The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 17 · 3 years ago

"I Put Cheez-Its In Eggnog" with Brandon Berry - EP #17


It's always a fun time with musician Brandon Berry. He's back in the studio, his band The Paint Splats just released a new album, and he's gonna debut some new tunes live in the studio! Could this be a preview of things to come in the future?

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...and self produce their own music nowadays, with the weight technology is going. Did you do a lot of this stuff like in house, or was there like a like an actual studio you went to? So that? Yeah, this, so the first record and the split record both were recorded with Patrick himes at real love recording, okay and Dayton. It's in Belmont. Actually it's it's not advertised or anything. It's kind of like you gotta know people that know him. And a couple of years ago I saw this show, last waltz, you know, last walls by the band and the documentary. Yeah, they put on a show at the Shuster and I saw this show and I saw the Patrick was playing with them. So I emailed them the next day and said Hey, man, can I record some songs with it, because I knew he had produced a lot of records around the area, new or fashioned, you know, new American pioneers, age, nowher bunch other ones, and I just I just wanted to be a part of it. So so I emailed him and I had no songs in my mind but I said, Hey, let's book a day and we booked it in December. Didn't work out. I had some time to write new songs after that. Those became the ones on the record. I was telling you before we started, I as soon as I saw that it was available, I grab that Shit like right away and been jam into it in the car. It's a it's an awesome it's an awesome jam, jam album. Thank you. I'm three a lot of fun. It's all over the place, but I like it that way. Next records definitely going to be a little more power poppy. Look like how good at my VCR and you know, beach needles and the cord were. So I want to try to get like a theme going this time around, as opposed to like we're what kind of genre do you want to play today? You know, writing, because there's country on there. There's an acapella tune. Yeah, there's there's a lot of different shit and it's kind of cool that way. But I think in order to become like the band that I want it to be, it has to have a through line and I think that through line is power pop. Do you have like an image in your head and ID in your head of exactly what it is you want this band to be, what the want to sound like? Or if I could sound like the replacements, okay, that would be you know the replacements? Yeah, you do. Okay, if we could sound like them, I'd be totally happy. Just add some more keyboards and call it a day. More time. Just you know, the the live show that we did with the at the release show. It wasn't as tight as, like, I had hoped it to be. Really only had one rehearsal. Like it was not a problem, but it sounded. Everyone knew we were just having fun. You know, there were flubs all over the place, but it was loud. It was a rock show and that's what the replacements did. You know, they didn't care if they put they recorded, you know, on the on their albums, shooty versions. You know, they didn't the didn't care to do another take, they just did it right. So I just want to try to do something. They were they were kind of one of the first like real alt rock bands, right. Well, yeah, that's true. Back in the S man. So with with this album and and you see, you're forming the band kind of as you go right now. And you had it was cool that you it's cool that you got to have the guys who recorded actually play at the show. Where did you, like, where did you meet some of these guys? Like where did you meet Patrick, for example? Patrick I met. Okay, let me go back. Okay, so the split right, the split record I put out was with Mike Bankhead. Right, okay, Mike Bankhead I met. I used to do a podcast, and you know this, we called coffee with idiots. It was terrible because actually I found out now that there's there's a couple of chicks that are doing a show called coffee with it. He's the same concept. Okay, you know. Anyway, I used to do a show like that and we would bring on people and some which we're local musicians, and through Terry is, he rock Martin, like I'm at, a bunch of musicians through him, and Mike Bankhead was one of them and he had recorded with Patrick himes and David Payne from the new oldfashion and hit come on record with Patrick Times and then I saw, like I said, that last wall show at the Shuster and then I just decided to meet them and then from him it's just just branched off into meeting like pretty much everybody in the community. It's really cool. I'm sure there's something like that with a comedy world to right, Kinda. I mean we all probably all hate each other, though secretly, just a little bit. Yeah, we love, we love giving each other the shits. See, that's the thing. Like in the music you don't feel that it's like everyone supports each other, which which can be good and him bad. You know, you want a little healthy competition for sure, and that's what the comedy does, I think. I think the comedy scene it's a little mixed. I think I think there's I think there's two, at least in Dayton. You know it can be coming from to comedy scenes. The one I was in down south was very camaraderie based, very like you're talking about with the music...

