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Season 1, Episode 19 · 1 year ago

"I Don't Think I've Processed This Entire Year" with Elyse Coulter - EP #19


News anchor Elyse Coulter from Dayton 24/7 Now stopped by the studio to talk about her early beginnings as a student at Ohio State University, the raucous year that the city of Dayton has had to endure, and why Youngstown is the food capital of Ohio.

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So I was, he wasn't just some can theywere like, like hey, listen, so we're going to give you some time, LikYourseve, to become volunteer for the Newso. What what why news the? Whyjournalismw? It was not my initial goal. It was notmy initial dream. Um growing up, I loved to sing and I loved to dance andI loved theater and I actually wanted to do musical theatr. I have a m almosta double major, I'm, a major minor, my minor being in theatre. I could ave hada double major if I wanted to take one more class, but, let's to be honest, Iwanted to graduate and get on with my lege. So h. You know I took a I I I took sometheater classes and realized theater. Just wasn't for me. Um and I took ajournalism class, a communications class and reporter from from T e. Ourstation in Columbus actually came in and did like a whole video on what shedid for a day and I was like h's Kindo cool. I might be able to do that and Umtook an internship at our station. In Columbus and fell in love- and I neverreally looked back- I see where I went to school, Mascomand theater were the same department. It was. It was a small little school inthe middle of nowhere in South Carolina and Um. So so the departments themselves weretoo small to be individuals, so they they muched them together into one. Soit looks like I have a double major in Mascomin theater, but it's actuallyjust the same major but twas cool was they? Let me take classes the. Let metake theater classes that were actually really beneficial to like being on airlike like ladiction and then and script writing L. I learn how to write a newscript and things like that. My College Education has nothing to do with what Ido today, actually because I have a journalism degree, but it's in printOah, so Ohio state, actually, just as I was deciding to do broadcast journalism,got rid of their broadcast ournalism program because, O, U was so close Oso.I M didn't realize that so everything I learned was through my internships andthen my senior year of college. I had the part Timep job at our station, so Iwas working already at a station. Writing News and learning how to shootand edit and everything bosoin school see I I'm so used to. I went Y. I wentto three different schools down south and so I'm so used to where all all themask comand journalism- all that was all just one thing but you're sayingOhi state they actually had like branchs like th, that's wild Tom Yeah,so yeah there were branches within the Communications Department orcommunications school o. So yeah o t the more I meet people up here, Y Caus,I mean I'm from Ohio, but I live down south for a number of years and themore I meet people in like like ICB, nothing like that downsid n. We have somany people on our station. Just te master control alone, who h Mat MT Morgan whoas, one of our ourShif leaders was on their commercials for a while it', it's yeah, but we didn't haveanything like that down. sodirectors have done that too or something I know.Some of the production people have l e gone through Iladio Se, go tro Sin La okay. A lot of ourengineers go through saingclair, the Ainclo jobs, doing stuff right, W we'retalking inside baseball folks, jobs, jobes doing stuff, that's ing,clear right, nowdg Dave's been around since engineering was invented. I loveDavi so much and then the tim he walks in walks ind hands in his pockets. Well,but has problems with answer is: Did you turn it off? ACONretorting it. Yes! Thank you, capain genius, ofirst thing. I did myhusband's an engineer so like Iall r kind of say that a little bit 'cause,that's like did you turn it off and turn it back on? I'm like I might work. I didn't know that I worked, you know,lived Ain, twenty four seven Hou, my GRANDPA's, an engineer and my myuncle's, an it guy on right, Pat and my dad was an it guy. So I I grew up withthat. A Rey setting I okay. I tried that, but sure WTO Om more time andthen and then there's Travis Trafvi is one of my best friends in the world. Heis freaking smart, but he is he's one of those just kind of like you know wha. He knows what he has todo, but he hates that he's. The only one who no ealy have to do. Itthat'hewas the only one who kindoneo no yeah come a long way, though he and I used to like work together.Every day he was my photographer al.

That's iit was almost a photog. Almosta photalk yeah wasn't wasn't wasn't thrilled with thehours, not the minor, any better hous are't any better. I st live there.I especially especially these last couple of weeks. I just I just lost control, lost track of whatday it is Yi'm. Just there, I'm waiting for the day where I show up,and I 'm like Mik you're, not even scheduled today, oh well, here, Yeplook O, like I got a paper Christmas,somehow Um. So so you went to Ohio state. You are, and I think we talked Ao t isbefore you are. You are an Ohio girl born and Lary Aohiofrom, Oh yeah. I I've still got my unclelives there. We used to go there a lot when my grandparents, my dad's parents,were alive used to go to Wedgewo y. A earman was WI s tet. It is so good andpeople from who are not from North Eastohio and have never had BuddanPizza Doo, not no pizza. No, no! I I'm sorry. I love date. Dayton like I doIknow I love daton Dayton. You don't now pizza, no h! I lk. I finally triedmarions for the first time this year. I'd never been before, and Marian's isgood. It'I, don't understand how in the hell it keeps winning best in Daytonevery year. I think it's like it's like one of those daton is loves. This thincrust circle, I'm not going to cut it into a pizza pie. I'm going to do thesquare thing like I don't know what it is like who invented it here, but ithas never gone away m back home like in Youngstown and if you guys ever go toYoungstown, I mean there's nothing in Youngstown. Besides good food- that'strue! Oh Yeah! It has like, if I tell my husband all the time and like if welived in young's town, I'd, be five hundred pounds. I'm not EO kidding youbecause the food is so good back hom. It's ridiculous. Have you ever had asalad in Youngstown? Oh Kay? Oh O, I nsalad, Oh, no, I'M A SIMPLE SALAD EATER! SoI'M A SIMPLE CHILD YEA! I I love M Y, like I love my my spinach salad. Withmy you know, my my pecons and my apples and my check an wron weeducate me Le Mebreak it downso funny story when I first moved to Columbus. I was so angryabout this by the way, because I ordered a grilledchicken salad and itdid not come like it's made in young sound, a mad, a young stone. You getyour lettuce, you have French fries hot French fries on. Then you put a crapton of cheese on top of that and it's melted over the top, and that's yoursalad and youngstone se. That's my kind! That's my kind of salad that guyis listen! I'm telling YOURIGHT NOW! You'll go Soursami, love handles. I know it's been forever.Actually. I lie my mom came down in August and I made her bring me a andmade her bring me two ledgewod pizzas ohand ice cream. I think what makeswedgewood pizza so great is they do something that nobody else? Does theyshred their pepperoni yeah and it just gets nice and crispy? It's T, it'sFANTASTES, H, doghiness! That's I okay crispy pizza! I can. I can I'm downwith it. Don't get rea wrong, but the doghiness of of Wedgewood Pizza, I meanit's greasy is all go it'SSO! That's why we, when my brother was just intown he was down from from Kenn state for Thanksgiving and DNO. I should haveI said 'cause. I stayed the night in orthcand with my grandparents, but thatwas is where I'm from, but we drove hene. I drove him back. 'cause he's abig pizza, nut he' he's nineteen. So we drove down to we drove down tomellow mushroom, oh so, where we, when we lived downsouth there were three and what's great about Melomoshrom is no two or the same.The Menus. The same but t the decore is always different, like the one that wasin downtown Columbia was like superrustic and Kinda Kindo old towny,but the one that was across town was like very modern sports bar like andthen the one that's down in Um on the way to censy o Wa, that town o Westchester it'Sin Westchester rightby the IK. It's got like a almost like an islandisland, shack vibe to it, but th 's, his re Yean you can. They have a pretzelappetizer where they give you huge, fresh, Bik, pretzels made of theirpizza de M God. It's RT smells that I can spell it right now. It's it's yeah,it's Best B to you, and it reminds me so much of the kind of thing you wouldget in youngs down it's J. It's it's again that doghiness!I T it's a little crispy, but it's nice...

