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Season 1, Episode 19 · 3 years ago

"I Don't Think I've Processed This Entire Year" with Elyse Coulter - EP #19


News anchor Elyse Coulter from Dayton 24/7 Now stopped by the studio to talk about her early beginnings as a student at Ohio State University, the raucous year that the city of Dayton has had to endure, and why Youngstown is the food capital of Ohio.

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whatever the hell time of day it is. It's another episode of the Basement Lounge, and this is the show where we talked with rising stars and entertainment industry, of their actors, Comedians, musicians or even journalists, and that's what we've got going on today. We have got one of the anchors of Fox forty five, day and seven now in the morning. I should know that by now at least. Colter, hello, she is. He's here off, fresh off of a morning morning broadcast at the station, and she agreed to come sit down have a chat with us for a while. Yeah, I was kind of interested to see what this is going to be about. Yeah, it's about you. Yeah, which is Super Awkward. By the way, I get to ask the questions. I know, don't flipping it on you. I'm flipping it on you. I did we had we had Klaudia Gomez on here and and it was the same thing. She was like, I don't talk about myself. What a lot of fun. I like flipping the script a bit. Okay, so, so a lease. So you've been with sinclair broadcasting at Fox Forty Five, ABC twenty two, now known as day and seven now, for how long? Eight and a half years, whoo. Yeah, and then I actually worked for sinclair when I was in school to Ohio State for two and a half years previous today, like in turning or well, yeah, well, I didn't count the internship. I in turn okay. Then in turned at Fox News in New York and then when I came back from that, got a job as into part time ap at our sinclair station in Columbus and did that for about two and a half years. Oh Wow. Yeah, and then towards the end they kind of let me do some on air stuff, which is how I got my tape together and got my first on air job. So, because when I started, because I've been there four and a half years now, and I started you were still weekends. You were weekends and reporting during the week. I remember. I remember doing the and I can't reb the name of the segment you would do, but like you like, got yourself locked at a trunk at one point. I'm back fighting back. That's what it was called. Definitely, yeah, those were actually fun stories to do. I would locked myself in a trunk with handcuffs on and had to figure out how to get the handcuffs off and then get out myself out of the trunk. And another one I did in that series was I was attacked at our parking lot and had to I take, yeah, AD to take a self defense class and then had to remember all my self defense tactics and I didn't remember any of it. The only thing I could think of to do was to bite him, and as soon as I went to bite him, he let me go. Well, you look, I've been watching a lot along order lately and I know if you bite him, you leave a bite mark in DNA. So they're going to catch there. They're going to catch the guy. So, and he was huge to I don't know if you remember, but he literally like towered over me. I mean he had to be almost seven feet tall. Oh No, yeah, and he was a sheriff's deputy. Well, we're tired shairs. Okay. Yeah,... it was. He wasn't just some con. They were like like hey, listen, so we're gonna give you some time, like yourselves, become volunteered for the news. Has Anybody okay? So what? What? Why? News? Why? Journalism? Like so, it was not my initial goal. It was not my initial dream growing up. I love to sing and I loved to dance and I loved theater and I actually wanted to do musical theater. I have a almost a double major. I have a major minor, my minor being in theater. I could have had a double major if I wanted to take one more class, but, let's be honest, I wanted to graduate and get on with my life. So, you know, I took a I I took some theater classes and realized theater just wasn't for me and I took a journalism class, a communications class, and a reporter from from the our station and Columbus actually came in and did like a whole video on what she did for a day and I was like this is kind of cool. I might be able to do that. took an internship at our station in Columbus and fell in love and I never really looked back. Yeah, I see where I went to school, mask calm and theater where the same department. Interesting it was it was a small little school in the middle of nowhere in South Carolina, and so so the departments themselves were too small to be individual, so they they mushed them together into one. So it looks like I have a double major in mass common theater, but it's actually just the same major. But it was cool was they let me take class. They let me take theater classes that we're actually really beneficial to, like being on air, like like like diction and thin and script writing, like I learned how to write a new script and things like that. Yeah, my college education has nothing to do with what I do today, actually, because I have a journalism degree, but it's in print. So Ohio state actually, just as I was deciding to do broadcast journalism, got rid of their broadcast journalism program because, oh you was so close. Okay, so I didn't realize that. So everything I learned was through my internships and then my senior year of college I had the parttime ap job at our station. So I was working already at a station writing news and learning how to shoot and edit and everything. While so in school. See, I I'm so used to want, you know what, the three different schools down south, and so I'm so used to we're all the all the mass, calm and journalism. All that was all just one thing. But you're saying Ohio state, they actually had like branches like that. That's wild to make. Yeah, so, yeah, there were branches within the communications okay, Department your communications school. Okay. So, yeah, man, I wish I had that. I know, the more I meet people up here, because I mean I'm from Ohio, but I just I live down south for a number of years in the more I meet people in like like iceb nothing like that down. So, yeah, now we have so many people at our station just in master control alone. Who who went there? Yeah, hell, Matt, Matt Morgan, WHO's one of our shift leaders, was on their commercials for a while. Yeah, it's just yeah, but yeah, we didn't have anything like that dance out. I think a lot of the directors have done that too or something. I know some of the production people of like gone through Ice Wadia, Sho Claire, those thin Claire. A lot of our engineers go through sinclair. Did you stuff it sinclair? And I don't know. Joe Is doing stuff right now. We're talking inside baseball folks jobs. Job's doing stuff with sinclair right now. I think Doug was did yeah, graduated. Yeah, Dave's been around since engineering was invented. I love Dave so much. And then there's Yep, yeah, it's and he walks in, it's walks and hands in his pockets. Oh, yeah, that's problems with my favorite thing is their answer is, did you turn it off back on? Yeah, did you try to restarting it? Yes, thank you, captain genius. Was the first thing I did. But my husband's an engineer. So like I feel like I have the right to kind of say that a little bit, because that's like, did you turn it off and turn it back on? I'm like, you know what, am I work. I didn't know that I worked. You know, lived day seven. How My GRANDPA's an engineer and my my uncle's and it guy on right Pat and my dad was an it guy. So I I grew up with that. Yeah, I's try resetting it. Okay, I tried that, but sure, let's more time, third time, and then and then there's Travis. Travis is one of my best friends in the world. He is freaking smart, but he is he's one of those just kind of like he knows what he knows what he has to do, but he hates that he's the only one. You know, he has to do it. That's all like it was when Jay work there. He was the only one who kind of knew. Oh, I know, it's tough, yeah, but yeah, I'll come a long way though. Oh, yeah, yeah, he and I used to like work together every day. He was my photographer all straight. I was almost a photog, really, almost a...