...scene up here, it's a little bit as a little bit mixed, like there's a bunch of us who are Super Co supportive of each other, sharing each other stuff, and then there's some others who just kind of like to keep to themselves and are kind of just in it for them and that's and that's fine. Whichever floats your boat. You know, however you want to approach it is fine about here to judge, but at the same time it's like, Hey, we're fun to hang out with you. Could you can not be a Dick. But yeah, no, I totally agree. And I don't know, just everybody goes out to people's shows and you know, it's it's become this thing where I don't want to get into it. I'm sorry. Well, I couldn't. God, it's this thing where I think, think a lot of people get kind of comfy here because of because there's so much love and support for you, and that's great, but if you want to do something more outside of dating, you know, I think it's good to get out. I've yet. Oh yeah, I have yet to do that, but I know that that's a thing that I need to break away from because I want more people than just dating people to know my music. You know, and I think I think you, I think you the nail on the head. I think because, like Dayton and this this area in general is very arts supportive. I mean Ohio in general is a big music state, but Dayton and Cincinnati and kind of the surrounding areas it's very it's very easy to get complacent because it is such a supportive scene. You're like, why would I ever want to? Could you go out? If you go out to Los Angeles, it's just nothing but competitive, or like New York, when you know, one of the bigger areas, even Chicago, but that's also like like that's where the careers happen. Happen Right. You know, Dayton is like yeah, Dayton, you'll have a if you stay in Dayton, you'll have a long life of playing awesome house shows and seeing the same people at every show. But that's also where it stops. HMM, I agree. And you know it's hard trying to find people that want to go other places. You Know Bruce Hall, who is my Bass player. He's super supportive and he would play play anywhere, but he's got up, he's got family. You know, it's hard to go to these but and I don't have a family. Well, I have a family, but I don't have like wife or kids. You know, that are really holding me back. I can, I can do what I want to do right now. It's hard to find other people that are that are in the same boat. Yeah, so, especially the older you get, the older, and you know I'm leaving that old I'm twenty four. You know, gotta hate you. I know for four years ago, like like, like me and my buddies had big plans to do, you know whatever, and we've all moved on to two different things and you know, I still want to do those things that we wanted to do four years ago and I'm probably not going to change for a while. I think some people, I think people have problems with that, and I don't mean that to sound like as negative, like Oh, they think you're like a piece of shit or anything like that, but it's did my own experience of you have things you want to do and you can't always stick around the hometown to do those things right and the people who are fine with where they are at don't see the point. Like understand why you got to leave. Understand why you got to go in right, got a good thing going on, or why would you? It's like yeah, but it's not what I it's I want. I want something else. I want something more right, and I'm not I'm not saying the whole famous thing like that's that's bullshit. Yeah, I I just want I want to be able to maybe pay some bills with what I write, what I like doing, and I don't think that's such a crime. I think. I think that's something that a lot of musicians and a comedians have in common, is is a a lot of people think, oh, the end goal is to be at the AMAS or, you know, be selling out the arenas. For a lot of musicians and Comedians, you like, the goal is just to be able to do it full time. You know, the goal is just to be able to just do it professionally and say I'm a professional musician, I'm a professional comedian. Yeah, it's not about being in the books and stuff like that. All right, we're not so different, you and I don't know, we're more in common. We're more alike than people, and I think every other every time I see you, I think more and more that becomes true. Man, it's been a while though. Man, it's been a minute. Yeah, it's been a minute. When was I on? I don't know, earlier, it feels like it was a lot longer ago than it it's. So I'm earlier this year. Yeah, I put out the gun of my VCR single and I think it is soon after. No, no, is that week, I think that it came out. I think you're right. Yeah, you know what...

