The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 2 · 3 years ago

"Get You a Gravity Blanket" with Aimee James - EP #2


On this week's episode of 'The Basement Lounge' musician Aimee James talks about living in a haunted house, using music to overcome tragedy, and how her divorce was the happiest day of her life.



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...and shuts off and then the like the lights started flickering. Yeah, my dad's like, Oh, amy, you're like psycho, like take some medication, like yeah, take some beds, like, because that's you're crazy. And Yeah, there was something going on. But just the other night I'm laying there, I rolled over and the door opened and then it just closed and it was so weird, like they're no air flow, there's nothing like it's and I think it's just that whatever it is is okay with me. I think I bring peace to whatever this is, but I think when other people come here it kind of stirs it up a little bit. So you welcome, Sha Welcome. Mentioning earlier. You don't think whatever's here likes guys? Yeah, I do. I really don't think because my my next husband left immediately after we moved in here, the thing had it out for my brother. Like it's just kind of weird. Like whenever there's a guy here in my house, kind of flips out for a few days. So then they're having anything bad at rapping your boyfriend when he's over? Um, not yet, but like it gets scary. Like he even admitted he's like wow, this is kind of Freaky, like being here at nights terrifying and she goes nut. It's the cat goes crazy, but that's normal. So, but she kind of she sees things that I don't see and you know, I think it's Kats in general that definitely they're super I used to be. I used to be this is a long time. Used to be a practicing wiccan and really, Oh yeah, cool, about seven years. Wow, it's part of it was. I was race Catholic and I was in that ultimate rebuilt the same time. Like, at the end of the day, I'm a little too skeptical for religion in general, right, yeah, but that was the one that I probably connected because even race Catholic, I was always just kind of like yeah, wicken stuff. I was like I could get into that. That's kind of cool. Yeah, Mike Shay, the WICCAN. Yeah, I like it. You got a new movie. I did right. So you were, you're a musician. Am I am. You play piano? I do, saying I do. You play neither instruments. I used to be a drummer and a Marimba player. I actually auditioned at Miami on percussion. I did. Yeah, I suck now, like my drummer in my old band could tell you. I suck, but but I used to be good, like I was a definitely a cool Marimba a little chick. What was the what was the inspiration for, like, what was the thing that first made you just go gravitate towards like the piano, the piano. So I don't know how many people have heard the story, but my mom was I was four years old. My mom was taking piano and she started playing this little clock song and I sat down after she got up and I just started playing it and I don't know, but they're like well, crap, now we gotta get her piano lessons. So like yeah, literally, but I could literally hear things and just play them, which is pretty cool, and that's how I make a majority of my money up the crown is like people just hold their phones up to my ear and I can play whatever I'm hearing usually. So I hate that. I have yet to see you play at the crown. Oh, all, the Gore a lot. Yeah, whenever I feel like spending way too Muay, too much funny. The view, I mean like the view is amazing. Yeah, but I've never been there when you're every time I see you there I'm like, I was there the day before. Amy Missed it. I don't go off as much anymore. I'm super busy. But yeah, I'm about to start school, full time, work, full time, the show, the crown, teaching. Yeah, I love being busy. So, you see, you started picking stuff up, picking up on the pin stuff, at early a super yeah, and then was it something like just from the get go you were like this is what I want to do, or was it honestly, like growing up? I never I've told this story before, but my grandmother passed away when I was nine and so I was just a normal, like piano player up until there. I would say I was like pretty advanced, like for my for being a kid, like being able to hear stuff. But when she passed away I couldn't sleep. I had the flu...

...and I didn't get to say goodbye to her. At her funeral, I got sick, was walking to the casket, got sick. Other grandma like took me out and like took me home. So I was like awake for two weeks. I couldn't sleep. I was like I didn't get to say goodbye. and One night I have this dream all my dead relatives are in this cabin and they're all shimmering white and my grandma says, come here, and I hop on her lap and she says I need you to go to sleep. I'm okay, like you don't have to worry about me anymore. And I don't know what it was, but I woke up and the next morning I started hearing songs in my head, and so I wrote my first song at nine years old and I've been writing ever since. So that's when I like when I started writing, that's when I knew that, you know, this is what I want to do. But I didn't play for ten years. Like I don't think a lot of people really is that. This is my comeback. Like I didn't play for almost ten years. Yeah, I quit college. I was blackmailed in college about my I I came out with an album is about a lying, cheating, abusive boyfriend, and so after I was going to start releasing those songs, people are like started threatening me and I just was like, I'm done. I left school. I got really sick and I left school and I stopped playing for from like two thousand and ten to like last year. Oh Wow, yeah, so that's like you would definitely not would have been the first person ever to write music. Taylor Swift, like when? Right, we get I mean just in general, I mean songs about songs and albums about bad breakups and relationships have been around since the invention of music, right. I mean that's what they're all about. Those, yeah, right, even as a kid, grown up, I was like mom, where all the songs on the radio about love? Right? It was like, I don't know, yeah, but that's just that's that's yeah, when that was this like in Ohio, like this is at Miami Universally University. That's yeah, Ohio is such a the state in general, but especially this part of Ohio, was such a music arts, hmmm, focused part of the country. Oh yeah, these girls were like you'd make a better stripper. You suck like they were. They ripped into me, like destroyed everything I posted on Youtube, like like just commented, I mean smeared it, like it was terrible and I couldn't take it, like it was. This was my heart on my sleeve, like putting myself out there, and I was like I'm done, this is not my life. I'm never doing music again. Like so my husband left and I was like, you know what effort, I'm doing this, like I'm coming back and we're going to get to that. Oh God, it's just that. That's just it blows my mind because against two thousand and ten, you know, we were definitely into those to that era where, like youtube have been around for a bit. It was my space, like I was right after my space, like I had posted myself up. I say, Oh, Hey, Tom yea, yeah, remember, because my space was the place to be if, oh, yeah, or in a band. It really was actually like nowadays there's like fifteen options. Yeah, soundcloud, spotify, whatever. Did you still have any of those old songs? I'm actually re releasing all of them. Are you really am? Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah, I have one called sleeping beauty. That's like I just played for my friend the other day and she's like, why don't you send these somewhere? So, yeah, well, nowadays you can. You can do so much independently on your own with so bad at band camp, which they're not a sponsor, but I am a friend. We were. I ran an Indie label for about ten years and then we did everything through band camp, and that's awesome. REVERB nation, when that was a thing. Do you remember the Oh my God, I can't even think of it. Reason. Yeah, that's what I used to write on volume. Oh my God, all those freaking what do they call patches? And I know you'll...

