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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 16 · 3 years ago

"Crickets On Your D**k" with Hailey Rose - EP #16


Former YouTube ASMRtist Hailey Rose is our guest this week, and her story is one for the ages. Marriage & immigration, auctioning off her YouTube channel, and battling mental throws a lot of curve balls at us, and her's are no joke.

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Good evening, good morning, good afternoon, whatever time of day it is you're listening, welcome to the Basement Lounge. This is the cool, relaxed space. We talked to rising stars, former stars, actors, Comedians, musicians, podcasters, former youtube personalities, whatever the case may be, and today we have got we've got someone I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined I'd a had on my stupid little podcast in my mother's basement. But this is somebody who I have slowly, quickly, depending on how you want to look at it, become friends with over the course of this year. She is a former Youtube personality and she is currently residing in Calie for and I a ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the show, Hayley rose. No, I'm just kidding. I had to support my own. I'm saying. I've got that one guy in the audience. It's like comes to all my shows and does the ostrich laugh, like the Huhuh gonna got but yeah, I pay him pretty well so he shows up. Thank you for that introduction. I appreciate it. I'm actually really happy to be on your show because, you know, like I said, or rather like you said, you know, we've had a lot of we've had a lot of time to have like a pretty good, a pretty solid friendship for him, and I like to think that, you know, I'm lucky to be on a show like this. So thank you for inviting me. I appreciate I was can like hey, can na be kind to Hu. Really like it. But yeah, thanks for indulging me. So I've been wanting to have you on, mostly just for selfish reasons, and and then you when you when you asked, I was like, yeah, I'd love to have you on. I just I hate being that guy who's like full, listen, Um, you like to walk, come on my podcast, and it just it just sounds lame, right. Yeah, totally, totally so. Yeah. So what's been in the news lately? Would we got tough crowd to crown? Well, let's let's let's talk about let's talk about you. Let's get to know you a little bit, a little bit of backstory. For those who might not be that exciting, let me. I know, I know who might not be familiar with who you are. We mentioned a top of the show you were former Youtube personality for a number of years. You were one of the I mean, I guess one of the original, like bigger names in the the asmr video. I guess. Yeah, the community, it's a little toxic. The called community was yeah, I was in og asmr artist person like. They used to kind of refer to themselves as yeah, but and actually it's funny that you say it's toxic, that we call it a community, because when I actually started out it wasn't toxic, it was very appropriate. And that was before,... know, community meant everybody who shares this one arbitrary thing. Yeah, because that's not a commute, like like, technically, are you and I like part of the human community? Like I don't know so well. So it's you know exactly, but it's like it was a community very much. It was like, I mean when I when I got there, there was maybe like fifty to seventy people and of that there was like a solid like twenty five of us that were really involved and we were all friends and we did all hang out just to talk to each other because there were so few of us. I mean we could fit on like a Google hang out, you know what I mean? Like, I mean it was crazy like and you know now it's like I just went to visit my inlaws in the UK back in I think it was April, and I was on the plane and I was going through the little genres on the backs of the person's seat in front of me and there was the jount. I was a genre for Asmr what on the plane. Yes, it was like you can listen to that to go to sleep and relax. There was an asmar genre on the planet and I'm sitting there looking at it like the world will never know. You know, it's true, the world will never know it was say, it was such a small you know, and I was on both sides of the coin. I very briefly had some kind of a smart content on my own, but mostly just used it because I'm an INSOMNIAC and needed to sleep at night. But it was right. It was you're like you said it was like twenty. It was like maybe two thousand and twenty five like regular contributors who were kind of like, I guess, the for lack of a better term, the big names in that well, the only name. Yeah, really, and you know what, when I say, when I say twenty five people were really active, and then like fifty people, I'm not even talking about people who were doing videos, I'm talking about people who made or watched videos at all. Talking like we like like the people that we interacted with a lot of the time, like they didn't make videos at all, they were just people that we were friends with and it was just so and I remember trying to describe it to my class in college, my digital media class, because I wanted to make a video around that, and you know, I did my best just say, well, it's like this tingling feeling and you know, it's like it goes around like your body and it kind you know, you hear certain noises that are very mundane and it gives you of this tingling, relaxed feeling. You know. Teacher herself actually it was like, you know, sounds like some weird sex thing, and like everybody started laugh thing and I was just like, I don't know, it's okay, I don't know what to tell you. It didn't help that she and I were the only females in the entire entire class, but but yeah, I know. So I was like thanks, thanks. Guy. Yeah, I had the same problem trying to explain that my roommate the time. It was like it was of these things you're trying to go to sleep. What are they? And I told him he's kind of like so, I'm it just sounds like you're trying to get horny before you go to bed. It's like that's, you know, it's whatever. I mean. That's not, you know what that's that's not untrue for some. Yeah, I mean, I got that apple, but this not. That's not who the videos are actually intended for. So I don't, you know, I guess there's people who do that with everything, you know. Oh Yeah, I've heard some. I've been hearing some increasingly. Like I'm not a prude or anything, you know, like I'm pretty open minded. In fact, if I hear about somebody's, you know, thing that I don't understand, I actually like to look into it and be like, okay, well, what is the the reasoning behind this, even if it's weird, but even I am hearing things these days that I'm just like what what the Sonny? No, like go go outside, what are you doing? Like go, go, go, take a shower, do something, go have a hobby, because this is just so freaking weird. Like just things that I'm hearing that are getting weirder and weirder and sentences that you would never ever think everything that you would hear like as a person in reality in two thousand and nineteen. Seriously, like I mean like there was this, there was I mean, I don't know, I don't want to get like a weird on your show. Or anything, but like, Oh, we're past that point, it's fine, okay, yeah, just Ma Guess. Well, we are past that one night when I came on. So but no, Um, the the other day I saw this thing and I don't even know it was. It was a video about eating bugs, you know, like, you know, maybe to help with climate change, you know, we're all going to have to start eating bugs and blah, blah, Blah Blah and whatever. But then, but then somebody who was kind of taking the piss out of that also included a video after that of people who took that to a whole new level. And it was one of those you know, like how vice makes those documentaries, like where they try to get people to take really stupid, terrible, awful subjects seriously and with compassion or whatever, and you're like vice, what are you doing? Yeah, it was one of these and like it just it just started out with the sentence that set up the whole video and it was like I just feel I just feel an immense amount of pleasure when I feel the earthworms crawling around my penis, and I'm just like,...

