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Season 1, Episode 20 · 3 years ago

Onward to 2020 with Travis Diffenderfer - EP #20


It's the last interview of 2019 and producer extraordinaire Travis Diffenderfer is back on the show! We're looking to the future of 2020 and talking about the coming evolution in store for The Basement Lounge in the new year!

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...a minute, yeah, that wasn't great, was it? They but they were roaring, but they were a roaring. They were a roaring. You want to see me do that, Charleston? I just you know something about you know the S, and we're specifically the s. You know, whenever you would go and you'd see those, the propagana tapes, and the guy who was talking about what was going is like, that's right out American boys. Whatever the showing old uncle laid off. What's what I always love. You've heard it here first. Alien Invados have taken of the Disjud we take that back. I always loved my sister is a big you. We're both Big Star Wars fans, and my sister's been were rewatching the clone wars because they're dropping the new season on Disney plus, and I love how every episode essentially opens with the Star Wars version of that, keeping you up on what's going on on in the in the clone wars. In the world of Star Wars, the Republican and knows landing on genosis and are currently checking out draw it on. He's led by general grave US mean, while Jedi masters Hank's Gony Walker an open walking ob all. I want to Sucka. It's it's my favorite more of every episode is just the I'm gonna like. Do every media get work like that? It's like, okay, what do you guys got going on today? Well, today, when I go on ahead, I changed out this hi fixed up that where we go just to see what they do, and it's gonna be very entertaining from me and me alone. But if I ever get to have a morning panel talk show like I've always enjoyed, you know, we we were a part of one in college at the College Radio Station, and I'm a big fan of some podcast versions right. I love those kinds of shows. If I ever get to do one of those again, I want to have a new segment and that's how I want the person to read the news. Is like like a fort s news real guy. I volunteers tribute as I want to do that. So far it sounds like so much fun. So but you know, maybe that's something we could do in the future. You know, you never know what's going to happen. But as far as what we do know is going to be happening with this show starting in two thousand and twenty, stuff with the podcast is going to be happening and some other things are going to be happening as well. So I actually want to start with one of the big changes and one of the big new things that we're going to be adding as part of the the basement lounge brand. And this was kind of this was more your brain child than mine, was to go ahead and start pulling the trigger on this, but its forth from my loins, from your big hole, which is adding a video element to the show or creating prease, creating video content out of out of the basement lounge, whether it goes on Youtube or facebook. Probably facebook, because that seems to be where the where the video audience is right now is moving that facebook things are always evolving and changing their probably chase that a little bit, but yeah, we'll figure that out. There's going to be basis. Well, especially, especially because you look at how how Youtube is currently causing some drama with changes they've made in recent months, with the COPPA thing going into act and people having to be very careful now about the content that they post and yeah, things like that. But also just for my own personal stuff, you know, we released the film, when we released vanishing point earlier this year. I put it on to play, put it on Youtube and I put it on facebook and on Youtube. In the span of a couple days it got like maybe a hundred hits, which is cool. HMM. On facebook it got like eight hundred. That's one like the same amount of time. It's and I think it's because part of what's great about it is, like the film was only five minutes long. People are watching a lot of their short video content on facebook. Yeah, and there's a lot more potential for people to rabbit hole. Yeah, and you know, especially because you can, you can, you can. You know if you've watched videos on Faceboon, to you watch one that automatically just scrolled you the next one, you can get on the right topic. I've gotten lost for hours watching old like old rock and Roll Hall of fame performances and stuff like that and, you know, old prince performances. So for short form video content, facebook seems to have a lot of tools for that that. Youtube just isn't. Youtube doesn't seem to have the audience that it used to anymore. So we're looking at introducing a video element from the basement lounge, just to be called the basement lounge, just be the video content. But one of the things, and this this kind of affects the podcast side as well. is so currently on the podcast feed. There are...

