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Season 1, Episode 15 · 3 years ago

"Just Be There to Clap" with Heidi Gentis - EP #15


Dayton native Heidi Gentis is a photographer & model whose involvement in the community knows no bounds!

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Good morning, good evening, good night, good whatever. Welcome to another episode of the Basement Lounge. Just as the cool relax show, where we sit down with actors, musicians, photographers, models, rising star is in the world of entertainment, regardless of what their medium might be, and today we are sitting down with a photographer and model here in the Dayton area, ID gentis. How's it going? That I say that right? Yeah, you did. I totally what. We should have asked you that before we went on, but it's all good. I was actually waiting to see if you were for another. We got a good look. I had. I've had Andrew Medicitis on this show. That was fun. We had a comedian named Kelly hern on here last year, her and hur a, and you think that would be the I couldn't get her name right to save my life the whole show. Yeah, that's always my life, like Ghentis. I've even got it like a John T's. I'm like, that's very French sounding, but no, that's not how you say my last name, last name Shay. It's amazing how many people can't say that correctly. Like, I'm sorry, I have a butter in a stadium named after me. Hidi. How long have you lived in the Dayton area? My whole life, whole life. Yeah, so I grew up mostly in Miamisburg, but I kind of was I was born like in Dayton. I went to Patterson Kennedy when it was still school and then I like move to Buburke for two years and then I graduated from Amisburg, so from like second grade to high school, and I've kind of just been around through the college thing here in town. Yeah, I went to international college broadcasting, another one. Yes, I had that. You have to say it with like a take a breath because you know, you can't just say ICB. No one knows what he is anymore. How I always wondered what that experience is like because, I mean, I got my degree out of state. So what's ice be like? I mean it's a tech to your college. It's very small and intimate and, you know, pretty... industry focused for most parts. So I got my degree in television and radio communications. I got a job at Fox forty five new station as an intern. Well, I started I was an intern and then they had miraculously opened it up a job. So they're like hey, come work for us, like okay, cool. So I was there for four years and now I'm a full time of dark work. So you were there for for so you started about the time I did. Yeah, it was like two thousand and twelve, okay. So, okay, so a couple of before I did. I started in two thousand and fifteen. HMM. Well, I've been like two thousand and thirteen or something, I don't know. I was there for four years. So I was like I started, I was an intern for like three or four months and then I was a production assistant for like three years doing the morning show, and then I was a sales assistant for about a year and then I got laid off. So I basically just was like, oh, yea, you know, it screwed, I'm just going to be full time of darker. So that's pretty much what I've been doing. So how did you get into the photography thing? It was just kind of always a passion. My grandfather actually gifted me my first DSL our camera. Oh, so that was like super cool and like really got me into which is also like my business namesake is hijacked productions. So My GRANDFA's Day was Jack so into it. Yeah, it's like Super Si middle like I took me forever to come up with that name. Got You're talking to a guy. You can't name anything. I can't do names, okay, because like I I didn't want to go to like the normal like Heidi Linn photography whatever. I'm like, I need something that's actually like something besides my name, like so I kind of just incorporated it into that. That's how this this this show was used to be called Mike Talks Fun. It was like I hate having my name in it, so on original name it after myself. Hate when bands do that. They make songs and they reference themselves in the song. Don't. Don't do that. They wear their own bad teacher. So and so you do? You do these things around town that that I love, called called instant meats. Yeah, tell us a little bit about those. So it's it was a little over a year ago in the summer I went to an instant meat that was basically like it was free for any like photographers that wanted to show up and we just went inside the shoester center and just went and took pictures and had fun and then up with people that are, you know, like minded photographers and other individuals in the community and I was like, you know what, I want to do this. So I kind of just started from there. Like literally the next month I was like all right, I'm having an instant meet. So I had like a handful of model show up and a handful of photographers and we just kind of had a blast and just kind of group from there. Like it became a monthly thing and then eventually I started to get in front of the camera myself, just because sometimes you just have a shortage of models and they you know, that's they either don't show up or they're late or whatever. So yeah, it's just been like a community building, like it venture from most part like a lot of these people are now like really close friends of mine, so it's really cool. Yeah, just just just almost like the flash mob for photographers and models show up and just starts posing, congregate and just happens. You don't stuff it. Like the Air Force Base, the we their first museum. We usually go around to like a lot of the parks so we couldne wakers and gardens. Trying to think of the other ones. There was one of the parks in Springfield. We've gone to a handful museums to so we went to the American Sign Museum and Cincinnati the Air Force Museum. We're trying to do like the Packard Museum too, but amn't gone...