...and there's the video, this is what we're doing now. I'm like okay, great, like and it's just guy, just like and there was this music, like he was being one with nature. I'm like, Dude, you're putting crickets on your Dick, like what are you doing? Like this is not you being Guya here, like this is you, this is you being peeked a Bach Sree, like I don't know what to tell how do you explain that to kids? Well, sweetheart, sometimes when a mommy and, you know, a slug love each other very much, like, how do you approach that? Like on your Dick? That is the name. Seriously, so seriously, yeah, I mean you can't. It was. It was, it was the grossest thing and and just just just the just the Horse, just the horse crap that's just going on is getting weirder and weirder and I don't know if it's just me getting older or if it's me, or if it really is I have I have no idea, but it's it's a little bit insane just here stuff like that. I can appreciate that. There are days where I want I have to ask myself, am I am I really just that out of touch with with the world now, and honestly, I think the answers. Probably is, but you have to answer a follow up question when you hear stuff like that. Do I want to be in touch with the world these that's fair. I don't. I don't know if I do. If if you're sitting here, you know, having snail sex, I don't know if I want to be a part of that. I mean, like I you go in your backyard and have fun. I don't. I don't think I want to be in on that. I'm not one the king. Shame somebody, but you know, no, sooner or later you go so long without getting lady, got to think to yourself. You know what, give a shot. I know about there's going to be somebody listening to this going like, Holy Shit, I got to try that one. Why did I not think of that? Wow, got to make a note to serious make a reminder. Hey, Alexa, order snails. Why do you want me to order snails? It's not your business. I can you imagine if Alexa, like would ask questions about the things you were ordering when you were ordering? Alexis AI has now gotten so, so sophisticated that she's able to judge your decisions. And now and suddenly, the sales have plummeted and amazons now out of business. That's like that. That mean my saw, like some day, you know, Ai sex robots are going to get so advanced that they're going to be able to friend zone you. So I m no, I'm a I have a boyfriend already. You, like, I literally paid seventy grand for you to not have a boye. But with like, with like the Alexa thing, like I always like, because I'm personally not very comfortable with having yet another device in my house that is actively listening to everything that I say and doing God knows what with it. I don't know, that just makes me uncomfortable. Some people is fine with it. I'm not one of those people. But, like, you know, like I always thought maybe it might be worth getting an Alexa if I could change her name to whatever I wanted and get her to recognize my voice in any manner that I speak it, because, you know, you could call her anything you want, but mainly I just would want her to recognize my voice in whatever manner, so I could just be sitting there and also be like Lesa, change my station on my TV, feel like color and be like bitch, or my food is like order the food. It is like just really be able to, like be abusive with her and that it might be worth it. You know, you know what I think? to get on this. Have a have a universal recognition. Things like LESA, get in here, I'm already in here. Good, just yell, Alexa. How can I help you? Nothing, I just want to yell at you. Why are you yelling at me? Have I done something wrong? Yeah, they need to have it, with the ability to judge and also have feelings so that you can learn. And then, after so many successful orders, it's like, are you proud of me now, daddy's exactly. It's me, like I like be talking to your phone and be like, I thought what we had was special. Didn't but out a movie about that or something with Adam divine. Were like his phone is obsessed with him or something. They did? I think. No, I think it was. There was also, there may have been one, but there was one with Joaquin Phoenix a few years ago. Oh, walking Phoenix, I'm down. Yeah, it had her and yeah, and of course I mean because it had walquing Phoenix and it was incredible. But like right. I I am such a wet blanket when it comes to watching movies or like watching TV...

...shows, or even reading like books or fan fiction. I'm just that person that's always like problem, why is this working? The Way to end this, like my husband has to finally turn to me and be like do we even a pause the movie while you have a discussion about this, because you're one of them. I don't have an answer for you. And it's so funny because it's like, out of all the things that I could have a problem with, it's always something really dumb, like, you know, the idea that we have an ai that people want to have relationships with like that doesn't. That doesn't come into play. But like in that movie I'm like Um, so, are we not gonna address the fact that you know she's you know that she's not able to be plugged in or whatever? Are just like some stupid crap like that, you know, and it just goes like it's like why? Why would she suddenly know her why would she suddenly have an idea of what name she wanted? Like they just turned her on. Why does she have a problem with Samantha? Like, you know, it's kind of things and it's just like wait, why, why is he trying to date her anyway, like in the first place, like in all these I don't know, it just seems like I'm always such a huge wet blanket about stuff. I got a buddy like that who he finds the wee like. Okay, so we were watching the first transformers movie and yeah, and at the end of it he goes it was so stupid. You mean to tell me that throughout that whole movie those glasses didn't break ones? That's so unrealistic. I'm gets a movie about transforming alien robots. That's the part you had a problem with. That wasn't realistic enough for you exactly know like that. Well, that was one of the other ones, like when I was watching the Hobbit, like, first of all, the fact that Peter Jackson stretched what was like a hundred and ten page book across, you know, three three hour movies, was a whole other conversation. But like it was the point when they were on like these shields, like kind of surfing, like bodysurfing on molten gold. MMM, and I'm like no, no, that wouldn't happen. That's not how physics and firework. That's not how heat goes, and they're like they're being chased by a dragon. They are there dwarves being chased through the mountains by a dragon and you have an issue with the heat prospects of the Molten Gold that they're surfing on. And Yeah, yeah, that's that's my shoe. I had another one. I always thought when I was a kid, I because, you know, I was obsessedive. I was obsessed with Harry Potter Fan Right, yes, and I read the book so many times that like the spines came apart on a few of them. Yeah, you know, unlike some I'm like, there's a chunk missing. It was because I lost the chunk. But I always thought, you know, why do we never hear anybody having to go to the bathroom? I wanted to hire things. I'm like, why is it? And it's totally it's like, oh, because we don't want to describe children going to the toils, like it's not a big thing. Just be like sorry, Harry, I've I've got to go to the loo right before shown got to go take a bit of Shit by like and just late. Like it's not it's totally something a guy would say done of the guy and you even have to be like just be like, oh sorry, I was late, I really I couldn't wait. I had to go to the bathroom. I had to take a pat like I had to bee. I'm sorry, like Blah, blah, blah, are like Hermione was dancing and had to go really abruptly. Harry could only imagine why. Like it doesn't even have to be direct, you know, but like and then somebody was like trying to be all nerdy, you know, potter moorecom and be like Oh well, because I believe jk Rowling said something about them just being able to magically whisk the the you know, feces out of their bums and Dolven you water. I'm like, first of all, that's a cop out rus second. Second, they have toilets that they have reference over half of their books, most of them not working, probably because somebody blew them up so bad that they had to be repaired. He's like, well, you know that. You know not everybody in there was with I'm like, so you're telling me that the only reason that they had bathrooms, multiple bathrooms, on every floor of that giant castle, was just in case filch or haggard was caught unaware. Like is that like the only two that didn't have the ability to like, you know, poop is disappear? As those people had to have access, like there was some kind of like hippler or some kind of like, you know, disabilities acts in the castle, so that they had to be covered for that, like, I don't, I don't know. I I don't know. I am we all know that haggard wouldn't be able to use the many way, I mean the marry shits in the Lord All. He exactly. He has a cabin like I've you know, and he could run to it and about five seconds because he's got these massive legs. You know, I'd be like go to go, very sorry, like boom, boom, boom, he's in the bathroom. He's fine, you don't have to deal with it. So you were an asmart person on you. So, yeah, I didn't, and that was fun. Oh God, actually there was.