I'm well, I want to do this in real time and we're going to I'm going to USA. I think it was in May. Yeah, may seventeen. It's fine, you know what we're going to we're going to find out. I'm curious because I know it was this year. Let's see here. May Twenty first is when the episode came out. Yep, so I think it was soon. So was around that week? Is when we recorded it. Yeah, yeah, man, yeah, man, hasn't been that long. Nothing much has changed, not really. Yeah, man, I appreciate you have man, I was loving you know, I don't do the music thing as much on the show anymore just because it was getting so hard to find people and and the way. What are the other musicians you've found on? You and Mariah haven. That's it. That's all was I've ever had on this show. On I get one of my top I always like having musicians on because if I'm going to have music on the show, I'd rather be played acoustically in my studio. Yeah, because I think I love the sound of it. Because going out and finding people who would give me permission to use their track and then having to fight with CD baby, because everybody's your CD baby, is always a yeah, pain in the ASS. But yeah, but like when I get to have you guys come in here and set up and and play in play some tunes and out, let me have that stuff, man. So we're what what is the next step here? Is the next step form of the band? Is there? Yeah, I think so. Well, right now I don't know if you know Seth Gilliam or not, so I don't Seth Gilliam in the fake news, but fantastic record called misconstrued a couple weeks before paint blats record, and I played a couple shows with him. You know, plan before him and whatnot. And Seth is a great drummer too, is as well as a singer and guitar player. So whenever I like need a drummer or something, we'll do like a two piece thing at a show, especially like if we're planning together. And what happened this weekend is. I went over to a friend's house, Scott Mill Sop, who has a podcast called roadside attraction, which I'll tell more about him when I break out my guitar. But we, me and seth, went over to his house in Englewood and we recorded a real quick, you know, for four song EP essentially, and I think this next year is going to be just a bunch of releases that were shittily made, m and not socially made, because I I'm going to be putting out a couple EPS splits, but I also want to at least start recording the new full length record, which the these these little side projects I like doing. I like keeping myself busy, but also like producing things and getting shit out there for people to hear, no matter what it sounds like. You remind me a lot of Ryan Adams in that way. Oh God, is this the time to talk about Ryan Adams? Now? He's going through some shit. Ye, but now, just I'm always, I always. He's just the first one that comes to mind. I have a buddy who's obsessed with Ryan Adams. I'm always fascinated by him because of that. He he's kind of live in that dream of like he has a studio in his house and all he does is just right and record and put stuff out and did for the people and I love that. That, yeah, self self, you know, in diy musician kind. Yeah, that's the kind of thing I love. You know, Patrick himes actually produced Ryan Adams for one of his records. Get the fuck out of here. Yep, yeah, Jesus. Yeah, fuck, am I talking to you for me to get a hearing? Kidding, I'm getting get to get Ryan Adams in here. I'm sure I'll do it now, now, yeah, he could use some good press. Yeah, Google that, Ladies and gentlemen. But I so I put my stuff out with with Patrick. We recorded on a real to real analog. Oh Shit. Yeah, so we that. That's the good stuff. Like I'm I'm keeping all my good songs to be recorded with him, but also, like, I'm not going to put out dumb shit either, you know. I mean, like I'll put out what I what I feel is right and what I what I think is what I would enjoy listening to myself. Yeah, so, well, I think I think that's the one of the keys, as he is. If I don't like it, yeah, what the Hell? I expect anybody else, and I got to find people that are like me, that like like a bunch of different things on an album. They want to be taken on an adventure. You know, you don't know what's going to be next on the record. Like you, I don't know, and that's that's why I think, that's why I dig the first record so much. It's because it's so different all across the board,...

...but there's a through line of like the lyrics or, you know, Quirky and whatnot. There's always got to be a through line or else, you know, yeah, fucking point of having a full record like that? I don't know. I always am, always fascinated. You ever thought about doing like ill a concept album? I have, but I don't think. I'm a big fan of Frank Zappa. Yeah, and I don't. I don't have the the virtuosity to to be able to do that myself. It's yeah, it's that's a whole other level of songwriting. Who You? Who Do you like? Like? What's the concept? Ha, when you love, I mean the go to for a lot of people, I know it is coheat and Gambria. I can't follow. There's as much. I just think the music's dope. CAMELOT is a band. They're they're a heavy metal band out of Florida, out of Florida. One Guy in the banish from Florida. Everybody else is from like all over the fucking world, speaking heavy metal. Do you like jeth row tall? Right, they're, they're the fuck out of that studio. Yet the I love thick as a brick. That that whole record is amazing. That it's the one song. Sorry, right, forty four minutes. That's great, man, I love that. That's they used to be one of my favorite records. It's still is. You know, nothing really changed. Last time I got high. I'll tell you this. Last time I got real high. I I put cheese, it's in Eggnog, the fuck, and I put I put my two speakers right next to my ears and I put on thick as a brick and I had a