...photoc yeah, wasn't wasn't wasn't thrilled with the hours. Not that minor any better. Yeah, as the same control hours aren't any better. I just live there. I especially especially these last couple weeks. I'm just I guess I've just lost control, lost track of what day it is. I don't yeah, I'm just there. I'm waiting for the day where I show up and they're like, Mike, you're not even scheduled today. Oh well, I'm here. Well, here as of work. Yeah, looks like I got a paper Christmas somehow. So, so you went to Ohio State? Yes, you are, and I think we talked about before. You are. You are an Ohio girl, born in laigs, raised from Northeast Ohio, Youngstown, youngstown where my dad's from. Oh, really, yeah, have you been? Oh Yeah, I've still got my uncle lives there. We used to go there a lot with my grandparents, my dad's parents were alive. Used to go to wedgw with pizza all the time. WED with pizza is my jams with pizza is the best. So good. And people from who are not from Northeast Ohio and I've never had wedgw with pizza. I do not know pizza. No, the ice I'm sorry. I loved Dayton like I do. I do. I Love Dayton, Dayton. You don't know pizza. Now the I look. I finally tried Marion's for the first time this year. I'd never been before and Marion's is good. It's good. I don't understand how in the hell it keeps winning best in Dayton every year. Think I think it's like it's like one of those Dayton is loves this thin crust circle. I'm not going to cut it into a pizza pie right. I'm going to do the square thing, like. I don't know what it is like. Who invented it here, but it is never gone away back home, like in Youngstown. And if you guys ever go to Youngstown, I mean there's nothing in youngstown besides good food. That's true. Oh yeah, it has like if I tell my husband all the time, and like if we lived in Youngstown, I'd be five hundred pounds. Maybe I'm not even kidding you, because the food is so good back home it's ridiculous. Have you ever had a salad in Youngstown? Oh Yeah, okay, Oh yeah, it is on your salad. This is a trick question, my friend. Oh No, I'm a simple salad eater. So I'm a simple N I. I love my like I love my spinach salad with my you know, my pecans and my apples and my chicken probly. Okay, okay, educate me, let me, let me break it down. Okay, so, funny story. When I first moved to Columbus, I was so angry about this, by the way, because I ordered a grilled chicken salad and it did not come like it's made in youngstound. How it's made in Youngstown. You get your lettuce, you have French fries, hot French fries. Oh, then you put a crap ton of cheese on top of that and it's melted over the top, and that's your salad. And youngstowne that's my kind of as that's my kind of salad. It's amazing. That guy's listen, I'm telling you right now sound. I'm just saying handles. Have you had handled? I love handles, Haddon's, so I know it's been forever. Actually, I live. My mom came down in August and I made her bring me a made her bring me to Wedgewood pizzas and, Oh wow, coorts of handles, ice cream. I think what makes wedgewood pizza so great is they do something that nobody else does. They shred their pepperoni. Yeah, and it just gets nice and crispy. Yes, and it's it's fantastic. It's I love the doughiness. Yeah, that's I okay, crispy pizza, I can, I can. I'm down with it, don't get me wrong, but the doughiness of Wedgewood Pizza, that I mean it's greasy, is all get. Oh, yeah, it's so good. That's why we when my brother was just in town, he was down from from Kent State for thanks you having and did you make him bring you money? No, I should have said because I stayed the night in north can with my grandparents. But that which is where I'm from. But we drove, when I drove him back, because he's a big pizza hun nut. He's nineteen, of course. So we drove down to we drove down to mellow mushroom. I have heard that place is amazing. Oh, so good. Where we when we live down south, there were three and what's great about Melo mushroom is no two were the same. The men use the same, but the the decor is always different. Like the one that was in downtown Columbia was like super rustic and kind of kind of old towny, but the one that was across town was like very modern sports bar like and then the one that's down in on the way to sincy was that town. It's not mason is no, Westchester. It's in Westchester, right by the Ikea. Yep, it's got like a almost like an island, island shack vibe to it. But he is real Dick Ereless, like a truffle pizza. Yeah, I've heard it's ridiculous and you can get they have a pretzel appetizer where they give you huge fresh baked pretzels made of their pizza dough. My God, it smells, or smells that sounds. Sorry, I can smell it right now. It's yeah, it's some of the best bet of you what, ever, and and it reminds me so much of the kind of thing you would get in youngstown. Oh yeah, because it's just it's it's again that doughiness, that it's a little crispy, but it's nice...

...and Chewy as well. Yeah, and then there's a place that just opened downtown called Gianninos. Yes, it is a northeast Ohio Pizza. Yeah, and it is very it's not Wedgewood, no, but it'll give you a northeast Ohio feel. Oh yeah, it just opened one on is a third street. Yeah, it's, isn't it? Next to the what's the arcade place? DK? Yeah, yeah, right by DK. Effect up their spinach and chicken pizza is because, like, similar to Wedgewood or a melowmotion or even a Marcos, they don't skimp on the toppings. Yeah, see, that's what I mean. You gotta be good about the toppings. So many places I and like like Marion's, the ground so the way they do the ground sausage. I'm into it. But but like, I don't want to see the crust like you need to. I don't want to see the crowd. When do I need to need two hands to lift my pizza's lights up? Yeah, I mean, I just I that's what I missed. That the most. The food, the all the Italian food, like it's just always so good. Like here. I don't eat red sauce. The only place I eat really US Mama to salvos. I live around the corner from there and I've still never been. Oh, you don't know what you're missing, like you literally don't know what you're missing. Best Italian food in the Miami Valley. You've told me that. Travis is told me that, and when she was here, Rachel Aragon told me that. Loved my again, I've lived for five years. It is around the corner from my house. Never been so good, so, so good. HMM, Italian food, because I I'll guards it's fine, it's whatever. Really. I family's Italians. Okay, I can say that. Like my whole family's like a hundred percent of time, except for my dad. He's Irish, which is you know, of course I got the light hair and see, we're all Irish. Yeah, ire so all we do is we just drink and hold grudges. Sounds like my family. Yeah, it's a good way to live. Italians are like that too, though. Yeah, they're not. They're not far off. We're just really loud and obnoxious about it. Yeah, it's I my best friend in college. He still lives down South this day. Vince. He is as a comedian. He is my favorite person in the fan on the face of because he is a he is a walking stereotype. Yeah, his mother is full blooded Puerto Rican father is full blooded Italian. They're from New York. His name is Vinnie and he's a mechanic. Oh my God, it is. It is the greatest thing. And so what I'm the first time I went to his house and they're just yelling at each other and I was like, should I leave? That's how my family is and my husband, he's Italian, but his Italian side they're not really like that, like there's not in as many Italians on his side of the family as they're like his mom's side is German, so they hung out more on his mom's side of the family. Now, my I grew up so I you know, my dad's name is Colter, so that's the Irish in me. But my mom said, of the family you've got Miranda, Rome too, Pestella, literally like all three, you know, all three families, and when you get all of us together you can't hear anybody. We're all yelling over everybody, our hands are flailing in the air. And I just remembered like the first like Christmas, my husband, which choose my boyfriend, then came to he literally was like looking around. He gets very intimidated by them, just like kind of sit like pick a corner and sit there because you can't get born in. Nobody what I mean. I can relate to that so hard. You can't get a word and you're just sitting there like watching and ever like someone will ask you a question and they don't even let you finish the answer. It's hell, it's kind of ridiculous. I would go to Vinny's house all the time for dinner and his mom and dad would just be yelling at each other for letter word in it, and then his mom would turn around and go, Mike, Honey, can I get you something to eat? She's sweet as hell to me. And then she would turn around and tell me, why didn't you put happen socks in the happiend knock man. It's so funny. My Ees, you talking about like the Italians. A definitely like feed you my great grandmother. She's like ninety seven years old and she passed, but when I was in high school she was in her s and I would eat dinner and I would go again. Then I would drive to her house and like spend the evening with her and said no, grandma, I just ate. She goes, okay, I'll make you some pasta and I'm like, I'm like, I can't eat this, like and then she's like, do you want some dessert, like no, grandma, I'm really full. Okay, I'll make you so I was like, oh my goodness, I can't you, like you just couldn't get away with it. I I dated a girl in college who was from a Greek family, and when I say Greek, I mean my big Fat Greek wedding Greek like, like you know what you mean. He's a vegetarian, doesn't eat me. Okay, fine, make him lamb, like have the window. Oh Man, it was. We didn't date long, but man, that was that was a good times. Is there a good time? So you and your husband had been married for married a little over five years together, over fourteen. WHOO. Yeah, how did you guys meet? So I got to cut this part out, or so back in the day...

