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Season 1, Episode 14 · 1 year ago

"Mike's Favorite Podcasts" - EP #14


Trying something new for this week's show, Mike shares his favorite podcasts over a cold drink with his favorite, the listeners!

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Ow I the same letbe see Wonyu to tree. Oh okay, it'sready for you, Arthur, hey, beo, guys, Tia check that, like for me, you'relistening to the basement, Louge Whyo Ge, Cobard, Thanks Miki eguy! This iswike. She and I want to talk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brandnew free way for you to get your pod cast career off and running without anycost to you simply download the anchor Afrigo to Anchor Dot FM to get started.Anger is the easiest way to make a bodcast. They give you everything youneed in one place for free. You can use it right from your phone or yourcomputer. Their creation tools allow you to record and edit your podcast, soit sounds Tlay magnifikin withoutn having to worry about all the costlyset up. They'll even distribute your pod cast for you, so it can be heardeverywhere. Spotify, apple, podcast, Google pod casts stitch. Your Hall ofthat Ead. You can easily make money from your pod cast with no MINUMlistenership. They sent you up with awesome sponsors. All you got to do isrecord a script kindaf like what I'm doing now, throw it on your show andstart making money once again down well be ANCOR AF or go to Anchordot FM andget in your pod cast career, oft and running right. Now, just do it alreadyeguys. This is Mike and Before we get the show started, I wanted to let youknow that you can now join the basement, lounge team by supporting the show onPatrion right now. We have a one dollar to year. That is so full of coolrewards you'd, be a fool to pass it up, just go to Patrion dotcom, slash,basement, lounge pod to sign up right away and now on, with the show rabb a drinking pull of a chair andsettle in because you're in the basement low. What's going on basement lounge fans,it's me, it's your hostmike Chay and today we're doing things a little bitdifferently than we're used to do in I'm. Here on the show. Every week Ilike to interview guests, who are rising stars in the worlds of music andpodcasting, and acting and and all that stuff. But you know the thing about thebasement: Lounge, IT'S IT'S! It's a show about casual, laid back, easyconversations about whatever the hell we feel like doing and the fact themanter is there's someone I haven't had a conversation with yet and that's you,the listeners, I haven't had a conversation with you guys. Yet so,let's, let's take some time. Let's just imagine we're sitting down and we'rehaving a drink and we're going to have a conversation about something- and Ipicked up this cool this cool product, the other day called pod deck and IT'SA it's a couple of decks of cards that have different ideas for interview,questions or episode topics, and I thought I' gives some of these a try.So why we're doing this this week is because, frankly, I IAM exhausted. I have beenworking twelve and thirteen hour days at my job to do some staffing shortageswe've been having, and I had to cancel my guests for this week and rescheduledthim, because frankly, I just did not have the time to get the studio set up.Um I I just I needed to sleep is what it came down to, but I thought it wouldbe fun to do something a little bit different and pull one of these episodeideas out of this out of this deck here and give this a shot and if you're,watching the video version of this, you can see what it looks like it's justthe white cardit S, there's pod decks on one side and as the topic on theother side and one question I coul asked a lot as a podcaster is whatpodcast do I myself listen to? I listened to quite a few, but I thoughtI would pick my my five favorites and tell you guysa little bit about my fivefavorite pod cast that you guys can go check out, listen to ou for yourselfand see what you think. So I will start off by saying that fourout of the five are pretty much movie centric, because I'm a big movie GuyBut they're fun to listen to there's great personalities on all ofthem. They'll make you laugh they'll...