...give my hat to APP a t shirt. I know that's cool that you're that you're going to be really rereleasing those. Yeah, I think people will really like a lot of them. So that's really cool. Yeah, so you you are. You are a piano teacher. I am. You're here, Josh Finish lesson. Yes, what made you want to get into like like take it to that level? That's a whole other it's a different avenue. And you know, I went to school for Music Education. I was super passionate about it. Then my senior year it's like it hits you like wow, I'm going to make like no money for what I'm doing and literally shout out to all my friends who are out there on the marching Manfield this week, like foot band camp, like I love Y'all, but I could not do it. So but, yeah, I was in music education. Actually going back to finish my last nine or ten classes of this music degree. That's what you're doing. Try to school what I'm doing. Yeah, I'm just finishing my general adds. It's in Clair and then I'm back to Miami for a semester. So get that degree. I'm will. I always thought my wedding da would be the happy stay in my life. F that it's going to be my graduation day. So, Oh and maybe the second it might be my divorced A. Look, sometimes you just got a call spade. It's right, right, it's been almost tears. I'm ready for this. So how the how's the teaching thing when I freaking love? Sorry, I mean your off track, but I don't love. I love true tracked and one of our own is like one of my top students. So yeah, Smith SHOUDOWS gonna be back on here eventually. Big, old big will not even big don a lot of weight divorce was great for your health, apparently. Oh my God, it is. Actually, maybe not the mental part, but well, that that part of don is already got. Yeah, he was telling me that, and I wish she had told me that before, because we did the roast of Andrew. Yeah, and your medicitis a couple weeks ago, and I wish he had told me before the roast. He was doing piano. Let's Oh my God. Yeah, I'm glad that didn't come out. Actually, he told me like the night of afort was over and I was yeah, I could have written so many more jokes about you. I'm surprised we talk about on the life radio either. I was like I wanted to talk about it, but I don't know. He's I think he's killing it, though. You were telling me he's really doing well. Like just bring it, bring a keyboard or something in a while. He's one. Yeah, just call his ass up on stage. Yeah, you really should, honestly. I mean I would embarrass the hell out of him, but I think be awesome, be so much fun. Yeah, he's actually picking out like I'm so proud of them. He bought other books. He's like, I want to play these songs. I'm like, bring them, we will play them. So that's so cool. Yeah, that's great. And so and you teach all ages. I teach literally from four two to ninety nine, like and if you're a hundred and five, bring it on. Yeah, that's really cool. Yeah, so we also know we know each other initially from working on Jim city tonight. Yes, you are the muse. What the music? M Music Trector? Yeah, I guess that's what you'd call me. Your you're the you're the the pall to his right. You're the the other ones. You're the John Baptista to his cold bear right. Favorite. Has that been? Has that experience been? Honestly, I've met the most amazing people I have ever come across in my entire life. I feel insanely blessed. So that's I you know, I am one of the writers, writers. I'm one of the guys which try to throw jokes together for him to tell his monolog right. So I'll get to be like on the set. Is often and you, but you're there for every taping. I am. It's exhausting. I was there for one that was just like, I gotta they do this all the time. Yeah, and I'm in the corner, the freaking corner all the time,... hey, anybody want to tell me what the Hell's going on? Like I never know. So, like play the music. I know it's like we're on a commercial break. I need at least ten seconds like figure out what's going on. So, but I'm the only female, like unless Cathy is on set, then it's just little old me. That's me. But you know, you need a Badass chick to you do you ta gonna gotta hold? I think so I keep everybody's ass in my low I'm looking to chew. You had a band. At one point. I had a band. I did. It's no longer. They're still my close close from Yes oh my God. Yeah, the story there. Oh my God, they're just it was. It's time consuming, like, and you know my drummer, like he likes to party. I love him to death, but like, if, if he's not making money, then like he better be spending it party. But yeah, no, I'm kidding. I Love Adam. I've known Adam since college. He and I were in the marching band. Oh Yeah, so at Miami University. But he's from Green and Oh green and like green in high school. You're like out in the stick. Yeah, and I'm from Shawnee, so out in the sticks as well, the other part, yeah, the less sticky part of the stick. But yeah, so what what did you do in marching band? And marching band? I was in the pit up front, play in that Marimba. You were in that Marimba for sticks. Yeah, it was hard on my hands too. So, yeah, I'm picturing you in the uniform right now. It was cute. Shut up. No, it was awful. But and sweaty. Yeah, well, hard gass. Yeah, I played bass. I just sit in the corner and Oh yeah, I played bass in high school. It's fun. I taught myself because I was I took every music class and literally the last semester I had English and the rest was music. And so I was in freshman band as a senior and I was like, I'm bored, I'm going to buy a bass and like play bass, and they're like, all right, most of us that's start bas like wease, we teach ourselves how to play at home. We're all terrible. Oh my God, Jeff though, my my bass player in the band, Oh my God, Best Bass player hands down, I have ever met. My Day life freaking phenomenal. Like he and I will still jam. It's so funny. He'll come over and his wife is super sweet and he's just sitting in Jam and he writes like Horror Music, like horror movie music. It's so awesome and I'll be like playing all this creepy piano stuff and it's a lot of fun. Yeah, you should seriosely hit him up. Jeff is awesome. So and it's funny you. You are just a you are just a ball of bright energy. Thank you. Just so bubbly, I know. And and after a long day of teaching piano on a Wednesday, Yep, most people would just be sitting here just kind of Oh yeah, I worked eight hours to a a PSICH office. Yes, so work at a psych office. Is that where you? That's where you that's right, day job. Yeah, so for eight hours, eight and a half hours, I am in an office, I'm checking in people and yeah, it's it's just great work while I'm trying to go back to school and like it's kind of chill. But I'm a cosmologist as well. I don't know if you knew that either. If one job, mixologist. Looking, I've done so many things. I was a daycare teacher, like it was an act prep tout. Oh my God, you know what I did at act? I fell asleep on purpose. Literally No. I had my scholarship to Miami and like you still take D act. I'm like fine, whatever I should take in the SAT. No one filled me in on that little clue because I'm like an English person. But so I get in there and English writing, all that goes fine. We get to math, I'm like, no idea whatever, and then I get to science and it's all about these turtles and I'm just like you know what, CCCC, all the way done. Taken a nap. I literally took a nap. I turned it in in like five minutes and they're everyone's looking at me and I just fell asleep. I looked like a genius, but really little. We're a little. Did they know?...

