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Season 1, Episode 22 · 2 years ago

"Top 3 Goals for 2020" - EP #22


While we break for the holidays, I'm giving you guys a chance to get to know me a little better with some smaller episodes.

This week, on the first show of 2020, I plan for the future as I settle on my top 3 goals for the new year!

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...because when you go to an open mic there's kind of this idea that not everything is going to be good, that it's that it's people practicing, that it's low level. You're going to see a lot of newbies, people who haven't done this before, and that's fine. Open mics definitely have their place, but I would much prefer to put on a show with us, a well prepared crew of comics who have experience and will put on the best show possible, also so that I can get a little bit more involved in as far as the production side of things goes, because with an open mic you really just need a microphone in a PA and that's it. Something something like a book show you can put a little bit more effort into the into the marketing and into the production value and just do more with it. And I don't like to do things small and with an open mic those are usually something that's their small operations. Like, like I said, you just need a microphone and a PA and for people to show up and attempt to be funny and, and I said, open mic stuffinitely have their place. They're good for experienced comics to practice new material, practice their stage presence and and their cadence and things like that, as a place for new beast to go and kind of get their feet wet. But a good book show is something where you can really deliver on the entertainment value and that's what I'm all about. So the second thing that I'd like to do this year is to hit five hundred likes on my facebook page, so I have a standup comedy facebook page. Facebookcom slash Mike Shay comedy and currently I'm going to pull it up right now and see where we're sitting. I want to get this thing up to five hundred, though. Sorry I'm yawning into the microphone. It's I was at while he's last night and was up late and it was fun. But currently on the facebook page we are sitting at two hundred and twenty eight...

...likes and follows. I would really like to get that up to five hundred by the end of the year. I don't think that's too crazy and idea. We basically just need to double where we're at right now, plus a little bit extra. But I'd really like to see that happen and really expand the audience my page is reaching, and I've taken my first step and doing that by making the page a bit more involved as a comedy page. So in the past, when I've always done whenever I do while these are a big set like that, as I always tape my my set and just put out the whole video for everyone to see, and I'm not doing that anymore. I I will make those full videos available to like my patrons and stuff like that a Patreon, but instead, when I'm doing now is I'm I'm clipping out segments from the from the sets and putting those out on the Internet, just little one to two minute videos of a particular joke or something going over really well, and that's what I'm using as marketing tools and I'm really trying to draw focus to the standard audience. Oh God, I'm so sorry, to the stand up audience, onto my facebook page and I did that last night. I put I so last night I was at Wiley's and I had a good six minute set and I put up a video. It's a little one minute video of a bit that I did last at last night. It's actually a brand new bit. Never done it before. Last night everything I did was brand new. We'll talk about that in a minute. But I really want to get five hundred likes and follows on the facebook page because that's where a lot of the audience is going to be. That's where I'm going to be able to really interact with people. I mean as well as Instagram, but instagram is mostly for pictures of like pictures of my dog. But I really want to get the get the audience, the stand up audience, on the facebook page. And lastly, the number three thing I'm trying to do this year in two thousand and twenty. So October twenty one of this year will be my fifteen anniversary as a comedian and I really want to...

...make a big step forward in my career as a comedian for my fifteen year anniversary. So for this year I would like to headline Whiley Sunday comics the week of my fifteenth anniversary. Now, October twenty one of two thousand and twenty actually falls on a Wednesday, so I would like on the following Sunday, October twenty five, I would like to headline at while Sunday comics. But you know that's a big step because I you know I'm talking that that we're talking like a twenty thirty minute set. And how do I make something like that happen? Well, the first thing I need to do is really expand my material and expand what I can do. So how I'm going to do that is I'm changing my approach to joke writing for two thousand and twenty. In the past, when I've written jokes, you know I usually write short but not quite one liners, but just short little bits, maybe like a minute or two in length and on one topic and then I move on to something else. And that's how I've been doing it for the last couple of years and I've developed a good you know, just doing it like that. I've got about ten minutes of solid materials, solid reliable material that I work with. So what I've decided to do for two and twenty is changed the way I approach joke writing now is, instead of writing those new bits like that, instead I'm taking the bits that I have, the topics that I currently talk about, and I'm expanding on those topics. And I gave this the I gave this its first try last night at at Wiley's. So one of the one big topic that I usually talked about is like online dating. It's something I have a lot of experience with, a lot of weird experience with stuff that, you know, stuff that I can really poke fun at. So what I did last for last night at Whiley's, was I...

