The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 30 · 1 year ago

Talking 'Star Wars' with Savannah Webb - EP #30


Producer/Cosplayer Savannah Webb is back in the studio to talk about becoming a professional podcaster...and then we get really sweaty talking about 'Star Wars' and it's honestly pretty awesome.

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...and I think it's just going to be soamazingly free to just kind of just work on thisand Kinda run away with it. You know so is: Is there anything you can tell usabout or about what the show th show's going to be about Oare, you kind ofholding off on that for right, Noweren, a lot of it, because it's only a twelveepisode serious so every twist and turn we don't want to spoil it's a Scifinarrative, podcast, so you've got all those classic Scifi elements Um. Thepremise is sad in alternate nineteen eighties, where the nuclear war did gohot and the World Kindo did end, but all these elites have um pretty muchjoin this underground organization that has put them into Cryo sleep, sothey'll be safeor when it's time to come back out and rebuild humanity, sothey're down there with Walt Disney's head yeahwpretty much so it follows the maintenance crew,like scrappy maintenance, crew that maintains the spunker and they kindofuncover different secrets and things. This reminds me of an you're you'reyou're, an RPG person, so you m talking about there was a. There was a a d sixformat table top called shadow run. Yeah I've heard it I've heard of that.It was very combination of like Cybepung, an fantasy where it wasposapocalyptic and you were kind of mixing the you know the fantasy of likeyou know there were ogres and orks and LS, and all that and also there's thisweird cybertech world with you know hackers and, and it was like the MatrixMeat Flor of the rings kind of thing. It's not that fantasy. It definitely isSidebi but yeah ar since really taken. I I've, given him completefreedom to do whatever. That was one of our agreements. 'cause, I'm a pushyolder sister sometime one of the original agreements with this. I willdo this, but I get to write whatever I want like. I like the story go for itand the crazy thing is: there's a major plot in it. There's a major plot twistto the whole story. I didn't even know it was a thing until I read the scriptlike three weeks ago, Ono a little bit longer, maybe like a month ago, butlike that's, how like close, like how much I've just been like Harrison. Youjust be in your corner and do what you do Ni to it's, not my it's not my areaof specialty like I want to do the editing. I want to do the sound designlike that's what I'm really excited for all that post production work that Iget to do and he's really just kindo went with it and he probably told melike what the plot twist was, and I completely just forgot about it waslike you know. I don't need to know this. That's fun. I Dodn't even knowthat he's just like rambling on D, I'm like okay cool, it sounds awesome. Ican't Wai, I don't care what you do. You're you're going to do somethingawesome. How big of a cast are we talking about? We have nine cast members fe the most part, sowe have three maincast three supporting and three kind of guests cast, but Ithink there's a few more smaller gues roles. On top of that nowyou guys 'ca. I do one of these as well. Are you guysdoing it where you're all getting together and recording together o? Areyou just kind of recording everybody individually and R courting everythingTogetheryeah, so we're going to have some traditional kind of like recordingdays like you would like on a film grill and say we're GOINGTA BE UM in aste yeah. What I kind o like that, when you have the ability to do it, live tetape like that. It saves you so much time on post production. It will save alot of time on post production and just like organizing and getting everybodyto Kinda work things out. I don't think I'll have to go back to people so muchafterwards be like. Oh. I need this line a little bit shorter. It didn'treally work with this person's acting. So this way people can kind of act ofeach other a little bit better. It's re, it's really smart, too 'cause again, thatthat works. Not only does that, youknow save your time, but it gives everymoney that chance to play off each other's performances. Um.I remember Wan One saw the the photo realistic, animated Remak of the LionKing and Um. You could tell where certain voice actors didn't recordtogether and certain ones did like Tamonand Poon Bu. You could tellsethrogn and Bil like er recorded together and had this timing back andforth, whereas like doned, glover and biance, that part was missing andsounded like they had recorded separately and been splice together.Having having your cast and crew come in and and record together. Like that,that's I think that's a great way to do it and I think it's really good forjust group morale as well. Everybod, just kindo didn't listend to everybodyelse's Um sessions and just kindo geing... work together instead of Um remotework, and we do have one of our cast numbers who has done a lot of voiceoverwork and he has his own at home. Studio O wel like we could make thatwork, but I just didn't want to do that. I wanted everybody to kind of come outfor the weekend and record everything we eat or accord justsiti around a campfire and and and hold microphones and Rostmarshmellows and Hen Recorde pod cast about Scifi in the end of the World Maiheat some food. It sounds like a lot of fun. thow. Youguys are working on putting together a kick starter for this. It's a long, procket process, there's alot that goes into that. I think we've redone the budget like three more timesin the past month. It's just like you kind offorget about things and you're making sure you don't miss anything because Idon't want any surprises later I mean we'll, probably miss something, buthopefully it's because we overbudget it and not underbudget en nows. Whatyou're looking for things like like studio space or what? What kind ofstuff are you lookingto? A lot of it's quipment costs and pain, peoplea,really important thing from the beginning? Is We wanted to be able topay people for the your artist people come on Hayour per artists. We havesomewe've, had some wonderful people come out and just volunteer and help usout with certain little things: Wut, that's for a few hours and buy Hem food,that's Nice! But if someone's going to be out for hours and hours, I want t atleast pay them something. So a lot of our budgets going to pain,people and m some updated a quite minutes, wo orrsplay with whathy Ay m. So yeah. I that's one of the thingsUm that I saw. I saw a COMEC te other day onfacebook, and it was this guy talking an n artist and Het's like oh you'rea,rofessional artist, you're, never going to make any money doing that by the waygoing to have your art for Free Adi know absolutely crazy. I I've had, youknow, graphic work done for this show and some voice thin was like I alwayslike l pay. Can I buy a lunch like yeah me? You know, even if people saythey'll, do it for free or they've already done it like. You can at leastsure your gratitude n no way. Thank you now, at least here's there's a greatthis new APP called like. I think it's just called like the coffee, APPyeahand. People can just like send you like five bucks for a cup of CoffeeYeah, and it's also like a general artist kind of donation, thing too. Soif you just have people that kind of fallow your work and you work on a lotof different projects, that's a really good option for some people, yeah itit's KINDOF like an alternative to Patriom or Patrions, a monthly thing,and it's you know it. It's reward base ris, but the coffee thing is more justkind of like I'm a fan of you. Here's five bucks which Yo ow everybody WANL,send me five bucks, that's great ithink twitch works kind of the sameway, a little bit too ineiwhi wo Kindof push some money towards people thatyou're enjoying I haven't done a whole lot with switch. I just started playing elder scrollsonline for the first time and I'm loving it it's fantastic um as ucesssomebody who wasn't a fan of skyroom b. You know it's it's it's an easysomething to just get lost in for a couple of hours on a day off M, so Idon't know which we game heryore. I I like the idea of it, but I'm alwayslike distracted in the back of my mind, usually the only game that I play minecraft t like relax. I've had a long week. I will be behind my computer fora few hours just playing mine craft like binchplane, because it's justrelaxing I get to build a I get to pretend I can aflorida house and murder some creatures and things likethat, but it's just kind of like soothing for the most pr n, the musicand everything, and it's just kind of weird that you g t to like sit thereand like watch a fake sunset or something but like Noi, get on get homefrom work. I throw on Holoo on the T V and I just pull up mine craft, and Ijust I just you know, build things for fora coup I have. I did get mybrother's old P S. three I've been meanings of play, Um Dragon Age, it'sthe farthest. I've ever got in completing a video game, completinglike a story based video game. I've never actually done that. ECAUSE Super, I'm super disappointed myself. I'venever been able to like get all the way through. Like I 'cause, usually, I'veplayed like games like animal crossing and mind crash where it's just kindolike you choose when you're done sins or um cities like city skyline, I mean,I guess I' beat Save. Does that urwhy not, but I've never like played like a storybase game where IAVE Gote to the end 'cause, I don't know I just Kinda hit awall where I just kinda stopped doing it at a certain plane. So back to backto the back to the show back to colds, called cold store, storage Y- and youguys are on facebook right now and...

