The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 29 · 1 year ago

"I'm a Comedian Who Doesn't Wanna Talk About Comedy" with Dusty Harvey - EP #29


Comedian Dusty Harvey is tired of talking about comedy. But don't worry, he has plenty more to talk about!

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Oli, I Lebe seeon two three: Oh okay, it'sready for you. Arter Hay, Om, guys, Exatete Inat like for me, YoureListeninto, the basement louge. why O Great Cobart, thanksmiking Ig guys thisis Mike and Before we get the show started I wanted to let you know thatyou can now join the basement, lounge team by supporting the show on Patrionright now. We have a one dollar to year. That is so full of cool rewards you'd,be a fool to pass it up, just go to Patrion dotcom, slash, basement, loungepod to sign up right away and now on with the show Egy. This is wike. She, and I want totalk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand new freeway for you to getyour pod cast career off and running without any cost. To you simplydownload the anchor Avr go to Achor DOT FM to get started. Anger is the easiestway to make a modcast. They give you everything you need in one place forfree. You can use it right from your phone or your computer. Their creationtools allow you to record and edit your bodcast, so it sounds Tlay Magifikiwithoutn having to worry about all the costly set up. They'll even distributeyour podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spotify apple,podcast, Google podcasts stitch your hall of that Ind. You can easily makemoney from your podcast with no MINUM listenership thet sent you up withawesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script kind o like what I'mdoing now, throw it on your show and start making money once again down wellbe anchor AP or go to Anchordot FM and get in your podcast career, loft andrunning right now. Just do it already rat a drink, pull of a chair and settlybecause you're in the basement wowwelcome back to another episode ofthe basement, lounge, just as the conversation over drink show in in in aguy's basement, 'cause, that's not creepy or anything and I'm your host.As always Mike Shay and Auntecho, we've got a guest who hasn't been on in awhile. He was on the old show and we get him back in specifically not totalk about stand up because Hinhe and I ere both just tired of talking aboutstand up. His name is dusty. Harvey Dusty welcomed the showman. You saidthis is overdrink. Should I have brought trink should I have wrought analcoholic every on I'll. Tell you what we did. Our Valentine's episode lastWee Medicitus was here. We we didid it eleven in the morning and he brought acase of white claws for him. They were gone by the time we were do. Yeah Imean hat e same lit, CLOSS T I go down Super Easy M. Ihav never had one beforeand o I'm kindo hooked yeah. That's all I t I switched to seltered recently. Iwas just like I'm done with the B like celter like makes me like feel like. Idon't feel like bloated and I don't feel like you know, Iky like I do when I just pound butlights, which is what I used to do and now I'm just like. Well, I can pat onknhees but then they're a little dangerous at some point too B'causeyou're, like Oh, that's, number fifteen. I need to like not do that. I mean I'm not alcoholic oranythingbut. Maybe that was that was me when Um when I wasliving down south and I was working the radio at the bar that I went to hadeighty at eightyes night and every Wednesday and on top of just peoplewearing what they thought peewore in the eighties. It was also eighty centhouse liquor, se a Ou, a uricer. So I was at no point was I thinking abouthow many drinks I was having? I was thinking like this is only costing meeighty se, then I stood up and it all set in my stomach and I sat right. Thehell back, yea yeah, I would have been. I would have been out out yeah. I can'tI can't do liquor, it's just no Ou. Don't do Likor at all, not really Um. I I was a real, irresponsible drinkerback when I you know when I was like twenty twenty one back I mean I wasdoing everything legally. Of course I aslegally drinking at the age ofTwentybu, but I would just PA I just I had noconcept of like hey. You need to stop right now, like you need to hydrate.You need to like do stuff like that, and I would just I would throw upliquor just all day and even even into my like mid twenties I'd still. I wouldgo up and do like shows and stuff like that, and I would just pound Jamisonand then I get on stage anld be like I am fuck I'm drunk like I shouldn't be. I shouldn't be doing this, but wellhere I am I I used so so I I talk about t all the time I go to this piratecamping. Every week. Every summer you no everywaye an everyoneowellcause. Itstarted from wh n when I lived down south a bunch of friends every Fridaywe'd all get together, and we would just like we woul d. just party of mewould just get hammered and yeah would actually spend like we would beplanning stuff for the pirate Caming, an we gat, the cater crew andeverything, and there was one Friday where I showed up late and my my dumbass. I was twenty five. I knew better and I was like thes guys been drinkinga couple of hours. BFOR me I'd better...

...start playing catch up, yn forty fiveminutes later I', I'm holding onto the toilet Likeo welwoke up the next morning in a room Ididn't recognize and did the whole check was like okay, my alone, okay,thank God. Okay, yeah! That's that sounds like my twenty first birthday. Ididn't eat anything at all. Oh, no, an anything at all and the second I hitmidnight. It was just like liquor, liquor, liquor, clicker, just hounded Iblacked out, and I think forty five minutes. I don't know if that'spossible, but I I like it was like twelve twenty five and I only starteddrining at midnight, and I don't remember anything. My friend was thereat one point: 'cause I just threw up like. Oh, I think I got alcoholboisoning that night Ih 'cause. I was on the toilet all night, but my friendwalked in. I was throwing up and throwin up abecame. It Te check on me and I wasd just sitting naked on the toilat gon Oprovemen Joh, my God s, so so what? What is yourdrink? A choice then light claw. Just wice Lo is la O, O yeah. It used to beJameson and orange juice. That was Li, that woman drink of choice, yeah Hmanthat just sounds unpleasant. It was fine, it was. I had great times with it. I don't I don't do it I'll have I'll.Try like you know, 'cause. I like work with like some like Burbon, snobs andstuff, like that 'r like well, I'm trying theres. You know this and I'mlike it just it hurts. It hurts my stomach when it goes down like they'relike feel the bird I'm like, but it also tastes like crat like I don't Idon't like any of this see. I love Burbon you're, a Burbin guy. You seemlike a Ky Guy K, my birdmen, my whisky. Anything, that's not Takila. I don't doto kill it. I Tokila you know I like to say I'm in an abusive relationship withthe Keilo as it. It does terrible things to me and then I leave I swarI'll, never come back and then a few months later, it's like. Well, it'sbeen a long. While it's been it's W, it's different. This TI yeah it'll bedifferent this time. Maybe it was my fault. I don't it's always my fault.Yeah, THAT'S VODKA! You know Vodkeis one another,one like il I'll drink VIDGA, but it's it's got to be mixed with something Idrank too much vot ca back when I was of age when I was younger right thatwasn't a page, but you know just in the gateraid bottle. I'd go to likehardcore, shows and stuff like that, and I would just pound votka straightrayed bottle. Oh Yeah, just all day drinking I was I was you know, part ofthat you know. I was in high school, where I didn't do this mom, but kidswould would they'd bring the gator aid bottles, the like the sports ones, withthe squeeze top yeah, they would put Vonga in their gatoraid bottle out orthe the gateraid. You know soaked in Ge it, the Gummy Bear Soakd indvodka thingyou know and Oh yeah. Those were the days right bact when you C N get a holdof the case, smearing off ice, and you were the cool kid Ogrampa, the coolestkid ever so you were like down south. Thenweren't, you yeah, I we I was originally in North Canton, and then wemoved down south right before I started high school Pcor High School, and thenI was there all through college and then a few years after college I'StMoved I've e been been in Dayton for five years. Yeah M an I remember whenhe first started coming around and stuff like that, bekon yeah, it wasabout five years ago, five year, 'LD be five years in Augustnice was it like. It was like down south. Was it like wh, like those weirddry places where, like alcohol was like? Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, yeah, I mean th th,the town I went to college in was was a dry. You know you couldn't buy alcoholon Sunday. There was one time where St Patrices Day was on a Sunday and thetown didn't know what to do. She thought I mean I mean like twelve.Oh One am you know you could not buy alcohol anywhere and you know it wasn't,but it wasn't until seven am theday onthe night day we're allowed to again.I think I think I mean other than bars. I think that's kind of how here is'cause. I know you can like. If you go, you can go to a bar is 'cause what lastcolls it two and you can go and pick up like beer to go in the bar. I meanyou're, paying so much money for it. I've never doneit before, but Um ballpart prices pretty much yeah, not the AtlantaStadium, where everything's cheap, but like Al Park Crisis M, but you can do that there, but I thinkthey STOPP. I was talking to I one of my coworkers as a cop, and I was justlike what were the whater, the alcohol. I think it's like one. You can't buy. IA like a gas station, you you can't they don't serve liquor. You can't buythe liquor out a store after nine okayum. I like how I said no stand up and we'reonly talking about alcohol. I know that's Wev as yeah. Oh man...