...there's the basement lounge main show, which is our main interview show that you're currently listening to. There's also Mike talks movies, Mike's mind and the monthly movie meltdown. We though, so the monthly movie meltdown, which is the show that Travis and I do. You know, we're still figuring out the kinks, for the kinks with that show, how we want to do it and try and stuff and see what works and what doesn't, and usually just devolves into us just going down rabbit holes thinking and ranting about random movie things. It's always movie related, though, but the show is called the month and movie meltdown, so it's kind of inherent in the name. But having having two different movie shows on the podcast feed it feels kind of redundant. So Mike talks movies is actually going to move to our video platform, whether it's Youtuber, facebook, whatever we decide on. It's not going to be on the podcast you anymore. It's going to be very short form, you know, me review in the movies, you know, quick moving, you know movie stuff, stuff like that that I can shoot very quickly and get up online. Not a lot of crazy production value, not just just straightforward content. So we'll be rolling that out in two thousand and twenty as travis cat plays with his microphone and it's kind of in the world. Yeah, it's so. That's so. That's that's one of the big things. So, so mike talks movies won't be on the PODCAST feeding. You Moore. We'll be going to a video content. I'm also working on doing video versions of the other shows, and by that I just mean if you follow us on Instagram, you know I do these headliner viids, which is basically our logo with the audio graph at the bottom with like little clips from the show as a preview. It'll basically something like that where you can get like a video version of the podcast if you don't want, if you not listening on your podcast APP or whatever, just to have that there. But the podcast feed will still retain the Basement Lounge and the monthly movie meltdown. Mike's mind is currently up in the wind right now. I'm not a hundred percent sure if that one's going to continue or not. It's been good for me from a therapeutic standpoint to talk myself through the things I'm going through. But, and you guys have been very responsive to it and I really do appreciate that. It's just it just becomes a matter of whether I feel like it's a good fit for everything else that we're doing. That might be something that we moved like a patreon exclusive, or we'll see. That one's still kind of up in the air. They hope they'll be a much more formalized plan as we get closer with things and figure things out. But yeah, yeah, well, we're we're learning and moving on with what do you want and love and enjoy? And I don't know, trying to make a net? They selling the guy from lifestyles rich in the famous hey we see Margaret, that just lovely mansion up in the mountains and as you can see that it's Mike Shave's face moving and speaking words. I lovely to finally see that in the flesh. And Yeah, the of stuff, speaking of, you know, seeing things, you know, part of this video element. The reason, you know, as far as the video element for like shows like this go, the reason there hasn't been much of one is because we don't do a lot of our interviews in the studio. A lot of them are viered discord or skype or phone calls and do that. Yeah, yeah, it's a thing. It's a thing, smartass. So it's kind of it would be kind of pointless to have, like people have said like, Oh, why don't you have like, you know, cameras in the studio? It's because I don't always have people here in the studio. It also becomes a planning thing where, you know, I have you know, recently we had at least coulter, who's a news anchor and you know, people in her profession care how they look on camera. It's just kind of comes with it, and so there have been times where I've you know, I I'm having people over here at eleven o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday and their question. I always get asked every single time, this is going to be on video because I look like a hot mass and I always tell them know. But that's something that we might start doing, because one of the things I do want to do is getting a lot more interviews in studio. Yeah, I don't mind doing the the remote interviews. They're fine, but you could always tell that the better episodes are when they're in the studio, unless it's like right now with me and Travis, where I've just known