations that there were things that I did that I genuinely did not believe I was capable of doing, and I don't mean like, I don't even mean like I'd like. If you would have, if you would have made me bet, I would have bet no money that I was able to do this thing that I did. You An, I mean within joining the army, I was two hundred and sixty pounds. I got down to one hundred and eighty coming out of base. Holy Shit, when I got to a I t when I before, I before I went my two mile run was like twenty two minutes. By the time I get to AI t three months later, I was sub fourteen chee. You know. I mean, I didn't think that was even possible for me. Yeah, and I fucking now I'm a fat fucking yeah, but you know, I know that your style of comedy is the self deprecating yeah, but the reason why I don't do comedy to a big reason why. I don't think I'd be good at it. But even if I were able to be good at it, I feel like I wouldn't be the voice that I would want to be. I would want to be more observational comic, which I don't think I possess. I would be a self deprecating common mick and I just feel like I wouldn't be adding anything to that sphere. I will say this. selfdeprecating comedy, that's the easy way out. Well, definitely, and it's definitely that's why I do it's even talking about it. In that sense. It's like in the other thing is there are people who get that is Cathartic for them to do the selfdeprecating thing for me, you know, it's mine, is an obsession with accomplishment. That's my catharticism right like I am never satisfied. It does not matter what I am doing, you know, no amountain, no amount of money, no amount of any I'm never satisfied. I can relate to that. That's wor it's fucking terrible. It's the worst thing on earth and day. I don't know if you've ever read infinite jest or heard of Death David Foster Wallace, but I have. I think that's one that I have a bunch of stuff sayed like on my Amazon like even fossil Wallace. Man, if an a jest is on, it's hard to even call a book. I mean it's like like you call the Bible a book. You know, that's a fair point. You know what I mean? Like, is it a bully? At the end of the day, it is, but it's like it's but there's something else going on there. The term book is so simplistic. That's how feel an infant jest. It's like it could you even really even call this a book? You know, and I'm not even trying to be some like Nerd, I mean it's just like you have to just it's an experience, man, and you just have to do it and it's it's anyway. I have a whole I wrote. I wrote a paper about it, so it's a whole thing. But Anyway, David Foster Wallace, one of the things he talked about was for him his peak and he committed suicide. Yeah, you know, quite a few years ago, the two thousand and two, he was very open about his mental health and one of the things he talked about was his cold gold life was to win a pulletzer m because he never thought he could get it. He'd even think that was even a remote possibility. He gets a pulletar office first fucking book. Hey everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people who support this show every month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin, Jody McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shay, do every single month help support this show and if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and join the one dollar tier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name listed in the description, you get early access to all these shows commercial free through our Patreot ur SS feed, and so many other cool rewards. Once again, go to Patreoncom Basement Lounge pod, join the onesolar tier and helped support the show. Speaking of the show, let's get back to the that's it. He writes one book and gets a bullets are. It's so, he's like and he goes. Nothing changed. Everything I felt about myself didn't change. I'll all of my worries, all my it was. It's all there. You know, it's not magnified, but it's still all there. The addictions, whatever it is, it's all there. And he came to this realization that, oh yeah, because it doesn't fucking matter. Like we think we're all aiming towards something. Wait till you get there. I have more money now than I ever dreamed. It doesn't mean anything. Right there it's and it's not that it props up other shit, because you I hear that a lot people will say. Well, you know, money may solve one problem, but it'll create others. It's not that it creates others, it's that you realize there's nothing to solve. This is like the the...

...deep thinking I've been having is that the reason why my old problems didn't get solved is because there was nothing to solve. I'm not broken and neither are you and neither is anybody else. There's nothing to so not trying to solve anything. So for me, what's helped with anxiety and I think what's helped a lot of people with depression, and my advice or people going through those things lean into it fully, embrace it. Except this thing, realize it's a thing about yourself. Realize it's a thing about it. A Lot. That's a thing with a lot of other people. Realize what's happening, understand it, understand the brain chemistry, understand why you feel the way that you're feeling. Lean into it and push through, you know, and people don't want to hear that when they when it comes to mental health. I don't want to hear push through, push through. It really is like the this isn't oversimplifying things. You have to push through. Is the same thing when you have cancer. When you have cancer, you're not easy is to sit on the couch. It's really fucking easy. But what do people with cancer do they push through, they get themselves out. They they yeah, mingle that, go see friends because they realize what they're dealing with is the same thing from mental health. You have to push yourself, you have to get through it and again, just lean into it, lean into that darkness, understand that this thing that you're experiencing is who you are. There's no changing it, it's not going to go away. There's no magical pill. Right, already tried that. Yeah, there's no magical pill. There's no it can it can help. Like you know, my short so, one of my exes. You got to level it off. Yeah, and that's that's what I've been doing with, you know, this year, starting, starting therapy for the first time, be on Ech other presence with the first time, one of my ex girlfriends. She she's diagnosed by bolar disorder, and her biggest problem, the reason that she always has such a hard time dealing with it, one is because bipolar disorders fucking sucks, and also is because for her, she was always looking for the magic switch. She was looking for the magic pill, the magic switch that would make everything go away and make her, for lack of a better word, normal, yea, and no matter what anyone told her in an office or at home was your there's never going to be one thing that makes it all go away. And you're not not normal. Yeah, you are. Yeah, you're fine. The trick is, you're going. The trick is finding whatever combination of therapy, self motivation, exercise, whatever it is, Bang to just make it manageable. Like you're always going to have symptoms of bipolar disorder with the trick is to make them more manageable. And those that she and a lot of people out in the world don't want to hear. They're looking for the fix, because that's a well, imagine that, right. Like you are bipolar, yeah, and which is a chemical imbalance in the brain where one minute you're a certain weight and it's not literally one minute to one minute, yet it's it's you've your series of moments you are a certain way and then, for seemingly no reason, I switch gets flipped in your life is miserable. Yeah, and there's always a baseline of when you're not feeling that way, when you're not in either mania or a step above mania. You're concerned about entering that, like with me with anxiety, when I'm not feeling anxiety, and I'm not talking about, Oh, I'm anxious on planes. I mean I'm saying like, yeah, deep seated body, shaking, throwing up like that type of anxiety for no reason. Yeah, when I'm not feeling that, I live in fear of feeling that, am I? So, therefore I'm always feeling it. My younger sister, who's upstairs right now, she has that. She has very bad clinical anxiety as miserable man, and she gets she gets so worked up about she's so afraid of having an anxiety attack that a cripples you, that it causes an sciety attack, and I don't, thankfully. For me, being out in public, that's my that's Cathartic for me, like right being around as many people as humanly possible. So you know, it flips that I get overwhelmed. See, for me it's opposite. I had to so our earlier this year I did the thing nobody ever thought I would do, which was I completely took I took step back away from social media for about two weeks. Yeah, which I'm a I'm a social media guy, like I I do it mostly because part of it is because I don't get out much. I Work Evenings and I sleep during the day. I don't get to go out and be very social. So it was kind of like that big door into the world around me. But what's what happened was, in the current in the current socio political climate, it just got to be too much. And what ended up happening was I was so concerned and enveloped and and surrounded by everyone else's bullshit that it got to be so much that I was sitting at work one night going off on a rant on on twitter about something so stupid and so dumb that I had gotten...