...quite that for you ever organized like a big like let's all like travel to like Chicago or something like that. Did you hockey hills? Okay, really cool. So, I mean that is like, you know, to our dreft from NATON, but we I've had people and like this is where it's kind of grown to. Is Like I've got people that come from all over the state for this, so like Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, like obviously Dayton too, but it's just kind of like grown and I'm like now I have friends all over the state. So this is like I've never known that I could do this before the power of the Internet, like you know, that's beautiful thing, right. It is, like I'm meeting strangers on the Internet. It's great thing. Oh Man, I was always told this was going to end badly. I mean I had to be a little cautious still because there have been like some Weirdos who show sure, but no, it's been great. I mean that was the only like longdistance trip we've done was the yeah, we's just hockey hills, and then I've took an adventure up to a like Cleveland Dairy and meat for an instant meet up there and then like that's how I met a lot of the Cleveland people. A Grin area people. So it's like yeah, well, you came all this way from date and we're going to come down to one of yours. So it's I grew up in Akron so I get okay, yeah, I'm from everywhere here right. Where you from, Mike? Yeah, he's guys. What's that? You said you had some Weirdo show up. Like, what's been the weirdest, like weird encounter you've had on one of these things without naming names? No, yeah, I want to that. There's just one. The one guy that was from like my very first meet at the shuster center of this guy came up to me and he was just like kind of following me around the whole time, not really saying a whole lot. And then, and this was before like I even started a step in front of the camera at all, he's just like hey, you know, you should model for me. It was like no, thanks, I don't really do a lot of stuff or the camera. He's like and just kind of like persisted and like was just creepy staring at me the whole time. Good Vibes, and then like he would follow me on instagram and then gotten some weird dms way to like, okay, Oh, I'm sure it's guy, especially on instagram. Just it's I mean, I'm I haven't had like bad luck with the whole like modeling thing yet, but I mean I've gotten some some comments. I'm like, okay, got it done without here in that yeah, R exactly. So, yeah, you know, look like I'm not. I'm not the best. I've never been the best when it comes to approaching women, but I've never just randomly walked up to him and it's been like you should model for me please, or the guy or the guys who shoot their shot on instagram. It's like you really think it to be telling your grandkids that story and in fifty years, like how'd you meet grandma? Well, IDM tour on Instagram, Instagram, Center Dick Pick. She really got like like. Luckily, I haven't gotten any of those yet. Good for you, Instagram, but good for you. I know not everyone else is quite so lucky. That's why I usually keep like my modeling page private, so like I can't get old, I can filter out all the Weirdos. Like right, I know you. I don't know you, okay, you actually have credible work on your page. Like you know that. That's good, because you haven't been modeling nearly as long now. It's probably been like, I don't know, eight months or something like that. It's like what made you finally decide that you'd we were going to give that part of shot? Was it just Um, I just thought like it looked like a lot of fun and it was just an opportunity for me to dress up and, you know, do the whole get up, and it was actually something like I'd always wanted to do because I grew up like watching America's next top model. I'm like I want to do that, and I'm like I'm not really built for like super model runaway type deal, like I have a lot...