I was wondered. I meant I met him when I was twenty, okay. And so my best friend was dating his best friend and I had just come home for the summer for school and I wanted someone to hang out with and I called her up and she's like Hey, I'm going to a party tonight. You want to go? And I'm like Hell Yeah. So I go to this House Party and my husband and his best friend were there. Well, his best friend was not the one dating my friend, and so my husband was hitting on me and I wasn't really interested because I just got out of a really crappy relationship with a guy and then I was kind of dated another guy for a couple months and he was kind of a another situation, and so I was just like, I don't want to date, I just want to be single. I don't want to have a boyfriend, I don't want to be tied down. I knew that I was going back to Columbus and September because I had to go back to school, and I certainly didn't want to dating anybody from Youngstown, like I just was, because the last two guys I had dated were from youngstown and I just didn't want anything to do with them, like couldn't, couldn't do it. Didn't want to do the long distance. So he was hitting on me and I was like whatever. He's like Hey, do you want to be my beer punk partner? And I was like why I don't drink beer because back then I was too good for beer. I only drink liquor. Apparently I'm still on that face. Yeah, now I don't drink at all, but no. So and I was like. I was like sure, if you want to drink all my beer, and he was like all right. I was like all right. So he asked me to be his beer punk partner. We played beer pong and then I got bored and I asked my best friend. I said, Hey, do you want to go to the bar, and she's like yeah, let's go. So her boyfriend was like, all right, I'll go with you guys. Well, as I'm walking up the steps, like from the basement, my now husband says to me, all you wouldn't like want to dance partner, would you? And in my mind I'm like that is the lamest pick a brock and I just looked at him and I go, are you saying you wanted to go to the bar with me? He was like, I mean like if you want me to go, and I go sure, you can come with blood bar. So we go to the bar. Mind you, this is youngstown and this is a long time ago. I probably shouldn't say this, but I was under okay, so he gave me his wristband and then bought me a beer and ignored him the rest of the night. Wow, actually, kind of, sort of. After that, it's a long story, but there was this girl that used to chase them around and then I didn't want the drama and I ended up dating his best friend for two weeks and then I went back to him. Oh Wow, so it's a true love story. And the rest and the funny part is I even told him like before I went to college and like this will not be a relationship. I was like this is a summer fling, that's all. It is. Fourteen years later and five years of marriage, here we are having a baby, I was gonna say. And now now I got baby number one on the way, one on the way, and you guys just built a house to did and fairborn. Yeah, we've been there almost a year. It's a year this month that we moved in. So mid, mid December, I think, like the sixteen or seventeen is when we moved in last year, right before Christmas. Was Right before Christmas last year. Yeah, so cool. Yeah, so what was the so what finally like was the the nail in the coffin of like let's build the house. And because, because when you build a house in the area, that's like that's like you're you're putting, I mean you're little putting your yeah, I think it was. It was, you know, we just realized how much money we were wasting and rent. We had rented this apartment for five years and the run just kept going up and we were like we could have a mortgage. Like literally, we pay maybe three to four hundred dollars more a month for our mortgage then what we were paying for a two bedroom to bath apartment. So it just to me that's not it was so crazy. Yeah, so we just decided, you know what, forget it, even if, you know, who knows what's going to happen in the future, especially like you just never know, you know, but we plan on being here, you know what I mean? So we want to be here for the long haul. So that's the game plan. But we were kind of like, you know, even if something happens and we're not will be fine. Yeah, so, but that was what was kind of the nail in the coffin for that. Well, so what? And so what was the like. As far as just staying in because you enter you city, interned briefly in New York, but you worked all over Ohio. was there ever the idea to go elsewhere, go out of state, careerwise, or my my first on air job was actually out of state. It was in Virginia. Okay, yeah, so small town winchester, Virginia, northern Shanondoah Valley. It's about an hour and a half directly west of DC. So it's a sleeper city. So a lot of like people who live or work in DC live there. It was a great first market. It was. I was the anchor producer. I anchored the morning show and produce the morning show. Okay, it was, you know, I just at that...