him for so fucking long that at no point is an awkward not having him right in front of me. Yeah, it's like it sounds like you could reach out and touch... face. Are Touching my face? Yeah, face being or innocent, touchable. You don't need to elaborate or or other things a chance I get to bring it up, but I do want to. I want to start getting the guests more in the studio. You know, part of the part of the hang up has always just been where I live, which is Ohio. But we've been getting bigger guests on the show as of late, so getting to have bigger guests now come to the studio is something I'm looking into. But that's you know, we want to start getting bigger guests on the show and we want to start getting them into the actual studio. So a lot of that comes from building build a networking and building business relationships, which is why, when we launched the Basement Lounge website, we also launched a business contact email, which is business at Basement Lounge podcom, which is we're using which we're using for, you know, contacting potential guests. You look like you want to say something. Email that if you so. Yeah, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, president is fuck yea. So we're looking at see. Yes, so we're looking. We're looking at the caliber of guest that we're getting in the show, because it has been getting it's just been getting bigger and better and I want to get him in the studio because I like having the actual conversation as opposed to just trying not to talk over each other. For Push you could always tell when I do a phone versus studio because the phone interview episodes are all like they cap out like thirty minutes. Yeah, when I get him in the studio goes for like an hour, hour and a half. It will get tired of talking on the phone. Just a thing. Yeah, I don't even like talk on the phone to begin with. So well, yeah, we add work into it. It's good. I mean it's like for a serious thing. Oh, that's now what I mean. But so currently, right now I'm working on getting a set of sorts built here in the studio, because everything's kind of all over the place right now. It's kind of A. It's kind of a hot fucking mess. I can actually see on the wall the remnants of a set that was supposed to be about a year and a half ago. It's never finished. So we're working on that. And the video stuff, I said, will be really straightforward. It'll just be it's, you know, not crazy, super IDF you know Intros and special effects, and yet that at that. It's like it's, you know, logo me just get to the content. Gets think it just just no need to. And I'm not knocking. I'm not knocking other in a creators that do that. That's their thing. That's fine, but you know, the purpose of this is to create as much content as possible, as efficiently as possible, to just get it out and not have to worry about taking the time to set up and edit and render, and it's like just get it done and get it out. Yeah, you don't need that flashy stuff now. Not Let it be exact. Let it be so sorry, baking a song, but of likes talks musicals coming soon. I did. I did mention in a recent post on the facebook page that I would be doing more stuff with the sin escape, which is the the film website I've been writing for for about a year now. They are changing directions as far as the content they put out and getting more heavily into the podcast side of things. I am going to be doing a podcast for them akin to the music one that I was doing a while back with Robert Yeer, just reviewing indie music and stuff like that. Nothing like heart. It's literally should be me talking about a bitch, an album I listen to, but that that's coming at some point next year. It will not be a part of this feed, it'll be part of theirs, but that is coming because because the guys as siniscape have been really good to me and they got a lot of cool stuff going on there and you know, they've allowed me some great opportunities to work with them and I can't think I'm enough for that and they're great a bit. They've been great about, you know, promoting the things I've done with this and so it'll be good to work with them some more. So look after that. My wardrobe is getting an overhaul. That's something that Travis was very adamant about. Mike make over, Mike make over, I'm talking like a five year old tonight. I have no idea why. It's because you've been just because you're getting healthy, so your brain is reverting back to it. It's the last time that it was that...