...of tattoos and stuff. Right, Oh, yeah, you got it. You got to be like you got to be like, you know, five nine and right, like and the eighty pounds soaking. What exactly? Yeah, like, no, I can't really do that route. So, like when I'm seeing like all these other models that are like built similar to me or like, you know, like I could do that. That looks like fun, you know. So like it's more of just like a hobby than anything, but it's look cool though. Yeah, it's a confidence booser too. I'm like I look awesome. Right on. How's the end and how's the how's the love life for for Arhidi Gentis it's good. Yeah, is he? Is he like cool with everything, like totally my friends like super supportive. He's like I'm you know, I'm just really love that you are passionate about this and this is something that you want to do. Like he even came to one of my Halloween shoots and basically just as an assistant, but then ended up modeling with me too. Oh it was actually a lot of fun because he dressed up like as like a Butler type deal and I was like a vampire. So they're like he just really just there to be an assistant and then like some of the photographers are like here, comer, pose with post with them, like you look really good. So yeah, it was a whole lot of fun. Does he does he come to your shoots off and or is it? No, that was his first time. Oh Wow, like yeah, it was really weird because I like he's never done anything like that before. So he's just like yeah, it was like a real step outside of my comfort zone. Like I'm glad you had fun. Yeah, are you gonna do it again? He's like maybe, maybe not, I don't know. You guys been together just like a couple months. Oh Really? Yeah, I saw recently you went to the you went to the Marine Corps Ball. Yeah, yeah, those with him. Is He's marine? Okay, yeah, how'd you guys me? That's why I actually work there. Spend more time at best buy, fellas. No, I mean that's all I meant. Like so many of my friend like long term friends, and like all right, I'm updated other guys from best buy too, but you know, it's been fun, like I have, like, I mean they're still like friends with it. Don't work there anymore. That I'm like still super close with too. So, so cool. So you do a lot of stuff with with something here and that we do in Dayton called the honor flight. How did you get involved? I mean, I guess for folks who don't know what that is, the honor flight is it's where they basically take like it's World War Two, Vietnam, just basically just vets. Yeah, so World War II, Korean and Vietnam veterans. Okay, mom or any of them that are like maybe younger than that, but like terminal or, you know, have some sort of like debilitating disease or anything like that. So they take him free of charge to see their memorials and Washington DC. Everything is completely paid for, like they have all their meals the fly, like everything is a hundred percent free for them. So the way I got involved was, I think, through like actually Fox forty five is like how I found out, because we were talking about it, like what is this program and how do I get involved? Because my grandfather was a Vietnam veteran and he never got to go on his on or flight before he passed away. So that was kind of like my mission, which was just like not only spread awareness but also like help the cause to because like something I'm propassionate about. And then earlier this year was like I got to go as a guardian, so basically just going along and basically shaperoning the veterans. Like you get anywhere from like one to three veterans that you're assigned. Okay, I got two brothers, so one was in a wheelchair, one was not. Oh Wow, and they were just a handful, but they were so much fun it was great. So it was like moral day, weekend, rolling thunder was there, which was really cool. It was just like the big like Vietnam veteran group. They rides and on the motorcycles to DC and it was like their last ride, oh, supposedly.

So that was really cool and just seeing like tens of thousands of motorcycle butts. They're like it was insane, and so that was really cool. I also met up with some family that lived in DC. That was one of my grandfather sons, so my uncle, my and my cousin's and this was like a couple months right before they moved to Japan to so like it was like my last time to see them. I just happened to be there. So we met up and then I also got to honor my grandfather there too, with his flag and got to take a picture of his his photo and like the because they do a program it's called honoring yesterday's Hero. So they take pictures of former veterans or past veterans and they take their pictures with the flags next to their memorial. So they have like something to give the families like still be able to have them be honored. So like not only did they do that, but also they use my grandfather's flag for the flag ceremony too. So, like it was really cool. Lots of tears that they yeah, I mean I also got some a lot of really awesome pictures. That would too, but it was great. Yeah, when did you first start doing that? It was about two years ago. I kind of just showed up to one of the homecomings. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was just like there and so I'm just going to, you know, take pictures and stuff, and then I'll bailey comes up to me. He's like the director, head guy in charge, and he's like hey, you know, we've seen some of your pictures because I'll post them in there like facebook group and stuff, and sometimes I'll like do like photography of fundraisers old like raise money for them. He's like how about you like to do, you know, just volunteer for us and you can come to you know. So basically I would come in the morning take their pictures before they go in and I would also take the pictures for their homecomings to so I'm I'm there at like thirty in the morning and then I come back later in the evening. I'm there at like you know, from like a PM, at ten PM, and so I just I just donate basically my service to them, just, you know, capturing their homecoming, which is cool. I cry every time. So I al such a baby about it, like Oh, this is so cute, like, you know, you see them crying and then they're like hugging their family because they've never gotten this before. Prince, you know most of the Vietnam veterans, they came back and we're just hit like the least, ignored, you know. So, yeah, they were treated like crap. One they exactly. Yeah, so this was the homecoming they deserve. Usually I had I had the weirdest introduction to to a hundred flight. So this was two thousand and I want to see two thousand and thirteen. And I was living in South Carolina at the time. I hadn't moved back to Dayton yet and I had flown up to visit for a weekend or for a week in the summer, just for a vacation. And my when I was flying back to South Carolina, my flight out of Dayton was on the honor flight and I had no idea what it was. I'm just sitting there at seven o'clock in the morning wondering why there's so many people, so many elderly people in wheelchairs, around me, and then they board US onto the flight and they're like now boarding the honor flight, and I was like what, I thought it was on the wrong plane. And then there was old there was a layover in Baltimore and I get off the plane and they let everybody else off first and I was ended up being the first person off the plane and I walk into the into the airport, and there is just a line of service men and women lined up, but I guess they I guess they didn't know that they were letting off the regular passengers first. It's really funny when they do that, because we do get regular flight, so get let off the same time and then they're like coming through the baggage claiming to look around, like what's going on here? Is there a party? Did we miss something? Like no, it's for on her flight, like your bags are over here, just come this way. What...

