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Season 1, Episode 18 · 3 years ago

"You Know In Your Gut That Something's Over" with Michele Traina - EP #18


My friend Michele Traina, actress/comedian and host of the Divorce Diaries show, calls in to talk about big changes in her career, the divorce that created the show, and how children's' theater has helped shape her life.

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...and not only shoes. These were at where they have no, no, no, they weren't forever twenty one. They were at not that it matters, Francescas. Anyway, I love Rochessca's and all these funny bones have are in these malls. So, like it's always. I knew already. I was like, Oh, this gotta be a Francescas. Oh for sure. So let's let's talk. Let's so you are the host creator of a special kind of show called the divorce diaries. Off. I'm assuming that show was born out of a fantastic, awesome marriage that it stood the test of time. Yes, absolutely, I am actually married and I just decided to help those neat about. Of course I did. That's one of my openers for the show. Yeah, I so I started divorce stories about four years ago, maybe five, four and a half years ago. It was after my divorce was finalized and I had been creating it as a one woman theater show. Like it wasn't a comedy show at first. It was a you definitely had comedy communic elements, but I had done one one woman shows before New York, a united Sol Festival, into other places, so I figured this would be the same kind of thing. But when I started was doing stand up at the same time. I think I thought, you know, the piece was becoming like a bitter sweet peace and I didn't want it to be that. I wanted it to be humorous and people just start with walk out laughing and be like Oh, that was great in a funny way, not like yeah, I went through it too. I didn't want melancholy and one of the performances my friends were like Terry eyed in the audience and I was like, Oh, I didn't want that. I realized. I was like this needs to be like uproaring, laughing and like motivated. And it was originally a one woman show. And then I brought on other comics and then I went back to this year. I went back to I'd say probably around April, I went back to the original structor with the one woman show. Are My friend Doug that you we met through. He's kind of the only person I work with now as a sometimes a swing who comes on as a feature in an Improv only because he met him and I have an interesting relationship working wise. Like we have very good performance chemistry and a very good trusting relationship on the business side of things. It's very hard to find that. Yeah, the dynamic you guys had that night, seeing you to interact, whether it was during the news segment in the morning, behind the scenes, while you're hang in the group, whatever the you guys. You guys have a very comfortable dynamic with each other. Yeah, you didn't see US fight. We fight? No, I didn't see that was like the night. But well, we're very brother sister and it's funny, like I said to him, I'm I think in another life we definitely were brothers and sisters because we have like he is legitimately part of my family, him, his wife, like his friend, we've are. It's his family and my family are closed. So it's like that. Yeah, so you could see that. But and he knew me during my marriage and we were not close during my marriage, not intentionally, well, not on his end, but it was interesting how like I had a separate myself a little bit from relationships with other people, which was more on my end, not really in my ex husband. I felt like it was wrong to have male friends, which is stupid. So I was going to ask like, was that something that that he seemed to have a problem with, or that you were maybe just feeling a little insecure about, or I think both. I don't think he didn't. I think if he realize how close Doug and I were, yeah, you would are like, well, you can't be that close with him and be my girlfriend and then fiance, the then wife, and I do think it becomes a tricky territory. So I definitely think something triggered me to take it to the next level. So it wasn't all on him. So I've try not to make that mistake now. You know, I've caught myself do that... relationships again, where I try to appease the man and then and it doesn't work and it doesn't it changes who I am and that's not what I want to do. So it's good for you for being able to recognize that. A lot of people just don't they you know, obviously as we grow and as things change in our lives, we change to go along with it, but a lot of times people just accept what that change is and don't don't actually look at it as to whether or not it's healthy or good or bad or what have you. Yeah, I mean I definitely, I definitely acknowledge it. I don't know if but there's a there's another I listen to this at my left podcast and he's a big motivate, a shell speaker, and he's like you have to take yourself when you see yourself going in the pattern that you normally do, you have to remove yourself out, like take yourself out, almost imagine yourself looking at yourself from the outside in, and then completely turn next direction. And I've been trying to do that, which is taking the leap of I didn't I shared with you earlier about leaving my full time teaching job. And Yeah, full time. I just did it yesterday. So, which is why I was laughing at the beginning of my intro my yeah, things are great. Just quit my job. Thank you. said. You said you were teaching. So I am, in addition to being an actor's comic, a performer, I am a full time teacher. Well, right now I am. I have a teaching certification. That had my principal certification, I had my supervisor, sort of a I have three certifications to degree. Yeah, so my marriage, kind of my ex husband and I, when we were together, I wanted to stay in one place and I had this program and educational theater that was out of made me see a new love