I just did not care. So where I went to school down south, they put no emphasis on the act. It was all sank. So when I moved up here and they're like we need an act tutor, I was like I never look an act. Yeah, so part of my interview was I had to sit down and spend will they take in a dam A. Soh really was not ready for that. I basically didn't take it. So I still got a twenty three, I think, which got me into Miami. So whatever, I didn't care. Looking back on it's like me, I should take an act at the better on the act than I did on then sa too. Right, I think I should switch, but I don't know. I just the math and science, like whatever. Let the people of the world do that, like I'm just gonna do it that. When I had that tutoring job, I became really good friends with my boss and he and I and are still friends to this day. He taught me so many tricks about that test that I never would have picked up on on my own. Oh my God, like man, if I knew back in high school, when I know now, what a crew you would have been. And Harvard's all right, uh, Huh, Huh. My little brother, my little brother, he is starting at Kent State. He this weekend. Yeah, I know people going up there tomorrow. Oh, for like zoology, and I'm like, I zoo. He's fremed. He's so smart. He's got to be careme out. If he's zoology. He wants to do, wants to be, like wants to be like a biology like he wants to work with animals. Oh Wow, that he's super into that kind of thing. You know, we need people like that. Yeah, we really do. Yeah, we joke about him a lot because we call him sheldon because he he's way too smart and he knows it. Yeah, and so there's sometimes where he's like well, actually, you know the real way it's like, shut up, nobody cares. You know, we're watching the avengers, you know, and actually, that wouldn't I don't care. I can't do the literal stuff. I just want to watch iron man, to fake Danus, just just just shut up, go sitting here room and play video games. Oh my God, yeah, he's going up. He's going up this Saturday. They said full right, which is me and my two other brothers who were sitting here drowning in debt, just like, Oh my God, am I know? I know the failing. I'm still paying for cosmology school. So, yeah, did that. Did you? I went to a Veda. Did you really? Yeah, it was an interesting experience. It was. It was after I'd gotten out of college and was working at Walmart and was like I need something else. Yeah, what's something I could learn how to do? That would be give me a better career uppers, like I'd cut hair right. Yeah, well, it's a great living, like it's bound in your back, though, and school was really not fun for me. Yeah, I was twenty five and two hundred and thirty pounds and like, I don't know if a lot of people know that, but you've been on the hell of of a fitness journey. I really have been, and it's been all that. Where did that kind of start for you? So, in college I was like a hundred ten pounds, like Super Fit, like and then now, I don't know if anyone even knows this, but in college I was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and I started taking the medications and I all of a sudden, I started taking the meds, I like balloons, like I gained sixty pounds and three months. It was almost seventy pounds and three months, and the doctors like this is not the meds, this is something else, and I'm like no, it's the meds, and I'm like, you know, struggling internally. Do I take this crap or do I not? And it came out later that I had polycystical Varian Syndrome. But by the time we figured it out, I'd gained a hundred and twenty pounds and lost a lot of my hair, which I still struggle with and I'm always crying about my hair. But yeah, and I lived the last decade, or like two hundred and some pounds at least, could constantly trying to lose it, never succeeding. Last year I decided to try weightlifting because of doctor said that you could possibly reverse the effects of the disease if by weightlifting. So I tried it and I'm down eighty pounds and I'm still trying to lose the rest. But, like, I'm just...