...point in time, like, I don't know, I just I like Ohio, like there was a part of me that always wanted to move on to bigger markets, but it's really hard to do when you're not single. But I mean, yeah, you know, my husband's an engineer. He can't move around like I would need to move around, and so I wanted to find a station that I could call quote unquote home, which is why I stayed for as long as I have. Plus I kept getting opportunities to move up right and it was really it's really hard to turn those down because, I said, like, just in the last four years you went from anchoring on the weekends and reporting in the week too. Now you're are you the leading morning? Just morning, just the morning, and with you at you and Nathan. Yeah, and that's I mean I started as an MMJ and, for those who don't know what an MMJ is, I did that for two and a half years at our station. That's where you you're literally the photographer and the reporter. So I started, I did that for two and a half years, moved up to reporter and they moved up to weekend anchor and they moved up to a morning anchor. Wow. Yeah, so it's hard to like, you know, Ye, away from that. How do you? Yeah, that's just all that good. Yeah, you know. Yeah, the station has been very good to me, so I can't can't complain at all. Oh, yeah, people's experiences will vary at any any workplace, but when you got a good thing going for you, yeah, it's hard to it is hard to walk away from. Yeah, but if I would ever to get out of the business for any reason or whatever. Want to move on, I would want I'd go back to Columbus. Yeah, and a hearteat. Yeah, because, because, I'll say, one of the things I miss most about having you on the weekends, aside from how tight of a ship you ran, like, good Lord you've got. You were gone for a week and everything kind of went to hell. You came back to days we were kind of like, what did those do? Well, I was gone, but I miss especially this time of year. I miss so much. Whenever in Ohio State Buckeyes game on, everyone in the building knew exactly how Alice felt about the game, because if it was an interception or a touchdown, it didn't matter. You'd hear a lease in the BAE going that's so true. It's so true. I can't help it. It's I don't know what it is about the buck guys, but they are just get fired up. You and you and Shane Shah. Yeah, just, yeah, bleeds, bleeds. What was it written written? Garlett? I am I am not a sports guy. Okay, go, go, give you the run down. Go Sports Ball. Yeah, I'm from, you know, South Carolina, where it was. You know the game cock, Clemson, tiger, ry, horry. Yeah, not not a fan. I don't. I don't miss that. Like I wasn't. I wasn't. I was in the student center one time and these two guys got into it. I got like a knuckle brawl. I went and pulled on a part and I was like what the Hell you guys fighting about? Say No, I'm tired of this stupid ass game coffee. I was like, this is about college football. Yeah, y'all, have fun. I'm not kill each other out Michigan game. No, it's sanity. It is absolute and sanity. It like it is. It is the craziest thing ever. Oh, I know high state fans are nuts, and I can say that because I'm a have a save fan. Come on now, we all know we are crazy, like my mom is. My mom was like one of the biggest browns fans on the face of the how God, I'm a browns fan too, but I don't really claim them. Any time I make a joke about you know, browns are going to be because I'll leave here on a Sunday morning or should be sitting there in your brown sweatshirt. She's all excited. I was like, Oh man, mom, you are getting so excited to be let down in a couple of hours. Shut up, and I'm like look, two seasons in a row, not a single win. It's so crazy because everyone's like, oh, Baker Mayfield's gonna like bring us back, blah, blah. Okay, let me tell you what I this is how big of a Buckeye Fan I am. I still hate Baker Mayfield for trying to plant the Oklahoma Flag. Remember that. I do hate him. Still. He can take the Browns of the Super Bowl and they could win for the first time in fifty years. I don't care. I don't like him. You're that Baker. Yeah, I know, listen a Baker may food. If you do listen to this show and you would like the sponsor it, like to come on the show, like to come on and I can city chat. Oh Please, oh please, I would be great. A lot of bleeping now. I don't believe it's gonna be the cleanest show I've ever I've ever bleep. So I did this. Little things called pod decks, and what they are is it's random interview questions for podcast. Guess now, as it doesn't get like it's not like hards again, humanity where I don't care. That's fine, but well, you don't care. Our process might. That is very true, but it's just just just random...

...question. So we're just going to we're just going to liven things up a little bit here. If you could ask one person one question and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask? Oh my God, are you kidding? If I had to ask one person one question, who would it be and what would I ask? Wow, that's a really rough yes, deeper than I thought it was going to get. I was like, is he gonna ask like guilty pleasure movie? No, it wants you to get deep. Yeah, it does. Okay, so wow, okay, so if we want to get deep, I mean I could go I could do this. This is cool, that's fine. Getting personal. So my just a little background. My Dad passed away when I was fourteen. Okay, he was an alcoholic. That's what he died from. So I guess my question would be to him, you know, why not get the help you need? And you're about my your you and I are almost the same age. Yeah, so that was fourteen, that was early two thousand s and you know, I gotta tell you, it's one of the that's one of those things because especially because nowadays, I have because the treatment is so abundant out there nowadays, you know, and you know, I just and I guess maybe it's just because I didn't wasn't aware of it back then, but I don't know how abundant was it back then? You know, I really, I think really all that was there was a a and I think, you know, for a long time as a kid I, you know, was like, oh, he had a choice, he had a choice, he had a choice. Now, as an adult, I realized doing the stories that I have done on opioid addiction, on just addiction in general, you really don't have a choice. I mean you do, it is a choice that they have to make, but if they don't make that choice themselves, there's nothing that's going to convince them to change their lives. Right it's it's not that they don't know they have a problem right now. It's new. We had a problem. Yeah, it's just the addiction had taken over his brain like so much that it just he didn't realize like how bad have a problem. I guess I don't send. No, that does make sense. I have several very close friends who are in and out of whether it's alcohol Rehab or drug Rehab. You know, I've lost friends to it. I've made two documentaries about it. It's it's one of those things that it's it. There's a it makes a lot of sense and at the same time it makes almost none. Yeah, the problem is is it makes none to us. Yeah, because we're not we don't have those same you know hormones or whatever it is that that's going through their their system, yeah, and taking over their brain. Like we don't have that. I can have a drink right and be done. I can go weeks and not right and not touch a bottle of anything, and that's yeah, no, I agree. I will say when I was in college there were times that my mom would be worried about me, especially because you when you're in college, there's the party culture and yeah, it's just thankfully, like I gret out of that. We were you in a sorority or anything, or I mean either. Thank God. I know that. I'm sorry. I just you know, you see the things they got to go you talk about you talk about alcohol problems. You see the things they got to go through. And not only that, but also I don't want to pay extra money to college yeah, no, kidding, I'm like, I don't want to. I guess I always looked at it, and this is probably very rude and I apologize, but and my thoughts of change, but like almost like you're paying for friends. It did kind of feel like it, at least when I was there. That's how it felt. What I did rush a fraternity my freshman year of college and and that was, and this may have just been that fraternity, but that was kind of the viable God and I again I did never rushed, but so I personally don't know. It's just being on the outside looking in. That's how it felt. Yeah, so what is a characteristic that you are most known for? Probably my laugh. Yeah, I get it up. Everyone's always like, oh my God, yeah, that's at least laughing. Hey, everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people who support this show every month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin, Jody McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shay, do every single month help support this show and if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and join...

