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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 31 · 1 year ago

Gratitude: Mike Wells - The Basement Lounge: EP# 31


Throughout the month of March, I'm showing gratitude to everyone who's been supporting this show through Patreon & Anchor. 

 This week, I'm shouting out comedian Mike Wells - not just for his support, but for his awesome talent.

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Lady Faryou were listening to thebasement: Lounge grab a drink, pull of a chair andsudtenly, because you're in the basement, wow EI welcome to the basement lounge. It'sme it's my Shae, I'm your host and I'm looking directly at you for a changelike a good host, because it's just you and mee today. This is now immunity. Noother guests in the show we're just going to have a cool show today doingsomething a little bit different, because so last week we hit thirtyepisodes. We we did thirty weeks straight of episodes. We haven't misseda week yet, and I don't plan on missing a week. I set a goal at the beginningof this show that we were going to do fifty straight episodes before we everactually took a break. Even when I took a break for the holidays, I still hadepisodes for you guys coming out so, but we hit thirty straigt weeks ofepisodes for this show, and I could not be happier with how the show has beengoing and I've really been enjoying the time I've spent in the studio with allof our guests and with you guys hanging out with us. So I wanted today toactually be a a really special episode. So all through the month of March, ifyou fough, if you're well, I'm not doing it on my public social iemediateSosthan, my personal one, but I'm doing a thing right now for the month ofMarch, where it's thirty one days of gratitude and what I'm doing on onFacebook, as I'm shouting out to my friends and and loved ones, who havebeen supportive of me over the years and I'm giving each day acknowledging adifferent person who has really been there for me overthe years, and so what I decided I wanted to do with the show today. Is I'm going to Kindo transfer that overthat that those gratitude posts I'm making O on facebook into how I'm goingto do the show for the month of March, so for the month of March each week?What I'm going to do is I'm going to shout out people who have beensupporting the show on Patrion and also through anger andI'll talk a little bit more about that as well. But I want march to be allabout showing gratitude to you guys, my listeners, the people who support theshow by listening rating reviewing patrion anchor whatever it might be,because this show has been for you guys as much as hats been for me. So yeah. That's how we're going to bedoing the show for the month of March. It's going to be a lot of fun. I think-and I want Ta Ge, give a chance to really not just shout people's namesout in a little audio segment or n the description of of the show, but alsoreally truly acknowledge the people who have been s who have been contributingfinancially to this show Um and just to really make sure th the they feelappreciated. Now, if you want to do that, I never expect anyone tocontribute financially to this show it's. There is an option. If peoplewant it, you know I plug it every week,...

...just for the sake of good business, butyou know at no point do I ever expect people to give me their money, but if you do feel so reclined, sosorry, I'm yawning. I just woke up not too long ago, but if you do feel soinclined, so there's a couple of different ways that you can so the mainway you can do it is through Patrion, Patrion, dotcom, slash, basement,lounge pot. It's one dollar a month you get stickers, you got access to thediscord server that we have Um. You get the episodes early, whether it's video,if you get the video vers of the episodes early on Wednesday, you getthe audio versions early and commercial free on Thursday, through a veryspecial private Pon castfe that we have um and it's realised a cool way to get h.just get t GE hang out with me more one on one. So there's that and there'salso, you can also support US financially through the anchor AP.Actually, if you actually have the Anghor at anchor, is the POD gasplatform that wee to distribute the show Um, you can actually support theshow directly through Patrion through anchor. Rather excuse me now. The trickwith that is that it's strictly a financial contributionM. I don't have a way to like it doesn't have the integrated system thatPatrion does where, like it tracks, rewards and collect your Info Li. All you do isjust punching your credit card in Vo, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be hon likethis, and and that's it so I I try to. We have one person contributing throughAncor strictly so I'm trying to incorporate that person into our rewardsystem as well, but also, if you, if you don't, havethe money or don't F ee like spending the money there's, you know other greatways that you can support. The show specifically, if you go to, if you havethe apple, give an eyephone. If you go to your apple pod CASTAP and leave us arating in a review howt at the bottom of the pod casfeed. That actually goesa long way. It does a lot more for our credibility than you guys might realizeM, and thank you to everybody who has who has done that so far. I posed onsocial media on on my personal facebook, the other day M that apparently somebody decided it would be funny toget their friends together and as a prank go to my pod gast feed on appleand leave a bunch of one star reviews and it tank my average than I'm tryingto figure out if there's a way with apple that they can, they can undo thatUm and- and I'm not just saying this because sothen they got one starreviews and I was like Oh theye- must be apparing because e know, like Iactually like the guy like publicly like asked people to go. Do this andI'm trying to figure out how to undo that. But in the meantime, thinkingeverybody who has gone in and left and left us a revewating, regardless ofwhat what the score is t just taking the time to do that. Actually, Um really means a lot and, like I saidthis month of Marc Him all about you know addressing the fans and andshowing gratitude to you guys, and I...