...and Chewy as well, and then there's a place that justopened a downtown called Gianinostohio pizza m. It is very it's not budgewood! No, but it'll giveyou a northeast Ohio, fl! Oh Yeah, just opened one on. Is it third street bythe DCAY OFA, their spinach and chicken pizza is 'cause Li, similar to Wedgewood or amelomotion or even a Marcos? They don't skimp on the Topiniean. Yo got to begooabout the Topin, so many places and like like marions the ground. So theway they do the ground sausage I'm into it. But but like I, I don't want to see thecrust like youneither. I don't want to see the crowd Wen. I needto need twohands to lift my pizza slice. OP, that's wh t I miss that the most thefood all the Italian food, like it's just always so good like here. I don'teat red sauce. The only place I eat, realit Os Mama asalvos. I live around the corner from there andI've still never been. Oh, you don't know what youthat's the best Italianfood in the MIAMIDAY. You have told me that Travis Hus told me that and whenshe was here, Rachel Arigon told me that loved m again ie lived F five years. Itis around the corner from my house, never been so the I so so godmm. OhI'll tell your food 'cause, I all gardens, it's fine, it's whatever! I I my family's IALIAN Kay. I cul say that,like my whole family's like a hundred percent at except for my dad he's Irishor which is you know, of course, I got the light, hair and Zoral Irish ilbehigher. So all we do is we just drink and hold grudges yeahit's a good way to live. YETHEYRE nthey're not far off were justreally loud and obnoxious about it. I Um my best friend in college. Hestill lives down south to say Vince. He is as a comede and he is my favoriteperson in the FA n. The facecause he is. He is a walking stereotype. His motheris full blooded Porto Rigan, his father is full blooded Italian they're fromNew York. His name is vinny and he's a mechanic. Oh Myo its. It is the greatest thing, and so,when the first time I went to his house and they're just yelling at each other-and I was like- should I leave thathmy family and my husband he's Italian, buthis Italian side they're not really like that. Like there's not as manyItalians on his side of the family as theyre like his Mon'side is German, sothey hung up more on his mom's side of the family. Now my I grew up, so I youknow my dad' name is Colter, so that's the Irish in me, but my mom's side ofthe family you've got Miranda Rometo Pastela, literally all three. You knowall three families and when you get all of us together, you can't hear anybodywho're all yelling over everybody. Our hands are flailing in the air and Ijust remember like the first like Christmas, my husband, which she was myboyfriend thet nname too. He literally was like looking around. He gets veryintimidated, B Kindo like pick a corner and sit there, because you can onnobody, hear what I mean I can relate to that so hard. You can't get learnand you're justsitting there like watching and every like someonewill ask you a question andthey don't. Even let you finish the answer. It's H, it's kind of ridiculous. Iwould go to the vinning house all the time for dinner and his mom and dadwould just be yelling at each othe for letter Wordan and then his Momwu Cunearound and go Mike Honey Coan to get you something to either she wa sweet ashell to me and then she would turn around and tell me why didn't you putYouin salt in Te, UPHEAD R? I so funny Myyou talk about like thItalians that definitely like feed you, my great grandmother. She was likeninety seveven years old and she passed, but when I was in high school, she wasin her eighties and I would eat dinner and I would go again then I would driveto her house and like spend the evening with her and she was like Leci honey.Are you hungry and I said no grandma, I just e. She goes okay, I'll make yousome Pada and I'm like Ho. I'm like. I can't eat this like and J s like. Doyou want some desert like no grandma and really full okay I'll make you andI's like? Oh, my goodness, I can't like you just couldn't get away with that. II dited a girl in college who was from a Greek family and when I say Greek Imean my big factory. Glen Doingmor, like you know what you mean he's avegetarian doesn't eat me: okay, Fin I'll, make im lamboh man, it was we didn't date long, but man that was.That was a good time. So you and your husband have beenmarried for Howdid. You guys meet! U Uh. I got to cut this part out or... back in the day I was wondered. Imean I met him when I was twenty, and so my best friend was dating his bestfriend and I had just come home for the summer for school and I wanted someoneto hang out with, and I called her up and she's like Hey, I'm going to aparty tonight, you want to go and I'm like Hell Yeah. So I go to this HouseParty and my husband and his best friend were there well. His best friendwas not the one dating my friend Um, and so my husband was hitting on me andI wasn't really interested because I just got out of of a really crappyrelationship Um with a guy, and then I was kind ofdated another guy for a couple of months and he was kind of anothersituation, and so I was just like. I don't want to date. I just want to besingle. I don't want to have a boyfriend, I don't want to be tied down.I knew that I was going back to Columbus Inc September because I had todo it back to school and I certainly didn't want to datet anybody fromyoungstown like I just was ecause. The last two guys I had dated were fromyoungstown and I just didn't want to Ha with them. I E couldn't couldn't do itdidn't want to do the long distance so um he was hitting on me and I was likefine. Whatever he's like Hey, do you want to be my beer pong partner and Iwas like Wel? I don't drink beer 'cause back then. I was too good for beer. Ionly Drink Liquor, apparently alm stol nougod. Now I don't doink at all, but no so andI was like I was like sure if you want to drink all my beer and he was likeall right and I was like all right, so he asked me to be as Beerpung partner.We played beer pong and then I got bored and I asked my best friend N, Isaid Hey: Do you want to go to the bar and she's like yeah? Let's go so herboyfriend was like all right I'll go with you guys. Well, as I'm walking upthe steps like from the basement. My now husband says to me: Oh you wouldn't, like N, a dance partner.Would you and in my mind, I'm like that is the Lamest Picko and I just lookedat Hem and I go. Are you saying you wanted to go to the bar with me? Youlike I mean like. If you want me to go and I go sure you can come with Babar,so we go to the bar mind you. This is young soun, and this is a longtime ago. I probblyshouldn't say this, but I was under so he gave me hisristpand and it bought me a beer and I ignored him the rest of the night, woSaly kind of sort of after that, it's a long story, but there was this girlthat used to chase them around, and I didn't want the drama and Um. I ended up deating his best friend fortwo weeks S, and then I went back to him. Oh Wow t arelove story and the rest, and the funnyt part is, is I even toldhim like before I went to college a'd like this will not be a relationship.IAS