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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 20 · 1 year ago

Onward to 2020 with Travis Diffenderfer - EP #20


It's the last interview of 2019 and producer extraordinaire Travis Diffenderfer is back on the show! We're looking to the future of 2020 and talking about the coming evolution in store for The Basement Lounge in the new year!

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...but they were roaring. They wereroaring. They were roaring. You want to see me, do the Chileston. I just you know something about. You know the twenties and morespecicially the forties. You know whenever you would go and you'd seethose the propaganda tapes and the guy who was talking about what was going islike that's right, Art American boys ware over there showing OL unclelaghdoff. What's what I always ell right, you've heard ofhear fist alyand it made us have taken over the and thisjust in takes thatback I always loved. My sister is a big we're, both bicked tarwarth fans and mysister's been w rewatching the clonwars, yes, egoes they're dropping the newseason on Disney plus, and I love how every episode essentially opens withthe Star Wars version of that keeping you up on. What's going on in the inthe clone wars in the world of Star Wars, the Republic Commanders Landin ongeonosis and re currently ticking out drawit on he's, led batching, O graveUS meand, while Jeti basters, Henni syt Walkin, O oo Anobe. Oh, I went the Soca my fa more o every episode is I've.Gotta do every Medi at work like that. It's like okay, WHA, O. You guys gotgoing on Awell today. we O go ahead. I change out Thi, I fixe own th just tosee what they do and I coul be very entertaining for me and to be alone. IfI ever get to have a a morning panel talk show like I'vealways enjoyed yeah we UH. We were a part of one in college, theCollege Radio Station and and I'm a big fan of some potcast versions. Ra. Ilove those kinds of shows. If I ever get to do one of those again, I want tohave a news segment and that's how I want the person to read. The news islike a l, Ke, a eisrael guy, I volunteer ntribute. I want to do that. SOSOUNDS, like somuch fun so, but you know, maybe that's something we can do in the future. Youknow you never know what's going to happen, but as far as what we at we do know isgoing to be happening with this show starting in twenty twenty stuff t the Pie cast is is going to behappening and some other things are going to be happening as well. So I I actually want to start with oneof the big changes and one of the big new things that we're going to beadding as part of the the basement lanage brand- and this was kind of this-was more yor brain child than mine was to go ahead and start pulling thetrigger on this. It dars forth from my loins from yourbehole, which is adding a video element to the show or creating Grese, creating video content out ofout of the basement, lounge whether it goes on outube or facebook, probablyfacebook, Um 'cause. That seems to be where thewhere the video audience is right now is m that facebook things are alwaysinvolving and changing. There probably chase that a little bit but yeah we'llfigure that out there's going to be bases well, especially especiallybecause you look at how how you tube is currently Um, causing some drama with changes they'vemade in recent months, Um with the COPPAthing going into act and people having to be very careful now about the content that they post and and yeahthings like that, but also just for mnpersonal stuff. You know we wereleased the film when we released vanishing point earlier this year. Iput it on two PLA put it on you tub and I put it on a facebook and on you tubein the span of a couple of days it got like maybe a hundredits which is coolmm on facebook. It got like eight hundred. That's, I think the same amount of timeit's and I think it's because part of what's great about it, is like the filmwas only five minutes long. I thinkpeople are watching a lot of theirshort video content on facebook, yeah and there's a lot more potential forpeople o Rabbit Hole, yeah and you know especially B'cause. You C you can you.Can you know if you've wached videos on afacebening, you watch one that t automatically just scrolls you the nextone. You can G on the right topic: I've gotten lost for hours, watching old,like old, rock and roll hollowfame,performances and stuff, like that, you know old, Printe, performances, Um, so for short form, video content.facebook seems to have a lot of tools for that Um that you two just isn't.You doesn't seem to have the audience that it used to anymore, so we're looking at introducing a videoelement from the basement. Lounge US te be called the basement, lounges be thevideo content Um, but one of the things and this thiskind of affects the podcast side as...

