The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 29 · 2 years ago

"I'm a Comedian Who Doesn't Wanna Talk About Comedy" with Dusty Harvey - EP #29


Comedian Dusty Harvey is tired of talking about comedy. But don't worry, he has plenty more to talk about!

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Wow, is this? Say? Ha, wow, will be sleep. WHOA? You too? Free? Oh, okay, it's ready for your Arthur. Hey, but some guys. THANKSS or checking out mic for me. Stay. You're listening to the basement lounge right, great job, art. Thanks Nicky. Hey guys, this is Mike and Before we get the show started, I wanted to let you know that you can now join the basement lounge team by supporting the show on Patreon. Right now we have a one dollar tier that is so full of cool rewards you'd be a fool to pass it up. Just go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod to sign up right away. And now on with the show. Hey guys, this is Mike Shay and I want to talk to you about anchor. Yes, anchor is the brand new free way for you to get your podcast career off and running without any cost to you. Simply download the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. Anger is the easiest way to make a podcast to give you everything you need in one place for free. 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Welcome back to another episode of the Basement Lounge, just as the conversation over drink show, and in a guy's basement, because that's not creepy or anything, and I'm your host, as always, Mike Shay and onto Joe. We've got a guest who hasn't been on in a while. He was on the old show and we get him back in specifically not to talk about stand up, because I think he and I are both just tired of talking about stand up. His name is dusty harvey, dusty, welcome to the show man. He said this is over drink. Should I have brought train? Should I have brought an alcoholic beverage? I'll tell you what we did our Valentine's episode last week. Meticitis was here. We did did at eleven in the morning and he brought a case of white clause. Good for him. They were gone by the time we already yeah, I mean that's same quite clause that they go down super easy. I had never had one before and now I'm kind of hooked. Yeah, yeah, that's all. I try switch to seltzered recently I was just like I'm done with the Beit like selter like makes me like feel like. I don't feel like bloated and I don't feel like, you know, Ikey, like I do when I just pound bud lights were, which is what I used to do, and now I'm just like, well, I can pat on these, but then they're a little dame urse at some point too, because you're like, oh, that's number fifteen, I need to like not do that. I mean, I'm not an alcoholic or anything, but maybe that was a that was me when when I was living down south and I was working to radio. The bar that I went to had eighty at s night every Wednesday, and on top of just people wearing what they thought people wore in the S it was also eighty cent house liquor, Eighty Sin House and cliquor. So I was at no point was I thinking about how many drinks I was having. I was thinking like this only cost me eighty cents. Then I stood up and it all set my stomach and I sat right the hell back. Yeah, yeah, I would have been. I would have been out out. Yeah, I can't. I can't do liquor. It's just that you don't do liquor at all. Not Really. I I was a real irresponsible drinker back you when I you know, when I was like two thousand and twenty one, back you know. I mean I was doing everything legally, of course I was legally drinking at the age of twenty, but but I would just past. I just I had no concept of like hey, you need to stop right now, like you need to hidrate, you need to like do stuff like that, and I would just I would throw up liquor just all day and even even into my like mid side. Still I would go up and do like shows and stuff like that, and I would just pound Jamison and then I get on stage and be like I am fuck, I'm drunk like I shouldn't be, I shouldn't be doing this, but well, here I am. I I used to. So I talked about all the time. I go to this pirate camp thing every week, every summer, you know, said every week everyone. Well, because it started from when I when I lived down south, a bunch of friends. Every Friday we'd all get together and we would just like, we would just party, we would just get hammered and it would actually spend like we would be planning stuff for the pirate camp thing and we can have the cat, our crew and everything. And there was one Friday where I showed up late and my my dumb ass, I was twenty five. I knew better. When I was like, these guys been drinking a couple hours for me, I better start playing catch up. And forty...

