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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 25 · 1 year ago

"Cool S**t I'm Using!" - EP #25


While we break for the holidays, I'm giving you guys a chance to get to know me a little better with some smaller episodes.

This week, I'm telling you my cool new toy that I'll be using for the show going forward.

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Hello, there is Ladys Tair and you werelistening to the basement. Lounge BIG EYS is mikes. What let you knowthat I've once again been nominated for best local comedian, indign, Ohio andright now you guys can vote for me by going to Diton, dotcom and clicking thebest of dating man vote for me for the best comic of Thosend, a nineteen herein dickn Ohio. I appreciate your vote and I'll see you guy soon eguys. This is Mike and Before we getthe show started, I wanted to let you know that you can now join the basement,lounge team by supporting the show on Patrion right now. We have a one dollarto year. That is so full of cool rewards you'd, be a fool to pass it up,just go to Patrion dotcom, slash, basement, lounge pod to sign up rightaway and now on with the show Eguy. This is wike. She, and I want totalk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand new free way for you to getyour pod cast career off and running...

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...what's going on everybody, welcome toanother special mini episode of the Basement Lounge. We are coming up here,quick on our first full regular returning episode, that'll be droppingon February seventh elmor anabsence about that here in the next week, but Ithought this would be a really cool time to tell you guys about some coolshit that I've been using lately allright and you're. Listening to itright now Mike. What do you mean, although Mike I do notice that yourvoice sounds much more velvety and deep and powerful, and and that strangehissing noise is suddenly gone from the background? Well, if you follow me onsocial media, you know I got a new toy in the mail and I've been playingaround with it n I've been having a lot of fun with an I and now the proudowner of a roadcaster pro potcast mixer. This thing is just incredible: I is my absolutenew favorite toy in the world. I am playing the music right now out of theroadcastor straight into the recording...

...and while talking into it- and you know,I did a whole special preview, video of me on boxing this thing- tha, you cancheck out online and right now, I'm just going to toss to where I did afull test of this thing earlier today and you can hear all the fun with itand just enjoy that. But yeah. This thing is totally awesome check it out.If you're, a podcastor D, You've got a little extra money to spare the road.CASTOR PRO is my first road product and I'm really happy with it actuallyreally happy with it so check it out and now yeah, let's, let's dip out what we're going to do is we're goingto go to h the recording I did earlier today of me testing this thing out. What's going on, everybody n welcome tothe test episode of the new rocaster pro here in the basement, lounge studio.I am your house a like Shay. Hopefully you guys can hear me loud and clearhopelul. This isn't too loud, I'm...

...seeing a little bit of peaking on theoverall audiese of an aboose pull things down a little bit. I'm currentlyplaying this music that you're hearing off of the Soud effect pad that I havehere off the red button. So we're going to let that finish, playing out and seewhat happens in the meantime. Yeah I'm talking to you guys through theRocaster Prel I've got my sore smeven bing microphone being used is about Ohtwenty seconds, left of the record of the sound effect that we're hearing-and I know that because when I look here on th on the roacaster Ro ther'slittle display of a music note and its color toated red andThatt's got a little timer count down on it and that lets me know how muchtime is left in as and as you can hear, the just endin on it's own. That's acool little intro track. It can bet it and talk over it until it ends on it'sown. Isn't that awesome guys yeah all right. So that was our applausetrack and then we've also got A...

...and who doesn't love it. Good. Oh Yeah!Isn't that awesome? You know what you suck you suck, I'mjust kidding you don't suck! I love you! My Love, for you is so strong. It'salmost scary, having a lot of fun with this O, youguys can hear those I'm gonna play around eventually okay shut up and getmy own sound effects going in this thing. So what I'm going to do now isI'm actually going to get this thing connected, VI, Blu Tooth to my phoneand we're going to see what happens here. I don't know if I can do that.Wel, I'm currently recording I might not be able to, but let's see or I'mgoing to hold down the Bluetooth Button and we're looking for other devices onthe phone. Okay. So would you like the pair asmartphone, tablit or a computer? The answer is a yes and now it's showing upas roadcastor pro we're going to connect it to the phone...