...want to make sure that you guys have avoice in this show and so what I, what I'm, what I'm doing is Ri as of rightnow on our basement, lounge pot, facebook, pagebfix, docom, slashbasement laungh pod. There is a listener survey pinned as the top postthat you can guys can go check out M. it's short survey. Take a couple ofminutes to do and and it's a chance for you guys to really Um havesome input. You can say the things you like, wow, okay, thethings you like e, the things you don't like the things you'd like to see- andit just helps us get- have a chance to get to know our base a little bitbetter and get to know what it is. You guys want from the show or don't wantfrom the show. So that's going to be a a pin to the top of the facebook pageall throughout the month of March. So you guys can go check that out and andtake a moment to fill it out and with that being said, we're gonna get intothe gratitude of this episode, like I said all throughout the month of Marce,we're going to be showing gratitude M to the people who are supporting us ona Patrion and through anchor and I'm Gon, to talk to you guys aboutthose people and let you get to know them a little bit better. I'M GOINGTOTRY TO S. IY can get some of Hem to h t to to come on, so I can. I cangratitude them properly face to face but uh, but I think it'll be a greatway H for you guys to know that I really do like I'm not just looking forpeople to just give me money like. I really do appreciate it and the peoplewho are contributing so far, people that I know very personally and we'regoing to get to know them really well. So, let's, let's do some weird littletransitional, slide, Thingi and then we'll take a quick Brak and we comeback. I'm Gongta talk about Wano, be o bit supporting our show ByancelSaaraoey. This is wike. She and I want to talk to you about anchor. Yes, angeris the brand new freeway for you to get your pod cast career off and runningwithout any cost. To you simply download the anchor Avror go to anchorDOT FM to get started. Anger is the easiest way to make a bodcast. Theygive you everything you need in one place for free, an use it right fromyour phone or your computer. Their creation tools allow you to record andedit your bodcast, so it sounds Tlay magnifika without n having to worryabout all the costly set up. They'll even distribute your podcast for you,so it can be heard everywhere. Spot ify, apple, podtast, Google pod casts stitch.Your Hall of that Ind. You can easily make money from your podcast with noMINUM listenership. They sent you up with awesome sponsors. All you got todo is record a script Kinda like what I'm doing now, throw it on your showand start making money once again, Downlo the anger ap or go to Agerdot FMand get in your podcast career, loft...