...five minutes later I have I'm holding onto the toilet like it's the best. Woke up the next morning in a room I didn't recognize and did the whole checklist like okay, my alone, okay, thank God. Okay, yeah, that's that. That sounds like my twenty one birthday. I didn't eat anything at all. Oh, no, anything at all, and the second it hit midnight, it was just like liquor, liquor, liquor, liquor just pounded. I blacked out and I think forty five minutes. I don't know if that's possible, but I like it was like Oneoswe hundred and twenty five and I only started drinking at midnight and I don't remember anything. My friend was there at one point because I just threw up like all. I think I got alcohol poisoning that night and I'd because I was on the toilet all night. But my friend walked in I was throwing up and throwing up to came with the check on me and I was just sitting naked on the toilet going too Jan Oh my God, so you did. So what did it? What is your drink? A choice? Then White Claw, just like law is like. Yeah, it used to be jamison and orange juice. That was my that was on drink of choice. Yeah, man, that just sounds unpleasant. It was fine. It was fine. I had great times with it. Okay, I don't, I don't do it. I'll have I'll try, like, you know, because I like work with like some like Bourbon snobs and stuff like that, like, well, I'm trying this. She you know this. When I'm like, it's just it hurts. It hurts my stomach when it goes down, like they're like feel the BURD. I'm like, but it also tastes like crap, like I don't. I don't like any of this. Yeah, I love Bourbon. You're Bourbon Guy. You seem like a Husky Guy. I look my burbon all late, my whiskey, anything that's not Tequila. I don't do Tequila it. I Have Tequila. You know, I like to say I'm in an abusive relationship with the gielook is. It does terrible things to me and then I leave, I swear I'll never come back, and then a few months later it's like, well, it's been a long well, it's been a it's where. It's different this time. Yeah, it'll be different this time. And maybe it was my fault. I don't remember. It's always my fault. Yeah, that's it. Vodka, you know, vodka is one of another one. Like I'll drink vodka, but it's it's got to be mixed with something. I drank too much vodka back when I was of age, when I was younger, right, I wasn't a page, but, you know, just in the gatorade bottle. I'd go to like hardcore shows and stuff like that and I would just pound vodka straight gatorade bottle. Oh Yeah, just all day drinking. I was. I was, you know, part of that. You know, I was in high school where I didn't do this, mom, but kids would. They'd bring the gatorade bottles, the like the sports one with the with the squeezetop. Yeah, they would put vodka in their gatorade bottles or the Gatorade, you know, soaked in that. The gator with the gummy bear soaked in vodka a thing, you know. And Yeah, those were the days, right, like when you get a hold of the case smear and off ice and you were the cool kid on campus, coolest kid ever. So you were like down south then, weren't you? Yeah, I we. I was originally in North Canton and then we moved down south right before I started high school, right pre we started high school, and then I was there all through college and then a few years after college I just moved. I've only been been in Dayton for five years. Yeah, man, I remember when he's first start coming around and stuff like that. That can yeah, it was about five years ago. You five yearsold be five years in August. I Nice. Was it like? was like down south? Was it like what, like those weird dry places where like alcohol was like Oh yeah, oh, yeah, yeah, I mean this this the town I went to college and was was a dry you know, you couldn't buy alcohol on Sunday. There was one time where sat patrick's Day was on a Sunday and the town didn't know what to do. But I mean I mean like one thoswo hundred and one am, you know, you could not buy alcohol anywhere and you know it wasn't into but it wasn't in. Still Seven am the day, on the Monday were allowed to again, I think. I think, I mean other than bars. I think that's kind of how here is, because I know you can like if you go, you can go to a bar is because what last calls it to, and you can go and pick up like beer to go the bar. I mean you're paying so much money for it. I've never done it before, but ballpark prices. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, not the Atlanta Stadium where everything's cheap but like legit ball park crisis, but you can do that there. But I think they stopped. I was talking to one of my co workers, is a cop, and I was just like, what were the what are the alcohol I think it's like one, you can't buy it at like a gas station. You can't. They don't serve liquor. You can't buy the liquor at a store after nine. Okay, I like how I said no, stand up and we're only talking about alcohol. I know. That's all we've got, that's all we've go. Yeah, man, that's down south. It is weird because,... when I got up here and I saw that you could buy, granted it's bad liquor, but liquor at like target and yeah, Broger, that blew my mind. Yeah, I was like you can, and then I bought a bottles, put in the Freezer, get it nice and pulled that. It froze and I was like, well, this this is not real alcohol. No, Damn, okay, it says alcohol, but it's yeah, it's a lot of people don't realize just how strict the alcohol laws are down south. Like go'll go to a bar and you'll see like an entire your wall just papered in all the permits they have to have based if they want to sell alcohol or be open past like leern midnight. One am who I am, it's and if one of those labs as they will shut your place down. Like wow, it's really strict down there. That's cool. I mean, I figured they would drink more down there, like I've right. I guess it's yet I don't know. I guess Jesus and everything. They all, I mean, God fearing people, but it's. But that's where Bud light is made, you'd think. But then again, I mean the town where Jack d'angels is made. As a dry kids, a dry county. Of course it is, because old Jackie was running around back in the day ruining it for everybody. Yeah, man, so, yeah, I know you're a big movie guy. I am a big movie it's like me. What have you seen anything recently? I'll dude, I've been watching a lot of movies recently. whould be actually, I just watched, I just finished, I watched dark waters. How was that goods, it was good. It's kind of like a s type, like thrill, like dot, you know, like lawyer. HMM, thriller type, you know, like I didn't know any of the story going into it. I know that like they filmed it around here, I think, and Cincinnati. I think so. Yeah, because that was like they look Mark Rufflo, the hulks and Cincinnati and I'm like cool, Bro, I don't care, it's really good. I enjoyed it. I was like I was thinking about sign up for lettered box today. Oh yeah, to think about like signing up for that, because I was just since I got my computer, I've just been watching movies and like playing video games, and I'd give it like a three and a half out of five, like I really enjoyed it. I thought the guy is name as bill camp. He played like the disgruntled farmer. That's kicks the whole thing off. I don't know why I wasn't nominated for like anything, because I thought he was wonderful. So Weird Oscar season man, but it was a good Oscar seas. It was good. It would like like everything that one stuff. I was like yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, I've seen parisite yet, but I haven't either. It's a lot of work. I'd see. Yeah, when I one saw Jojo Rabbit. I saw that reasonly to good movie. It was good. It stuck with me for a couple days. The facts. I was like, Huh, I had to sit and mull on that one. Yeah, but they were showing at the nee on the same time when I was like I'm going to watch a movie with subtitles, I want to be able to rewind if I miss something. Right. So when right? Yeah, I have it. I downloaded it legally and it doesn't have subtitles. So I have to like figure out how to do that. Like I can watch it in Korean, I won't understand it. Let's see if they can really act, you know, if I can't understand them, what's the motion on their face saying? You know, Netflix does that where they'll like I want what I was so when when the defenders was on, I remember this one that sticks out of my head. Is there's that the the Marvel Cross, marvel with the Iron Fist and yeah, cage and so that. There's one episode where the first fifteen minutes are two people speaking Japanese to each other, but they didn't subtitle the show. If you want to know what they're saying, you have to turn the actual subtitles on to understand what they're saying. Yeah, like they didn't just use like their graphics guy to make on screen subtitles. You have to knowingly turn them on, otherwise you don't know what they're saying for the first fifteen seriously, I was like that's what's dumb. That's very done. Did you ever see I'll what isle of dogs the Lessen Understand? Well, they didn't. said they didn't subtitle when the Japanese people spoke at all. That irritated me so much. Yeah, I don't know why, because I it's like it's our artistic choices by doing that, but like, shut the fuck up, just let me know what they're saying. I don't going in here blinds, like I appreciate you in your art. Like even team America subtitled their guys when they were speaking. Dirk a dirk, the dirty yeah, made up. My God, I don't dirty saying Dirk a dirk. I'm like really, what they say there? Now there could Jad Mohammad Ali is like entire line of dialog in that movie. I hated that movie the first time, really the first time. Yes, I saw it. I don't think I've watched it since, but I've seen clips and I was like, okay, that's funny. I guess now I was twelve, so I was all about that. Kind of you twelve to but it's soster your I don't know. I was yeah, we're right around this set, but your three one, thirty one, I say, I'm thirty. So I was like eleven, yeah, whatever, same. What's really like? Oh, sure, so very sure, so mature is a twelve year old? You really gotta figure it out at twelve, you know. But I...

