The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 2 · 2 years ago

"Get You a Gravity Blanket" with Aimee James - EP #2


On this week's episode of 'The Basement Lounge' musician Aimee James talks about living in a haunted house, using music to overcome tragedy, and how her divorce was the happiest day of her life.



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...on and then just shuts off, and then itturns on and shuts off and then, like the lights started, flickering yeah, mydad's, like oh any you're like psycho like take the medicationlike Yeahta adit's like because that isyou're crazy and he there was something going on, but just the other night I'mlaying there I rolled over and the door opened and then it just closed and itwas so weird like there's. No airflow there's nothing like it's and I thinkit's just hat whatever it is is okay with me. I think I bring peace towhatever this is, but I think when other people come here, it kind ofstirs it up a little bit so yous. Well comsen welcome ere, mentioning Earler, youdon't think Wateo Likguysyeah! I I really don't think because my myexhusband left immediately after he we moved in here Um the thing had it outfor my brother, like it's just Kindo, weird like whenever there's a guy herein my house kind of flips out for a few days, anthing bae, Rabe your boyfriend whenhe as over not yet but like it gets scary like he even admitted he's likewow. This is Kindo freaky like being here at nights, terrifying and she goesnuts. The cat goes crazy, but that's normal so, but she kinda. She sees things that Idon't see, and you know thin ets, CADs in general that definitely they'resuper. I I used to be I used to be. This is a long time we used to be apracticing wicken and Oh yeah, O about seven years. I partpart of it was. I was raised Catholic and I was in that ultimate revel t thesame time like at the end of the day, I'm a little too skeptical for religionin general, but that was the one that I probably connected. 'CAUSE even raisedCatholic. I was Awas just kind of like wickan suff. I was liking, cthat's kind,O cool yeah make shade a wiken. I like it, you got a new movie right Y MUSICII DO S, I do I used to be a drummer and a Marimbaplayer I actually additioned at Miami on percaution. I did I suck now like mydramer, and my old band could tell you I suck, but, but I used to be good,like I was definitely a cool marimbat check. What was th? What was theinspiration for like what was the thing that first made? You just go gravitatetowards like the piano the piano, so I don't know how many people have heardthis story, but my mom was. I was four years old, my mom was saking piano andshe started playing this little clock song and I sat down after she got upand I just started playing it and I don't know but they're like well crap.Now we gotto get her piano Les El, like yeah literally, but I could literallyhear things and just play them, which is pretty cool and that's how Imake a majority of my money up the crown as like people just hold theirphones up to my ear, and I can play whatever I'm hearing, usually so ther al. I GOR A lot yeah. Whenever Ifeel like spinding wait to men, I say m the view I mean, like the view, wasamazing: I'v Never been there when Y. Every time I see there, I'm like I was there the day before amy I missedit. I don't go up as much anymore. I'msuper busy, but yeah about to start school. Full time workfull time the show the Crown Teaching Yeah, I love being busy. So Um. You startedpicking stuff up picking up on ost of at a early age and then t was somethinglike just from the Gecko youee like this is what I want to do. imhonestlylike growing up. I never I've told this story before,but my grandmother passed away when I was nine, and so it was just a normallike piano player up until there I would say it was like pretty advancedlike for my for being a kid like being able to hear stuff but m. When shepassed away M, I couldn't sleep. I had...

...the flu and I didn't get to say goodbye to her at her funeral, I got sick was walking to the casket, got sick.Other grandma like took me out and like took me home, so I was like awake fortwo weeks. I couldn't sleep. I was like. I didn't get to sac goodbye and onenight. I have this dream. All my dead relatives are in this cabin and they'reall shimmering white and my grandma says come here and I help on her lapand she says I need you to go to sleep. I am OK like you, don't have to worryabout me anymore and I don't know what it was, but I woke up and the nextmorning I started hearing songs in my head, and so I wrote my first song atnine years old and I've been writing ever since. So that's when I like, whenI started riding that's when I knew that you know this is what I want to do, butI didn't play for ten years like I don't think a lot of people realizethat this is might come back like I didn't play for almost ten years yeah Iquit college. I was blackmailed in college about my I I came out with analbum. It was about a lying cheating, abusive boyfriend, and so after I wasgoing to start releasing those songs. People e like Sarted, threatening me-and I just was like I'm done- I left school. I got really sick and I leftschool and I stopped playing for from like two thousand and ten t like lastyear. Wow Yeah, that's like you would definitely not wouldhave been the first person ever to write, tailor swetlikenwe Onet I mean just ingeneral. I mean songs about as long as an albums about bad breakups andrelationships have been around since the invention of music. I mean that'swhat they're all about a een as a kid grown up IOM? Where arethe songs on the radio about Lo Lie Oo? Ebut Tha? That's that's yeah! A in Ohiois, tat, miani in in t eUniversitythatohio is such a like the state in general, butespecially this part of Ohio is such a music arts m t yeah. These girls are like you'd,make a better stripper you sulk like they were. They ripped into me likedestroyed everything I posted on you tube like like just commented, I meansmeared, it like it was terrible and I couldn't take it like it was. This wasmy heart on my sleeve, like putting myself out there. It was like I'm done.This is not my life, I'm never doing music again like so my husband left,and I was like you know what effit I'm doing this. I'm coming back Wer we're going to getto that- Oh God, just th that just it blows mymy mind, 'cause you get Y A two thousand and ten. You know we were definitely into thoseto that era. where, like you to have been around O, it was my space likeafter my space, like I cosed myself on my sad wy, Hey Toum, oh yeah, I remember 'causeMyce space was the place to be itreally, was actually L Ke. Nowadays,there's like fifty or yeah sound cloud, spotoa, whateveroer songs, I'm actuallyrereleasing. All of that ow you RU. I am yeah. That's awesome! Yeah! I haveone called sleeping beauty. That's like I just played for my friend the otherday and she's like why? Don't you send these somewhere so yeah? Well, nowadaysy you can do so much independently on your own t, MP, Mhmwhich they're, not a sponsor,but I amwe were I. I ran an Indi label for about ten years and we dideverything through band camp and that'SOM REVERB nation. When that was.Do you remember Um? Oh my God, I can't even think of it reason. Yeah. That'swhat I used to write o volume- oh my Godall, those freaking.