of like using education as another platform to perform, and I actually do a lot of performance space stuff as a theater feature. I D secure with my kids and it's great. But you know, I have I started my own theater company for children with special needs. I have divorce stories. I now I'm all just New York brother stuff. So it's time, you know. I mean thirty eight and damn, I thought to myself, Jesus Christ, you you've been wasting like eighteen years. Girl, let's go. You're only thirty eight, you're only thirty eight, come on on. I stopped performing full time at like twenty six maybe, and then that so that I still perform part time. But look how much time, not that I've wasted, but that now has gone by that if I waste any more time, come on, you know. So I'm just doing it. Did it? You took the leap. I mean so many of us have that, that dream of being able to say, you know, screw the nine hundred and twenty five, screw the you know I you want to go be your own boss. You want to yeah, you want to do what you love and are passionate about for a living. And for some people that's working in law this and that's great. Not For me. Yeah, and and see, because if you've ever fall, if you haven't followed Michelle yet on social media, she is known for dancing videos to promote her shows and things. So'll you'll just see a video, like, what is she doing? All of a sudden there's just pirouetts and and and spins. Just posted one today. So so you've been how long have you been dancing, though, because you're good. Thank you. Oh, I used to be so much better, and I'm going to get back to that, because there actually is an element of dance to divorce series that I haven't even touched yet, but we'll talk about that time well or later. But I actually have been dancing that that's what I started. I was seven years old. Wow, no, I was six years old and I started dancing. Yeah, cheese, and you just been keeping at it all this time. It's another it's another part of what makes me me and fulfills me and and honestly it's if I don't dance, I start feeling anxious, since in more and more angry and like it is part of my soul. So and I doubt my daughter's...

...very much that too. So like she needs movement and create it. And and for me, dancing with when I say divorce stars, is a comedy show. It's a comic show, but I do this new part where it's dance off your divorce and if I dance a legal term or reason why you would get divorced, the playing around with it. But yeah, there's some some kind of avenues I'm looking at because because dance and humor, there's physical comedy, there's there's ways to kind of release that same and door friends that get people feeling good about themselves and it's kind of a similar component, you know. So we've talked a little bit about divorce diaries. We've mentioned that. It's the show that you run. You've been talking about how it started as a one woman show and there's dance for it. So can you kind of explain like where the show started from and, yeah, kind of what all involves? So it started with me living back home with my parents, my ninety she was ninety two at the time, and ninety two year old grandmother, my twin brother, my handicap dog and then this visiting nursing a that would come into we lived in a two family house my parents. It was chaos and then I was starting to date, which was which was odd to like like random, like it just was you could make it up, and this every day there was something else in might like how to change my daughter. I'd have changed my grandmother and diapers, you know. So I started writing things down and then I kept thinking it needs to just follow me around in my day. So the story started at emerging artist theater in New York City, a new work series, and I just I just put it up. I don't even think the first time I did it I had a much of a script. I had more of an outline and I would improvise the lines in this just developmental workshop and then I just went from there. I just created more and more. I did it again in April. I rented out a space so charged tickets. I sold it out and yeah, but it was more of a therapiece and there was three other dancers in it and add more upset pieces and they danced in between scenes. And then Doug was an opener as a comic. We were just like work it out, new stuff. So it's started out very different than it is now, but it always had the element of my story, like who I am as this single mom, and I do the tagline of single mom teaching kids with special needs and dating men with special needs. It's kind of it's almost sounds we like. It's become. It's become the new vagina monologs. No, you're not, you're you're not the first person that said that. I think that's awesome. That's great. I love it. I've never seen the vagina monologs personally, I don't see myself as the target audience as much, as much as the title does contain one of my favorite words. And then and then you mentioned you do. You started at you started a children's theater, theater group. Yeah, so prop box players is my company. I started in two thousand and thirteen before divorce diaries, and I started it because I had my daughter. I was eight months pregnant actually, and my school that I was teaching at closed down. It was a public charter school and the Commissioner of Education New Jersey shut it down and I wasn't going to be working after having my daughter. So I was married at the time. I stayed home with her, I taught at a community college and then I started my theater company because I had still been so hungry for performing and I wanted to do something that was my own and having my daughter really got me back in thinking that way and I just someone said to me like, why don't you just do it, as opposed to coming up with reasons why she'd wait. So I just went down to the town I was living in, I registered the name, I pay like seventy five dollars and I started it and I just I started like finding a space to book a show, to do a free...