...didn't like it for some reason, but I loved South Park, so I don't know, I need to go back and probably rewatch it again. But the puppet sex is a little much. Oh, I've seen that multiple times. But but the scene where the dude vomits for like a minute and a half in the alleyway to this day makes me just laugh uncontrollably. I don't know why. Yeah, I think that would have benefited. Like that would have benefited more and, like my s, I think I would have enjoyed it like a lot more when I was enjoying life. You know. Think the theme song, I think, is what really makes the movie. Yeah, Murderca starbucks. Fuck yeah, yeah, but what I love that nobody ever calls out, as they say, slavery like three times followed by a fuck yeah, and that I'm like, nobody caught that. No one. No, I just well, it is America, okay, they're making fun of they're making fun of a certain type of person. Yeah, that's are very real. Yeah, exists, exist, they're arounds. I watched something actually, I have on blue right now. You ever seen a movie called upgrade? No, that is I've heard. It's been on like. I read like a lot of like movie lists of like stuff you need to check out because, like I like her views and everything, but like I need to know, like all right, was this actually goot like round, go on, like forms on, like you know, like Oh, go on, like red. I wanted the general consensus. General Consensus, yes, but I haven't seen that yet, and that's on a lot of it was one of those you know, came out in like it's two thousand and eighteen, and it kind of like one at the radar and it was one that, you know, kept popping up on lists of like yeah, you should check out that. It was on. I finally watched it. I was like sort of a bitch. This is fantastic. Is Great. Yeah, it's by no means like it's not a profound Oscar film, you know, it's not the godfather or anything. But just as far as like a fun kind of dark horror action, yes, sci fi movie it was. It was freaky. I'm all about that. That's I like that genre. Allies. That a blade runner two thousand and forty nine poster right down right all hell. Yeah, the from the from the actual movie theater. I haven't found a frame for it yet. Oh yeah, that's a whole back I used to work in a movie theater back in the day. The one job I never had. It's I I did it for too long. It really I've worked at a movie theater for too long, and it was like I would like get promoted to assistant manager and then like I'd get pissed off and quit and then I would just go work at another movie theater. I did that like three times and I can never get hired because just like, because there was always somebody who was there who just kept getting promoted. It was a pretty much everybody worked high school with. But yeah, and that was that was. Yeah, I worked at the one up and Pick Wah, and then I worked at the one at the Easton Mall and then I then they transferred me over to Dublin and then I got transferred back to Easton and then I quit. I quit over a girl because I was like sad about a girl. I was a big mistake. I don't. Yeah, now I got weird and then I I was always weird. But and then I worked at the rave and Polaris and then and then I quit. I walked out of that theater. Oh because, oh, so, like a manager pulled me aside and they're like, dusty, you're not keeping up with hygiene and you kind of smell really bad right now. Okay, I'm like, okay, so I'm smelly and that pissed me off so much. Oh, I smell like shit, like, like no, I did not, I didn't warranted. I guess is warranted. For sure. I don't. I'm we're I don't like where deodorant that often. Like, okay, you know, like it's just I'm not like a hippie. I just forget and like I'd never washed my clothes and I smelled, but like I offended me. I just walked out I was just like I was like fuck you, guys, I'm out, and I was like their best employee and like iron man three was out that day, like it was opening day of iron man three. It was like I can't do another goddamn summer of this shit because, yeah, I worked from like two thousand, from two thousand and seven to two thousand, and I got my first weekend was spider man three, wow, and then my last weekend was iron man three. I pretty much worked of the theater on and off. Both movies terrible too. I'm in threes. Not Bad. I didn't like it. It was better than two, but well, yeah, I was better into I liked it. I mean, are you one of those like I hate the twist, I hate the Mandra and it was. For me it was more of it was the fact that I felt like it was a bat and switch. Yeah, like the trailers were for one movie, but the actual movie was. Yeah, and that's shame black, it's I kind of yeah, you got to be look, well, shame Blook, use you, but I like Shane Black, but he's much that Predator I was. That was awful. I hate that... so much. Yeah, it wasn't good. I didn't even like. I didn't even watch it. I I watch. I watch a youtube show called the kill count. Yeah, that count. Yeah, and I would just watch. I was like should I watch it or should I watch like the first like ten minutes and I was like this kind of sucks. I'll just wait for it on the kill count. And then I didn't even like, I didn't even like the kill count episode. It was it was like it wasn't even just bad. was disappointing because it should have been good. It's Shane like you bring it into Shane Black, who had just done the nice guys, which was really good, and I still haven't seen this yet. Nobody your I find nobody saw that. Well, yeah, but it's on like it's like everyone tells me I should watch it and it's up my alley and like and I like that one with Robert Downey Jr and Val kilmer. BUP, up. It's not brick, is it? It's not bricks. Not. I almost at tombstone. Yep, it's too stone. Tombstone. Yeah, Kurt Russell's around. Yeah, okay, now I'm joking and I see I'm forgetting right now. Yeah, old Google machine, Jamie pull that shit up. So that's like the worst pot pins joke of all time. I don't even listen to Rogan. I just know that from the brick he said it was with. That's not that it's not thatteresting. Were Leve I think of Ryan Johnson. Yeah, that was Ryan Johnson. Shoot, see, I know my shit. Yeah, I'm bad with directors. I'm getting better, I'm but that's what I'm best at really. Yes, since I've started doing this movie trivia thing, I've been like getting better with stuff. We had directors. I'm terrible that I've that's all I've ever like I had a roommate who who would get so mad at me because I would be like, yeah, I was directed by this guy who made this and listens and really I don't care. I just want to watch the movie, like fuck you, dude. Oh, can I cuss? I bet. Yeah, cousin, it's okay, all right, it's fine. I haven't playing around with you with the censor beat yet. I have. I have a sound effects onwhere, but I haven't played. But I'm also like lazy and don't care. Well, yeah, for sure. I put the little ready next to this. It's fine, I'm looking. I'm a comedian who doesn't want to talk about comedy on a podcast right now. So do you want to talk about not caring shit? You're not listen. When you were like yes, don't want to talk about comedy, I was like that is fine, please, I don't either. It's good. Gets the same and every it's the same. It's always the same. And I've I've got a lot of comedians on this show and and, because originally that was how the my old show started was. Yeah, but I found that just pretty much every comedian has the same fucking story. Yeah, it's the same. We all do. We all. So it just got tired of talking to everybody talking about their their quote. U. A. I don't really have a process. You know, just see, you know, like, yeah, it was one of the copy ships. Today, five people fucking killed. It means fucky. I'M NOT gonna kill. What the Hank Hills doing? Stand up, what's going on? You know, great, not now. Now Danny Andrew's going to show up and start doing like pression doing. Are you doing? My only good bit there was when I was doing I was doing jody McDermott's Mike and Lima. This is months ago and he was there and every ice for every ten minutes, somewhere in the bar. And here I'd hear I tell you what, Bob, and I was like, damn it, Dan, yeah, this UN lass. How is that? Mike? I have it. It's a lot of fun. Is it okay? It's because it's so the bar is called somewhere, which I love because then my gps is like now right directions, do some somewhere. I'm a but the bar, like they actually have a separate room off to the side. That's the best. Yeah, and we'll because it's because they do like drag shows and stuff. They're oh hell yeah, so it's got like there's a fucking disco ball, there's an actual stage, they have sound equipment. That's got its own bar in there. It's got seating, it's a nice room for doing comedy and yeah, they need to make that a showcase. They do, they really do, and I think I think it was one of those where the owner was, you know, kind of letting joey like test this out. But it's been doing really well because, like they have a PR social media person who promotes the show. Nice. When the show starts, they go to the ball. Hey, guys, we've got a comedy show starting like five minutes, so we're doing it right. All right, exactly. And they've also got the creepiest Green Room I've ever seen it. There, ever, is like an actual show there. It's down in the basement and it is some serial killer shit down the hell. Yeah, but it's like, man, I want to tape a special here and like like get this horror movie intro going down to the creepy ass, like a like a Halloween one shot. Like, yeah, but it is. It is a fun mic to go to. Apparent. Yeah, I don't know if Holly's done it yet, but she really fucking needs to. Yeah, I'm not. Yeah, I'm sure. Yeah, it sounds like that's up her alley. Yeah, it's apparently a couple months like last month of but before, I guess, like one of the drag Queen's actually showed up and kind of took over the show and it fell apart and in like the most wonderful way of possible. Yeah, okay, yeah, I always, I always hate...