I'm a woman. I know I'm always and look on the mirror and be like I hate this part about me, but at this point I'm just like you can take it or leave it, because I'm I'm okay in my skin, like I may not love every piece of me, but I don't have to, but I love most me. So like I feel so much better, I feel empowered, and now I'm just like, you know, trying to tell other women like try weightlifting, like I know it's been like cardio. You know, the chicks blong and cardio. No, I belong lifting forty pounds domb bells with the dudes, like bring me on, I love it. So Scotty has one. Yeah, I'm like, I could kick his ass. I love you, Scotty Dude. Just like if it's heavy, wants to lift it. Me Too. Yes, you moving that fridge on my God dead arm. Oh Man, has anyone ever seen me on JEM city to night? I'm get my piano, bitches, like offered. I offered. He look, no, I got it. I was like, Oh damn, woman. Ever, like I got the stand in the speaker at the piano. I'm like ring it, looking around in your heels. I was just like a heel. Do you want some? I do not. Yeah, look good for you, though. That's that's that's tough. Yeah, I get attest to it. It's it really is. My Psychiatrist Day, my doctor both just kind of like the just do something like and I'm like hey, but my couch is so comfy. Right, I know, but like I got addicted to it. Be and not addicted in like an unhealthy way, but like it helped my mental health so much that I was actually off of medication. For a long time. Yeah, like I started back on recently, but only because I'm just like, I think the effects of working out so much are starting to diminish a little bit, because I work out so hard all the time that like it's just hard to stay balanced. Yeah, I am, and that's why I, like my old trainer, will tell you like your fitness does, your journey does not look like an l like just like straight sideways. It's literally like this like a wave. You're going to do really well and then a plateau and do really well on Plateau and like that's just kind of like I'm trying to push pash that plateau right now. So, but I do love fitness. I love working out, I love feeling strong, like it's nice. I have found it because I started going to the gym. Finally. Yeah, go three times a week. I'm not going this way. I just got back from a week of camping and hiking where I was averaging like five miles a day. Oh my God. So my legs right now are kind of like, dude, yeah, don't give it a minute, a minute. Days are important too. They are. I need a rest week. Yeah, because I was sick. I was checking out my phone. There was a there's one day in particularly I walk nine miles. Wow, that's awesome. I didn't notice it at the time. Yeah, but it was one of those was like I woke up the next morning, which is kind of like, let me get out of my let me get off my air mattress, right, and I'm on the floor's gonna let here for a little bit. Didn't notice that yesterday, but here it is. Right, it's exactly. Yeah, I've spent three hours in my car after leg day. I know about all about. I know. I like to tell myself every day's leg they because my legs have to carry my three hundred and seventy pounds. My goodness, stop, every days like day. Every day is like day, but now, like this sucks. Yeah, I know, I love leg day, but I don't know, I think weird. I think it's just because I'm still new. But yeah, I have found that on the days where I do go, I do feel better. Yeah, by the like absolutely. Do you sleep better? Well, there's other things preventing that working. Yeah, between between restless like syndrome and sleep at me right, catch you a gravity blanket. I want one. So by it changed my entire life. I just bought a whole bunch of I got back from from camping Saturday and was like, okay, my pillows are gross, because they are. I had him in the woods for three days, right my blant. I was like, I'm just gonna get new bed stuff. I've been yet for a while. I got one of those memory phone pillows with the GEL yeah, school one, Oh so good. I got all new sheet,...'s brand new comforter, and I got one of those two inch memory from Gel battress stoppers. Yeah, Oh, it's so hard to get out of bed because it's so kind of funny. Oh my God, but yeah, you will die with a gravity blanket. It is amazing, especially for restless lakes. Really absolutely. That's why. Yeah, they use them for a lot of restless like patients, like all sorts of things, and it is so heavy. I bought the twenty pound one because I'm like we're going bigger, going home, like seriously, it's twenty pounds. Like right now I'm relying solely on my anti depressens because they make me drowsy. I take them right before okay, these will all eventually fall asleep. No, the blanket helps so much like and I'm a mover, in a wiggler at night, like so I literally I wake up on the same spot and I'm like wow, just really help I wake up. I move so much when I was asleep. I wake up and there's one pillow over there, ones ever. Oh, yeah, like it's on that side. I'm sprawled. Yeah, man, my boyfriend, like I'm pretty sure we'd be fine, but the sleeping situation, like he can that. He like it's like get on your side. It's like gonna cut me if it's it's you little one. From I know I'm a coddler. I can't help it. My myddle, my girlfriend in college, she weighed about a hundred pounds. So con yeah, she's little tiny thing. Yeah, I was, you know, still big, but not as big as I am now. But I'd wake up and she'd have taken over the entire bed. I'm just like, I'm like in that crack between the bed and the walls, kind of like how how did this happen? And then you try to move her and she won't move on House. So she wakes up and I'm asleep in the arm chairs, like you couldn't move me. I was like no, now, I couldn't drive. We're stubborn set. No, I know. And he can't sleep off anyone's touching her him or if anyone's moving, like he really Oh, yeah, he's. He is a specific sleeper. That's weird. No, I thought weird. No, but like I and I'm such a coddler. So I'm like hey, babe, like, look at we godd likely just watched the episode of friends about other day. I don't know, I've never seen friends really. I've seen like at like when it's on here, and they're like, I'll watch a half second of it, but I was not a friends person. My Mom's favorite shown. So, like I watched it all with her when I was growing up. Yeah, now whenever she comes home for lunch every day, she works like right at the corner from the House. Yeah, she comes all and tbs just has a marathon of it on. Why? Yet it makes me laugh. But now, looking at it with two thousand and nineteen eyes, I'm like all objectively terrible people. Right, I would agree. I mean I don't know him that well, but the way the way they act, like me, grant it was the s, but me and people said the same thing about the office like that, I wouldn't have made it like and today's like world and I love the office like I cry, I laugh, like it's the best show in the world in parks and rack. Oh my God, part we don't deserve Partson, no, we don't. That's a show I ever because I watched the first season when it first aired and I didn't like the first season. Yeah, yeah, and so I never, I'd never watched it again. Yeah, and then after it wrapped I went back and rewatched it on Netflix and I was like man, what if I've been missing? Yeah, Oh, Ma, because she's in two to the end. I'm like this is Ron Swans on Swanson. You know, Ken says he looks like Andrew. Looks like he's going to grow into Ron Swanton. Oh, I believe that a hundred percent. I thought that was so funny. I like that a hundred could see that. Actually, we make fun of my uncle. My uncle's a big it guy. He works on me, works as a civilian on right on right pad air force base and all that, and anytime we go we were taking my brother my cousin are both starting college this year. We're taking them computer shopping every time we go to a store or those guys can we can't help you guys anything. I'm UNC will be like no, I got it. I'm like, you're on Swanson and Lowe's going. I know more than you, Ron Swanson, you cannot beat like you just can't know. And I love Nick Offerman because they're basically they're both. They're the same person I know and it's it makes me so him and Megan, like I just...