...killed me was I walked that little always think I'm about plane, and I guess everybody was just so excited that they just saw a body walking off the plane and they all just started clapping and then they stopped it. They stopped a probably it's not a veteran. I'm wearing pajamas. I've gotta I got were to Batman Vulk APP. I was like, I am not who you guys are here to see. Sorry, does this point guys? But they but they that they maintained that lines. I still had the walk through the little hallway of soldiers, just like not making eye contact, just like I'm not here, I'm not here, but before I eat. But there were so many of them. Before I even got to the end they had started laying the vets off and then they started to plotting again. I was like this is weird. I don't know, I need to get out of here. Yeah, it's like I always have to get on my soapbox about it because, like there's so many people that don't know what onter flight even is, or does I'm like, this is my mission, just prett awareness. Like I just have to well, everyone you're gonna if you're going to spam people about something I read, I'd rather it be that then you know like what your horscope said, right. Yeah, I mean I'm always like trying to encourage people to just show up to the homecomings too, because, like, you don't even have to be someone that knows any of these veterans, like just be there to clap and cheer them on, like you know, it's just it's great. I love hey, everybody. I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people who support this show every month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin, Jody McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shay, who every single month help support this show. And if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go to patreonscom Basement Lounge pod and join the one dollar tier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name, was it in the description. You get early access to all these shows commercial free through our Patreont ur SS feed, and so many other cool rewards. Once again, go to patreoncom basement lounge pods, joining the one dolartier and help support the show. Speaking of the show, let's get back to it. So let's let's let's get to know Hidi, the person. We've gotten the no Hidi, the professional get no Hidi, the person. Sure so I have these things called pod decks and their random interview questions on car. Okay, I'm gonna pull some cards. We're just going to ask you some questions. At any point you don't want to answer something, just let me know and I will go through it and it and edit out and nobody will ever know the difference. But I don't know, I just got this. I don't know what the Hell's on them. So you're my Guinea pig here. So right, what are some words, are phrases that you overuse? I say I'M A lot. You'll probably notice that during the school podcast I do like yeah, yeah, you know those. You're not the kind of person who walks around saying like Oh, toats, no, I don't, don't do that. Unfortunately, started using that one ironically in college and now it's a permanent part of my vocabulary. Yeah, you know the irony of this phrases and then it just becomes part of you. Like Bro. Yeah, I see, I said Bro, Bro a lot. Bra All the time. Something cooling to like Bra, Bra, like, Oh God, I'm turning into a FRAT boy. Almost was one. Almost was one. Glad I dodged that bullet here right here at your experiment Greek Life at all while you were in college, because I see it, I guess doesn't I had like just show up a class. It was like twenty people, like and that was it. Like that was my biggest class by the end of the semester. was like me and two other dudes.