What are they call patches and I knowg nw- that's cool that that you're going tobe RL rerelieasing those? I think people really like a lot of them. Sothat's really cool yeah Um, so you Youre Youare a piano teacher. I amcash fanish! Yes, what made you want to get into like like take et to thatlevel? That's a whole other! It's a different avenue and you know I went toschool for Music Education. I was super passionate about it. Then my senioryear, it's like it hits you like wow, I'm going to make like no money forwhat I'm doing literally shout off to all my friendswho are out there on the marching Manfield this week, like with Ban CampLike I love Youall, but I could not do it so but yeah. I was in music education, Um,actually going back to finish my last nine or ten classes of this musicdegree, what I'm doing yeah, I'm just finishingmy general esitsin clear and then I'm back to Miami for a semester. So I well. I always thought my weddingdaywould be the happit say of my life. If that it's going to be my graduationsoand, maybe the second, it might be my divorce day, Lok sometimes tit's been almost wo years. I'm readyfor this. So I freaking love, sorry D, ' even Yoroff TRAC, but I love I love Rudrod and one of our own. I S like one of my topstudents, so it was going to be back on yer,eventually big old B. Well, not even pig O owaymor a lot of way divorcealthen it is actually maybe not the mental parbutphysiwellthaalready g yeah. He was telling me ND. I wish she had told methat before ecause we did the ROSDEANDREW DMEDICUS a couple of weeksago, and I wish he had told me before the roast he was doing Pioo. Oh my God,yeah. I'm glad that didn't come out actually told me like the night of affer wasover and I was I could have r. So many more jokes about. I'm surprised. Wedidn't talk about on the life radio either. I was like. I wanted to talkabout it, but I I don't know hes he's killing it, though he's reallydoing well bring bring a keyboard or something an the Wilese one s call hisAyeah. You really should honestly I mean I would embarrass the hell out ofhim, but I think be awesome. Yeah he's actually picking out like I'mso proud of thim. He bought other books he's like I wanto play these songs, I'mlike bring them. We will play them so yeah, that's great and so and you teachall ages. I teach literally from four to ninety nine like and if you're ahundred and five bring it on Yeah Ooyeah. So we we also know we knoweach other initially from working on Gem city tonight Toyou are the theMUSICA. I guess that's hat you Alyouyou're the you're, the t, the pall to his ran o m tyig to think of the other one oYoure Theyre, showing Baptista too to his colbear. His favorite Um. Has that been? Has that experience tenhonesty? I've met the most amazing people I have ever come across in myentire life. I feel insanely blessed. So 's I I yeah I I am one of theWriters Raiters, I'm one of the guys whaar Trye, to throw jokes together forhim to tell his Monalogu O. I don't get to bes like o on the set as often butyou're there for every Tabe. I am it's exhausting. I was there for one. I was just likeGodi. They do that, all the time yeah and I'm in the corner, the freakingcorner. All the time like hey anybody...

...want to tell me what the hell's goingon like I never know so, PRT of view. I know it's like we're on a commercialbreak. I need at least ten seconds to like figure out. What's going on so,but I'm the only female like unless Kathy's onset, then it's just littleold me. That's me, but you know you need a bad asscheck Tothinki, keepeverybody's ash an line. Lo, I'm looking at you, you ha a at had a di they're, still MaeCloseryes, oh my God, yeah, Oh, my God, Um they just it was it's time consuming like and youknow my drummer like he likes to party. I love him I de wetlike if, if he's not making money, then like he'd better be spending itpartying, but yeah. No, I'm kidding. I Love AdamI've known Adam since college. He and I were in marching band yeah so at MaaUniversity, but um he's from green, an o Greenan like green and high schoollike out ine yeah and I'm from Shaune so out in the sticks as well. The otherpart yeah the less sticky part of the STE W so wh. What? What did you do in marching man? I was in the PE frontplaying that Marinba forsticks. It was hard on my hands tooso yeah. Oh, it was cute. No, it was awful but and sweaty yeahwel hord vest yeah I play base. Ijust sit in the Orer, Oh yeah. I play Bass in high school it'Si, taughtmyself 'cause. I was. I took every music class and literally the lastsemester. I had English and the rest Wass Music, and so I was in freshmanbannd a a senior and I was like I'm bored, I'm going to buy a base and likeplay base and they're. Like all right, most of US start baswash, we teach ourselves ou toplay at home, we're all terrible. Oh my God jeff though my my baseplayer in theband. Oh, my God, best pase player, hands Doun. I have ever met in my Ilife freaking, phenomenal, like he and I will still jam it's so funny. He'llcome over and his wife is super sweet and he we'rejust sitting in Jamin. Hewrites like horror, music, like horror, movie, music, it's so awesome and I'llbe like playing all this creepy piano stuff and it's a lot of fun Yeh. Youshould soosely heat him up. Jeff is awesome, so Andi's funny you,you are just a. You are just a ball of bright energy. Thank you were just sobi. Now, A and and after along day of teaching piano on a on a Wednesday ing yeah, I worked. Eight hours too ina sice office is work at a psych office. That's mygt, dayjob yeah. So for eighthours, eight and a half hours. I I'm in an office I'm checking in people andyeah. It's it's just great work. While I'm trying to back to school and likeit's Kinda chill, but I'm a cosotologist ays well, I don't know ifyou knew that either if one job Mak holidayiave done so manythings, I was a day care teacher Um like, oh, my God. Do you know what I did atCt. I fell asleep on purpose literally no. I had my scholarship toMiami and, like you, self stake act, I'm like fine, whatever I should havetaken the S, a t you no one filled me in on that little clue. 'CAUSE, I'mlike an English person, but so I get in there and English writing all that GOSfine. We get the math and like no idea whatever, and then I get to science andit's all about these turtles and I'm just like you know what CCCC all theway done. Taking a nap. I literally took a net. I turned it in in like fiveminutes and th everyoy's looking. I me and I just fell asleep. I looked like agenius but really...