...down south is weird 'cause like when Igot up here and I saw that you could buy granted it's bad liquor, but liquorat like target and Yeah Roger that blew my mind. Yeah I was E, You n an then Ibought a bottles, put it in the Freezer, get it nice and cold thand. It froze,and I was like well this this Isi' not real alcoho. No, it am okay, it saysalcohol, but yeah. It's a lot of people, don't realize just how strict thealcohol Lawsar down south like you'll go to a bar and you'll see like anentire wall, just papered in all the permits they have to have based if they want to sell alcohol orbe open past like eleven midnight. One Am am it's n one of those labsis. Theywill hut your blace down likewow, it's really strict down. Th, that's cool, Imean I figured they would drink more down there like, I guess it's yeah. Idon't know, I guess Jesus and everything they all meangod faring ofpeople, but it's but that's where but light is made you'd think. But thenagain I mean the town where Jacke angels is made as a Drik as a drycounty. Of course it is 'cause old Jackie was running aroundback in the day, wer Wentin it for everybody, yeah man, Um so Y. I know you're a bigmovie guy. I am a big Igna, Il like me WH. What have you have you seenanything recently? Oh Dude. I've been watching a lot of movies recently whichbeen actually Um. I just watched. I just finished an a I watched darkwaters. How was that good? It was good, it's it's kind of like a seventies typelike thrit. Like do you know, like lawyer, mm thriller type. You know, like I didn't know any of thestory going into it. I know that, like they filmed it around here, I think inCincinnati. I think so. 'cause hat was like tmark Bruffell ofthe hulks in Cincinnati and I'm like Coolro. I don't care, it's really good M. I enjoyed it. I waslike I was thinking about sign up for letotared box. Today, Oh yeah yeah. Iwas thinking about like signing up for that 'cause Iwas. Just since I got mycomputer, I've just been watching movies and like video games, Um and S, I'd give it like a three and ahalf out of five Li really enjoyed it. I thought the guy his names bill camp.He playeda like the discrintled farmer that kicks the whole thing off Um. I don't know why he wasn't nominatedfor, like anything 'cause. I thought he was wonderful, a weird Oscar season ten,but it was a good Oscar ses. It was good it Wa like like everything thatwon stuff. I was like yeah that makes sense yeah. I haven't seen Paris ot yet,but I haven't either it's a lot of work. When I one saw Jojo Rabbit, I saw thatrea too good movie. It was good it' stuck with me for a couple o days. Thefacts I was like: I had to sit and mall on that one yeah, but they were showingat the nee on the same time, and I was like, if I'm going to watch movie withsubtitles, I want to be able to rewind. If I miss something right so right yeahI have I I downloaded it legally and UH. It doesn't have subtitle so iohow to I can watch it in Korea and I won'tunderstand it. Let' Ye think it really act. You know if I can't understand hem.What's the motion on their face saying you know Neflix does that where they'lllike so when when the defenders was on, I remember this is one F h. s sticksout in my head is therete the Marble Cross Maoe with the Iron Fist andyeaage ands. There's one episode where the first fifteen minutes are twopeople, speaking Japanese to each other, but they didn't subtitle the show. Ifyou want to know what they're saying you have to turn the actual subtitleson to understand what they're saying a Lik. They didn't just use Gr like theirgraphics guy to make onscreen sub titles. You have to knowingly turn themOl. Otherwise you don't know what they're saying for the first fifteentseriously. I was like that's that's dumb. That's veyt. Did you ever seeisle with Isle of dogs, the Wason? Well, they didn'tthey didn't subtitl when theJapanese people spoke at all that irritated me. So much yeah. I don'tknow why 'cause I it was like it's artistic choices. Idoing that, but like Shep, a fuck up just let me know what they're saying Idon't I don't in hear blinds like I. I appreciate you in your art, like eveneven America, subtitled their guys when they were speaking derkaderta dirty amad. I got I not dirty saying TERKADEK. I like Y,what they say they now Therada De d, Mohamme da its like an entire line ofdialogue in that movie. I hated that movie the first time really. The firstties I saw it. I don't think I've watched it since B, I've seen clips andI was like okay, that's funny I ges now I was twelve. So I was all about thatkind. I wasoff too bi don't know. I was yeah, we're right round. Thetwhat Youreone thirty one SA I'm thirty. So I was like eleven yeah, whatever same e, like o your Sey Suryou're. So much sure is a twelve year...

...old. He really got TA figure d out attwelve o know, but I I didn't like it for some reason:Um, but I loved South Park. So I I don't know I need to go back. Ind,probably rewatch it again, but the popit sexis a little much I've seenthat atll times, but but the scene where the dude vomits for like a minuteand a half in the alleyway to this day makes me just laugh uncontrollably. Idon't know why yeah, I think that would have benefited like that would havebenefited more in. Like my twenties, I thought I would have enjoyed it like alot more. When I was enjoying life, you know th. The theme song, I think, iswhat really makes the movie yeah Mererka Star Bo Hook, yeah yeah, but what I love that nobody ever callsthat cause. They say slavery like three times followed by a fuck yeah and thatD, I'm like nobody caught that, no one! No, I just well. It is America, Okathey're, making fun of they're making fun of a certain type of person. That's are very real. U They're around! I watched something h actual I havin in blue right now youever seen movie called upgrade. No, that is I've heard it's been on, like I readlike a lot of like movie lists like stuff, you need to check out 'cause,like I like reviews and everything but like I need to know like LR. Was this actually good like R inlike forms on, like you know, like Ogoon like rent, I won H, GeneralCONSEISCM, General Consensus? Yes, but I haven't seen that yet and that's owna lot of it was one of those y Kno t came out n like twenty eighteen and itkindof like one anothe radar, and it was one that you know kept popping upon on list of like yeah s ceck out than I was on, inaly washed it an I was likeSot oitch. This is fant gray. It's by no means like it's, not a profoundOscar film. You know it's not the godfather or anything Um, but just asfar as like a fun, Kindof dark horror, action, yeah, Scifi M it was, it wasfreaky. I'm all about that. I like that Genre Ali, is that a blad under twentyforty nine poster right, Dari hell as the from from the actual movie theaterI haven't, found a frame for it yet o yeah, that's a whole back. I used towork at a movie theater back in the day, the one job I never had it's, I I didit for too long real. I worked at a movie theater for too long and it waslike I would like get promoted to assistant manager and then like I'd,get pissed off and quick and then I would just go work at another movietheater. I did that like three times and I cannever get hired 'cause 'cause like 'cause. There 's, always somebody whowas there who just kept getting promoted it, W pretty much everybodywerted the high school with, and that was that was yeah. I worked at the oneup in Piqua and then I worked at the one at the Easten Mall A and then thenthey transferred me over to Dublin and then I got transferred back to east andand then I quit I quit over a girl 'cause. I was like sad about a girl. Iwas a big mistake. I don't yeah now I got weird and then I I was always weird,but and then I worked at the rave in Polaris and h and then I quit. I walkedout of that theater, oh because, oh so, like a manager pulled me aside andthey're like dusty, H, you're, not keeping up with hygiene andyou kind of smell, really bad right. Now, okay, I ' like okay, so I'm Smellyn andthat pissed me off so much I smelled like Shi like like. No, I did not. Ididn't warrant it. I guess is warated for sure I don't I I'm Weir. I don'tlike. Where do Yo tterint that often LoC, you know like it's just I'm notlike a Hippi. I just forget and like I', never washed, my clothesand I smelled, but like it offended me, I just walked out. I was just like Iwas like fucky you guys, I'm out and I was like their best employeeandlikeironman. Three was out that day like it was a opening day of iron man.Three I was like. I can't do another God.Damn summer of this Viea, I worked from like two thousandfrom two thousand nd seven to two thousand. I got my first weekend withSpiderman three wow and my last weekend was ironman three. I pretty much workedin the theater on and off oth movies, terrible too MN three's, not bad. I didn't like it.It was better than two. U O yeah. I was better into I I liked it I mean. Areyou one of those like I hate the twist? I Hate Temandr and it was for me. Itwas more. It was the fact that I felt like it was a bat and switch yeah likethe trailers were for one movie, but the actual movie was yeah, and that wasshame black. It's I kinda yeah, you gotta be like Wo, Shame. Blook is, butI like Shane Black but hes. I that Predator, I mm that was awful mm. Ihate that movie so much yeah. It wasn't...