like this is a summer flang. That's all. It is fourteen years later andfive years of marriage here e are Aba. I was going to say and now now I've gotbaby number one on the way and you guys just built a house too and FairbourneYeah we've been there almost a year, it's a year this month that we moved inso mid. Mid December. I think, like the sixteenth or seventeenth is when wemoved downert before crstmoswas right before Christmas last year, Yeah Yeah.So what was the so? What? Finally like was the the nail and the cough and likelet's build the House and 'cause 'cause when you build the house in the area.That's like that's L, e you're, you're, puttg e, your little Er yeah. I thinkit was it was. You know we just realized how much money we were wastingand rent. We had rented this apartment for five years and the Bren just kept going up and we werelike we could have a mortgage, like literally, we pay, maybe three to fourhundred dollars more a month for our mortgage than what we were paying for atwo bedroom to has apartment so t just to me it was so crazy yeah. So we justdecided, you know what forget it. Even if you know who knows what's going tohappen in the future, especially like you just never know, you know Um, butwe plan on being here. You know what I mean, so we want to be here for thelong haull. So that's the game plan, but we were kindof like you know, evenif something happens and we're not we'll be fine so, but that was what waskind of the NAI, an the coston for that. So what and so what was the like? Asfar as just staying in Ecause 'cause, you intrng Yo SA interned briefly in NewYork, but you worked all over Ohio. was there ever the idea to go elsewhere? GoOut of state career wise. My my first on air job was actually out of state.It was in Virginia O Yeah, so smalltown Winchester Virginia Northern ChanadoaValley, it's about an hour and a half directly west of DC. So it's a sleepercity. So a lot of like people who live her work in DC live there Um. It was agreat first market it W S. I was the anchor producer I anchored the morningshow and produced the morning. Shol Um it was you know I just at that point intime. Like...

I don't know, I just I' like Ohio likethere was a part of me that always wanted to move on to bigger markets Um, but it's really hard to do when you're,not single RII mean you know my husband's an engineer he can't movearound like I would need to move around, and so I wanted to find a station thatI could call quote unquote home, which is why I stayed for as long as I hadplus I kept getting opportunities to move out ro and it was realy. It'sreally hard to turn those down. 'cause Yo said L e. just in the last fouryears you went from anchoring on the weekends and reporting in the week toonow you'reare you blemorning JSNI. Just morning ago, with you and you andNathan, and that's I mean I started as an MMJ and for the WHO don't know whatan MM J is. I did that for two and a half years at our station. That's whereyou you're, literally the photographer and the report M. So I started. I didthat for two and a half years moved up to a reporter and they moved up toWeekan anchor and they moved up to to morning anchor wow yeah. So it's hard to like you know we yeah.That's all that good. You know the station has been very good to me. So Ican't can't complain at all. Oh Yeah People's experiences will vary at anyany workplace, but when Youve got a good thing going for you yea it's hardto hard to walk away from, but if I would ever to get out of the businessfor any reason or woulever want to move on, I would w I'd. Go back to ColumbusY 'cause cause I'll, say one of thethings I miss most about having you on the weekends. Aside from how Tige of aship you ran, I D to do it. MMOR you're got you were gone for a week andeverything kind of went to Hel. You came back, thenexwee were kind of likewhat did those to Whil. I was gone, but I miss especially this time of year.I miss so much whenever in Ohiostate Buckeyce SA on everyone in the building knew exactlyhow alise felt about the game, because if it was interception or a touched out,it didn't matter. You'd hear a lease in the bench: N Gonthat's. So true, it's so tri. I can't help it it's. Idon't know what it is about the buckeys, but they just get fired up. You and youin shame. Shashaoh, yes, yeah, pled, Plese wht is red and written. I I amnot a sports guy, O Goan give you the Rango sports ball yeah. I I'm from you know South Carolina whereit was. You know the Gamecock clensand tiger rivalrno yeah O notnot a far Um. Don't I don't miss like I I was I was. I was in thestudent center one time and these two guys got inno got like a knuckle brawl.I went and pulled on apart and I was like what the hell a you guys, fightingtabout and say no, I'm tired, stupid ask game cockiand I was like Wel. Thisis about college football. You'll have fun ill otill, each other oe. No, it is absolute. insantity like it is,it is the craziest thing ever. Oh, I know how I snate fans ar nuts and I cansay that because n I'm a Hieca man. Well now we all know we are crazy. T'like. My mom is my mom's at one ofthe biggest browns fans, all the faces, ogod, I'm a browns fan too, but I don't really claimh anytime. I make ajoke about. You know. Ho Brownds are going to live, 'cause I'll leave Youreon a Sunday morning, e she'll be sitting there in her brown sweatshirthe's all excited. I was like. Oh Man, mom, you are getting so excited to be,let down in a couple of hours s shut up and I'm like look two seasons in a row, not a singlewinit's, so r 'cause everyone's, like all Baker, Mayfield's going to likebring us back Blah Blah Blah Blah. Okay D. let me tell you byhind: This is howbig of a Buck I fan. I am. I still hate Baker Mayfield for I'm trying to plantthe Oklahoma flag o still. He can tape the browns of thesuperbowl and they could win for the first time of fifty years. I don't care,I don't like him you're that bigger yeah, I know CISIN A begger maphod. If you do listento this show and you would like to sponsor it what's come on Um. Oh, please, oh, please, O atwould be great bieveit's going tobe the cleanest, show I've ever I've. Ever I don't believeum. So I do these littlethings called poddecks and what they are is it's random interview, questionsfor PODCAST Gess? No, it doesn't get like it's not like hards againsthumanity, whereum Um, but welyou. Don't... of boss's mate, obbutistious reom questions so we'rejust Gonta R, we're just GOINGNA livenings up a little bit here. If youcould ask one person, one question and they had to answer truthfully who andwhat would you ask? Are you kidding if I had to ask one person, onequestion: Who would it be and what would I ask Wow thatis a really rough yes deeperthan I thought it was going to Gei was like. Is he going to ask like guiltypleasure movie? No, it wants you to get deepokay so Wel, okay. So if we want to get deep, Imean I could go. I could do this. This is cool. That's fine! Getting personal!So my just little background, my dad passed away. When I was fourteen gir,he was an alcoholic, that's whate he died from. So I guess my question wouldbe to him. You know why not get