What the what's your biggest guilty pleasure in life? Gosh Um. So I'm like super like health food advocate, like you know, it's like exercise a lot, and I'm like I'm always like advocating for like cleaner, healthy eating, but I'm also like the dirtiest clean eater to like I'm like, yeah, I'll go for like the halotop ice cream, like heck yeah, it stops good. You know, I have like a pizza day every once in a while, like a totally hate myself afterwards, but I'm like it suck. I mean yes, like, don't get wrong you, you can have your cheat days, but yeah, okay, I have che been to the cravings. Sometimes I'll go on. I'll go on a hardcore health binge. I'm eating. I mean I always eat a salad every day for lunch, but like, you know, going to the gym regularly and I'm super caught and then I have a weak I'm just kind of like, yeah, I could have rallies again today. Day It was fries man. It was there ever, a point where you were just absolutely disappointed in yourself about something, where you were just like damn it, Hidi man Um, all right, when I was seventeen, I got caught shoplifting from macy's. No, no, I'm super bad, and also I was with a friend to like who was doing it with me. So we both got caught and she had like the purse that we were sticking all the stuff, and so she got like a fine man. Luckily, we're not of age, so we only got like, you know, we went to our juvenile court and I like you have to write an apology letter and do like Aout of hours of community there about it. Oh, yeah, MIS worked, don't mess around. I got I got bust of shoplifting a best buy when I was in when I was in high school, I was like fourteen, fifteen, and they didn't they just they stopped me, took the thing out. They they told my mom that was punishment enough, right. Yeah, Oh, no, that I was like, please, don't tell my parents are like no, we have to tell you. I was good for months after. Oh yeah, I didn't. I didn't socialize for foot the rest of the year. That fo yeah, computer access, like like Nope, you were. Oh yeah, contact outside. I was using the summer too. So, oh no, nothing to do. Oh that's yeah, well, that's what I get. So after that, I can't believe they punished you for breaking the law. Yeah, I I got let off easy on that one. Honestly, I'm like, Cuz that was my turning point. I was like I'm never doing that every again. Now I'm like now I'll feel badly sturge straight work. I need to bring this pack if you are there, like are there three? Are there like three APPs on your phone that you could just not live without? Ever, instagram probably also, like, I mean honest, I could probably live without facebook if I didn't have my business running on it. Right I have a love hate relationship with facebook and like just do I have to do this thing? I don't just like be mindlessly scrolling like for no reason. I'm like I'd seepose like three times already. Like I I like I like broke down earlier this year and just like got off all of it for the only for like a week, but it was one of those it was like I realized I was spending way too much time on it. Was Amazing. Now now I only go on to like, like I rarely share stuff anymore. I mostly just go on to like promote this show or like stand up show, and that's really it. Yeah, I mean me, it's like I'm sharing like funny memes or like stuff for on a fly or my photo of facebook, like all right, yeah, this is about it and that's enough Internet for today. I's been way more time on instagram than I do on anything else because it's simple. Picture, like scroll, Picture, like, yeah, scroll. Yeah, it same for twitter too, and like just scrolling, retweeting. I know, retweet, retweety,...

...but I've found, I found the less time I spend aimlessly scrolling, a lot more I've got a lot more done. Yeah, Oh, yeah, Oh God, it's a time suck. Like, yeah, I did. I did not even just that, just just in terms of just like my thought process, like I've had so much much as, so much an easier time just coming up with ideas for stuff. It didn't realize how much that was sapping me. Yeah, it's a time suck and also like a mental suck. To is like taking all of your brain powers, making you really dumb. Some negative nowadays it is. I'mlike, that's kind of like what happened. I had to like hide, like I couldn't delete that, but I had to like hide my asps for myself, like on my phone, like I got a movie somewhere where I'm not just going to like habitually like tap into it, because that's what I would do is like, you know, open one and then like scroll and then like open another one and scroll and I just like cycle through all of them and I'm like this is not productive at all. I tell you what I did that helped was I turned off the notification. I do that too. Yes, I don't get the little red numbers on there, and that's like because I had to do that for my email because, like I don't like my spam and stuff goes through there and I'm like I don't want to see like tenzero read emails like I guess anxiety. Like no, because I get I get the work email on my phone and if I, on my days off, had to see that number get from the hundreds, I would I would, I would lose my mind. Oh yeah, no, I turn off the FACEBOOK UNIFICATIONS, I turn off email nutifications only when I keep on is like twitter, instagrams, just because, like, all my friends are there. That's mostly how we communicate or like see your work and stuff like that. But I've been like really laxed about the instagram post recently just because I'm like good, it's too much time and I've been like working on projects. I'M gonna have time to post stuff, and it's just not the end of the day, folks. It's just a nap. Yep. It's why I like I've never been one of those people who was kind of like, Oh, you're not dating, like you're not dating, and what's on facebook? I could give a crap about my relationship. So's not on facebook right now right post stuff. Every once in a while I'm like, Hey, we did this thing, we went to an event, nobody's business it is when it comes back, because I hate those couples that are their dirty couple laundry on. Don't do that. I'm so bad. I don't want I don't want to see you guys arguing about who didn't do the dishes on facebook. Or like, I mean I'm like I don't mind the pictures of like hey, we did this same but yeah, I just love you so much and I just like, Oh my God, that was me in college. I was wanted, I was I was in one of those gross couples in college, or I was like every other post was like sheathe my moon and my stars, and I get those. Hey remember when he posted this eight years ago? I do, and I'd rather not delete. Delete, we don't want to go back to this anymore. No, don't make me relive those day. Good. Yeah, I mean, I'm just like I'll go through the memories, which is really funny because I'm like I see my head space of like fifteen year old Hidi and like it's going here. You're just like I wasn't like years ago. I was like what what am I talking about? With my sister's orchestra concert last night. She goes to Fairmont high school and I just I see these kids and I'm just kind of like, I wasn't like that when I was at age. Well, I I think I was. We were all the young one time in our lives. So you mentioned you're a healthy eater. So if there was a sandwich named after you? There's some weird ass question. There was a sandwich named after you, what would be on it? Oh Gosh, well, it would be some sort of toasted sandwich. Hell, yeah, as I love grilled cheese and just like toast and sandwiches in general. Man, it would probably be, honestly, like the whatever, the veggie Ruben is at Canal Street. That's like my favorite sandwich place. I still haven't gone to Canal Street. Got A god, I used to go there. I used to go there all the time when it...