I there was recently a you know, not that I expect you to be following every single one of my stories, but being my friend, I expect you to know do no even I have these long obnoxious rants on my on my stories so sometimes people like and follow. I'm tired of that. But there was there was a drama recently for me and there was this new channel. Okay, so people I was out with my channel. I was going to ask about this. So I want, I wanted to get into this because I know it's been kind of a it's been a thing. It's been a thing. Yeah, yeah, it has been a thing. Okay, so, like you said, I used to be an Asmar artist, but it wasn't like I was just doing it for a year. I did that channel, I built that Chane Anal for the majority of you know, the last decade, and you know I'm not not to, not to take everything down to a serious level, you know, but that's that's your favorite level for the show. That's that's that's that's the basically, basically. Yeah, so, I mean it was, it was my baby from the past like eight years or so. It you know, I started this. I didn't start it, but I was a at the beginning point of this ended up being this explosive niche that, you know, was on Youtube and radio and spotify and has now even ended up with celebrities doing it and on, you know, airplanes and in books, in boarders or you know whatever, Barnes and noble borders and around for forever anyway. But you know, and so it became this big thing and I had the most amazing experience personally, you know, meeting everyone I met. I got letters, and not letters letters, but like I got messages from people who said it helped them so much, like multiple times a week, and I mean that was honestly, that was just the coolest thing that like I got so many people saying help them that I got to have the freedom that it gave me to do it. I didn't make very much money, but I had enough that I could be kind of a freewheeling person and and really take my time with the videos and yeah, and so it is amazing. But then, you know, life stuff happened and you know, I and I I met my husband and I got this going to take several kind of little like you know side roads, to kind of for the forlorn, but basically not to take everyone on the en root sixty six instead of the direct freeway. I I met my husband's in two thousand and sixteen and he was actually five thousand miles away in a different country, and so, you know, we had our longdistance relationship the best that we could, but, you know, we wanted to be together and so we're like hey, you know, we've been you know, hey, there, I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my numbers. So let's immigrate me and you can marry me anyway, but like, but, yeah, I know. So that's basically what happened. Is, you know, I was like, okay, so we have to get married so that we can be in the same country together, which is important if you want to be together. And so that's what we did. But the government doesn't really when whenever you, you know, actually go through the legal process and immigrate, the government expects you for most things, unless you know actually any reason that you have, unless you're like actually seeking political asylum or something, which is a whole other thing that not very many people qualify for a countrary to popular belief, by the way. But you know, unless you're doing that, you have to be sponsored in some way, shape or form. If you're if you're going to school, you're sponsored by the school, if you're going for a job, you're sponsored by the employer, if you're going for a family, you are sponsored by that family member or that person that's bringing you over. So the so the immigration. So basically, US immigration needed to see that, a, I was making the minimum required amount of money in order to sponsor someone to come here and be that I had steady employment. And neither of those things are said when I say, you know, yeah, I run a youtube channel. That's just not yeah, that's they don't like that. It's not enough and it's not good enough and it's not stable enough. So they needed to see some real employment. So unfortunately, I had to, you know, dial that back. And then that was when I was absent for a long time because I was trying to do that and, you know, just I can't exactly tell you why, but for some reason, and you know, processing immigration, flying back and forth and getting married in ninety days is just it got me...