great time. So you were real high. I mean I was. Yeah, I don't like to do it anymore. It just it makes me paranoid, but that was a good that was a good amount. It is just enough of a buzz that makes me eat weird things and listen to good music. Yeah, I'm a long time. It's been a minute. You think those many comedians? As I know, I'd have better access to Yah, to green stuff, but I do not, which is probably for the best. Yeah, probably. I mean the grant granted. The worst I ever did was to just sit around for eight hours and watched, you know, how saw reruns or Freaks, you know, yeah, Vine, knows, on repeat. But Oh, yeah, yeah, Dude. All right. So I got these things called pod decks. Okay, trying to get a deck of card. It's a deck of cards. And what it is? It's random interview questions. Okay, podcast, it's not. It's not going to be the lightning round, though. Right now. We're not doing that any okay, I don't do that anymore. Okay, because people were it made me nervous, it made people nervous and and it just, you know, it never turned out to be quite as funny as I wanted it to be. I have I thought mine was pretty good. Your yours were. I didn't say they never turned out of so that they didn't always turn out as funny. What's one of your biggest regrets? Man, Oh wow, get deep. Biggest regrets, you know. I mean maybe this is just dance around the question, but I don't think I have any because if if I did, I wouldn't. I don't regret anything because it brings me to where I am now and I wouldn't be. You know, there were, there are relationships that didn't work out, but I justify that by by saying I wouldn't have written the music that I that I have if that wouldn't have happened to me. So don't regrets that. You know what that's. That's a good honest way to look at it. I think. I think a lot of die. I try to live like that. Not Going to lie there some there's some things I've done where I'm like, shouldn't have done that. Yeah, but I shouldn't have done ascid either, shouldn't I? Oh Man, so at this point you're twenty four years young. Yeah, you released a full length to full length albums here. What would you say is would you consider your greatest achievement so far? So you don't regret anything. What are you most proud of? I'm most proud of the record I just yeah, yeah, as dumb as that sounds like and as pushy as I want to be with it. You know, I think it's one of the coolest things I've done and I'm not, you know, I'm not trying to be, you know, conceded here. I just I think it's awesome and I'm glad that, you know, sixteen year old brandon never would have thought he would have done that and it's something that, you know, my family's proud of me and Nice. It's nice to hear that sometimes. Yeah, yeah, it's a good it's a good fucking record. People. Just thank you, fucking thank you. Pick it up and listen to it. I can't wait for you to hear the next one. I'm always I always love gut you know, be it out of being out of the radio industry now, I don't get that. I'm not as up on new music and stuff as it comes out anymore. So when I do get to it's always it. Honestly, it makes me Harken back to God, I miss me and in radio. Yeah, well, you know, it's funny.

I was I was on don show a couple months back and they're given away just CD's that a bunch of bands had sent in with their one sheets and stuff. Yeah, and it's kind of disheartening because them, a lot of them weren't opened, you know, and maybe right states not the best example to yeah, to to put out music, new music and stuff, but you know, it's disheartening to see all these unopened CDs that these bands that are kicking ass and, you know, putting their shit out there for people and they just they're not appreciated. I, you know, they were free CDs and I took twenty five of them and I, you know, I decided to appreciate them myself then, you know, and I get I get attested that. You know, I worked and I did college and in professional radio, and when I worked at the professional station, I can't tell you how many demos we had just sitting around and there. Granted, they were all open because we actually had played local music on the station, but right just so many of them would get sent in and for every tent that we got, maybe one of them made it through. Yeah, and I will say I think college radio should be the place for that kind of thing to go. It should be. Yeah, it's usually not, but I really think, considering the audience that a college radio like, the built in Audience College radio has, to me it just seems like a no brainer. They had bumper that so many of them are UN opened. Man, that breaks my heart a little bit. It does. And you know, I'm not trying to discredit popular music now, because there are people like I am. I Love Billy Eilish, I do. Yeah, I love her shit and I tried, I have tried. I can't get it. I appreciate it because it's just her and I'm pretty sure her brother making this music. It's amazing that only two people were really involved in the process and our stage shows are fucking incredible, but there's there's some shit that's being put out and like, I wish that the people that are sending this these college radio station CD's would be a little more appreciated. I The the American music awards are on on Sunday and if you are a passionate music fan, you should never watch this. Is it just bit just makes your day miserable because, like what? Like? Okay, case some point one of the awards is the best pop rock album. First of all, can we stop doing pop rock as the same category, because it's not the fucking same thing. But when it's the best pop rock album and all three artists are pop, hmm, what was the point? Of who are they? It was like it was Taylor Swift, like her, and then and then like Halsey, Camilla Kabell, oh, stuff like that. Stuff that's like that's pop. Like there is no rock in any of