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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 33 · 1 year ago

Gratitude: Jodi McDermitt - The Basement Lounge: EP #33


Throughout the month of March, I'm showing gratitude to everyone who's been supporting this show through Patreon & Anchor. 

 This week, I'm shouting out Jodi McDermitt, a local comedian and dear friend.

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Welcome. Welcome! Welcome to anotherepisode of the Basement: Lounge we're continuing our month, long serios ofepisodes all about gratitude, gratitude to the people who are helping supportthis show through anchor and Patrion. Before we get into that, though, I wantto take a moment here at the top of the show to talk about what's currently going onacross the entire world and that's the current pandemic with the corona virus,Covid, nineteen, whatever you want to call it. This is something the likes of whichnone of us have ever seen in our lifetime and very well might never see again inour lifetime. This is a once in a generation kind of thing.This is the kind of thing you read about in history books that happenhundreds of years ago, and this will be something that we read about that ourgrandchildren and our great grandchildren will read about historybooks years down the road from thow. This is a time for unity as a humanspecies. This is a time for people to cometogether. It's unfortunate that this kind of thing would fall right in themidst of of an election season here. In the United States, political discourse is that a all time, low, um political rivalries at an all time high. This is a time to set those thingsaside, though, we're not here as Republicans andDemocrats, men and women, older generation, younger generation,when Evyou, we are here as people and we are here to survive, because that is what the human racedoes. We survive were at the top of the intelligenceChamer, the top of the food chain where the top of the science chain, whateveryou want to call,...

...we survive. That's what we do and we have it in us to survive this, but we have to come together. No pointing blame at the media or thenews or the governor, the president or whoever the corona virus is here, is our job to work together to surviveit as of right now the United Statesorders are going out from governors and mayors, all over the place. Tellme Mele to stay home, don't go to work unless you're, amember of you're an essential personnel myself. Iwork for a TV news station. It is my job to make sure that the newsand broad and continued broadcasting of television go on in my station. That ismy job for four PMS to midnight. My job is tomake sure that all the stations in our market, the weird responsible, fore,stay on the air to make sure you guys have access tothe news cast that give you the information. That is my job. There are lots of people, though, whono longer have jobs. People who worked at restaurants, hotels, bars, video game stores. What have youNannie's and no longer have work that aren't sure where their nextdollar is going to come from, where the next meal is going to come from? There are elderly people quarantineinto their homes and in their retirement communities right now unableto be with their families. We are at an all time, low right now as a global society, but it is our jobto do what we have to do to make sure it doesn't spread, and every time I seereports of people down in Florida or in... home state of South Carolinaignoring these commands ind. These wishes from the scient of a community in thegovernment and going out in large groups to the beach and saying screw it.If I get Korona I' Get Corona, it's people and groups like that that could lead to an absolutelyabysmal cataclysmic event. That is arrogance, that is entitlement,and that is selfishness on a level that I did not think we were capable of as ahuman race. So if you're one of these people or you're someone who's beenconsidering doing the same wherever you live, I beg of you, please think of the others around you 'cause.It's not just your own health you're, putting at risk. It is the risk ofeveryone. You know, and everyone around you as well, just because you're youngdoesn't mean you're immune. It doesn't mean you can't carry thisand give this to someone else. I am begging everyone out there to please besmart, be responsible and be safe. withthat being said, let's get intotoday' Sho Rab a drink, bull of a chair andSettlin, because you're in the basement wow good morning good evening goodafternoon, whatever it might be. Welcome to another episode of theBasement Longe, this is the cool relax show where we sit back. We talk withguests. We have conversations except right now for for the month of March,we're doing something a little bit different, we're doing four weeks ofgratitude, episodes showing gratitude to everybody supporting the show onanchor and Onpatrion. You guys been doing a great job. Last week we talkedabout a dear old college. Friend of mine is Whitney Latin one of my dearestfriends and today we're talking about somebody who, as also a very closefriend of mine, who is not, who is a...

...relatively new friend, we've known eachother just under a year and she's, been such a great positiveinfluence in my life and we're talking today about the wonderful Jodie mcdermin JodaMcDermott is somebody that I met last summer at the wily's fireworks festival.We happened to be performing on the same night and she made me laugh my assoff. She made my mother laugh her ass off. That's how that's how big a partof my life that Jodi has become. I she's friends now with my mother, like they talk like that's the thing hy th y they'r, friends on Facebook, they're friends with each other and and Joni was one of the last guestswe had on my talks. Funny and Um has been one of the or was she one ofthe first gas? No, I think she was the first guest on the basement. Lounge,I'm I'm such a schmuck. I'm gonna look this right now. I think she was one ofthe first guests we had she was. She was wow Jodi. I am so sorry. Jodi wasthe very first guest we had on the basement. Lounge I am Buckin. Moron,wow and Jodie has been just a bright ray of light in my lifeever since she came on the show that day she has been kind and- and I hateto say- she's been like a second mother to me because I have a mother and Ilove my mother. My mother is fantastic, but she has kind of been this. Just this other maternal type, caring person in my life.It's so weird it t H. ' she's been like the fun aunt. Let's go with that and II have a fun aunt. I have several fun aunts. His is Weishe's like another oneof my funante. I love Jodie and I'm so honored to call her myfriend she um she and I connect on...