...a little stressed out. I don't know why. Maybe, yeah, maybe, maybe I just am not, you know, maybe a stronger person, but you know, no. So, you know, it was really stressful and I had a lot of mental health issues that came out of that. But you know, it's another depressing story for a different time anyway. So, but yeah, so I had to not do that for a while because I was incredibly busy and not very well mentally and I was trying to maybe start something for mental wellness, but I didn't have an I couldn't continue this idea that I wanted to do to help people on strictly a mental kind of health well being kind of basis because I didn't have enough of it myself at the time, and I knew that at the time, but I was still trying to do something anyway. And I'm like, this isn't fair for these people, necessarily because I can't. A blind person can't leave the blind you know what I mean. Like I needed to get myself in order and and that took about a year and a half and I'm still not in order, but at least I can, you know, I can pretend to be you know, when the boss comes around, I can send I can sit up and start like typing when the boss comes in instead of just sitting there, which, by the way, finding a job after immigration stuff was was processed became a little hard because of that mental breakdown, because apparently nobody wants to pay you to spend an hour and a half a day crying in the bathroom. I don't know why. I don't know why, but they're not into that. I'm like, that should be in my benefits package. A millennial, I need that to be in my benefits package. So you know, and so so, yeah, and but it got, it got really tough. And on that note, because it was tough for me to keep a job because of all of that that was going on and I was kind of bouncing around until I couldn't bounce around anymore. I was really lucky that that my husband was given permission to work at that point, because if he had an eye, honestly, I don't know what we would have done. I mean, I wouldn't have had anything, because I you know, I was at a point where sometimes I couldn't get out of bed at all and people are like, Oh, you can't get out of bed because you don't want to get out of bed. It's like no, when when I say you can't get out of bed, I mean literally you're sitting there going three, two, one, go and then nothing happens. Now, okay, okay, this fine, stopping a drama queen. Let's go now. And like it just it keeps not happy, like it literally is not happening. And you're like stopping a drama queen. Get up, get out, and you're just not you know. But so so getting having a job for me was really tough and I was looking for things, work from home, I was looking for all these kinds of things and my skills were kind of running low anyway, because they were skills that were catered to a job that it has a lot of unspoken applications. But it's not like, you know, you can really put those down. For a lot of other jobs. People like, oh well, you know, you ran a youtube channel, you know about social media, not the way somebody who's got a four year degree in social media knows about social media, right. You know. It's like, oh well, you can do marketing because you grew your own brand, not the way somebody with a master's in marketing can. And you know, like even small employers are like must have a master's degree, and it's like you have to see, ow, do you have a master's degree? He's like no, yeah, and you're like okay, I see. All right, well, that's fine. I guess those who can't hire, you know, and so, but yeah, and so it's like I couldn't really compete with these people who had been involved in it more recently while I was doing youtube channel. So I really I kind of backed into a corner. And while that was happening, you know, basically I was living life on my credit card, because it's like, you know, my husband would have two pennies left over and all of a sudden be like, oh, by the way, the light bills two pennies more than we thought. You know, it's like oh well, okay, fine, you know, and I am so grateful to him because he's been doing this and keeping us a float every day for almost a year now and doing it with a smile on his face, you know. So it's like I you know, you can't ask for much more than that from from a partner. But like I a few months ago, a few months back, I you know, somebody was somebody was like you know what again, someone I met through at my Asmar Channel who came over. She's a very sweet lady. She's in Pennsylvania, but she came over and I was kind of giving her a tour of southern California, like the city's near me, because, you know, there's some stunning things to see in less and southern Orange County, basically, like it's absolutely gorgeous. But you know, and she's like wow, you know, you're really enthusiastic, you know a lot about the airs, because you should be a real estate I'm like, Oh, okay, oh, I had really thought about that. And so so I got into real estate. I I you know,...

I did the studies, I took these Yam and I got with a brokerage and I'm doing real estate now. But the thing is a real estate doesn't come with a with a steady paycheck, and I've made absolutely zero dollars and zero since now because I've just gotten started and this is all happened in the last few months and you know, before I'd actually even gotten signed into a brokerage or anything. I mean I was at a point where, because every month Dan, you know, my husband's paycheck would get smaller and smaller and smaller. Not Not like smaller, but I mean it would cover a little bit less and a little bit less and a little bit less because, you know, are you know, our bills would kind of shift and mount a little bit and it got to a point where I had to contribute what I could or we weren't going to have our bills paid. So I was like, okay, long story short, I was faced with having to give up my channel and turn it over for an auction, you know, and so I was like so, like they they literally just like auction off ownership of the channel. It's not they didn't really explain it to me. They said, basically, you can auction you know, your stats out, you know, to somebody else, and I didn't like doing that. I think it's cheating. I think it's like kind of a hooky and, you know, so they were now whatever way to do that. They retain like the views and subscribers and all that stuff. They yeah, they retained. They retain the the the visibility of the channel, basically, and I don't like that. I don't like having to do that. And if I had not reached a total rock bottom with that, I wouldn't have the good news was I really didn't feel like the majority of my subscribers were actually watching my stuff anyway. So, like, so I was like, okay, have it, and they're well, I'm really happy, but like, I mean, and that was the thing, like I remembered deleting my videos and it was like it was like killing my children it, really it was. I was crying the whole time. I was contacting my old friends from the beginning of the channel and like people hadn't even talked to in like months or a couple years or whatever, and just talking to them and like crying and all this other stuff and like that. I had to do that, though, because that was the only thing of value that I have, like besides my wedding ring, you know, like I don't really have anything anybody would pay for at this point. You know, my iphone, like an iphone, you know six. Nobody even wants that. Yeah, but I mean I you know, and so I had to do that and and, you know, but I wasn't told anything about who was gonna end up with it. But what I did was I did my best to describe the kind of channel it's supposed to be, like this is what it's being used for. So hope the person that that that took over like the whole thing would be something similar, and it turned out that they weren't, and they also like I and so I was like okay, that's great, and they put up their stuff and, you know, we were checking like to see how these you know, how how is my channel, like all this other stuff, like, you know, Blah, blah, and then and then all of a sudden my husband goes hey, you know, they made an explanation video because obviously they were not doing very good. And you know, I'm not responsible for the fact that you made the crappy decision to buy a channel whose viewers you haven't earned. Right, like I'm not responsible for the fact that that is bound to be a massive failure. That was your decision. I'm just trying to pay for my groceries, because I'm just trying. I'm picturing my own experience. Like imagine if I'm just scrolled through youtube and suddenly it's like check out the new video from who the fuck everts, like I didn't subscribe to these guys and I opened their video and I'm like, what's this garbage? I know well and I've seen that. Actually, that's happened with me, with with with channels that have changed over. I'm like, where did this come from? What the Hell? So, like I know, I know it from that side too, and like again, like, I mean, I really hate that it came to that and I you know, I didn't really have another, another choice with it. And so. But then all of a sudden, you know, my husband goes, hey, they made a video explaining what happened to you. I'm when you went, and I'm like what I was like? First of all, I've never even talked to these people. Right, at least I don't think so, unless, you know, maybe one of them was the one that sent me some confirmation about the exchange of the channel, but I hadn't actually talked to them or confirmed that it was them or known anything about them or what they were going to do or