...myself convinced was worthy of my with my time and energy, to the point where then, finally, I think it was dusty Harvey tweeted me and was like, Dude, you are being a fucking baby about this, and I just like dropped my phone for a second because it gave me that that that couple minutes to step back and go why do I care are so much about this? And I had a complete fucking breakdown because suddenly, just I realized I was trying to shoulder everything in the world and so what I did was I can I cut myself off from the world for about two weeks now on social media. If I'm not posting about this show or a comedy show, I'm not on there. Yeah, I had it. It's I had to step away from it because it was driving me insane. Well, and that's the thing. I mean. My wife is not bad about that. Don't mean that as a in a negative right. Yeah, I mean that's something my wife will do where she it's like she takes on things from other people. Yeah, I'll introverts do that really bad, like they it's like your facial expressions got come into them and they didn't carry that, which is why they need that time, the detox. That does not happen to me. I can scroll through facebook and people are just the most viscus. And I was in the I was in the fucking army. A lot of my friends are staunch Republican. Yeah, I am not. You know, now I'm not political really at anymore, especially because I'm in real estate so I can't be right political. I used to be rather political when I was I was much further to the left them than I am now. Right, I'm much more centered now because I'm just like, I think it was fucking nuts. Right now some. I think you eventually get to a point where realized, wow, both sides, everyone's fucking crazy. I'm like, I don't know what do you even do right now? Hang out here in the middle. But but my wife will do that where she just she takes in everybody stuff and she's a social worker. Oh Baby, you can't do that, like you're gonna go insane, like but but and she's like, Oh, okay, cool, I'll just stop doing it. Right, I'll just stop doing it. Cool. Thanks. I wish, out of right, I wish you'd told me that sooner, like okay, I get it, it, but it's because I don't do it. So it's hard for me. Even I'm like why, it'd be like why do you do that? It's like a Bilio. Somebody came to you and said, dude, Kyle, it's gonna be okay. Oh, Oh gee. Thanks. It's like I had a panic attack. I remember kind of a rough one I had. We're watching the looking glassy. I was Nicolas Cage reeat, not a very good one. Man's such a good premise, though, but the movies done to who he's great. Our guest was Joe Young and I had to stop the movie and I was like sorry, guys, I'm I'm about to black out, I'm having a horrible pan attacking, you know, and I don't do that because I'm dramatic. I'm like I want them to know, hey, if this happens, I'm okay, I gotta have to call the ambulance. It's like, I'll be fine. I happened to me one time on a showing, which really sucked. I was on a showing, showing a house and all of a sudden, dude, it just hit me like fuck me. So I finally had been going on for probably one Thousan six hundred and ninety seconds or something, and I pulled him off to the side because we're out in the middle of nowhere, M and they were looking at the poll bar or something. Nipe pulled her aside and said, Hey, I'm having a really bad panic attack. It's okay, I'm fine. If I like blackout or something, I'm cool, like I'm sorry, like I'll be okay. And you know, of course, the like don't think sorry, like you're okay, like you need to leave, and like no, it'll it'll pass, like I'll be okay, because I understand what's happening to my body. I know why this is happening. I know I'm not having a medical episode. I've been seeing. I've gone to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack. I've got a hospital was I thought I was having a stroke. Like. I've been through all that. So now I just let it happen. I just lean into it. The Shit it starts going. My Heart's pounding, my visions tunnely I realize what's happened. In my hands are numb. I'm like, all right, it's happening. It's like being on a roller coaster. The ride will fucking end, you know, if you're scared the rattle end, you gotta go down a bunch of hills, maybe a looper to it. Will Get to the end of it and you'll be fine. And that's dude. I'm telling you like that's been life changing for me, just leaning into it and just sometimes as easier than others. You know, sometimes you still go, Oh shit, okay, you know what I mean. When you think like okay, maybe this is the one, you know, maybe this is the one of my heart's exploding, you know, and then sometimes you go what if it is the fuck am I going to do about it? You know, like right I'm not going to the hospital right now. So you know, like if it is the one, I'm gonna die and guess what, I won't know I'm dead. So it gets it doesn't really matter, Shee's, but it's dude, and it sucks. and think if I don't have the depression, I mean honestly, I'm not trying to like revel in it, but depression, I would would I couldn't buy. Would I'd come myself? I mean just the my personality. It wouldn't Mesh. Like I knew in order to deal with... anxiety and to deal with the other things in my life, I have to be social, I have to be cheery, I have to be positive, like if that's stuff were to get removed, man, like that's tough. Man. I people who have depression like I'm sorry, guys like that's tough and that's why it's so serious, like you have to take care of it. But then people at depression will kind of say the same thing about anxiety. Like, man, that would suck to be sitting in a room and, for no reason, your bodies filled with electricity in your hearts pounding out of your chest. You know, it's like I thought I finally decided that it was time to get treatment for depression. When it was it was combination to two things. One it was like it was like a year after my dad died and I still just wasn't handling it well. But then there was also I remember there was a there was a day I was at work at the time, on Saturdays, I was working these noon to eight PM shifts, like I would come in help first shift and then stay till eight, get get second shift settled and I go home and and second shifts where I've lived, like that's where my friends are at work, and but I came in and for some and I just felt this it's all came. It's like being wrapped up in the world's most comfortable blanket that you can't get off. MMM, is the way I can describe as because suddenly I just was just zoned out from the entire world old I went and sat in the corner of the office that I work in and I didn't talk to anybody. Patton also talks a little bit about that, like yeah, the comfortability of when your deep depressions. It's a yeah, and like because what? Because everybody came in, was coming in for for at four o'clock to thank on for second shift. I didn't say hi to anybody. I didn't acknowledge them coming into the room, and then I found myself becoming more upset because they weren't acknowledging me. I was giving off the vibe of I don't want to get the fuck away from me, but then I was getting pissed at everyone was getting get was getting the fuck away from me sound. And that was when I finally kicked in. It was like okay, because I got home that night and my friend Karina, who I was working, who was working with me at the time, she text me. She was kind of like, were you okay today, and I said honestly, no, and that's the first high that was the first time I've ever been able to I acknowledge, no, I wasn't okay. Yeah, and so that was kind of where. Yeah, and that was so that was kind of where finally kicked in for me. was like, okay, I got to figure something out because because this shit can't continue and you can't let it go on forever to and you know, the big thing again when reason why I say to lean into it and to acknowledge it and to accept it, as you know this on some level as a part of you. You know, even if you there's tons of things you can