...moments like that. We I used to run this show up in troy. We're talking about comedy, because of course there are. It's but it's just part. It just comes up. It's two comedians eventually going to start talking about shows and stuff for a little bit. Well, we'll move on from this. Yeah, I used to run this, the show up in Troy, and it was like when I first started, it was like within the first couple of years I started. So I didn't know how to run a comedy show yet I've got a lot better, but it's so would be one of those things whether it'd be like fifteen comedians and one headliner and then everyone would go up and it would just it was a two and a half hour long show, like it was just terrible. It was just like this big echoing room that had no reason for it. That like it would be great for like like a metal show, right, we're like where there's like a lot of distortion, but it was just like and then like a he didn't even work and when the heat kicked on you you had to turn the PA up real loud. But we had this we had this chick. So I co ran with this guy named Sean who liked es comedy on and off, and he was just like Hey, my roommate is gonna come up and she's going to do some comedy and she didn't do comedy. She just had a puppet. Oh, and she would bring people up on the stage and give people lap dances with the puppet while like singing like Falsetto, like RMB music. Okay, and it was very uncomfortable and ruin the whole show every time. I cut her mic off twice. She did it twice and I was just like followed the light, and then she cut it off and and never stopped and I cut her off. I pulled I literally walked up on stage, took the mic from her and said give it up for blood, everybody. That happened twice and her and eye at the end of show ended up. We always ended up yelling at each other and then like at each other, because that's that's not true of the business. That is the nature of the business. I host a hosting all these was weird. All, he's all, he's above oh center. Well, yeah, it was. It was because you never knew what the Hell is going to happen, that it was always either good or bad. Yeah, it was. It was. It was such a coin toss. There was, I mean there was mostly bad, mostly bad. They were. That can count the good nights. On one hand. Yeah, there there was one time where, like there was like an office party there and I got there at like six and they had already been there since three. So they were they've been drinking since three. So but that time was time to set up the MIC. It was like this is going to be an uphill battle. Soon as I put the MIC in the MIC stand, I'm drunk blonde ran grabbed it. You started going. Finally got the mic away from she's like now you got one. Half bad. You were bad, you were very bad. Wasn't half bad, it was it was whole bad, full bad, hundred percent bad. Just. Yeah, so when they when they when they ended that one, I was like that's okay, that's probably gonna be in. I liked it was a good place of practice. But yeah, I don't really need to pray. Well, I need to practice always, but I don't I'm not feeling it. I know what you mean. Yeah, you get you get tired of you're talking like you get tired of going to a bar on a Monday where there's three people there and they don't care and you're just talking into the air. And I know it's good, it's good for you. Yeah, like I people starting out. So's Kale. It doesn't mean. Yeah, people starting out, you go to all the mics that you can and you practice as much as you can. Yeah, I need to. I need to practice more. I know this, but I don't need to go out four nights a week anymore. And it's been six years. Yeah, I can. I can show up once a month and if I've if I have a big show coming up, I'll practice. I'll go out and do a couple mics just to get my rhythm of my cadence down. But sum but as usually, where as actually how it ends up happening at all. All book a Sunday at while he's and I'll be like, all right, I guess I gotta go down to stage door for, you know, just a refresh or whatever. But you know, I've been doing this a long time. So, yeah, you're doing yeah, I don't like thinking about how long I've been doing any I've been doing. I've been doing. I've been trying to do like more character mmm stuff as of late because I'm just bored, and I did one at the Christmas show. I did like an Elf. I was just trying to I was just I was just an Elf and Shanna's Santa's workshop and I was dirty and like, you know, let's talk about the war on Christmas, how we've got to kill all the Christians and it. Oh my God, I think I'm gonna do a Christian comedian pretty soon, like I'm going to pray like the start of my set. It's just me praying for the audience and all the center comedians. Do your..., Ernest Angeli and press. Yeah, Oh man, that fucking vampire. It's I remember when I was a kid, I used to get up at like six am and watched power rangers before school and but always right before power rangers they would have Ernest Angeli on and and this one I'm, you know, five years old. And then when I move the date and started working a TV station and noticed that we still are the Ernest Angeli hour and I'm like, he's still alive. Yeah, he was old. Well, I was a kid. He's Never gonna die. He's like he looks like Emperor Palpatine, like he looks just gray and scarred and frankly, and he has the long hook vampire fingers and yeah, it's not pleasant. That's what they that's what they look I have. That's old old man at church just gives me this, gives me the ski vs all that Shit, all that soul. Say, he sucks soul. Yeah, well, I am pure. So it's like, why are you come here today, my son, I got some pain in my leg's okay, we get school there. That's dear. It is devil's making your knee hurt and now your eyes are yellow. Enjoy the jaundice. So how's Fatherhood treating you? Man? It's yeah, because when we last had you on on the old show, little one head was not, was only a couple months old. Well, yeah, she wasn't. Yeah, now she's. She's two and a half now. How it's cool. I love it, man, I love it so much. She's nothing. Nothing feels better than just like when she hasn't seen you all day and she runs out, it's because Daddy, Daddy. or well, she does this new thing now where after I put her down for a nap and after she wakes up, I walk in the room and she just goes high like like she's Ross Keller. That it makes me laugh so hard. She's a funny kid. You, you and the wife. Post post stuff, of her online all the time and she cracks me up. She's funny, she's yeah, no, stand up for her, though I'm not gonna, don't you know. I'd know. Never I'll all support her no matter what, unless if she does stand up comedy, she won't need to because she's gonna have a good life. Well, yeah, for sure. She's got a way better than I ever did, you know. But she doesn't know that and I tell her no, she's just get this. She gets that lip out just like Woh man, and she did this one thing for a while where, but we would tell her no, she would she would Choo Kanno, like do you like the scream match? She's just so duck face and she just look you in the eyes of go and like I couldn't help but laugh. And some of them, because it's just I'm staring into someone. It's like she thinks this is working, but it's just hilarious. My my sister when she was three four years old, when he's the every Sunday, it seems like we's the joke that she was a little banchee because it's always happened on Sundays. But she would just get moody and she would throw these fits. You would be just throwing shit like grace. Go upstairs and go to your room. So she'd stop halfway up the stairs, turn around and just go, stop the rest of the stairs, slammer bedroom doors and just destroy her room. Screaming to her. My mother was like anybody walking past our house and I think we're murdering our child. But then twenty minutes later my sister was walking every in with a little pad lip. It just goes done. It's just like, okay, walk away, walk away, just go away from a situation, just go drink juice and just don't look me for a while. Just juice, juice. I love juice, even as an adult. I don't care. I don't. I don't drink juice as I should. No, I don't. I don't know. It's just good for you, I guess. Well, I mean apple juice really good. If you I'm looking right behind him. He's got a got a bottle of apple juice right there. I did actually know it's I so I got diagnosed with with the fatty liver. My doctor was like, there's two kinds of fatty liver. There's either the alcoholic fatty liver, which where you drink too much in your hall gets big, or there's the Non Fatty, non alcoholic where you just eat too much crap. Which one do you think it is for you? I said six and one hand, half a dozen. In the end. I drink a lot, I eat a lot, but it like so that's like the unfiltered apple juice. Okay, it's really good for your liver, like it actually like clean soldier. Yeah, I'm poop to Nice, which is good. That's always that's always great. Yeah, I drink a lot of I do drink a lot of juice, though. I drink. I'm like a five year old in that case. But yeah, give me my juice, my cartoons. Yeah, no, Sud shout, except now and nowadays I drink. I drink my apple juice...

...mix with vodka and I watch big mouth on ha, ha, ha, juice and cartoons. But hell, yeah, apple touice. It's my daughter doesn't say juice, you to Deuce, apple toote. Yeah, yes, not about having more kids now, God, no, no, shut up, my now. That's a question we get asked a lot. Now. We're not now for sure. Right. We might adopt. That might be something we might do. I don't know, or fought or foster kids or like do something like that. But I enjoy my sleep and I'm just now to a point where I can almost sleep start to come back a little bit, just a little bit. Oh, I mean, my wife's going to hear there's buck. You slept the whole time. I was the one. I'm like, yeah, you were her baby, but I'm a heavy sleeper and it takes a lot for me to wake up. Really. Yeah, I'm a very heavy sleeper. It is our is it take you a while to get to sleep? Yes, okay, it does. It's I used to like be one of the I used to have to like take sleeping pills every night, like because I couldn't, because I would just get tired of being like I'm just laying here, I can't shut my brain off. But I've been working on like like kind of like meditation. It's done before bed and it's it's helped a little bit. I'm kind of there now. I when I'm asleep, I mean I mean a log yeah, it's useless trying at it's why I have put my alarm clock on the other side of the room from my bed, because if I put it right next to my beat, is going to hit it and fall back asleep. Yeah, remember it, Uh Huh, Yep. But I've been taking I was taking ze quill for the longest time to go to sleep at night, mostly because I have restless like syndrome, which is so really annoying. Yeah, I just my legs is once I'm laying down, I get to relax my lay I can't sit still and it's really makes it hurts to is that people don't realize it right. Rest as lastion was just like a twitch, like my leg aches. Yeah, it almost feels like arthritis, but once I'm up and moving, yeah, I'm fine. HMM. And so, so I was taking sequel for the longest time, but then I started reacting badly to my other meds and I was like, well, son of a bitch, do you take like Melatonin? Yeah, so I was taking that for a while. I might go back to that. Bone probably melotone. Is that it makes me useless the next day. Yeah, I guess I get that. I get I get like it knocks me out real quick, but then like getting me to be used to do anything the next day, like I'm groggy and Lathar. Yeah, and just not useful. So, but it got time. Was Okay, well, another take this stuff and be useless the next day, but I'll get to sleep on time, or I can stay up all night until I eventually pass out, but then I have to get up the next morning and I'm useless to and then it's regardless. You're going to be useless the next day. It's embracing how useless I am at this point. Really Story of my life, right. I should be the title that should go on my gravestone. I was gonna say title my album. I like, I've never recording an album. Or you can me. I got a buddy of mine, John Gibson, who is actually from here. He's down in South Carolina now. He kind of he kind of runs the whole comedy seen there, but he just, you know, he owns a comedy club. So you just records his albums there now, yeah, and just puts him out and I'm like that's that's fucking B that's so cool, but I don't have enough material record. Fucking I can bear, I can stretch out, I can stay, I can do twenty and but I mean that involves some riffin. Yeah, always, but I can get I can get by a riffin or just like resting the crowd or something like that. That's kind of been my goal for this year was actually to instead of stop stop writing bits, and start like actually like building on the bits that I have to make a longer chunks. And that's and that's how I've been writing the last couple of years. That's my process. We're talking about it, you know, we pool those. God Fuck and Damn it. I tried to avoid it, and this happens. Does it happens in like making a set that flows real well together. That's been a big key to my subpar success and comedy. Yeah, I wouldn't call it success. My I don't know, third place in the Wili's fireworks competition to better me. Wow, sorry, I had to go up against me in the first round. That was yeah, go up against you and your throngs of people you brought with you throughout my sixty people my wife brought, as as I was. I will say that was a fun night. That was a lot. It was a great there's a good show. Yeah, that was that was more like the fun. That was more of the finals than the actual finals. Like that probably like the finals, then the missid it was able to make it to the finals. It was rough. It was real rough and like, yeah, like, my set was fine. I followed Joe Young, who murdered, and he would have won, but he did one more bit. Anyone...