anything like that. And it's this video where they they try to explain this is who they are and what happened to me and why I did what I did, and it was so just gross what they did. It was just gross, like they started talking about, you know, oh well, you know, she just didn't have time for it anymore. You know, it's just a little time consuming. Didn't really want to do that. And you know, you know we you know she she was this, she was that, and you know, we're doing this now and you know, Blah, blah, Blah and all this stuff, and I just about spat... milk out. I mean I was I was like no, no, no, and it was so it was just it was so horrible and just watching them laugh and and and say things like yeah, we talked to her, we did this, we did that. I'm like, you didn't say anything to me and it was so great and I felt so bad. And so, you know, I realized that and I'm not I'm not going to I'm not going to out and out say but I realized that I was still, you know, connected, you know, with their with their channel in terms of my like luggins and things like that. And so now if you watch the video, and again, I'm not saying anything particular, but if you watch the video, the description is more accurate than the video. It says, Hey, guys, in this video we're making an attempt to explain anything about the previous owner, who we do not personally know and if not been in contact with in any way in the slightest. We're full of it, of course, and everything we're saying is just as sumptive and should be taken with a big grain of salt, which is engraved with everything we say is fatal, actually incorrect and also a lie. IDEA machine, everybody, idea machine. Like and subscribe, please, like us for the love of God, please like and subscribe. I don't know how that happened. No, glad that the truth is out there. Cool, no, and so, but you know, and it's just it's like that's that's I get the I get that what I did could be perceived, as, you know, like oh well, that was that was kind of a lower thing for you to do. And and I you know, I'm not disagreeing with you and like, I like if you think that, and I'm you know, like I said, had I not had no other option, that would that was. That was, you know, that would have been it. I exactly, exactly. I did not want to let go of it. And also too. I mean people are like, Oh, why didn't you just re upload your videos somewhere else? I I may very well just have kind of a private channel where I do that. But the other thing about it was I I am starting a new career where I'm supposed to be this entirely different person and it's something where people would be googling me probably a lot to see what came up, and I needed current things to come up, as opposed to unexplained Asmar videos where I'm like cleaning your ears or something, you know, to somebody who wants to buy a two million dollar home from me, like it's just like I really couldn't have that be there anyway. So you know, and that was that was that was hard. But that's the long and the short of that, basically. And so I if anyone who is someone that watch, that watched my videos, listen to this, first I want to say thank you so much and it really meant means a lot that, you know, you guys watched my videos and SEC and I'm sorry that this had to play out this way. It's not something I wanted to do to you guys. And third, fuck idea machine. I'm sorry about that. I didn't know that these two ugly dudes with zero charisma we're going to come in and start spouting their halfbake stoner ideas as teg. Fuck idea machine. Yeah, look, an idea machine, exactly, exactly. So that's basically the long and the short of VATS. Hey, everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people who support this show every month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin Jody McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shay, who every single month help support this show. And if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and join the one dollar tier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name listed in the description, you get early access to all these shows commercial free through our patreon urss feed, and so many other cool rewards. Once again, go to Patreoncom Basement Lounge pod, join the onesollar tier and he'll support the show. Speaking of the show, let's get back to them and an immigration still not done. Still have more next years, so that'll be fun. Really not even over. They'll going through that.

After all, this immigration is a lot. Yeah, immigration is a long process. He has his initial green card, but he's not going to it's a temporary when. He's not going to get the permanent one until we can prove to that that we have been in a legitimate marriage for two years. And I'm just like what should we just show up in their position and start, or show up in their off as a start, you know, explaining our favorite positions or something like what? You know, he's a real van of this one. She has a freckle on her right butt cheek, like, you know, like, I mean, like what are we supposed to say, you know, like, but no, there's a lot of the different things to prove, like and it's it's this long drawn out thing and it's just they're they're very scrutinizing of people, you know, and it's a lot of a lot of folks think it's just you get married and then that's it's done and over with. They do. It's not. I lived with a couple after college. Who She was? She was from Canada, and you'd Think, oh well, if any country is easy to immigrate from, it's got to be Canada. And you know, I mean the whole time they were together, the process, it was an ongoing process. She was constantly having to go to meetings and pay for paperwork and Yada, Yada, Yada, and these dissertations written about the validity of their love. Yeah, I think when it was all said and over with, it was like a seven year process. Yeah, it is, especially to citizenship, it's like five to ten years, and it isn't. It's stressful too, because it's like, you know, they don't want, you know, and they look at every little trace of everything that you're doing and you know, it's just and that's the thing that kind of pisses me off because, like you said, yeah, they think that it's this. You know, I do, I do. Oh, great, you're a citizen, well done. It's like nothing works like that, not especially in the government. That's like saying, you know, you get in the car, Oh, you pass your driver's test, Oh, here's your license and everything like that, and run. What's like no, you know, or even worse, it's like I bought a car, great, here's your license, like it doesn't work like that. Yeah, times that by like a thousand, you know, like and yeah, it's a government, government policy, like the process you have to go through just to like registered to vote, for crying out loud, I know, and and becoming an actual citizen, like there's no way. Just, okay, cool, you're married, all right, cool, here's here's a citizen. Nothing sact. They've vet for so many things. And also it's like at the end, here's how bad it was, right, because you hear when women get married and they change their name, they always bitch about like, oh my God, it was so much paperwork and it's like I was like, Oh, great, more paperwork. But then after I change my name, I went in, I did the paperwork right there at the at the at the you know, Kiosk, at the front thing, and I was done and they're like. I was like, oh, that's it, there's no other paperwork. I designed like three things like and that's it. That's it, and I'm like, I've been yeah, I was like, I've been working for almost a year on paperwork for this Freakin immigration thing, and it was just I was like, oh well, that was the easiest thing I've ever done in my life. But save that and they bet you for so many things, like if you they want to make sure that, they make you get a medical exam, both on the one side of the border and on the other side. So on our side and on their side, they make you. You know, they do all of your criminal background check. Obviously they make sure that you are in a mental state that is healthy enough to come over here, like they give you like psych evaluation, to give you medical evaluations they can get, make you do a background check, they make sure you've had all your shots, like an up to date puppy, you know, like and they they, you know, they give you a physical and I was make I was teasing my husband so much. I'm all like they're going to make sure you're a dude because you delve a blow. They like make you drop trial, like lies, like shut up, and then, like, you know, you came out in them all, like so, did they? They do that? He's like yeah, and if she you know, I wasn't a big deal, though. Was Fine to love Litm like Ah, but, like, you know, they you know, they vt for so many things and like they every little piece of paperwork. If you get one thing screwed up, like if you just take one box wrong or right one wrong thing, like, you can have the whole thing put on hold for months or deny it entirely and you have to appeal it and stuff. And so it's like it's really it's really bad. Now that being said, it's like if you a if you screw up on your paperwork right and it's just an honest mistake or an error and you peel it the first time the when you appeal it, that you should be good, you know, as long as you're proactive about it. But it's like if you have a loved one who wants to bring somebody over from another country and they've been denied like twice, three times, four times, I had it an't because they're making errors on their applications.