...little Di. They know I just did notcare. WHREI went to school down south they put in no emphasis on the act. Itwas Al Ity. So when I moved up here and Thee Le, we need an act theater I woik,never e Asentoh, so part of my interview was: I had to sit thern andspent whole day taking a dam Bas. Oh really, I basically didn't take it. I still got a twenty three. I thinkwhich got me into Miami. So whatever I didn't care. Looking back ound, it'slike Shoul, taking the CE better on the D O do Thn. Today. I think I shouldhaveswitched, but I don't know I just the math and science like whatever let thepeople the world do that like just going to do that when I had that tutoring job I I becamereally good friends with my boss and an I o are still friends to this day. He taught me so many tricks about thattest that I never would have picked up on. On my own, like Manif, I knew backin high school. What I know now you would have been and Harvard Sall right my little brother, my iltlebrother. He is starting at Kenn state. Oh this weekend. Ah, I know peoplegoing up there to Morod, Oh xoology and I'm like Z, he's etre Ma he's, so smarthe's got to be prematip phyzoology he wants to. He wants to be. helike wantsto be like a biology like he wants to work with the animals. I E hat heassuper into that kind of TG. You know we need people like that. We really do. Iwe joke about him a lot, because we call him shellten because he's way toosmart and he knows it h and so there's sometimes he's like. Well, actually,you know the real way it's like shut up. No, nobody cares. You know we're watching the avengers,you know and actually that wouldn't I don't care. I can't do the letter olfthat I just want to watch. Ironman s just just shut up, jut sit in he play videogaoh Tan Goyeahhe's going up he's going up this Saturday I at Fullrit, which is me andmy two other brothers who were sitting here drowning and debt. Just like, Oh, I know, I know the feeling I'm stillpaying for crosmoology school, so yeah they do. I went to Aveda yeah. It wasan interesting experience. It was it was after I'd, gotten out of collegeand was working at Walmart and was like. I need something else. What's somethingI could learn how to do. That would make me a better career, upoly Id God,Air Right, yeah. Well, it's great living like it's bad in your back,though, and school was really not fun. For me, Yeah I was twenty five and twohundred and thirty pounds and, like I don't know, if a lot of people knowthat youb on the hell of a ftness JI really have been an itspenwhere didthat kind of start for so in college. I was like a hundred and ten pounds likesuper fit like, and then I don't know if anyone even knows this,but in college I was diagnosed with a bi polar disorder and I started takingthe medications and I all of a sudden, a I started, taking the meds I likeballooned, like I gained sixty pounds and three months. It was almost seventypounds and three months and the doctor's like this is not the Mese.This is something else and I'm like no, it's the mads and I'm, like you, knowstruggling internally. Do I take this crap, or do I not and Um? It came outlater that I had polysistical varian syndrome, but by the time we figured itout, I'd gained O hundred and twenty pounds and lost a lot of my hair, which I stillstruggle with, and I'm always crying about. Mr But yeah Um and I lived the last decade o like twohundred and some pounds at least c constantly trying to lose it neversucceeding. Um last year I decided to tryweightlifting, because a doctor said that you could possibly reverse theeffects of the disease by weightlifting, so I tried it and I'm down eightypounds and I'm still trying to lose the..., but like I'm just I'm a woman, and I know I'moisn Wilok on the mirror and be like. I hate this part about me, but at thispoint I'm just like you can take it or leave it because I' I'm Oka in my skin,like I may not love every piece of mee but I'll have to, but I love most to melike I feel so much better. I feel empowered and I'm just like you know,trying to tell other women like try weight lifting like I know it's beenlike cardio. You know the Chichsong and Cardio No. I belong lifting forty pound,dumb belels with the dudes like bring me on. I love it so yeah, I'm like I could kick his ass. I let me Scotty they're just like. Ifit's Hea you want to l me too, you Su you! No moving that Fruit II has anyone ever seen me on gem sitytonight, I'm Getn, my piano it islike. I Ofer. I offer Toeli Tou. I got it ma.I was like Amen herlike. I got the stand and the speaker an the piano, I'mlike freewoking around in your heels. I was just likeanhildo. You wantSomemoido, not yeah good. For you, though, that's that's tough. I culattest to it aally my Psychi antrest, my doctor are Bot just kind of likejust just just do something like it. I'm like PLA, but my couch is so ComoiKno but, like I got addicted to it B and not indicted in like an unhealthyway, but like it helped my mental health. So much that I was actually offof medication for a long time. Yeah like I started back on recently, butonly because I'm just like, I think the effects of working out somuch are starting to diminish a little bit 'cause. I work out so hard all thetime that, like it's just hard to stay, balanced yeah, I am and that's why,like my my old trainer will tell you like your fitness, your journey doesnot look like an like lixstrag sideways. It's literally like this, like a waveyou're going to do really well on etting a platea. Do you really well inPato and like that's just Kindo, like I'm, trying to pushpash that plateauright now so, but I do love Fitnice, I love working out. I love feelings.Strong, like it's Nice, I have found that ecause. I startedgoing to the gym. Finally go three times a week: I'm not going this wee. Ijust got back from a week of camping and ing where I was averaging like fivemiles a day. Oh my God, so my legs right now are kind of like tode yeah.Give it up. Mgev me a minute days, tare important too eyeah cause. II was checking on my phone. There was. There was one day Ri. I walked ninemiles, wow awsome! I didn't notice it at the time. It was one of those it waslike Wopin the next morning, which just kind of like. Let me get out of th MI.Let me get off my ar mattress and I'm on the floor for a Ltldidn't Noti seayesterday, but here it I t'sx. I've spent three hours in my carafter like day I know about Li know. I look at tell myself every day's likethat 'cause my legs have to carry my three hundred and seventy pound anginghi time revery day's, like Thay Butheyl likeyeah. I know I love Legday, but Idon't know I thinkis ECAUSE, I'm still but yeah. I have found that on the dayswhere I do go, I do feel better. Yeah. Absolutely. Do you sleep better? Well,there's other things preventing that workingbetwee between restless leg,Sunderman sleepapge't, you a gravity blanket. I want one so changed myentire Lang. I just bought a whole bunch of I got back from from campingSaturday and it was like okay, my pillows are gross 'cause Theyi had emwods for three day a I pa. I was L Ke, I'm just going to get new bed stuff.I've been whay for a while. I got one of those memory phone pillowswith a GEL, that's cool SOM. I got all new sheets brand newcomforter and I got one of those two...