the help you need and you're you're aboutyou and I arealmost the same age. So that was fourteen. That was early, two thousandnine eight. Ninety Um and you K. I G. I gotta tell you it'sone of that's one of those things 'cause, especially 'cause. Nowadays I Ihave because th the treatment is so abundant out there. Nowadays you know-and I J- and I guess maybe is's justbecause I didn't. I wasn't aware of it back then, but I don't know how howabundant was it back then you know think really all that was there was uma a, and I think you know for a long time. As a Kad, I you know was like: Oh, he had achoice. You had a choice. You had a choice now as an adult. I realizeddoing the stories that I have done on Opio adiction on just addiction ingeneral. You really don't have a choice. I mean you do. It is a choice that theyhave to make, but if they don't make that choice themselves, there's nothingthat's going to convince them to change our lives. It's it's! It's not that they don't know they have a problem. ROBLEM! It's just Um. The addiction had taken over his brain like so much that it it just.He didn't realize like how bad problem, I guess n that does make sense. I I Ihave ihave several very close friends who are in and out of whether it'salcohol, rehave or drug rehave. You know I've. I've lost friends to it.I've made two documentaries about it. It's I it's one of those things thatit's it there's a. It makes a lot of sense and at the same time, it makesalmost none yeah I the problem is: Is that makes none to us'cause? We're? NotW, we don't have those same, you know hormones or whatever it is that's goingthrough R, their system and taking over their brain like we don't have that. Ican have a drink, gand be done. I can go weeks and not rangin bottleae andthat' yeah. No, I agree. I I I will say when I was in college. Therewere times that my mom would be worried about me Um, I suppose, to Goe whenyou're in college or's, the party culture itsjust. Thankfully, like Igrad of that re, were you in a Sororty or anything. I now sorry, oh you see the things they got to go. Youtalk about. You talk about alcohol problems, you see the things they gotto go through and not only that, but also I don't want to pay extra money togo to college Di Guess. I always looked at it, andthis is probably very rude and I I apologized but, and my thoughts havechanged but like almost like you're paying for friends, it did kind of Fel IA, at least when Iwas there, that's how it felt wh wh, I I did rush of fraternity in my freshmanyear of college and- and that was- and this may have just been that fraternity,but that was kind of Ha vibot a agin. I did never rush, but so I personallydon't know it's just being on the outside. Looking in that's how it's outyeah Um. So what is a characteristic that you are most known for, probably my laugh, yeah E. I get it everyone's, always like. Oh my God,yeah that's the least laughinga everybody. I just wanted to take amoment to enter up the show and give a very special shout out to the peoplewho supwort this show. 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Facet, loud hod andjoined, the onedollar tear Youl, get shouted out on the air, get your name with it. In thedescription you get early access to all these shows compercial free through ourPatriood r ssped, and so many other cool rewards once again go the Patriondotcom, slash, basment, lounge po join the one dollarere and a ore Sho Pak. IThe show, let's get back tois there. Is there something you like that mostpeople, just don't like an unpopular opinion. You have ina positive sense, Pikomei, don't know, I don't think her has a lot of fansright now, hm opinion. Let's see, I don't know, I'm sure I do 'cause, I'm veryopinionated. So I think maybe people are scared to tellme to be honest. They're like Oh yeahyepYep. They really don't agree at all. I think I know the answer to this one,but what are you most excited about right now, itit's, weird, how like your priorities?Change almost immediately, so you know it's it's just weird how you know myjob was my number one priority for twelve years. That was my career. Iworked my butt off to get to where I am, and now I'm Kinda like w euds to take abackseat for a little bit, and I need to figure how you know how I'm going tocare for a human. There are days I feel like. I can't even take care of myself.I need ana where's Mino punny. The baby needs a NAP gettandliemy husband's like wh. Do you ever not sleep and like listen this schedule,and then this child is literally sucking the life out of me, 'causeyou're at the station, but three in the morning, so my alarm clock GIS off atone thirty. In the morning Oh yeah yeah, I'm getting a hold at one thirty in themorning as Thos. No, my alarm clock gos off at one. Thirty leave the house bytwo thirty get to work at three Yai'm good and just think I wasthinking about this. The other day I saw I'l get home at what eleven thirtyyou know on a typical day and have to come home and basically have a wholeanother full time. Job 'cause, I' Gointao have to stay with the baby. Goan tell. My husband gets home, I'm Leio SA here, yourturn f t t by the time hecommutes hometomoh wow. So he probably you know if I'm lucky he'll be homeearliest, like six, Oh Eah, which is when you need to go to bad, but andthe dogs are walking around justkindof like'cause you're Y yo 're you're, a dog personally ohmey Gosh,yeah, H, Aybe they're, my babies. I've had three. We just recently had to um put down our old little old man afterthirteen and a half years. He was, I called him my little sulmate lilbdy. Istill miss him every day. Every day I miss him he's just he was my little man.We had him the whole time we'd been together. So it's really weird Ti d.not have him there, but we still have two more yeah, so they're chesand,scarlet, tres, all whatkind of dogs, Arhehm and then scarlet's, anotherJapanese Chin. They look like gizme. Yes, they do. OhS, tgizmois actually like like created after, like that. That too, like gotinspiration for Gizmo was the Japanese Chins. I didn't know that, but I did itRit ones, that's what she I she's a little redhead. That's O cue, an yeah!That's why? What is it like? Big Dogs, think they're, lap, dogs and littledogs think that they're oot mine et mind upstairs the little one I'mholding et with one hand and she's just quiet soon, as I set her down right now.I don't know what it is. I think with my old man, I used to think he hadlittle man syndrome. Oyou know what I mean like he would always be late. I'ma big JOG b. He was Alfa for sure like he well, he was when we had thewimeriners. We had the old man first and then we got the whime rinner as apuppy and our old man used to attack Ur y Arier. So he was terrified of ourseven and a half pound Japanese Chin and he's ninety pounds. I mean it wasHilarious, even util. The day the day before we put had to put him down, hewas still biting him, of course, turning around and giving him y kid andrelike what is happening, others carts, yeah and kind of watess yeah. I I had acat growing up, I'm not a cat person I like gets. I prefer dog, you know what cats are Aholes...