...was Fifth Street Delhi. Yeah, right there. Yeah, all I mean it's still same. Place is just an arcade, because I remember when they posted like some news article like on Dayton Daily News, they like they're moving to canal street, becoming a Barcade, and I'm like yes, it's to haven't gone. Yeah, no, I mean the sandwiches are still the same, which is great because I love them. That's always the only reason I go. They're like the only place and Taggi can get a Cuban now. Oh yeah, so I live. I love their Veggie Ubin and then they also have a really good one that's called the yellow springs because I'm a vegetarian, so I don't well pes catarian, so I don't eat like meterything. So like yeah, they they make their own veggie Burger patties. So okay, really good luck, he says really good ones. I thought about through the pesketarian thing, because Mikey love seafood. Yeah, and Mike it's like Helly expensive. I was telling somebody was like being budda to yeah, tunatarian pretty much just means you're a vegetarian who occasionally going to afford see exactly. Yeah, that's I'm like I'll buy shrimp if it's on sale or like whatever other see food, but it's mostly like Cantuna or I'm just straight vegetarian. Yeah, because I love Salmon. Oh, yeah, I'll buy the the bags of like the frozen pre cut yeah, Salmon Patti. They're fine. They're not great, but they're fine. I like frozen salmon if it's on sale, or I'll buy it if like the filets are on sale. I'm just like naked, but I love to cook too. So Oh, yeah, it's just like yeah, I'm like a budget, pestyterarian. So like I'm only gonna do it if I can afford it or if there's no vegetarian offic rightly going out to eat or something. So like yeah, this is this is livable. It's fucking so let me ask you, as a Pescetarian, McDonald's fully a fish? Yeah, you're NAE. Good for you. Good for you. I had TACO bell for the first time in like I don't know if probably five years or so, and it was only because I was the only thing available on a road trip back from albuquerquey. Like I guess we'll do Taco Bell Breakfast Day of Vegetarian items now. So it's basically just like. It was actually not bad. Okay, there was just nacho cheese on everything, which we can do without. That we created the first time you Taco Bell and five years you paid for that later, didn't you know? It wasn't as bad as I thought. Really, yeah, I want with that fast food. For a long time they're thinking anything with beans and is good for you. I remember there was one time Taco bell eggs and like the yeah, you know their breakfast, so stop that. It's not bad. They were doing a shrimp tacos at Taco Bell One time. I was like, I'm not getting shrimp at Taco Bell. I don't. I don't trust the beef at Taco Bell. It's not even like real beef. But recently they're like we're recalling the TACO bell beef. Will worried there might have been something wrong with that. I'm like no, Shit Filler, it's Taco Bell. I'm not going there expecting it to be like good quality. It's I go through because it's a buck. Yeah, it's like the it's technically like the lowest grade FDA approved beef that you can get with it like not being legal essentially. So it's like yeah, ask me if I care, trust me my body. Let's me know costly. You have to stop this my least, for the love of God. It's it's the Sagourney. We were alien thing and aliens for going kill me. What is one characteristic you think you are most known for? Probably like photography, and then also like being like active and like exercising and stuff like that, or like my food post to that's pretty much it, like that's what I put on social media. So that's what people know me more right on. Yeah, even thought about teaching. Yes, actually, like dietetics stuff, like I was actually was considering going back to school for like being a Dietitian, but it's also like a lot of