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Season 1, Episode 21 · 1 year ago

What I Learned About Myself This Year - EP #21


While we break for the holidays, I'm giving you guys a chance to get to know me a little better with some smaller episodes.

This week, on the last show of 2019, I look back at the previous year and reveal some things I've learned about myself.

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It's that time of year again, dinkdottom is looking for nominations for the twenty nineteen best ofdaton. Youcan nominate this show for best local contast and nominate me Mike Shave forbest local conedian, just click e link in the description or go to dig dotcomand Clit the best updatingly Bhank you all for the support and happyvot eguys. This is Mike and Before we getthe show started, I wanted to let you know that you can now join the basement,lounge team by supporting the show on Patrion right now we have a one dollartyear that is so full of cool rewards you'd, be a fool to pass it up, just goto Patrion dotcom, slash, basement, lounge pod to sign up right away andnow on with the show Ey. This is Mike. She- and I want totalk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand new free way for you to getyour pod cast career off and running...

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...who maybe don't know me personally, whoaren't following me my comedy career, whatever the reason might be yourlistening to thes show you want to get to know me a little bit more so overthe next few weeks, I'm going to be doing special episodes. Just about me,letting guys get to know me get to know more about the show and how things workbehind the scenes. Just things like that Nwa it want to talk about today,specifically ecause. This is actually the last show of twsent. An nineteen isthings that I learned about myself this year. We always talk about. You knowupnew year new me going to try to work on myself and yet that I thought I dotat that a, but it's rare that we ever actually take a look back at the year.That was and see what we might have learnedabout ourselves from the previous year. I I did learn a couple of things aboutmyself this year, some of them good, oeof them not so good, and I thinkthat's an important thing to acknowledge it's important toacknowledge that Um.

We can't always be the good guy andthat's what the first thing is that I learned about myself, which is that Ican't always be the hero of my own story. Sometimes I'm going to be thevillain there. I I do not believe in a blackand white right and wrong good receival, I'm a big believer in the idea thatthereis a little bit of darken light in the side of all of us. We've all gotbad habits and bad ideas and bad instincts from time to time and everyonce in a while. We make some bad decisions. Sometimes there, those bad decisionscan be worse than others, but the important thing is to be ableto acknowledge when those bad decisions have been made and when we've donesomething dumb and I've done some dumb shit in my life and this year was nodifferent. I have done some incredibly stupid thingsthis year, things that I can't take...

...back things that affected other people,things that can't be undone. The damage has beendealt and there's not really any any light of the tunnel at this pointor hope or redemption for those mistakes that I made, and Iacknowledged that I made those mistakes M. I don't I don't do that for anyone butmyself, I I'm not looking to curry favor withanybody in the offtionse that might be listening, which I hope they're notbecause I'd like to think that you know, we've all just kind of moved on withourselves with our lives. But I'm acknowledging this for myself,because it's never good for someone to. In my opinion, it's it's not good forsomeone to think that they're always in the right. I think it's healthy for usas human beings to be able to acknowledge wh. We've done somethingwrong when we've made a mistake and...'s important to not try to makeexcuses for those mistakes, and I try very hard to not make excuses for thething as I do. I do try to come up with reasonings for why I didwhat I did, but never to excuse the behavior and I think sometimes hat canget a little muddied. Admittedly I'm better on the page thanI am in person. I do a lot better when I'm writing out my thoughts than I dowhen I'm speaking off the coff like I am now, but again, I wasn't always the hero of my story.This year there was a couple times. I wasdefinitely the villain and that's something I have to livewith, but I acknowledged that what I did waswrong or misguided or in poor judgment, and now I just take the steps to moveon and move forward and going into the new year to to take it as a lesson ofwhat not to do in the future.

Some things about myself, I learnedthat were good, though, were that Um. Well, I I really learned to trust in myown leadership skills this year. I wasfortunate enough to receive a promotion at my job about halfway through the year about six months ago. Gev Her take well- maybe not even that long ago,maybe more like four months ago, I cnfuse them the Dat, but anyway H, I received tha promotion of my job, I'mnow the shift supervisor shift leader whatever you want to call it for myposition and h. It was a big risk for my boss take on me because he was hewas our new supervisor. He hadn't been her supervisor long, but he saw something in me that heliked he saw something that made him think itwas worth putting the hands of o veryimportant shift at our job in my hands,...