...and we've got the phone connected. Sonow what I'm going to do is I'm going to pull up some tunes on my phone.Let's pull up some lional richy and we're going to see what happensHeresandinmarii Tuto. So that sounds pretty good. That audioquality sounds really good, coming off the phone h through the blue tooth. Sowhat I'm doing now is I'm ing, win t get Tex to my mother and tell her to call my phone and see what happens. Etsee call myphone, please Questionoe, be helpful. If I could spell these words correctlycall my phone, please I'm testing my... toy O we're gonsee. If my mom givesus a call here, INA we'll pot up the H pot up Thi don seewhat happens here in the meantime guys. I JAS wonder this thing is really cool.I mean this thing is really really freaking awesome. I don't have aMicrohas d card on me as of right now I do want to go get one, probably here atsome point and and plug that in and test out the independent recording, asopposed to recording into my computer and we're going to see what happenswith that. Mom Read my text message and Seeng. If Sheis able to call me come on mom, you can do it come on. Please please call me, please call me, I wonder if she's upstairs right now, if she's sitting upstairs listening toMOU record this bullcrab and then okay, so we got a call coming through, can hear it see here: Yo, hello, hi,...

...hi, how you doing I'm good, I'm Gonn, I'm GONGTA TAP mymicrophone. Can you tell me if you hear it n II'm going to tap my microphone? Canyou tell me if you hear it? Ok, dfarly, okay, Tis, probably Youre,probably just hearing it ecause it's next to the microphone. Okay, all right!That was it. I just wanted. Toi Wasn't sure I didn't know if you'd be able toor not. But if you can hear me talking, then that's fine, Kay, aing ine and Oh okay. Well then, I I I'll, let yougo, then I just wanted to tess this thing out, love you mom! So there you go. So we know that, withthe Blue Tuth connection that the the microphone direct audio doesn't go tothe phone she's still hearing over the actual phone itself, so the Bluetofunction acts as an input to the phone,...

...only not an output to the phone. What Iwant to do next is, I want to find a way to connect my phone to the actual directconnection in the back of the roadcaster pro and Wi'll. Do that on adifferent episode, a different one of these and then we'll be able to see ifthat changes, how the input output works on the phone, but either way Igotto tell yo the quality on that call sounded pretty good. This thing,overall is probably one of the best pieces of podcasting recording teck.You could ever get your hands on, so I highly recommend you guys get a hold ofone of these. These things are fantastic. Now, theyare not cheap. Youknow wopping six hundred bucks, but I will say this is probably the the bestchunk of change. I ever painfully shelled out. I'm telling you, like Isaved up for months to get this thing, and even though I had the money setaside, hitting that check out, button still hurt just a little bit, but allat all. I am super happy with this. I can't wait to experiment with I moreand program, my own sound effects and stuff and really step up the game forthe basement lounge going into the rest OFC of this season and with that I'm gnto take it back to the rest of the... that we're shooting here unlessyou listen to is on the boadcast channel, in which case cool sockdoyouGuy Sa. So there you have a guys that was me testing out and playing aroundwith the brand new road. Castor pro hope you guys really enjoyed that. I'mGono be making full use of this thing going forward, we're going to have alot of fun playing with this thing on the show, as we can Sinou on, and I'mgoing to put be able to really have more fun with how we record the showand is gon o make e show a lot better. So, like I said earlier, we'll be backwith full episodes again on February. Seventh we' got one more special H. Youknow break episode for Ye guys next week and then we're going to get backinto things. Hopefully you guys are enjoying these little minnesotdes. Youknow we got a new content coming for you as well mixyor you go to thewebsite basement loungepod dotcom, to get all the information there and wi'llsee guys again real soon.

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