...twittering insdegreobinsigram andtwitter. Yes, wer. Can he find guys they can find us um on baseball,gageits, cold storage, podcast in Sogram? It's at cold storage, pod andinstagram is at cold storage pied guest, so they can fall. You along interactwith you, get announcements and then kickstarter is getting ready to launch.Yes, it'll be ready to launch in the next few week or two okay, two two orthree weeks, maybe yeah. How much ar you guys look in to raise you USD tifin wise in the places finalizing a little it but the so. What we're doingis we're trying to find half of our show so we're trying to find sixepisodes. GETSIX episode start and we're going to put the stretch golsdown for the remainding remainder six episodes. So it's going to be around thirteenthousand dollars holh. We want to be able to pay everybody I'lbe able to pay her O C, I'm going to have to take time off work, Fera Mon,so yeah now talking about work, so you also are a professional uh producer with corvus Crorvosadia wejust. I just filedall those business documents in October. Officially a company now look at you,you were talking about it last time you were here, youwere doing a lot of stufffreelance, and you were talking about going legit and you're there yeah, it'sso weird, and I didn't even use it like up until Li e about a month ago, like Ijust got my business bank account like two weeks ago, so 'cause there's just like a weirdtransition. Like I'm still one person but I'm switching over to like legitcompany Satus and it's US kind of a weird like middle area, where it's likeI', still have the same rount of clients like. I can't do this yet, butI picked up a new client where I was like okay now I need to make the changeand switchever Sounso brosses Bomlok, weird weare, since the beginning,though, because I started podcasting with solike, I sarted P, I started listeningto potcass and then within six months I had a podcast and then, within sixmonths of that I was being paid to edit other people's bod guests and then now,like two and a half years later from that first pod Gass, I listened to, Iknow how a podcasting company, so it's very weird, are you? Are you? Are yougoing to be able to do this full time? Are you still going to be working likeon the side? I I enjoy doing other things, so Ithink that's a factor, but I think I'll be able to give up waitressing stillgood for you, sometine aow be ine. I'll. Also keep doing my I irun murder, mystery events and Dandstill so I get paid to do that. Oh Kiddi Soi want to get paid to be a nerdand come on. I just started hosting a Trivian night up in hillyard onTuesdays, which is Thathas, been fun, getting paid to be a Dork. This isgreat. I don't know half these questions either, but ive got theanswers in front of me so Ilookmhm it doesn't matter if you erehewone towrite them or anything you're. The one saying the out loud, obviously, you'reyou're, the King of all nerds cornete room and t have timethy'rethy'rethey're all paying for their wings and their beer. I'M NOT UM. Yes, yeah! That's I remember when,when you, when you launched the face of Pageo, I was like good for her, likethat's. Just you're live in the dream, you'regetting paid to do what I do for free in in abasement an and ' that's just socool it's! It's really cool yeah! It's and it's fun, bringing people into pidecasting and kind of like more of a business kind of area. So I mean it'sfun getting to do the just general, like any interview kind of POKCASS, but it'sinteresting actually like trying to work with existing companies andbuilding badguasts for them, and things like that, so yeah, and so so. You're main. The main thing you do is is theaudiosider like s, the editing and th cutting out allthe UMS and aotechnician work, editing a little bitof the social media and then all of the hosting and stuff 'cause. A lot ofpeople don't want to deal with that, and so you just go to them and say justrecord the show and I'll take care of everything else just be here. At this time. Wilee'llshow up and we'll record this and then within aSud amount of time you will have a Bod Gast I've, always I've always kind ofentertained. The idea of Um like buying like a studio space and and setting it up s something akinto like what datv has, but you know...

...more more just spacs people to work with and that people like Pav for, like amonthly membership to just come in and just use the SPAC 'vetalkingabout thatforever like. We just need a hadecasting kind of coop. You know youpay Oten bucks a month and you get accessto the room and there's there's there's edit bays and and- and you know, vobsand just you know, cut down on some software prasaint too. Probably nokidding O everybody chipped in ten bucks a month to could afford a fullsuet of a dobe which ain't great. The Jam currently painme too at's yeah, andI love it and I'm like man. This is costing money, but man I can't go backafter this t was just audition 'cause. That's all I neededfor work, and then I I took out another job um a contracting job last yeararound this time and they hired me to do some video work aswell, and I was like O ma. I had to pay for the whole suite now n, so I Ibought it for a year and I was like I'm still like paying that hi highermonthly cost and I'm like now, I'm like okay, but now I like all of these O, Ineed to glow at all, like I just ended a PDF. Oh it's great, and I was likewhat I can just rewrite this PDF. This is awsome. I've been I've been 'cause.The film I made last year was the first thing I'd ever done on Premieriad justgotten the Swi, I'm splitting it with a friend of mine from work, and I hadjust gotten premier and I was like I'm going to learn how to use premiere onthis film and it was so easy to learn and I had so much fun with it and thenI've been using audition and then like. I don't have to reachout to people tomake my graphics anymore, like I've been learning how to use Photosho I'vebeen practising making PRA, I'm very bad at it, but I no ask you Hel. Do youknow how I do like the little m lower third stuff like I can't I haven'tfigure out how to make those like move or anything. Yet wheld you see like ona newscas. I've been PRA 'cause. We we tried doing for dead Serios for the thescripted show. I'm on we tried doing a a panel with the main cast and I wastrying to do lower thirds with everybody as they came on and I'mgetting there. They look rough as far I haven't figured out theanimation sid of it yet either, but as far as jus making them work and granted,I was using this through o Bs so k. i was doing thelso I'm getting there M,that's at's, I'm still right now, just havingfun with like I can make stuff transparent and you know but I'mhavingfun with it. It's it's it's a lear. I learned a little bit of it in college,but it's been so long. It definitely takes a lot of plane around. But whenyou figure something out, it's kindo awesome. It's a lot of. I want to dothis specific thing. Let me go to utube and find a video of somebody doing itshowing me how to do it and then try to remember my my cheat is Um Camba. IWont I won't even mess with the Debe. Sometimes SOS, like I've got fiveminutes I'll, just use CANVA, it's fun, it's fine! It works so NAC. I've got acouple of those. I've got videoleap on my phone for Ani ed to addas something on the go or I I went ahead and paid the two ninety nine amonth for for memadic makeher APP, but I can make like Gra. I can make stufffor instagram really quick on the go and then it's Jeres, no water, ind,just uploading s is Ust, O Easy Wan. You can just automatically one butt in you're already a bloodedlike done. I don't like paying for for stupid shit like that. But look I havea decent job I can afford. I can afford two bucks a month API at a certainpoint. You just are like yeah. This is worth the money, I'm saving time. I'msiing myself, a headache. It's fun, I'm fine! I can live with two bucks, anmoney Um, so you are a massive star wars, Pan Holy Crap n massive and wedress up in a costume and love therado. Her EADS yeah sat's me so whys. This kyWalker happened. It did I havlen how you feel I on that Um. I only saw ittwice, which isn't a lot I feel like. I might watch Hem I'L, definitely watchit when it comes out, um on Disney, plus or DVD or whatever happens first,but I just I don't know I feel like I to see ussit away from it for a while and just let it seep in it's a lot of process.It was a lot of movie. One of my main comments was I mean I guess it's like.I guess it's bad to think this, even as a star Wars Fan, but I don't think itshould have been a trilogy. That was a lot of information. They could havedone two movies with it. I I now I, unlike most people I actuallyenjoyed the last jet. I I I thought it was actually pretty good. It wasdifferent. It definitely it was definitely morechallenging for people to watch. Some people just waned, their star wors it was it was it was. It wasa UM. It was star wars with like an artoristake on it. You know like it wasn't it...