...performance, I did part performances, then I started making clients with libraries and I started specializing it with for inclusion performances because my daughter, at twenty months wasn't speaking and she had to go for early intervention services, which was like getting extra help and therapy, and I noticed the therapeutic strategies were very much involving movement and role playing, all this theater based exercises and in my opinion, so I said I need to do this, and I've worked with kids especial needs for a long time with in theater and dance, so it's a bonus to have. Not much is out there. There's the comedy for you know doing sorry not to go on too long about this, but no, go ahead. I just did a show at a school for ages five to twenty one for children with mild to severe autism or other disabilities, and some of them are nonverbal and they have their own comedy club and that's pretty cool and I did come my Improv show with them and it was pretty cool and it really is a way for them to grow and heal and learn. So that's so great. That's their own little comedy club. I love it. It is and it's like run by their occupational therapist and it's very it's if you can tackle that in your brain, how do you get a non verbal child or, you know, teenager to make a joke when they don't speak? How do you do that? How you tackle that? You know, it's it's really cool. It's interesting, you know, performing for a room full of non verbal children. That's just sounds like the worst open mic, but they're so I did a lot of dance. So that's where the dance element comes into the comedy. Okay, because you have to use your body and they're using their body to communicate to you. So and it and it becomes this whole other world of performance instant and how you're touching somebody's life and they know I've played around with there's so many avenues I want to go with with my theater company, but centralized with this healing through humor idea, because, you know, there's so many avenues I can take and I'm looking back with divorce as prop box and it's about laughing and feeling good and you can you can do that through dance and monologs and improll that stuff. You know. Hey, everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people who support this show every month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin, Jody McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shay, do every single month help support this show. And if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and join the one dollar tier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name, was it in the description? You get early access to all these shows commercial free through our patreon urss feed, and so many other cool rewards. Once again, go to patreoncom basement lounge pods, join the onesollar tier and help support the show. Speaking of the show, let's get back to them. So you're super active on on the social media. You're always posting, trying to you will. You're always posting stories and photos and videos. So what some of the stuff you like to do with social media like as far as like fan engagement and stuff like that? So I love doing the sketches. I don't think I've posted a sketch and maybe it's one last week. I love playing my characters and I like doing that's my favorite, but I feel like I need to do more of it and I like telling stories about my day. I've been holding back a little bit because of the teaching thing, but... I'm not going to hold back, even though I may not look like I'm back, I'm not. I'M gonna not. Yeah, I guess my characters doing sketches are my bet, my favorite. Yeah, you're I always love where it's just there's Michelle eating lunch in her backyard and suddenly, Oh yes, those, those were great. I love those. Oh good, I'm glad. And the thing is, like I did a bit bunch about the Greek guy that I was going. Did you watch this, this Greek guy? I honestly, I don't even I'm not attracted. This is what's sick. I'm not even really sure I'm physically attracted him at this point. It's just that now he's not answering me back, so I just want to look highs out now. That's horrible, right, that's fine. It's all right. Look looks as a as a man, we're pretty terrible just to in general. So it's fine. We odds are at some point in our life. We deserve it. It's okay. I have to it's some other point. I have to send you a clip at when I can get it, if I if I have it on tape about a joke I was marking out a kicking men in the balls every time they do something wrong, just because I think that would help them not do something wrong. I don't know. I'm working on the joke up that sends you. I mean, look, worked for Pavlov. So we so we've gotten to know. We've gotten to know Michelle, the the actress, the Dancer, the teacher, the comedian. Let's get to know Michelle the human being with a home and a child in a life. So let's you know, the show is called divorce diaries. We've mentioned that the xos when a couple times. So how I guess where was the where was the birth of that relationship? And I guess kind of what was the you know, what was the end? What was the end of that story? So we met. I was twenty three and he was twenty five. He was we were both waiting tables and the same restaurant. I had just gotten home from a Gig, I was touring and he was still finishing college, and that's how we met. And then I was going away. Our first year dating, I was away