...good. I didn't even Lik, I didn't evenwatch it. I watch I watch A. U Tube show calledthe Kil count, Yeah Oo Yeah and I would just watch I was like. Should I watchit or sh? I wash like the furs like ten minutes and I was like this kind ofsucks I'll just wait for it on the kill, Coun and then I didn't even like Ididn't even like the killcount episode it Wa. It wasn't even as bad. It wasdispointing 'cause. It should have been good. It's shamed, bring it Ho, shameblack who had just done the nice guys, which was really good Ni. I still haven't seen ityet. Nobody you fin. Nobody saw that butit's onlike, it's like everyonetells me. I should watch it and it's up my alley and like- and I like that, onewith Robert downny junior and h Valcelmer Bua, it's not brick. Is it it's notbracoms, not Iwas. At Tombstone Yep, it's two stone an tombstone yeahcurt rustels around yeah, okay, no I'm joking and I see I'm forgetting right now. YeOld Google machine jai pull that shit out sothat's like the worst pote Inasjoke of all time. I don't I don't even listen to Rogan. I just know rownthebrick, so it was no that's not it's not ESINGOR LEVE! I think I was RyanJohnson Um Yeah, that was Ryan Johnson Um shoot see. I know my Shit, a with directors, I'm getting betterithat's what I'm bestreally. Yes, since I started doing this movie triviaathing, I've been like getting better with stuff a get directors. I'mterrible H T I that's all I've ever like. I had a roommate who whowould getso mad at me because I would be like yeah. I was directed by this guy whomade this and this and this Ande I don't care. I just want to watch themovie like Fucky Dude, Oh Carcas, I pob Hacain it's, okay, all right! It's fine! I haven't planned around with the withthe censor beep. Yet I have. I have a sound effect somewhere, but I haven'tpl, but I'm also like lazy, don't care well yeah for sure I put the Little Rede next to this it'Sfineim, I'm a comedian who doesn't want to talk aboutcomedy on a potcast right now. Ryou want to talk about not caring you're, not when you ere, like you asnt, want to talk bout comedy, and I was like that is fine, please I I don'teitherit'its the same and every it's the same. It's always the same, and I II've got a lot of comedians on this show and and 'cause originally. Thatwas how my old show started was yeah, but I' found that just pretty muchevery comedian has the same. fucking store yeah, it's the same w. We all dowe all an e just got tired of talking everybody talking about they're,they're quotif. I don't really have a process. You know just see you know.Like Ya was handed down. I went to the COBE shop Tuteday for five people,fucking killed at Mane Oedr, I'm not going to k what Hank Hells Doing Standihere like. What's going on you ratnot now now Danny Andrew's going toshow up and starting the on libression doing. Are you doing my only good bit h? There was when I was doing. I was doingJon mcdermis MiG an Lima. This is months ago an and he was there and hevery every ten minutes somewhere in the barn. Here I hear her tell you whatBob and s Hamn it Dan Yeah? How is that like it's a lot of fun? Isit okay? It's 'cause! It's it's! The bar is called somewhere, which I love,because then my g PS is like no R in the directions. Do Sum at were I'm a but the bar like they. They actuallyhave a separate room off to the side. That's the best yeah wellcauit's 'causethey do like drag, shows and stuff there. Oh Hell Yeah. So it's got likeths fucking disco, ball. There's an actual state, they've sound equipment,that's got its own bar in there. It's got seating, it's a nice room for doingcomedy. Yeah. They dedto make that a showcase. They do. They really do, andI I think it was one of those where the owner was. You know, kind of lettingjoey like test us out, but it's been doing really well 'cause, like theyhave a PR social media person who promotes the show ow Nice when the showstarts. They go to the Barhey guys. We've got a comedy, show staring likefive minutes en erright R. Exactly and they've also got the creepiest greenroom. I've ever seen it there ever is like an actual show there, it's Dowt inthe basement, and it is some serial killershit a, but it's like man. I wantto tape a special here and like like get this horror movie intro goingdown the creepass yeah like like a Halloween one shot. It is. It is a fun Mike to go to APAYEA. I don't know if Holly's done it yet,but she really fucking needs to yeah yeah, I'm sure yeah. It sounds likethat's upper alley. Yeah, it's it's! Apparently a Coue Mon, like last monthbefore I guess, like one of the drag Ueens, actually showed up and kind oftook over the show and it it fell apart in, like the most wonderful waypossible, yeah, okay,...