...well as so currently on the pod castfeed. There are there's the basement. Lounge main show,which is our main interview, show that you're currently listening to there'salso micetox movies, Mike's, mind and the monthly movie melt down so the month mee melt down, which isthe show the travison I do Um. You know we're still frigging out the Kings, thekings with that show how we want to do it and trying stuff and see h whatworks and what doesn't and usually just devolves into us just going down rabbitals drinking andranting about random movie Geng. It's always movie related though, but theshow is called the month movie meltdowns, what's kind of inherent inthe name B, t having having two different movie shows on the Pie, CASpeed H, it's filt kind of redundant, so mikefoxmovies is actually going to move to our video platform, whether it's utper faceith. Whatever we decide on it's not going to be on the pocasket anymore,it's going to be very short form. You know me reviewing the movies. You knowquick moving. You know movie stuff stuff like that, that I can shoot veryquickly and get up online, not a lot of crazy production value, not juststraightforward content. Um, so we'll be rolling that out in twentytwenty as travisis cat playse his microphone and it's kind of anoer yeahs. So that's! So that's that's one of thebig things so so my tax movies won't be on the pot. Castfeed anymore e'll begoing to a video content M, I'm also working on doing video versions of theother shows, and by that I just mean. If you follow us on Instagram, you knowI do use headliner Vid, which is basically our logo with the audio grafhat the bottom, with like little clips from the show as a preview, it'll basibe something like that where you can get like a video version of the potcast, if you don't want, if you not listening on your podcastap or whatever,just to have that there Um, but the pondcast feed will still retainthe basement. Lounge and the monthly movie melt down. Mike's mind iscurrently up in the wind right now, I'm not e hundred percent sure. If that one's going to continue or notUm. It's been good for me from a therapeutic standpoint to talk myselfthrough the things I'm going through, but and you guys have been veryresponsive to it, and I really do appreciate that Um it just it just becomes a matter ofwhether I feel like it's a good fit for everything else that we're doing m. That might be something that wemoved, O like a patrion exclusive or we'll see that one's still kind of upin the air th there'll be a much more formulizedplan, as we get closer with things and figere things out, but yeah yeahwellwe're, we're learning and moving on with what you want and love in and joy,and I don't know trying to make a he now.You'R selling the guy from lifestye was ritching. The famous heway see MargaretThatch's lovely mansion up in the mountains and, as you can see there,it's Myke Shave's face moving and speaking words, how lovely to finallysee that the flesh, tufstuff speaking of you, know seeingthings you know part of this video element Um the reason you know. As far as thevideo element frou like shows like this go. The reason there hasn't been muchof one is because we don't do a lot of our interviews in the studio. A lot ofthem are vdiscord or Scipe, or phone calls and yeah yeah 's a thing. That's a thing:SMART, ASS, Um! So it's kind it would be kind ofpointless to have like People v like why don't you have like you know,cameras in Thei Studio, it's 'cause, they don't always have people hearinthe studio Um. It also becomes a a planning thing where you know I I haveyou know recently. We had a least culter who's, a news, anger, and you know people in her profession care how theylook on cameras. Just kindo comes with it, and so there have been times wher.I you know, I'm I'm having people over here at eleven o'clock in the morningon a Tuesday and their question, I always get asked every single time thisis going to be on video 'cause. I look like a hot mass and I always told them no um, but that's something that we mightstart doing, because one of the things they do want to do is getting a lotmore interviews in studio yeah, I don't mind doing the the remoteinterviews they're fine, but you could always tell that the better episodes are whenthey're in the studio, unless it's like right now with me andTravis, where I've just known him for so fucking long that at no point isn'tawkward not having him right in front of me yeah. It's like it sounds likeyou could reach out and touch my face.