...healthy, which is when you were five years old and your mother was feeling apparently it was before I discovered alcohol. It's not that I discovered it, but I was six, but you know it. Wow, what I say. But yeah, well, because, so I posted online yesterday. I cleaned out in the fuck out of my closet. I pulled everything out, went through everything. If it didn't fit or I hadn't worn it in at least a month, it went into pile. It's going to go to good will and I told my mom for Christmas this year I want a complete wardrobe overhaul. Yeah, because I'm tired of because because when I got when I got down to it, when I looked at the everything that I was getting rid of, it was all black band tshirts and Black Comic Book Tshirts. Yeah, that was it. I'm not like this, it not on your wardrobe, Bro but like it's two thousand and twenty like that. This is the change of a decade, because it's a deal. Well, not only that, I turned thirty one in two weeks and you changed a deck. What you in the decade? I'm I'm in my third decade and but I've been changing. I've been working on my style bit any Moore. I've become a big, big fan of flannel. I Love I love flannel. Lane's come from. So like flannel. I've been rocking my vests. I look sexy in those vests. I'm just saying, look, Damn, guys, but we're in a lot more hats to I like hats to my ass backwards, because I don't know why, because you're a Chade, not the inside. I'm like the weirdest Chad that ever chatted. If I have a Chad, my lowerd fucking basic, Bro. Yeah, I've been yeah, so, so, you know, you guys will get to see, you can see the new wardrobe and we launched this video stuff. I'm a look, I'm gonna look sexy. I'm look, I'm so good. So I can span a lot of this is coming because, like this is the the it's not just because it's like New Year's this is like one of those times in life that it's just it's good to get a fresh start, fresh look at that it's in it. Whether or not it's because it's the turning in a decade and everything. It's because, like, it's it's both weird changy places. So yeah, like, yeah, I'm turning thirty one and I'm just I'm I'm at that age or I can't keep doing things the same way that I have for the last, you know, fifteen years. I got to start, and I don't just mean like like case some point. Okay, I got home from camping over the summer and I take it a bunch of my bed stuff with me, you know, to use with my air mattress in the tent, and you know, it got mildewey and and and kind of dirty and gross. I was like, you know what, I just need some new fucking bed stuff. So I got back from camping and I went and bought brand new sheets, pillowcases, comforter, one of those memory foam mattress toppers, I got one of those special I got new pillows, one of which is what those memory phone pillows with the Gel in Cooling Gel insert in it. Motherfucker, let me tell you something, if I didn't come home, run downstairs, strip the bed, put all that stuff on there and then just laid down. I was just like, I can't wait to go to bed tonight. Holy Shit, I'm an adult, sleep like a king. Yeah, I used to get that excited about Halloween. Now I'm like looking forward to like like, man, I got a new stuff in my bathroom of the day. I got like I got a new fucking toothbrush holder and I was like, Oh, it's gonna look great on my counter. What happened to me? What happened then to me? I getten excited about a new couch like that. That's our thing, right. It's like that's no joke, dude, couch, that's no joke. Man. Let me tell you something. We kept going through couches. We would just go to fucking good will and just get couch the living and they would last a year and they'd be shitting uncomfortable. So so mom and I finally were like fuck it, we're getting a brand new, like sectional l shaped couch for the living room. I can't be on that couch more than five minutes. I fall asleep every time. We got this big ASS puffy one that like, first of all is huge and the leather on it is disintegrating in the most literal sense, and we keep thinking like Oh, we'll just will wait a got a new couch until we move. But finally I'm like no, I need a new couch. This couch is literally melting under me, but it's waiting. It's a new year and it's a new decade and it just seems like a good excuse to start quit pussy footing around and implement some changes. That, yeah, just just kind of need to happen. We've already declared two thousand and twenty will be the year of Mike, yes, and him alone, all of him. Everyone else fuck off. Yeah, now, the rest of the all whatever, you can go sit and syrup.