...espeially. My sister has a cat and yesupstairs right now and and she can go to help 'cause, she is she's a cause.Her Food and water litterbox down here at worst, roommate ever M I'll. Justwalk by her miing mob is not toucher. Sh Me and all of sudden APAU would usgo dowhat. Did I do to you iged, nothing to you, yr lwwe, had whenI was living down south. We had a. We had this l cat named Ario. She we'd hadher for like freaking ever she ran the house and then we had we had thisGerman shepherd named serious black 'cause. You know you Gota Um, we gothed, we got him as as a as a fit in your hand, puppy, and he grew up aroundthis cat and and that cat was the bos the w. We took his favorite toy and setit next to the cat on the couch and he just stared at it like, and she was looking at him like do it soon. It happens. Good Ano turtls. I had a turtle. I LoveTurtle, yeah they're, really cool. I had a read ear: sliter, THAT'S AL! Well,an thoroul! THESE STICK AI! Why don't you go Awa? You keepsaying you won't want to get one. I was like. I live down here, th th, thatthat smells got nowhere to go. What is the best piece of advice?You've ever been given M man I' wint, to find, like some lighterquestions out of this Tet ECAs holy tell the best piece of advice. I'd everbeen given was probably never to so. Actually, it was from my husband sowhen I started this career back in two thousand and seven, it was just beforethe recession of two thousand and eight and I rememberyeah seit was. It wasawful because here Ai'm trying to get into this career and the station at thetime they had to make cuts, and so what they were doing this way they werelaying off or getting rid of people who made too much money, and it wasreporters at anchors who had been at the station for ten fifteen years, andI remember thinking to myself, I went home and I told my husband, I said Idon't know. If I want to do this, he goes. What do you mean? I said I just.I can't imagine committing myself to a place for that long. Thinking that youwere go, you know you're good, you e you', you know you've rooted yourself.You've got a family here and then turn around and you've got ta move fifteenyears later because of whatever w. You know what I mean because of financialreasons, and he said to me yeah, but you're quitting before you even gave ita chance. I Lik you at least have to try it and see, and then you can say ohyeah. This isn't for me, he's like you, didn't even give it a shot yet andthat's when I was like you're so right and that's when I just kept going withit, that's really Youw a was that smart. I you know, I I started in radio and itwas kind of the same thing where round that same time, the radioindustry, like it didn't know what it was doing.Anymore. 'cause, that was kind of the advent of like Pandora and Internetradio was becom, tat thing and and whereas I hodtasher winkling andyou had was, it was funny because you saw where the movie and T v Industry we're starting to evolve with the technology. Like netlixfirst became a thing, holofirst became a thing, but the music industry forsome reason fought against it and when you fight against Change Lat's exactlywhat happened with the newspaper, I mean it's very sad. You know and it'sthe Internet was really the cruks of the newspaper and and it too it tookthe newspaper industry in general kindof too long to try to get with thetimes and they kindof just got left in the dust um one of the papers around here I won'tsay, names is getting bought out and there no longer going to be a dailypaper. It's going to be like thin weekly or something like that.At'Sayeah, that's Abso, it's just nuts and even the T v industry is going thesame reulm with social media and digital. and IT'S T it's it's like youknow. Oh It's scary, wellit is, but it's also exciting at the SAE. That'swhat happens. Things involve things change. I mean look at us now wherewe're we're signal casting our newscasts online. So,hey you, don't have T V, it's on your phone now, a it I mean how there was itwas two years ago I was, I was home, it was tornado, warning, Um satellite wasout, couldn't get TV. I I pulled the station up on my phone and was able tokeep track of the Mediralus at the time Um. So we knew what was going on. Weknew it was especially ecaus world across Hestreet from he city hall, sothe sirens right there, but that's what...