...over? Oh yeah, he would have won. Oh No, it's unfortunate. Sorry Joe. Hey everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the people who support this show every month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin, Jody McDermott and my mother, Melissa Shay, who every single month help support this show. And if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and join the one dollar tier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name listed in the description, you get early access to all these shows commercial free through our PATREOT RSS feed, and so many other cool rewards. Once again, go to Patreoncom Basement Lounge pod, join the one dollar tier and help support the show. Speaking of the show, let's get back to them. But he's I haven't seen Joe in over a year, it feels like. Oh yeah, I couldn't tell you the last time I actually saw or said words to Joe Young. Probably the why least fireworks competition at the last thinging about it. Yeah, I see him all. I seehim all the time. We're buddies. Well, good text and stuff. You know, you and I think you know. I just never hit it off when I first got here. He's a weird guy. It's very weird guy. He just ike like got adopted and to like my group when he first started. So it's like group whatever. The people that I used to mic five people who were doing Mike's the tall yeah, it's just me and Dan Right, and John Morris was around and ends. That was that was comedy back in two thousand and fifteen and Mike, Mike Wells around at that point. No, he wasn't there. Travis was not there. There, Nick Taylor wasn't there. Cool Koowski was around that. He's not around ever. Is still not around. That's true. Holly was around them. No, no, no, it's pretty holly. This is been like ease. Yeah, so this was like a lot. So I really did get here when y'all were first when we refer. Yeah, Shit, yeah, all those people start. I mean travis wasn't around, like he was in wherever he was out, wherever he was being a huge success. If you asked him his words. Yeah, don't say that. I don't put that into the universe. It's not it us to stop talking about him. He doesn't need it. He's fine. Yeah, because actually think I think it was the Patterson pub when that was still a thing. That's been a thing a couple times. Yeah, it was the first thing. It was the first thing I went to when I got up here. was either that of the hookah. Yeah, who cous been going? Yeah, that was. Yeah, that's still going every Thursday. went away for a while there and it's back, just new showrunners. Yeah, has. I haven't been back since the new incaration of it. I have it either. I don't like doing shows at hookah bars because it's too chill. It's a hookah bar people are. It's like like the only reason like if it got help us if they ever start selling weed at those places. Like yeah, for Real, I have enough. I get now. I get what you're saying because, like when I would do the super comedy show when it was like back in apartments, like I don't. I don't smoke weed, like I don't. I don't do any of that, and I just like my energy is too I don't know, I don't have a good energy for people smoking weed right. Basically, like my energy just gives them anxiety, like because I'm real nervous, and then like they can like see my insecurity come out and I'm just like, I don't, I don't like this. I don't I feel like a NARC. I think it's the tone of your voice, and what I mean is that you have a higher voice. I do have a high and higher noises. As somebody who misses smoking weed, I can tell you higher noises, they they set you off a little bit. Yeah, when you're when you're high, you like up to be lower and calm. Call. Yeah, like you would be great, you could, you could do that. You could, you'd be great at that, but I all right pee. Yeah, yeah, I quit too. I used to, used to be a big stone or back in the day, but I for me it was more of a I was teaching and I was like, well, I should probably stopless. That's probably so. I just want to paranoid all the time. And I just I was, you know, I'd be like wait, good, bowld dog, all right, let's go. Let's walk down to UDF, get me a soda pop and come back. It's my screamed down at the dairy queen. Go back, go to work, high do all that stuff. And then, like, I like my neighbors. I lived in like an apartment complex and I like they they were Asian and they were speaking Japanese or Crean, an Asian. Yeah, they were speaking the Asians language, and...

I don't realize pears talk. Yeah, and I was laying in bed and I could hear them talking. I'm like they're trying to kill me right now, and that's when I realized I had a problem. And then and then it and then I kept going and then I stopped and I was just I just went like cold Turkey and I was like I'm never smoking meat again. I haven't. It's been nice to smoke that, that spice, that synth that I did that I did that too, all back an o nine or whatever. Seriously, I think I'm so dumb because of it. Yeah, it's I remember there was one night in particular where, like we were all hot boxing in a buddy's car and all of sudden everything just seemed to have like a blue tint. Yeah, and I looked at a street light. It looked like it was a skull on fire, and I just kind of felt my own pulse and we're just like, yeah, I'm done with this. Yeah, it'd like it just like gave me like a like my head just felt, I don't know, it felt like heavy and light at the same time, like it's like this is real heavy but also feels like there's nothing inside lead line balloon or something. Yeah, because it's like, oh, those are the chemicals destroying my brain right now. Yeah, because it would hit you. It would hit you really quick, very quick. I mean it's just who knows what's in there? Yeah, who knows what was in that stuff? It's M Hmmm, I don't know, but let's not think about it. No, that's Oh God, Oh God. Now, yeah, it finally when I grew up was I'm gonna smoke actual pot. Now I was like, Oh oh, this is chill's fine, okay, this is show. I feel like. I feel like if it becomes legal, I don't know, I can't say that, but you know, if it becomes legal, all arounds. And you know, I'm retired, I don't have to worry about jobs and stuff like that. That's that's the trick. I think people don't think about with like Oh, legalizes, like yeah, but companies can still say we don't support this right and you can still lose your job over. Yeah, and I don't want to. I don't want to lose a job exactly, because then my daughter would definitely become a stand up comedia. You know, in comedy we call that a call back. Yeah, that was on a old stand up story. I was fucking phone. I was doing a doing a college tour in like two thousand and ten, and this guy who I had like gotten into stand like I've been doing it for like seven years. That when you've been doing it for like one. And he was telling some story to some guy and he makes a call back and he test me. She goes, you know, Mike and Comedy, that's called a call back and I was like I taught you that sort of a bitch. Yeah, what's that thing called when you you say something and then like you kind of like call it back later? What's that? What's that called? It? Help me, you tell me. How do you. How do you comedy? You, how do you comedy? Can you tell me? Go check, go, go to the book of the Bookstore and by the Comedy Bible by Judy Gold and classic. I had it, I gave I had to. Yeah, we all had it, we all made fun of it, but we all still read it. We read it, we do. We followed the instructions for a while until we realized, Oh, this shit didn't that's not really how it works. Especially love how in the back of the book had a list of Look, all the comedy clubs in the US and most of them were gone. They're all gone, they all closed. The S came and it was over. I was forget to US talking to it that, but I guess like comedy zone will. If you want to franchise a comedy zone comedy club in your town, they'll basically just pay for the whole Fu said to find the property and as long as you slap the comedy his own name on it, they'll basically pay for everything. No, really, yeah, I don't think we need another comedy club and I know we're good. We've got to we're fine. Yeah, we're fine, and one of them can fuck off. Shit talking talking some mad shit up in here. We're talking about that comedy club out and Huber Heights, the one that closed. That's what definitely what he's talking about right now. Listen. I'm trying. I'm trying to work regard. They listen, if they pay, I'm down. I'll do whatever. I just you know, I've performed there twice and I just ha man bad experience every time. I'll hell's going as a customer. I've had terrible experiences there. Oh, really? Yeah, I applied for a job. They're recently. Did you really? Yeah, just like be like a door guy. Well, the the thoughts of views expressed on this show only reflect the host and not that of the guests. Ladies and Gentlemen, yeah, I don't I don't care. I know, I'm sure no one is watching. I'm sure, I'm sure no one's listening to the shows. Well, yeah, I mean if did, they can't scout local talent, then why can't? Why would be listening to us? Right? Just kidding. I love everybody. Yeah, I hear some new hosts. please. Also cut down on...