this. It's all pop. It should yeah, it should be. Should be two categories. Yeah, that, but give rockets own category, think. But the thing is, like pop is such a broad term. Yeah, like, like, because my stuff, some of my stuff, is top yeah, it's just it's just this blanket term to describe pretty much any type of music. Yeah, which is just bullshit. We should just go away with it. Really, POPP didn't used to be a genre. It wasn't until like the early s that it really became a genre of music. You used to just mean anything that was popular, right. I mean back in the day on a pop station you'd hear Metallica because they were popular. It didn't mean a type of music, you just meant something that had reached a certain level of fandom. Beetles, you know, yeah, monkeys, all this stuff. Yeah, you know, it's funny because I think, I think that sixty stuff is really one of my biggest inspirations, like love and spoonful in the animals, that kind of thing. Yeah, I met. I met the dudes from love and spoonful. I was pretty cool. What Love the love and spoonful? I didn't. Some are in the city. Is is so good. But yeah, so, like you know, I got a lot of influences across the board. But like this morning and last night I went, actually that's not I went to St Francis Thrift store and thing I like just going through those old records because it's crazy to to see how pristine these these old records are. It's it. It's because they were. They were owned by people, and I was talking to my friend John to buck about this and we this morning. We there owned by people who fucking cared, yeah, about their records. And Nick, if you if you get some something from the S, as opposed to like this, you know, the Shit we find a good will...

...and from the S and s and s, like it's going to be torn up compared to to what we find. So I love going through those old records, like I like taking chances. I love like the orchestral stuff, the herb Albert and Tijuana brass, like that's one of my favorite things to listen to. Whip cream and other delights and burn back rack, you know, like I like all that stuff, like I don't, I don't, just I don't know. There's something about listening to music that you don't play that makes you inspired to write differently, right, and that's I mean. I mean like, who are your biggest influences in comedy? Like, not here me, you know, obviously, yeah, but top three. So for me it's probably shit. So one of those going to be Gary Golman. His ability to flow seamlessly from one thought into the next, as if he was having a conversation, is is is something like I've never seen. He did a thing earlier this year where every day he would tweet one new writing tip and at the end of it, like I'm sitting here just like screenshotting every because it's stuff that's so Duh that I would never think of, and it was really great. So he's definitely up there. Another one has always been Lewis Black, just again that just raw thought to thought and never feed. And No, I nothing against like traditional stand up comics, because I'm one of those who just like set up punch line, set up punch line, and that's that's fine, that's that's the that's the bare bones industry. But Lewis Black, it's again. It's just like this, this endless stream of thoughts that are cohesive and coherent, and also when he gets angry, it's just funny. And then, honestly, number one is probably Chris titis. Chris titis is awesome. I've never seen somebody use comedy for therapy in such an effective way who's able to just talking about his life right a whole new special like every other year. Yeah, and just take it on the road. Like the level of creativity that comes with that and the ability to look at his own life in so many different ways that he can pull so many different thoughts out of the same situation. I'm a big fan of Bill Hicks at yeah, Mark Marin as well. Those are if I would go into comedy, I would try to morph the two together. But anyway, that that's I'm not going to do that, but if I, if I were to do that, I always try to. I wish would re Rab Peopill try it once? Yeah, yeah, a friend of mine has has done it recently and I don't know if you were there for it, Andrew Carper Andy, I heard I know. I know he had heard about him performing. I don't make it out much anymore. Right, it does all work well. He this was a couple months back and he had a really good show that first go around and and then he did it again, trying to do something different and not taking taking what had worked before in like just improving upon it, and it it tanked. You know, I wasn't there for it, but he told him and it scarred him for a while and I hope he gets back into it because, you know, it's just, you know, something you got to keep doing. You know, it's different with music because if you go to an open mic with music, your plan half an hour, right, as opposed to five minutes, which that may seem like a difference, but it's almost as much. The music isn't as much pressure. And I want to explain why. You're hidden by you got your guitar, you know you're you're hiding behind it and if you don't get an applause or anything, it doesn't matter. With comedy if you don't get a laugh, and you know this, like you fucking you tag. Yeah, it's a lot of people. I've explained to a lot of different folks it's the difference, the biggest difference between being a open mic musician and open mic comedian is this. When you're an open mic musician, just because you don't get an applause does not mean the music is not good. No, it just means they're drinking or talking not paying attention you. Also, with music you can you can sit at home and practice and get better. Yeah, with comedy, the only way to know if what you're doing is good or not is if you get a response, and the only way to practice is to go up on stage and try to get a response. And...