Slash ar touching my face year facebeing worse, innocent touchable, you don't need to elaborate or or other Pi Cani get to bring it up Um, but I do want Ta. I I want to startgetting the guests more in the studio. You know. Part of the part of thehangup has always been where I live, which is Ohio, but we've been getting bigger guests onthe show as of late. So getting to have bigger guests now come to the studio is something I'mlooking into, but that's you know. We want to start getting bigger guests onthe show and we want to start getting them into the actual studio Um. So a lot of that comes from building build networking and building businessrelationships, which is why, when we launched thebasement lounge website, we also watched a a business contact, emailwhich is business at basement, lauge pot, dotcom, which is we're using whichwe're using for you know, contacting potential guests,you ill loagain and say something email that Yso yesnes business. Hedoesn't. I business is business, business, business, business, business,resientum, UM, so we're looking a ye so we're lookingwe're looking at the calibere of guests that we're getting in the show 'causeit has been getting. It's just been getting bigger and better, and I wantto get him in the studio 'cause I like having the actual conversation asopposed to just trying not to talk over each other for pus. You coald always tell when I D doa phone versus student 'cause, the phone interview episodes are alway. LThey cap out at like thirty minutes yeah. When I get him in the studio, itgoes for like an hour hour and a half peop will get tired of talking on thephone. It's just a thing: Yeah O only talk on the phone to begin with. We had work into it. It's it's good o mean it's like for a seriousthing: O that's Tong Would Ama, but uh. So currently, right now, I'mworking on getting a set of sorts built here in the studio, Um 'cause,everything's kind of all over the place. Right now, it's kind of it's kind of ahot fucking mess. I can actually see on the wall. The remnants of a set thatwas supposed to be about a year and a half ago is never finished, so we'reworking on that and the video stuff. I guess ait'll, be really straightforward.It'll just be it's, you know not crazy super highdeath H, you know intros and special effects, and yet that that Lik s it'.You know logo me just get to the content. getsjust just no need and I'mnot knocking, I'm not mocking other. You know creators that do that. That'sthe thing that's fine, but you know. The purpose of this is to creat as muchcontent as possible, a ufficiently as possible to just get it out and nothave to worry about taking the time to set up and ad it and render, and it'slike just get it done and get it out yeah. You don't need that flashy stuff,no notit' be Atit besory, a reaking, a song, but Mike Talks musicalscomingsoon M. I did. I did mention Um in a in a recent post on the facebook page thatuh I would be doing more stuff with the sin escape, which is the the filmwebsite. I've been wraiting for for about a year now um they are changing directions as far as thecontent they put out and uh getting more heavily into the potcastside of things. I am going to be doing a podcast for them, Um Akin to the music one that I was doinga while back with Robert Yetter, just reviewing indy, music and stuff. Likethat nothing Um like Hart it's it's Bey should be me talking about a Bisianalbum I listen to, but that that's coming at some point next year. It willnot be a part of this feed, it'll be part of theirs, but that is coming Um'cause h, the guys that centescape have been really good to me and they got alot of cool stuff going on there, and you know they've allowed me some greatopportunities to work with them and I can't think of enough for that andthey're great a they've been great about you know promoting the thingsI've done with this and so it'll be good to work with them. Some more solook aftter that Um my wardrobe's getting an overhaul.That's something the Travis was very adamant about like make of a Mike Makeover, I'm talking like a five year oldtonight. I have no idea whybut 'cause Youe, jut's 'cause you're gettinghealthy, so your brain is reverting back to it's the last time that it wasthat healthy, which is when you were...