At this point, there's something really, really wrong and you need to not touch that person again, like you need to run away by a first while on this guy. Yeah, exactly. Well, it's like, you know, you hear like, Oh, it turns out he's already married to three other people, or Oh, actually, he's part of a drug trafficking ring, or Oh, actually, you know, he has a gambling problem and is seven hundredzero euros in debt or whatever, like the these are these are these are things, you know, like yeah, and so it's kind of scary, but I mean, you know, they're vetting for good things. They're making sure you're not a criminal, they're making sure that you're not, you know, psychopathically mentally ill. They're making sure that you're not so medically ill that you're automatically going to require huge amounts of medical service. Right, you know, which it sounds really bad and mean, but like, you know, there are people who you know, like that's a really expensive undertaking. And so if you constantly letting in people who have these massive issues that require millions and millions of dollars of medical care, like maybe we can't do that as much as we like to. Yeah, you know, like and so it's it's like, you know, that's that's that. And and, by the way, I mean like there is mental illness and severe physical handicaps in my family. So I'm not, you know, I'm not without sympathy for people that are like that, you know, but you know, so and and and they they make sure that you have a reason for being here, which is interesting, you know, so you're not just coming here and loitering and a kind of chilling out, like you know, you have a legitimate reason to be here. And and you know, everything's on the up and up for that. So, but it's government runs. So it's really slogging and slow and it kind of it kind of annoys me, though, because, like you said, the thing with Canada, you know, like everyone goes, Oh, you think it's going to be really easy to to immigrate from Canada, and that kind of like I got that a lot too, because it was like people would try to talk to me about immigration and stuff like that on any kind of topic and they'd say something and I say, well, know, that's not true or oh it doesn't work like that, and they go, well, how do you know? And I'd be like well, you know, my husband's an immigrant, and suddenly their face would change like Oh, yeah, I see, you know, like Oh, well, he's of a certain status, so was a and that. But then they kind of look at me. They're like, well, what countries you from? And I'm all like, Oh, you know, he's from the UK. Oh well, so he doesn't really he doesn't really know what it's like. He's not really had all my giving every and I'm all like no, no, no, no, no, no, like I was like there was nowhere, nowhere on his paperwork. was he asked, you know, like you know if he'd like to take advantage of this, you know, privileged country or privilege race status or something. Oh, you could an express visa because your this that I d have it. Like that's does isn't work. Everybody gets the same pack packet, the same paperwork, has to do the same steps, pay the same amount of money, like and you know, people are like, well, some countries are faster to immigrate than others, it's true. But the reason is because, and it has nothing to do with our personal like relationship or whatever with them on a world stage or whatever. It's because there are certain countries where the statistics are very high in the favor of people coming there. You know, I legitimately like there's a lot like there's certain countries that there's a lot more kind of scam weddings or scam paperwork coming from, you know, than others that end up being illegitimate. And that's not to say everyone coming from those countries is like that, but it takes extra vetting so that they can really be sure to take a look and make sure that you're not there. But like as you do, like with anything, you know, like I might be a lot more, you know, open and honest with you than I am with some guy that I've never seen down the street. That's like, you know, waving a cat in the air. You know, like I have to just really take a minute and make sure that this guy is okay to be open with and if he is, then I'll be open with him, and that's fine right, you know, and it's, you know, people like, Oh, it's the Brown countries that they mean too know, it's not. It's like, you know, I think it's. I think it's like Thailand, Russia, I think Nigeria maybe, but don't quote me on that one, and like a couple others where there's just been high, you know, high and high amounts of, you know, unsavory kind of activity happening. But, you know, I can't. They can point at it and say, Hey, we've had this number of people come from this country and of those people, this number have caused a problem. Exactly. You know,...