...yeah. I always I always hate momens,like that. We I used to run the show up in Troy,we're talking about comedy because of course they a it's. It's plais part. Itjust comes out two COMEDIANS. Eventually, you gonto start talkingabout her a little bit M. Well, we'll move on from this yea. I used to run this. This show up inTroy, uh, and it was like when I first started.It was like within the first couple of years. I started so I didn't know howto run a comedy show yet um I've gote a lot better, but it' so be one of thosethings where thereoud be like fifteen comedians and one headliner, and theneveryone would go up and I W as s it was a two and a half hour along showlike it Wasgt herrible. It was just like this big echoy room that had noreason for it at like it'd, be great for, like like a metal showrit likewhere there's like a lot of distortion, but it was just like and then like aheet didn't even work, and when the heat kicked on O, you had to turn thePA up real loud, but we had this Uh. We had this chick, so I come around withthis guy named Sean who, like does comedy on and off Um, and he was just like hey. My roommateis going to come up and H, she's going to do some comedy and she didn't docomedy. She just had a puppet, Oh and she would bring people up on the stageand give people lap dances with the puppet while like singing like falsettolike R M B, music, Um, okay, and it was very uncomfortable andruined the whole Shell. Every time I cut her mike off twice aid. It twiceand I was just like following alight and then she cut it off and never stopped, and I cut her off. IPo, I literally walked up on stage, took the Mike from her and said, giveit up for a BA everybody that happened twice and her, and I at the enushowendd up. We always ended up yelling at each other and then hugging each other,because it's the natter of the business that is the nature of the business yeah.I I I hosting hosting Ales was weird Olly's Ali's oohna yeah. It was T atwas 'cause. You never knew what the hell was going to happen a it wasalways either good or bad yeah it was it was. It was such a coin toss there W.I mean they were mostly bad, mostly bat, the e that can count the the goodnights on one hand yeah there. There was one time where, like there was likean office party there- and I got there at like six and they had already beenthere since three, so they were they've been drinking since three, so that Ti.I was time to set up the Mike. It was like this is going to be an uphillbattle. Soon, as I put the Mike in theMikestand, some drunk an grobded just started, Goingo and fony got themicanwiy from m. She was like now you got mn half that you were bad. You werevery bad, wasn't half bad it W s. It was whole bad, full, bad, a hundredpercent, bad jus yeah. So when th Y, when they when they ended that one Iwas like that's okaythat's, probably going to be INA, I like tit, was a goodplace to practice, but I don't really need to pr well, I need to practicealways, but I don't I'm not feeling it. I know what you mean. Yeah you get. Youget tired of you're talking like you get tired of going to a bar on a Monday where there's threepeople there and they don't care and you're just talking into the air, and Iknow it's good, it's good for you, like I people starting out so's cal itdoesn'tyeah people starting out. You go to all the Mikes that you can and youpractice as much as you can. I need to. I need to practice more. I know this,but I don't need to go out four nights aweek anymore and it's been six years yeah I can. I can show up once a monthand if I, if I have a big, show coming up I'll practic I'll go out and do aHeplo Mikes just to get my rhythm of my cadens down Busher em ewer, it's usually how it ends uphappening. ITI'll book a Sunday at wiles and I'l be like IRN. I guess Igot to go down to hestage door, for you know J s t refresh or whatever, but youknow I've been doing this a long time so yeah. I don't like thinkinkg about howlong I've been doing atything I've been doing. I've been doing. I've beentrying to do like more character mstuff as of late, because I'm just bored- and I did one at that Christmas show. I did like an LF just trying to a Iwas, just an Elfin shsaing his workshop, and I was dirty and, like you know, as talk about the war on Christmas, Howwev got to kill all the Christiansand, Oh my God. I think I'm going to do aChristian comedian pretty soon like I'm Gon, to pray like the start of my set is just me,praying for the audience: Nd Althcter, one media,... your best earnest angely, Infr Yeah,Oh man, that fucking vampire. I remember when I was a kid I used toget up at like six, am and and watched power rangers before school and butalways right before power rangers. They would have earnest angelly on and- andthis is en I'm you know- five years old and then, when I moved a date andstarted working a a TV station and noticed that we still air the earnestAngel Hour and I'm like he's still alive yeah, he was old. Bly was a kithe's never going to die. Hehe looks like Emperor Palpatene, he looks just gray and starred andrankly and has the long hooke vampire fingers. And yes, it's not pleasant. That's what they that's. What Theye? L,that's old old man in church just gives me t,gives me the skevethall that soul Sam, but he sucks so yes, Iam pure, is Lik. Why you come here today? My son,oh I got the pain in my leg. Okay, we get SCR here. It is evil's making yourknee hert and Ow your eyes are: Yellow, join the John Di, so how's fatherhood treating you man, a 'cause whe. When we last had you on onthe old show little one ha was n was only a couple of months old yeah. Shewasn't yeah, no she's, Oh she's, two and a half nowhow, it's cool. I I loveit man. I love it so much she's! Nothing! Nothing feels better than justlike when she hasn't seen you all day and she runs out an S. GOS, Daddy,daddy or well. She loes this new thing now, where, after I put her down for anap and after she wakes up, I walk in the room and she just goes hi like she's Ross Geller. It makes me laughs so hard, she's, afunny kid you you and the wife post postuff of her on online all the timeand she cracks me up. She's funny. She's yeah no stand up for her, thoughI'm not gon. No, I no never I'll support her, no matter what, unless shedoes stand up comedy, she won't need to 'cause she's, going to have a good lifeyeah for sure she's got it away better than I ever did you know, but she doesn't know that,and I tell her no she's just gets. She gets that lip out just like no man. Shedid is one day for a while, where when we would tell her no, she would shewould o conner like do you like to scream, match SHEAS J S I duck face andshe just lookd you and the Eyesa go oand like I couldn't help, but laughand some of Hem, because they' just I'm staring into someife like she thinksthis is working, but it's just hilarious, my my sister when she was three fouryears old n heused to every Sunday, it seems like we used the joke that shewas a little Banchy 'cause. It's always happened on Sundays, but UH. She wouldjust get Moody and she would throw these fits. She would be throwing shitlike grace, go upstairs and go to your room, so she'd stop halfway up thestairs turn around and just go o te rest, witslam, er bedroom doorsand just dstroy her room screaming to where my mother was like anybodywalking past our house, EA think we're murdering our Chian, but then twentyminutes later my sister comes walking over O on with a little pad of lip e.just goessoit's, just like O, can walk away, Lolg Away, O awayfrom the situation, just go drink juice and just don't lookme for a while juice juice. I love juice, even as anadult. I don't care, I don't I don't drink juice, as I should. No, I don't,I don't know is juice good for Yo. I guess. Well I mean apple juice. Rea,I'm looking right behind him. He's got a got a bottoe apple juice right there.Actually I so! I got diagnosed with with fatty liver. Mydoctor was like there's two kinds of fat deliver: There's either thealcoholic fatuliver which, where you drink too much and o all, gets big worsthe nonfat non alcoholic where you just eat too much crap, which one do youthink it is for you. I said six and Oney and half a dozen Ini can't go on.I eat a lot, but like so that's like the unfiltered apple juice. It's reallygood for your liver, like it actually like Cleans the Oh yeahoshpoo Nice,which is good. That's always that's always good. Yeah. I drink a lot. I dodrink a lot of juice, though I I I drink, I'm like a five year old. Inthat case you like cartons, yeah, no SSHA, exceptnow. Nowadays, I drink I drink my apple...

...juice mix with vodka and I watch bigmouth o rand juice and cartoons, but hellyeah, Apple Tuce, my Goder, don't say: Juice,two toce apple, tots, yeah, Um Yeh thought about having more kids.Now, God no no shut up. My no that's a question. We cul ask a lot.Um, no we're not now for sure right. We might adoptthat might be something we might do. I don't know or F or foster kids or likedo something like that, but um I enjoy my sleep and I've Isen out to a pointwhere I can almost sleep start to come back a little bit just alittle bit. I mean my wife's Gong Nto hear th. He slept the whole time. IWason I'm like yeah. You were baby, but I'm a heavy sleeper and it takes a lotfor me to wake up really yeah, I'm a very heavy sleeper s. It take you a while to get to sleepH. Yes, oit does it's it's I used to like e nt I used to have to like takesleeping pills. Every night like as I couldn't 'cause, I would just get tiredof being like I'm just laying here. I can't shut my brain off, but I've beenworking on like like Kindo like meditation, it's done before bed andit's it's helped a little bit. I'm I'M KINDOF THERE! Now I when I'm asleep, Imean I mean a log yeah, it's useless, trying it's! Why ut my alarm clock onthe other side of the room from my bed, because if I put it right next o my bedwas going to hit it and fall back to sleep. Yeah do 't, remember it Uhuh Y,but I've been takin. I was Takeng Zequel for the longest time to go tosleep at night M Mo ecause. I have resses Lake Syndrome, which is oh,really annoying yeah. Just my legs is once I'm laying down I get to relax myLE. I can't sit still D, it's really s. It hurts too h people don't Realy Hinresenlation risons, like a twitch like my leg, aches yeah. It almost feelslike arthritis, but once I'm up and moving yeah, I'm fine, and so so I wastaking sequel for the longest time, but then it started reacting badly to myother meds and I was like Sot of a pitch di you take like melotonin yeah.I was taking that for a while. I might go back to that. The only probl witMeletona is that it makes me useless the next day yeah. I guess I get that I get. I Tlike it. It knocks me out real quick but then like getting me to be: U To doanything the next day, like I'm groggy and LR yeah, and just not useful so, but it got town, okay,Li to take this stuff and be useless the next day, but I'll get to sleep ontime or I can stay up all night until I eventually pass out, but then I have toget up the next morning and I'm useless and h regardless you're going to beuseless o the next day. It's embracing how useless I am at this point,reallystory in my life Ma. That should be the title that should go on mygravestone, I was going to say ntitle my album I', never relordin an album orOgiv me. I. I got a a buddy of mine, John Gibson,who is actually from here he's down in South Carolina. Now he kind o he kindof runs the whole comedy scene there, but he he just you know he owns acomedy club, so he just records his albums there now yeah and just puts hemout I'm like that's, that's so cool, but I I don't have enoumaterial reqore I can bear I can stretch I can. I can do twenty, and butI mean that involves some rithon yeah always, but I can get I can get by athrifting or just like resting the crowd or something like that thatthat's kin of been my golfer this year was actually to instead stop stopwriting bits and start like actually like building on the bits that I have tomake longer chunks a d. that's and that's how I've been writing the lastcouple of years. That's my process, we're talking about you, K, ow, we prolthroug kin of fucking dmn tried to avoid it tdoes. It happens in likemaking a set that flows real well together. That's been a big key Um tomy subpars success in comedy yea. Iwouldn't called success. My I don't know third place in the wilistfireworks competition to better Tan me, sorry, Uhad, to go up against me in thefirst round that was yeah gop against you and your throngs of people. Youbrought with you my sixty people, my wife I was was, I will say that was a funnight. That was a lot T at was a great t. It was a good show yeah. Thatwasthat was more like the F that was more of the finals than the actualfinals, like that, really like the finals wasn't able to make it to the finals.It was rough. It was real rough and like yeah, like my set, was fine. I followedJoe Young who murdered and he would have won, but he did onemore bit. Oh anyone over yeah, he would...