...the seating. Seriously, it's fine, just as you because you can doesn't mean you have to. Yeah, we should probably cut that part out, but it's fine. Keep it at it's fine. I probably won't get hired because I've applied like two weeks ago and I haven't heard anything back. And they just had like three let they it was like sold out all weekend. No Shit. Yeah, it was Marlon waynes this weekend. Oh, that's right. Fuck, I was. I was trying to go when one piper was there. Riper, righty, Rowdy Piper, all right, pee. Yeah, that sucks. Yeah, but I did get to go see titus there when he was working on his new special. That was a cool show. He did like a writing session, yeah, with us. I remember hearing about that. Yeah, that was the called me. He said I look like an American terrorist. He's like how's common to go on? I'm like good, and then I had a show right after and I had the worst set of my entire Oh, no, like legit had the worst, oh my God, the worst set I've ever had in my entire life. No Shit, the worst set it was. So it was like it was before my wife and I were dating. Okay, I like liked her, you know, like I like had a big schoolgirl crush. Genre I was like you are cool. I like you. And she dated another comedian who's not around anymore. He didn't die or anything, just he's not around. He's just not around. And they had a they had a bad relationship and it wasn't the best. I'm trying not to slander. No, it's difficult. It's difficult. Had A relationship. It didn't work. It didn't. It didn't work out, and she was all sat the you know, she was like can I talk to you? You know, like being like I was like the friend, you know. I was like, I was like friend zoned pretty hard. Right, and I had the show and she shows up. It was the SHAUFFEUR. It was a depression benefit. Oh okay. And so for Comedians, for yeah, it was like some biker John Morris booked. It was like some bikers thing, like for like people to read Harley's or something, and they all wrote it on their Harley's. And so she she showed up. I went up on say she showed up on a date. Oh okay, to my show and she knew I liked her. MM and the ex boyfriend was there as well. Good time, and I was on stage literally having a mental breakdown because you can't write that shit like now. Oh my God, it was all. It was the worst I got. I think I got heckled by a seven year old. There was a seven year old there and like, I don't know if someone is like insulting me, like I'm pretty good at coming, but like I'm quick at roasting, like I'm not bad at it, and I had nothing. I was just like, you're right, man, I'm a piece of shit. I don't even know. I do suck. Yeah, my dad said, you're a piece of shit. We my dad's right and right. He's so right, man. And it was the worst. I I left that show. I drove up to troy to my buddy's apartment and I'm like, we're drinking heavily, and then Carol text me. She's like Hey, do you want to like come down and hang out with me, and I you know, I was just like yeah, I'll be there right away. After all of that, man, it was rough. That's that hot sucks. It sucks. I just it was a bad it was a bad day. We yeah, we think that's every think every comics got that one story of just that that one show. That was just the night from Hell. Yeah, it was. It was all around a night from hell, because it just got it just got worse, and she was like I'm gonna get back together with my ex that night and I was like, Oh my God, could not, and I just just drank more and said at the Bar Patterson pub, I remember just depressed and like it had you on a Valentine show last week. Holy Shit. Oh, yeah, I saw some videos from that. Yeah, that was fun. It's fine, I I'm happily married. I was worried about it worked out in the ends. We're married. Look at that. Look at that, with a baby, with up baby, and got busy once what so purpose of procreation. That's the first time. That was it. Yeah, it, that's what we did. And then you guys bought a house not too long ago, our second house, Second House. Shit, Oh shit, yeah, I'm sweared. Not Really. Yeah, we just bought a second house in Miami's Burg. Okay, coolish. I don't know if she wants me to say that on that, but it's Dayton, it's Dayton area, it's around Dayton's fine. Yeah, there's a lot of places that are considered dating. Yeah, I know, I did. It's like the whole we butt heads with because I talked too much. Right, like I say stuff that I shouldn't say and I like...

...worry and then she's like why would you ever say that? I'm like, I don't know, it's comedy. She's like, you the stuff could still happen, and I'm like, but it's comedy, it's funny, but it's by right to say what I want. Not If you have a family. I'm like, you're probably right. She's not wrong. She's not wrong at all. And and Oh man, but we just bought that. It's I love the I'Le Man, my love my neighborhood so much, like I'm very happy where I'm at. Good neighbor is good, great neighbors just like would give you their shirts off their back. Neighbors Awesome, one of in the like they come to up, they've come to some shows of mine, they've we go over to the parties or kids play together, and so it's pretty cool. Yeah, neighbors, matten, neighbors maker, break it man, really do. This is the first neighbors I've ever like talk to. Yeah, this Japanese people trying to kill me, like you know, that was always my another call back. Look at me, I'm just a machine. Professional Comedian Dusty Harvey is here right now. I'm not professional, but like doct do professional. The realist comedian, Dusty Harvey, mtuff, Mr Funny Man, follow me on facebook and that's legit. I think that is legit. My facebook comedy page. I think you're right. I think that's what it is. Wait, it's the realist comedian, quotations around comedian. We're going, MR funny man, dusty Harvey Harm pulling this up the realist time. Come on, I think all you know what I'm updated. Mr Funny, the realist comedian. Mr Funny, the realist comedian, thus needy, Testy Harvey follow me on face. That was I that started as a bit and I was just like fuck it, I'm just gonna create it because that's like my favorite thing in the world. It's just legit, dumb. It's too funny. I, Mr Funny Realist Comedian, stress you if I can share this to the video feed, but it's fucking up right now, because that's what installing updates on a billion games on my psfour just always, just always, updates, just constantly, never, not every time I turn it on there's an updated it before God, of course they're fucking is an update. I get it safety, security, patch it. That's my that's what all it's what I do for a living. Netflix is updating wise, so they can take another show off the I just got it. I just got a VPN. I meaning to do that. Actually, that's it's smart. Yeah, because I just kind of use that as my antivirus. Yeah, that's Auntie. You know, as an IT professional, don't do that and like that's like that's just what I'm doing, using as an anti virus because, like I have other stuff that he uses an anti virus and I'm careful with what I do want my computer. But I can use it because I know, when off about computers, to be like this's not a virus. Right, that's it. Now this is a point when I start talking about its when everyone stops listening. Oh yeah, it's it's done. I've ruin them all. But I got the VPN and you can brownce Netflix in other countries on the people and so, because there's different content library mice with every country. Ice. So like I've cut Jim's it's already on Netflix in Europe. Damn, I still haven't seen that either. By and but you can watch it on Netflix if you are VPN into another country. Nice. It's pretty cool. I just started watching we're not going to talk about talk about it because it stand about West. I just started watching Marvel's Mrs Mazel. Love it. Yeah, my wife was watched all of it. It's funnier now and then. I also I just rewatched the boys on Amazon Prime. Oh Dude, hell yeah, fucking Dolphin Man. That so funny. I was down here watching it and I was just like, what is happened with that fucking Dolpin? Oh my God, and my mom texts me from upstairs. I know right, she's like just watched it. That's that's first season was insane. I was awesome. When he's at the Rais, he's waving God bless America, you fucking Cock sucker. Yeah, I don't remember. I watched this so long. That was like the last show I like truly bench. Yeah, I never. I don't bench that often. I'm one of those like I like to save it, like to like to sit in it. I like it, you know, like I'll give it a couple days, like it's because it's just all like and then everything and then it's over and then you have to be like, well, I have to wait another year and a half or a new season. It's me or with the man a Lorian, with the bat. I've only seen two episodes. I've been saving it, so I'll just watch like an episode here, watch an episode there, and it's our and I tried. I try not to.