most of the time because I was doing shows, doing beauty of these and other shows, and he, he, he was the first guy. He's in the first relationship and he was actually yeah, yeah, I know, I was old for twenty three friend, not all. I shouldn't say that. No, ignored that. How was? No, that's actually you could be twenty five and now have a boyfriend older, older, the older than most, but not bad. Right. So the thing was I dated but I never had a serious boyfriend college or high school, which, looking back at I'm glad I didn't. But at the same time I jumped so full fledged in that. You know, maybe that's why I didn't realize that it's not maybe the person to marry. But it started to unravel, I think, because I ended up changing a lot of who I was to think I was needing to be somebody else to make the other person feel good. And he probably would say, well, I didn't make you feel that way. You know, I'm thinking of his but I did. I changed a lot and then when I got married, shortly after, I started feeling really different. I was working in a highly intense school and and things started to unravel a little bit then and we worked at it, you know, I'll be honest. I didn't want to stay in a marriage and cheat and that was a big, major component of leaving, in fact the major component, and as mad as he was for me wanting to in the marriage and being not want you know, it really to me I would have rather left and then cheating. So and it's not that I want I had someone I wanted to cheat with at the time. It was just that I thought to myself, this is going to keep happening coming up. I could feel it, you know, in your heart, when you're not happy and it's not going to be worth it. So and you get to a point where you just you can tell,... could feel yourself starting to look elsewhere. Well, write. It wasn't even I didn't. You know. What's happened was it was a trigger. There was something that triggered me to say, Hey, I'm attracted this person and I started to think things like well, I need that and I don't have it in this relationship. And then eventually, over three four years, I started to realize, wow, am I ever going to be happy in a relationship? And and when I decided that being divorce and being a single mom and working towards my personal goals was the better avenue. It was a it was great. A lot of people look at it like you're quitting or or it's a negative thing. And Yeah, if you love, you know, I definitely feel like I hurt my ex. Has Been a lot because he didn't want the divorce. But I think we've definitely tried. But you know, I definitely tried and I was trying to make the work and I didn't want to hurt him anymore, you know, and I think that's something that I think is lost a lot nowadays, is people in any relationship, dating, married, what have you. So many people nowadays aren't willing to put in the work. You know, there's a there's a hiccup or an obstacle of fight, an issue whatever, and rather than deal with it, they just say, well, obviously it's not working and they and they've a mouse, you know, out. Yeah, yeah, it's fine if it has to end, but at least, you know, at least try. And you guys, and you did. We try. I went, we went to therapy, I had to, had gotten pregnant to like I did. I thought that was going to shift it. You know, you know and your gut that something's over, and it is definitely we're in a better place. He's watching. You know, we're not. I don't think we'll ever be like super best friends or anything, but we're in a much better place. So it's you know, and we have a beautiful daughter and like why would I wait? Yeah, exactly. So you got to kind of just go with this, seege the moment and know what your gut is telling you. So, as far as getting into being a performer and being a comedian and an actor and all that, how where did that spark come from for you? I think I've always had it. I think since I was six years old, I've always loved dancing. It started with it being a dancer and then it from there. In High School I did musical theater and in fifteen years old I knew I wanted to be an actor. That's what I was going to pursue, because I remember doing hello Dolly in high school, being backstage and going I'm going to do this, this is going to be my thing, because my I have to say, like when you're in your educational background and in your experience, when you're exposed to it, that touches you in a way where you can't. You know my high school music well, do it. Theater was she was my course director. She she really helped. That's that was the one of the people in my life that really got me to be where I am today. Just motivated and written inspire to do it. So where would where do you see everything with with the show and and your own career, like what? Is there some kind of like goal up on a pedestal or something you're trying to get to with either your own stand up or with divorce diary specifically? Yes, specifically with divorce diaries. I would love, I wanted to be a scripted series on a network. So I'm in doing some moves now to make small potatoes happen with getting a pilot and it is a real up and I wanted to be a sustainable entertainment brand where it's a series, it's about a residency in Vegas and it's continually touring and you know, whatever else outside of that, you know, maybe more other things pop up and then, as far as my goal has always been, I think the same since college, is to make a...