...wasn't a movie that was made to fit inwith the rest of Star Wars. It was definitely Ryan, Johnson's own, take Um,and I like Rinanjohnson but Um. My thing was after watching the rise ofskywalker. I realized just how little of the overall story,the last jet, I actually told mlike. If you look at it as like, you've gotthree parts to atrilogy. Each part needs to tell about a third of thestory and it felt like in the Grand Scu of things the last jet I told likemaybe one percen, a Cese only takes place with the cours like a day, maybelike two or three days, yeah. No, I mean I I'm getting my dates. All mixed up. 'cause, I usually know all, but ofcourse, tey changed it. I sorry can I have a miny rat for aminute Oky, so star, wars's timeline used to be aby,bb y after the battle of Yavin before the battle of theovend cool. That's howWCIPEDIA set up everything's good. Then they changed it to the battle of endor.Like recently within, like the past, like three years, okay, 'cause we'rethere. Now I mean I mean we are there at thispoint. We are after the B it was actually Ath. I think it was actuallyafter when Disney bought it when Disney bought. I and like switched over thecannon. They switched it too, before the battle of vendor and after thebitle vendor, which means all the dates were just like three years off Ohsothey applied it Diata. They applied it to everythinges, Boucu man just thesemovie. No, they change the time system where like everything's written, but they did it again within the pastyear, they changed it t before the destruction of star killer base andafter the descret Arkillar Bates. So there are three different like waysthat time is 'cause. Like I'm anert, I like having my dates like W. I, like Iknow when that person was born like what year ind the Star War Ers like Ilike knowing those kind of things but like all the new dates that come outare thirty, three years off or something like that: 'cause At's, just ridiculous,especially now when you've got stuff like man Dalarean, which is, I think,it's like five years after Ta Battle of indoors and then You'e go seven. Wait!No, I'm messing up s. The slap tthis is what happens tough.I mean it's five years after the battle of Endoor, but it's four years afterthe B Battle of Jaco and it's Nobon, I no Ra battljack who falls at this point.'cause is Jakuzza year after the battle of indoors it really it is yeah. Itonly took them a year to pretty much wape out the MPIREBUT. I mean that's alot of clean up, because a lot of people are like. Oh, the battle ofendoor happened. Obviously, Everyong was ine, but then you're like notherewas a lot of other space fighting and then I ended with the battle. Objemean Hin. If you go to the on end of the old legends Canon, you know, yougot like the remnant forces that were there under the Undergrand, AdmiralThrawn, and so many people are tuning out of the show this and then you justjumpin and start on when people were born, like Ben Benum, Venzolo was bornaround the time of the battle of Ju like random facts and baby Yota. Whoknows, I no he's an average a hundred years oldy n? U I was fifty, I thought it was a hundred. No, it was ficty. Sorry, it was siftywhich leases him being born round the end of the clomewar yeah. No, thatwould have been before that or the clonwars yeah. It's. It's F T's fun messingaround with that Gysooh, my Gosh. I didn't see that m IIS, so cute runof,my mom's crochet it for ver Christmas. It's it's! I love it seein the LittleBuddy! Ah We're going to talk about it all! I love the Mandilorian, so damn much it's so good! I I likewhat they did with it. I think they made the transition a TV show. Well, Ithink I t, I think everybody just generallylikes it, because they're, like literally they didn't, do anything andlike Majorl, like no horb wit like it's just it's good for the first time in along time, we're getting something genuinely new, with starwars wereseeing a side of the Star Wars, Galaxy we've never seen. This is thefirst time we've seen a bathroom and star wars like people. Don't Reais isthe first time it was the first time we've seen people just like livingtheir lives. You know as opposed to being rebels versus imperials orseparate ticversus the republic, it's just regular schmos in in Star Wars. Well,the good thing slikenlike a movie where... have to decide to cut a tiny littlescenior or Tiaen there like more stuff and kind of stick around for a t, vshow and some more just like mundane stuff gets Thorn N. it's Nice! It's agood slower pace to take these stories at something that I was surprised byECAUSE. The episodes aren't long tr like forty minutes hops. They queeze alot of Stori into those forty minutes e good bout. It yeah they don't theydon't play around or waste a lot of time they just they just tell what theyneed. TOTFAST OIN, trying to like, like it, doesn't feel like like last Jed I, for example, or Um Rites, askywaler I mean like it just felt fast, there's just so much going on soquickly and then the T v show is just like a leisure, not at least rearly,stroll through star wars, but like Thos, you kind of get that feeling. Sometimeslike you had those those h bike. tropers joking around outside Tey, oneof the figntal ovisodes, one of the best moments of that show like Thatwa,something that Wou'd get be able to stay in a movie. That's Ha a good kiylike well, I don't know 'caus cause that episode was directed by TikawhitTeenin, so I was kind of like yeah th. When I saw at the end, like direct myTii td, I was like yeah. That makes sense an it's just like beg we come back to baseyet NA he's. He just killed a guy h. He see oe GuyYeah Yeah. I wouldn't go back. I would I would it there yeah tat'sthe. Onlyonly tyke could pull that off, although I did want to kill him when hepunched baby, Ota ow ter you they actually get to like experimentand play around with things a little bit more where people were the movies,get criticized for playing around too much and trying new things: o starwerpens, ore, finiky people. We are very kindof much which we w're talking aboutwith th, with the rise of skywalker thing you in rush. I think that kind ofgoes back to my point about the last jet. I'm not telling a lot of storybecause then JJ was like man. We got a lot of stuff to cover in this one movie.Now Hi e just rain him trying to recover, though hes like he didn't, getto tell his story. So he was just cramming that into he should have justdone the whole truog yeah ea, I loved Ranjohnson, but it just felt so jumpy,and I I mean I e I you probably did this. I watched the first two, the dayof foreseen, rline or Yor Cabo yeah, but I just felt Weir Yeahi Um. I T felt like jumping allaround and like somehow, even though so much happened, questions were notanswered at the same time yeah I I want to see more with Ray. I also am veryopen to Disney star wars like taking a break from continuing this story andjust and just telling some other stories, and they had a lot of pressureon them. I think finishing this up and I think it's very easy for people to belike. Oh, they ruined it, but we had such high expectations even higher thanlike the prequels. You know W. I think the prequals ere part of the reason whye extations, very so high yeah youv, got to do better than than okay gotto do better than sand, whichis pretty much why they made a best of for the Force Awakens. It was prettymuch with that and people most people like that, and some people-I don't let smark it was. It was definitely smart. Yeah got toreintroduce everybody to this post, a post empire world O we haven't been inthis is area Ol you've been watching like rebels and clomors. We haven'tbeen in this side of Star Wars in almost twenty years, so it it was. Itwas an easy transition, but I am so looking forward to Oban. I need it yeah now um is they canfigure out their script issues Um, I don't don't don't ruin thise, guys,they'Lt ruin this wormig. We begged and beg I was in Chicago when Umagregorcame out on stage. I was so happy he's come backs like yes, I'm playing Obianagain, and I was I was watching the live stream in in in the lobby of thehotel room, and I was cheering and everybody's looking at me, like I'mcrazy and, I said, go guys obmagreors coming back as Obean like five of thepeople. W were like wait. What seriously like everybody got in on it?Everybody loves you in tegregors. You know, you know the thing that is. Hecould really come back if we wanted to Redo the prequals because, like if youthink about it, vent's really old, he's aged a lot. In only years like you andMagreou could come back still ato the precod yeah, the Ma the man demanddoesn't. As I mean e, if you watch the frequels like Andhanlyportman, looks like NanliePortman in one two and three obiwan is the only one who actually looks like helike ages, one time, but it's still the...