I did for the Memorial Day tornadoesand we turned all the lights off and all the TVs off, and I my husband and Iand my three dogs were sitting in the basement and I had my phone on and thatwas all I could do was ju I had it was on a feacebook. Actually I had thefacebook live on what a Nighti haven't o'cause. That wasmy 'cause I at the time I wasn't working Mondays. I just happened to becovering that Monday and it broke out- and I was like Wi'll- be out of this ina little bit and cut to the end of my shift. Oh we're still in this SVENE Huiwake up the next morning. We turn the news e watch the morning show Oh we'restillhe's. Still there good til, like I think we were on untileleven or so I don't even know it was insanity. It was absolutely insane thatwe're still we're still we're still dealing. I don't know if the MiamiValley will ever truly recover from that. I don't know how you came. Ithink there's going to be neighborhoods. That never will I mean one of our oneof Hem master control, guys his apartment building was level while wewere there hegot the phone call from his sister.His sister was at home, she's fine like his family's fine. She got trapped inthe bathroom for a couple of hours. Um, all their stuff was destroyed, but yeah.So so he was like was like. Where are se on the phone so much and why you sinyou back yet my apartment complex got it you're good. We got this goat and Imean it was yeah. It was a whole and Um just yeah it. What what afreaging year datin. I I can't even like it's been, you know a lot of times. This is what Isay to people 'cause. I think a lot of times. People don't realize news.People are humans, like the humans with feelings, and we actually do feel forpeople. There might be some in the business who are pretty good at nod, I'm not one of them. I mean I can'ttell you how many times I cried this year being out in the fielding the K, K,K, Rali, cried! Oh no tornadoes cried t, he ma shooting, never in a millionyears thought that would happen, but ever the shooting one. I I still the shooting one got me I I have somany mixed feelings on it, and that soundsweird, but so I had just started my vacation. I was camping in the woods. Ihad just woken up in my tent after the first night to Agazilian voice mails onmy phone and I was like what the hell and I listened and it's it's friends ofmine from college who knew I lived in Dayton, who were just making sure I wasokay, so i Hou like what the hells was. I pull up my phone so and, and thereason I fo the reason ha me so hard is ecause. It was like holy crap. I livedthere. I go to that bar quite often, my good friend Hailey is a bartender thereand was bar tending that night h. The girl I had been seeing at the time hadhad been at the bar that night and my brother and his girlfriend live abovethat bar, and it was just one of those where I was like. I I couldn't evenprocess, but I don't think I have. How can you I don't think I couldprocess this entire year. I have to be perfectly honest, O it's too much it's too much and it it.It keeps happening the officer shot and killed, and then the two officersdragged by a car fifty yards last night. They were targetd. I don't even knowabout that. One ad the card, the car targeted two officers tried to hit them,jumped a curb and the officers chased them and then found them later and henwhen they found them. They dragged the officers fifty yards- I just don't. I justyeah this. If, if I leave the business, thisyear's, why no kidding like sers it? It gets to beoverly it's too emotional, it's mentally emotionally and physicallyexhausting, and I don't think people a lot. I both I do say some h e havesaid that to us that they do but we aren't robots like I know it looks likeit on air and looks like we're cool com and collected, but on the inside we'regoing, Oh shit, no, your job, yeah, you go in that load and then, as soonas you leave that node you're like what just happened, I I I think, that's so I I recently decided do morefacebook. I I J. I can't deal with it's. We all know face a facebooks pace,Buk wwe all know what I we all threaten the leaffacebook all the time. A few ofUS ever occasionally do it. I do occasionally go on the M N, twenty four seven now facebook page,I don't know why. I don't know why. I read the viewer comments. I don't knowwhy I read Ha visitor posts mostly to get a cheap laugh out of it. SometimesUm 'cause some of the stuffonthere's just funny, but I I do notice thatthere so many...

...there's a lot of comments that justlike it. It seems like if they would justthink for five seconds, give it five seconds worth of thought.They could probably Ke answer their own question or will not be so al. Mea Man, ones, Ariand I haven't like. I have to be perfectly honest. Being pregnant on airhas been my absolute fear and I I you know, I lost thirty five pounds and alittle over a year I was running and I was doing half marathons and I I waslike at tiptop shape rert before I got pregnant and you know, and then I hadmorning sickness for for and I couldn't do what I wanted to do and it it's it'shard now, I'm back to. I still run five and a half miles every Sunday and I runthree days: Goo Be Wi, Fon r, but I'e run like two other days. A weekbeingactive but being on airn being pregnant has been my biggest fear, becausesometimes I don't know if viewers even realize it but like how mean they canbe. You know I had a guy. I posted a picture the other week of Um me at sixmonths, prob, six and a half months now, so it was just two weeks ago and thepast, like probably two weeks or so I've really popped, and you know I meanhe's getting bigger and that's what's going to happen what babies they likebabies do, and so it's really I'm very self conscious about it, and I had aguy right on my thing. Oh maybe you should cool down on the biscuits andgravy and flicken kidding me no, and I actually called him out. I said I'msorry are Y. I really hope you're kidding right and he goes oh Yeaya, I'mkidding. Even if you are kidding. Don't me, that's that's why it's why I chose toget off face because 'cause I found that I I was't the sane crap like that, butI would find that I would. I would have a thought and I would just decide well,the world needs to know w an I'm thinking like now and then I'd realizethere was no purpose for me to say any of that and it j St it. Just becameit just became a distraction and it is a disraction. It's really hard to knocket sucked up into the social media world and I think sometimes peopleforget that there's another human being on theother side of that comment, and that's something you know I always get, and II know that people no meanthess as a compliment and I'm not trying to likebe mean or nasty in anyway shape or form, but whenever somebody meets me inperson for the first time I swear to you, they always say to me you're somuch prettier in person and I'm like what o stop me. What is what I know that they mean it as a like. Youknow. I know you know how it is when you see somebody like a celebrity, youknow where you've always seen them on t V and they just look a certain way, andthen you see them in person and you're, like ha at's. What you look like youKno, so I get what they're saying, but thenI'm like. So do I look like Crapo ethat's kind of a job like? Oh, so Idon't know it's just weird to me hat. I know they mean it as a nice thing, butI'm just like. Can we just not do find yourself caus? I know I knowlike being on social mediais kind of part of the job nowadays, Um. Do youtry to limit like Livit how much you're really on there, though IDA? I have mypersonal pages and then I have my professional pages. I am more active onmy professional pages than I am I personal. In fact, I probably I don'teven know the last time I posted Oh, I just yesterday shared a little. It wass such a CTE, video of a dog who was laying next to his pregnant MOMS likelittle like the Humad, his little humid, I'm waiting for the baby to be born,and I was like okay seriously, all the fields other than that. I don't know the lasttime I posted on my p, my I mean personal package, my professional page.I do try to post at least once a day, but I'll tell you what I don't postnews they want. People want to know. Youthey want to know that, like they have a snipet of your like personal life, soI'm careful about what I post, it's mostly my dogs Um. My Christmas treelike do like sophies things like that, and it's really just because I I don'tmind sharing my personal life, it doesn't bother me, I'm not ashamed ofanything. I think every person as gone through something in their life and if I didn't go through what I hadwent through, whether a kid to an adult I wouldn't be, who I am and where I amtoday. I truly believe that so hat'listen people, okay, these are wise words- got a couple of more questions inmostly 'cause. I want to fill out the...