I and twenty mote for like Shit, since the other guys getting in piece speaking speaking, to vote for Mike Shay. They're still time to vote for me for best local podcast and best best local standup comedian. I go to the link in the description. See how I worked that in there like that. That's does skills right. Hey, everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people who support this show every month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin, Jody McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shay, do every single month help support this show. And if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and join the one dollar tier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name listed in the description, you get early access to all these shows commercial free through our Patreon ur SS feed and so many other cool rewards. Once again, go to Patreoncom Basement Lounge pod, join the ones dollar tier and help support the show. Speaking of the show, let's get back to them. There you guys. It's real professional. Bid You be. There's other ideas and stuff we have. I really like, I teased earlier. I really want I love the the funny, silly like morning talk show. Okay, I love that Shit. It's fun. Then everybody gets to wake up together and you can kind of get away with a lot, and so I'd love to develop a show like that. That's something that might have to wait until I actually get out to Los Angeles because of Travis isn't a part of it, then what's The fucking point? I want to be there yeah, you, you, and I have another friend who lives in Los Angelos who I think would be absolutely fantastic to be on it. She is a she's a hoot here. You move here, then well, it was about that was supposed to be this year. We saw how well that worked out. Well, but, but, but some, but I think, I think it's more it's becoming more and more likely there things work against face. This is the decade that I moved long that's some point in the next ten years we'll move out to Los Angeles. But it is still the goal. That's that's still where my heart is, is getting out there, because there's just so much more that I can do, not just myself but with Travis. You know, he and I have been working together in general since two thousand and twelve and, Oh my God, that's years. I know it's almost eight years, but but we work really well together. See, you know, the other the other day we got into a several hour tirade brainstorming a movie together and it was just fantastic, pretty good. I was actually really proud of everything we came up with for that. We made something that shouldn't work work. Yeah, and something that apparently is currently in talks of happening, but I don't see it, yeah, happening. I doubt it. Yeah, well, no, fuck not. It'll never happen the way that we have talked about, but it should happen, which is the way that it should happen. Well, I I am so proud of the idea I had for the prison interrogation scene. I'm just saying I'm saying so, but I want to I want to get something like that, you know, one of those those paneled you know, it was something do weekly, don't necessarily daily, but just I want to keep creating new stuff and we're going to start introducing a video element to make some of that a little more I think that's really kind of the big thing out of all this, is the fact that we're introducing the video element, because it's going to open up some doors for different kinds of content and just kind of expectxpanding the brand and that we go in through changes is both professional and well, I totally lost the other work personal are you go go. It's my brains doing. There you go go. I'm trying to keep up with my brain and it's very hard. Right now I'm looking at some new equipment for the studio. I love the bearing German Xier that I started using this year. I got it specifically for when I did the back on the old show, when we did the big crossover review of avengers endgame here in the studio, and it's done me. It's done me really well. But I think I need something a bit more suited to my needs. There's a basically this berenger mixer has a lot to it that I don't need and I need to simplify a little...

...bit. But by simplify I mean spend a shit load of money and you can donate that directly to support the PATREON. Got A patreon thatcoms lash basement launch pod. Make that happen and you'd about six neat about six hundred to you. Six hundred people at a dollar a month. So let's make that happen. move out here real fast, no shit. But yeah, so just making some little upgrades here and there, but two thousand and twenty is going to be a really good year for the Basement Lounge. I think sure, cool stuff and always, if you guys ever have ideas or suggestions. You always reach out to us on on, you know, twitter at tbl underscore pod. I hate our twitter handle so much, but by the other one outlet, well, it's not even buy the other way. The one that I want to use is to fucking long on. Let me use it. I tried every, every veryation of basement lounge and podcast for days until I finally settled on tbl underscore pod about it? Shouldn't know if he am lounge pod. I think that's just the bathroom. It was. It was at one point. At one point it was BM and T or be BSMT podcast it. It's been so many terrible things. TBL POD is pretty painless. So that works. Yeah, it's not great, but I I'm not active on there more often. I usually I'm on the instagram a lot more basement lounge pods, where a lot of our content gets posted there. I'm most most active there. Or just fucking just hit me up. You mean you'll not to find me? Go to the description. It's all fucking in there. But pretty much shut off social media. So if you want to find me, man, I'm gonna have to try hard. Yeah, I I'm I am following suit more and more every single day. It all just it all bores me or pisses me off. I just spend most of my time on Reddit. It is incredibly freeing. I I genuinely. I check my facebook on the computer like a couple of times a week for like two minutes and then I walk away, but I'm so much less pissed off. I'm spending more time doing things and it's very nice and I no longer care about everything. Thought that I have being of facebook status or some bullshit all go. I go on facebook specifically to update the facebook page is for this show and for my own personal comedy page and the check for any upcoming