learn, mental techniques and medicine and that kind of stuff to handle it, herbal stuff, exercising, you know, there's tons of things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms. But ultimately, there again, there's nothing wrong with you. This is it's who you are. Yeah, this is who you are. You are this person, this thing. So when you lean into it and accept it, you are accepting yourself. You're not accepting depression. Yeah, you're accepting yourself. You're not accepting defeat, yes, you're accepting in fact, you're doing the opposite, you know, because one of the things that David Foster Wallace talked about, and this is a good little philosophical question, which was where the people who jumped out of the building on eleven, where they committing suicide? Were they? was that just the only fucking option? Like it was either being gulfed in flames, which who knows how long that death is going to take, or splatter to your death and enjoy the fall. Yeah, you know, they were, they were taking control, they were they were dying from there. Were they really committing suicide? I'm not really, you know what I mean? It's just depends how you look at it. And that's how he talks about and depression and leading to it. Again, not a year after he says this he kills himself, unfortunately. But what he was talking about was essentially, like people who commit suicide, it's not that they're selfish, it's not that they're whatever, it's that this has now become the only option for them. They're on the hundred and ten floor of the Trade Center and it just got hit by a lane. There's nowhere else to go. You know, this is it, and they get that in their mind and I just feel like what gets you there is not accepting this thing and not accepting yourself, which you just have to do. You have to embrace it, embrace yourself and and lean into it, understand what's happening. Knowledge is power, and because if you resist it, if you know, if you resist that, you're essentially trying to resist nature. And when is it ever work? Yeah, you're resisting the naturally occurring order of things, and that's that's that doesn't let does happen. It's like when is resisting something that's inevitable every here... some yeah, just just just do something, to take it in shride and do something. Listen, you can. You can have depression, clinical depression, and not feel the symptoms of depression for forty years. Yeah, if if you do the right things, if you live the right lifestyle, if you associate with the right people, if you have the right job, if you do whatever like, you can be someone who's clinically depress. The same thing with with drug users. Right Day, Trejo has been clean for fifty years. Yeah, you know, and he still considers himself a drug addict because, guess what is? Yeah, he's just been clean for fifty year. He just hasn't actually used. I'll be a drug addict for the rest of my life. Right, you don't just you don't just use opiates. We hear that you've ever alcoholics all the time. They always say like yes, they're still an alcoholic. Yeah, they just don't drink Scotty and I talked about this quite a bit. You know, it's like you the again. What people don't understand when they're going through when they're going through Rehab and stuff, because I've interacted, you know, in that environment and stuff, and one of the things I tell people is like you have to you have to get it out of your mind that you're cured, because you're not and you never will be cured. They will never go away. I have three kids and a wife. Okay, it doesn't go trust me, it doesn't go away, like the thought process behind using drugs that she things like opiates, which are the only things to this day that's ever really helped with by anxiety. So you know that. I understand. You're just replaced one problem with another, but even alcohol doesn't really know the way. It tends to kind of make it worse. People who people who drink to alleviate depression, are getting themselves. I mean, you're just you're have fletting. What it is is you're flooding a depressive state with a depressant, yeah, which the only thing that you're solving is that you are numbing a section of your brain that has self awareness. That's all that it is. By drunk people do stupid shit. They have no self awareness. So your lack of self awareness, which is for most people, that is their depression is they're painfully selfaware, and those moments to self aware, there to self you're just numbing that part of your brain, you know. But then instantaneously it goes from that to dropping off a cliff to then, you know, popping being able to pop back up. So, yeah, that's yeah, that's not a good way to deal with it. No, it's not. I deal with my depression the right way. I blast heavy metal music and each cheetos. It's the way to do it. Man, what a what a direction this conversation. Yeah, that's always goes, man. That's how supposed to go. Right. I love this shit. This is the kind of this free, fluent come. This is the shit that I like. This is why I do this show and I'll tell you what. I love having the guests over the phone that I've had, like Havin' bexy cocks call in was amazing. Havn't haven't. Everyone calling is great, but there's nothing that beats it's always my favorite episodes are always the ones where the people come in and sit in the chairs. I'm just talk to me. I've never had a call in guest on the movie show really. Yeah, and I've had man I had a couple. I'd once to beget Gary Owen, I really hold of and he agreed to do it and I'm kind of last minute. I was like, you know what, it's it changes the Dynam it does man, I just don't want to do it. I did. It's not whether it's a name or not, it doesn't really matter. You know, it's the only thing I've done phone as I talked to the the writer of the trust. We watch the trust was on Netflix. It was Elijah Wood, Nicholas Cage, and I was so it wasn't what I expected it was going to be. You like, not even close. It might to being a much better move than I expect. Data. It's really dark script. It was, but it half the movie was cheery. Then all of a sudden it just takes a turn and you're like it's a retzle ride, like the whole thing. It's we it's you gotta just watch it. But halfway through the movie it just takes a turn, not like a twist, and that sense like the mood goes from light and airy to dark as fuck. Yeah, and it's in one singular moment. And then that's how the finishes up and that's why I don't like the movie click. Oh, with Adam saying right, yeah, don't like this is very different. But yeah, but I don't because it goes. It goes from being hull and all of a sudden it's like Gorn dudecause so dark, so fast, right, and then it's all good at the end, though. I'm like, no, we have to acknowledge those twenty minutes. Gott knows, the darkness. We got to acknowledge that. We can't pretend that didn't happen. Yeah, exactly, but yes, I talked to the writer of that movie. Okay, over size. That was its only thing I've ever done. I've had some great guests over over skype or the phone or other options of use a really and truly great great guests, and interview format is a little easier to do that. Yeah, I mean on the MMA show. That's all I do except for..., and usually that's what those end up being, as those wind up just being like straight interviews. Every once in a while I've had a call in guess where it's gotten a really good vibe and a good conversation going. Yeah, so the phone ones tend to be shorter shows because it prematures into a straight interview. Yeah, but man, if I had the budget, I would fly those people the fuck out here and have a coming out my mom's basement for an hour. Yeah, this is this is great. Yep, I appreciate it. So we still got a couple minutes left here. Yeah, so we've had we've had a hell of a hell of a hell of a weird two thousand and nineteen as far as movies go. Yes, it's been a it. I don't want to say it's been a great year for movies, but it's been a weird year for movies. Yeah, how would have been