...think they're a horrible I know, that episode where they're like ripping their clothes off like that is the most that is TV gold, like all the dammy episodes of the I know they're my favorite. I love their sling TV commercials. Oh my God, Samie's, I haven't I don't have to actual TV. They I work. I watched to uh TV, but I don't have anything. You're fine, trust me, like anten of that dad got me, because all you needn't even need that. I don't have time for TV. It's exactly I just don't like. They have a commercial where they're they're selling sling TV. Is Basically if you have Internet you can watch like basic gable. Yeah, it's them selling sling TV. But they're like this weird biker couple and they're still they're slingers. Oh my God. So they keep having these conversations. It sound like they're inviting couples to come swing with them. Oh my God, Yes, when it come sling with us. And so they come over and it's just watching TV, but it's like super dirty. Oh my God, like the producer come on, like wet. We told you, guys, you can't say stuff like that on camera. I love them so great. Their Goals Hashtag goals, big time. They really are. Yeah, so you, you, you and your current boyfriend. Yeah, how did you guys meet? It's so embarrassing. That's the exactly why I asked, tender, are you serious? I'm serious. He was the only normal person I've met on tender. Serious, normal by tender standard, normal by any stand and stand literally like this is terrifying. But I got beaten up in my own house basically by a tender date, like I'm not getting. I'm telling you, this house is not like men like curtly. There's a reason that some things happened here. Is House to not gole with men like. I mean, this house is a mess. I don't know, this house was a wreck like the days after that. So, but yeah, he didn't. He just like I was awful, like I should have called the police and I decided not to. And the best part is that after it was over, I like blocked him. Obviously, this is like a first date. Yeah, and like attacked me in my front entry a way when he took me home and like when stopped. Like I'm telling you, I'm just going to be honest, ladies, it's like rip him trying to rip my clothes off, and I'm like no, I'm not. Like no, this is not happening. I'm not this kind of a person. And so he messages me after I've blocked him and he's like Hey, I'm sorry, I was so aggressive. I was just trying to make sure you were the good girl you claimed to be. Oh Bull Yeah, so I blocked him again and he found me on instagram and like sent me a instagram message and he goes, you're the one missing out, sweetheart, like he was psycho. Like that's all I had. For a year, I dated a lawyer who like to dress up like a woman, like I like, it's just no, but like it was just been dating as a nightmare. It is. It sucks. It is the worst thing I've ever had to do in my life. I'm not a fan. I'm not either, like being in the actual relationship. Oh, that's great. Yeah, the process, the climbing up the ladder, right, it's not fun. No, not at all, and I'm telling you like you would not believe the people I met. I had one guy tell me that my music sucked, and then, like, I don't know if anyone knew about the drama from the show. I shouldn't probably bring that up, but like the guitar player we had first, right, I dated him, did you really? I did. And then he like was on set and he would like he was belittling me so badly. He told me I didn't deserve music scholarship. Like he would put me down so badly that I couldn't take it anymore. So I fired from the show, fired him and I broke up with him. And then I got he sent me. He's like, I'm sending you right now, I'm sending you invoices from our dates, like I want paid back for everything we did. No, I'm not kidding you, like these are the people that I did it until I met kid. So but yeah, Ken is awesome, like I've never had anyone treat me like this before, so he's great. So, yeah, he makes me happy. And you know, neither of us are in some like giant rush, like I've...

...not even divorced yet, let's be honest. So make them still. I just filed on Friday for the first like, I did the paperwork so many times. They sent it back three times. He won't sign. so He's in Arizona. He like skip states. Like Oh, yeah, he's not okay, but he's just not a mentally there. I shouldn't probably like out him like that, but you haven't said his name, so it's wow, it's right, but now I feel badly for him. So, but him leaving was the best thing that ever happened to me, and sometimes it's sad, but it is. We sent a long time together and I was a happy marriage and I had no idea who's leaving. But I was like all for two weeks I laid around and cried. I'm like, how am I ever going to move on? And then like that week to hit and I was like, Holy Shit, I can do whatever I want, like I can literally move the furniture and I can like, Oh my God, and I started flipping out. So get on dating APPS. I was on like five at a time. I was like, yeah, they're all the same people, but Oh, yeah, right, Oh yeah, okay, cupid. Yeah, bumble, gender and bubble, and then you match on the same people and it's all the same garbage, like, oh my God, there's plenty of fish, which is the bottom of the garbage back alley. The dating APPs were I know that's what's people are like pee. I'm on pof I'm like, yeah, it's a pos get off in there, please. I didn't even do it because I knew better. Good, I didn't. I didn't. I'm trying to. I went on the worst dates you could ever. I got my job at the crown on the worst date ever. Really, I did. I got ill. That's time. I got the job drunk, please. I have never been drunk and gotten a job. But I went up there with the lawyer and I was playing with the with the lawyer that likes the cross dress. Yeah, whatever he likes to do. He likes to a lot different things, but he um, we went up there and the day he's just like he told me. I was a narcissist because I could get up and play piano in front of people and I enjoyed that. But I think he was just stuck in his own a little bit. But okay, right, right. But so I started playing and I made forty bucks and ten minutes, like I was just a drunk patron and people thought I was like, and I'm talking to the crowd. I like you also always dressed to the nine, so you probably looked like you were supposed to be. I probably did. I had like a pretty black dress on and it was, you know, even just now, you you were like, so is this? You're like, okay, so is itter. You give me something on cameras, audio. Okay, cool, I don't have to wory about getting dressed up. I can slum and I'm not. This was slumming it. This is you slumming it to pay a picture folks for hair. Looks Nice, beautiful black dress. He's got her heels on. I was expecting to come over to sweats. Nope, you know, like not even matching sweats, like like like a pink, like a pink sweatshirt and Lime Green Pants. Nope, crocs got I don't know, crocs cross. Yeah, so you, you, you have. I love fashion, which is it's a dart you would leave. My sister would get along very I love art like and to me it's a literally what I'm wearing every day. I try to make it artistic, like I shot it good. Well, that's the only place I go. I I shop like little places online, like I'll get extremely weird pieces or something and wish. Do you know? I'm not a wish person, but no, I don't need some jacked up we've like me, but I want to do math to convert what the size and wait for eight years for it today. He no, but I have a actually my spare bedroom that's super haunted is my dressing room. So I have like a legitimate like store. It's like a store type clothing rack, and I love to like pick pieces, like shirts and pants and like things that wouldn't normally go together and I love to make outfits...