...have won. Oh No, it's unfortunate,sorry, Jo everybody. I just wanted to take amoment to interupt the show and give a very special shout out to the Peoplewospport. This show every month on Patrion I want to shout out WhitneyLatin Jodie mcdirmott and my mother, Melissa, shade to every single monthhelps bork his show, and if you want to be one of those awesome people, all yougot to do is go to Padrioon dotcom, SACH FAC it round. Hod andjoined, theone dollar ter Youl, get shouted out on the air, get your name with it. In thedescription you get early access to all these shows compercial freed throughour Patrioon r sspeed, and so many other cool rewards once again go toPatrion dotcom's, slash basement lounge o join the one vollaer an peaking of the show. Let's get backtobut I haven't seen Joe in over a year. It feels like O Eah. Icouldn't tell you the last time I actually saw or said words to Joe Young,probably t the wilest fireworks competitiona thinking about it, yeah Um,I see them all. I see them all. The time were aies o good text and stuffyea. Think Unitd never had it off. When I first got here, he's a weird guy, very weird, Guy Cjus, I e like gotadopted into like my group when he first started. So it's my group,whatever the people that I used to Mike Life, people who were doing Mikettiyeah us me and Dan and John Morris was around, and thatwas that was comedy back in Twenty fifteen and like Mike well's around atthat point. No, he wasn't there. Travis was not there. Ot there Nick Taylorwasn't there ckalsky was was around th he's not around at her still not around.That's true wellholly was around them now, no, no!It isn't pretty holly this Wen, like Ese yeah, so this was like a so Ireally did get here when Yall were first, when we werefer Yeah Shit, YeahAl those people start, I mean travis, wasn't around bute. He was in whereveryeah he was out wherever he was being a huge success. If you ask him his words, don't say that I don't put that intothe universe I's like we ato stop talking about him, who doesn't need it.Hejust, fine, Um, yeah 'cause, actually think. I think itwas Patterson pub when that was still a thing. That's been a thing. A couple oftimes, yeah at was the first thing. It was the first thing I went to when Igot up here. It was either that of the Huga Yeah Hukas ben go yeah that was yeah. That's still going, everyThursday went away for a while there and s back just new showrunners yea has I haven't been back since the newincoration of it. I I havenit either. I I don't like doing shows at Hokabars'cause, it's too chill it's a hookabar people ar it. It's like,like the only reason, Li if I ghelp us, if they ever srselling wheat at thoseplaces like yeah for real. If I have enough I get now, I get what you'resaying because like when I would do the super comedy show when it was like backin apartments like I don't I don't smoke ed like I don't I don't do any ofthat, and I just like my energy is to I don't know. I don't have a good energy for people.Smoking Wheed, basically like my energy, just gives them anxiety as I'm real,nervous and t like h y. They can like see my insecurity come out and I'm justlike. I don't I don't like this. I O, I feel like an Ark. I think it's the toneof your voice. What I mean is that you have a higher voice. I do have a highernoises. As somebody who misses smoking weed. I can tell you higher noises.They they set you off a little bit: Yeah Hen you're when you're high, youlike something to be lower and Collan cal yeah, like you, would be great youcould you could do that? You could you'd be great at that, but I rip yeah yeah. I I quit too. I used to. I usedto be a big stoner back in the day, but I for me it was Moreofa. I was teachingand I was like well. I should probably stop Atie paranoid all the time I justI was you know I be like wake up Moo all right. Let's go walk down to UDF.Get me a soda pop and Coe back an some ice cream down at the dairy queen goback, go to work high, do all that telf and then, like I b like my neighbors, Ilived in like an apartment complex and I like tey. They were Asian and theywere speaking Japanese or Korean Anasia Yeah. Theywere speaking the Asians Languag and I...

...told me Realas Pars taught yeah and Iwas lane in bed and I could hear them talking. I'm like they're trying tokill me right now and that's whan. I realized I had aproblem and then and then it and then I kept going andthen I stopped, and I was J S. I just went like cold Turkey and I was likeI'm never smoking weat again and I haven't sbeen much to smoke that thatspice. That's in I did that too back N, oh nine or whatever I seriously. Ithink I'm so dumb because of it yeah it. I I remember there was one night inparticular where, like we were all hotboxing in a buddy's car and all of asudden, everything just seemed to have like a blue tint yeah, and I looked ata street light and it looked like it was a skull on fire and I just kind offelt my own pulse, a d were just like yeah, I'm done with this yeah it likeit. It just like gave me like, like my head, just felt I don't know, felt likeheavy and light at the same time like its like. This is real heavy, butalso it feels like there's nothing inside lodedline balloon or somethingyeah 'cause. It's like! Oh, those are the chemicals destroying my brain rightnow, yeah 'cause, it would hit you it wouldhit you really quick, very quick. I mean it's just who knows. What's in thyeah who wills? What was in that stuff? It Ti, don't know, Blei, think about it.No ohgod, Oh God, Um now yeah! Finally,when I grew up was a smoke actual pot. Now it was like. Oh, oh, this is cells,fine, okay! This is Sroe, I feel like, I feel like if it becomes legal. Idon't know, I can't say that, but you know if it if it becomes legal aroundand you know I'm retired N, I don't have toworry about jobs and stuff. Like that, that's the trick. I think people don'tthink about with, like Oh legalizes, like yeah, but companies can still saywe don't support this right and you can still lose your job over yeah and Idon't Wantt. I don't want to lose a job exactly because then my daughter woulddefinitely become a SA comedia. You know and comedy. We call that acallback ANA old stay at P story. I was don myfucking son. I was doing a doing a college tour in like twenty ten andthis guy, who I had like gotten into Stan. I'v been doing it for, like sevenyears, an that en been ding it for like one, and he was telling some story to to some guyand he makes a call back and he tets me she goes. You know Mike and Coedy.That's called a callback and I was like I taught you that sort of a fish yeahh. What's that thingcalled when you, you say something and then, like you kind of like call itback later, what' hat. What's that called? Can you tell me Canyu tell mehow d o Ido do comedy? How do you comedy? Can you tell me oChe, go, go to go to the bookstore and buy the comedy Bible by Judy Gold andlasting. I had it. I gave I had yeah, we all had it. We all made fun of it,but we all still read it. We read it. We we followed the instructions for awhile until he realized how it's not really how it works, especially Lo. How,in the back of the book had a list of Lik all the comedy clubs in the? U Sand most of them were gone they're, all God they all the nineties came, and it was over. I was forget: Whai was talking to B T,I guess, like comedy zone, will, if you want to franchise a comedys own comedyclub in your town, they'll, basically just pay for the whole. You said tofind the property, and as long as you slap the comedy his own name on itthey'll basically pay for everything o really yeah. I don't think we needanother comedy club Ind. No, we've got two we're fine yeah we're fine and oneof them can fuck off Shi talking talkingsome mad shit up inhere we're talking about that comedy club on Huber Heights. The one thatclosed. That's, what definitely? What he'stalking about right now? Listen, I'M! Try! I'm trying to work, regardle,listen if they pay, I'm down I'll, do whatever I just you know. I I' performed theretwice and I just h a man bad experience. Every time hehelus doing is a customer Ive Thad, terrible experiencs. There, O Really Y,I applied for a job there. Recently id you really yeah, be like a door guy.Well, the thoughts and views expressed on this show only ref reflect the hostand not that of the guests. Ladies and Gentlemen, yeah I don't I don't care,I'm sure. No one is watching sure, I'm sure no one's listen into theshow. Well, yeah I mean they can't scountlocal talent. Then why? Why woul the me listening to right just kidding? I loveeverybody. Ire some new house plice...

