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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 32 · 1 year ago

Gratitude: Whitney Lattin - The Basement Lounge: EP #32


Throughout the month of March, I'm showing gratitude to everyone who's been supporting this show through Patreon & Anchor. 

 This week, I'm shouting out Whitney Lattin, a dear friend of mine from college.

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OBE See on to three: Oh okay: it's redyfor you, Ay Bsom, guys exatee Inat, Mike Forme, you're Listenin to thebasement. Louge whyo get cobard thanks, Micke E guy. This is wike. She and Iwant to talk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand new free way for youto get your pod cast career off and running without any cost. To you simplydownload the anchor Avr go to ancer DOT FM to get started. Anger is the easiestway to make a bodcast. They give you everything you need in one place forfree. You can use it right from your phone or your computer. Their creationtools allow you to record and edit your bodcast, so it sounds tlay Magifikawithouthaving to worry about all the costly set up. They'll even distributeyour podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spotify apple,podcast, Google podcasts stitch your hall of that Ead. You can easily makemoney from your pot cass with no MINUM listenership. They sent you up withawesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script Kinda like what I'mdoing now, throw it on your show and start making money once again down Wol,be Angor AP or go to Ancordot FM and get in your pod Cast Career d, Oft andrunning right now, just do it alreadyeverybody! I just wanted to takea moment to interupt the show and give a very special shout out to the peopleport. This show every month on Patrion, I want to shout out Whitney Latin Jodiemcdermit D. my mother, Melissa, Sha to every single month, helps port Ho showand if you want to be one of those awesome people, all you got to do is goto Padrioon Dotcom, ah face it round. Hod enjoined the one dollar ear, you'llget shouted out on the air, get your name with it. In the description youget early access to all these shows compercial freed through our Patrioon rsspeed, and so many other cool rewards...

...once again go to Patrion dotcom's,slash, basement lounge o join the one dollar here, an Pingea the show, let's get back toitrabb a drinking pull of a chair and settly, because you're in the basement,wow pegeys, welcome to another episode ofthe basement, Lounge. First of all like to apologize to anybody checking thisout on you two because, sadly there is not a proper video version of thisepisode, I'm still figuring out working out some kinks with the video h, video setup. I have and just wasn'tsuper thrilled withhow, a video version of this one turned out nottirely surewhat happened. Excuse me, but basically K having problems with the videofreezing, and so normally I would't, like you, know, cutto a logo or do somebod t just it. It just got really bad. So I figured Iwould throw out the regular video version, and I still give you this sothat if you FEU for Hawni, if you do want to watch it on you too, or have aplaying on you to be still canned, but there's not a proper video and I'll doworking at the kings and hope we have that ready for you guys for next week,but, as I mentioned last week throughout the month of March everyweek, we're doing an episode. It's all about gratitude. Gratitude is the themeof this month here. For me, I've been doing something on my personal facebookpage or I've been. You know, showing appreciation to people who have been abig influence in my life over the years, and I wanted to do the same thing for the people who support the show throughanchor and Patrion. Last W. We talked about Mike Wells who supports the show,through Patrion, as a good friend of mine, an great comedian and been aguest on the show, a couple of different times and this week. I wantedto show gratitude to somebody you guys who most of you unless you're thisperson probably don't actually know...'s a very good friend of mine fromcollege and we're going to learn a little bit more about her in this showand our friendship and how far back it goes and why she means just the worldto me. But as a reminder, whe alwa that you guys know if you do feel te needthe urge to the desire to support the show financially H, be a part of ourVIP team and H and get awesome, rewards and cool stuff like that. You canalways do so by going through our Patrion, which is Patrion, dotcom,slash, basement lounge pot. You can also do so through the anchor AP. Ifyou use the anchor APP you can you need to use anchor AP, but you cansupport us through anchor as well. So those a great way to dothat, even if you don't Wan to you, know, donate the dollar a month. Youcan always just likeand subscribe and leave us a rating o review on Apple Pot,CAS and sheriff on Social Medi. An UST ELP get the word out things like that,and we're always always so grateful that you guys do things like that whenyou guys do things like that, but yeah so Tohe Day, I am showing gratitude andshouting out to a very good friend of mine, someone, I've known since collegesomebody who I met through one of the more unconventional ways in life. Everybodyremembers. Tumbler is tumbler still a thing. I I don't know. I I abandonedship a while ago, but h, Tumbler man, that was my that was my website ofchoice. That was my crack cocaine as I why why am I always yting? I don'tunderstand. I really don't like. I got a good night's sleep. I've been fineall day. I haven't yawned once soon as I sit in front of the microphoneyawning constantly, but through Tumbler Tumkler was how Imet this person and h. It was through a friend of a friend ofa friend of a friend or something like that, and her name is Whitney Latin WhitneyLatin. At the time her name was Whitney UPTUR. She was UNC gotten married to awonderful man named Devon, Latin who I loved to death. I love that Guy GreatCook, you made me a filly cheese steak...