...make you think and they'll justentertain the crap out Ya. That's what we're going to talk about today is myfive favorite potcast. Now the first one I'm Goin to talk about these are noparticular order. I'm not ranking these by any means. I don't like any one morethan the other, I'm just listing off the five I listento the most and whate are the ones I'm Goin to talk about. Well, the one I'mGoin to talk about right off the bat is a show called the top ten show. This isa show. I've been I've been following for several years now that I'm a bigfan of they did a live version of the show in Chicago earlier this year thatI got to go, see and be a part of a supporter of the show on Patrion Iactually they. I actually just recently started helping them out behind thescenes with some stuff because Iwas such a big fan and I'm a big fan of theguys, a'm muc ao, the show ofm a fan of the guys who host Ed the show washosted by a comedian, Matnost and actor host film critic. John Roca, you know John Roca as the outlaw in themovie Trivia shmowdown. I was running his facebook fan group for a littlewhile and a huge fan of his, and they were grat enough to bring me on to helpout with some of their behind the scene stuff. But the reason I started doingthat is because of how big a fan of the show I am and what they do as they bothcome in they. They said a topic of of top ten lists of movies they're goingto talk about, and each of them comes in with their own list and they th ythey debate and they discuss and they they go off on tangents andthey just have a fun friendly conversation again, thit's one LEMO. Ilove conversations. I love it when people are just talking and just beingthemselves and a lot of times. The conversations they have in this showoutside of the list themselves are worth all all of the listening time. You'llgive it because it's so much fun. It's like you are really listening to tworeally good friends. Talk about just just fucking anything M basketball,PIZZA WHATEVER, but the lists they've come up with they've really done a goodjob of cultivating list topics you might not think of anand they're, usually something related to. Whatever movie is coming out that particular week we h we just had the the Irishmen getreleased, so they did. Topten were seazy films, they've done top ten filmsbased on books. Was this Lee with this week's topic things like that th y? They really andthey've they've split the atom, as as finely as they can on some of these Um. They really try to go out of their wayto make sure that, like they're, getting fresh new topic, ideas on theshow, as well as being having a very active patrion presents, they do allkinds of extra content for their patrion supporters. They've beenputting on live, shows which, if you have not been to a top ten live show ifthey come to your area, you've got to go check it out. The top ten live isjust it's like it's not just a m a movie list podcast, it is a comedy showin its core 'cause. These guys know how to make themselves laugh, make eachother laugh and make the audience laugh as well. So go check out the top tenshow, that's the top ten. With the number ten. You can check that out onall the platforms. It's a fantastic lesson. I think you would absolutelylove listening to it. Um they've, it's they're, two of the biggestpersonalities ever and having them together on a podcast, is justfantastic. Now I got my start in media and digialmedia and stuff like this wanting to go in to radio professionally Um. One ofthe reasons I love pod casting is because it's like being back doing radio againlike doing talk, radio, and so I always am on the lookout for podcasts that Ican use as kind of a morning talk rat cause morning. Talk Radio Nowaday SucksUm morning most morning shows nowadays are j, St Fucking ovel, but every nowand then I find one that really does the job of being theECAUSE. I don't have a typical mourning... everybody else. Okay, most peoplethey get their morning shows when they get up and drive to work in the morning.I don't have that. I work second shift. So me, I'm looking for stuff that I canlisten to esentially in the middle of the day, like at three in the afternoonwhen I'm driving to work so fighting podcast that can fit thatexcuse e for yarding. That could fit that kind of mould. For me at three in the afternoon, 'cause theradio's not going to do. That is what I look for and back when I was doing Miketalks funny early on when I first started doing itas the late night talk show, I got a review. I got a rating in review onthat show from some guys called the minutia men, and I was like who thehell are these G, their interview was their review rather was stellar, so I checked out these guys and they'rethey're they're, both Chicago guys, and they they do. It's called the MINUSHN. The showscalled the MINUSIA man and- and the show is literally it's them going outinto the Manutia of the world and just finding stories that are not your bignews stories, like you know, drug busts, nd and politics and stuff like that,but little like community level news stories all over all over the world andthey talk about those and they talk about their love for the cubs and theyget h. Oh, where you ow, I aveen fine all day.I don't know WHA 'm wel yawning all of a sudden and uh, but they they talkabout their love or the cubs and and music. They t they talk about justeverything, it's the kind of back and Forth Fun Quality Conversation I lookfor in a morning Talk Radio Show M. It's it's entertaining is hell. Thestories that they're able to come up with and and just riff on for for forseveral minutes at a time is just fantastic, and these guys are trueprofessionals. You can tell that they both have been doing broadcasting a andthis kind of voice recording stuff for a very long time. They've got greatvoices for radio, they know how to speak. They know how to enunciate NDand they know they how to work their diction, they're, real, trueprofessionals on a microphone and so listening to the menusiaman is anabsolute blass. So I highly recommend you check that one out as well. It'scalled the minusiaman you can find out on all the platforms. I I have a newone that I haven't listened to yet this week, 'cause I've been a little busy,but if you get a chance to listen to the MINUTIAMEN, I highly recommend itUm, the next one. I want to talk about the next one. Talk about is anothermovie show, and this this show wis also hosted by John Roca, it's cohosted byJohn Roca and a guy named Steve Morris, who is a as he as he says himself. Howdoes he say on the show he say he's a director and film instructor in LosAngeles Ithic. I said that right, but he he's he's a he he's. A filmmakerhe's. A directing instructor, I think, is what he does, and then you have JohnRoca as well and together they host a show called the cynophiles Sinna cinedash files files, and this is a fantastic show. This is something ifyou're somebody who likes to have long plot specific discussions about movies.This is the show for you. I stumbled across Thi show when I earlywhen I was becoming when I was getting into like becoming a fan of John Rocaand following his career Um, he mentioned thes show and I checked itout and I became such a huge fan of it and what it is is every week John and Steve Del deep into like agreat like you know, like a historially, great film stuff. You know ten years, O Jus fromten years ago or earlier is is kindof how they do it. Um they've doneeverything from from Bladerunner and...