some of your favorites so far this year? Boy, my favorite one I haven't seen yet is jokers. I have seen jokers. Haven't seen joker. Oh my God, really really want to. That is that is like. That is a movie and I which we talked about that on this show. That is a movie that needs to be studied in film school. It really does. Yeah, you need, because I want to see it. That's one of the ones that I'm like, I'm Super Sad I haven't seen I thought toy story, for was phenomenal. I really did. I loved it. Man, my kids we saw in the movie theater with my kids, which was really cool. I just saw toy story three for the first time this year. Oh, really, Wellkay, so, okay, so there's a there's a string of movies. There's probably about a five year gap in my movie viewing history where I was broke, didn't have a car and where I was living there wasn't a movie theater in town, so going to them, getting seeing movies was really hard. Yeah, so there's there's a there's a period of time probably from about two thousand and twelve to about maybe two thousand and ten, to about two thousand and fifteen, or I just didn't fucking see anything that wasn't like the avengers. Yeah, see, and I barely kept up at the marvel universe. Yeah, it just got a little too daunting. So I just kind of just went now, I'll watch them all later, I don't really care. Let's watch them all later and yeah, all the day. Well, so I liked that. In the last couple of years there has been this there's been this development of movie clubs and movie passes and things like that, because I've been able to see a lot more shit than I normally wouldn't have gone to see. Yeah, one of my favorite movies, not think about this year, was on the last year they before with Hotel Artemis. I haven't seen it. It was with Dave Bautista and Sofia Bitella, jodie foster. Thanks. Yeah, jodie foster throwing Kay Brown, Jeff Goldbloom, Charlie Day. Shit. It's this like little hour and a half, maybe just under two hours, like like it's not it's an action flick, but it's the cool concept that honestly, it's some of the best acting I've seen at a Batista. Yeah, it was really good. I'm not really known for like hard hitting acting. No, because he's been doing just, you know, function films. Yeah, but I will even, I even I will say like his his ten minutes, that he's in blade round of two thousand and forty nine or fantastic, but that's actual acting. But yeah, this year you said Toy story, for those are four. I thought was phenomenal and it was also just a cool experience to like sit there with my, you know, four year old daughter and two year old son and their eyes glued to the movie screen, you know, watching toy story four and I'm the one that introduced them. Of course, the toy story one to right. Mike Sticks Still Watch all the time on the tablets of the mean they love it and it's just cool like that's you know, I got my daughter to watch Oliver and company, which is my face. It's a good favorite Disney movie. Yeah, the when the car we almost exclusively watch national treasure and they love it and they love it and I just I love that be able to experience that with him as all right. Now, before like obviously add to the Nicolas Cage movie podcast, but before then I really was a big fan of like national treasure. I thought that's that's one of my favorite just you can sit down, shut your mind off and just watch of an enjoyable movie. You know that first national treasure. Dude, they both are really good. Man, second ones. Okay, I looked at the first one. It's first one is listen really on the podcast I said, and I will stand by, that national treasure was one Tom Hanks away from an emmy. Yeah, I mean like overm early a golden glory goal. Yeah, Academy Award. Hundred percent it was. It was one Tom Hanks away from Academy award if you throw Tom Hanks in there and remove some of the humor and make it a little bit more traumatic. Yeah, that's that Shitin was it in me? You know what? You know, I fuck. I keep thinking Amy Hony were you know? What it needed that it didn't have, that it should have had, was a shawn bean death. If they had thrown a Shawan bean death in there. Well, but the way it ends, though, it's kind of way that they fantastic. I fucking love the first pessional treasure. I thought yesterday was really, really good. That was the Beatles movie. See, I'm not a Beatles Fan. See, listen, neither am I, but not a Beatles find. Heard the movies. Really it was okay. I was a good movie man, like the way there's there's a couple different ways you can do when I heard about the because, like I said, I write. So when I heard the plot line, I was like, all right, there's about four ways to play this right, you know, and there's three ways where it's going to suck. Yeah, so they got to nail this, like they got to do this the right way, and I thought they did it the right way. Okay, you know... The Guy who the guy who lives in the universe where the Beatles disappear. In me gets the head injury, of course, and he wasn't. He didn't know all the Beatles songs. He had to kind of try to remember them all and like they're not all exact, you know, it's not getting the right or some of the words change, you know, and I like that concept. It wasn't a guy in a Beatles cover band right wakes up in a world where the Beatles don't exist. Yeah, you know, it was different than that, which I liked that concept and just that the love story. That's end and I thought was really good. He sings all the songs for real and that's really cool, which was awesome. It's it was very reminiscent of like walk the line, you know. Have you had a chance to see the peanut butter Falcon yet? No, I had the one with what's his nut? Shia stick? Yeah, shy Al Bus, and it holds that thing. That thing came and went at the neon so fast I didn't get a chance to go see it. I haven't watched again, but I totally want to. I've heard it as absolutely fantastic. Yeah, I don't doubt its. I like those kind of films. Those are my my favorite film of all time and it's a it's cheating because it's a book. It's my favorite book of all time and I thought the movie did it justice. So I just loved it as a book. A movie called the mother night. Okay, so if you ever get a chance to watch mother night's gonna be hard to dig up. Okay, but watch mother night. It's I love it. If you ever have a if you want to read the book, I would suggest doing it first because of them, and I won't say the main character just in case you read the book. But if you read the book after You Watch the movie, you will never get the main character from the movies voice out of your head. So you need to read the book first then look up mother night, because once you see who the actor is, you're fucked. Okay, voice will never leave your mind and you'll read the book with his voice, which I don't think is good because it taints the book. You got to read the book before finding out who it is. I was I was so determined this year because, as much as I love Devenger's end game, what all came out this year. I have. I think blurst, as that's thing has been such a blur. Yeer, like I was soaked. I was so determined to not let my favorite movie of the year we a comic book movie, only because, only because the last couple of years it just kind of fucking happened that it was. And there were some good ones this year. But I was like, but there's so much other good shit come half this year, but unfortunately, right now jokers will sit the top of my list. I want to watch it. It's really good. There's a movie coming out called the lighthouse that I really want to see with Robert Pattinson and will in dafoe. That's not anywhere showing anywhere near here, so I can see the one that's in black and white. Yeah, I want to see it so bad. It was fucking sucks about Robert Pattinson is that people don't realize how good of an actor he is, an amazing and how good of a Batman he's going to be. I am so and like, in just in the last two weeks we've gotten so much news about this new Batman. And who