...things emotionally mentally um that I can't say I do with a lot of other people. You knowJodi. Is You know a few years older than me we'll go with that she's, not old byany means not at all Snsejodi Jodie jody has has the energy of somebodymuch younger than me. She is full of life and full of energy and in full ofSMUNK and and is just somebody you can't be in a badmood when you're around. I don't know how to explain it. She isjust one of the kindest most relatable individuals on the face of the earth.You know she does give off the the mom next door, Vive and you're talking toher, but man when it's time for her t to get dirty and get rogy with the withthe fellas man she can hang. She can. Hang one of my favorite timeasever been on Don Stewart Don Stewart, Jon Smiths Radio show the life H. Jodywas there with me and man it was. It was j. It was a great hour, Um she's,always fun to talk to and she's she's always looking out. For me, it's been. It's been a tough tough yearhere. For me, you know dealing with dealing with depression and andeverything going on in my life and she's, a she's always reaching out the check onme and see how I'm doing- and there are days I just feel like I don't- deservea friend like Jodi. I don't think any of us really deservea friend like Jodi. That's how good of a friend Jodi is. I I never forget the thing we we talkedabout on on her episode, whas just so Shitty to say, considering I forgotthat it was on this show. We talked about comedy being free therapy, and that is a conversation that I thinkabout very very often they're all insecure about shit. But but you knowwhat it's: It is free therapy. You know,...

...because you get to tell all your stuffand it's and everybody laughs about it, because everybody's got something youknow and it and you know it, it might be my messy little corner of the world.That's mine right, you know, and, and I and people can laugh about it 'cause.You know like I said You, life Smessy, and you have to laugh about it becauseit's funny, you know it's it's it's a round! Blue Sitcom! It's likeyou know. God made this world and he's like. Let's just watch what I I have ahard time, imagining like how I'd be doing right now, if Ididn't have Jonie to lean on really and truly I I I you know I I said something similar about thatabout Whitney and I'll. Say it again. Next week too about our other, theother person Wen talk about but um, but Jodie jody came into my life at avery interesting time, and she's played a much bigger role in the thingsthat have developed in the last year. Then I haven't really would haveexpected it. It's almost it's! It's like the strangest coincidence thatsomebody that I would find such solason that I would find such comfort andconfidence in the way I have with what I've been going through. CamInin, my life right when those things started. It has been been sticking by me ever since it's amazing sometimes h the kinds of people who will come intoyour life and when they, when they will en I'm, not I'm, not a religious person.I don't really necessarily believe in fate or desty or anything like that.But but there there is an air of of predetermined happenstance surroundingmy friendship with joy...

...and she's been supporting us on thePatrion ever since ever since it launched for this show and- and I Ican't you begin to thank her enough for that- or anybody who does for that matter- that she so believes in what I'm doing that she's willing to always just beinvolved as much as she can. I can'tyou begin to tell you how much Ilook forward to seeing her again because right nowwhat everything gon on with it th with the corona virus and the the thelimited h you know seeing people and all that it sucks 'cause. I don't getto see her as much and got to tell you something me l on about joi about h howJony do dermat works. Okay, so, as a result of my job, I um, I don't get togo p on stage a whole lot, my only days off or Mondays and Tuesdays. Okay, soJodi was looking to start her own open Mike Inlima, where she lives. Jodi specifically put her open Mike on a Tuesday night.Just so I could go to it every month and I can't even tell you how muchbroke my heart when I had to stop going to the open Mike, because I had a newjob opportunity pop up on Tuesday nights, I got the Igot a paying gig where I got to go host Trivia every Tuesday night and it broke my heart that I had to miss that monthly open. Likethe jody set up and and planned so that I'd beable to go to it, but even then she still supported me in hosting my Trivian night and alwayschecking on me and seeing how it's going, even though I felt like Istabped her in the back, she still supported me. She still doessupport it supports me.

I it bumbs me out now that we're stuckin this. You know quarantine or whatever it is to where you know I, formy birthday. She took me out to lunch my birthday weekend that I wasperforming at Wley's and Um. We keep trying to make plans to havelunch again. You know she lives. An inline. Whith is about an hour away.It's not that far, but I just I miss seeing her. I really do she's got thebiggest smile in the world and it's an infectious smile and it's just she's an infectiousperson really and truly I'm so takin with Jodi.I really am, and I'm so happy to have her as afriend and I I am so grateful that she is a part of mylife Jodie. I am so grateful for you, I'm grateful for everything that you doand everything that you are and everything that you have been in mylife and everything that you will continue to be in my life Jodie. I amgrateful for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Joi for being as awesome as you are, will be back again next week, guys withanother of our last gratitude episode of the month and then we're going to be taking alook at seeing what we're going to do with the show hgoing forward now that we're in this pandemic state 'cause. I can't reallyyou know, I'm not going to have guests over to the studio, so I'm going to be working on settingup doing more remote interviews, because you know just for everyone'ssafety, I'm not going to ask anybody to comeover to my basement Um! It's just you know it's just two people and we sitsix seven and eight feet apart from each other, but for everyone's safety.I think it's best don't have guests over or we're going to continue to workon the show and keep getting through. This. Also,don't forget that we started doing our live morning. Showbrunch in the basement on twitch every... you can check on a twitch, Ot TV,slash, basement, lounge pod. We do weekdays at eleven am eastern time. Wehave our morning show 'cause, while everybodyisstuck at home and can't go to work, can't go to school, can't do whateveryou're looking for something to do. Here's an hour out of your day whereyou can just kick back, relax and watch fun show that you can also be a part ofby going on twitching and joining the chat and having a lot of fun, and it'sbeen a fun first week of doing this. We had we had a great guest on yesterdayand we're going to get keep having fune with us o make Sou check that show out,as well and withthat being said, guys actuallyjoining us and we'll see again next week and is always live well. ROCK ONTAKE CARE AND BYEBYE.

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