...five years old and your mother was sapparently before I discovered alcohol. It's not that I discovered it hen. Iwas six, but you know it o Whatisa, but yeah well, Caus! So I posted onlineyesterday, I I cleaned out in the fluck out of my closet, Um, I pulledeverything out, went through everything if it didn't fit, or I hadn't worn itin at least a month hit went into pile and its going to go to goodwill Um, and I told my mom for Christmas thisyear I want a complete wardrobe, overaul yeah 'cause, I'm tired of'cause cuse, W N. When I got down to it when I looked at everything that I wasgetting rid of, it was all black ban, tshirts and black COMU of t shirtsYeahthi'm, not like disin ot, your wardrow broad, but like it's twentytwenty like this is the change of a decade as it'sdeal well, not only that I turned thirty one in in two weeks D: Youchange a deck. What y? U Ow, decage, I'm I'm in my third decade and but I'veI've been changing. I've been working on my style, bt anymore. I I've becomea big big fan of flannel. I Love I love Flannel Lanas Co. Aoi I've been rockingmy vests, I look sexy in those vests, I'm just saying Lik, Damn Guy we're in lot were hatstoo. I like cats too, my Wen my hadsbackwards, because I don't know why IOS Youre a Chad I am onthe inside I'm likethe weirdest Chad that ever chatted. If I haven't Shad my lower fuckingd basicbrow, Um Yeah, I I've been h yeah. So so you know you guys would get to sea.You could see the new wardrobe when you watsh this video stuff, I'm I'm I'm aLookd, I'm gn to look Saxy, I'm Oo, I'm onl, seven oit an span. A lot of this is coming. Caus like thisis tha the it's not just because it's like NewYear's. This is like one of those times in life that H it's just it's good to geta fresh start, fresh, look at things and whether or not it's because it'sthe turning of a decade and everything it's because f like it, it Oth in weirdchangy places so yeah like I'm turning thirty one and I'm just I'm I'm at thatage, where I can't keep doing things the same way that I have for the last.You know. Fifteen years I got Ta Start and a just mean Li. Like case in point,okay, I got home from camping over the summer and I taken a bunch of my bedstuff with me. You know to to use with my airmattress in the tent and h. Youknow it got mildewey and and and kindofdirty and gross- and I was likeyou N. I just need some new fucking bad stuff, so I got back from camping and Iwent and bought brand new sheets pillow cases comporter one of those memoryfoam mattress toppers. They got one of those special got new pillows, one ofwhich is hose memory. Phone pillows with the Gell in cooling, Gell insertin it mother fucker. Let me tell you something: If I didn't come home rundownstairs strip the bed put all that stuff on there and then just lay down.I was just like. I can't wait to go to bed tonight wholly Shit, I'm an adult Leev like a cane yeah. I used to get that excited aboutHalloween. No, I'm like looking forward to like like man. I G got NW stuff from my BachOom. The other day I G T. I got LI G, get a new fucking, tooththrushholder NI was like Oh, I was Goin to look great ot, my counter. What happened to me? What happened to me, I'm getting excited about a new couchlike T. that's our fagoritslike! That's no! Joking Couch! That's no joke man!Let me tell you something: We we kept going through couches. Wewould just go to fucking goodwill and just get couch lving and they wouldlast a year and they'd be shitting ununcomfortable, so so mom and Ifinally were like, like it were getting a brand new. Like sectional l, shapedCOUCHR The living room. I can't be on that couch more than five minutes. Ifall asleep everytime. We got this Tas Puffy, one that, like first ofall, ishuge and the leather on it is disintegrating in the most literalsense, and we keep thinking like oh we'll, just we'll wait and get a newcouch until we move. But finally, I'm like no, I need a new couch. This couchis literally melting under me, but not WAITIG T it's it's a new year and it'sa new decade and it just seems like a good excuse to start quit pussy foottin around and implementsome changes that Eah just just kind of need to happen. We've already declaredtwenty twenty will be the year of Mike yes and him alone, all of hem everyoneelse, fuck off a yeah, no, the rest of you all. Whatever you can go, sit andsyrup. I O O ono for Hin Shad, since...