else was it everyone was pissing about, and it was a really good choice. Ben Affleck. Everybody took a shit on Ben Affleck when he got announced. I thought didn't know it was the yeah, and somebody else it was Michael Keaton. Everybody was convince Michael Keaton was going to eat a Dick, because only thing he done at that point was man taking the new Batman. Who is one that they announced recently? Zoe Kravitz is catwoman, okay, and Paul Diano is going to be the riddle. All Dano. That was the other one, that Paul Shillo was going. He's fucking nominal guys like trust me, just give them a chance. Paul Diana is going to be amazing, and I thought Jone Hill would have been a good paint. I thought so too. But I also think that the fact they got Michael Giacchino to do the score for this movie, and Michael Giacchino is one of the best working composers in Hollywood today. And if you don't believe me, out there, go listen to his score for both incredibles movies. Listen to his score for Dr Strange, listen to his score for not the one he did for rogue one that that doesn't count. Well, the one bad one doesn't count. Know the reason his score for rogue one doesn't count because he had three weeks to make it. The original composer for rogue one dropped out three weeks before the movie came out and they had to get somebody else could to come in and make something on the fly. Yeah, so Giacchino was like, I got time. I just looked up movies that came out in two thousand and Ninteen. Yeah, okay, Gretta. I thought Greta was really good. It wasn't like life change. Yeah, but that was an enjoyable way to spend a couple hours, you know. And Yeah, I thought that was a good movie. The movie that count on Netflix American factory. I have it saved. I haven't watched one. was fantastic. You definitely need to watch that one. I'm trying to design. There's something. I saw it. Chapter two. I thought was a was a guy refused. I have a pathological fear of clowns. So I haven't seen the first one and I will not see that. The second one. I can't do it. I can't do it. I the first one doesn't play up on the clown as much. You could probably watch it and before the first second one really plays up the clown. I remember when they went entertainment weekly released the first images of scars guard as as Pennywise, and I was just like, well, that's a movie I won't be seeing. It was so funny listening to the actors talk about him. Yeah, and basically saying like they would at like people would be like did he like staying character, and like no, he's not, like he's not that kind of back, he's not jared let up. Yeah, he's not that kid, he's not that kind of actor. And then like but when the scenes would start he would. It was...

...fucking terrifying. Yeah, like he was scary, you know, like and I just imagine being they're like, I've seen. I'll tell you something that that the threw me for a loop this year was the fact that if you had told me at the beginning of two thousand and nineteen that I would love Aladdin and hate the Lion King, oh, the lion king was terrible. My would have told you I watched the Lad Yourself, my wife a Latin was pretty fun. It was. And because the problem is the trailers for Aladdin were God awful. The marketing for a Laddin was abysmal and the marketing for the lion kings fantastic and it was terrible. I wanted to leave the theater during the Lion King. I have so many big problems with the Lion King, namely the fact that be prepared is thirty seconds long. All right, yeah, are you going to watch? Are you going to watch lady the TRAMP when it comes on? God, plus, God, no, I'm interested sales. I don't care. I don't care. See, I can't wait for Disney plus to come out because the MANDALORIAN looks incredible. I mean only that, but just the catalog of having all that so phenomenal. Oh, can't wait, but I'll be skipping. I'll be skipping lady in the trap. You know, Dumbo bummed me out this year. I was really hoping Dumbo was going to be good. I never watched it. It was it was just it. I didn't hear anything about it, so it must not be good. I thought the trailers look really good and then I found out that Tim Burton did to it what he did to Alice in Wonderland. It's called Dumbo but it's actually you sequel to Dumbo. Whatever it wasn't good. saw want more movies this year. That pissed me off more than I did see ones that I liked, but it's been a weird year for movies I did. I did like once upon a time in Hollywood. I have seen that one yet, because we were talking about doing we were talking about doing actor, actress, writer, director. Oh, okay. So. And if we were going to do director, we were gonna do there Tarantino, and then catalog to get through it is something we can and then we're going to shane black for the writer. Shane Black is he did the Nice Guy's long kiss, good night, fucking kiss, kiss, Bang Bang. Yeah, yeah, and then he did the Predator last year with Hey, one of the worst movies I've get seen. You can't all they can all be winners. No, but but if there was one that should have been a winner, the guy who he was in the first Predator, yeah, has a writing credit on the first Predator and after doing the Nice guys and kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang, he should have been able to knock the Predator at the park. But I should have known going into it there was going to be a problem when all the marketing said from the director of iron man three and I'm like, but iron man three wasn't good. Why is that the was that Jon Favrey? No, no, no, Shane black that iron man three. He directed it, shot. Jon favreau did one and two. Two sucks, but Jane Black Directed Iron Man Three. What? And Iron Man Three is not a good movie. I really don't like that. He directed that. I don't either, because because he made some pus pretend like that. Never yes, it was great. Yeah, you can take people's catalogs, yeah, and then just pretend like stuff isn't there. Oh, absolutely, I'm just going to pretend like it didn't happen. Their stuff by was only written three movies, right, and if it is plenty of stuff, we really Scott is my favorite director. There's plenty of stuff by him that I pretended not happen. HMM, like every episode of the good wife. Do not like that show. Right, just like I've tried so hard to get into that show because I love Redlea, Scott, even the last alien movie, Ilian Covenant. Yeah, yeah, that previeus was good. Who's your favorite direct we'll wrap this up here a little bit, but are you fine? One I want to I want to go I want to listen. This is I live for this shit, because long as you want, that's great. I got to get up really a drive to Columbus in the morning, but free for directors and working right now, like like modern directors, like I'm not talking like is, yes, Bielberg still working today, but if you had a bit like a modern work and directors one of your favorites right now. I mean I still think Tartina's in the top of his game and in that he still writing movies that appeal to this niche audience, and that Niche audience follows from from movie to movie to movie, you know, and that's tough to do when you when you're that niche. Over time that audience gets older. See you lose them, you know, and then you can't really get them back, and those types of people tend to fizzle. Yeah, and he hasn't. He hasn't fizzled. I I'm not the biggest Tarantino fans in general. You got to be a big Tarantino Fan to really yeah, want that. And and for me, what I've what I found, is with his movies, I either love them or I hate them, and there I hate more than I love I love once upon a time in Hollywood, love Django unchained. I Love Inglorious Bastards, even though I probably shouldn't, but I found what I was the best. I still haven't seen the hateful late, but so someone, someone told me something about Taran, their their take on Tarantino, and I never thought about this and then when he when he described it to me, it made a lot of sense. It's Tarantino makes movies for film nerds, like he's...