...the one dollar tier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name listed in the description, you get early access to all these shows commercial free through our patreont RSS feed, and so many other cool rewards. Once again, go to patreoncom basement lounge pods, join the onesollar tier and help support the show. Speaking of the show, let's get back to them. Is there? Is there something you like that most people just don't like? An unpopular opinion you have in a positive sense? And, Pikami, I don't think there's a lot of fans right now. Popular Opinion? Let's see, I don't know. I'm sure I do, because I'm very reopinionated, so I'm better just I think maybe people are scared to tell me to be honest. They're like, oh, Yep, Yep, Yep, they really don't agree at all. I think I know the answer to this one. But what are you most excited about right now? The baby. Yeah, it's it's weird how like your priorities change almost immediately. So you know, it's just weird. How you know my job was my number one priority for twelve years. I was my career. I worked my butt off to get to where I am and now I'm kind of like that needs to take a back seat for a little bit and I need to figure out, you know, how I'm going to care for a human. There are days I feel like I can't even take care of myself. I need a nap, like you. Where's my nap? Only the baby needs a nap. Getting live. I know. That's how I feels. My husband's like what, do you ever not sleep? I'm like, listen this schedule and then this child is literally sucking the life out of me because you're at the station at with Zree in the morning. YEA, so my alarm clock goes off at thirty in the morning. Oh Yeah, yeah, I'm getting home at thirty in the morning those days. No, my alarm clock goes off at ondred and thirty. Leave the house by thirty, get to work at three. Yeah, I'm good. And just think. I was thinking about this the other day. I saw I'll get home at what Er thirty, you know, on a typical day, and have to come home and basically have a whole another full time job because I'm gonna have to stay with the baby. Yeah, it's all. My husband gets home and then you say here your turn. By the time he by the time he commutes home, though, is he commutes from Columbus? Oh Wow, so he probably, you know, if I'm lucky, he'll be home earliest, like six, who? Yeah, which is when you need to go to bed. Bed, yeah, exactly. And the dogs are walking around just kind of like exist because you're a you're a dog person, like, oh my gosh. Yeah, yeah, there my babies. They're my babies. I've had three. We just recently had to put down our old little old man after a thirteen and a half years. He was, I called him a little soulmate, my buddy. I still miss him every day. Every day I missed him. He's just he was my little man. We had him the whole time we'd been together, so it's really weird to not have him there. But we still have two more. That's good. Yeah, so they're good chasing Scarlett, chase all. That's it. What kind of dogs are they chases a limb Arner, okay, thinks that he's a lapdog. Yeah, they usually do. And then scarlets, another Japanese Chin. So so freaking cute. They look like Gizmo. Yes, they do. Oh, yes, they do. That's too. Gizmos actually like like created after like that. That's who, like got inspiration for gizmo. Was the Japanese Chin's I didn't know that, but I get it. Red Ones, that's what she is. She's a little redhead and yeah, that's why. What is it? Like? Big Dogs think they're laft dogs, oh my gosh, and little dogs think that they're attack dog. Oh, you met mine? Yeah, you met mine up stairs, the little one. I'm holding her with one hand and she's just quiet soon as I set her down. Really, I don't know what it is. I think with my old man, I used to think he had little man syndrome, you know what I mean, like he would always be like I'm the big dog, but he was the Alpha for sure, like he will. He was when we had the Wymerriners, we had the old man first and then we got the wine riner as a puppy and our old man used to attack our wine riner. So he was terrified of our seven and a half pound Japanese Chin and he's ninety pounds. I mean it was hilarious even till the day, the day before we put had to put him down, he was still biting him, of course, and then turning around and giving him a kiss and we were like, what is happening? And then there's cats, yeah, and cat's. Yeah, I had a cat growing up. I'm not a cat person. I like cats, I prefer attitude man her. You know what, cats are a holes. They especially that. My sister has a cat, yes, upstairs right now,...

...and she can go to hell because she is she's a because she her food and water, litter box down here. Worst roommate ever. I'll just walk by her mining my Oub is not touch her. She'll look at me and also in the Paul would just go, yeah, what did I do to you? Yeah, I did nothing to you know, we are little instigators. We had one of living down south. We had a we had this cat named Oreo. She we'd had her for like freaking ever. She ran the house. And then we had we had this German shepherd named serious black, because you know, you gotta. We got him. We got him as as a as a fit in your hand puppy, and he grew up around this cat and and that cat was the boss to the point where we took his favorite toy and said it next to the cat on the couch and he just stared at it, like to get that for me, and she was looking at him like do it. Good, see what happens. Good. Yeah, cancer, mean, that's are mere so mean. I Love Turtles. I had a turtle. I Love Turtles. Yeah, they're really cool. I had a red eared slider. That's all will as a turtle. The stick they do say almost like why don't you get in? and You keep saying you won't get one. I was like, I live down here. Yeah, that that, that smells. Got Nowhere to go. Yeah. Yeah. What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given? Hmm Man, I want to find like some lighter questions out of this death, because, holy cow, the best piece of advice I'd ever been given was probably never to so actually it was from my husband. So when I started his career back in two thousand and seven, it was just before the recession of two thousand and eight and I remember. Yeah, so sort of it was. I was awful because here I am trying to get into this career and the station at the time they had to make cuts, and so what they were doing these way they were laying off or getting rid of people who made too much money, and it was reporters, that anchors who had been at the station for ten, fifteen years. And I remember thinking to myself. I went home and I told my husband, I said, I don't know if I want to do this, because what do you mean? I said, I just I can't imagine committing myself to a place for that long thinking that we were going to you know, you're good, you've you know, you've routed yourself, you've got a family here, and then turn around and you've got a move fifteen years later because of whatever, what happen? You know what I mean, because financial reasons. And he said to me, yeah, but you're quitting before you even gave it a chance. It's like you at least have to try it and see and then you can say, Oh, yeah, this isn't for me. He's like, you didn't even give it a shot yet, and that's when I was like you're so right, and that's when I just kept going with it. That's really yeah, which I was that smart. I you know, I started in radio and it was kind of the same thing where, Brown that same time, the radio industry like it's didn't know what it was doing anymore because that was kind of the advent of like Pandora and Internet radio was becoming a thing and and where as you cast podcast, regain, yeah, win, wake, and you had it was it was funny because you saw where the movie and TV industry we're starting to evolve with the technology. Like netflix first became a thing, Hulu first became a thing, but the music industry for some reason fought against it, and when you fight against change, you'll lose. That's what happened with the newspaper. It's exactly what happened with the newspaper. I mean it's very sad, you know, and it's the Internet was really the crux of the newspaper and and it took it took the newspaper industry in general kind of too long to try to get with the times and it kind of just got left in the dust. One of the papers around here, I won't say names, is getting bought out and they're no longer going to be a daily paper. It's going to be like, I think, a weekly or something like that. That's crazy. Yeah, that's absolutely it's just nuts. And even the TV industry is going the same route with social media and digital and it's just it's it's like, you know, Oh, it's scary, whoop it is, but it's all so exciting at the same and that's what happens. Things evolve, things change. I mean, look at us now. We're simulcasting our newscasts online. So, Hey, you don't have TV, it's on your phone now, Yep, it is. I mean how there was? It was two years ago. I was I was home, there was a tornado warning. Satellite was out, couldn't get TV. I pulled the station up on my phone and was able to keep track of the meteorologist at the time. So we knew it was going on. We knew it was up, especially because we're across street from City Hall, so the sirens right there. Yeah, but that's what I did for the Memorial Day tornadoes. We turned all the lights off and all the...