...full time living as an actor, as a performer, you know, and have something kind of that goes beyond just being the actor of you know this this education, now that I have this backpack up, being an educator, helping people, because that sticks with you. Your mental health is what cuts us going right, like it's why we do what we love to do. Oh yeah, so if I could, if I could, you know, pick something that I could leave my daughter, it would be this brand that is sustainable where if she doesn't have to be a performer, which to say, this is what my mother has done, you know, from the startup, just wanting to be an actor, and you know she had a series, she has this live show, she has a theater company. I think my theater company ideally would love to have a kids comedy club for children with and without special needs, so they could just go to so that's like the long term goal for for everything as of now. That's where I kind of my projector at trajectory. I'm sorry, is ever thought about, like hiring is because like a like a small bones camera crew and shooting like a divorce diary special to put up online or something? Absolutely so I'm gonna be actually, before we were talking, I've been writing more. Today I'm doing an unscripted series that will be starting to upload in the new so I'm probably going to launch a January. In January one the scripted series on my youtube channel will be kind of like three minute episodes and sorry, the unscripted series. And then I'm going to be doing a sizzle. We're going to do a little pilot, like you're just like a small video crew is. I'm going to be putting up a gofundme for April. We're going to shoot it and I'm trying to get the law firms that have, you know, come to my show to sponsor the funding for it and just anybody that wants to put in towards it to kind of start there and go from there. That hurt somewhere. So and just, I just, I just I love. I love how dialed in you are, I really do. I love how just you've got this whole little your own little Michelle train to entertainment brand going here with Michelle Trainacom is launching next week to by the stamp on it. You heard you heard it here, folks, you heard it here, folks, on my stay's pockets. Sorry, the bit. It's the basement, the basement, lounge, basement loude. I like that but if is there a server back? No, but I do have I'm going to I'm going to hold the camera so you can see. I got furniture from our old morning shows. That so I've got shares and a table and I had had another guest down here earlier today recording another show and you were in New York City. We could you could be a part of the sizer. I'm me want to make an appearance on it. We have to figure that out. Yeah, I need to travel more and come out to New York City. I know I am trying to. I because I try to do like one big trip just for me every year, because usually I'll travel a lot for a film festival or some kind of like something fun but something that's still kind of technically work, and so I try to have one trip a year where it's just fun, you know, and so I'm trying to do I wanted to do one to La and one to New York this year is the plan. So yeah, you should absolutely, because I've got I've got you and some other people in New York I'd like to see, and then I've got friends out in Los Angeles, like from college and stuff, and so I'm just trying to also like I have not left the freaking east coast. mind. Way, you gotta go, you gotta go. You definitely have to do it. I'm going to get on here for that, because you're going to see it a different you're going to see two different worlds in La and New York, and my my gut, I'm I'm gonna put money on this. You're going to like New York better than La because and I love the La Weather, but I'm a hustler, I'm a worker and there's a there was...

...a quote the the the quote was this writer that did the rite up a divorce stars. He gave it to us. Such a quote is about like living to work and working to live. It's New York. It's just there's a fire in there, especially the common scene. It's just you can walk to clubs, to in New York City. Not all of that's great, but there's some clubs that are in walking distance and in La it's not like that. But I'm biased because lifestyle. Look, I'm just tired to have the drive an hour north to Columbus to go do five minutes unpaid on a day off. So, yeah, I know I'm yeah, exactly and it's a different it's a different scene, it's a lot, it's overwhelming sometimes, but at the same time it's what makes you feel motivated getting out there. That that grinds you know you are at you were a busy, busy person, Michelle. You know you're juggling all this different stuff. If you, let's say, you had an assistant, someone who was just their job was to follow you around, I love it all the time. What is the what is something you would have them do? Like, what's something you need an assistant for? It all times. Record me constantly forget recording me for a video for social the recording for social media is huge. So that is what would help me the most right now. And writing follow up emails and and, Oh yeah, because as a business perspective, you got a constant you got to do six times, get in front of their face before you get an answer back. I mean six sometimes it is too much, but like leads for my company and leads for a door start. Just someone to do two of those things, social media and and follow up emailing. This, you know, marketing Yis. That's what I love. I guess I'm throwing a lot of my scissors play, but it's bad. That's their job. That's their job. Coffee I can do. I can do everything else. Those two things I just if I could just focus on. You know, I'm trying to just focus on the artistic side, but like when you're at this point of the phase, you know, like if I can't bring on an assistant who can do marketing and all that stuff right now, I'm going to have to do some myself to and make it so that it's simple, it's easy, and I just I prioritize, you know. And so with everything you're doing now, is there anything left on your bucket list? Go to Italy? That would Italy CET list. Italy is a big thing. Is Is my whole family's Italian and my brother has travels to my twin brother has lived in Italy and Sicily, and my bucket list would be to go on a big family trip to Italy with all my brothers and my family. My Dad is really sick. He's got that CEOPD and he won't be able to travel anymore, but at some point that would be you know, that's that's on my buppet list is could I go to Italy? That's really cool. I'm not going to Ireland. Yeah, I mean I I want to go a lot of to travel abroad is a big bucket list to see, to be a part of some of the you know, the blessing. I'm a big spiritual person. I was raised Catholic, but I'm more about like the spirituality of like the blessed mother, and they go to the places where she's appeared. Those are prime. That's on my Bucke list to that's really cool. Yeah, so, other than your daughter, what would you say is your most treasured possession? Not that I've been playing a child as a possession, but it just seemed funny. No, I did. Is My most I would say, well, I what you know. I don't have it anymore. It was something. It was my mother's. It was the blessed mother. It was an Italian and she has it back now because the chain broke. But I work for like two years straight when I was nursing my daughter at a difficulty time nursing. That was like my most vibe session. Besides, obviously, you know, my child, my life and I have have my blessed mother prayer book, but that and the ganasia.