comedy shows and to play angry birds, and that is literally it. Every once in a while I will do an ambiguous just kind of scroll down real quick, but this the first time I see something that I feel like chiming in my two cents, I back off, unless it's a gift it's really fucking funny. But case and case in point, the other day, although there was there was one chance I had to really show off a bit where somebody had posted this meme. It was like, how could we have Jesus was hanging out in Israel. He was meeting guys named Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul, and I actually went into like this big, huge diet tribe about how all their names were just the English translations of Hebrew and Roman names, and the end of it. I was kind of like, wow, give me being smart. That was really I think, but also that was so unnecessary. I that that meme is really funny and I just made it not funny and I should be ashamed of myself. It's it's a symptom of the time where people kind of it's through no fault of their own. It's kind of designed this way. Everyone kind of thinks that every thought that they have is like super important and they they do things more for the likes and attention than anything, and it's not great. Think everyone kind of knows that that's what's going on, but there's not too much to be done about it, except for unplugging your mind and reprogramming yourself, which sounds like a very Jim carrey thing to say, but us, yeah, I mean it. It's just a metaphorical way of phrasing it. But I even cut out video games, which was very hard for me. I need those man I need. I don't do it anymore. I play none, zero, none. It's when I need something that's just absolutely like when I need to be mind numbingly out of it. That's my Goto. I can't, I can't be that way anymore. That's what it's like and frustrating me. I used time, I spent. I need to at least once a week. At...

...least once a week I need a day where I am just completely, like, mentally shut off and can just because it's not in. And I'm talking like I could play the rocket league, you know, where I play soccer with race cars. You know I'm not. I'm not talking about like getting into sky rim. You know. Yeah, yeah, you know. I'm talking about playing. You know, wwe two thousand and nineteen or you know. I mean. Granted, I bought Jedi fall in order and got it roast in it because it was such a good fucking game. But see what, I do need that kind of mode. I just watch in practical jokers because I love that show so goddamn much. Makes me so have you watched funny? You should ask. Oh No, you need to watch funny. You should ask. What is that? So it's a game. Shit. It's a game show. They bring on two people and they ask them like it's they asked him almost jeopardy, ask Trivia questions about okay stuff more. But there's a panel of six comedians sitting across from the contestants and they'll say all right, they'll say okay, and like John Lovetts and Louis Anderson are on every episode. Oh Sweet, I love you, Louis Aderson. So they go to Johnson's. They go to John Lovetts first of like Hey John, you know, and he'll ask him a trivia like when these trivia questions, and then John and then the comedian always gives a really funny answer, like something Super Punny or stupid or sarcastic and usually, in John Levit's case, perverted. And then then they give what? And then they give what they actually think is the correct answer. Yeah, and and then the contestant has to say whether the comedian is right or wrong. And if it turns out that the contestant and the comedian are in sync and they contestant wins a hundred dollars. If they're not, then they go the next person. But some of the answers these especially Louis Anderson, the answers these guys come up with, like billing balls on there all the time. Billy Gardell, Sherry Shepherd, Byron Alan, Jemmie Kennedy's been on there, a jody Miller, it is. Natasha La Jarro was on there all the time. But check it out and you would love this show. We are the reruns at my job so perfect. It's great for you, but it is a guy. I keep try, I keep on, I keep applying to be a contest in that show. Is just so funny. But yeah, that and practical jokers. Man, Oh man, I love that one. They got some new game show thing that's actually pretty interesting. So that's a thing. Oh Yeah, I've seen previous for that. I want to watch it, missery. I think it's fascinating personally, like whether or not the impractical jokers, I'm sorry, the tender Lloyds. That's their comedy group name. Is that their name? Yeah, the tender Lloyds. That, whether or not they're a part of the show, fascinating. Love it interesting because it's not just like how awful would this be if it happened to you? If they asked like a panel of psychologists to rate these things with a certain number of like categories on a scale of zero to a hundred, how miserable they would be, from like psychological pain, long lasting impact and physical pain. And you have to guess where within that one hundred point range the panel of psychologist placed that miserable event and the tenderloins just act as like the advisors to the contestants, like on misery. It's fairly entertaining all. Check it out. It's interesting. I'm very good at guessing misery as it turns out what I thought. It's a skill I have. But yeah, so that's you know, that's that's what we've got going on. As far as going into two thousand and twenty with everything with the basement lounge brand, I think it's going to be a lot of fun, you know, for those who who maybe are wondering, who aren't aware. So we had a couple other shows we tried to make happen. We tried to do throw one back, which is going to be the the drinking cocktail recipe show. So turns out that a that show is expensive to put on because to go buy all the shit and then also because we record these shows because my worst schedule at eleven am in the and on a weekday, really hard to convince somebody to come over and get day drunk. Yeah, at eleven am, it's really hard to convince it. We had Haley Madison on and she was such a trooper and it was a great episode. It was also two and a half hours and it was just it's one of the really turned into just kind of the basement lounge too, because the same kind of interview questions I would have asked on any other show and other than just us trying these these cocktails or wasn't a whole lot...