TV's off and night my husband and I and Mar three dogs were sitting in the basement and I had my phone on and that was all I could do was just I had it was on facebook. Actually I had the facebook live on. What a night. I was crazy because that was my because I'm at the time I wasn't working Monday's. I just happened to be covering that Monday and it broke out. I was like I will be out of this in a little bit and can cut to the end of my shift. Oh, we're still in this. Yeah, cut to seventeen. Now I know. I wake up the next morning. We turned news and we watch the morning show. Oh, we're still he's still there. Continuously. Okay, till like I think we were on until zero or so. I don't even know. It was insanity. It was absolutely insane. And we're still we're still we're still dealing. I don't know if the Miami Valley will ever truly recover from that. I don't know how you can. I think there's going to be neighborhoods that never will. I mean one of our one of our master control guys, his apartment building was leveled while we were there. Well, my good name. He get got the phone call from his sister at home. His sister was at home. She's fine, like it's family's fine. She got trapped in the bathroom for a couple hours. All their stuff was destroyed. But yeah, so so he was like. I was like where are you seeing the phone so much and why is he back yet? My apartment complex got it. You're good. We got this goat and I mean it was, yeah, it was a whole man and just, yeah, it. What a freaking year day in this that I can't even like. It's been, you know, a lot of times. I this is what I say to people because I think a lot of times people don't realize news people are humans, like, yeah, humans with feelings and we actually do feel for people. There might be some in the business too are pretty good at not yeah, but I'm not one of them. I mean I can't tell you how many times I cried this year being out in the field, like the KKK rally cried, man, the tornadoes cried, the mass shooting cur like never in a million years thought that would happen. Ever, the shooting one. I still the shooting one got me. I have so many mixed feelings on it, and that sounds weird, but so I had just started my vacation. I was camping in the woods. I just woke it up in my tent after the first night to Ugsillion voicemails on my phone and I was like what the hell, and I listen and it's friends of mine from college who knew I lived in Dayton who were just making sure I was okay. So I'm thought, I'm like, what the Hell's it was? I pull up my phone. So and and the reason it far, the reason to be so hard, is because it was like, holy crap, I lived there. I go to that bar quite often. YEA, my good friend Haley is a bartender there and was bartending that night. The girl I had been seeing at the time I had had been at the bar that night and my brother and his girlfriend live above that bar. Oh my goodness. And it was just one of those where I was like, I couldn't even process it. I don't think I have. How can you? I don't think I've the process this entire year. I have to be perfectly honest. Oh it's too much. It's too much and it keeps happening. The officer shot and killed, and then the two officers dragged by a car fifty yards last night. They were targeting I don't even know about that one. The card. That car targeted two officers, tried to hit them, jumped a curb and then officers chase them and then found them later. And then when they found them, they dragged the officers fifty yards. I just don't. I just didn't. Yeah, this if I leave the business this year's why? No, kidding, like steers, it's it gets to be overly. It's too emotional. It's mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting, and I don't think people a lot of I I will. I do say some have said that to us that they do, but we aren't robots like I know it looks like it on air and it looks like for a cool, calm and collected, but on the inside we're going, Oh shit, yeah, like your job, yeah, they you go in that mode and then as soon as you leave that mode you're like what just happened? And I think that's so I recently decided to do more facebook. I I just I can't deal with it's look, we all know face too facebook. Facebook, we all we all know what it is. We all threatened to leave facebook all the time. Few of US ever occasionally do it. I do occasionally go on the nate seven now facebook page. I don't know why. I don't know why I read the viewer comments. I don't know why I read the visitor posts, mostly to get a cheap laugh out of it sometime, because some of the stuff on there's just funny. But I do notice that there is so many, a lot of comments that just like if it seems... if they would just think for five seconds, let's give it five seconds worth of thought, they could probably answer their own question or or not be so me, not be so all mean man ones are I and I haven't like I have to be perfectly honest. Being pregnant on air has been my absolute fear and I you know, I lost thirty five pounds in a little over a year. I was running and I was doing half marathons and I thought I was like at tiptop shape right before I got pregnant and you know, and then I had morning sickness for fourteen yeah, and I couldn't do what I wanted to do and it's hard. Now I'm back to I still run five and a half miles every Sunday and I run three days. Okay, IG, but fine, all right, but I've run like two other days a week. I'm so being active, but being on air and being pregnant has been my biggest fear because sometimes I don't know if viewers even realize it, but like how mean they can be. You know, I had a guy I posted a picture of the other week of me at six months probably. I'm six and a half months now, so it's just two weeks ago and the past like probably two weeks or so, I've really popped, you know. I mean he's getting bigger and that's what's going to happen. LIKE BABIES DO, babies do, and so it's really I'm very selfconscious about it. And I had a guy right on my thing. Oh maybe you should cool down on the biscuits and gravy. freaking kidding me. Oh and I actually called about I said, I'm sorry, are you I really hope you're kidding right, and he goes, Oh, yeah, I'm kidding. Let's think. Even if you are kidding, don't say that to me at that's that's why, I guess why I chose to get off facebook is because I found that I wasn't saying crap like that. Yeah, but I would find that I would say, I would have a thought and I would just decide, well, the world needs to know what I'm thinking right now, and then I'd realize there was no purpose for me to say any of that. Yeah, and it just it just became a it just became a distraction, and then it is a distraction. It's really hard to not get sucked up into the social media world and I think sometimes people forget that there's another human being on the other side of that comment. And that's something, you know, I always get and I and I know that people not mean this as a compliment, and I'm not trying to like be mean or nasty in any way, shape or form, but whenever somebody meets me in person for the first time, I swear to you, they always say to me, you're so much prettier in person, and I'm like, what does that mean? What is what? Know that they mean it as a like. You know, I know, I you know how it is when you see somebody, like a celebrity, you know where you've always seen them on TV and they just look a certain way and then you see them in person and you're like, Huh, that's what you look like. Yeah, so I get what they're saying, but then I'm like so do I look like? Crap on, oh, that's kind of a job, like Oh, so, I don't know. It's just weird to me, but I know they mean it as a nice thing, but I'm just like, can we just not? Do you find yourself because, like, I know, I know, like being on social media's kind of part of the job nowadays. Do you try to limit, like limit how much you're really on there, though? I do. I have my personal pages and then I have my professional pages. I am more active on my professional pages and I am I personal. In fact, I probably I don't even know the last time I posted. Oh, I just yesterday I shared a little. It was such a cute video of a dog who was laying next to his pregnant mom's like a little like the human, his little human, well, I'm waiting for the baby to be born, and I was like, okay, seriously, all the feels rang her. Other than that, I don't know the last time I posted on my my I mean personal page, my professional page. I do try to post at least once a day, but I'll tell you what, I don't post news. It's they want people want to know you. They want to know that like they have a snippet of your like personal life. So I'm careful about what I post. It's mostly my dogs, my Christmas tree, like dude, like selfies things like that, and it's really just because I don't mind sharing my personal life. It doesn't bother me. I'm not ashamed of anything. I think every person is gone through something in their life and if I didn't go through what I had went through, whether I a kid to an adult, I wouldn't be who I am and where I am today. I truly believe that. So that's listen people, okay, these are wise words. Let's not got a couple more questions between, mostly because I want to fill out the hour, but also I'm just having fun.