work and another four year degree. I'd have... get it right time and money, and the only program the available is like you see. So I'd have to like either move to or commute to Cincinnati every day. So, like neither of which are sound like a good idea. I like, I like visiting Cincinnati. HM, on occasion I'll go see a metal show or something, but to live there, good heck no. Traffic Sucks, it's expensive, like way more expensive than Eaton, and it's only like an hour away. Explain that Shit to me. Yeah, well, I mean, you know, you felt like the Bangles and the reds done there, like the pro ball teams and stuff, but like going to a rats game. Yeah, I have a lot of family lives in Cincinnati's on there more often than I should be. They know me at bogarts and riverbend right. So, speaking of music, let's get dark. What Song you want to played at your funeral? Oh, I've never really thought of that. Right, yeah, that's I'm opening. I'm opening Pandora's box here. Let's I don't even know. Like I feel like I just don't have a good answer for that. Actually Scroll through my discography. What's like? So what's one of your gotwo songs? You're having like a bad day. Oh, hold on, my good Charlotte. That's probably nice. Yeah, that Song has stuck with me since I was in like probably Middle School, I think. Yeah, because I kind of grew up with like a rough childhood and like also into adulthood too. It's been cut a rough but it was just like, you know, even though it's like a song about suicide, it's just like it does get better, you know. You know, it's everything is temporary for the most part. So it's like, you know, you kind of just have to wait for the next best thing to talk about a band that shape my adolescent yeah, Holy Shit, and it's a oddly enough, I'm looking at my itunes right now. I have no good Charlotte in here. I had every of that old school. I had every album of theirs up until they they sold out hard mm. But the last one I remember getting was chronicles of life and death. Yeah, I was a good one. That was the one that went like full Tim Burton. Let's see here. I'm before do some of these courts, I can get, you can hear my dog barking. It's fucking little gapper. I love it to death, but it's great. Is like from a distance, like these cards is just looks like Poo Deck Ha. What's your favorite gadget? Probably my phone, and I mean I just I'm a tech person in general. Well, like I also love my Garmon watch just because, yeah, the fitness tracking and like the notifications and like I'm always like an advocate, even though I have an iphone, like why don't you have an apple watch my because this does like so much more for my fitness, because I want to afford to eat. That's why it's way cheaper and also last for like a week instead of right hours. I love my I phone, but I had an apple watched briefly and not a fan. Yeah, I just like, I don't know, I just like to be able to like not be so still involved with my phone, even though it's not on me. Like also get this smart notifications and stuff, but I'm like, I don't want this to do all the things my phone can, and also I mostly just use it for activity tracking and write, you know, tricking my runs and stuff. I'm on my sister got. They got they both got fit like the new smart fitbits. Yeah, your phone in. Yeah, they'll show you when you got a text message, but they're mostly just there to track their steps and stuff. Actually, almost like we were for Christmas. I was like I like one of those say if I've really thick wrists. Yeah, and so it's hard for me just to wear a regular watch. Yeah, they I mean they do have like bands that you can get different sizes. So, yeah, it's hard for there. Let's let's let's end on a really positive one here. What would you consider your greatest achievement so far? Um, I think probably like my instant means, honestly,...