...same act, some fabulous facial hair. I abeard FanItsnotnot, so much inclin orse, but in in Reveng th said that beard isFantasta Crettygate that weird mullet thing had going on. There was a lot ofproblem thereas. There is a lot of hairstyle and fashion choices and thebreak walves that are interesting. Fack of the clones is so bad. I don't Wan them. The TPROBLEM istheres, so many costtume option the Reallyar I'm going through trying tofigure out what I want to do: Costume, wise nect, Orsidewo, Dor soder as hot. They have a raycostume and e to do something different. Like I, the we have different people.We've a lot of people that dress up is rigt lowbally, so I'm just like o Wantotry something different, but I don't Kn wt what to do and I'm like, Oh well,Padmay has twenty million our AES in the PREWRL Tese. It was the WO's, theone that Um the PO was hitting on and RISA skywalker. Do you know what it probaby probablyshould have dedicated more time talking about her character, maybe really thatImportantt, maybe 'cause she was cool. I forget who played her too, but Um thathat was that was a cool getup itiscool is cool, get up that mayt be a good option that gets into one of myother problems with kind of the neutralogy. Is there's not a lot ofjust strong connective like character development? I feel like like the original tralogy, the trio was likethey' just had this amazinglie chemistry together and like Po Didn'Meet Ray until the very end of the second movie, like they didn't have anytime to like interact and play off each other or anything like that. Until thismovie remember when I saw the last jet I at the end he was like hi Unposi, I'mRiy, and I'm like what you tall, you guys have met, oh wait. No, theyhaven't n en for mats. That was an oversight and I am a big sucker forlike a good trio and lik serious, like it's very important to me, even withjust like cold storage, when we were doing rerites and stuff, we only hadlike two main cast pembers and then like. I guess they interacted with likethe AI computer a lot, but I was like it'd be really cool if there was likeanother person for these people to talk to and Harrison's like yeah of course,and it makes a world of DIFFERENC choseres more people like in that spacetheyre. Just like really just back together and Ma, I story 'cause, I lovePo. I know SSO good, O love. OSCERISIC and Finn. I felt like they started offstrong in force awakens and it's like with every movie. He just got more andmore unbearable. I think he kindo. He made character development and, bythe end of the movie, it's like they forgot about it and the next one.That's, I think, that'as one of mye been problems. I Lik he developed and ten like no, he just turned into he turned into the comic relief like inlast Jeteye, where he's running around naked in the in in the back te suit.Just and I'm like that, this s this and then and then they completely make hisentire sub blot pointless. When Hecanto bites up and I'm like cool Wai to Wa to use that character. There folkswait: okay, Sh that time, the guy who was the guy who was he front and centerand all the marketing for force of Waems he barely saw ray in any of thetrailers. It was all thin. I was like, oh so this is the main character andEah they're ing to mess with UCE, and I mean I guess it worked at e time, butlike it, Kinda just kindof, sidelined thim afterwards. Well e definitely islike four sensitive. That's what they e saying like. They didn't show that enough.Sall that telling US afterwards, but not showing it yea, it's like all theUm. I I have a BS, all the all the finpos UFF like dangle these capossibly queercharacters in front of you and then take them away right, because there'sjust a lot of like director stuff and like tweets and stuff that were likeofficial from like coming from uptop and ther are like Oh there's a littlebit of this, but it was like Al just cueer bating and I I I'm never one. I don't like Um necessarily going out like saying like.Oh it was this one person's problem, but but man can we get Kathln Kennedy? Let me let me let me follow that upwith this Kathleen Kannedy as a producer is, is second to none. If youlook at her produnction credits and the thing she's worked on her careerHollywood, she is amazing, but you can tell she just doesn't know or careabout star wars and having her in charge of everything when she's,basically just saying to her. It's like it's just so easy. Oh just make starwars movies, it's like no. There needs to be this like what made the strongestparts of the prequels and and the original trilogy was. There was an theywrote, an overlying story and cut Ino...