...the other guys getting Inspeakinso. Weget a both for Mike Shade, there's still time to vote for me for bestlocal potcast, inves, best local standup comedian. I go to the Lincolnthe description see how I work that in thereltat skills rieverybody. I justwanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shoutout to the people spport. This show every month on Patrion I want to shoutout Whitney Latin Jodie mcdirmott and my mother, Melissa Sha to every singleMont helps port his show, and if you want to be one of those awesome people,all you got to do is go to Padrioon dotcom, a facet round hot enjoined, theone dollar tear wou'l, get shouted out on the air, get your name with it. Inthe description you get early access to all these shows compercial freed throug,our Patrioon R, sspeed, and so many other cool rewards once again go thePatrion dotcoms slash, basment lounge po join the one dollars here, anhpinking in the shol. Let's get back to professional there's other ideas and stuff. We haveUm, I really like I teased earlier. I really want. I love the the funnysilly like morning talk show. I love that Shit. It's fun, everybody gets towake up together and you can kindof get away with a lot and so I'd love todevelop a show like that. Um, that's something that might have to wait untilI actually get out to Los Angeles, because t ef travis isn't a part of it.then. What's The fucking point, I wan to be there yeah, you, you and I haveanotherfriend who lives in Los Angeles Wso, I think, would be absolutelyfantastic to be on it. She is she's a hot. Is this er? You move here then?Well, it wasthat was supposed to be this year and we saw how well thatworked out and so Welfi healthbut, but so, but I think I think it's more. It'sbecoming more and more likely theire things workings decades, saidthe decade thatimoved the Laom at some point in the next ten years, Wel move out to LosAngeles, but it is still the goal: Um At's, that's still where my heart is,is getting out there because there's just so much more t at I can do not just myself but with Travis. Youknow e and I have been working together in general since two thousand andTwelve and oh my godness gyears, I knowit's almost eight years t, but wework really well together. M see you know the OT. The other day we got intoa several hour, tirade H, brainstorming, a movie together and it was just fantastic, pretty goo. I wasactually really proud of everything we came up with for that. We made something that shouldn't work,work, yeah and uh, something that apparently is currentlyin talks of happening. But I don't see t yeah happening, doutit yeah. Well, No F, no it'll neverhappen the way that we have talked about, but it should happen, which isthe way that it should happen. Welly. I am so proud of of the idea I had forthe prison interrogation scene, I'm just saying about saying M so bu I wan.I want to get something like that. You know one of those, those panelled. Youknow a something t do weekly, not necessarily daily Um, but just I want to keep creating newstuff and we're going to start introducing a video element to makesome of that a little more. I think. That's really kind of the bigthing out of all. This is the fact that we're introducing the VINEO element,because it's going to open up some doors for different kinds of content,um and se pepanding the brand and that we go in through Changees, bothprofessional and Um. Well, I totally lost the other Word Personal Ara go mybrain's doing, hair yo o go II'm trying to keep up with my brainand it's very hard right now, I'm I'm looking at some new equipment h for thestudio. I love the barringer mixer that I started using this year. I got itspecifically for when I did the back on the old show when we did the bigcrossover review of Aventers d game here in the studio and it's done's done me really well Um, but I think I need something a bit moresuited to my needs. There's. Basically, this barringer mixmixer has a lot to it.That I don't need- and I need to...

...simplify a little bit but by Simplifimean spend a sh load of money M and you can donate that directly to to supportthe Patrioon. I got a Patrionof Acom's last Basemet, a last Paad make thathappen and ned about six need about six hundred o Yousix hundred people at adollar a month. Let's make that happen, ove out here, real fast, so shit, um, but yeah, so R, just making some littleupgrades here and there but twent an twenty is Gointo, be a really good yearH for for the basement, lounge, I think for sure. I think I think we thinkwe're going to have some really cool stuff and always, if you guys ever haveideas or suggestions you can always reach out to us on on. You know twitterat tbl under sqare pod. I hate our titter handle so much butbuy, the other one out. It's noteven the other. The one that I want to use is to fucking long theyt. Let meuse it. I tried every every variation ofbasement, lounge and podcast for days until I finally settled on tblunderscore pod about it should o Em Lounge pod. I think that's just thebathroom it was. It was at one at one point: Itwas h: BM, N T or B BSMT podcast, it's been somany terrible things. TBL POD is pretty painless, so that works yeah, it's notgreat, but I I'm not active on there. More often, I usually I'm on theINSTAGRA'm a lot more basement. Lange pod Wor, a lot of our content, esposted there, most most active there or just fucking. Just tit me up mean ytofind go to the description, it's all bugging on there, but h I'V, prettymuch shut off social media. So if you want to find mate man going to have totry hi yeah, I I'm IAM following suit more and more every single day, I itall bores me or pisses me off. I just spend most of my time on rend it. It isincredibly freeing. I H, I genuinely I check my facebook on the computer likea couple of times a week for like two minutes and then I walk away but IAM,so much less pissed off a'd spending more time doing things and it's verynice and I no longer care about every thought that I have being a facebookstatus or some fullshit. I I I go on facebook specifically to update the faceby pages for this showand for my own personal comedy page and the check for