I can I could show you a book and I can show your listeners. Looking. Asia is the think it's a Buddhist elephant. It's the God that removes Offso Poles from your life. Okay. So my friend went to its right this one, okay, and it is I'll be able to tell you right. I'll be will find it. Okay. So it's bout. She got it in Bali and it's a wood carving of Ganasia, the Hindu elephant God that will bring you blessings, presperity, good lucks, and it's it's considered the remover of obstacles. So that's a possession I really care for. Oh, Oh my God, this is easy one. I'm sorry. This has to trump the Guinea stuff, blessed mother, and this, Oh, coffee, coffee pot. I think it's coffee, coffee. The Coffee Pot, though, is specific. It's a it's a so an espresso pot where you can brew it on the Stove. It's strong and it's amazing. I want one of those so bad. Oh, okay, you do, okay, one next time in the day and I'm bringing you on. Okay. I went. I went camping earlier this year and guy was camping with had he brought stuff to make Turkish coffee at the camp. Life Changing, it is. Okay, so this is this is like that. It's not as strong as circuits coffee, but it's close those. So all right, that's going to make a primount to date and we got to get you on. I just love that. Yeah, this is espresso, but it's not as strong as Turkish coffee. Well, do you know? It's it because I use the cafe austello. I put on the stove right and then I steam the milk. All Right, I'm not seen them up. I've boiled the milk a little bit and put in the milk and then I put the coffee. Pulls Sugar. Not So yummy. That sounds awesome. So is there? Is there like when you think about because from a from from a low level comic standpoint, when I see that the one I see the things that you're doing and putting together, I look at that and I'm like, okay, that's success right there. Like that is that is like, that is a that is achieved, that is a goal to be achieved right there, to be able to say you can do all those things. For you, when you think about success, is there like a person who comes to mind? Oh, yeah, I mean. Well, I mean I hate to say a celebrity because yeah, of course they're successful. But okay, well, I will say Sebastian Mescalpo is, one of my favorite comics, following him for a long time and I've been following his story and he's a very kind, genuine, awesome big person. So I love him as successful, right, but I also look at, you know, people who who like well, like success is measured in what your personal legend is. Do you know I'm saying? Like, example, my mother always wanted to go to college and wanted to have her own house and wanted to she's a very good writer, but she did everything for her family. She was a great mother. That was her thing. She had her soul. May as my father and I was her mother, and I look at her and I'm thinking she's successful, even though she has these these stripes of like things where she didn't do this. Her success have been to carry on to her child, to her children, specially me. Go Out and not given F and do what you need to do, because that's a very rare gift to give so, like I think it's you know, it's hard to say who's successful. I think if you live the life you want to live, your successful and it doesn't matter if you fail. You haven't been on a net, you know. I don't think it matters. I think if you've achieved them something that you've set out to do, that success, because once you achieve that thing right, this always going to be the next. I don't know. No, I'm a I'm always looking for the next step, as I'm never satisfied...