...inch memory: Foam, Jell, badteressoppers. Oh it's so hard to get out of bed so sow funny. Oh my God, Byou willdie with a gravity blanket. It is amazing, especially for restless legs.Really. Absolutely that's! Why Yeah? They use them for a lot of restlesslike patients like m all sorts of things, and it is so heavy. I boughtthe twenty pound one 'cause, I'm like we're going beggar going home likeseiusly, it's twenty pounds, but right now, I'm relying solely on my antidopresence. ECAUSE. They make me Drowsy, I take them. Rightthese willalleventually fall asleep. No, the blanket helps so much like and I'm a mover anda whigler at it live. So I literally I wake up on the same spot and I'm likewow US ot. I wake up. I I move so much when I was Leep, I wake up and there'sone pillow over there. One's Ery like it's on that side, I'm sprawled me and my boyfriend Lik, I'm prettysure we'd be fine, Bu, the sleeping situation like he cannot. He like it'slike get on your side. It's like gonna cut me if I know I'm a coddler. I can't help thatmy my girlfriend in college. She sheweighed about a hundred pounds soon shes a little tiny thing. Yeah, I was,you know, still big, but not as big as I am now, but I'd wake up and she'dhave taken over the entire bed, like I'm like in that crack ie the bed N H,Wal N, like Ha. How did this happen and then he tried to move her and she won'tmove in I house, so she wakes up and I'm nt sleep in the Armher shes likeyou could 've moved me. I was like no, no. I coodin Dru we're STUBPERAND SA Ono. I know and hecan't sleep if anyone's touching her him or if anyone's moving like he'll,oh yeah he's he is a specific sleeper. No, I a wd no but like, and I'm such acoddler. So I'm like Heba like an we got o like e Waan episote of Friends Abot. I don'tknow I've, never seen friends, really I've seen like like when it's on hereand there like I'll watch a half second of it. But I was not a friend's person.My Mom's favor show so like I watched it all with her when I was growing upnow. Whatever she comes home for lunch every day, 'cause she works right, Ot,the corter from the house. She comes home and tbs just as a marathon I've enlike why I I thinkz cat makes me laugh, but nowlooking at it with twenty nineteen eyes, I'm liereallobjectively terrible right.I would agree. I mean I don't know him that well, but the way the way theyaigranted was the nineties. But man, people have said the same thing aboutthe office like that. I wouldn't have made it like in todays like Worl, Ilove the office. Like I cry, I laugh like it's the best show in the worldand parks and rack. Oh my God. No, no, that's a show. I I E'cause. Iwatched the first season when it first aired and I I didn't like the firstseason yeah, and so I nev I never watched it again and then, after arapte I went back and rewatshed it on netflixks and I was like I ham. What ifI been missing, yeah, Oh Mas Sesin, two to the end, I'm like this is rose. Fi once want aboyou know Ken sayshe looks like Andrew looks like he's going to grow in to Ranswonsen. Oh, Ibelieve that o e hundred percent atwas, so funny aao could see that actually wewe make fun of my uncle my uncle's, a big it guy. He works on. He works as acivilian on right on rigpt Ad Air Force Base and all that and um anytime we go.We were taking my my brother and my cousin were both staring college thisyear, we're taking them computer shopping every time, we'd go to a store,those guys go. He guys anything M uncle be like N. I got it. I'm like you're onSwasan and lovs going. I know more than you ransanten. You cannot beat you justCn'to. I love Nicofferman, because they're, basically tethey're boththey're the same person and t Makham...