...the three parts, and with this one they didn't do it. Theyjust said you make your moving all right. You pick up after him. Alt Youpick up after him, its L e. It is Massy and jumpy Y. They needed to take a takea leaf from like the way you know the way marble does things is Kevin. Figgyhad this stories an er lock, he's he's Charlie Day in that mean from from it'salways lain in Philadelphia with all the yarn on all the Pan Sothin, it allmakes sens man trust me, that's that's what you need to do, the more you do that and connect thisuniverse. Like you bring in parts for like Mandalaurian, any new content, youmake it's inner locky and that's how it should feel e meny or at this universe.That's why I liked thema. Lauren too, was at the end. You have you. Have thistie in to Um to the s to TV shows with the darksabre, when I saw that I was like my Gosh, so Mabe Ota? I did not freak outthat much. I was like o ice e h that, as that was Moretosabr I was motin. Ikind of I was I'm really bond. I watched. I watched the first episode bymyself, but I watched um the following episodes with myboyfriend, who isn't the biggest Sarworst Fan not compared to me atLeastso, but then I was like. I can't wait. He's out of town I'm going towatch this final episode, 'cause. I I literally just made. I was like I'msorry, we watch T v shows together, but this is different. If I want to watchthis for me, I am going to watch it, but I wish I would ave wait it becauseI like I just saw like a hint of it and I was like. Oh my God. Oh my God, Iknow what that is, and I was like it'as on my feet. Like yelling at the TV Iwas like. Yes, I hav one other moment like that. One of the moment like thatwas when I was watching so low mall shows up at the e Yahe had thebroken inquisitor Light Sa and I was like they are finally tying the showsinto the SHA and and then everybody boycotted so low and we're ever goingto find out what the whole story behind that was, but I'm still just kinda likethey're trying an effort was made and and I'm I can't ecause 'cause, theDark Sabr is so embedded in mandelarian culture. So and it's also it's a blackLAC saver. It's it's really cool a black white saber. It's awesome, thenyou get into just kindo like back Youre Kindof like Oh. Can they get into somelike old republic stuff? Now, that's what I wyecause you want to see theJeteye at their height, like you, want to see that that's cool 'cause 'cause,the pregols wasn't the jet. I had their height. No, that was the Jeti hat theirworst ilike. The fall of Rome up the ded that was were just so high onthemselves and were just so sure everything was fine, that they' juststopped paying attention and I've been going back and replaying nights on theold republic. So it's so good man. It does as far as the graphics go does nothold up but UM. They were talking at one point becausethey were going to have Benny Offen wife from game o throne, doing oldrepublic trilogy was the rumor and then before after the FINANC S, F Iwas afterYeah H, h last season, it came it's it's andhat's comn for somebody WHO's, not even L, I'm not even I've, never actuallywatched before the final season. I never walked a full episode, a game ofRounds Um, I just it was one of those where I knew I would like it. I justnever got around to getting on it, but because I'm in such a heavy game ofthrone family, I was able to watch the final season and everything made sense.Um. I didn't have any questions ECAUSE. I was up onall the means and shit, butthe season was so bad. Just it was just generally objectively had story justfor a story perspective and like a TV perspective, it was just like what isait was rushed. There was there was that whole episode, where you justcouldn't see anything because the Cem and the guy was like my Seno matographywas fine, just turnd the brightness on your T v shouldn't have to shouldn't, have to no. No you work infilm. You make it look like it's dark without it being Dar rigt. That is abasic principal. It called shooting nightfor shooting day for night. That'snot a new concept. You don't have to you're, not inventingsomething new. It literally already exists, that's a thing M it's and thenYeah Storywi. I will say, though, one of the episodes, the the episode whereUm, where there the dragons, destroying thewhole fucking city Um and the editing between area running through the towntrying to get the safety and the Hound of the mountain fighting the editing onthat episode was Oscarworthy. It was some of the best editing I've ever seen.The television show creative, wise Um, but anyway they were going to have them.Do an older public trilogy, and I was... yes that please that t a thousandyears in the past and and and his what I keep saying n people are like. Oh,the nextrality, it's Goinnto be right. After nope, you gotta jump into thefuture. You got to go back to the past. Do not do anything right in thisimmediate 'cause. It is a giant sandbox. They get to work with o. It is amassive and there's so much lower already built into it like if they goto any planet. That's already been talked about. They GE acudo points. Ifthey bring up any kind of technology, that's already been used. They Gocodapoint, though, like literally there's so much, they can do Stoinj like makean enjoyable experience for starwars fans like it's. Not that hard we're,actually not that hard to. Please we're PICGINGO, but we're not that hard toplease just j g give us even like, if simply ends up goofy like there's likea creature or something that looks funny. Usually we find it adorable we get over it yeah we'll make fun ofit like people made fun of porgs for a long time, but now porks arer, whodoesn't want to pour everybody, wants o parkthat's scene where, where Che wascooking one, the other ones, loo scared, afraid everyone in that theatr thatimmediately was was just like. Oh Plus, O Kno, the porks look. They hadto work around the fact there was wildlife there pot ofents pives ofpafens. They had they had like like a week. They were allowed to shoot onthat island. Calmichael is not an easy environment. S shes O no or easy toaccess. My my family went to Ireland over thesummer and they got to go see it from a distance. It was just so cool. Ileni g wish. I could have gone yeah. They had.They had like a week to shoot on that island and they they made it work andyeah. They had to shoot around the POFFIN so boom. Here's a bird likealien. We Love T E it it's Star Wars. We Love Cte aliens, it's just yeah. Wewe love to hate the ewalks orhe walks dumb and pointless. Yes, do I want oneabsolutely should have been a planet of Wookies, possibly which you know oldlegend goes. That was the original plan. Think yeah. I think that was they justwant to make he a little cuter and CA F 'cause. It was supposed to be on cashikand the well, but there was all kinds of problems with production surroundingreturning Tho jet eye. 'cause George was like Don' want tomake this right now. I want to go. Do something else and Fox its like? No, no,we see dollar signs, you make. You Make Your Star Wars. He was like all right,fine, Thas, what you get, I'm I'm going to go. Do something else. Now, I'm Gonto go, make Howard te duck or something I don't know. Gothat happened, how erthe duck happened and we let it happen Um, but now we've got. We've got anolder public series of films in the works they're working on a casionandorseries for Disney, plus, which I'm I could be into yeah. Roinsucks already know he's going to die. You know, well only. I knew her. WeEnte that movie lwas go cool, it's Sto, going to be a cool shell, but like at acertain Plyn is like. Oh, the show ended now he's dead. It's it's a chanceto take another shot at the PREQAL era, because if you read Um di you don'tknow, if you ever read, catalist was the robe one prequal novel, I don't know if thedid ooit Wa, it wasbasically about how like Galen ORSO developed the Heeiertechnology for theDen Star and, like you know, when Gyn was first born and it's during Um likeit starts off during the end of the the separatist republic, the Clon wars andUm, you know cassing an into his family. They were separatists. You know hetalks about it in Roguan. How he's been in this flight since he was six yearsold, um? That's a cool chance to get another look at ther clone wars from a differentperspective, where it's not all shiny and Geni versus I versus droyds,basically Igota litte bit during the clonwars T v Shi any bad when you hadlike people being like, oh well, I'm a separatist and I'm sea fine, and thisis how I like it. It was just a political. It wasjust a political thing. Yeah. It was like literally like Oh my plan inseparatest, like that's how it is like that's. Why, like the problem I hadwith, we theprobl wit, the prequils was. It was all politics, it was badpolitics like it. Wasn't it wasn't en entertaining it wasn't challenging likeit wasn't like I mean now, ood it wasn't a bluff, it wasn't it wasn't, itwasn't a battle of ideals, it was just good versus evil and I was like well.No. I want to see like actual arguments like like logical, intelligentarguments. Like I e Deocrat, Biris Republican, I don't care which sideyou're on as long as you like can tell me why intelligently, don't tell meyou're a Republican, because you hate Democrats and tell me you're a Democratyeah. So I wan to hear like a sound, logical argument for why your Separatis,no, we got some of that clon also builds onto like who the maincharacters are fighting against and like kind of backs up like Oh thispersons, just naturally evil or bad. No,...