...and it's Super Fun for me and people are sometimes mean about it. They're like, Oh, y'Ah, already, like what do you ever look like in jeans? Like well, I I like damn good. I really don't like jeans. So how much it just let me wear one all want to war like it's got nothing to do and I don't dress for anyone else. That's what annoys me so bad. Is like people say, Oh, you just dress for attention. Actually, I wore this because I freaking like this dress, like it makes me feel good and I like it. So I don't know why people say that stuff to me, but a lot of those people, I think, are just so wrapped up in their own bullshit of they wish they could do that and or then do it like there's something I'm who am I like? I'm nobody. I just like to do it. So my closet on the left side, all Tshirts, ninety percent of them black. On the right side some random mismatch of fucking polo shirts. There were all my dad's from me for over the years that you know that after you passed away, mom was like you need some new shirts. You Have Your Dad's Polos. Yeah, Oh God, thanks mom, because they're all I mean they all fit, but it's like this one's bright orange, is one's bright Greens, right blue, this one's gets. So I have and then I just whatever I wear. I just wear this plaid button down over top of it to make it look like I attempted super s yeah, it's I used to do that. Oh, absolutely well, this is this is the I'm fat and I know what I look like like. We big guys, we look better in layers. Yeah, put us in layers and we look fantastic. But if I'm just walking out to the tea shirt and jeans, yeah, Hey, you're funny. I would walk around a just teashirt and jeans. E. There's something right there with you. But you're Lena a lot of my sister. My sister, she she wants to go into fashion and costume design especially. She's got notebooks full of things. was but she's one of those she plans for the next day's outfit the night before. Oh Yeah, cross like tomorrow was her first day of school. How does school? She is sixteen. Oh my gosh, killing me. That's a rough age. My baby sister, yea, is now sixteen and that is I'm already having a hard time dealing with being thirty right. But she plans out her outfits a day ahead of time. Yeah, it is a process. It is painful for everybody in the house because because while she's if she's frustrated everybody right she's sixteen exactly. We're all that way. I'm not sixteen, but she's not so much as she's like, I don't like a diva. Yeah, she's not a tom boy, but she's also not a girly girl. She's just kind of walking that line in the middle. Well, that's funny. You say that because you know I'm a tomboy. Well, yeah, I don't know if anyone really knows too with Scotty may makes the gym. But no, like, if you ever saw me throw a football, it's disgusting, like, like I can literally throw a football at that just as far as any guy I've ever been on a date with in the last year. I don't know what that says about them so much, but it says a lot for me. So that's all your said. You're a you are a multi faceted human being. I am so weird. I mean, I come in here and there's what looks like a camouflage xbox three. Oh Yeah, that's fun, a gift from the X, but I used to kick ass and NBA live, like like when tournaments and stuff. Tomboy candles every yeah, I know it. I told you. It's just you are you are a versatile amalgamation of people, but that also makes you so uniquely you. Thank you. I appreciate that important thing, I think. Thank you. Also, these lambs are fantastic. Thank you. I don't use them, they don't turn on, but they look cute. And the glasses I'm drinking water out of. It's the color pattern of the rain makes it look like I'm drinking wine. Right, you're not. I'm not. I'm not a wine fan. I love wine, but I'm not drinking it. Mead, which is honey wine. Yeah, I love Plumb One port. That's a lot of Ken. Will caddle with me if he has sport. We went to Myers to get it in this lady goes, oh, honey, don't you be drinking much of that? He'll have you, and I was like MMM, yes, I'll have some. How much, you...