...if it's if it's too high for their comfort, they've got it. You know, if I go to, you know, if there are ten McDonald's in my town and I go to all ten and of those ten eight give me food poisoning, I'm going to be a little more scrutinous when it comes to them, to the McDonald's that I go to exactly are exactly. I was like, if I have a chick fil a, a Burger King, a McDonald's and a chipotle to go. So all right. Well, now chipotle's been, I don't know, been giving people some kind of abola like feelings or whatever for a little while. Okay, so I'm not saying I'm not going to eat chipotle, but I am saying that I'm going to just make sure that when I do, it's going to be a healthy a healthy burrito bowl. You know what I'm saying. It's fine. I'm not banning Chipotle, I'm just maybe not the steak from yesterday. It's right, you know, which I'm a vegetarian, so it's weird to say that anyway, but exactly, maybe no stake period. But yeah, no, it's do you eat Tofu meas did your rich Tarry, to be eating Tofu? Oh Yeah, yeah, I will, I eat Tofu. Not. You know, I eat it because it's a really cheap, versatile, easy to use and nutrition facts friendly kind of thing to have, but I mainly use it because it can be a bunch of different things. You know, it can be it can be like a filet type texture. It can replace egg, it can turn into crumbles, like ground beef type crumbles, it can be just regular cubes and in a curry it can be it's like it can be a bunch of different things, which is kind of neat something that's cheap. It's cheap. I thought it's plenty for a block. I thought about doing the paesctarian thing, mostly just for health reasons, because my gielows meat and and I realize I did too, I realize really quickly. So beskeetarian just means vegetarian who occasionally has money for fish. So expensive. See you through stuff, expensive. All right, so it's a it's a vegetarian that is desperately clinging to the last little embers of the be eating lifestyle they once had. But yeah, and I love fish, actually I just but people always get pesketarian and vegetarian mixed up, you know, like Oh, so you're vegetarian also, do you eat fish? I said no, vegetation, vegetarian and basically said just think of it this way. I don't eat anything with a face. That's it. Everything else, you're golden. I'll eat everything else. And somewhere out there, somewhere out there, was a vegetable with with with what looks like a face on at that's thinking. Well, what about me? You know what? I will avoid it. I will allow it to live. I can make I will still eat chipotle, just maybe not that Burrito Ball. Right. I will still eat vegetables, but I will be discerning. Well, let's get you know, yeah, we'll just like if you eat if you eat me, you're not going to go eat your neighbor's dog. No, you know, I mean maybe it's the same kind of the same kind of thinking, although people do get a little uncomfortable when you talk about it that way. HMM. You're like and you like, you like so, but you wouldn't eat your dog. You like know my dog like Blah, Blah Blah. It's like, okay, but she'll eat the pig. Well, yeah, that's different. It's like, oh well, I don't see how it's different. Or they'll say, well, you know, I think it's okay to kill an Anne Nimle, you know when that animal is going to eat you or something, and I'm like, you know that if you drop dead right now, your dog would eat you right, I mean just out of stress, your dog would eat you. People have come in and seen someone that died and the dog had already eaten their face off within like an hour, or the cat, you know, and you're just like, oh, well, you know, some animals eat each other and blah, blah, blah. It's all that. Yeah, we'll still your dog still falls into that category. So you know, and it just funny. You know, you look at Your you look at your beloved pet after that and you're like you would need me right. Well, my dog would totally right. I love my dogs, but they're can't they destroy everything I own. I mean I can't see how many socks or shoes we've lost in this household to those two. I think. I feel like they stress, eat, I think is what it is. But also the little do a little one as a complex, so they do. I this are very human like with that. And actually I follow this youtube channel called Askham more Titian, because I'm really fascinated. I have a very big have a very big morbid fascination, and she was actually doing a video about that a little while she said she's talking about that. She's like, she looks down, she goes, you wouldn't eat mommy, would you? No, no, she's like actually, yes, yes, they absolutely would. And the funny thing is they found that dogs are more likely to eat their owner and do it faster, like more soon after the incident then a cat. But it was because the dog will eat, the dog will nip it.

You and stuff out of stress, out of trying to revive you out of, you know, just anxiety, and then, you know, they get that blood taste and they just keep going out of anxiety because they're trying to revive you and they're freaking out that you're dead, whereas the cat won't eat you until you are the last resort because it would rather eat other things, because it just doesn't find you that appetizing and also because it takes the cat longer to even notice that you're dead. So basically, just the cat doesn't care enough to notice that you're dead. I was gonna say that's what the circles back to was just that cats are assholes. I mean we all have do not care about you. They just don't eat you at first because they don't. They didn't check on you to see if you were alive, basically because they don't care. They don't care if there's food, they don't care. If there's no food, I guess maybe you're there. You know, I love but they are, they're they're they're rude. Then, yeah, it's so funny and it's just funny to think about. You know, because you love your pets so much. Shouldn't? You wouldn't eat your pet, but that's just the feelings not mutual. No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't eat jade or Lola. But if they eat one more pair of shoes, they're hmm, that might, that might have a football treatment. They might, I might. I might just start firing up the grill just to intimidate them. Just that could be. You just just pull out a just put a Chinese Cook Book and they'll they'll freak out head for the hills. I love Chinese take out absolutely. I was there. I work at a new station and and they were recently doing some new story about how, Oh, Taco bells in the area their meat might be contaminated. I'm like, yeah, it's Taco Bell, it's okay, it's they they found like metal shavings in the meat. I'm like, it's not the worst thing that's in Taco bell's meat. Let's be honest here. Wait, wait, but they were actually verifying that it was in fact meat. Yeah, I mean, I guess in the loosest definition of the term. Yeah, because I thought there might have been like pencils, like like Soggy Pencil shavings that they were like putting there and like, you know, like bits of you know flavored bit or so. Yeah, but you know what, it's the only place in America where a dollar still goes a long way. So it is. It's true. You, you're like got two dollars. We got dinner, Babe. Let's go. Like. Only thing better than the only thing better than this is when sonic those fifty cent corn dog day. Oh Jesus, oh, they don't. They had they don't. They've done away with a lot of a lot of sonics around here. Yeah, we when I live down south, they were everywhere. Here, where I'm at in Ohio, there's one in town and honestly it's so sketchy I don't even go to it. It's fine. Yeah, I feel yeah, I feel like that's that's kind of a thing, I think, just because the drive through thing is complicated, they still make them go onlike little roller skates or rollerblades or something. I think they stopped with the roller skates just because too many people were falling and busting their asses. But as going to say, that's just must be oh in hell of a health benefit program like Caniford insurance anymore? No more skates. Well, guys, I have to be real with you. It's a second quarter and we're getting sued out the ASS. We got to make a change, and I'm sure all, I'm sure all the car hops were like, oh no, no more s Gon. We're not going to break our noses and next anymore. Like no, I don't get why that didn't stop a long time ago. Yeah, it's okay, silver. So, for the I could never work there. I can't really. I can't skate like so um discrimination for one thing. Right exactly. I got a lawsuit on my hands. I assume that I won't have to work anymore. Exactly. Are Like, you know that are that guy that you know falls and then rolls over and goes, oh my neck, oh my head, Qussion, Oh God, Oh oh, I wasn't having these back aches before. Oh God, you know, and then the guy who legitimately did become paraplegic because he, you know, tripped over somebody spilled milkshake, you know, and I just was it worth it, knowing that you did that while trying to make seven dollars in fifteen cents? It's just it's got a hurt, you know, it's got a hurt. Like. But then here's the thing, like how how far do you go? Like where do you draw the line between what's good for the company and what's fair to the person applying, like you said, like you know, like you know. Well, I couldn't, you know, because of, you know, the way my body is. I couldn't go on the roller skates. And actually I couldn't either, because I have flat feet, so I couldn't be on roller skates or whatever. Yeah, I said no coordination, but I don't either. Like I could. I could always blame it on the flat feet. And literally I can't be on a rollerblader and I skate for more than about five minutes. But also I'm the world's clumsiest person. I have perpetually have bruises and scars and cuts all over my body. But, you know, versus,...