...casserol. One time when I went over fordinner cious, but Yeah Whitney Latand, winneyLantin is somebody that he met through Tumbler, who I was a friend of a friendwho she then wound up h. We wound up going to lander university at the sametime, and we got to finally meet in person and to say that we just becamethe inseparable best of friends is an understatement. Whitney became h one ofmy favorite things in the world which is she was my concert buddy. We were always going to concerttogether. There was one time in college we drove out to Greenville and went and saw hailstorm play at this bar,and I mean the hailstorm was big at this point. They were huge, but theywere still playing little bar shows and UH. They played this bar show and itwas. It was fantastic and we got to hang out outside after the show andmeet the band, and it was Gr Itas a picture I'm going to throw up here.It's a picture of of me and Whitney with Lizzie Hal fromhailstorm, and it's just that so cot wat such a great night had so much funthat Night Yeah Whitney became my concert buddy. We went to Carolina rebellion together in Twentyfifteen right before I moved Sa. In this moment, together we went to abunch of shows together, Um and whinny. Just is she's such a great great little ball of energy is the wayI can describe it. Speaking of that Hailstorm Concert Hee, so great. So soWhitney is very much an artistic creative person Whitney was making like plushy dollsfor the longest time and one of the first ones she made is one she made forme, and I still have it- and here is a picture out of here. If you watchs onthe video version, if you're not going to put it on my instagram, she made mea little plushy doll of Lizzie Hal and she even put the doll in the outfitthat Lizzie was wearing that night. At that concert, we went and saw h m sawthem together, Um, that's that's just... of the great things about witeshe's, so stink and creative she's, so stinking creative and and so thoughtfuland she's, always looking for ways to just be artistic and and she's, notlike one of those like traditional, like art, major people who you know o were in a boret and and livethe starving artist lifestyle in which, if you do that, that's fine, but sheshe 's she's a practical person but she's just fun. ' It's the way that shesees the world. The way she sees the world is is, unlike anybody else that Iknow, and you know, she's a she's, a youngwoman, who's WHO's had her share of hardships and troubles in life and, like a lot of us, you know the journey.The journey through through romance was a bumpy one. Bought what she met metthis guy named Devon, a guy named Devon, H, Devon, deven's, an interesting guy.I like Devin a lot actually Um. I really do and when they finally gotmarried, it was one of those just like well, it's about damn time already H,Devons Devons, a grey guy listend. The fact the matter is this guy. Let mesleep on his couch and drive all the way to Charlotte North Carolina withhiswthen girlfriend. I guess I don't know if they were engaged by that. Idon't think O so nothing, I think so, but is then a girlfriend um to go tothis like all day, music festivel with her and then drive back like anybodywho's that drusting and that cool with it is is a winner in my book M, butWhitney you know she she's one of like you can't just pin down like what'sWhitney into what are the things Wen he's into Tan he's into freakingeverything: Okay, like she's into video games, H, she's into you, know, N HarryPotter, Um, loves cats, always always said alwayssaid she was going to wind up. Just being a crazy cat, lady she's, like I'mshes, going to be single for himerhe's, going to get a lot of cats. Well, shedid both Sh, she got buried and she got...