...bow much. But he drinks that port and he gets all sweet and like Nice. I'm like, I'm buying this for I'm gonna put this in your apple juice, like that's it's good, because I think everybody needs to figure out. I think everybody, depending on what they drink, will put them in a different kind of mood. Right. That's good to know, like what the menu is. Get Right. If I'm feeling like this, I need to drink this right, like me. If I'm in a bad mood, I need straight whiskey. Oh God, I know I can't. I went shot for shot with my neighbors in college, ten shots in ten minutes, and I a lmost died. So I don't drink whisky. So I'm like, you know, when you throw up something so much, they're like, never again. Let's Tequila, Tequila and vodka. I'm allergic to Tequila, even though mind doesn't leave me. I'm allergic to it. Good. I like to say I'm in an abusive relationship with Tequila to c because it does terrible things to me. I leave and I swear I'll never come back, and then it says please come back with my guy again, and I come back and I'm like it'll never happen again. Yeah, and then it happens again and I'm like maybe it's my fault, I don't know. No, they we're from the patron. Same with the same with vodka. Any any bad. Any time I've ever had vodka's never ended well. Yeah, and then and Yeager, Oh God, my brother's The yeager guy pass the one time I had, the first time I ever had yeager, I was working at a radio station and the DJ I was with was getting married that weekend. So we were all doing shots at the bar. Yeah, and I was. I was also like nineteen. I wasn't on the I never drank before. Yeah, so my first time drinking alcohol was this shot a straight yeager and later that night I'm in the bathroom just just we're Alpha are rout. My mom comes in the room and she's like are you okay, and I was like no, not really, and she goes, you didn't eat that tuna that was in the fridge. It was like yeah, she goes with the tune. It was been that been there a little while, is probably not good, and I was like yeah, that's totally what it was. That plus the shot of yeager. You don't know that. I saved you. Yeah, but it was one of those was just like because of that, I can never it's just that's it takes me back to. We all have that one thing that like so I can get food poisoning at a restaurant, you can never go back. Yeah, PUZZOLI's. I was like twelve years I love is all he's now. But like, I threw it up in like sixth grade and I didn't drink eat until like twenty five. And that was sonic. Oh my God, my, where I lived down south there was sonics everywhere. Yeah, I think it's like one. Yep, but we had a hot dog eating contest and Hound and I won. Yeah, I'd eat seven footlong sonic hot dogs cold. I didn't eat. I didn't eat hot dogs period. Love. Owe anything from sonic again for years. Yeah, I could do it. No, it's a nightmare worst. So, so you're going back to school. I am to finish the music degree. Sham your your kicking ass at the gem city tonight. You recording new music. You're using old music. Yep, what's? Because I think I think most most just creative types have some kind of like they've got that climbing Mount Everest thing trying to do. Like, what's what's like? The One? Oh, that's easy. One Gold as you want to hit. That's easy. I wrote a song called when Lady Gaga sings my song and the words are so amazing. The song is killer. I mean, I'm just saying it because of the song is the Best Song I've ever written, and it's all about being bullied and overcoming it, just like she did. Because I don't know if a lot of people I know people know, but they actually made a facebook group about her and said you'll never be famous like which I don't need to be famous like Lady Gaga, but my ultimate goal is for some day for her to hear this song and I want to go on Allen Show, like I freaking want to go on Allen show.

So I'm going to make this video for the song and someone offered like to like talk to someone at mask. For me, it's about like literally some of the words, like the end, I'm like say, for those of you with scars and cut sing it proud, I wrote this for us because, like it's the people that have been knocked down and kicked down and called the called weird and fat, and there's a whole section in the song where I'm like first I'm too fat, now I'm too thin, I'll never win. Like you know, like it sucks being a female and it sucks being the Weirdo, and I was the Weirdo. I was that weird girl that heard music in her head and I don't know, they can call me weird, but I think the weird girl is going to win, like I think I'm going to come out on top, and to me, on top isn't necessarily like I beat everyone, but it's I'm happy and I'm successful and my music is being heard and my music is being appreciated, so that's wonderful. Yeah, I really I just my heart aches for these kids. I wake up, you know, every few weeks and I hear about, Oh, a sixth graders killed himself, like yeah, I can't take it anymore, like I have to make a song for these kids that were just like me, that are different, and I just want them to know that, like it does get better and there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Like it's bad enough that we live in, you know, with recent events that were people are having their lives taken from them, right, but to have somebody that young with R who doesn't know, there's no idea how about it gets, like how bad it sometimes. We even just like how or how good it can get, how good it can get absolutely or they're stuck in their darkness. They don't see and they don't see a way out right and like life is all about. Like it gets dark, but you need that darkness to appreciate when you come through the light. So like, absolutely no. There's a line in my new song, the Lady Gaga Song, to see the light, I needed the rain. So and I did. And that's been my entire life. Like I there are some things I wish I've been through a lot of trauma. There's some things I wish I never had to see or go through, but at the same time, I wouldn't take it back for anything because it shaped me and it made me who I am, and I'm a loving, caring human being who wants the best for everyone. So those bad things are meant to happen to make me this person. So it stucks to think about something. You know, I'm not a particularly religious person, but you're right. So time. You know, God has a plan. Things like that right, and I can see how that can be a comfort for some people. Could Be, and sometimes I wish people could say I have a plan, like what's your plan? Like? You know, that's where it comes to for me. Is I liked. I like to I want the I want to be, though I don't like the idea of my life not being in my own control, right. Yeah, and I think that's something that people the cat is maybe it's right now, high sweet. Yeah, she must be a part of the show. Yeah, sorry, but another you're fine. But yeah, I think that. I think having understanding that you can have that kind of control, because when I sometimes a lot of those kids, but those young ones, might not think they have any control, especially when you're in sixth grade. Yeah, you feel like you have no control. You're beholding to your parents and your teachers and your peers, peers. Yeah, that's what controlled me a lot. was like wearing so much what everyone else thought. So I've told the story before, but my guidance counselor when I was nine years old, told my parents you're gonna have a problem with amy because she do anything to make anybody happy. She's a terrible like, the worst kind of people pleaser, like. And I did end up being that person, but I am proud of that too. It's like my curse, but it's also my superpower. Yeah, I I've been there. A lot of people think that. That's why a lot of people get in the stand up like I did, because, yeah, the ultimate people pleaser profession is I want to say something and make an a tire room of people laughing, like me, make...