any upcoming comedy showsUm and to play angry birds, and that is literally it every once in a while. I will do anambiguous, just kind of scroll down real quick, but this is the firsttime I see something that I feel like chiming in my two cents. I I back offunless it's a g really fucking funny, but h. He case in Casein point theother day. Although there was there was one chance. I had T to really show offa bit where somebody had posted this mean it was like Howcam. If Jesus washanging out in Israel, he was meeting guys name, Matthew, Mark Luke, John andPaul, and I actually went into like this big huge diet drive about how alltheir names were. Just the English translations of Hebrew and Roman namesand the end of it was kind of like wow gem me being smart. That was toallyinowthing, but also that was so unnecessary. I that that mean as really funny- and Ijust made it not funny- and I I should be ashamed of myself- it's it's a symptom of the time wherepeople kind of it's through no fault of their own. It's kind of designed thisway. Everyone kind of thinks that every thought that they have is like Su wereimportant and um th y. They they do things more for the likes and attention Han anythingand UH. It's not great. I think everyone kindo knows that that's what'sgoing on, but there's not too much to be done about it, except for onplugging your mind and reprogramming yourself, which sounds like a very Jimcarrey thing to say, but bb yeah yeah, I I mean it. It's just ametaphorical way of phrasing. It bu I haven't cut out video games, which wasvery hard for me San. I I don't do it anymore. I playnone zero, none! It's it's when I need something,that's just absolutely like when I need to be Mi numbingly out of it. That's my go to I ci can't be that wayanymore. That's why I like tan frustrating me Ihaei, spend I need toat least once a week at least once a...

...week. I need a day where I I am justcompletely like mentally shut off an congest 'cause and I'm talking like acoplating rocket league. You know where I play soccer with race cars. You know,I'm not I'm not talking about like getting into sky rim. You know yeah, you know I'm talking aboutplaying, you know ww twenty nineteen or you know I mean granted. I boughtJeifallan order and got grossed in it 'cause. It was uch agood fucking game, but see I when I do need that catamode. Ijust watch in practical, jokers 'cause. I love that show. So God dam much makesme so happy. Have you watched funny? You should ask I no you mean to watchfunny. You should ask what is that? So it's a Gamh, it's a game, show theybring on two people and they ask them like s. They ask hem almost jeopardy.Ask Trivia questions aboutsuffere, but there's a panel of six comedianssitting across from the contestants and they'll say all right, they'll, say:Okay and like John Love, ITTS and Louis Andrerson, ar on every episode, ohsweet. I love eat. Louie Anderson S, so they go to John. They go to JohnLovetts Verso, like Hey John Um. You know and he'll ask him a Tribu one ofthese tribia questions and then John and then the comedian always gives areally funny answer like something Super Punty or stupid orsarcastic, and usually in Genlais case perverted, and then then they give wand then they give what they actually think is the correct answer. EAH andthen the contestant has to say whether the comedian is right or wrong, and if it turns out that the contestantand the comedian are in SINC and they coul test, it wins a hundred dollars.If they're, not, then they go to the next person. But ssome of the answers.These especially Louis Anderson Answers. These guys come up with like billingvalls on there all the time, Billy Gardel, Um, Sherry, sheperd, Viron, AllengyKennedy's, been on there a Jodie Miller, um, it is te. Tasaeroi was on there allthe time. Um could check it out. You wouldn't love the show we ar thereruns at my job. So, if it's great for O admit it is I keeptr, I keep keep applying to be a contest, and that show is just so funny, but yeah that and Praccical jokers man,Oh man, I love that one. They got some new game show thing, that's actuallypretty interesting. SO THAT'S OTHING! Oh Yeah, I've seenn a previews. Forthat I want to watch a misery. I I a fascinating personally likewhether or not the impractical, jokers, I'm sorry. The tender loids. That'stheir comedy group name. Is that their name yeah the tender loids that whetheror not there a part of the show facidating love it interesting 'cause!It's not just like how awful would this be if it happenedto you uh, they asked like a panel ofpsychologists Um to rate these things, with a certainnumber of like categories on a scale of zero to a hundred Um, how miserablethey would be from like psychological, Paiy, long, lasting impact and hphysical thing and Um. You have to guess where, within that one hundredpoint range, the panel of psychologists placed that miserable event and Um the tender lines just act as like theadvisors to the contestants like on Miseryis barly entertaining ohon talkabout it's interesting, I'm very good at guessing misery, as itturns out, would have thought tit's a skill I have mhmyeah but yeah. So that's you know, that'sthat's what we've got going on as far as going into twenty twenty, witheverything with the basement lauge brand. I think it's going to be a lotof fun. You know for those who who who maybe arewondering who who aren't aware. So we had a couple of other shows we tried tomake happen. We tried to do throw one back which was going to be th. Thedrinking Cocktai respe show, so it turns out that a that show is anexpensive to put on because go, buy all the shit and then also because werecord these shows because my worst schedule at eleven am n on a weekdayreally hard to convince somebody to come over and get day drunk yeah eleven am it'. It's really hard toconvince. We had Haley Madison on and she was such a trooper and it was agreat episode. It was also two and a half hours and it was just it's one. It reallyturned into just Kinda the basement. Lounge two point: Oh 'cause wit thesame kind of interview, questions I would have asked on any other show andother than just us trying these these...