...a film that's are saying. It's real, nitch, you're real niche, real trophy, but he's cut it all. His movies, at the end of the day, are almost like a love letter to filmmaking. Sure, and I don't know if maybe, I don't know if it's just like I don't like pulp fiction. I hate the kill bill movies. I love pulp fiction. I've never seen the kill bill movies. Hate the kill bill movies. I've never there's two movies of his I've never seen. I never seen hatefully and I've never seen Jackie Brown. But Yeah, Jack Brown, yeah, I just I it's something. I don't know what a I think maybe it's more Tarantino was a person that I have a problem with and that and that taints my moviegoing experience. And he's I mean, but I like about them those that he's unabashedly supportive of the arts and what the arts are. Yeah, one of the things I can't stand is is, guys, I'm going to be real political here, pc culture, and I'm stepping on a ledge and I don't like it. Oh Shit. But yeah, I really mean, I truly believe, and I know again I'm not a comic and I understand that, but I still have an opinion on it. I mean, I feel like I'm in the world enough to where I can have an opinion on you have an opinion about anything. Used to be. What I always tell everybody is this. You can have an opinion about whatever the hell you want. You just have to be prepared for the fact that people might not like your opinions. Is Fun. Yeah, I think there are literally no lines. Okay, you know, and I comedy. I don't, I genuinely don't believe their lines and I typically get behind that. And and really the only rule of comedy is that you have to be at least attempting to be funny. We talked about that last week. With Mike Wells. Yeah, you did. You guys went into it, and I always say I don't you can say whatever you want on that stage or in that film or on that show, as long as it's good. And I even think that it even has to be good, even has to be Funn I think it's supposed to be funny. Yeah, I think you need to at least be try. You have to be at least trying to be funny. Well's what, if it's not funny, then it's not funny, but you have to at least be attempting to be I'm not a fan of being shocking for the sake of being shocking, which does not abody's good at it. Some people shouldn't be doing these things. Oh, but ultimately there's nothing wrong with them doing it. Yeah, you know, and yeah, I just I there are. To me, there are no there's no nothing's off limits, there are no rules, there is no but, but being able to do something is not the same thing as being immune from consequences. Yeah, I mean there are still if Anthony Jelson, it goes up on stage and it does a joke about making light of the Holocaust. Yeah, just because that audience laughs. That doesn't mean he's not going to lose his show. Yeah, you know or whoever, whoever that guy was recently got fired from mess now, right, yeah, you're not. Do you could do it to the fuck you want. Yeah, again, somebody who heard the things that he was doing laughed. Probably more than one someone. Right. Yeah, probably a lot of people listen to that and laughed. Yeah, that's comedy, right, if you're being funny, that's comedy. Yeah, so and we. You can write as many fucking op ED pieces all you want about the point of comedy. You know, it's to it's to bring people up, not tear them down, as it's. You're supposed to be objective and you're just put you not supposed to rely on the shock that whatever you write all the opped pieces, you want. The point of comedies to be funny. Yeah, and even if to be funny is a select audience. MMM, you're still their favorite. Yeah, because you're speaking directly to them. I think that big mouth is one of the funniest shows on Netflix right now. It is not for everybody, sure, and I my mom is said You Dian Rayefhels on that show. Oh, yes, she is. Jason Meducas is Jason. I Love Jason Man Zooga and everything he does. John Mullaney, Nick Kroll is kind of the INN. Andrew Goldberg or the showrunners on that thing, Maya Rudolf. That was part of that show. What is Daniel Tosh's? What was a boat? Trickleberry, a brickleberry, brickleberry at three seasons on comedy central and it was to die for. That show. It's on Hulu now. That show is I wish I found Daniel Tosh's funny now as I did back in the day. I do too, how you see, I don't find it as funny. But he did release an album, I think it was two albums ago, which wasn't all that long ago, and it was really, really good. Yeah, I was like hi, Dan Cook, did that for Dane Cook after he hit his huge, big, like Madison Square Garden success. This is circles. Yeah, he did. He did another. He did one a few years later called isolated incident. It was him at the comedy store. It was just him doing old school classic style regular stand. It wasn't screaming the whole time, wasn't yelling, wasn't jumping on shit. And you know what it was some of the funniest, most real, relatable stuff I'd ever seen in my life and I was like that's all anybody ever wanted man see. I'm a big I'm probably more as far as off the top of my head, I'm probably better with comics than I am movies, books and comics I'm probably much a better at, even though I host a fucking movie by right, but I'm...

...much better at like, like I had just went to see nate Bargatzi and in at Taft, which was incredible. His Dad, who's a magician. If you ever listened to any of Nate Bargotti stuff. If you haven't listened to it, Mike, I'm if you've listened to nate, Oh my God, is albums are in Grand Oh, yeah, he's fucking am amazing. He that's got to be like one of the best working like comics. Oh, this is right, so easily. He's fucking incredible. But Anyway, so his dad is a magician. He makes fun of that a lot. His Dad opened up for him and did a comedy magic set. Shut the and it was he stole the show. Bro He is for fucking Hilarious, like straight up stole the show like I wish there was a recording of it somewhere. Dude, it was amazing. It was so funny. All of a sudden, how he's at the very end of it and he all of a sudden, that my heart will go on, starts playing and he starts miming it out and going he key crawls into the audience. His Dad's like in his s cross crowd surfs into the audience, pulls a woman out and starts dancing with her on stage and then, in the process, takes her wedding ring and puts into a gumball machine without her no, it did its fights hilarious that it was such a good it was such an amazing set. Yeah, Nahborgats, he's like one of my air compish right now. I'm and the thing is I don't even understand why he's still funny. Yeah, he's not Rauchy at all. He doesn't cost literally he's completely clean. There's no shock that I which is tend to be the comics I'm attracted to. You know, I love, like one of my favorite comics of all times, Patton Oswald, of Patten Oswald. You know, Anthony Jessel Nick is probably like a missing up there. I'm mixed on Anthony Joslyn. I've never heard a joke of his. I didn't laugh my I think. I think with him it was because they I first got into him when they were bringing him into the roasts on comedy central and I feel like he was trying a little too hard to be Greg Girraldo and considering Gerraldo had just passed, it was kind of like when he's even shorter form than Gerraldo even was and more offensive. But but I get what you're saying. Yeah, it for me it was one of those was like I really needed him to carve out his own niche a little bit first. Okay, which I think he? I mean, I think he at this point. He has. He has now. Yeah, like now it like if I think it was because they started him on the roasts, like, okay, what I mean, like if I if I had got introduced to him, and I see the comparison there too. Yeah, if I got introduced him, because literally the first roast