...also cut down on the CEEDING seriously.It's fine, you can does't eanyou have to yeah. Weshould probably cut that part out, but and it's fine I probably won't gethired 'cause. I applied like two weeks ago and I haven't heard anything backand they just had like three Li. They, it was like sold out all weekend. NoShit Yeah. It was Marlin waynes this weekend. Oh that's right! Fuck I was. Iwas trying to go when when Piper was there, um riper Ro Roddy Piper rip yeah thatsucks yeah, but I did get to go, see titus therewhen he was working on his new special. That was a cool show. He did like awriting session yeah with us. Er heard about that yeah that was, hecalled me. He said I looked like an American terrorist. I was like how's comedy to going, I'mlike good, and then I had a show right after and I had the worst set of myentire. Oh, no, like iched, had the word. Oh, my God, the worst set I'veever had in my entire life, no shit, the war sat it as so. It waslike it was before my wife and I were dating Okau. I like liked ter, you know like I like,had a big school girl cross oner I was like you are cool. I, like you, Um andh. She dated another comedian who's, not around anymore. He he didn'tdie or anything. Just hes O he's just not around and h. They had a. They hada bad relationship and H it wasn't the best I'm trying not to slander. No,it's it's difficult. It's difficult ad, a relationship, it didn't work, itdidn't. It didn't work out and H. She was all sad. You know she was like. CanI talk to you? You know, like being like. I was like the friend you know Iwas like. I was like friend, zoned, pretty hard, IG and H. I H I had the show and she shows up. It wasa chaufeur. It was a depression, benefit ookay and so fose fourcomedians for yeah. It was like Biker, John Morrs Book. There was like somebikers thing, plier for like people that Red Harleys or something and theyall rode in on their harleys and so shee Maber me showed up. I went up on say she showed up on adate, Oh okay, to my show, and she knew I liked her and the ex boyfriend wasthere as well good tand. I was on stage literally having a mental breakdown,because you can't write that shit like not. Oh, my God, it was a. It was theworst. I G, I think I got heckled by a seven year old there was a seven yearold there. I E. I don't know if, if someone is like insulting me, like I'mpretty good at coming, but like I'm quick at roasting like me, I'm not badat it, and I had nothing a D. I was just like you're right man, I'm a pieceof Shit. I don't even know I I do suck yeah pice of Shit. We, myAd's right Andright, he's so right man and it was the worst I I left that show.I drove up to troy to my buddy's apartment, I'm like we're drinkingheavily and then carroll tax me she's, like Ha,do you wantta like come down and hang out with me, and I you know I was justlike yeah I'll, be there right away after all of that man, it was rough, that's tha, od sucksit suck. It was a bad. It was a bad day. We yeah that's every. I think every comic's gotthat one story o just that that one show that was just the night from HellYeah it was. It was all around a night from Hell 'cause, it just got. It justgot worse and she was like I'm going to get back together with my x that nightand I was like oh my girl, looking not, and I just just drank more and set atthe Bar Patterson pub. I remember just depressed and like I should had you ona Valentine' show last week Holy Shit, Oh yeah, I saw some videos from thatyeah that was fun. It's fine. I I'm happily married. I LAE weare out and Iworked out in the ends. We're married look at IL, get that with the baby witababy and got busy once on. Soe Purpose of procreation had had afirst time that was it yeah, that's what we did and then you guys bought ahouse not too long ago. Our Second House, Second Outoh Shyeahi'm we're notreally h yeah. We just bought a second house in Miamisburg. Okay, Oh ish. Idon't know if she wants me to say that on that but Dayton, it's Dayon area. It's aroundDayton. It's fine, yeah, there's a lot of places that are considered datinyeah. I know I it's like the whole we buttheads with 'cause. I talk too muchlike I say stuff that I shouldn't say...

...and I like worry and then she's like.Why would you ever say that I'm, like I don't know it's comedy she's like enstuff, can still happen and I'm like, but it's comedy it's funny, but it's myright to say what I want. Not If you have a family, I'm like you're,probably right if she's not wrong, he's not wrong at all and Oh ma, Wutwe, justabougt that it's, I love the Il man. I love my neighborhood. So much like I'mvery happy where I'm at Um, good, neighbors, good gray neighbors, justlike, would give you their shirts off their back neighbor Awso, one of andlike they come to they've, come to some shows of mine they've. We go over tothe parties, our kids play together. So it's pretty cool, yeah, neighbors M,neighbors, MAK or break it. Man Really Do. This is the first neighbors I'venever like talked to. I mean yeah, Japanese people trying to kill me likeyou know that was always my ne Er call back looime. I am just a machine professionalcomedian. Dusty Harvey is here right now, I'm not professional, but like t co, D, professional, therealist comedian, Dusty Harvey. Mr Funnyman follow me on facepon and that's licet. I think that is luce.I face BCOEDY PA. I think you'reright think that's what it is. WTHE, realist, comedian, hotations around comedian, Mister funnyman, dusty, Harvey relliteal time come on. I think ohupmister funny the realest comedianmiser funny the realest comedian Uy Tusty harveyomeofacethat was I that started as a bit and I was justlike fucking, I'm just going to create it because that's like my favoritething in the world, it's just bloget dog. It's too funny. I missdher funnyrealist comedian. I was trying to see if I can share thisto the video feed, but it's plucking up right after that's, IALIN updates on abillion games on my ps word. Just always just always updates justconstantly, never nevery time. I turn Itaron. There's an update, a e beforecod, of course, theyre fucking is an update. I get it safety security patch!That's that's what I do for a living. Metflox is updating. Why so they cantake another show off. I just got A. I just got a VPN M Hemento do that. Actually, that's it's smart, yeah, H! 'CAUSE! I just kindo used thatas my anivirus Y H- that's Anto. You know as an IT professional. Don't do that like that Li e, that's just what I'mdoing using as an antivirus because, like I have other stuff, that e uses anantibirs and I'm careful with what I do on my computer, but I can use itbecause I know enough about computers to be like this on a virus that'. Now this is the point when Istart talking about its when everyone stops listening: Oh yeah, it's on iveruined 'em all, but I got the VPN and you can brouse Netflix in othercountries on then so. 'cause there's different content library, Nice withevery country so like NCA Jems, is already on Netflexen Ero em, St Aven'.Seen that either ave I and but you can watch it on Neflix. Ifyou R VPN into another country nice, it's pretty cool. I just startedwatching Um we're not going to talk about talkabout it because it stanarbest. I just started watching more o MSS Mazel. Ilove it. Um Yeah, my wife was watched all of it. It's IT'S FUNNIER! Now Um,and then I also I just rewatched the boys on the AmazonPrime, Ah Dude Hell, yeah fucking, Dolphin man so funny. I was down here watching itand I was like what has happened with that fucking o Oh y, and my mom takesme from upstairs. I know right. She had like just watched it that thatfirst season was insane. I was awesome when he's at the Raz he's waving. Godbless America, you fucking cocksoker yeah, I don't remember, I watched is so long.That was like the last show. I like truly bange yeah. I never I don't bench that often I I'mone of those like I like to save it. Like t like to sit in it, I like it,you know like ill give it a couple of days like ecause, it's just all likeand then everything and then it's over and then you have to be like Wel. Ihave to wait another year and a half for a new season meorr with the man toWarr Him Iti've only seen two episodes. I've been savein, it I'll just watchlike an episode here watching up. So there and it's and I trie- I try not toI- I used to love benging. I try not to...