...because my shift is where a lot of themoney is made. As you guys, mayor may not know, I work in a televisionstation. I work as a master control operator, which means I 'm in charge ofmaking sure all AR onair broadcasts, be they e being a network syndication news. What have you go? Gosmoothly and the hours that I work are duringprime time hours, where there's a lot of high dollar advertising taking placeand so to be put in a position where I in charge of a lot of that is is speaksa lot to the trust that my superiors had in me and for my shift, who you know they knew me from before. I was theleader and for them to step up like I've needed them too, and you knowrespect my new position, but also you know work with me, as a team has beengreat and I've been able t to actually...

...surprise myself and how well I'vehandled some situations over the last couple of months. I haven't alwayshandled them very well, there's been a couple of times whor, maybe I'veoverstepped or understepped even, but I have a really good team who's now,LSO, not afraid to speak up when they think that maybe there's another way wecan handle something, and I like to think I've done a good job of takingthat into consideration. Um. In any event that I haven't, I apologized guys.I'm I'm trying, I really am. I haven't been in a leadership role in a numberof years, so this is kind of kind, O new for me and I'm kind oflearning more about myself and how I lead and how I work in a leadershiprole, but I wal still ouldn't be able to do as good a job as I'm doingwithout the great team that I have, and I have a great theme of three otherthree other operators on my shift, who do a great job of kind of keeping me incheck and and stepping up when I need them to excuse me, I a Ng over being sick Um.So if I sneeze or sound stuffo in the...

...microphone, my bad something else, I've learned aboutmyself this year is how easily distracted I am. I I tend to have a lot of ideas and alot of things. I want to do and one of F things I want to try and I've noticedthat I can be very easily M. that's the word! I'm looking for Youepulled aside and and distracted by something else. I can leaethinks thelast minute a little bit as a result, and I'm working on that. It's that'sbeen a problem of mine. My entire life, you know hidsight, is twenty twenty,and now that I'm going into the year twesand and twenty, I got a lot ofhindsight. You know I turned thirty one and just a few days a little over littleover a week and I'm trying to get better about that,and I do think I have gotten better, but it's still pretty obvious howeasily distracted I am from the things I'm trying to do...

...and so trying to be more focused on what I need to be doingand what my priorities need to be or something I need to work on for nextyear and next week I am going to get into what my top three goals: Orfer, OTwenty Twenty, but today we're talking about what I learned for myself thisyear N to Kinda wrap it up. You know I'm notgoing to make these too long, but I will say that the last thing I learnedabout myself this year is that I is it's just how good of a job I cando when I'm patient with myself. I think a lot of times Y K, especiallybeing in a creative, a creative work environment like I am there's alwaysthat urge to get a project done and get it done in a hurry and and not take toolong 'cause. We want the finish product and this year I really gave myself time to prioritize a few things and and reallysee them through the end to where they...

...turned out the best problem they couldbe, and the example I'll give was vanishing point, which was the filmthat I made at the beginning of this year. I've been doing amateur filmmaking for a while, but nothing on the level that I did this year withbanishing point like. I still go back and watch that film andI'm usually not one to revisit anything that I' E. I don't listen to thisbodcast. I can't listen to this pot guest. I can't listen to myself talk. Ican't listen to my own things. 'CAUSE! All I do is Knitpick, but I still go back and rewatchvanishing point, because it's something that I just, Ican't believe I made that and I think about the process. I went through withthat film, taking the casting seriously setting up a rigid filming schedule,sacrificing my own personal time, picking out the very best cast, an crewthat I could for that film, taking the time to edit it and make sure it wasexactly the way I wanted it to be really making sure that I had the focusand the patients with it and being...

...patient with myself and not trying toget ahead of myself as far as getting things done, making sure things wereexactly how I wanted them to be, as close as I could get was reallyimportant and, and that turned into a project that one myself an award. It won one of myactors and award it. I received praisand and and recognitionthat I ad never seen and had never received before in my life, and Ireally impressed myself with the job I could do when I just took a minute tostep back and really look at things objectively, as opposed o just tryingto rush and get things done. So I've learned I've learned quite abit about myself this year. Some things I was already kind of aware of, butmaybe not clear, on and other things that I really hadn't considered until it was too late, and I think it's goodthat going into a new year we not just...

...that. We that we look back at thethings we learned about ourselves as we trye to shape our goals for the newyear, because a lot of times those goals can be focused on on things thatwe did in the previous year at maybe we're not as proud of her, maybe thatwe are proud of a one to expand upon and Thati'll be the lead in for nextweek's episode, I'm going to be doing my top three goals for thosand andtwenty, the top ree things. I want to focus on for next year and thatepisodwll drop again next Friday and thank you guy so much turning a in forthis little short minnisode and well be back again with you guys next week foranother one. Until then thanks you'R, listening and take care of e.

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