Ali cats but she's Ye. She she's intoeverything. I mean you talk about someone who I can always rely on toshare some of the best stinkin meams ever on facebook, and that is Whitney.Whitney never fails to make me laugh. I it even when she and I had our problems'cause. What friendship doesn't go through its own, its own trials, evenat times where? Maybe we were having a fight about something we got over itreal, quick, that's the great thing about a good friend is when you cantalk through the problems you're having with each other and come out of itlaughing. You know so tas we get into a fight with our friends and then that'sit sticks, maybe y? U G! Maybe you get through the fight, but the friendshipis forever changed. You know what I mean. The friendship is forevereffected. Maybe it loses som of its strength, maybe lo it loses some of it.Some of it's fun, O e of it's grandeur that didn't happen with me and Whitneywhintny, and I would have a disagreement. We'd talk it out. There might be a dayor two where we just kind of fumed, and then we come back and we'd speak and wetalk it out. We hear each other out. Usually it turned out that I was beingan Asshole, it happens, T I have a black beltain being an asshole we'd get through it and we'd be forever the better for it,and we' till to this day are the same weird goofy pair of people, no matterwhat, even after all these years, 'cause now it's been God. It's beenseven years since, since you know we finished college, we finished collegetogether. That was such a great thing as we got to finish college together, but to be this long as friends and for ourfriend still be the same something about any time. I talk to Whitney I'mtransported back to those college days and it's like it's ever miss a beat,and I love this girl so much. She is again. She is so much fun and neverfails to make me laugh it. It's...

...withthat fail. One of my fondestmemories. F hanging out t Whitney was just driving to chilis. Wh N we were in college was a drycampus. We just drove the chilis and just went nuts on Margaritas for allfreaking night and then came back to canvus and were just we were justwasted. We were Jus, we were gone. I wound up not going to any classes thenext day, Tha, that's for Damnshire, weare, Wewe Ere, a weird couple offolks, and it was. It was interesting because you know I a very weird nerdy group of friends andit was so great to see how well Whitney really blended in with all of it n howwell she really. You know mixed in with our with our crazy groupof friends and how much fun it was. It was to have her to hang out with,because we could always count on her to just be there. You know what I mean one ofmy first short films that I got to make in college. She was so kind enough tobe a part of, and I loved having her in it, because she did such a good job andit was so great having her there. That short film will never again see thelight of day it's going to stay wrapped up, but that's just fine bu getting to have Whitney as a friendfor all these years and getting to see that she took it upon herself to become asupporter of of the show on Patrioon was was crazy to me that she would dothat. It really just warmed my heart andsolidified. Just what a good friend when he truly is that she was willingto make that kind of a that kind of a commitment that kind of a gesture. Theshow that see that she supported what I was doing. I really did love that abouther hat. She did that and she's somebody who I will always hold verydeeply in my heart they're. You know like with a lot of friends when you'rekeeping them at t e l keeping them at long distance because well you livefive states apart. You know,...

...don't always stay in contact the bestI'm guilty of that, just as is pretty much anybody Listeng to the show I'mwilling to bed. We go a long time without really saying anything to eachother, because our lives are just going into different directions, but thatdoesn't mean that when we don't, when we do talk together, talk to each other,that we don't have a blast, and I always love it. When I get to talk toWhitning, I'm so glad that all those years ago I chose to follow her onTumbler, because if I hadn't followed her on Tumbler, so many amazingmemories and Experiencas I've had in my life, never would have happened, andfor that Whitty Latin. I say thank you for being my friend and being thewonderful quirky, weird person that syou've always been 'cause. It's whatwe all love most about you. So, thank you wit me for being my friend andthat's going to do it for this week's episode of gratitude. You guys canalways follow, along with this show on social media at basement, launge pod oninstgram and facebook, at tbl under score pod on twitter check out thewebsite, basement, launchpod, dot com and again, if you want to support theshell, you can do so either through anchor or by going to our patrionPatriot, dotcom, slash a basement, lounge pot andwe back again next weekwith another episode of gratitude to somebody. WHOAS meant a lot to me in mylife and help support this show in the meanstime Gus, I'm Mike Shay and asalways live well rock on Dake care and Byebye.

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