...about it. It stood out. So that one went away. And then as far as the schmodown recap show goes, I just don't have the time to watch them when they are to review them because they drop so frequently. So that was never got off. Never got off the ground. So it happens. But that was that was the whole point, was just trying new stuff and seeing what work and what didn't. No harm, no foul. Yeah, maybe one of those comes back. Maybe we'll see. Who knows? But yeah, I'm looking forward to the next year. Man. Yes, me too, getting fit, getting healthy and feeling good, getting swollen, I tell you, man, as soon as I realized I was passing both of those classes on Friday, it's like I got every single bit of the confidence I lost from dropping out of college back like in an instant, and it's been like four of the most blissful days I have had in my life. So I'm feeling bucket rate. So I said I look forward to joining you in that feeling and I can. I can. I've been neglecting my gym membership. I'm not going to lie. Get it. Do it. You gotta Getta, get to do it. I'm still going watch Britain runs of marathon and you get to feel inspired, then you're going to run. If one more person tells me about this movie, I swear to God, you know you're going to watch, it's going to happen, you're going to smile and then you're going to go to the gym, probably by to guess, and then you might not go back ever again, but at least you went that one time. So there you go. You did a one and a healthy thing, since it's a movie and it's give them healthy. What a spokesperson. I am very commercial. People will make your company probably lose money. Right. More, I will say if anybody wants to see me perform, I will be going up at while these comedy club on Sunday January five, the day after my birthday. So please come see me and buy me shots. I'm begging. Yeah, yeah, by me shots. It's my birthday, Goddamn it. I may or may not be drunk on stage. Will See. It will be my first time on stage in a couple of months, because it's just been December has been very busy, but I I'm I haven't been. I haven't been to while he's in a while, so I'm looking forward to going up again. That's awesome. Yeah, trying, gonna try some new shit. I think I've been I've been writing. I've been writing some more jokes. I think that this is the year that I commit to getting back on stage. You should, because you you had a good thing going there for a little bit. That was good at it. You were doing pretty good, man. Well, get back at it. I think now that I actually have genuine confidence, not just the guys of it. So yeah, that's a thing. All right. Well, that wait, we're real quick, real quick. We are getting I haven't I don't think I've said this on the show. Yeah, dead serious is coming back in two thousand and twenty. It's been a long break, but it's a good I've had a sweet things brilliant in my head about it and I actually have some episodes written. Surprise, Oh shit. Well, we went you know, we went in strong with the first two seasons. We really did. We did, and I think we ended really strong. I think we ended really strong as well, like it's not like we left in a place where it was like, Oh, okay, I guess it's over with now. Like we we started strong and we ended strong, and now it's good to hear that we'll be coming back for more. With the things that I have written, I think it's gonna be worth the weight. And I just want you to know everyone that this this week here I'm going to be finishing writing the season and then we'll enter production. I'm not going to give anyone a hard date because I don't want to yet, but as it's coming back soon, just know that we got renewed for another season. We didn't get canceled. Oh my God. I think I think that's actually smart what you're doing, because when you set a date for yourself. I get stressed. You get stressed because, because reason, season two took a toll on you, because we trip, because we're really trying to hit that Halloween hype, especially with the Halloween special that we did, and we were really trying to get it and ride that pony and and man we turned out it worked. But man were you burned out. It was getting so mad because there's just waiting on things and I I was. I was done. He was threatening buckles testicles. I was, I was. And but do you want? Do you want to know a thing that I haven't told anybody yet? Here we are sitting at right now. We have two thousand eight...