Benge anymore, because I want to havesomething to cause. If I don't, if I watch all at once, I know what I'mgoing to do. Nex I'm going to go back to rewatching law and order reruns onHoolo. Again, that's just depressing, and but whatends up happening is ton an gets get to the one episode. That's likereally good and you're like Oh. I should stop now, but I can't stop on Ho ow the seasons ove and you're, like sonof the Pitsh, all right, Arigt, Onju season, twenty eight lawn order, Spou. I did that with. Idid that with m the new Star Wars, game genifall and order yeah. I was like I'monly going to play like like forty five minutes hour a day. I don't want toblow through this whole game at once and then to be done with it. But thewhole campaign is only forty five minutes oo an hour, so I was doing good.I was doing it, but then I got to this one. Really meety mission- and I waslike this- I can't stop now- I gotta Nowa and then before I knew it. Iplayed the entire day and finished the old game. I was like yeah, but I will say: M's fuckingworbit. It was aw hell yeah. I wanta. I want to play that M, it's so good, butI I don't really people lose a lot of respect from mewhen I say what sort of games I typically play like. I only play sportsgames. That's all that I play. I make casual fucking Gamer, so its like you only PLAC spors gamps andI was just like yeah, because I have a wife I have alive. I enjoy sports and Ican just play a game and then I can call it and then it's done and yeah.Sometimes I want something. That's just mind. numbing and uninvolved. A I'veheard that I have we two K, nineteen and rocket league. I got T I got yeah.I got two. Don't get two K: Twenty twok twenty, it's not very good! That's whatI heard yeah! It's not go at all. Just you can just download the characters hewant to download and it just works from thecrat yeah. TheSports Gans are going O Sike. I just want to kill some time, I'm just I justbored, and I just want something to do it's it's. How I like wind down- and Iit's just I'm going to sit down. I'm play my Mat andfranchise and I'm goingto see if I can make the Brownswon the superbowl. You know it's funny. I heardthat even in the video games this year very easy, was it really yeah.It was 'cause. They were so highe. I preseason so they're like they'R, goingto be gray and then, unless, if I play as them, they always wint as thecomputer but like if I'm actually them that's funny Um. II love, I said for some reason: Tplann a loteof the syms, Oh Nice, just I love T's. It's one of those where I always Isay t.You know how Y Y accelerate time, so it moves faster. I feel like that affectsreal time as well. Yeah 'cause before I know it, it's it's four o'clock in themorning yeah and and I'm on my third kid and I'm the mayor of the town n Er,the and near the AA ecause. They put, they put sims four free to free todownload on PS BLUSS for this month. Oh really, along with the byoshotcollections, I was like okay, very down ere we go and then my friends finallytalk to me to trying elder scrolls online how's that I have ibsoloadingyou're downloading right now they play on on Monday nights. I guess- and I waslike okay cool that can attempt to be social. They can cantr. I like it. That's attempting to be.This is me being social e. This is the most social I've been in days, my wife,my wife, had the flu twice this Reasen to him twice him and my daughter hasjust had diarrhoea and ju t jesis gross and so she's not been around anyone. Mywifes had the flu. I've just been like you know, so I haven't gone out. IH'vet been social forever and its. Why do stuff like this yeah d?It's great you get a person over or hop on a onlinegame, and and just as long as I'm talking to another person that I don'talso live with, I love my mom WT anyd other people to talk to everyonce in a while. Here, mad is all you need, Michael. I mean she's she's, theone whot's, even like ou N, we his a bar right around the corner. You justgo tojulike, look at you encouraging me to just go drink, just go yeah, look which I might do tonight honestly.I haven't rolled it out yet ell yeah I like I like going to cause it used tobe phone booth, and now it's one more tavern right here on stroup nd, I don'teven know were you not did not av a come over when it was the phone boothnow vo got to where it's that now the new one? No, no! I don't know an. Idon't know any 'causebecause, my wife used to WEU. We didn't live together,but Um Bhut. You basically did yeah. I was. I was over there a couple o nightsa week. She just lived like right down right up the street here: okay, Um kindof in the neighborhood behind the speedway, Oh yeah, okay, I got friendsback there, yeah back in there and yeah. We! Never we never really hopped we'd,always just go down the Oregon. That's just always are. When we go to the bars.I've been going there more iave friends who barten down there. So if there's anight where they're working til clothes... I get off work at midnight, and soby the time I get down there, it's like nobody there, but that's honestly, thebest time to be t apart is like that's. Why I love going to one more 'cause:it's usually not that busy when I go and I can just sit and drink and just be at peace and ot of a headache, yeahand also get control. The jebox y well yeah get control of the cut box e yeah,I'm going to make this entire fucking Bar, listen to Judas priest like allnight grow. Lo, of course you do. You seem likeyou're, a metal guy, big metal guy. I love everything but IAM for sure abig melow guy. Like I love Chris Tableton, I would I was very talentedes and I would I would do anything for a LAWOF dulray tickets. Really I loveLauda Delra, that's awesome. I Hate Billy Ilish. I don't get that so muchshe's, very talented. So here's my thing with Billy Ilish and I I talkedabout it on my other show- is whenever, whenever I men and for me it's mostlyjust it it's just not the music. It's always not my taste yeah, but when Isee her win, eleven grammyes, I'm like okay, all games, don't matter, but what what I haist an everybody says:Oh well, she dshe made all that music in her own house. That's not thatimpressive! That's not impressive! At all! It's look at what I've got. I'vegot you do that here I a I've produced albums ther. There are websites likeband camp that are full of thousands of bands and artists that do their ownmusic at home, so saying. Well, she deserves it because she made it at herhouse. There's mobile APPS that'll. Do that for you, she ust she deserves it,because she's talented she's, very talentand. She has a connection withlike seventeen year olds that e we as thirty year old as an Wiran that willnot understand Um. She's. Very T 'v only heard three ofher songs, but I know this based on pop culture and stuff like that, and whatI've read and read. It forms 'cause, that's life, I just I I it really comesow. Like a taste thing t I listen to hat it s kindof like, but I don'tlisten to any new music in general. Like I'm, I've listened to anythinganything I listen to nowadays. onthing new is bans. I've been listening to forfifteen years and they put on a new album yeah, that's it. I can hardly dothat anymore. I can't can't keep up. I finally got. I got apple music. Finally,I it's like ten bucks a month and I just have access to everything s sooccasionu'll scroll through new releases. Oh, I know those guys. Ididn't know that I didn't know. Chavell was still making music, okay cool it sit for Chavel. Ra, you know fockin filter still putting APmusic for grint out loud filter like you want to take my picture.Filter, Eah, Oh hell, H, y Sha filter. Is that wis a you want to take apicture of filter, yeah? Okay, that's temn! You know, so you know who's whothe lead singer. You know who his brother is. No the t one thousandRobert Patchrick Rober Patrick, is his brother, Richard Patrick, is the singerfor filter, really wh N. I, when I read that I about Shitabrick my mind, isblown right right. Isn't that crazy? That's insane? And next time you see apicture of Richard Patrick, the singerforfild you're going to be likeHoly Shit. He does look just like is, he looks, exe looks exactly a. She want:Nohe they're, I love Rumber, Patrick, very underaited,yeah. Well, my brother and I used to watch that show the Scorpion Scorpionon CBS watch that now it was this like Um, like intelligence group for higherthing, like the government would contract them and they it was based. Itwas kind of based on a true story. 'CAUSE, the main character was anactual like for higher profiler, like super genius that work with like theCIA and Shit Yeah, it was kind of a cool show, but Robert Patrick was liketheir ci a handwer. Oh that's cool o! Well, he was in. He was in the x filestoo. I thought Oh yeah yeah 'cause he like took over for what to company forYeah for a while for a while and then they're like. Oh, we should probablybring old Dave back californication's, not working out not in the slightest weused to Ar Xfiles reruns at the station. I work at and h man I I could not. Iwas like I can't believe like seeing like like sixteen year old Jack Blackon that show yeah. I was like Oh you, so many people who were huge, nes iywas like been watching Svu on on Houlo, and I was like polly Shit that bradlycooper Y H and Vince Vince Gilligan Rote on um x files, yeah crater, briagbed, MHM,better cal, Sal and stuff. Like that, I haven't watched bittercallall. I witchthe first season and I really liked it and then I just forgot about it. Inever watched the last season of breaking bad completely E. I know Iknow I know I know I love breaking that I completely missed the last season.It's one of those I haven't brought myself to go back and Wen. Now, I'm atat point now, if go back g an to go back and watch the whole fucking show'cause. It's been so long yeah, but it's so good. It's probby! It's got tobe worth it at's. Why I haven't watched. I haven't watched alchemeno yet, but Iwatched it. I I enjoyed it. I heard it was pretty good. I enjoyed it. It was adecent film movie. TV Mo, I don't know, was TV, the pinepiligs NALYNET flicksoriginal film yeah, whatever it's fine,...