...what a lot of Comedians, myself included, are where I've been doing is trying to get other things out of open MIC's, because you take a joke to an open mic is almost guaranteed to fail because an open mic everyone's there to watch the game and drink beer. They don't give a fuck what you have to say about about anything. With a musician, when you go there, you might just be background noise to them, but there's but music is atmospheric in that way and I do love, like South Park Taverns, one of my favorite help and mics. It to you because, yeah, because you're just playing the people who are eating pizza. They don't give a crap. You know, it's it's all about testing out your material. Anyway. You don't, you're not going to go up there with your best shit. That's for shows. That's for real shows. You're not going to get booked off an open mic. You're not going to get you're not going to get signed to a label and know you're not as sign it. But but you might have a chance to play at a show at yes place, which is what happened. That south park a lot, because south that's good. South parks one of the places that actually gives a shit. Yeah, you can always still difference between a venue that's just trying to pull people in and a venue that actually gives a damn about well, because, again, South Park Tavern has that stage. They're built to be a place for people to go see me, go and listen to music, as opposed to like maybe going to, you know, just some Hodeug dive bar. I do have to say that yellow cab tavern, if you have not been to the open mic, it's not it's not an open MINC, it's it's called showcase. Yeah, on Thursday nights it's one of the best. It's curated, you know, wins or asks people, or people have to ask him and he'll he'll decide whether or not you're able to do it that night. And it's really cool because it's back in a listening room. You know, the door is closed. The purpose of this room is for you to listen. It's not. It's, you know, the main room is to drink beer and talk and whatnot, and you can go in and out as you please. But like the purpose of that room is to fucking appreciate the musician who is playing, and I love that. It's why I like places like like that matter, like even like while he's where you can just go kick back and just enjoy the entertainment, compared while he's too, funny bone, funny bone, feels like I'm going to an arena or like a big venue to see a breaking Benjamin or like a big name play, as opposed to why these were there is a at home appreciation for the craft, where it's not just a spectacle, it's you're there, you're there to see the process kind of thing. It's, I like, one of those smaller stuff. Yes, yeah, and there's less chance that you be booed off, I think, oh, absolutely, yeah, yeah, well, Hey, man, you want may play some m let's play some fucking music. Handle. All right, ladies and job, we're going to pause and take quick break while I rearrange microphones and Brandon Barry, the pain splats, is going to jam for us a little bit. It's going to be a lot of fun. Stick around. Will be right back after this. Hey, everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people who support this show every month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin, Jody McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shay, do every single month help support this show. And if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and join the one dollar tier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name listed in the description, you get early access to all these shows commercial free through our Patreot ur SS feed, and so many other cool rewards. Once again, go to Patreoncom Basement Lounge pod, join the one dollar tier and help support the show. Speaking of the show. Let's get back to the welcome back to the show. Guys. We're sitting down once again with Brandon Berry, the paint splats, who's going to serenade us with a tune or two, and we love it when he does this. We love getting to have them in here to play for us. It's always a lot of fun. So sit back and relax and enjoy some music from randanberry. All Right, daddy was a man who thought he was a girl. Who can change is? Mommy was a mad and she was sad,... long as she got her one foot. Then your brother lounge on this concrete, so long as some pot holes don't scrape your knees. Picked his words and stick with them. Tillie bled red and blue. Whisper to the gutters. What others screaming? You. Jenny was there when you thought she was dead, lean on the BRICKPO asking why she had to survive, in a word, with you one foot. Then your brother lounge on this concrete, so lung as in pot holes, don't scrape your knees. Picked his words and stick with them. Tilly blared, read in blue, whisper to the gutters. What others scream at you. Whisper to the gotters. What others scream at you? One Foot, then your brother lounge on this concree, so long as in pot holes don't scrape your knees. Picked his words a stick with them, Tillie later, red and blue. Whisper to the gotters. What others scream at you? Whisper to the gutters. What others scream at you? Very Nice, man, very nice. Thank you. My Daddy is not a man, all right, he is a man. Oh, okay, I wanted to kind of change those lyrics to Danny and to Danny was a man. You ever hear the replacement sewing and rowdyness? Yeah, it's I wanted to do something like that. Okay, right on. HMM. It's good stuff, man, appreciate it, and I'm gonna do another one. That is this one is a little more funny. Okay, did you hear the new root weezer record? My chance, no, I haven't heard it yet, and don't get excited about don't all, man, you like Weezer? Yeah, I do. Yeah, first two records. Yeah, that's get. That's it pretty much. I mean you're not wrong there. Some people are even more puerist and say just the blue album. If, wow, if the blue album had Suzann on it, which ends Mall Rats. Is that song? It would. It would be even better. But they released a vinyl I've I'm assuming for record store day, and they they put out the whole deluxe version. I do not own it. This one's called ballpoint pan. And the reason I'm talking about weezards because I tried to right Weezer Song. Okay, so here we go. I'm a love seat missing a cushion in your the tramp that I happen to...