...they have different motivations andthey're trying to accomplish something and it kind of dies a little bit moreinto that kind of what the villain quote. Unquote is thinking and that'sunderstand that is inherently star. Wars like starwas, has always beenlightside n versus dark side, good versus evil, but I liked that itthereis some gray and an the movies don't always poke at that. Last jet, I didum,you know that's one of the things I really liked about Luke's character.was he and he was Kindo like not? None of them are really right orwrong. Like like t. A lot of bad stuff happened because the jetewas dogwalikethat's some of the best writing I've ever seen in start. I like he somany people hated that the're like this. ' My lpose to beall Goin O he's aperfect human there's, nothing wrong with thim, no he's a human he's, sly!Also it fes any satyoung young luke kind, a sucks, let's be honest, he's a little whiny o Luke is a lot better in the books thanhe is in the movies. You go back and read like the old cannon of like th,the one Ye had when you had the Jeto Temple, an char, the in Ti. No sorry, Iran. I have it's so funny thatbook, the sequel that Never Wos, thank God, Oh man, I did like. I did likethat that to get on the positive side, a one of thethings, I really likedabout Ri a Skywalker was that scene with young Lucan layatree. It was socool to see, and I also I really liked that you know life is what it is. They hadto work around, carry Fisher dying. Originally, nine was going to be mostlyher movie. They did a really good job working around that I feel like they did. The Maxi like they went right upto the line and didn't pass it like. They got just enough like stuff inthere, so it wasn't Weir, but they kindo stayed away from too much. So itwould feel weird in a different way. 'cause. I know they had 'C use, TB'cause, they hadn't even started filming when she died. They had to usebasically unused footes, fotage and, like you, can definitely there's partswhere Ar Kindaf like swhirls and you're. Like oh well, that's the back ofsomeone else's head, especially when she dies like that death scene was allStandin M, but they did it really goodas, really good. It was nicely doneand and here's the thing a and I a D I like Forsa wagens, I felt nothing whenHansolo died. Praly I felt I felt like it. Hadn't been earned. I needed atleast one more scene between him and Kaylowren, because the fact that that was thefirst scene, the two of them Interactin I needed to build up a development ofthe emotion kin, Harrison for it on the price that that was the problemthwewant killed off in thee original lake, but like even if you just had like'cause like there's a deleted scene where, where Ciloren goes on to theMilliam Falcon, when he finds it and is like exploring it and touching things,and he holds the dice and Hich by the way. When did the dice become a a majorthing? It's like somebody decided like at the purchase of like I, I don't knowwhen it like happened, but at some point someone was like you know weshould tie into every movie from now on the dice 'cause. I was like W. wheredid those? Even I don't remember those being a thing, an as G, if you go backand Wan th new hope, they're right there and I'm like okay cool, I kn, I'mthirty years old, I've been watching star war. Since I was a kid I've. Nevernoticed thou Tis, six, SOM random thing, a yeh. The dice are very, veryimportant, eethey incorporated into Solo. I think it was talked about alittle bit like the diceer like the winning dice. You won the ship with orsomething like. I think that was like a thing originally, but that wouldn'teven work with like the new hete. Wasn't that wouldn't work wit, the waythings aret because 'cause he steals at speedher and and Kyra just says: Ohhere who go, hangs them on the mirror and Al? Oh, so he just has those theydon't even they're, not even anything special. He just has them yeah, okay,whatever M, but I really liked Um that when lea died like like it affected, everyone 'cause like he's in the middleof that fight with with Ray, and it makes both of them pause. You know thinnotices. It like it makes everybody just go: Oh Shit, something justhappened and it it it kindo becomes the crucks in the movie and- and I reallylike that- I because we got to spend more time with lea so when she diedlike Eg. was s like no, I maybe it wascoming, but no oh yeah. They each ended up in the end,getting their own movie and dying in their mood. It's it's Kindaf, weird trying to bring back these old characters and, atthe same time establish this new cast.

So it was a weird balance at points. Ithink that's why some of the movies just felt so fast and crowded, becausethere 's, just so many they're, trying to B build these new characters up, butthey were also trying to maintain these ord characters and that's that's the thT's. The kind of the risk you take is like we want. We want to have the old t,the old cast, the old trioback and and have that that nastalgic factor andthat's great but they're all sixty years old, now you'regoing to be killing hem off. We've got to have somebody else to carry thisstory, and I thought I thought Daisy, riddly and ray was was a great choice.I really want to see more of that character. I love that she build herlight saghbor out of her staff. That made me so happy I was like yey andit's and it's like rustic and kind of half hazardly thrown together and s 'son hat's Yello yeah, one of the prosofiling, all the costuming groupsand stuff on Basebooks, like I'm in a bunch of ray groups and like lightsaberforms and stuff, is that immediately after people sees that something theyhave to build it. So in that new double double a double lated litsiver came outlike Wi, they won yeah within like a day. Someone had a prototypealready and they're like showing it off. There's a there's. A podcast calledStar Wars, explained Um, hosted by Alex Damon and his wife,Molli and she'sthre loves, doing rayhose plays and she had done a darkside Ray cosplay years ago, and so, when that popped up in the trailer, shewas like what what and so she ws Li e somebody mademe that swishplayed lifesaber now 'cause she just had the regular likedarth mall staffer, but when I say that the coseplace she put together matchedwhat was in the movie like like verbatum, it was almost creepy, it waslike. Did you have a credit on this movie in didn't? Tell anymoneythe thingis with Ra all the ray costumes is they're pretty much. They take elements from each other,they're kind of all the same style. There's no major costume differenceslike ther 're, all just variations and like different colors, so she kindofweirs the same thing. It really is the same thing. That's another reason why Idon't want to cut makeothe ray costume, 'cause I'll, be making almost the sameThong. Actually I made one of the ones. That's a little bit different, so Imean do you have a do? You have a favoriteRa version of race costume from the three movies. Well, I made the the one from the fight scene and lastSheti. That's my favorite one yeah. I thought ut favorite look onr what wasmy favorite at the time? I saw that in the trailers- and I decided to makethat one and it took me like two years, but I made it so I like I, like thegray, and I like I like the look with her hair down. I'm not sure what it isthat whole. Look. I'm like that S. that's a good ray, look a little bum.They went away from that and Risa Skywalker, but yeah they kindof justwent back to the original Lik THEL ittl as ratty a little less like S, lite alittle less. I beliving on my own, an an Atat for twenty years kind of thing,um. What Dod you think of the palpatene twist everybody, sighs and groans. I justmm Noi just feel like they justpulled US along so much and I finally ad come to the plint wherere like yeahshe's, no one and that's awesome and then like this happens, and I'm justlike it's cool, but it'd be more cool. If you wouldn't have just pulled mealong for so long back and forth between like who is she who isn'td shekind of thing? So I never. I never believe she was no one real. I I alwaysthought she was a clone of Luke. Okay. I always thought she was a cloneof Luke because when she touches the light, Zavor and force awagenses withthe right hand- and that's the one that Luke had lost, there was the whole wed. She goes intothat dark side pit on Um the planet with Luke Um Icapou to whenshe sees that whole like s revealing who she is and there's a billion of her.I was like she's a clown she's, a Clon 'cause, there's precedent for that inold books too, where the emperor had corner and then especially when he got yeah well, then we got into the trailerfor for Riso Skywalker when, like you know, Emperor's back 'cause the emperorcloned himself too, and they were seeing parts of th dis. I was like no.No. This is going to be some cloning shit. This is going to be awesome andthen, when I got in- and I was L ke okay, this is th't what I thought itwas, but I'm open to it. It's not what I thought, but I needmore time to actually like understand and like get into it, and I feel likethere was like allsuch US vague amount of information about like who herparents were like yeah she's, the granddaughter but like who are herparents. They still don't understand telling methat the emperor got busy like he had a son Yeah. He had a sign awf. He didn'tkeep an eye on like he wasn't like...