...just because like I've grown like this huge community from like basically nothing, and it like hasn't cost anything like besides a couple of them. It's like, Oh, yeah, you pay for admission for the museum or whatever, but like it's just been like probably the best thing that's happened to me in a while as far as like a community thing goes. Like these people are my family now. So like I've built like this. It's like small empire photographers and models and like we all just like bounce off of each other. So it's like, Hey, I have this job like to you know, I need somebody to pass it to, a referral or, you know, just being able to like help and uplift each other, especially like through a lot of like the facebook groups and stuff too, and it's has been like a lot of fun. Like we just do it just because we want to. It's not like we're getting paid or likens any money going around, but it's just a lot of fun. That's awesome. Yeah, one of these days many to go to one of those things. I don't know what I'm gonna do there. Why show up? Take Pictures? Yeah, whatever. I haven't touched my cannon and so freaking long, and that's was great too. Is Like we get levels of all different like walks of life and stages in their career or like just their hobby. Like people come with their cell phones and two pictures and they come with like their entry level DSLR. Some people come with like their full professional gear, like you know they're and they're all like bouncing tips and tricks and stuff off each other too, so it's like a learning experience for everyone. I'm just picturing me going there. would be me with my freaking iphone. And then, and then the folks from creative cop next to me with their thousand dollar gimbals and giant lights. I love it. They're hure. I love them as I love those guys. Love those guys so much. Great. The Travis is wedding the other day. Yeah, so jealous. I was like bummed I couldn't go. I was like, Travis, war's my but he's like no, it's very intimate. I think. Where's my by? I even given him Shiit. For the longest time I was like, Dude, I I'm licensed, I'll marry you, and Christina like, let's do it in the newsroom. Will Stream, we'll stream it online. Will just knock it out, I guarantee everybody. I'm a case. He was like Hell Yeah, Christina was like now, now they've been engaged for ever. Yeah, no, I thought they were married for the longest time, which is like they've got the cat the house right. It was like, Oh, you guys are very right. They're like now we're not. Okay. They try and then finally one day work he's like Hey, man, you're you free to Sundays from now? I'm like yeah, why, we're just gonna get it over with. All right, that's fine, easy enough. We're in it out in fifteen minutes at the reception at Maryon's pizza and, which was my first time having marrying's, I know a huge piece of connoisseurs. I'm like, yeah, Maryon's, Oh yeah, Joe's PIZZAIA, like all the local places. I still want to try godfathers. It's good. I feel like deep dish. I do. I just tried I'm I was in Chicago earlier this year with with Shane kind and we tried Giordano's. Yeah, first time and it's pretty good. I I had been done to the one to beaver Greek. This really is bad. It wasn't okay. So when I went, like it took forever just to get like our appetizer. I mean they made it, just been busy or whatever. I'M NOT gonna like shit talking business, but you have the pizza and it wasn't even like cooked all the way through, like oh no, and it was yeah, we when are you sure for this piece? Are you sure that wasn't just like the the eight tons of cheese they put in the middle or Cook all the way evenly? That's all I know, and it took like thirty minutes just for appetizer to come screening. By time we're doing with this, our pizza is gonna be ready. Yeah, I'm all that pizza. Yeah, no, I love pizza. It's that. That's like my biggest Gu see pushers pizza. I'm like, I made a non break each of the other day. I'll, dude, I love that. Fantastic. Yeah, I'll. Yeah, that's like my that's how I love to make pizzas at home. Like I'll just do like either bagels...

...or I'll do non bread and just like stick it in the oven, like throw all my stuff on like getting go. Well, we've always got tons of like torquillas and stuff sitting upstairs. So, yeah, I done that. There's a place that just opened downtown called Gianninos. Oh, yeah, on thirds. They're all over O high. Yeah, I was like, I know, there are other locations. Yeah, they're Cleveland or Tweeto based their clete, their northeast base. I used to go to all time about because a group in nor can. So yeah, they're all time. They just open one in Dayton. Yeah, Oh, so good. Okay, they're kind of like Marco. They like mark. They're like Marcos in the sense that their toppings are huge. Yeah, like when you get chicken, it's not like a little piece of shredded chicken, it's like no, it's a half of a chicken. Roos have a chicken. They're chicken and spinish pizzas. Fantastic. But yeah, go to Geneinas. For sure they don't deliver. That's all good. Hi Gentis, thank you so much for coming on the show today. Absolutely for sure. Where can the people find you online? What do you have going on coming up soon? It's kind of slow for me now, so you know I have no one really had a lot going on right now. So, Hey, what's the book stuff? Right? So I'm on facebook. It's hijack productions, Ati JAC K ed productions. That's my facebook page, and then I'm also on instagram. Hi, dot jacked. That's pretty much it. I don't have like a website. It's run on like superficial but get on for me on squear space. Kinda all right. It's free to like me. Hey, go takes two seconds to click like folks, great, and it takes two seconds to rate and support and review the show on itunes. Students just go ahead and do that, guys. That's going to do it for our show this week. Big thanks to HII genters again for coming on the show. If you want to check out more with going on with me, check me out on my website, Mike Shay comedycom. Follow me on twitter instagram at Mike Shay comedy. Support the show of Patreon. PATREONCOM slash basement launch pot dollar month. Get the show day early and commercial free, and the Basement Lounge website is currently in production. We just posted about that on instagram. To on Wednesday, which is when we're recording this, but whatever, it's a release on Friday. You know how it works. And until next time, guys, we will see you on the Basement Lounge podcast fee check out o the other shows we have going on here. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, FAKE CARE.

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