...and Megan Like II, know a episodewhe're steyre like wripping, their clothes off like that is the most thatis t v gold. Like call Thtam, O they're, my favorite. I love their swing, T vCommercials, Oh my God, I havet, I don't have to actual t they. I work Iwatch two SH TV, but I don't have any station so you're. Fine Trust meNenatha, gotionthave time for TV. I just don't think they have a commercialwhere they're they're sellingsling TV is. Basically, if you have Internet youcan watch like Pacic Gable. It's them selling sling T V, but they're likethis weird biker couple and theyrhethey're slingers mean so they keep having these conversationsits sound, like they're, inviting couples to come swing with them. Oe Encome sling with us, and so they come over and it's just watching T v. Butit's like super dirty man Godlik the producer coonic. We we told you guys,you can't say stuff like that on camera, I love them. Theyre goals, Hash tag, goals, big time,yeah Um, so you you you your current boyfriend hwdid. You guys meet at's, soembarrassing's tender Yous, I'm serious! He was the onlynormal person. I've had ontenda notnderstannormal by any SA literallylike this is terrifying, but I got beaten up in my own house. Basically bya tenderty like I'm, not getting I'm telling you. This house is not like menlater. There's a reason: somethings happened here: Hasto knockl with men,like I hous mes know this house was a wreck like the days after that so butyeah he didn't. He dustd like it was awful like I should have called thepolice, and I decided not to, and the best part is that after it was over, Ilike blocked him. Obviously this is like a first date o like attacked me inmy front entry way when he took me home and like when o I'm telling I'm justgoing. To be honest, ladies, it's like ripping trying to writ my clothes offand I'm like. No, I'm not like. No, this not happening, I'm not this kindof a person, and so he messages me after I've blocked him and he's likeHey, I'm sorry I was so aggressive. I was just trying to make sure you werethe good girl you claime to be Oh bul yeah, so I blocked him again and hefound me on Instigram and like sent me a Instigran message and he goes you'rethe one missing out. Sweetheart, like he was psycho like that's all I had fora year. I dated a lawyer who liked to dress up like a woman like I like it'sJustno leg, it's just been dating is a nightmare. It I it is the worst thing I've ever had todo in my lifd. I A NOT A fan, I'm not either like being in the actualrelationship. Oh that's cray the process, the climbing up the ladder,Faint Sno, not at all, and I'm telling you like, you would not believe thepeople I met. I had one guy tell me that my music sucked and then like I,don't know if anyone knew about the drama from the show I shouldn'tprobably bring that up, but like the guitar player we had first, I dated him.I did and then he like was on set and he would like he was belittling me sobadly. He told me Ha to deserve a music scholarship like he would put me downso badly that I couldn't take it anymore. So I fired from the show,fired him and I broke up with him and then I g he sent me he's like I'msending you right now, I'm sending you in voices from our dates like I wantpaid back for everything we did. No, I'm not ketting. You like these are thepeople that I do until I met cat so but yeah um can is awesome like I've. Never had anyone treat me likethis before so um he's great, so yeah. He makes me happy and you know neitherof us are in some like giant rush like...

I've, not even divorced. Yet, let's behonest, so a room still I just filed on Friday for the F, like I did thepaperwork so many times they sent it back three times m. He won't sign sohe's in Arizona. He like skip seets woo yeah he's not Oky, but he's just notalmentally there. I shouldn't probably like Outham like that, but heever saydhis name. So no it's right, but no, I feel badly for him soum, but him leaving was the best thing thatever happened to me and sometimes what's that we sent a long time together and I wasa happy marriage and I had no idea who was leaving, but I was like for two weeks I laid around and criedand like how am I ever going to move on and then like that week too hit and Iwas like Holy Shit- I can do whatever I want like. I can literally move thefurniture and I can like Oh my God and I start flipping out sor gettng ondating APS. I was on like five. At a time I was like yeah they're, all thesame people, oh Butoh, yeah, O yea, okay, Cupid, Yah, bmbliner andbumble and and you match on the same people and it's all the same garbagelike Oh, my God and there's plenty of fish, which is the bottom of thegarbback ally dating Ati, know. That's what people are like P, I'm on pof, I'mlike yeah, it's a pos get off of there. I didn't even do it 'cause, I knewbetter doing I did it, I'm trying t I went on the worst datesyou could ever. I got my job at the crown on the worst day ever Lati did Igot S. I got the job drunk, so I have never been drunk and gotten ajob, but I went up there with the lawyer and I was playing with t e withthe lawyer that looks Gryeah whatever he likes to do. He likes to do aloutveen things, but he we went up there and the day hewas.Just like he told me. I was anarcois because I could get up and play pianoin front of people and I enjoyed that, but I think he was just stuck in hisown head a little bit right right, but so I started playing and Imade forty bucks in ten minutes. I was just a drunk patron and people thoughtI was like and I'm talking to the crowd Li. You also always dressed to the nineyouv. A looked like you were supposed to E. I probably did I had like apretty black dris in and it was you know you w? U D, just you were like, sois this you're, like s is f, you give me something I can Resono, I audio okaycool. I don't have to worry about getting dressed up. I can slumin andITHISWAS slumin. He was slumming it to Payn a picture folk for Harrwoud SI.This beautiful black dress. She's got her heels on. I I was especting to come over tosweatno you KN W, like not even a hatching, sweat folt like a little pinklike a pink sweatshirt and Blindgreen fants nocroxs God. I don't know crokscross yeah. So you you you have I love Fashio, which is it's Arki love ourlike to me. It's literally what I'm wearing every day I try to make itartistic. Like I shop at Goodwell, that's the only place I go or I shop like little places onlinelike I'll, get extremely weird pieces or something no, I'm not a wish person. But no, Idon't need some jacked up weave, like I mean, but Wanto do math to convertwith the sort and wait for eight years for it togen. No, but I have a actuallymy spare bedroom. That's superhounted is my dressing room, so I have like alegitimate like store. It's like a store type, clothing, rack and I loveto like pick piesas like shirts and pants and like things that wouldn'tnormally go together and I love to make...