...hour, but also I'm just having fun Um.So we talked about food. A lot we talkmore about food was horrible B'cause I haven't eaten et I seehere pregnantlady. I had a unchinkfilly sandwich I' yway hear I left work early to make sure I couldget through the line to get here on timehaving that chickfelate right upthe road from me. So bad it's up there on the list of things that are bad forme and my wallet right next to when they put the fricking credit cardreaders on the vending machine at work. o those are bad. It's so bad. Do youknow how tempted I am to get a pop tart every stinking day? I love pop tarrentYeah, Oh yeah, and then I looked at my bank statement the other day and I waslike why am I so broke o? So, Oh, oh, that's why? Because Mikey likeskills and Orange Franta and that's what they got in the vending machine but um. If there was a sandwich namedafter you, what would be on it? Love ULD BE honet, okay, listen! It would have to be likea spicy Italian youte like right. It's got to be like your Pepperoni you'RCapicola. You've got to have like your pochuto. You've got to have like theHam, like all of that, and there's got to be like hot peppers on it, Nice mine would my ine would honestlybe a Polish poy. I haven't had a good Polish boy in along time like good Italian meats, oh yeah everbeen to there's a place called Witchwich have y ever been there. Oksowe've had them on the morning. Show Oka CIA really good Rod Holy Co. Tsandwiches are bomb it's over ITSOVER BY COSCO I it's yeah. It's ittle B right aroundyeah right up the road by Casco. They they were all over the place down south,and so when they got one here I was like gay Um, so good there there I once accidentallyM, I thought I' checked catchup. What I actually checked was Sarocha catchup onmy sotlod chicken sandwich. Oh I paid for that. It was great goingin hot, so much coming out. I pay for thatone later, but yeah I lo I love whichwich. Ihaven't had a good 'cause. I used to go to Fifstreet delli A lotandnow. It'sthe four one, six which I love. I love. I love. I love Greacy spoons when Ifirst moved here and had my first interview at the station. As soon as Isaw that there was a waffle house right, OP, the road, I was happy 'cause, I'mfrom the land of Awafa House on every corner, but I 'cause the Fist StreetDei moved and now it's Camal Street. I have a boom. I haven't been since itmoved either I loved fifter, Jo, they actually had gratfullaful. I do I picky with fullawful. I'm tickywas an UFFLE too. So I was pretty surprised now. You know who has reallygood filafe and just Greek food in general Euro Palace. Do you know howmuch I get them Dordash to the station all the time when I'd be out,therbording NDI, Co, Walkin like you're usual and I'm like yespease, like th y.They know the Master Control Croup th. There was one ig t where it w. It wasme M Amars Wos, one of our one of our newer folks Corena and I was like I'mgetting Europpalse anybody else and everybody had to be cash and th. Theyknow us it's so Goodi used to get the Cuban a at fihree 'cause. Nobody else,dos a cubin in town, no, no Actuallycubano! Oh, are you abut the bullmy mid Ecubinand I tried it or the first ime. You know wh charlies. I think it's CharlieDeli and offof have Cubans alof. Is it off e valley, street or TroyStreet Aon Otor Ree Libychildren? You know what I'm talking about. Yes, I'mpretty positive 'cause. He does a Cuban Burger and shook front boy and it wasdelicious on the room going for ' will drive down there. Nothing else to dotoday, um. What is one bad habit, you're trying toget rid of swearing. You know I've cut it prettyclean for this interview, but I swear like a sailor IAM impressed. I haveyeah, I'm like just jusont Mike just thisonce you don't you don't have to. I got alot of it out on my eawar like a sailor. I the FHE S, te s the it's. It'sprobably my favorite word and my book has Lon. It is fine and I justsometimes you know I grew up hearing it. I blame my parents for it, but theyboth liked to use it, and so in my house it was just a common word, and sometimes I I just obvis. I don'tdo it in public and I don't do it when I'm out obviously working um things like that in my house. Yes,'caus Ewwe all know 'cause, I I...

...remember there was one night Um. Therewas o e really ne this wasn't. This was a couple of years ago there was a nastynasty tornado and I still remember the CLIPP. To this day. 'cause, it happened,live on Air Nathan was out on the heel, and this clap of thunder happened rightabove his head and he like duck down. I remember the meeting like the next week.Everybody was like a thank God, a least wasn't out there sheis, noting up fromthem not even kidding. I literally when isheard 'cause I didn't. I was out in the field that night 'cause I was yeah. Idid that Tornado coverage Wi with nethin another location and the nextday, when I heard about it, I was like thank Goi- knew I already knew o that'sfon Um. Lastly, what is something that youthink like like fifty years from now, something something that Peoplelo willlook back on us now and something that they'll be shocked, slash, appalled byand something they'll be proud of, like you mean us personally or as as a sociesociety, now you and Mei think appalled is allthe violencs, the mashutos. That is just unacceptable and ridiculous. Itgets no point across if, if it was me personally- and I could make thisdecision- and I this is the decision I would make- and I I am so proud of ourmanagement bfor- making the decision during the mass shooting here, I wouldnot name any shooter, that's what they want. I wouldn't do abackground on 'em. I don't. I don't want to know who you are. I don't carewho you are so h. You know I am so proud of our management for making thatdecision. We do not refer to him other than the shooter and I think thatthat's appropriate, so I think appald would be just the violence theshootings Um proud. I really hope h people look back on this summer in theMiami Valley, this six months of absolute hell, that we had and realizedhow resilient this community is. That is one thing: Ui don't know if anyother community would would would would be able to take the hiats that we havetaken and come back the way that we have come back and continue to be likeokay, let's do this! Okay, let's do this. I mean how many times do you haveto be asked to stand back up, get off your back, get on your two feet and doit all over again it. It reminds me of of a qute from one of the rocky movies, where UmRocky's having a argument with his son, and he tells his son. You know life'snot about how many times you can get hit it's about how many times you canget hit a get back up and keep going forward. One hundred prent- and I knowwhen en our evening Adamero was on it was on America this week after theshooting happened and um he was talking. I forget the name of the House of theshow M er bowling and he said Um. You know he was like, has daten dealingwith the shooting and and he was like e like I don't think anybody realizeslike the shooting is like the fourth thingto happen. Athis year at that slay we had the KKK rally. We had the MemorialDay Tornados, and it was just it wasn't. Even D, that's not even true, like thewar thing wet a it was it started with the water crisis when we Dal Odein,Montgomery County and the city of Dayton, with the federal indictmentswith the city leaders being indicted, fstill on going still ongoing, stillmore indictments, I'm sure, and then we had the KK K rally and then we had theMemorial Day Tornados and then we had the mahshooting and then we had anofficer shot and killed, and then we had to o k what I mean. It's like okay,how many more and then we had can we have and and one I know, ECA 'cause. Wehad going back to what you're saying about the things about being proud ofis like, like, yes, t e, like the fact that wehad a K, KK rally and I used that term. Lately 'cause it was seven people. Itwas ridiculous, seven people, but to see this whole city bill out the way it did to tell them they weren't loom. Herewas. I I've, never seen something like thatin in my life and and and the recovery efforts, since the Tornados happenedthree days later M. It's you know, I mean the morning of people were outthere cutting stuff ou, and I mean obviously it doesn't not. Everycommunity has been able to recover, but- and I don't know if they ever will-there's there's whole businesses that are Pemanni brothers had to close down,because there's there's so many like. So you know it's been talked aboutpeople R, having trouble getting like...