Okay, so we talked about Food A lot. Yes, we're talk more about food. It's just horrible because I haven't eaten yet today. I see here pregnant lady. I had a chick fully sandwich on my way here. I left work curly to make sure I could get through the line to get here on time. I'm ha, ha ha, having that chick fil a right up the road for me, dude, so bad right. It's up there on the list of things that are bad for me and my wallet, right next to when they put the freaking credit card readers on the vending machine work. Oh, those are bad it's so bad. You know how tempted I am to get a pop tart every stinking day. I love pop tarts. Yeah, Oh, yeah, and then I looked at my bank statement the other day and I was like, why am I so broke? Skull School, Oh, three dollars. Oh, that's why, because Mikey like skittles and Orange Fanta, and that's what they got in the vending machine. But if there was a sandwich named after you, what would be on it? Love, and be on it? Yeah, okay, listen, it would have to be like a spicy Italian yes, like right, it's got to be like your Pepperoni, your Capcola, you've got to have like your Percuto, you've got to have like the Hey, I'm like all of that, and there's got to be like hot peppers on it. Okay, Fendinger and oil, Nice, mine would. Mine would honestly be a Polish boy. I love. I haven't had a good Polish boy in a long time. There's nothing like good Italian meets. Oh yeah, ever been there's a place called which which, if you've ever been there? I okay, so we've had them on the morning show. Okay, yeah, really good right. Yeah, holy cow, there's sandwiches are bomb. They it's over. IS OVER BY COSTCO. I know it's yeah, it's over by you. So right around, yeah, right up the road by Costco. They were all over the place down south, and so when they that one here, I was like Yay, yeah, so good, they're they're I once accidentally I thought I check ketch up. What I actually checked with Saracha Ketchup on my booflow chicken sandwich. Oh Oh, I paid for that. It was great going in, not so much coming out. So much coming out. I paid for that one later feeling. But yeah, I love, I love which, which I haven't had a good because I used to go to Fifth Street Delhi a lot. Oh No, and now it's the six, which I love. I love when six is bomb. I love, I love greasy spoons. But when I first moved here and have my first interview at the station, as soon as I saw that there was a waffle house right at the road, I was happy. Yeah, because I'm from the land of a waffle house on every corner, but because the Fifth Street Delhi moved and now it's can now street. Yeah, I think, and I haven't been I haven't been since it moved either. I loved fifth through journey actually had great falafel. Yeah, like Flo I do love. I picky with the lawful. I'm picky with lawful too, so I was pretty surprised. Now you know who has really good falafel and just Greek food in general? Europalace. Yeah, do you know how much I get them? DOOR DASH to the stations all the time when I'd be out reporting and I would call walk in and like your usual, and I'm like yes, please. They they know the master control crew. There was one night where it was it was me a Maris's, one of our one of our newer folks, Karina, and I was like I'm getting Euro Palace, anybody else? And everybody hand to be cash. Yeah, and and they know us. It's so good. I used to get the Cuban at at Fifth Street because nobody else does a Cuban in town. No, no, actually, we have those. A Cuban. Wait, no, Oh, are you about? Are you about the blow in my mind? Someone does a Cuban and I tried it for the first time. You know, it Charlie's. I think it's Charlie's Delhi and off of they have Cubans off of VAT. Is it off a valley street or Troy Street? I want to say Troy Street, like by a children. Yeah, you know I'm talking about. Yes, I'm pretty positive because he does a Cuban Burger and we shut the front door and it was delicious. On their own going for one. It was so good. I'm saying I will drive down there. I have nothing else to do today. What is one bad habit you're trying to get rid of? Swearing, ha ha. You know, M I've kept it pretty clean for this interview. Yeah, but I swear like a sailor. I'm impressed. I have. Yeah, I'm like, just just this once, Mike, just this once. You don't you don't have to. I got a lot of it out of my own bleep. Everything swearing. I spear like a sailor. I The F, The yes, the F, but it's it's probably my favorite word of my voca fun. It is fun and I just sometimes, you know, I grew up hearing it. To blame my parents for it, but they both like to use it and so am my house. It was just a common word. Yeah, and sometimes I just always I don't do it in public and I don't do it when I'm out obviously working right it things like that in my house. Yes, because we the newsroom, we we all know, because I remember there was one night...