Lawrence of Arabia to the dark nightand Casino Royal they've done airplane they've done Richard Douner Superman movie they'vedone Um, twelve angry men. They've done, I mean l they've done over a hundredmovies. So far this show is it's a long form showsometimes going up to two hours, sometimes going up to two parts,because Yiu can get so long, because they'v Really delv deep into thepreproduction and the background and the plot kind of going scen by scene-and you know the connections and like they really dive deep into these filmsand break them down and analyze them and they bring on guests and theyreally get like like the film is called the cynophiles and it's definitely itit's a play on the term cenofhile. But this really and truly is a podcast.Four cynophiles like this is a podcast. If you're like me, and you really likegetting into the d into the deepness of a particular film, a two part episode. You know over twoweeks breaking down the dark night. Bladerunner was already like in my oneof my top five favorite films, and then they did an episode where they brokedown Blade runner and the discussion they had on bladerunner is what helpedpush it to my fate to being my favorite film, because they really helped meanalyze the film in ways I hadn't before that helped me helped grow myappreciation for the film and that's why. I think- and that's part of thereason why I like podcast so much in general, is because, if you find theright podcast about the right topic, it can do that for you, it can open newdoors for you. As far as your love and your passion for certain topics andthcertain things in life and the cynofiles is one that really did thatand really did a great job of helping me like, like I've listeneto every episode, and even if it's a movie, I knew I already liked. I foundmyself liking the movies more after listening to the cenophiles talk aboutthem, because whether it was them reaffirming thoughts I already had, orit was them bringing up ideas. I had never considered that that clicked withme made me appreciate the films all that much more, like I said, blade.Runner was already one of one of my favorite films, but it was theirdiscussion they had with their special guest Scot mants that catapulted it tobeing my favorite film. Now it's a film that I study constantly that I'm alwaysworking into conversations about movies. I mean t is November twenty nineteen.This is bladerunner months. This is the month bladerunner takes place and Ihave watched bladerunner every day so far in the month of November, and willcontinue to do so until November is over because there's always justsomething more to unpack in that movie, regardless of which version of it. Youwatch- and I m not talking about the cynophiles right now, because I'mtalking about play runner, but again I wouldn't have this. This reaffirmedpassion for bladerunner without the CENOPHILES and th. Again, that's why itmakes my list of top five, not only because Stephen John are great tolisten to and are so knowledgeable and passionate talking about these movieson their show, but it's w their show has done for me as a film Fan. Thatmakes me love it. So much now I do have a couple more podcasts. Iwant to talk about on this episode before we do that I am going to take aquick break and then, when we come back, I'm going to talk about my last twofavorite pocastseverybody. I just wanted to take a moment to Inter uptthe show and give a very special shout out to the people o support this show.Every month on, Patrion, I want to shout out Whitney Latin Jodie mcdurmott,and my mother, Melissa Sha to every...

