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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 31 · 1 year ago

Gratitude: Mike Wells - The Basement Lounge: EP# 31


Throughout the month of March, I'm showing gratitude to everyone who's been supporting this show through Patreon & Anchor. 

 This week, I'm shouting out comedian Mike Wells - not just for his support, but for his awesome talent.

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Hello, which is lady Sarah,and you are listening to the Basement Lounge. Grab a drink, pull up achair and settle in, because you're in the basement lounge. Hey,guys, welcome to the Basement Lounge. It's me, it's my Shay,I'm your host and I'm looking directly at you for a change, like agood host, because it's just you and me today. It's just you andme today, no other guests in the show. We're just going to havea cool show today, doing something a little bit different, because so lastweek we hit thirty episodes. We did thirty weeks straight of episodes. Wehaven't missed a week yet and I don't plan on missing a week. Iset a goal at the beginning of this show that we were going to dofifty straight episodes before we ever actually took a break. Even when it tooka break for the holidays, I still had episodes for you guys coming outso well. We hit thirty straight weeks of episodes for this show and Icould not be happier with how the show has been going and I've really beenenjoying the time I've spent in the studio with all of our guests and withyou guys hanging out with us. So I wanted today to actually be aa really special episode. So all through the month of March, if youfall, if you're well, I'm not doing it on my public social media, just on my personal one, but I'm doing a thing right now forthe month of March where it's thirty one days of gratitude, and what I'mdoing on Facebook is I'm shouting out to my friends and loved ones who havebeen supportive of me over the years and I'm giving each day at acknowledging adifferent person who has really been there for me over the years. And sowhat I decided I wanted to do with the show today is I'm going tokind of transfer that over that, that those gratitude post I'm making on Facebook, into how I'm going to do the show for the month of March.So for the month of March, each week what I'm going to do isI'm going to shout out people who have been supporting the show on Patreon andalso through anchor, and I'll talk a little bit more about that as well. But I want march to be all about showing gratitude to you guys,my listeners, to people who support the show by listening, rating, reviewing, patreon anchor whatever it might be, because this show has been for youguys as much as it's been for me. So yeah, that's how we're goingto be doing the show for the month of March. Is going tobe a lot of fun, I think, and I want to get a givea chance to really not show people's names out in a little audio segmentor in the description of the show, but also really truly acknowledge the peoplewho have been some who have been contributing financially to this show and just toreally make sure they feel appreciated. Now, if you want to do that,as I never expect anyone to contribute financially to this show, it's thereis an option of people want it. You know, I plug it everyweek just for the sake of good business.

But you know, at no pointdo I ever expect people to give me their money. But if youdo feel so inclined, so sorry, I'm yawning, I just woke upnot too long ago. But if you do feel so inclined, so there'sa couple different ways that you can so the main way you can do itis through patreon. Patreoncom Basement Lounge pod. It's one dollar a month. Youget stickers, you get access to the discord server that we have.You get the episodes early, whether it's video, if you get the videoversion of the episodes early on Wednesday, you get the audio versions early andcommercial free on Thursday through a very special private podcast fee that we have andit's released. The cool way to get just get to get hang out withme more one on one. So there's that and there's also you can alsosupport us financially through the anchor APP. Actually, if you actually have theanchor APP, the anchor is the podcast platform that we used to distribute thisshow. You can actually support the show directly through Patreon, a through anchor. Rather, excuse me now. The trick with that is that it's strictlya financial contribution. I don't have a way to like. It doesn't havethe integrated system that patreon does. We're like it tracks rewards and collect yourinfo. Literally, all you do is just punching your credit card in foe. I'm sorry, I'm going to be on a like this and and that'sit. So I try to we have one person contributing through anchor strictly.So I'm trying to incorporate that person into our reward system as well. Butalso, if you if you don't have the money or don't feel like spendingthe money, there's, you know, other great ways that you can supportthe show, specifically if you go to if you have the apple, ifyou have an iphone, if you go to your apple podcast APP and leaveus a rating and a review that at the bottom of the podcast feed.That actually goes a long way. It does a lot more for our credibilitythan you guys might realize, and thank you to everybody who has who hasdone that so far. I posted on social media, on on my personalfacebook the other day that apparently somebody decided it would be funny to get theirfriends together and, as a prank, go to my podcast feed on appleand leave a bunch of one star reviews and it tank my average and I'mtrying to figure out there's a way with apple that they can they can undothat. And I'm not just saying this because suddenly I got one star reviews. I was like, Oh, there must be a prank, because Iknow like I actually like the guy like publicly, like asked people to godo this and I'm trying to figure out how to undo that. But inthe meantime, thanking everybody who has gone in and left and left us areviewer rating, regardless of what the score is, to just taking the timeto do that actually really means a lot of that and, like I said, this month of March I'm all about, you know, addressing the fans andshowing gratitude to you guys and I...