...with where I'm mad. I'm always looking for it. I can do next exactly. I think anybody is. I think I read the out have your ever read the alchemists? I have. Yeah, so that personal legend things something on that. After I read that I was like, I love that. So true. And and, like I said, I'd earlier when I set out to do in college with the perform full time and make a living and not you know, everyone's when I've told people I was leaving teachers, Whoa what about the fun of friends? That's like a consistent crazy and I figured it out for myself. I'm still really taking a huge risk, but like what's like anybody starting a business well, well, my got. What are you doing? You know, like, what about being a police officer? Oh, you got great benefits, but you're risking your life every day. You have a it's everybody's what they want to do. If that's where you want, you know, serving your country, that should be looked at a successive. You're going for it. Yeah, we've gotten we've gotten deep, we've gotten into some stuff. I'm going to pull a random card from a deck of questions that I have here and we're just going to answer it. And these, these can go. These can be really thought provoking, or these can be really weird. I am praying I get a weird one. Oh please, let me get a weird one. I'm going to shuffle these right now so everybody can hear it, so they know I'm not just I love it. Good, like it. And Yeah, got a weird one. All right. What what is your favorite body part of your which of your body parts is your favorite? Oh, I like my boobs. I like mine too. No, I like. I like a lot of parts of my body, but I do like my boobs a lot lately. Rocket, rock, just rocket, like I I gun stop you. That's I you know, I you know why it. Can I tell you why? I please, actual reason. I mean it is but they I'd nurse my child with them for a year. I have my mom has had. There was breastcuts or my family. I just had to have am I just started getting mamograms last here. I want to love these things so until they're and they're still pretty decent. Four hundred and thirty eight. You know, they're really nice and I love on them. Yes, good for you, good for you. Mine just getting mine just getting the way and surprised me a little bit every morning when look in the Mirror, like Ah, oh wait, that's me. Okay, we're good. Oh so, Michelle trainer, where? where? If the people were curious enough to forgo seek you out online, where can they find you? So my biggest following right now is on instagram divorce diaries show, and you'll see my picture on it, because there's a couple other ones. They're out there for some reason like divorce diaries or people just great ones. I know it's annoying, but my show is copyrighted. So boom HAH, divorce diarry show youtube channel and divorce Darry show on facebook. Michelle Traina to on instagram and twitter, divorce diarry show, all divorce diarry show, and you can also find my my personal account, mischell trainer. It's Michelle with one L. Yes, thank you. That was that took me when we were doing the dog in funny shows, like I can't find this woman anyway. Oh, it's one ol. It was by it was by a random TYPO. happenstance that I found it. You know what? I've had so many people, specifically, like men I dated this spell it wrong after they've been dating me awhile and they still still spell it wrong out of the blue. I'm like, Dude, you still don't know how to spell my name. So it's okay, we've crossed boundaries. You can't spell my name yet. Okay, yeah, it is rady. Oh It's word care or autocorrect and my dude. All right, that's why there's a delete key. Okay. It's like if this guy's name was George and his ggo, what if I wrote Jore like would o? It's... correct. Come on, my phone wants you to be a joey. And what do you have coming up anytime soon as far as a show? Wise, a couple of different stuff coming up. So I have December nineteen, that Broadway Comedy Club in New York City. That's my monthly New York City Place, and then I will be travel. They're going to be a few other days in January, but that I haven't confirmed yet. But the ones that I would love to plug, if it's okay with you, are the ones I'm going to traveling to Nashville, Zany's Nashville, February fourth, stand up live in Huntsville Alabama, and then stardom in Birmingham Alabama. So so I think Zany's is February fourth, Nashville, ferry with his Huntsville stand up life. February seventh is stardom and Birmingham Alabama. Look at you, just booking stuff. I mean that's left and right. It's all me pushing my face in front of people. That's what it is. It's not you know. You got it. You got to do it, the wise you don't know. You know. Well, guys, we got we got links to all this stuff down in the description of this episode. So Click it, go check it out, follow Michelle and all the social media. Michelle, it was so great to get to talk to you again yes so great to talk to you, to your amazing and Fabulous Mike. When am I going to I gotta come see your so I gotta be go back out there. Yes, come into New York. I am fully planning on coming out to New York and we'll paint the town Magenta with that. With that, folks, that's going to do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. Follow me on social media at Mike Shay comedy, on twitter and Instagram. Follow the show on Instagram, Basement Lounge pod. Support the PATREON. One dollar a month gets you freaking stickers and all kinds of cool shit. So do that and, as always, folks, will be back again next week the brand new episode. In the meantime, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bubbye.

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