...the insurance pay out and on one handit's so easy to point, blame it. The insurance companies whell they're, notpaying. I do you know how many people are trying to get insurance payountsright now from these companies at the same time, not to mention thecontractors that are trying to work on these houses- and you know what I meanand like there's so many things that go into it and some of these houses- I just don't they're just going to haveto be torn down and remite iehonestly, there's no salvaging. What's therethere's there's so many clips, I've seen of of people who have just they've just sold their lots antest andthey decided tunce Song Er as the there's nothing else. They can do.That's what H, nd that', that's what's happening in a lot of the neighborhoodsis a lot of those homes. People were renting, they didn't even own them, andso the landlord is the one who's making the decision to walk away. That's what's hard, and and even andagain even at that point it's like what else can you do? I mean L, I know 'Caus, it's not you're, not going toget the money out of that house or out of the Insurance Company for the houses.U This whole block right now that we'reon all these houses are rented ar all owned by people who just rent them out.I, if one of those tornadoes had come through here, he' be in the samesituation. Um Yeah, I as crazy super positive one, 'cause wow, that'sa PN! Let's see here, you know what what do you consider your graceachievement D, getting all deep, Ono, Um mhmall right? Well, it's going to getdeep, SOGOOD WE'l IAPOLOGIZESO my greatest achievement. I know for a factthat if I didn't meet my husband when I did, Iprobably would not be where I am today Um, so my greatest achievement wasbeing able to Um trust him except his love and accept his Um. Like goodness, 'cause, that's notsomething! I grew up with. That's not something that I knew. That's notsomething that I ever thought I wanted and that's something I always pushedaway. So I think my greatest achievement is just being able to whatI consider be normal home Um, because that's not how I was raised and that's not how Iwas raised to think so breaking the cycle. That's what Ithat's! What it is bringing the PSYCL mine was weaning a hot dog condest thatthe high school, so there you go, pits the hell out of mine um at least culter.Thank you so much in this Um babies on the way soon anmarch andguysare just super excited. Super excited he's he's Kindo in my ribs today Sa sowme saw me doing a couple of theses. 'cause he's all up in there. So I don'tknow whathe doig any weird cravings. You know beef Jerkey, I don't know he likes it. So that's I 'I like beef jerkey myself so, but it seems funny 'cause. I kind of describe'em as like a Ninja as like messaged, my girlfriends from high school, likeJiff. It was like Aninja because there's times where he'll literally besitting in my stomach and it's like he's doing these Ninja Chops and my stomach is just like side toside. Sie Decides I decide. I have no idea. Mine was my mom. I made my momcrave, Tocco Bell, which explains a lot. My my little brother, the one who's thePizza Hound. He would mmalways crave. Pizza like I was twelve years old andI' her be in bed an here knockd the door. We got the window mom and dad aregetting pints delivered and I'm like what the Hell in need: a spare Gust for dinner e, O epizza. That's so F, my mom said with me: She gained like sixty or eighty poundsbecause she had to have a banana split every single night, and I I us sweet to.I love my sweets, so I was like sorry with my littlebrother. She she hates them to this day. Lima beans o disgusted, like who cravesthat. Thankfully I don't rave anything that I don't like. That's good it's. It is hard, though 'cause there'stimes where I'm like mm Id'Lt, think you know 'cause. I try to plan out mymeals for the week to try to still be somewhat healthy, and then I just likego to make it a I'm like Dosn't. Even look good to me a I doesn't even soundgood thit doesn't look good like I...

...don't even want to eat this and it's. Iknow that, like that's normal, but when you're pregnant it's like extra like, Idon't know how to explain it. That's the problem with Salads. I love a goodsalad. Making a salad is such a chore. I get to get the Leswa Chop Chop Chops,Chonter te carrot nowadays. Nowadays I get I go to. I goto all deas an Croger, and I I get the h they're, basically just bowlside andI'm spending the same aount of money yeahyeah all right. It happens on here a lot so at leastcolder you can can catch. You Weekday Mornings, twenty four seven nowto sevenam on ABC seven Tand Nine on Tox, and that was Monday through Friday on allthe social medias that can follow you Sociaedi Everythingis, a least cold.There awesome Al Ro, guys B sure you check that out also make sure you checkout o this show's website basement Lanchpod dotcom support the show dollara month. Get you the show early and commercial free, PA, YR docom, slashbasement last pod, im onll, the social, medial, l, F, the lines, ore thdescription, I'm not going to plug myself anymore. It's my shave o whatyou're up to a Ri Guy Love back again next meet with a brand new episodeuntil then, as always live well rock on take care and Byby.

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