...fall in love with again. Go to the Thrif shot pick up some pillows. The had my springs popping out in my seams. That blue bag of cash you tossed out your window might have killed a copper birds, but the least your car don't smell like trash and autom my cannon can't fix that for you. With our ID and F friend was so SA security. I'm a bar point pen. We can through the pocket of your new stupid colored shirt. Where does the fun and when does it? We get to all made sense. I'm tripping on a cord that does not exist. Someone patch up this vision, because if I tell the truth, I lose my youth and I'll be stuck in this tail of it. I'm a love seat missing a cushion in your the tramp that I happened to fall in love with again. Go to the thrill shop, pick up some pillows, the hide my springs off, popping out my sea up by point pen we can through the pocket up in the stupid colored shirt. Where does the bunning? When does it begin to all makes send some tripping on a cord that does not existe patch up this vision, because step, but tell the too. Thou lose my youth, then I'll be stuck in this still in the tellupis all right. Yeah, it's good stuff, man. Thanks. Those are not out, isn't it? That's gonna say? They they don't sound familiar. Yeah, there will be. They will sound familiar soon enough. Yeah, we got the exclusive here on the basement labs leads down on. Dude, this is I love it when you can play man. This is great. You Dad to give up on they just that. You know what I want to do, and this is note. There's no bullshit. Everything about doing this for a long time is putting together like like a basement lounge howse show and just get like you and and Mariah and any other musicians we get on the show. Just had just do like a fucking like just like an acoustic show man. I'm totally into it, even if there's like just you, just my own personal my own personal concert with yeah, just play for me. Cool to be cool to record that and yeah, like a live show or whatever. I don't know what we'll figure we'll figure something out. Man, I love him. Man. Yeah, can I have a sticker? No, Shit, you can have a sticker. Everybody gets sticks. I deserve a sticker. I know only give everybody little ones, but I got some. I just got some big ones. So I'll letch I'll let you get into the big one. I'll give you the big one. Okay, you get the big and thank you. So, Brandon Burry, what we got any shows coming up soon? Yeah, so playing at South Park Tavern full band thing with wolf boy. That is December sixth at South Park Tavern. Music...

...starts around nine. Free Show, but I will have CDs and records and shirts available with the which the shirts are cool because they're all unique there we are all paint splattered them. You know, that's so gotta got a big order from Haynes and are and we just paint spotter them with the with our collars and yeah, it's cool because everyone is unique and one of a kind. So get them all the last I guess, and I mean if if you want my music, you can. You can buy it at paint SPLAT, the the paint splotscom so or and it's on spotify and all that Shit, all the streaming services. Go get it. Go get the paint splats debut, sort of. Yeah, full length albums, kind of, sort of. Go check out brandon burry with with the full band at South Park Tavern and Brandon, thanks so much for coming on man. Thanks, Mike. All right, guys, that is going to do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. As always, you can check out more information at our brand new website, what Basement Lounge podcom. Also check out my website and Mike Shay comedycom for where I'll be next and, as always, follow this show on all social media, or on instagram rather, at Basement Lounge pod follow me on all social media and Mike Shay comedy and support the show on Patreon. Patreoncom Slash Basement Lounge pod. For a dollar a month you can get all kinds of cool rewards, including getting this show early and commercial free. In the meantime, guys will be back again next week, I think. I don't know. Holidays are weird with a brand new episode of the Basement Lounge. Until that has always live. Well, rock on, take care and Bob on.

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