...that. Son Wasn't, like became the nextPalpatine, or did it become like a darfator apprentice or something likewhat that kid was just like locked like justlet do whatever he wants Liewell. He went on the run. It's like okay, butPalpasi was able to keep dibs on Lucan, lea yeah. All these years. You couldn'tkeep dibs on his own son. I don't I don't know it just didn'tseem it just soun felt really weird I was. I was open to the idea. A Theexecution was a little awe for me. It just weird. The CLONI would have beencool Y, a even if she was a clonon him or I don't even know like something'cause. I would' m 'cause again like when she touched the Lihe. He was withthe right hand and whats. The first thing she sees is that fight on cloudcity- it's like it would't make sense t at Wa to Blom Il Gi, fine whatever, butagain, I think that's one thing that people get get caught up. It is theirown expectations versus what actually there just 'cause. It's not what youexpected or not. What you wanted doesn't mean it's bad. I had a lot ofexpectations going in to the first too, so I really tried not to have any onthis last one, but still it was just like Oh yeah. Why did they do it likethis ough? Even if I didn't have I had expectations after I saw I I was like,oh well, I get I on this. I oul have thone that it is what it is yeah. It wasentertaining that's important. They wk it's fun to watch and entertaining atthe end of the day. That's what you want a movie to be, and it's you knowwhat, but also it's done it's over with y. We can just move on, can't change it.We have the MANDOLAREAN seasons. Two is coming this summer fall August, theMessu re that falls Um OBE wants being worked on castineindoor other stuff. They just announced some new project. It's I don't know ifit's books or whatever Watwat Sladia Gray who's, one of the best writers inStar Wars, cashe's got some new book series thing coming out: that's likekind of some like old old school like jete and their prime type stuff, thejet on the converlooks a lot like Katys sackoff, Um Yeah. I just saw that citright, yeah othere's, a Looki was, was a big scalloper. Looking Light SAPERand I'm like I'm into it, he's like Im, rob it always looks for im when they wearcloses every time. I would read the old youngJeni nightbooks, where it was, it was Looki. Chewy's nephew was jete and Iwas like so is he see where a robe ecause? That's weird? Also, it's so weird where, like thatstarted out pro where it started out where people are like, Oh that thatcharacter needs to be wearing like pants or something. It's weird thatthis like free creaturesandand. Now we're like, don't put clothes on it. Itlooks it's like. Whenever Ong we see donalds duck, he wears a shirt with nopants. When we gets out of the shower, he puts the tower around his ways. you tellng me this O do is just freeball in it. What the Hell, Oh man, Um, so so so, if anybody's evenstill left listening, Thoug y SI. So I so we've talked about podcasting. We'vetalked about star wars at Nausium, m we' talked about your new project andyou're kick start ing onything. What else is going on in the life of e AnaWeb? Oh my gosh, mostly the kicks turn Mostlof theCOKCERTER UM. I have gone to do some dnd stuff recently, so um the Gemcitycatcafe host Um events that I run sometimes so. I've ran two murder, mystery events and I justfinished ut my second d. It they're really fun. I love writing them.They're super quirky I made like props for POPs for the last one, so it kindof was like slash like an escaperoom kind of ive as well as fun yeah. I wantto go to the CACKAPE. Welli am running one more DND UM event next month, yeahor this month. Defending on when this comes, we arch its coming out. I Friday so MarchbayFriday, no it'll be tthe. Twenty eight rally, the end of odozelits Alaeralomar.They put the calendar up at work with our schedules on it and it s fabruary.Twenty ninth- and I was like- is my boss, bad at schedules, or is a leaphere like do leave her. I was like okay, I culdn't remember M, but we we did aUM. They make like murder mystery like like premade, board, Games and stuff.Now you can buy where it comes with character, profiles and little sealedenvelope. Oh yeah, I and yeah it's like. If you have this. Many players giveeveryone this envelope. If you have this many players to hive in thisenvelope- and we literally like had like a dinner party where we alldressed up and just played in character...

...the whole, it was so much fun H. I cannot recommend itenough if you get chance to do anykind, O murder, Myr envent they're, reallyfin, though we did. We did two nmestery events backin January and I had P. I had two people. They showed up, they ot theircharacter, information and stuff. Like that th the game had started. Peoplewere talking to each other looking around looking for clues and thesepeople they just ere like no. I I thought this was something else andthey just like laugho yeah. They just try to like sneak out, but like it'sthere's some like interactive like stuff, you have to do a little bit ofrollplay and stuff. Like not everything's laid out. You have to likekind of work with your character and just kind o improve it, so it wasn'tfor them. I guess have you gone over to to Thi d, Twenty Bar, yet I ny okay, Ijust went there for the first time, O my birthday, you did I've been goingthere since he oen. I had heard about it and heard about it and never had thetime to go, and I took my birthday week gened off and I was like I'm going togo check this place out and it was great. Unfortunately, I also went therelike right after New Year, so they were out of abut. I got a Saudic screwdriverand it had had their sons, iscur ires good. They have a lot of Um specialdrinks, especially during their Harry Potter Event and Harrypotter Olympics,which is coming up this month as well in March end of the month. Yes, I um, I usually bring my snakeAlfrida with me to the evenge of a smoke. I do have a snake, I'm terrified SNION, he's a ballpythonand he's like white creamy color. So his name's, Alfredo fo yeah, he's acute noodle efe smoke yeah. I I go to events there and I bring all Fredo andpeople are like. Oh, it's all Frido's mom, they don't know my name they. No,they know Alfridos Nan, that' somewhere ANP so lai. It brings El Fretog YeahYeah, my name's Savannah, but sure that's fine. It doesn't work very wellbecause I'm not a is tere in so are you I'm a Raven Clo, I'm surprising, it's not o! It's not! I'm a Hovel Puff,I'M A POTATO! That's Fin! firepoths are particularlygood finders yeah. Well, I mean I know how to find agood Burbon, but that's K. Tigi know o find the best tako places in town, rusty, Talko's currenly, my favorite yeah, it's God. It's really good. My mybuddy traves, my we try like every Thursday 'cause. We work the same hourson Thursday. We try to go to a different place in Dayton to eat lunchevery week, just trnew places, so we went to this place downtown calledTexas, beef and cattle. Well, I tell you: this is the best namnbarbecue in the city of Dayton. I mean like nothing, even remotely compare okay. Iwill tell my friends that eat me always regular. Veetarai have ought about that.Shoso. Sorry e got they have really good macancheese. They have really goodashies, Um, okay, six cheese man jes. That's that's what you live off of in abarbecue place when you're vegetarian, the bread and the MAC and Che Isreallyo you like Hush Puppies Yeah I've an Adhemin, a long time theyeah. So thisyear in December, coming up ten years, vegetarian, reallyyeah, wow,vegiversary. SURE THAT'S UM! Well good! For you, though, that'sreally cool a long time ago that Bigam you justkind of forget. After a while, I don't know, I waitress and I likeserve like sandwiches with meat on it, and it's still like. Oh here's, your ham sandwich m right. I think this is your sandwich.I believe this is ham bad. How much do you lowk Ponu butter,an jelly, though not a lot, and because I ate so much of it. The whoitwas a vegetarian. I lived off of Um beanut butter, sandwiches and likecarrots, and sometimes I would put carrots onthe panut Bwyou ever have like a chip sandwich peanut butter and likepotatoship sandwich group in the Ninties Yeah. I used to make those too'cause. I didn't. I didn't I don't like jam on like sandwiches Oso, I wouldjust eat PA burr sandwiches, like chips or like carrots. I don't know I wasreally bad. I was a really picky eater. When I became a vegetarian like Iwouldn't eat a tomato. I didn't. I wouldn't touch an ovocado had't, a GasoAge te O Totch Oeca O. I missed tat, SOCONI CA't, Stan AOCA Helo, Haing,Avacata Ishty. I Love Fried greened tomatoes really youvere had a FRI greentomato. I can't say I have. I don't...