...want to make sure that you guyshave a voice in this show. And so what I what I'm what I'mdoing is right as of right now, on our basement lounge pod facebook page, but facebookcom Slash Basement Lounge pod, there is a listener survey pinned asthe top post that you can, guys, can go check out. It's shortsurvey, take a couple minutes to do and I and it's a chancefor you guys to really have some input. You can say the things you like, wow, okay, the things you like, the things you don'tlike, the things you'd like to see, and it just helps us get ahave a chance to get to know our base a little bit better andget to know what it is you guys want from the show or don't wantfrom the show. So that's going to be up pinned to the top ofthe facebook page all throughout the month of March, so you guys can gocheck that out and take a moment to fill it out. And with thatbeing said, we're going to get into the gratitude of this episode. LikeI said, all throughout the month of March we're going to be showing gratitudeto the people who are supporting us on Patreon and through anchor and I'm goingto talk to you guys about those people and let you get to know thema little bit better. I'm going to try to see I can get someof them to to come on so I cant and I can gratitude them properly, facetoface, but but I think it'll be a great way for you guysto know that I really do it, like I'm not just looking for peopleto just give me money, like I really do appreciate it. And thepeople who are contributing so far people that I know very personally and we're goingto get to know them really well. So let's let's do some weird littletransitional slide thingy, and then we'll take a quick break and we come back. I'm going to talk about one of the blue but supporting our show,financial patreon. Hey, guys, this is Mike Shay and I want totalk to you about anchor. Yes, anchor is the brand new free wayfor you to get your podcast career off and running without any cost to you. Simply download the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast to give you everything youneed in one place for free. You can use it right from your phoneor your computer. Their creation tools allow you to record and edit your podcastso it sounds tolay magnifeek without having to worry about all the costly set up. They'll even distribe get your podcast for you so it can be heard everywhere. spotify, apple podcasts, Google podcast, stitcher. All of that and youcan easily make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. They sentyou up with awesome spawn sirs. All you got to do is record ascript kind of like what I'm doing now, throw it onto your show and startmaking money once again. Download the anchor APP or go to Anchor DotFM and get your podcast career off and...

...running right now. Just do italready. Hey everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to interrupt theshow and give a very special shout out to the people who support this showevery month on patreon. I want to shout out Whitney Latin, Jody McDermottand my mother, Melissa Shay, who every single month help support this show. And if you want to be one of those awesome people, all yougot to do is go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and join the one dollartier. You'll get shouted out on the air, get your name listed inthe description, you get early access to all these shows commercial free through ourpatreont our SS feed and so many other cool awards. Once again, goto Patreoncom Basement Lounge pod, join the onesollar tier and help support the show. Speaking of the show, let's get back to the hey guys. Sotoday's episode I'm going to be focusing on one particular person who's been supporting theshow financially and has also just been a big supporter of the show in general, and he's actually not supporting the show through Patreon. He's actually supporting theshow. He contributes through the anchor APP. He contributes directly through anchor, andthat person is a guy who's been on the show a couple times andby the name of Mike Wells. Mike Wells is a comedian here in DaytonOhio and he is quickly become, over the last few years, one ofmy absolute favorite people. Mike is a guy who's a very unique comedian.You've ever seen him perform live on stage? I got another yawn coming. Idon't know what's going on with me. I'm going to say I just wokeup, but I woke up like it's been long enough. I've hadcoffee, I should be fine. Mike Wells is a guy. He's avery unique comedian. He does, you know, one liners. He's verybrash. He you know, very unapologetic and definitely can be. I'm wearinghis shirt actually today. This is so Mike. You got time to clean, you got time to lean, you got time to rhyme, get timeshut the fuck up. So this is a this is a tweet that Mikeposted ages ago and want so as a one liner comic Mike. By Way, follow Mike at Mike WTF Wells on twitter because he uses twitter as kindof his sounding board for for working on jokes, and his shit is toodamn funny. I mean you will get...