...outfits and it's Super Fun for me, andpeople are sometimes mean about it. They're, like oh you' e, already likewhat do you ever look like in jeans like well, I I do. I really don't likejeans, so how much Ou just let me wear when I want to wear like it's gotnothing to do and I don't dress for anyone else. That's what annoys me sobad is like people say. Oh you just dress for attention. Actually I worethis 'cause. I freakin like this tress like it makes me feel good and I likeit. So I don't know why people say that stuff to me, but a lot of those people, I think, arejust so wrapped up in their own br of they wish they could do that then. Do we like there's nothing I whoam I like, I'm nobody, I just like to do it so my closet on the left side,all t shirts, ninety percent of the black on the right side, some randommismatch of fucking polo shirt. They were all my dads from for the yearsthat a th after he passed away. Mom was like you need some newyurs Yo Ave, yourdad's polos thanks, mom, 'cause, they're al. I meanthey all fit, but it's like this one's bright orange is one's break Greens Luthis ones get so I have, and then I just whatever I wear. I just wear thisplaid button down overtop of it to make it look like I attempte super ninety ss Nin. Oh absolutely well. This is thisis the I'm fat, and I know what I look like like we big guys, we look betteran layers put us in layers and we look fantastic, but if I'm just walkingaroun to the techirt and jeans God you're funny, I wouldn't malkaround a just t, shirt and jeans either so there with you you're me a lot of mysister, my sister. She she wants to go into fashion. Ancostume design,especially she's, got note books full of things but she's one of those. She she plans the next day's outfit.The night before a Anros like tomorrow was her first day of school heard ofSigl. She was sixteen, Oh, my God, killing a a Rohag. My baby sister isnow sixteen, and that is I'm already having a hard time dealingwith being thirty, but she she plans out her outfits a day ahead of time. Itis a process, it is painful for everybody in the House, B'cause well,she's, she's frustrated everybody right she's. Sixteen we're all that way.I'm not sixteen but she's. Not so much like she dontleadvashe's, not a tom boy, but she's. Also, not a girly girl, she's, just kind ofwalking that one in the middle. Well, that's funny. You say that because youknow I'm a Tomboy, I don't know if anyone really knows whotold I to Witnot ealy makes the Jo, but no like. If you ever saw me through Oufootball, it's disgusting like like, I can literally throw football that justas far as any guy I've ever been on a date with in the last year. I don'tknow what that says about them so much, but it says a lot for me: Youare, a multifaceted human being. Iam so weird I mean I I come in here and there's tlooks like a Camoulaxbox, that's gift from the X, but I used to kick s andNBA live like like Wen tournaments and so told you om like handles every Ay. It Itell it's just you are. You are a versatil amalgamation of people that also makes you so uniquely. Thankyou. I appreciate that importhank Youthnk you I don't use them. Theydon't turn on. They Lot ki the glasses, I'm drinking water. Out ofit's the COLORPAD you're notnot. I'm not a wine FAM. I VIM ot, nking Hort. That's can will coddle with me ifhe has port. We went to Myers to get. I and thislady goes oh honey, don't you be drinking? Much of that he'll have youand I was like mm...

...guess I'll- have SOM how much you pay wich? No, but hedrinks that port and he gets all sweet and, like na I'm, like I'm, buying this,for I'm going to put this in your apple juice, like that'sit's G'cause. I thinkeverybody needs to figure out. I think everybody, depending on what they drink,we'll put them in a different kind of mood, good to know like what the menuis. If, if I'm feeling like this, I need to drink this. Like me, if I'm in a bad mood, I needstraight whisky Ohi, I know I can. I went shopfer shot with myneighbors in college, ten shots in ten minutes and I ammas died. So I don'tdrink Whiski, I'm like you know, and you throw up something so much they'relike never again, I'm allergic to to Hila, even though myKen doesn't blieve me, I'm allergic to it. Good, I like to say I'm in an abusiverelationship with the Kila'cause it it does terrible things to me. I leave andI swear I'll, never come back and then it says please come back and tin,IAGAIN and I come back and I'm likein itll ever happen again and then ithappens again. It's my fault. I don't know no stay. Awayon atansame with thsame with Vidka any any bad anythie. I've ever had vad get never ended. Well,a D T and Yager. Oh God, my brother's, the Yanger guy pass the one time I hadthe first ime ever had yager. I was working at a radio station and the DJwas with was getting married that weekend, so we were all doing shots atthe bar, and I was I was also like nineteen. Iwasn't old enough ID, never drank before so my first time drinkingalcohol was this shot of straightagger and later that night. I'm in thebathroom just just Rolph Yearoud, when a mom comes in the room and she's likeare you okay, and I was like no not really. If she goes, you didn't neatthat Tunor. That was in a fridge. I was Riyeah a WS with I to it was een tha'dbeen there a little while itwas, probably not good, and I was like yeah,that's totally what it was: Thatplus the Shaty Eger. You don't knowthat ive haved, you yeah, but it was one of those Wac just like. Because ofthat, I can never it's just that'. It takes me back. We all have that onething tha like no. I GIN to get food fosoing in a restaurant. You can nevergo. BYEAZOLES is like twelve years Ilove faciies now but, like I threw itup in like sixth grade and I didn't drink eat it until it was like twentyfive and that was sotit no Mygod, my w.where I lived down south there was sonics everywhere aner. I think it waslike one yep, but we had a hot duggining contest. I won yeah at eat, seven foot long,Sonicot, dogs, cold, I didn't eat. I didn't eat hotdogsperiod, let aloan anything from Sadickaganford Yeah. No, it's IT'S A nightmare worst! So so you're going back to school, Annto finish the music degree, Yo you're you're kicking ass at the gym city,Tonightyou'e, recording new music, your only asing old music. What's 'cause, I think I think most mostcreative types have some kind of like they've got that climbing MNT everisthing ing to do like. What's what's? What's like the One? Oh that's easy! That's easy! I wrote a song called whenLady Gaga sings my song and the words are so amazing. The song is killer. I Imean I'm just saying it: 'cause, the song is the Best Tong I've ever writtenand it's all about being bullied and overcoming it just like she did,because I don't know if a lot of people I know people know, but they actuallymade a facebt group about her and said you'll never be famous, like which Idon't need to be famous like lady Goga, but my ultimate goal is for some dayfor her to hear this song and I want to go an Ellan show like I freaky want togo on, ellan show, so I'm going to make...