he was on was the first one they did without Girraldo. Which, do you remember? Who It was? Trump, oh my gosh, or he says, only did the world lose great Girraldo, but even worst, it kept Jeff Ross. There was that one and because I remember that one, even had Jeff Ross going Jesus, because because he and Gerraldo. Word. Oh, yeah, body extremely yeah, when he eat, says it Donald Trump. He says you're exactly like Michael Douglas and wasn't all the president's man or something. Except no one's going to care when you die of cancer. Yeah, something like. Yeah, I thought that was a really good one, like, dude, that. Do you hear? The Jimmy Card One? And the roast of row below was a rob level. Seen roblows rose. Can't know if it was raw below. I don't remember who it was. Alec Baldwin just had one, didn't he did? And Anthony Johnson next fucking know, jeoffrey Ross is hilarious on that. Jeff Ross is always only time, the only time Jeff Ross wasn't that funny was the first one he was on, which was the Pam Anderson Rose, which you know it's gonna build up a little bit. Well, he I think part of it was his. He is he pissed off Pammy Anderson and Courtney love, like right off the bat, and I think everybody was kind of pulling away from because he comes out wearing a fur coat, yeah, which Pam Anderson's a huge, like Peter Supporter, and he's making jokes. This is fucking funny, hilarious. And then he looks at Kirk Corney love and he says like man, I can't believe it's I never thought it was possible to look worse than Kurt cobain. And everybody was everybody was just kind of like that's fucking funny, funny as shit, but everybody's just kind of Oh my gosh, dude. So Jimmy, Jimmy Carr, and I can I wish I could remember the host. I'm I wish I could remember that who it was, but Jimmy Carr in the roast of whoever it was, he says to Pete Davidson, who's Dad died one hundred and eleven. Yeah, he says to Pete Davidson. He goes, he goes. I think it's appalling that everybody keeps bringing up Pete Davidson's father, who to heroically sacrificed his life on nine hundred and eleven. You know, this is not the roast of Pete Davidson's father. That was in two thousand and one, which is flawless right falls and then you know, the collective grown from the audience and then and then you hear Pete Davidson go, dude, that was dope like a I can that background. I mean that was like one of the best ones. I Love Jimmy Card D David's in that same one. I think Pete Davis and I it must have I don't know, it must have been Robb Lo because the coulter was there. We goes yeah, it goes up and cultures here. Then who's scaring the crows with Mark Crops? Look, let it fucking good... I love. I love Jimmy Car Yeah, I'M gonna before I leave we're going to watch one of those. If you ever get a chance to watch he does. He has. There was. There's the show on on BBC called countdown and it's a letters and numbers game show that's on like daytime, like around tea time or whatever. And who owns this? I got them bridge that for you to me, Jimmy Glard. But what Jimmy Carr in his comedy group eight out of ten cats, hosts the late night version where, okay, comedians playing this Gat it and he's the host of it and it is his. I don't doubt it all fucking funny because because the way the game works is like they get like nine letters in the teams have to try to put together as big a word as possible using the letters. And while they're trying to do that, he'll him and the smoke and hot and blonde who's like the the van of white or whatever. They just do shit to try to distract them while they're playing. Yeah, like at one point he just fucking takes his pants off and is just standing there, balls out and rum right. Can I say my favorite? Can I said my favorite horrible. Just look joke. Sure, and then I'll say my favorite non horrible. Okay, my favorite horrible, just look joke, as he says. He said my I think it was his grandmother. He always his grandmother's always like Super Right. He said I think it was grandma. And he says my grandmother was a Holocaust and ire and you know, and we were really embarrassed about us, we made her watch Schindler's List and when she fits finished Schendler's list, you know, thankfully she she's believed in the Holocaust. She just couldn't believe it didn't happen twice. She's my favorite. Rachi Jelema Chuck it, but then I'd also like he has a it's just a quick one liner and one of his in his early special and he goes because I think my friend Jeff is gay. I don't know, though. I'm really bad with names, and I just like, I just think that's so funny, like that's the perfect joke. That's clever. Love that. I like that. It's that's funny because it's like that is not where you think that's gonna like that. So that's comedy to me. But you know and you know what that's. That's kind of the same thing that that Giraldo would always do, was those kind of yeah stuff. I remember. I think Lewis Black had said he's kind of like he's he was. He said he was like a comedy miner. He'd find an idea and he just start hitting it and he hit it again and again and again until he had gotten everything. Is sausobly good. She also nick has had in each of his specials a joke about baby dropping, which he didn't intentionally do. He said he didn't. I listened to a podcast called the good one. Okay, that's really good. They he sits down with a comic and they go through one joke and that's it. So talked about a joke and then they go to the whole premise, how it came to be, the writing process, the AOLUTION. Never it's really cool. Pot Nate was on the first episode with the joke about the dead horse and the Netflix special, which a good fucking joke. Yeah, it is. Dacent Nick, they did the baby one for the from the new special and he's gone a baby dropping joke and all three specials and then this latest special he did a baby drop joke that was five minutes. Oh my God, it's a five minute joke about dropping babies and it is. You just like, and that's why I think I love just like so much, because I'm like, who the fuck else could do this? Who else could do a five minute baby dropping joke? That's insane and it's it's hilarious. It's not a not a funny, it doesn't feel stale or weird or it's hilarious. It's incredible. Shit, man, you're making me want to go back and revisit Anthony Jezlemn. His new special is pretty good. Man. All right, I don't watch comedy specials as much anymore. I just because it kind of stifles for me at least, it's stifles the the writing process a bit, which I get. I'm not a comic, so I can watch whatever I want, you know I mean. And it doesn't. And See. It's weird because like when I'm writing, when I'm writing films, I'm watching movies constantly. I see and what I want, but when I'm writing jokes I cannot have like, I can't listen to I can't watch anybody, I can't be on a fucking twitter like. It's bizarre. I wrote a short story called on Aging. Years Ago I wrote a short story called on aging and recently I was in a band and we took a bunch of my short stories and we turn it into songs and it was a really cool little project we did. And the music, it sounds awesome if the music's never been released, but I still have it, but it's it's a quil. Was a cool project to and my the singer who I've been in a band with him since weird high school he did. I thought you just did a phenomenal job taking the spirit of what I was writing about and turning it was just it was a weird experience, and I mean and the the basic story premise is a guy gets diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and decides to he gets approached by someone from a crowdgenics lab and says, Hey, you know, we have to freeze you while you're alive if you want to be reborn again. If you die first, you...