...there was a really net was. This was a couple years ago. There was a nasty, nasty tornado and I still remember the clip to this day because it happened live on air. Nathan was out field and this clap of thunder happened right above his head and he like duck down. I remember the meeting like the next week everywey was like May, thank God at least wasn't out there. She'd dropping up Tom here. Not even kidding. I literally when Nice heard it, because I didn't he I was out in the field that night because I was. I yeah, I did that Tornado coverage, but with Nathan and another location, and the next day when I heard about it, I was like, Oh, thank God that I knew. I already knew. Oh that's funny. Lastly, what is something that you think like, like fifty years from now? Yeah, something something that people look will look back on us now and something that they'll be shocked, that appalled by and something they'll be proud of. Like you mean us personally or US as a society? Society, and I know you and me, I think yeah, I think appalled is all the violence, the mass shootings. That is just unacceptable and ridiculous. It gets no point across. If it was me personally and I could make this decision, and I this is the decision I would make, and I am so proud of our management for making the decision during the mass shooting here, I would not name any shooter, because that's what they want. I wouldn't do a background on them. I don't I don't want to know who you are. I don't care who you are. So you know, I am so proud of our management for making that decision. We do not refer to him other than the shooter and I think that that's appropriate. So I think appalled would be just the violence, the shootings. Proud. I really hope people look back on this summer in the Miami Valley, the six months of absolute hell that we had, and realize how resilient this community is. That is one thing I don't know if any other community would would, would would be able to take the hits that we have taken and come back the way that we have. Come back and continue to be like okay, let's do this, okay, let's do this. I mean, how many times do you have to be asked to stand back up, get off your back, get on your two feet and do it all over again? It reminds me of a quote from from one of the rocky movies where rockies have an argument with his son and he tells his son, you know, life, it's not about how many times you can get hit. It's about how many times you can get hit, get back up and keep going forward. Yep, one hundred percent. And and I know when one our evening anchor, Adam Arrow, was on, was on America this week after the shooting happened, and he was talking to forget the name of the host of the show, Eric Bowling. Oh yeah, and he said, you know, he was like, you know, has Dayton dealing with the shooting and he was like, he's like, I don't think anybody realizes, like the shooting is like the fourth thing to happen in this year. At that point, he's like we had the KKK rally, we had the Memorial Day tornadoes, and it was just it wasn't even that's not even true. Like the fourth thing? Would you say that it was? It started with the water crisis, when we did water. Yeah, in Montgomery County, in the city of Dayton. Yeah, and it started with the federal indictments, with the city leaders being indicted federally. Still ongoing, still ongoing, still more indictments, I'm sure. And then we had the KKK rally, and then we had the Memorial Day tornadoes, and then we had the mass shooting, and then we had an officer shot and killed, and then we had to you what I mean, it's like, okay, how many more? And then we had can we have? And and one of I know because it because we had. Going back to your stand about the things about being proud of, is like like yes, the like the fact that we had a KKK rally, and I use that term lately because it was seven people. Yeah, it was ridiculous, seven people, but to see this whole city bill out the way it did to tell them they weren't welcome here was, I I've never seen something like that in my life. And and and the recovery efforts since the tornadoes happened three days later. It's, you know, I mean the morning of people were out there cutting stuff up, and I mean, obviously it doesn't. Not every community has been able to recover. Yeah, but and I don't know if they ever will. There's there's whole businesses that are promanity brothers had to close down because there's there's so many like so, you know, it's been talked about people are having trouble getting like the insurance payouts, and on one hand it's so easy... point blame at the insurance companies. Will they're not paying it. Do you know how many people are trying to get insurance payouts right now from these companies right at the same time, not to mention the contractors that are trying to work on these houses and the you know what I mean? It's like there's so many things that go into it and some of these houses I just don't they're just going to have to be torn down and rebuilt. Yeah, like, honestly, there's no salvaging what's there. There's there's so many clips I've seen of people who have just they've just sold their lots and just and I decided to just onewhere else. Think there's nothing else they can do. That's what happened and that's what that's what's happening on a lot of the neighborhoods is a lot of those homes people were renting they didn't even own now, and so the landlord is the one who's making the decision to walk away. That's what's hard. And and even and again. Even at that point, it's like what else can you do? Right? I mean, like, I know it's it it because it's not. You're not going to get the money out of that house or out of the Insurance Company for the houses. Yeah, you know what I mean. It's like this whole block right now that we're on, all these houses are are rented. Yeah, all owned by people who does rent them out of it. If one of those tornadoes had come through here, Yep, you'd be in the same situation exactly. Yeah, he's crazy. All right, let's find I'm going to find a super positive one. Okay, because wow, that took a tab. Let's see here. You know what, boom, what do you consider your grace achievement? Damn, getting all deep. I know. All right, well, it's going to get deep. So okay, let's I apologize. Bring it. So my greatest achievement. I know for a fact that if I didn't meet my husband when I did, I probably would not be where I am today. So my greatest achievement was being able to trust him, accept his love and accept his like goodness, because that's not something I grew up with, that's not something that I knew, that's not something that I ever thought I wanted and that's something I always pushed away. So I think my greatest achievement is just being able to what I consider being normal, because that's not how I was raised and that's not how I was raised to think. So breaking the cycle. That's what I that's what it is, breaking the cycle. Mine was winning a hot dog contest high school. So there you go. PUTS THE HELL out of mind. At least. Colter, thank you so much. Thank you doing this. Of course, baby's on the way soon. Smart Art. Yeah, and left guys are just super excited, super excited. He's he's kind of in my ribs today, sell me. Saw Me do a couple of these, is because he's all up in there. So I don't know what he's doing. Any weird cravings, you know, Beef Jerky? I don't know. He likes it, so that's I don't know. I like beef jerky myself. So, but it's funny because I kind of describe them as like a Ninja, as like the message my girlfriend's from high school, like a jiff. It was like a Ninja because there's times where he'll literally be sitting in my stomach and it's like he's doing these Ninja chops doing in my stomach. Is just like side to side, side, decide, side, decide. I've no idea. Mine was my mom. I made my mom crave Taco Bell, which explains a lot. My little brother, the one who's the Pizza Hound, he would mom always crave pizza. Like I was twelve years old and I'm here and I be in bed at here, knock the door, look at the window. Mom and daddy getting pizza delivered. I'm like, what the Hell? I had ASPARAGUS for dinner. You guys are getting pizza. That's so funny. My Mom said with me she gained like sixty or eighty pounds because she had to have a banana split every single night. And I am as I'm a sweet tooth. I love my sweets. Oh yeah, so that was like, well, sorry, I'm with my little brother. She she hates them to this day. Lima Beans, Oh, disgusting, like who craves that? Thankfully, I crave anything that I don't like. That's that's good. So it's it is hard, though, because there's times where I'm like, hmmm, I don't think you know, because I try to plan out my meals for the week to try to still be somewhat healthy, and then I just like go to make it, I'm like, don't even look good to me. This doesn't even sound good. That doesn't look good, like I don't even want to eat this. And it's I know that, like that's...

...normal, but when you're pregnant it's like extra, like like, I don't know how to explain it. That's probably have with Salads. I love a good salad. Yeah, making a salad is such a chore. Really, I get to get the list, wash, chop, chop, chop, chopter, get the carrots. That's that's already very well. Nowadays, nowadays, I get I go to I go to all these and Kroger and I get there basically just bowl side local and I'm spending the same amount of money. Ye on, y'all the goodies and yeah, all right, I'm sorry, it happens. On here a lot. So at least could you can catch you weekday mornings, day and seven now for thirty am whoop to seven am on ABC, seven and nine on Fox and as Monday through Friday. Yep, and on all the social medias. It can follow you on social media. Everything is at least could awesome. Yep, Yep. All right, guys, make sure you check that out. Also, make sure you check out this show's website, basement lash podcom. Support the show. Dollar a month get you the show early, commercial free. Patrcom slash basement lash pod. I'm on all the social media, all the links from the description. I'm not going to plug myself anymore. It's my Shuggar. What you're up to? All right, guys, will be back again next week with the brand new episode. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and the bye.

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