...hundred and I'm waiting for a drum roll that it's popping up in mind, because that's me stalling to like load of the last two numbers because for whatever reason, my signal is going very slow. But you're a year. It's trust me, it's good to be worth the weight once you hear these two numbers, because really what it means is that, since we're at two thousand eight hundred and still loading, we're loading. Or look, I should have been prepared. I wasn't prepared, but we're loading. We're gonna know two more numbers, and please me here, sixty nine. Please me. I hope it is. I really doubt is eight hundred and fifty on the nose, Holy Shit, which means that dead serious is exactly one hundred and fifty plays away from hitting three fucking thousand total plays, which is unfathomable to me. If you had told me that some shit I made like on a whim that turned out as good as it did, was gonna hit as much as it has, then I would have slapped you in the face and said stopped teasing me and giving me confidence I haven't earned. But my God, it's fucking rides. So we're bringing it back and we're going to shoot for we're gonna get it. We're gonna get it, man, all right, guys, so make sure you stay tuned for everything going on with dead serious. Season Three is coming in two thousand and twenty. Stay tuned for all the the the cool new stuff we're going to be rolling out with the basement lounge here starting in February. It's been a great first phase one to this show. said, like I said, from now after, after this week through, excuse me, the end of January we'll be doing some kind of non traditional episodes of the show, not so much filler. They're still going to be informative and fun and funny and interesting to listen to, but it won't be your traditional interview episodes like we've been having, because Mikey needs a break and it is also really hard to book, guess during the holiday season. Kremma, yeah, it's you know, people, people aren't exactly available right now to come to interviews. So but starting in February will be back with with our regular, regular interviews with big guests and and and also some of the new stuff will be rolling out as well. So but you know, keep yourself pasted to the instagram basement lounge pod, to twitter, tbl underscore pod and, of course our new website, which I'm still so proud of, Basement Lounge podcom. It's very pretty. It's got everything you know there. And if you are listening and you're someone who would like to do business with us, whether it's as a guest or a sponsor or whatever else, you can set an email to business at basement lounge podcom and will respond within forty eight hours. I'm very I'm very diligent about the emails, so make sure you do that and again, check me out. My website makes you comedycom come see me at while he's Comedy Club and day in Ohio on January five, the day after my birthday, by me shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots every body. And Yeah, mail me shots. Mail you some shots, please. I'll mail you some peppermint bark that I'm going to be making here this week. Yeah, it'll send me your amailing address, Roger. Yeah, don't say. Don't say. How the fucking podcast? Sorry, that's right. The fuck wrong with you so much? Well, am I being healthy? Damn it, I don't know. All right, it is. Go back to the junk food. You work more creative when you were on junk food. If you want to find me or like talk to me or anything, good luck. I'm very sneaky and hard to talk to you now. You're welcome. Just hit me up. I'll relay the message. Hey, travis, Johnny, and Arkansas says you're a bitchell. Johnny, go fucking Stacy and Oklahoma says you are not a cool person. Well, you need to explain the cast of the Bible tear. What I don't fucking know that was a reference to your meme thing. Anyway, she's all right. With that being said, guys, thanks so much for tuning in. Thank you for a great two thousand and nineteen and we'll see you, guys in the new decade with some new stuff here on the basement lounge and until then, as always, lived well. Rock on, TAKE CARE AND BA.

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