...what the what the what the company needs or whatever? Right, because there was this chick or something a while back, like it was like a hooters type place, but it was some like tilted kilt kind of vibe, basically where they want women who are scantily clad, who are built a certain way, you know, going around and serving the drinks, and this girl just I mean, let's just say she wasn't built like that, you know, like in any all the proportions were opposite from what they were supposed to be. Will just you know, we'll go there. But like, and she was trying to sue for discrimination. But it's like, I mean, is that is that? Is that fair? I mean, like, does she have a point? She might. Well, she might. There have been cases where, like, guys we're suing trying to get server jobs at hooters and they're saying, you can't tell me, I can't, which, you know, I'm not particularly a fan of hooters. I know everyone says like Oh, they got good wings, like we all know why you go. They don't. They just want to look at the titties, to be real. With Gust guys, come on from it's fine, guy. I read playboy for the articles, like come on, sure, whatever. Yeah, I look at how I watch porn for the storyline. It's fine, exactly. But yeah, and I guess he won or whatever and was able to get like hired and my God, but it's a part of me is kind of like, you know, I kind of want to go to that hooters just the same thing. I've met the guy, but exactly, I but then if I was that guy, on the other hand, I go oh, Shit. Now I have to be that guy working at hooters. Is that everybody freaking hates and resents, and I have to be that guy now. I'm literally that guy at my place of business. But you can't quit. No, you can't quit now, because he wanted to work there so freaking bad. So he's kind of stuck, like he like, what are you gonna do? quit, that's right, you're going to pull the night shift and you're going to be the one soaking up all the puke in the men's room. Have Fun, right, for seven fifteen an hour, you know, like you imagine, we're again Hashtag. Was it worth it? Right, if you're working at hooters and only getting paid minimum wage, like, come on, and you know you're not getting the tips. Like if you're a guy and all these dudes are going to hooters for the reason they go to hooters, HM, like, and they get you as a waiter, how piss do you think they'll be? They'll be like, I don't want this guy. Fuck out of here. What. No, this guy's not serving me and my son. It's my son's eighteenth birthday. Give me a real waitress. No, you know what, I got to hooters and that Guy's my server. Fuck it. Good for him, good for him. Yeah, well, you would be one of the Nice ones, but you know, you're like one of like three percent of people who'd be a good sport about it, and everybody else would be like, who the hell's this guy? Like, folks, it's Pretty Dy. You just if you want to get the heaven, just don't be a Dick. All right, look exactly exact was like. And and I want to know. Did he have to wear the same uniform? I hope. And if he didn't have to wear the same uniform, would that also be sexism or some kind of discriminatory act? And would he want to press on that act, like, okay, they're not having me. where the Braun panties like everybody else? I could stick to my logic. But do I want to stick to my logic? I hm, I'm already getting beaten around and getting no note tips. I really hope he did. I hope he wore the uniform. Will be war it with pride. I hope he said, you know what, this is me now, and I hope that every time, you know his his family came in to eat. The kids could proudly stand up and point and say that's my dad. Ha Ha ha, ha ha ha ha. So, Becky, what is Your Dad? Who for a living? He works at hooters. Oh, he's a cook. No, now he's one of the booby bar waitress is well, Hailey rose, I don't want to come. I want to keep you for too much longer, so I talk to you ere off. I had so much fun. This is great. What I am going to do is a new thing I've started doing, where I have this thing called a pod deck and it's a deck of cards with random interview questions on it, and I'm going to ask you just three of these, just random, fun, weird interview questions, and we'll see what kind of what kind of answers we get. Will start off simple. What would be your best day ever? My Best Day ever, my best day ever would be checking my bank account, seeing that I had enough money to do the things I want to do and then go by a jet and converted into a feasible home and give great a Thundberg the Middle Finger and just live my life in the sky. I'm thinking also maybe a maybe a blimp might be. If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in thirty seconds. Oh Gosh, I've I'd have thirty seconds... say it. This doesn't count. No, doesn't. Once you start talking, the time will start. Okay, I think I'd say relax. Nobody cares about what you're doing. Everybody's focusing on what they're doing and nobody actually knows what the fuck they're supposed to be doing anyway. So everybody, make sure that you don't assume anything about anybody and stay fixed and fricking reality and if somebody needs to give you a reality check, and Soviet and last one not least, I think this one is so fitting for you and I think you're going to have so much to say about this. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? The most overrated virtue? Yeah, oh Jesus, how do I put it? Was the best way to put this. The most overrated virtue is the one that you feel the need to champion publicly on twitter with everybody else. Whatever. That is. Ha Ha, ha ha. That's the most overrated virtue because it's distant. What. Yeah, no, whatever, you're at egg here. Your overrated virtue is your public virtue. That's an overrated virtue. That is, you know, what I'm a I like that. I'm gonna that's yeah, that's going to somehow be the title of the episode. Well, Hayley rose, thank you so much for for coming on the show, for indulging me and and and for sharing your story and being is so open and honest about everything. This has been an absolute been a blast. It's been a blast for me too. Thanks for having me and thanks for indulging me by having me come on. Super Fun and we with that being said, Ladies and gentlemen, that is going to do it for our show this week. If you want to check out more, we have a website now. Go to Basement Lounge podcom. Get the Info there. Also, you can follow the show on Instagram at Basement Lounge pod and on twitter at TV lenderscore pod, because twitter sucks. Follow me on all the social media at Mike Shay comedy. Go to my website, Mike Shay comedycom. Support the show on Patreon for a dollar month, get these episodes early and commercial free, as well as other cool stuff. And now that I'm done trying to sell myself, look a used car salesman, as always, ladies and tell himself, see, didn't kill himself Hashtag. Have Seen, didn't kill himself. Ladies and gentlemen, until next time, live well, rock on, take care and B by.

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