...and running right now. JUST DO ITalready everybody! I just wanted to take amoment to interrupt the show and give a very special shout out to the People'sPoris show. Every month on Patrion, I want to shout out Whitney Latin Jodiemcdermitt D. my mother, Melissa, Sha to every single month help port his show,and if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is goto Padrioon dotcom, a facit roun had anjoined the one dollar ter youll getshouted out on the air, get your name with it. In the description you getearly access to all these shows compercial freed through our Patrioon rsspeed, and so many other cool rewards once again go to Patrion dotcom's,slash basement lounge po join the one dollar here, Piea the show. Let's get back Toesotoday's episode, I'm going to be focusing on one particular person.Who's been supporting the show, h financially and has alsojust been a bigsupporter of the show in general and he's actually not supporting the showthrough Patrion he's actually supporting the show contributes through the anchor APP hecontributes directly through anger and that person is a guy who's been on theshow. A couple of times by the name of Mike Wells. Mike Wells is a comedianhere in Dayton, Ohio and he is quickly become over the last few years. One ofmy absolute favorite people, Um Mike, is a guy who's. A very uniqueComenian, you've ever seen him perform live on stage. I got to otheryarncoming, I don't know what's going on with me, I mean I say I just woke up, but I wokeup like it. It's been long enough, I've had coffee, I should be fine Mike Wells is a guy he's a very uniquecomedian and he does you know one liners he's very brash Um. He you knowvery unapologetic and definitely can be I'm wearing his shirt. Actually, todayH, this is so Mike Um you got time to clean. You got time to Lean Ya, gotturned to rhimeand. Get time shut, the fuck up. So this is. This is a tweetthat Mike Postid ages ago and on so as a one lineor COICmigkbyw follow Mike Mike WTF Wells, ontwitter 'cause. He uses twitter askind of his sounding board for for working on jokes and his shit is too damn funny. I mean youwill get a chuckle out of it, but this... one that he he s screen shot. Hescreen shoets his tweets and poste them on face Buk as well, and he posted this one and it wentfucking viral I mean we've talked about it on a previous episode. Let'sactually we're we're going to play that clip. Let's go to that clip within liketen minutes. It have like a hundred shares, O okay, cool and then within.Like another. Like thirty minutes, I had three hundred shars and th. I justKINDOF, like all sudden, sharing stopped. It was like whatever that'sthree hundred Shars withs a lie: Ou of the holy crap a lot and then got banedoff facebook for something I said like months prior that people went throughand read basically call I du to cuck thirty seven times in a row, but that'sher. No there he was being a cock, it was being a straight out. He wastrolling people on CNN threads, and so I was folloing his threat and callinghim a cock every single time and I got banned for three days, but in thatthree days, like all a sudden out of the Blue Hav e, like I think, likeeight thousand shares, Oi was like Oh like it was on some mean page right. Iwas I fucking, Hey, okay, cool and then my fiance comes home. My fance is likeyeah. My fiancee's, like one of my friends in Youngstown shared your Stok Mike, is a guy who um is always about the Um, the the back and forth the given thetake of of supporting each other M he's. Always you know he shares my postsabout. You know shows and and h things that I'm doing, and he always comes tome and says, like Hey, I got this new post, I'm really proud of. Can you likeshare it? An I'll promote it, and I always do m he's, always been a bigsupporter of the show in general. He he's been on the show a couple of timesand he's always a fun fun. Conversation he's Alays just fun to talk to inGeneral M. I I hate going to open mikes. I mean it's not a secret, but wheneverI see him the's always at every open, like the guy goes to every open likelike he. He intentionally like like went part timeat his job specifically, so he could go to as many comedy shows and open Mik as possible,like the guy. The guy is legit and M, but he's always at every open, mie justworking on stuff, and I love just getting to sit and talk with this guyhe's such a fun person to talk to Um. He he has a very brash, like I said, ablunt, almost aggressive stage presents, but he's really one of the nicest guysin person to talk to he's so much fun he's very funny and Um. After the lasttime. We had him on the show Um after he publishhis episode. He started uhsupporting us of through, through a month throughdonations on on the anchor ap Um, which at that point I never even talked aboutthe I I knew it was a thing, but I never really pushed it very well...

...'cause. I was more focused on thepatrioon and he started doing that and it was j. It blew my mind M when Italke to everybody about the the issue with people spanming my potcast feed.With with the low rating reviews M, he was one of the first ones to go and anan give. He gave it a five star. He left a actual review. Um He's a guy who's, all about like thecommunal support, hes, all about the the community of Comedians and podcasters kind of helping each other out and he's always always. You know, ready and wanted to come back on theshow. You know now that we're taking the show in a direction to where it'smore a topical commentary and and not asmuch of a spotlight, show wher we're having the people on and havingconversations about actual things which you guys have been very positive.Giving me a lot of good feeback on that. I appreciate that and we're lookingforward to doing that. I can't wait to get him on for an episode, because Iknow he's going to crush and it's going to be hilarious. Micewells is a is areally great guy and it's so great to have mon her, like I said he is allover the place as far as Um, where he's performing I'm going to pull up somestuff right now, t tell you about where you guys can see hem next, but serioslygo follow him on twitter at Mike WTF Wells, because the jokes t, O Hepos, isjust it's too damn funny Um. So as of right now, you know we're recordingthis episode on March. Third, on a Tuesday it's going to post on Friday,the six Um, so you can go see him Saturday march seventh here in Dayton,Ohio, but he's also going to be in Columbus, H, Cleveland Hes, going to bean Anderson in Richmond Indiana he's going to be in Chespeag, West Virginiahe's gone all over the place. Durout the month of March Dif Yo go to hisface book page Mike WTF Wells M on facebook as well he's got a posedtheirs. Ye Know. Wher VI, this guy is constantly performing in booking, showshe's one of the hardest working comedians, if not the hardest workingcomedian. In like the Dayton Gym, daton Cincinnati Area Right now,the guy is relentless. He is absolutely a trip to see on stage'cause hit was Mike. Is that no two performances of his are ever the samebecause he's a one lineer comic, so the guy's got like a billion jokes if hewrites one joke a day. This is what I love about him is he tries to write atleast one joke a day, because at the end of the year thatmeans he's written hem, three hundred and sixty five jokes and of those youknow, jokes, you know he'll, maybe keep like you know, maybe fifty, but stillthat's you know, th th, that's a lot for a one.LINOR COMIC ND he's one of those guys who you know he finds the ones that hefeels the most that he feels the most confident about and puts them togetherin their ow unique sets like I said you never have the same set twice in a rowwith Micwelles and it's always just a blast to watch it perform because...