...a chuckle out of it. Butthis is one that he screenshot. He screenshoots his tweets and post them onfacebook as well, and he posted this one and it went fucking viral.I mean we've talked about it on a previous episode. Let's actually we're goingto we're going to play that clip. Let's go to that clip. Withinlike ten minutes it had like a hundred shares. I was like, okay, cool, and then within like another like thirty minutes, I had threehundred shares and I just kind of like all suns sharing stopped. I waslike whatever's three hundred shares, it's a lot. I was like, holycraps, a lot. And I got bannd off facebook for something I saidlike months prior to people went through and read basically called a due to cockthirty seven times in a row. But that's here nor there. He wasbeing a cock. It was being a straight out. He was trolling peopleon CNN threads and so I was following his thread and calling him a cockevery single time and I got banned for three days. But and that threedays like all the sudden, out of the blue, have they like,I think, like eight thousand shares. Holy I was like, Oh,like it was on some meme page right. I was like, fucking Ay,I was there. Okay, cool. And then my fiance comes home.My offonse is like yeah, my fiances like one of my friends andyoungstown shared your stuff. Mike is a guy who is always about the thethe back and forth, the given the take of supporting each other. He'salways, you know, he shares my posts about, you know, showsand and things that I'm doing and he als comes to me and says likeHey, I got this new post I'm really proud of. Can you likeshare it and I'll promote it, and I always do. He's always beena big supporter of the show in general. He's been on the show a coupletimes. He's always a fun, fun conversation. He's always just funto talk to in general. I hate going to open mics. I meanthat's not a secret, but whenever I see him he's always at every openmic. The guy goes to every open mic like he intentionally like like wentpart time at his job specifically so he could go to his many comedy showsand open mic's is possible, like the guy. The guy is legit andbut he's always at every open mic just working on stuff and I love justgetting to sit and talk with this guy. He's such a fun person to talkto. He he has a very brash, like I said, blunt, almost aggressive stage presence, but he's really one of the nicest guys inperson to talk to. He's so much fun. He's very funny and afterthe last time we had him on the show at Um, aftery publishers episode, he started supporting us through a month through donations on the anchor APP,which you know, at that point I never even talked about the I knewit was a thing, but I never really pushed it very well at becauseI was more focused on the patreon and...

...he started doing that and I blueit was just it blew my mind when I talked to everybody about the theissue with people spamming my podcast feed with with the low rating reviews, hewas one of the first ones to go and give it. He gave ita five star. He left a actual review. He's a guy who's allabout like the communal support. He's all about the community of Comedians and podcastjust kind of helping each other out, and he's always, always, youknow, ready and wanted to come back on the show. You know nowthat we're taking the show in a direction to where it's more topical commentary andnot as much of a spotlight show, where we're having the people on andhaving conversations about actual things, which you guys have been very positive, givingme a lot of good feedback on that. I appreciate that and we're looking forwardto doing that. I can't wait to get him on for an episodebecause I know he's going to crush and it's going to be hilarious. MikeWells is a really great guy and it's so great to have him on here. Like I said, he is all over the place as far as wherehe's performing. I'm going to pull up some stuff right now to tell youabout where you guys can see him next, but seriously, go follow him ontwitter at Mike WTF Wells, because the jokes to stuff this though hepost is just it's too damn funny. So as of right now, youknow, we're recording this episode on March third, on a Tuesday. It'sgoing to post on Friday the six. So you can go see him Saturdaymarch seventh or here in Dayton Ohio, but he's also going to be inColumbus, CLEVELAND. Is going to be an Anderson in Richmond, Indiana.He's going to be in chess peak, West Virginia. He's going all overthe place throughout the month of March. If you go to his facebook page, Mike WTF Wells on facebook as well. He's got a post a deris.You know we're finally this guy is constantly performing in booking shows. He'sone of the hardest working comedians, if not the hardest working comedian in likethe Dayton Jim's Dayton Cincinnati area right now. The guy is relentless. He isabsolutely a trip to see on stage because, no, it was.The thing was Mike is that no two performances of his are ever the samebecause he's a one liner comics. The guy's got like a billion jokes ifhe writes one joke a day with and this is what I love about him, is he tries to write at least one joke a day because at theend of the year. That means he's written three hundred and sixty five jokes, and all of those, you know, jokes, you know he'll maybe keeplike, you know, maybe be fifty, but still, that's youknow that that that's a lot for a oneliner comic. He's one of thoseguys who, you know he finds the ones that he feels the most,that he feels the most confident about, and puts them together in their ownunique sets. Like I said, you never have the same set twice ina row with Mike Wells and it's always just a blast to watch a performbecause he's just got such a unique energy...