...can't get brought back. You know, they didn't understand this early crowdgenics. They thought you could die, freeze your body and come back, but you have to be alive. You can't ever die. So he doesn't want to tell his wife. That's what he's going to do, is we does it anyway. Wakes up, but only like thirty years later. So he, like his son, is the same age as him essentially, and I mean he just goes back at that. The world hasn't changed. Okay, you know when he comes back. So it's it's an interesting take on what would happen if you were, if crowd Jennis was real and instead of making up four hundred years later where it's just a whole new world that you're getting used to. You're still in the same fucking world. Your friends are still alive, they're just thirty years older than you. Okay, so it's just a weird concept, right. That's all that it is. There's more two than that, but that's essentially what the story is. I like that. So Kevin, who's my singer, goes so, did you base this off of that Mel Gibson movie? I was like, Mel Gibson movie, I couldn't even tell you what it's called, and I was like no, like I told her. I was like I got the idea. I watched the documentary one time about the aging process and I thought I was fascinating. This what I did. And he's like no, and they said the movie title. I look up the movie title, Dude. It's fucking pretty close. Guy Gets on frozen. Really, it's like within three thousand and forty years. I was like fuck you, Mel Gibson, and that was like twenty years before I came up with this idea. You're right. Now it's different enough to where it's not a big deal, but like that shit's I mean, I guess it's quite how comics feel right like, Oh yeah, you have a joke premise and you're like, Oh, I love this, and then you're like, oh dude, it's a some of its word for word, almost what this other guy straighter. I wrote a joke in college. I forget what it was even a bad out, and I turned on the TV one day and I was watching. There's the show called shorties, watching the shorties. Oh yeah, it was little one bits there they would animate him and I'm watching it and they and I forget the name of the comedian, Irish motherfucker, Bald Irish guy who's in the fucking everything. Anyway, he does, he does. They show one of his clips and it is like almost exactly like every great that you're just like, fought. I was sitting were the notebook in my hands and I'm just like bucket, cross it off, done, done, and since it was, and since it was, this guy had been around so long as he probably did that joke like fucking ten years ago. You right, just I know this movie existed Wenty of years before I wrote my short story. I've never heard of the movie. I've never watched it. No one's ever told me about it like you know, I just I yeah, I watched a documentary about aging and they had his whole big section about like cryogenics, and I was like that's fat. Like what if these people, what are they are doing? They wake up, which I thought was a cool concept, and I was like, what if these people wake up but it's like in their lifetime still and like they look the same, but they're five years but their sun is technically five years older, you know, like what a weird world to live in, you know, as opposed to your three hundred years in the future and everybody you know is dead and you're just getting accustomed to flying cars, you know, which isn't, as you know, deep as I would say, the other concept is right. Well, Shit, man, this has been fun. Yeah, man, I appreciate you have me out. It's been a lot of fun. You cannot, it cannot be two years before I see you. Yeah, let's let's not do that again. Let's well, I'll see you next Wednesday, hopefully. We're hope. Yeah, it's that's the plan. You know how it is. Something always seems to fucking come up. But but the movie we planned on talking about on the movie review our it's a Cook I fucking love. Okay, good, and not wait the fucking talk. Yes, I this is a movie that is like, like, I watch this movie quite often. I am a big wonder if, because sometimes what I don't like are the tweeter movies. Yeah, I don't like it, where I love it when a movies really bad or really good, and not just man, because it gives you a lot to talk about what the movies are. Meth because that's what's hard. I don't do a podcast where we get to pick and choose movies. Yeah, I'm going through an entire catalog with Sandra bullock. I'm going through an entire catalog in order, yeah, of her discography. Yeah, so our videography. So we can't pick and choose. I don't. We can't even bounce around, because sometimes you get emacially that are just like, can you give me geniality to? Sometimes you get the blind side, at other times you get the net. We were like, but we gonna tot us. Okay, at least the net has something to talk about. There have been a couple like yeah, to if by see, yeah, wrestling, Ernest Hemmingway, like the fuck, we can talk about for now. I do love divine secrets of the guy. Yeses AH, that was a much better movie than I anticipated and like that move. I discover the song say law by Lauren Hill, which is awesome. Yeah, from that movie. But yeah, man, so, guys. So, yeah, so the movie review our Yep, every week, every week, every Friday, they drop, if you like.

MMA. I own the lab, not that the May podcast network. So check that out. I have a show every Sunday that gets posed to on the air called the not safe for work MMA show. Okay, it's the only show. It's a bloody and eye and we just talk. However, we want to talk and everybody's counts and bitches and we just that's just how we that's how we talk normally. So we wanted to show that was dedicated to that kind of thing. Of the rest of the shows or clean we have a game shown that network. That's pretty cool. It's kind of dressed up like around the horn on the ESPN. So yeah, I mean check it out. Yeah, and if you're looking to buy a house somewhere in the Dayton area, yeah, it up. Kyle steel sold with steel. Yes, Instagram, I will help you out. I'm I'm sponsoring super dope. That's gray ass. So I'll be I'll be at well, and you've while least for that one. You've helped out dusty harvey and his wife. They got a house through you. Any other comics town try? I think. I think that's it. Was that the only one? I have to look at my last hard to keep checking everybody, but I think that's I think that's the only comics as I host all the disc golf events and I've had a couple through that, but I host of the discolf events. I'm going to be hosting. I'M GOING TO BE SPONSORING SUPER DOPE every year. That's great, and I'm probably going to try to sponsor some mother. I want to start. I wish that I if I had more if I if I was in more control of my career, I would sponsor the most defensive show. Yeah, I really can't have my shit attack. That's fine, even though, because that show is doing well, I would listen that consort go and be that show was doing so well. I would sponsor in a heartbeat, if I was in control of my own sponsor this show. Hey, all right, man. Well, guys, make sure you go. Holy Shit, we were talking for an hour and a half. Man. That's what's up. All right, guys, make sure you go check out the movie review our check out loudmouth MMA, check out sold with steel, Kyle Steel reelders by a house here in Dayton and the he'll hook you up what's up. And until then, you know, you guys can catch me on the movie review our hopefully next week. Life, you know, being what it is, we'll see. But other than that, make sure you guys follow me on my website, Mike Shay comedycom, for show dates. There are some more show dates coming up, believe it or not, so we got that coming. Follow me on all the social media at Mike Shay comedy. Support the show by going to Patreoncom Slash Basement Lounge pod and, of course, check out all the other shows we got here on the Basement Lounge podcast feed. Until next time, this is Mike Shay telling you guys, as always, to live well, rock on, take care,.

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