I used to love binging. I try not to binge anymore because I want to have something to because if I don't, if I watched all at once, I know what I'm going to do next. I'm going to go back to rewatching law and order reruns on Hulu again, and that's just depressing. And but what ends up happening is gonna get to get to the one episode that's like really good and you're like, Oh, I should stop now, but I can't stop it. Outside was a good sex you know, the season's over here, like, son of a bitch. All right, all right, on to season twenty eight of law order, as feel. I did that with I did that with the new star wars game, Jedi fallen order. Yeah, I was like I'm going to play like forty five minutes, hour a day. I don't want to blow through this whole game at once and then be done with it. But the whole campaign is only forty five minutes an hour. So I was doing good, I was doing it, but then I got to this one really meety mission and I was like this is I can't stop now. I got to know it and then before I knew what I played the entire day and finished the whole game. I was like, yeah, but I will say, Hey, fucking worth it. It was hell, yeah, I want to, I want to play that. It's so good. But I don't really. People lose a lot of respect for me when I say what sort of games I typically play, like I only play sports games. That's all that I play. I'm a casual will fucking Gamer. So it is. Yeah, it's because it's like you only play sports games, and I was just like yeah, because I have a life. I have a life. I enjoy sports and I can just play a game and then I can call it and then it's done. And Yeah, sometimes I want something that's just mind numbing and uninvolved. For that I have WWe to k nineteen and rocket league. I got, I got. Yeah, I got too. Don't get to K twenty. To K twenty. It's not very good. That's what I heard. Yeah, it's not good at all. I'm just sitting just he can just download the characters you want to download and it's just works from the creation. Yeah, the Sports Games are going like I just want to kill some time. I'm just just board and I just wants something to do. It's how I like wind down and I it's just I'm going to sit down. I'm playing by mad enfranchise. Yeah, yeah, and I'm going to see if I can make the browns one the super bowl. You know, it's funny. I heard that even the video games this year very easy. Was It really? Yeah, it was because they were so high to preseason. So they're like they're going to be great and then, unless if I play at something, they always went as the computer, but like if I'm actually them. That's funny. I I love. I said it for some reasonly playing a lot of the Sims. Oh, Nice, I just I love. It's one of those where I always I like to say that you know how you you accelerate time so it moves fast? I feel like that affects real time as well. Yeah, because before I know it it's it's four o'clock in the morning. Yeah, and and I'm on my third kid and I'm the mayor of the town and you're the the and here the Maya, because they put, they put Sims for free, to free to download on PSPLUS for this month. Oh Really? What? Along with the bioshock collections? I was like, okay, all the library down, here we go, and then my friends finally talking to me in the trying elder scrolls online. How's that? I have? I'm downloading right you're downloading right now. They play on Monday nights, I guess. And I was like, okay, cool, that can attempt to be social like it. I can truy that. That's I like it. That's attempting to be this is me being social, like this is the most social I've been. And Days My wife. My Wife's had the flu twice this season, damn twice. Yeah, and then my daughter has just had diarrhea and just it's just just gross, and so she's not been around anyone. My Wife's had the flu, I've just been like, you know, so I haven't got out. I've been social forever and that's why these stuff like this. Yeah, it's great. Yeah, I get a person over or hop on an online game and just as long as I'm talking to another person that I don't also live with. I love my mom, but I need other people to talk to every once in a while. Here mom is all you need, Michael. I mean she's the one who even like you know, this a bar right around the corner. You just go to this like it. Look at you, encouraging me to just go drink, just come. Yeah, I look, which I might do tonight, honestly. Hell Yeah, haven't ruled it out yet. Hell yeah, I like. I like going to it gives it used to be phone booth and now it's one more tavern right here on stroop. I don't even. And now we're not. Did you know? Not ever come over here when it was the phone booth? Now give you, if you want to, where it's at now, the new one. No, no, okay, I don't know, and I don't know any because because my wife used to. We we didn't live together, but but you basically did. Yeah, I was. I was over there a couple nights a week. Right, she just lived like write down right up the street here, okay, kind of in the neighborhood behind the speedway. Oh Yeah, okay, I got friends back there. Yeah, back in there and see. Yeah, we never, we never really hopped it. We'd always just go down the Oregon. That's just always our when we go to the bars. I've been going there more. I've friends WHO Bartien down there. So if there's a night where they're working until close, like I got off work at midnight and so by time I get down there it's like nobody there, but that's honestly...