I'm looking for something like reallybig to capture my attention again, like the boys did it but like Hendelor, didit for H and Lorn. Did I but like? Like I tried, I tried to watch the Irishman.I tried I tried and tried and tried, and I love Martin'scors yeah. Thedeparted is one of my favorite films ever yeah. I can't get through theIrishman, it's too slow, it's too it's! So just I like a real slow movie. I te slowerit moves the better. I saw a blade runner twenty forty nine five times intheaters I've. Never I've never seen blade runner and orblaterener twentyforty nine highly recommend yeah. You know get around to it highly recommend,but H it's just I for whatever reason and someod it was like. We watchedvendrars n game and it was three hours of a Gab. It Shit happened. Yeah,likethe problem with the Irishman. Is it's like it's not even that it's slow,it's just that nothing happens for a while I'mng o're KINDOF, like okay,people are talking, but I don't think they're actually saying anything. Ilove it. I love it. I can watch. I can watched fifteen hours of that of justnothing happening. I love it. Um You Gota. What W T? What is yourfavorite movie? Do you have a favorite movie? I can't really do that. I theyhave some that are like in the running good, fellows bogy nights. I Love Bugy Knights, that's a goodpeople snob at it 'cause it's a movie about porn, it's a good nineteen andninety seven anymore. It's a good movie that doesn't need to be a point of yeahcontroversy. H, I loved animated films for a while Um, like walyand upward, I loved those Alo,so good Um. I have problems with up problems with. U, I I feel like 'causecause the first ten minutes got you emotionally and I I love that yeah. Butthen the rest of the movie is just so kind o now they're silly and I'm likeno there's th, there's, there's subtle, emotion, ind, the rest of the movie re.There is, I I feel like I it's I get so I goes like a hundred on the emotionalreagenning and it's like how am I supposed to enjoy the rest of the movie.I had the same problem. I went and saw incredibles two in theaters when theyopened with the the short film with the Asian Lady who, with with the dumpling,have you seen Oh y a we watch that yeah and that's the first thing they showbefore the movie starts, and I'm like how am I supposed to enjoy theincredibles now after that hell? I did yeah I thoroughly enjoyed it yeah. No.I saw that. I we watched the Disney shorts with ater a lot because in thepicor shorts, because Um, it's just something easy to put on, and you don'thave to like think about it and they're short, and you know we don't want togive her too much t v time, but it's just like all right. Here's a littleten minute thing for you to watch and we sat and watched all of them and thatone was uh. That one is weird takes a turn it it takes. It takes abig turn. You know the whole f there's a whole Cannibal, your Caobl side of itand ' not sure how to feel anymore. She ate her son Ithatwhat's going up, butwait he's a real person too. I don't and now he's back and and and what sortof relationship, what sort of relationship with the dumpling it was adumpling it was. It was a Stemiwas, St Thst steambun dumpling SEM ondumpling,like it's Tating, a real person like kids dating orsre, like that invokes that invokes that thatlevel of disconnect you have to have whenever you watch like family guy,where it's like, okay, Brian, is dating yeah a woman. He is a dog. I have noproblems with the dog with a doppling, no trabe wanted food. You can't Yor ot a relationship withfood, no matter, you know, like those peoplell be like Oh yeah, I'm DA. Thisis my girlfriend wine. Or is this my Boyfriendi? No, no. You have a problem problem. Tuts Deman, always lovetalking to you. Yes, good tooow, it den Senio, an AI, looking forever man, Iknow dude, I don't go around. I don't n yeah. We s people, two people who neverleave the House Tak about it, never seious people anymore! Yeah! I know coslike we're both those people that when we show up to whittleas ere like hey, it's been a while it's going, Oth Youoh,you know, U t you went to jail, got out h how long it's been yeah for sure Robin Wel I turned I was going to do a joke and then mybrain just was like no something about Robin Williams. IndJamunji was what I was going to do. That's where my brain, wes and N. Ialso we fuck you. Doesn't it's not worth 'stoo many words, you gotanything anything coming up or going on. I got a bunch of stuff actuallywhiunfor. I just I just talked about... I don't leave the house, and I wasjust like look look. What is this going to air h Friday, just coming forscoming Friday I'll be at Gobananas, the twenty six? Ok, Oh February, it's aWednesday for the pro am come, see Meit's one of the best comedy clubs inall o the countries. It really is it's Reay yeah. I love that. I love thatplace. So much and ther wants go. Bni s the shit. It's the best um I'll, be at the B Wiley's on the firstof March for Sundaycomics I've a hostweekendcoming up. I don't have a date good Um may thirtieth in cocomo INDIANA. Thisis isat official, officially official, yet Um, but I kinda just got the hey. You wantto do this I'll, be cohostine Um an emo night with uh with my buddy, with my buddy neph Um.From back in the day, I don't have a venue or anything yet, but if you livein cocomomidy and I come hang out, it's like it's a emo night, ot tightest waya would want to get in on yet no that'd be that's go it's now! Okay, this isnow. This is a whole like seene thing, it'll be it's. I think it's an albumrelease party for this band and there'll be some musician from downSouth Nashville area there and there's going to be my friend Napskin a DJ andwe're going to like Cohosta together, and I am cohosting the movie reviewhour for th season. I was doing star war, we're doing a star wars, raco yeah,it's Coolyou know like we. We watched we watched a new hope and UH. It's not good. Li People do hold the original trilogyon a pedestal, but I will say, like you hope it doesn't hold up as well. O It'svery slow, lukesux LEA's accent is all over the D. for some reason, Luke's aunt is wearinga Jean Jackat. Could we could AV STANP that she's UST got a gean jacket on it's along time ago, in a galaxy far far away and she's wearing a fucking machine,wer Levi yeah it'three much ridiculous, but I'll be on that sosubscribe and Download Mave your view hour on Itune spotify, stitcher Bremi,all all the things weey coming on yeah, thanks for having e leas just is tyhegood to have Yoon and hopefully get to get you back on here soon. I M I'mtrying to move away from the the guest profiles and just that people want tjust talk about just talk. Just Ian Talk, Ri was fo. We talked stand up,you know, but I came and went got in a Wat, but that's we're comediancs,that's GOINGTO get brought up. I specifilly said no standup. You knowwhat I'm okay with her stand up talk. I am too yeah just enough it was it waswe we scratched the itch Yeah F, we talked about crappy shows and peoplewant to hear about how you fail so that wr, always yeah e, don't want her aboutthe success like. Oh I'm, so successful. I Open for Birtcrish Ur. It's amazing how there's nobody everhas cell phone video if you're doing really well at a comedy, Shoas Nowdoyou suck when I'm doing greats for some reason there's no video to speak of,but man. Oh, I go. I got a video the best that I've ever had yeah yeahYeahyeahi. So it's start of bringin the camera myself likeFuck Olive Yeah. I got a tripot and I record all my sets now e o Avidea nowalways did awesome, we'll guys make sure HEU'd check out where dusty isgoing to be go, see him make Sur. You follow. This show online, go to thewebsite basement, launch pod. Dotcom. Follow me on all social media. A MIKSHAE comedy support the show for a dollar a month on Patriot. If you wantto get some cool free shit and in the meantime, we'll see you guys here againnext week, Fron otheir episode and as always live well rock on take care andbye. Bye.

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