...wrote and developed about, I'd say, about eight or nine minutes of jokes just focused on online day night. I didn't do everything last night. There was only you. I only had six minutes on stage, but I took of the stuff that I wrote you know and I work with a couple of writing partners of mine and of the stuff that I wrote I picked what I felt was the strongest and most well developed that I took it on stage. Everything I did on stage last night at Wiley's was brand new material. I'd never told it on stage before and it actually went over pretty well. I was actually really impressed with how well it went. It could have gone a little bit better, but they were new jokes. I know where I goofed and I kind of have ideas of how I can adjust the bits to make them better. But for the most part, like I give, I give what went down last night like a solid eight out of ten. It went over really well. But that also means that now I have about, you know, of the six minutes, I'd say four of those minutes were we're really solid and we're like I can take those to another stage now, and so what that means to me is now I can expand my material on online dating to where I can probably get a full ten minutes just talking about online dating. Now we take that into the grand scheme of things. I'm trying to develop a headliner set of about twenty to thirty minutes. So that means that if I can get three topics up to ten minutes, then that means I can do a full thirty minutes. But let's let's let's adjusts us that a bit. So if I don't want to just talk about three things in a headliner set, so let's say I want to talk about five or six things, well it means I just need to get five or six minutes out of five or six different topics and I'll be good to go. Now it...

...sounds simple enough, but expanding one topic like that into its into its own set, that's a lot of work and since I don't perform as a much because of my work schedule, it's harder for me to test out material. Luckily I've got things like jody McDermott's Mike up at the somewhere bar in Lama that I can do every month and test them stuff out there. APLE more Sundays off to do some more stuff at while he's and find things like that. Also, if I get able to get this monthly show going, I can try it there as well. But that's how I'm working on developing my headliner set for a while. He's that I'd like to do in October, and I think part of what'll help make that happen as if everything else takes off, if I'm able to start this monthly show and and build some build some faith, build some trust in the local comedy community, it'll that'll reflect well on me when it comes time to asking to headline at while he's. Not only that, but I'm able to build my online social media presence to prove that I have an audience online, that will help as well. So all of these things are going to funnel together to where I'll be able to finally, in October of this year, from my fifteen the anniversary, I get the headline at while he's, and you know that's that's asking a lot of while he's take a lot of to take a big shot on me, and so my goal for this year is to make sure that I do whatever I can to earn that shot. So that's what I'm working on doing this year. I want to start and run my own monthly book show somewhere here in Dayton. I want to hit five hundred likes on the facebook page and I want a headline for while Sunday comics in October for my fifteen anniversary and I'm working really hard at developing my material and expanding on it and growing it out and making it as best, the best it possibly can, so I can have a killer headliner set to perform at while he's and you guys can help make some of this happen. Let's start off right now. If you...

...haven't already liked the facebook page, go to facebookcom Mike Shay comedy and and give it a like and give it a follow and share it with people. If you see one of my comedy videos online, share them around, share them with folks. I don't post anything that I don't, you know, like feel as good material. I only post clips that I feel like, you know, are worth sharing. So don't feel like I go. If I showed some we's going to like it. Like. Just give it a share. Help me out. And, with that being said, going to wrap up this particular episode. We got another one coming for you guys this Friday. Today we talked about my top three goals for two thousand and twenty. This Friday I'm going to let you guys get to know me a little bit better. I'm going to reintroduce myself to you guys it's going to be a very candid, very open, very honest, just reintroduction to who I am, why I do what I do and what it is I'm trying to do with the future. In the meantime, guys, make sure that you're supporting this show by giving it a like, a subscribe, a share. If you're on apple PODCAST, go down give it a rating and review. You can always check out more about this show by going to the website www dot basement lounge podcom, follow it on all the social media and, if you feel so inclined, you can always go to our patreon and subscribe to the Onedollar Tier and get access to all of our VIP stuff. And until this Friday. I will see you guys again and, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bye bye.

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