...cocktails. There wasn't a whole lotabout it. It stood out so that one went away and then, as far as the shrowdownrecap show goes, I just don't have the time to watch them when they err to review them becausethey drop so frequently h so that I, as never gon off, never got of an ground,so it happens, but that was that was thewhole point was just trying new stuff and seeing what worked and one didn'tno harm, no foul Y M, maybe one of those comes back, maybe we'll see whoknows but uh yeah, I'm looking forward the next year.Ma'am. Yes, me too getting fit getting healthy and feeling good didn swol. Itell you man as soon as I realized I was passing both of those classes onFriday. It's like. I got every single bit of the confidence I lost fromdropping out of college backlike in an instant, and it's been like for of the most blissful days I havehad in my life, so I'm feeling bucket rate. So I look forward to joining you in thatfeeling. I can ak an ihave been neglecting my gym membership, I'm notgoing to lie, get I do it. You gotta get fiit gotta. Do it still go watchBrituns a marathon and you get ta feel inspired then you're GOINTA run. Onelakoiceha tells me about this movie. I swear to go Y G, you're GOINGTA watchit. It's GOINGTO happen, you're, going to smile and then you're going to go tothe gym, probably byit. I guess and h you might not go back ever again, butat least you went that one time so there you go, you did one healthy thing, O movieit's it healthy. What a spokesperson I amIrma Commercial People will make your company probably lose money right, um a! I will say if anybody wants to see meperform, I will be going up at Wily's comedy club on Sunday January fifth,the day after my birthday. So please come see me and buy me shots. I I'm begging, Um yeah yeah by me,shots it's my birthday, God damn it I may or may not be drawn on stage willit will be my first time on stage in a couple of months, 'cause, it's St BeenDecember has been very busy, but I I' I haven't been. I haven't beento wiles in a while. So I'm looking forward to going up again, that's awesome. Yeah Tryingno, try somenew shit. I think I've been I've. been writing. I've been writing some morejokes. I think that this is the year that I commit to getting back on stage.You should because you you had a good thing going there for a little bit. That was good at it. You were doingpretty good man. Well, I mean get back at of a thing now that I actually havegenuine confidence, not just the the guise of it so yeah it a thing all right. Well, Waireal, quick oohwe,we we are getting. I haven't. I don't think I've said this on the show. Yet adead Serius is coming back, intwit's been a long break, but it's Anod Haon. We things Broin in my head aboutit and I actually have some episodes written surprise. Oh Shit! Well, we went youknow we went in strong with the first two seasons. We really and I think weended really strong. I think we ended really strong as well like it's notlike. We left in a place where it was like. Oh Kay, I guess it's over witnowlike we, we started strong and we ended strong and now it et's good to hearthat we'll be coming back for more with the things that I have written. I thinkit's Gointo be worth the weight and I just want you to know everyone thatthis this week here I'm going to be finishing, writing theseason and then we'll enter production. I'm not going to give anyone a harddate because I don't want to yet, but it's coming back soon, just know thatwithout renewed for another season, we didn't go. Hanmyi think, I think,that's actually smart what you're doing, because when you said a date foryourself I get stressed you get stressed, 'cause 'cause sezonigh seasonto took a toll on you, 'cause ITR 'cause. We were really trying to hitthat Halloween hype, especially with the Halloween special that we did andwe were really trying to get it and ride that pony and Um and man reernedit worked, but man were you burned out was getting so mad. 'cause was jwaiting on things and Iwa. I was done. He was threatening by Ho stestacles Iwas I was, and I do you want. Do you want to know a thing that I haven'ttold anybody? Yet...