...single month helps port his show, andif you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go toPatrioon dotcom, a FAC it loud, hod enjoined the one dollar tear you'll,get shouted out on the air, get your name with it. In the description youget early access to all these shows compercial free through our PatrioonRsspeed, and so many other cool rewards once again go to Patrion dotcom, slash,basent lounce o join the one dollars here, sh spinking at the show, let's get backto allright. Welcome back thanks again forfor joining me today for this a Bi irregular episode of the BasementLounge, where today, I'm talking about my top five favorite podcasts, we'vealready talked about three of them, the top ten show minushamen and thecynophiles. My last two favorites are also movie related more once one moreso than the other and but they're both also drasticallyvery different and unique shows. So the next one I want to talk about is onethat I haven't been listening to as long as the other four, but it is one that I always look forward tohaving a new episode for H, and that is a show called. How did this get made?This is a show that is, that is just a different kindof beast m. One of the reasons I got into this show is because one of thehost is a guy named Jason Manzucus, that name Dozzar does not soundfamiliar. His voice. Definitely will. If you've watched the show big mouth,he is the voice of j. If you've watched, Brooklyn nine nine, he plays a OFFICR,a detective Pimento who was engaged to Rosa at one point in the show: U He'sthe Voice of the Little Grimy Dude an? What is that commercial?It's the foot, FOGUS COMMERCIAL H! No, no! It's the M! The allergy medicationhe's the little bugger but anyway, but yeah he's got one of those voices,that's just immensely recognizable and Um, and he h. He is the one of the host ofthis show and I'm suddenly drawn a blank on the names of the other hose.I'm going to pull it up right now on my phone and be superprofessional aboutthis, but it's Paul Sher and his wife who's,an comedian Paulsher and his wife actress June Dian, a June Dian Raphland n Jason Manzucus and the three of them the show was called. How did thisget made s? He could assume. The show was about great movies right. No, it'sabout terrible movies. They pick movies that are just fucking awful. I meanjust bad bad, terrible movies and they watsh them, and then they just they just tear them apart and a lot andtheir show has grown so popular in I in in its inception that they now do slive, shows at theaters and comedy clubs, all over the country andliterally they'll host screenings of the movie they're going to review, andthen they'll go across the street to the theater of the club and review thefilm with guests I mean, and they and they've had guests like Adam Scott Seth,Rogan, Paul Paleff, Tomkins, Um, Katy, mccuji, Daniel Radcliff for crying outloud Um, big name guests. Teen on this show Jason meanzucus alone is enough to pullyou out of this showt. He is so funny in the things that he says I just can'tget enough of it. I love how to this get made, because a lot of the movie shows that I listento aretivly. Talking about really good movies movies that are rethat are worthpraising. There's not a lot of shows out there that that that pridethemselves on getting deep into 'cause 'cause they get like as deep as thecenophiles get into good movies. How did this get made gets just as deepinto the bad movies Um they talk about,... you know, casting a and writingand things like that and editing and the show is- and it's there's such agreat amount of audience and and listener participation. As far as theshow goes, it is so entertaining and the live shows w. If you get to listento those on the pod cast, feet are so immense and so um like they really make.You feel like you're there, it's it's they're, justso immersive, it's fantastic, and so how did this get made hosted by Paul,Sheer Junedian, Raphel and Jason Manzuces tearing apart and diving deepinto bad movies, highly recommend you give this onealism. Now I'm going totake one more quick break because I really have to go to the bathroom andthen, when I get back we're gn to talk about my number one favorite bodgast Al Right. Welcome back so my my my m,my number one favorite pod cast. I I said that wrong before the break, butmy my my fifth, my last number, five,whatever you want to call it favorite Poncastan, I'm creantly. Listening toright now I have talked about this show constantly. It is part of my dailyroutine M. I watch it live every day when it streams on you tube and in theedvents that I can't always I make sure I never miss an episode. This is a showthat my brother also listens to that. He and I text each other talking aboutthis is a show who's online community, I'm a very passionate active member of this is a show. That is probably theyoungest of the shows. It's it's definitely, the youngest of the showsthat I've listed so far, but it's quite easily just one that I can't get enoughof and and that show is colliter live, I'm a big fan of of everything thatgoes on over at Collider dotcom and callider video. They produe some of myfavorite content out there. As far as you know, like shows that I watch andpodcast I listen to Um. I've been to the movie tribute Shmow Down Live. Iwatch that religiously as well and collider live, is a show that debutedabout a year ago year and a half, do you portake M, thatsimilar to the minutiamen is in the style of that morning. Radio Sh morningtalk radio show which is just it's. It's it's big personalities having funevor two hours and that's at the end of the day. That's what I like is I liketo have fun. Yes, they do like movie news and movie chats on this show, butit's it's talking about viral videos and the best places toy get pizza intown and how to properly shave your balls, I'm not even kidding. That wasthe very first episode. They talked about that and and important socialissues, and and but also goofy Dumbshit, like you know, what's what's what whatfood gives you the worst farts and and who? Who who blew up the bathroom inthe office? We're trying to figure out we're trying to do detective work tofigure out who did that and Um. You know goofy sound effect soundbitesplaying in the background. It's. It is two hours of pure just ununcensored,unhinged fun that has some of the best personalities. You know the RoxystryerTerina Ariano Mark Riley, Josh Muga Codi Hall, Alex Marzonia ChristianHarloff was the host of the show up until last week. He's now got his ownshow that he's doing that's really great and it's slowly climbing the listand of my favorites as it becomes a show. It just started. Um The involvement with the fan's colliderlive has it's just. It is just one of the best pod casts one of the bestshows out there on the Internet, like they say on the show coli Lait's thebest show on the u tubes, it really is. It is a show, that's criminallyunderrated that I think, should be a...