...this video for the song and someoneoffered like to like talk to someone at mask. For me it's about, like literallysome of the words Um like the end I'm like for those of youwith scars and Cots Sing it proud. I wrote this for us because, like it's,the people that have been knocked down and kickd down and called t calledweird and fat and there's a whole section in the song where I'm like.First, I'm too fat now, I'm too thin I'll, never win like you know, like itsucks being a female and it sucks being the Weirdo, and I was the Weirdo. I wasthat weird girl that heard music in her head- and I don't know they can call me weird,but I think the weird girl is going to win like I think I'm going to come outon top and to me on top, isn't necessarily like. Ibeat everyone, but it's I'm happy and I'm successful and my music is beingheard and my music's being appreciated. So S yeah. I really I just my heart achesfor these kids. I wake up. You know every few weeks and I hear about Oh, Isix graders killed himself like I can't take it anymore, like I have tomake a song for these kids that were just like me. Th t are different and Ijust want them to know that, like it does get better and there's a light at the end of thetunnel. Like I mean it's bad enough that we we live. I you know with recentevents that where people are having their lives taken from but to havesomebody that young who doesn't know has no idea how bad it cat say,hosometime Isreven just like how how good it can ge how good it can g,absolutely or they're, stuck in their darkness and like life, is all about like itgets dark. But you need that darkness to appreciate when you come through thelight. So like do knowthere's a line in my new song, the Lady Gogasong, to seethe light I needed the rain so and I I did and that's peen my entire life like there are some things I wish I've beenthrough a lot of trauma, thereare some things I wish I' never had to see or gothrough, but at the same time I wouldn't take itback for anything because it shaped me and it made me who I am and I'm aloving caring human being who wants the best for everyone. So those bad thingsare meant to happen to make me this person. so it'Ti Abou, I'm not apartuularly religious person, but a athe time. You know, God has a plan andthings like that and I can see how that can be a comfort it could be, andsometimes I wish people could say I have a plan like. What's your plan,like you know, that's whare it comes through for me is I like I like to Iwant. I want to be the I don't like the idea of my life, not being in my o nControl Gyeah. I think that's something that people the cat is, I see, yeah yeah, sorry got another find but yeah. I Ithink that I think, having understanding that you can have thatkind of control, 'cause, sometimes a lot of those kidsepecially. Those young ones might not think they have any control ECAUSEC.When you're in sixth grade yeah, you feel like you have no control yourBeholdi, your parents and yourjourism your peers. That's what controlled me. A lot waslike worrying, so much whateveryone else thougit. So I I've told the storybefore, but my guidance counterr. When I was nine years old, Um told myparents you're, going to have a problem with amy caus she'd. Do Anything tomake anybody happy she's, a terrible like the worst kind of people pleaseher ' like, and I did end up being that person, but I am proud of that too.It's like my curse, but it's also my superpower yeah. I I I'E I've beenthere a lot of people think that that's why a lot of people getting the standup like I did 'cause r ultimate people please her profession is, I want to saysomething and make an a tire room of...