...he just got such a unique energy onstage. You can't tell, if he's an asshole urged the Nice Weird Guy andand speaking of her personal experience, it's a little bit of both. It is alittle bit above, but Mike is a guy that I have greatly enjoyed getting toknow in the time that I've lived in Ohio. The type of performing here he'sa guy who, over the last couple of years, um. I really feel I can call hima friend and he has been immensely supportive of not just the show, but mein general, as well as just the Tis Jus. This entire scene he's been verysupportive of so I cannot recommend enough of you guys. Follow him. ontwither and facebook page find out. If he's going, t be performing mear you or ifyou COAN, make it to one of his shows and please go. The guy is hilarious.The guy is fantastic talent and, like I said he comes across as a bit of anAtional Lon stage, because that's you know he as that aggressive performingstyle, but he like me, is really appreciativeof the people who do support him. So after you see Hem and after you, love,Hem find him after the show and tell him you love 'em, tell him you lovethis set. He loves stuff like that, and he will always show people out onsocial media when they do that as well. So, like wells, fantastic comedian fromhere in Dayton, Ohio, a guy that I've gotten to know over the last five years,who's been on, this show severtimes an we're going to have them back again, Ipromise he's a wonderful guy and I look forward to working with him again. Ilook forward to having hem back on the show, and I look forward to you guygetting if you haven't experienced micewells Ye. I look forward to youguys getting to do that as well, because Mike Mike is a guy to look outfor like as a guy, he is a rising star. He is he's gonna be huge. He's Gonta behuge. I can promise you that and I think I'm going to call itderefor today, guys on today's gratitude episode of the BasementLounge. I want to thank you guys for listening. As always, I love doingthese little shorter episodes every once in a while and just a little she'sa little shorter straight to the point, and and just something quick andeasyfor y. u guys to listen to, but H, yeah we're going to be doing this allthroughout the month of March, showing gratitude to the SM to the people whohave been supporting US online. If you would like to be one of those people,if you would like to support us through Patrioon or anger, you can do so ifyou're listening on your podcast a if you look in your description, thereshould be a link that takes you straight to the the donation thingthrough anchor or you can download the anger AP and do it through there and orif you guys would like to support us on Patrion. You can do so go to Patrion,dotcom, Lash, basement lounge pot, at's a dollar a month, stickers, discord,server, early and commercial free episodes. All that good stuff. I wantto thank you guy so much for listening and supporting, and even if you don'twantta contribute financially. That is totally fine, but hey, go to thePODCASTAP, leave us a rating in review or do it on the faceboo page. We wealways appreciate stuff like that, then,... I said all throughout the month ofMarch, we have got a pin post on our face book page going to a listenersurvey. Please take the time to go. Listen tothat listener survey that listen to it, but fill out to listen. Her surraye.Take you two minutes and just let us know how you're feeling about the showso far. Let us know how we're doing and and what you think we could do better.We're always looking to improve we're, always looking to give you guys more ofwhat you want. So withthaut being said, I'm going to take off and we'll doanother one ase again next weekn until next week, as always, guys live wellrock on take care.

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