...part of everybody's daily routine. Likeeverybody watches the news everybody scrolls through facebook, youknow beginnn today. I think the first part of your day should be to watch.Callider live for two hours. I'm not kidding, it is the best way to spendtwo hours of your day. Any time you got a free two hours, O ve. If it's twohours right before you go to bed or you have it on, while you're eating orwhile you're driving to and from work, it's the best way to spend your day. Icannot recommend enough that everybody listens to collide or live as well, asthe other shows that I mentioned on here, how I get made the cynophilesminusiamen and the top ten show all five of these potet castthese are myfive favorite Pod Gast, I'm listening to right now, and I cannot recommendenough that everybody here go. Listen to these shows add them to your to yoursubscription list whatever, and there are more podcasts that I listen to. Ilistene to so many POCA Osen a Pon CAS more than I listen to music in the carthese days. But those are the five that I recommend the most, especially ifyou're a movie Fan 'cause three of the four of those our movie related ell,three and a half cllided wive, not as much, but they still talk to movie news,but it's just great entertaining content and that's what a pod caste eresupposed to be we're supposed to be fun and you cannot get more fun out of aPie cast an you can with these five right here and I want to know what someof Youur favorite pod casts are Youre. Listening to, you know, hit me up ontwitter at Mi Shay comedy tweat me with some of your favorite pod cast ar I'mgoing to put up a tweat on Friday when this show goes live. So if you'relistening to Thi show right now on Friday, and you didn't get it early onTha patrond feed that that'll be up there. You answer my tweet. Tell mewhat your favorite pod casts are right now or send me an email Mike Shay. Imight shake comedy dot com or you know, hit up this show on instagraam atbasement. Lounge pod, yes, the show was on twitter, my t, the twitter handbilsucks, because the rules twitter has r their for their handles and I haven'tpicked a good one yet, but we're on instagram. Let us know what yourfavorite podcasts are that you're listening to, maybe it's ones that I'venever heard of that I'd like to listen to maybe you've never heard of the onesI listen to and now you're going to listen to them and become a fan. Let meknow if you check these shows out and if you love them, I want to hear backfrom you guys, but that's Goin, to do it for us this week, I'm going to tryto do some more of these kind of personal conversations with my fans aswe go um into the future weeks. I've still got a lot more guess, BOOKESD forthe next few weeks. But if we come to a week where maybe we don't have a guestbooked or maybe I just feelike doing something a little bit different Pulanother card out of this year, pod decks card thing and see what we cantalk about. Um and is always, if you guys have any questions or anything youever want to mee to answer on the show, I'm always willing to answer them. Hitme up on twitter or Instan Graham or send me an email and of course you cancheck out my website and make shake comedy dotcom find out if in to beperforming somewhere soon. I have a show coming up here in acouple of weeks in Lima, Ohio at Jodi, Miller's comedy night that she hosts atthe somewhere bar in Lima Ohio. So I m make sure you got to check that out aswell. It's free to get in and until next time, guys Iam your Hosetomike Sha,reminding you as always to live well rock on take care and TEB.

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