...thank Sogood so good with with likethousand island dressing or like some just Balsai Vengara te Dipiden soasamngrows the Besselldr O, I'm not a big salad dressing person reall, I'm I'm anoil kind like doon, some Olv Oil Somminagar, or something like that.Those lilies made this beat dressing a while ago and it was delicious also, if,like pink so ike, it was on top of a salad, its ust, like so bright andpretty. I usually, I usually do BALSOIC MNGARET or I really like Wendy Salads. Don't knowwhy I just do they have a pomegrant vinegarette dressing, ere a Likand,salad, it's so good! O intressing is Gi's real. I guess it's just like fruitor like special team drasane's, going to be kind of good, an tunnybustard in general, I um. I H Yeah Um. I thought aboutgoing like like Pescetarians. I do love seafood, but I feel like being aPascetarian is just being a vegetarian who and occasionally afford seafood,see if it's xp it is do do you know what I actually recomend for peoplethat are interested and kind of Vegetarian Petceterian, whatever it'just be a week day, Vegetarian Eweg yea and I eve like a strict meg vegetarianand just like pick a few nights a week, but you're going to have really good areally good steak or like a really good fish like be very picky about when youdo eat it and like only eat it when it's the best or you're, making it homeher you're going out like if you're going to meet, put the put the effortinto it n make sure it's really good stuff. I can roll wit them. I do theopposite. I have like one day a week where I'm justolvished, I have aVegetariaanda just so I can justify the other six days of the weekthe meatlessMinday said Jo and e. also Wa, I my little brother. He He's in collegeright now, but you know he he's not a big Ma he's, not a Vegetabie he's, nota big meateater he's like superlike animal, conscieus and stuff. Like thatand so he's you know he let me he loves chicken O odogs, but Um and pizza, butwe would for a while. We were doing like meetless Monday stuff and a lot ofit. I was able to get in Bonbar with, like you know, the Vegie Burgers. Theywere fine m they've, gotten, really good reenly yeah, I'm really impressedlike I'm scared to eat some B'cause. I'm like I don't know what meat tasteslike, but is this accident right? I haven't gone as far as trying topossible woperyet. Oh, you really SHD T I tri to impossible burger, but, like Ihad different rush, Yo know to have a lot of Burger King eiter. To begin with.Also my thing: Wi H with the Wa archers: Do they mhm there? You know get them possible atarchers, be much better and you can get those awesome, sweet, potato frice, theONL STU. Have you had Sweepeteo Fras Ogh, I have H, my mom loves sweeppotatoes, and so I every once in a while I'll try one again veiy. I someplace new ee potatoes. Don't do anything for me. Never have I don'tknow what it is. I love them on everything so good. No here there was aplace in town for a while called PERMANNI brothers. It's based out ofPittsburgh, but there was one over in BEA REC creek and it was one of thoseplaces were like the sandwich weighed like ten pounds, but they also putcollaw in French fries. On that LAN and M dinner. It really was, I got, I gotthere, I I got their fish sandwich and it was like they put. It was almostlike they put a whole fish on the sandwich. I was like it took out like that much on each side.From the other end of the Bon you know, you're getting at s never ate. Thewhole thing always had to take together, half of it home to eat, but they wouldput all the fries in the collaw Pittsburgh style on the sandwich. Butthen you could also get a combo where you got more cosawon fries on the sideand it's like who are you making this for someone who's very hungry? I guess so, O all right. So ten years a vegetarian,professional, podcaster and pod cast producer, cold storage, pind cast, is gettingready to launch the kick starter year soon. Forty five minutes of Star Wars, mostly starwary Siscussion, and I haveno whatsoever. My last SAR worst question before we wer rapping, haveyou played star wars, jet IFALL and order? Yet No, Oh, my God. We talk T it.I'm not a big. Don't pay a lot of video games, this star wars, game ihave everplayed in my lifebest star, wors game. I ever played in my wife: It takesplace. You Hate H, to CR y thng, it's like a couple of years. After h, thefall, the fall of the Republica couple of years after the launch, like theEmpire's just getting started and you're this jet. I apprentice who'sjust been in hiding since since order sixty six ont into place and you Kindahave o like rebuild your connection to the force and learn kindof like relearnthings, you were learning as a Patowan... get to go to, and I forget the nameof the planet, but where the CIBROCHRYSTAL crystal mines are. Oh Um, Ella Elam, something like that yeah itdelves so far into Jetti Lore. It is ridiculous. The things you get to learnand experience and do and yo how customizing your lite. It is the beststar words, game, I'e Everplane, and it's all, it's all so low campaign.There's no online. It's just a really good story. Well, maybe that will bethe video game. I finally ighly recommend if it's one, you just N it'sone of those words like I played like an hour a day. 'cause there was so muchto get into B'cause. I didn't want to play it all at once and be done so Iplay like an hour a day for like weeks, and it was just it was so much f. Somepeople make a goal of reading an hour a day and I'll make a goal. F, plane avideo game, an Hourt Hily recommend so savannah web wear online. Once again,can the people go to learn about Corpus, audio and cold storage, Ponk,corvisadio and cold storage. POD CAST are the names on facebook and then forinstagrementwhatver. We have for cold storage, UM, cold storage, pod andOninstagram, and Coldstorge podcast s o cold sorge pod on twitter, cold, sorgepodcast on Insdagram. I believe so. You should be able to just start typingthat in is Shu, come out it you yeah, but all of those are up and running andof course you can follow just cold store, Corusadio for any kind ofupdates, and things like that or inforation on start ing, your ownbidcast 'cause. I do consulting s 's such a great great thing to have, andso in the kickstarteris going to launch soon soon shsunash Yeah Olbooyeah, weare waiting exactly we've got some art to come back still and a few otherthings to kind of firm up before we launch want to make sure I do it right, don't mind, pushing it back as long asit's done right. You know, you wont don't until you're happy with it yeah'cause. Otherwise, once it's out there, it's out there nit's, not really anygoing back. So you guys make sure you check outcold storage podcast on social media, make sure you keep an eye out for whentheire kicks, started, launches, Um and then make sure you check out corusaudio for all your podcasting consultation needs online as well Savannah Web. Thank you.So much always one had ou he down here. We needsomebody to Gush About Star Wars. We N have to finish this. Tea Now go rightahead, er no rush. I still have some some BOO leftand, so we're going to goand on that note everybody makes sure you guys follow this show's websitebasement laungepod, dotcom, ollow us on all social media at basement. LAUNGEpod check me out online at Mike Shaye comedy everywhere. You can find peopleon social media even even Viro, that weird one that only axiter uses you cansupport. This show on Patrion a go to Patrion dotcom, slash, basement, loungebod one dollar a month. Get you everything you need to know andeverything you could possibly want, including early commercial freeepisodes of this show stickers and hanging out in my discord server and onthat, as always, will be back again next wee with a brand new episode ofthe Basement Lounge until then, as always live well rock on take care andBba.

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