...we are sitting at right now we have two thousand eight hundred and ad I'm waiting for a drum roll thatit's popping up in whether that's me stalling to like load up the last twonumbers, because for whatever reason, my signal was going very slow butyou're Yo. It's trust me. It's got to be worth the weight once Yo hear thesetwo numbersreally. What it means is that, since we're at two thousand eighthundred and still loading wrwe're loading, Ishouldhave been prepared. I wasn't prepared, but we're loaning, we'reGOINGTO, know two two more numbers and she pleas he's sixty nine sixty nine,please Bein, I hop F. It is I really thousands eight hundred and fifty onthe no Whollyshi, which means that that serious is exactly one hundred andfifty plays away from hitting three bucking thousand total place, which is unfathomable to me. If you had told methat some shit I made like on a whin that turned out as good as it did wasGongna hit as much as it has, then I would have slapped you in the face andsaid: Stop Teasing me and giving me confidence. I haven't earned, but my God it's buck and ride, so we'rebringing it back and we're going to shoot for we're going to get it we're going toget it Ma all right, guys so make sure you stay tune for everything going onwith dead syrious season. Three is coming in O Thosandad twenty state tune for all the the cool newstuff. We're going to be rulling out with the basement lounge here, startingin February Um, it's been a great first phase. One tothis show Um Sai D, like I said from now after afterthis week through. Excuse me the end of January, we'll be doing some kind ofnontraditional episodes of the show H. No, not so much filler they're stillgoing to be informative and fun and funny and interesting to listen to, butit won't be your traditional interview. Episodes like we've been having becauseMike needs a break, and it is also really hard to book guests during theholiday season. Yeah, it's you know. People peoplearen't exactly available right now to come to interviews so, but starting inFebruary will be back with with our regular regular interviews with bigguests and and also some of the new stuff will be rulling out as well. So,but you know, keep yourself pasted to the instagram basement: Lounge pod, thetwitter tbl under score pod and, of course, our new website, which ismstill so proud of basement lounge pod DOT com. It's very pretty! It's got everythingyou know there and if you are listening and you're someone who would like to dobusiness with us, whether it's as a guest or a sponsor or whatever else youcoul, set an email, do business at basement, Laugepo dotcom an wellrespond within forty eight hours, I'm very I'm very diligent about the emailsso make sure you do that and again checking out my website and Etra comedydotcom comes seeme at while thes comedy club in dic on Ohio on January fifth,the day after my birthday buy me shuts shots, shot, shots, shot, shots everybody and Um yeah male meshots mail. U Some shots! Please I'll mail!You some pepperment bark that I'm going to be making here this week, OyeahItwas me Yor a mailing address, rocer yeah, don't say, don't see it onthe fucking pot gas. Sorry, that's right, fuck wrong with you! So much am I being healthy, Dan' it Ierain. It is go back to the junk food. You work more creative when you were ondrunk food. If you want to find me or like talk tome or anything, good luck. I'm very sneaky and hard to talk to you now.You're welcome just hit me up I'll relay the message I trib as Johnny and Arkansas says:You're a bitch to Johnny theygo fuck, em soming, the stacy in Oklohoma, says h. You arenot a cool person. Wellyou need to explain the cast of the Bible to what I don't I can know there was areference to your mae thing. Anyway, all right, withthaut being said, guysthink so. Munch o'retuning again. Thank you for a great twenty nineteen andwe'll see guys in the new decade with some new stuff he're on thebasement. Lounge and til then, as always live well rock on take care.

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