...them happy. Yeah, and that's but that's that's what it turned into. Is it stopped being I want people to like me, and it was just I want to make people happy. Right, I wasn't. I we were talking off the MIC. I wasn't in town for the shooting that happened down in the Oregon district at Nett peppers. I was. I was. I was out of town. Yeah, but I was on. I was on the life with dawn last night and we were talking with him and Kevin Rupert about what happened. Yeah, because, and it's just it was one of those where you know why these was open the next night. Right, it's Sunday comics. Is Those there? Were you there? I went to the vigil and I was at Wiley's first, like hanging out because I couldn't figure out why everyone was at Wiley'sse like they're like we're doing the show. Is like, wow, you you know what did it? Yeah, it's and and even this past Sunday don was telling me they had to open up the back curtain for wow, it was just everyone's been packing it out. That's amazing and I think Dayton you needs that. I agree. And you know, and this is this is not a shot at funny bone, but it's easier to it's easier to go to while he's on a whim. Right, funny, but just because it's cheaper, right. You know, it's yeah, but I went down to the Oregon district when I got back in town and like things were, I mean like people were at the restaurants and at the bars and yeah, of course there was a crowd of people out in front of Ned's, but and so you, like, the Oregon just was the live. But you could tell that like there was a funk in the air. There's a it's a fog. Yeah, you can feel it. I felt it during the vigil. It's just like it's like it almost takes your breath away and I don't like it, but I don't like my place feeling like that. That's home. Yeah, it is. I told Donnie, I've only lived here for four or five years and, you know, I didn't realize how much this town meant to me, I know, till this happened. Like and I hate that it took something like this for me to realize how much I loved Dayton, but same here actually. I mean that's I wrote that new song and it's like the people have made this home for me like I never like home used to be springfield. Home is no longer springfield. Home is Dayton like, and it's only been a year and a half and I feel that way. So it's it's the people and you're you're the first person I've had on since this happened. We so we had my friend Haley, Haley Madison, on last week, but we recorded that well ahead of time before it went down, and Haley ended up being she works at Ned peppers and she was there when it happened and you know, I'm so thankful that she's okay. Yeah, but I think back to the interview we did with her and she talked about how much she loves being a bartender down there because she gets to she's wants bartender. She knows all of her customer right, she's friends with all of them and she loves the stories they tell. And so from that it's like that's the reason she loves being a bartender. Is The reason why I love doing stand up or like you love doing music, is because you get to have those experiences with people, make those connections right and after what happened, I think. I think now those connections, I think mean more than anything else because, yeah, that's how you work on getting back to some semblance of normalcy. Right. We all need as much normal as we can get these days right now. Yeah, diagen's had a rough summer day. I tell me about it. You're literally in the one spot the tornadoes didn't wipe out, like the shot down here and then up there, like I avoided both she's for four days before that we had the KKK rally and a thousand dollars on. Yeah, that happened. I mean like you got a plan for the worst, know for the best, but you put nickels and dimes to it. It's like,...

...oh well, right, I was. I was was working at the new station the night of the Memorial Day tornadoes. Yeah, I kinda blame myself a little bit. I was were. It was my first time. We're going to Monday and the two guys I was work with relatively new and they're kind of like, what's it like when there were tornadoes? Go down here, and I was like, well, you know, it's can be a little intense. I was like, yeah, where that time here, we haven't had one yet. Usually by now we've had a bunch of we're a little past do yeah, for four hours later we Jamie Simpson does a cut in and doesn't stop and I was like, Oh, this is my fault. Wow, but it's glad. I'm glad. You glad you, yeah, you glad. This ere you got passed over. Literally that straight behind me. Is that? I mean that's where all those apartments are. That are they're gone. And then over here the Cev at the Wendy's just open, which still don't go. It's even worse than it was before. Nothing to do with the Tornado, but it's a date Wendy thing. That's a Dayton restaurant. Like I don't order fast food, a Pieza, nothing in this neighborhood. It all. I don't know what they do, but they managed to mess it up. So I can't go to anywhere fast food and Dayton, Dayton, kettering, whatever. It's all garning, slow, terrible. It's just I shouldn't be getting fast food, but I know. Look, I got off work at midnight and sorry, I would just I just really want to make chicken sometimes really want to make chicken or some right. Well, Amy, thank you so much. Thanks for having me. My God, absolutely, we're all. Can the people find you online? Find your stuff, like pull your shit, plug my shit. So, Piano Aj one is my instagram. That's my new one. I'm trying to like do my teaching one. And then Miss Amy James is my you know, my show a me. Yeah, but and my name is spelled weird. So it's aim e because how to be French. My parents had to be fancy, but it means loved. I'm a loved one. So yeah, thank you. And then facebook. I'm always facebook live, Amy James, yes, you are. I know. I always go facebook live. It's so much fun. Like people freak out when they're on and it's like so much fun to read while I'm playing, because I'm gonna like, yeah, songs I've all played before. So, but I am starting to write some new stuff and I've got to get these songs out of here, like like gotta happen. Whenever you get them up, you know, let me know. I will. We'll share them with the people's share them with the papals. Five, you other to listening right now? Hey, I love five, people, one of them me and one of those my mom. One of my mom jody with Dermott, who I I love, Joe. She's so much and I just had like a love fast yesterday, like I love you so much and I like, no, I love you, like she and I are like, Oh my God, she's We met, my soul sister. We met when I did I did the fireworks competition. Yeah, on the same night as really this year. Yeah, Oh my God, I met her on Gem city. She was on our first episode. Oh well, she was the best, like I was laughing so hard to her jokes. Yeah, it's been a while. If yeah, about out that, I know. And then we just we just should we looked up on facebook and like she was on. She was our first guest on this show and just she's it's like became like an overnight super fan of all my shit and I'm just kind of love it. I love you so much, jody. Amazing. She shout out to jody mcdarmott. She walked into my house and my mom was there. She came to record and she goes, you're Mike's mom. You do not look old of to have a thirty year old son. I'm almost like you're my new favorite comedian and day. I love you so much it's like my favorite was my favorite was was Jesse nut, but now it's you, and I was like, I'm not seeing nut, I just see to I love how neither of her favorites or me. Oh, I'm sure you're up there. No, I love jody and I I love all the day in comic shout out to Kevin Ruper and Scotty May's and for Kevin Rooper, Oh my God, I love that boy. I swear he's just he is so special, and in a good way, not a...

...bad way. There's so much great talent and I know and that includes you. Oh, thank you, thinks. So, guys, make sure go check out all of amy stuff online where we can find it, you know, look out for music. Yeah, I look out for some music. Can't wait to hear the final product on the Dayton song. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing that. Thank you. And then, yeah, that'll do it for us this time around. Guys. Thanks to amy for coming on the show. Will be back again next week at the brand new one, and until then, you know, get up and go do something. I don't go lift, go lift don't skip like that.

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