...people. Laughang like mean Ta thathappy yeah, an that's H, t', that's what what it turned into as it stoppedbeing. I want people to like me and it was just I want to make people happy. I I wasn't I we were falkingAutomi. I wasn't in town for the shooting that happened down inthe Oregon distric a peppers I wa I was. I was out of town Um, but I was on. I was on the life with dawnlast night and we were talking with him a an Kevin ruper about what happened, and it's just. It was one of thosewhere you know wil. These was open the nextnight edid Sunday comics I was there. I went to the Vegil and I was at Wiley's.First like hanging out N 'cause. I couldn't figure out why everyone was atWiley's itaslike they're. Like we're doing the show I was like wow, you, AUknowwat, intere yeah, it's a and even this past Sunday Todm was telling methey had to open up the back curtain for Awit was just everyone been packingit out. That's amazing, a I think. Dayton needs that nthing and you know,and this this is not a shot at funny bone, but it's easier too it's easier to go to while he's on aWim Tas funny, but just 'cause, it's cheaper Rightyeah, but I I went down to the Oregondistrict. When I got back in town and Um, like things were, I mean, like peoplewere at the restaurants and at the bars of course, there was a crowd of peopleout in e front of Neds, but and so like the Orgon just wasnt alive, but youcould tell that, like there was a sunk in er there's I it's a fog. You can feel it, I felt it during thevigil, it's just like it's like it almost takes your breathaway. I don't like it, but I don't like myplace feeling like that. That's home it is, I told, Dawn. I've only lived herefor four or five years, and you know I didn't realize how much thistown meant to me. I know til. This happened Wa. I hate that it tooksomething like this for me to realize how much I loved Dayton but same here.Actually I mean that I wrote that new song and it's like the people have madethis home. For me, I never like home used to bespringfield. Home is no longer springfield, home astatond like andit's only been a year and a half, and I feel that way. So it's it's the peopleand you're you're the first person I've hadon since this happened. We so we had my friend Haley Hale Madison on last week,but we recorded that well ahead of time. Leor went down and Halin ended up being.She works in Ned peppers and she was there when it happened, and you know I'm so thankful that she's, ok, but Ithink back to the interview we did with her and she talked about how much sheloves being a bar tender down there, because she gets to she's ONS birthender. She knows all of her customer she's friends with all of them andloves the stories they tell. So from that. It's that's the reason she loves being a bar tenderis the reason why I love doing stand up or, like you lovedoing. Music is because you get to have those experiences, make thoseconnections right after what happened. I think I thinknow those connections, I think mean more than anything else, because that'show you work on getting back to some semblance of Ghtnow Yeah binsout, a rough solber. I tell meabout it: you're literally in the one spot. The tornadoes didn't wipe, Hollitdown here and then up there like. I avoided both workd four days before that we had theKK XHUND ARS yeah. That happened I mean, like you, got a plan for the worst thanover. The best, but you PUTTG, nickels...

...and dimes to it it's like well, I was Iwas working at the new station. The night of the emorial days tornadoes I kind of blamed myself a little bit. Iwas. It was my first time working a Monday and the two guys I was workedwith were relatively new and they were s what's it like when they wereternadoes go down here and I was like well, you know it can be a littleintense and I was like you know weren't that time here we haven't had one yetusually by now, we've had a bunge we're a little past Du orn four hours later we Jamie Simpsondoesn't cut in and it doesn't stop and I was like well. This is my fault. UT IS G, I'm glad glad yeah Yo glad tthis Erea got passed over literay. That straight behind me. I I mean that'swhere all those apartments are that are they're gone and then over here the Svi, the Wendy'sjust open, which still don't go it's worse than it was before nothing to dowith a tornado but ithat's a Datein restaurant. Like I don't order fastfood pizza, nothing in this neighborhood it all. I don't know whatthey do, but they manage to mess it upsom. I can't go to anywhere fast foodand Dayton datingheadering, whatever it's all low terrible. I shouldn't be eating fast food, but Iknow I got off work at midnight and Su Iwoul just I just really want to make chicken so awe wan to make Checa. Let me think you so much absolutely Um. Where all can the people find youonline find your stuff likeso piano Aj one is my insdagram. That's my new one.I'm trying to like do my teaching one and then Miss Amy James is my you knowmy show amy, but a D, my name's feled weird. So it's aim. Ee Cause Haw to beFrench. My parents had to be fancy, but I means loved, I'm a loved Oneso Yeah.Thank you and then Facebook, I'm always face. Bik Live Amy. Jamesi know Ialways go face. Fi glive! It's so much fin like people freak out when they'reon and it's like so much fun to read. While I'm playing 'cause, I'm like songs, I've all played before so, but Iam starting to write some new stuff and I've got to get these songs out of here.Like thit gotta happen. Whenever you get 'em, you know. Let me know we'll share him. What the People Shm atthe Pappal of five people, onf e Andone, my mom, W O as coding a termit who was,I love, Jos, and I just had like a love fast yesterday. Like I love you so muchand I like now, I love you like she and I are like. Oh my God, she's we we metMycell Etn, we met when I did. I did the fireworks competition e Sameigtthis year. Oh my God, I met her on JEM city. She was on our first episode. Shewas the best like I was laughing so hard to her Co. Yeah it'ust been awhile I about that. I know, and we just we just we we linked up onfacebookand like she she was on. She was our first guest on this show and ejust she's 's, like became like an overnight super fan of all my shit andI'm just Kindo WHA. On that. I love you so much soy amazing. She shoutet Tejoute make diment. She walked into my house and my mom was there. She came meto record and she goes youre make mom. You do not look old Oug to have athirty year old son of Lwas, like you're, my new favorite comedian Nday,and I lovehim so much thike. My favorite was my favorite was: was ajessie nut, but now it's you and is I se too? I love home either of herfavorites. For me, I'm sure you're ut there. No, I love Jodi and I I love all theDayon comics shout out to Kaven Rubert and Scotty Maze and for Kevin Roper. Oh,my God, I swear he's just he is so special in a good way, not a bad way.

Muchgrat talent think ink so guys make sure check out all amystuff online wherever you coand, find it Yo nowt look out for music yeah lkter is musing. Can't wait to hear the final product on the dating song. Woulnafford toe thank yea, Um and then yeah that'll. Do it for us this time aroundguys, thanks to AMIS were coming on. The show wll be back again next weekwith the brand new one and until then H, you know get up and go do something. Don't KnowoWi.

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