...the best time to be at a pot is. Like that's why I love going to one more, because it's usually not that busy one I go and I can just sit and drink and just be at peace and out of a headache. Yeah, and also get control the Jewbox. Yeah, well, yeah, he control of the Jew box. Oh Yeah, I'M gonna make this entire fucking bar listen to the Judas priest like all night. Gross, I love fucking love you, for of course you do. You seem like you're a metal guy, a big metal guy. I'm about east. I love everything, but I am for sure a big metal guy, like I love Chris Tableton. Well, I would, I was very talented pishes and I would, I would do anything for lawn of dull right, tickets really. I love lawn of dull right, that's awesome. I Hate Billy Eilish. I don't get that so much. She's very talented. So, okay, here's my thing with billy. I wish, and I talked about this on my other show, is whenever, right, whenever I mentioned and for me it's mostly just it's just not the music it's sold, just not my taste. Yeah, but when I see her win eleven grammy's, I'm like, okay, y'all, oh, granmmy still matter, all right, but everyone say, but what I what? I hate as and everybody says, Oh, well, she dude, she made all that music in her own house. That's not that impressive. That's not impressive at all. It's look at what I've got. I've got, yeah, you, you do that. Here I have. I've produced albums there. There are websites like band camp that are full thousands of bands and artist at to their own music at home. So saying, well, she deserves it because she made it at her house, there's mobile APPs that'll do that for you. She decided she deserves it because she's talented. She's very talented. She has a connection with like seventeen year olds that we we as thirty year old as an ottle white man will not understands. She's very talent. I've only heard three of our songs, but I know this based on pop culture and stuff like that and what I've read, and read it forms because that's life. I just if it really comes down like a taste thing, is it's I listened to what I'm just kind of like me, but I don't listen to any new music in general. Like I'm no, I've listened to anything like anything I listened to nowadays. I think new is bands I've been listening to for fifteen years when they put out a new album. Yeah, that's it. I can hardly do that anymore. I can't get can't keep up. I finally got I got apple music. Finally Nice. It's like ten bucks a month and I'd have access to everything. So occasional I'll scroll through new releases. Oh, I know those guys. I didn't know that. I didn't know Chevell was still making music. Okay, cool, it's good for cheval right, you know, fucking filter, still putting out music for crying out loud, filter, like, do you want to take my picture? Filter? Yeah, Oh, hell, yeah, my shite filter is that way. Yeah, so you want to take a picture of filter? Yeah, okay, that's them. You know. So you know's who the lead singer? You know whose brother is? No, the t one thousand, Robert Patrick. Robert Patrick is his brother. Richard Patrick is the singer for filter. Really, I've when I said, when I read that, I about shit a brick. My mind is blown. Right, right, and that crazy. That's insane. And next time you see a picture of Richard Patrick, the singer for filter, going to be like, Holy Shit, he does look just like us. He looks exactly, looks exactly like this one. Look at him. I Love Robert Patrick. Very underrated. Yeah, well, my brother and I used to watch the show the Scorpion, Scorpion on CBS, or watch that. No, it was this like like intelligence group for higher thing, like the government would contract them and they were. It was based, I was kind of based on a true story, because the main character was an actual like for higher profile or like super genius that work with like the CIA and Shit. Yeah, it was kind of a cool show, but Robert Patrick was like their CIA handler. WHO. Oh, that's cool, oh Robert, but he was in he was the x files to I thought, Oh, yeah, because he like took over for what the company for? Yeah, for a while, for a while, and then they're like, oh, we should probably bring old days back. Yeah, allfornication's not working out, not the slightest. We used to are x files reruns at the station I work at and man, I could not I was like, I can't believe like seeing like like sixteen year old Jack Black on that show. Yeah, I was like, Oh, you so many people who are huge nest. It was like been watching Svu on Hulu and I was like, Holy Shit, that's Bradley Cooper. Yeah, and Vince. Vince Gilligan wrote on x files. Yeah, creator breaking bad. MMM, better call Saul and stuff like that. Doesn't watch. Better Call Saul, which the first season and I really liked it and then I just forgot about it. I never watched the last season a breaking bad. I completely like, I know, I know, I know, I know, I love breaking bad. I completely missed the last season. It's one of those I haven't brought myself to go back and when now I'm at a point, was like now, if I go back to go back and watch the whole fucking show because it's been so long. Yeah, but it's so good, it's probably it's got to be worth it. That's why I haven't watched. I haven't watched El Camino yet. I watched it. I like enjoyed it. I heard it was pretty good. I enjoyed it. It was a decent film, movie, TV move, I don't know what. TV Ets Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, original film. Yeah, whatever, that's fine. I'm looking for something like really big to capture my attention again,... the boys did it, but like decent. Mandalorian did it for you. Lorien did it. But like I tried. I tried to watch the Irishman. I tried, I tried and tried and tried, and I love Martin Squisse. Yeah, the departed is one of my favorite film holms ever. Yeah, I can't get through the Irishman. It's too slow, it's too it's so just. I like a real slow movie. The slower it moves the better. that. I saw blade running two thousand and forty nine five times and theaters I've never, I've never seen blade runner and or blade runner two thousand and forty nine. Highly recommend. Yeah, you know, get around to it. Ye, highly recommend. But it's just I for whatever reason, and somebody was like we watched bendrew's end game and it was three hours. Like yeah, but shit happened. Yeah, like the problem with the Irishman is it's like it's not even that it's slow, it is just that nothing happens for a while. I'm seeing you're kind of like, okay, people are talking, but I don't think they're actually saying anything. I love it. I love it. I can watch. I can watch fifteen hours of that. I'm just nothing happening. I love it so much you got a fit. What it was. What is your favorite movie? Do you have a favorite movie? I can't really do that. I have some that are like in the running. Good fellaws, okay, Bookie Knights. I Love Bookie Knights. It's a good people snob at it because it's a movie about porn. It's a good it's not one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven anymore. It's good. It's a good movie. That doesn't need to be a point of yeah, controversy. I loved animated films for a while, like wally and up were. I loved those all lots so good. I problems with up, problem phones with up, I feel like because because the first ten minutes got you emotionally and I'm on, I love that. Yeah, but then the rest of the movie is just so kind of now there's silly and I'm like now there's that, there's there's subtle emotion, and the rest of the movie where there is it, I just I feel like I guess it's I get. So it goes like a hundred on the emotional right beginning and it's like how I supposed to enjoy the rest of the movie? I had the same problem when I went and saw incredibles to in theaters when they opened with the the short film with the Asian Lady who with with the dumpling. Have you seen all? Yeah, we watch that. Yeah, and as the first thing they show before the movie starts. And I'm like how am I supposed to enjoy the incredibles now after that? Well, yeah, hell I did, but yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yeah, no, I saw that. I've I've we watched the Disney shorts without daughter a lot because in the pixar shorts, because it's just something easy to put on and you don't have to like think about it and they're short and you know we don't want to give her too much TV time. But it's just like, all right, here's a little ten minute thing for you to watch. And we sat and watched all of them and that one was that one is weird. It takes a turn, it take it takes a it takes a big turn. You know the whole there's a whole Cannibal, your cannibal side of it, and you're not sure how to feel anymore. She ate her son. Is that what's going up? But wait, he's a real person too. I don't and and now he's back and I and what sort of relationship? What sort of relationship and ship? With the dumpling. It was a dumpling, right. It was a steam. It was Steve, Steam Bun dumpling, steam bun dumpling, like it's dating a real person, right, like hit's dating a suit. Like that invokes, that invokes that that level of disconnect you have to have whenever you watch like family guy, where it's like, okay, Brian is dating, yeah, a woman, he is a dog. I have no problems with the dog. With the dumpling, I draw the one. Its food. Yeah, you can't. You're not a relationship with food no matter. You know, like those people be like Oh, yeah, I'm date. This is my girlfriend, whine, or this is my boyfriend, whine. No, no, you have a problem. Yeah, problem, dusty man, I was love talking to you. Yeah, it's good. Didn't see me in I know, looking forever. Man, I know, Dude, I've don't go around. I don't know, and that's yeah, we'd, but it's you people too, people who never leave the house. That about it. Never seeious people anymore. Yeah, I know, constant, like we're both those people that, when we show up to Whili's, are like hey, what, it's been a while. It's going all of you. Oh, you know, went to jail, got out. That's how long it's been. Yeah, for sure. The Robin will I turned I was going to do a joke and then my brain just was like Nope, something about Robin Williams and Jamunshi was what I was going to do. That's where my brain went, and then it also went fuck you does it's not worth it's too many words. You Got Anything? Anything coming up or going on home? I got a bunch of stuff, actually, yeah, you got unfortn I just I just talked about how I don't leave the house and I was just like look,...

...look, when is this going to air? Friday? Is Coming from? This coming Friday? Yeah, I'll be at go bananas the twenty six, okay, of February. It's a Wednesday for the pro am. Come see me. It's one of the best comedy clubs in all the countries. It really is. It's great. Yeah, I love that. I love that place so much and there once go bananas the Shit. It's the best. I'll be at the I'll be at Wiley's on the first of March for Sunday comics. I've a host weekend coming up. I don't have a date yet. May thirty in Kokomo, INDIANA. This isn't this isn't official, officially official yet, but I kind of just got the hey, you want to do this? I'll be co hosting an emo night with what with my buddy, with my buddy neff from back in the day. I don't have a venue or anything yet, but if you live in Kokomo, Indiana, come hang out. It's like it's an emo night. Some of the tight as Wayne would want to get in on yet. Now that beat that's Goth. It's now. Okay, this is now. This is a whole like scene thing, thing. Okay, it'll be. It's a I think it's an album release party for this band. Okay, and they'll be some musician from down South Nashville area there and there's going to be my friend that's going to DJ and we're going to like co host it together and I am co hosting the movie review. Our form this season was doing star wars. We're doing star wars right now. Cool. Yeah, it's cool. You know, like we watched we watched a new hope and it's not good. People do hold the original trilogy on a pedestal, but I will say, like you, hope doesn't hold up as well now. It's very slow. Yeah, Luke Sucks. Lay US accent is all over the place. For some reason. Luke's aunt is wearing a gene jacket. We couldn't, we couldn't escape that. She's got a gene jacket on. It's a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and she's wearing a fucking Gen Jack's wearing Levi. Yeah, pretty much ridiculous, but I'll be on that. So subscribe and download movie. Review our on Itunes, spotify, stitcher preview, all that, all thought, all the things. Well, than you coming on. Yeah, thanks for having me. This is tight. Good to have you on and hopefully get to get you back on here soon. I'm I'm trying to move away from the guest profiles and just people want to just talk about your talk. Just fucking hawk, Bro I was fun. We talked stand up, you know, but like came and went canna wet, but that's we're comedians. That's gonna get brought up. I specifically said no stand up and you know what, I'm okay with our stand up talk. I am too. Yeah, just it, just enough. It was it was it. We scratched the ITCH. Yeah, we talked about crappy shows and people want to hear about how you fail. So that's always yeah, right, I don't want to hear about this success, like, Oh, I'm so successful, I open for Bert Kreischer. It's amazing how there's nobody ever has cell phone video of you doing really well on a comedy shit just and you suck when I'm doing greats. For some reason there's no video to speak of. But Man, Oh, I got I got a video. The best set I've ever had. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's yeah, so it's yeah, that's looks. I started bringing the camera myself, like fuck all of yeah, I gotta Tripod. I record all my sets. Now, make sure there's a video now always. Dude, awesome. Well, guys, make sure you check out for dusty is going to be go see him. Make sure you follow this show online. Go to the website, basement launch podcom. Follow me on a social media at Mike Shay comedy. Support the show for a dollar month on Patreon if you want to get some cool free shit. And in the meantime, we'll see you guys here again next week for another episode and, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bub bye.

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