...on stage. You can't tell ifhe's an asshole org just a nice, weird guy. And and speaking herpersonal experience, it's a little bit of both. It is a little bitof both. But Mike is a guy that I have greatly enjoyed getting toknow in the time that I that I've lived in Ohio, the time I'vebeen performing here. He's a guy who over the last couple of years Ireally feel I can call him a friend and he has been immensely supportive ofnot just the show but me in general as well. As just the DISdecent I said, just this entire scene. He's been very supportive of so Icannot recommend enough you guys follow him on twitter and facebook page, findout if he's going to be performing near you or if you can make itto one of his shows, and please go. The guy is hilarious.The guy is fantastic talent and, like I said, he comes across asa bit of an asshole on stage because that's you know, he has thataggressive performing style. But he, liked me, is really appreciative of thepeople who do support him. So, after you see him and after youlove them, find him out of the show and tell him you all lovethem. Tell him you love this set. He loves stuff like that and hewill always shout people out on social media when they do that as well. So Mike Wells, fantastic comedian from here in Dayton Ohio, a guythat I've gotten to know over the last five years, who who's been onthis show s every times. Then we're going to have them back again,I promise. He's a wonderful guy and I look forward to working with himagain. I look forward to having him back on the show and I lookforward to you guys getting to if you haven't experienced Mike Wells yet, Ilook forward to you guys getting to do that as well, because Mike andMike is a guy to look out for. Mike is a guy, he isa rising star. He is he is gonna be huge. He's gonnabe huge. I can promise you that and I think I'm going to callit there for today, guys, on today's gratitude episode of the Basement Lounge, I want to thank you guys for listening. As always, I lovedoing the these little shorter episodes every once in a while and as a littleshe's a little shorter, straight to the point and and just something quick andhe's for you guys to listen to. But yeah, we're going to bedoing this all throughout the month of March, showing gratitude to the summits of thepeople who have been supporting US online. If you would like to be oneof those people, if you would like to support us through Patreon oranchor, you can do so. If you're listening on your podcast APP,if you look in your description, there should be a link that takes youstraight to the the donation thing through anchor or. You can download the anchorAPP and do it through there. And or if you guys would like tosupport us on Patreons, you can do so. Go to patreoncom slash basementlounge pot. It's a dollar a month. Stickers, discord server, early andcommercial free episodes, all that good stuff. I want to thank youguys so much for listening and supporting and even if you don't want to contributefinancially, that is totally fine, but hey, go to the podcast APP, leave us a rating and review or do it on the facebook page.We always appreciate stuff like that. Then,... I said, all throughout themonth of March we have got a pinpost on our facebook page going toa listener survey. Please take the time to go listen to that listener survey. That listen to it, but fill out the listener survey, take atwo minutes and just let us know how you're feeling about the show so far. Let us know how we're doing and what you think we could do better. We always looking to improve and we're always looking to give you guys moreof what you want. So, with that being said, I'm going totake off and we'll do it other one of these again next week. Inuntil next week. As always, guys live well, rock on, takecare and bubuck.

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